About my daughter's stinky poops

I have a story about my 13-year-old daughter. She's extremely regular; she poops every single morning. Her poops are incredibly stinky and also very large. We're a very open family, so we basically don't ever close the bathroom door, and I can always smell her poops every morning throughout the whole house. At first, the smell was awful and if I ever had to be in the bathroom when she was pooping, it took all I had not to vomit; it was that bad. But now I've gotten used to it and it's just a very stinky poop smell.

I also hear her using the plunger and flush about three times almost every morning. On a few occasions, I've seen her productions and she never wipes because she showers immediately after, so I know she's clogging up the toilet just with her poop. I don't think it's just that we have a weak flushing toilet either, as the times when I've seen her poop, it was far bigger than anything I ever produce. I just don't understand how a slim, small girl like her can poop so much, and every day too.

Okay, well, this short post is all I have.

Cyber Trucker

Porta potty

Today I was heading home on I71. I drank some milk and I could feel something moving, so t pulled into this truck parking. As I got out an Asian family pulled up in a car. I got to the porta potty as a woman jumped out of the car and took the one next to me. As I was getting ready to go I hear her trying to get her pants down and saying no no no. A few seconds later it sounded like someone dropped a bucket of water in the toilet followed by a long fart. Something must have really upset her stomach. I sat there for a few minutes to let her leave. Plus I wanted to see what happened. I could hear the toilet paper being used and then the door closed, and the car pull off. I looked in and she made a mess all over the back and there was a log on the seat. That was the first time I got to hear a woman go.


Long-lasting constipation with rock hard shit

I am often constipated.until now, I can not push out a piece of shit for 2 weeks. Although i have try two use enema fleet ( often i use three fleets but still cant poop because the turds are too big and dry). I can tell you every time i go, my shit is as big as a potato. But this time, i moan and almost cry everytime i try to strain but no help. I go into the toilet for an hour, sweating and grunting but it is very sad that there is nothing on the water.The head of the turd goes out of my asshole a bit but then goes back inside. I try to use my finger to pick some small balls out. But it is really hard. I always feel there is a coke in my ass whenever i sit. So i also put a lot of supposities in my ass to help me easier to poop. How can i poop more smoothly? I am kind of jealous of who can poop fast and well. Please help me


funny but serious question

This question may be funny to some. But i am serious. I want to join the army, but one of my friends who has an older brother in the army told me that the drill sargeants do regular inspections of your underwear. He said they check your underwear on a daily basis to make sure they are clean, and any skidmarks or evidence of an accident are punished severely!Is this true? My friend has a weird sense of humor so I can't tell if he was joking or not. I hope he was joking though. I dont need everyone staring at my messed underpants. Anyone ever been in the army that can shed light on this?

The Observant

Chinese Dump

It was just an ordinary day working at the local market. However, I get kind of lazy at my job and often find myself going and just sitting in the bathroom a lot to get out of certain things. So like usual, at about 2:00, I went back and just sat there on the toilet. I was there normally for about five minutes when I heard the door open, and quickly, too. A small tan girl with nice brown hair came in, fast walking. For a split-second, I thought "That's weird, this is the boys bathroom." But then I remembered there were no urinals in here for some reason. I put my legs up as too not reveal than anyone was in here, and to save her embarrassment. She shut the stall door behind her, and she uttered a soft "ugh". She stood there for a moment and ther stomach rumbled and a small fart escaped her. She turned around, bustled her jegging pants and planted her butt on the toilet quickly. A wet fart followed by a plop quickly came out of her. Then, about 20 seconds of utter hell, mostly diarrhea and farting noises happened. "Ohh that Chinese" she said. Then a bit more silence followed by some occasional grunting. A soft fart followed by a wet disgusting sounding plop came in. She then started to rustle for toilet paper but couldn't find any. The woman then pulled out her phone, and called someone asking for toilet paper, but the person would never show. She took a newspaper and wiped with it. She then exited the bathroom quickly, without ever knowing I was there.

Uncle Harry

Sticky Bushes Addendum

The next time I picked up my girl, she made sure she peed before leaving..and let me watch.

it was embarrassing. i was at the exam room and my ???? making gurgling noises because of stomachache from yday meal. I had to hold if in.

End Stall Em

Listening to a toxic mom

With my college out for the summer I've started full time again as a customer-service agent at the mall. I like most of the responsibilities I have at the kiosk. I meet some really nice and grateful shoppers and overall I enjoy helping people. However, there are a few people who can really be mean and hard to deal with. Just yesterday, it was about 3:30 and I took my afternoon break. Before going to the food court, my priority was to go into the bathroom and pee. I walked in to the largest of our bathrooms, about 15 stalls, the largest number of basins, a baby-changing station and the one that gets the heaviest use. Of course I walked all the way in and took the stall at the far end. I latched the door and in pulling my jeans and thong down, I noticed the dark, yellow contents of the bowl needed to be flushed. I leaned down, pushed the flusher and as soon as the splashing was over, I took my seat.

Luckily this was a pee-only stop because I noticed that the toilet paper was out. I was messing with my phone when I heard a really loud woman and child arguing as they walked into the room. The mom was really laying into her about having to use the bathroom. She said the girl needed to get up earlier in the morning and try to crap before leaving for school. If not, she needed to force herself to go at school. The mom was yelling about three or four breaks they have at school and why she couldn't use one of those opportunities. Then there was some really negative threats about calling her teacher to remind her or force her to go. The mom opened one of the toilets to my right and told the girl she was going to do a "10 minute sit." I could hear the girl starting to cry but the mom was relentless in verbally hammering her. While the girl sat, the mom was criticizing her for kicking her legs too much and not sitting still. The girl's pediatrician was being quoted about getting on the toilet within five minutes of feeling the urge and never putting it off.

Toxic Mom didn't seem fazed when she heard me flush and walk over to the sinks. The girl kept asking how many minutes more she had to sit but Toxic Mom didn't say one word of encouragement. I hurried to get a drink at the food court before I went back to my kiosk. For the next part of my shift I couldn't help feeling sorry for that girl. She needed a hug that I doubt she has ever received.

Victoria B.

Twelve seconds of squat


The two cups of coffee I had with breakfast this morning succeeded in getting things moving for the first time in three days. I didn't feel constipated, but I was growing fed up with having to wait so long between number twos! My plan was to go and then hop in the shower, and that's what I did. However, I decided to switch things up a little bit in terms of how I went!

I've always been curious about squat toilets and using one is on my list of pooping goals. Be that as it may, I had to work with the toilet that was at hand and appreciate its elongated bowl. So I put the seat up and took my shorts and panties off before getting into a squat that pointed my round rear right above the toilet. One quick push was all that was needed to get my hole doming and a first turd on its way out of my exit ramp. It was over within ten seconds although there was no question that it was huge. Three or four small pieces fell in its wake and I was done. My shortest poop was one of my biggest.

I got up from my squat to see the bomb I'd just dropped and the results were impressive. The log was at least a foot (30 cm) long and the other little balls were a nice garnish for my toilet's next meal. I knew that it'd never go down at once. Already half naked, I decided to get in the shower and clean up first, which I did after removing my shirt. I finished my shower, dried off and then dealt with my number three. It was pink plunger time! Taking the edge of the rubber cup directly to the main log worked pretty well and I managed to cut the huge poop into three pieces before the moment of truth. No clog, but I still had to flush twice to get everything down, even without paper. I put the plunger away and grabbed the brush to deal with the particularly juicy skidmark I'd left behind. All in all, a great poop!


Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Lainey great story about your poop at Walmart and it sounds like that other girl mustve felt better after a big poop like that.

To: Toilet Car great story.

To: Jessica great story it sounds like you and Tanya had some great poops.

To: Kimberly great story it sounds like you had a great poop.

To: Anna great story.

To: Jenna great story about your desperate and loud poop.

To: ShitEMT first welcome to the site and it sounds like your was having a rough time at least you were there to help her and if you have anymore stories please post them thanks.

Well that's all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site

Uncle Harry

Choose a Bathroom

I was in a store with gender specific bathrooms, but with bathroom choice allowed. I had never been in a ladies bathroom alone and I wondered if I should try it. Should I pee with the guys or with the girls. While I was mulling this decision, I noticed a woman also apparently doing the same thing. We got to talking and decided that we would each be more comfortable if accompanied by the other. So in we went, mens first. The first thing Carol did was to take a quick look at some men peeing at the urinals. They didn't even notice her. Next, she went to a stall, but left the door open. She said she wanted to prove what she could do. She pulled up her skirt, pulled down her panties, and sat down on the toilet seat with her skirt around her waist. Surprisingly, she spread her legs and let go a heavy stream of pee. I was within watching distance. A few men came by. One was dressed like a woman. The other just looked for a few seconds and took another stall. "See", she said. "I can piss in a mens room with no problem. Happy me". She stopped her stream, gave a few squirts, and stopped for good. Wipe pussy, stand up. panties up, skirt down, and done. We left the mens room.

Now we went into the womens room. It was more crowded than the mens. Some of the stall doors seamed to stick open and I could see a few women pissiing. One women slammed her legs together. Others with legs apart just looked at me and contined pissing. I got into a stall and peed into the toilet standing. I tried to stand at an angled so some ladies could see my piss stream. Some did, as some stood and watched. When I finished, I shook my penis and stepped out still putting away my penis, intentionally. I and Carol left the room, satisfied that this system works

Anna from Austria
@Mina Yes I agree with you. I also hate small space toilets. So plane Toilets and Train Toilets are not my favourite places to relieve myself.

@the other Anna I never head to do Number 2 at an outhouse toilet, but I know what u mean, the smell can really bad, especially in summer when it is hot. Same goes for chemical toilets at festivals So far I also could avoid doing my poop at such places but used it for peeing quite often and sometimes they just smell horrible.

Yesterday when I had my shower after doing workout, at the gym, I suddenly felt some big pressure at my backdoor that told me to use the toilet as fast as possible.

It was so urgent, that i even had no time to put some clothes on and just wrapped myself in my towel and rushed to toilets at the locker room. I locked the door, pulled my toel of and sat on the toilet. I started to push and did very loud prftt type fart. Then I could feel a big log coming out then i just peed a bit, another not so loud fart and the next log. Then i was done. I wiped myself, flushed and went back to the showers.

Luckily the locker room was quite empty, all the ladies in there were showering too, so there is chance nobody could hear what I was doing.

It was still a very embarrassing moment. Was also the first time in my life that I- used a public toilet completely naked.

Also quite embarrassing thought.

I hope you liked my story.

Greetings from Austria



Big Mess

To the person who posted about this girl named Linsey peeing in your new car, what a mess. I can't believe Linsey rained pee all over the car. It was like the weather man in her bladder predicted a pee shower lol! My mind was in that story as I imagined myself being there. Yesterday, I peed a little on the toilet seat, because I was sitting crooked. Btw, I've got a new doll to replace my childhood doll I lost. Minnie Mouse is still loved, but Hazel feels like the best replacement for my lost rag doll instead of her. Anyway, Whoever wrote that story about the pee soaked car, what a great description from sights, sounds, and smell. Lindsey was about to poop too? Wow, I can't wait to hear what happens next. I hope you finish it.

Steve A

To Just Made It Meg (Endurance) other options

That was an impressive hold, but thinking back on it, I wondered why you didn't shower right after you pooped. You could've used an old towel/rag or napkins/paper towels as well. It would've helped you get through the weekend in the long run. But, since it's all over now, at least you now know how long you could hold in your poop in any situation.

Sunday, May 21, 2017


One Sunday

One Sunday I drove both my girlfriend and my mother to visit relatives of my late father, who lived on a farm, After saying hello I left my mother with them and me and my girlfriend went for a walk around the village, after looking around the church we when into the local pub for a pint or two of lager, before continuing on our walk.
After a while we both needed a pee so we walked around looking for a public toilet as the pub was now closed for the afternoon, on not finding any we started back to the farm, now I know that the farm house did not have any indoor plumbing only a cold water pump in the wash-house, all hot water had to be heated on the coal fired range, and that they still used wash stands and jugs in the bedrooms, as well as camber pots.
I remember when I was a toddler having to use the toilet and mum was told to take me to one of the bedrooms to use a camber pot, and when I was done mum lifted her skirt, dropped her pants and squatted over the pot I had used and had a pee, before taking the pot down and out into the yard and emptying it onto the dung heap.
I told this to my girlfriend who was to embarrassed to ask to use one. So I suggested she could pee in one of the stalls in the milking parlour, (here the cows were still milked by hand at this time.) but she said that we could be seen going into the cow shed from the house were everyone where sat. I said how about going into the field next door were there are a lot of old rusting cars, vans etc belonging to the local garage, this we did,
on entering the scrap yard she said about all the stinging nettles between the cars, I said why not pee in a car, we picked a big old car with no floor on the drivers side and we both got in, my girlfriend on the drivers side. She then pulled down both her jeans and knickers to her knees and sitting forward on the seat started a long and strong gushing piss down and through the floor on to the dirt below, when she was done she redressed and we both got out of the car.
I still had to pee and she laughed about me peeing into one of the car petrol tanks, we found one we could open and at the right height for my thing (witch was a bit stiff after watch her pee ) so this I did.
After we were both relieved we returned to the farm house for a cream tea, after which we all went home.

(To Uncle Harry, I am in the Uk, and most of my memory are from about 30 years ago)

Monika B.
Matt: Dude, that is so gross. You have to just be honest with the RA. I think they'd understand why you'd want a different room. That is a health hazard, especially with the poop.

Sorry everyone, I took mistake on Sunday. In zoo, animal who do motion like football was not hippopotamus, it was rhinoceros. I confuse!

Mina is bad bad girl.

To the slow relaxed poopers, I must say I admire the ability of your bowels to empty themselves with little or no pushing because I have to push or nothing will ever come out. I guess my bowels just aren't that easy and I have to push all of my poop out. I do agree though, the slower poop comes out the better it feels.
My poop usually slides straight out when I push and It only takes me about 2 minutes to poop. I've been pooping about twice a day for a while and my loads are smaller now than they used to be. When I was younger I pooped more like ever 2 or 3 days and my logs were always big. I really do like the feeling of a big log slowly opening up my anus and as Vicoria B. said, the warming sensation that is felt in your anus is very comforting and pleasurable. Sometimes I like to hold a large poop half way out for a few minutes and relish the feeling of a stretched butt hole. I really love the sensational feelings of a slow poop but the problem is for me that I have to push it out to make that happen and such slow controlled pooping isn't necessarily any easier than just pushing it out and getting it done so lately I just push it out and get it done with. I really admire slow poopers cause I wish I could poop that way more easily. I still say the toilet is the most comfortable seat in the house!

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Will sounds like that girl had a good poop.

To: Mina as always another great story it sounds like you and your friends all had really good poops.

To: Taylor great story.

To: THE RUNNER first welcome to the site and great story.

To: Lainey I hope you feel better soon.

Well that's all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site


The Wal-Mart poo

I live in town so I usually go shopping for my mom because she is always busy. So today I went to Wal-Mart to pick up some groceries, on my way i pulled into McDonald's for a McDouble. I quickly ate and headed to Wal-Mart, after walking around for about 20 minutes i felt the urge building up in my bowels to poop. I went to the bathrooms left my shopping cart outside the bathroom opening and entered. This girl that was about 14 or so about a year and a half younger than me, her face looked uncomfortable due to the smell. She got the first stall i got the second it already smelled like someone had a nice poop in here today. I peed and was assuming the girl would too but her stall was completely silent, i began to push slightly i actually enjoy just pooping not having diarrhea though because that hurts. My turd began to poke out it was a small one and landed with a splash, the girls stall was still silent, now i knew she was pooping. How do people poop without making little to no sound? I'm so loud when i poop. The next turd began to come out it made a crackle noise as it slide into the toilet it was soft and sort of mushy but it was huge it was the size of an iphone 6. I felt some more so i pushed and all these little pebble sized turds, i was finally done i wiped front to back and flushed. As i was washing my hands the girl came out, i didnt hear a flush she kinda hurried out of the bathroom without washing her hands, i was curious so i went over to her stall and saw this turd it was like a mini football stuck in the toilet hole it was clogged there was looked like some liquid poo on the sides the tud wasnt completely a solid but boi did that stall reek.

toilet car

New car gets broken in, part 1

Hello, i have been reading stories for a while now but havent posted in a long time. Since my last post, alot has changed. I broke up with my girlfriend Amanda. I soon sold my car afterwards and got a SUV. Once I broke up with Amanda i stopped the car toilet activities altogether. I didnt hear from Amanda or her sister or any of her friends that used my car. So for a few months I had none of that going on and it started to all become a memory. Then one day I was out at the store and saw Amanda's sister's friend, Lindsey. I have posted about her before, she was a big fan of going in my car. Just to refresh, she is kinda tall, and blonde. So we saw each other, and we said hello and then I kept on shopping, as I thought it was kinda awkward seeing her as I hadn't spoke to her in months. So i continued looking around for a bit and then Lindsey came up to me with another girl. This girl was kinda short, around like 5 feet or so. She was pretty pale and had long black hair. She was also busty and had a bubble butt. So Lindsey says hi again and introduces this girl to me as Ashley. We made small talk for a minute and then Lindsey asked if i still had my car. I knew this was why she wanted to talk to me! I told her no, that I had a new SUV now. She seemed sad about that. So we talked for a while and Lindsey asked to see the car. We go outside and sit in and I show them the features. The car is black and has two row seating plus room in the back. It has cloth seats that recline. So we are sitting in there and Lindsey starts telling Ashley how she used to pee in my old car. I was really shocked that she was telling this girl this. But Ashley didn't seem too phased. I later found out that Ashley had heard a little of these stories before. Then Ashley asked if I was gonna let them use my car. I said no, as it was new and I didnt want this car to be used like that. Then Lindsey started begging and saying how much she misses it. So I decided they could go in my car, but it needed to be in something. I didnt want pee getting on anything. Lindsey had to pee, but was willing to wait til she had to go even more, so we decided to drive around. We talked alot and I found out that Lindsey stopped hanging out with Gracie, Amanda's sister. SO after driving for about an hour, we got some dinner. It took awhile, and by the time we were done they both had to pee pretty badly. We got back in the car with styrofoam cups from the resturant. Lindsey was shaking and holding herself.

I drove to a secluded area, with Lindsey in the passenger seat and Ashley behind. As soon as I parked the car Lindsey was unbuttoning her shorts. She pulled them and her green thong off and handed me the cup. "Your holding it for me" she told me. So she got in a squatting position facing me, legs spread wide, exposing her ladybits to myself and to Ashley who was watching from the backseat. I held the empty cup with both hands, facing her. I held the cup between her legs, tilted toward her vagina. "Ok, dont miss i told her". She nodded. We sait in anticipation in silence for a couple seconds as Lindsey got ready. She let a little spurt of pee out into the cup. Then the floodgates opened, and with it came a disaster of epic proportions. Pee exploded out of Lindsey's vagina in a huge spray. It hit my hands, the cup, the seat, the console, the radio. It sprayed onto me and Ashley, who was leaning on the console to get a better view. Ashley screamed as it hit her and fell back onto the seat. I yelled, dropped the cup, and raised my hands over my face and body to block the incoming spray. The pee came out so forcefully that it was splattering the window behind me on my side. The spray of her pee was wide, the pee spreading out quickly as it left her pussy. The stream was hitting her pink labia, causing it to further spray wildly. I yelled stop but Lindsey kept going. In the span of maybe 3 seconds everything went from peaceful quiet to complete chaos. My car went from nice and clean to urine being sprayed out across the front seats. Her eyes were closed and her head was resting on the window. Lindsey moaned and yelled she couldn't stop. I guess the relief from getting to pee after holding for a while was just too much for her to handle. The cup had fell onto the floor in front of Lindsey's seat, so I couldn't reach it, and there was no way Lindsey could, seeing as she couldn't even stop herself from peeing. "Aim away from me!!" i yelled. At this point maybe 4 or 5 seconds had elapsed since she started peeing. The shock of the relief must have consumed her from noticing what was really going on. She opened her eyes and rotated her pelvis and legs some to face the front of my car. The super spray moved away from hitting me and my seat towards the front of my car. I lowered my wet arms as the spray started hitting the dash and the windshield. Drops were still hitting me, but I barely noticed. As Lindsey moved a little, it caused her labia to open and exposed her vagina more, causing the pee to come out in a more focused and powerful stream, instead of a huge wide spray. Lindsey's powerful stream made a very loud splattering sound as it hit the windshield. "This is insane!" yelled Ashley. And it was. The smell of her pee, the sound of it splattering the car, the warmth of the drops on me, and the sight of
Lindsey emptying her bladder all over the front of my car was mesmerizing to take in.

Pee ran in a waterfall down the inside of the windshield onto the dash. The stream was hitting the windshield so hard it made a fine urine mist. The sheer volume of liquid that was being unleashed all over the front of my car was astonishing. I couldn't believe the mess just one girl could make in that short of a time. And I was impressed. The golden liquid flooded out of Lindsey was a cloud of pee-mist filled the air. Lindsey had the biggest grin on her face. I knew she was really enjoying this, even though it was an accident. She ripped a huge fart into the seat. Her fart mixed with smell of her urine. It was a smell i missed. She then started to move her hips back and forth. She hosed down the entire windshield. My new car was getting annihilated by Lindsey. She continue to pee for nearly 20 seconds, as we watched in awe of her urinating all over my car. Once the stream tapered off, she farted some more. She fell back in the seat, with a smile on her face. Her eyes were closed and her head tilted back with a look of full pleasure and relief on her face while she panted. "Oops...i missed" she said and giggled. I should have been mad, since my new car had just been peed all over. But i wasnt. I knew it was an accident. But it was a still a huge mess I would have to clean up. Pee ran all down the windshield in little streams. It dripped off the steering wheel and down the doors. The seat between Lindsey's legs was soaked. Pee ran and dripped down her legs and thighs. Both mine and her's clothes were wet from the wild spray. Even the cloth roof of the car was wet!! "I had to go sooooo bad" she said as we all assessed the damage. "I can't believe what just happened" said Ashley. Her shirt had a wet spot from the initial pee explosion from Lindsey. "You peed so much and it got everywhere!". We all laughed. Then Lindsey farted into the seat.

"I have to poop" she said, looking down between her legs. "Ok, but not in my car please. I dont want poop in here" i told her. She farted and looked up at me. "Its gonna come out soon." she said. "Well then hurry and get outside and go on the ground" i said. Lindsey said no, she was pooping in my car. So i said fine, since i did miss this all. But i said it had to be on napkins. Lindsey farted some more as i got some napkins out of the pee drenched console. The car was filled with the smell of Lindsey's gas. Ashley held her nose. "It stinks!" she yelled.

I will post the rest of this story later.


Couch surfing guest

Hello everyone!

I haven't posted in ages, because I have been very busy, although lots of fun stuff happened to me! Most importantly, I now have my own flat. I got it two months ago and I am still very excited about it.
Not that I disliked the previous one; as a matter of fact, Lena is a good friend and we still meet regularly, but she decided she wanted her own thing, and I realized it was time for me too. Toiletwise, it is such a pleasure not to always have to take care of my flatmate's skidmarks!

Living alone, I have been very regular. I always enjoy plenty of privacy and the possibility to take my time to go.

However, I also like company, so I frequently invite people for dinner and so on, so I also can show off my flat. :)

One week ago, I also hosted my first couch surfer. She was called Tanya and was from Novosibirsk, in Russia (which is a huge city, apparently). She stayed for two nights at my place. The first evening, I went for dinner with her and chatted the whole evening. She turned out to be a very nice, sensitive person and was very smart. I couldn't help but notice she went to the restroom twice: once at the restaurant, and once after I went to sleep (I was already in my room, but I could hear her open and close the doors).

Next morning, we had breakfast at home. Those who remember me that this usually gets my system moving, especially when coffee is involved. I was not self-conscious about going around Lena, but I am already used to privacy and loneliness! I also knew this urge could not be put off, so I told Tanya I was going for a shower after we were done eating, to make it less obvious.

I locked the bathroom door and quickly ????ed my butt on the seat, and released a bunch of soft poos. Thanks God, they made almost no sound hitting the water and I was done within a minute, so I was pretty proud of myself. But the air was becoming super thick. So I flushed and showered for like ten minutes, letting time for the smell to dissipate. I walked out feeling great, happy about my "perfect crime" but also slightly embarrassed by my own attitude: I didn't think of myself being that self-conscious.

Tanya also flushed once just before turning on the shower, I smiled thinking about her also coming out clean and way lighter. Turns out, I was probably wrong but more about his later. We got ready for a walk through my town and to a nearby park. We had a great day and understood each other very well despite the cultural differences. Something noticeable happened at café in the park: as we were leaving, Tanya told she had to pay a visit to the restroom. So did I, and came with her. There were two stalls, so I took one, lowered my pants and panties and peed quite a lot. I wiped, flushed and exited my stall just to find Tanya still in front of the mirror by the sinks. I asked:

"Don't you have to go the the toilet?"

To which she shyly answered:

"Yes, I have to, but I cannot go when there is anybody else in the room."

I immediately apologized and left, while she told it was no big deal. She rejoined me a minute later and we resumed strolling and chatting. I just payed attention never to follow her into the restroom. I the evening, she used my lovely bathroom again, but only after I had gone to my room and closed the door. I concluded that she was extremely toilet shy.

The next morning, we woke up and I had to take care of some laundry for the coming week. So I took my laundry basket and told Tanya I would be back in a while. She told me she would stay at home a little more before leaving. But while I was still in the staircase, I remembered that the laundry place was closed and I could not get my clothes washed. Annoyed, I went back to my flat. Tanya was nowhere to be seen and the bathroom door was closed, so I assumed she was reliving herself or getting ready for a shower. Soon, her faint grunting made it clear. I was very curious so I couldn't focus on the text I was writing.

I hesitated an instant to make my presence clear: she surely would not me being there while she goes number two, but she certainly also needed a good dump and me interrupting her also wouldn't be nice. I know well traveling can affect one's guts a good occasion to get one's schedule back on track is not to be Finally, my curiosity triumphed and I quietly sat on the armchair.

Some more soft grunts came from the bathroom, "nnnnghhhhhh, nnnnggghhhh!", regularly. She obviously was having a hard time! After a little more than five minutes, she stopped grunting to make some weird blowing sounds. And then, a loud "FLOMP" echoed as she obviously passed a major turd. More blowing sounds. She farted loudly and another log dropped from her bottom. Because my flat is so quiet and so cozy, I could hear Tanya get rid of much more soft content. The rhythm of the plops decreased. Ten minutes later, she started pulling paper (a lot of it!) and wiped herself clean. She then flushed, washed her hands and... flushed again! In two month, I never had to flush more than once to obtain a perfect result, and I don't think I am a little pooper! (actually, I have no clue, lol). Tanya unlocks the door, sees me texting on my phone and freezes. "Oy Jess, I didn't know you were here, I am so sorry!". The cute cheekbones of the poor little thing turned crimson. "What's the matter?", I answered, trying to downplay it. "Are you all right?" Tanya replied: "Sometimes, traveling hurts my belly. I am so sorry." I told her I hoped she felt better now and gave her a big, comforting hug. By now, I could also smell her droppings in the living room, so she really just had a massive clear out!

We chatted a little and she was reassured I didn't think of her poorly for using the bathroom. The, she already had to take her bus to her next destination, so she finished packing her bag and I promised to pay her a visit sometime. It sounds like a very interesting place! I brought her to the door, said goodbye and answered a text message from a guy I like. Then, my own belly complained (though without being offered breakfast nor coffee!) and I closed the bathroom door. There was still quite a poo smell in there! I opened the lid Tanya had closed to find heavy skidmarks; and this, after she had flushed twice! But I was not annoyed at all, just happy she could go on on her trip feeling way better, I bet! I undid my belt, lowered my pants and panties and did my thing after a big, airy fart. It came out effortlessly. I the flushed and removed the last traces of Tanya's stay with the brush. I was ready for breakfast.

Thank you to all who keep sharing their stories! And especially the boys, since I am even more curious about what happens in the men's room.

Love & take care,


First post

[Cliche bullshit about having read on here for a while, and this being my first post]

Anyway, first post. Here we go.

When I was probably in 4th or 5th grade, my family lived about 8 miles out of town, up a long, twisty, turny, mess of a road. Something I had eaten earlier that day obviously didn't agree with me. It's about a 15 minute drive from the city limit to our house. We're about 2 minutes into the drive, and I can feel diarrhea. I tell my dad who's driving that I need to poop. My brothers tease me, and my dad steps on the gas a little more. I'm about 10 at the time, so I don't have great bowel control. Just me? Nevermind. So we're like 5 minutes into the drive, and I NEED to relieve myself. I tell my dad, and he pulls over to the side of the road. There's a sizeable boulder you can see just off the road, and beyond that, a rather steep half hill, half cliff. So I go down around the boulder with a handful of napkins. I've never squated before, so I don't know what I'm doing. I drop my jeans and white briefs(I wasn't wearing boxers yet). I put my back against the boulder, and lean on it. At that moment, a torrent of greenish yellow diarrhea just pours out of me for a solid 10 seconds. The noises arent much better than the feel, which burns and is overall terrible. After I let my an us recover for a minute, I push out a bit more liquid shit, take a quick piss, wipe my raw ass, and leave it to nature. In all, I was gone for about 5 minutes. My brothers tease me about it, of course. We get home and my ass still burns. A took an extra long shower that evening. I still don't know what caused it.

Hope you enjoyed my story, I sure didn't, until next time -Ben


Poop Before Funeral

I'm in my early 30's, widowed for 3 years with an 11 year old son because my husband passed away after battling cancer for over a year. Yesterday, me and my son drove 4 hours to another state for a funeral. One of my late husband's uncles, my mother in law's brother passed away 4 days ago, also after battling cancer. We didn't go for the visitation the night before because my son was in school and I had to keep him out yesterday to go so we left yesterday morning. We got through rush hour traffic quicker than expected so we had time to stop at Cracker Barrel for breakfast after almost an hour of driving. After we ate, I let my son go into the men's restroom to pee while I waited on him outside. Then I had to pee while he waited on me outside. Afterwards we got gas and left. We drove another 3 hours over some mountains. I started feeling like I had to go about halfway there but I could comfortably hold it for a while so I wasn't in any hurry to go. We still got to the funeral home an hour and a half before service which was good. I was really feeling like I had to go and there wasn't many people there yet so I just let my son come with me to the restroom. It only had 2 stalls and I felt like it would take a while so I had him come in with me in case someone else had to use the restroom, otherwise I would've had him wait in the next stall. If I only had to pee, he would've just waited outside the restroom but anyway, he sat on the floor by the door and played on his new phone as I sat down on the toilet. A few seconds after I sat on the toilet, I let out a 3 second bass fart, then a short airy fart. A few seconds later, 2 plops, then pee and plop with another plop following. 3 plops and another pee with plop. Another plop after that and less than a minute later, a quick fart. About 30 seconds after, a long sputtering fart, probably 6 seconds long. Me and my son both laughed, he said mom, you shook the toilet! I said I reckon all that gas I had bottled up was ready to come out. Then about 15 seconds later, 3 plops back to back. Then I start peeing with a plop, peeing some more with another plop. Another pee and plop. Then a minute later as I'm peeing again along with trying to get another turd out, I let out a 2 second airy fart. Then a plop and a big plop and another big plop followed by a quick pee to end it. It was almost a 10 minute session but I didn't have to wipe a lot and I felt much better. Then we paid our respects afterwards, visited with family, ate, and got back home right before dark that evening. Still early enough to get my son in bed for school the next morning. My heart and prayers go out to my husband's family. His uncle is no longer suffering and in a better place but I still enjoyed visiting with family after the funeral and spending time traveling with my son. I can't wait until school gets out, me and my son are going on vacation with my parents, my brother, my sister in law, and their kids next month.

Uncle Harry

Sticky Bushes

I was walking in the city park with a girl I had dated only once before this day. It was a warm November day when all the bathrooms had been closed for the winter. After a while, she said that she needed to pee. She said that she forgot to pee before I picked her up. Now she had been holding it and couldn't hold it any longer. I suggested that we go behind the bathroom building, but she didn't want to do that. She was afraid that someone, especially me, might come along and see her pussy. So then I suggested that we find some bushes she could hide behind. I didn't know of any in that area, but we looked around and found some that might work. It wasn't easy for her get behind them and wouldn't let me help her for fear I might see her pussy. So she fussed around trying to do it herself. Eventually she got in. "I'm in, Harry. I got my pants down, I'm going to bend over now and piss. Don't you come in". Seconds later, she shouted, "Harry, help. This bush has got my shirt. I can't bend over to piss". With difficulty, I got in with her and, of course, saw her pussy. I had to stay with her and hold the bush or it would have snagged her shirt again. I told her to bend over and pee. "Don't look, Harry. I'm going to pee. I can't hold my urine any longer". Without looking to see if I was watching, she let loose a heavy stream of urine that lasted around a full minute. There was no way I could not look without loosing the bush, but she did not complain. She seemed too scared that the bush would snag her again. When she finally slowed down and stopped, she realized she had nothing to wipe her vagina with, so she shook herself as best she could and pulled up her pants. She moved out of the bush and I eased myself off the sticky branch. "Well", I asked her, "Was that so bad that I saw you pee? She seemed a bit shaken by the experience, but agreed it was ok. At least she got her bladder emptied. I still think behind the building would have been easier.

Today I took the day off to do some shopping at the mall. I had lunch at the food court and after I was done I felt that I needed the toilet. It was for both things, but to be honest mostly for a number two. There is a large bathroom right next to the food court. It was busy, but there are tons of stalls, so I took the nearest, put down my bag and shopping bags and locked the door. I quickly checked for tp and that the seat was clean and then I pulled down my jeans und white thong. At this point, I really needed to go pretty badly and I quickly plopped my rear end on the seat. I peed and while I did, I let out two small farts. I often fart when I pee, but these were kinda nasty and stinky and I think it was because I had a huge load pushing against my backdoor wanting to come out. When I was done peeing, I leaned forward, put my arms on my thighs and with just a little push a big log started to crackle out. I was still releasing my first turd when someone entered the stall to my right. She pulled down her pants, sat down and started to pee right away. After only a few seconds she farted loudly and then I could hear the sound of poo coming out of her bum. Meanwhile, I was doing my second turd which dropped with a big plop. My neighbour also kept plopping away and we both continued to poop on and off for a few minutes. In the end I did four big turds and she did even more, but they kinda sounded like they were smaller, perhaps. When I felt all done, I pulled off some paper and wiped my front and then started to clean up my bum. Somehow this was a messy poop and I needed tons of tp to get everything clean between my cheeks. Finally it seemed all good and yi pulled up my thong and jeans and flushed the toilet. When I was washing my hands, my neighbour came out of her stall as well. She was a curvy blonde girl wearing the uniform of the cinnamon bun store in the foodcourt. I figured that maybe she had to hold in her number two during her shift because it sounded like she had needed the toilet very urgently for a poo. Anyway, she looked relieved and smiled at me with a sort of a knowing look, haha. I'm also happy to report that she washed her hands very carefully what with working in the food business and such! That's my story for today, I hope you liked it.

to Anna from Austria: I agree that plane toilets are some of the worst. I hate using then, especially to poop! And like you I fart a lot when I use the toilet, so I know how embarrassing that can be. The other kind that I don't like are outhouses sometimes when they really stink. That's so bad!

to Taylor: I always wipe my front first! Also, I really liked your last story about pooping with the tall blonde girl. How did you feel about the other girl waiting in front of your stall? Do you think she was in there already when the two of you took care of your poos? I'm only asking, since you said before that sometimes you enjoy and audience, haha.

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Amy it sounds like you had a really good poop and so did the teacher.

To: Just Made It Meg great story about your huge poop after holding it for so long.

Well that's all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site


Embarassing Poop After Math Test

One day, I had to do a huge high school math test which I barely studied for. It was on calculus. So, when it was time, I went to my classroom and started doing the test. However, near the middle, I suddenly had the urge to poop. Time was running out, so I burned through the test and once the bell rang, I got up and ran to the girls room while holding my butt. I entered the stall furthest from the door and locked it. I undid my belt, pulled my jeans and plain white underwear to my ankles, and sat on the toilet.

I began to poop a lot and fart loudly. Soon, three girls who I hated walked into the bathroom and started to gossip at the sinks. I tried to hold in everything, but I quickly let out a loud fart and poop and a reeking smell. The girls got disgusted and put their hands over their noses saying EW. One of them looked under and saw my red sneakers with my jeans and undies wrapped around my ankles. They recognized the shoes.

So, another one of the girls kicked open my stall door and threw a toilet paper roll at my pale legs, which were revealing to them since my jeans and panties were down to my ankles. They all laughed and sprayed me with water before one of them told me that I was a nasty girl. But before they can do anything else, my bestie Maddie came in and kicked out the mean girls. I thanked her so much and let out a another big, loud poop in front of her. She understood that I was pooping and told me to hurry up and come to history class before shutting my stall door.

So, I finished, wiped, pulled up my pants, washed my hands, and went to history. Luckily, the story wasn't spread to the whole school.

PS: I got an 80% on the math test. :)


Academic Honors Night

My parents always like going to my school activities. Academic Honors Night is held each spring to honor students in several categories. Mom and I left our house at about 6 for school. We got through the traffic and arrived at school and got seats in the auditorium. After about 10 minutes, Mom asked me directions to the bathroom and she left and was gone about 5 minutes. I know she has said before that long things such as plays, awards nights and baseball games test her bladder. As we sat, my Dad called her. He was driving in directly from the office, running late, and not sure which of the parking lots he should use. I headed out to the parking lot to wait for him, but he parked on the wrong side of the building, and then called me all upset about some locked doors he was at. So I want in the opposite direction to find him.

Not being able to find him made me upset as I walked through some dark hallways. Then he called me again saying he had stopped in the bathroom. He said a teacher cutting wood in a shop directed him into the bathroom so then I knew where he was. So I walked into this well lit 6-stall bathroom. A custodian was crapping on the first toilet. He had a cleaning cart in front of him. Dad was on the toilet next to the janitor. I was really impressed as he punched em out. What stood out as different, however, was that he had several sheets of toilet paper sticking out from under him and he had his nice suit coat folded on his lap. When I asked him about that he said he has never seen a toilet stall without two things. First, a privacy door. Second, a hook on which to hang a coat. Dad made a joke about withholding his tax money until those two changes get made and the janitor burst out laughing saying that he thought dry seats were a larger priority. Dad gave me his coat as he stood to wipe. He pulled two sheets off the roll and wiped fast. Then I reminded him of the seat papers stuck to him. Then he got mad again and said there should be seat protector tissues available for us. Again, the janitor burst out laughing. He said only one or two would get used each day and the rest would be abused. Dad went up to the sinks to wash his hands. The drains on two of them had been jammed up and only cold water was available at the third. The janitor just continued to sit and smile as Dad continued to complain.

Victoria B.

A few quick replies

To Emily and Molly: We're all happy that you're still here! I look forward to reading more from both of you once you've gotten off the grading carousel!

To Mina: Thank you for the numbers! The four of you are so cute together; I could almost feel my own butt being playfully pinched or spanked like yours! I'm excited to hear about your visit to Italy.

To Taylor: Your pooping companion sounds like a real knockout! Seems as though you two enjoyed yourselves. One question though: do you get ketchup or brown sauce on your bacon sarnies?


Uncle Harry

To Blob Again

Hey Blob:

I'd better stop praising your stories. There's too many of them. Keep it up. I don't know where you live, but there seem to be many women who pee in the open. Are you UK? I'm USA.

Hi! I've been reading this forum for a while and decided it was time for me to finally post! To give you a little background about me: I am a 38 year old married woman who works as an EMT. I have a daughter and son; Kate (6) and Tim (2)
The first story I want to share is about my daughter:
Ever since she was little, Kate has struggled with constipation. The other week, I had taken Kate to the mall to buy new bathing suits. As I was helping her undress to try on a suit I noticed her stomach was slightly distended. "Does your belly hurt?" I asked her as I gently placed my hand on her stomach. Kate pushed my hand away and shrugged. "How many days has it been since you went poop?" I asked her. I felt a little uncomfortable talking about her bowel movements in a dressing room where others could probably hear us but, by looking at Kate I could tell she hadn't been in a while and I didn't want her constipation to get any worse. Kate shrugged again and answered. "Last Thursday?" (It was a Friday). I sighed and put her shirt back on. "Lets go to the bathroom and then we'll come back to try on the bathing suits" I told her. Kate was generally ok with public restrooms but I figured she'd be more comfortable if it were just the two of us so I took her into the family restroom. I locked the door behind us and instructed Kate to sit on the toilet and try to go poop. Kate pulled down her denim shorts and zebra patterned underwear and sat down. She let out a little pee and then began to push. Her face scrunched up as she pushed. "Unnnhhhhh" she strained. She paused and panted. Her face was starting to turn red. "Mommy it hurts" she looked at me with sad, frightened eyes. "I know baby" I knelt down next to her and held her hand. "Squeeze my hand when you push." I said. Kate sighed and bore down. She squeezed my hand tightly. "Unnnhhh... mmnnngghhh... ngh" her face was now bright red. Kate relaxed and let go of my hand. "Ow, mommy, ow" tears built up in her eyes. Kate sniffled. I hated seeing my baby in pain like that. I tore off a piece of toilet paper and wiped her tears. "Try real hard one more time for me ok?" I gently stroked her cheek. As Kate began to push again I leaned over and peeked at her butt. Her hole was swollen and bulging but I couldn't see any poop ready to come out. "Hhhuhh" Kate released her breath and relaxed. "I can't go mommy" Kate mumbled. "That's ok sweetheart. Do you want to continue shopping or should we just go home?" I figured her stomach and butt probably hurt and assumed she wouldn't want to move around much. I was right as Kate asked to just go home. When we got home Kate laid on the couch and I gave her some miralax. She tried to go later that night before bed, to no avail.

The next morning Kate woke me up crying. "Mommy, I really have to go poo-poo." Kate normally didn't need my assistance in the bathroom but when she was this constipated she did. I got out of bed and took her into the bathroom. Kate quickly took off her pants and underwear and sat on the toilet. I sat on the side of the tub and held her hand. "Hunngggghh" Kate immediately started pushing very hard. She took one quick breath before pushing again "Nnnnnnhhhuuuuuhhhh... ow!" Kate screamed. She began to cry. "Mommy I have to poop real bad but it won't come out" She pushed again and screamed "Ow" again. She kept pushing. I looked at her behind and saw a big dark turd starting to poke out. "Keep pushing honey, it's coming" I reassured her. Kate kept straining, crying, and screaming. I tried to comfort her but nothing much worked. This went on for about 10 minutes. My husband offered to take my place for a bit but Kate wanted me to stay. After about 20 minutes Kate screeched, "Ahhh! Ow! Ow!" She then stopped crying and screaming and bore down very hard. "Unnnghhh..... unnhhhhh" Finally Kate screamed louder than before "uhhh... AHH! OWWWW' and I heard a loud splash. Kate looked relieved but then grimaced as mushy poo flooded out of her bottom. Finally she finished and I handed her toilet paper to wipe. "Do you feel better?" I asked. Kate nodded and smiled. Luckily she isn't this constipated all the time but it is never easy for her and often requires a long time for her to go. I'm hoping she'll grow out of it when she's older. Let me know if you want to hear more!


Walking on the moors with my girlfriend

One day while out walking in a wooded area on the moors after a pint or two my girlfriend needed a piss, so I said we could go deeper into the trees so that if anyone came along the path she would not be seen, she was not shore, I said it will only be me and I have seen you pee loads of times. So we went deeper into the trees and found a little clearing completely surrounded with tall bushes and trees, there was no-way we could be see from the path.
She quickly dropped her jeans and knickers and went into a very low squat,her bum was about two inches off the ground with it almost on her heels, I had squatted down at right angles to her and she started to pee a clean straight jet about six inches in front of her. I was fasinated watching it first make a hole in the pine needles on the floor and the more she peed the pine needles were pushed into a little wall until the pool of pee got to big and the wall of needles broke like a dam washing down the slope. When she finished she bounced up and down a little, stood up pulling her knickers up then her jeans.
I then knelt and peed next to her puddle trying to make the same affect as her piss had done to the needles but with no joy. We then left and continued with our walk on the moors.

Thursday, May 18, 2017

Uncle Harry

Brazen Women

I was taking a walk in the city park in April. Hariette stayed home. The ladies toilet had not yet opened, but the mens had. I had to piss really bad, so I headed for the urinal, took out my hose, and pointed it to the urinal. As I was about to relieve myself, three women appeared at my side. They said that they all needed to piss in the mens toilets. I told them to go go ahead , but that I was going piss while they did. Suddenly, one of the women asked if she could aim my dick for me. Absolutely not, I told her. I wouldn't trust what might happen with a woman's fingers on my penis. Now I let go and my stream shot out, with three women watching. They didn't do there pissing. Instead, They stayed for my whole show.

When I finished, the women went over to the toilets. There were only two stalls with no doors on them. The first woman pulled down her pants and underpants and squatted over the toilet without sitting on it. The second woman sat on the seat. Both kept both legs apart, which provided a good view of their pussies. They both started at about the same time and two streams wooshed out as if the two women had rehearsed it. They both smiled as they pissed. They finished, wiped their pussies, and stood up.

Now the third woman. She claimed she could piss into a urinal like a man, and she did. She pulled down her pants at the urinal, got very close to the urinal, thrust her pussy forward , pulled her pussy open, and urinated straight into the urinal, I've seen this many times. I've even taught girls how to do it. It may seem strange that a man teaches women how to do a bathroom trick, but it's true. It's obvious that these women, who are not pee shy,, set this up as a prank. All three women and me got a good laugh. One woman gave me a quick flash of her pussy before we left.l A man came in and she gave him a flash too.mHe was quite startled. Then we left.


Parent Teacher Confrences

Hello Everyone, recently I was at my youngest daughter's (7) school. So usually on PTC days they have half days. But today they didn't today. So me and her teacher were talking about grades, participation all that. And I started getting the urge to take a poop. I excused myself and walked to the girls bathroom. I walked in and there were 5 stalls which 3 were taken. I took the middle stall and lowered my jeans and undies to my ankles and plopped on the seat. There was a girl about 6 in the stall next to me who was having diaheria and farting. I pushed a bit and started peeing. My daughters switch teacher came into the stall. She sat down and poop came pouring out of her. I let out a big poop about 2 ft. After about 2 more minutes she wiped and left. The girl next to me plopped a few poops in. I pushed and a big windy tird came out of me. I wiped and went back to the room.

Just Made It Meg


A few months ago I was still a art student rather than an art grad. Any young college student can tell you money is always tight when you're in school and I was no exception.

Let me set the stage. It was Friday, and my job pays on Mondays. I was down to $2 in my bank account. I had enough food and gas to last three days so all I had to do was coast by. My bladder tingled with fullness so I went to pee. As relief filled me while my stream hit the water I noticed the toilet paper roll was empty. Unfortunately I found there was none left.

I got worried right away that I might have to poop later, and there was no way I could get more paper until Monday. I tried to eat as little as possible the rest of the day. As I was getting ready for bed my lower stomach started to feel bubbly. I farted loudly. I took a moment to take in the smell before a bulging pressure formed in my lower stomach.

Even though I was feeling the early stages of a poop I put it off and went to sleep. When I woke up in the morning two things hit me, my engorged bladder full of seven hours of build up, and my aching intestines that were full of poop. I couldn't hold off my morning pee and went to the bathroom. As I sat down and started to stream I let out an airy fart. It slowly crept up to my nose through my legs. I had to fight the temptation to poop right then and there.

My stomach hurt all that morning. I skipped breakfast out of necessity. Though it didn't slide down into my butt on approach to try and exit, I could feel my poop sitting in my lower stomach. It was putting a lot of pressure on my intestines and making a lot of farts. I think my body knew the situation and was trying to keep it in storage mode as long as possible.

By lunchtime I was really starting to feel it. I was bloated and felt very uncomfortable. My guts had enough and by late afternoon my poop was ready to go. I could just tell it was a lot of poop by the way it fell into my butt. I felt the pressure trace its way down from my lower stomach to my butt. My anus was slammed suddenly with dense poop. It filled up quickly and started to hurt. It was definitely being over stretched from my poop.

I hunched over and clutched my stomach. My poop was extremely desperate but I had to force myself to hold it in. Throughout the night my poop poked at my butthole making me wince. I clenched and squirmed for hours until it was time for bed. It was hard to even focus on sleep but I somehow managed.

Sunday morning I bolted awake from the immense pain in my butt. My poor anus was so engorged with poop there wasn't even any room for farts to slip out. I barely held it the rest of the day. At one point during the night I had to stand up and press my hands on my butt to keep everything in place.

I got up early Monday right away and threw on some shitty clothes and went to Wal Mart. I was power clenching my ass then entire time. I had never been thankful for my direct deposit. With my toilet paper in hand I rushed to the bathroom as soon as I got home. I slammed on the seat and started pooping instantly. My butthole hurt from being stretched open so much. A giant wave of crackling poop shot out of me. There was to many turds to even count. I can't even tell you how much better I felt after that.


To OP "Drive Home" (and anyone else)

If you're going to lose it or have already started, squat down as low as possible without actually sitting down. The pee will run off your butt instead of down your legs getting your pant legs, socks, and shoes wet. If you have a jacket or spare shirt, you can wrap it around your waist and hide the worst of the damage until you can deal with it.

Victoria B.

Anna from Austria's and Taylor's questions

Anna from Austria asked what the worst toilet readers had to go number two on was. I have an answer, one that goes back to my high school days.

I played tennis in high school and that meant a lot of traveling to other high schools in my home state for matches and tournaments. This exposed me to a lot of locker rooms in varying conditions and states of repair. The worst of them had no stalls enclosing the toilets. There were meter long partitions between each stool, but they were about calf-level off the ground. Even worse, there were no doors and the two rows of six toilets directly faced each other. One of these was the worst toilet I ever used and I needed to go number two. My friend Jessica stood in front of me while I went and Rachel, another friend, used the toilet opposite mine. The presence of friends who had seen me on the toilet before made it slightly less awkward. On the other hand, I pooped a huge load and needed so much paper to wipe my butt that I ended up clogging the toilet!

Taylor asked what order we women use, front/back or back/front, to wipe. I'm like you; I always wipe my vulva first if I've peed while pooping. Once I'm nice and dry, I'll slide forward on the seat, grab a second handful of paper, and wipe between my cheeks front-to-back. If I need more paper I'll take more. A clean butt is a must for me, no matter how much I enjoy getting it dirty! I've done this since I was first taught to use the toilet.

Sonya Sue

Should public bathrooms be expanded?

Last week I had another one of those horrendous days. On Friday, I was late to get up for school. Got to school with a 3-day crap ready to unload, but no toilets available in the three bathrooms I tried before first hour. I had two important exams that took the whole class hour. Then I had permission to sign out and drive to a middle school and show a DVD and make a presentation to English classes on our drama program. It was lunchtime, so on the way out I stuck my head into the main bathroom by the office, and the stalls were jammed up with girls waiting. I saw at least two of them with Out of Order signs hanging. I remembered there was a fast food place on the way to the middle school. I figured I could stop and grab something to eat there and also take my crap. But the ordering lines were long and there were others standing in the bathroom hallway. Nix that idea!

Every few minutes I was experiencing a higher level of discomfort. I was within 20 minutes of my presentation at the school. Also at the point where one more stressor could cause me to pee my pants. I saw the sign for a gas station advertising the city's cleanest toilets with two cartoons of a male and female with their hands in their mid-areas and stressful looks. I turned off onto the service road and drove into the station's lot. Not seeing cars at the pumps, I was even more hopeful. Then I saw a large For Lease sign on the door. It was good I had music on because I screamed that loud. So I went back to the main road and sped over to the school. My presentation was 10 minutes away. My drive, depending on the number of lights I hit, was probably about 5.

My discomfort level was growing. Luckily I didn't have a lot of gas because if I would have cut one, my jeans and the front seat would have been a disaster on both ends. The school had a Visitors stall. I wheeled into it. I grabbed my lap top and DVD. Luckily, they expected me in the office, turned my lap top and DVD over to their tech guy who went into the meeting room to set it up. The anguish in my body language must have shown because they told me a bathroom was right next door to the lecture hall. Then the tech guy came back in and asked me for a cord. I remembered it was on my back seat and I ran out for it. I hoped he was patient because in carrying it in, the 5-second alarm went off in my body. I bolted directly over to the bathroom. I ran to the first stall, ripped my jeans and underwear down, but none too soon. The first 2-inches of my poo fell onto the front of the toilet where the break in the seat is. The larger piece got into the bowl. Part of that first piece fell off the bowl and splattered between my legs. Once I got done with my pee, which also came out much faster than usual, I found there was another stressor. Two cardboard rolls with no paper on them! In quickly thinking to myself, I used some language that would have gotten me thrown out of this school.

Then I quickly came up with my most brilliant idea. There must be another 12 or so stalls. None being used. Waddling like a duck, I had just turned the corner into the next stall when the bell rang and probably at least six girls immediately came running in. And here I am, pants down, and majorly petrified. The first girl looked at the mess I left and whispered to her friend that it was something gross. My instincts told me to try and save the presentation. So I immediately pulled up my underwear and jeans, fully knowing what I was doing and hoping that it wouldn't smell for at least the 45 minutes of my presentation. Luckily they moved my presentation into the auditorium so the inevitable smell wouldn't be that apparent. And I got down there just in time before the tardy bell rang.

There were a few students talking to one another and snickering at first. I was hopeful they had not heard about what happened in the bathroom. After the presentation, which went very well, I stopped in the office to sign out. I told the secretary I was going to stop in the bathroom on the way out. She pointed out a faculty toilet right on the side of me. What a break. My undies were a disaster so I took them off, wrapped them in a wad of the brown paper off the towel roll, and dumped them into the trash can. With toilet paper I was able to clean myself up pretty well. I washed my hands with extra soap three times because I knew I had gotten crap on them. Then I drove back to school. That evening at the travel center where I've worked for two years, I told Vi, my manager, about all the bathrooms that were too crowded for me to use. She's like 50 and reminded me that she's from a generation that thought ahead and used home bathrooms more.

Steve A

To Matt (gross roommate)

First off, how many weeks of school do you have left? If you only have a few weeks, then I'd just tough it out by opening the window or using an air freshener. Now, if your term is over the summer, then I'd tell the RA. This is not only an embarrassing situation, but it's a sanitary issue.

Your situation is like living in a crowded tenement house in the 1800's where they had no sewage system. Diseases spread and this could happen as well. What surprises me is that whenever they did room checks, the RA didn't say anything about the smell. Hopefully, you requested a better roommate next semester.

This is a serious situation that should be taken care of. I understand your point of view, but I couldn't deal with this everyday. I wish you the best of luck and hopefully everything goes well.


re: gross roomate

Matt -

Yes, that is disgusting. If I were you, I would address the situation to your roommate the exact same way you addressed it to us. Tell him how you feel and that you don't want to have to go to the RA about it, but will if necessary. This way, if you do have to address it with the RA, you will have no reason for embarrassment. At that point, all of the embarrassment will be on him. Or, and I know this sounds could take the container from under his bed and throw it away. And keep throwing the replacement containers away. Or take pictures and e-mail them anonymously to the RA who could then issue a statement to the whole dorm area they are responsible for. Thats all I can think of. Good luck.

This is PS to yesterday.

Sorry to Victoria, I didn't answer to your question.

You know I like long time on loo and my answer is, I don't play with phone. I like to just relax while next motion is getting ready inside my bottom. Kazuko and Maho say same thing. We like to stay there with feeling movement of intestine as it prepare next motion.

Sorry to Emily and Molly, difficult to answer to your question because I don't remember experience of to need motion at embarrassing time.

To Anna from Austria: I too think plane loo is horrible. Very small space. But I think impossible to hear motion if you are outside. Hisae did motion on plane to Italy. She waited outside loo quite long time, then flight attendant came out, then loo was very clean because flight attendant always clean when they use loo, but there was little bit motion smell, Hisae said. But she hear nothing. Plane was very noisy, especially between Japan and Paris because Boeing, plane between Paris and Italy was Airbus and not so noisy. But even Airbus, I did wee and I waited outside loo little time, man came out, I think man's wee more noisy because standing, but I hear nothing. Maybe you don't need worry, I think. But I hate small space!

I also think, flush on plane loo is fantastic. Also flush on Japanese bullet train. Very noisy and powerful. But where motions go after flush? Not so much space under plane loo I think.

Love from Mina

Victoria B- I totally agree, everywhere should have gender neutral toilets. Although I've mentioned them a lot in my stories it's only because I've actively searched them out. But they are outnumbered by the number of men's and women's bathrooms. If I was PM for a day the first thing I would do is make every men's and women's toilet gender-neutral. The Barbican Theatre in London actually did this recently and whenever I'm next in the capital I want to go there for the only reason to use their loos!

Mina-Thanks for the shout out

Yesterday I was on the bus coming back from town and my need to use the loo for both things was increasing by the minute. I knew I wouldn't make it from the bus stop to my flat but luckily there's a bus stop just by uni so I got off there and headed to the Student Union. Inside I was surprised that it was busy for a Sunday. Nevertheless I carried on to the toilets. I noticed a girl in front of me heading the same direction and sure enough she went into the bathroom just before I got to the door. Pushing it open I walked to the middle cubical out of five on the left hand side. Locking the door and putting my bag on the hook I heard the girl I had seen having a ferocious pee in cubical to the left. I then stood in front of the toilet and undid my burgundy coloured jeans and pushed them down to my thighs. Next I pushed down my blue and white striped pants before sitting down on the toilet. Even though my bladder was really hurting it didn't want to start emptying. I applied a bit more pressure and finally it began to drain into the loo this felt so blissful that I shut my eyes. During this time the girl in the left hand side cubical had wiped and left. Having got rid of one need I turned to the other and this time it didn't take long at all. All I did was relax my sphincter and a volley of loose poo came out, splashing loudly into the water. Just then I heard the bathroom door open and a girl go into the cubical on my right hand side. As I pushed out a few more little pieces she sat down and had a loud pee. As she stayed on the loo I wondered if she needed more than just a pee. This was confirmed when I heard a series of crackles and plops. As I farted loudly I heard her unwind the toilet roll four times and a minute later a flush before the unlocking of the cubical door and the washing of hands. As I was finished too I got some paper and stood up to wipe. After I had satisfactorily cleaned myself I dropped the paper into the bowl, covering several turds. Getting redressed I put my bag over my left shoulder and undid the cubical door. Going to the sinks I was washing my hands when a girl entered the bathroom and seeing me walked out again presumably to check whether or not she (or I) was in the 'right' one. As I walked to the hand dryers she re-entered and glanced at me while walking to the cubical that I had just vacated but luckily she didn't say anything. But if she had I was ready to justify my choice of bathroom.

I have a little addendum to this story. Today I had a seminar at uni and then later there was an LGBT society event happening at the SU. In the hour between these two I needed to have a pee so went to the same bathroom and after relieving myself I opened the cubical door and walked towards the sinks. A girl had just finished washing her hands and turned around to see me. Although I kept on walking I was waiting for a comment about this being the GIRLS bathroom but instead her face broke into a most amazing smile. I was so touched by this gesture. It certainly shows that no good deed is small; indeed the way it can make other people feel positively about themselves can be immense.

Victoria B.

A few quick replies

To Emily and Molly: We're all happy that you're still here! I look forward to reading more from both of you once you've gotten off the grading carousel!

To Mina: Thank you for the numbers! The four of you are so cute together; I could almost feel my own butt being playfully pinched or spanked like yours! I'm excited to hear about your visit to Italy.

To Taylor: Your pooping companion sounds like a real knockout! Seems as though you two enjoyed yourselves. One question though: do you get ketchup or brown sauce on your bacon sarnies?


Tuesday, May 16, 2017


In a skirt

We were going out for a meal with a couple of my girlfriends friends and so this was one of the few times that my girlfriend was in a skirt. I had to check on a job I was working on and so we called into the building that I was working on to rewire and re-plumbing, as I was there I said that I think I would use the toilet for a quick pee and so I did, as I peed my girlfriend said she might as well go as well.
After I had my pee I said I would get a bucket of water from the stand pipe to flush the toilet with.
I got back just in time to see my girlfriend hovering over the toilet with her skirt under her chin and her tights and knickers around her knees and getting a paper tissue from her sleeve and whipping herself, then standing up right and untangling her tights and knickers, pulling up first one pair of knickers then her tights and then a second pair of knickers, and smoothing down her skirt.
I asked her why she had two pairs of knickers on, she said she always did when in a skirt and tights. The first pair because tights made her sweaty and the second pair to keep her tights in place. I said why not just have stockings and a belt and then only one pair of knickers, but she said she liked to use tights.
Don't girls have some funny ways?


Being recognised while Pooping

I am a 13 year old boy from England.
This story happened to me about a month ago.

For about 10 minutes before school lunch break, I could feel I needed a poop. I held it and as soon as the teacher dismissed us I went to the toilets.
Now I should tell you about the layout.
As you walk in there are sinks on the right and hand dryers on the left. There is a long trough urinal and opposite, 2 stalls. I have always thought that girls get it better, as when they walk into one, people don't know what they are doing but as soon as I walk into one, people say 'Oh look, Jimbob is going to crap.'

So, I had walked in, taken my blazer and bag off and sat down.
After about 2 minutes in private, a group of boys walked in.
They all wee'd and then saw the locked door and said "Oh, I wonder who is in there?"
They all went into the adjoining stall. In the stall, there is no hook so I have to put my bag on the floor. My bag is a very bright colour and most people know it this mine.
They obviously could see it under as they then said "Oh, I think it is Jimbob"

They stayed for a minute, listening to see if I would drop a poo.
They then left, after saying "Have a nice shit."
I finished, wiped and left.



A Near Miss

Hey, everyone! Emily, Molly, Imogen, Uncle Harry, Blob, Elphaba, Mina and friends ..... It's very nice to see so many no. 1 stories again, too.

Vincene -- It was dark, what did it matter really? But this is just one of the reasons why I always carry a flashlight.

Blob -- nice to see that you put on a little show of your own for your belle amie Française! I think that Continentals in general are a lot more open and honest about their bodies than us Brits. We all do it ..... Do you ever do anything similar for your current girlfriend?

Suspicious Mom -- Just forget it. Whatever your daughter and stepson were doing, they obviously feel mightily embarrassed about it. No good will come of raking it over.

Anyway. Yesterday, I had been to town for some shopping. It was a nice day and I did not have to put a coat on for what felt like the first time this year. Well, on the way home, I stopped off at a pub for a beer out in the sunshine.

Leaving the pub, I didn't have to go. Barely was it out of sight, however, when the beer started knocking on my kidneys. It wasn't long before I was no longer sure I was going to make it all the way home. Fortunately, I knew of a place on the way home from town where there was an electrical substation surrounded by bushes, where I had previously squatted down and taken care of my needs. Unfortunately, as I was getting near there, I saw police cars. Everything suddenly tightened up down there, like I really, definitely did not want to get arrested, and I managed to hang on a bit longer. Now I was out of sight of the cops; but I had also passed the last watering hole. The only thing for it now was just to keep on walking and hope for the best.

Somehow, I managed to make it to my front door with my bladder contents safely imprisoned. As I turned the key in the lock, I thought I felt a spurt out into my knickers, and was sure I was going to lose it on the floor of the front room, less than twenty metres from my bathroom ..... but thankfully, it was a false alarm. I closed the front door behind me and brothe a huge sigh.

But now that I had made it home, and got so close to my own bathroom (actually, a choice of two; I live in a Victorian two-up-two-down which has both an upstairs bathroom and an outside toilet), it suddenly seemed a terrible waste to go in the toilet now. This pent-up pee really deserved to be released somewhere more interesting! But I did not have very much thinking time available ..... I had already had two lucky escapes. The next time the wave washed over me was going to be puddle time. So I grabbed a large plastic container, placed it on the floor, pulled down my leggings and knickers and squatted over it. I tinkled noisily for what seemed like an eternity, producing over half a litre. In the end I stayed crouched down for another minute just to be sure no more was going to come out, and then brothe another sigh. Amazingly enough, I had not leaked a drop

Now that the weather is getting better, and people might be going out more, I think we should all make a special effort to go someplace without a toilet, just in order to have to improvise ..... Who else is up for that?

Emily and Molly

We're Still Here!!!

We just wanted to stop by and say hello! We've both been quite regular, and having some satisfying bowel movements since we added the Benefiber to our daily diet routine.

We hope to share our stories soon, but this is a busy time for teachers! Thanks to all who replied to our questions!


Emily and Molly xoxo

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