Here's an interesting story from a little while back. At one time I had this co-worker, Amie, who went out of her way to talk about how disgusting it was to poop at work. She'd go on and on about how pooping was something meant to be done at home and how you needed to take care of that while you were there. If she got up to go to the bathroom, she would come back and talk about how someone was pooping next to her. "Eww, it was so gross, I could hear her pooping next to me!". My and my other coworkers usual response was usually "And? It IS a bathroom!"
Amie wanted nothing to do with this and said over and over how she pooped only at home. I once asked, so if she came to work and realized she had to poop as she was walking in, of she would hold it the entire day. She claimed that yes she would, which I found absurd, but whatever....These conversations happened quite often and we came to just laugh at them and roll our eyes. One day however, things got interesting!
In need of a place to poop, I myself headed down the hall to find the nearest restroom. The communal one was unfortunately occupied, so I proceeded further along to some of the available individual unisex bathrooms. As they were singles, I personally didn't feel the need to knock, and simply turned the handle to open the door. As the door swung open I heard a gasp, and who's eyes did I meet but Amie's! She was in full hover mode over the toilet, with a giant fat log dangling from her butt. Someone forgot to lock the door! I had to stifle my laughter as her face immediately turned the darkest shade of red you've ever seen. As I blurted out "oops, I'm sorry!", her log broke off and landed with a tremendous splash due to her high hover over the toilet.
This all happened very quickly. Amie said to me in a pleading tone "please guard the door!" No problem I said as some more soft poop was already snaking it's way out of her butt with a rather loud crackle. I exited and pulled the door shut, and waited several minutes for her to finish. I didn't have to ward anyone else off, and eventually Amie emerged, slightly less red in the face. "Thank you. So sorry I didn't lock the door and you had to see that" she whispered as she lowered her head and hurried off. In this instance, I didn't think "No worries, I didn't mind at all!" would be the best response so I just let her go.
I didn't bring up the instance any further, but I think it may have struck a cord. A few weeks later another fellow coworker came up to me and said "you'll never guess who I just pooped next to! Amie! I recognized her shoes when she entered the stall, and a moment or two later I heard a fart and some big plops. I saw her at the sink when we exited and we made some pleasant small talk". I guess maybe an open pooper like myself seeing her in action inspired Amie to free herself. Either that or she was sneaking poops all along and was for whatever reason all uptight about anyone knowing it!


Post Title (optional)Beccs Choices

Hey Becc, I would like to hear 2,3 and 4


I got grounded for my accident the other day

If you read my last post you know I had an accident on the way home from shopping for clothes. My mom was really hard on me but my dad made her stop nagging and I thought it was over.

So last night I didn't really have any plans but I wanted to go bowling tonight with two buddies. But my mom said I couldn't have the car and I was staying home. When I asked why she said that I lied to her the other day when I said I didn't have to poop. She's still mad at me for stinking out the car and (according to her) the house.

I tried to argue and even talk to my dad but he sided with her. She said that by lying, I pooped my pants on purpose but its not true. I feel awful because she's ashamed of me for having a poop accident. I don't have to stay in my room but I can't go out.

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Becc great set of stories it sounds like and your sisters and mom had some great poops I look forward to reading more of them thanks.

To: ToiletCar great conclusion to your story it sounds like she had a really good poop.

To: Elphaba great story.

Well that's all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site


A Survey and Hello's

Brandon T: Thank you! I'm having fun on this site. I'm sure my mother was VERY RELIEVED after that one.

We had a conversation about that time she went to the bathroom. I told her I thought that's why I was so fascinated about pooping. She told me that she had been constipated and was worried that she might have to take a laxative. But she was nursing and did not want to pass that along to the twins in her milk. So she drank prune juice!

Swaggermuffinz: Good questions and I liked your responses. Here are mine:

Longest turd you've ever had? Mine are thick, so they are not usually too long, maybe 10-15 inches with 12" being average. However, I am not lying when I say that I did one that must have been 36 inches had it stayed together. It was softer and therefore thinner than usual, maybe 1 inch thick. But it kept coming!!! I was in college, my junior year, and it was before a basketball game. I showed my teammates, who started squealing at it, and then we all got in trouble by a graduate assistant.

longest you've ever been in the loo, or on the toilet? One time I was super sick with diarrhea and had to camp out on the toilet for about an hour before I felt relieved enough to get up. It happened one year when I was home for Christmas holidays. Most of the time, normal poops are over with in 5-10 minutes and diarrhea, I usually go, get up and then go right back.

shortest you've time you've ever laid a turd in? There have been times that the pressure to go is so great that it happens in seconds. That feels really good.

thickest turd you've ever laid? 3" after missing a day or two (I don't remember specifically). I think I was 13. A lot of soft stool followed.

most/longest you've ever peed? I can hold a lot of pee. Maybe 20 seconds?

most luxurious toilet you've ever used? I don't know. We have nice bathrooms at home, but I've never used a memorable one away from home

Worst toilet you've used(beside squating)? Gas station in the middle of nowhere in New Mexico, off of I-40, when our family went out west. It was just to pee though.

And longest you've lever gone without pooping and peeing? Peeing, maybe 6 hours, and I wasn't that uncomfortable. Pooping, maybe 2-3 days.

- Becc


Working on a flat roof

I was working on a flat roof of a shop in the center of town, and had parked the van in the lane behind it. When I needed to get something from the van I ran down the internal fire escape stairs at the back of the shop, I was getting faster and faster as I went down them, so I came crashing out of the fire exit doors into the lane by my van.
Only to find a female with her knickers and trousers down, sitting in her puddle of piss, she was not very happy and shouting at me for knocking her down. I said she should not have been pissing there in the door way.
She was well pissed with me as she pulled her wet things back up and waddled off. ( I nearly pissed my self laughing at her as she went.)



I followed a mom and her daughter, who was 5 or 6, into a two-stall bathroom at an Interstate rest area. Actually, there were two other stalls but there was a large bag over each of the doors saying it was out of the order. Before letting the girl (Honey is what she was called) go into the stall mom asked if she was going to wee or poo. The girl said wee. Mom then told Honey to sit back farther on the seat so she didn't have the problems that she had had the last time. So the mom stands outside the stall while Honey goes in. Her shorts drop and I see her feet off the floor so she's on the toilet. Her mom then takes the toilet immediately in front of me. I heard her pull her underwear down, hike her dress up and there was a little noise when her butt hit the seat. The mom started to tinkle and told Honey to sit a couple of minutes after she was done just to make sure. Mom did a long tinkle. Honey's feet hit the floor after abut 30 seconds and mom ordered her back on the toilet. Honey started to say something like "But mom....." and mom told her there was to be no back talk. Finally Honey got down a second time, unlatched the door and just as I was about to take over for her, mom called her back in for a "You remember what you forgot to do?" question. So Honey walked in front of me, pulled off some toilet paper from the roll, and wiped the seat off. "Especially, do the front," mom said. Then Honey through the paper in the water and went to the sink. While the mom was finishing with her activity and I was starting to drop my crap, I complimented the mom on what she was teaching Honey. She said thinking of the next user is something important she's trying to teach each of her kids. I couldn't agree more.

Toilet car

Glad to see your back!

What happened to your old car? Did it die or did you sell it on?

Can you share the other stories you have about your co-worker?

Will you be allowing more car toileting as it's now broke in?

Uncle Harry

Pee All Day 2

Before we left for the restaurant, Margaret had more things to tell me. She carries a female urinal with her just in case she has to go with no toilet available. Unlike a a man, who can stick his penis inside his urinal, the female version with its flared wings, has to be pushed between a woman's legs, up against her vagina, and hope it leak. Hers had rubber rims to help. Also, she puts a pad on the passenger seat of cars she rides in. Oh,oh. Shes going to pee in my car. Well, out we went. She put her pad on her seat. Them she lifted the back of her skirt, got in, bare-assed on the pad, so any leakage from her urinal would go on the pad. I sure hoped we got to restaurant before she needed to pee again. Despite all these precautions, I appreciated her protection of my car.

On the road, the traffic was heavy and the going was slow. My guess was right. "Harry" she said, "I have to pee again. Sorry, but I'll be careful". She scooted forward, spread her legs, pushed her urinal hard against her vagina, and squeezed her legs against it."Here it comes, Harry", she said. And out it came, with a woosh, for about 45 seconds. When she was done, she realized she had forgotten something to wipe her vagina with, so she used the pad, which already had a few dribbles on it. Great foresight.

We got to the restaurant and sat on the waiting bench for our table. We finally got our table, scanned our menus, and placed our orders. We talked a while and then came the inevitable..Margaret had to pee again. At least now there was a toilet. She headed for the ladies room. Shortly, there were some voices about a woman in the mens room. I went to see about it, as if I didn't know. The ladies room was crowded, she couldn't wait, and went into the mens. There were only a few guys and Margaret was in a stall with a partially closed door I explained to the guys and they accepted it.

We finished our dinner, and both of us peered,, different bathrooms this time. We got home, Margaret peed again with me in the bathroom. We talked a little and I left. We met several times more for a few weeks. Then we broke up and I moved on.

Sunday, May 28, 2017


What comes in wil come out

Happy weekend, I'm so happy to post again. Been so busy, but I have a story. After work I had to go grocery store for today family picnic, so while I'm driving to the store I feel the urge, so I pull up to BP gas station, go in to back where the bathrooms are, I get inside latch the door, hurry pulls down my jeans and thong before getting to the toilet and speed walk to the toilet and hurry sits down. I let some heavy farts and soon after I was blowing out chunks of wet poop, I knew I be awhile so I start playing with my phone, after 10 minutes of playing with game, I was about 5 more minutes still going, . Than I was finally done, I got up looked in the bowl just brown water it smelled awful, but I'm on a new diet green leaf and fruit only. So I flush and took off my jeans and thong over the toilet railing and slipped my flip flops back on, took tons of paper towels and cleaned at the sink. My alarm went off I knew I had 30 minutes to get at the store. So I hurried up enough to get cleaned thankfully everything went down. I got redress as I was coming out and a young man walked past me and smiled and I smile back and got to the store before 30 minutes was up. I was in check out line seeing teenagers boyfriend and girlfriend putting each other back pocket. And the girl telling her guy all went on in the bathroom and about her girls too. The guy tell her shhh it's a older lady behind us, I said child please, I just turned 24, they got there stuff and I got my things on my way out I seen the girl was waiting for him outside of bathroom. She apologized for him and I said it's cool and went on. I get home and make dinner and preparing lunches for the family picnic today. That's all right now have a happy weekend.


Camping in thw wilds!

Just back from some primitive camping! So many years since I used the river to wash in and the woods to poop in!


The twins and i at the park

It was Summer & about 120 . I was 9 yr's old in shorts & tank top shirt helping my single mom clean house with air condition . Mom fixed late lunch/din . I pigged out on soda,chips, hotdogs & hamburgers .Early evening Cindy & Sandy identical twins of 11 yr's 3 houses down from mine . Quite good looking in short skirts came by . They didn't eat much, yet consumed lots of lemon aid while helping there single dad clean there non air condition home. The temp. dropped down to about 80 by then .Asked if I'd like to go to the park a mile & a half away. Mom knowing the twins quite well said ok don't be to late. As we neared the park we all ran despertly to the 1 & only unisex restroom in the park that had only 1 no walls on side toilet & 1 sink. I holding tight not to shit i my pants , the twins had hand fists jammed up under there short skirts to help from peeing all over themselves. We quickly locked the outside door while pull there panties , my shorts down . I sat legs apart on the toilet Cindy sat backwards on my legs head bowed slightly down looking face to face to me & Sandy up over the sink . We all could see each other. Cindy & Sandy could see my shit drop while I could see Sandy's releasing her heavy golden gusher of pee into sink below her. We all had to go so bad that it lasted awhile. All 3 of us sieing with such great relief. Luckly as we left the restroom there was no one around to see us.


To Robin

Hi Robin. When poop has a strong, pungent smell that you describe it could be too much sugar in her diet. If she does not complain of a stomach ache prior to pooping, if she is regular (whatever that is for her) and if pooping is a relieving and relaxing experience, rather than a painful chore, then she is OK.

With nine in our home, we invested in air freshener, candles, plungers and other means of controlling the odor, so our whole house would not reek of poop!

Also, please do not do anything that would make her self-conscious about pooping. Don't gag at the smell. Don't comment. Encourage good hygiene!

- Becc

This is awkward. I was having study time with my tutor, before that, I had a stomachache from drinking coffee after breakfast, I was in such a rush I didn't had the time to poop when it gave me a signal. But that awkward moment, in the middle of studying, my tutor stood up to clutch his stomach. He too had a stomachache and needed to be excuse. When he went to the toilet there i was rubbing my stomach.


There's Something about Mary

Hi. As I shared before, my family has our own unique "This is Us" story. I'm one of six sisters, who all happen to be tall and plus-size. Basically, we're three sets of twins, almost. Let me explain, because this will let you know why we are open with our bathroom habits.

First, Mary and I are eleven months apart. Because she was born in October of 1995 and I September of 1995, we were able to start school the same year, as October 1 is the cutoff date for school. Then Hannah and Sarah were both born in April 1998. Though they have been raised as twins, they are not. Hannah is biologically our cousin. In fact, she is our Aunt Kate's daughter. Aunt Kate was drugged on a date while in college. When she found out she was pregnant, she came to my parents asking if they would adopt the child. It's really a beautiful story. When Hannah was 13, we learned the story that Hannah and Sarah really were not fraternal twins, but cousins. Mary and I were young enough that we did not know or realize that Hannah was Aunt Kate's daughter. Then, Rachel and Leah are identical twins.

But that gets me to how we grew up. We all stuck close to our "twin" even though we really loved each other. And, we shared rooms that way. Mary and me, Hannah and Sarah, and then Rachel and Leah. Mary and I had our own bathroom in our room, with double sinks, a shower and a toilet. The others had a bathroom in between their rooms. So all four had to share a bathroom.

Mary is super elegant, and may come off as too proper. But she is the most compassionate person that I know. She is elegant, lady-like, and loves life. She has beautiful blue eyes, brown hair and creamy skin that's perfect. She won our school's homecoming queen.

Oops, I need to shorten this. Mary, I think, has mild IBS. She keeps her emotions bottled up. Often she would have to poop without warning. She would come in the bathroom gracefully while I'm getting ready or whatever and often say, "Becc, I need to use the bathroom. Do you mind?" I always said yes. She would elegantly lift her skirt, dress or drop her pants as if she had all the time in the world. She would take her seat and look like a goddess on the toilet. Right as she gets seated, she would explode with loud, chunky poops. I mean, it was almost humorous how graceful she was as she sat, wiped, and removed herself from the toilet, but what she did while she was on it could be explosive!

I still find that funny!


- Becc

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Anna great story about your buddy dump outside it sounds like you both had really good poops.

To: Chris it sounds like she had a good poop.

To: Becc first welcome to the site and great story it sounds like your mom took a major poop and sounds like she felt amazing afterwards and please post anymore stories you may have thanks.

To: Gillian great story it sounds like you really had to poop and also made some new friends as well.

To: Abbie great story.

Well that's all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site


Telephone boxes

I was at work and went for a walk during my meal break at about 8:00 pm. As I was up on a terrace looking down onto the main yard, I saw a female walking up towards the road, she was looking around, when she stepped off the footpath and in-between two telephone boxes, quickly looking around (but not up) she dropped her jeans and squatted and had a pee, stood back up, and walked off.
As it was so quick I did not get much of a look.


Helping Great Grandma

Recently my college had its graduation. As a graduate student and assistant coach I one of the representatives of my department at the ceremony. Our college is large and the commencement is held at our city's auditorium. Each year we come pretty close to filling the place up so we're urged to get there at least an hour early. Adam, my boyfriend, was up Saturday morning and on our apartment's toilet when I told him I was leaving. So when I finally got downtown and parked, I had to both pee and crap. I knew it wouldn't wait until after the ceremony.

My first stop inside the building was one of the huge restrooms. They are so big they have a door on one side and another door on the far side. Since I'm just under 6'6" tall I do attract some notice when I walk into a room of about 25 toilets, each in use, and students and members of the public eagerly awaiting the next door to open. I figured many craps were being taken because there was very little flushing and almost no doors were opening. So I just turned to my right, waiting for a stall to open. Something seemed different about the closest door. There were sweats down at shoe level and above them there were a couple of really skinny legs and a lot of really noticeable swollen blood vessels. The feet were not moving and I could see over the doorway but without seeing the person. I concluded that she was probably pretty short. Finally the door slowly opened and I could see a little old lady who looked to be in her 80s sitting there with a smile on her face and beckoning me to come over.

I reluctantly did. As she sat and smiled she told me her knees were shot. She normally would use the toilet paper holder to get up off the stool, but she couldn't this time she couldn't put any weight on it because it was very loose on the wall. She asked me to come in and by putting my hands under her arms, pull her up off the stool. She also complained that the seat was way too low, making it harder for her to get off it. As I pulled her up she cooperated and almost started to cry when had made sure she had good footing. She said she was 88 and a great grandmother. She had a grandson getting his degree. She asked me to pull some paper off for her and she wiped with it. As I reached back to flush for her, I noticed the bowl was half full with her soft crap.

I took her by the arm and started to walk her through the crowd to the nearby wash basins. But I noticed she had lots of energy and easily could do it on her own. So I said goodbye and rushed back to the toilet, just as another girl who looked very young was attempting to squeeze in. I politely told her "no way" and I quickly turned around and latched the door. My butt was on the warmed seat within seconds. I let go of my two-day crap and also peed. Because of my height, I could see over the side panels and view the others using the toilets. The woman to my right had lifted the seat and when I saw her spread her legs wider, I could tell she was hovering. A series of plops into the bowl confirmed that she was crapping. The girl on my left was messing with her phone and dropped it twice. Then I wiped thoroughly from my seat. I then stood and for a moment was thankful for how well my knees worked. I pulled up my jeans and thong and went out and washed my hands. Climbing all the stairs to the top-tier of seating came easily for me. And I was thankful as I sat down next to our department head.


Mother's Famous Chili

Hi! It's Becc again. Here's a short story from this tall woman.

One morning I was sitting in English Lit class - my senior year in high school - and did not feel good at my stomach. It was January, when my mother usually makes good warm dishes like chili, homemade vegetable soup and stew. The night before was chili night. I was bored and could not concentrate. The cramping and bloating grew intense. My stomach was making all kinds of noises and several of the guys next to me began snickering! Becc, why did you eat FOUR BOWLS of chili??? You knew you would pay for it. I had before and I was about to again. I am not shy, so I just blurted out, "Mrs. ?????, I need to go the bathroom like right now!" She sort of looked agitated but replied, "OK, Becc, get a pass and I'll sign it." My all the contents of my stomach went south when I stood up. I kept my poise. I learned this from my sister. When she has to poop she is so graceful, getting on the toilet no matter how urgently she has to go (will share more about that later).

So, I get to girls bathroom, which was a decent bathroom for a high school - clean, smelled like cleaner, but not fancy. As I walk in three cheerleaders are primping at the mirror. I knew them. They were juniors and I was a senior. There they were looking all adorable and there I was, in my favorite college hoodie, blue jeans and tennis shoes. They knew my reputation as a tomboy, and somewhat obnoxious.

"Hi Becc!" they said and smiled. I responded, "Hi. Girls, you might want to clear out. My mother made her famous spicy chili last night and I had four bowls!"

"Becc, you're so crazy!" one said, giggling. Another said, "We're almost finished, but we might stay for the show!"

I smiled, "It's your funeral." Right then, my stomach cramped and the pressure in my rectum and bowels intensified and didn't let up. "Oh shit!" I said as I grabbed my behind. I proceeded to a stall and pulled the door to and it did not latch. I had zero time. I yanked my pants down and plopped my big butt on the commode, and had major explosive diarrhea.

The girls began giggling, "OMG, Becc!" one said. Another, "You crap like a gorilla!"

"Shut up!" I said. I was not embarrassed and actually enjoying this exchange. I farted and more chunky diarrhea followed.

The door to my stall was open and I took a chance, "If you are going to enjoy this show, could you at least stand in front of my stall. It'll be a minute before I can stand up to latch the stall." So they did. I farted again and released another load of diarrhea. The bathroom smelled horrible. I felt like I could get up, so I latched the stall and told them thanks. "Becc, I've never seen a girl crap like you and not be ashamed."

"Ha Ha are too funny," I said sarcastically.

I had to have diarrhea two more times that day at school. I told my mother that afternoon about my illness, and she said that she would make the chili on the weekend and that perhaps I didn't need to eat as much at one time.

- Becc

Uncle Harry

Statement and Pee All Day 1

After my first wife died from cancer and family grieving was over, I started dating off and on. It took 10 years to find and marry my current wife, Hariette. In all that time , I had many girlfriends lasting 2 days to 6 months. We did not have on-line dating in those days. We did have matchmaker columns in the newspapers and I used them to find women. Here's one storie.

A women answered my ad in one newspaper. We talked on the phone for a while and decided to go out to a country restaurant that we both liked. She described herself as heavy, but that didn't bother me. I'm slim. I drove to her house to pick her up. I rang the bell and she let me in. She was more heavy than I thought and was wearing a knee length skirt. We talked for a while and she said she had to tell me something. Because of her weight, she was taking diuretic pills. This caused her to pee very frequently to get rid of excess water that she carried. She needed to pee before we left and asked me to come in the bathroom with her to show me something that I needed to see. In the bathroom, she certainly did she me something. She lifted her skirt and showed me her pussy..and no panties. She explained that she often needed to go pretty quickly and didn't want to waste time getting her panties down. Then she wanted to show me how much she pees when she has to make it. She sat down on the toilet, spread her legs appart, and let it rip. It sure did. A torrent flowed out of her pee hole, mostly straight done, some hissing and going sideways. I don't know how long she urinated. It was too long to measure. She stopped and started several times. She finally stopped, wiped her hairy vagina, stood up, dropped her skirt, and flushed. I needed to pee too, so I did while she watched. All this the first time we met. (To be continued, when we leave the house),


Which Story Do You Want Me to Tell?

1. The time all nine of us got diarrhea at the same time while on vacation because of food poisoning

2. The time my perfect sister Mary totally crapped herself

3. The time I crapped myself

4. The time my mom took an incredibly large dump in her pants when we were all little because she could not get us all in the house in time to make it to the toilet

5. The time I got diarrhea when playing in the state basketball playoffs - during the game!

6. Or, ask me anything! I want to talk about POOP!!!

- Becc


Embarrassing Moment Yesterday

Last night I was out shopping with my parents for an outfit to wear at my high school graduation ceremony. While we were at JC Penny I started feeling gas pains but I hate pooping out in public so I decided to hold it. When we were checking out at the register my mom saw me holding my stomach and asked me if I needed to go to the bathroom. I told her it felt like a fart and she said then just wait outside, so I did.

When we were heading home my folks decided that we would go to Dairy Queen for something to eat. I was in agony in the back seat but decided not to try to get out of the car and run inside to poop. While we were still in the drive thru I realized that I wasn't going to make it home but I was holding out hope that maybe I could pull off a miracle.

When we got on the interstate everything seemed like it was going to be okay. The pressure in my stomach and my butt started to go away, but then we took our exit and it came back with a vengeance. There was no way I was making it all the way home, and even if I told my dad to pull over it was too late. I was about to poop my pants.

So I told my parents what was wrong and my mom turned in her seat and watched while I filled my underwear with hot poop. It came out with so much force and I farted really loud. My mom was watching me the whole time with a look of judgement that I'll never forget. While it was happening she told me, "I knew you had to go when we were at Penny's. I don't know why you didn't just tell me the truth."

I didn't know what to say, but luckily my dad snapped at her to leave me along and not make it worse. When we got home I hurried to the downstairs bathroom but there was so much poop in my pants and I still had to go bad. I just finished going in my pants, then I asked my mom to bring me a paper bag so I could toss my undies.

After I wiped my butt and my legs as good as I could, I sprinted up the stairs and took a shower. I was gonna toss my poopy britches in the trash outside but my dad took the bag with my undies and the rag I used to wipe myself clean and tossed it for me. Later my mom apologized for being insensitive about my accident.


Senior Project - My Family's Bowel Movements for a Month

Because of my weird love for poop, and because of our family's openness to talk about our bowel movements in a health-related context, I designed my senior project to test a theory that Anatomy Student wrote about. In my last post, I shared a story about my sister, Mary's bowel habits. We shared a bathroom growing up and often had to use the bathroom in front of the other. We peed in front of each other all the time. We would ask each other if it was OK to poop. As sisters we had an understanding that we shared a bathroom (and a bedroom) and privacy is not always possible.

Mary's poops were softer and she usually went in the morning before school and in the evening after supper. At least that's what I observed. I usually go once per day. Hers seemed to be softer while mine were large, firm and log-like. That's for the most part. Of course it varied some depending on our periods, sickness, the amount of stress that we were under, whatever.

Here's how the experiment worked. During the month of July 2012, prior to my senior year in high school, we would all eat the same thing and the same portion size, each day for 31 consecutive days. (To say 'thank you' I did all my sisters' chores for the month. It was worth it.) We prepared hard in the month of June to plan our eating and agree upon our meals, portion size beverages and snacks. The only thing my father said that I needed to allow was that we could drink as much water as we needed, since July is a hot and humid month where we live. We stay pretty active.

We all agreed to keep a journal of our bowel movements for that entire month. We did a few things. We each had an iPhone or iPod Touch at the time, and we took pictures of each bowel movement we did and then we kept a notebook. We wrote in the notebook on a scale of 1-5 how urgent our need for the toilet was, how large the poop was and how strong the smell was. On the scale, 3 was normal or moderate, while 4 and 5 were larger or stronger, and 1 and 2 were smaller, or not as strong as normal. Then, they were categorize the consistency according to the Bristol Stool Chart (you can Google that)

First, it was kind of funny to see all of our bowel movements for an entire month!!! With nine of us, that would be 279 days of pooping, and yes, there were at least that many bowel movements. Here's what I learned. Again, we all at the same thing and the same amount. We all drank the same thing and the same amount, except water.

Gary (Father): 60 Bowel Movements, Average Size 3.8, Smell 3.7, Urgency 4.1, Bristol Stool Consistency 5.1, Age 45, Body Measurements: 6'3, 207 lbs.

Joanna (Mother): 36 Bowel Movements, Average Size 4.8, Smell 4.1 Urgency 2.9, Bristol Stool Consistency 3.8, Age 40, Body Measurements: 6'0, 245 lbs.

Kate (Aunt): 47 Bowel Movements, Average Size 3.6, Smell 4.2, Urgency 4.6, Bristol Stool Consistency 4.6, Age 35, Body Measurements: 6'0, 182 lbs.

Mary (Sister #1): 73 Bowel Movements, Average Size 3.2, Smell 4.8, Urgency 4.8, Bristol Stool Consistency 5.2, Age 17, Body Measurements: 5'11, 176 lbs.

Rebecca (Me!!! Sister #2): 31 Bowel Movements, Average Size 4.7, Smell 3.6, Urgency 3.2, Bristol Stool Consistency 3.7, Age 16, Body Measurements: 6'2, 199 lbs. (I was quite regular - exactly one per day!)

Hannah (Sister #3 - Cousin Biologically): 39 Bowel Movements, Average Size 3.7, Smell 4.3, Urgency 3.5, Bristol Stool Consistency 4.3, Age 14, Body Measurements: 5'9, 167 lbs.

Sarah (Sister #4): 30 Bowel Movements, Average Size 4.6, Smell 4.0, Urgency 3.1, Bristol Stool Consistency 3.9, Age 14, Body Measurements: 5'9, 216 lbs.

Rachel (Sister #5, Twin #1): 38 Bowel Movements, Average Size 4.1, Smell 3.3, Bristol Stool Consistency 4.2, Age 11, Body Measurements: 5'7, 150 lbs.

Leah (Sister #6, Twin #2): 39 Bowel Movements, Average Size 4.0, Smell 3.5, Bristol Stool Consistency, 4.4, Age 11, Body Measurements 5'7, 151 lbs.

I also learned our family's schedule when it came to pooping. Lots of data came from this project! And, surprisingly, they were all interested in the results of the study! Now, the pictures, let's say I have them on a flash drive somewhere in case I need some blackmail. Hehe!

I concluded that regardless of diet, even in a family there is no "normal" for bowel function. Of course, the report talked about outliers - all of us had a few "monster" bowel movements and the one's who averaged 1.5 or more had some small ones. It was a fun project and once people got passed the "ick" factor, including my teachers, I received a perfect "100" on the project - the only senior in my class to do so, including my sister!!! Since I was an average student, my teachers were quite impressed and I was proud.

I hope everyone poops a really big one today.

- Becc

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