To Anna from Austria

When you flush your #2 away immediately after dropping it, you make it stink less.
Normally I do my #2 at home and I flush only once. But a few times I#ve flushed twice.


Dear Anna from Austria

Dear Anna, I tell you about flush in Japan. Many woman flush while wee come out from their body, they do this to hide noise of wee hit to water. We consider it a good manner in Japan. When it is motion they flush again to hide crackle sound, if it is Western type loo we also want hide plop sound or burururururu sound. Of course this is in public loo. At home woman flush only after finish, but it depend on quantity. I flush twice or more when I do motions because my motions very huge and I don't want clog. Maho and Kazuko too, it is same reason. Even Hisae do sometimes, when she is a diarrhoea.

In public loo this can be embarrass because if woman is in loo and flush twice or more than twice, we know she is doing motions. But some mother say to daughter, always flush twice or more than twice even it is only wee, if you do so other woman can't tell difference.

Recently some public loo have "otohime" it means princess of sound, and if we push button, it makes sound like flush, so we can hide other sound without use water too much, it is good to environment. Maybe you saw in loo in Japan.

Perhaps, teenage girl next you in loo was Japanese girl?

I hope this is good answer for your question.



Little Mandi
Hey all,
Haven't been on here in forever. Haven't had anything to post. I was just wondering some opinions on a natural cleanse or anything to make me poop more.
I've never been a regular pooper. I usually go 4 or 5 days without pooping and that would be normal for me.
In the past I used to get constipated a lot and if I wasnt constipated it would still be hard for me to poop. It would be really hard to get out and hurt really bad. I used to be scared I would get hemerhoids but I never got them.
Lately it has been easier for me to go occasionally I still get hard poops but most of the time its soft and comes out normal.
I eat fairly healthy I eat a lot of vegetables and try to drink a lot of water.
personally be happy if I never pooped again because i'm extremely extremely poop shy and get embarrassed easy i know everyone does it but yeah haha
I was just wondering if anyone had any advice on what I can do to become more regular I was even thinking of a color cleanse to clean my colon but I dont know anything about them as much as I hate pooping my stomach feels so much better after I go

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: After School Emily and Molly great story it sounds like you both a major cleanout and I bet you both felt good afterwards as well.

To: Painter great catch.

To: Imogen great story.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site

Victoria B.

Union contours


A few things for my new friends After School Emily and Molly first:
Thank you for your kind words! I look forward to hearing more from both of you! I must admit that I'm academically more of a Molly than an Emily; I'm an English major and I'm almost comically bad at math. There's a story on here from about a year ago about me needing a big number two during a math final that explains my feelings towards the subject a little better.

I was in the union trying to write a paper today. I had my coffee at hand, headphones on (background noise is no problem; I've written papers in my bedroom while my housemates were partying right outside), and... no idea of what to write. My unfortunate motto has always been "think slowly and then write quickly," and it was never true as it was today. The blank Word prompt on my laptop sat there staring at me, taunting me.... I had to type some gibberish just to drive back the gaping maw of blank space. Then, at the moment it was least expected, a reprieve arrived in the form of a sharp knock on the door between my cheeks. I needed to go poop and it was thanks to coffee.

Freed from the dead space between my head and the computer monitor, I got all my things together and proceeded to the nearest women's room. This was a stroke of luck; the closest such bathroom had been remodeled only a few months before. Now it was all space-age with shiny, reflective stalls, hands-free sinks and dryers, and who knew what for toilets. There were ten of them, five on either side, and it sounded like they were being put to good use; a veritable symphony of plops, farts, dribbles, and flushes that sounded like jet engines. The only available stall was between two that were occupied and I took it. I don't mind having "neighbors" in a public bathroom; I'm neither ashamed of my body nor the functions it needs to carry out in such rooms. Besides, I kinda like listening to other women go...

Anyway, I hung my bag, coat and purse up on the hook on the door and prepared for a bomb dropping. Turning up my skirt, I pulled down my leggings and jelly bean-patterned boyshorts to my calves and took my seat. To my pleasant surprise, my butt was greeted by the cupping curves of a contoured seat! I had no idea they made them in the open-front variety! As though punctuating my excitement at the discovery, a huge log splashed down in the stall to my right. My thoughts exactly! I applauded by opening the floodgates to a hissing pee. I took a slight peek to the right while doing so and noticed a pair of silky leopard print undies around her ankles. There was clearly no shame in her game! The stall to my left was vacated after a quick pee and wipe, its vacuum-powered flush inviting a new pair of cheeks to sit down.

Someone else came into it and that was about when I got down to the business at rear, if not at hand. My first log, knobbly at first, smoother later, hit the deck with the kind of quiet plop that a halfway submerged turd makes. Then a louder plop, then a third splash that hit so hard it got my buns wet! The new occupant must've been persuaded to stop holding her fire by such a display because she cut a loud fart and a healthy plop of her own shortly afterward. I just sat there for a couple of minutes, basking in spite of the abattoir-level smell. Letting loose a fart that had a nice echo in my bowl I found out that there was one piece left. I farted again, pooped it, and I was finally done!

Wiping was horrible. My front wasn't so bad, but the backside was a losing battle that saw me need to go through five or six handfuls, thanks to the splash hit and the generally crappy [pun quite intended] quality of the toilet paper. One of you math people can probably crunch the numbers on this, but wouldn't they be saving money by buying slightly better-than-sandpaper-quality toilet paper because people wouldn't need to use as much? In any event, I killed the roll and pulled my jelly bean panties and leggings back up and flipped my skirt down. I flushed, got my things together, and washed my hands. My break was 'productive' in more than one way-I was able to finally get some words on the page once I was back writing! Part of me still wonders what leopard-skin undies on my right looked like. I bet she was a knockout!

See you soon!
Victoria XO


A Very Embarrassing Night

Hi everyone , this is embarrassing so I'll keep it as brief as I can . At our Christmas Party in 2015 I had a great time , a lovely meal and no shortage of beverages , both non alcoholic and alcoholic . We were all enjoying ourselves , especially me , I had a new skirt on that was much shorter than the ones I usually wear . By the end of the party most of us were tipsy at the very least , I was way beyond tipsy as I staggered about . Teresa , one of my more sober colleagues helped me to a taxi and even stayed with me to make sure I got home safely . When we got to my place Teresa helped me into the house before heading to her own home in the taxi . Even though I was still very drunk I knew I needed a pee and I also needed a BM . I made my way , unsteadily to the bathroom , got myself to the toilet and managed to lower my panties and sit just as the pee started to flow . After that I just remember hearing 2 loud plops as 2 hard pieces of poop landed in the toilet . I sat on the toilet for a while before I tried to wipe myself as best I could but I'm afraid my undies were a little soiled afterwards . Thank you everyone .


Prune Juice and Bush Poo

Yes, I am a supporter of prune juice but have not had it for quite a while.
It look like After School Emily and Molly had what I call the prune juice flush! A great story.
Marianne, I have not had a bush poo for some years but have had more than I can remember... I keep well away from any tracks and that way I am not seen.

Wednesday, March 08, 2017

After School Emily and Molly

Prune Juice

Hello. This is Emily writing on behalf of us both tonight. Thank you to all who have welcomed us to the forum and have shared encouraging words. While we have told no one else about this site, we have enjoyed the anonymity of the forum to share our thoughts and experiences with bowel movements.

When I initially wrote, I requested help for a condition called "vacation constipation." Someone - I think it was Thunder - mentioned Prune Juice. I thought I would try it last weekend. I was unable to do so. But, Molly and I decided that we would try it together this weekend. I wanted to see how I would react to it in the safety of our apartment before doing so in an unfamiliar environment, especially if I did not have immediate access to a toilet. Molly and I are grateful for my precaution.

MOLLY: Yes! The precaution is all Em's. I tend to dive right in to things! But, Emily had a great idea for our prune juice experiment. She and I both love a great hamburger. Outback is one of our favorite places! We cleared our schedules and decided to enjoy a good, hearty meal together, with an appetizer, burger and salad, and share a chocolate thunder from down under before going back to our apartment to catch up on the show "This is Us." We love that show!

EMILY: It was a good idea, I say so myself. I, too, enjoy a good burger, cheesy fries, and salads, and the fresh bread and butter at Outback. I love sharing a meal with my sister. She makes me feel good with her love and carefree life.

MOLLY: You are so sweet, Em!

EMILY: I mean it, Molly. I'm sure that everyone wants me to get on with it, though. Molly and I do eat prunes from time to time at breakfast or for a snack at school. We only eat one or two on any given day, to avoid gas or the need to use the bathroom while we are teaching. We are not unfamiliar with the flavor. Also, I heard that Dr. Pepper's unique flavor comes from prune juice. We both love Dr. Pepper, even though we rarely drink one. So, we were not nauseated by the thought of drinking prune juice. I refridgerated a small bottle of Sunsweet Prune Juice. We each drank a 12 oz. glass while we cuddled up together on the couch. We have a set of matching pajamas from our alma mater, which fit comfortabily.

MOLLY: But our asses look awesome in them!

EMILY: Goodness, Molly! We are endowed back there even though we are average up there. After we finished our first glass, Molly got this bright idea that we really needed to make sure that this worked, and so we had another glass. We didn't fill ours as full as we did the other. Still, I imagine we had about 20 oz. of prune juice each. We watched three episodes of This is Us and decided it was time for bed. Even at bed time, we did not feel anything other than the bloat from eating.

MOLLY: We were totally unprepared for what was about to happen!

EMILY: It hit me first. We went to bed around 1:00 AM. I awoke suddenly at 6:45 AM with a sharp cramp and a sudden urge to move my bowels. As groggy as I was, I new that I needed to get to the toilet immediately. Quietly, I scooted toward the bathroom and shut the door. I never lock the door when it is just Molly. I sat down and it felt like almost everything that I ate came out suddenly and explosively. It was loud. The diarrhea was chunky, and cascaded forcefully into the toilet. I felt immediate relief. I decided to sit for a few minutes, just in case. As I started to clean myself, Molly started knocking loudly.

"Em! I need the toilet now!" She was panicked.

"Just a minute. I'm cleaning up now." The door was still shut.

"Oh my God, Em! I'm about to have an accident! Please let me come in!" Molly really sounded desperate.

MOLLY: I was about to go. The cramps, pressure mixed with gas and an almost liquid stool felt overpowering.

EMILY: I told Molly to come in. Let me say, at this point, I had destroyed the bathroom. It smelled awful. Molly did not even wait for me to get out of the bathroom. She yanked her pajama bottoms and panties down and exploded violently on the toilet. It was loud, chunky and gassy. In fact, it happened so fast that I did not leave the bathroom immediately, but looked at my baby sister as she relieved herself.

MOLLY: I could not have cared less that you saw the whole thing. I was so relieved to have made it to the toilet. But thank you for leaving so that I could clean up.

EMILY: I had gone back to bed. I was tired and went right back to sleep. At 8:00 AM I was awoken again with sharp cramps. When I sat up, my stomach gurgled and I had this rushing sound and sensation in my stomach. When it finished, I felt a tremendous amount of pressure from what was certain to be an almost entirely liquid stool. So I darted to the bathroom only to find Molly on the toilet. The door was open so I did not know she was in there. When I walked in, I was greeted by a loud toilet fart.

MOLLY: I was so embarrassed. I don't like to fart on the toilet in front of my sister, but I had another major diarrhea attack moments before Emily's. Fortunately, I finished before Emily came in the bathroom. I cleaned up and gave Emily the toilet.

EMILY: And I had another major load of diarrhea that came out in one large, long wave. I also passed gas on the toilet. I am embarrassed to say that our whole apartment reeked of diarrhea.

MOLLY: We destroyed it! Our asses are just as potent as they are pretty!

EMILY: Molly, you are so crazy! Haha! I think we made some minor trips to the bathroom throughout the morning. I know that I went at least twice on Saturday after we got up. I imagine that I learned that prune juice will work on us both, and we don't need to drink 20 ounces of it!

To Victoria, this is Molly typing. You sound like you must be a really gorgeous young woman. We've enjoyed your posts and you and Emily have a lot in common. Yes, we had to break up the poop with gloves. That's not a fun job and we've only had to do that 3-4 times. Thank you for your kind words about our posts and we look forward to hearing from you soon. We wish you well in life as well as in the bathroom!

To Anna, this is Molly typing for us both. We love your posts and your slogan. In our case it would be "Big Butts, big poops!" We love our number two's and it sounds like you all do as well.

To Mina, this is Molly. Thank you for your kind words and we hope that your friends feel better.

To Elphaba, this is Molly. You have such an interesting name. Are you male or female? We enjoy sharing our routine. Not only that, but our cycles are about the same, maybe off by a day.

EMILY: Molly, you shouldn't share that!

MOLLY: Em, it's all good! The forum is anonymous! Haha!

To Steve A, thank you for the suggestion. As a teacher, I am bound to report tardies. She understands her responsibility to make up her work. I wonder if she is going to the bathroom or wandering the hall. IBS could be a possibility.

To MD Dan, thank you for your suggestions. Because her mother does not want to talk about her daughter's bathroom issues, then I must. I spoke with her other teachers and all have said that she has never once asked to use the bathroom. My class is after her lunch, though, so it could be IBS or something. Thank you for your advice.

Bye everyone! May you all stay regular, healthy and enjoy your number two's

Emily and Molly xoxo

Anna from Austria

Question to the Ladies

Yesterday when I had a pee in my favourite cafe, I had an neigbour who was doing her number 2, i noticed something intersting I have never noticed before in an public toilet. The teenage girl, flushed the toilet imediatly after doing her Number 2. Then she wipped and flushed again.

Me and the other ladies I noticed at public toilets so far, only flushed after wiping. So I flush the poo and the paper in the same flush sometimes I need to flush twice too, when my poop is soft and I need more wipes then usual. My mother thought my this too save water. It seems that this the common way, because almost all ladies i observed did the same thing. only this girl did it differently.

I know want to ask my fellow Ladies here in the forum how they flush.

Do you flush righ afer finishing your Number 2, or do you leave your number 2 in the toilet and you flush it with the paper at the same time?

Greetings from Austria



VERY Important Lesson Learned

Hey everyone. Today, I learned the lesson to ALWAYS knock, even if the apartment that I am working in is supposedly vacant. I got the keys to it, grabbed a few buckets & tools and walked up to it. The way these apartments are set up is you walk in the front door and you're in the living room and the bathroom is in plain sight of the front door and there is a hallway that leads to the bedrooms. Well, I unlocked the door, pushed it open and without looking, I bent over to pick up my stuff. I walked in, closed the front door and turned around to quite a sight. The cleaning lady, Mandy, was sitting on the toilet, door wide open taking a poop. She was supposed to be pre-cleaning the apartment. She is overweight and has long brown hair and older than me, I'd say she is 38-40. She had her black jeans down around her ankles and bright purple thong stretched tight around her knees. She was looking down at her phone, so she didn't notice that I was there until I yelled out loud "Oh my Gosh, I'm so sorry!" She immediately looking up at me and said "Aw, hell!" She had to stand up to reach the door to close it and when she stood up, she had a long, thick turd hanging out of her butt. It broke off, landed in the toilet with a loud PLOP & splash. As she closed the door, I closed my eyes but not fast enough as I was able to see her hairy vagina. I asked her through the door how long she would still be in the apartment cleaning and she said a few hours. The smell was unpleasant to say the least. So I went outside to grab the rest of my tools. When I got back to the apartment, I just set my tools down and she came out of the bathroom. She smiled and said "I'm sorry you saw what you saw there." I said "It's ok." Then I left and came back 4 hours later. It should be interesting every time we see each other from here on. Lol


Great Story

Hey Md Dan, great story about that lady and you pooping together at the coffee shop! If I were her, I'd giggle at your pooping sounds, too. Just like you I'm also pretty regular. I'd have to say I'm a bit more, because I can go 4 times a day sometimes. Today was a great day because not only did I get a beautiful princess doll from Amazon, my bum delivered a beautiful poop! As is the case sometimes, I felt the urge after lunch, and used the middle stall at the ???? Center. It felt medium in size, but most importantly it felt wonderful coming out as most my craps have during my life thus far. I'm saying this, because I don't remember having a poop that was miserable, but this could happen one day. Only time will tell of course. Also, have any of you noticed that when reading a post, some words have been replaced with question marks? Wierd, I have know idea why this happens. Anyway, I'd like to tell you about the bathrooms in my mobile home. The one I call the hall bathroom has the toilet closest to the door with you facing the sinks when you sit with the bathtub on the left. The master bathroom has the sink closest to the door, the toilet next to that, and the bathtub on the left of toilet. On the wall next to the light switch, there's an electrical outlet.

End Stall Em

Grandpa's prune crusade

Grandpa Charlie is a very accomplished man in the business world. He visits us about once a year and usually stays a week, give a day or two. About nine years ago when I was 11 he came when our middle school was on fall break. So on the second or third day he and I took a trip up to my school because I wanted to show him part of a display case in the lobby that had my picture and a couple of medals I had won. He's really into fitness so we walked the 10 blocks or so to the school. In his 70s, he walks faster than me. We got to the school about 11 and he immediately wanted to duck into the first bathroom. It was one of those with no entry doors, just a wall separating the girls and guys' and a barrier in the front. Since there weren't many people in the building I heard a toilet seat fall, a huge woooff, and then a toilet paper roll being turned. A toilet flushed and then I heard the faucet at the sink. Then he came out. He had a sense of relief on his face. He called it his "daily deed."

After I took him around the school, the large amount of orange juice, milk and water I had consumed for breakfast had filled my bladder. So I excused myself to the bathroom while he examined some technology on a cart in the hallway. We left the school and walked two blocks over to a
nostalgic-type diner where we had lunch. As we ate he was telling me about guys like Elvis, Ed Sullivan and Frankie Valli--some of the stars back then. He told me when we got home he wanted me to try a "cocktail" that was a daily friend of his. I got my thoughts up about liquor, but that wasn't it. While we were watching a movie, he went out to the kitchen and came back with a full glass of prune juice. He said something about it cleaning out your stomach and intestines. That made me curious, but it also concerned me. But because I was kind of thirsty I downed it. I didn't really like the taste, but I tasted something in it that was different.

My parents went out that night and Grandpa Charlie said he would treat his "favorite granddaughter" to a movie at the super cinema. I had learned from previous visits to negotiate with him for practically every concession that I could eat and hold down, and of course, he went along with it. During the 20 minute drive to the cinema, I started to get a turbulence in my gut. Something large was swirling around and I could hear it. I started thinking back how long it had been since I crapped. I remembered it was a couple of nights earlier when mom stopped for gas. I recalled how I had been frustrated because before I could get off the toilet and see my crap, the sensor went off. So I knew I had to crap soon. Grandpa Charlie pulled into the shopping center and I told him I had to get onto a toilet soon. Instead of going to the super cinema entrance, we went in the entrance to the mall at one end. I ran ahead and between shoppers to find a bathroom. I wasted a few seconds going into a home improvement store, but it was a staff-only bathroom. Finally, I remembered where the first set of the mall bathrooms were. So I changed direction, ran around a large fountain, and saw the ladies sign. Unfortunately there was a cart in front of the door and a closed sign. The entry door was locked.

In panic, I could only think of one other option to save myself from an accident. I saw a man walk out of the men's door and I immediately recognized that as my best alternative. Luckily there were no guys at the urinals. Out of about eight or nine cubicles, I could see feet under only the first two. So I ran down to the far one. The bowl was full of yellow that hadn't been flushed. There was urine splashed on the black seat. I tore my jeans down and tossed myself onto the seat. I don't think it took three seconds for the crap blast to take place. No pain. Some gas, but lots of really soft pieces that broke from a coil-like snake that blasted out. As I looked between my legs, and spread them I could see some of it. As I sat I thought to myself how lucky I was that I didn't have a belt to unbuckle on my jeans because that would have been a disaster in saving my clothing. And the urine, while super gross, meant that I could stand and not have to have the automatic explosion of water hit me.

It took me about twice the number of wipes I'm accustomed to. Then I sat back down to listen to who else was in or had entered the room. I couldn't hear anything so I flushed, walked out. I could see the two sets of legs in the first two stalls. I didn't want to chance someone coming in on me washing my hands, so I immediately headed to the exit. Luckily I made it. I called Grandpa Charlie who was in a book store. We met at the theater entrance. I was now kind of ready for his sense of humor. "I trust the prunes worked?", he said. I love him to death but didn't want to give him any additional attention for a while.

My boy friend and I were hiking in the mountains. At some point of time he told that he had to go to toilet. Due to lack of ordinary facilities he had to go behind a bush and pull down and squat and do what he had to do. When he sat there two hikers (two grey haired ladies!) came walking up a side path like just out of nowhere! They walked direct in on him and obviously saw everything. I heard they say something like excuse and when they passed me they just nodded and smiled. Poor guy. Sitting there with shorts at the middle of the thighs and the roll of toilet paper in the hands left nothing to the fantasy I guess. Luckily the two hikers did not seem to be at all disturbed of the incident. Afterwards I have found the incident far more amusing than him. He donot like it to be mentioned at all. Later on out trip we met a Dutch couple which we joined for some days. The Dutch woman had a quite similar experience when she one morning should do her morning duty. Just when sitting there exposing her bum to the nature a group of scouts passed by and laughed and waved to her. Luckily I have not experienced it myself in spite of the many times I have had to poop outside.

To Dominic

Yeah for me it is that it pokes out into my briefs a lot. Probably because I don't mind the feeling but also because I am so busy or because it is super firm and heavy and pokes out because it is getting pushed out lol. As for wiping I tend to be alright but sometimes not the best, plus if I fart a lot I get skids, that's why I changed over to color briefs instead of tighty whities. The skids don't show up as much lmao.


Timing of Urges

I was constipated for a few days so called the enema clinic and had a booking for the next afternoon.
Next day I awoke early and had absolutely need of the toilet for a poo.
I had to drive into the city for a presentation and on the motor way I got this big painful urge...I could not pull over . By the time I parked the car I still had that feeling but a lack of time to find a toilet before the presentation. Upon arriving I went into the toilets but a lack of time and a reduced urge I settled for a wee.
I gave the presentation and at the morning tea break I had a lot of questions and then went into the toilet but , once again a lack of time....the presentation finished and i had a quick lunch with some of the attendees and then had to leave for my enema appointment...walking down the street to the car park got this urge and farted a really and did it stink...I could smell it walking down the street...anyway arrived at the clinic and was taken to the this stage it was most urgent when the nurse who lead me in said that she needed a wee first so she sat on the loo and pissed like a race seemed to be endless!
She sat me on the throne and went to get the enema and I let loose with two thumps in the toilet bowl with giant turds....she did a double take....the enema completed the job...felt much better.


Dear Molly (after school Molly)

Molly, do you live in U.S.A? When I live Wales, we never had such kind of system. Students go to loo if they need , but teacher say strongly, go during the break. So not so many students leave classroom to go to loo.

In Japan is a bit same with Wales, but I think more students go to loo in class time. Most teacher say nothing because we think, if you need loo, you need loo. Even company, people often go out from meeting to go to loo.

My host father in Wales tell me funny system. In his school when he was boy, children who do good work get reward called coupon. They divide into House, and at end of term, House with most coupon get special treat. And if child goes to loo and it is not break, teacher take away coupon, child have to give to teacher. Now I read your post, I remember what he say. he also say this system finish now.

I want to say two things more, I hope you don't angry. One is, in my college when I was college, one girl have problem about loo. So she always sit near door when the lecture, and if she need loo, she go out quietly. She stay long time, because it is stomach problem, so she record lecture and listen later.

Teacher say OK because like you say, she have letter from doctor. So administration tell to teachers, make sure this girl sit near door, she can go out without disturb other students. But many mother don't like to think their child have loo problem especially they don't like if child is girl. So they say, "my child is OK". I think mother you write in post is hide something from you.

Also I think, that girl is not popular even she is nice girl, you say, maybe reason for not popular is her loo problem?

Other thing is, last year Hisae show me newspaper article about very small girl, she is about 14 I think, she have serious loo problem. She need to be near loo all time because she get no warning from bottom, then she do a diarrhoea very soon. Article say, in elementary school she gets a bully very much, she don't want to go school, but in secondary, she make good friend, then she get courage and now she can make speech about her problem (but I don't remember so well).

Some girl (and boy) have such kind of problem, and many mother feel shame so they don't tell. I think stupid. If loo activity is not normal, it is need to go to doctor. I think mother of your girl is bully woman and I angry, like you.

And why boy in her class shout, "ha ha she is pooping"??? Not business of him! It is not need to say this thing in class, class is for study. Why he think about his classmate in loo instead of think his geography and English?? Classmate is not his friend I think. I want to tell him, shut up.

And I hate, hate, hate when children mean to child who is a diarrhoea. Why they are mean? They also do a diarrhoea sometimes!! If you look this site, you find, when I was elementary school I got angry so much to that, I attack many girls, I don't remember clearly because my body move so fast, hit and kick and push to ground and scratch face and pull hair and bang together two heads and.... maybe I did all that I think, I wrote on this site before so I don't write now. When I read about mean people on this site I always angry, and Maho too, she tremble in rage.

I think you are nice teacher, you are kind to girl who is not popular.

And Steve A, I like your response ! I think you are correct very much. Thank you for say very considerate thing.

I tell story of post-party happy loo time another day, I am a sleepy now, sorry to everyone.



an expensive wee

Hi guys,

I have a story of a very expensive wee to tell you!

I had a few days off uni and was back home with my family. My mum asked me to run an errand and drop off some heavy stuff at our aunt's house on the other side of the city. As it was pretty heavy, she left me her car and she caught the bus into work.

I left at around 10am. Although it's only a 20 mile drive, you have to go right into town and then back out again. I arrived at our aunt's a bit after 11.15, and stayed there for a while, having lunch with her. I had a wee just after I arrived, and left about 1.30 to go back home. Not long into the drive I realised that I needed a wee again, and I hit traffic. I was getting quite desperate, as it was quite warm so I'd drank a lot of water. I was on a dual carriageway which is really more of a motorway, so there's no way of turning off to avoid the jam, I just had to sit through it. I really wanted to cross my legs, but of course you can't do that whilst driving!

The traffic eventually freed up and I pulled off at the next junction. I thought about finding somewhere to wee, and remembered that there was a park nearby which had public toilets. I drove towards it and parked up on the street, then headed over to the toilets. I was pretty disgruntled that you had to pay 20p, but given how desperate I was, I wasn't bothered!

I went through the turnstile and found a cubicle - there was nobody else around, I went into the first one, checked it had paper, locked the door, lifted up my skirt, pulled down my blue tights and pink knickers and started weeing. It was like heaven! It continued for a good minute or so before dying down. I felt like I needed a poo so figured I'd wait and see if anything came out.

At around this time I heard two girls talking to each other at the turnstile. "I haven't got 20p, it's a cross country run, why would you carry 20p?". "We've got to be quick or else Miss will notice we're not there". I figured that they were on a school run, I used to hate cross-country! Anyway I heard a bit of a commotion as they were obviously climbing over the barrier, the second girl said "Wait for me!" to which the first replied, running towards the cubicles, "I'm too desperate to wait!". She took the one next to me and I could hear her pull down her shorts and start doing her own strong wee. At the same time the other girl had gone into the other cubicle, and she exclaimed "Eww! The seat is broken and it's disgusting". The other girl suggested she could use her cubicle afterwards, to which she replied "Nah, too late" and I could hear a thundering wee coming from the second girl. By this point my poo was slowly coming out, but I wasn't wanting to push whilst there were other girls around. I heard the second girl whimper and the first asked if she was alright. "Oh I need a poo, it's not very nice, but I've been getting cramps for a while so I should go". The first girl, who had finished by now, suggested she change cubicles so she could sit down properly. "Yeah good idea" said the second girl, and I heard her pull her pants up before saying "Oh - no Louisa - sorry it's coming out, oh!" and she sounded like she was hurrriedly positioning herself - she farted and then there were three big logs dropping with a big SPLOSH, followed by another fart and obviously some runny poo. She flushed, then wiped, saying to the other girl "Big tip here... never poo standing up... ugh...".

They both washed their hands and left, clambering over the turnstile. I now felt free to finish my own poo in peace, and pushed out a decent sized log, then wiped and washed my own hands.

I left the toilets feeling a lot happier. But why was it an expensive wee? I got back to the car... and there was a parking ticket on it - 60 quid. I'll not be making that mistake again!

Tuesday, March 07, 2017

Steve A

To After School Molly

In this situation, I'd just let anyone go when they want to. I understand that some people can abuse these privileges, but it's just like my situation back in high school. I usually went at a certain time and some of the teachers would question my habits at times. But, missing class to use the restroom is an issue for some teachers. Maybe you can adjust the rules if some students struggle with you current rules.

Here's my rule: You can go to the restroom, but your responsible for whatever you miss while you're out of class.

It gives them the thought of, should I go during class or later?

Smoke detectors may need to be installed to eliminate smoking in the restrooms. Also, if they're gone for a certain amount of time, they could be sick or skipping class. Possibly adding hallway monitors in the halls should lessen down the skipping of class.

Kung Poo

To Leanne

Hi Leanne!

Glad the squatty potty helps! Growing up in Asia, squat toilets are very common. I actually had one in my house growing up until I moved. The newer houses have toilet bowls installed. While squat toilets are great for thigh muscles and effective evacuation, it isn't good for older folks with hip problems, so squatty potties are the best of both worlds.

Hay im Duncan im very new to this site so first off i am 7 years old im in 2nd grade black hair im not that tall. I like going to the bathroom indoors, outdoors, at school. I usually have big poops and most of the time when I go to the bathroom at school Im pooping.

But I have just a story of me pooping at school. So it was a snowy day dark out and I was in math we had a substitute and I knew she would let me go so I left my class walked to the boys room and there was about 10 toilets and there was one in the middle that was open so I took that lowered my pants and underwear to my ankles and plopped on the toilet. There were no stalls and the problem was that everybody was pooping and most of the time the people are in full display. Some first grader was sitting next and was letting out a huge poop. So I started to push and grunt and a poop was stuck so I spread my cheeks and pushed and a foot long poop splashed in so I wiped and left.

I normally have a poo every day but I hadn't felt the need to go on Wednesday and I had tired to go in the gender-neutral toilet at my uni's library yesterday but couldn't manage anything but several loud farts. Today as I had no lectures I had the day studying in my room. At midday I did myself a coffee and drank it while reading a chapter on nursing communication. Halfway through I felt a stirring in my bowels. As I like this feeling and didn't feel it needed an immediate release I carried on reading until the end. Afterwards I left my room and walked across the hallway to the bathroom. Locking the door I undid my skinny jeans and pulling my black underwear sat down on the white seat. After two loud and wet farts nothing seemed to be happening and I thought 'oh great I getting constipated'. But I continued to push and very slowly a log started to emerge and after what seemed like an eternity it splashed down into the water which surprised me as I thought it would have been longer and therefor not made a nice (which normally happens when I don;t go for a day, so having not been for two I kind of expected this to be even more true). But I couldn't produce anymore which didn't put me off, to the contrary I was relieved and knew I would probably need to go again before the day was out. I wasn't wrong. Later on at six o'clock I'm sitting on my bed looking at my phone and feel the need to pee. So again I walk to the bathroom and sit down. After hearing my pee hit the water I see if I could push some more poo out. I started of with three balls of crap each hitting the water with a resounding splash. Then two medium sized turds exited my bum, the second hitting the back of the pan and leaving a mark which immediately began to smell quite strong. After another couple of minutes of pushing I thought I was finished so stood up to wipe my bum. But after getting some toilet paper I knew I wasn't done so sat back down and some loose poo quickly came out. I then stood up again and whipped my ass twice, each time dropping the paper into the bowl. After getting my jeans back zipped up I flushed the toilet and after making sure the mark had gone from the pan left the bathroom.

After School Emily and Molly- I love your stories, I think it's so cool that you've got the same schedule.


to Anon

Yeah, it tends to poke out in my briefs especially if it's a big one. Sometimes I'll feel like I have to poop while sitting down, but when I stand up, it might start to poke out and cause skids in my briefs. Other times it's because I've never been the world's best wiper lol

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Mina great story as always it sounds like Kazuko had a really good poop I bet she felt pretty good afterwards as well and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Jessica great story it sounds like you had a really good poop outside and another great poop later on at home.

To: Dani great story.

Well that's all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site

MD Dan

Something About Coffee Shops Today - Part 1

It should go without saying that coffee and pooping have a pretty close relationship. But today was a little different in that the pooping came BEFORE the coffee, not just once, but twice!

It started this morning when I went out to get some coffee at a well-known, pacific northwest-based chain. I was in line behind a nice looking dirty-blond woman with a sporty pony tail, about my age (30-33 years old). Nice fit figure, nicely dressed in casual clothes that were very tasteful. There were two cash registers at the front and they both opened up at the same time. So we each placed our order together, and oddly enough, we ordered almost the exact same thing. She already had my attention but placing a near-identical order to her gave me her attention too. She glanced over after hearing my order and gave a polite smile, which I returned. We each left the line, with me leading due to my position.

Now, I had been feeling a growing urge to take a dump for a while by this point, and it was reaching an urgent-need point. I don't normally enjoy public bathrooms but this was a single-occupancy type that I knew was always very clean so I decided to go ahead and poop there. I bypassed the pick-up area, mentioning to the barista that I'd be right back to get my drink, and made my way to the restrooms. I couldn't help but notice the woman who was next to me at the registers made the same comment to the barista (who gave an interesting look since we both just said the same thing) and followed me over to the restrooms. The men's room was up first so I stopped to let her pass before opening the door in the small hallway, and gave her another polite smile. She made eye contact and returned the smile, which almost reached the level of a grin. Considering how we'd both been in sync with each other so far, I think both of us figured we were pretty sure what the other had to do.

The toilet in men's room was on the right-hand side, which meant it was on the common wall between the men's and women's room. Knowing what I know about utility layouts and commercial buildings, I was 100% certain the women's room would be a mirror image with the toilet also on the common wall between the two rooms. It was surprisingly quiet in there. There was no exhaust fan or any other noise. I locked the door and quickly made my way to the toilet, lowered my pants, and took a seat. My stomach was cramping pretty badly at this point. Much to my delight, I heard the faint sound of the woman taking a seat on her toilet through the wall. Immediately I heard the sound of gentle peeing, which I let finish before I let loose. As soon as she stopped peeing, my stomach cramped one final time and I simply exploded with one rather long, soft log that started with a quiet crackle that grew immensely in both speed and volume before shooting out with a loud "THUUNNK" and a massively loud and deep burst of gas. The whole event lasting a total of about 3 seconds.

I know she heard this as I immediately heard muffled and excited giggling coming through the wall. Hearing this, I decided to let out a satisfied groan/moan I hoped would be just loud enough for her to hear but not so loud as to seem fake or absurd. I mean, I genuinely was relieved and would have probably moaned had I been in my own house. That was answered by some even louder muffled giggling. I still didn't hear anything from her and thought she must have been holding off and waiting to see if I do anything else. I felt a rumble again and blasted a deep ripping fart that lasted about 4 seconds and ended with two small turds blasting out that made a loud "ker-THUNK-ker-THUNK" when they hit the water. Again, more sounds of muffled giggling, and a barely audible but clearly excited, "Ohhh my god, yessss! I can hear him taking a dump! This is sooo HOT!"

I was surprised she was actually talking out loud like that. I don't know if she was saying that knowing that I could hear it and hoping to kind of play with me, so to speak. Or if she thought she was being quiet but her excitement made her speak louder than she realized. Either way, I was absolutely loving this. I was pretty much cleaned out and done at this point, but I decided to sit and see what she was going to do. I didn't even roll any toilet paper off so she wouldn't think I was just sitting there listening to her. Although, something tells me she wouldn't have minded that. Almost 2 minutes passed by before I heard anything from her. She was probably waiting to hear more from me and finally couldn't hold her own load any longer.

The first thing I heard were three short farts in quick succession. Starting loud and ending quieter. Kind of a "BURRRP-Burrrp-burrooop." This was quickly followed up with a very desperate sounding "Oooooo" from her. For about 10 seconds I couldn't really hear a whole lot, and figured she must be having either a really long log coming out or lots of quiet mushy stuff. I decided it must have been some quiet mushy stuff thought because the 10 seconds ended with a LOUD and VERY mushy sounding "brpprrppprrrpp" accompanied by a loud sigh and some giggling. She again decided to speak, saying, "Oh my god, that felt good. I hope he could hear all that!" I felt another fart coming on, so I decided to push it out to increase the volume. I pushed some and blasted a LOUD wet fart. It only lasted about 2 seconds but it was loud. I heard a massive amount of giggling and again she exclaimed, "This is so awesome! He's going so much!" I mean, this woman was seriously enjoying this!

We both continued to sit for another minute or so, each of us hoping that the other one had more to do. But, alas, neither of us did. I heard her start to roll toilet paper pretty much the same time I had started to as well. We each cleaned up and walked out, surprise-surprise, at the exact same time. All in all, we had each spent a total of only 4-5 minutes in the restroom. I was looking directly at her when she opened the door and she was looking directly at me. She wasn't giving me a polite smile anymore, it was a full-blown, ear-to-ear grin, complete with red-flushed face and dilated pupils. No doubt about it, this woman was EXCITED (if you take my meaning...). I honestly couldn't help but to return her grin and I'm sure I looked just as "excited" as she did. I motioned for her to pass and I followed behind.

We both went to the pick-up counter and grabbed our drinks. Strangely enough, she didn't mention anything about pooping together, even though I knew that she knew I could hear her and I knew that she knew that I knew too (or something...). She just looked me in the eye and said, "Nice day today, isn't it?" I responded, "Yes, it's a great day!" She asked if I was a regular at that particular coffee shop. I said I was and asked if she was as well. She said she came there every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at the same time each day. Then came the closest reference she made to our little toilet time together when she said, "I'm a very "REGULAR" person in general. I pretty much do EVERYTHING at the same time every day." She said this with the biggest grin on her face yet. I told her, "Yeah, I'm a pretty "REGULAR" person too. There's just something that's "so AWESOME" about having a regular schedule."

At that last comment, I thought she was going to faint, she got so flushed. She was still grinning and started to just giggle. She realized at that point that I heard at least some of what she was saying. I decided to just let that little tease be the end of it for now. I wished her an "awesome" day and she did the same to me as we each walked out to our cars.

I am really looking forward to seeing if she actually holds up her end of our little discrete-but-not-so-discrete implied agreement. I am NOT going to obsess over this woman, however. It was all very fun, but if it doesn't happen again then I honestly won't be too disappointed about it. Anyway, since this has been such a long post, I've decided to make this a two-post series. I'll post the other, still fun but less exciting event I had this evening separately.

Hello all, I have a quick story to share today. This morning I went out for breakfast with my friend Danielle and two of our guy friends. I had tons of food and lots of coffee and after we were all done I really needed to go. Since it didn't seem like anybody wanted to leave soon, I decided I had to use the bathroom in the cafe we were at. So I excused myself and went into the back. There is only one single use toilet and it was locked. I waited a short while and then I heard a flush and someone washing their hands. The door opened and out came one of the girls working in the cafe, a skinny blonde with glasses. There was also quite the smell coming out of the little bathroom, so for sure the blonde had pooped! I didn't have a choice though, so I went in, locked the door and then pulled down my jeans and string. The bowl was nice and clean and the seat still warm from the server's bum. I peed with a big stream and while I did I let out a long airy fart. Then I leaned forward and started to push. My little hole openend and a big log started to slide out slowly, accompanied by more quiet but long farts. I was big and when it finally dropped off and splashed into the bow I let out a sigh of relief. I knew I wasn't done though. I took out my phone and started to browse and shortly after I was able to push out another turd that was about the same size. No splash this time, as I think it just piled on top of my poo that was already filling the bowl. There was quite the smell coming up around my bum now and combined with what the blonde girl had done before, It really started to stink! I was fanning my nose and going "pheww!", haha I really did! I did one more poo and then finally felt empty. I pulled off some paper and wiped my front and back. It was really easy, just three sheets needed! Then I pulled up my string and jeans and flushed the toilet. I had done a big pile, but it went down no problem. Lot's of skidmarks though, so I used the brush to clean everything up. I washed my hands and then left the little bathroom. I was glad nobody was waiting. I went back to our table and it had been at least five minutes, so I knew the guys knew that I had pooped. I was quite embarrassed by that, but hey when a girl's gotta go she's gotta go, right? Even if it's a number two!

to Mina: Thank you so much. You and your friends are all very sweet!

to Jessica: It's great to see you back here! I actually don't mind going outside, as long as I don't get caught, haha! So far so good, but that would be super embarrassing!

to Emily and Molly: No accidents in our house either, though we are four girls and sometimes have to wait to use the bathroom. I think I mentioned this before, but two of my roommates almost always have very ladylike number twos. But my friend Danielle and I often really stink out our little bathroom! We are both curvy and I sometimes tease her with "big boobs do big poops" and she uses the same line on me too, haha. I don't know where I got this from, but we both think it is kinda funny

Victoria B.

A few quick responses

To Taylor: The whole toilet is black, contoured seat and all! My landlord is friends with the owner of a plumbing supply company and he was able to buy it for peanuts because they needed to eliminate inventory. The old, white toilet in my house had flushed its last load and my landlord installed the black one to replace it!

To Jessica: Loved your latest story. I've had to take a mid-run number two before as well, but never in the winter!

To Mina: tanjōbi omedetō!!

To all: See you again soon!

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