Gross roommate

Ok i'll make this quick. I am in college, and my roommate pees and poops in a container that he keeps under his bed. He is too lazy to get up and go to the toilet, so he just poops right there. I hate this, and I asked the RA's to give me a new room, but was too embarassed to tell them the reason why. So now i'm stuck with this freak. I hate coming back to a stinky room every night. What should i do?

Uncle Harry

To Blob, The Exchange Student

To: Blob

Another great story. You learned a lot like I once did. The French, of course, are more loose about toileting than most other countries.


Sightings while out with my girlfriend

1. One afternoon me and my girlfriend were walking along a path beside a stream when we passed a small group of tents on the other bank with a number of girls around them, some were washing there plates and mugs etc., in the stream.
We continued along the path, and as the stream curved to the left by some trees I was able to see a girl in a high squat with her bare bum overhanging the stream having a big long pee into the water below, when she saw us she tried to stop but could not and so tried to turn around and hide her bum in the long grass. We carried on along the path my girlfriend told me not to look back but I tried too as the stream curved again but she was gone.
I started to laugh and my girlfriend asked why so I said well the other girls were washing there things in the piss water down stream she then laughed too.

2. One day me and my girlfriend went for a bicycle ride along an old railway track bed, as we went along it, it started going up hill and so I had to keep stopping to let her catch up.
On one of these times I was on an embankment with another footpath about 20 feet below, as I waited for her this car pulled into the little car park at the end of the path and a female in a pink track suit got out and walking along the path coming closer to me, she stopped and look both ways along the path, pulled her bottoms down and facing me went into a squat over the long grass and had a pee, on standing back up I had a good view at her patch of pubic hair as she untangled her knicker from her track suit bottoms, with this my girlfriend arrived and said what are you looking at, when she saw she thumped me on the arm and told me off for watching.
We continued on our way, me with a sore arm.

3. One Sunday evening me and my girlfriend were sitting in a window seat of our local pub having a drink, when a large van came and stopped outside the chinese takeaway opposite, a man got out and started to take boxes into the shop.
A female passenger got out of the van and walked around to the back of it, standing with her back to the shop window dropped her jeans and went into a low squat, both of us could see her dark hairy bush and her stream of piss coming out as she just peed there on the ground out in the open.
My girlfriend said to me how dirty of her, why had she not just come into the pub and used the lady's, with that she bounced up and down a few times, pulled her jeans up and got back into the van and waited for the driver to come out of the shop and drive off.

4. My girlfriend and I were walking along the seashore on a road that was on top of a sea wall, the wall curved up to the road about 20ft from the beach below. We had stopped and where looking over the wall down onto the beach watching the people on the sand, their was a gated tunnel entrance in the wall, right below us.
When this mother with some kids got up off her towel and walked up the beach towards the tunnel, she climbed up the wall the few feet to get to the entrance, at the entrance she turned and faced the sea, with that she lifted her skirt and pulled her knickers down, getting into a high squat had a hard piss, I could see straight down her ass crack as she peed, she quickly pulled up her knickers, dropping the skirt back into place as she jumped back down to the sand, We could now clearly see the puddle of piss she had left on the concrete floor of the entrance.
As she went back to her towel we continued along the road laughing that she was shore that she had not been seen from her left or right but had forgotten about from above.

5. One day me and my girlfriend were walking into town and had to cross a six lane-ed road, this was done by a subway footpath. (now replaced with two sets of traffic lights.) We walked down the slope on one side and walked through the tunnel as we got near to the other end I could hear water splattering on to concrete, as we turned left to go up the steps were she was.
This twenty-ish female about 5 or 6 steps up her feet on the next step down, jeans and knickers around her knees, her pussy almost at my eye level pissing a stream that landed on the bottom step. I could see her pussy close up, clean shaven with a landing strip about haft of an inch wide, nice shaped lips and clit hood, she looked up and said she was sorry but had to go. My girlfriend said that when you got to go you got to go and that she knew that there were no toilets near by.
She the turned on me and said, if you was a gentleman you would go back into the tunnel; to give her some privacy, I said why?, I had seen it all now anyway, all this time the female was still peeing and saying sorry.
As soon as she was done and stood to one side to pull up her things, I was dragged up the steps by my girlfriend. I had one last look at her as I went passed. Only to get an earful from my girlfriend about standing there staring with my mouth open, looking at her pussy.
I do not know why, it was not as if I made the female drop her knicker and pee for me was it?.....Women!!!!


Additional responsibilities

Since me and Hollie are spending more time together after school, and on weekends, and will during the summer, the problem with her 6-year-old brother Liam is becoming worse. We're spending more time away from home and when we're out she's now expecting me to take Liam into the bathroom. She's kind of given up on him because his behavior is so bad. So it's my turn.

At the theater, he acts up and wants to play around. He'll run up to a urinal and start to pull his sweats down. I have to grab and redirect him because there's no way he can reach up to the bowl with his shot. I'll turn him around and he'll run to the toilets. If there's about 10 in a row, he'll stop and say Hi to the guys sitting on the toilets in cubicles without a door. I can generally grab him before he will ask them if they are pooing. Then a door will open on another stall, a guy will come out, and Liam will go running in. If I don't grab him immediately, he'll drop his clothing and badly splash the seat up. Sometimes even the stall panels too because he doesn't use his hands to aim. The other day even after I reached in and put the seat up, Liam was so careless that I saw the guy in the adjacent stall move his really nice dress shoes in close to one another because Liam's spray was coming closer.

Hollie admits that Liam has a problem. He has no father in his life and his mom is always working. As for Hollie, she just likes going into the ladies bathroom in peace without him in tow. But what about me?


College poop experience

Here's a pooping experience from my college days. At my school the area I most liked hanging out when I just wanted to chill was the upstairs balcony by the theatre. As a rule it was very sparsely populated and you could pretty much hear a pin drop. The area had a number of couches, chairs and stools, as well as some tables and chairs. There were bathrooms up here also, which had no exterior doors.
In any case, I spent any break times I had up in the balcony. I became friends with this girl named Ginger that I often encountered there. We would hang out and chat between classes. One day we were chilling on one of the couches right outside of the bathrooms. A girl walked up the steps into the balcony and entered the bathroom. We heard the stall door latch shut and her bare butt slap down on the toilet seat. A torrent of pee soon gushed into the toilet. Soon after we heard some soft airy farts, then a long extended crackling as she pushed out what sounded like a big poop. After some furious yanking at the toilet paper the flush came and she washed her hands and exited.
After the girl had left Ginger commented to me, wondering if bathroom users in this area knew that their every sound was heard by anybody hanging out in the balcony. We both agreed that it was no big deal but got a chuckle out of the fact that the area was practically an echo chamber.
A day or two later we were hanging out in the balcony again when Ginger got up from her seat and proceeded to the bathroom. She turned, winked at me, and said "be right back, pardon my plops!" I honestly couldn't help but sit there and listen to her butt crackling and pooping. When she emerged she laughed and asked me how it sounded. I commented that it sounded like she had a nice cleansing poop. Sure enough a day or two later when we were hanging out I had to poop myself and I was intrigued knowing that Ginger would listen to me pooping. We went back and forth listening to ourselves and others throughout the semester, and one morning when we were there really early, we actually went into the bathroom together and pooped next to each other in adjoining stalls. It was kind of a rush! We were never anything more than just friends, we just bonded over pooping. Strange I know, but what can I say!


My most embarrassing poop

Something a little different here....While in general I'm very open about pooping, now and again an embarrassing situation presents itself so I thought I'd share one of those. This happened back in high school. After a few morning classes I felt my bowels beginning to grumble, and I asked to be excused. My instructor gave me the hall pass and I proceeded down the hall to the bathroom. As it was during class time the bathroom was empty and I had free reign....or so I thought.
I entered the second of the two (doorless) stalls and dropped my pants. Almost immediately I began to effortlessly push out a large soft poop. I don't recall what I had eaten the night before but it was creating an incredibly foul odor in the bathroom. I didn't really think much of it as I plopped away, knowing I was alone, when suddenly.....I heard a loud commotion and lots of voices as a whole group entered the room. Almost immediately I heard many of them start making gagging noises and laughing hysterically. My face quickly reddened. I came to realize it was a chemistry class that was excused to wash their hands after an experiment.
They all continued to go on and on about how terrible it smelled, what died in here, etc. I glanced at my watch and noticed I only had a couple minutes until my current class was over and I would need to get back and move on to my next period. I gingerly grabbed some paper and began my messy wipe job. The others in the room continued to dramatically gag and laugh, although they did at least have the courtesy not to walk in front of my stall and watch me in action. I finally finished, and continued to listen to the laughter. I was not really looking forward to the walk of shame after I flushed, so I decided to just make a run for it. I flushed the toilet, tucked my head down, and booked it out of the bathroom. Laughter rained down on me as I exited but I made it a point not to look up or give any attention to anyone in the room. I ran downstairs and went to another restroom to wash my hands. Afterwards I surmised that it was a senior chemistry class that had entered the bathroom. I was only a freshman at the time so I didn't really know any of them, but having to run out of that stall after hearing them ridicule and laugh at the smell of my poop was really embarrassing!

I had plan to tell you Italy story but I decided that wait until next time after reading post from Victoria about 12 second motion. I do that first.

When I read, I thought, of course this is average. Maybe dog take only 5 or 6 seconds, because dog squat, and Anatomy Student say, squat is better. I also think, squat makes motion to easier. But like Anatomy Student said, we are lazy, and like Taylor and Victoria say, speed is not most important thing. I and my friends also think, though Hisae likes to be quick.

I think about cow or horse or hippopotamus. They do motion with standing. I don't remember so well, but I think when I was Wales, I saw cow do motion, maybe her motion make about seven splat crash on ground, one was every 2 or 3 seconds, so maybe 15 seconds was total. But when I went zoo, hippopotamus was more quicker I think, she opened bottom and about 10 footballs fall out quickly, maybe 5 or 6 seconds. Horses walk and do motion at same time, I think perhaps more quicker than 12 seconds, I saw in Wales when I riding, and my pony also do, but walk more slowly until finish.

I think monkey do motion with sitting, like human being. But not sure. I saw once long time ago but I don't like monkey, so I didn't look so much. Monkey took long time I think.

Capybara take very long time. But I ask, what is "long time"? I and my friends watch capybara. She swim into water to do motion. As soon as she in water, she did. She stayed in water, and about 1 minute later, she did again. And then again one minute after. And again. Nine times she did. Her bottom open only short time, less than 12 seconds I think, but total time about 15 minutes.

Hisae say, Maho you are capybara. Maho hit Hisae on bottom. Then Hisae say, don't hit me because I think your bottom much more beautiful than capybara's bottom ....

Maho is often constipate, so she take long time just one motion. Kazuko and me, we take less long time, but because we open bottom many times, total time is ....

I and my friends like Victoria's post so this morning we timed motion.

First Hisae. She land on loo noisy, then four plops, and we time 11 seconds. Then pause, then two more plops, 6 seconds. Then little pieces, but we can't time. And of course she did wee, we didn't time. But total time on loo, 4 minutes and 17 seconds.

Next is Kazuko. First time open, 4 plops, 14 seconds. Second time,6 plops, 21 seconds. Third time, burururururururu, 6 seconds. Fourth time, bururururu, 3 seconds. Little pieces. Total time with wee, 13 minutes 56 seconds. Include washlet time.

Next is Mina. First time open bottom, 4 plops, 21 seconds because big size and quite hard. Second time, 3 plops and 14 seconds. Then little bururururururu, but we didn't time because I forget to announce, so after Hisae dry my bottom, she spank me. Total time was 16 minutes and 13 seconds.

Next is Maho. She got excite to time us, so her motion more easier than usual, but this is result of Kazuko's time:

1, 67 seconds. (Maho say "deru", it means "come out", just when she feel turtle head start to leave bottom. Kazuko quickly press timer.) 2, 47 seconds. 3, 39 seconds. 4, 69 seconds, but this was very huge one. 5, 38 seconds. 6, 26 seconds. 7, 17 seconds. Then very long pause but Maho say, "still motion in my bottom". So we wait, than 8 come, 86 seconds! Maho push very very hard. 9 was last one and exactly 50 seconds. he relax time, little pieces and second wee, then washout. Total time was 23 minutes and 17 seconds.

After we finish, Maho put her head on table and began to cry very long wail. She cry and cry. We say, "if you shame, we don't tell toiletstool site!" But she say, I am not shame! Why you all look me so warm face when I do bad smell and dirty things many in loo? I love you love you love you love you!" and cry more. So we go close to her and caress and Hisae massage. At last Maho stop to cry and she say, "please tell to toiletstool site everything. They will interest very much I think. And I want that they know, Hisae and Mina and Kazuko are sweetest person and their love is warmest one, so off course I cry!!" And she cry again but only short time. then she stop again and she said: "Hisae and Kazuko and Mina are best people in world and Maho is happiest person."

HIsae, she is tease, she go close to Maho's ear and she say little voice, "Maho is much more beautiful than capybara." Maho turn suddenly and give Hisae very strong hug. The she say,
"when capybara did motion, she was cute very much, her face so happy and so comfortable! And Maho feel same." Hisae give hug to Maho.

I hope you like story .... we got time quite accurate because we use smartphone timer.

Shout out to Emily and Molly, I am so glad you come back, I was worry! And shout out to Catherine. We hope all is well when you have baby! Is it soon? And shout out to Victoria off course, I am so happy your stories and posts. And shout out to Brandon and Elphaba and uncle Harry and Anna and Anna and Abby and everyone, if I write all name Ms/Mr Moderator's computer burst and pieces fly to sky! So sorry I don't write all name.

Love from your very own Mina and Maho (crying baby) and Hisae and Kazuko.

P.S. When Maho hear "crying baby" she pinch me hard on bottom. But she don't say, Mina I kill you if you don't erase. Maho is so lovely!!

Sunday, May 14, 2017


Beautiful Stranger

*I just had to have the Madonna song as the title. It is a perfect fit!*

It was a nice day today so I headed into town to run a few errands and stopped at a small cafe to get some lunch. A coffee and a delicious bacon sandwich. I had needed to poop before I even got there and knew they had some toilets so I had planned on relieving myself after eating, it was an ideal opportunity. As usual I didn't rush my meal, and managed to take my mind off the need to poop, although I still knew I should go before heading home.

I had been there for about twenty minutes and had just finished my coffee when I decided it was a good time to go. I left a little tip at the counter because they provide an amazing atmosphere and headed to the toilets. Just as I was opening the door a woman came up behind me, also needing the toilet. This is where my post title comes from. She was gorgeous! About six feet tall, long blonde hair tied in a pony tail and a curvy but slim figure., wearing a figure hugging red dress. She really was a beautiful stranger.

The bathroom was rather small, quite fitting with the cafe really. Along one wall was two empty cubicles and opposite them the sinks and mirrors. I took the cubicle on the right and locked the door behind me, hearing her do the same next door. I put my handbag on the hook provided and as I was unbuttoning my jeans I could hear a loud tinkle as she started peeing. She wasn't wasting any time! I pulled my jeans and thong down to my calves as I took a seat and made myself comfortable, listening to her peeing as I relaxed.

Her wee lasted for about fifteen seconds and then we both sat in silence. It seemed like she needed to poop too but was waiting to see if I only needed a wee. We had been sitting for a short while when the moment I had been waiting for finally arrived. I bit my lip as I was stretched wide by my poop effortlessly coming out on its own. It was such an amazing feeling and I made sure to let it happen naturally, my body emptying in its own time and I enjoyed every second of it. It must have been partially submerged when it broke off because there was only a small "plunk" as the rest hit the water.

I continued relaxing, feeling the remainder inching out when I heard my neighbour sigh. Was she going too? Was hearing me enough to break the ice so she could relax? My question was answered mere seconds later when I heard a loud splash and another sigh. She had dropped a monster! I joined in with a much quieter splash followed by another moments after. By now it was very obvious someone was pooping in here. It wasn't a bad smell, but definitely noticeable.

Nothing more was coming out but I knew I had more to come so I just sat and waited for nature, wondering what the woman next door was going to do. I could see her curling and relaxing her toes over and over again, maybe she was pushing? I started peeing, my stream splashing loudly into the water below, it felt just as nice as my poop. I absolutely love going to the toilet, no matter what need I am taking care of. It feels great and it doesn't cost anything.

My wee was quite a long one, going for about twenty seconds and then we sat in silence again, she was still curling her toes so I suspected she had more to come. I smiled to myself as I felt my back door opening up again, the next piece sliding out just as effortlessly. It was thinner than the others and moving much quicker but still felt wonderful. It fell into the water with a "flumph" and then I heard my neighbour take a deep breath and saw her curl her toes with a tinkle as she let out a little more wee. Seconds later there was four or five splashes in quick succession, she must have pushed.

I felt empty so I got myself some toilet paper at the exact same time she happened to do the same. Reaching between my legs to wipe my vagina before getting some more and wiping my behind. It took about five wipes, pretty normal for me and I flushed before standing up. Happy that it all went down, and with no marks! I pulled up my thong and jeans, and was fastening them when I heard her flush. We both left our cubicles within moments of each other. Leaning against the sink facing the cubicles was a woman, looked about 18 occupied with her phone. I had no idea she had come in and wondered how long she had been there. Maybe she witnessed everything!

She took the stall I had been using and had a quick pee while we washed our hands, not bothering to do the same herself when she left. The woman who had been my neighbour had a huge smile and clearly enjoyed herself, she must have really needed it. I said "have a good day" with a smile and got a "thanks, you too!" in return as we went our separate ways.

Anatomy Student

To Victoria B.

Most mammals only take 12 seconds to poop because they still poop naturally. If you were to squat to poop like how our bodies are designed you could poop at lest 3 times faster than normal. Sitting to poo puts a bend in the rectum and poop has to squeeze through that narrow bend rather than pass easily like in a squat. It's silly that we got so lazy as a species we invented a solution to a problem we didn't have.

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Miranda great story.

To Teri great of stories.

To: Jenny Skidmarked in Seattle great story.

Well that's all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site

Anna from Austria
Hi there, sorry for not posting for such a Long time, but i was busy with other Things.

I have question I want to ask. Which was the most umpleasant toilet you ever had to use for going Number 2.

For it was definitely the airplane toilet I had to use, last year on my trip to Japan.

It was very unpleasant to me for several reasons. I did not like the idea to poop in front of so many People, was worried that could hear the loud farts I did. I think These worries are unreasonable because th anks the Background noise in the plane cabine it is unlikly that somebody could hear it but nontheless was very embarrasing for me.

I was also worried about the flush. In case the flush is not working properly, everbody would know I was the one who clogged the toilet. Luckily flush was working without any Problems.

Greetings from Austria


Uncle Harry

To Blob


Very interesting story about your girlfriend. My first wife, now dececed, always kept her legs spread half apart whenever she peed. Also she never closed the bathroom door unless there were guests in the house. Her next door friend did the same. Her husband and me were exemt as guests, so I got to see two women piss in the toilet. My present wife always keeps her legs together when she pees, but that's only because she has heavy legs. She'll spread them if I ask.


To Victoria B Re 12 Seconds

I too recently heard about that study but have not read it. First question I'd ask is what kind of animals were in the study? I think for primates, walking upright, there might be a good deal of difference in that number. Because we walk on two legs there are some added kinks in our bowels that have to be worked out and poop must navigate before it exits. Add to that the variation in our diet, and the social stigma of
pooping the moment we have the urge, and you have good reasons for the process taking longer and probably requiring more effort in humans.
I'm quite sure I have never pushed out a solid poop in 12 seconds, and I doubt that I've ever finished a loose movement in that time either.


Pooping After Jogging

Hello, I am been reading toilet stool forum for some time and really did found the website interested. i am brand new here, 30, and indeed is runner. I run and exercise a lot. I am not doing professional running. But I run on sidewalks, in large parks, parking lots if they are indeed large enough, and areas around town that are indeed much less busy. I am creamy white girl, blonde hair, black eyes, medium size lips, and about 6 feet.. Not a very pale white skin color, but not so tanned indeed. I live in state that indeed has hot and sunny weather all year round. I have been running for the past 5 years. My weight is around 160 pound currently and trying to stay fit and healthy. But not too skinny or too big. I run or job about 1-2 hours about 4 days a week. Of course, i get lots of vitamins, protein, nutrient water, workout powders, nutritional shakes, and make sure diet is good. I do some workouts at the gym about once a week though. Running and jogging indeed feel goods. Also, my bum is indeed partially shaved with a little hair.

My first store here is a down park run. It was about 3 days ago and the temperature was in the 80s, clear skies, sun beaming down, and just hot. I was in downtown area of town not the core but a little outward. There is indeed a lot of restaurants and dining places around, loft apartment homes, and a modest amount of offices. Not super tall buildings but offices for small to medium size firms. It was around 10:00 A.M. in the morning. i had some Coffee with mocha and espresso in hot, yogurt with granola, bananas, and some acai pills to reduce ???? weight. Despite being fit and leak, I wake up early in morning around 6:00 A.m. and is indeed usually fairly tired. I sometimes will indeed take iron or vitamin B 12 to get some energy. But i can still suddenly fall asleep unexpected.

well, I had some a white T shirt and pinks shorts that on today. I started running in the park on walkway for about 45 minutes. It was indeed off and on jogging. I would drink nutrient water like 1 time. I just kept on running and jogging as much as possible. I was early and not too people. The water nearby bring in some breeze too. I really do like the park and there is indeed so much room to run. Well, eventually, after about 45 minutes, i did indeed wanted to take a break. But also felt a huge urge to use the bathroom. There is major coffee chain nearby and went there. There is one toilet and took that. I was clean, nice and well lit. the floor was clean and nice tile and not smelly. I was indeed a little packed and busy though, and did indeed hear a few knocks. But I made, pull down pink shorts, pink thing, and sat my medium size bum on the toilet. The turds indeed came out slowly and indeed creamy, thick, and messy. There was about several soft farts that indeed was smelly. There was about 4 turds small in size and all of them indeed sank down the toilet water. I pee during the dropping of the third turd was indeed a moderate yellow color. i had been holding it a little while so it was indeed a little smelly. not too foamy but a long pee that was more than 6 seconds. The turds was indeed messy and despite coffee and vitamin C, they was so smelly. My bum is medium size but kinda of tight. There is not much butt hair I have so the turds indeed usually come out out easily. The less hair makes wiping easier. but these were indeed the type that was indeed backed up. A moderate brown color and kind of heavy. A splash sound was indeed made as they indeed hit the toilet water. i had wiped my bum about 5 times and all messy wipes. I had my own damp tissue wipes. They wipe better and more thorough but still indeed feel some was left after this major dump. Oh and yes, I did sub my ???? a little, scoot up on the toilet, and lean forward with head down. But it was indeed not the most easy of a dump.

I pulled up my shorts and washed my hands first until clean. i flushed the toilet only once. The toilet flush fairly good and not too weak. But there indeed some skids or poop scum left in the commode. it was like the bottom of commode and streaks you can see under the water. the skids was all below the toilet water. but they were indeed visible. a good idea would have been to flush again but indeed did not do so. So whoever came in the next time had to see the skids left from a fit and lean body white girl that runs often and youngish. yes, my butt of course would have use some more wiping. But really, i have found that running and exercise do indeed produce messy logs.


Reply to Victoria

When I'm not in any hurry I'm a slow pooper too, just relaxing and letting it happen in its own time. I only push when I need to which is rare for me. Why do I do this? Because I enjoy it. I love the feeling of relaxing and being stretched, and I like being able to just unwind a little and escape from the busyness of everyday life. I don't take any longer than I need to though, if I'm done I'm done and will wipe. But I make sure to savour every second.


Ladies - which side do you wipe first?

Obviously us women have two areas to wipe after going to the toilet. When you have emptied both ends, which side do you wipe first?

I always wipe my front first because it's quicker, cleaner and usually easier. I'll reach between my legs, wipe front to back and drop it in the loo before getting more paper for my rear, reaching behind to wipe.


2:47 a.m. Surprise

On a recent weekend, Diver and I made the drive some 300 miles to a wedding. We slept for a while after work and then drove through much of the night. Diver likes nighttime driving because he says you can make better time. We took my car because it is in better condition and I drove the first shift, but made Diver mad when I admitted I forgot to pee before leaving our apartment. So there was this unplanned rest stop on the Interstate. We saw the sign about a mile out. My bladder was hurting, and I teased Diver as he drove by unbuttoning my jeans, partially lowering the zipper and telling him I would need only 2 minutes on the stool. He pulled out his phone, but it didn't surprise me that he was going to time me. I admit it; I started it. So when we pulled off and he parked, I was ready to run for it. I followed the lights to the bathroom. Trotted through the entry and expected to be seated and pouring within 20 seconds. Problem: there must have been two or three women or girls waiting for each of the six toilets. It was a church group traveling cross-country for some meeting. I texted Diver but he said the timer was continuing. It was about 11 minutes before they got done. Once I took my warmed-over seat, I texted Diver and he restarted my time. I made it back to the car with about 5 seconds to spare. I didn't want to chance flushing or washing my hands, however.

Diver gave me a couple of swigs from his water bottle before I took over the next driving shift. I didn't want to drink any more because I didn't want to be the reason for the next pit stop. No way! After two hours, we shifted seats and Diver took over. His only criticism of me was that we would be farther along if I had used the left lane more. I teasingly told him to FO, put my knees up against the dash, and got in a nice sleep. It was the middle of the night when I woke up. I had a horrible pain in my gut. A good amount of gas and enough churning below the belt to worry me. Diver had eaten the same tacos I had made before we left the apartment. He was feeling fine. But I told him my bowels were acting up.I made him agree to stop at the next rest area. I sat up straight. Let go of some of the gas. Still I was feeling more nauseous. I used Diver's water bottle to take a couple of aspirins.

Diver assured me we were just minutes from a toilet. His softball team had traveled this route to a tournament or two. He pulled off, but into a pitch black driveway. As he pulled up to curb, he pointed out where the building way behind a grove of trees. I grabbed my phone off the dash but not my shoes. I followed the sidewalk and a bent, faded sign. As I got close to the building, I heard water running and I was encouraged. Strangely, I followed the noise, but there was no light. As I turned the corner, where I expected to see the bathroom, I continued to follow the water. I used my hands to walk around a brick wall and with a little light from the moon, I saw non-doored panels. I took the farthest one. I dropped the seat. Something a little strange about that? Maybe it was recently cleaned. I saw great white hanging from the panel. Great. I figured I would be using much it it. I dropped my clothing and immediately placed my butt on the seat, after using my hands to steady myself enough to do it.

I saw 2:47 on my phone and Diver's text. I told him I had just sat down. Then there was an explosion of diarrhea that I could feel had splashed all over my crotch area. Then there was a log, followed by more diarrhea. It burned my skin. I knew there was a disaster under me. Eager to start on the cleanup, I put both hands on the white to my right. I could tell I was touching metal. Still hopeful, I fumbled for the opening. I found it. The roll just went round and round. Nothing on it. I'm surprised Diver didn't hear the curse I yelled. As I was still seated peeing, and with more gas gathering, I wasn't about to check the other stalls. I texted Diver and told him to go into the guys room and get me at least a half roll of toilet paper. As I was waiting my right toe almost got stuck in the drain pit in front of the toilet, but I heard the car door slam and feet moving toward the building.

There was movement in the first stall, but I assumed it was another visitor. Paper was being torn off, but then the feet and noise went outside. I thought it might be someone with a cold or nosebleed, because I've had a few of those. Then I heard Diver's voice from some distance away, "Vincene, where the **** are you?" Then a text came across. The same thing. At first I was confounded. I was still draining some more as Diver's voice came within feet of me in the otherwise lightless room. He used his phone to illuminate me and briefly burst out laughing. Then he explained to me that I was in the guys bathroom. He explained that I hadn't seen urinals because they were immediately behind me in the other room. Luckily, he kissed me and helped me stand and clean up. As we were doing that, my big toe got stuck on that drain and it almost broke off. I was in so much pain. After the two flushes that were required, he lifted the seat and took what he promised would be his last leak before we reached our destination.

Saturday, May 13, 2017


The Exchange Student

This was in the late 1960's when one summer we had a french exchange student come to live with us, I was not very happy about it at first as I was moved out of my bedroom into the little box room so that she could have my room. I was in my early teen's and she was a year or two older.
The first time she peed outdoors when I was there. We were both sitting on a low wall at a bus stop when she said she needed a wee wee (her words), with that she wiggled her knickers down to her thighs under her dress and pushed her bum back over the wall and started a strong piss down the back of the wall onto the ground, all I could see was the puddle getting bigger, and a quick flash of thigh as she pulled her knickers back into place, we got on the bus when it came and nothing more was said about the 'wee wee'.
Some days later we had been out in the car with my father, and were on the way home, we use to keep the car in a lock up garage about three street away from our house, so my father dropped use at the corner of the road to the garage, so we could start to walk home down two back lanes, as we walked down the first land she said she may wet herself if she walked anymore and as the lane had high walls on both sides she went over to a drain in the middle of the lane and pulled her knickers down to her knees and her dress up to her waist and just bent her knees and started a strong piss int the drain.
This was the first time I had seen a girls pussy let alone a pissing one, as I was standing down hill and in front of her I did not now were to look as I watched her piss come out of a pair of pick lips in the patch of hair, (up until then I thought girls peed out of there bums, as a young kid I had seen my mum sit on the toilet when I was in the bath, and ones she too had peed into one of the drains in this same lane but only from her back.) soon she was finished and with a shake of her backside she pulled her knickers back up and we walked the last bit home, I had I little bit of trouble trying to hide the lump in my trouser. ( I think she saw that)
One Saturday night I was in the bath when the door opened and in she came. ( there was no lock on the door so if it was closed it meant the bathroom was in use, the door ajar if vacant,) I said hey I'm in here, but she said she needed a wee wee, and with that went over to the toilet raised her dress and dropped her knickers to her knees and went into a high squat over the pan and peed for what seemed like forever, then turned and flush the loo still with her knickers down giving me a great view of her bum, before pulling up her knickers and dropping her dress into place, she then came over to the bath and dipped her hand into my bathwater then wiped them in my towel, with that she asked what I was trying to hide under my washcloth and walked out the room.
I had noticed that if we were sitting in the back yard and she had to use the outside toilet and if we there alone she would leave the door open so that I could she her pissing in a high squat over the pan and get a good look at her pussy.
Near the end of her stay we were on our way home and were waited for a buss outside of a bus shelter ( as it stunk of piss), when she said she needed a wee wee, and at this point so did I but did not tell her so. I said to go int the bus shelter and pee adding that I mite as well go as well as it was a long wait for the bus. So with her back to the left side wall, dress up and knickers down in a high squat peeing, I went in the middle of the back wall so that I could see her and know she could get a good view of me, I was peeing on the base of the wall but as I watched her I was peeing higher and higher, this she thought was very funny and was laughing at my problem, when she was finished she stood up and dressed, and offered to help me, which was of no help at all. I had a lot of trouble putting it back in trough my trousers.
Not long after that she left to returned to France, I was meant to go there to her home the next year, but mum said I was to young but I think it was because of the money 15 air fair was nearly three week wages for my dad so I never saw her again we did write to each other for a time then she stop answering my letters.

A suspicious mom
Hope I'm using this right. I don't want to give my name, but I'm a married woman with three kids: two daughters, 7 and 15, and a step-son who's just a few months younger then my oldest daughter. I should mention my daughter and step-son knew each other before me and my husband and are more boyfriend and girlfriend then step-siblings. We don't mind, since it's easier to keep an eye on them then usual teenage couples.

A few days ago we were visiting family in another state and staying at a hotel. There was a restaurant downstairs where we'd get lunch and dinner, and during lunch one day my step-son and daughter finished their food and decided to go back to our room together to get their things, since we were going to visit a relative after lunch. Right after they left I decided I'd go grab my husband and mine's things too so we could leave sooner. I ended up walking in the hallway our room was on in time to see both of them get into the room ahead of me.

When I got to the room though, I couldn't see either of them. The balcony was empty but the bathroom door was closed. I immediately became suspicious and knocked on the bathroom door and my daughter's voice called back. I asked her where her brother was and she said he'd gone to the vending machines on the other side of the floor, which I knew was a lie. Looking back, I know this might've been mean, but since the bathroom door didn't have a lock I turned the knob and pushed it open and stepped inside. I didn't see my step-son, but my daughter was on the toilet with her pants down and started screaming at me to get out. I closed the door and told her we'd be leaving when they got back downstairs. After I grabbed my husband and mine's things, I left the room but waited at the end of the hallway for a few minutes and saw both of them leave the room.

I know for a fact that he had to have been in the bathroom with her while she was using it, and probably hid behind the shower curtain when they heard me come in the room. My daughter stayed mad at me for the rest of our trip, but I didn't bring it up or mention it to my husband. I did watch them to make sure they didn't have an opportunity like it again, but I think I scared them cause they didn't even try. Having seen this forum, I realize it's not too uncommon, but I am really not comfortable with it and don't want to have to force my daughter to sit down and talk about her bathroom habits.

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