Our first bikes and bathrooms

Me and my best friend Lynsee both were 8 and about to turn 9 when we got our first bikes. We think our parents conspired that Christmas. Mine wanted me to get more exercise and teach me responsibility. Lynsee, whose mother was always working at some office wanted her to get out of the house more because she was getting addicted to her TV and games. So once March came and the snow melted, me and Lynsee were looking forward to good weather and getting our bikes out.

At first we were restricted to our block. And we had to make sure we spent a good amount of time going by my house because my mom would be at the window to see us. However as spring came and then summer, me and Lynsee spent more time at the grade school parking lot down the street. Then with more confidence we would go an hour or two without checking in at one of our houses for a drink or to use the bathroom. It was about 10 a.m. one morning in summer when Lynsee had to crap. I knew that wouldn't be OK with my mom because the carpet cleaning truck had arrived and they were going to be there for awhile. Lynsee's mom had worked late and was sick and we didn't want to disturb her by going there.

We tried our school but the main door was locked. I got the idea to go two blocks down the street to a pretty big park. We crossed a two-lane street we were restricted from and rode over some rough grounds in the park to the bathroom building. We rode past the mens door to the building and saw there was a padlock on it. I now had to pee so we were concerned that we had a place to do it. We thought it was great when we rode up and found there was no lock on the ladies door. I told Lynsee we should walk our bikes in so they wouldn't be stolen. She agreed.

This building looked really ghetto. The door was the largest we had ever seen. It was made of steel, had a normal door knob and lock latch, but I was only able to pull it an inch before it stuck. Lynsee tried it, but only got about another half inch open. Lynsee was starting to panic because she said her crap was coming out. She and I both had our fingers in the doorway. All of our weight was being put on us prying it open enough to get us and our bikes through the opening. Lynsee started to cry. I decided to try and wedge my body into the small opening that we both were working on expanding. It worked and by me putting my back to it,although with some pain into it, we got the door about 1/3 open. At least it was enough for us to get our bikes through the opening.

What we found was a small room with one large toilet. You couldn't see the bowl because of the brown stains. The seat was really large, but it had three cracks in it. We looked for a light switch. There was none. Luckily the light from one window would work OK. Lynsee dropped her shorts. She took the seat. Got up immediately when she was uncomfortable sitting on it. Then she yelled out and I realized one of the cracks was cutting into her under thigh. She was lucky. She held her head onto her cupped hands on her face and elbows at her knees. I heard a couple of splats inside the toilet. Lynsee said the big one was still to come. I could tell she was pushing hard as she spread her legs. Then again she got discomfort from the seat cracks against her skin. Finally, she got the demon out. Luckily, there wasn't a lot of mess for her to wipe.

When Lynsee stepped aside,I asked to see her butt. There were two very visible abrasions on her skin. I quickly dropped my shorts and took the seat. My faucet (the word my dad used when I was really young and he took me into the mens room with him) started immediately and it was strong enough that I was immediately feeling relief. It was obviously splashing onto Lynsee's crap, but I wasn't about to move and risk a skin cut. Lynsee, as I finished up, said we shouldn't flush. For some reason, I don't remember why, I agreed.

We got back to my house. The carpet cleaners were still working, but mom had pizza and milk for us on the back porch. When she saw us come up the steps she said she hoped we didn't need to use the bathroom because the carpet was still wet. Of course, we didn't.

Saturday, June 03, 2017


One evening

Late one evening I was at home when I hear the sound of drunken laughter in the lane behind my house, so I went up to my bedroom window to see who it was, there were two females and two lads coming up the lane.
Suddenly one of the females (in a skirt) stopped in the middle of the lane, laughing and said she had just wet her knickers, they were all laughing as she put her hands up under her skirt and pulled them down and off before throwing them over a garden wall down the lane from me.
She and one of the lads then went behind a garage out of my sight. The other pair continued on up the lane getting closer to my house, they stopped and the lad pissed onto the garage door opposite my house, then they had a few words before the lad walked off leaving the second female standing opposite my window, she called to her friend to come on but with no joy, she called again saying to come on home as she needed a pee, but the other girl was having fun with her lad.
She stood hopping from one foot to the other and then backed into the corner of the garage doorway, and started to undo her belt and the top of her jeans. Just then a police car came up the lane and stopped by her the policemen told her to get into the back of the car and it then backed down to the other female, by now the lad had started to run down the lane and away, as soon as both females were in the car it drove up the lane and off.
I wonder if the car got them home before the back seat got wet ?


Tangent +- big poop

Some of you may know me by now, this is my fourth post. For those who don't, I'm male, 17, 6'0", and around 210 pounds.

Maybe it has something to do with me growing up, and going through puberty, but over the last few years, I've seen a Def finale increase in the size of my BMs. I'm not concerned, because it only makes sense. I'm growing, I'm eating more, I'm maturing, I'm shitting more. Natural stuff. I digress.

With my bigger turds(1 or 2 8-12 inchers on average), they have also gotten smellier. I live with 3 brothers, 2 of which are often home when I am. So it's not uncommon for us to get home around the same time, and 2 or more of us need to use the bathroom. There's not much argument, because we'll all get to go eventually. Perhaps it's because we were raised to think of pooping and peeing as very private, albeit disgusting and shameful acts. But we fart and burp freely, with no one complaining. That said, whenever I poop and one of my brothers go in immediately after me, they always complain about the smell. I don't know if they have their heads up their asses, but yeah! No shit, it's gonna smell. What the heck do go think?! It's human wast. Literally, the garbage our bodies couldn't do stuff with, or stuff we had too much of. And it's been sitting in acid, and a sunless chamber for days on end. Of heckin' course it's gonna smell!

Sorry, just a little tangent. Now a poop story about what inspired me to make this post.

So my high school has 8 periods, 4 periods on wither day. It was 6th period, so the second period of the day, and about 45 minutes before lunch when I got the urge to poop. We had a feast(potluck) in my alt ed class, so I just had to hold it. Lunch rolls around, and I had eaten so much, I totally for to that even needed to poop. I spend lunch talking with friends. 7th period comes along, and we're doing senior send off, were we say what we liked about the seniors in our class, and the seniors are what they likes about the class. Then we all hug, and the seniors walk away. Then have to come back for 8th period. I got the urge again right as I was hugging my favorite senior. (She's one of four seniors, but whatever). I hold it back again, until it's off my mind.

My 8th period is art, so it's nice and relaxing. Or rather it was, until the 18 hour poop (I hadn't pooped since 6 pm the day before, and this was around 2 pm) cam a rap rap rapping on my anus door. This time, it hurt. The pressure was crazy for it having not been too long. Art gets out, and, of course, when I have an opportunity to relieve myself, the urge is absent. So, on Wednesday, we have a weird bus schedule, yadda yadda yadda, the bus ride is twice as long. I get on the bus, and about 20 minutes later I feel the pressure again. Not as painful as the last time, but deffinelty more pressure. FINALLY, I get home, nearly 6 hours after the initial "I gotta poo" feel. Luckily for me, it had passed again. But I made sure not to lose it the next time. Then, almost 7 hours after the first urge, it hit me one last time. I get up and make my way to the bathroom, and I can feel this is a thick one. I get to the bathroom, turn the lights and fan on. Undo my belt; button; fly; pull down my jeans and grey boxers, and plop my thicc butt down on the seat.

I've found that naturally letting it slide out is much more pleasureable, than pushing and forcing it out. So I sit there a moment, pee for for about 20 seconds. And wait for it to come out on its own. It starts pushing against my hole, but I hold it back so as for it tablet be even more pleasurable. I turn on my tablet, and start playing chess. Then, I can't hold it anymore, and release the now tremendous pressure from my rectum. It starts slowly at first, as all of my turds do. I can feel it's thick and knobby, but feels sooooooooo good, too. After the initial knobbiness passes, it smooths out, and speeds up. It doesn't stop feeling good though. Am I weird for finding a poop so pleasurable? Maybe, I don't know, oh well. The turd must have been in the water by the time it all exited, because there was next to no splash.

I feel empty, and 5 pounds lighter, so I piss a bit more, then start wiping. I keep hold of my used paper, so as not to ubstruct the view of my masterpiece. I stand up and behold the behemoth which I had imprisoned. It looked to be at least 3 inches in diameter on average, and around 15 inches long. So while it's not my longest, I nonetheless impressed myself. I felt really relieved to have finally, well, relieve myself. A satisfied lad, and an empty gut, I left the bathroom with a good feel.

The my brother runs in right behind me, and he's like HEYWHATTHE????ITSMELLSLIKESHITINHERE!?!???!!!??!!??!????!!!! to which I replied, well it'd be weird if it smelled like pie.

So, yeah. Average day, more than average poop.

A queation for the community:

My storis feel different than ones I read here. I don't know what it is though. To me, they just have a different feel. Can anyone tell me if you know whata off about them?

Any other suggestions or comments are welcome. Questions too, and story requests. Hope you have a more than wonderful day, and until next time, gutan tag.


One lunch time

It was lunch time and I had got fish and chips on my way to work, as it was too early to go into work I drove to a car-park over looking the sea, I parked about 3 rows back and was eating my lunch when a female got out of a car in the first row, leaving someone in the car and walked towards an old WW2 gun emplacement on the edge of the cliffs, I thought this may be her going for a place to pee, so I got out of my car and walked to the right in a circle so that I could come up to the gun emplacement from the seaward side. But when I got there, there was only a puddle with a tissue in it and both the female and her car had gone.
As I now needed a pee I peed into the puddle, before returning to my car and off onto work.


Poop after walking

It was an absolutely gorgeous day so I made the most of it and went for a walk. I actually left the house really early, about 7am. Late enough for places to be open, but still early enough where everywhere was quiet. I went on one of my favourite routes, about 4 miles including a long walk across a bridge. I decided not to go to the toilet before leaving the house, and instead planned on using the public toilets at the end of the bridge. Somewhere different for a change.

After about an hour I made it to the toilets and went inside, they were really clean! I had the place to myself so I took the end stall and locked the door behind me. Appreciating the brick walls that went to floor to ceiling instead of the usual wooden dividers. I took a step back and pulled my shorts down to my calves along with my pink knickers and took a seat. The bowl was made entirely of metal with no seat or lid, and was rather cold but felt so nice against my skin. As always, I just took my time and let things happen when my body wanted them to.

I was sat there for about a minute, idly playing with my hair and sipping from my water bottle when I started peeing, it drumming loudly against the metal bowl. A change from my usual routine. My stream was a gentle trickle but still felt lovely coming out. I went for about 30 seconds and as it tapered off my stomach cramped and I felt myself opening back there.

My stomach cramped again and I was gently stretched by my poop slowly coming out of me. I got myself some toilet paper to wipe with ready as it slowly inched out of me, nice and easily. It was soft but firm, and not too wide either, just big enough to feel great. It eventually fell into the toilet with a quiet "flumph" and I let out another dribble of wee as the next piece started coming out. This moved a lot quicker than the first piece and fell into the bowl within seconds with only a tiny splash as it hit the water.

I felt done so I reached between my legs to wipe my front, and got another handful to wipe my behind, lifting my butt off the seat ever so slightly to wipe myself. It only took three wipes before the paper was coming back still white so I pulled up my clothes as I stood and flushed the toilet. I washed my hands, made sure I still looked okay in the mirror (with a big smile!) and headed back across the bridge on my walk home.


My Mother's Big Accident

Wow! Thanks everybody for responding! This is fun! I love to talk about poop! I'm glad so many of you do too! This forum is fun!

I was six years old when the unthinkable happened. My mother, the strongest woman I knew, my rock, my comfort and safety net, who was practically perfect (and still is) in my eyes took a huge dump in her pants.

It happened the year after I witnessed my mother's massive BM on the toilet. It was the summer of 2002. If you remember, there are six girls, of which I am the second. Mary was seven at the time, and I was six. Because of our birthdays we both started school in the same school year. Hannah and Sarah were both four years old, and Rachel and Leah were both 18/19 months old. Though my aunt Kate lived with us, she was in school and working at the time. My father was at work as well. In the summer time, our church had what is called Vacation Bible School. It lasts all week, from 9 AM to 12 Noon each day. It is a very high-energy, creative program to teach the Bible stories to children. So, we all went. My mother would wake up each morning, get us ready, have a good breakfast for us all, and then get us loaded up in our mini van. We always made it to church early. With six kids, my mother knew exactly how to get us ready. She volunteered in the nursery to keep Rachel and Leah, and to help watch other workers babies and toddlers.

And, at the end of the time, she would load the twins in the strollers, and our teacher brought Mary and me to our Mother, because she had a toddler in the nursery too, and then we would make our way to Hannah and Sarah's class and go home. When we got home, we parked in our carport and my mother would go through the process of unstrapping us all, getting the babies out, and walking us into the house. She would patiently set the babies down, ask Mary to watch them and go into the hall bathroom and use the bathroom. She always had a bowel movement. My mother always went to the bathroom in the morning, but with VBS, it just didn't work that way, I guess, and she would wait until she got home. She would keep the door open slightly, so she could keep an ear out for us girls.

Except, Thursday she only peed. I was so nosey I tried to listen to what she was doing and even talk to her about it. Her poops always had a strong smell and the hallway and living area would fill up with the scent of poop. It just didn't that day.

So, fast forward to Friday. All the decorations had to come down so we were there longer than usual. She loaded us up in the minivan, as usual. While she was driving she said, "Girls, Mommy really needs to use the bathroom, so please help me to get all of you inside as quickly as possible. And, Rebecca, I especially need you to cooperate." As I've shared, I was the difficult one.

We pulled in the carport and Mary and I unstrapped our booster seats and seatbelts. My mother got out of the car and she was holding her stomach. "Are you all right, Mommy?" Mary asked her. She was the sensitive one of all of us.

"Mary, I will be fine once I use the bathroom. My ???? hurts and I really need to use the bathroom." My mother said in her calm, rich voice.

She unstrapped Hannah and Sarah, who were in the very back and she stepped back out of the van, holding her stomach. She gathered herself again, and leaned back into the van to begin unstrapping Rachel and Leah. I noticed that she passed some gas, and it began to smell. "Eww! Mommy pooted!" I said. While my mother ignored me, Mary scolded me, "Rebecca, that's not nice! Mommy needs to use the bathroom." Even at seven, Mary sounded so grown up. I stuck my tongue out at her and blew a raspberry.

My mother was dancing back and forth as she tried to unstrap the girls. Then, she stood straight up, maybe regaining her composure. She bent back into the van. Remember, my mother is a big woman. I think that she weighed around 240-250 lbs at the time. She stopped, pulled out of the van. The girls were getting restless.

"Mary, can you take Hannah and Sarah in the house? Mommy's about to have an accident." Mary looked shocked, but gladly accepted the responsibility and the keys. "Rebecca, stay with me." I did not argue with that! "Rebecca, could you climb in the van and pop their straps. If I bend, I am going to poop in my pants." That's something I never heard my mother say. So I climbed into the van and struggled to unlatch Rachel's car seat straps, but I was having a difficult time with Leah's.

"OK, thank you, Rebecca, I will try to get Leah. Please hold Rachel's hand." My mother calmly bent into the van, and she began to work on Leah's straps. Then, like before, she pulled her head out of the van. "Rebecca, I am really sorry but I am going to have an..."

With that, big, buxom, beautiful, big butted mother hunched a little, and I heard a muffled crackling sound. Her face turned red and she just looked at the ground as if she were on the toilet, in her own world, letting nature take its course. It seemed to take forever, and I remember getting hit with the smell of something so strong, stronger than any time I had an accident and much stronger than the diapers I smelled, which were pretty foul themselves.

My mother finished by exhaling. She followed the exhale with a very long, but muffled fart. She paused for a few seconds, and then she turned to begin working with Leah's strap. As she turned, I saw a huge bulge in her seats. Looking back, there must have been almost two pounds of stool in her seat. The bulge looked firm. She was wearing white slacks, real loose fitting, except in the backside.

Now here's the gross part of the story. As my mom leaned in to get Leah, I remember taking my hand and rubbing it on the bulge. Nothing was mushy or leaking through her pants. It felt pretty firm to the touch. I was so fascinated by my mother's accident. My mother finally unstrapped Leah and picked her up in her arms. She carried Leah as she waddled to the house, with me hold Rachel's hand as she toddled her way to the porch.

When we got inside, Mary was concerned and asked my mother if she was OK. She replied, "Mary, thank you for asking. Mommy had an accident and needs to get cleaned up. Can you take care of everyone until I can clean up?" Mary just nodded. She was worried. I was awestruck. It was a huge load in the back of her pants. I will never forget it to this day!

I hope that you enjoyed the story!

- Becc

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Cassey I bet you felt good after a big poop like that.

To: Mina as always another great story about you and your friends.

To: Abbie as always another great story about you and your friends pooping.

To: Jessica it sounds like you had a pretty rough time.

To: Allison great story.

Well that's all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS' I love this site

Claudia from Germany

To Anna again :-)

Hi Anna,

Thank you very much for your quick response! I'm also very outdoorsy and I regularly go backcountry camping. It seems fine just to scoop dirt over the pile so it remains visible for other hikers. Personally I just leave it.

What do you do with your tissue when you just have to pee near the trail? I simply drop it on my pee spot as it rots very fast. However, on our last hiking tour a friend complained about the many tissues besides the trail and suggested to pack it in.


Question about Anna's hike

Anna, didn't you have to pee again behind the trees after breakfast and your morning coffee?


To the person who asked me if it was my first time

No, I've had accidents before. But they don't happen all the time and I don't even have them like I used to when I was little. When I was younger I pooped my pants a lot and my mom never punished me. My parents told me that if I could stop having accidents that I could get my permit so I worked on holding it better. If I was having an emergency at school I would just call my mom and ask to come home.

My dad talked to me and said that him and my mom are worried that I might have accidents when I get a job or go to college. I promised him that I wouldn't but he thinks I will. He told me that if I'm at work I won't just be able to come home to go to the bathroom. And he asked me to think about how I would feel if I messed my pants at work or in college and everyone found out.


To Becc

I'd love to hear story 2. The idea of your sister being so prim and proper but having an accident would make a fascinating story!


The Memorial Day Port-a-Potties

Me, Raelyn and Kennard met at the park at mid-morning on Memorial Day. After they had the adult veterans ceremony, which was kind of interesting, one of our radio stations sponsored a Battle of the Bands. There were like four bands from our school competing so we packed lunches in my dad's extra beer cooler and planned to make a day of it. By the time we rode our bikes over, it was obvious there was a huge crowd. On both sides of the bandstand there were a cluster of portable toilets. The normal toilets we use at the top of the hill were open but as we were getting our benches ready, Raelyn pointed my attention to them. There were lines for both of them, including a lot of parents with little children in tow.

As I was laying our food and sodas out, Kennard said it was leak-time. I told him the port-a-potties were probably his best bet. He said he had never used one. I shouldn't have said it but I said something smartly sarcastic and kind of nudged him to hurry up and get a place in line. He came back just as Raelyn and I were starting our sandwiches. He's kind of awkward and both Raelyn and I had to hold back our laughter because his blue jean short's zipper was down and we could see the tip of his organ. Like I said he's kind of awkward but in an innocent way. Raelyn whispered to him what he needed to do. He was so embarrassed and we could see his face turning red. He said he hated the portable and some lady waiting behind him started shouting about him not falling asleep in there. I told him I didn't think there was a chance of that because with the extreme humidity, it would get too uncomfortable. I feel its so mean of people to criticize a user because it just makes them more self-conscious.

After the first band's set, I told them that three cans of coke, plus some coffee I had drank at home was going right through me. I had about a 10 minute wait. I kept moving my legs in line because it kept the pain down. In front of me was a mother and a boy about kindergarten age. He had jeans on and had his hands on his crotch. When he started crying his mom started to lay into him about how he should have gone 30 minutes earlier at their home. She also told him it was going to get worse as he got older. When I heard that I got to thinking. Whattttt? What about empathy. I just wanted to hug him. Finally the door opened and the mom and boy went in. I heard some yelling, but couldn't make out of what was being said. There was pee splashed over the black toilet seat, but with no toilet paper available I had to sit in it. My drain started immediately. It would be strong for like 30 seconds, then taper off, only to start up again. As it hit the metal in the pan, that was the only thing that stood out to me. I finally got up, pulled up my clothing, opened the door fought my way through the people back to our table.

I forget whether it was just before the set of the 4th or 5th band, that Raelyn said it was her turn. I knew she was probably going to poo (and I've written before about some of the problems she's had) so I gave her some napkins she could wipe with. I know that she likes to have a cigarette to calm her down while she's crapping and that there was no way that was going to happen today. Kennard and I watched her as she progressed in the line. After I think what was about 20 minutes he saw her open the door. She came back shortly with a smile on her face and thanked me for the napkins. She said that was the largest and most successful crap she has had in months. She thanked me for the napkins and said that her new yellow shorts appreciated it.

Hours later as Kennard was tying the cooler between the handle bars on my bike, he said he didn't know if he could make the 10 minute ride home before crapping himself. We rode our bikes over to the toilets to give him moral support. A couple of the toilets were open and with the napkins I had given him, Kennard dumped his bike. He ran into a toilet. The door immediately slammed shut while Raelyn and I waited on our bikes. He wasn't on the toilet long. As he slowly walked back to us he held his hands in front of him about a foot apart. We knew that showed the size of his log. Raelyn teased him with the finger saying that hers was longer. Then the park lights went on and we knew we had to get home fast. Our parents don't like us riding our bikes after dark.

Thursday, June 01, 2017

Karen "the one from Cali"

This happen to anyone else?

Every time I get diarrhea, 9 times out of 10 I also feel nauseated before, during or after, and more often than not to the point of actually throwing up--those bathroom trashcans are a lifesaver for me! (years ago I tried leaning over and doing it in the bathtub while sitting on the pot but who feels like cleaning that up when already feeling crappy; I prefer to just throw away the trashcan liner quick and easy so I can get back to nursing myself on the sofa with my I Love Lucy vids and soup).

And by the same token when I get sick enough to vomit I usually also have diarrhea. ???

Does this happen to anyone else?


My biggest poop ever

The biggest poop I ever took was when I was 15. I didn't poop for almost three weeks, 19 days. At the time I was fairly irregular under normal circumstances, only pooping about every three or four days. Now I'm on a medication and I use the Metamucil fiber powder and I poop every day.

Anyway, on with the story of my biggest poop. I went to a summer camp that lasted about two weeks. The "bathrooms" there were just an outhouse, and it was three holes right next to each other with zero privacy. Most of the other girls managed to get over the embarrassment and poop. I know two different girls who admitted to waiting until the middle of the night when everyone was asleep and sneaking off to poop then. I suppose it would have been funny if they'd ended up there at the same time, but as far as I know it didn't happen. As for me, I couldn't bring myself even to do a sneaky nighttime poop. The outhouse was gross and it stunk all the time.

So I just held it in. I figured I'd have to poop at least once and told myself I'd cross that bridge when I got there. But I managed to hold it the entire sixteen days I was at camp, and I already hadn't pooped for three days before coming to camp. And I was active and I ate a lot the whole time too. I don't quite know how I managed to hold it for that long.

Even once I got home, I still didn't need to poop. But the day after I got home, I felt an urge to poop after breakfast. I knew this would be by far the biggest poop I'd ever done and I didn't want to do it at home. I walked to the nearby mall and by the time I got there I had to go very badly. It was almost coming out in my pants. To my horror, the women's bathroom was closed for cleaning, but the sign on the door directed me to use the unisex family restroom instead. It was one of those separate room type bathrooms, more like what you have at home.

Thankfully, no one was using it, so I went in, closed and locked the door. There were two toilets, one small like for children to use and one regular sized. My poop was starting to poke out and the children's toilet was closer to the door, so I yanked my pants and underwear down in one fast motion, sat on the toilet and let loose. It was a very thick turd and it stretched my butthole to its maximum. But it was coming quite fast actually. It kept coming and coming and coming. Eventually, I had to stand up to let more come out. At last it broke off. Because the child-sized toilet was so much smaller than a normal toilet, my turd had literally filled the entire bowl. I couldn't see any water or any porcelain at all, just the turd. My stomach gurgled and churned and I knew I had a lot more poop left in me, so I transferred to the bigger adult-sized toilet and started pooping again.

Thick turd after thick turd came out and piled up beneath me. I could hear the splashes and plops for a while, but soon my poop had piled up and there was no more water for the turds to splash into. I was still pooping though. Finally, I felt done. I again looked in the toilet and saw I had done a massive load in this toilet too. Partly because this was a bigger toilet and partly because I'd already pooped out that massive log, this load filled up not as much of the toilet. But as mentioned, all the water was taken up by my turds and some more turds piled on top. I started to wipe and then I felt the need to go yet again. I sat back down but it was just a fart. A really long and loud fart. It echoed in the bowl and must have lasted for at least ten seconds. I thought it might never stop. I finished wiping and washed my hands and left the bathroom with both toilets destroyed. I didn't dare flush either of them.

I woke up late, and didn't have much time to spend getting ready for school. While I was on the bus heading to school, I had incredibly painful cramps in my lower gut. It must have been a combination of both not having my morning poop and my dinner from the previous night (Mexican).

After about 40 minutes, I got off the bus and hurried into school, towards the nearest toilets, which unfortunately, were also the ones in the poorest condition. Luckily, since it was the morning, there were no students using the bathroom, meaning I might be able to poop in peace.

Out of the six doorless toilet stalls, I took the sixth one, furthest from the door, threw my bag down at my feet. Desperately, I yanked my pants and underwear to my ankles and sat down on the dirty plastic seat. Almost instantly, a rush of hot liquid diarrhea flushed out of my butt, relieving me of my gut pains. I couldn't help but rest my back against the wall in relief.

I was then startled by the sound of the main bathroom door opening, followed by footsteps approaching the stalls. I covered my modesty as best I could as a student, maybe a couple years younger than me, walked into my stall. He didn't expect to find me, and instantly recoiled back and looked away. He murmured an apology and entered the fifth stall, the one on my left. I could hear him lower his own pants and take a seat. I decided to cleanup my ass, since I had finished pooping.

While I wiped up my butt, I could hear the other guy letting out some farts and starting to grunt. I pulled up my pants and flushed the diarrhea-filled toilet, before I grabbed my bag. I headed to the sinks, walking past the guy in the fifth stall; he had his pants at his knees, and was looking at the floor. I washed my hands thoroughly with soap, and exited, heading to my locker and beginning the school day.


Away-From-Home Pooping

Help me understand why there's so much reluctance to poop away from home.

As far back as about 5th or 6th grade I was able to get over the stigma of pooping away from home. The discomfort of holding it in, and in my case, especially since my poop is soft forced me I guess to use the toilet to poop away from home just as I do to pee.

1. I do distance bike rides and we begin at sunrise and all three of us who ride together will stop at a gas station, park, or in some cases, a store to crap. This is usually within 3 hours of us starting out.

2. At my high school yes there are obstacles (limited time between classes, no doors on about half the toilet stalls, etc.) but I was given some good advice. I wait until the chute's ready to work, then I sit down and often I'm done within 15 or 20 seconds.

3. Yes, there are problems with wiping at school. Most of the toilets have those 4" x 4" cut squares I pull down. I have to be really careful with them otherwise my fingers or hand dd the wiping. Gross I know!

4. My grandma is a major critic of this. She says if I were to get up earlier on school mornings and tried harder, I could have my crap at home. She claims back in the 1950s she never once crapped at her school.
And when she's visiting and does the laundry, she asks me about skidmarks sometimes in my undies. But I'm in a hurry at school and don't want to get detentions for tardies.

5. I love grams very much she treated me to my first major stadium concert for my birthday six years ago. It was on a Saturday night and I hadn't crapped yet that day. So when we entered the stadium I went right to the toilet and did my crap. She seemed real surprised that I not only crapped there, but that I sat bare butt down on the seat. She and I differ about whether to use those ass-gaskets.

6. She also is critical of me for using portable toilets at places like the state fair. I'm only seated on the toilet for a few seconds and I'm willing to tolerate the line and smell in order to get rid of the gas and pain of holding it.

7. I've sometimes pooped during stay-overs at the homes of several of my friends. I've learned to flush as soon as my poo hits the water and this keeps the smell from becoming too bad.

What about the rest of you? Why is away-from-home pooping so feared? I'd like to hear from you.


Pee holding contest with sister

Hi. I'm new here. I'm a 24-year-old girl and my name's Madison... well, technically, that's my name but I don't like it and everyone calls me Maddie. Anyway, I'm 5'7" and have green eyes and long brown hair that I usually wear in a ponytail. To save money, I live with my sister Amy. She's 22 and 5'5" and also has green eyes but she has blonde hair that she keeps short in a pixie cut. We both have very big bladders. We drink a lot of water during the day and we usually only pee twice, once in the morning after waking up and then again sometime after dinner.

Well, this weekend on Saturday, we decided to have a pee holding contest to see who could last the longest. We ate breakfast and had our morning pees like always, then we started the contest. The rules were that we'd drink an 8 oz glass of water every 15 minutes and first one to pee loses. But we encountered a problem. After 4 hours, we'd drank a whole gallon of water and our stomachs were starting to hurt a little, but neither of us had a real urge to pee. I rated my need a 2 out of 10, and Amy said she was at about a 3.

We took a short break for lunch and then we decided to cut back to one glass every half hour instead. Two hours later, we were finally starting to have to pee. We both rated our need a 5/10. Another hour later, I was at an 8/10 and squirming trying to hold it, while Amy was also squirming but she said she was only a 7/10.

By the end of the eighth hour, I was about ready to burst. Drinking that glass of water was agonizing. We were both squirming like crazy and holding our crotches, but neither one wanted to give in and concede defeat. The next glass of water put me at the redline, a full on 10/10. I was doing everything I could not to let go. I could tell Amy was too as she said she too was at a 10/10. The next two or three minutes felt like forever and I did leak a few spurts into my pants, but the dam hadn't burst yet. Finally, Amy said she could't take it anymore and ran to the toilet. I didn't think I'd even make to the bathroom, so I just let go and wet my pants.

After our bladders were relieved, we had an argument over who won. I said that I had won because Amy said she gave up and headed to the bathroom. But she maintains that she won because she actually made it to the toilet and I started peeing while she was running. So because she technically held it longer than me she won. Eventually we called it a draw and agreed to have another contest the next time we both had the same day off. We'll be sure to include that you can't pee in the toilet as one of the rules, that way it will just be whoever pees their pants first loses.


Italy Story : 1

Hi everybody, your very own lazy Mina is bad girl, she don't post even Victoria say "I want to read". I am bad bad girl. Sorry to everyone.

But I tell only one story now. Very sleepy.

We were curious very much about Italy loo. When we enter to hotel bedroom, we quickly look at loo. It look like normal loo! but water was a lot in ordinary shape. We say, maybe motion make big plop noise.

But in Firenze, loo was different shape. Low part of loo with water was very front! If we want to hear plop sound, we have to sit forward very much!! Maho had no problem, she make many nice plop sound.

But I and Hisae and Kazuko, we had diarrhoea little bit because change of food and water. Even we sit very forward, motions go backwards from our bottom with strong stream, and cover all back of loo with big brown mushy. Hisae very shock, she hate skid mark. But of course flush clean, and we clean more after, before next girl sit on loo and spray huge mushy.

Of course Kazuko spray huge mushy many times, even the loo is all brown and we can't see side, Kazuko spray more and more and more. And she enjoy. When motions pour out from her bottom she is so happy smile! I am so happy to see her happy face. In Italy there isn't washlet so we have to use paper to clean bottom, but we enjoy, because motion girl say "feel good!" so many time. I clean Kazuko's beautiful bottom in Firenze. Not difficult to clean because her motion very soft all of them, But I clean well, so Kazuko feel good. She move forward and bend down so dirty part of bottom I am easy to see, she is helpful very much! Why I am so lucky girl to have so lovely lovely lovely friends?

All hotel loo unit bath so bathtub and toilet in same room, we don't like so much but good thing was, it is big room, so lot of space for four girls!

And we are early bird but in Italy, early morning is early afternoon in Japan, so we awake at 0400 hours and breakfast is 0630 hours so lots of time to get ready, include long motions and showers. So in evening, we sleep early. We create habit to do motions before a breakfast, it is not so problem, but Hisae do her diarrhoea many times in a day, that will be next story.

Victoria I hope you enjoy. And big shout out to everyone. Thank you many many nice story! And thank you to Ms/Mr Moderator for hard working to put all stories on site.

Love to everyone.

Mina and friends


To Becc: Which Story?

Hi Becc! First, welcome to the site. It's been fun reading your stories. I can imagine with that many siblings, there would rarely be a dull moment!

And to answer your question, would you share stories 2, 3, and 4 with us?


To Becc

Hi Becc! LOVE your stories they are so funny! Wondering if you can tell the one about your mom pooping her pants? Thank you and keep up the great writing!

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Will it sounds like she had some good poops and over came her poop shyness a bit as well.

Well that's all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site


Memorial day

Hellos I have posted here before. today was memorial day and boy did i eat. a lot So i got up and there was already food around bcause my mother brought some for breakfeat. then we went to some neigbors house and pigged out on some grilled food. I ate a bunch of hot dogs and hambergers and chicken. after i finished a pice of chicken i felt like i could empty some space. went to the bathroom and pooped and read some stories. after i felt through i flushed and not everything wnt down so i left it. and ate some more yeah


to Claudia from Germany

Thanks for liking my story! I love camping and the outdoors!
Covering the poop isn't all that dangerous, we usually just scoop some dirt over it and you can kinda see that and avoid stepping into it.

I think that Danielle needed a number two after we had breakfast the same morning, cause she was gone for quite a while when she did her business in the trees. I'm not totally certain, though. But I am pretty sure that she did not step into Bebe's or my poo. since she would have come back mad for sure, haha.


@ Becc

I, personally, would love to read all 6 stories eventually, but number one sounds like just shits and giggles to me; Pun intended. Anyway, My vote is on "The time all nine of us got diarrhea at the same time while on vacation because of food poisoning".

Becc's Stories

All of the stories you mentioned earlier sound interesting, would love to hear them!


Latest news

Hi everyone, I'm back from uni again this weekend so thought I would post.
Imogen- sounded like Emma was really desperate for a wee. It must have been a bit embarasing for her trying to get out of a playsuit, as you said by the time she got it down she would have been almost completely undressed!
Natasha- I'm really sorry to hear that the stress of exams is making you constipated again, it sounds like you've been having a hard time of it. Going nearly a week without having a poo is really grim but I'm glad the laxative helped and it wasn't too hard to push out in the end. I really hope you can get back to having a poo more regularly once your exams are over. If its any consolation I've been quite badly constipated the last couple of weeks as well, I seem to be going three or four days between poos at the moment and as you said, when you don't have a poo very often its very difficult to push it out when you do finally manage to go!!
This story is about the poo I had on Saturday morning while I was sleeping round my friend Katie's, I'll start to tell the story from Friday evening when we were on the way back to Katies house after going out to the pub. As we were walking back I was getting desperate for a wee, by the time we were going down Katies road I knew I couldn't hang on much longer. We got to her house and Katie rummaged in her bag for her door key, I was jiggling up and down and saying, "Hurry up, I'm dying for a wee, I'm just about to wet my pants!!"
Once Katie had unlocked the door I rushed upstairs to her room, as I went into her ensuite I was already lifting my dress and pulling down my pink flowery knickers. I dropped onto the loo with a thud and moaned with relief as I started to wee like a horse, another second later and I would have let a spurt go into my knickers. As my stream was dying away Katie came in, she had taken off her dress so she was just in her white bra and yellow and blue stripey knickers. She was standing there squirming around and holding herself and she said, "Hurry up, I'm bursting for a wee as well!" I quickly wiped and pulled up my knickers, by now Katie had dropped her knickers and quickly swapped with me on the loo, a second later it was her turn to let out a moan as she started to wee a strong hissing stream. I washed my hands and went back into the bedroom, I took my dress off too and got my toothbrush. By the time I was back in her ensuite Katie had finished on the loo, so we both brushed our teeth and then went back into the bedroom. As Katie took off her bra she said, "Its baking in here, I'm just gonna sleep in my knickers, its too hot to wear anything else!"
"Yeah, me too!" I said as I took my bra off, we both got into bed and chatted for a bit until we fell asleep.
The next morning I woke up needing a wee again, I got out of bed and went into the bathroom, got my knickers down and sat on the loo. As I was finishing off Katie came in, I was half asleep so had totally forgotten to put on a top, but luckily she'd forgotten too! I wiped, pulled up my knickers and swapped with Katie, as I washed my hands I heard a strong stream starting up. I got back into bed and a minute or so later Katie came back into the bedroom. "Right, I'm going to get us some breakfast," she said, as she put on a tee-shirt. She went downstairs and came up a few minutes later with a plate of toast and two cups of tea. After I'd eaten I realised I was starting to want a poo, I said to Katie, "I'm going to the toilet, I really need a poo!" I got out of bed and went back into the bathroom, I dropped my knickers and sat down, relaxing my bum. I could feel the poo moving down inside me and after a while it started to poke out of my bum. I started to bear down and felt the log poke out a bit more, it was really fat and started to get sucked back up when I stopped pushing, I really hate it when that happens as I know it means I'm getting more constipated. I kept straining and pushing and could feel I was going red in the face, although it was a bit embarasing being on the loo naked apart from a pair of knickers round my thighs I was actually really glad as it would have been far too hot if I'd been dressed, and anyway I've known Katie for over 10 years so she wasn't bothered at all! "Sorry about this, I've been a bit constipated lately and I'm having a really fat one!" I panted. Katie said, "No worries, just take your time!" I kept on pushing and felt the log inching out slowly, I couldn't help grunting a bit as I pushed the fattest part through, but once that was out it started to move faster and soon splashed down into the bowl. I could feel a second log starting to emerge, and I bore down again. Opposite me Katie was jiggling around, she said, "I'm starting to get desperate for a poo myself now!" "Oh sorry, I'll try to finish off," I panted between pushes. After a couple of minutes the log dropped with a splash and I felt empty, I said, "I'll wipe my bum standing up so you can get on the loo!" and moved across as Katie dropped her knickers and sat. I took some loo roll and wiped my bottom as Katie started to push. When I was finished wiping I threw the paper between her legs and then pulled up my knickers and washed my hands. By now Katie was having to push harder and couldn't help grunting a bit, she said "Sorry, I think I'm a bit constipated too!" Just then I heard a plop as Katies first log dropped, she stayed sitting so I guessed there was more to come, and sure enough a few pushes and grunts later she made some more plops. She stood up to wipe her bottom, when she'd finished wiping she pulled her knickers up and we went back into the bedroom to get dressed, I put on my bra and took off my dirty knickers, replacing them with a lilac pair from my bag. Katie took off her knickers too and put some clean white ones on and then took off her tee-shirt and put her bra on.
Hope you enjoyed this story, will post again soon, bye for now!

To Jimmy

Is this the first time this has happened to you, or have you had other accidents?


Pooping My Pants 3 Times On A Cruise

When I was 15, my family went on a cruise to the Bahamas. On the first night, I signed up for the teen program that gives teens a place to hang out on the ship. The teen center had music, video games, and activities to do. On the first night of the cruise, I was playing Just Dance at the teen center with a girl I had just met named Lucy when I felt my stomach rumbling. "Uh, oh," I thought, "I have to poop. Can it wait until after a few more songs?" Lucy selected the next song, which was one of the more difficult songs in the game to do. During the beginning of the song, my stomach rumbled more, and then I just lost control and completely pooped my panties. I was wearing bright blue tights and a white tank top. A large solid turd filled my panties and caused my tights to tent out in the back. I stood there, mortified as I filled my pants. Then I ran out crying. When I went back to our room and told my mom that I had an accident, she was really sympathetic. She said that accidents happen and it was nothing to be sad about. She told me to go into the bathroom and change into clean panties and my pajamas and get ready for bed. Luckily, the poop was pretty solid, so there wasn't too much damage done to my panties.

The next morning, I woke up and felt something wet underneath the covers. I tore them off and realized that I had wet the bed! Luckily, no one else was awake at this time, so I quietly changed into new pajamas, stuffed the wet ones at the bottom of my suitcase, and went back to bed, being careful not to lay in the wet spot. My parents never found out.

Later that day, the teen group was doing a karaoke contest at one of the clubs on the ship. Today, I was wearing green colored jean shorts and a t-shirt. I had selected "The Letter" by the Box Tops and was waiting to be called up to the stage. When I was called and I went onto the stage, my stomach rumbled again and I knew that I had to poop. I started singing and in the middle of the song, my stomach rumbled again, this time accompanied by a cramp big enough to make my voice crack. I finished singing and was standing on the stage waiting for the song to fade out when it happened again- I pooped my pants! This time is was mushy and felt really warm as it slid into my panties. Apparently, it began to smell really quickly because as I was walking off of the stage, somebody said, "Who farted?" and somebody else said, "It smells like somebody pooped themselves." My face turned red and I walked out of the club and back to my room. As I walked, I could feel the hot mushy poop spread across my butt and between my legs. I ran into my mom in the hallway and she must have known that something was wrong because my face was still red from embarrassment. I told her that I had another accident and she sighed and said "come on." She took me to the bathroom and helped me clean up. This time, the panties were not salvageable. Mom told me that if I had another accident in my pants, she would make me wear diapers for the rest of the cruise. I told her that I didn't like that idea and she told me that she didn't want to have to keep throwing away my soiled underwear.

The next night, we went to dinner in a fancy restaurant on the ship. I had fried chicken. I was wearing a white skirt and a nice pink shirt. Mom and Dad were talking with a couple they met who were having dinner with us when I felt a rumble in my stomach. "Oh, no, not now!" I thought. I tried to eat my chicken and forget about my need for a restroom. Mom and Dad continued to talk and my need to poop got worse and worse. I tried to let them know but they ignored me. Suddenly, it happened. Warm, gooey poop filled my panties. I continued to sit in it for twenty minutes because I didn't want them to know. Then, Dad said, "What's that smell?" and Mom said, "Jessica, did you have an accident?" My face turned red and I started to cry.

Mom walked me back to our room and Dad came a few minutes later with a pack of diapers. I had to wear those diapers 24/7 for the rest of that week-long cruise.



Hi everyone! I know it's been a while since I've posted, this semester was CRAZY. But I wanted to tell you my experience with a yoga class I tried taking at the campus rec. I woke up early a couple of weeks ago to go to this class a friend recommended. We were moving through the poses and my stomach was starting to really loosen up and gurgle. We moved into downward facing dog and all of a sudden a long squeaky fart slipped out. I turned bright red as some of the class giggled, but thankfully no one knew it was me as all of our heads were pointed down. After class, I had a real class to get to so I scurried over to the seminar building in my yoga clothes. During our lecture, I started needing to poop BAD. I was on the edge of going in my leggings. I could feel a big fart building up and I couldn't hold it in much longer so I got up quickly and shuffled out of the room. As soon as the door closed behind me, a wet fart bubbled out of me with just enough mushy poop to let my buttcheeks feel slippery. I walked quickly down the hall to the bathroom where I slipped in right behind another girl. It was a really large bathroom that almost never had anyone in it. This floor of the seminar building also has offices so they made the bathroom bigger than normal for the employees. One stall was occupied and the other girl and I went in to two more. We both peed, I held my butt closed with my hands to keep everything in, and then she left. The woman who had already been here hadn't made a sound, but when the other girl left, she thought she was alone and blasted a trumpet fart into her toilet followed by a loud plop. I could hear her poop crackling out of her as she grunted openly, not realizing I was still there. I let go and a soft, thick log came sliding out of me and splashed into the bowl. The other woman stopped suddenly and all was quiet. I pushed out another bubbly fart and some poop debris splattered the bowl. At this point the woman started pushing again, she sounded constipated, letting out a lot of smaller sounding firm poops. I continued my poop which became very wet and gassy like a continuous stream of an airy fart with the occasional bubbly spots and loose sludge dropping out. She flushed her toilet and went up to wash her hands and I pushed out one more thick log before heading back to class. If you're ever wanting to loosen up your poop, try starting your day with yoga!


To Becc

Becc - I'd love to hear all those stories, but please start with number 4!

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Claudia from Germany

To Anna

Hi Anna,

I really liked your story about backcountry camping and pooping. However, do you really think that covering your pile with dirt is a good idea? It is so easy to step into your mess because you can't see it... Wouldn't it be better to leave your pile and the t.p. uncovered so everybody going behind these bushes could see it and avoid it? Imagine Danielle going behind these bushes and stepping into your poop... By the way, did Danielle have to go, too?

I hope you will go camping again soon!

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