After School Emily

Before the Bell Emily

Hi. I wanted to share a quick update on my sickness. I finished my Azithromycin (Z-Pack) on Sunday, and shared that it gave me really bad diarrhea. It did not help that most of my meals consisted of soup, but when the diarrhea began on Sunday, I began the BRAT diet - Bananas, Rice, Apple Sauce and Toast. In addition to that, I also began to eat yogurt three times a day. Now, I am constipated. I have not been to the bathroom since Sunday evening. If I remember correctly, I had two small episodes after Molly and I posted.

Though the strep throat cleared quickly, my stomach has been really upset. If I don't go today, I may try prune juice again.

Time to teach. I look forward to hearing from you and sharing with you later.

Emily xoxo



I've gone back to the name I used when I came to this site back in late 2k. The current name Old Fart is being dumped to avoid confusion with Old Poop who has been here not quite forever.
I've been in gulf coast MS since returning after Katrina in May 2011. Jobs here aren't that great and I want to get back to the northwest to be near family. To do this I searched used trucks for one capable of pulling my heavy trailers to north Idaho. I bought my truck in Idaho Falls and arrived there the morning of 20 Dec to a temp of -23F.
I have a history of IBS and little did I know on arrival that my careful diet that kept pooping civil was about to take a plunge into intestinal chaos.
When I got off the bus I asked where I could find an inexpensive motel and was given directions to the expensive ones. Walking back out I spotted a cop car and asked the same question. They dropped me at the men's mission and the trip into chaos began. My bowels are still in chaos. So the next post will take you down the rabbit hole bring you up to current.

Hi it's me Jenny or "skid marked Seattle." I don't know if I really need a nickname as Jenny is my real name ( there is a lot of Jenny's in Seattle so I'm still pretty anonymous :)

I haven't posted in a while, but I've been peeking and lurking once in a blue moon too.

Catherine if you happen to peak at this site once in a while...hi and I hope you are doing great! Thinking of you and your growing family well as your poops.

I've been getting back exercising, which means allot mote sweating, more frequent BM's and more skids. I'm still a little embarrassed self conscious about my skids, but it a fun way, thanks to some reinforcement on this site. I even pull a pair of dirty panties or thongs all the way to my Ankles in public restroom, which I didn't do before.

Evan-I have know Guys get skid marks since i was a kid. In my experience guys are either poorer at hiding their dirty briefs, or more indifferent at hiding their skids. All though my life, I have seen dirty hanes from my childhood male friends to some adult men I have know from college and beyond. I even had a few " partners" in college who I caught with skid marked briefs. I was so in the moment though that didn't stop me. Has anyone had skid marks affect their romantic/intimate behaviors. It never grossed me out if guys had skids, I figured it was inevitable even if they wipe well due to their anatomy and hair, but I think that was a part of my self consciousness of my skids. I have always been attracted to guys , but part of me always though girls were more beautiful and" less gross than" guys ... Obviously it took a while for me to come to grips that that is not true. Gals ( and guys) our still beautiful, even with out butts are dirty. Really that clean for up to an hour or shower? Evan i noticed that your skid marks stories involve prarie dogging. In my experience and what I have heard from others , skid marks can happen even without almost having or having accident . Eva what do you and others think.

I get skids when I wear light colored panties ( my husband wears dark boxers so I seldom able to make a skid ) and if i wear the panties for a full work day. I will noticed I can get skid even if i don't number 2 after a shower. Off course if I do number two, my skids are larger and more noticeable. The worst is when poop and exercise, in either order. The worst skids I get when i bike any distance. The seat just shoves any cloth right up there.

Anna- I remember you writing a while back of you pooping next to a hot woman on a bike trip.( BTW I hope you know that probably a lot of guys are checking you out too. "juicy booty pride!" Anna I saw your last post talking about how many guys probably check our asses after messy poop. I know I've caught a few guys and more recently my husband knowing I have a giant skid in my cute panties. Anyway, Anna you wrote you wore a biking skirt and white string. First is that combo comfortable with the bike seat pushing you thong between your cheeks. I always really mess up my panties if I bike , but I have have never biked in a thong before . I wonder if I would skid them more or even less since there is less cloth to ride up. I usually bike in panties ( under my clothes of course) or commando for long bikes in biking shorts. When I wear panties, it looks like I might have well not used toilet paper


Welcome Gill

I've also been reading these posts the last 10 years. I'm sure there is a lot of interest in your other accidents and would be happy to hear about them

Thursday, March 30, 2017


Near Bathroom

Hi guys! I discovered that somewhere in between my bedroom and hall bathroom, I hear what sounds like the water heater filling itself up from time to time. It's one of those noises around the bathroom I enjoy hearing, because it's usually this soft water-running sound, but the start of refill can get noisy sometimes possibly due to air in the plumbing of the heater. Anyway, Mom has to use crutches due to a foot surgery, but she rides a rolling chair to the bathroom. I hear her try to get on the toilet, and the tank lid gets bumped a bit. Also, our toilet seat is a bit loose,but that doesn't bother me. Mom should transfer to a walker soon, so bathroom trips can be made easier for her.Btw, she's had foot work done in the past, too. Today I had soft poop 3 times, and some of it felt sort of hot, but nice also. The hotness was like the spicy food induced burn you feel when you eat hot food. Maybe this was a late reaction from eating hot wings yesterday. Speaking of hot wings, a late-night poo around eleven something earlier this week smelled like the chicken I consumed at dinner. I think my poo has smelled like this before, and I even thought some years ago that a semi-big poop smelled of cheese! To the poster who wrote about pooing themselves when scared, luckily i've never done that. I'd have to say the worst I did as a child was delay going to the bathroom at night when I partly soild a Depends diaper I wore to bed. When I played in my soiled clothing as a child, Mom would get angry when she saw poop on my fingers. My favorite finger to stick in my pooped clothing was my thumb probably because I thought I could get the most coverage on it. Some people dig there noses, and I guess people without disabilities could develop such a facination with poop as I did getting into butt digging, too. I also think one time while being babysat at a mobile home in Nolenville, I soiled myself, and the sitter gave me a pull up to wear. Another time, I believe baby sitter was aware of me needing to be cleaned up in the morning (I think my brother and I spent the night at her house). This was a different person from the one at the mobile home, but I don't know her name.

Mr P (in the wheelchair)

Hello and question for Natasha

Hi there. I've been reading the post on this site for about 10 years or so. I love it. I have spina bifida and am in a wheelchair so have no control over my bladder or bowels.

I'm always curious to know what it feels like to need a poop. I'm thinking about posting another "survey" to the group about the various sensations of needing a poop.

In the meantime I was hoping Natasha could describe the feeling of sitting on the toilet but not quite having the strong urge to go? Was the log further up your rectum ? Does it feel more urgent as the log moves down? Just curious :)

If anyone has any questions for me let me know.

Thanks Mr P (in the wheelchair)

Chloe from Miami

Friday Mexican gone wrong

Friday two weeks ago was my last day of College before a week of Spring Break which I was super keen for as I was going to visit my brother in Hawaii. I have a close group of friends through Law, we study together and hangout during time out from class. By midday we had finished a two-hour lecture and we were all starving. My friend Nat immediately suggested Mexican, my two other friends; Steph and Andy immediately replied in enthusiasm. Don't get me wrong, I love Mexican, I have a Mexican grandfather and the love of their food runs in my blood. However, I prefer to have it for dinner and go home within a few hours after due to intense pooping! Unfortunately for me I had class after lunch until 6. My friends saw my hesitation, "It's okay Chloe we can go get Pizza instead" Nat said with a considerate smile, I immediately rebuked, hating to be the killjoy "No It's fine, I was just thinking about what I'll have to pack for the trip, let's have Mexican". I tried to sound as exuberant as possible without coming across as the insincere schoolgirl I used to be known for. I knew that friends who had known me longer would have read straight through my acting but I think I pulled it off. Unlike my high school friends they also had never witnessed anything embarrassing.
It wasn't far to the Mexican but by then I was starving even more, ready to stuff myself enough to last long enough for a late dinner when I arrived home. All my friends ordered burritos and tacos. The combination of subtle peer pressure and absolute hunger made me join them. After some sides and the start of a Mexican beer the burritos arrived and met my expectation, both the taco and burrito loaded with beans and filled with other delicious spicy ingredients that would see me through the afternoon.

By 1pm and after ordering some quesadillas on top of what we had already consumed it was time to go to our next class. We got let of early at 2.30pm but me and Nat had one final class from 4pm until 6. After some study in the Library I realised it was probably a good idea to try and take a poop as I knew our professor was likely to go for the full 2 hours as we have a paper due after break. I left Andy in the library and went to go to the bathroom. Being a Friday afternoon I was picky with where I went as I knew the toilets would be messy and the cleaners seemed to skip the job on a Friday afternoon. I went up a few floors, knowing from previous experience that the floors further away from the entry had cleaner toilets. My hopes were somewhat met, the floors obviously hadn't been cleaned but I found a stall that hadn't been demolished. I pulled my denim dress up, yanked my panties down, sat down, pulled out my phone and browsed Facebook, hoping to get some bowel movement before class. Unfortunately nothing happened. I peed but nothing more other than a faint fart. After 10 minutes I gave up and went downstairs to meet up with Nat.

"What took you so long?" Nat asked jokingly, not really expecting an answer, but I felt obliged to give an answer "Just had to touch myself up" I replied, grabbing my bag and books from the desk and walking away before he was ready, forcing him to rush to catch up. "Reckon we will go the full two hours" asked Nat, hurryingly jostling his books together as he attempted to catch up to me. "I hope not but I can't see the Professor letting us off early, he's that kind of guy and I doubt he has anything or anyone to go home to for the break". "Yeah I guess that means a little longer before break then, oh well we shouldn't be too hungry by the end of it" Nat remarked, making me envy him. I nearly always had this problem with Mexican, after only 4 hours or so Mexican would often have gone right through me, or at the very best half of what I had eaten. Surely I would have had some signs if it was going to be like that again today but so far so good.

We arrived in the class, we sat in the middle like we normally do. Nat sat in the aisle seat. There was a guy sitting next to me on my other side, to my right, Chad. Had was a bit of a perv, he often would try and get a look up my dress or skirt by dropping stuff under the desk and going under or sitting directly across from me in group conversations and staring at my legs, hoping, waiting for me to adjust myself. Unfortunately for him I was aware of it and he didn't get much of excitement other than seeing some plain white bikini brief panties.

After an hour and 15 minutes I began to feel and hear my stomach turn. Initially it wasn't too bad. I told myself I could hold it another 45 minutes but I could feel myself losing concentration on the class. The loudspeaker from the Professor made me feel comfortable enough to believe no one could hear my stomach turning. However the stomach noises became a cramp around the bowel and before I knew it I let out a wet fart. It wasn't loud enough for everyone to hear but Nat and Chad heard it and they both looked towards me, facing each other, I blushed but they didn't say anything, presumably because Nat thought it was Chad and vice versa. I put my head down and tried to take notes. Another 5 minutes past and I could feel air again, this time it felt worse, I tried to hold it but it didn't work. Before I think of what to do I let out another fart, this time it was worse and I could immediately tell it was a wet fart. This time Chad and Nat knew it was me and they looked towards me, Chad was chuckling while Nat had a concerned look on his face. I quickly stood up and walked over Nat's feet to get to the aisle and bathroom, trying not to look him or anyone else in the eye. I wished so much I had sat on an aisle seat as shuffling over people was never easy at the best of times, worse when you were in a rush to the bathroom and ten times worse when I were aware that a smell would follow the noise I had made.

When I reached the aisle, I walked fast up the stairs and to the exit, but by the time I was level with the door and it was already open I made a run for it. Unfortunately, the bathrooms on that level of the building were on the other side but that wasn't a problem because I immediately knew it would be quicker to go up a floor, with the bathrooms on that floor been near the stairs. I made a bolt for it up the stairs, in too much of a rush to press the back of my dress closer to my legs, to prevent any up skirt moment. At the top of the stairs I could see the entry to the girl's bathroom and felt an instant sense of relief, something that was bad as I could feel my bowels relaxing. I hadn't made it to the entry and before I could do anything my bowels exploded, far worse than a wet fart, I knew I had made a right mess but I didn't dare stop, I made one last sprint for the nearest cubicle, slammed the door shut behind me, yanked my panties down and sat down on the toilet with my dress pulled up as high as possible. I let out a sigh of relief as I exploded into the toilet bowel, the gas making a terrible noise and projecting it around the sides of the bowl. It didn't take me long to glance down between my ankles and see what mess I had made, my white bikini brief panties looked like they had been through a warzone. The back side of the panties barely had a speck of white left and there were discernible bits of food in them as well. I cursed myself loudly, morphing the sound of my bowels for but a moment. Silence followed but I dared not begin cleaning up as I could feel my stomach turning again. Facing down between my ankles again I began to cry, at first silently but as I began to become overwhelmed at the thought of what to do I began to sob louder and louder, without a care for who could hear.

After a while I calmed down and reached for the toilet paper to blow my nose. The paper was that horrible 1 ply nonsense that was in one of those special types of dispensers so that you could only pull out a single piece at a time. I yanked 3 sheets out and blew into my nose, meanwhile I could feel my bowels preparing for release again I leant down, resting my arms on my knees and braced for another bowel movement. It came out in a flurry of gas and accompanying noise, more intense than before and with larger chunks of poo, causing splashback onto my ass cheeks that had already been smeared from the explosion while still wearing my panties. I had a feeling that was the last of it and figured if it wasn't I would know by the time I had finished cleaning myself up. I wiped myself partially and took a glance down the toilet, gasping in horror, realising that that particular Mexican had caused a far worse reaction than anything I previously remember. I then flushed the toilet in order to get rid of some of the smell. I placed my feet out of my panties and pulled my dress off to not get it messy from the back of my ass, hanging it up on the coat hook on the door. Luckily I realised that I had not locked the door in my earlier rushed panic, remedying the situation.
So there I was standing in the stall, wearing just shoes and a bra contemplating what to do next. I wished I was still at that age where I would just yell out for one of my parents to come up and help clean me up but even if age were not a factor it was logistically impossible seeing as my parents lived interstate. I knew that if I were to throw the panties out it wouldn't go unnoticed. My uncle's housekeeper knew how many pairs of panties I had and would go looking for them, meaning it was likely I would have to give an awkward explanation or an outright lie, something I was not prepared to do since she knew I had accidents. She had told me previously to "clean it up the best I could with water and leave it soaking for her to finish the job" on previous occasions. That was not entirely possible given I was not at home.

I left the panties on the ground while I painstakingly pulled out individual sheets of toilet paper, lumped them together and began to try and thoroughly wipe my ass. Lumping them together was only slightly better than using individual sheets, sure the paper didn't disintegrate in my fingers but having so many sheets together didn't work nearly as well as if I were using proper 2 ply toilet paper. The paper was still coming out dirty after wiping and I was getting exasperated, I became aware of the time I was taking, but having left my phone in class along with my books I had not exact idea of the time. I gave it a few more wipes, but still the paper was not coming out clean. I realised my but cheeks needed a wipe from the panty accident and the splash back but much of that had already dried on, meaning I would have to wait for home and a shower. I knew I still smelled bad but hoped the denim dress would help. I flushed the toilet a final time, placed my dress back on and carried my panties to the sink. The sink didn't have a plug but the pressure was good enough for it to blast a lot of the poo of the panties, but the first few attempts went a bit sour as some sprayed up to my face. I cursed loudly, cupping my hands and washing my face before trying again, this time angling the water and my body more carefully. It didn't take too much for the bulk of the poop to wash off, however the panties were still very much stained. I knew I couldn't do much more without proper soap and stain removers from home so I ringed out as much water as I could before I carefully placed the panties in the sole pocket in my dress were my phone normally was. I knew I couldn't leave them in there without my dress getting a damp patch, not to mention the smell. I didn't have a choice though, I would have to move them to my bag later but for now this was the only option.

I arrived back in class, I tried to be as silent as possible and not disrupt but that was when I had to walk in between chairs and desks to get to my seat. Chad stared at me after I took my seat before snickering and muttering "must have been quite a dump". I gave him a glare and he stared into my eyes. The Professor snapped at me "Chloe, you have already missed nearly half the class, are you now going to distract your classmates?" I began to blush and quickly replied in an obliging and embarrassed tone "No, professor, sorry". I tried to focus on the notes as soon as I responded, avoiding eye contact with anyone. He continued with the class but I struggled to concentrate, I kept thinking of the fact that I was not wearing any panties with a fairly short dress. I was trying to think of a way to avoid my friend Nat and the crowd after class so that I could avoid people seeing up my dress while walking up the stairs and find a way to transfer the soiled panties into my bag without anyone seeing. I opened my phone; 5:56pm! The Professor was exaggerating, I hadn't missed half the class, more like a quarter but I had missed over half an hour, about a quarter of the class. But of course, to him he wouldn't have known the reason why I had left the room, but it was certain those around me did. I could feel I was not he only one to lose concentration, no doubt people were thinking how they were going to begin their Spring Break and couldn't wait to be out of here. 6.02pm and the professor began to finish his argument and finally dismissed us. Most people were off their seats in a matter of seconds, I on the other hand remained seated, wanting to be one of the last out of the room.

Apart from one student lined up the front to talk to the Professor I was the last one left, I told Nat that I had to ask the Professor a question so he left without me. I realised now was my best chance to move my filthy panties out of my dress and into my bag. I hesitated but figured this was the fastest option, I just wanted to get home. I got my bag together so that there was an isolated place for the panties. I was satisfied with this so I reached in the pocked and pulled them out, it was now that I could hear someone to my side. It was the Professor glaring at me while I was holding some wet dirty panties in my hand. "I was going to come and ask what was so urgent for you to leave my class for such a long period, I can see now why, my apologies for disturbing you. I'll see you after break". He looked embarrassed and strode out of the room before I could reply, not that I could think of anything to say. I stood there embarrassed and ashamed before finding the courage to get up and leave, not before finally placing my panties in my bag and out of sight.


My Buddy Crap With Caryl Rae

On of my friends 20 years ago when we were in junior high was Caryl Rae. We had a lot of the same interests and both felt that some of the things that happened in our junior high weren't fair. An example: janitors would lock every bathroom right at the time of the dismissal bell each day. They said it was because of vandalism and the fact that we should vacate the building and not hang out. So at toward the end of 6th hour English because we didn't have anything to do my friend Caryl Rae texted me that since our worksheet had been turned in, we could go down to the bathroom. Both she and I had to crap and it was the perfect time. So we signed out with the substitute. So me and Caryl Rae selected stalls right next to one another. Both of us had been on the toilet for less than 30 seconds when the principal came on the speaker and said their was a school-wide tornado drill. Caryl Rae laughed at first because it was April Foods Day, but I told her no principal would do a prank like that. But we got up, and both were pulling up our jeans just as a teacher came through and pounded on each closed door and told us to vacate. We had to go two floors down into the basement where I guess every room was safe.

So that's what Caryl Rae and I did for like 10 minutes. Then we were told to report to our 7th hour class. It was PE and since we weren't scheduled to swim, we knew the locker room was closed to us and we reported for basketball. So at the end of the hour, we were both in considerable discomfort and tried to beat to janitor to the bathroom. No luck. It was locked. We tried the big one on the main floor, but there was a sign on both the In and Out doors that only students with an activity pass and faculty key could use them. Since it was a 9 block walk for us to home, Caryl Rae suggested the Shell station across the street. With our bookbags, we crossed in the middle of the block. It was dangerous, but we'd been holding our craps for over an hour. Caryl Rae was faster than me and made it all the way across. I tipped over the median, nearly fell and had to wait for another light's worth of traffic to pass. When I got to the curb, Caryl Rae told me I might be responsible if she crapped her pants. I gently shoved her for ignoring my needs.

She had been to this gas station before and knew the bathrooms were on the side, where there were several cars parked. Both the mens and womens were in use, we thought, because the doors were locked. We looked on top and we could see a light on in each bathroom. After a couple minutes wait as we talked, the womens door opened and a girl came out. She was probably a student at our school too who had been locked out. So Caryl Rae and I quickly went in. It was tiny. One toilet. A sink next to it. I so hated it that while I hesitated about what to do with bookbag, Caryl Rae still had hers on as she dropped her jeans and seated herself. I took mine off, put it under the sink and told her to give me hers. She did. Then I told her to move back because I couldn't wait any long. Playfully she told me to FO and I quickly dropped my jeans. Then I threw myself down seated directly on her left thigh.

If I had wanted to, I could have smeared the crap I was holding in on her. She spread her legs wider and moved all the way back so that her back was all the way to the flusher. The toilet was so small, just like we have at home, was that even as I pushed up all the way against her, my crotch was over the front of the oval seat. So I knew my crap was not fully going to be coming out into the bowl. Caryl Rae weighed about 25 pounds more than me and that gave me the idea to sit on her lap. My crap was about the explode out and this seemed to be the only way. Despite the fact that she repositioned herself a couple of times, I seated myself on her and almost immediately my largest log dropped. Hers came out in smaller pieces that that steadily went plop, plop, plop into the water. But a couple didn't make any splash so I felt they were probably just landing on some of hers.

After about 3 to 5 minutes, Caryl Rae reached over and pulled off two sheets of toilet paper. She told me I would have to stand to do mine. Then with the paper she kept for herself, she did three wipes. I only needed one, but I turned it over for double duty. The light was good enough for her to have me turn around and see the light red impression my butt had made on her thighs. I reminded her that if she had not cooperated the way it was needed, she would be cleaning some brown impressions off her butt. She cursed me out but I could see she knew I was right.

As for the junior high bathroom situation, it never got any better. Even though the high school ones were dirtier and more heavily used, we did learn to wait until toilets opened and we went the normal way.

Oh and that day in the Shell bathroom, neither one of us was about to flush that toilet. We knew it was futile. As for now, I hopeful that Caryl Rae will be coming to town to attend our high school's class reunion this summer.

After School Emily and Molly

Passing Gas

Hi! This is Molly typing for us both! Emily is feeling better after her episode of strep throat. Yea, Em!!! And, knock on wood, I have dodged it so far.

We wanted to say hello to Anna! Thank you for thinking of us with the story before your previous one. I love my big butt and Emily will never admit it, but hers is super hot. We red that women with big butts are generally healthier and smarter! I'm not sure how scientific the article was, but it sounds good to us!

Kudos to you for going to the bathroom for a number two even though you were in a group of guys. Score one (or two) for women's lib!

We had a question for everyone on the forum? What are your rules or etiquette for farting (Emily doesn't want me to use that word. She always says "passing gas.")

EMILY: Molly, you are more couth than that. We are very different regarding flatulence. When she is around me, she will let it rip without shame. When we were in college and shared an apartment with two other girls, she would pass gas aloud with no shame. Some really smelled. I, on the other hand, try to be more discreet. I still turn red, even when it is just Molly.

MOLLY: Yes, Em. It is so cute! You get so red and embarrassed. I love it! It's adorable!

EMILY: This morning, I stayed home from church because my antibiotic gave me bad diarrhea. I did not feel comfortable going out. I have not been in two hours, but I have been five times today! I wanted to go back to school tomorrow, but I do not want to be running back and forth to the bathroom when I am supposed to be teaching.

Nevertheless, Molly got ready for church and looked gorgeous. Molly is so kind about my appearance, but I think she is prettier. Her strawberry hair, complexion and figure are perfect! She looked particularly beautiful today. Before leaving, though, she asked me how I was doing since I developed diarrhea. I told her I would be fine. Then she asked me how she looked. And then she got a mischievous look in her eye, and poked her butt out and ripped this loud, long fart. Okay, I said it. That was a fart.

We are both human and it is a sign of health to produce and pass gas. But Molly was explosive and just laughed.

MOLLY: I did not want to do that at church. Or worse, in the car, so that my clothes would smell! Haha! It was rather rude. But we're sisters!

EMILY: Of course there are times when you cannot help it. I understand that. What I did in the doctor's waiting room was disgusting. Yet, I had to go to the bathroom.

MOLLY: That woman should have politely asked that something be done. Instead, she was rude.

One time, when we were in college, we had a farting contest. It was me, Brianna and Natalie. Natalie was the petite one of us, about 5'2 and 130, but athletic. Brianna was also about 5'7, wouldn't you say, Em? (She's nodding!). She was athletic and curvy. She weighed less than us, but both were good eaters too. We all started farting. We ate a vegetarian meal with lots black beans and such. Natalie is the vegetarian. She would cook for us from time to time. We all were ripping some loud ones, and Emily just looked at us disgusted.

I remember Natalie saying, "Emily, you're human too. I know you fart. I've heard you! Come on!"

Emily was very quiet and turned red.

EMILY: I was a little angry. If I don't want to pass gas, leave me alone. But my stomach was bubbling. They all must have passed gas 3-4 times. I was not paying attention.

So, I thought to myself, "I'll show them." I was sitting in a wooden chair. I pressed as hard as I could. It was very loud and it almost hurt because I pressed so hard. So, I stopped, and then I just relaxed my anus and let it all out.

MOLLY: It was the loudest, squelchy sounding fart that I have ever heard. It was gross. She won the contest by a mile. We learned that evening that Emily has the most powerful bodily functions. A few months later we did the same thing burping and she was just as loud burping.

EMILY: Molly used the word 'squelch.' For the record, I did not shart myself. My panties were just as clean as they were before.

So, how do you handle passing gas? We would love to hear from you? Are you more reserved or open with your friends or family?

We love this forum and wish you all well!

Emily and Molly xoxo


Toi: Joe

He Joe, I guess you've never heard of the phrase "scared the shit out of me". LOL


Bathroom Humor on the Job

Today I bought a new toilet seat at Walmart. My old seat was well worn for possibly 38 years.

I saw the assistant manager saying I probably would need assistance from the handyman. She said for me to try to install the seat, if not successful, she would put in the work order.

I got the seat installed much more easily and quickly than i predicted.
I came back to the assistant manager with the used toilet seat. I thought the seat was apartment complex property. The seat was put on a folder. She told me not there! she and I went to the maintenance room. The handyman told me to throw the old toilet seat in the trash bin.

As we were leaving. I said the old seat served its purpose well. The assistant Manager was laughing softly as she was returning to the office.


Fear Accidents?

Emma - Hi, I am someone who gets nervous very easily. When I do get bad enough anxiety/nervousness, I feel an intense pressure in my stomach that almost always makes me have to pee but sometimes it makes me have to take a poo too...A particular experience though?

When I was a senior in high school I went on a trip to a theme park called Six Flags, and I might mention now that I have a fear of heights. A bad fear of heights. My fear of heights is one of the things that will produce the extreme anxiety that will make me feel so unconscious that I will be frozen and I can feel myself about to pee my pants but I can't stop it...or even worse, it will make me have really bad gas and then after farting a few times I will have to take a poo really bad. Anyways, on this particular school trip I was standing in line for a ride called the Titan, and this is a huge deal for someone with a fear of heights. It is an utterly massive roller coaster with a huge drop. Just looking at it was making me incredibly nervous...

My buddies are chattin in up to pass the time in line, meanwhile I'm being really quiet because I can't focus on anything other than my fear...and the heavy feeling in my stomach like someone is pushing it downwards toward my hips. I quietly passed a couple farts but the last one I let pass was very...telling I guess. By "let pass" I mean, unclenched. I have to really hold on when I feel this way or else I will just fart uncontrollably. I thought I had pooped my pants a little bit at first because the last fart was wet enough that it felt like I was pooping my pants. But luckily so far it was just a skidmark type of thing.

I told myself no more farting, but that didn't last long lol. We were getting close to being at the front of the line and I could not stop passing gas now. I hear the roller coaster, I see the was just overwhelming me. I fart 2 or 3 more times and sure enough, there is no more gas left in me. Now all I have to do is really take a poo.

I look around at the people in line, thinking about how it would be a shame to leave the line after waiting for so long. But that sentiment soon disappeared when I felt soft shit starting to slowly my briefs up behind me. I told my friends I couldn't do it, they knew of my fear of heights. But as they tried to tell me off, I just bolted out of line.

I didn't even know where the bathrooms were, I can't remember if I was even looking for one lol. I just didn't want to poop my pants in front of all my friends. So I do remember going around to the side of a stall selling food that no one was at, and I tried to collect myself. But I had been kind of pooping my pants here and there as I go to that spot. So by time I had found a small place of privacy, I had pooped my pants to the point that I would have to throw away my underwear.

I finally gathered my courage to look for a bathroom, found one, didn't get spotted by anyone I knew, cleaned myself up and threw away my briefs in the bathroom. No one ever knew what happened...

This is a worst case scenario though. It is the only time in my life I can remember having pooped my pants because of my anxiety/fear. I have peed my pants more times than I can remember because of it.

My most notable wetting accident was when I got pulled over for speeding, and I used to smoke pot back then so I was very nervous I would get caught. Well as the officer was just writing me a speeding ticket I peed my pants in my car. He came back and gave me my ticket and didn't even notice. Thank god lol, that would've been too embarrassing.

But yeah, only pooped my pants once and peed my pants maybe like 7 or 8 times because the whole thing.

Monday, March 27, 2017

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