Sonya Sue

Kiara's Crap

I got a babysitting assignment from a mom that lives in the apartment complex in our neighborhood. She had two tickets to a midweek professional basketball game and was planning to take her daughter Kiara, who is 8. When she had to leave town for a family funeral, she hired me to take Kiara. Although it was on a school night, being a financially-needy Thespian, I agreed to take the job. So what happened, about an hour into the game, Kiara said she needed to use the bathroom. I took her to the nearest one and we got our cubicles next to one another. I saw Kiara latch her door, her jeans fell to the floor and I saw her turn and place her butt on the toilet. So I dropped my underwear and seated myself for a short pee. Actually I had been holding it for a while because I didn't want to inconvenience her. So as I sat with my steady stream exiting, I looked under the panel and was amazed that Kiara, unlike some of the others I've babysat, was sitting absolutely still. Completely quiet. Then I heard about 4 or 5 splashes into the toilet. I asked her if she was doing OK and she said yes.

I tried to get some conversation going but it wasn't working. I figured I'd be hearing her turn the toilet paper roll at any time. I didn't. Then I saw she was getting off the toilet, her jeans were being pulled up and the auto-flush went on. She opened the door and went to the sink.
I stood up, noticed my toilet paper roll was out, but that didn't matter to me. The flush went off and I quickly got myself together. I met Kiara at the sink. I asked her why she didn't wipe. She said the toilet paper was all gone and that it didn't matter because often they are all out at school too. I thought that was strange. I told her she could go to one of the other cubicles nearby and finish up. She just smiled and said it didn't matter. So I decided not to push it. She and I both got back to the game. When her mom got back into town the next day, she saw Kiara's underwear and got mad. I guess it has been a problem elsewhere, too. The mom called me to complain. She said I was a rotten babysitter and then got even madder when she cut me off as I tried to explain. She said three things: 1) I should have personally inspected the conditions of Kiara's cubicle before she was allowed to use it. 2) I should have insisted that Kiara place paper over the seat before sitting down because that would have required her to go to another cubicle that had toilet paper. 3) And in the least, I should have insisted that she had toilet paper and supervised her wiping herself effectively.

Do you guys think I was that wrong in the way I handled this? Thank you.



Cool story I hope to hear more ibs stories. Does your girlfriend share fart stories of her brothers to you?

Today I went skiing with my friend Amber and a bunch of other girls. Amber and I drove in my car and we were going to meet the others at the trailhead. We both had large coffees and when we got to the parking lot I really needed the toilet for both things. After we got out of the car Amber went straight for the outhouse. I followed and she was like "oh, I really need to take a dump". I don't usually bring up pooping, but since she did, I told her I needed a dump, too. We went in, Amber took the right stall and I the left. It smelled pretty bad in there, but I had no choice since I needed to go badly. I locked the door, pulled down my pants and white string and plopped my bum on the seat. Amber was peeing noisily already. I relaxed, expecting to get my pee going, but instead I let out a huge, wet fart. Suddenly, I felt a strong cramp and I did a little moan and then I full on blasted the toilet with wet poop. It was really lound and I was quite embarrassed because Amber could totally hear me on her side. Then I started to pee. Meanwhile, Amber was dropping her poos and she was farting, too. Not as loud as mine, but it did help me to feel better about myself. When I was done peeing, I pushed out two long logs that made big plops in the outhouse toilet. Amber was still going too, so for a moment there were turds dropping from both our bums. If there is someone who can really bomb a toilet, it's college girls after a night out and a big coffee, hehe!
Anway, we were soon done and my cramps went away really quick. We both wiped and then I pulled up my string and snowpants and went back out. I felt much better and Amber looked like she did, too. Skiing was fun and I didn't need the bathroom again until we got home.
Hope you are all well!

After School Molly
Hi! I'm Emily's sister, Molly! I'm a year and a half younger than Em, 23 going on 24.

We read through this site, and, wow, I did not know that so much could be said about number two! Twenty-one years! Do you think that these stories could be compiled into a book?

Em and I enjoyed reading many of these stories. We've skipped around. It seems that this site was more graphic early on. I like the current format better. Going number two is the great equalizer for all people!

I teach Speech and Junior English, which is primarily American Literature. It's fun! I love working with students! When they learn to write creatively and speak confidently, I feel really good! This is my second year teaching, while Emily is in her third. Emily already has her Master's degree in Math, while I took the full four years to finish college and get my teaching certificate! Yes, we're pretty popular with the guys. We have big asses and wide hips, but are fit. But we know our boundaries.

I'll never forget my second day of my first year teaching. I'm like Em. I go for a number two after school. Every day. No exceptions. We've been that way since we started preschool. We always went number two after school. The first day of school I had to go really bad during my last class. I was wearing a suit, heals - the works. I made it to the faculty women's toilet, which is a single closet, and downloaded the brownload into the commode. It smelled. Five more minutes and that would have flooded my panties.

The next day, it was the same thing! I really had to go. I taught English the last class. A couple of students stopped and asked a question about the homework. I kept thinking, "Please understand and go away! I'm about to shit my panties!" I wore some pretty tight fitting white slacks that day. After they were satisfied with my explanation, I darted out of the class for the faculty toilet. Damn! Locked! The other faculty toilet was on the lower level. But the creamy behemoth kept banging at the back door. My anus was pulsating. It would give way in just a moment. I did the only thing that I could do. I turned the corner and went into the girls bathroom. Faculty are not supposed to use the students' restrooms. It's to protect the students against sexual assault, which is extremely important. But, I was about to mess all over myself. The poop did not feel like it was going to be too solid, if you know what I mean. Of course you doo!

As I rapidly entered the restroom with salvation near, three girls stopped me, who were in my speech class earlier that day. "Miss Molly!!!" they exclaimed. (They call me by my last name, but I don't want to share that for privacy reasons). "Hi," I said, sheepishly. They began to go on and on about how they loved my class. I felt great and for a second almost forgot why I came in. I interrupted, "Girls, I apologize. I really need to use the bathroom and the faculty toilet is occupied. I'm afraid that you will have to excuse me." They told me know problem, but looked a little shocked that their teacher just told them she had a need for the toilet.

When I got my slacks and panties down, I exploded in the toilet! I felt extraordinarily relieved. It was loud and it was a lot! Then, one of the girls quizzically asked, "Miss Molly, are you feeling all right?" I turned blood red and felt hot. I had hoped that they had gone. I replied, "I'm fine. I just need a few minutes. Thank you for your concern." I heard one of the other girls whisper, "You need to give her privacy." She responded, "She sounded like she was sick. I was just concerned." While I appreciated the concern of both girls (the third was quiet), I hoped that they would leave.

After I cleaned up and flushed, I found the vice principal and told her that I violated the bathroom rules. I told her it was an emergency, the names of the three girls who were in there at the time, and apologized. She said for me not to worry and that they have had conversations about the lack of available bathrooms for female faculty. Most of the teachers are women.

I met Emily at her car, as we rode together that day, and told her what happened. As it turns out, Emily was in that bathroom doing a major number two of her own! I love my big sissy!!!



Contoured Toilet Seat

Has anyone else had to poop on one of these? If you don't know what they are, they're a toilet seat where, instead of being flat the slope into the center and seemed to be designed to "cup" your butt. I was in hospital, recently and had one in my room. I don't know if its me, or the seat, but I had the worst time trying to poop on it. First of all I was constipated from pain meds. Every time I got the "urge" to go I'd sit on this thing and, I swear it would squeeze my anus closed and I'd loose the urge. I finally had to sit sideways on it so I could spread my butt cheeks and maintain an urge to push. Anyone else have any experience with these?

After School Emily

Thank You For Responding

Thunder, Never tried prune juice. Maybe I will try a glass this weekend to see how I respond to it. Thank you, Emily

Ted, Thanks for the tips. I eat healthy. Like most though, on vacation, I splurge. I will try them though. Thank you, Emily

Brandon T, I would like to share more if anyone is interested. Thank you, Emily

So, I shared this site with my sister Molly, who is a teacher like me. We read a good bit of stories on the site. We have many things that we could share. I need to apologize though. We both weigh 170 (give or take a few pounds), not 155. I am self conscious about my weight. Molly asked me why I would lie about my weight on an anonymous forum. She's right. There's nothing to gain. We are both fit, athletic and curvy. She's an inch taller than me - 5'8. We both have thick hair and fair skin, and gray eyes. She's a year and half younger than me, but was only a year behind me in school. We favor one another, except for the fact that she has strawberry colored hair, while mine is a dark brown.

She gave me permission to share stories. She just did not want us to use our last names or share to much information about ourselves. We live together, teach at the same high school, and we are best friends. Maybe that is weird for sisters, but it works for us.

We both have our bowel movements after school. We read that it is better to go in the morning, but our systems do not work that way. They never have, even when we were growing up.

I will do the diarrhea survey by Myndblown, and if anyone would like to know more, please ask.

1) How do you get diarrhea? I get it from being sick,

2) Is your diarrhea like sludge, water, or pellets? It can be sludgy, watery, or chunky.

3) How long can you hold it? I held diarrhea almost one hour before because I was embarrassed to ask to go to the bathroom. I was a senior in high school. I waited until I got home. I made it to the toilet but the relief was immense.

4) How tolerant are you to diarrhea that is inflicted via pathological means? Do you mean if I am sick? If I get diarrhea, I just go through it and let it run its course. Never been dehydrated and I do not get upset when I feel bad. I deal with it and go on with life.

5) Does your diarrhea come out with low-high crackles, or does it come out like a messy explosion of farts and mush? I have had diarrhea that simply poured like a bucket of water. I had explosive diarrhea, with the farts and mush that you describe. Toward the end of the sickness, it is like you described at first.

6) Do you fart often when having diarrhea? Yes. Only on the toilet though.

7) Have you had diarrhea anywhere else besides your toilet? Yes. I have soiled myself with diarrhea, if that is what you are asking. One time, while hiking with my sister, I had to go off the trail, into the woods, to relieve myself. But that is the only time that I went outdoors.

Thank you for reading and responding. Molly promises to post soon.



The Dean

Yesterday I did not give the full details of the above posts.
As to my experiences...the first time I went away or stayed overnight with a g/f. It was at a motel....we had been out for a lovely tea and I had a virus and had started medication which gave me the runs....the runs had not started until we came to the motel and then I had to go...I really shitted a torrent of poo! It did not worry me at all....slept through the night but had a few visits the next morning. My g/f was a bit jealous as she was a little constipated.
The next episode was my significant other got some sort of a virus and developed diarrhea and vomiting. I would accompany her to the toilet...rub her back as s she leaned forward and gushed forth from her bum whist vomiting in a bucket...we were both very busy that night.
Another notable situation was at an enema clinic...I have been there several times but this time I was particularly constipated....the nurse started off by sitting me on the toilet and she stood over me telling me to push...nothing would come out (this was before the enema) felt big and hard. She then directed me to the examination table and did a rectal exam...I as full and gave me a large plain water enema....this made me desperate to evacuate and as I had drunk a lot of water I was totally busting for a wee...she sat me on the toilet but nothing would happen and I could not wee...I think the pressure in my bowel stopped the flow of urine. She asked me to lean right forward and did another rectal exam which hurt and sat me back on the toilet...she rubbed my back and told me I will be able to go soon and to relax...I had a squirt of water out of my bottom then it stopped for a second and then a gush with a loud thud and she quickly looked into the toilet bowl and saw the offending turd had been dislodged and poo just poured out and then I was able to wee between gushed from my bottom...such relief.


What comes in will come out

Hello everyone happy weekend, I'm going try keep it short lol. Thanks Brandon T. Always nice and kind to me, now unto story yesterday after work I went to over to the library to donate some books and movies we had watched nor had time to watch. So afterwards, I need to pee, I make into the ladies take the last stall , I hike up skirt and lower my panties to knee leave and sit on toilet, while peeing I decide I should poop also so I lower my panties all the way down now as I give a small push I pass gass so loud and I laugh at myself but nothing comes out so I decide maybe later, so I wipe flush and pull up my panties and leave the library , later on during my new workout I blew it up downstairs bathroom and got upstairs to bed after checking on the kids.

Saturday, February 25, 2017

Jasmin K

A huge poo after constipation

I really want to post about the huge poo i did just now, I am actually recovering from the effort it and phantom poo ive just been dealing with took, I cant believe there was so much considering its only been sort of the last 3 days that I haven't been able to do anything.
Well anyway I got in form work yesterday having been for food with my collegues i decided to go and try to get some relief.I went to the bathroom where my sister was already on the toilet so I told her to hurry, I cant put on here what she said but anyway i sat on the side of the bath talking to her and dropping little farts.She was grunting and straining and it sounded like she was dropping pebbles in the water. I had a bit of a bulging constipation belly starting and was quite uncomfortable with belly ache so told her to hurry. She said she was getting off anyway as she had been there for an hour. She wiped pulled her knickers up and left to go and watch TV. I pulled my knickers down and off, sat on the toiletart and did a long loud fart as soon as i strained. After several really hard pushes all I could feel was this massive hard lump in my bum that wasnt gonna budge. I got off and squatted on the floor and bore down with all my might and all i did was pee everywhere and drop 2 little pebbles.I gave up and went to bed. Today I finished early got home, no one in so went and tried, again lots of farting and jelly like stuff but only the odd plip plip so after an hour of this i gave up, my arse was hurting so much i couldnt sit down so i got a hot water bottle and laid on my front with it on my belly and fell asleep. When I woke up i broke wind again and this time some liquid came out so I went back on the toilet and strained as hard as I could, believe me that is hard. After 2 or 3 times of doing this I felt the stuck mass inside move down and stretch my already very sore and swollen bum hole even more. I strained again and it moved some more, It hurt so much my eyes watered and I considered standing up and clenching my cheeks to stop it hurting and tearing.(i used to do that when I was younger especially if it was splitting me but my mum usually stopped me by holding me down on the toilet and telling me to push down really hard saying it will stop hurting when its out)Her words went through my head and I gave the biggest harded push I could manage and the massive piece came out along with a piece of knobbly hard pebbles about 10 inches long. I got up to look at it,the first piece was like a ball made of a few solid bits it was huge and the log was like as thick at the start and narrowed off to its end made up of all little pieces. I flushed then sat again and strained down really hard producing a few bits followe by another log of pieces about 8 inches long and another about 6 inches. I wiped got up pulled my knickers up and flushed, I felt a lot better and sure my circumference around my belly was less. As I left the bathroom I couldnt believe it but my bum felt like it was full again so I turned around and went back and re sat down, started pushing it felt like there was another huge log there but all i got was a couple of pebbles and lots of mucousy liquid. I tried for about 10 mins and produced a smaller log about 6 inches but smooth, not the usuall lumpy logs i get. I kept trying even though my bum was so sore and throbbing and my belly hurt when i strained and did a smaller like elongated chunk of softer but formed poo. Encouraged by this I decided to keep trying and straining untill nothing had come out for 20 mins. Well in the next hour and a half I did another 6 of these small soft logs and after a really long hard bear down straining session I actually did some soft creamy poo. I felt really empty so wiped which was quite messy and needed several wads of paper. Satisfied I pulled my knickers up and wore a loose skirt, went downstairs to a comment from mum saying did you do it then ? yes I feel empty really empty. I laid on my front to watch tv untill dinner was ready.
Jasmin K x

The Dean

Staying the night at girlfriend's house on Valentines

Hey this is a pretty embarrassing recent story but I figured I'd tell it. I have IBS and every now and again it gets pretty bad but I usually have a handle on it. I have been dating this girl named Sofia for the last two months and it has been going good. She is latino and very attractive about 5'6 and 130 pounds with shiny black hair. I'm 6 feet tall and about 190 pounds and feel very lucky to have such a nice and attractive girlfriend.

Well anyway on Valentines Day she had me stay over at her place for the night for the first time. Everything went fine and she made supper. That is kind of where the problem started. She made a traditional Mexican dish with lots of cheese and other spices and I knew my IBS may act up later. I didn't want to say anything though because she went to all the trouble making it so I just went ahead and ate it and hoped for the best.

We had a great night and went to bed and did what I'm sure most couples do on Valentines Day night and my stomach held up and I had no problem. Everything went really well until I woke up in the middle of the night. I was on my stomach half asleep when I saw Sofia sat up in bed next to me waving her hand above my back. At first I didn't know what she was doing until some heavy gas hit my gut and my butt erupted with a long 6 second fart that really stunk. I now figured out that she was waving her hand above my ass trying to disperse the smell. I was mortified. She looked up and said "are you okay babe?"

I got up holding my stomach saying "yeah I'm sorry I just sometimes get bad gas with certain foods." She giggled a bit and said "That's okay babe. Go ahead into the bathroom and do whatever you need and take some pepto-bismol". Right after she said that another burst of gas hit my gut and exited furiously out of my ass for a long 8 seconds. I said sorry once more and did a penguin walk to the bathroom with little bits of gas coming out with every step and I could hear her lay back down still giggling.

I went into the bathroom to try and take a dump but nothing came out except a ton of more gas. I just leaned over onto the bathroom counter for about three minutes and just kept blowing gas with some furious force. It kind of sounded like an out of tune trumpet.

I came out and walked back to bed fanning my ass with my hand and of course right as I lay down another huge gas explosion blows out and my face gets completely red all over again. I look over to Sofia and say "I'm really sorry." She looks back over and says while giggling "Don't worry about it babe I can take it. I grew up with four brothers."

I went back to sleep and made sure to sleep on my right side aiming my ass away from her. I probably farted several more times throughout the night but neither of us woke up.

I'd like to say that is where my embarrassment ends but it got worse in the morning. I woke up with a heavy gut and realize I needed to take a really big gassy dump. The only problem was that Sofia was in the bathroom getting ready for work. I walked over to the bathroom with my hand on my gut and my other hand on my ass. Sofia looked over and smiled and said casually "You need the toilet don't you?" I said yeah and she said "Okay babe I'm going to be late if I don't finish up my hair though. Are you okay with me being in here." Usually I like privacy but I was about to explode. I said "It isn't going to be pretty." She said "It's okay babe. I'll love you no matter what." And then she kissed my nose. Her apartment is pretty small and it only has one bathroom.

I penguin walked to the toilet and pulled my pants and underwear down and place my butt on the toilet and immediately erupted with a giant 10 second trumpet sounding fart followed by tons of loose poop. Sofia looked over and giggled and rubbed my back with her free hand while brushing her hair. The poop subsided for a second and another huge 5 second fart blasted into the toilet followed by more loose poop. My face was beet red and I looked over to Sofia saying "Sorry this is really embarrassing". She just said "Don't worry. We all get the shits sometimes." while giggling some more.

For the next six minutes I unleashed terror onto this toilet flushing after every long fart while my girlfriend stood in front of the mirror doing her hair every so often looking over and uncontrollably giggling and occasionally rubbing my back.

Afterward I was still really embarrassed but I let her know that I had IBS and she was really cool about it. I think it helped that she is pretty gassy too and we have both accidentally farted in front of each other before but this was kind of on a different level.

Has anyone else had embarrassing "explosions" around their significant other?


waiting at the bus stop

I was waiting at the bus stop today around 4pm and with me was a woman with a girl who was probably 6 or 7, who was complaining that she needed a wee. The mother asked if the girl could wait, she said she couldn't, so the mother sighed that they'd have to find somewhere to go. As this was a busy high street I assumed they'd go off to a coffee shop or pub or somewhere. They walked out of the bus stop and the mother told the girl to go on the street - with people walking past and only a dustbin between her and the busy road. I thought it must have been really embarrassing. The only times I remember having to wee as a child outside were when there was no other option, and suitably hidden.


Peeing Bubbles

Back about 18 months ago just before my Darcee, who is now in 1st grade, started school she was with me in I believe 3 toilets on days we were away from home. She was truly fascinated by my ability to "pee bubbles."

The first time, I had no choice but to bring her into the gas station with me to get the key from the clerk. This was one of those older buildings where we had to go outside, around back and then open the door to the small toilet. Five minutes before that I remember sitting at a really long light that I should have run because it changed right in front of me. All I could concentrate on was the pain between my legs. I remembered peeing at the bar where I had a business lunch with a colleague, but then I also remembered how we finished off a pitcher as we talked for over an hour about sales leads. Finally, the light changed and I mapped out in my mind how I would get onto the access road, into the gas station, and throw myself onto the toilet before disaster struck. I made it and the faucet opened just as my butt hit the seat. I pulled Darcee close as I straightened her hair and I could see that she was looking and snickering at the noise coming out of me. I explained to her that I had drank a lot that day, without explaining the bar. As the noise started to die down, she said she had to wee. So within seconds I got up, and with a little lift, placed her on the seat. This was a large commercial toilet that I know scared her a bit. I think she was sitting a little too far back for comfort. She got off, turned around and was absolutely fascinated by the bowl of yellow bubbles I had left. Some were popping. She was watching and I had to get her back on task. I flushed. As the cycle finished, she got up on the seat. There were a few trickles. Then about 20 seconds of serious draining. Then she got down, turned around, and asked where the yellow bubbles were. I gave her a short explanation. Then a fake story that there were probably others outside waiting for the toilet.

There were two other times that summer where Darcee tried for pee bubbles in the bigger toilets we used away from home. One was at her first circle at the city arena. I didn't want her to be too discouraged so I sat very gingerly over the very front of the toilet so that my pee would miss the water and hit the porcelain. A brilliant move on my part to try to break her of the fascination. It worked. When she took the seat it was all business and the noise of the others in the crowded room worked to keep her mind off it. Then about a month later, we were at an outdoor clown show and I was her privacy standing in the doorway of her stall that was doorless. She did her thing, got down off the seat, pulled up her shorts and wanted to get out of there as fast as possible.

I think her fascination with peeing bubbles is now a thing of the past. Most of her difficulties at school have been her attempts to hold in her crap until she gets home. Peeing bubbles are the farthest thing from her 6-year-old mind.


sleepover disaster

When I was like 11 and in fith grade, I had a sleepover with a friend of mine. This friend didn't know that I sometimes wore diapers, due to occasional wetting during the day and sometimes at night. My eight year old brother wore them too because he wets alot. Well at this sleepover, I both wet and pooped my diaper. It was really embarrassing, and all I could think of was how to change without my friend finding out. My friend was still sleeping, so I quietly tip toed out of my room to go find my dad. But he was in the bathroom changing my little brother,who had wet his diaper. I walked in and said it was an emergency, but he told me to "please wait. I am busy!" Finally my brother came out and I came in. My dad said " You need a change too?" I said yes. He thought I was just wet, but he soon realized that I had done a little more than just pee. I rarely mess(poop) in my diaper, but when I do, my dad is not happy. I could tell he was mad, but he still got me cleaned up and sent me off to bed. I felt relief because my friend was still asleep and did not know what happened. But then I realized that I had not heard my dad flush the toilet, which meant he hadn't flushed my diaper and may have left it sitting out where anyone could see it! I started to run out of the room to go dispose of it, but my friend had woken up and said he really needed the bathroom. He got in before me and closed the door. I started to panic because I dreaded the thought of my friend seeing my diaper just sitting there with a big load of poop in it! He'd know it was mine too because it was a size large, and my brother was too small for those. Finally, he came out and had a big smile on his face. I said "what's so funny?" He said "there's a diaper in the bathroom. It has poop in it!" My face turned bright red. But then I just said " oh that's my little brothers, he still has accidents." My friend actually believed it. I was glad he didn't know that it was me who had done a huge mess in my diaper. This situation taught me to be more careful about avoiding accidents, or at least disposing of my wet/messed diapers better!


Diarrhea Survey

I have a survey for Diarrhea just because I felt like it. I also would like to know if I'm normal or not when it comes to that sort of thing.

1) How do you get diarrhea?

2) Is your diarrhea like sludge, water, or pellets

3) How long can you hold it?

4) How tolerant are you to diarrhea that is inflicted via pathological means?

5) Does your diarrhea come out with low-high crackles, or does it come out like a messy explosion of farts and mush?

6) Do you fart often when having diarrhea?

7) Have you had diarrhea anywhere else besides your toilet?

Steve A

College Party Bathroom Experiences & Stories?

For those of you who went to college, the hosts have to clean up the main floor, but their bathroom is a cleaning challenge almost every weekend. The toilets are not usually clean to sit on (especially for girls) during and after the party. Some of us in college now, including me, have been to parties and that's just how it is.

I've seen the usual of the seat being down/wet and the floor was a mess.

Do you have any stories of where you had to deal with going to the bathroom during a college party? Did you ever have to go outside?

Steve A

Girl Farted In Class Today

I was sitting next to this girl in class who is my partner. During today's class, the teacher was just talking almost throughout the whole class period. I was sitting in the back row and about halfway through, I heard a fart. It was just me, my partner, and this other girl sitting in the back row. It wasn't loud, but it was audible enough for me and the people surrounding us to hear. No one really reacted to it expect for a quiet laugh from my partner and I.

I'm not sure if it was my partner or the other girl sitting at the end of the row, but one of them must've tried to fart silently, but failed.

Anna from Austria

at Mall

Yesterday morning I visited the local mall to check out if some new clothes available. When I was looking at a nice dress, my ???? signalized me that it would be a good idea to
head for the Ladies room as fast possible. Maybe it was the spicy Indian food I had the day before yesterday.

I entered the Ladies room and all stalls except one was empty. I took the stall that was the farthest from the taken stall. I locked the door, put down my jeans and thong and sat on the toilet. I started to push and did a very loud fart, then some soft logs came out, then I peed and did some more farts.

Then I was finished. I wiped myself, flushed, washed hands and left toilet. It smelled
pretty bad in the toilet by now, but it seems that the other lady was busy with some poo as well, so she
didn't mind I assume

I hope you liked my latest Story

greetings from Austria



Desperate woman at the opticians!

Hi everyone!

I was getting some new glasses on Friday and after paying I used the toilets there because I was struggling to sit still during my eye check. I was sat in a stall weeing when I heard the sound of heels very quickly walking down the corridor, it was so loud! Seconds later someone burst in , slamming the door against the wall from pushing it so hard and scurried into the stall next to mine, slamming that shut too. There was a quick rustle of clothes and then a loud hiss as she released an absolute torrent! Followed by a huge sigh.

My stream had finished but I was amazed at how strong she was going so I sat and waited. She seemed to go on forever and must have been holding it for a very long time. After about a minute it slowed down to a dribble and I heard a knock on the wall. "Um... excuse me . Could you pass me some toilet paper please? There's none here." I had a spare roll on my side so I passed it under the wall and she thanked me . She wiped and washed her hands before leaving.

I reached between my legs to wipe and got redressed, washed my hands and left the bathroom. Stood at the counter talking to the cashier was a tall blonde woman in her twenties, wearing a white blouse and black pencil skirt. What really stood out was her red heels, it was her who just had a huge wee next to me! I smiled as I walked past and continued with my day.

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: After School Pooper (Emily) first welcome to the site and great story I look forward to any others you have thanks.

To: Bianca great story.

To: Maria as always another great story.

To: Yuki Y it sounds like your friend wasnt feeling very well.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site


After School Pooper (Emily) - Vacation Constipation

Its really not unusual to experience constipation when away from familiar surroundings (as when on a vacation). Sometimes, nothing works.

A few suggestions, Emily.

1. get plenty of liquids. (water, fruit, ????).

2. get some fiber in your diet (bran flakes, popcorn, whole wheat bread)

3. get some exercise (walking is great, particularly at a brisk pace).

4. find a comfortable place to poop, relax, and enjoy the moment -- alone, with someone else, whatever's comfortable.

If you're traveling with others, don't worry too much about the noise and odor that comes with a good, healthy dump. Everyone poops, producing the same after effects. Just remember to close the door, if that's the expectation with whomever you're traveling with.

Wednesday, February 22, 2017


In My Pull Ups

Got up this morning so tired but needed a poo....I could tell it might not come out...I find sitting on the toilet for no result a bit demoralizing ....I am success orientated.
I had to go out briefly in the car...came on nobody there and ???? rumbling so just started pushing in the standing position and I leaned forward and pushed and push and it all came out in the crotch of my pull ups...I took them of some of the excess poo off my bottom...I had really done a good seemed so much quicker and easier....showed...put my pull ups in a plastic bag ...took them with me and disposed of them in a public rubbish bin....might try this again...I was so pleased with my evacuation.


Questions Donna and Vacation constipation

Firstly Donna
1. I get this hard to describe feeling in my abdomen and feel full down there.
2. I get constipated a lot due to my medical condition and I have to be well schooled in constipation.
3.When constipation strikes and the poo is big and hard I do grunt quite loudly and push and lean forward at quite an angle. I like public toilets when constipated ...I do not care about being heard.
4. Often I poo within a couple of minutes....sometimes up to 20 minutes...I get theses BM's that can take a real long time...the poo comes out very slowly but if I allow myself the time and can get it all out then great!
5. I wipe from the front...due to my medical condition wiping from the back is a bit difficult...sometimes I have trouble wiping and I do wear pull ups so they are very useful in such situations. In the morning I have a poo, or try to poo before my shower.

To Emily...constipation on vacation...try prune juice before bed and it is better if there can be some time between having dinner and the prune the morning when you first get up prune juice but you will need to adjust the amount depending on what you have to do that day...if you have nothing to do but sit around the pool then a large glass.
My favourite is a micro enema or a suppository as they are fast working.
Try prune juice the night before and if there is not a big result on waking up then a suppository. Hope that helps.


School Trouble at 7

When I was in 2nd grade I remember I really got hit hard by not being able to use the toilets as well as the others. For some reason my craps didn't wait until recess time or our short bathroom breaks at about 10 or 2. Thinking back even that would not have worked because I didn't like to have others around me, most of the stalls didn't have doors, and the seats were sprayed by guys too lame to lift them and not patient enough to wait for a urinal. So I had to ask permission and this carry this laminated yellow bathroom pass with me. Each of the 5 or 6 toilets in the boys bathroom on the 1st floor of our wing would be out of toilet paper by 9:30. So one day, I remember it was rainy and chilly so the playground would have been closed before school, I had my pass and got into the bathroom. I took the stall at the far end of the room. Like the others, the seat had been sprayed, but I didn't care. The seat had been sprayed, but like always I sat in it. I had my normal crap. A couple of balls, a soft piece, maybe two, because often it would break off in coming out. I knew all the toilet paper was gone. I knew all the toilet paper was gone and I would have a streak in my white underwear, but I didn't care. The toilet paper when available was awful. Those cut squares that were so hard to use. Anyway, I looked up and saw of couple of those brown pull-down hand towels had been thrown into the sink. I got encouraged that was the way to go. So I hobbled off my toilet and over to the front doorway where the towel holder wall was. I pulled two of the large towels off. Just as I did, I turned around to find two what I think were 5th graders looking at me, pointing me out to each other, and offering to wipe me. I started to cry and they grabbed the towels from my hand. I think I partially pulled up my jeans and ran out of the bathroom. Luckily there was a janitor picking up some papers in the hall. He took me to the nurse's office. She was out that day so he then took me to the principal. The secretary took me into a small one-toilet bathroom, with toilet paper, and helped me clean myself. She emailed my teacher that I wouldn't be coming back for a while. While I waited in this small room, they called my dad at work. He offered to come and get me and take me home, but I told him I would be OK and would stay. They asked me two or three times if I was sure. I continued to say yes. When I got back to class, this really mean girl who sat right behind me whispered something about me falling into the toilet. She was so good at not getting caught when doing things like that.

After School Pooper (Emily)

Vacation Constipation

Hello. I found this website by accident. I am looking for information on why some people tend to get constipated when they travel. It happens to me every vacation. For anyone who has any suggestions as to why this happens, I would be grateful.

About me: female, 25 years of age, single. It seems to be that people tend to give their vitals, for a visual image? OK, so here goes: 5'7, 155 lbs., curvy and athletic, C-cup bra and a curvy, big behind. However, I'm a nerd. Introverted, and I love math, science, and science fiction.

However, a rumor got back to me that I am the most attractive teacher in the whole school. Some guys said that. Hormones...

Well, as for my bowel habits, so that anyone who responds will know a little about why I am concered, I go to the bathroom for a bowel movement every day after school, after Sunday lunch on Sunday, and Saturday is usually pretty random, depending on what I do that day. Because my Sunday's and my school days are pretty routine, I think that when I am off a routine, my bowels are unpredictable.

When I go, it's like a brown banana - thick, 6-8 inches long, and has a small to medium smell. Yes, I get sick and get diarrhea. Yes, I have an occasional really small bowel movement. Yes, I have an occasional really large bowel movement. In fact, I might have a really big one once or twice per week, like a foot long, or one that is 2-3 pieces the size of a banana. But they are not too hard, or too soft. They would be a 3 or 4 on the Bristol Stool Chart.

Once, on a trip to the beach while in college I got constipated. I went with some friends. I did not go the first three days that we were there. One of my girlfriends kept Correctol with her. She must have had a slight eating disorder. She gave me two before bed that third night. My stomach hurt. I was visibly bloated. I was awaken the next morning with sharp cramps and a strong urge to go. It felt so good to get everything out, but then I had diarrhea the remainder of the day. The first trip to the bathroom was exhilarating, but the resulting diarrhea was a nuisance.

Two years ago my parents took me and my sister on a family vacation. We went to Seattle. My sister is just the opposite of me. She's really pretty, outgoing, and popular. She says that I am the prettiest of the two, and she says she looks up to me. Her name is Molly. Anyway, my parents got two rooms and we had our own. Again, on the trip I did not go during the first three days. That night my sister came out of the bathroom and said that I might not want to go in there, and smiled. I told her that I had not been since we left home. She said that I should get a large coffee with breakfast in the morning. I drink a little coffee in the morning, but never strong coffee like Starbucks. I did what my sister said, because I did not want a laxative. Sure enough, my bowels moved. When I went to the toilet my bowel movement was very long and think, maybe as long as my forearm and more. It smelled very strong and would not flush. I called to my sister. She put her hand over her mouth and was visibly grossed, but she said that she understood why I did not feel well.

Those are two examples. I am planning a big summer for me. Do you have any suggestions? Anything's appreciated.

Thank you,



Long Time

Today I did a semi-runny poo which is the type I've not done in a while. I did this one just several minutes after my shower. I did a medium load poo before my shower that was in peices. My runny poo was quite musical (loud farts lol), and I giggled to myself as I gently pushed this mess out of me. I had liver with onions, and some nooodle salad for lunch, and 3 hot dogs for dinner, so maybe all that gave me a good load of pooping to do today. I still pee at night sometimes, and have pooped late, too. Once during a bad storm with 52 MPH winds that shook the walls of my trailer, I had to pee. Hearing my pee over the howling wind, and noisy metal roof was quite the show for my ears, that's for sure! Mom was scared herself, and even said she thought the roof would come off (thank God it didn't). Another time it was raining so hard, I couldn't hear the TV, and the water raced across the roof from one side to the other. Luckily I didn't have to pee then, because I probably wouldn't have been able to hear it. In high school, I got I S S for playing in the toilet, and flooding the bathroom. I stuck inappropriate items in them, and tried to flush them down. Also, I think somebody burned toilet paper too. Another time at school (I belive middle school) I apolygized to someone for clogging the toilet after taking a big poo.


3 Guys Discuss Bathroom Habits

I was sitting at a table in the cafeteria at work when I overhead a conversation at the next table from three twenty-somethings. As they were finishing up their lunch, guy number one says, "I'll meet you guys upstairs. I need to take a shit." The other two sort of chuckled, and guy number two says, "I hate shitting at work. I always make sure I go at home before I leave the house. If I need to go during work, I hold it until I get home. I hate sitting next to some stranger, listening to him grunt and groan and smelling the aftermath. Shitting should be done in the privacy of one's own home." Guy number one says, "I use the bathroom on the first floor. They have a handicapped stall that gives you a little distance from the guy next door. They have a good air freshener too, so the smell isn't too bad." Guy number three says, "I love shitting at work. I go every morning like clockwork at around 10. I grab a coffee when I come in and I feel things start to move down there. Nothing like getting paid to take a dump! I love sitting there, checking things on my phone, and no one to bother me as I unload. It's without a doubt the favorite time of day for me!"


Creating foam in the urinal

When using an urinal I like to try to create as much foam as possible. This only succeeds when I pull back my foreskin to get a more powerful stream. Are there any competitions on creating foam when peeing or something related? I remember a story about one girl writing about her foam in the toilet. I think creating foam in a toilet is much harder than in an urinal.


What comes in will come out

Happy weekend everyone, what a great last few days I have on the toilet. Share two stories, on my birthday I didn't feel like going into work, so I did some work from home setting up a new location that be for more job opportunity I'm thinking further south , or go Midwest but I'm not sure I can handle cold weather. But anyway at noon I treated my self to some pizza , I ate like four slices, Marcus tells me all it does go to my hips and butt and out, some reason I never could maintain weight, so around hour later, I was on the toilet, I raised up my night shirt and sat on toilet lowered my pj shorts to ankles, began to pooping quite quickly. Splash , splash, splash it was feeling so amazing what great birthday pooping session. Later on when Marcus came home he got me very nice gifts. The following day he took me out for dinner on Valentine's Day, I wore a sliver dress and sliver stilettos had my hair done up with some pink and red highlights , I wore a v string that day, I was getting a lot compliments that day plus I got a pedicure and manicure French tips on my toes and fingers. At the dinner before we got our food, I went to the ladies and blew out some chunks into the toilet, afterwards I ate dinner and went home to our wonderful children. Plus I got a very great massages by Marcus that night. Bye for now


two things that happened years ago

Two things which happened years ago came to mind recently, so I thought I would post them.

Firstly, a few years ago it was the summer (I was probably about 18) and some friends and I had a picnic in the local park. I'd been for a wee once behind a bush (as everyone was) but then got chatting to a nice guy and (silly I know) I didn't want to let on that, after several beers, I needed a wee!
Anyway at around 9pm it started getting dark and I said I should head home. Of course by now I desperately needed a wee, so before leaving the park I went to find a bush to squat behind. I was walking towards one when I felt the first leak happen, so I started running and felt several more leaks squirt out, much as I really tried to hang on for the last few seconds. As soon as I was out of sight I lifted my dress up, pants down, and exploded into the grass.

But what was interesting was that I had been wearing 'boy-style' pants rather than normal knickers, which are baggier. Leaks in normal knickers just cause a wet spot, but because of the bagginess and the fact I'd been running, there were various spots all around the front of the pants.

Another thing I remember happened way back in year 7 when I was in a new school and it was a lot bigger and busier than I was used to. It was a break and I was waiting in a queue in a toilet block when one of the cubicles opened and a girl came out. I went in and locked the door, pulled my skirt up and knickers down, then looking at the toilet saw that the seat was completely missing! I wasn't really sure what to do, I was scared of going back out and looking for another toilet as there were so many people there! I decided to roll off some toilet roll and line the edge of the bowl with it, so I wouldn't sit on it directly. This I did with my skirt still up and knickers down! Having done this I balanced carefully on the paper, towards the front of the bowl, and gingerly started weeing. I also felt a need for a poo, which I wasn't looking forward to as it was very uncomfortable to be sat on the bowl rather than on a seat. I leaned forward and pushed as hard as I could to try and get it out quickly, all of a sudden there was a fart and it all shot out at speed. I wiped, pushed the paper into the bowl, and then left.

Monday, February 20, 2017


Different Toilet Situations

What is an unusual place you have taken a poo?

I have done the deed in a dry river bed...against the bank in Central Australia...what is your experience?

Have you taken a poo in front of others?

I have been on small fishing boats and hung my bottom over the side or if it is too rough in a bucket and then thrown the contents overboard. We usually had at least two to three persons on a boat but that never bothered me. I have had several BMs in front of the enema nurse too!
What is your stories?



Hi everyone. I have posted a few times on here and I have some questions for everyone. First allow me to describe myself...I and 5 ft and weigh around 263Lbs and 57 yrs old. So as you can imagine I am a big woman. For the bigger men and women:
1. What kind of feeling do you get when you have to poop?
2. Do you get constipated alot?
3. Do you grunt and push alot?
4. How long does it take you to poop?
5. How do you wipe after you are done?

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