Today was terrible so I've had the runs since last night i have no clue what i ate but at midnight i had to make a run for the toilet. So when I woke up for school i had mushy runny diarrhea that made my ass burn like hell when it came roaring out. Today was our exams at school which i couldn't miss so sadly i had to go, within 3 hours my stomach started cramping really bad like this felt like someone was scratching up my insides. I went up to mrs.rose and told her my stomach hurts and i want to go to the office her reply was go to the bathroom you just need to.. well you know after that little response i was like whatever and went the bathrooms were empty due to everyone doing their exams so i was good. I went in the last stall i left the door open because i hate closing the door when im in the bathroom whether it be showering pooping or peeing i just don't like it. I qucikly pulled my pants and undies down, i couldnt get any poo to come out my stomach was just cramping and gurgling after about a minute though it was ready to let loose. The first wave was explosive coming out the splashing and echoing of the diarrhea hitting the bowl sounded so nasty plus my terrible gas. I had this wave that was like a plop splash then a fart then plop splash. Apparently i was in there forever because my teacher made a smart ass remark saying im taking it you feel better then winked. Currently right now im on the pot ive been on here for an hour but im home now.

Victoria B.

Twelve seconds?


So I recently discovered an interesting study. A Ph.D candidate at Georgia Tech, having examined 34 species of mammals of all sizes, worked out that the average warm-blooded creature takes only twelve seconds to poop. The study was published in the aptly-named journal Soft Matter and , as someone who notoriously enjoys her time on the toilet, kind of made me feel weird. It takes me a lot longer than twelve seconds to push out an average number two. That's by choice though; I'm not sitting there and straining to force everything out, but rather taking my time and enjoying the warm, relieving feeling of going from either my front or backside. That's not including wiping, something which I'm kind of meticulous about and always do while seated (I'll sit back down if I've gotten up to admire my latest production). So, I guess I'll open this up to my fellow slow poopers. What takes you so long on the pot? Are you on your phone or just kinda sitting there?


Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Miranda great story.

To Teri great of stories.

To: Jenny Skidmarked in Seattle great story.

Well that's all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Simmee great story.

To: Annie it sounds like you had some pretty desperate poops.

Well that's all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site


Chillin' Chambers

At my high school, the situation is getting worse as the school year comes closer to an end. More students are bored, some are upset because of low grades or not getting along with others or their teachers, so what they are doing is sneaking out of class or signing out when they have substitutes or student teachers, and they go to the bathroom and with their electronic device, they just sit and chill on a toilet.

This started this past fall when our schools administration cracked down on the electronics. Teachers were told to walk around the class more, and if the students were misusing theirs, it would be picked up and they would only get it back after they served time after school. And some parents were called and shown what was on the device when they came to school for the administrative meeting. I know of a couple of students who had criminal charges because of what they had on their phone.

As a result, students are looking for places to chill. And the bathrooms are where they are doing it. Back in September, the school changed rules because too many students were sitting clothing up with their phones out on the toilets. That was a giveaway when teachers and administrators came through. So the phones were taken away. Then the students started to be more sneaky. Girls were bragging because they would sit, with their phone part under their loose-fitting dress, and when a teacher would look in on them, they would pull off toilet paper, and fake like they were wiping. Not many supervisors would walk through 5 or 10 minutes later and see the same shoes under the privacy door.

When it was talked about in Student Council it was said that the guys wear boxers which they just pull down to mid-thigh, and they hide their phone in them. When a teacher looks in on them, they too pull off toilet paper to fake them out.

In each of our bathrooms, more stall doors have been taken off. Those with legitimate needs to relieve themselves not only lose their privacy, but the queues are getting longer. During 3rd hour yesterday, all 12 toilets on main floor middle were taken. I had to wait 10 minutes to get my toilet. My crap came pretty easily and I felt sorry for those waiting for time on the toilet who were not using the bathroom as a chillin' chamber. As I was wiping, I heard a girl run in. She was in a panic and when I opened the door after flushing, I called out to her. She was up on a sink right across from me. Her blue underwear and jeans were at her ankles and she was fiercely peeing. When she apologized to me, she said she was hoping to hold her shit. She wasn't obviously unsuccessful with that.

I'm afraid the chillin' chamber situation is going to get worse. Attitudes are bad and they aren't going to change.


My girlfriend peeing

I guess that I got interested in females peeing when out and about with my girlfriend. If we needed to pee we would go to a public toilet, I would go into the gents and if it was empty she would come in too, I would use the urinal while she would go into one of the cubicles.
I could some times hear her pee hitting the water in the toilet pan as she peed. At the toilets at our local park she would ask me in with her as the only cubicle in the gents did not lock so I had to keep the door closed for her.
On these times she would quickly drop her jeans and pants and sit on the toilet with her knee's together so that I could not see anything but I could hear the lot. When she had finished she would stand up and in one movement pull up her pants (without wiping) but most times I did get to see a flash of pubic hair, them pull up her jeans and I would open the door and see that the coast was clear we would leave the gents together.

Thursday, May 11, 2017


House viewing poop

Today a friend of mine was viewing a house and because it was the first time she's ever done anything like that she asked me to go with her. I said it was no problem and we met near the house just after lunch. I needed to poop but I was running late so I decided to hold it, figuring the house viewing would only be an hour at most and I'd be able to find somewhere to go on the drive home.

After about fifteen minutes my stomach started cramping and gurgling loudly but I tried to ignore it, and paid attention to everything the estate agent was saying. I know it can be easy to miss stuff when you're nervous. The house was lovely, really large and bright, a very welcoming look. While I was enjoying having a look around, I was hoping things would be quick, the pressure in my stomach was quickly building and I was starting to worry.

We headed upstairs and he started showing us the bedrooms, very nice and I knew my friend was looking at a good house. I was struggling to concentrate, my stomach gurgling louder than ever. I'm sure they was able to hear it! Then we went onto the bathroom. I'm not sure what it was but as soon as I saw the toilet my urge to go skyrocketed. It was so hard to keep a straight face. I began to worry even more, I didn't want to have an accident in front of my friend and the estate agent but it was becoming so much harder to hold.

Just as we was leaving the bathroom to look at the final bedroom I knew I had to say something, there was no way I'd be able to make it home. I even doubted I would be able to make it to the end of the viewing. I could feel myself going red already.
"Excuse me?"
"Yes madam?"
"Is it okay if I use the bathroom? It's um... it's kinda urgent" as if on cue my stomach cramped and gurgled again
"Oh of course, be my guest"

I thanked him and darted back into the bathroom, locking the door behind me. I hitched up my dress around my waist and tore down my knickers as I sat. As soon as I touched the seat I felt myself opening up, my poop forcing its way out of me. I couldn't help but sigh. It seemed to go on forever before it eventually fell into the toilet and I had quite a long wee. The bathroom amplified all the sounds so I'm sure they heard me. I felt empty enough to get home so I quickly wiped, flushed and washed my hands. They were just finishing looking at the bedroom when I emerged, rather red faced.

I didn't expect to be looking at the bathroom in quite that much detail!

Steve A

Tyra Banks Show: Girl obsessed with pooping & stereotypes

This showed up on YouTube and it caught my attention.

There's this teenage girl named Veronica and she got on the Tyra Banks show because she was obsessed with pooping. She mainly just talked about it with others and announced whenever she had to go #2 in public or at home.

She probably has no trouble and no shame when it comes to pooping, especially in public. Parenting and/or a past life experience could be the reason why she may be like this.

Stereotypes: Now, I'm not saying that this is a bad thing for her, but I believe that girls and guys should be equal when it comes to bathroom habits. Stereo-typically, guys are better known for their bathroom jokes/humor. Girls, on the other hand, are known to keep these things to themselves or between their friends.

Uncle Harry

To Miranda

I didn't realize you were school age, which makes me your grandfather, or your uncle, age. I'm also a retired therapist, so I understand Raelyns situation regarding her parents divorce. I worked with many such clients. Perhaps that's what she needs to help her, if she can get such a person. I admire your attempts to help her. Keep it up.

Uncle Harry

Watch Us Pee

In my senior year in high school, there were two girls I knew well, but were not girlfriends: Cathy and Jean (names changed). I had no regular girlfriend, but dated several different girls. I was considered a non-athletic nice guy that girls who didn't like jocks liked to date. I took Cathy to a movie once. They both lived close to the high-rise where I lived. One day in the fall, Cathy asked if we could meet at her house after school to discuss something. They didn't say what and I had no clue, but I agreed to meet.

We got to the meeting and the girls brewed some coffee and brought out cups of it. We talked for about 5 minutes about nothing of importance and then the girls tried to get to the point, but mumbled and stumbled to get there. Cathy started. "You see-ugh-well-ugh-well-ugh-ugh pause- pause-neither of us have ever-pause-pause- peed with a boy watching". "Hugh", I thought. "So?", I said. Now Jean stumbled in. We want to-ugh-break that that thing and grow up. Would you please-ugh-watch us piss". That was the first time any female asked me to be a witness to a first-time male viewing of a piss.

I agreed of course. Cathy and Jean flipped a coin to see who would go first. She looked pretty nervous, as if this were a wedding. We went into the bathroom. She pulled downed her shorts to her ankles. Then she put her hands on her panties, looked at me and said, "Well, here goes", jerked her panties to her ankles and plunked down on the toilet. At first she kept her legs together so I couldn't see her vagina. Then she slowly spread them apart, all the while not looking at me. A few drops of urine fell from her opening, and more, and more, and finally a heavy flow, as if she had been holding back. Now she looked at me, smiled and relaxed, as if she were proud of herself. Maybe she was. She finished her heavy flow, wiped her pussy, pulled up her pants, and flushed.

Now it was Jeans turn. She seemed much more enthusiastic than Cathy had been or perhaps she just wanted to get the ordeal over with. She pulled down her pants and panties quickly, sat down, starred at me, and let go a gusher while I watched. Then she wiped her pussy, pulled up her pants, and gave a sigh of relief. They accomplished what they wanted and thanked me for helping them grow up, but I don't know how much they will continue to let guys watch them pee. We passed out more coffee and discussed their coming of age. They were getting more relaxed as time went by, so maybe the session was worth while. Jean stood up, pulled down her pants, scratched her pussy, and claimed she had and itch. She held her pants down long enough for me to view her pussy while she smiled at me and then pulled up her pants again.

It was getting late, so we broke up and went home. A week later, they wanted another session with not just me, but two other guys, one jock and one not. Everything went well, with the guys pissing too. The sessions worked.

Uncle Harry

Hiking Pee

When I was younger, I went on a. Boy Scout hike. We hiked on a country road with hardly any traffic. We carried our water and lunch and around noon we stopped for lunch. Before eating, we all walked over to the bushes by the roadside, took out our male apparatus, and urinated. Just at that time, a group of Girl Scouts came along the crossroad. When they saw what we were doing, they all started to laugh and giggle. I was at the end of the row at the crossroad and a girl came right up to me, stood there, and watched. We should have coordinated with the Girl Scouts, but we didn't. The Girl Scout leader pulled the girls away as best she could. To make matters worse, the girls had planed to eat at the same tables as us. Now that wasn't a problem, but the girls needed to pee too. But where?
The girls themselves solved that problem: some bushes pretty close to the tables where they could squat down and pee. Most of them faced the tables where the boys could see they're pussies. Not all girls showed. Several went further away and faced the other way. The leaders didn't have much control. Everyone did what they wanted.


Trading Tires For a Toilet

Tim's survey

How often do you pee? Up to 8 times a day. Depends on how much I drink.

How often do you poop? Usually once a day. Often its at school or the park.

Do I get annoyed if toilet seats are left up and why? In public, it might keep things cleaner. Like when a person hurls. Or a mom or babysitter has a little boy in tow.

Would you mind if a person of the same sex saw you peeing or pooping?
No. I will take a non-doored stall if it means saving time waiting in line. Logic also tells me the toilet will probably be cleaner due to less use.

Would you mind if someone of the opposite sex saw you peeing or pooping?
Not if I know them.

Do I sit or hover? I don't apologize for sitting. However, once at the park my diarrhea blasted out one second before my butt hit the seat. My friend Raelyn it took me longer to clean myself from the seat.

Uncle Harry:

Thanks for your compliments. What happened with Kennard was totally unintended. I had to crap, he had to pee, the guys' room was closed, he and I raced to the door of the ladies and I guess it was a tie, so we both had to use the toilet at the same time. Raelyn already had the other one and wasn't about to yield to him after papering the seat. Looking back, I was just lucky that his aim was so accurate.


What's your reaction to an unflushed toilet? In public, it depends on whether I'm peeing or pooping. I often drop heavy large pieces of crap and I would flush before starting. The last thing want is someone else's pee up my anus. If I'm peeing I will still use the toilet because depending how much other things, (bottles, cans, pads, etc.) are already in the toilet, it wouldn't flush anyway.


How did I know Raelyn was in for a difficult crap?

We've become good friends at school. Her parents have divorced. She's split between both homes and its really difficult for her. For example, her father cusses her out for stopping up the toilet they have in his small apartment. So she and I walk our dogs and hang out at the park a lot. We use the bathroom there. She's also been bullied at school, so she holds her craps. But on weekdays, by the time she gets to her mom's house, she can no longer deliver the crap. Then she's stopped up on weekends and her dad gives her suppositories. Her mom gives her laxatives during the week, but Raelyn doesn't want to use them because they become effective while she's at school.

Is it something we discuss often?

Yes because I feel sorry for her and her situation.

Is it a girl thing to discuss such matters?

Yes, when there's problems like she has. But I have other friends from band and other classes who just excuse themselves for a moment at school and don't get specific for what they are going to do. Raelyn's case is kind of extreme because she might sit for up to two hours at the park before she completes her crap. When I'm on the toilet right across from her, I will stay and talk to her because she doesn't like to be alone. She's found that having a smoke right after seating herself does calm her nerves some. But her 5-day craps are hard and difficult for her to drop. Sometimes us girls do like strength in numbers in public bathrooms. It just depends.

Emily & Molly's survey:

Your question about the most embarrassing place I have pooped. Well me and Caryl (a friend who had moved to another school in our city) were riding our bikes a little farther than our parents knew. We were about 9. I had told her I would take her to the park which was OK with our parents, but we decided to ride in a very dumpy alley on the side of a train track. We just wanted to see how far it would go. We knew we couldn't get lost because all we had to do was turnaround and follow it back. The sun was getting hotter at 2 p.m. and holding my poop in was starting to make we nauseated. We saw a cat chase a baby rabbit into some bushes and we walked in and followed the maze to the other side.

When we got there, we saw three huge old truck tires that were just sitting here I guess as part of the dump. So Caryl thought it would be an adventure to climb on them and see down in the middle. I was so surprised with how well she balanced herself and then dropped herself down to the ground. There was absolutely no one around. I told Caryl I could no longer hold my poo. I had to get rid of it right away. So when I got to the top tire, and waited several minutes for the rocking to stop, I intended to pull down my shorts and poo into the middle. Caryl said she knew I couldn't do it because the bouncing you be too much and I would fall into the middle and probably break my neck.

So when I stopped bouncing badly on top, I slowly pulled my jeans shorts and undies down. Ever so slowly, so there was only a small bounce. While I held my self with my left hand so I would bounce less, I used my right hand to try to line up my hole so that I wouldn't be just holding my crap because it wouldn't clear the rubber that was starting to heat up my butt. Each time I slid about a 1/4 inch there was more bounce and I feared I could lose my balance beyond what my left hand could stop.

I told Caryl not to talk so much because I wanted to hear my poo hit the ground. There were two splats. Then three. By the fourth, I could feel the relief. Caryl questioned whether it had actually fallen, but I knew it did. Then I braced myself and jumped to the ground. Caryl suggested that I do a test wipe with my hand. I didn't need to because she found a semi-soft smear over the back of my jeans. I wanted to wipe, but with what? Then she suggested a pop cup rolling in the wind in this rut right by my feet. I stomped on it. She showed me how to tear it into like three pieces. And I thought I did a pretty good wipe, although the coating on the cup was a lot different than he really coarse toilet paper that most of us hated at school. Then I pulled my undies and jeans up and we rode our bikes a little farther down the road.

We came to a highway and a gas station. Caryl admitted she had to pee real bad. I told her it was quite convenient now because she couldn't use the wall of tires. I could tell by the way she was holding her crotch that she was near an accident. At the gas station, while she was in the bathroom doing her pee, I was surprised that a family friend saw me there while he was buying a six pack. By the time we got back home my Dad knew and I got grounded. And Caryl wasn't able to come over for two weeks.


Random Tales

Hey again everyone! I just thought about somethings that happened to me a while back when I was middle school and high school age.

Back when I was younger , I use to have the occasional fart contest with my twin sister "Tina". She's my fraternal twin so she looks a little different from me. Her skin is darker and she's slightly taller than me. Also her butt is flat compared to mine and her chest is smaller.

Although she was much thinner than me, she held her own in our competitions. We used to go the whole day at school, eating as much food as we could and holding in our urge to go to the bathroom or pass gas until we got home.

One Friday evening we were at home alone because our parents worked late. One of us would initiate the contest with their own poot and we would grade on endurance and not sound. Whoever ran out of gas first or had to end the contest to poo was the loser and had to do the winner's chores for the entire weekend. We didn't always use fart contests as a means of settling this but when we did, it was brutal.

This one particular time, was pretty crazy because it ended with me having to take a massive poop but I didn't want to give in. It started with us sitting and watching tv. My sister decided to make her move by pretending to look for our 'imaginary ' tv remote that fell inside the sofa. She pointed her butt to me and let out a small petite poot and then giggling. I smacked her butt out of my face and then made my move. My fart was bigger and longer. She threw herself into to me and tried to plant her little ass into my face and let out a wet one. This went back and forward for like 20 minutes until I started to feel something blocking up. Tina noticed that I wasn't farting but she could hear my stomach gurgling. She laughed as she pointed out that I had to take a poo.

"Bubble buns has to poop huh?"

I blush as I tell her to shut her mouth. I pointed my butt in her direction and place my hands onto my knees for leverage. There was an airy "poof" sound and then it cut immediately off. I could feel something coming out quickly. I shot straight up and clasped my hands to my booty at the speed of light.

"You win!"

I yell as I make the dash to bathroom and proceeded to shit my brains out. I didn't go to close the door and she came down the hall giggling annoyingly as she announced her victory. I would have been extremely made if it wouldn't have been for the extremely wide and long poop trying to tear my booty hole apart.

I remember spending a good 30 minutes on the toilet moaning and grunting my ass off as I tried to push that anal torturing turd out of my tush. She laughed the whole time. After the ordeal, I went straight to sleep because I was so exhausted. The rest of the weekend I did all the dishes for her.


Another time in high school, I was pranked by my sister and her friend Sam into drinking some milkshake they got me from Five Guys that was tainted with ExLax. I don't know what I did to them to deserve that. After I drank the stuff, 20 or so minutes later I was on my way to the toilet. The problems was that one of them was already in there, playing as if they were using it and had the door locked also to keep me out. The only bathroom in the house and I couldn't use it. I knocked, banged, and pleaded but Sam still wouldn't let me in. Tina stood outside the bathroom with me, taunting me as I danced around like a 5 year old, trying not to poop myself. She laughed at me, holding her nose and fanning my bum.

"Come on Terri! Can't you control that big ol' thing?"

I hit her a bunch but I soon went back to shoving my hands up my crack to clog my heinie from releasing anything. After more minutes of Tina teasing me and her trying to grab my hands and keep them from holding my butt, she told Sam to stop the joke and they let me go in to relieve my myself. After almost crying from the pain in my stomach and ass, I released my bowels and wiped as normal. I never lived this event down and this started a series of pranks amongst the 3 of us that spanned 4 months.

We eventually stopped messing with each other after our parents got involved and Tina got spanked real bad for one.


On a street corner

I had been to an open day at the local railway engine sheds, and was now standing at the tee junction at the top of the hill from the rail yard and the main road. I was waiting for my lift home (which did not come.)
As the time went on a group of females came up the hill and were standing on the opposite corner from me, I stood out on the edge of the pavement to see if the car coming was the one for me but it was not and so I sat on the wall of a car sales behind me when I noticed that the females were gone but I could hear them giggling.
On the land by the corner was a big bill board on two legs about two feet off the ground and that is when I saw them they were all behind the sign having a pee, I could see under the sign in the lonf grass, the pale bottoms of the females some side on and some from there backs, it was too far and the grass to long to see any pee streams but a nice view anyway as one by one they stood back up and they all came back out to the road that is when they saw me and one also saw the gap under the sign and pointed at it and then me before thay ran off laughing.
I nice sight before my long walk home.

Steve A

Graduation Pee Holding & stories of your own

When I was member of my high school band, we went to show support for the graduating class each year.

I challenged myself to hold my pee during the entire ceremony for 3 years. I didn't want to do it during my senior year because you had more freedom if you were apart of the band at the ceremony to excuse yourself to the restroom. We had between 300-350 people who graduated each year from my high school. The band always had water bottles to stay hydrated during the entire ceremony. Even though that I don't remember that much from my high school years, I know that I always made it each time after the ceremony without any accidents. On an extra note, I always went to the restroom beforehand so that it would be easier for me to hold it.

My first memorable experience was when I did my normal routine of drinking my entire water bottle when the ceremony started after we played our intro songs. Later on, the urge came along and I told one of my friends the challenge who was a girl and she said that I should go before I make a puddle on the floor. It wasn't until we were near the last letters of the class when the urge got too unbearable for me. I gave in and went to the restroom.

My junior year was a success for me. I made it past the end of the ceremony and didn't go until probably 10-15 minutes after it ended. The urge was abut the same from the story above.

Do you have any graduation or ceremonial pee/poop holding stories?

Drive Home

I had an interview today about 35 minutes away from home. A little under halfway into the drive, I felt the need to pee. It occurred to me then that perhaps the entire water bottle and the iced tea I'd drank this morning hadn't been such a great idea. Anyway, I got to the interview and through it and it went well, but it included a tour and some good conversation so it ended up taking about an hour and a half total. Needless to say, by the time I got back to my car, I was pretty desperate to go. I didn't want to stop anywhere as I'm new to town and the area didn't seem super great to stop in. So, I stepped on the gas a little and headed for home.

I tried to distract myself with music, but before I even made it onto the freeway I was bouncing in my seat. I tried holding my crotch with one hand, but it was kind of difficult to do that and hold the steering wheel for the tight turn of the on-ramp, so I had to stop. About ten minutes into the drive, I realized there was no way I was making it home without peeing my pants (well, dress). Famous last words, but I thought maybe I might have a chance if I let just a little bit out. So, I moved the back my dress out from under me, lifted my butt, and peed a little bit into my underwear. I sat back down hard to stop the stream. It was warm and I could feel the seat underneath me was a little wet. I kept driving. I thought I was good. But by the time I got off the highway, I was desperate again. About five minutes later, I was driving through a neighborhood, when I realized my GPS had taken me to the wrong location. I had to re-route - I was still about 15 minutes from home. I almost lost it then. I peed a little bit more into the seat for some relief. FINALLY, I made it home, but I live in a gated community and had to frantically search for my gate key, while braking, while holding my crotch again. I could feel the pee soaking through my underwear into the seat, and at this point I was afraid it was going to start coming out involuntarily. I made it through the gate, got into my parking space, but I felt as though if I moved or got up, I'd have a full-on accident. I put the car in park, turned it off, opened the car door and slowly stepped out. That was it. Pee started to trickle down my leg. It was happening. I looked up at my apartment. I still had to climb up a flight of stairs, unlock the door, and dash to the bathroom. Already peeing myself, there was no point in running; I'd only get the floor wet. So instead, I hobbled to the grass in front of my car, still peeing down my legs, and just let go. I stood there for probably a good three minutes, just flooding my panties and the grass. Seriously, it was gushing. When I'd finally finished wetting myself, I had to walk across the parking lot and up to my apartment, my feet squishing in my flats the whole way. Luckily, nobody saw. At least not that I know of. The neighbors may have had quite the view from their window, if they were really paying attention, but hopefully not. As someone who's peed my pants a few times before, it could've been worse. At least it wasn't a public accident, and I do have to say, it was definitely relieving.

Jenny "Skidmarked in Seattle"

12K Runs

Hey everyone !!

I wanted to share this post, but with life (professional and personal...all good by the way), a month shot by!!!

Beginning of April I ran the Seahawk 12K in Renton, WA (a few miles south of Seattle, the Seattle Seahawks, an American football team have a practice facility here, which was the midpoint of the race). Halfway through the race I saw a row of port-a-potties with no line. I didn't necessarily feel like had had to go, but I didn't poop before the run. I thought I would take advantage and pee and adjust my socks which I thought I needed an adjustment. For those of you who don't run races, the port-a-potty lines before races are LONG, and I never use them and always try to poop at home before the run. Once again, for those who don't run, running has a similar GI effect as coffee, and helps anyone go after a mile or two. After I went in the port-a-potty, not only was the line short, but it seemed very clean. I can imagine how full the pre race port-a-potty/outhouses get, this was hardly used. Suddenly have peeing for a second, suddenly I felt a twinge in my stomach and let out a fart, which ended up being a good 5 minutes of soft poop. I am not the fastest runner, but I have been training for a few years and was getting kind of antsy to get started again. When I finally went empty, I wiped 5 times. each time I swear was messier than the previous. My 5th wipe was a "hail mary" wipe, with a lot of paper, with the intent of being the final wipe, how ever clean I was. I didn't even check the paper. I was also running with a black thong, so at the time, I figured I wouldn't get a noticeable skid. I pulled up my yoga pants, used hand sanitiazer and left the outhouse much smellier, messier and full than I got in. I finished the race at a decent time, not my best, but this was my first rain of the year. After the race, my butt was much itchier than it usually is,, probably because I had more to wipe. It was hard not to scratch. It helped to think was it possible that all the other prettier and fitter asses at this race were going through the same thing. I hear some runner would have not even got to through 5 wipes, maybe one or 2 just to get back to race ASAP. I didn't notice much of a smell as everyone was pretty sweaty . I made it home later and as I suspected, my black thong did not have a visible stain, but definately smelled, though not necessarily more than most times I run in a thong even if I don't poop, or poop and wipe until clean. I peed, wiped my front and just wiped my behind once to see what I got. I got a relatively dirty paper and I went straight to the shadow


Anybody got any good running and pooping stories ?Also how is everyone's underwear after a run if you run? Do you wipe as throughly as possible or just steer into the skid (pun intended ) and get back into your run? I wouldn't be surprised but I don't know for sure that many runners at these races, maybe even the hot sexy buns, have rushed wipe jobs post poops. I also hear stories of hard core runners just going on the side of he run quickly to minimize time lost waiting and looking for an outhouse. Even if those runner wipe, it can't be great with just a leaf, and maybe they just defer the wipe to a good shower. What are all your running/poop/skidmark stories? Even if I don't poop pre/post/during a run (rare mainly during sub 5 mile runs), I get a little skid in my lighter colored panties/thongs. (with the new yoga pants styles, I run nearly exclusively with black thongs, sometime a black brief). I often get envious of other girls better bodies and performance, but am humbled and reassured thinking we are all different and even that hot Kate Upton runner had to poop and maybe has some dirty undies during or post the run...or maybe I'm alone?

The above questions are for guys and gals, but I just assume all you guys and your hairy asses have skids when you are running ;)

Victoria B.

Shoutout to Anna

Loved your last story! I've had some less-than-ideal experiences with bathrooms in clubs and yours was a very relatable experience. I'm sure you looked great too!

But your second response was what really interested me. I've been in that very situation before and there are stories.

To Elphaba: Thank you! Gender-neutral bathrooms are something that you've got in the UK that we should really look into importing.


Uncle Harry and Aunt Hariette

Conversation 2

Harry: Well, here we are in the park. I'll park the car over there by the bathroom building. I can see that both bathrooms are closed. We will have to pee behind the building.

Hariette: Well let's hurry. I have to piss really bad.

Harry: Ok. Here we are. Are you going to take off your pants and urinate standing up?

Hariette: Oh come on, Harry. You know the last time I tried that my wee-wee got all over my legs.

Harry: There you go using baby talk again.

Hariette: Just teasing you. I'm going over to those bushes, squatting down, pulling my pants aside, and peeing before my bladder bursts.

Harry: Ok. I'll join you.

Hariette: Hey! There's a man coming in and I'm already peeing. He'll see my pussy.

Man: Oh, sorry mam. I won't watch. I'll just piss by the bushes.

Harry: I think he's peeking.

Hariette: Yeah. He is. I'm watching his piss coming out of his dick.

Man: Ok. I'm done. I guess I peeked at your pussy a little. Goodby.
Hariette; Well, we both got our bladders emptied. Let's take a walk and see what else happens.

Harry: Look. Two women are going behind the building. I'll bet they're going to piss.

Hariette: Do want to watch them?

Harry: Nah. I've seen it all. Let's go home. We have to walk the dog. He needs to pee.

Heriette: He know doubt does. Woof!


Tuesday, May 09, 2017


close call

Hi guys, I've got two stories which have happened recently.

Firstly, at the weekend it was beautifully sunny and I met up with some friends in the park where we sat drinking and chatting. Obviously after a while I needed a wee and my friend Maddie said she needed one too so we headed across the park to where there's some bushes (there are no toilets, well there are some but they are shut). Maddie said that she thought it was only really summer when she'd had a wee in a park on a sunny day, and I laughed!

We went through the hedge and along a bit so as to be hidden slightly. Maddie had jeans on, she has a lot better figure than me! We positioned ourselves behind a tree each but could still see each other. I pulled my dress up and I had yellow lacey knickers on which I pulled down, before squatting and doing a short but powerful wee. Meanwhile, Maddie had unbuttoned her jeans and pulled them and her white knickers to her knees, she squatted opposite me and started weeing onto the grass. I finished up, pulled my knickers up and let my dress drop down. Maddie was still weeing strongly, and I said she must have needed it. "Oh I'm always like this!" she said "I don't need to go for ages, but when I do, it's a long long wee". She carried on pushing it out with hissing noises to accompany, then pushed out some final squirts. She then immediately pulled up her knickers, then turned and patted herself dry through them, then pulled up her skin tight jeans. We then went back to the group.

Then today I had an exceptionally close call. We're on study leave preparing for uni exams right now, and my plan for the day was that I was going to work first thing (I work at the student union) then meeting a friend for a late lunch after I finished. I woke up quite early and sat on the loo for a wee but nothing more. Went to work, finished at 2pm and then sat in the union with my friend for another couple of hours, having something to eat and drink.

It got to about 5pm and I had not been for a poo yet that day, I was heading home so said bye to my friend and went into the loo at uni and sat down. I had a wee and then started trying to poo. I was sure that having had lunch and having been drinking coffee or water all day I would need to go. But I sat there and I sat there, nothing. I gave up and went off home. Just round the corner from me I stopped at a Tesco and went into the loo there as I needed another wee (all the water!) and again I tried to push. I could feel I was full and should go, but couldn't push anything out. I tried as hard as I could but all that happened was I grunted and pushed out another dribble of wee! So I wiped, knickers up, and left.

I left Tescos and started walking the 15 minutes home, and predictably felt a need for a poo coming on. At first I was really happy as I'd been trying to go for ages, but as I walked along the need got worse and worse. I started to speed up walking and clench myself. Got to the end of my street and I'm feeling it starting to push its way out. I was so desperate and trying to hold it on despite the cramps trying to push it all out.

As I got to my front door I could feel it pushing its way slowly out, as much as I tried to hold it in I felt it starting to come out. I slammed the door shut, dumped my shopping on the floor and RAN to the toilet. I pushed the door shut and as I bolted it I could feel it speed up, so I pulled my pants down whilst throwing myself down on the toilet. Ohmygod the heaven!


Pooping at the Pageant

When I was in second grade Mom enrolled me in a dancing class. I didn't really understand at first, but once I got in there I was kind of fun and I made some new friends. So eventually, every Saturday morning I started to look forward to the activity. All the movement helped with my bowels, so at about 9:30 most every week I would excuse myself and go into the bathroom. It was three toilets. Side by side with no partition. A bench at the end near the sink also made it a changing room. There were some lockers in a room next door and some of the older girls would change in and out of their leotards. So while I was taking my poo, sometimes a group of the older girls would come in to change. Often they would sit next to me and pee.

My teacher was Tia. She was in high school and later became my babysitter. Once when my Mom was late in picking me up, Tia said I could keep her company in the bathroom. She was sitting, leotards down to the floor and peeing like there was no tomorrow. I also noticed that as she sat, draining herself, she amused herself on her phone. That seemed different to me because we were not allowed to have our phones out in the bathrooms at my school.

Then around Christmastime, there was a citywide talent pageant that we were being prepared for. Mom really got into it and my dance came at the suggestion of my Aunt Anne, who sent Mom a mash tape of two really old songs done as a medley. They were My Eyes Adored You and Uptown Girl. One of them I liked, the other I thought I'd gag on. But Tia and the director worked up the routine for me. That meant additional practices. There were about 50 entries from throughout the city in the show that was scheduled for the Muny, a large city auditorium.

The night before the show Mom had to pick me up at school and take me to a large group practice at the Muny. When we first walked in to this large auditorium, I felt like I was going to pee my pants. The stage was huge. Like ten times my height. There was an awesome sound system with speakers stacked larger than me, and the lighting was really rad--something I had seen once before in a move.

While I was waiting my turn for the sound and light check, my wee situation worsened. Instead of asking permission from Tia to go, I just disappeared between another layer of curtains. I found my way down the hall to the hugest bathroom I had ever seen. There was a long line of stalls on both sides of me and at the far end, there were more. That's where my eyes were and that's where I headed. I remember wanting to get it over with ASAP because I didn't want Tia to miss me. However, my nervousness caused me to fumble with the door's privacy latch. I was getting frustrated.

Finally, with it secure, I turned my back to the toilet, dropped my leotards half way, but found that the black toilet seat was not only huge, but it was higher than the ones we had at school. By standing on my bare toes, and putting my hands on the side of the seat, I hoisted myself up. The sensation was quickly strange, because the seat was so much bigger than me. My wee was hurting me and it was only starting to trickle out when I heard Tia come into the room and call out my name. I could tell by her voice that she was upset with me. I guess she saw my feet dangling under the cubicle and I admitted that it was me.

Tia opened the door next to me. I guess the seat was up and she slammed it down hard. I hoped it wasn't out of her anger toward me. She made me promise to get permission before I leave the group again. Then I saw her jeans fall to the floor and there was a thud onto the toilet. Two explosive blasts came out of her. Her phone rang, she answered and I heard her yell at someone "I'm on the toilet taking a shit and I'm right in the middle of my GXXXXXM class." For some reason that struck me as really funny. I'm sure she probably heard me snickering.

All of a sudden I could hear her poo dropping into the water. Then she weed. She told me to hurry up because the director might be waiting for us, but she also went into an explanation that she had been carrying her Load around all day but hadn't been able to go at school because the lines were too long for the toilets, the toilets were filthy and if she stayed on one for a full Shit she would be late to class. The offenders were given something called a Jug, a word for a weekend detention.

Me and Tia washed our hands together and got back onto the stage just a couple of minutes before the director called for us. We were done in about ten minutes. By the time Mom came back to get me, I really needed to poo badly. I had drunk two water bottles and the half one given to me by a friend. I told her I needed to go to the bathroom. She said I shouldn't go alone. Then she asked me as Tia was packing up some supplies, what I needed the bathroom for. When I told Mom I had to poo she asked me twice why I couldn't wait for 15 minutes until we got home. I noticed that Tia was just shaking her head as she overheard our conversation.

So Mom took me by the hand through the auditorium and into the ladies room. Again, this bathroom was huge with some of the toilets in use and others with their door opened waiting. I turned to go into one on my right side. Mom pushed me aside, looked it over and said we could do better. Finally she found one. The seat was up and I want to the other side to drop it. Mom slapped my hand. She pulled off toilet paper and showed me how to lower it without allowing my hand to touch it. I knew she was in a hurry so I dropped my leotards to the floor, but before I could seat myself on the toilet, she grabbed me and pushed me aside.

I tried to tell her I was going to have an accident. She wouldn't listen. She had me start pulling off toilet paper to place over the seat when I heard a plop on the cement floor. I looked down and certainly I was right. There was a one-inch piece of soft crap between my legs. As she was looking down there and second and third one fell. She yanked me around, grabbed the toilet paper from my hands and quickly spread it over the seat. By the time she put the final piece on, a third piece (this one was twice the size of the others) fell out of my butt along with two loud farts. I sat down on the paper. Totally embarrassed. Mom told me to take some more toilet paper off which I did. I used it as a mitt to pick up the turds on the floor between my legs.

When I was done, I stood to wipe. Mom said that was dumb. She said I should wipe from my seat. I went to sit down, but she stopped me saying the half the toilet paper liner had fallen off. So I wiped for her. I think it took me two or three times to get it done to her satisfaction. Then I noticed because I was sweating, I wonder why!, that the largest of the seat papers was stuck to my right thigh.

When we got to the sinks, I was given another lesson out of anger as to how to effectively wash my hands. For example, Mom didn't like it that I used my hands directly on the faucet handle.

I did better than average at the pageant. I won a small trophy and got a nice hand for my performance. As for Mom, in the future I tried to remember what I could and could not do if she and I were out and had to use public restrooms. Eventually I realized that she meant well, but was somewhat extreme in what she was teaching me.

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