toilet car

breaking in the new car, part 2: the epic poop

Bianca: I am glad you enjoyed my story! Yes it really was quite a mess. Lindsey really did shower my car in her urine!! I hope you enjoy the second part.

Hailey: welcome back and I hope you enjoy the second part.

Picking off from part one, Lindsey let some more farts out as I quickly layed the napkins on the wet console. Problem was, the pee soaked the napkins. So they wouldn't be any good in containing Lindsey's approaching poop. As my mind raced for a solution, Lindsey said she was going to start pooping in the seat. Ashley was kinda grossed out, but she leaned forward to get a better look. She was excited. "I've never got to see someone poop like this" she said. Seeing as how there was no dry place in the front of the car to lay the napkins I had left, and that Lindsey was going to poop right then in there, I quickly came up with a desperate solution. I would hold the napkins in my hands and Lindsey could go onto the napkins. So I quickly spread the two napkins I had left over my hands while Lindsey got up and into a better position. Lindsey straddled the console, facing towards the back of the car. She had her legs spread wide in each seat, with her back leaned against the stereo of the car. Her butt hovered over the console and cupholders by about 6 inches or so. Pee drops dripped off her butt cheeks. It was an awkward position for me, as I had to hold these napkins underneath Lindsey's butthole and contain all of her poop, or else my car would get a fresh load of poop on it that would be a nightmare to clean. So I leaned against Lindsey's right leg, with my left arm under her butt and my right arm under her calf and thigh. This way my hands met under her crotch. Lindsey had her right arm on my shoulder for support. I was pressed up close against her. Ashley was between the seats, with her face just about 9 inches away from Lindsey's crotch. She was really excited to see the show that Lindsey was about to put on.

Within seconds of getting into position, Lindsey's pink butthole began to open. There was a cackle sound as her poop approached. Tiny little farts came out. Ashley's eyes got wide as Lindsey relaxed and her anus opened up. A dark brown turd slowly poked out. I noticed a little piece of corn in it, being so upclose. The smell of Lindsey's shit wafted out into my car. It made me light headed while Ashley covered her nose. The turd slowly slid out of Lindsey as she gave a little grunt. It touched the napkin and I felt its warmth through it. Already it was at nearly three inches. It wasn't a very firm turd, but it was still solid. Lindsey paused for a moment, as the turd stuck out of her butt onto the napkin. The smell of her poop filled the car. It was a deep, earthy stench that was very strong. Ashley lowered her hand from her nose, letting the smell in. "This is so neat…" she said, leaning in just a little. "I can see the corn and stuff in it." Lindsey said "uh huh" and then grunted a bit and resumed her poop. "Mmmhgghhhh" she said, sighing and pushing a little. Now the turd started to slide out a little bit faster. The poop came out pressing down against the napkin. This caused the middle of the turd to push out and to the right as it coiled out. I adjusted my hands to this. As another inch of poop pushed out, Lindsey stomach/lower intestines made this wet sound as something shifted inside her.

The tip of the turd made a C shape in my left hand. At this point, the poop already filled the napkin in that hand. From tip to Lindsey's butthole, the poop was about 5-6 inches long in length. The poop was more smooth and moist as it came out. I saw more corn too. It made this loud cackling sound as it exited from her butthole. Now the poop picked up more speed. Lindsey closed her eyes and had a scrunched look on her face. The poop coming out of her coiled around behind the start of the turd. "Uh this is alot of poop" i said. The poop coiled around and across my hands until it was back of the start. Now it began to form a pile. The napkins covered my entire handspan, and they were filled with this quickly growing pile. "Amazing.." whispered Ashley. She was mesmerized. A really big piece of corn stuck out the side of the turd. This turd was almost 9 inches long by now. And it was unbroken, all one solid piece! Lindsey continued pooping. It all was happening so quick. The poop kept coming and coiling out onto the pile. It made a very loud cackling sound as the poop passed out Lindsey's asshole. The pile kept growing in my hands. I wasn't able to hold it all, it was growing bigger than what the napkins and my hands could hold! "You have to stop!" i said. The poop was turning softer as it came out. The turd had coiled around three times by now. The pile nearly touched Lindsey at this point. My hands were spread all the way out to contain this huge load. Still pooping, Lindsey lifted her ass up so that her product wouldn't get all over her butt. The soft poop rapidly oozed onto the pile and then it went down onto my arm! Then the second disaster of the day struck.

Lindsey then grunted and cut a HUGE fart mid turd. That powerful fart shot poop across the car!! Poop blasted out of Lindsey with the gas she unleashed. Little pieces hit the center console, the sides of the seat, Ashley, and the backseat! Ashley screamed and moved behind the driver's seat for cover. I shouted in surpise as Lindsey heaved a sigh and then breathed in sharply. She then unleashed a huge torrent of creamy poop all over the car! This creamy poop was light brown in contrast to the dark solid crap. It was a thick liquid that flooded out of her (now poop coated) pink anus all over the front of the car. It flooded over the pile and napkin, but I pulled my hands back to avoid the mess. Some still got on my hands and arms. I was now holding this huge pile of poop away from the disaster that was unfolding. Within two seconds the entire console was coated in the creamy poop. It ran all down the sides into the floor. It poured into both my seat and the passenger seat. I moved to the side but some got on my shorts. Then a big series of farts came out with the poop. This blasted the poop across the console into the backseat. Then a powerful wave of this creamy thick poop sprayed out of Lindsey! It sprayed all the way into the backseat and then over into the trunk area! It exploded out with massive farts which flung the creamy waste all over! This all happened for maybe 4 seconds, but in those 4 seconds Lindsey shot a huge volume of creamy brown poop all over my car. Lindsey then sighed and pinched her spinchter. She relaxed onto the cupholders. "I feel much better now" she said, panting from the effort of her huge dump.

I couldn't believe what had just happened. One petite girl had just unloaded the biggest amount of poop I had ever seen in my life all over my car. Creamy poop ran down the middle of the backseat into the seat in a wet pile. Drops of the wet and thick poop covered the backseat and sides of the front seat, in addition to the more solid pieces that had been forcefully blasted out earlier. The console and cupholders were coated in a layer of Lindsey's wet and liquidy production. I could see piece of a previous meal in the cream, such as corn. A little puddle of the poop was in each front seat. The back window of the car had Lindsey's poop splattered on it. I couldn't believe how powerfully she pushed the poop out of her to hit that far. The smell of all of this poop was insane. It made my head dizzy. Ashley leaned forward, carefully avoiding the poop in her seat. She had some flecks of poop on her shirt and arms. "That...was...insane…" she said. "Sorry i made a mess" said Lindsey. I could tell she really enjoyed getting to do this. I was upset my car was ruined, but I had allowed her to both pee and poop in it. I should have known what I was getting into, especially with Lindsey. Plus, I enjoyed the spectacle of pee and poop that Lindsey had put on. So i couldn't be too mad. I carefully set the massive poop pile onto the pee soaked dashboard. "I can't believe you had this much poop inside of you" i told Lindsey. Her pile of poop was huge. It was maybe 7 inches high and at least 8 inches wide. It was moist. "I saw you had some corn recently" I said, pointing out the pieces in her turd. "Yep" she said, giggling. "I had to poop soooooo bad. Thanks for letting me go in here." I said it was fine. I was glad she was feeling better. Ashley decided she didnt want to use my car. We decided to head to my house to clean. Lindsey gave me her thong to wipe them off. She then used that to wipe her butt, which was quite messy. We both sat forward in our seats to avoid the creamy poop that was in them. I had to touch the pee drenced steering wheel to drive home. By now, the pee had all ran down the windshield into a huge puddle of pee on the dash, so i could see. As i drove, Lindsey pee sloshed all around the dash and splashed some on us when I had to brake hard. The huge pile of poop rested on the dash in the middle. When we finally got home, Ashley went inside to pee. I got towel out of the garage and soaked the urine up off the dash. Lindsey dumped her huge pile of poop in the trash. We spent hours cleaning the creamy poop off the console. Then I had to shampoo the poop out of the seats. It left a permanent stain. My car reeked of pee and poop. I couldn't believe how 1 girl could create such a huge disaster with her bladder and bowels. She had peed so much all over and in addition sprayed her crap all over the car too. She had unleashed such a huge volume of pee and poop into my new car. The creamy poop had flooded over so much and soaked into the seats and floor. It took days of cleaning to get out. By the end of the first day, I took them home. The car still had poop and pee in it, because I couldn't clean it all out. Lindsey thanked me again and apologized. But it was ok. I then spent the next few days cleaning.

Well thats it for this story. I hope you enjoyed and I may have more later to tell. Lindsey wants to use the car again, so ill see if i decide to let her. So until next time.


Looking for stories & questioneer

Does anyone have or know of any stories of two or more people pooping or peeing together? Or know of a page where there's a good one? Those are always my favorite to read. Sorry for my oddly specific request.

Anyway, a few, more relavent questions.

Longest turd you've ever had?
longest you've ever been in the loo, or on the toilet?
shortest you've time you've ever laid a turd in?
thickest turd you've ever laid?
most/longest you've ever peed?
most luxurious toilet you've ever used?
Worst toilet you've used(beside squating)?
And longest you've lever gone without pooping and peeing?

For me, they are as follows :

The longest turd I've ever had was around 18 inches long. I hadn't pooped for 3 days, and it felt spooooooo good.

The longest I've ever been on the toilet was when I was sick just a while ago. I had the runs and had a small burst of liquid shot about every 4 minutes. I got tired of running to a and from the toilet, so I just sat in there for about an hour and and half. I hadn't gone in 10 minutes so I wiped. Got up. And finally left.

In middle school, we only had 5 minute passing periods. So by 8th grade, I was a pro at fast crapping. A skill I have since lost, as the need was lost. I had actually gotten curious how fast I could poo, because I knew I was going pretty fast. I excused myself during class, so as to heighten my chances of getting a stall, and started a stop watch on my wrist watch, from the time I entered the bathroom. I didn't scope it out before hand, so there was no 'cheating' involved. The lay out of bathroom is a bit unorthodox. You enter to a right turn, then about 10 feet, then a left turn into the bathroom. Theres 2 stalls and one urinal on the far wall, and two sinks on the wall to your left when entering. Luckily for me, one of the stalls were free, so after my and dash in there, I throw my pants and undies down in one fell swoop. Push as hard as I can and in about 5 seconds I produced a decent turd. Maybe 5 inches long, and an inch and a half in diameter. The sound it made was similar to a genre launcher, followed by a echoing fart as I pulled my tighty whities and jeans up. I flushed and slipped washing(although I returned to do so after the timing), and got 34 second and some odd miliseconds. Very proud of myself I washed my hands and returned to class.

The thickest poop I've ever done was the 18 incher, I mentioned earlier. It had to be at least 4 inches at its widest, but averaged probably around 2 1/2.

I used to get empty shampoo bottles from the bathroom trash while I was the shower and see how far I could fill them. I could usually fill one with some to spare, but I never measured exactly how much those were around a half a liter, but I don't know how that stacks up.

I've never actually used any toilet that awed me, but I've seen a few crazy ones.

Ya know those toilets that reside out in fhe middle of nowhere that are just a hole with a toilet seat? Well my worst toilet expirenne was in one of those, but it appeared to have not been emptied in months. There was shit and pis almost up to the top on the tank. And the smell. It smelled like, well, a giant pile of shit. I kinda like the sound of the my shot crackling out of me, and then dropping for a few seconds before splattering against other's shits. There was no such fall. It sounded like pooping from a high squat. And there was a perfect pile of shit, just on the ground, next to fhe 'toilet'.

For pooping, I usually go twice or thrice a day, but the 18 incher was the longest I've gone without a shit.3 days. Closer to four than three, though, because it was in the evening, and my last on people was in the morning.

So this has been fun to write, and I hope you have some fun responding, if you do. Best regards, -swagermuffinz

Thursday, May 25, 2017

I was on campus today and had to use the loo for both things, so I went to the nearest bathroom and opened the door to find all bar one of the cubicles occupied and a couple of girls by the sinks. Making a beeline towards the vacant one I locked the door and put my bag onto the hook which was on the right hand side of the cubical wall. Stepping back towards the toilet I undid my dark blue chinos and pulled them down to my thighs. Next to go down was my aqua coloured pants. Sitting on the loo I started to pee but couldn't hear it hit the water over the other cubicles flushing or opening and closing as more people entered the bathroom. After emptying my bladder I started to relax my sphincter and push. Slowly, ever so slowly, a thick log started to emerge, stretching my hole. I kept on expecting it to break of but it continued to slide out. Finally I felt it fall into the bowl but I suspect it was already in the water as it didn't make a splash. Within the next five minutes I pushed out three more thick turds (I don't know what I've eaten to make them like this as my turds are normally on the slim side). Just as I was waiting to see if there was any more poo that could come out a group of girls entered the bathroom and one of them walked up to my cubical and pushed at the door which unfortunately started to open! I sprang up off the loo and bounded towards the door as it to push it back shut. Luckily I got there before it managed to swing open too much. As the girl apologised I tried to lock it probably only to find out that it wasn't the lock that was busted but the latch; as it wasn't tightly screwed on it couldn't hold the bolt in place when the door was pressed upon. To ensure it didn't happen again I kept one hand on the door and used the other to grab some toilet paper and start to wipe my bum (this was no easy feat I can tell you). I then turned to throw the paper into the bowl and was taken aback to see how thick the logs actually were. In fact I couldn't see much of the white bottom of the loo as it had been replaced with light brown. Still with my left hand on the door I pulled up my pants and chinos; buttoning up the latter was easier than I thought it would be. Taking my bag off the hook I stepped back and flushed the toilet before letting the door swing open and walking out to the sinks to wash my hands.

To end this post I just want to say a quick comment and question to Abbie: Your latest story was brilliant. I'm sorry you had to go outside with two strangers but the way you dealt with the potential awkwardness was fantastic. How big would you say Hannah's poo was?


another walk home

Hailey - thanks for your comment, I'm glad you like my posts!

Abbie - good to see you back again. You were brave for talking to those girls, I'd be too shy to start a conversation, let alone poo in front of somebody I didn't know!

A few weeks ago I was on my way back from a night out with my friend Emma, it was a sunny day and a relatively warm night so we decided to walk home. By this point it's about midnight. My walk home from town isn't too bad, it's about half an hour. You go up a hill to start with, then follow the main road out of town for a couple of miles. When the weather is fine, it's a lot nicer than waiting for a night-bus or paying out for a taxi.

Emma is 20 like me, she's got blonde hair and blue eyes and is quite curvy. She's originally from Ireland and speaks with a very blunt Irish accent! About 10 minutes into our walk she first mentioned that she needed to wee, but I didn't think anything of it until another 10 minutes later when she suddenly stopped, took an inlet of breath, then said "Christ I'm bloody desperate for a pee!". I needed to go myself but could wait till I got home so I wasn't too worried. "It's only 10 minutes home, will you manage?" I said, at which point she said "Aaah I don't think so, I'm not far off wetting my knickers. I need to find somewhere I can pee!".

We were passing a row of shops (all closed at this time) and so we went around the back, where the shop delivery entrances are. Emma bounded towards the first one, but I pointed out a security camera, so she hurried on to the next one. This was essentially a wide doorway inset from the alleyway, and a hidden enough place to pee.

Now this is where it got a bit tricky, Emma had a blue playsuit on, basically in order to get it off you have to get almost completely undressed. She put her bag down and then started fidgeting with the shoulder straps whilst trying to get them undone. "Aah I'm literally about to wet myself, help!" she wailed. I gave her a hand undoing the catches and then she pulled the whole thing down to her knees, then pulled her knickers down and squatted, and did a long wee down the steps. It just kept coming and coming and was very noisy, especially on a quiet night, I was sure somebody would hear it!

After her stream died down she looked at her knickers and said "Look, look what a terrible drunk I am, I actually started to pee in my knickers". She had purple knickers with a sort of white lacey surround, and there was quite a large patch in them.

After she had sorted herself out, I decided I might as well go, as by this time I was pretty desperate. We swapped places and I wriggled up my tight dress, then lowered my knickers (pink with white spots) and had quite a relieiving wee. We then sorted ourselves out and carried on the walk home!

Anatomy Student

To Robin

Bowel movements vary a LOT from person to person. Even family members on an identical diet can have different bowel habits.
Size and consistency depend on water, fiber, frequency, and muscle tone of the bowels.
Size is usually dependent on how much one eats and how often. Less food at one sitting with snacks in between can add up as a constant digestive motion all day doesn't leave much time for food to sit and dehydrate.
As for the strong smell that's where things get variable. Sulfur rich foods like red meat, onion, broccoli, garlic, cabbage, and eggs all add a strong nasty smell to poop. If none of that is in her diet usually then her gut flora could be out of whack. Maybe there is a build up of candida or C. diff that isn't causing any trouble but just overgrowing in her intestine. What is more likely is that her poop sticks out of the water or hangs from her bottom for a long time. When poop is underwater it doesn't smell.
There is also a chance that her digestion takes 2 days and each poop has had time to rot a little.


More pre race pooping

Several years back I was heading to a half marathon with my friend Tracy. Usually (as you know if you've read some of my previous posts), prior to a race runners often end up pooping in the woods, behind a building, etc., as the port a potty to runner ratio is almost always depressingly low. Not that that's always a bad thing, as relieving oneself out in nature can actually be quite a liberating, freeing experience. But I digress....
As we were dropping off another friend at a different starting location for a different race, we actually got there very early and were shocked to see not a single person in line for the port a potties. For once we had prime digs for our pre race poops. We entered two adjoining units, and as it was still the total quiet of early pre dawn, I looked forward to the opportunity to listen to myself and Tracy' go in unison. We took our positions on our seats and it happened quickly for the both of us. I started to pee first but before I could even finish my nerves got the best of me and loose sloppy poop started rocketing out of me. Tracy must have had a bit of pre race jitters too as I immediately heard wet sloppiness splattering down on her as of yet untarnished porta potty floor.
After the initial torrent, we both must have felt the need for more as there was a brief silence. At this point someone entered the unit next to me, dropped their pants, farted loudly and started dropping logs. At this point I felt myself spreading open with a larger, much more solid log. I enjoyed the feeling for a few moments, then gave a final push to expel it. At this time I heard 3 quick splats from Tracy's toilet, and then finally the paper started to roll. I felt empty myself so I also started my wipe. From the opposite porta potty I heard a moan, then a giant splash of a log. Someone else was enjoying a great poop also.
I used the hand sanitizer and exited almost simultaneously with Tracy. She smiled at me and commented "much better, huh?". I agreed wholeheartedly then couldn't help but turn to look as I heard the door of the toilet next to mine creak open....a petite little blonde runner stepped out, looking very satisfied. She looked up, as we did, at the already growing lines forming in front of the toilets and we all commented how we were lucky to get there when we did.
At this point we still had time before the race and seeing as we had emptied ourselves, we headed back to sit in our car and relax. After a time we looked over and saw that there were literally hundreds of runners hanging out in front of the (maybe 20?) porta potties. I felt bad for them knowing they would either have to look for other accommodations or hold it. At this point two girls chose the former option. They ran over a short way in front of where we were parked, near the edge of the woods. There was a bit of brush, but really no cover. As I've stated before, if you run distance races, you often end up having to pee or poop in front of someone else, be it a friend or stranger, and on a whole most people are pretty open about it. These two must have been of this ilk, as they squatted next to each other and dropped their shorts. The first let loose a long pee and that must have been all she had, as she pulled out her wet wipes. The other, however, had started to release a long, thick log from her butt. At this point she made eye contact with Tracy and I, and just started laughing. I mouthed "no worries" thru the car window, and couldn't help but continue to watch. She dropped her huge log, then borrowed some wet wipes from her friend, who had finished and was just standing there chatting with her. After she was done, , they strolled by our car, and the pooper stopped and said "sorry you had to witness that!" With a smile. We assured her that had we gotten there 10 minutes later we would have probably been going right next to them. We all wished each other good luck and headed on our way. All in all an interesting experience!

Yesterday I had my first poop outdoor ever. I was driving through the woods of southern Sweden. When I felt the urge I stopped at a resting area but the toilet there was so smelly and dirty that I did not even walk inside. I drove further but soon I realized that I would not make it till a proper toilet was in reach. I stopped at a small resting area in the middel of nowhere without any other cars present. I had some paper napkins in my bag and I took them and walked well into the woods. The terrin was quite flat but I found a suitable rock, pulled down, squatted and got the necessary things done. I had been travelling for almost one week and had got a bit constipated. The amount to be released was considerable and the subsequent feeling extremely good. After the business was executed I continued sitting in a squat position for a minute or two, just enjoying the relief, listening to the birds and feeling the nice smell of the woods. I had forgotten that I was sitting there just in the open. But luckily nobody showed up. It should have been an extraordinary view for e.g. a jogger if running just in on a woman sitting there in such a position. It was my first experience, but I know that if the situastion shows up again I will rather use this solution than going on dirty roadside facilties.

re:smelly dumps

Robin, the smell from your daughter's poop might be stronger because, if it is hard to pass it may hang in the air for longer until she gets it to drop into the toilet.


Anna's unexpected buddy dump

This weekend I went backcountry camping with my friend Danielle and another friend of ours who is called Bebe. We were really worried about the weather, as it can be very cold here in May, but it turned out to be beautiful. We camped besides a lake and had tons of food for dinner and some drinks as well. I woke up in the very early morning feeling very full and the need to do both things. I hadn't done a number two the day before, so I knew it would probably be a big one. Because I shared the tent with Danielle, I was careful not to wake her up.

I quietly got out of the tent, put on my boots and went over behind a couple of trees were we had peed the night before. Of course I also brought a roll of paper. I pulled down my pj bottoms and pink panties, squatted down and started to release my pee. I was so full from last night that I did a big stream that sprayed the ground for at least half a minute. It was such a relief! When I was done, I shifted my feet and leaned forward a bit so my bum would be higher off the ground to take care of my number two. I started to push and immediately let out a long but silent fart. Then my first turd crackled out slowly. It was a huge one and when it finally dropped to the ground I let out a big sigh! There was still lots more to come out, and quickly I began to relase a second log, which felt almost just as big as the first.
At this moment I heard some noise behind me and then Bebe whispering "oh hi Ann". I looked, and there she was standing behind me in her blue pjs and holding a roll of tp as well. I don't think she had noticed what I was doing at first, because suddenly she was like "omg, I'm so sorry! I didn't mean to sneak up on you!". It was so embarrassing! Not only had she walked in on me when I was doing my business outside squatting with my pajama bottoms pulled down, but I was also doing a number two! There was a very large turd on the ground already, about a foot long I think, and a second big one just pushing from my rear end. Bebe apologized some more and then whispered, "do you mind if I go here as well, I really need to!". I told her that it was fine, but I still felt pretty mortified and I was blushing really bad. Luckily she couldn't see my face that well.
So Bebe pulled down her bottoms, squatted and started to pee. Her's was more like a trickle. "Oh that's better", she said and then she blasted a loud fart. "Excuse me", she said and then I could see her starting to strain. For some reason I was really relieved at this point. Being caught in mid-poop by Bebe wasn't nearly so bad if she had come to do a number two as well. Quickly, a big turd started to drop from between her ???? cheeks. It broke off, but more poo pushed from her backdoor immediately as she kept making small grunting noises. Meanwhile, I had also finished my second log and was dropping a third. I noticed that Bebe kept peeing little trickles all the way throughout her number two. There would be little spurts of pee when she pushed and other times it just trickled down her bumcheeks and on her turds. In the end she did three poops and I did four. We kept quiet, until Bebe finally whispered, "I think I'm done!". I said, "me, too" and then she asked me if I had any paper. Of course I did, and I showed her my roll. Then we both wiped. I noticed that just like I always do, Bebe carefully wiped her front first before starting to work on her rear end. Finally, I was done and I pulled up my panties and pjs. Bebe was still wiping and I couldn't help but having a look at our poos. There were two big piles with tons of tp on both. Though Bebe had done only three logs, her poo was bigger than mine. One of her turds looked super long. She got up as well and she did end up looking quite embarrassed by now. "Sorry it really stinks...", she said. Both of our piles were bad, but her's was really lethal! We put some dirt over where we had pooped and then carefully got back into our tents again to sleep some more.
That's the story of my unexpected buddy dump while camping. I hope you liked it!

to Anna from Austria: I liked your gym story. I haved pooped naked on the gym toilets quite a few times. I don't mind it too much, since other women do it all the time and anyway, the other girls can see me naked in the shower also, so it's not so bad!

I love the feeling of being totally relieved from using the toilet and also being all nice and clean from the shower. It is the best way to start the day!


Stream dump

Hey all. Been an off-and-on reader for years and a rare poster. Today I had an experience I wasn't sure I'd ever get the chance to and wanted to post it. I'm sitting on the bowl as we speak, letting my second poop of the day just slowly make its own way out. I may interject (nnng) occasional things like that into my story as I poop. So part retelling, part live post lol.

So a lot of my work takes me out in the woods. Usually I'm with someone or I'm too close to roads etc. for the opportunity to do more than take a quick wiz behind a tree. I was out one time by myself and had the chance, but apparently not the need. I was squatting (hunnh *sploosh*) and kept pushing but only got little turdlets out.

Anyway, today I was out with my boss, and we wrap up our work in this stream. It's near a road, but deep in the woods otherwise. I desperately need to pee, and I felt some movement (huff... Nnnn....*plop plop*) on the other end. I decided to go for it. I told him "If you don't mind carrying the equipment, I'll catch up, I need to take a quick bio-break." He agreed and walked on ahead and I went under the bridge. I was nervous and excited and so my heart was beating fast.

I opened my fly and fished my snake out and let the golden stream out onto the ground with a satisfying splatter. With my other hand I was fumbling with my belt and I made sure I pushed hard so I'd be ready. Sure enough I felt my anus open (huff.. *crackle crackle plop* ahh) and a turtle head poke out. My pee done, I took one more quick look around and quickly shoved my pants and boxer briefs down as far as I could - I was wearing tall waders- and squatted, making sure to tuck my penis clear of the waistband so I wouldn't dribble on myself.

As soon as I hit the squat I pushed hard and it all slid out in one quick log, hitting the mud with a heavy splat. Almost just fell out of my butt lol. Not having any paper or even leaves within reach, I gave my hole a quick swipe with one finger, more to clear any danglers than anything else. But it came away pretty clean, just a minor brown spot. I stood up and pulled everything back up and quickly washed my finger off in the stream before going back to look at my work. It was a big one, probably about two feet long and a good three or so inches in diameter. A medium light brown. I scooped mud over it with my foot just in case, then went back up to the truck and went on with our day! Boss was none the wiser!

It was so great to be able to do that, so freeing and more than a little excitinf. I only wish I'd been able to take my time and savor it. Hopefully I'll get another chance. I'll write about it if I do. This second dump is done, just two wipes and I'm clean. Thanks for reading, happy pooping!

Hi all, sorry I haven't posted in ages. I've just been super busy at uni. My last day is a bit over two weeks from now, and then I graduate. But although I'm looking forward to being done, I've been stressing again about doing well on my exams. That, of course, means I've been struggling with constipation badly.

Over the last few weeks, my routine of being able to poo every day has gotten worse, to only pooing about every three days or so. When I noticed I was getting constipated again, I started sitting on the toilet every day for 15-20 minutes, but it doesn't seem to be helping much. My poos are infrequent and very difficult to push out.

This most recent poo is probably the worst one I remember having, well, ever. Yesterday I had a poo for the first time in almost a full week. I had been doing my sitting routine every day, but I'd just been so busy with school stuff that I didn't really notice a week had gone by. I got to feeling so full and bloated and miserable that I went to buy a laxative.

I took the recommended dose at night and wasn't feeling any urge to go in the morning, so I took another dose. I skipped all my classes, so I would be able to do this awful poo at home. Finally the need came in the afternoon and so I headed off to the loo. I guess the laxative must've worked because although the poo was thick, it actually came out fairly easily. But it still hurt a bit because it was so thick.

After about ten minutes of light pushing, the monster poo was out of me. I don't usually look at my poo, but I just had to after that one. It covered most of the pan and was curvy and twisty. I sat back down to wipe and there was some blood, but not a lot, on the loo roll. I had to flush twice to get my poo to go down, then I cleared the marks with the loo brush and flushed again.

I never ever want to have a poo like that again! That was absolutely miserable. With any luck, I'll be able to stop stressing once uni's done and I can get back to my normal once a day poos. Anyway, that's all I have for now. I probably won't post again before a few more weeks. Bye for now!

Uncle Harry

Reply to Blob

I sensed that you were from Britain. One of my grandfathers was from England, but moved to the US for business reasons. He spoke like an Englishman. Many of my memories are also from long ago, though some are more current. My first wife of 25 years died of cancer. That was followed by 10 years of dating before meeting my current wife. Keep up your stories. They are marvellous. I'll watch for them.


Picnic Poops

I picked up a part time morning job for a rental company. I was to deliver and set up a generator at a state park. I had a few deliveries so I arrived just as the park opened at 8am. I was dropped off as I was awaiting my partners delivery truck. After about 15 minutes I needed to poop. It was perfect cause it was first thing in the morning and no one was around. Plus the toilet was clean.

The bathroom is at a park and the walls are open at 8' with a shared ceiling. Its all open since its outdoors. After 30 seconds of sitting down I hear two girls enter on the other side of the bathroom. "Oh my god I have to poop so bad!" says a girl while her friend was giggling. I hear them both loudly as they pee. There was a fart and the same giggle happened. After about 45 seconds (im comletely still and silent). I hear a flush. "I'll be outside waiting". As soon as she left the girl had a very fast, noisy poop. After 2 minutes or so (still silent) I hear her start to grunt and shuffle on toilet. You could hear everything, like being in a neighboring stall. Another 5 minutes she was there with small grunts, farts, and some small plops. After she was done she had flushed and left the bathroom.

I had already dropped my load as soon as I entered so I waited a minute before wiping and flushing so she did not know she had been listened to. On leaving I see my truck to meet with and two slim girls in their 20's wearing workout clothes were walking away from the picnic area.

Uncle Harry

Girl in the Boys Bathroom

When I was in high school, I happened to be visiting another school one day. I was about to go into the boys bathroom and pee when I saw a girl coming down the hallway speedily. When she reached the boys bathroom, she looked at it for a moment and announced "I can't wait" and walked in. I went in and there were a few boys peeing, glanced at the girl, and paid no further attention. She didn't look at the boys, but ran quickly into a stall, didn't close the door, pulled down her pants, and sat down without pulling down her underpants. Her panties started to get wet. She pulled her panty crotch aside and then let a torrent of piss out of her pussy. She let out a sigh of relief as her pee hissed and splattered into the bowl. "Sorry guys", she said. "I just couldn't hold my urine any longer". One guy said that was ok. I didn't say anything; I just watched. She never asked anyone not to watch. She pissed for about a little more than a minute and then she slowed down and stopped. She wiped her vagina a few times, stood up, pulled up her pants, and left. I found out later that boys and girls are we're not supposed to go into each other's bathrooms, but it did happen and was not enforced unles someone complained, which was rare.


My Mother's Motherload

Hi! I'm Rebecca, but my family and friends call me "Becc." It's a pet name. Always been a tomboy and "Becc" fit my personality more than "Becky" or "Becca." I prefer "Rebecca" when introduced to new people or in formal situations. This site is really cool, since I am fascinated with all things related to poop. In fact, I'm headed to medical school to be a PA and I want work in gastroenterology. I love digestion, defecation, flatulence and everything associated with it. So, I thought I would make a career of it!

I grew up in a household with five sisters (I'm #2 of the six), my mother and father, and my aunt. My father is a Pediatrician, while my mother stayed at home with us girls. My aunt came to live with us after my youngest sisters - twins - were born in 2000. So there were nine of us. Of all nine, I was the most difficult. I could be a terror. My parents and my aunt could not have been better. My life's a long story and we could rival "This Is Us" for a tear-jerking drama.

Important to the story, is that we are all big women. My father is 6'3 and has white hair, fair skin and blue eyes. He had almost black hair and looked like Superman when he was young (Christopher Reeve, right?). He is pretty thin and athletic looking. My mother is a big woman. Today she is 6'0 and weighs 235 pounds. She has big breasts and a huge butt that she and my father are actually quite proud of. I want to say that she was Ashley Graham before it was okay to be Ashley Graham. I turned out to be 6'2, so I'm the tallest. My older sister, Mary, is 5'11, #3 is Hannah, and she's 5'10, then Sarah, who is 6'0 and is a spitting image of Mother, then the twins, Rachel and Leah, who are the "runts" at 5'9. Yes, our names are from biblical heroines. My aunt Kate is my father's younger sister by ten years and she's also 6'0, but slender like my father.

My mother is a big woman, as I said, but she is very energetic, athletic and a very hard worker. She loves to garden, work outside, and anything that makes her sweat. At the same time, she is a meek person - quiet, nurturing, caring and loving. My dad adores her. She's beautiful, but she's a big person. And she loves to eat. And when we eat, she eats a lot! And it has to go somewhere. And this story is about it having to go somewhere and making an impression that a five year old girl starving for attention will never forget.

It was the summer of 2001 and I was five, and my mother, Joanna, would have been 28 at the time. I remember this so vividly. It frightens me the impression this made. I remember that mother had finished nursing the twins. My aunt and father had gone to work. My grandmother was at the house and she was entertaining my younger sisters, who were three years old. Mary, my older sister, is extremely introverted and was entertaining herself. I remember it being before lunch but after my mother had finished cleaning the kitchen. I begged her to read a story to me. It was Green Eggs and Ham. I just wanted her attention. Mother was dressed casually, in a robe, but her thick hair was fixed and she had a little makeup on. I remember her telling me that she would read me a story, but she did not feel good and her stomach hurt. She began to read me the story. Her rich, soft alto voice soothed me and I remember cuddling her warm, large torso. I felt so secure. Somewhere into the story, my mother started to hesitate. I noticed her voice changed. She said, "Rebecca, you need to get down honey. I have to go to the bathroom." I asked, "Mommy do you have to doo doo?" Without any embarrassment or hesitation, "Yes, Mommy needs to have a doo doo and then I'll come back and finish the story." My eyes began to water. This was my time with my mother. I never got time with my mother. If she left me, then the babies would wake up and something would happen to take her away from me. I began to protest. Tears came down my cheeks. "Mommy, please finish the story! Please let me come with you!" My mother did not look happy about this but she agreed. She took her robe off, revealing a light blue, feminine gown. She lowered her panties and lifted her robe. Her thick thighs enveloped the bowl. She looked so proper, poised and powerful on the toilet. I loved how powerful my mother looked.

She began by peeing. She returned to reading after the pee. Just a few seconds in, my mother stopped mid sentence. Her face looked very stern and concentrated. I heard what I catalogued as popping and crackling, and watched my mother's tan face turn red as she pushed her "doo doo" into the commode. Quickly, the bathroom filled with a strong odor of "adult" poop, which I learned smelled much worse than my own as a child (though I have since evolved into the adult poop that can clear out a bathroom and make your nose burn).

I giggled and said that it smelled. My mother agreed and said that I did not have to stay. I would not leave. She said her stomach still hurt, but she would finish the story. So, my mother continued to read. She finished about three more pages when she winced and returned to the serious face. The crackling was a little higher pitched this time and the smell in the bathroom got stronger. I made no comment this time. I wanted her attention and I was not going to do anything to lose it! She continued and came to the end of the story. As she closed the book, she farted really loud. I giggled and my mother smiled. "I'm really sorry, Rebecca. Maybe you need to let mommy finish." I was so mesmerized by my mother using the "potty" that I insisted to stay. She said that her stomach was really hurting and that she would be a while. I began to here a lot of poop plopping into the toilet at a rapid rate followed by a loud, bassy fart. This happened a few more times.

Eventually my mother finished, and I noticed that when she cleaned herself, she dropped the toilet paper in the small, metal trashcan beside the commode instead in the toilet. She stood up and put the lid down, but did not flush. When she got her robe on, she left the bathroom and said that she needed to get something. The phone rang and my mother got it. I heard her talking, "Yes, I finally went to the bathroom. Yes, I think that I feel better. I have never done one that big and I'm not sure it will flush."

I was curious. I lifted the lid to find the largest bowel movement I have ever seen. There was a huge dark-chocolate log that was at least 2 1/2 inches thick and wrapped around the bowl. On the inside was another huge log that wrapped around the other way, as a backwards 'c'. And in the middle was a huge pile soft poop. I remember thinking, "My mom is incredible." And since that day, I have been fascinated by pooping. I've always wondered how other people poop and I am not bashful talking about it, my own, or participating in conversations about pooping.

This website is fantastic and I have many more stories to tell if you are interested. Thank you for reading.

- Becc


Massive Poop at Lunch

One day during lunch at school, after eating lots of beans the night before, I went to the girls bathroom. I had to go take a monster dump, so I quickly entered a stall, locked it, dropped my bag, undid my belt and dropped my jeans and pink undies to my ankles.

After a few seconds, I let it rip with loud farts and stinky poops. Soon, two popular girls walked in and we're complaining about their makeup. I didn't want to poop loudly in front of them, but I let out one quick fart, which seemed to have gotten their attention. They thought that it was one of them at first, but I released more poop in the toilet.

Instead of running away in disgust, they laughed and clapped for me while waving their hands in front of their noses. I was confused, but I farted and pooped some more and those girls started to be amused more, so they got two of their other friends in the bathroom.

They were all sophomores while I was a freshman. One of them wanted to know my name and said I was a legend. I yelled at them, but they said that I was actually cool and wanted to hangout with me. One of them looked over my stall and saw me sitting on the toilet and holding my phone with my pants and undies around my ankles. I used my bag to shield my bare legs while the girl asked for my IG and SC and handed me some toilet paper as I had run out.

Three of them said that it happened to them before in public just like me and there's nothing you could do to stop it. I agreed, finished up, pulled up my undies and pants, and hung out with them for the rest of lunch. They were cool too, but how I met them was just awkward...and a little gross.

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Robin it might be normal for her body to make big poops some people just have bigger colons or something.

To: Cyber Trucker it sounds like that woman was very desperate and just made it to the toilet.

To: The Observant it sounds like she was very desperate and had to take a nasty poop.

To: Victoria B great story.

Well that's all for now

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site

The Dean

Embarrassing close call at a gas station

Yesterday I had a close call at a gas station. My IBS was acting up while I was out driving at night and I started to have gas pains and get the urge to take a huge gassy dump. I started farting in the car to let out some of the pressure and immediately pulled over into the closest gas station.

It was a small gas station and I had to embarrassingly penguin walk through the door holding my stomach. I asked the woman behind the counter who looked in her 40s if I could use the bathroom. She said the bathroom was outside on the side and someone already had the key. I farted really big uncontrollably right then and the clerk woman noticed my desperation and said I could go out there and wait for them to come out.

I walked out there and it was a one person unisex bathroom. I walked out there still holding my stomach and there were some attractive blonde college age girls waiting outside the door. Some more gas hit the bottom of my stomach and I blasted a huge 5 second long fart as I went up to the door. The two girls put their hands up to their mouths giggling a little bit and said that their friend was in there. I said okay and uncontrollably leaned over again and blasted out another long 7 to 10 second long fart. It was getting harder to hold it and I grabbed the back of my butt with my left hand to help. One of the girls knocked on the door and said "Hurry up Jessica some dude out here is about to shit his pants!" That was really embarrassing but I at least appreciated her hurrying her friend.

I farted a few more times while the girls tried hard not to giggle at my embarrassing predicament. Eventually the girl named Jessica came out and had blonde hair and was just as attractive as her friends. She handed me the key smiling and red faced saying "it's all yours dude". As I hurried in and closed the door I could hear the girls behind the door burst out in laughter. My face was beet red from embarrassment but I was just glad to finally get access to a toilet.

I practically tore my pants off and jumped on the toilet wrecking havoc on it. I was in there for at least ten minutes unloading and blasting gas. Every couple weeks or so I usually get a bad IBS attack like this.

That was one of the more embarrassing bathroom moments I've had in quite a while but I'm at least glad I made it.

Keeping the thread alive from page 2408, here are two experience's from two different hospitals I was at that I alluded to in my last post. By the way, I like the flavor of the cast of characters in the stories of late! Thanks to all for the diverse experiences shared!
In the first hospital episode; I went to pick up a friend that was in for a day surgery procedure, and he was not on time to be released. Hanging around waiting, I grabbed some ice cream and read a bit. Not to long after,it was time to find the men's room for a nice load. I knew where the rest rooms were, as I walked by them walking from the surgery wing, I turned and went right in to a small, 2 stall, one urinal and sink configuration. The men's and women's room were right next to each other, the women's door strait ahead when you turn left from the corridor, and the men's room to the right, once you turn left from the corridor. Once you push the door open to the men's room, you are in an area that is small right in front of the first stall, with the handicapped stall next to that. That sets the stage for what unfolds. I walk in, I go directly into the stall in front of the door, even though I like the handicapped stall better, and get settled. Nice clean bathroom also, none the less, not long after did the bowl aquire most of a more personalized aroma! I sat there surfing, letting out a good load, I had to shit bad, I had gas, and a bit loose, and in waves. I think the ice cream didn't agree or something. A fellow came in for a second and left without doing anything, nothing flushed, then I heard activity in the women's room. A couple of toilets flushed and the sound of shoes clicking etc. I was sitting there and farting a bit, getting ready to start wiping up when the door opened and a girl asked if anybody was in there! I responded; yea, I will be done in a minute! The door closed and I started wiping a few times, and flushed, and washed up. I opened the door and a girl in her twenties?, was like right there with her cart and a rope closing off the bathrooms to the corridor. I smiled at her and apologized for her inconvience, but she was personable and smiled too, said it was no problem and asked me if anyone else was in there, I said no, and meandered by her and said sorry again and thanked her agian. I got out side and didn't have my car keys, so I hurried back there first, opened the door and she was cleaning the handicapped toilet, (she must have went there first as it was obvious I was in the other stall and left my scent! You can see right under the door too once you open it from the out side, there were no partitions) I wouldn't be surprised if maybe it was her the first time when I thought a man came in to pee or shit, but then left abruptly, who knows though as I didn't see anyone through the door crack. I digress a bit, back to the encounter; I apologized for the interruption l and mentioned that I didn't have my keys, could I check around, I went to the sink and she went to the other stall and they were on the toilet paper dispenser. She grabbed them and handed them to me with a big smile. I said thanks a million and have a great day, she was sweet and carried on. It was really weird how she was right at the door for a good bit while I was wiping after she opened the door while I was on the toilet still doing my business! She must have heard part of the ordeal and me wiping, when she opened the door inquiring if anyone was in there and seeing my pants down and sneakers in the stall from the main opened door! None the less, she was very kind, personable and professional! Soon I will post another experience not to far apart from this one on the time line of life. The next one was way more personal in the frame of proximity and interaction! A wild one in retrospect, but was also a pleasant experience, juxtaposed to that post on page 2408 at the restaurant! Keep up the great posts! Best, Steve

This morning I pooped in my underwear while watering my plants.

I live in an apartment on the second floor. This morning I felt the need to go to the bathroom, but decided I could wait until after I'd watered my plants out on the balcony. So, I went out, still in just a t-shirt and black underwear - a little risky in an apartment complex, but as far as I could see no one was around.

Out on the balcony, I squatted down to water one of the plants, and the need to go intensified. I could feel the poop starting to come out. In all honesty, I could have held it in with no trouble, so I don't know that this qualifies as a true "accident," but I really had to go. All I could think of was how easy it would be to just go now. As I was contemplating it, I was still doing nothing to try to hold it in. It was already coming out, and it would be so relieving to just let go. So, I did. The solid poop slid out into my underwear as I held the watering can over the plant. It formed a warm ball against my butt, sagging my underwear in the back.

When I was finished, I peed a little bit through my panties (it just came out out of habit). As I was going, a car drove by and I couldn't move. I was partially hidden behind a column in the middle of the balcony, but if anyone in the car was really looking they'd have had quite the show. Whoops!

Anyway, I finished watering the rest of my plants, waddling with poop in my pants, and then went inside to clean up.

Victoria B.

To Robin

I'm writing to you because your daughter's situation is very similar to mine as a teen. I'm a 22 year-old college senior and still a big pooper, but not to the same extent I was c. eight years ago. I'd manage a huge load on a daily basis and would often require the services of a plunger and several flushes to get my number twos down the drain (good for whomever it was that taught her to plunge; she's that more self-sufficient because of it!) If she's pooping every day and never complains about feeling crampy or having a stomachache or a sore butt it means she's not constipated and is just doing what her body needs her to do. It sounds like your doing a good job of raising her in a body shame-free environment and that's something that helps so much in raising a happy, healthy teenage daughter. In short, you've got nothing to worry about!


Gina's decision

It was about 20 years ago when I finally saved up enough money to purchase my first car. I was the first in my group of four friends to own one and the others envied me for not having to borrow my dad's car.

Me, Gina, Marcie and Sammi would be out each weekend in my '72 Valiant. It was almost 20 years old, but it gave us a lot of freedom. We could visit several places to hang out on a given evening going to fast food places, movies, bowling and some other places to meet guys that we wouldn't tell our parents about.

Out of the four of us, Gina's bladder was different. We'd go into bathrooms as a group at Burger King, the movies, etc. Each of us would take our turn on the toilet. We'd always be able to go at least a little. That's with the exception of Gina. Some of us would pee up to three times in one evening. But with Gina it was different.

On Saturday evening we left at 6 p.m. and by midnight we had made several potty stops. At the movies we gave Sammi a hard time because she had just left the toilet from peeing. We washed our hands and were walking through the lobby to the movie when Sammi had to crap. So we went back in and gave her support when she had her legs spread, jeans at floor level, and we counted out loud the thuds we heard. It was all over with in a minute or less, but we gave her a hard time because she hadn't selected a stall with toilet paper. Gina stood outside the door and made Sammi stand up and jump a bit for the paper she needed.

Then after the late show, we decided to stop for tacos. It was after midnight, the dining area was closed, but the drive-up window was open. There must have been six cars ahead of us and at least that many pulling in behind us. Gina would start getting fidgety. We knew what that meant. Pee time. The supersized drink that she hadn't shared with us at the theater was giving her bladder problems. She agreed with us that the building was locked.

Gina, who was sitting on the right side of the back seat noticed that the building to our right, down a half-sized hill was a bank. There was a drive-in teller area and she noticed an ATM machine that she said she would pee next to. Before I could answer her, she flung the door open
and started stumbling wildly down the hill. Marcie shouted out that Gina had fallen and in her really short white shorts was still sliding to the bottom driveway. At that point, a bright security light went on and we knew Gina's pee wasn't going to happen.

Marcie ran down the hill, stumbling herself, and started helping Gina back to the car. Gina was crying as she was helped into the car. Her pee was soaking her shorts and Gina said there was blood coming from her butt where the rocks had cut two holes in her shorts. It was probably another five minutes before we got our food.

Sammi had a good suggestion. I would drive to a city park about six blocks away and we could eat there and clean Gina up. We knew there were toilets there because we had used them before. We got there. Laid our food bags out on the picnic table and we took Gina nearby to the bathroom. It was locked. We went to the other side of the building to the mens room. It too was locked.

Although Gina was in pain, she wanted us to eat there. We did. While we were talking, I remembered using the bathroom a couple of months before at a truck stop about a mile away. Gina agreed with my suggestion that we stop there so she could go in and clean herself up.

When we got there I was able to park right next to the door of the restroom. There were five doors each for a shower. Sammi, Marcie and I chipped in the money needed to activate the lock. There was a toilet, sink and behind a curtain, a tub and shower. Marcie started the shower while we were looking over Gina's skinned knee, very wet shorts and two slashes in them from which blood was coming from her butt.

Gina said she had to pee more. So we carefully helped her pull off her clothing. She seated herself on the white toilet seat. Her pee began right away and seemed to pick up after 30 seconds or so. Her white shorts were extremely wet and torn and messed up beyond repair. When she was done peeing and stood up, we could easily see a streak of blood about two inches long on each side of the toilet seat.

Marcie found nearby there was a lounge area for drivers and a laundry room. Luckily between us we were able to get the coins necessary for Marcie to run Gina's drenched underwear and shorts through the dryer.
I wiped the blood off the toilet seat before I sat down for my pee. Then Sammi she had more crap coming. So she took the seat and we could hear two or three plops onto the bowl. This time however she had ample toilet paper.

We all got home about an hour late. We were lucky our parents had gone to bed. Since my Valiant had leather seats, I just wiped Gina's seat down with a wet sponge the next morning. Gina wore jeans the next few days to cover up her injuries. But the girls in the PE locker room on Monday asked her questions about how she got injured. Her response was NOYB!


Re: constigirl & ShitEMT

Constigirl,I was often REALLY constipated as a kid and have been again as an "older" adult. Fleets enemas never did much for me when REALLY constipated. My Mother always used warm water and/or soap suds enemas from a large bag and tried to get as much in me as she could without hurting me. I hadn't had on in years until about a year ago when I broke my hip and was on LOTS of pain meds. The nurse I had gave me a soap suds enema when a fleets fail to make me go. I sure cleaned me out.
ShitEMT, how long do you let Kate go without a BM? Rule in my house when I was her age was 3 days without a poop got me a warm water enema. If that didn't make me go (most often it did) then I got a soap suds. I actually came to like the warm water as it made going much less of a struggle and didn't hurt like passing some of my hardest BM's did.-- JW


In the back lane

One evening I looked out of my third floor bedroom window just in time to see someone come out of the door of an old garage opposite and walk over between two big motorbikes parked just up the lane.
Were this person pulled there black trousers down and go into a squat between them. In the poor light from a street light with its top in the trees I could just make-out the pale curve of a females bottom and see the ground going dark, It was the female friend of the man who rented the garage having a pee. I watched her finish with a bounce up and down before pulling her trousers up and go back into the garage.
Later when I looked out the window again the bikes had gone and I could see a big wet mark on the ground with a stream running a few feet down the lane.

Some weeks later I was on nights and on a sunny afternoon I looked out of my bedroom window to see a car parked were the bikes had been parked, as I look thinking if I could get my car out of my garage and past it there was a gust of wind witch blew there garage door wide open. And there sitting on a gallon ice cream tub with her knickers down was the female friend of the man who rented the garage, she tried to reach for the door but it was too wide, so she stood up giving me a great view of her brown patch of fur as she stepped sideways and grabbing the door closed in. A few minutes later the door opened and she came out with the tub and emptied her piss out into the grass beside the garage, then returned to the garage.
I got ready for work and got my car out of my garage and went on my way to work

I havent had the runs in about a week which is good so ive been regular. In my 6th hour we were working on a poster and i had the urge to poop ive had it all day but once id sit on the toilet it'd go away so i gave up. This time though it was ready, i excused myself from the group and went to my teacher to ask to go. I headed down and the first stall was taken someone was either on their phone or pooping, i took the last stall. I pulled down my pants and started peeing it was a good 15 second pee then it was time for my poop the top poked out then half way sled out i non forcefully pushed and nothing, it was stuck. So i just gave it a minute and nothing. Now i was getting frustrated so i pushed and it slide a little more but that was all. I wiggled a little and it came out with a echoing splash. I was done so i wiped and went to flush and realized i got one of those toilets with the weird flusher, i wiggled it up and down then it looked like it was gonna flush but it just came back up. I washed my hands and ran back to class the bell was about to ring it only took me 6 minutes thats really quick for me.


funny but serious question

This question may be funny to some. But i am serious. I want to join the army, but one of my friends who has an older brother in the army told me that the drill sargeants do regular inspections of your underwear. He said they check your underwear on a daily basis to make sure they are clean, and any skidmarks or evidence of an accident are punished severely!Is this true? My friend has a weird sense of humor so I can't tell if he was joking or not. I hope he was joking though. I dont need everyone staring at my messed underpants. Anyone ever been in the army that can shed light on this?


Long-lasting constipation with rock hard shit

I am often constipated.until now, I can not push out a piece of shit for 2 weeks. Although i have try two use enema fleet ( often i use three fleets but still cant poop because the turds are too big and dry). I can tell you every time i go, my shit is as big as a potato. But this time, i moan and almost cry everytime i try to strain but no help. I go into the toilet for an hour, sweating and grunting but it is very sad that there is nothing on the water.The head of the turd goes out of my asshole a bit but then goes back inside. I try to use my finger to pick some small balls out. But it is really hard. I always feel there is a coke in my ass whenever i sit. So i also put a lot of supposities in my ass to help me easier to poop. How can i poop more smoothly? I am kind of jealous of who can poop fast and well. Please help me


Pooping with Mandy

Sorry for all the posts tonight....just haven't been on in several days and I've had the opportunity to reminisce about some past experiences. Here's one from several years back. At the time we were living in a tiny apartment. The bathroom was a tiny little box with no windows and very claustrophobic, so my wife and I never closed the door when we used it. It was just totally natural and we thought nothing of it.
One night, Mandy, a good friend of ours, spent the night on the town with us and decided it would be better to spend the night on our couch than to drive home. I awoke in the morning with a familiar urge down below, and not thinking anything of it went to the bathroom and perched myself on the toilet. No sooner had I started peeing when Mandy walked into the bathroom. I quickly apologized for leaving the door open and stated how i forgot she was there. She laughed it off, said "come on now, we're buddies!" and sat down on the edge of the tub. "If you could make it quick though, I really have to go myself!" she said. Not wanting her to poop her pants, I quickly started to pushing. My first log came fairly slow, then finally fell with a large plop. I noticed Mandy's expectant eyes and said sorry there's some more. Thankfully the rest came at a quick pace and the wipe wasn't too bad.
As I stood up off the toilet Mandy was already lowering her pants and immediately placed her naked butt on the toilet. As I moved to the sink to wash my hands I heard a loud fart and massive crackling as she took a gigantic poop. Between the two of us the tiny enclosed bathroom was smelling quite ripe at this point. Mandy continued to alternate farts and plops for a time until she finally decided to wipe. As we were both a tad hungover we simply continued to chat during this whole scenario, not really thinking much of it. We were good friends after all. What's a poop amongst buddies?


I am back

Hi all! My name is Hailey. I have posted on here a while back ago, but I didn't really feel welcomed though. I am back now and I hope I get along well on here.

Having said that, Imogen - I really like your posts. We really share a lot in common! Please post any more stories you have.

Toilet car - I am wondering what happened next, pls post the next part.


More awkward poops

As you may know if you read my posts, I'm pretty much an unashamed and open pooper, and actually for the most part enjoy sharing the experience with others. Sometimes, irregardless, things can become a bit awkward. One such instance happened back in high school . I was taking a walk after class in the adjoining park and felt the need to take a poop. As there was a bathroom in the park this was not an issue... I entered the room, which I had used before. It wasn't the greatest, but at least the stalls had doors. Unfortunately, they had no locks, they were just a wooden board that swung shut on a spring. So, pretty much if you were pooping you wanted to hold the bottom of the door to avoid someone waking in on you.
I entered a stall, pulled down my pants and took my seat. I noticed the sound of poop crackling out next to me and was happy that I had company. I relaxed and felt my butthole start to gently spread when suddenly I heard the shrieking of children's voices and a commotion in the room. I hadn't really been prepared to keep my door guarded and it suddenly swung open. Two little kids were standing in front of me pointing and laughing. "Look at him pooping!"...I yelled back "get out of here!" And tried to grab the door to no avail. They had it pulled all the way back and were yelling and laughing. At this point my butt was already releasing a big log, and I had raised myself off the toilet to try to grab the door from the intruders.
At this point, I guess upon hearing the commotion, the two little kids' mom runs into the room and starts yelling at them. She grabs them and pulls them back from the door, then looks me directly in the eye as I am still hovering over the seat and my log releases with a loud plop and splash. "I'm so sorry!" She says and pushes the door back toward me so I can close it. "It's ok, they're just kids" I manage to stammer as I pull the door shut. I settle back down and crackle out the rest of my poo, half amusedly wondering to myself how that attractive mom enjoyed watching me take a big poop. I finished up and wiped, and while exiting noticed that my neighbor was an acquaintance from school. He laughed and asked me what that was all about and all I could do was shrug and laugh. Strange experience overall but oh well, we all poop, right?


Holding Back a Big BM

Its been a very long time since I posted. I'm trying to focus on something until I am ready to relieve myself. About a year or so ago I was really sick, horrible hacking cough and feeling incredibly weak. I occasionally leak urine if I laugh or sneeze, but this was bad since I was already feeling so poorly AND trying to drink as much fluid as I could. My husband got a pack of Depends Silhouette briefs for me so I wouldn't have to be constantly changing my panties and could just change the brief when I got up to go to the bathroom. He got a fairly large pack and I ended up getting better within the next few days, and did not end up needing more than 7 or 8. Since then I have occasionally held my pee until I was bursting and gone in one for fun (I got another pack) while I was alone. My husband wouldn't care at all it just seems like something I enjoy doing by myself on a day off.

I've been waiting to have a bowel movement in one, no reason it just hasn't happened. This past week I achieved a major professional goal so I decided I would treat myself and finally do it. Completely over did it on food and drink this weekend to celebrate and now it is early Sunday evening, my husband is going to help a friend in about a half hour and I have been holding back my bowel movement for the past 4 hours. I have a massive sense of fullness and really want to push, I feel like if I got into a squatting position right now I would lose control. I am sitting on the couch with my bottom pushed into the cushion. I know it is going to be a solid BM. I kind of have to pee too, and I am thinking I will probably start to pee when I finally poop which is what would happen if I was on the toilet. I went back proofread this and the urge seemed to double, all I want to do is push out my BM. He is getting ready to leave finally, hopefully I won't lose it taking off my clothes and getting into the brief. I also wanted to have a scented trash bag in the bathroom so I can dump the BM into the toilet and then get the dirty diaper out to the trash to limit any smell since I am having company later.

I will post again with an update.

Tuesday, May 23, 2017


New story

Hi everyone, sorry I haven't managed to post for a while. A few days ago I was on my way back from a lecture at uni, I was on the bus when it got stuck in a major traffic jam, we found out later that there had been an accident. Typically I was already quite desperate for the toilet when I got on the bus, I'd been wanting a poo since part way through my lecture and I almost went to use the loos at the faculty building but ended up deciding to wait until I got home. As I was sitting there feeling a big poo moving closer to my bum I knew it wouldn't be long until it started to poke out into my knickers, and I was also starting to need a wee quite urgently to cap it all off!! There were a couple of girls in front of me wearing school uniform, they looked like they were about 15 and as I was sitting there I overheard the blonde one talking to her redhead friend, she said something like "Maddie, I really need the loo, I don't think I can hold on too much longer!" Maddie said "I'm getting pretty desperate too, Hannah, do you need both or is it just a wee?" "Both, I'm afraid," replied Hannah. "You too?" Maddie nodded and bit her lip. She said in a whisper, "I started to want a poo during last lesson so I'm not too desperate for that yet, but I'm bursting for a wee, I'll wet my knickers if I have to wait much longer!" Hannah whispered back, "I've been needing a poo since this morning, I should have used the toilet at lunch break but I just didn't get chance so I kept it in but I don't think I can hold it much longer now. I can't poo my pants at my age, what am I going to do?!" She turned to look at her friend and I noticed that she was close to tears, I felt really sorry for her, although to be honest I was in pretty much the same situation! Suddenly Maddie said, "I know, I think theres a park round the corner from here and I'm pretty sure there are loos there, shall we get off and go and see?" "Oh God I hope you're right," said Hannah, I could see she was trying hard not to cry. My own need was getting worse, I was having to clench my bum to stop my poo from poking out in my knickers and my poor bladder was really aching. I remembered I was wearing plain white knickers so I really hoped I wouldn't end up with skidmarks! The girls got up and walked down the aisle and I followed, it was embarasing feeling that the whole bus was watching us get off, it was quite obvious why we were going from the way all three of us were walking! Hannah glanced back and saw me following them as we stepped onto the pavement, I said "Sorry, I couldn't help overhearing that you know where some loos are, I'm really desperate too!" Hannah managed a weak smile, she gestured at Maddie and said "I just hope she's right!" Just then we went round a corner and Maddie said "There you go!" as we saw some railings and a park on the other side, we all heaved a sigh of relief, especially as we could see what looked like a toilet block set among some trees. We walked towards it as fast as you can when you have a full bladder and a poo trying to poke out of your bum, by the way Hannah was walking I could see she wasn't exaggerating about how desperate she was. As we reached the entrance to the loos we couldn't believe it- there was a padlocked gate barring the way. Closed at 4 in the afternoon!! I looked over at Hannah, she was starting to cry. She said "My poo's poking out in my knickers, I can't stop it, what am I going to do?" I said "Right, lets go round the back, we'll just have to squat down, I can't hang on much longer either. I know its going to be a bit embarasing but anythings better than having an accident." I led Hannah and Maddie around the back of the toilet block which fortunately was pretty well secluded from view by trees and bushes. They put their bags down and Maddie started to rummage round in hers, I guessed getting some tissues to wipe with. Hannah was to my left and Maddie was on my right, they were both facing away from me but I was slightly behind them so I had a pretty good view of what was going on. I wasted no time in pulling up my skirt and dropping my white knickers, as I squatted down and started to wee Hannah hitched up her grey school skirt, blushing crimson. For a second I thought she must be wearing a thong as I saw her bare bum cheeks, but as her skirt rose higher I realised she was actually wearing normal knickers (plain white ones as well!) which had just got stuck up her bum really badly, to be honest my knickers go up my bum alot too so I know the feeling!! Once Hannah had tucked her skirt up she eased her knickers down and then she squatted too, I could see a thick brown log already poking out of her bum. By now Maddie had found a packet of tissues which she laid on the ground beside her and then she lifted her skirt, she was wearing pink knickers with yellow and blue flowers which were also stuck up her bum a bit, she pulled them down and then squatted down as well, and more or less straight away I heard her wee stream spattering down into the dirt and the sound of her moaning with relief. After I'd finished my wee I screwed up my toes in my shoes and started to push, I felt my log coming out slowly. I looked over in Hannah's direction, her log had come out a bit more and just then I heard her grunting as she strained, it was no wonder she needed to grunt with the size of the log she was passing, it was enormous! I did some hard pushes and made some grunts of my own which hopefully made her feel better, luckily that did the trick and I pushed my first log out. Maddie stayed squatting after her wee so by now all three of us were having a poo! I could feel another log starting to poke out of my bum, Hannah was still battling to pass her first massive log and she was red in the face and looking away from me. I felt my log slide out slowly as I pushed, just then I heard a loud grunt and some panting, I looked over at Hannah and saw that she had managed to pass a massive poo which lay coiled on the ground under her bum. I then looked the other way and saw Maddie bearing down and a poo poking out of her bum as well! My second log dropped and I felt empty, I finished with a dribble more wee as Maddie's log fell from her bum, I looked over towards Hannah as I could hear she had started grunting again, I could see another really fat log coming so she obviously wasn't done yet! I asked Maddie if I could borrow one of her tissues and she chucked me the packet, as I took one out I saw Maddie's log dropping and straight away another one starting to poke out. I wiped my bottom and then pulled my knickers back up and let down my skirt, Hannah's second log was still only part way out and she was panting and grunting alot as just like her first one it was really fat. "Er… right, I'll leave you to it," I said, handing the tissues back to Maddie, she and Hannah both flashed me an embarased smile as I walked back towards the park, I hoped they wouldn't be there much longer! Hope you enjoyed this story, I'll try to post again soon, bye for now!!

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