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To Abbie - thanks for your reply. Have you ever had a total accident or just a lot of near misses? I was really embarrassed that it happened - I've had plenty of near misses, but nothing this bad.

To the poster about the girl waiting for the bus - sometimes people don't want to go to the loo because they're embarrased to say in front of their friends, or maybe they didn't want to miss the bus. I can't speak for anybody else, but I know I would only try to hold myself if I was super desperate. Also, when I was younger I'd often put off going to the loo if I was doing anything more exciting. I probably still do, actually!

Well it's been a bit sunnier here recently and last weekend some friends had a picnic in the large park on the hills outside the city centre. It was a lovely day as it was so sunny! After a few hours I felt a need to have a wee so I excused myself and went towards a wooded area which had some bushes to go behind. I found a reasonably hidden area, then hitched up my skirt and pulled my red knickers down, squatted on the ground and did a wee, which was very relieving. As I was about to come out I saw another girl who looked like another student, she was petite and blonde, and squatted up against a tree before doing quite a long wee on the ground. I walked past her and we shyly smiled to each other and she said "Sorry, when you've gotta go!".

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: After School Emily it sounds like had a major cleanout.

To: Anna J great story.

To: Abbie great story about you and your friends.

Well that's all for now

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site


Question for After School Emily and Molly

Have you ever tried an enema for your constipation "times". I've always used them as a solution. They are always much gentler than ANY laxative I've ever had. As sisters it should be easy to help one another out with one...always easier if they are given by someone (my case a nurse).--JW

Steve A

Emily & Molly's Farting Etiquette and Squatty Potty

Emily & Molly - When I was younger, I used to do farting pranks mostly in school or in public towards girls to get their reactions. But, I don't do it anymore because I started to realize that some girls may get offended if I did that around them. Also, they could tell people about what I did to them and you know what that leads to.

To be honest, I feel more comfortable farting around girls than guys. It should be the other way around, but I'm not sure how I managed to feel that way.

Squatty Potty: I've recently been putting my legs on a stool so that I could poop easier. It's been working well for me because I've read that people should be in a squat position while they poop instead of just sitting on the toilet. Although, I've never had any problems pooping by just sitting down in the past. It's supposed to be healthier for you and your bowels. It's also supposed to make you feel completely empty after you go as well.

Yesterday was an unexpected chapter in my issues very long trips and needs bathrooms. The medications that keep me going ran out before I got back here. Yesterday, I went to the V.A. to get refills and maybe a new prescription for an old med.
As I was pulling into the parking lot I started feeling the need for a poop. I got the truck parked and started walking across the parking lot and the need was getting worse. Half was across suddenly a large wet load dropped in my tighty no longer white underwear. I needed to at least let the one of secretaries know I had a problem. It was handled like it was a routine issue. I was told to continue to wait till the doctor's nurse called me. I asked that she call my phone and waited outside. There was already a serious stain on the back of my pants, fortunately my shirttail covered it. Twenty minutes later I was called. I head in and was escorted an exam room. I made my request for the new prescription and as was expected was told I needed lab work before the prescription could be issued. I asked to go home clean up and be back in 45 minutes and was told to get the lab done 1st. So up to the 3rd floor for a blood draw and a pee in the cup. Got back downstairs and was met by the nurse and told her I'd be back as quick as possible.
At home I got my dirty clothes off, ran a wet cloth over my but, put on new underwear and jeans. Back at the VA I was taken to the exam room by the nurse, and after a 20 minute wait met the doctor. She was a new one, unlike the cute nurse that was too young for me, the doctor and I are about the same age. We got down to basic introductions, made the already documented med request. And then it was noted I'd not had a routine exam for more than 2 years. And so the doctor asked me about my morning as she went about her exam. I had to relive the mortification all over again. The doctor knew I was moving to north Idaho and asked where, I told her Athol and she came right back saying I should check out the Spirit Lake RV campground. I was dumbfounded that this black female doctor in gulf coast MS knew N. Idaho. I was greatly impressed with the doctor but then at this VA I've never had less than very good one. I hope the doc I had sticks around longer than most. My jeans and underwear have not been washed yet, and I don't know that they would ever lose the stain. (and all the way through I was treated as if a 64 y.o. with a massage wet crap in his pants was an everyday deal. O.0

Wednesday, April 05, 2017

After School Emily

Still Constipated Emily

Yesterday I had a small bowel movement. It was about the size of a golf ball. So, I went to the grocery store and picked up another bottle of Prune Juice and Miralax. I'm going all in as soon as I get out of school. Molly has a date tonight. I'm really excited for her. I will leave it to her to share details. But I am grateful that she will not be at the apartment for the imiment performance. I hope the combination of the juice and laxative will do the trick. I'm miserable.

Thank you for reading or listening.

Emily xoxo

After School Emily

After the Laxative Emily

Friends, I cannot imagine that I have any stool left in my intestines. I took my first dose of Miralax and drank prune juice and lunch. I did discreetly, where no one could see me. However, I helped Molly get ready for her date. I'm so happy for her. She had a memorable evening, which ended with a kiss, and plans for a second date.

After Molly left, and still no results from the Miralax and prune juice, I took another dose and drank another glass. I decided not to eat dinner, but to sip on water the remainder of the evening. I was so bloated and not really passing a significant amount of gas. It was midnight before Molly got home. She shared with me all about her date. When she finished, I still had not gone to the bathroom. While Molly was getting ready for bed, I took another dose of Miralax and drank my third glass of prune juice. I stayed awake another hour because I felt yuck. I was getting a little nauseated.

I told Molly that I was going to sleep on our couch. It has leg rests and is very comfortable. We furnished our apartment for comfort!

I awoke about 8 AM with that dreaded feeling of needing to evacuate my bowels immediately. I forgot to shut the door and yanked my panties down and got on the commode. I pushed out two really large chunks of stool which uncorked a torrent of mushy, loose stool.

Then, almost every hour on the hour I went to the bathroom with torrents of mushy diarrhea. In fact, I continued the prune juice and water after each trip to the toilet, just so that I would be completely cleaned out.

Molly has gone to the store to shop for us. I think that she was happy to leave, as I had to do my third trip to the toilet while she was in the shower.

Hopefully, I will be regular next week. I feel much better though!

Emily xoxo

Anna J

School Poop

I don't know about you guys but I love pooping at school. Just letting it out instead of learning it is pretty fun to go poop at school. Unlike most people I know I just let my poop out wherever at school, home, or the best outside. Today at school it was about 10:30 (math) and we were taking a test. Although I was one of the first to finish so I walked to the 7th grade bathroom. There was a girl in the 2nd stall who was having some bad diaherria. This bathroom had 8 stalls and 7 were taken so I took the 5th stall. I pulled my jeans to my ankles with my pink undies and plopped down on the toilet. I peed for about 15 seconds. And let out a solid poop and 2 more poops.

to Jenny: I had totally forgotten about that story! Yes I find it comfortable. To be honest I don't really notice the thong in between my bumcheeks no matter what I do. Btw, the biking "skirt" isn't really a skirt. It's just bike shorts that are made to look like a skirt on the outside. Riding with a real skirt and a thong would be a really bad idea, haha. It would be flash-city!

My thongs are usually pretty clean when I take them off at night. They do get really sweaty when I bike though.

to Molly and Emily: I don't really like going number two when boys are around, but sometimes I cannot help it. I really like the idea that I am advancing women that way, though!

As for your farting question, I think farting in front of other people on purpose is really rude. I hate it when boys do it. If I fart by accident in front of a boy, I am deadly embarrassed. Accidentally farting in front of my girlfriends is ok though. No big deal.

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Karen C great story.

To: Sheelee great story I bet those teachers had good poops.

To: Bianca great story it sounds like you had a good poop.

well that's all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site


Full House

Last week I had a day with no classes. However, I had a coaches meeting in the athletic department. Adam had been in our apartment's bathroom for 15 minutes and I just gave up on his slow crappin' ritual. I had to urinate but figured I would hold it during my walk over to campus. It was a little nippy out so I decided to cut through the park and as I got closer to the toilets there I had made my decision that I was going to make a pit stop. I got to thinking about Adam continuing in his nice warm sitting while mine was going to be colder. Otherwise he's really good to me, the love of my life, and when at a party we hosted, I told some of my players he was proficient with the plunger, they agreed that he is a keeper.

At the park I was surprised at the number of kids around. Because they were old enough to be in school, I figured there must have been a teachers meeting or something. Under the awning outside the bathroom building, two ladies were smoking and playing cards and I waved at them and entered the building. The building has 3 toilets, no cubicles, up against the wall and something pretty unusual. The toilet paper rolls are on the wall behind each toilet. There was a child in sweats or jeans on each toilet. The one in the middle seemed to be swinging her legs so hard that her sweats had more than covered her shoe on the right side. I automatically apologized for walking in on their privacy. They were messing around with one another so they were related or knew one another. They had ganged up on the middle girl they called Christel. They were giving her their "Phews" as they listened to her crap fall into the bowl.

Christel asked what I was going to do. I told her I had to pee but could wait for her. The other two laughed, but I didn't fully understand why. She asked my name. I told her. She asked why I had such a different name. As I was explaining my braids, she suddenly jumped down. She said I could have the toilet. I thanked her nicely as I pulled down my blue thong and took the warm seat. There were about 5 small pieces of crap floating on top of the water.

I didn't flush because I just intended to do my pee and give the seat back to Christel. She was standing there, clothing down, looking a bit awkward. She asked about my freckles. I have quite a few on my thighs. The way the girls looked a me started to make me feel a little uneasy. I didn't expect to attract that much attention to myself, but I know that because of my large physical size, I can attract it. Then they asked me about my sports, whether I knew some other athletes, etc.

I stood, reached back and pushed down the flush lever. The girls continued looking me over as I pulled up my clothing. As I was walking toward the doorway, Christel blurted out that I needed to wash my hands. Then there was laughter. I did. Wiped my hands. And turned and told them to have a nice day. The girls smiled at me when I walked by.

It was a half hour walk to campus. By the time I got to the Hyper Bldg. for my meeting, I could feel my daily crap coming on. I walked into the first floor bathroom confidently. Then I stopped in my tracks. All eight cubicles were taken. Others were waiting. I turned around and left for the conference room. I figured I could hold my crap until afternoon. Then our meeting started.

Annie (Anny)

Runny poop after lunch and black coffee

Hi all. I'm sitting on the toilet right now with my pants and underwear (light purple boy shorts), black leggings and blue jeans around my thighs, having a runny poop after lunch. I had 2-3 medium cups of black dark roast coffee, both from home (Maxwell House, black coffee) and Tim Hortons Dark Roast black coffee. I checked underneath me into the toilet and the water is yellowish, I guess a mix of pee & runny poop. My stomach is starting to feel better though. Just finished. Pulled up my pants and underwear, and am doing up my button, fly, zipper and belt.

Happy pooping everyone!



Odd Dream and half sphere toilets

Hello, first time posting here but been reading for a while now. Love the stories about buddy dumps and large loads. Don't post here because I don't really have stories to share as I have great bowl control and hate using public toilets. But anyways I've finally a story to post to this site.

It's an odd dream where I was in Japan, specifically a small single room apartment complex (I've never been to Japan at all before) and the set up was a regular room, a Bathroom/meeting room, and there was a third room that had chairs. The first room had a regular bathroom with a fancy western style toilet they have over there (or it may have been a toilet you'd find in an RV). The second room was where the dream really started to get weird. It had two toilets (which were strange and I'll get to in a sec), one off to the side of the room, one down a hallway that was dimly lit, and then there was a group of specifically girls meeting on the other side of the large room. And finally a third room which just had chairs to my memory.

As I mentioned before the first room had a normal enough toilet, but the second room had these really funky toilets. They were half spheres mounted in the wall with a smoothed cut out on the top half and a small hole opening for you to do your business (thinking back the opening was like a squat pot and it was the kind where it had the grooved part where you'd normally stand) and it also had what I think were lights on the top half of the sphere but they were off or very dim (if the cut out was a nose then the lights would be placed where you'd think the eyes would go). They were both the same shape and design except the one across from the girls meeting was kinda small (in my mind I decided this was the Urinal version, and also had yellow liquid in the pot are to confirm that). The one down the hall was massive though, the pot came up to my chest (I'm 5'8 and there was no indication that the sizes were off or I was smaller, still it made me feel like a kid) and the sphere part of it was basically covering the wall of the hall's end.

Starting out in the first room I was getting kinda desperate to go poo and after surveying the bathroom (which was perfectly fine) decided to check out other rooms for some reason? I found the second room and debated whether I wanted to use the private toilet in the first room, the small sphere toilet (which while still a bit high but was accessible), or the hallway toilet. I decided on the hallway toilet as the one I wanted to use, despite the fact it was impractical and there were people in the room.

After assessing the issue of the toilet being too high I decided I needed a chair to climb up on this glorious throne. I ventured out to the walkway of the building and made my way to the third room filled with chairs. But they were mostly broken or flimsy and wouldn't support my climb up. Then I finally found a suitable chair (one of those pleather and steel chairs that are common in governments or cheap restaurants). By now the need was bad and I was turtle heading something awful. I though it was fine as I was in the home stretch to getting on the toilet. As I was making my way out of the room I got a bit of hungry bum and my underwear had gotten into my crack and I had pooed a bit more out so it was definitely touching cloth. I knew I'd have a massive skidmark but didn't mind so much since I had black or at least dark underwear on (this is strange as I've never had skidmarks and never accidentally crapped myself).

So I teleported to the 2nd room (don't remember walking back and going into it), the girls have left and there was a massive turd sticking out the hole of the hallway toilet (since the "seat" bit was chest height I got a pretty good view of it, had to be at least 3 1/2 inches across, couldn't tell how long since it was stuck in the hole at the back). So I got the chair in place, started to pull down my pants and seat myself when I woke up.

I have no idea why I had this dream, haven't a clue what it means (I let out at least a foot long turd of sizable thickness with a few other pieces last night, though I do feel like I need to go again). But I should be thankful it didn't result in my wetting my bed or crapping in it as tends to be the case when people recall dreams of using the bathroom. Well I hope you enjoyed my story and thanks for reading bye.


The Big Naked Dump

Splash: I have been to only a couple nudist camps, but I can tell you that the one I regularly go to is the only one with wide open toilets. I don't think it's that commonplace.

Jenny: I admire the confidence in your skidmarks to pull your panties and thongs all the way to your ankles in order to poop. That's awesome!

Emily and Molly: Loved the fart contest story. I bet you guys could blow the roofs off of houses.

Hey, guys! For those of you who don't know, my girlfriend Katie and I are nudists who are friends with another nudist couple, Angela and Terry. Angela and I took a crap at the nudist camp together about a week ago. Since then, the four of us have been talking more and more about pooping, and we decided to get a little experimental with it. Katie and I were invited over to Angela and Terry's house a couple days ago for dinner. As soon as we arrived, Katie and I stripped off and joined our friends for a nice steak dinner in the nude. After our meal, it was time for the main event. The four of us had been doing our best to not shit for three days in preparation. We headed down to the basement to have a pooping party.

"So, who wants to go first?" I asked. Terry responded that he was about to explode and squatted down over his unfinished basement floor, already beginning to push out his first turd. A long, ropy dark brown turd began working its way out of Terry's incredibly hairy ass. The thing was at least ten inches, and his face was getting red. Angela rubbed his back to comfort him and kissed him on top of his head. "That's my man!" she exclaimed. The first turd landed with a THWUMP on the floor, and he began pushing out a second. This one was about the same size and color as the first. They were basically turd twins. He let out an "oof" of effort and stood back up.

Then it was Katie's turn. I'm always amazed how beautiful she looks, even when taking a massive shit. This time was no exception. Her toned and tanned ass flexed as she began her movement. As a light, fat turd pushed its way out of her hole, she seemed almost graceful. I figured all her volleyball skills made it seem easy. Unfortunately, it didn't exactly help with the smell. Don't get me wrong, Terry's poop wasn't the most pleasant smelling, but Katie's smell could kill a damn elephant. Angela covered her nose while giggling and waving her hand in front of her face. "Damn, Katie, what did you eat?!" Terry asked. "That smell is abnormal." I had to come to her defense so I said "Oh come on, four naked people are crapping on a basement floor and her smell is the weirdest part?" We all laughed at that. This enormous turd was all Katie's butt had to offer so she stood up and did a little pretend curtsy.

Angela then got in the squatting position and began her movement. The thing about Angela is that she basically looks like a curvier Susan Sarandon, and she loves raunchy jokes. She also has IBS-D, which means her craps usually consist of diarrhea. "Watch out everyone, I'm flooding this basement with melted chocolate," she said. And then she basically let loose a torrent of mushy, light brown, and very smelly shit. She grinned at us as we all moaned at the smell. "I've always said girls were stinkier," she said. It was hard to disagree. "Honey, you'll never smell too much for me," Terry said, squeezing his wife's pale butt cheeks. Angela let out her melted chocolate for about three minutes, and then it was finally my turn.

Holding in my poop for three days had not been easy, but as I began to push out the turd, it was hard to not feel it had been worth it. The enormous relief I felt was indescribable. Katie, Angela, and Terry cheered me on as my bare ass pushed out a log that felt like it had the consistency of a Hickory Farms sausage you get at Christmas. The thing had to be at least a foot and a half long. It fell out of my ass and onto the floor. I swear I could see fumes coming off of it.

We all agreed that it had been a successful first poop party. We lit some incense to clear out the smell, wiped our asses, and then went upstairs to watch a movie. We laughed when Katie got up to get some snacks, because even with the wiping her bare butt had left a skid mark on the sofa. Angela joked that we should have followed basic nudist etiquette and sat on towels. As we drove home, Katie and I agreed that despite our age difference, Angela and Terry were great friends and that we were very thankful our nudist lifestyle had made us so open to new experiences.

Girl despeate for the loo at the bus stop

Hi all I just had to post & tell you about what I saw today, it won't be a long post as there really isn't that much to tell but I would love to hear your thoughts & opinions on the matter.
I had been out shopping in town, well it was more window shopping really as I didn't actually buy anything, so decided to head back home.
When I arrived at the bus stop there were already three girls waiting there; who looked to be about eleven years old. One of the girls was wearing blue jeans & a blouse, was brunette & had her hair tied back in a ponytail. Another had long blond hair, had on a blue & white striped T shirt & again was wearing blue jeans. The third girl was a red head & had on an orange pinafore dress that matched her shoulder length hair.
The red haired girl seemed to be very fidgety & couldn't keep still for a second & was quite frequently holding herself through her dress, she obviously needed the loo. This went on for a good ten, fifteen minutes until their bus came; leaving me wondering what happened next, did she make it or did she wet herself?
My question to you all is, is it reasonably common for a girl of this age to behave in this manor? & has anybody else witnessed a girl of this or a similar age behaving this way? If so what was the situation? was she to occupied with something else? did you know her? & did she end up wetting herself in the end?

After School Emily and Molly

Afternoon Emily and Molly

Hello, friends of the toiletstool forum,

This is Molly, writing on behalf of both of us. Em is over her prune juice/Miralax induced diarrhea. She was able to go to church today and, along with me, enjoyed a Sunday-afternoon number two. I really felt bad for her. She's such a lovely person and I hate to see her not feeling well!

I had an awesome date Friday evening. We made plans for next Saturday. Please don't feel sorry for Em. She has guys checking her out all the time. She just blows them off.

EMILY: Molly! I won't delete that, but they are just not my type.

MOLLY: Okay, I have the keyboard back.

We wanted to respond to some questions.

Christopher, Em and I both agree that we would rather have diarrhea than to be constipated. We've both had diarrhea mishaps. But when we are at home and able to ride it out with convenient access to a bathroom, it is really not as bad as being constipated. The bloating is miserable.

EMILY: Please understand that I was desperate when I created my Miralax and prune juice cocktails. Really, I drank them separately. You get the idea. As much diarrhea as I had, it was much more pleasant than the constipation I endured. Best, Emily and Molly

Dear Sheelee, we agree with you on teachers in the students' bathrooms. In fact, at our school, we are discouraged from using the student's restrooms. I (Molly) posted a story about that. I felt so embarrassed to do a number two while in the restroom with my students and even more so embarrassed to report it to the administration. Hang in there! Teachers are people too! Best, Molly and Emily

Victoria B, we hope that you are well! Miss your stories! Best, Molly and Emily

Jenny, we used to deal with skid marks from time to time when we were younger and if we are exercising, but not often. They have never affected intimacy, but we are both single and have not had many serious boyfriends. Best, Molly and Emily

FARTING Question: Friends, we are still interested to know about your etiquette when it comes to farting.

Emily and Molly xoxo

@Karen C -- The active ingredient from Feenamint is still on the market--it's called Ducolax and there are also generics.


installment 2

installment 2,
Though at first the idea of being at a homeless mission was "no way!", I learned that it was the best thing that could have happened to me.
If I'd gone to a motel it would have sucked up the money I needed to buy the truck. All that was needed for free room and board at the mission was to find things that needed to be done, and do them. It also kept me occupied while waiting on getting the paperwork done.
And then I began learning how much fixing what was wrong with the truck would cost, and how much it would cost.
It would require 2 months before I could return to the gulf coast. The mission food was mostly rather good, but you needed to take care. Some of the volunteers that cooked meals did not follow the proper food prep requirements and at the end of the meal a sprint to the bathroom was needed. While a couple pair of tighty whitey's were stained the full on accidents happened while on my trip back.
Now, a month and a half after getting back to gulf coast Mississippi my guts are finally getting back to normal. Only to be disrupted again as I start towing my belongings, 3 trailers, filled, to northern Idaho. Fifteen thousand miles to get all 3 there.
My stained underwear are gone, and the traveling from here on will be with disposable underwear, until I settle in at the end of the move, buy new underwear and try to keep it white while settling in to what will be my home for the rest of my years.

Monday, April 03, 2017


Staying at my friends

Hi everyone, Abbie here again, I'm back home now for the Easter holidays so will try to post a bit more often.
Imogen- I'm really sorry to hear you had an accident, I would be the last person to judge you given the number of times I've had some really close calls and ended up getting my pants wet or dirty (or sometimes both!) I don't blame you for throwing your knickers away, I think I would have done the same!
Natasha- sorry to hear you're getting constipated again and you had to spend so long on the toilet last time you went for a poo, I hope your next poo is easier. I look forward to hearing from you after you've visited Anna!
Elphaba- thanks, I've been enjoying your stories as well.
Chloe from Miami- I can't imagine how embarrassing your experience must have been, I feel really sorry for you. Being gone for so long must have been bad enough but the professor seeing your dirty underwear must have been a million times worse. I hope you managed to get out without anyone noticing you didn't have any knickers on. A few times when I was at school I got my knickers wet or dirty and had to take them off, like you say its then really hard to concentrate as I was worried about someone seeing up my skirt.
Anyway, back to my latest story. Last night I went out with my friend Ellie and her sister Beth, Ellie and I were in the same year at school and we used to spend a lot of time together, but she's been really busy lately so we haven't managed to catch up for ages. We went out to meet some more friends and had a great evening, about half ten we set off to walk back to their house, I was sleeping over round theirs so at least I didn't have to worry about getting home! As we were walking back I started to need a wee quite urgently, I didn't fancy squatting down in the street so I just told Ellie and Beth I was getting desperate and we walked as fast as we could. Beth said she could also do with having a wee and needed the loo quite badly as well, so at least it wasn't just me. We got back to their house and by then I could feel my bladder was about to burst, I was standing on the doorstep holding myself as Ellie unlocked the door and let us in, I knew I was only seconds away from totally flooding my pants! Beth and I rushed upstairs to the ensuite in their room, I said "Do you mind if I go first only I'm literally just about to wee my pants?" and Beth said, "No, I can just about hold on another few minutes, just be quick!" As I went into their room I was already lifting my dress and hooking my thumbs into my tights and pants, I quickly pulled them down as I went into the ensuite and sat on the loo. A torrent started up almost straight away, I looked down at my pink spotty pants and saw that somehow they had stayed dry! Beth was standing next to me as I continued to wee a strong stream, it was going on forever and she was jiggling about and had her hand jammed in her crotch, she said "Are you nearly done, I'm gonna wee my pants any second, I can't hold on much longer!" Luckily just then my stream started to die away so I said, "Sorry, nearly finished, I didn't realise I'd end up weeing for so long!" As it dribbled to a stop Beth lifted her dress and dropped her black tights and white pants, she had to stand there with her underwear round her knees until I'd finished wiping but I know when your really desperate any delay can be disasterous! "Right, that's me done," I said, as I stood up and moved over, as I pulled up my pants and tights Beth immediately sat down and moaned loudly as a torrent started pouring out, she sounded about as desperate as I had been! Just then Ellie came in, she had taken off her dress and tights so she was just in her white bra and yellow pants, she said "Come on Beth, I really need a wee, how much longer are you gonna be?!"
Beth's stream wasn't showing much sign of slowing, in fact if anything she was weeing even more than I had. Eventually her stream did slow down and finally dribbled to a stop, just like Beth had done Ellie pulled her pants down at this point so she was standing there waiting with them at her knees, by now I was sitting cross legged on the floor. Beth wiped and then moved over so Ellie could sit down and a third strong stream started up as Beth pulled up her pants and tights. When Ellie had finished her wee she wiped, flushed the loo and pulled up her pants and we went back into the bedroom to get ready for bed. Ellie took off her bra and put her nightie on as Beth and I took off our dresses and tights so we were just in our bras and pants, as Beth turned to get her nightie out of the drawer I saw that her pants were too small for her as the top of her bum was showing, which made me feel a bit less embarrassed about mine as I could feel I had the same problem!! As Beth took off her bra she said "Sorry about these pants, I think they must have shrunk in the wash or something, they definitely used to be bigger than this!" And I said, "Don't worry, mine aren't much better, they were the only clean ones I could find this morning!" I took off my bra as well and we both put our nighties on and then we went to bed.
The next morning I woke up desperate for a wee again, I went into the bathroom, hiked up my nightie and pulled down my pants, I sat on the loo and started to wee a heavy stream, sighing with relief as I did so. As my stream died away I did a couple of loud farts, I thought Ellie and Beth were still asleep but typically just as I farted Ellie came in to the bathroom. "Morning Abbie," said Ellie, looking anxious. As I took some paper and wiped my front Ellie said, "Oh thank God, I thought you were having a poo, I'm literally just about to wet myself!!"
"No, it was just a wee," I said, standing up and pulling my pants back up. "Actually I probably will need a poo a bit later but I'm alright for now!" Just like the night before Ellie was waiting with her pants at her knees, she quickly sat on the loo and moaned as she started to wee like a horse! I went back into the bedroom where Beth was just waking up, after Ellie had come back she said she needed a wee as well and went off into the bathroom, she came back a minute later looking very relieved. Ellie and Beth went downstairs to get some toast and tea and brought it back up to the room a few minutes later, I had decided to stay up there as I realised my pants were showing through my nightie and I didn't want their parents to see! We ate breakfast and then lazed about watching telly, as I'd thought earlier about half an hour later I realised I was starting to want a poo, it wasn't a massive need so I just carried on watching telly and chatting. Just then Beth said "I need the loo again!" and got up off the bed, Ellie said "Is it a wee or a poo?" and Beth said "Both, you can come in if you want so we can keep chatting, it might take me a while!"
We followed Beth into the ensuite and sat on the floor as she hiked up her nightie and pulled down her pants, she sat down and started to wee. Her stream died away quite quickly and then I could tell from her belly that she had started to push, she bore down hard and started to go a bit red. She pushed like that for a few minutes and then said "Sorry about this, I think I'm a bit constipated, I haven't been for a poo the last couple of days!" She pushed some more and then said "I did actually want a poo yesterday but I kept putting it off because I just didn't have time to go until the evening, and by then I didn't need it anymore."
"Yeah, I always end up struggling if I don't have a poo when I first get the urge, if I hold it in its alot harder to push it out when I eventually do manage to get on the loo," I agreed.
"I guess I know by now that I should really go for a poo as soon as I feel the urge and not put it off," Beth panted as she continued to strain. "But its so easy to get into bad habits and before I know where I am I can sometimes go three or four days without having a poo!"
"Don't worry, that happens to me as well," I said. "Most of the time I only seem to want a poo every three or four days as well so I totally get your problem! I guess sometimes when I feel the urge I just don't have time for a decent sit on the loo though, but I know I should try to go for a poo every day or at least every other day if I don't want to get constipated!"
While I had been talking Beth had done some more hard pushes and had also been grunting a bit, I could feel my poo getting more urgent and so I hoped she wouldn't be too much longer as I didn't want a log poking out in my pants! I clenched my bum and squirmed around a bit on the floor as Beth continued to strain without any success. "I'm really sorry its taking so long," she panted, "It's a really fat hard log and it comes out a bit when I push, but when I stop pushing it goes back up my bum again, I just can't seem to get it out!"
"Oh, I get that problem too when I'm constipated, I really hate it!" I said, by now I was sitting on my heel in an attempt to keep my poo in. "It can really help if you lift your feet up, is there anything in your room you could use?" Ellie went back into the bedroom and came in with a couple of shoe boxes, which she put under Beths feet. "Right, now try to keep pushing for as long and as hard as you can manage, you might need to pull your bum cheeks apart too, that sometimes helps me," I said. Beth nodded and took a deep breath, she started to bear down and this time she kept up the push for a lot longer, she was bright red and was screwing up her face so I could tell she was really trying hard. As she released the pressure she grunted loudly, and then took a very quick breath and pushed again, reaching round behind herself this time to pull her bum cheeks apart as I had suggested. After another push like that I heard her moaning and then she started to give some shorter pushes, "Its coming now!" she panted and after a bit more straining I heard a splash and a moan of relief. I knew when I stood up a log would poke out of my bum but I was still just about OK. Beth had started to bear down again so I knew she wasn't done yet, but I hoped that it would be easier now she had passed that massive fat log. Sure enough a couple of minutes later after some more straining and grunting I heard a volley of plops and then Beth said, "Right, I'm done!"
"Is there any chance you could wipe standing up, its just I really need to have a poo myself now and I can't hold it in much longer!!" I said. "Yeah, sure, sorry again I took so long!" said Beth as she stood up and moved over to the side, she flushed the loo saying "It'll never go down if you go on top of mine!" I stood up and quickly dropped my pants and then sat down heavily on the loo, I relaxed my quivering bumhole and felt the tip of a log poke out straight away, I couldn't help moaning a bit as it was so good to just relax and let it come. Next to me Beth was wiping her bottom, she didn't need more than a couple of wipes as her poos had been so dry. She then pulled her pants up and washed her hands before sitting on the floor next to Ellie. By now I could feel my poo slowing down, as usual it was getting fatter and I knew I'd have to start pushing, so I took a deep breath and bore down hard. I could feel myself going red as I continued to push, and as I relaxed I couldn't help making a grunt, luckily Beth had needed to grunt quite a lot while she was having a poo so I didn't feel too embarrassed! I started to push again, by now I could feel that my bum was being forced wide open by a massive fat log which was really hard and knobbly as well, when I'm constipated I tend to pass really wide and hard poos but this one was huge even by my standards! I stopped pushing and couldn't help grunting loudly again, I could feel that the log had slid out a tiny bit but I knew it was going to take me ages to push it out completely. "Sorry, I'm really struggling as well," I admitted, "As usual when I get constipated it's a really hard fat log, I just hope it doesn't get stuck!" I started to push again and luckily after a couple more minutes of straining and grunting I realised the fattest part was out and the log started to move a bit faster, eventually it dropped into the bowl with a splash and I moaned with relief. I could feel there was more to come so I stayed sitting, I felt another log poke out and started to bear down, it was another fairly fat log but not nearly as huge as the first one had been, so it eased out a bit quicker and plopped down into the bowl after a minute or so. I felt empty so I took some toilet paper and wiped my bottom, like Beth I didn't have to wipe much as my poos had been really hard and dry. I pulled up my pants and flushed and then washed my hands. By now Ellie and Beth had started to get dressed, as I came back into the bedroom Ellie had already taken off her nightie and was rummaging in her underwear drawer, she had her back to me so I could see that her yellow pants were stuck up her bum. She took out a pair of white pants and took off her dirty ones, she quickly put on the clean ones and then put her bra on. As I was looking through my bag trying to find my clean pants Beth took her nightie off and then walked over to her underwear drawer, I couldn't help noticing that her white pants were giving her a wedgie as well! I finally found some clean pants in my bag, they were yellow with pink and blue butterflies. As I took off my nightie Beth pulled her pants down and put her clean ones on which were pale pink with blue and yellow spots, and then she put her bra on. As Beth pulled on her leggings I took off my dirty pants and put on the clean ones I'd found and then I put my bra on too. We finished getting dressed and then lazed around until lunchtime. Hope you enjoyed this story, will post again soon, bye for now!


My Accident

Today during a seminar at university I had started to develop the need to have a poo. As the need wasn't intense I decided to use the loos in the student union instead of the building I was already in (looking back that was a mistake). After walking with a couple of my friends to the library I said goodbye to them and then started on towards the Students Union. On my way there I started to need to pee. As I went through the main entrance it suddenly turned into a huge urge and every step I took across to the loos increased the pressure on my bladder. I pushed open the door and because I thought I could hold on I took my sweet time picking a cubical (again this was the wrong thing to do). Selecting one in the middle on the left hand side wall I went in and locked the door. Immediately my desperation was turned up to 11. Quickly putting my bag onto the hook I was in the process of taking of my blazer when I felt my bladder spasm. I clenched and threw my blazer onto top of my bag steeped back towards the toilet. Just then my bladder quivered again and a spurt of pee went into my panties. Like earlier I clenched and tried to undo my belt but my hold only lasted a second before another spurt of pee escaped. For the third time I clenched but my bladder had had enough and the pee rushed out of me, I thought 'if only I could stop' but the pee just kept coming out as my jeans grew darker and it pooled at my shoes. All this happened in about thirty seconds but it was as if time had slowed down. Once my bladder had emptied I couldn't believe that I was a foot away from a toilet but my lower half was covered in pee. It didn't concern me that I, a 25 year old, had just wet themselves, after all shit happens! I still had to crap so undoing my soaked jeans, I pulled them down along with my panties which were as equally drenched and sat down on the black seat. Relaxing my bum I felt two logs quickly slip out and splash into the bowl. Only then did I begin to think how I was going to get home with pee soaked jeans on. I tried to dry it up with some toilet paper but this had no effect what's so ever. Knowing I couldn't avoid facing the music I stood up and wiped my bum twice. After dropping the paper into the loo and flushing I pulled up my panties and jeans immediately feeling the cold, wet material as it made contact with my skin. Putting on my blazer and getting my bag of the hook I exited the cubical and walked towards the sinks to wash my hands. After doing this I went to the hand dryers as a girl entered the bathroom and passed me on her way to a cubical. Leaving the loo I wasn't concerned that people could possibly see my wet jeans however as I walked out of the university and towards the student residential area I took of my blazer and held in front of me. Getting to my flat I was thankful to find it empty (my other two flatmates were still at uni) and went into my room. Pulling off my clothes I put my jeans, panties and socks into my washing hamper, put on my dressing gown (which looks like one of BBC Sherlock), left my bedroom and went into the bathroom. I know there wasn't anyone there but one still likes to maintain a bit of dignity, you know? Anyway I turned the shower on and after it had warmed up slipped of my gown, stepped into the tub and washed my legs and pelvic area making sure not to get my hair wet as I didn't want to restyle it. After drying myself with a towel and putting on my gown back on I went into my room and popped on a fresh t-shirt and a pair of lounge shorts. Sitting down at my desk and opening up my laptop I made a mental note to write down my story on here after I had finished studying for the day. Having typed it up I'm quite proud of myself for dealing with it so calmly.


Rhinog Mountains

Hi. I thought like to know about the trip we went on this weekend. I went to the Rhinog Mountains in Wales with 3 of my college mates - Jamie, Josh and James for a weekend of hill walking and scrambling. We had the route planned before we set off, and we drove our car to a town called Barmouth on the Friday, and then planned to get a train from there to somewhere further along the mountain range, then walk back from there back to the car in Barmouth along the mountain range, camping wild up in the mountains on the way on the Friday and Saturday nights. Anyway we parked our car up in Barmouth, and headed to a cafe in town where there was just time to grab a cooked breakfast before we set off. Unfortunately the cafe we found did not have any toilets but the breakfast was really good in there, although it did take a while and when we came out we just had time to grab our stuff from the car, and quickly catch the train. The train was one of these really rural short trains. It only runs about every 2 hours and it was really busy. The place we got off the train was really quiet, a tiny little village, and we had to ask the ticket man to stop the train specially there. The train was packed with people drinking beer for some reason and the toilet was in use for most of the journey with the beer drinkers, although Jamie managed to get in there at one point.

Anyway we got to the stop we were meant to be getting off at and as the train left James and myself headed to a nearby hedge to empty our bladders. Josh however was rather surprised to find that this rural village station was not equipped with toilets, and announced at this point he really needed a dump ASAP. The guy is getting to be a bit of a nightmare with his toilet habits, he is into his muscle and protein in a big way, and probably eats the equivalent of a whole chicken each day, and scuttles off to the toilet for a dump at least 3 or 4 times a day, often taking at least 15 minutes per time. What he produces can also be EXTREMELY smelly! There is only one toilet in his house and there are 7 of them, so I do not think he is that popular at home. Some guy was nearby walking his dog and he was asked where the nearest public toilets were - his suggestion of about 10 miles away was not especially helpful at this point.

Josh's initial solution was to march up to some nearby houses and ask to use their toilet, while we stood in the street laughing. This was not especially successful as nobody answered their door apart from one woman who would not let him in the house and told him to clear off before she called the police! He then came back to us, made various angry comments about the woman and we set off on our way.

The key point I haven't yet mentioned was that it was raining heavily. If it had not been I think Josh would have been quite happy to go for a dump outdoors as I know he has done this many times (as have all of us when wild camping). We walked off out of the village then started climbing. As soon as we were out of sight of the village Josh threw big backpack down removed our shared trowel and roll of "shit tickets" as we call them (which luckily we keep in a plastic bag to keep them dry) and headed for a nearby large tree. Someone commented at this point that we should spare a thought for the wildlife in that area. Josh went round the back of the tree then came back round our side of the tree (we later learned this was due to nettles, and that even though he had come round the other side of the tree he still managed to sting his ass somehow) and dug a hole quickly then dropped his trousers and boxers and squatted over the hole - facing us. As is tradition with my mates we yelled things like "we know what ya doing" and threw sticks at him while he was shitting. We saw him wipe his ass - which he said was very difficult as the paper would get wet while he tried to unroll and fold it. He got dressed again and refilled the hole he had dug and returned to us and we kept walking. Hilariously for the other three of us, it stopped raining about 10 minutes later and did not really rain for the rest of the weekend!

That evening we all wild camped by a lake up in the mountains. we all took a turn to walk off with the trowel and shit tickets after dinner. The Rhinog Mountains are pretty remote (we only saw two people Friday evening to Sunday lunchtime apart from when we crossed a road at a couple of points so we did not have to go to too much effort with privacy - just get out of sight of the other 3 of us and you should be safe - apart from pranks. It was great to enjoy a beautiful view while taking care of business!

Saturday morning James and I woke up and got out of our tent. We walked over to this little cliff thing that we had been using to piss off the evening before and went for a piss together over the cliff edge admiring the view at sunrise. Mid piss we realised that there was an addition to the view, Josh squatting down facing away from us with his ass in the air wiping his ass! Unfortunately he was too far away for us to hit with our piss which would have been an excellent prank!

We had to stop once mid morning for Josh to go for another crap and again he went off behind a wall at lunchtime - although he chose a more private location these times. The guy eats and shits so much he is like a machine! At lunchtime Jamie managed to spray him with his water pouch over the wall while he was squatting doing his business which was funny. We were getting a bit concerned about the rate he was hurtling through our Shit Tickets - he was well into our second (and last) roll by this point and it was starting to look a bit thin. He was banned from using any more until us three "once daily shitters" had used our share after dinner!

Well after dinner I was the third to use the shit tickets (whilst enjoying another fabulous view) and although I was as sparing as I could be (it was a bit of a messy one) I was aware poor Josh would not have adequate supplies for his shitting schedule for the next day. He looked devastated when I handed him the remaining paper and trowel and off he trudged. He came back with a VERY thin roll. Jamie happened to have a notebook with him and he loaned this to Josh for the morning.

Josh had to go again first thing in the morning and again at lunchtime. At lunchtime we could hear him rubbing the note paper against his ass from some distance away. It was quite funny for us, very uncomfortable for him! When we got to Barmouth he was straight in the public toilets he found. He looked so relieved when he walked out!

Karen C. from Cali

Another Blast from the Past

Greetings to all who've enjoyed my posts! Comments and questions are welcome and encouraged!

Okay, more oldies.

Back in the day when I was happily (no, not really!) married and not working outside the home, when the boys were very young, I took Feenamint laxative each evening to keep me regular and my waistline tiny. It was a very harsh laxative that would prompt me out of bed to sit atop my royal morning porcelain throne at promptly 4:15 each morning--ironically, it awakened me just in time to have breakfast ready for my guys and the lunches packed and the coffee made.

I'd have my first explosive BM at 4:15, make the coffee and have two more blowouts at 4:25 and (usually, after my morning coffee with lots of creamer, sugar, and cocoa powder) I'd have the final episode at around 5:15 then afterwards I'd start cooking breakfast and packing the lunches.

I didn't flush until after my last episode because the flushing might wake my guys. On weekend nights I took the laxative a little later at night so I wouldn't be finished with my blowouts until well after hubby and my little guys were awake, usually after breakfast I'd still be going. And the house we lived in at the time had the bathroom right next to the dining room and with thin walls, too. On Saturday or Sunday morning I could hear hubby telling the guys "G** damn! Mom's blowing up the commode! Followed by laughter from all.

WELL, one morning my youngest son happened to get up early, he was about six IIRC, and he went to pee as usual after getting up. Then he came to me and asked "Mom, what's that brown stuff in the commode?". Half embarrassed and half holding-back-laughter, I replied with my best poker face, simply: "Shit water, shit water--MY shit water!". I explained that I do this every morning when you guys are sleeping and I don't flush because I don't want to disturb everyone else's sleep. For the longest time (prob. until he got married) he thought all women have runny bowel movements like mine!

All being said, I do wish they'd bring back Feenamint laxative. It came in chewing gum form and really did a great job at what it was designed for. It was a very harsh laxative, but very effective. I loved it. Once Feenamint did it's job in the morning you were pretty much alright and stomach feeling fine for the rest of the day.

To get the same effect now I have to take at least double doses of currently available laxatives, but the modern laxatives keep your guts cramping all day long and you'll feel nauseous if you dare to eat lunch (made that mistake once and ended up puking my guts out just outside of a supermarket while having uncontrollable runs in my jeans, yuck!), and thus you'd not want to take those the night before you have to go shopping the next day for example.

Feenamint was a great laxative--harsh but predictable and with no lasting side effects; sure with they'd bring it back.

Best wishes to all, and hope you're enjoying the warmer weather and hope you all have lots of fun for the summer!
Love, Karen C.


Administrators/Teachers using student bathrooms

When I was in high school about 20 years ago those of us who were good students and didn't want to get tardy checks to class learned early in the year when to hold it and how to make the most of bathroom opportunities during passing periods, lunch, etc. And when those plans didn't work out, and we were desperate to pee or avoid crapping our pants, we could run an errand for a teacher to the office or ask to get a needed supply from the office. It was disheartening, however, when I would come running in with an emergency need to get onto a toilet--preferably one of the few with a door still on the stall--and see really nice designer shoes and underwear at floor-level. Most of the time that meant an adult was using our bathroom. There was a faculty bathroom on each floor of our school, plus an administrative bathroom in the main office. I particularly remember one day when I got a double coffee on the way to school and was hurried to pee. On the drive into the parking lot, my crap started down the chute. By the time I got up the stairs, to my locker and to my 1st class, the bell had rung. So I had to go to class. Because we had to do a state-required exam, no one was allowed to go anywhere. I defied those who would have thought I couldn't make it through, but when the bell rang I really ran down the hall to the bathroom. All the stalls with doors were occupied and I flung my bag against the wall of the end one that was open. I dug into my jeans and blue underwear so fast that I broke a nail. When my butt hit the gray seat, I exploded. As I sat, I noticed two teachers in front of me at the sinks and then heard a voice from the toilet next to me shout out to them. Their fellow teacher on the toilet to my right yelled to them to bring her some toilet paper. Both of them started using some sophisticated sarcasm on her and debating whether they should require her to say "Please" or "Pretty Please." Then they both looked over at me, saw an almost full roll of toilet paper, and asked me to pull some off and pass it under the paneling to the science teacher who thanked me nicely. I was wiping with one hand while the other was on the flusher when the minute bell rang. I pulled my jeans up, but didn't have time do do my belt or wash my hands. I was in the doorway of my 2nd hour when the final bell rang. About a minute later Miss C our teacher arrived late. I could tell it was her by her red shoes and slacks. Several times later that day I got to thinking about how much of a double standard it is to have faculty bathrooms when some faculty don't use them. If I were desperate across the hall from a teachers' bathroom, I would get in trouble for using it. I just didn't see it as being right.

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Chloe From Miami it sounds like you had a pretty rough day.

To: Ellison great story it sounds like you were both very desperate but at least you both made it to a toilet in time even if it was the same toilet at the same time.

To: Anna J first welcome to the site and great story it sounds like you both had really good and really big poops and please post anymore stories you may have thanks.

To: After School Emily it sounds like you guys had a rough day but at least you are feeling better now.

To: Imogene great story.

To: Anna great story.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS I love this site

I've seen lots of posts here. I have a question for anyone to answer: Which is better constipation or diarrhea? and Why?

hi joe, thanks for your response it was very informative, i hope the clean up wasn't too bad


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