I don't have a car so I have to take public transit. If I am going a long distance I just wear pull-ups and pee in them when needed. These are the worlds best invention for the bladder challenged.

Optional Person.

Moth poop.

When I went to poop this morning there was a moth swimming in the toilet. I didn't hesitate to sit down (normally this time) and take a poop. I pushed and the poop crackled out of me. When I stood up I looked and saw the moth swimming in the water onto some of my poop and it just kinda stopped and sat there, and then I wiped and flushed the toilet. The moth had an interesting end to its life, then the usual smack with the hands. I just thought I would share that with you.

Tuesday, March 14, 2017


Big dump with a friend

I was at the mall with my friend Emma after working out at the gym we walked around and got some food from the food court,after a little bit I felt the urge to have my big post workout dump. I told Emma "All that food and working out is making me need to take a huge shit" She said "Me too it's gonna be a good one". We headed to the ladies room which had 8 stalls with an attractive redhead girl about 19 years old going into the 5th one,I took the 3rd,and Emma the 4th. Me and Emma sat down at the same time and heard the redhead do the same a few seconds later,I let out a airy fart and began to pee along with Emma. From the redheads stall I heard a quiet fart and a few soft plops followed by a small grunt and some crackling and finally a loud splash,the redhead wiped and flushed and then left. Emma let out a loud fart and said "My poop is almost ready to come",with another windy fart I said "Mine too". I lightly pushed and 2 soft logs landed in the bowl with a "Kersplash",Emma farted loudly and dropped a few crackling logs that made a loud plop in the bowl,I felt more coming and started pushing out some soft logs that splashed and plopped into the bowl. Then a cute blonde girl and her brunette friend came in,the blonde girl said "Man I really need to take a big dump" her friend said that she did too. They took the two remaining stalls beside me with the brunette in the stall next to me and the blonde beside her friend. Emma grunted and made several loud plops and splashes and then blasted a load of soft poop into the bowl,I farted and felt a monster log coming so I pushed and grunted and let it slide out with a loud plop,I looked and saw a thick 11 inch log. I hear the two girls who came finish peeing and hear a long windy fart from the blonde and a loud booming fart from the brunette,the blonde grunts and lets out a huge load of soft poop and then wipes and tells her friend she'll be walking around waiting for her. The brunette farts and pushes out some pretty big logs that crackle loudly and grunts as she has a blast of mushy logs that plop into the bowl,she wipes and leaves without flushing. I let out some gas and a big load of soft poop while Emma pushes out a very long soft crackling log I feel a very long log coming and then as its slithering out of me our friend Kayla comes in and recognizes us,she says "Hey guys it sounds like yall are taking huge dumps,mind if I join I haven't gone in 3 days and it's ready to come out after I just ate" she takes the stall beside me that the brunette didn't flush and says "Whoo looks like someone had to go,I'll be doing bigger though".Emma grunts and plops a few small logs while I fart and push out some soft logs,Kayla sits and says "This is gonna be a huge stinky one" and farts loudly pushing out thick logs that sound like rocks hitting the water and a lot of soft poop.A goth girl walks in and takes the stall beside Emma while me and Emma produce some small logs,the goth grunts and pushes several logs into the bowl along with a loud blast of mushy poop and wipes while a blonde girl takes the stall beside Kayla and drops some messy sounding logs before wiping and leaving along with the goth. Kayla says "This one's gonna be a monster" and grunts and pushes a thick 13 inch log out followed by several small plops,I feel one more big load coming so I push and grunt while the log is crackling out of me I look and see a long thick 14 inch log in the bowl.I wipe as Emma pushes out a monster log and Kayla is blasting soft poop and pushing out long logs. After I'm done wiping I hear Emma blast one more load of soft logs before wiping and Kayla pushing one last monster log out before she wipes,we all get finished and see what everyone did in my bowl there's a few big logs and some smaller ones along with some soft poop,in Emmas bowl there's a huge amount of soft poop and logs,in Kaylas bowl there's some soft poop and a lot of very long logs that almost fill the bowl. We all leave our huge dumps for others to see and we leave.
More stories coming soon-Poopinggeek

Hey everyone! It's been a while since I posted. There have been some posts talking about skidmarks lately, I do think that, for guys, briefs are the most likely underwear the get stains on them because they are pretty tight. I wesr breifs though because I am pretty athletic and they are a lot more comfortable when youre playing sports. I think I get them sometimes from the tip poking out a little bit or a wet fart but a lot of times a just dont wipe it all off. I have to say that during the summer I'm pretty lazy about going to the bathroom especailly when I'm not at home and I end up holding it to the point that it starts to try to push out and gets my underwear dirty. As for pee stains, I can only see them in my white underwear and even then their pretty light.
Well, I have a story to share, last fall my family and I went up to Cedar Point, an amusement park with rollercoasters, for the day. We had already gone to two rest stops by the time I had to poop so I didn't say anything. When we got there I didn't need to go at first so we started doing rides but about an hour later I had to go again so we walked to the closest bathroom and it was closed. We we're abkut to go to a different one when we saw a big ride with almost no line so went in the line for that. It was moving quickly then it got stopped for winds but my brothers wouldn´t leave because we we´re almost next. At that point the tip of my poop was starting to inch its way out and I was having trouble holding it back. When we finally sat in the ride I could feel the tip of the log rubbing against, to make things worse, a new pair of white underwear. It got a lot harder to hold on the ride and I ended up sitting on my hand to force it to stop coming out any further. When we got off the ride I just about ran all the way to the bathroom but slowed down to pull out the wedgie I had. Luckily there was no line so I got in a stall and started to push the already partially out poop. The stain in my underwear was the worst I had had in a really long time and it actaully showed the skid mark through to the other side. There was nothing I could do so I barely even bothered to wipe and just enjoyed the rest of the trip the best I could. When we got home and I was changing into pajamas I remembered the now even worse stain and just threw the underwear out.

Jane the Poop

Filming Big Dumps

Lately I've been filming my own poops. Until I started this, I didn't realize how big my poops were. It's a good average for me to make up to thirty pieces of poop in one poop session. My largest poop session included over two hundred pieces of poop! They were small of course, but I had never imagined, until I could pause and replay and count video of my own butt filling a toilet with poop, that I could poop out two hundred individual pieces of shit in one sitting.

There's one in particular I want to share today. I remember how badly I needed to poop that morning. I settled on the seat and began filming. I always turn on the flash for good lighting and can see every moment of my poop building a big pile. On this day, my poop was thicker than usual. It was about 2 inches wide and slow but steady. The first piece crackled out over about ten seconds, forming an 18-inch figure-8 in the bowl. Immediately, another poop of the same thickness crackled out. It nestled under the bend of my first poop and grows until 2 coils wrap around and finish with a figure-8 in the opposite direction. An ordinary 12-incher comes out after that. Then an extra slow 6 inches. After that, I'm done pooping and stop recording.

But wait! I needed to poop again. In the next video, you see my pile, and again with ample crackling, I push out 8 inches, then 12,and then one more 6 inch poop falls into my pile, now way above the water line. Then I was done for real!


Friends House

This happened to me last weekend. We were playing videogames in his basement when I had to go pee so I walked into the bathroom and shut the door. As I was peeing I saw a pair of jeans and a t-shirt on the ground and next to them was a light blue pair of boxer briefs with a decent size skid mark facing up. I couldn't believe he would just leave his pretty dirty underwear lying on the ground like that. I've said before that I sometimes get skid marks but I usually try not to make it too obvious by leaving them on the floor. That made me wonder. Are there any parents or just anyone that does laudry that would say how obvious you think it is to see a skidmark while doing laundry. I always figured that you would't really see them but from other posts that doesn't seem to be the case. It did make me feel better seeing that my friend alse gets skid marks and that I'm not the only one that doesn't have the cleanest underwear.

Optional Person

Poop story and responce to After School Emily and Molly

This morning my mom made pancakes and bacon for breakfast. Yesterday I ate QuikTrip Hotdogs and a pretzel and pizza and I just took a dump this morning after breakfast. I was sitting at the computer and I could feel the need to poop so I got up and walked out of my room the few feet down the hall to my toilet which is across from the laundry room. I closed the door, moved the trashcan and pulled down my pants and whitie tighties and sat on the toilet backwards (manhood facing the toilet bowl hole) as you may remember I like to do. slowly a bowel movement crackled and squeaked out of my butthole. It formed a perfect poop emoji shape of dark brown poo just inside the water. It smelled like a mix of rotten ground beef and cow manure. I liked the way it smelled.My butthole was pretty clean, it only took a couple of wipes. Than I got this weird idea. I wanted to see what this poop would have looked like as diarrhea. so even though I didn't clog the toilet I got the stuff and broke it up anyway. The turd easily broke up and turned the bowl a light brown color. there were little chunks of something that looked like corn, but I hadn't eaten any recently. It was kinda neat turning a poop emoji into diarrhea. I than flushed the toilet and washed my hands and left the bathroom to type this story.

After School Emily and Molly - I love your style of story telling. I love how it is conversational between you two and not just a story. It is just really fun. Welcome to the site and don't be embarrassed of making it reek. its okay to reek a bit.



Imogen- great story, as you say it ended up being a very expensive toilet visit! Glad you were able to finish off your poo in peace once those other girls had gone.
Natasha- sorry to hear you've been ill, that must have been a nasty bug. Sounded like you had a good poo when you were studying with Sophie, although the girl next to you was struggling a bit by the sound of it! I've been there myself, especially when I was at school, sometimes when I was on the toilet trying to have a poo I would have to strain really hard which was kind of embarrassing in the school loos, I was worried about the other girls who were on the loo at the same time as me hearing the panting and grunting noises I was making, though luckily sometimes I heard similar noises coming from other cubicles which made it a bit less awkward!!
Now on to my story, I'm back from uni this weekend and on Friday night Lucy, Katie and I went out to a party and we all stayed round Katies house. We woke up late on Saturday morning and as soon as I got out of bed I really needed to have a wee, so I went into Katie's ensuite and hitched up my nightie, I pulled my white pants down and sat on the loo and started to wee a loud stream. As I was weeing I felt some rumblings in my belly, it had been feeling tight and uncomfortable for a couple of days, if I'm honest I've started to get constipated again these last two or three weeks. I took a deep breath and did some hard pushes but I only managed to do a few farts. When I was finished I took some toilet paper and wiped myself before pulling up my pants. Suddenly Lucy burst into the bathroom, saying "Hurry up, I'm nearly weeing my knickers!!" She quickly lifted her nightie and dropped her yellow spotty pants, she waddled over to the toilet with her pants round her thighs and plonked herself down heavily onto the seat and I heard her moaning with relief as she started to wee heavily. I saw a damp patch in her pants and realised she hadn't been having me on about how desperate she was, I know if I get really desperate to have a wee I sometimes can't help letting a spurt go into my pants so I had every sympathy. I went back into Katie's room, it seemed that she was bursting too as she was sitting on her bed holding herself and saying "I'm dying for a wee too, I hope Lucy isn't too much longer!!" Just then Lucy came back into the bedroom and Katie shot off into the bathroom, through the open door I saw her hiking up her nightie, dropping her pink and blue flowery pants and crashing down onto the seat just like me and Lucy had! Her wee started to splash noisily down into the bowl and it went on for a long time before dribbling to a stop. Just like I'd done she stayed sitting for a while and did some loud farts before wiping and flushing. We went downstairs and ate some breakfast and then went back up to Katie's room to get dressed. I think eating must have got my bowels moving, because as I was rummaging around in my rucksack trying to find some clean pants I started to feel a massive urge for a poo. Just then Lucy rubbed her belly, she had just put on a clean pair of white pants and was about to take her nightie off. "I'm desperate for a poo now," she said, "You might as well come in with me, I think its going to be a struggle, I haven't been for ages!"
"I'm getting quite desperate too," I said, and Lucy said "Well I'll try my best to be as fast as I can, but I can't promise anything." By now I'd found my clean pants but figured there wasn't any point putting them on, if my poo ended up poking out I'd only get them dirty. "That makes three of us then, I need a poo as well!" said Katie. She had taken clean socks and pants out of her drawer but she said "Theres no point changing my knickers yet, if my poo starts to come out they'll only get dirty" and I said "Yes, I'm not bothering to change mine either, I'll do it after I've had a poo!" By now Lucy was on the loo with her pants at her knees, we went in and sat cross legged on the floor. She had already gone red from straining so we tried to have a chat to take her mind off it. Lucy must have pushed hard for over 10 minutes, she said "Its really wide and I think its got stuck, sorry I'm really going to have to grunt this one out," and she pushed for as long and as hard as she could, ending with a grunt each time. Fortunately that seemed to do the job and shortly after I heard a splash and Lucy relaxed. Katie was now sitting with her knees up under her chin, I could see her pants and they looked like they were stuck up her bum pretty badly so I hoped her poo wouldn't start poking out. Lucy said "I'm nearly done," and shortly after did a few more pieces that plopped loudly into the bowl, she then took some toilet paper and wiped her bottom and finally pulled her pants up and flushed. Katie was looking really desperate, she said "Do you mind if I go next, its starting to poke out in my knickers and I don't think I can hold it much longer!" I was feeling quite desperate but mine wasn't poking out yet so I said "Yeah I think I can wait a bit longer, go for it!" Katie pulled her pants down and sat on the loo, there was a big skidmark in them so it was just as well she hadn't changed them. She relaxed for a bit and then I realised she was starting to bear down, each time she took a deep breath and held it as she pushed so I knew that she must be struggling with a massive poo as well. After a few minutes of straining and going red Katie did an extra hard push and grunted loudly, and shortly after I heard a plop. By now I was really having to clench my bum, the tip of a gigantic log was determined to start coming out and I was having to work really hard to keep it in. I shifted position so I was sitting on my heel, I think Katie realised I was getting more and more desperate because she said, "Sorry, I'm nearly done, I'll be as fast as I can," I saw that she was pushing again so I knew there must be more to come. Shortly after Katie made a few more plops and then started to rip off toilet paper, she usually wipes her bum standing up anyway so I got up as she stood up and started to wipe, she said "I'd better flush this away otherwise if you go on top it'll never go down!" She quickly pulled the flush then carried on wiping her bottom. Without the pressure of my heel I could feel the log starting to poke out so I quickly hiked up my nightie, dropped my pants and sat on the loo, I relaxed all the muscles of my clenched bum and moaned a little with relief, the log started to come out slowly but once the tip was out it stopped and I knew I would have to start pushing. I took a deep breath and bore down hard, I felt the log coming out a bit more but when I stopped pushing it got sucked back up my bum again. I really hate it when that happens, I guess I should be used to it though because its something I get quite a lot when I'm constipated. I reached round and pulled my bum cheeks apart which can help if I'm having that problem, and the other thing I do is to push for as long as I can and try to pause as little as possible in between pushes until the log is so far out that it can't get sucked back up. I tried both of those, along with a lot of panting and grunting, and luckily it did the job, after a few minutes I relaxed and felt a rod of rock hard poo sticking out but by now it was too fat to get sucked back up which was a relief. I took a breather for a few seconds and then started to bear down again, by now Katie and Lucy had gone back in the other room and were getting dressed. As I pushed again I saw Lucy taking off her nightie and putting on a plain white bra, just then Katie hiked up her nightie and pulled her pants down. She put on some pink ones and then took off her nightie and put her bra on. After an eye watering push and a loud grunt I felt the log getting narrower and moving faster, and it splashed down into the toilet shortly after. I still had more inside me, I realised it was about five days since I'd last been for a poo so no wonder it was a struggle. I felt another log starting to make its way out, it was still massive but felt a bit softer so I was hoping it wouldn't be so bad. I started to push and it eased its way out slowly, stretching my bumhole which was already stinging from passing my first rock hard log. After a couple of minutes of pushing I felt it speed up and drop into the bowl, and almost at once I felt a third log on its way. This one came out a lot faster, and it broke off as it did so making three sharp plops. I pushed a bit more to make sure there was no more, and realised I was done. I took some toilet paper and wiped my sore bum, and then flushed and pulled up my pants before going back into the bedroom to get dressed. Hope you enjoyed this story, bye for now!

Victoria B.

A few responses

Today's number two was a pretty standard affair wherein I pushed out three medium-sized logs. That being the case, I wanted to send a few replies:

To MD Dan: You seem like a good guy and I wish you the best of luck with your mysterious lady friend! Hopefully you catch up with her again!

To Cali Guy: Thanks! I'll keep 'em coming :)

To several people who asked about this:
When I wrote that I liked to hear other women go I meant that I enjoyed hearing others break the taboo on bodily functions that exists around women in American culture. Because I don't live in a vacuum and have been affected by that same feeling of forbiddenness about my own body (and the conflict that results from me enjoying its functions), yes I suppose it could be called a turn-on. I'd hardly mind if I got to hear a man though!

To After School Emily: Your story with Pax is one I'd be very down to hear. Thanks to both you and Molly for being so sweet!


just another girl
Hello all,

I haven't posted here in a very long time - I think it's over a year if I remember correctly - but I just thought I'd share something that happened that I think is a bit strange.

I was sitting in my friend's mother's car and talking to her, and everything seemed perfectly normal until about half an hour into our conversation when I noticed a nasty but very distinctive smell. "Oh my goodness," I thought, "(insert friend's mother's name here) has just farted...and it stinks!" She didn't blink an eyelid or miss a single beat - she continued talking to me as though nothing had happened.

I tried my best not to breathe it in but in my head I was wondering how she could do that and be so calm about it. She must have known that I could smell it but did nothing to even acknowledge that; she didn't excuse herself or say anything. If it had been me, I would have been incredibly embarrassed, but not her.

Perhaps it was just a mistake, or perhaps it had been building up for a while and she had no other option but to let it out because the pressure was becoming uncomfortable. I don't know and will likely never know, but it was horrible! Yuck!

After School Emily and Molly

Hello's and Emily's Stories

This is Molly typing on behalf of both of us! Emily wants her turn in a moment, but I'm writing now.

Dear Victoria B., That was an interesting story :) Glad that the rubber glove helped you to solve your dilemma! We enjoy your posts and have read back to your first, at least we think it's your first, on page 2348. They are fun! I don't think that we found the math exam story, but we'll keep looking. Best, Molly

Dear Mina, you are so sweet! Do not apologize for anything. I teach 11th grade English, which most students are 16-17 years old, and speech, which any student grades 9-12, can take. That's ages 14-18. I hope my student will be all right. I feel for her. Your advice helped. It is funny that you said your friend was no longer constipated after she heard her teacher's voice. Funny! Best, Molly

Splash, I love your alias :) We both have pretty good sized "donks" as I remember some guys in college calling them. Emily's is bigger! (She just hit me! Just kidding!) But if guys only knew what we can do on a toilet, they would look the other way. Really, I feel that our number two's are healthy and normal. We are flattered you think of us together, because we read the site together! Remember, girls poop too and teachers poop too!

Dear Anna, We loved your story about doing number two next to another Anna! Best, Molly

Dear MD Dan, That was an interesting experience! If it was not awkward enough to have a bowel movement in a customer's home, then it was compounded by the fact you followed her! Keep us posted! Best, Molly

Dear Elphaba, We hope that our question about your gender did not offend you. We are not transphobic. In fact, we're disgusted by some of the rhetoric against the transgender community. We hope to hear more from you! Best, Molly

This is so cool! When we pulled up the page, we saw that our names are listed on the search term header. Are people really reading our stories??? We are flattered!

EMILY: I'm embarrassed that Molly wrote about Paxton. I'm not over him, even though three years passed since we last spoke. When I shared my feelings for him, I knew that I was taking a risk losing a good friend. But I felt that it was worth it. We were in a large mall and we both had to use the bathroom. The men's room was closed for cleaning and the women's bathroom was filled to capacity, with people waiting. It was a Saturday. We went in together. He sat on the toilet and passed a lot of loose sounding feces. We carried on a conversation during the whole thing. I turned as he cleaned, but I admit to taking a peak. Then it was my turn. I pulled my jeans down just below my thighs, along with my panties, while he turned away. When I was seated he turned and began to talk. I urinated first. Even though I had a strong urge to go, I struggled to get started. It was just Pax! But I realized that I was not seeing him as a gay guy, but as a guy, and that bothered me a little. I told Pax that I was having trouble getting started. He said he totally understood and turned away. When he did the bowel movement began. It was solid and dry. After cleaning up, which was not a problem at all, I flushed and we realized how it might look if we exited together. So, he left first and I waited two minutes and left the bathroom. But that's the story about Pax. I miss him.

The reason why I was interested in why Victoria B. said that she liked hearing other women go, is that sometimes I do as well. It's not something that I talk about, and it is not something that Molly is interested in at all. One time in college, during my second year, I remember having my after school bowel movement in the library bathroom. I walked in along with another second year student. I tutored her as a freshman in Statistics. She was a softball player with naturally blonde hair, blue eyes and a beautiful complexion. It was fall, so she was in jeans and a nice top. She was built like me, but taller, maybe 5'11? I'm pretty good at guessing height. We walked in together and she spoke first, greeting me. Then she proceeded to tell me that she really needed to use the bathroom (which was code for a bowel movement) and hoped that I did not mind. I told her I was in there for the same reason. Mine was a normal, banana shaped log. She, however, began with dry, booming flatulence, followed by urination. When she finished urinating, I overheard some crackling, heavy breathing, and finally a loud thud in the toilet. Three more thuds followed. These were not plops, but deep, loud splashes. I sat. To my shame, I forced myself to pass gas to make her think that I was still going. She commented that it sounded like we both needed the toilet. I said something acknowledging her comment. Then, I heard some more crackle from her and what sounded like softer stool, but I'm not sure. I was wiping by this time and finishing up. The blonde softball player began to clean as I flushed and exited the stall. After washing my hands, I told her that it was good to see her and hoped that she was having a good semester. She said that she was glad to see me. Just some small talk, and then I left. But I thought about that incident. I consider myself bisexual and not in the least because of that incident and more afterwards.

Until next time,

Emily and Molly xoxo



@ Lainey: I guess you found the right place to talk about it. I understand it can be unpleasant to have these kind of problems with your intestines. Do you think the chicken you ate was already digested in that short amount of time? Actually I am wondering how that works in the body and if the chicken would come out undigested/not fully digested right away for example. Or maybe it triggers something in the stomach which than head the already presented stool to come out previously. Just some thoughts haha, i want to learn everyday. The human body and it's function is something fascinating. You got lucky your friends didn't hear your relieving noises.

@ Victoria B: As always i enjoyed your private story about pushing a log in your hand!

@ Anna: That is so nice, almost like a dream, 2 Anna's sitting next to each other sharing this intimate moment. Sometimes i really want tob e woman for at least 1 day.

@ Hailey: Thank you fort he exciting story, why these things never happen in my area?

@ MD Dan: She sounds like a sweet person.

@ Elphaba: Keep up the insight stories.

Have a nice day everybody on here.


Pooping with my crush

Hi, my name is Emiley. I have seen some other Emily's on here but nobody else seems to spell it the way I do, so I'm not going to use my last initial. Anyway, I'm new here. I have brown hair and am a little above average height. This story happens at my new school, which I started a few days ago mid-year. It is a big school and I am still learning my way around, so sometimes a teacher will assign someone to show me to the bathroom or to my next class.

This morning, I had forgotten to set my alarm and hadn't gotten to poop like I usually do in the morning. In addition, I hadn't been able to go yesterday morning. I had had to poop all day but I was trying to hold it in until I got home. Unfortunately, during fifth period I realized I couldn't hold it anymore. I asked to go to the bathroom and the teacher asked if I knew where it was. I said no, and she had my crush, Milo, lead me there. I was worried because I had to poop - what if he heard me from outside the bathroom or realize that I was pooping because I was taking a long time. I decided to go for a quick poop and try to keep it the same length as a pee.

When we got there, the girl's room was closed! I knew I couldn't hold it in during the walk to the next closest bathroom, so I told him I really had to go and was going to use the boy's room. He asked me if I would mind if he went too, because he had to go too. I said okay - what could I say?

We got into the bathroom and I tried to pee without letting go of my poop. Maybe he would leave so I could go quickly. But my body didn't agree with my brain - a large log came out of my butt with a huge splash! I then started spraying out wet poop - not diarrhea, but very wet. Milo asked if I was okay and I said yes. He said he was going to leave so I could have privacy. I was going to say okay, but then I thought - what did I have to lose? I said he could stay if he wanted to, and he told me that he had to poop a little bit, too. He went in the stall next to me and we pooped together. We talked for a while, and then we wiped. I let him watch me wipe. We washed our hands and went back to class.

The next day, he asked me to be his girlfriend.

Truck driver

Diarrhea at has station

I drive a truck for a living and the food is not the healthiest in the world I get the runs a lot. Once my stomach was turning knots and I had to shit bad . I finally find a truck stop to park make my way to the bathrooms and there is 2 stalls and couple urinals . Both damn stalls taken I wait finally one guy comes out I rush in as soon as I am seated the bottom fell out it felt so good . It was a older place they didn't have stall doors just shower curtain type deals . I was in there 10 min when the cleaning woman opened my curtain she said sorry she 2alked off I exploded again and I h3ard her day I come back in 10 min. I finish up and leave she was outside the door how embrassing


My experience at a nudist camp

Victoria B. : Love the story about you taking a dump in the rubber glove. That was a seriously creative way to get out of that potentially sticky situation. May I suggest that you can call your new black toilet "the Victoria Swamp" or something to that effect?

Kamdyn: It was nice of you to help Amber even if you really hated it. You deserve a million points of good karma for putting up with that!

Emily and Molly: Your prune juice story made me laugh like crazy. I sometimes get constipated, and even I think the juice worked a little too well! Sorry about all the diarrhea.

I'm a long-time reader, but a first-time poster. I thought I'd tell a story that happened to me last weekend when my girlfriend (Katie) and I were visiting out nudist camp. We're the youngest ones that go there (we're both 24), but we are good friends with all the other attendees so we don't mind. We've been going regularly for about 4 years. I'm average height with sandy blonde hair and slightly chubby. Katie is a tall volleyball player with dark brown hair, small breasts, and a toned butt. Katie and I are both comfortable with our bodies, and by extension, bodily functions. We're good friends with a couple in their early 40s named Angela and Terry. Angela is 41 with curly red hair, a curvy figure, with full breasts and a slightly flabby rear. Terry is 42 with a slim figure, slightly graying brown hair, and a good amount of body hair all over.

We were sitting around a table by the pool having some beers and catching up when I suddenly began to feel that familiar feeling in my bowels. I cut a loud fart that made Angela and Terry laugh and Katie playfully smack me. "I think I better go to the bathroom," I said as I got up. "I think I'll come along," Angela said. "I need to drop the kids off at the pool." I followed Angela to the bathroom that was right by the pool, as she released a silent but deadly fart that made me slightly gag.

The thing about the bathrooms at this nudist camp is that they're not separated by sex (because what do you need to hide?) and the toilets don't have any stalls separating them, they're just wide open. I had never pooped with another nudist here so I was curious what that would be like. Angela sat on one of the toilets began letting out a hissing piss stream. I sat down and also began my stream.
"I've never taken a crap in front of a naked woman before." "Really? I do it in front of my husband all the time." And with that she started grunting, pushing her first turd out. I heard it land in the water with a plop and she gave a smile and a quiet moan. "I've had to do that all day," she said. "Your turn."

I gave a slight push and a thin, ropy turd began inching its way out. "It's a long one," I said. "I've been there before," she replied. "Take your time, sweetie." After about a minute I heard it plop in the toilet. Looking between my legs I saw a foot-long sandy brown turd lying in the toilet, with half of it reaching out of the water. Angela was already working on her next turd, with a determined look on her face. She was clutching the sides of the seat and biting her bottom lip. Finally with a loud fart and a WHUMP, I heard a splash as her poop reached its final destination. She giggled. "That splashed my butt." Suddenly I heard her let loose a whole pile of wet diarrhea. "That damn queso we get always gives me the runs," she explained as she started pulling toilet paper off the role.

I pushed out one more smaller turd and also got up to start wiping. While I had seen Angela naked dozens of times, it was a bit surreal to see her wipe her butt and inspect how clean the paper was. When she started the paper came back muddy brown but after about three handfuls it came back clean. I looked in her bowl and saw the two dark brown turds she had let out along with the light brown mush she had let loose near the end. Angela also inspected my bowl and held out her hand in a high five. "Nice one, Ben!" she exclaimed. "I'm always impressed with a man who can really shit." After we were both done wiping and flushing we headed back out to meet up with our significant others and spend the rest of the day together drinking, swimming, and playing volleyball - all in our birthday suits.

Hi all, today I have a quick story of two Anna's, I hope you like it.

This morning I went to the mall by myself to do some shopping. I was looking for boots and dresses. I was also drinking coffee from a big cup. After a bit I needed the bathroom quite urgently. It was mostly a poo I needed and I even accidentally farted in one of the stores. Luckily nobody was around. I didn't want to go home so I headed to the next washroom. There were four stalls and the first two were taken already. I went into the last cubicle, locked the door and put down my shopping bags. Then I pulled down my jeans and green string and plopped my bum on the seat. Meanwhile, somebody had entered the last free stall. I was peeing away and could see her drop her slacks and purple panties in the gap under the wall. Then I could hear her butt hit the seat and right away she released a ton of farts followed by a turd crackling out. She also let out a big sigh of relief and I guess she must have really needed a number two urgently! Now I was also pushing out my first log. It was big and made a loud splash in the bowl under my bum. Definitely loud enough so the other woman knew that I was also taking care of a poo.

Anyway, in the next few minutes we both dropped a couple more turds and farted some more into our toilets, though hers' were quite a bit louder. Both of our poos were stinking, too! Finally I felt empty and started to wipe. I cleaned up my front and then in between my cheeks. The other woman was also wiping and she was giving the toilet roll a real workout! When I was done I pulled up my string and jeans, flushed the toilet and left the stall.

I was washing my hands when the other stall opened. Out came my neighbour who looked a little bit embarrased. She was a chubby blonde who was maybe 30 years old or so. She was wearing the uniform and a nametag of the cinnamon bun store in the mall. And her tag said "Anna"! We smiled at each other while we were washing our hands, and like that sometimes happens, it was funny knowing that we just had taken really big dumps sitting on the toilet right next to each other, haha. Anway, we both left and I went on to do some more shopping feeling much better


Sunday Craps in the Park

With the weather getting warmer, me and my friends are spending more time at our city's largest park. We walk over there from our homes, do our homework together, hang out, etc. Sometimes we even bring our dogs and they enjoy playing together. Yesterday my friend Raelyn, who hates crapping at school so she holds it and will often have huge difficult craps on the weekend, were enjoying our coffee and letting our dogs play, when Kennard came over. He's in band and art class with us. Like Raelyn,he avoids crapping at school and has huge weekend craps. Sometimes he will even walk out of his way home from school and then use the toilets in the park. So Kennard was walking fast, but he stopped to take a swig of my coffee and then he ran uphill to the bathroom building. About a couple of minutes later, Raelyn got a text from him to come up to the toilet immediately. So we did. When we got there he shouted for us to come in. Here he was, boxers and jeans at the floor, legs wide open seated on the toilet, and he had forgotten to check for the toilet paper. Raelyn went next door to the ladies room to get him some. He got up and volunteered to show me what he had done. It was huge with about half of it too big for the water and almost going to the top of the toilet bowl. It was fully formed and about as wide as my arm. Raelyn came in with a mitt of toilet paper in each of her hands. As she teased him about making him beg for it, it was obvious he was getting wood. I told him before he started wiping that he should flush his crap immediately because with paper on top of it, the toilet would definitely clog. So Raelyn leaned over and pushed the flusher. It worked and by the time the bowl filled, Kennard had filled it with the toilet paper. Raelyn reached down and flushed it again. I had just finished my coffee and told them I would take the toilet next. Kennard said I should thank him for the warm seat, but I just plopped myself on it and he was amazed that I was pissing almost immediately. From my seat I told him he needed to work harder at crapping regularly at school because I didn't think holding it was doing his bowels any good. In the meantime, Raelyn had gone next door for what we knew would be a lengthy sit for her to do her weekly crap. Me and Kennard went back outside. Raelyn joined us about a half hour later. As usual, her crap had not come easily. I wish I could convince her and Kennard that there's nothing wrong with answering the need to crap at school.

Hi guys! It's me Poppy-Olivia and I'm back with one of my road trip stories. So, we were driving in the car and decided to stop and get some breakfast at McDonald's. Bear in mind that the food here is obviously not 5 star and was a risk for me to eat, but I was willing to take a chance because I was really hungry. So we ordered our food at the counter and I decided to go to the bathroom to just try and I took Lillie with me to. The bathroom only had two stalls a large handicap one in a normal size one and we went to the handicap one.I set them first, had a wee, wiped and then got up to give Lillie a turn. She try to go but she said that she didn't have to so I told her she could try again after breakfast. Anywhere we go back out eat her food and start driving again. About 30 minutes later I can feel it in the bottom have a poo soon. Of course we just so happen to be driving on a highway with no stops for another 70 or so miles so I was going to have a long wait. I decided to try to get some sleep to try to keep my mind off the matter because I was exhausted and I ended up falling asleep. Probably 20 minutes later I woke up with an excruciating need to go. I let my family know that I have to go ASAP and they said that they would pull over and let me go on the side of the road. As we started to go off the road so we could get to a place where I can safely go all of a sudden my body just let go and poo exploded everywhere. I knew that it was too late and I was just going to tough it out and clean up when we got on the side of the road. Obviously I was embarrassed but my parents are obviously aware of my problem so it wasn't quite as bad. So we pulled over I got a fresh pair pants and underwear from my suitcase and I tried to clean myself of the best that I could. I ended up leaving the soiled underwear and sweatpants on the side of the road and got back into the car. I have stained the seat of the car so we clean we could and we go back on the road. I couldn't help but laugh though when my little sister called me Poopy-Olivia and just started to explode in a fit of giggles. I have more stories to come so stay tuned.

Monday, March 13, 2017

Kung Poo
Selena was at my house party last Saturday when she needed to use the toilet. She's a 25 year- old petite Asian, very soft spoken, but eats heartily. She's also dating my close friend. On this day, she wore a short dress that reaches her mid thigh.

Not knowing I was in my home office replying some emails, she walked into the open toilet in my room. She drew the privacy curtains but not all the way. This left a gap that gives me a view only I can see from my office. She then lifted her black dress revealing white panties, lowered her panties and sat on the toilet.

She has long, slender legs which stuck out past the toilet seat. She rested her elbows on her knees and leaned forward, looking straight on. Her heels lifted slightly, she started to pee. Then, as the stream abated, she shifted slightly to get comfortable, then she leaned a little more forward and her face suddenly scrunched up, turning red. It was as if she was in a breath holding contest as she sustained the push for almost a minute.

Suddenly, she moved a knees slightly as she breathed out, her face in pain. She grabbed onto her knees and looked down between her legs. Her shoulders dropped as she relaxed. The turd must have crowned and she's allowing the turd to slide out slowly. It must be a big one as she was still grimacing.

"Tong!" went the turd. "Haiiiiiii," went Selena.

She opened her legs to check on her turd, then she turned, unrolled some toilet paper, leaned to the side and wipe, gingerly. She only wiped three times, got dressed, and flushed. The turd went down after 3 flushes.

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