What happened to Erin (Riley's Mom) and Jennifer G?

I was just curious if anyone knew what happened to Erin (Riley's Mom) and Jennifer G? I haven't seen posts from them in a long time or have I just been overlooking them?



Hi everyone. Today I had to poop after doing a 50 minute workout on the treadmill. I was at The ???? (the place where I ????, and Miss ???? put on a One Direction CD for me from youtube. After power walking through several songs, my hands, and rest of my body was sweating, and I developed a slight ache around the ankle of my right foot. The machine squeaked slightly with each step, and I even heard commercials. The poop urge came a little urgently after 50 minutes was up. Before I go on, I'd like to make a correction. When mentioning the pipe that burst when I was young, I wasn't a toddler, but a baby. Anyway, I was hearing this song from One Direction called Clouds at that point I had to poop, plus I had to get off because it was almost lunchtime. The poop was a bit on the runny side, and slimy. This morning's poo wasn't that bad. A short while after lunch, I had another runnyish poo, but I wasn't working out anymore then. Sometimes it seems that my bile acid poops feel irritating, and this happened today with the 2 I had at the ???? training center. I don't feel that I was wiping too rough, so I think the discomfort in the anal area is from the abnormal acidity in the runny stool from the excessive bile. I haven't been able to find anything that supports this theory, but perhaps bile acid malabsorption can cause acidic poop that irritates the anal canal. Bye to all toilet users!

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Post Title Questions

I'm a male. I have some questions about females pooping on the toilet. Do bigger women poop more than little women? Do females have a problem with their boyfriends/husbands being in the bathroom with them while they are pooping? What's probably the best dump any female on here has taken without interruption? Thanks!

Victoria B.

From above or below?


I had some friends over on Friday night. Vanessa, Mallory, and I enjoyed each others' company, and between us, far too much wine. Mallory, my friend responsible for the pink plunger, at one point 'christened' (her verb) my black toilet with what sounded like a big load. At least, it did from the kitchen where we could hear some nice plops. She came out and it was clear she had enjoyed doing her business. "Nice potty, Vicky!" were her exact words. I couldn't help but agree. It has one of those contoured seats that J. mentioned. I have to admit, though, that our reactions to them are completely different: I love my contoured seat and especially the feeling of it cupping my cheeks and thighs. It positions my behind in a way that leaves my ring more open and ready to go! Different seats for different butts, though!

Anyway, Vanessa (who uncorked a gusher of a pee at one point) and Mallory eventually left, but not before we had downed several bottles of wine. They live within walking distance of my new place and if they didn't, they would've stayed here for the night. We don't allow each other to drink and drive! I made the classic blunder after they left: I forgot to rehydrate! I passed out right away in my bed thanks to the wine and I slept for five hours or so only to wake up on Saturday morning with the worst headache imaginable.

I stumbled from my room to the kitchen feeling like death warmed over and wearing yesterday's clothes. The glare of light reflecting off of the snow seemed to be mocking my headache as I stumbled into the day. A glass of water seemed like a good idea and I got one from the kitchen sink. I drank it and started to feel sick... to my stomach. I went to the bathroom and that was where things got strange. I suddenly felt the urge not to be sick, but to poop. I needed to influence my body to do the latter. So I got undressed and took a seat, not sure what would come out. I put the trash can in front of me just to be safe. Suddenly my stomach gurgled, I pushed, and... sludgy poop exploded out from below. It must have been a thirty-second torrent of the stuff. If I didn't feel sick before the smell would've certainly got me up to speed-good thing for fans!

Still feeling a little queasy, I went for a second push and hoped again that it'd come out from the rear. It did, and two semi-soft pieces slid out. I flushed immediately after their splash hit; the smell was quite foul by this point and I didn't need anything else tickling my gag reflex. The nausea had subsided by this point, my head, however, was still killing me. I sat there holding it in my hands for five minutes of so before the urge to push came back. I did and a firmer log came crackling through my ring. It plopped into the bowl and I was done. Wiping was a mess, necessitating a second and third flush to get that final turd and what must have been half of the roll down. With that, I kicked my jeans off, pulled up my navy blue undies, and washed my hands. I went back to bed and mercifully passed out from the headache. I woke up at half past two that afternoon, feeling fine!

To After School Emily (and Molly) Welcome! It's good to have you here!

To all: see you soon!


a few comments

to Victoria B: I enjoyed your story about your big morning poop. I'm inspired to look for those panties, haha. I'm a feminist and I'd love to advertise it on my bumcheeks!
I'm glad you didn't feel bad about clogging the toilet. Our plunger has already seen quite the workout this year. I remember at least three times when I came home from school needing to go badly and then clogged the toilet with a bunch of big turds. My friend Danielle also needed to use the plunger at least once when she did a dump that was too big to flush.

to Emily and Molly: Loved your stories, too. Like you Emily, I am a huge nerd and I am a fit, thick and curvy girl, too. I totally understand what you posted about your weight. I do lots of sports and I know I should be proud of my curves, but sometimes I'm still ashamed of my weight, especially if I get mean and nasty comments!
Do you ever have problems with your bathroom schedule? Because you said that you both poop when you come home from work?
I live in a house with three other girls and we only have one bathroom. It's not bad though because we have very different schedules, especially in the morning when we need to get ready. Sometimes, when I need the toilet I have to wait a bit and occassionally the smell in the bathroom isn't so nice when one of the other girls just went, but that's all.


Latest story

Hi everyone, I'm back home for the weekend so thought I'd do a quick post!
Imogen- I agree with you, I feel sorry for that poor girl having to go for a wee in the street like that! I go camping quite a bit so I'm used to squatting down behind a bush when I need a wee, but I make sure I'm in a really sheltered spot so no-one will see me! Also back when I was at primary school my friends and I often did gymnastics right at the top of our school field, if we ever needed the loo while we were up there we just went through a gap in the hedge to have a wee in the next field where no-one could see us, it was a lot quicker than going back into the school building to use the loo there!
Jas K- sorry to hear you've been badly constipated again, I'm glad you were finally able to feel empty. I really hope things improve for you.
Yesterday I went shopping with my friend Katie, we went round the shops and bought quite a bit. After eating lunch we both needed to have a wee so we went to the shopping centre loos, but a few minutes later as we were waiting for the bus home I started to feel an unmistakeable urge for a poo. To be honest I'd had a few twinges earlier on, when I was on the loo having a wee I could feel a log almost poking out of my bum but I sucked it back up. After quite a good time constipation wise I've been starting to struggle again this last couple of weeks, I'd last had a poo three days before and had only managed to produce a few hard lumps and get a sore bum so I thought I'd rather wait until I could use the toilet at home. It's a real vicious cycle, as I start to get constipated I need to take longer on the loo, so that means I don't have enough time between classes or lectures when I'm at uni, so I put off going for a poo which then just makes it worse!! Anyway, as we were standing there waiting for the bus I could feel a big poo trying to force my bum open, I made a face and clenched my bum cheeks together to stop it from poking out in my pants and luckily just that moment I saw the bus coming, so I knew we'd be back home in under ten minutes. We got on and went to the back, it actually wasn't too busy so I said to Katie in a whisper, "I'm bursting for a poo, its just about to poke out into my pants!" Katie rubbed her belly and said, "Yeah, I think I'm gonna need a poo soon, I ate too much earlier and these jeans are too tight!" We'd both pigged out at McDonalds at the shops which probably wasn't the best thing to do given I've been feeling constipated lately. "Yeah, I know what you mean, I ate too much as well," I agreed. When we got off the bus I did my best to walk normally but I'm not sure I managed it, during the couple of minutes walk to my house I couldn't help but let the tip come out, I knew I'd end up with skidmarks in my pants but I was feeling too desperate to care. I was visibly squirming around as I unlocked the door, everyone else was out luckily meaning it was only Katie who could see how desperate I was for the loo. When I got the door open we quickly went upstairs to my bedroom and ensuite, Katie followed me in and sat cross legged on the floor. I quickly dropped my jeans and pink flowery pants and thudded down onto the toilet, I couldn't help moaning loudly as I finally relaxed my quivering bumhole and felt the log starting to move out slowly. I looked down at my pants and saw they were dirty which wasn't really a surprise, I felt a bit embarrassed about Katie seeing but then again I know she sometimes gets skidmarks too, we both wear white or pastel coloured pants so its easy to see any poo stains!! I could feel a hard knobbly log poking out, as I bore down I could feel it coming out but when I stopped pushing it got sucked back up my bum, so I had to do my best to keep up the pressure and push for as long and as hard as I could. I couldn't help grunting but I've done that quite a lot in front of Katie so I wasn't too bothered, she gets constipated as well so we're both used to it! As I continued to strain Katie said "I'm going to get ready for bed, I know its too early but these jeans are digging in me so I really need to take them off!"
She went back into the bedroom, unbuttoned her jeans and eased them down, she then took off her top so she was just in her white bra and yellow pants. She turned her back to me to get her nightie out of her bag and I saw that her pants were stuck up her bum. By now I'd managed to work about half my log out, I said "Sorry, I haven't been for a poo for a few days." Katie took off her bra and put on her nightie as I kept on pushing, I felt the log slide out really slowly and eventually it dropped with a splash. I could feel more to come so I stayed sitting, Katie came back into the bathroom and sat on the floor. I pushed out another couple of logs and then wiped my bottom and flushed. I went back into my bedroom naked from the waist down as I had already thrown my dirty pants in the wash. I opened my underwear drawer and took out a pair of white pants which I put on and then changed into my nightie like Katie had. After a while of us sitting and chatting I noticed Katie squirming around, she said "I think I want a poo now," and she went into the bathroom, lifted her nightie and pulled her pants down to her knees. She weed for a bit and then I saw her belly tense. Just like I had, she bore down and ended up grunting so at least we were quits, she said "Sorry about this, I haven't had a poo for a while myself, I think I'm a bit constipated!" After I few more hard pushes and grunts I heard a couple of plops and a sigh of relief from Katie, she quickly wiped her bum and pulled up her pants before flushing the loo. I hope you enjoyed this story, bye for now!!

Today I went skiing with my friend Amber and a bunch of other girls. Amber and I drove in my car and we were going to meet the others at the trailhead. We both had large coffees and when we got to the parking lot I really needed the toilet for both things. After we got out of the car Amber went straight for the outhouse. I followed and she was like "oh, I really need to take a dump". I don't usually bring up pooping, but since she did, I told her I needed a dump, too. We went in, Amber took the right stall and I the left. It smelled pretty bad in there, but I had no choice since I needed to go badly. I locked the door, pulled down my pants and white string and plopped my bum on the seat. Amber was peeing noisily already. I relaxed, expecting to get my pee going, but instead I let out a huge, wet fart. Suddenly, I felt a strong cramp and I did a little moan and then I full on blasted the toilet with wet poop. It was really lound and I was quite embarrassed because Amber could totally hear me on her side. Then I started to pee. Meanwhile, Amber was dropping her poos and she was farting, too. Not as loud as mine, but it did help me to feel better about myself. When I was done peeing, I pushed out two long logs that made big plops in the outhouse toilet. Amber was still going too, so for a moment there were turds dropping from both our bums. If there is someone who can really bomb a toilet, it's college girls after a night out and a big coffee, hehe!
Anway, we were soon done and my cramps went away really quick. We both wiped and then I pulled up my string and snowpants and went back out. I felt much better and Amber looked like she did, too. Skiing was fun and I didn't need the bathroom again until we got home.
Hope you are all well!



It's been a long time since I last posted here. I've posted before about my constipation. Just a reminder I'm in my early 20s and I have a brother who has similar issues sometimes. Some of the regular constipated folks I haven't seen around in a while, but I figured I'd post another story:

I seem to be at least somewhat constipated most of the time. Even when I have a "normal" poop it tends to be fairly firm and thick and requires a lot of pushing. Today though I did one that was pretty constipated. I hadn't pooped in a while and I could feel that my lower abdomen was sticking out a bit from it. And I was starting to get a headache which happens sometimes when I haven't pooped in a while.

I often don't get strong urges but I decided to try and poop this morning. I started by sitting on the toilet and pushing but nothing was really happening. I could feel that there was hard poop there but it wasn't moving. I then decided to squat and push and I could tell it was moving but it wasn't wanting to come out. By then I had been in the bathroom a while, grunting a lot and my dad even asked if I was okay in there. Of course I said yeah but I hadn't actually pooped yet lol. I then tried standing over the toilet with my hands on my knees and that seemed to work after a while. I pushed really hard and grunted and groaned loudly and a big hard dark brown turd started to come out. After a while of pushing it out it landed in the toilet with a splash. Afterward I was out of breath and my anus felt really sore, and the poop looked like it was knobby and hard.

Many of my poops have been like that lately! At least I didn't clog the toilet that time.

To Dominic

Good to see ya back posting, have you or your brother had any accidents due to holding too long lately or close calls?


Peeing into swirling water

Thad, who is a long-time friend of mine since grade school, is having some issues with his son so we decided to meet up Sunday morning at the park for coffee and to talk. It was about 45 degrees out and not too cold. So he shows up with two of the largest containers of coffee I had ever seen. I had never known a coffee place to offer coffee in such a large individual container. But we sat on a bench and over a couple of hours we drank it all. There was a 1-stall bathroom a few feet over by the lagoon, but although I should have, I didn't want to be the first to use it. Back in grade school he had kidded me about having a peanut-size bladder. So I made it another half hour or so. Then he excused himself to walk up to the bathroom. What a break for me. He came back after a couple of minutes and I teased him about how much pee he had left on the toilet seat. When we were growing up, he would never lift the seat. This being a dual-gender bathroom, I knew I would be on that seat in a couple of minutes. I excused myself and practically trotted down to the bathroom. The seat was down and dry. I guess I was both surprised and amused because the flush cycle continued to churn and the water was swirling around. I quickly lowered my slacks and underwear and took the seat. The seat was cool but not cold on my butt. I expected the gallon of coffee I had consumed to start draining. I only got a couple of sputters. I got up and quickly re-seated myself for more comfort. Still it was the sound of the swirling water that was frustrating to me. I think I was seated about 5 minutes when Thad was knocking on the door to see if I was OK.

I told him he could come in. He asked if I was sure. I said yes. He and I had gone to the bathroom in front of one another almost 20 years ago when playing in my tree house. Thad was surprised that the flusher was stuck. He tried to work with it behind me as I sat. Then he said it was probably old, had been abused (Note: he was the last user)and he suggested I use the sink. I was hopeful it wouldn't break off the wall. He said since I wasn't overweight, that wouldn't be an issue. So he helped me up on it, but not before I asked him why it was so dry around the bowl. I knew that was evidence that he hadn't washed his hands. He admitted that was true. I don't think I was seated for a couple of seconds before it felt like was a bruising my thighs. He told he to move back farther. I did. Then almost immediately I started to pee. It went at least three minutes. I wanted to kiss him for being so supportive, but I remembered he is married. I jumped down and washed my hands as the toilet water continued to swirl. About an hour later we both had to relieve ourselves again. It was time for lunch so we walked over to a diner. Both Thad and I visited our respective restrooms before we got our seats and ordered.

needs help

to oldpoop: poop hurts

Hi, thank you for responding to my question. Sorry for the late response.

To answer your first question, no, there is no blood. Next question: I poop every day and sometimes a smaller poop later in the afternoon. I am 13. The poop hurts when coming out and there is a little pain that stays after.



Constipated Girl

Medication of certain types can cause constipation...I suggest you see your doctor about it.
If a change in medication is not an option try daily osmotic laxatives. I am a great believer in an enema or three or four.
I would be pushing osmotic laxatives....I take them almost daily and it has given great relief...good luck.


Reply to my own Diarrhea Survey

A reply to my own diarrhea survey. By the way, if my post about bathroom scenarios is legal according to the rules, then I will tell you that I wrote it and forgot to write my name as the author.

1) How do you get diarrhea?
Unlike most people, I don't get diarrhea when I'm generally sick (unless the sickness is truly an intestinal deal). When I overeat or eat something bad, rather than vomiting, I end up emptying diarrhea into my poor toilet. Fortunately, I'm quite good at telling how much food I need before actually eating.

2) Is your diarrhea like sludge, water, or pellets
Generally, it's either sludge, pellets, or a hybrid of the two. I do remember having pure liquid diarrhea two times in my life. The first time, I drank a slushie that probably had something bad in it. I ended up being a garden hose for green, stinky, water. The second time, I ate some REALLY bad tuna, and I ended up waking in the middle of the night to deposit a ton of diarrhea.

3) How long can you hold it?
As long as I want to.

4) How tolerant are you to diarrhea that is inflicted via pathological means?
VERY tolerant. One time, I was taking a vacation in Thailand with my parents. We all ordered this sort of kebab that we thought was made of beef. After tasting it, we realized it was dog. For the rest of the vacation, my parents ended up throwing up every once in a while. As for me, I was simply sitting there asking them: What's wrong with you?

5) Does your diarrhea come out with low-high crackles, or does it come out like a messy explosion of farts and mush?
Lots of crackles. I remember having an explosion only when I took the wrong medicine for a disease I had.

6) Do you fart often when having diarrhea?
I fart before and after, but not in between. In between is a nice, nearly silent, period of bliss.

7) Have you had diarrhea anywhere else besides your toilet?
Yes, but only in public toilets. I have no problem with public toilets, so I end up going in them or the ones at home.

I have a question for all of you: What exactly is the age where people start getting comfortable pooping in the same vicinity of each other? I also am curious about how people would react to each other in a "bathroom" situation.

Four scenarios:

Scenario A - Say you and an extremely close friend of yours (so close that gender doesn't matter) end up meeting each other near/in the bathroom. While you decide to pee (type of toilet doesn't matter) your friend decides to take the stall next to you, pulls his/her pants down and takes a nice, healthy dump. Your reaction? Now, let's say that your friend cooly starts talking to you. Again, your reaction?

Scenario B - Say that this time, you and your extremely close friend once again meet up in the bathroom somehow. Your friend decides to squeeze a lemon, but you plan to do some heavy work (No.2). Would you go? Would you "fake pee"? Would you say that you're late for class/meeting?

Scenario C - Now say that you and a buddy (not extremely close friend) meet up near/in the bathroom and engage in a a conversation. While you pee, your buddy goes into the next stall and takes a dump. During all this time, he/she cooly continues talking. Your reaction?

Scenario D - Getting the pattern? Say you need to poop and your buddy is peeing. Answer the questions in Scenario B.

Monday, February 27, 2017


Each dump is unique and exciting...

But sometimes the unpredictability of my BMs gets me into trouble...

One thing I will never ever forget is how I got away with an accident at school in 5fh grade so it made me think I could get away with it again... what happened was as innocent and sympathetic as anything. I had to poop bad at school, but being an 11 year old girl I was nervous to do number 2 are school and be called out and teased for it. So, I just held it in. Or at least I tried to. About 3/4s of the way through math class, to my extreme horror, I suddenly couldn't hold it in any longer, and before I could ask to be excused a rather substantial and soft load filled the back of my jeans as I sat at my desk. I frozen with panic, but shortly realized that no one noticed. And the smell was kind of faint. I was obviously closest to it and I only caught a slight wiff here and there. So, I just played it cool. I spent the entire rest of the day at school with a load in my panties and no one ever said anything to me. When I got home that day I hid my underwear in the bottom of the trash outside.

Jump ahead to late in grade 7. I'm 13 now. I find myself in a similar situation where I'm pretty desperate for a poop at school but I still don't want to do it there and be called out and teased. So again, I decide to just hold it in. But again, I eventually get to a point where I realize I can't hold it in any more. Except this time I remember the time I quietly took a soft, faint smelling shit in my jeans back in 5th grade and no one was the wiser. I recalled the immense relief I felt when it came out despite my shame and humiliation. And so I made the very foolish decision to just let it out...right there in my panties at my desk, in Spanish class. I really needed to go...

It didn't go at all like my jeans accident in 5th grade. Nope. First of all I was wearing a short tan courderoy skirt over beige panties with stockings. So I wasn't exactly dressed for containment. Second, as soon as I began to release my grip I knew it was a huge mistake. I just felt a hot, wet squish between my cheeks and I knew it was going to be very messy, but at that point it was too late. My stomach gurgled and wet, chunky poop blorched into my underwear with a bubbly squelch noise. It felt like my butt threw up in my pants... I guess that's kind of like what it was anyway. So, I sat there frozen in shock as I realized I just very obviously shit myself in class. Then the smell...oh my God, the smell. It was so strong and so bad. This was a major, majorly bad accident... I got myself into a bad situation here. Of course everyone immediately looked at me in disbelief and I had no choice but to burst into tears. Followed shortly by the walk of shame to the nurses office, with brown streaks running down the back of my stockings. Yeah, I was not cute that day. But I definitely realized how rarely lucky I got with my accident when I was 11.


Valentine's Day et al

Hope everyone is having a happy February. The Dean's story about V-Day reminded me that I also had a story about my own with my girlfriend Emma. As I've mentioned before, Emma's stomach problems are a frequent source of comedy between us, as well as a bonding mechanism. Valentine's Day was no exception.

We had a pretty nice night out for a romantic dinner, and we got to walk along the waterfront for a bit and take pictures together as well. While we were at the restaurant, however, Emma's stomach started to make some weird noises, and her somewhat startled facial expression told the whole story. She ended up excusing herself a couple of times to scurry off to the restroom, and I made sure to tease her (all in fun) when she returned. She definitely enjoyed her meal, but it really didn't agree with her.

Luckily, she didn't have any mishaps the whole way home, but she did have to go pretty significantly almost as soon as we got in. There was basically no time for her to do anything except make a beeline for the bathroom. Emma was just barely seated when she let out a loud, continuous gush of liquid. I was only half-sure she wasn't peeing until the end, when it had a sort of bubbly sound to it. Of course, the smell was another tip-off, to her mild chagrin. She leaned aside to let me see into the toilet before she flushed; it was basically pure brown water with little bits floating in it. And then she had to drop back into a sitting position pretty quickly, because she followed it up with another wet explosion. I gave her a bit of a massage to calm her down, and it seemed to help somewhat.

I'm glad that Emma indulges me, and that most of the time her performances aren't painful for her, just embarrassingly loud and productive. There are times when she's in a bit of pain, usually from bloating, but I try to help as much as possible and to be encouraging. She was a little annoyed that we had basically eaten the same meal and had differing results, but later in the week I was able to cheer her up by sharing a story where I almost kind-of didn't make it while heading home and had to stop into a supermarket to (eep) finish properly. What can I say, misery loves company.

Mina: A snake is another tool for unclogging a drain or toilet pipe, like a plunger, except you stick it down the pipe to do so. It's called a snake because it looks vaguely like one.

Emily: I think that vacationing tends to come with unfamiliar cuisine, unfamiliar surroundings, unfamiliar facilities, and unfamiliar habits...all things that throw off your inner schedule. So it makes sense that you might feel a bit out of whack until you re-fortify yourself in a more familiar atmosphere. I suppose constipation is probably better than diarrhea under those conditions, though, so...silver lining?

Steve A: When I was in undergrad I remember getting used to having girls just waltz into the bathroom whenever. Sometimes they got me to stand guard, but other times (most of the time) they were just completely nonchalant about it. I guess that's what being buzzed does to you. I also remember taking the bus back to campus and there was a girl rapping about having to take a dump when we got back. I tried not to take notice of it, but I did hear later that she basically stunk out the whole suite--not as impressive as it sounds, since that's just two dorm rooms sharing a bathroom in-between.


constipated girl

Help I'm constipated!

BEWARE!, this story is graphic, and I am hoping someone can help me.
I am currently in great discomfort, due to severe constipation. (I think it's from the medication I have to take) I have suffered with constipation for years but it seems to be worsening. I've had problems in the past being unable to pass because of the extremly large size and being extremely hard matter.
Yesterday was the worst ever. I hadn't had a bowel movement for about 12 days and I felt I had to go. Once on the pot, I realized that I couldn't pass it. After pushing for approx 20 mins, I got up, and went for a walk, hoping to help it down. I returned to the pot and pushed for about 1/2 hour, with no luck. I read, relaxed and what have you, for 1 hour and 15 mins. Finally in desperation I ended up inserting my finger and breaking off small pieces in order to eliminate. I was finally able to pass it, with much pain and bleeding.
As I mentioned above; I normally have "very" large and hard poop. On an average, the circumference is many times the same circumference as a soda-pop can, and sometimes 10 inches in length. And it is usually so hard that i have to break it up in order for it to flush, because it always plugs up the drain for several hours and more.
But yesterdays episode was much larger than my normal, it has left me exhausted, and I think I bruised my ribs pushing so hard. My whole middle torso is sore and fatigued. And worse yet, I STILL feel I need to go more, but I CANNOT push because my ribs and torso hurt so badly.

I'm sorry if this has grossed you out, but I am desperately in need of a "quick fix" to finish eliminating, and I need to figure out an ongoing treatment to prevent this from happening. Help!

Victoria B.

Breaking the streak


I moved into a new place at the end December. My roommates are great, the place is much nicer, and most importantly for this article, my bathroom has a black toilet! I've mentioned before that I'm a huge fan of toilets in colors other than the standard white and now I get to sit on one every day! It's a huge upgrade from the old place, but I nevertheless proved more than a match for it on Wednesday morning.

I woke up full in both front and rear that morning and quickly headed to the bathroom in just an oversized t-shirt and my pink panties that say "Feminist" across the rear. The seat was already down, so I pulled my undies to my calves and sat down to get to work! A long, hissing pee stream started and seemed to last for at least two minutes before dying off (99 number twos out of 100, my bladder will drain before my bowels open. I have no idea why). I yawned, stretched, and announced to the bowl that it would be getting a full meal from me with a nice sharp fart. It echoed against the porcelain and got me even more ready to empty my full bottom!

My first piece began its slide to the water after a gentle push. God, it was huge! My ring felt so full as it worked its way out, but not in an uncomfortable way. This was a load that my exit ramp could handle and I was feeling pretty great. I released this log into the bowl [landing with a satisfying thud] with a gentle moan, before sliding back on the seat to catch my breath. This would have been a good time to flush, but I was just so overcome with sensation that I didn't even think before starting to poop out the next turd. It was a big one too, but somewhat shorter. I savored its exit just as much as the first, and released it with another moan.

I was empty, but still needed to recover from the rush my own body had given me. Morning poops are such a great way to wake up! I was so out of it that I spaced on flushing before starting my paperwork. It wouldn't be too much longer before this mistake came back to give me a nice bite on the butt. First, though, I still needed to wipe. My front was taken care of by three sheets, but my backside needed a little more after I slid forward on the seat and grabbed another handful. Gradually, the paper came back cleaner after I slid it between my cheeks and after I third handful I was finally done.

It wasn't until I got up from the stool that I realized what I had done. This was a sure clog and I knew that I had to accept it and deal with it myself. Staring at the full bowl in front of me wasn't going to do anything. So I grabbed my pink plunger, pulled up my undies, and pressed the flusher handle down. Yep. Clog city. Feeling like the sexiest [I use this term very loosely] woman in the world, I bent over and got to work. The image of a construction worker popped into my head, only this one had shaved legs and panties stretched across his butt! I have no idea what it meant, but it made me laugh and made me plunge harder. Finally, after the third attempt at flushing, everything went down. Yes! Victory!!

Though it broke my streak of not clogging toilets it was a harmless mistake that I was able to use humor to help resolve instead of feeling guilty or body shaming. Either way, it made for a memorable start to my day!

See ya next time!
Love, Victoria



It's been a long time since I last posted here. I've posted before about my constipation. Just a reminder I'm in my early 20s and I have a brother who has similar issues sometimes. Some of the regular constipated folks I haven't seen around in a while, but I figured I'd post another story:

I seem to be at least somewhat constipated most of the time. Even when I have a "normal" poop it tends to be fairly firm and thick and requires a lot of pushing. Today though I did one that was pretty constipated. I hadn't pooped in a while and I could feel that my lower abdomen was sticking out a bit from it. And I was starting to get a headache which happens sometimes when I haven't pooped in a while.

I often don't get strong urges but I decided to try and poop this morning. I started by sitting on the toilet and pushing but nothing was really happening. I could feel that there was hard poop there but it wasn't moving. I then decided to squat and push and I could tell it was moving but it wasn't wanting to come out. By then I had been in the bathroom a while, grunting a lot and my dad even asked if I was okay in there. Of course I said yeah but I hadn't actually pooped yet lol. I then tried standing over the toilet with my hands on my knees and that seemed to work after a while. I pushed really hard and grunted and groaned loudly and a big hard dark brown turd started to come out. After a while of pushing it out it landed in the toilet with a splash. Afterward I was out of breath and my anus felt really sore, and the poop looked like it was knobby and hard.

Many of my poops have been like that lately! At least I didn't clog the toilet that time.

Canada Pooper

Lazy Cousin Video Game Poop

Last Week my Cousins 13 year old son came by because shes a little over because she had to work and wanted my mother to watch him while she went to work and he likes to come and play video games because we have a PS4 and UHD tv. now in the past he has held it till the last minute but always made a effort to go. anyway my mother went shopping for groceries and left me to kind of watch him till she got back he was intense into the game and you could tell he needed to go because he was farting loudly. it made kind of a thump sound because he was sitting on the hardwood floor. i asked him did he need to go. he said no but about about two minutes later i watched as he while still playing the game mind you started to grunt and push. after awhile he was done because he let out a little sigh in relief the interesting thing is he kept playing the ps4 and truly didnt care. and when i ask him about it he openly admitted to liking the feeling and doing it. often he didn't even change until my mom came in and forced him to change into my old clothes. i think he would have been perfectly content to stay dirty when his mom came to pick him up she clearly was not happy and gave him a stern look she thanked my mother and left with his clothes clean and soiled underwear in a bag.

Now this has me thinking given my own past experiences and those of my other cousins do you think bathroom facilitation and purposeful soiling a inherited interest could there be a scientific link?

lastly has anyone had a slimier experience either as themselves or witnessed a family member?

Karen C. from Cali

Reply to MyndBlown's survey

Hi Myndblown! Here's my reply to your diarrhea survey!

1) How do you get diarrhea?
Usually because I catch something; I'm not very anal about washing my hands except after using the toilet. I've also gotten sick after partaking of summer picnic foods that contain mayonnaise such as potato salad or coleslaw or fruit salad. Usually when I get diarrhea I also puke, and vice versa; it's just how I'm wired I guess.

2) Is your diarrhea like sludge, water, or pellets
In most cases after I pass the "plug" that pops out with the force of a bullet, that is followed by muddy sludge and then liquid.

3) How long can you hold it?
Amazingly, despite excruciating uncomfortable abdominal discomfort I can hold it as long as I need to until I can get to an appropriate place. BUT after I go that first time, I cannot control what follows.

4) How tolerant are you to diarrhea that is inflicted via pathological means?
I'm NOT. I HATE using public toilets!!! And I HATE doctor's offices!!! I avoid doctor's offices from October to April because every time I go to the doctor during those times I get the stomach flu.

5) Does your diarrhea come out with low-high crackles, or does it come out like a messy explosion of farts and mush?

At first it's a loud farty blowout of air, followed by the semisolid plugs, and finishes off with watery torrents.

6) Do you fart often when having diarrhea?
Oh boy, YESS!!!! Do I ever!

7) Have you had diarrhea anywhere else besides your toilet?
More times than I can recount. There have been times when I've done it in the woods, in fields, behind buildings, the side of the road, restaurant bathrooms, in my pants, you name it. To make matters worse, usually when I have diarrhea I'm also nauseated as well, so I've thrown up in some pretty embarrassing places preceding the diarrhea or in conjunction with; sitting on a yucky public toilet and simultaneously throwing up in a tampon disposal receptacle or on the floor beside the toilet is definitely not a fun thing to do, but thank goodness for the advantage of anonymity that living in a big city provides!
One of the most embarrassing times was when I attended a rural funeral for someone I was only distantly and vaguely familiar with--it was on a hot summer day and in the chapel the smells of body odor of many country folk who obviously held different standards of personal hygeine than us city folk, well the smell got to me--sweaty underarm and sweaty buttcrack aroma galore!, my stomach churned and I got that gaggy feeling in the back of my throat and I had to get outta there immediately so I clamped my hand over myself walking very quickly I went outside the chapel and behind some bushes and I loudly puked my stomach inside out, then I felt my bowels telling me it was diarrhea time--throwing up often makes me diarrhea too, so I hiked up my dress and pulled down my pantyhose and panties, spread my legs, squatted down and let 'er rip,! Unbeknownst to me an older woman in the chapel had noticed my hasty departure and took it upon herself to see about my well being along with her two 20-something grandsons. The nosy trio reached me just as I'd finished wiping my bum with kleenex and I had already barely just pulled up my panties and pantyhose as they approached, luckily with still enough distance between us that they didn't see anything--well, the boys were probably amused with seeing the nylon-clad buttocks of a grown woman before I had time to drop my dress back down again, haha. I tried to regain my composure but they reached me before I could step away from the messes I'd made; they HAD to have seen and smelled both the big puddle of vomit and the diarrhea an no way they couldn't have seen the wads of tissue next to the brown puddle but I have to hand it to them they were polite and pretended not to notice. The woman kept asking if she could get me anything and numerous times and kept offering health advice for pregnant women (and I wasn't even pregnant at the time, my boys were both in school!).
The two young boys gazed with disbelief at me and the messes I'd made, for the entire time, probably at their newfound revelation that indeed attractive women like me CAN in fact do nasty things like vomit and have diarrhea and the evidence was there for proof, I was absolutely red with embarrassment but since they pretended not to acknowledge the mess I pretended not to notice either. I was red with embarrassment so I just smiled politely and thanked them for their concern, then excused myself from this scene ASAP and drove home. The drive home was over 30 minutes and I stopped at a fastfood restaurant to use their bathroom and to clean up a little more thouroughly, and got a drink to sip on for the rest of the way home.


The Best Story & Diarrhea Survey

To The Dean...she is a keeper...a great and healthy attitude to pooping....would the ladies ( and gentlemen) take note.

As to the diarrhea survey I am of little use because I do not recall having real diarrhea since I was very young....sometimes I get example is that I had a bout of constipation that ended (without laxatives ) with nine substantial solid dumps in less than 24 hours!

Karen C. from Cali

Reply to Steve A's survey

Hi Steve! Here's my reply to your survey! It was fun.

1. TP or wet wipes?
At home I use TP until it comes clean--all the TP these days comes in white only, but I long for the days of colored TP in assorted colors to match my bathroom decor! After the TP comes clean, I put Aloe lotion on more TP and continue until THAT comes clean as well. I finish with a final piece of TP sprayed with floral scented disinfectant (Lyson knockoff from the dollar store). For when I'm away from home I make sure to keep a good supply of Kleenex handy packs in my purse, and baby wipes for use after.

2. TP Roll forwards or backwards?
Backwards--that way I can blow across the top of the roll and cause enough to fall backwards that I can grab and pull off what I need, plus it looks neater.

3. Automatic flush or handle?
I HATE automatic flush because sometimes they go off when you don't want it to and it sprays my nethers with yucky public toilet water, yuck!!! My toilets at home are manual flush though.

4. Soap or hand sanitizer?
I use antibacterial pump soap at home, and carry Purell in my purse. When I'm away from home and there's no soap at the sink I drench my hands in the stuff and then rinse. That said, I'm not an avid handwasher the exception being after using the toilet.

5. Fan or air freshener? Window in the bathroom?
I have both freshener and built in exhaust fan in my bathroom. My main bathroom has a window which I open everyday when I clean and mop to get the bleach smell out. I leave it cracked open when I shower to let the steam out.

6. Reading on the toilet or just sitting there?
Generally on a normal day I take care of business pretty quickly and haven't time to read while doing the old number two, however I LOVE to read old issues of Readers Digest, and Weekly World News (now no longer in circulation) while soaking in a nice long hot bubble bath. When I'm doing my regular enema sessions about once a month I do read Modern Drummer and Home and Garden or Fingerhut catalogs to help comfort me during painful abdominal cramps from strong soapy retention enemas while I sit on the throne expelling---those sessions are really a combination of using the time not only to clean out my stomach and bowels but also to enjoy an extended long bath, shave my legs, dye my hair to get rid of the grey/shampoo and as the enema works I find myself going back and forth between the tub and the toidy so I use lots of towels obviously. I add hot water to the tub as often as necessary to maintain the right temperature. I love to do this while watching the sun go down looking out the bathroom window with the heater on and with old cartoons playing (I have a ceiling mounted heater in the main bathroom and it's just like my own personal sauna!); after that I go out feeling really clean, renewed and relaxed, I like to drive by the piers/docks and then get a steak sandwich or a burger and a strawberry sundae and I sleep well. This is a monthly treat I look forward to.

7. Plunger or snake if there's a clog?
I keep a plunger handy in each bathroom, the kind that has the fold out lips. If that doesn't work I call the plumber which has only happened once in the last ten years.

Karen C. from Cali

Subway diarrhea-sorta from 1987

Hi readers!

Thought I'd share this sorta-diarrheaish story from back in 1987. Maybe not truly "diarrhea" but rather "rapid transit through the bowels", haha! But diarrhea nonetheless in regards to the way it came out forcefully and my ability to recognize remnants of what I had eaten in it in record time--the lunch went through me well in advance of the normal transit time!.

Okay, If my memory serves correctly, it goes like this. It was way back in 1987, and it was my day off from work. My girl friend and I had gone downtown shopping and to get our hair done--shortish in front, longish in sides and very long in back and curly/kinky all around as was the style of the day, and for lunch we decided to try out a new Subway place that had just opened. We were all into the high-????/lowfat thing back then. I forgot what she got, but I got the six inch steak and cheese, a six inch turkey/ham with extra cheese, and a footlong roast chicken with extra lettuce and tomato (yeah, I ate a LOT in those days, I burned a lot of calories back then because my job was physically active!) and I ordered all my sandwiches with extra tomato, onion, extra black olives, and extra lettuce, and oh, they put something on the sandwich and a lot of it, I think from the taste of it it was probably olive oil mixed with balsamic vinegar or something--they asked me if I wanted "oil" so, I said yes (this was my first time buying anything from Subway so I didn't know better). I think I got a bag of chips with it and a diet soda. I watched them make my sandwiches and squirt a generous amount of the "oil" on top of the lettuce before they put on the top bun--whatever it was, it tasted great and really enhanced the flavor of the sandwiches and I enjoyed it very much. The sandwiches tasted great and I was impressed--my friend and I ate our Subway sandwiches in a nearby park just enjoying the day, enjoying the nice weather and watching the duckies in the pond and the friendly pigeons. At around 4 we parted ways and went home. After getting home and brewing a pot of decaf I got those familiar stomach cramps and relieved myself in the toilet. I actually saw undigested shredded lettuce and pieces of black olive from my sandwiches!! This continued about four more times throughout the evening, each time with shredded lettuce floating in the toilet water. I didn't feel sick per se, but I did void the contents of my colon. It left me feeling great and cleaned out as a matter of fact. Now that I think of it, maybe I should incorporate some salads topped with olive oil dressing at least weekly, eh? I ate at that subway at least bi-monthly back then, and my bowels had always felt really great and I didn't need laxatives either--maybe a return to the past will do me good!!!.

I admit that in recent years my monthly comfort or "treat meal" has been a double cheeseburger with bacon and extra cheese and pickles, with onion rings and a vanilla shake, and a sundae for dessert, SOOO UN-80s, right? Can't be good for me but it's what I crave--CHOLESTEROL ????!!!! haha!

Monday, February 20, 2017

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