Sink pee on a train

i had booked a roomette for one which includes a bed, a toilet, and a sink. when the bed is made for sleep mode, it covers the toilet, making it inoperable. the sink folds down from the wall and you can pee in the sink, by squatting over it, feet on the bed. then fold it back up and it drains onto the track. you can rinse it this way also. very convenient especially for women who dont want to leave the security of their cabin at night for the car bathroom. before i boarded the train one gentleman asked the conductor about the bathroom in the roomettes and was told about the set up. he was also told 'but there is a sink'. very convenient to pee in as needed, especially at night.

Annie (Anny)

Having a soft poop after brunch

Hi everyone. I'm sitting on the toilet after having brunch with 2 cups of coffee, having a soft poop. My jeans, greyish-blue undies and leggings are around my ankles. I just looked below me into the toilet and there is mushy-ish poop in the bowl, sort of standing up. Just finished pooping, stood up and wiped. Was messy but wanted to make sure I wiped well. Pulled up my pants and undies and flushed

Annie (Anny)

Watery poop after brunch

Hi everyone. I just finished using the washroom after brunch (with 2 cups of coffee with milk and 2 glasses of water). Went to lie down for a nap afterwards but I felt a watery feeling in my bowels so I went to the washroom. Pulled down my black leggings and underwear (that I'm going to sleep in) and sat on the toilet where my bowels erupted watery poop for about 30 seconds. It didn't take long for my body to empty out but yuck. I wiped sitting down and what a mess that was. It took 2 handfuls of TP to get clean. Finally I flushed while sitting down then stood and pulled my undies and leggings up. And now I'm back in bed after taking my meds and going to take a nap.

Happy pooping


Uncle Harry


To Catherine:

As a father of 3 girls (and 4 grandchildren) I heartily sympathies with your pregnancy problems. I have often said "The father plants the seed and the mother does 9 months of gardening". Keep up the good work--and you too,Alan. You'll find it to be worthwhile.

Uncle Harry and Aunt Hariette



Hello everyone. I'm Harry's wife. I've known about this site and have often helped Harry write his stories. I've decided its time to show up and keep Harry straight. Harry, why did you pee on the backyard fence yesterday?

Harry: Oh, just to be goofy. I peed and then the dog imitated me--or was it other way. Well, either way he's a nice dog.

Hariette: Yes he is. But I still had to get out the garden hose and rinse off the fence. And what about those women who piss for you.

Harry: They don't piss for me. They piss for their own reasons. I just happen to be there. And there aren't very many. I have to work hard to find any.

Hariette: I think I will go with you on your next hunt in the park.
I want to see just what goes on there.

Harry: Ok. Maybe some woman will walk into the mens if the womens is closed. Why don't you go in for starters.

Hariette: Hmm. I guess I could do that. But what if the ladies is the open bathroom.

Harry: I don't know. Maybe its ok if you escort me.
Anyway, let's get in the car and go. I have to pee but Illl wait.

Hariette: I do to, but I don't think Ill wet my pants. Let's go.


Emily's and Molly's question

Hi Emily and Molly! I think I have a story I can tell you about the first of your questions.

I went out for a night with five of my girlfriends a few weeks ago. I had done up my hair and put in contacts. I was also wearing a red midi skater dress with lacey sleeves and black pump sandals. I like to think I was looking the part of a "stunning knock-out", haha! Before we went dancing we had some drinks and then went to a burger place were I gorged myself on fries. This would come back to haunt me.

A few hours later we were dancing and just having a good time at a club. That's when it happend. All the food was catching up with me and suddenly I really needed to poop. At first I thought I would just see if the urge would go away, but it did not. Instead I needed to go worse and worse. So I gave in and headed to the washroom.

There was a lineup of about ten girls or so, but it moved quickly. I got my stall after only a few minutes. I locked the door and hung up my purse. The toilet looked clean, so I pushed up my skirt and plopped my ???? rear end on the seat. I have to admit that I was going commando that night, haha! Anyway, I peed and then while I was still going full force into the bowl, my bumhole opened and a very large log started to push out. It made a big plop and then I immediately followed it up with a second, smaller but much longer turd that crackled out and I guess just piled up on top of my first poo. Very quickly, the stall started to stink very badly.
What made having to poo at the club a bit uncomfortable was that the toilet cubicle didn't really give me that much privacy. There were pretty big gaps on the door. I could see some of the girls waiting in line in front of my cubicle and I guess they could kinda get a little peek of me sitting on the toilet with my skirt bunched up around my waist.
But oh well, I had to do a third and then even a fourth poop! Luckily the other stalls were turning over quickly, and I didn't hold up the line. Finally I felt done and very relieved. I carefully wiped my front and then my bum. I used a ton of paper on my rear. Then I flushed, and left to wash my hands. I went to the bathroom a few more times that night, but only to pee. That's my story about having to do a big poo on my night out. I hope you liked it and that it is a good answer to your question.

For the second question I guess a kind of very romantic situation maybe? Going home with a boy for the first time and then having to poop at his appartment would be really super embarrassing!

I also want to give a shoutout to Victoria B and Just Made It Meg. I loved your stories lately!

Steve A

Graduation Pee Holding

When I was member of my high school band, we went to show support for the graduating class each year.

I challenged myself to hold my pee during the entire ceremony for 3 years. I didn't want to do it during my senior year because you had more freedom if you were apart of the band at the ceremony to excuse yourself to the restroom. We had between 300-350 people who graduated each year from my high school. The band always had water bottles to stay hydrated during the entire ceremony. Even though that I don't remember that much from my high school years, I know that I always made it each time after the ceremony without any accidents. On an extra note, I always went to the restroom beforehand so that it would be easier for me to hold it.

My first memorable experience was when I did my normal routine of drinking my entire water bottle when the ceremony started after we played our intro songs. Later on, the urge came along and I told one of my friends the challenge who was a girl and she said that I should go before I make a puddle on the floor. It wasn't until we were near the last letters of the class when the urge got too unbearable for me. I gave in and went to the restroom.

My junior year was a success for me. I made it past the end of the ceremony and didn't go until probably 10-15 minutes after it ended. The urge was abut the same from the story above.

Do you have any graduation or ceremonial pee/poop holding stories?

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Nick it sounds like you got a good show from your girlfriend.

To: Catherine great set of stories it sounds like you've had some interesting poops.

To: Teri first welcome to the site and great story about your desperate poop it sounds like you just made it in time with very little time to spare and I bet you felt pretty good once you were finally done and please post anymore stories you may have thanks.

To: Just Made It Meg another great story.

To: Abbie as always another great story about you and your friends.

Well that's all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site

Annie (Anny)

Having a soft poop after lunch

Hi everyone. I'm sitting on the toilet with my jeans, leggings and blueish-grey underwear around my thighs & ankles and having a soft poop. I had 2 cups of black coffee, 2 glasses of water and lunch so obviously the coffee and water are doing a good job of cleaning me out. I just peed a bit more right now and now wiping my vagina and bum. The toilet bowl is a bit messy, with soft poop but not diarrhea. Just wiped and pulled up my underwear and jeans and flushed the mess down the toilet. Now time to wash my hands. There.

Happy pooping everyone!



Question for Miranda

Miranda, how did you know that your friend Raelyn would be in for a very difficult crap? Is that something you discuss often? I wonder if its a "girl" thing to discuss such matters as I never had such a discussion with my guy friends


An Introduction

Hello to everyone on this site!

I've been lurking around and reading posts here for a few months and it seems such a friendly and welcoming place. I'm Colin from England and I'm 28 and I've always found that the bathroom can be a great place to just chill out and relax and not worry about the pressures of the world for a time. I mean as the quote on this website states "We all have to go to the bathroom, regardless of our race, culture, creed and status."

I've read with interest others accounts of their bathroom habits and experiences they've had with public toilets and their own private bathrooms and I must admit that if I'm at home and need to use the loo (especially a number 2) I can find the time relaxing and enjoyable I'm plagued with hesitation if I find myself "out and about" when the call of nature occurs. There's always the worry of the cleanliness of the toilet in question plus the dreaded worry of if there is adequate toilet paper on hand. I recently had an interesting moment when I had to poo when I was out at a pub with friends and there was only a small amount of toilet paper left! Fortunately it turned out on that occasion that the last few sheets left on the roll were adequate for my needs but I dread to think what would have occurred if my need was greater!

I've read a few stories about accidents on this site and fortunately I've never had a number 2 accident but I have had a couple of pee accidents in the past and twice when I was old enough to know better. I'll give a quick account of one of those now and may post the other at a later date.

So, at the time I was studying at University and was 20. I had been out at the Union Bar with a few friends and then onto a house party at a post-graduate students house. I was still in my first year at the time and living on campus accommodation in shared halls. After a really great time at the party I realised it was almost 1 AM and I had a lecture starting at 10 the next morning so I decided to leave. Unfortunately it was quite a walk back to campus and I didn't know the journey back to well (in hindsight I should have called a cab but I was trying to save money - typical student). After about 40 minutes walking I eventually found myself almost back to my halls of residence but by this time I was bursting for a pee. I hobbled back, grabbing my crotch at every opportunity but I was getting so so desperate. I found my way back to my apartment block and was halfway up the stairs when the pain was too much and I felt a warm trickle starting to run down my leg! I was so embarrassed. Luckily I managed to stop the tide before I fully wet myself and ran back to my room, luckily with no-one seeing me. Also here in England we don't room share like you guys do in The States and I had an en-suite bathroom so I managed to make the it to the toilet to finish my much needed pee but not before a few more seconds worth of pee ran down my legs. My jeans were clearly soaked and I had to be careful when I was doing laundry at the weekend that no-one saw the stains but luckily I got away with it. I'm afraid I can't say the same for my other wetting accident which occurred a couple of years ago but I'll save that for another time.

Hope you enjoyed the story and I hope to check back on this site soon.

Take care everyone.

Colin :)

Uncle Harry

Response to Miranda

Thank you Miranda for your great post. Another male-female use of the same bathroom. I've never heard of a man peeing between a girls legs while she's siting on the toilet. I've thought about it and proposed it to my wife, but she wouldn't let me. Keep up the good work

Ol Fella

girl child & lady Charlotte

Girl child's been spending a lot of time with lady Charlotte lately (mums horse), she normally stay clear her because of her size (around 15 hands). I let her go thou just to see what she would do. This afternoon she saddled her and went for a ride. Girl child came back about an hour later, walking with lady Charlotte about 10 paces behind her . Girl child comes in the shed soaking wet, from her hair all down her back ?? It took a bit of poking but I finally got out of her what happened. She rode lady Charlotte down along the fence line to the bottom gate and decided to stop for a pit stop. So she dismounts and squats beside lady Charlotte to pee. During the course of girl child's pee, lady Charlotte kind of turns about, decides that's a good idea and lets loose. So the girl child was peeing and lady Charlotte starts peeing, but well, lady Charlotte, when she pees, she pees like the big horse she is and its a lot like fire hose going off. Girl child in her in her bare bum bladder relieving squatted position, just wasn't quite quick enough and got a free shower. I tried to keep a straight face, I really did try. Girl child stormed off, she was back 20 min later cleaned and changed. Giving lady Charlotte brushes and rubs, all forgiven.
Ol fella

Sunday, May 07, 2017

Victoria B- you are on a roll with these amazing posts!!! I loved your latest one!!! I'm sorry that your test didn't go as well as it could have. But imaging your poop as all the pent up stress is a great way of dealing it. I'll have to remember this for when I have crap day (pun fully intended).

Today while I was having lunch in Subway the need to empty my bladder was growing so after I had finished I made my way to the gender-neutral bathroom. Locking the door and putting my bag down on the floor I made my way to the toilet noticing that the previous user had had a poo as there was a light skid mark at the bottom of the bowl. I undid my dark blue chinos and slid them down with my black pants to my thighs before sitting down onto the white seat. Within seconds my pee was pouring into the water below. My stream had just ended when suddenly four turds shot out of me. I was took by completely surprise and it felt absolutely exquisite. So much so that I let out a quiet 'phew' and a couple of heavy breaths. I stayed sitting for a few minutes until I had composed myself. Standing up to wipe I turned around and saw the contents of the bowl upon which it was no surprise that my body had reacted the way it did: all of the logs were very long. Wiping took a bit of time and when I had finally got myself clean I had to flush the toilet twice so that all of it went down. Once I had pulled up my pants, done up my chinos and tucked my shirt back in I washed my hands and picked up my bag before leaving the bathroom. About two hours later I was in a supermarket when I needed to poo again. Sitting down on the loo in the accessible bathroom I exploded into the toilet lots of little dark brown chunks which surprisingly didn't smell bad at all.


I used a doorless stall

On the previous page I mentioned how I don't really mind using a doorless stall and coincidently the opportunity presented itself today! I was in town doing some light shopping and really needed a wee so I headed to some toilets. There was an issue with one of the three toilets so it was out of order, and the one closest to the entrance had no door so essentially there was only one toilet.

I was bursting and didn't really feel like waiting for the six or so women in front of me so I decided to use the one with no door. It was only for a wee anyway. I walked into the stall and turned around to face the line and took off my backpack, putting it on the floor at my feet. I was already getting some looks from the women as if to say "I can't believe she's about to do that" I unbuttoned my jeans and pulled them down just enough to go with my knickers as I sat, closer to mid thigh rather than at my knees as usual.

After about 10 seconds I managed to relax enough and started a strong hissing stream, it felt lovely! I was still getting surprised looks as people walked past but I didn't mind. I went for about 30 seconds and as it slowed to drips I got some toilet paper and reached behind to wipe. I pulled up my clothes as I stood, then flushed grabbed my backpack and left to wash my hands. The line had barely moved.

Eileen , (tipsy*one)
I haven't had a BM for 2 days , so walking home this evening I was hoping the need wouldn't arise until I was safely home again . I got home ok , had a meal at 8.30 , 2 glasses of beer afterwards with my boyfriend so by ten thirty I needed a wee . Got to the toilet , got my skirt and panties ready and sat on the toilet . Peed and sat trying to do a BM . I had to really concentrate and it took 15 minutes to get the first piece out , it was only a little piece . Then I sat trying to get some more out . It was another 15 minutes before I managed to squeeze a huge 9 inch log out . Thank you .

Hiking for the Duke of Edinburgh Award I had to open my bowels outdoor. To me it was the first time that I had to poop in the nature. We were four girls walking together and none of us had ever pooped outdoor before, only experienced peeing outdoor. When I had to take care of business I walked a bit away from our tent and found a nice spot behind a stone down a slope where I took the chance to pull down and squat. I think I got it all done i less than a minute.

Last weekend I saw a woman go to toilet in the bushes at a resting area in northern part of England. Afterwards I saw that she had done a huge load. She had wiped with some pages of a newspaper! I think she was around 60 years old. She did not see me but I could see her white butt when she was squatting. Amusing!


shopping trip

I went into town on Sunday to do a bit of shopping, I had been for lunch with a friend and went round the shops late afternoon. For those readers not from the UK we have really strict Sunday opening hours in shops and they close at 4pm. I was in a shop around 3.45 when I felt the need for a poo, so I headed to the toilets in there, which were pretty quiet. I entered and found a cubicle, there didn't seem to be anybody around, so I felt quite relaxed. I pulled my skirt up and knickers down, and had a wee first, before feeling the poo starting to slowly come down. Just at this moment I heard a knock on the main door to the toilet and the door open. A man's voice boomed - 'Anybody in?' so I replied 'yes', to which he said 'Security here, the store is closing now - can you make your way to the exit please'. I said I would, but I could hear him standing there waiting for me to finish. I felt really awkward as I couldn't do a poo with this security guard out by the door who would hear, so I quickly pulled up my knickers and flushed the loo, walking out the door and saying thanks to him through gritted teeth. Now I was in a shop that was closing, I needed a poo, and it was on its way as I'd been encouraging it for a while!

I walked out into the main shopping centre and it was all closing down, so I decided to carry on through as the bus station part stays open and has toilets there. I could feel the poo trying to come out and I screwed my face up and clenched, and carried on. I got into the bus station and power marched towards the toilets! I could feel the poo pushing past my bum hole and starting to come out, so I hurried into the toilets and threw myself into the first cubicle! Even as I locked the door I could feel the poo continuing to slide out, so I pulled up my skirt and knickers down and threw myself on the toilet just in time for it to explode and drop in there. Phew!! I sat down as another three logs dropped, relieved that I'd made it in time. I examined my knickers, which were lilac and white stripey, and there was a small stain on them.

I was pretty annoyed at the security in the shop, I know they have to get everybody out but he should have left people in peace and come back a few minutes later. Luckily i didn't have an accident, but it was close!



How often do you pee?

How often do you poop?

Girls do you get annoyed if the toilet seats left up and why?

Worse you have ever needed a pee?

Worse you have ever needed a poop?

Would you hate it if someone of the same sex saw you on peeing or pooping?

Would you hate it if someone of the opposite sex saw you peeing or pooping?

Girls do you sit or hover?

John H

Post Title (optional)just saying hi

Hi all.
Still reading and enjoying my dumps.
@Catherine, Hi and glad to see you posting again. We have all missed you and I am sure like me everyone will b glad to see all is going well with your pregnancy.
You and Alan must be delighted to be having a boy. Regarding your accidents it seems you are handeling them very well and you have Alan's help also which is nice. I am sure all your colleagues understand these things happen during pregmency. Glad to hear all is well and I hope that you will post when you can.

@Emily and Molly, hi and I always enjoy you're posts. Keep them coming.

@Victoria, I enjoyed your large poop story. Very well written and I too know and love those orgasmic massive dumps that come along once in a while myself. Thanks for sharing.

Shout out to Brandon T? Mr Klogs and George if he still visits here.
Take care all
John H


Can guys adequately aim their pee?

The large city park that me and my friends spend a lot of time at has been vandalized several times. Most recently my friend Kennard tells me someone actually stole the toilet and sink out of the mens room one night. It hasn't been replaced so the bathroom has been padlocked and a $100 reward has been posted for tips to the police.

So Sunday me and my friend Raelyn were throwing our frisbee in the park--an activity that our dogs enjoy too. Our friend Kennard comes over after church, comes over, takes two swigs of my coffee before I had to cut him off because he's too cheap to buy one on his own. Raelyn had a larger coffee than me and she let him finish it off. After about 45 minutes of play, I called a time out because my bowels were ready to move. Kennard said he had to piss and would race me to the ladies bathroom. Both me and Raelyn were skeptical that he should use it, but despite the fact that he's somewhat socially awkward, we raced him. Both he and I hit the doorway at the same time.

The bathroom has two toilets. Each attached to an opposite wall. Right there ready to be used, but with no privacy whatever. Raelyn took the toilet on the left. She toilet papered the seat and then sat down for what I knew would be a very difficult crap for her. I told Kennard I wanted to crap first because I didn't want to sit in his piss because I had never seen or heard of a guy who aimed well and got his stream through the cut-out hole in the seat at the front of the stool. Kennard said he could do that. This toilet is different because the seat is made of shiny metal that is attached to the metal toilet bowl. Raelyn told me not to do it, but Kennard is kind of sensitive and I kind of like him, if you know what I mean.

So I pulled down my shorts and undies and put my butt on the cold seat. My first log was already slithering out when Kennard stood in the middle of the room, unzipped his jeans, took his organ out and pointed it at me. He can have a sick sense of humor and I knew I would be drenched if he tried to throw his pee from that distance. But luckily he continued to walk toward me about a foot away. I still wasn't comfortable with that. So I pulled him by his brown belt up much closer to me. He laughed when he heard another log come out of me and hit the water.

Against my better judgment, he wouldn't let me slide myself farther back on the seat. He asked if I was ready. I spread my legs as wide as I could without causing pain in my right knee that I had crashed on while playing frisbee. He seemed pretty surprised when my pee stream started. I wanted to look but not stare. Then his stream started up with a couple of drops splattering on the floor between my legs. I felt a sneeze coming on but I didn't want to chance it or even move my hands to suppress it. His stream was much stronger than I expected. He said the reason was that he had coffee at home before coming to the park.

His piss lasted probably about a minute. As it ended, there was a splash or two on the front of the bowl. Nothing got on me. He joked that I owed his organ a compliment, but Raelyn thought something else was going to happen instead and she yelled out for me not to. He was getting wood though.

So me and Kennard went out and played frisbee some more while Raelyn sat and continued to work on getting her crap out. Eventually she did, but only with a lot of pain from heavy-duty pushing. Then the three of us walked to the other side of the park where we got our lunch from the food truck.

Uncle Harry

Response to Questions

About Tiana and the woman who accidentally went into the mens room . This is why we need unisex bathrooms with multiple stalls. I'm straight, but the idea that women will be molested if men are in there is nonsense. Several states and other local jurisdictions have had bathroom choice for years and nothing has happened. At least one major chain store allows it. In another store, a male customer was dressed as a woman and allowed to use the womens bathroom. He was addressed as mam. I once had to use a womens bathroom because I couldn't the mens and I was desperate. At a concert at intermission, many women used the mens because the womens line was much to long. At a Cubs baseball game, a woman used a mens room because she couldn't find the womens. She was fined $50, but the judge was later overruled. Viva la bathroom choices!

Victoria B.

Molly and Emily Survey Answers

You two are so sweet! Hope your students do well on their finals as well! Here are some answers to your survey.

1. How does this sound? Junior prom, all dolled-up, meeting my date at his house. Nobody who looks like that poops, right? We were supposed to be there for some quick photos, in and out in ten minutes. We were there twenty, five of which were spent on a BM that my nerves didn't want me to release. The other five were spent with my head over that same toilet, feeling nauseous. I was an anxious teen... But I rallied and came out of that bathroom looking every bit the part of a stone-cold knockout.

2. I associate the "I can't believe I'm going number two here" feeling with one specific day during my sophomore year of high school. I had gone into the bathroom to take care of a poop before a French exam. This particular girls' room featured a row of five doors-and-all, intact stalls and then a sixth, the last, without a door. It turned out that the first five were occupied, leaving me to park my buns on the open-air pot. It gets better. Two logs into my number two I realized that there was no toilet paper. I fortunately got paper from the kind soul who pooped in the fourth. Unfortunately for her, she got a nice eyeful of me on the toilet!

To Chloe: Nicely played.


One day, my girlfriend and I were coming home from our holiday and on the day we were going home, we were driving out in the countryside and my girlfriend needed to poop so badly. We have been driving for a few hours and from where we are, we are still far from home. Throughout this drive, I haven't been able to spot any restrooms and my girlfriend couldn't hold her poop much longer, so I suggested she should go in the bushes and she agreed with no other choice. I pulled over to the side of the road and we got out of the car to the bushes. She pulled her jeans down (she had no panties on), squatted her butt and let out a poop. I was starting to feel horny so I decided to stare at her ass rather than look out for drivers. My girlfriend dropped two large turds and caught me watching her poop. She asked if I was watching her poop and I told her she looked hot pooping, making her blush and sheepishly smile. She asked for paper to wipe herself after dropping one more poop. I went to the car, took out a receipt on the floor and gave the receipt to my girlfriend, who took it and began wiping her ass. After cleaning her ass, she pulled her pants up and we both went back in our car and drove our way back home.


Dropping by to say "Hello"

Hi friends at Toiletstool!

I hope that everyone is doing well and doo-ing well! I've missed writing about my poops and the community that we share for the great deed that makes us all equal - defecation!

To re-introduce myself: I'm 6'1, and normally weigh between 185-195 lbs., 36 years old, Greek-Mediterranean ethnicity, with a curvy, athletic body!

I say "normally" because I am expecting my first child! My husband, Alan, and I were married in June, and because of my age, if we were to have children together, we needed to start right away. And, so we did!

Too, I am really excited to announce that we are expecting a baby BOY!!!

Alan is really excited. He has two daughters from his previous marriage, who he loves dearly. But I think that he is really excited to have a son!

Before pregnancy, I averaged two voluminous doodies daily, due to a high-fiber, vegetarian diet, even though I do eat meat. Now that I am pregnant, my bowel habits are unpredictable. I suffered from morning sickness during my first trimester, and therefore did not feel like eating much at all, and stuck to bland foods that did not upset my stomach or that did not taste good to me. I ate tons of bananas, toast, saltine crackers - anything to keep the nausea at bay. I only had two episodes of vomiting, but just did not feel like eating much of anything. It was exhausting. But when I crossed into the second trimester, the nausea ended and now I am hungry all the time! My cravings have included hamburgers and pizza. I've gained up to 215 lbs, and I am going to the bathroom unpredictably.

During my first trimester, I would go daily, in the evening usually, but they were usually hard and small movements. Now, I have alternated from diarrhea that comes out of nowhere, to large, solid movements, to missing a day here and there. I have not been officially "constipated" but I am not "regular" either!

And, I've pooped myself three times already. I've read horror stories of women not being able to make it to the bathroom and I am not yet in the third trimester of my pregnancy. I've also had squirts of pee in my panties multiple times, so much so that I've resulted to wearing Depends Silhouettes. Fortunately, they do not wear like adult diapers, nor do they make that sound when you walk! Haha!

On the morning of my second trimester, I awoke feeling much better than I had in three months. I was so hungry. I began eating everything in sight! By the afternoon of the next day, I had not had a bowel movement. I was farting up a storm. And, they smelled. Mine hardly did. I would step out of the pharmacy just to fart. Well, I did that afternoon and noticed that the fart was pretty forceful and sharp. It felt like something came out, but I wasn't sure. Before going home, I had to pee and when I pulled down my panties, there was a brown nugget of poop in my panties. It was so hard and solid that it did not even leave marks on my panties. When I think of "sharting" I think of people letting some liquid or mushy poop out with the fart, but never a solid nugget! Has that ever happened to anyone? So, that was the first time that I pooped myself while pregnant.

Later that evening, I had a major bowel movement that was just foul! It was huge, mushy, and it stunk up the bedroom as well as the bathroom. I guess that it was my stomach getting used to eating normally again. That was on the first day of February - a Wednesday

A couple of weeks later, I had to pull my pharmacy staff aside and tell them that my bowels were getting to the point that I was having a lot of gas and that when I had to "go" I had minutes to spare. Even though my urges have not been regular, when they have happened, they have been strong. They understood, and I have had to excuse myself suddenly from the pharmacy to pee and to poop.

Now, fast forward to the Sunday before Easter. This is the one that got me to buy depends. I already weighed 210, I was showing and eating a ton of food! We had eaten with my parents after church and then Alan's parents brought dinner. That afternoon, I had a pretty substantial bowel movement. It was firm. I had not gone the day before. We decided to watch a movie and during the movie, my stomach started cramping. I always worry, because of my age, that something is going on with the baby. However, it was my bowels. I was wearing an aqua night gown and panties, and the girls were asleep. Alan loves rubbing my belly, and we could feel the baby move slightly. I didn't want to get up, as I was relishing this moment. But then it hit. I had to go to the bathroom. I never felt an urge so strong in my life. It's like I went from about a 2 to a 10 in a matter of seconds!!!

I stood up from the couch and said, "Alan, I'm about to have an accident. I can't move. If I do, I am going poop all over the place." Alan said, "If you don't, it's OK. Let me try to help." He took my hand and I began to slowly step toward our bedroom. As I crossed the threshold into our bedroom, I really though that I was going to make it to the toilet. We turned the corner into the bathroom and...

Another cramp seized my stomach. I stopped dead in my tracks. Time stood still, as I gave a glance to Alan signaling that this was a failed attempt. My face flushed red and while Alan held my hand compassionately and supportively I let go and a massive load of semi-soft stool began to pour into my panties. Tears began running down my cheeks. My panties were so full that it began to run down my legs. Then another cramp hit and more began to pour out, so much so that I was a mess!!!

Needless to say that this was the worst accident I've had in my life. Alan helped me get clean and cleaned and mopped the bathroom floor.

Finally, and this is the reason for writing, is that I did it again getting ready for work today. I was wearing the Depends, but I was so upset with myself that I called in sick.

It's amazing all that women go through to bring children into the world. But, I'm happy.

To all of you, newcomers to this site as well as long time friends, I wish you all well and will try to post when time permits. I hope to hear from you!




Eating Grapes Before A Run

Hello all!

So this is my first time posting here. On this occasion, I thought it would be good to start out with something that happened to me yesterday.

So I've been doing this run program that starts out with running a mile everyday for a week with a day break on Sunday. I originally started doing it because I wanted to decrease the size of my bubbly butt. I've always felt embarrassed by it because it never really fit my physique. I'm a really skinny girl with slim arms and legs and everything else. The only exception was always my booty which everyone always pointed out. It just doesn't fit my body and even though I barely have hips, my booty sticks out ridiculously. Almost like a duck's butt...

Anyways, I've been running for a while to get rid of it. For the program I follow, you start off with running the mile then each week you increase the length by a half mile. At this point I was already at the 3 mile period so I've been following this routine for over a month now. Everything was good until I had to work extra hours at work causing my entire schedule to be screwed up. I would usually get home at 4pm, giving me time to relax and unwind before I go for my daily run at 6pm. I do these runs a little late in the evening because of the summer heat and not having the desire to get out of bed hours earlier before work.

Yesterday, I got home a little late. It was 8pm and I was so tired from work that I just grabbed some grapes from the refrigerator to snack on and watched a little tv. It wasn't until 5 minutes after finishing the whole bag of grapes that I realized that I had to go running. If you don't know, I'm a great procrastinator. If I skip one day of something I'll just do it the next day and the day after next...etc. I forced myself up begrudgingly and food some workout clothes to put on. I kept trying to talk myself out of it until I gazed into the mirror and saw my booty in the bathroom mirror poking itself out and wiggled from when I stomped my feet in frustration.

That was the one motivation I needed as I grabbed my keys and drove down to park. The park was a good 20 minutes from my apartment and the only place I knew of with a track for joggers. Getting out of the car and putting my headphones in, I immediately began warming up. Surprisingly, I felt fine at this point. I had released a few poots during my stretches but it wasn't anything too alarming. I then began my run as normal.

I thought to myself about how far I've come. After the first lap, even though I was a little winded, I still feel my motivator jiggling with at each step I made. This made me want to push harder. Soon I was at the 2 lap mark.

After the first 2 laps (half a mile), I started to few more poots slip out of bum with each foot a planted. It shocked me that I was this gassy. This had never happened before. Then the gut churning, burning nausea hit me. As I was starting lap 3, I could feel the urge to poop start to hit my bowels. Farts were popping out like crazy. Many of them I thought would be crap in disguise. Half way through the 3rd lap, I was grabbing my butt trying to keep whatever was trying to come out to stay in.

Luckily no one was out on the track at this time of night or they would be gifted with the sight of a grown 21 year old girl hopping, twirling, gripping her ass for dear life all the while trying to run. The embarrassment would have ended me if I could see myself. I wanted to stop at this point but as I held my booty to clog it shut, I was reminded of how big it was. The bubble guts were soon surpressed with sheet anger and determination as I tried to continue my run. It got worse though. It got so bad that I had to press my fingers up against my booty hole as I sprinted.

I didn't get to finish the 3 mile run because I cut it into 1.5 miles. I dashed to car and hit the highway at God speed. Traffic was killer also. Those 20 minutes back home felt like murder. I spent most of the time yelling at cars who were obeying the traffic laws accordingly because they were driving the speed limit. I moaned and whimpered whenever there was a red light that stayed seconds too long. At one point, I literally felt that my ass was going to explode!

I eventually got home, locked the door, ran to the bathroom and dropped my shorts and boy shorts. The horror that poured from my ass was unbelievable. As soon as I planted my butt to the seat, my booty shot out the molten hot waterfall that had been torturing my insides for what felt like an eternity. I gripped the sides of the toilet and lifted my legs as I bared downed to release this lava from my tushy. I was in so much pain that I was actually drooling and tearing up. As soon as one wave was over, the next came flowing after it. After what felt like a millennium, my ass finally stopped pouring out hot magma and just began sputtering wet farts randomly. I sat there for a few minutes after to calm down after that attack on my booty.

After 10 minutes, I starte to wipe and moaned at how sore my booty was. I actually had to grab some cream from my cabinet to put on my little heinie hole because it really felt like it was ravished by that dump. I flushed, showered and went to bed. My ???? was now fine so I slept on it. My big booty that I hated so much was now hurting badly so I slept with my pajamas pulled down just below my cheeks with a nice cool fan aimed at it.

I continued to fart my ass off uncontrollably all night and just in case you are curious....My bum is still the same size....

After School Emily and Molly

To Victoria B

We loved your story! You write so well! Emily said that she loved how it seemed that your bowel movement was a much-needed stress reliever.

We know the pressure that students face, and you seem to be very conscientious. Warm thoughts, positive energy and prayers are going your way for a triumphant end to the semester, and hopefully, more number two's like that one!

All the best,

Emily and Molly xoxo

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Chloe great story about your desperate poop outside.

To: Ol Fella great story it sounds like they both really had to poop and I bet they both felt pretty good after.

To: Victoria B great story about your big poop.

To: Just Made it Meg it sounds like she had a rough day but you were a good friend for helping her.

Well that's all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site

Just Made It Meg

Dressed Up for a Date With the Toilet

Hey everyone!! Just Made It Meg here again. I'm gifted (or maybe just cursed) with tons of stories about my poop. Emily and Molly, who I'm glad to be acquainted with, recently asked two questions to the women of this group: 1. What was a time you looked your absolute best and had no choice but to poop 2. What was a place you thought you would never have to poop at. Luckily for the two of you I have a story that combines both.

Last year my brother got married. He works for ????, a craft beer company that brews right here in my home state. Off topic but it's amazing beer and I urge you to try if you ever see it. So naturally since my brother and his wife are gigantic hipsters (I'm one to talk) they got married right at the brewery. Of course me and my boyfriend were invited so I spent quite some time leading up looking for a nice outfit to wear.

The day of the wedding, not to blow smoke up my ass, I looked the best I had in a long time. I hardly ever dress up for anything and this was a causal wedding even. I'm admittedly fat so I steer clear of dresses and went with a nice skirt and cardigan with a Ariel Pink shirt underneath, topped off with the best damn wings I've ever drawn on.

We got there with no problems and everything went fine up until the ceremony. Summit Brewery is in St. Paul so we left early to get there on time. All I had time to eat was a really greasy hot dog from Kwik Trip. It started to affect me slowly at first. I felt a tingle in my butt and my insides bubbled a little. As soon as I felt the tingle I knew what was going to happen. I was slightly panicked that I was going to make a scene at my brothers wedding so I braced for impact. I could feel the walls of my large intestine being shifted and bulged as poop started sliding down into my colon.

The tingle in my butt turned into a strong, painful pressure. My colon was now suddenly stuffed with poop that needed to come out. The ceremony had just started and there wasn't any chairs so couldn't take any pressure off by sitting down. I was just going to have to hold it until the ceremony was over.

About 5 minutes in I really had to fart but couldn't because I was surrounded by people. It just added on to the pressure my poop was putting on my colon and it was awful. The minutes ticked by as I was dying internally. I started fidgeting in place after 10 minutes. Thankfully everything was already almost wrapped up.

The last five minutes pushed my poop holding to its limit. My colon was starting to bubble up inside. Now my poop was changing into a half solid and half liquid state from holding it too long. I could feel it splashing against my butthole, it made me have to clench my butt very tight. I was thankful my skirt wasn't riding up my buttcheeks or else the people behind me would have got a clear view of them clenching together.

I had never been more thankful to hear "you may now kiss!" in my life. My brother gave a quick speech thanking everyone for coming then told everyone to disperse and get drunk. I very quickly darted out of the crowd. I had absolutely no idea where the bathrooms were however. I was clenching my butt as I seemingly aimlessly walked this brewery about to shit myself. I suddenly saw the signs for the men's and women's room on the wall and was relieved. I started to rush to the toilet but I was stopped in my tracks. My poop needed to come out so badly I had to stop in my tracks and clench!

I was awkwardly frozen, standing stiff as a plank in the middle of the hallway. I gritted my teeth and fought through the desperation for a few more seconds before I regained enough control over my poop to get to the toilet. I rushed into the women's bathroom and was incredibly thankful no one was in there. I ran to the end stall, my favorite to use, and slammed the door shut. I awkwardly fiddled the lock closed.

I had to poop to badly to wait to pull down my skirt. I dropped my underwear and slammed down on the rim. My butthole split open and a mass of solid and liquid poop shot out of it. It splattered loudly and echoed across the bathroom. After the initial release a much more solid turd started to come out. It was very crackley, the size was surprisingly average for me. It didn't really stretch my butthole or anything despite how desperately it had needed to come out.

My poop splashed into the water and I felt relieved. I let out one last fart before I wiped my butt and pulled up my underwear. I left and drowned my toilet sorrows in Summit.

Wednesday, May 03, 2017

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