Story about my mother and stepmother (according to Jason)

According to the post of Jason i want to share 2 little stories about my own mom and stepmother. I'm a guy and I have a good relationship with both of them, they even sometimes associate with each other so that's a peaceful situation.

The story of Jason reminded my to when i was about 7 or 8 years old. I cannot quite remember the very details but enough to remember it. We were on vacation on a campsite with public showers separated for men and women. For some reason I can't remember I was going to the shower with my mom and my sister with my dad. I guess it was just a part of our education and our growth. It's the only time I can remember I showered together with my mom. But maybe we did more often when I was younger. So we are standing fully naked in the shower, I think I was a bit excited to see her female body so close and conscious. At the time, that was not something I that was not something I saw daily. I looked curiously to her big breasts and pubic hair. Then suddenly I saw a yellowish color on the floor going into drain and I saw my mom was actually peeing right next to me while the shower was going! Of course I notice it and she laughed a bit and said 'I really needed to go'. So I think a combination of the cold, the relaxing shower and maybe a bit of tension caused her to go. We both laughed silent and my mom said 'ssst.. be quiet' because we were still in a public space with others around. I can't remember it being like 'awkward' or 'embarrassing' and I never had a bad feeling about it at all. I have a very good relationship with my mother and a situation like that was maybe some of its building blocks. I think when you can share these things in general life you can be more open to those.

So this little story was also on vacation in France, but this time a few years later with my dad and stepmother. I don't know how old i was exactly but i think around 11 or 12 years old. I remember we (I, sister, and stepmother) came walking from the beach or something towards our tent on the campsite. My stepmother, in her 40's at that time and pretty attractive to me, had some stomach flu and was having diarrhea that day. So we walked along the unisex public toilet (i think that's not very common, so unique) on the campsite. The facility existed of to rows of toilets left and right which had an open entry from the outside! So if you walked past it you could just see all the cubicles and the feet of people sitting on it. Anyway, my stepmother said she needed to go to the toilet and of course i knew wherefore. My sister also needed to pee and because we were walking together i just waited outside the toilet. From were i was standing i could see her taking a toilet and positioning her feet under the toilet. She only had to undo her bikini and right away i heard a big liquid crap followed by a big wet fart and a sigh of relieve all at one push. Because of the really good acoustics in there (do they like to built it like that?) i sounded very loud. But it sounded like music in my ears and I remember I got turned on by the whole thing and felt something growing in my pants so I decided to leave as soon as possible because I was wearing only a swim short and a t-shirt so it was pretty obvious. I didn't want her to see that so i yelled (pretending i was further away than I was) I already went to the tent. Because there were no other strangers in there she yelled back with a smiling tone that is was OK. At that point she deserved a little more privacy. We have no further talked about it and it wasn't embarrassing or something. Later on I even accidentally saw her labia when she was changing her bikini.. She just said something like 'wow' but wasn't shocked or something. Until today, and I am in my twenties now, we have a good relationship despite the fact we don't see each other a lot.

I hope you enjoyed my little stories!


A Visit to the Enema Clinic

This morning after breakfast I had a most urgent trip to the toilet....that is rare for me as I have lazy bowels. It was one quick big soft dump. Since then I have had two more trips to the toilet and each visit was productive!
This mornings BM was like the urgency when I have an enema and I would like to recall one experience.
Of course I was constipated and made an appointment. The nurse was new she had only administered one enema before. Fortunately I had many before. She was so glad that I was accommodating.
The session commenced with me sitting on the toilet but could only produce a small result despite some effort.
The enema commenced and it went OK ...I laid on the bathroom floor whilst she massaged my colon...I was giving her instructions on the massage...I said I was getting close to needing the toilet. Her reply was that I should stay on the floor whilst she massaged as she produced a pot which she would put under me and hold when the time came...she said she wanted a good look at what I produced as my colon felt so full and hard. The time quickly came and she put the pot under my bottom and held same and said..."let it go" ..which I did and out it came in one movement...the pot was almost filled to the top..she rolled me to the side..gave my bottom a quick wipe with tissue and examined the contents of the pot before flushing same . She then felt my colon and said it had gone from big and hard to flat!
Shen said...another enema to make sure and she wanted me to use the pot again...the second enema resulted in quick expulsion of just brown water and I felt so much better.

I'm glad I found this site because me and my intestines well don't get along so well and I love to talk about my problems but this is one me and my parents only know about not even my siblings know. so at school yesterday we had orange chicken for lunch and its pretty good for school lunch but the chicken tasted sorta funny but I didn't care until later. me and my group are the first ones in the lunchroom we get our lunch and talk we have c lunch so we get 50 minutes because theres not another lunch the others are a few minutes off. it was about 20 minutes after I ate that chicken I was getting bad stomach cramps I was thinking oh no not now how could've it hit me this fast I started to sweat and freak out but I got a hold of myself and casually got up and said ill be right back and ran to the bathroom. bathroom empty good so I took the last stall incase someone came in pulled my leggings and panties down to my knees and started to pee, my stomach was gurgling loud now and I couldn't poop yet I let out a huge fart it sounded really nasty and stunk horribly. after a minute it was ready to come out I slightly pushed and out it came as a nasty splattering sound you could hear it echoing off the toilet bowl. boy did it stink in there it smelled like something died, I was farting a lot it made me so gassy and as a huge splatter and plop hit the toilet bowl girls came in talking until they got a whiff of the stench. Then I recognized that voice it was my friend Alexis she yelled Lainey are you in here I quickly put up my feet and didn't answer my other friend was like ok she's not in here lets go NOW. I was relieved they left not that I don't like them but I don't want them to hear me exploding my guts out in here, I don't really know how long I was in there but the time I got out everyone was leaving for 5th hour so I hurried up grabbed my stuff and went to class. I sat next to my bestfriend alexis she asked me where I was I quickly told her I was in the work room she replied with oh. a few minutes later I felt a gas bubble approach me I got up went to pretend get a Kleenex and let it rip it was a silent but deadly the smell lingered for about a minute I waited until I got yelled at to sit down to leave. that was my story about the bad orange chicken well I don't know if its the chicken becase my stomach gets upset easily

Sitting beauty Erika

Dominik about those skid marks :)

When i was living at home w/ my stern Mom & Dad. I did chores around the house and one of them included laundry. I did laundry twice a week Saturday night & Wednesday nights. For a while i hated doing my Mom & Dad's laundry. My Mom would sometimes have pee on her gray & white thongs. Once in a long while she would have a doodoo stain usually light. I teased her about it once because i thought it was funny and childish.

My Dad's laundry would have skid marks on his whitey tighties. But they were only in Wednesday's laundry... Granted i was 11 & curious so i asked my Mom about why dad has skid marks only on Wednesday's and it's only one pair? My Mom told me her theory was because Sunday he went to church, and because he's the Assistant Pastor he had a lot of Fatherly "duties". I told my Mom "So you seem to have Motherly duties as well" She blushed and said " well i think you also have daughterly duties" I blushed and said "once every six months" Mom injected " once every six months i might find out" We started laughing.

So what you can take from this is the people that say they don't have duties have the most.


On being helpful and resenting it

Last semester Amber, a girl who had just moved to our city a month earlier, was in a serious car accident. She was hospitalized a couple of weeks and when she came back to school she was on crutches, had to take some special pills in the nurses office. Stuff like that. So her counselor asked me to volunteer as Amber's student assistant. Both she and I would be excused from our class each 5 minutes early and we were allowed to be 5 minutes late to our next class. I also ended up getting her food for her in the lunch line and carrying it out to her.

Carrying her book bag for her, using the elevator key to take her to her classes on 3 of the 4 floors of the building, and things like that I didn't mind doing. But a few times she would get mean if I fumbled with the elevator key. Once when we were in the bathroom I laid her backpack down wrong and because I hadn't secured the straps right, her pencils, a calculator and her pack of smokes fell and slid partly under the toilet cubicle. I had to knell on the floor, and push my hands close to the shoes of the girl seated on the toilet of that cubicle to pull the items back toward us.

Then there was helping Amber use the bathroom. She usually needed to pee right after 1st hour because she was a coffee drinker. Then she needed to pee again just before 7th hour. It seemed like every other day she needed to crap between 2nd & 3rd hour. Before the 1st day, I had mapped out in my mind how I would handle it in the bathroom. I even went over it with my mom the night before. She agreed the plan would work. I would take Amber into a cubicle, take her crutches one at a time as she seated herself on the toilet. Then from that position she could pull her jeans and underwear down. Then I would wait on the other side as she did her thing.

The problem was that Amber insisted that no part of her body directly have contact with the toilet seat. So she would stand while I pulled off pieces of toilet paper to place on both sides, and then 2 more for over the front and the back of the seat. She got mad when I fumbled with it.
I told her it wasn't something I did for myself. She sneered and said something under her breath that I didn't fully hear. But finally I got the sheets to stay on and she seated herself. Outside the door I listened to about 30 seconds of peeing and then she stood and I helped her get her clothing up. Oh, I guess her butt must have been sweating because I had to pull 2 of the pieces off her.

The next day when she was complaining she was going to have an accident as I was preparing the seat for her butt, I ran out of toilet paper to put down. I told her I didn't feel the front and back pieces were necessary. She told me that while she was crapping, I should go into another cubicle and get her the paper she would need to wipe with. I guess that seemed fair, but I got to thinking about how much she was wasting with each sit. But the bell rang and with the passing period, all of the 30 some cubicles rapidly filled. So I had to wait for one to open, then run in and pull of what thought should be enough. Amber's crap was huge and soft so I had to pull off even more toilet paper for her. With the second load I brought her, however she did thank me. By the time we got on the elevator and went downstairs, we were both about 10 minutes late. But our teachers didn't say anything.

Luckily for me, Amber got off the crutches earlier than expected. But not early enough for me.

Cali Guy

Just a few comments for today

First post. I've been a lurker here for a while, though. I'm 27, male, 5'11," athletic build.

To Victoria B: I went to college in the Midwest as well. I can't remember taking a crap in the Student Union ever. I'd love to hear more about your public bathroom adventures.

To MD Dan: Looking forward to reading the next installment of your story. Wouldn't it be something if you and your new female companion found yourselves on a date together at some point?!

To Anna: Sounds like you had a wonderful public poop. At least your guy friends didn't tease you afterward.

To Eileen: Normally, I don't have to poop at the end of the night after getting drunk. All bets are off the following morning, though!


Awkward poop

I remember once when I was about 12 or 13. I was in the shower. We only had one bathroom. So if you had to go you might not be alone. My mother knocked on the door. Asked if I would be done soon. I told her in 5 mins. I hurried up know she must need the toilet. As I was drying off she apologized and rushed in. I was in total shock as she pulled down her pants and underwear and sat on the toilet. I didn't know to stay or run out of the bathroom. See my mom poop or leave and have sisters see me half naked with just a towel on. I stayed bbecause the later seemed more embarrassing. I turned so I couldn't see my mom. But she tried to make small talk to make it a little less awkward I guess. I could here it crackling as she tried to push it out. Then a few small farts.the smell became obvious. We both giggled. It want terrible at all. Then I heard the plop. Must have been big. She asked me to get some paper out of the cabinet. My luck the roll was empty. I turned to give it to her. She wiped her butt. I may have looked but she didn't care. We never spoke of it after that day but I think it helped us be more open with each other after.

Victoria B.

Union contours


A few things for my new friends After School Emily and Molly first:
Thank you for your kind words! I look forward to hearing more from both of you! I must admit that I'm academically more of a Molly than an Emily; I'm an English major and I'm almost comically bad at math. There's a story on here from about a year ago about me needing a big number two during a math final that explains my feelings towards the subject a little better.

I was in the union trying to write a paper today. I had my coffee at hand, headphones on (background noise is no problem; I've written papers in my bedroom while my housemates were partying right outside), and... no idea of what to write. My unfortunate motto has always been "think slowly and then write quickly," and it was never true as it was today. The blank Word prompt on my laptop sat there staring at me, taunting me.... I had to type some gibberish just to drive back the gaping maw of blank space. Then, at the moment it was least expected, a reprieve arrived in the form of a sharp knock on the door between my cheeks. I needed to go poop and it was thanks to coffee.

Freed from the dead space between my head and the computer monitor, I got all my things together and proceeded to the nearest women's room. This was a stroke of luck; the closest such bathroom had been remodeled only a few months before. Now it was all space-age with shiny, reflective stalls, hands-free sinks and dryers, and who knew what for toilets. There were ten of them, five on either side, and it sounded like they were being put to good use; a veritable symphony of plops, farts, dribbles, and flushes that sounded like jet engines. The only available stall was between two that were occupied and I took it. I don't mind having "neighbors" in a public bathroom; I'm neither ashamed of my body nor the functions it needs to carry out in such rooms. Besides, I kinda like listening to other women go...

Anyway, I hung my bag, coat and purse up on the hook on the door and prepared for a bomb dropping. Turning up my skirt, I pulled down my leggings and jelly bean-patterned boyshorts to my calves and took my seat. To my pleasant surprise, my butt was greeted by the cupping curves of a contoured seat! I had no idea they made them in the open-front variety! As though punctuating my excitement at the discovery, a huge log splashed down in the stall to my right. My thoughts exactly! I applauded by opening the floodgates to a hissing pee. I took a slight peek to the right while doing so and noticed a pair of silky leopard print undies around her ankles. There was clearly no shame in her game! The stall to my left was vacated after a quick pee and wipe, its vacuum-powered flush inviting a new pair of cheeks to sit down.

Someone else came into it and that was about when I got down to the business at rear, if not at hand. My first log, knobbly at first, smoother later, hit the deck with the kind of quiet plop that a halfway submerged turd makes. Then a louder plop, then a third splash that hit so hard it got my buns wet! The new occupant must've been persuaded to stop holding her fire by such a display because she cut a loud fart and a healthy plop of her own shortly afterward. I just sat there for a couple of minutes, basking in spite of the abattoir-level smell. Letting loose a fart that had a nice echo in my bowl I found out that there was one piece left. I farted again, pooped it, and I was finally done!

Wiping was horrible. My front wasn't so bad, but the backside was a losing battle that saw me need to go through five or six handfuls, thanks to the splash hit and the generally crappy [pun quite intended] quality of the toilet paper. One of you math people can probably crunch the numbers on this, but wouldn't they be saving money by buying slightly better-than-sandpaper-quality toilet paper because people wouldn't need to use as much? In any event, I killed the roll and pulled my jelly bean panties and leggings back up and flipped my skirt down. I flushed, got my things together, and washed my hands. My break was 'productive' in more than one way-I was able to finally get some words on the page once I was back writing! Part of me still wonders what leopard-skin undies on my right looked like. I bet she was a knockout!

See you soon!
Victoria XO

Victoria B.

Option #2


I went about my morning routine as normal today. I woke up, peed, and had breakfast. The two cups of coffee I drink every morning are normally good at stimulating me in several senses. Today, though, there was nothing to be heard from my internal plumbing. Not until the most inconvenient time, that is.

I read for awhile in order to give my breakfast time to settle. I'm a Midwestern girl through and through, but I like to keep my breakfast lighter than those of my compatriots. Today I just had a banana and some yogurt. Then it was shower time. Still without an urge for a number two, I brushed my teeth and got some cleaning supplies out. This included a pair of rubber gloves that will soon become vital to the story. I set them on the toilet's tank, turned the water on, and got undressed for my shower.

I won't bore you with the details. Everything was normal until I was shaving my legs when the urge finally hit me. In the shower. All at once. Soaked head-to-toe and going from zero to need to poop now in about ten seconds. Super. One one hand, I didn't want to go and get the floor and toilet wet for the sake of my deserving-better-than-to-sit-on-an-unexpectedly-wet-toilet seat roommates. On the other, I genuinely had to go and didn't want to make a mess in the shower. That was when I remembered the rubber gloves and After School Emily and Molly's story about using them in a similar situation. Problem solved.

I pushed the curtain open and the shower head aside after dropping my razor. With one hand I put the seat up and with the other I grabbed a rubber glove. At this point I was squeezing my cheeks together like grim death with the hand I'd used to put the seat up. The other, my left hand, was crammed into the rubber glove as fast as I could get it there. The glove finally slid on and I got into pooping position with the gloved hand underneath my rear. I gave a very light push and then suddenly a thick, ten-inch log slid out of me and onto the glove. The feeling of relief was indescribable and was such that I could venture an unashamed moan in the privacy of the bathroom.

That one huge log turned out to be the entirety of my number two, a good thing given that I wouldn't have been able to hold much more in my gloved left hand. I pushed the curtain aside with my right hand and dumped the poop into the pot with my left. I still need a name for my all-black personal porcelain appliance. I'm thinking about the Witches' Cauldron (or WC for short), but I'm open to suggestions! Anyway, I got the glove off and got my dirty buns cleaned off in the shower before I got back to shaving. I made sure to flush my creation after getting out of the shower and to get a replacement for that rubber glove! Thanks, Emily and Molly!



A few reactions

Hey i am Splash and i am a long time reader on here. I want to react to everybody but i just pick out my favorites otherwise it gets way too long.

@ Mina: It's funny you said about the taboo around pooping in Japan, I just thought that they are much open about it. Maybe i am confused with China where many toilets have no doors and people are just squatting next to each other in some sort of joint canal. It is also notable Japanese girls are seems to be over represented in online toilet pooping videos… Can you explain that?

@ Victoria B: I enjoyed your story about hearing the splashes from your neighbor. You said 'I kinda like listening to other women go' which i can completely agree (as a guy..). Is it a turn on for you? What do you think about the additional scent that comes with it? Do you dislike it?

@ After School Emily and Molly: Nice to see you joined the forum! I read a few stories and i really liked them. I almost see you as one haha so i just write to both of you at the same time. One of you wrote about being a math teacher and your big butt. That got me thinking to my own math teacher in high school! I was around 13 or 14 than is more than 10 years ago but she is still in my mind. Why? Because she had a really nice big butt which i couldn't resist when she was writing something on the blackboard. The funny thing is that i can remember she often was talking about pee or poop in class. For example she was talking a school camp where they one day eat standard chili con carne and how you sat on the toilet the next day. She had also an key for he private toilet for he teachers which was across the normal toilets. During class i notice she often leaves to 'copy something', i always fantasize about her pooping and the sight of her wiping hihi. Great story by the way about the students hearing you poop on the 'normal toilets'. Keep it up!

@ Marianne: Nice outdoor pooping experience.

@ Imogen: That was expensive indeed but i enjoyed the story.

@ Georgie: There you be definitely be more women like her!

@ Leanne: Sometimes i am using a squat potty too, it feels better.

@ Karen C. of Cali: Great story about your outdoor poop.

Hi all, today I have a quick story of two Anna's, I hope you like it.

This morning I went to the mall by myself to do some shopping. I was looking for boots and dresses. I was also drinking coffee from a big cup. After a bit I needed the bathroom quite urgently. It was mostly a poo I needed and I even accidentally farted in one of the stores. Luckily nobody was around. I didn't want to go home so I headed to the next washroom. There were four stalls and the first two were taken already. I went into the last cubicle, locked the door and put down my shopping bags. Then I pulled down my jeans and green string and plopped my bum on the seat. Meanwhile, somebody had entered the last free stall. I was peeing away and could see her drop her slacks and purple panties in the gap under the wall. Then I could hear her butt hit the seat and right away she released a ton of farts followed by a turd crackling out. She also let out a big sigh of relief and I guess she must have really needed a number two urgently! Now I was also pushing out my first log. It was big and made a loud splash in the bowl under my bum. Definitely loud enough so the other woman knew that I was also taking care of a poo.

Anyway, in the next few minutes we both dropped a couple more turds and farted some more into our toilets, though hers' were quite a bit louder. Both of our poos were stinking, too! Finally I felt empty and started to wipe. I cleaned up my front and then in between my cheeks. The other woman was also wiping and she was giving the toilet roll a real workout! When I was done I pulled up my string and jeans, flushed the toilet and left the stall.

I was washing my hands when the other stall opened. Out came my neighbour who looked a little bit embarrased. She was a chubby blonde who was maybe 30 years old or so. She was wearing the uniform and a nametag of the cinnamon bun store in the mall. And her tag said "Anna"! We smiled at each other while we were washing our hands, and like that sometimes happens, it was funny knowing that we just had taken really big dumps sitting on the toilet right next to each other, haha. Anway, we both left and I went on to do some more shopping feeling much better

I'm glad I found this site because me and my intestines well don't get along so well and I love to talk about my problems but this is one me and my parents only know about not even my siblings know. so at school yesterday we had orange chicken for lunch and its pretty good for school lunch but the chicken tasted sorta funny but I didn't care until later. me and my group are the first ones in the lunchroom we get our lunch and talk we have c lunch so we get 50 minutes because theres not another lunch the others are a few minutes off. it was about 20 minutes after I ate that chicken I was getting bad stomach cramps I was thinking oh no not now how could've it hit me this fast I started to sweat and freak out but I got a hold of myself and casually got up and said ill be right back and ran to the bathroom. bathroom empty good so I took the last stall incase someone came in pulled my leggings and panties down to my knees and started to pee, my stomach was gurgling loud now and I couldn't poop yet I let out a huge fart it sounded really nasty and stunk horribly. after a minute it was ready to come out I slightly pushed and out it came as a nasty splattering sound you could hear it echoing off the toilet bowl. boy did it stink in there it smelled like something died, I was farting a lot it made me so gassy and as a huge splatter and plop hit the toilet bowl girls came in talking until they got a whiff of the stench. Then I recognized that voice it was my friend Alexis she yelled Lainey are you in here I quickly put up my feet and didn't answer my other friend was like ok she's not in here lets go NOW. I was relieved they left not that I don't like them but I don't want them to hear me exploding my guts out in here, I don't really know how long I was in there but the time I got out everyone was leaving for 5th hour so I hurried up grabbed my stuff and went to class. I sat next to my bestfriend alexis she asked me where I was I quickly told her I was in the work room she replied with oh. a few minutes later I felt a gas bubble approach me I got up went to pretend get a Kleenex and let it rip it was a silent but deadly the smell lingered for about a minute I waited until I got yelled at to sit down to leave. that was my story about the bad orange chicken well I don't know if its the chicken becase my stomach gets upset easily


Dear Little Mandi

My friend Maho's father, he is doctor, he say to Maho when she is constipate, drink milk before you go bed. Maho sometimes try, and usually she can do motions next days's morning.

I hope you are not allergy to milk.

Love, Mina


To Molly, and also Emily

Today I remember something more about your girl pupil who go to loo class time.

When I was college, in one class (not same class with class I wrote before) there was a girl who went to loo every class and always at same time. I was quite good friend with this girl, I liked her.

Class started at 1320 every Tuesday and she switched on recording machine at about 1340, then she went to loo and she came back about 1400. EVERY Tuesday.

One day after class we go to cafe, she tell me, she has bad constipate problem. But teacher in that class has voice which she like very much. After she listen this voice about 10 minutes, suddenly her stomach say, not constipate any more. So she go to loo before constipate start again. She need long time because huge volume, she didn't go many days.

I wonder, maybe your voice has such kind of effect on this girl. I thought this, because you say she don't go loo in other teacher's class.

But this is only something I think, it is not the gospel, so please don't angry.

And thank you for say my English is cute. Just after I was Wales, my English was good. But in Japan, not much chance to use English, so quality go down. But after I start this site, vocabulary gets better. I do my best, but I have many health problem, so often I can't check dictionary or grammar's book for every word. I am sorry so much.

But I love this site. You are new this site, soon you find out that it is a full of so nice kind people. I want that everyone in the world can be like people of this site.



PS Is your school secondary school?

Anna from Austria

To Mina

Dear Minna, thanks a lot for the infos concering flushing in Japan. The otohime is a nice invention. I think i saw it during my time in Japan. But did not use it, because I was not sure what it was, so I did not dare to touch any buttons.

Was also not necessary, because in my opinion japanese public toilets offer lots of privacy so that i felt rather secure, that other ladies can't hear much of my motions..

I really like the japanese toilets, and i am nut sure if this just my imagination or not, but during my time in Japan, my motions where a bit bigger then the one in Austria. Maybe due to the japanese food..

I can understand why some ladies flush more often to cover their sounds, I also feel embarassed about the sounds, but never thought that using the flush is a good way to cover it. I always prefer to wait till I am alone, when I am at a public loo. But this does not work always. when it is very urgent waiting is no option.

ps: the teenage Girl was no japanese Girl.

Greetings from Austria



Friend's wife has had two accidents + my own wetting mishap

Hi everyone. I think the title explains it! A couple years ago my very close friend Dan married a very gorgeous girl named Erika. He and I being quite close, and in an effort to offset any potential jealousy feelings over her man being so close with another woman, Erika and I started spending a lot of time together and actually became pretty good friends too. We usually are with Dan and others when we see each other anyway but we've spent time just the two of us too.

I think Erika may have some continence issues because she has gone to the bathroom on herself on two separate occassions while I've been with her and neither incident involved alcohol. Needless to say it was alarming when it happend, seeing your 31 year old friend have an accident in her pants, especially the second time.

The first time was fairly easy to sympathize with. We were coming home from Christmas shopping and we were stuck in really bad shopping center holiday traffic during rush hour. She started by unzipping her jacket, taking deep breaths, wiggling around incessantly, burying her hands in her lap, taking her seat belt off, unbuttoning her jeans, crossing her legs, etc. She needed to pee so bad it was actually making ME anxious. Her desperation was so palpable that I felt my own heart racing. Finally, on the verge of tears she kept mumbling "I'm gonna wet my pants..." and finally she did exactly that. She let out a saddened and defeated moan like "ohhh.." and her voice was shaky. I glanced over and she had her hands kind of raised above her lap a little kind of against her lower abdomen. I could see a dark, glistening stain growing from the V of her crotch very quickly across the fly area of her pants and over her upper thighs a little then stopped. Seeing her actually soaking her pants like that gave me the chills. I couldn't imagine how humiliated she felt. I felt my own bladder begin to ache as I uncomfortably imagined what it would be like if I was the one accidentally wetting my pants.

She sat there quietly stunned for a minute staring down at the dark stain on her gray jeans. She sheepishly looked over to me and said "I'm so sorry I really couldn't hold it in... I will pay or whatever to get this seat cleaned I'm so sorry" I tried to be cool and understanding and sympathetic but I was so shocked and uncomfortable by an adult fully peeing her pants next to me that I wasn't entirely focused on what I was saying or how I was coming off. I felt bad for her but at the same time, even though we were in bad traffic, we had only been in the car for like 30 minutes, and we had both peed at the mall after lunch which was maybe 2.5 hours earlier than our ride home. So it took this girl less than 3 hours to develop an urge to pee, become desperate, and lose it in her pants. I can't imagine living that way. I have actually peed my pants one time. I had been traveling across the country and didn't have time to stop at the bathroom while making a connecting flight. I had been holding it for over 9 hours and had been drinking a 1.5 liter water bottle earlier that day. I was BURSTING. I departed my first flight as my other flight was already boarding and I had to rush to the other gate, I remember I felt like my full bladder was a harness or something pushing on my abdomen and restraining me from moving faster. I got to the other gate somehow, and knew my only option was to get on the plane and go straight to the lav, so that was the plan, but unfortunately I couldn't make it and peed my pants in the jet way. I was wearing black leggings and when it started coming out i crouched down and pretended to be looking through my bag, and peed into and through my pants onto the carpet. I stayed like that until the line moved forward and I quickly stood and moved forward away from the wet stain on the carpet as fast as possible before anyone saw. Unfortunately I wasn't totally done so I wound up peeing a lot more down my legs when I got up but it didn't form another big puddle thankfully. Basically no one noticed and I flew the rest of the way home in pee pants. After an hour or so I could smell it and I was really self conscious. The guy next to me definitely knew or suspected I was wet. He crinkled his nose up looking at me twice. I was 23 when that happened. This girl was 31 and had been holding for 3 hours before wetting herself. Three. My 4 year old niece holds it in longer than that, I felt so bad for her. Anyway, I drove her home and she hung her head shamefully on her way into the house trying to hold her shopping bags behind her to hide the wetness on her pants but her entire butt was dark gray against the light gray of her legs so it was pretty obvious. Talking later she addressed it in order to deflate the awkwardness, and mentioned to me that she has a tendency to have accidents because she has a small bladder, so she says.

But a few months after that things got a little...messier. well a lot messier, and my God I was mortified for her.

We went out to eat just the two of us one evening. We went to a burger place, a little locally sourced organic fast casual place started by a guy we went to school with. It's super good. But anyway there are typically a lot of people from our school that hang out there a lot even over 10 years later. So we ate there and had a nice night and hung out for a long time after talking to some people. I noticed that Erika was standing in a weird way and had a slightly uncomfortable look on her face. She sort of slowly started backing away and then said "I'm going to the bathroom" and turned and rushed off. I didn't think anything of it at first, but some of the guys were staring at her as she walked off and were all shocked and wide eyed and talking quietly to each other. Then I noticed a really strong, fresh poop smell in the air. I put it all together and realize she wasn't saying "I'm going to the bathroom" as in "I'm gonna head to the bathroom right now I'll be right back", she was saying "I'm going to the bathroom" as in "as I speak I am pooping in my pants".

I felt that same weird sensation of chills that I got when I saw her pee her pants in my car. It's hard to explain. I couldn't believe she pooped her pants in public. To make matters worse, as I followed her into the bathroom I saw her standing helplessly by the sink looking terrified because the stalls were taken. She was trying to stand with her back as close to the wall and counter as possible and she was stretching the back of her shirt down and holding it there over her butt to try and keep people from seeing her accident. As she waited there she mumbled "oh no" at some point and turned her head away and I heard would sounded like pouring a milkshake followed by some soft, bubbly farts, so I got that weird sensation again realizing she had just filled her pants some more. I had no idea what to do so I just kept asking her if she needed anything and she'd just shake her head. The two stalls finally opened at about the same time and the other ladies just looked at her with pity and told her to feel better before they left. She went into the stall and I saw her butt on her way in. She had on charcoal colored leggings and it just looked like yellowish brown batter got poured down the back. There was just a big puffed out and wet looking bulge all up and across her right butt cheek with the stain soaking through clearly. I let her clean up for about 25 minutes and came out with somehow clean looking pants and you could barely tell she'd even messed herself, and I drove her home. She awkwardly tried to explain that she's lactose intolerant and the milkshake did it but I know that she isn't because we have had ice cream tons of times and she's been fine. It was very strange how she just suddenly pooped herself in the middle of the restaurant, and I kept wanting to ask her why she didn't go to the bathroom sooner if she felt a need to go but I wasnt sure if it would be rude. That's when I began suspecting there must be a medical situation going on with her bathroom habits because I recalled her peeing accident in my car.

Anyway I'm glad to say I've never pooped myself before, but its actually a secret fear of mine. I came extremely close once and that was traumatic enough for me.. I think I was like 17 and I needed to go BADLY on my way home from school and I remember being in tears at the red light around the block from my house actually praying to God to help me hold it. I got to my house and went in with the keys still in the ignition and my driver door open and the thing beeping. I just remember these explosive farts shooting out as I waddled through my house fighting my cheeks from parting with all my will. I got to the bathroom and my body gave this final amazing push to try and make me shit my pants, and I very briefly loosened my clench. I felt it hot and soft squishing out between my cheeks and I quickly squeezed them together as hard as possible and tore my pants down and dropped onto the toilet and let go. I looked down and saw that there was a very slight poop stain in my underwear and I was so upset about just that... for months I would make sure never to wear them if I was potentially gonna get sexy with a boy lol. Anyway those are my stories and I will certainly report anymore accidents Erika may have.

Hi everyone. Last week Emma, Jade, and I all got a stomach bug. It started with Emma who spent three days rushing off to the toilet every half hour or so. But it seems she passed it on to me, as I soon came down with it too. I was less sick than she was though, as mine only lasted two days. I think I pooed nine times the first day and ten times the second, diarrhoea each time. And of course then Jade got sick too. Hers only lasted two days like mine, but she said she was throwing up as well as having diarrhoea. So glad we're all well again now.

Yesterday, I met up with Sophie after my last class to study together. She said she needed to head to the loo before we started. She was gone close to half an hour though, so I ended up studying some without her. She came back and apologised, saying she had to wait ages for a cubicle, and then she had to do a poo. After we finished, I was starting to feel the need to poo myself, and Sophie said she needed to wee. We went to the toilet block and found one of the three cubicles in use, so we took the other two.

I sat down and weed and I could hear Sophie weeing fiercely. She finished up quite quickly, wiped one time, flushed and left the cubicle. I had only finished weeing when she was already done washing her hands and leaving the toilets. I started to concentrate on my poo. The first piece was a bit difficult to get to start coming out, but once it get it came out quickly. I did two more pieces that were a bit slower but still easy to pass. I felt a bit more poo left to do maybe, so I just stayed seated and waited. I could hear the girl in the cubicle next to me breathing heavily and straining hard to poo. Finally there was a very loud splash and then five or six fast small splashes. I heard her grunt as she gave another good push and then crackling as more poo started coming out. About then, I was feeling my own poo ready to come out. I finished up with one last very long piece of poo, then I started to wipe. My bum was very messy so I had to wipe a lot. The girl in the other cubicle was still having what sounded like a very big very relieving poo as I heard several more plops and what sounded like a sigh from her. I finished wiping and flushed, then washed my hands and left her to poo in privacy.

Well, that's all for now. Hope you enjoyed. Bye!

MD Dan

Pooping At A Customer's House

First, a couple replies:

Bianca - Thanks! 4 times a day is a lot. I will go that much only if I have eaten too much the day before or gone several days without pooping.

Emily & Molly - I'm from Maryland, and definitely NOT a doctor. Thanks for your advice! She was definitely flirting with me. I'm still not sure if her comments she made out loud while on the toilet were deliberately loud enough for me to hear or if she just under estimated how much could be heard. I haven't had a chance to see her again yet. I'm hoping I will run into her again soon.

Now for the story. My job takes me all over the area and into many people's houses pretty much all day, every day. Normally, I absolutely HATE using a customer's bathroom to poop. It isn't that I don't like other people knowing I'm pooping. It's really just creating a situation that could result in an unpleasant experience. A guy I know who worked for another company took a dump in a customer's bathroom one time and the customer lost her mind. She absolutely flipped out, kicked him out of the house, and called his boss demanding that he either come over there and clean her bathroom or that he pay for a cleaning service to do it. I seriously wish I was kidding, but I am not. Some people are off their rocker and you never know who it could be. So you really try to just do everything as politely and cleanly as possible when you're in their house, and bathroom activities can be an extremely touchy area for some people.

This one day recently, however, I had been feeling an immense need to poop for several hours. It started early in the morning and continued to steadily get worse and worse as the day went on. I hadn't gotten a chance to go at the office like I normally do. Around 11:30, I was arriving at this one woman's house when my urge became undeniable. I knew I had to poop and I had to do it within the next 30 minutes, period. Fortunately, I had already been to this woman's house before and knew her. She lived there with 2 toddlers and her husband (who was at work at that time). When I arrived, the greetings were short and sweet since we both knew each other and what work needed to be done.

This woman is one of the nicest customers I have ever had. She is about 38-40 years old, short brown hair, and a skinny frame. She doesn't look starved and you can't see her bones at all, she's just naturally small. She has gorgeous eyes though that always seem to be glinting with a flirtatious light. I never saw her without some kind of smile on her face. She appeared to be fond of me since she requested that I was the one who returned.

Anyway, I was glad the greetings were short because I needed to get my stuff set up and at least pretend to start some work before asking to use the restroom. It always seems awkward if I ask to use the restroom immediately upon entering the home. The customer will also be more likely to be standing or sitting near the bathroom as well. So I got my stuff set up and she said she would leave me to it, which is usually my cue to ask about using the restroom, and as I turn to ask her, I see her walk into the restroom and close the door. My stomach churned in disappointment as I tried to resume my task. Several minutes went by and I hadn't heard anything from the bathroom. Chances were that she was also taking a dump.

A couple more minutes went by and finally I heard her rolling a LOT of toilet paper. She flushed, washed her hands, and came out of the bathroom. I was facing away from her so I didn't need to make eye contact at all. I started counting the minutes in my head. I decided I needed to wait at least 6 minutes before asking to use the restroom because if I asked right after she came out, it would seem kind of weird. Especially knowing she just took a dump. She might get a little freaked out. Finally, 6 or 7 minutes passed and I decided to ask as I was constantly clenching by this point and it was a major distraction. She was sitting at a table only about 15 feet from the bathroom. I asked if it would be alright to use her restroom and she, unsurprisingly, said, "Of course! Absolutely! There's another roll of toilet paper behind the magazines if you need it, the one in there is getting low!" I was a little surprised by that comment. It was clear that she wasn't going to be one of those crazy customers, but now it was almost like she was EXPECTING me to poop.

I thanked her and she just continued smiling. I walked over to the restroom, opened the door, and wow! It smelled BAD! On top of the smell, there were a massive number of skidmarks in the bottom of the bowl from this woman's dump. I quickly noticed the low toilet paper roll and the fact that the floor was hardwood with no rugs. The whole bathroom was also about 6 feet by 4 feet. I undid my belt, dropped my pants, and sat down. My knee was just about touching the door. The seat was still warm from her ass too.

Within a few seconds of sitting down, my poop starting to come out very smoothly. It was basically 2 long logs (about a foot long each) that came out with soft, quiet, jets of gas mixed in. Kind of like *crackle-crackle-pffft-puurrr-crackle-puffff-crackle crackle* It only took about a minute and a half for it all to come out. I was SO thankful it was a quiet one. I used up the rest of the toilet paper so I had to grab the new roll behind the magazines. Unfortunately, it was wrapped in plastic so I had to open up this loud plastic to get the roll out, which I'm sure she heard. It took another 2 minutes to actually finish wiping. I got my pants back on, flushed, and washed my hands, then exited the bathroom about 5 minutes after going in. On my way out, I noticed that I had made my own skidmarks on the bottom of the bowl.

The woman looked up from her book she was reading (still smiling). She asked, "Would you like any coffee?" I told her, "No, thank you. I've already had three cups this morning!" She laughed and said, "AH! No wonder you needed a bathroom a break! Don't worry, it get's me every time too. I'm sure you noticed the 'state' of the bathroom when you went in. Did you find the extra paper ok?" I told her I did, and that it wasn't in too bad a state when I went in. I told her I better get back to work and she just said, "Ok!" with a big grin on her face. She has the nicest attitude I have ever seen in a customer. Hopefully she continues to use us in the future. I'd like to see her again, sometime.



When mom flushes the toilet, I sometimes eavesdrop on her so I can hear the toilet water get sucked into the sewer line outside. It makes a suctioning sound, and I hear bubbles also. Last night I did a sloppy poo that sounded like it came out in spoonfuls, I farted some, and sat on the bowl for no longer than about 4 minutes. My computer didn't send the post this last time because The Toilet page reloaded itself again. Hopeful this is the last do over!What I mean by my poop coming out in spoonfuls is that it came out a bit at a time, as if my butt was scooping it out lol! I love hearing my poop hit the toilet water, and last night's poop sort of came out a little faster than a trickle, but wasn't quite solid either.

After School Molly
Dear Little Mandi, please read our post about prune juice! I recommend it for getting bowels to move! Hehehe! Seriously, I hope that you find the relief that you are looking for! Best, Molly

Dear Victoria B., Emily and I read through several of your posts! You must really enjoy using the bathroom! We both agree that it is a good thing, What did you mean by liking to listen to other women go? To answer some of your questions you shared on previous posts, we both use Charmin Toilet Paper. We buy in the largest packs from Wal Mart. They are equivalent to 72 roles. We look forward to reading more of your posts and those from the past.

Emily is already in bed, but she was intrigued by the comment of enjoying to listen to other women and also the post from a few years ago when you wrote about using the bathroom at school when the guy came in. She told me a story when her long-time guy friend, Pax, used a family bathroom together. They both had to do a number two. She did not give me any details, except that she really was turned on by the whole thing. Even though they were just friends, she developed a major crush on Pax. The only problem is that Pax is gay. Finally, Emily had to tell Pax how she felt and, of course, it did not go anywhere.

Victoria, we wish you the very best.

Molly xoxo

Saturday, March 11, 2017


Relpy to After School Emily and Molly and a story

I adored how you wrote the prune juice story, although I'm so sorry your had to have that much diarrhoea. Thanks for your comment but Elphaba isn't my real name, I use it as a pseudonym. It's the name of the Witch of the West in Wicked, one of my favourite musicals. I'm non-binary which means I don't identify as either male or female. Although I was assigned male at birth I lean towards femininity. This actually leads on to my story about yesterday when I had a poo at three different locations. (I don't know, last story I was having trouble going now I can't stop!) The first time was just after midday when I had finished at uni for the day. I hadn't needed to pee and poo after leaving the nursing and midwifery building but walking past the social sciences building I suddenly felt the need. So after going inside I found the women's bathroom and went into the empty room. I initially picked the second cubical but finding no paper I moved onto the fifth cubical. After a quick pee as medium sized log rushed quickly out. I sat there for a few more minutes occasionally farting. In the meantime three girls came in and quickly had a pee while carrying on their conversation and then left, but after that another person entered and walked down to the last cubical where they peed and then I heard a plop. Immediately after this they flushed and walked out. Then I whipped and opened the cubical door, washed my hands and left. Two hours later I went into town where I needed to poo again. Walking to the nearest bathrooms in the shopping centre I went up to door of the women's and pushed open the door to find all cubicles in use. I then waited along the corridor until somebody left and was about to try again when another woman left and seeing me took it upon herself to say quite patronizingly "the men's are along there" and then when I didn't respond, I was too shocked to, or walk towards them she repeated what she had said and pointed towards the other side of the corridor. Then shaking her head she walked off and although I desperately needed to go by this point I left the building in a hurry. I then walked down the street, angrily muttering under my breath oaths to the gender binary, until I saw a bookshop with a cafe and went inside to find a uni-sex bathroom. I had to wait for somebody to finish but when I got inside I deposited some loose pieces into the bowl (I'll use this in the future). Finally after being back home for a couple of hours I had to go again. This time it was another medium sized turn that floated in the water.

After School Emily and Molly

Random Comments

Hi! This is Molly but Em is right beside me as I type. We're getting a little obsessed with this site. Since posts take 2-3 days to show on this site, it makes us really eager! It's like when you are waiting on a letter in the mail!

Dear MD Dan, are you a doctor or are you from Maryland? Either way, we think that you should ask the anonymous woman on a date. She was flirting with you! Maybe you are a little extra fascinated in number two and she obviously is. Just see what happens! We cannot wait to hear more :)

I spoke to the young girl in my class and told her that I would not report more than five tardies during the next nine weeks and that I would not count the minutes that she is signed out for the restroom. She said that she appreciated it because each time she went her stomach was upset. In other words, she was telling me that she was having diarrhea without saying so. I told her that I had spoken with her other teachers. She said that it seems to hit at the end of the day. She said that most days she can make it home. She leaves class when she does not think that she can wait until she gets home but it happens almost every day. So, I told the student I was really sorry that she had detention. But I also said that she should tell her mother. I thought that was the best that I could do and still do my job without bending the rules.

Thank you all for the advice. I hope my sweet student can get some help. Bowel problems for teenage girls can be socially damning. :(

To Mina, Your "English" is so cute! Emily says so too! We agree about everything that you wrote. We are from the USA! Here, teenage boys can be quite immature. They love to tease the girls if they discover they have had a bowel movement at school. Yes, that is quite mean!

To Cley, Emily says that she apologizes for failing to respond to your suggestion. She does not know whether or not she agrees that constipation beats diarrhea. She says that they are both uncomfortable.

To End Stall Em, that's such a cool name! We are both thankful that you made it to the toilet after your prune juice! Your grandpa Charlie sounds funny! We actually did not mind the taste and texture of the prune juice. We just drank too much. It made us feel less guilty about all we ate Friday night!

We both had number twos at school yesterday and today after our classes. Emily said that her bowels were back to normal after this weekend's diarrhea attack. My number two on Monday was a little mushy, but more solid today.

We are really enjoying the forum! Thank you for this interesting and exhilarating conversation!

Emily and Molly xoxo

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