Why were they so mean to her?

In grade school I had a friend from my neighborhood. Her name was Felicia. She was a year older than me, but although she was 8 she was very awkward. She made a lot of mistakes when using the bathroom away from home. I think the lack of privacy (no doors on some stalls)and the really crowded conditions caused her to be even more self-conscious. There were several things that caused Felicia to have trouble at school. She'd sit on the toilet, her feet were not quite on the floor and she would move her legs around so much as she sat that some of the mean girls called her bird legs. Her shorts and undies would sometimes get tangled up because she dropped them all the way to floor level. Some of the others stared her down while she used the toilet and they waited. If she was pooing, she would drop a piece, stand, turn around facing the toilet, look at the poo, then re-seat herself and begin the process again.

One morning at school I had to wee at about 9 a.m. I went down to the end of the hall to the bathroom. All 10 toilets were taken. Two of the girls waiting were hassling Felicia. Since there was no door on that stall, they were watching her crap. When she was done she started to cry when she saw all the paper on the toilet roll was gone. They were daring her to get off the toilet and to walk out and grab from the large amount of brown hand towel paper one girl had pulled off from one of the paper holders at the sinks. I waited down at the corner of the room for the end stall to open. When it did, I rolled off some toilet paper around my hand and took it over to Felicia. Then the girls, who were later joined by some 4th and 5th grade friends, started to stare me down. They also said some mean things about my undies and how I had stained them, and stuff like that. At that point a lady who I think was a student teacher cleared them out. This lady took a toilet between me and Felicia and turned on the most noisy pee I had ever heard. As she sat, she asked Felicia to come over and talk to her as she peed. She got Felicia calmed down. At that point, Felicia's teacher came in looking for her, but got on her cause about "lingering" in the bathroom. That's not what Felicia needed to hear. I asked my mom about that word when I got home and was telling her about how Felicia was being hassled by the girls.

Both me and my mom talked about it some but I still don't understand what makes girls to be so mean to others.

MD Dan

To After School Molly

Hi Molly! Just wanted to comment regarding your posts about the girl in your class who tends to take frequent and extended trips to the bathroom.

Firstly, I understand, very much so, the plight of teachers and having to try to be understanding of students "needs" on one hand (which are typically just "wants," in reality, but try telling them or their parents that), yet being firm about policy and making sure they are learning what they need to learn on the other. That's all I will say about that, but you must believe me when I tell you I am familiar with this.

This being a day and age where parents seems to fly off the handle any time a teacher has any type of correction for the behavior of their student, one must be very careful about how one approaches the correction of behavior. Doubly so when it's a teenager or pre-teen who IS going through a very emotional and self-conscious time in their life. Absolutely everything is life or death. Absolutely everything will either be the best thing that's happened to them, or ruin their life. This is definitely difficult to deal with when it comes to correcting behavior for some students. I don't know if you mentioned what grade(s) you teach, but I'm assuming your students fit my description.

What I would do would be to try to set aside a few minutes to speak to the girl when you absolutely know that no one else will be around or stumble into the middle of your conversation. I would gently explain to her that while it is perfectly okay to need to use the restroom for that length of time sometimes, she should be considering what she is missing by doing so at that time of day. It is very possible to adjust one's bowel habits to fit an appropriate schedule. This is something that adults just simply need to do. Remind her that teachers don't get to get up and use the restroom whenever they want. How crazy would that be if your teachers just left the room for 10 minutes at a time to relieve themselves whenever they might feel a need to do so? If she doesn't attempt to adjust her habits, it will simply be showing a lack of respect for you and your class because she clearly doesn't feel it's that important if she misses so much of it.

Obviously, I would find out FIRST if she does, indeed, have some medical condition that absolutely requires her to take frequent and extended trips to the restroom, such as IBS or Crohn's or another similar condition. If this is the case, it is important that you know of her needs, AND you need to be very supportive of her. She undoubtedly will be extremely self-conscious about it and probably will already be teased about it by some of her peers. I would also find a way to defend her in the class if other students make comments. But this should be carefully done in such a way as to avoid 1) letting other students know that she has a condition (this is of the UTMOST importance), and 2) making it about her specifically. I'm not sure what I would say, it would really depend on the specific student(s) making the inappropriate comments.

Hope this helps some!

Sunday, March 05, 2017


Ate Beng

I had an experience yesterday that I think a few people here might enjoy. I went a party thrown by my neighbors. They are a Filipino couple in their late 20s. It was pretty wild. Lots of booze and a ton of food. Everyone really let their hair down and had a good time. There was one lady there that really caught my eye. She was in her late 40d with long long silly black hair and a remarkable figure. She was wearing ripped blue jeans, a white shirt and black spiked heels. This lady really was the life of the party. Laughing joking and dancing. It was tough not to notice her. Everyone kept calling her Ate Beng. I asked the host and he told me she was his sister in law. Apparently Ate Beng means "big sis" in Filipino. After about 2 hours I saw her make her way upstairs. When she had been gone for about 5 minutes I got interested and asked my host if I could use the bathroom. He said sure and pointed me upstairs. I walked upstairs and the bathroom door was shut. I stood by the door for a few minutes but couldn't hear anything. By this time she had been in there a full 10 minutes. Eventually I heard the toilet paper roll being pulled. She pulled it a total of 6 times. I heard her close the lid and flush. The toilet seemed to be having a hard time. It kind of gurgled. I heard the lid open again, close again and another flush. I heard the sounds of her heels as she walked to the sink. I stepped back from the door and could hear the sink running as she washed her hands. More heels clicking and then the door opened. She saw me standing there, gave me a huge smile squeezed my arm and said "sorry honey". As she walked down the hall I couldn't help but eatch her leave. This woman was really well put together with a behind to die for. As soon as I got in there I was treated to a stink that you just wouldn't believe. It was like rotten eggs. There was air freshener on the back of the toilet but apparently Ate Beng couldn't be bothered with it. I opened up the lid. 2 flushes was not enough. The toilet was destroyed. The water was brown, tp was floating and I saw 2 large semi solid stools that were incredibly thick floating in the mess. The longer the lid was open the more the bathroom seemed to stink. There were also smaller pieces floating along with the remnants of some corn. I looked for a while, peed on her mess then flushed again. Everything went down this time but there were some major, long, dark brown skid marks still left. This was a total of 3 flushes and the toilet was still a mess! I decided that I needed to leave at this point. As I thanked the host I could see Ate Beng dancing and laughing. What a woman! 3 things particularly impressed me. Her stink. The fact that she didn't fully flush. Her total lack of embarrassment. There should be 100 more like her.

To Dominic

Wow your bro almost had a huge disaster there, probably a good thing a little came out when it did, because had he got in the car and it hit in the car it would have been all of it lol.

I would love to hear more stories though if you got them. You mentioned you get skids on your briefs, is that because it pokes out into your briefs before you can make it? I have the same issue myself which is why I stopped wearing tighty whities lol.

Hello, I'm new here. I'm 15 years old. I found out about this website because of an experience I had a few months ago. I guess I'll start at the beginning. I've never had much of a problem with being regular, I pooped about every day or every other day. But then a few months ago, I started having frequent stomach aches and I noticed it was more difficult than usual to poop and my butt sometimes hurt after. I tried to ignore it but eventually I had to overcome my embarrassment and tell my parents. They took me to the doctor, and she asked me a bunch of questions about my pooping habits and even had me give her a stool sample.

She suggested two things. One, I needed to be monitoring my water intake, and two she suggested I get a "squatty potty" which is like a raised stool you put your feet on while pooping. The idea is that it puts your body in more of a squatting position which is more naturally aligned with how we're meant to poop. I guess pooping sitting down on the toilet makes us strain more or something. Anyway, after about a week of making sure to drink plenty of water and using the step stool, I started to notice a difference. I wasn't having stomach aches anymore and I was pooping easier.

Not only that, I started pooping every single morning, and I think I'm able to get more poop out too. I poop about the same amount every day now as I was before when I'd miss a day. I love my morning routine of pooping now. I set aside about 20 minutes of my day to sit on the toilet, in the squatting position aided by the step stool, and I read a book and I just let nature take its course. I usually poop out two or three medium-length firm logs. And unlike before when I'd feel like I still had a bit more poop left in me even once I was done, now I always feel emptied out after I finish pooping. I love the feeling of starting off my day with a great poop.

Anyway, that's all I have for now. Sorry if it was kind of boring.


Reply to J, contoured seats

The toilet I share with five other girls has a contoured seat and I love it! I really want one for home. I find it so comfortable to use and I feel like it holds me rather than me sitting on it. I wouldn't say it makes me go any easier like Victoria mentioned, but that's just me.

After School Molly

Advice from Teachers or Anyone

Hi! I'm back! It's fun to see our post online! When I read what I wrote, I wonder, should I have shared that much information!

Never mind! Just thinking out loud.

Emily and I are teachers and we have been doing this for a little while now. We decided when Emily first started teaching to make bathroom passes for our students that they could take without asking. They are thick, wooden plaque's with our last names on them. Miss ?????'s Class Boys' Bathroom Pass or Miss ?????'s Girls' Bathroom passes. Emily's are blue and pink, because I made hers first when she began teaching. I made mine red and purple, just so that they would not be confused. If the students need to use the restroom, they sign out the pass with their name, the time that they leave and the time that they return. They get to go three times per grading period, or 15 minutes, no questions asked, provided that they are responsible for whatever they miss while gone. After 3 restroom breaks during a nine-week period, they can go, but it counts as a tardy. In our school, three tardies count as one absence. Six tardies in a given 9-weeks time will land the student in detention.

I have not had a problem with that until this semester. I do have a few students that I know are taking advantage of my generosity - mostly guys. However, I have this one girl in my last class of the day who has signed out 11 times already this 9-week period and is gone anywhere from seven to ten minutes each times she goes. She is an attractive, pretty girl - petite and slim, but fit. She is not very popular and I am not sure why because she is such a sweet girl. But, I asked her today to stay after class and told her that she cannot continue to go to the bathroom this much in class. She already had detention once, on the 9th time. I asked her if she was sick, if something was wrong. She said no. She said that each time she needed to use the bathroom and it just took her that long.

I do not want a student to have an accident, nor restrict them from going to the bathroom. Also, she is a great student. She was a little embarrassed that I asked. I do not want to turn her in for detention, again, but I am afraid that I may need to do so. I talked to her mother, and she did not seem concerned. She said that I should just allow her to go. I told her mother that she needed to have a doctor write her a note as to why she needed the bathroom (presumably to have a number two) so often at this time of day.

What should I do? Some parents make me angry, and this student's mother did. But I cannot allow her to miss class. One guy even joked while she was gone that the girl was pooping. Another said she fell in. Another thinks she's smoking (of course she's not.)

What should I do? This girl is an otherwise near-perfect student. She is a joy to have in class. I really feel bad for her!

Thank you in advance for your help!

Molly xoxo

To Molly and Emily:

I and my friends also like your stories! We feel empathy because like you two, we normally share our toilet time. So we feel no shame about toilet when we are with each other and nobody else. You can find many stories about us this site. I know everything about wee and motions of my three best friends and they know everything about my ones.

Yesterday morning I was at washbasin in beige flat and Kazuko was on loo. In mirror, I saw she was having a trouble little bit, so I went to loo and kneel down next her. "Are you OK Kazu?"

Kazu said, " I am a pain, motion don't come out and I feel sick little bit."

I start to massage her lower back. I thought to call Hisae, she is expert of massage, but she is busy maybe, and Kazuko say, leave her alone.

Suddenly Kazuko make groan noise. I look behind her, and slowly, slowly, huge motion is come out. "Aaah,aaah " she say. I rub back.

Motion drop into loo with huge PLOP. Kazuko make relief noise.

I stay by her. I can see in her face, she need to stay on loo.

Suddenly she say "aaah" again and her bottom dome out. then puree start to come out. About three seconds quite slow speed, but then suddenly, it come out very very very fast! and long time! ten seconds maybe. Of course loo is full of Kazuko puree. So I flush. I look Kazu, her face say, more coming. I stay with her.

Five minutes she don't move, then suddenly her beautiful bottom open again and more puree, it is liquid this time. bururururururu noise in loo water. Big smell but I don't care, I love Kazu's smell.

She do little pieces and finish. She use washlet, then I wipe her bottom with my love. She pull up panties and slacks and wash hands and run to me and hug and start cry. So I cry too. Then we go back to washbasin and wash face and make up. I have to start make up again. Kazu say, "Sorry Mina!" and I say, not sorry, Kazu I LOVE you.

In evening we tell Maho and Hisae. They slept in green flat Tuesday night. They are happy Kazu feel good now. This morning Kazu did huge soft motion again, but I didn't there because she was with Hisae and I was with Maho in green flat. Tonight I am in green flat with Hisae for sleeping, but we are all in green flat now, because beige flat is mostly for sleeping. Maho say, today Kazuko did huge motion with smile, and Maho did too, I was at washbasin and see her in mirror, and she sit on loo very long time, but we are early bird so OK, we don't late for work. I also did while Maho make up and I also long time and big smell but Maho only smile and dry my bottom with smile on face and give to me kiss.

I wonder long time before, how Maho and Kazuko and Hisae feel, I tell story of their motion on this site?? But they all say, it's OK! Please tell because many people happy when they read, if they are happy we are happy! So now I don't scared. Maho always say, she hope everyone happy to read her story write by me. Maho is so lovely girl. I love Maho!!! and Hisae and Kazuko too. They are all so so so lovely.

Sorry Emily and Molly, my English is crazy very much. I and Maho are Japanese Korean, Hisae and Kazuko Japanese, we live Japan. And Only I speak English because I did homestay in Wales when I am teen.

Tomorrow night we have party, because I am 26 now, it was Monday but Monday is not good for party. Saturday morning, we do motion all together, it is tradition after party. I tell you story next week, but I hope it is not same story with every time. If you bored this story, please tell me and I don't write no more.

Love to everyone

Your very own Mina


Christmas poo


I wanted to write about some events which happened to me just after last Christmas. You maybe remember the last story I told here, just before I left my university's city to go back to my parent's.

So anyway, I usually go number two every morning after having breakfast, especially when I had coffee and I am not stressed. Stress really makes me forget about my body's needs, this goes for drinking, eating, but also logically going to the bathroom. I just become a very efficient worker / student / friend, concentrating on the task which is expected from me but not on what really matters.

So just before Christmas, I had quite a few partial exams and projects, and I planned to leave my flat to pay a visit to my parents, so needless to say, I was super stressed out. I can't really give you a detailed overview of my eating, drinking or whatever routine. What's for sure is that I wasn't living super healthily, if you see what I mean. Anyway, I came home the day of Christmas because the flight were cheaper and I felt super happy and relaxed back at my family's.

My mom (and my grandma) treated us with a lot of awesome dishes and treats, as they always do. I overate at Christmas, and enjoyed the leftovers like no one else, I needed it after the instant noodles, one o'clock in the morning pizzas and junk food my roommate Lena generously shared with me. However, because of the agitation of all this people being home, I never felt the need for the good crap I actually needed. Don't understand me wrong, it is not that I never pooped, it is just I never had a big, relieving and emptying bowel movement that left me satisfied. This is something I did not realize at this moment because I was very exited about being home.

Two days after Christmas, I decided to go for a nice run, as I hadn't been working out for quite a long time. Exams, ever heard about them? I felt quite gross because of having eaten too much and not worked out for a long time. So after waking up early, I put on some warm sport clothes and tied my jogging shoes. There is a nice trail I knew which was covered in snow and I was happy to run there again as I used to love it. I had my long, yellow morning pee and some tea to stay hydrated.

Running was exhausting, as I had neglected working out for too long. But all the frost-covered trees gave me some courage and I went on bravely. After about twenty minutes, which is a third of my loop, my lungs were not the only complaining parts of my body anymore: my bowels also spoke up. In the following five minutes, I went through the last few meals and toilet trips I had: there definitely were more of the first than of the later ones. I surely farted twice during this time. As soon as I start feeling like having a crap, I start producing an embarrassing amount of gas. I usually don't fart that much, so I don't understand this effect, even tough someone here (kmd?) tried to explain it to me once. I went through my options, which were reduced to the number of three: just forgetting about it on run home and go to the toilet right before hitting the shower, having a crap right there and keep jogging, or stop the work out to go home immediately. This last option was ruled out quickly, as it doesn't make much sense to go home when one is almost at the furthest place from home. And as I don't especially like pooping outdoors, especially mid-winter, I went for ignoring my urge.

However, five rich farts and two belly cramps later, I had to reconsider this decision: there was no way I was able to hold in this beast much longer. And turning back seemed an even worse option by then. So the only thing left for me to do was to go there, in the woods.

This sucked because just the fewest bushes have covering leaves on in the winter, evergreens are rare in the region I am from. Plus I didn't have that many tissues with me, that was totally unexpected. So I left the path and walked away from it for maybe three minutes, to make sure I'm not spotted at the first glance in the unlikely case someone else has an early morning stroll. I found a fallen tree which could cover me from one side at least, so I decided to go there, as there is not much more I could hope for.

Without further ceremony, I lowered my jogging pants and my underwear, then squatted down. The cold air on my butt was everything but enjoyable. As soon as I was in my low, rather comfortable position, my anus trumpeted its relief again, then opened to let a nasty nugget out, followed by another very soft one. That was pretty weird, as I expected either some dry rabbit balls, or a fat log, given the intense urge. But I definitely wasn't done yet.
My hole was stretched again, and a large log made its way out. I prefer a low squat with my butt close to the ground, but then you have to raise it a little if it's a large movement you're having. So I did, and the log accelerated and crackled more and more, before bending a falling to the ground. As my hole slowly closed, I started peeing, but it lasted for only a couple of seconds. I pushed to make sure I was done, which caused me to fart again, an airy and stinky fart. Then, a medium, slim and very pale log was expelled from my bottom. I felt super-empty by then, so I grabbed my tissues and wiped several times using just two of them. This is another advantage of squatting low I have found out: it spreads you butt checks, so the wiping job is made much easier and more hygienic. I then pulled up my panties and pants in order not to freeze to the bones.

Before leaving, I looked back at my waste: that was weird poo! The two first nuggets had a pale brown, almost yellowish color, with the first ones being very small and the last one I passed about ten centimeters long, but very thin. But the most strange part was the "main"log that was clogging me up: it started marbled! The turd was rather smooth, and especially its start was made of dark and light brown poop mixed together. I had never seen such a thing before, have you? It was also quite big, I'd say at least 25 cm long. No wonder I had to go like crazy.

I went back to the trail and jogged home. It was pretty uneventful, I just farted once or twice in the aftermath. I went to have a warm shower immediately, and as I was already naked, I was hit by a belly cramp again. In doubt, I sat on the toilet and gave a push. A loud fart echoed. Then, I realized my bottom was not as empty as I had thought, so I gave yet another push, and a cascade of mushy poop loudly fell into the toilet bowl. Needless to say it reeked! Again, I pushed, but nothing happened. So I wiped three times. The paper was still not very clean the third time (I usually look at the last wad to make sure it comes back clean), but I did not care as much as I normally would, because I was about to hop into the shower.

So I showered and then had breakfast. It was an absolutely great day after all.

As usual, a big thank you to all the people who share their experiences here, especially Abbie and Anna, who have been here for so long.

Love & take care,

I normally have a poo every day but I hadn't felt the need to go on Wednesday and I had tired to go in the gender-neutral toilet at my uni's library yesterday but couldn't manage anything but several loud farts. Today as I had no lectures I had the day studying in my room. At midday I did myself a coffee and drank it while reading a chapter on nursing communication. Halfway through I felt a stirring in my bowels. As I like this feeling and didn't feel it needed an immediate release I carried on reading until the end. Afterwards I left my room and walked across the hallway to the bathroom. Locking the door I undid my skinny jeans and pulling my black underwear sat down on the white seat. After two loud and wet farts nothing seemed to be happening and I thought 'oh great I getting constipated'. But I continued to push and very slowly a log started to emerge and after what seemed like an eternity it splashed down into the water which surprised me as I thought it would have been longer and therefor not made a nice (which normally happens when I don;t go for a day, so having not been for two I kind of expected this to be even more true). But I couldn't produce anymore which didn't put me off, to the contrary I was relieved and knew I would probably need to go again before the day was out. I wasn't wrong. Later on at six o'clock I'm sitting on my bed looking at my phone and feel the need to pee. So again I walk to the bathroom and sit down. After hearing my pee hit the water I see if I could push some more poo out. I started of with three balls of crap each hitting the water with a resounding splash. Then two medium sized turds exited my bum, the second hitting the back of the pan and leaving a mark which immediately began to smell quite strong. After another couple of minutes of pushing I thought I was finished so stood up to wipe my bum. But after getting some toilet paper I knew I wasn't done so sat back down and some loose poo quickly came out. I then stood up again and whipped my ass twice, each time dropping the paper into the bowl. After getting my jeans back zipped up I flushed the toilet and after making sure the mark had gone from the pan left the bathroom.

After School Emily and Molly- I love your stories, I think it's so cool that you've got the same schedule.


That walk

By the time my communication law was over, I knew I had a serious load coming on. I hadn't gone last night or that morning, so I was overdue by almost half a day. Still, I had made the long haul through many days in highschool and still a few more at Florida State, so I decided to head to my advertising class and postpone and pooping pitstop because I had so little time. What I had never done before however, was walk nearly a mile while holding in a monster. Oh and by the way, that day I was wearing a white pair of yoga pants with those Calvin Klein undies. Regardless, my booty was on fleek that day for better or worse. As I started my walk I could feel how hard and heavy this turd was, it felt like there was a stone shoved up my butt. This brings me to the second element that conspired against me that day. The walk from Diffenbaugh to the stadium is a mostly downhill one and so with every step forward my poop hammered on my poor asshole. I had to walk somewhat slow and softly to stop this big poop from being driven into my panties. All along sorority row all I could think about was how big this thing was. I did not care what time I got to class, all I could think about was the sweet relief I would find in the Stadium Center bathrooms. I would've stopped about anywhere to poop at this point but all the buildings were dorms or sorority homes. When I had to cross the street to the parking lot I had to keep moving around because if I just stood I couldn't hold it. I was trying so hard to keep my cheeks together while I crossed the huge parking lot that surrounds the stadium. My class was in a building on the back side, but I was heading straight to the building facing me. On the other side of the parking lot however, is a street that seperates the parking lot and stadium. When I got to it I started to do my dance again, but the traffic was so much heavier! It was right next to an intersection leading on to campus, and there was just and endless line of students streaming by. While I was watching both ways to see if there was a gap in traffic for me to cross through, my dancing stopped working. I just couldn't hold it anymore. I stood, squated slightly and pooped my panties. I just automatically pushed and out came a thick firm poop that made it look like I had a log in my pants. I had to go more, but I couldn't push the whole thing out because my tights were too tight! I suppose it stopped it from getting worse but I had already done a poop almost a foot long before it stopped. I turned right around where I stood and started walking back to my dorm. I didn't care about cleaning up I just wanted to be seen as little as possible. I dropped down my backpack down as low as it went to try and hide my mess, but it was probably still super obvious to anyone behind me. Luckily my dorms were relatively close to the stadium, but it was still a walk considering my situation. After sneaking back to my dorm I dropped my bag and went straight for the bathroom. By that time the long turd had gotten a little squished from my walking but it still rolled right out of my panties when I dumped them. They were pretty clean too except for a big poop-print when my log had pressed into my underwear. After a shower both me and them were cleaned up and I threw them in the wash while I climbed into bed to replay the trauma in my head for the rest of the day.


How to poop without pushing at all?

Can anyone tell me if it's possible to poop without pushing? I hear of so many people on here just sitting on the pot and the poop just inches it's way out without the person even pushing at all. I feel like every time I try and poop I have to push and if I push halfway and stop it literally just gets sucked back into my bum. How do I do it? Also how do I produce more poop? Whenever I poop I feel like it's so small!!!

Victoria B.

To After School Emily and Molly

I feel like I should describe myself so you have a better idea of whom you're dealing with! I'm 5'9", 165 lbs, active, and as nerdy as they come! I have messy, curly brown hair and pale blue eyes under plastic-rimmed glasses. You could say I look the part! I'm pretty fair-skinned and my chest is nothing to write home about (a c-cup on a good day), but I am very well-endowed when it comes to my bum!

I must say that I loved your story! Your voices complement each other well and there was never a sense of distraction or losing focus. You two got in your bathroom and bombed that bowl with authority! As for what happened afterwards, that's what plungers and rubber gloves are for!

Look forward to hearing from you two again!
Love, Victoria

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: After School Emily and Molly great story it sounds like had a pretty good poop.

To: Karen C great story I bet the cows liked the show they got lol.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site


What difference does it make?

My friend Betsie and I went to a big concert at our civic arena. We both went in and peed right after school and we drove right over to the arena because the lines were long. Of course we drank a lot of soda on the way down there and in line. Betsie was hurting worse than me while the line was moving slow. So about two hours later we finally went through security (she got wanded twice because of her belt which they made her take off)and she was starting to shake out of fear that she was going to pee her pants. So we got into this huge bathroom. There was a large line of toilets on each side of the room. Right on the side of us a door opens and a lady comes out, and I immediately pushed Betsie into the doorway and told her I would go farther down or wait until the next one. What was so surprising was that she refused and walked farther down the row where she found another toilet was open. I couldn't believe it! So I closed the door, tore my jeans down and threw myself onto the toilet. A couple seconds longer and I would have water-logged my undies. Although I'm a smaller person, I think I was seated for over 3 minutes as I peed in torrents. When I was at a sink, Betsie came out of a toilet on the other side of the room. I asked her if she made it without an accident. She said barely. Then I asked her why she hadn't taken that first toilet. She said she doesn't like using a toilet right after someone else has used it. I couldn't believe it. I said whaaattt? She seemed embarrassed and didn't give me a straight answer.


To Anna from Canada

I love your sentence "I bomb loo"!! I tell friends, they all are laugh. We imagine bomber plane, in war movie they drop about 50 bombs it look like 50 motions. Hisae say to Kazuko, "war plane is look like your bottom!" Kazuko hit Hisae on shoulder and then pinch on bottom. Hisae shout, so then they have pillow fight, and then Hisae sit on loo and become bomber plane and Kazuko dry her bottom and kiss her. (Now Kazuko can kiss all three friends, and Maho and Hisae is same!!)

I love your stories Anna. Please write many many more lovely stories about very important part of your daily life (important part of my life too).

Love from Mina and H K M.


Lifting feet

I usually raise my feet when sitting on the toilet and pushing out a firm turd. My turds are slipping out more easy then, it simulates a squat...does other people do the same?


Question for Victoria B

Is your whole toilet black or just the seat? I've only seen white bowls.


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Pull ups for Relief

I wear pull ups for dribbling urine and reduced bladder control and also for some fecal incontinence.
I think many readers should consider wearing them at times for example if you have an urgency close to home then just relax and will soon be long as there is nobody at home for privacy.
The next scenario is constipation where some of you sit on the toilet for prolonged periods and that is not good for you. With pull ups just go about your day (at home of course) and keep pushing when the urge hits and try to evacuate that way...much more healthy than sitting on the throne frustrated!
Hope the above helps.

For those asking, the subject of extreme length posts is in the FAQ along wih a link to a page from a few years back that illustrates what posts of this size do.
For those asking, the subject of extreme length posts is in the FAQ along wih a link to a page from a few years back that illustrates what posts of this size do.
For those asking, the subject of extreme length posts is in the FAQ along wih a link to a page from a few years back that illustrates what posts of this size do.
For those asking, the subject of extreme length posts is in the FAQ along wih a link to a page from a few years back that illustrates what posts of this size do.

After School Emily & Molly


Hi! This is Molly posting on behalf of both of us. We have a fun story to tell that we hope that you will like. It happened to us Sunday. I'm going to type. Emily said that she will interject here and there!

First, we cannot thank you all for the replies! Emily appreciates the advice on the "vacation constipation" question. Next, we wanted to say hello to all who wrote to us :)

Dear Victoria, We read several of your posts! We're flattered by the shout out! Please do not worry about clogging toilets. Besides the fact that it can be a nuisance, it is nothing to worry about! You sound very healthy. Thank you for the welcome :)

Dear Anna, this is Emily typing now. Thank you for your encouraging words. I do not know why I fudged on my weight, but thank you for your kind words. We are both very athletic, active and conscientious about our appearance. Being a nerd is fun...wouldn't live life any other way. Molly wants to write you, but to answer your question, we have not had any difficulty with our schedule. Our apartment is two bed, one bath, so we do have to wait to use the toilet if the other is going. We never had accidents as a result.

Anna, this is Molly. I agree! No accidents :) I may not have shared, I am 5'8 and 170. My bum is round too :) For some reason Emily's worst number two is on par with my average. Going after her is not a problem. For some reason, I stink it up a bit more than she does. Funny, we eat pretty much the same meals and have the same routines, but her number twos are firm. Mine can be softer, but we both have excellent bowel habits. I'm not complaining!

Anna, Emily here. Sometimes my nose burns. Haha!

Molly again, it's my turn to share now. You took the biggest dump I've seen in a long time, Emily. Not that I have seen many number twos from other people, but that was...well, almost frightening.

EMILY: Yours would have been frightening, if it did not land next to mine. Everybody, she'll explain.

MOLLY: To set this up, basically everything that Emily wrote about her bowel habits is true for me too. We both go once a day, usually in the afternoon during the week. Saturdays can be hit or miss, depending on what we are doing. Sundays are a bit different. Normally, we both have our largest bowel movement of the week on Sunday. We eat pretty healthy during the week, but splurge on the weekend. We make a big breakfast on Saturday and Sunday, whereas we eat cereal and whatever can be quick during the week. More than that, we eat Sunday dinner with our parents and our maternal grandparents after church each Sunday. We live 45 minutes away, on the other side of town from the suburb where we were raised. Our church service where we go begins at 10 AM and there's begins at 11 AM, so we usually meet them for lunch. Our grandmother cooks a big meal for us some Sundays. Other Sundays we eat out.

EMILY: Let me add that we eat an ungodly amount on the Lord's Day. We exercise regularly so that we do not feel guilty.

MOLLY: Yes, I agree with Em! We eat an extraordinary amount of food on Sunday, except I think we eat more at our grandparents than when we eat out. Our grandmother is only 73, in great physical health and LOVES to cook! She is also the genetic source of our big asses!

(Emily just hit me!)

We put away our food like always - Roast Beef and gravy, squash casserole, fried okra, mashed potatoes, green beans, black-eyed peas. We are from the Southeastern United States. You would never have figured that out, would you? It was delicious. We both ate two full plates and then enjoyed a hot apple pie for dessert!

We were stuffed. We stayed until about 3 PM, when we made our way across town. We always pee before we go. I have only done a number two at their house three, maybe four, times. Not many. But I knew one was on the way.

EMILY: Yes, I will usually go as soon as I get back to our apartment. Normally, the urge does not hit until we get in the apartment. Our grandparents live in a Garden Home, which is perfect for their age. The way that the house is designed, the whole house will smell if we went in the guest bathroom. I would be mortified.

MOLLY: Emily drove home. About halfway, I notice her fidgeting behind the steering wheel, biting her lip and looking worried. This is how the conversation went:

So, I say, "Em, are you feeling OK?" And Em replies, "I really need to use the bathroom."

"Number two?"



"No. Just normal. Except, the urge has never been this strong."

"Did you go yesterday?"


"Oh, so it's a big one, then?"

"Yes. I am having a hard time holding it. It feels very solid. The pressure is intense. I'm having to concentrate to hold it. Yet, at the same time, I want to push so bad. I don't think I can make it."

I began to laugh a little. "Well, this is interesting. My big sis is about do a number two in her Sunday outfit." I smiled at her.

She smiled back, "Molly, this is not funny. It feels huge. It would ruin my new suit, not to mention the smell and the mess it might make in the car. I really might defecate in my panties."

Because I could see that she was beginning to perspire and so worried, I decided not to tease her. At this point we were still 15 minutes from our apartment. "Em, do you need to stop somewhere?"

"You know we are not in a safe area of town. It's best that we just try to make it to the apartment." Then, Emily asked if it was okay for her to have the toilet first. I said, "Sure, but I need to pass gas. Is that okay with you?"

She glanced at me and I let it rip. I really had to fart. It was a long, loud one. But it smelled. It wasn't the eggish smell, but the smell of one that signaled a number two was on its way.

"Molly!" She scolded me.

EMILY: For the record, it smelled bad. Molly does not have a sense of shame. It's funny, because she will get married before me. But she is not as polite.

MOLLY: No, I'm not. But we kept driving. We got to our exit and came to a traffic light, where a guy looked over at us and smiled. He was cute. Em, looked and slightly smiled.

EMILY: If he only knew that our car smelled like a horrible fart and that I was about to have a bowel movement in my suit, then he would know to go on.

MOLLY: We drove and parked inside the parking garage. We live in an apartment in a revitalized portion of the city where we live. We both got a hold of our keys, which have mace - just in case. Emily stopped at the elevator and began to look really worried. She looked like she was about to cry.

"Are you going to make it, Em?"

"It's not funny, Molly. Standing has just made it worse. I really want to let go. I have never felt like this."

EMILY: To explain, my stomach was not cramping. It felt very heavy. It felt like there was a lot of pressure in my abdomen, on down to my rectum. I could feel the "turtlehead" of the feces, and it was very firm.

MOLLY: We arrived at our floor - the fourth floor - and stepped off the elevator. The doors are all on the inside. As we were walking, Emily, came to a standstill. "I think it's going to happen." She sounded like a pregnant woman whose water just broke.

"No, you are going to make it." I grabbed her arm and we began walking toward our door. I quickly unlocked it and Emily darted to the toilet.

She closed the door quickly, so it did not close all the way. A few seconds later I heard a moan, and then a few more seconds, a sign of relief.

EMILY: Let me explain. As Molly stated, the urge was incredibly strong. When I got the skirt of my suit down, and then my panties, I sat down and just involuntarily pushed. It happened at a relatively moderate speed for a bowel movement. But it was so thick and long that I was exhausted after going. It was a really good feeling. I had to urinate a little, but not much since I went before we left. I always look at my bowel movement, to make sure that everything is normal. I wiped a couple of times. The tissue was basically clean and so I put it in our trashcan for feminine products instead of the toilet. I had made a masterpiece and I did not want to obscure the view! When I saw how thick and long it was, I called to Molly.

MOLLY: We are pretty open with each other when it comes to our bowel habits. We're sisters, and we look out for each other. We are not gross, but when we have a super impressive number two, we might show it off! Haha!

When I looked at Em's number two, I thought that it was at least a foot long and two to two and a half inches thick. But some of the head went down the toilet. I opened our bathroom closet, pulled out my rubber gloves I wear when cleaning, and said, "Em, this is the biggest turd I've seen. I'm going to pull it out." I reached in and sure enough, it was another three or four inches long.

"Em, you know this is not going to flush without a fight. Too, I really have to go now too and I cannot wait." She said it was okay for me to go and I did not even wait for her to excuse herself. I lowered my skirt and panties and did a pretty long number two as well. Mine was softer, lighter colored and smellier than hers. The bathroom reeked!!!

I called Emily back into the bathroom after I wiped and disposed of the paper. Her number two and my number two were sitting in the bowl, side by side, just like sisters! Hers was dark and firm, while mine was cardboard colored and a little softer looking. Still, it was solid log like hers. We talked about the rest of the day, especially when we went for our walk later on.

It's funny. We have guys admiring our asses all the time. But if they only knew what happened today!!!

We will spare you the details of how we got all of that number two down the toilet, but it's a good thing we have those gloves!!!

EMILY: Yes, it is. We do not know how often we can post. We stay busy. But it has been fun sharing this story!

We hope that everyone has a fantastic week!

Emily and Molly xoxo

Karen C. of Cali

Blowout in the company of cows (OLD story, nostalgia)

Hi readers, it's me Karen C. again (the one from Cali),

Thought you all might like to read about the time I had a diarrhea blowout in a cow pasture! This happened when the boys were young, my youngest was four so yeah, long time ago.
My husband's brother had bought six hogs and had them butchered and offered us two for pennies on the dollar because it was too much for his family but it was a great deal for him buying six hogs at the auction and we gladly accepted (the pork was already butchered, cut, wrapped, labeled, and frozen!--the cured/smoked parts would take some time and we had to make another trip to pick those parts up, so read on!)

When the hams, bacon, shoulders, hocks and smoked sausages were ready, he called us and told us to come pick 'em up. We were to go to his house about an hour's drive away and be there at 7am on a Saturday. Bright and early I got up and got the boys bundled up and ready, also on this day I was constipated and couldn't have my morning constitutional at 5 like I always do. You see where this is going, right?

So, we arrive at hubby's brother's house just before 7am and I REALLY have to poop! I had taken Feenamint the night before and NOW it wanted out and urgently! While hubby was knocking on the door to arouse his brother or someone in the house, the boys and I sat in the car waiting. It was a Dodge Polara, I loved that car, so roomy and a smooth ride!

I tell the boys I'm kinda sick to my stomach because I didn't poop this morning but I really gotta go now and I don't know what to do and I'm starting to feel a little nauseous as well, and that if I didn't poop then I might throw up in the car on the way home! Jokingly, I asked the oldest one to let me hold his official Dodger's baseball cap (one of his most prized possessions) in case I needed it to be sick into. The boys were like "Ewww! Noooo! Yuck!" My oldest suggested that I just go do it in their yard by the fence (a cow pasture was right next door so everyone would just think it was cow poop, right?).

The way I was feeling at the time, his suggestion was one that made lots of sense--abdominal discomfort knows no shame! I felt so bad at that point that I wouldn't have cared if I had gotten caught in the act or not and we all knew hubby would be very angry at me if I were to get nauseous and make a mess in the car (we all knew his temper all too well, it's the biggest reason I divorced him); so I took a dare and went for it.

I grabbed a bunch of Kleenex and went around behind the house, out of sight of any windows of course--this was a big property, and I hitched up my skirt, down with the pantyhose, got into a semi crouch with my arse pointing toward the cows next door and with a mighty push I ejected a sizeable torrent of liquified feces across the fenceline. Loud. Farty. Explosive. Blowouts. This got the attention of the cows who looked my way with an expression on their faces that has to be seen to comprehend. I repeated the action several times until I felt relieved, then wiped with the Kleenex and returned to the car. I was gone less than five minutes. I returned to the car redfaced and giggling, and the boys were giggling too.

The boys asked me if I felt any better and I assured them that I felt tons better and not to worry because I'm not going to puke in the car and so daddy is not going to get mad and go into one of his cussing rants and we aren't going to fight so don't worry. Ironically, the original version of the song "Top of the World" was playing on the car radio and indeed I really did feel on top of the world after getting all that poop out of my system.

We continued to observe hubby at the door and their young son finally came and opened the door, he and hubby took a walk around the yard. I was getting nervous as they neared the spot ­where I'd done my business. I told the boys I hope they don't get too close to that and smell it! We all had a good laugh when they didn't stay around that spot too long, I was sure they smelled it but my youngest boy offered "they'll just think one of the cows did it". Haha.
Soon hubby's brother came out sipping on a cup of coffee and handed a cup to hubby, they again took a walk around the yard, chatted a while, and before long the trunk of our car was loaded with ???? smoked pork and we went on our way.

Hubby never found out what I did in that yard that day because I made the boys swear to secrecy--they were my greatest allies always, we shared many secrets hubby never knew about, my boys and I are best friends forever. We still get a good laugh about that incident sometimes when they come to visit me during the holidays.

Victoria B.

To Anna

There's no shame in doing a huge load and even less for being a woman who's able to plunge it down herself! As far as my feminist panties go, you can get them online from a company called ????. Mine are pink with faux-lipstick kisses on the front and the word Feminist written in a retro font across the cheek side. They're super comfy and I'm pretty sure they ship to Canada!



to Anon / My Brother's Accident

Glad to see someone who recognizes me :)

Actually yes. My brother had an accident a few weeks ago. He tends to hold it in a lot, at home, but even more so when we're out somewhere. I do that sometimes, but I don't mind using public bathrooms as much as he seems to. We were out downtown walking around and I noticed he looked he kinda looked like he had to poop (I can just tell). He sorta looked like he was squirming a bit, I asked him if he had to poop (kinda laughing while I did) and he looked embarrassed and said no, but I suspected he was lying about that.

Later on, I didn't think about it again until we were about to get in the car and drive home when I saw him look like he was clenching his butt and he got that look on his face and I knew that some poop had come out into his briefs. Of course he admitted it then, he wasn't about to get in the car like that.

So I walked with him to the nearest public bathroom (in the back of a restaurant, thankfully we went in the back entrance lol). I went with him in the bathroom (it was a single-occupancy one) and he pulled down his pants and briefs and there was a single small turd in there. So luckily it wasn't as messy as it could have been. Either way, I helped him clean his underwear and he sat on the toilet and pushed the rest of his poop out--it was a big amount too and it smelled terrible but I can put up with it from him lol

Anyway, thanks for asking. I'm sure I can think of more stories to share. I myself haven't had an accident in a really long time. I've had skids in my briefs, but not a real accident.


waking up

Yesterday morning I woke up a bit earlier than normal with a strong feeling of a full bladder. I was still quite sleepy and dozed off again. About an hour later I woke up again, this time with a feeling of being about to pee. It took me a minute to realise what was going on, and I felt a tiny drop leak out. I got out of bed and stumbled over the hall into the bathroom, as I stopped to turn the handle I felt a dribble escape, I pulled down my pyjamas and knickers and then released a high pressure stream! I looked at my knickers which were black, and there was a damp patch, but black knickers hide leaks well!

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Bianca great story it sounds like you a bit of a nasty poop.

To: Victoria B it sounds like you had a pretty nasty poop I bet you felt good after.

To: Abbie great story as always.

To: Anna great story about you and Ambers poop it sounds like you both had really great poops.

To: Erica great set of stories.

To: Constipated Girl hopefully you are you able to get the relief you need fruits are a good way to help.

To: Victoria great story.

To: Sonya Sue great story.

To: Karen C great story.

To: After School Molly first welcome to the site and great story at least you made it to a toilet in time and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Jasmin K great story.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site


My contoured seat experiences

The main part of my junior high had the contoured seats that slope into the center and sort of like cup your butt. This part of the school was built in the 1940s and when we took our first craps we knew these toilets and seats were not as modern as the others we sat on. I liked them. They were so comfortable, especially in the morning since sometimes I was the first person to drop a seat and use the toilet that day. Later in the day me and my friends also appreciated these seats because the sloping caused the urine from the urine splashers who didn't aim well or lift the seat to run off. So more of the seat was dry when we needed to sit for our craps. Since we only had 4 minutes between classes, we appreciated that. If we would have waited for a better toilet (cleaner seat) to open we would have been late to class. I also felt there was less splash back on those of us who have harder craps. Because my butt was just a little closer to the water was the reason. On the other hand, I remember my dad getting upset when I was with him for one of my parent-teacher conferences. He's 6' and about 30 or 40 pounds overweight. He did time in the military and while I was waiting for him one evening, he said sitting on that school toilet was about as comfortable as sitting on a grenade. And he certainly didn't like the principals having taken off most of the privacy doors.

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