Jasmin K

Toilet Habits

Its been some time since ive posted this is due to less free time being at work.I read the posts but dont often have time to write.
There have been some posts regarding bowel habits and having tried to re adjust my toilet times to fit around work and not get constipated just isnt happening.
I dont know if any readers remember my previous posts when I was in school but basically I get constipated very easily particularly from my favourite foods which are chocolate, sweets, crisps cheese etc. When I was in school, particularly secondary school i got into the habit of getting to school around 08.15 and wether i needed to poo or not, constipated or not would go into a vacant cubicle, pull my knickers down, get on the toilet and sit there straining as hard as I could for 45 minutes to make myself do a poo.Usually it was little pebbles or chunks that plipped into the water and often a log formed of bits and pebbles. When i was constipated i would often get softer poo squeesing round the hard stuck mass just adding to its sise and soiling my knickers. Some days i couldnt do any so would go back at break and lunch to avoid having to spend ages on the toilet at home that evening, others I may have been at home already but could still force a bit more out at school. Anyway
having started work that simply couldnt happen, there are only 2 staff toilets and there is always someone waiting if your more than a few minutes. I started to into the toilets in the shopping mall but only had about 20 minutes before having to be in work so only managed a few pebbles if I am lucky then I have to hold on untill i get home having just enough time at break and lunch to change my knickers if needed. Ive tried tena pants, pullups and plastic pants over my knickers as i get worried that someone will smell that I soil my knickers alot.Some evenings when i get home I can go on the toilet and do a big poo which takes me about 20 minutes to 1/2 hour to get out, usually 1 long log 8 or more inches and eye watering thick as it stretches my bum hole wide open, It takes a lot of forcing out but I just have to keep pushing. Often if I am really busy at work I dont get time to drink my water and at home have sat there straining for up to 2 hours and done nothing except so jelly like stuff which sprays the bowl if I fart. If say I am going out I have to leave it and then the constipation cycle begins untill I get a day when I can spend as much time as I need on the toilet.
Has anyone else had this when they have started work or availability of toilets or time to use the toilet changes? When I was younger - pre secondary school i went for my poo on an evening. I had to get on the toilet after dinner and stay there untill I did a decent poo. I had just a quick 1/2 hour try on a morning before school,if I didnt poo I would hold it to make sure I could go that evening.When I didnt go it would sometimes come out by its self during the night, the first i would know was waking up with full knickers and a wet bed, this still happens quite a few times. After starting secondary school I re adjusted my bowels to go on a morning by allowing myself more time both at home and school and just sitting there straining and often gettin a good sised knobbly log out,with the evening just being if I didnt go on a morning. Is it possible that they now cannot change ? Ive tried laxitives which in recommended dose dont work and in a larger dose are unpredictable and I dont like them - ive ended up doing it in my knickers.
Jas K


accidents as a kid

I am new to this website and think its cool. When I was younger, like elementary and middle school, I used to have occasional accidents. Mostly peeing, but sometimes pooping. It was mainly because I held it too long, because I never wanted to stop what I was doing. But I have to admit that sometimes it was on purpose because I enjoyed the feeling of wetting and pooping my underwear. Once when I was ten, I was at recess. It was winter and I had snow pants on. I hadn't pooped in a while and could feel a big one pushing at my back door. Me and some other kids were playing, and the urge to poo just kept getting stronger and stronger. Then all of a sudden, a very naughty thought just popped into my head: "why not do the dirty in my draws!" I felt a rush of excitement run over me at the thought. I decided I would do it. I went off by myself to a far corner of the playground, and squatted down and began to push. Slowly, but surely, a huge poop log began to come out. It was really heavy and dropped in my underwear like a cannon ball, and weighted them down. I felt so naughty, and I knew I deserved to be punished severely, but I decided to enjoy it a while. The warm poop felt so good in my underwear, against the cold winter day. Plus, I had my snow pants on, so I couldn't smell it at first. But then all of a sudden, the smell hit me like a ton of bricks. I knew I needed to be changed, and decided to go tell the recess monitor before any of my freinds found out. The school principle was on recess duty that day, so I went up to him and asked if I could go inside because I needed new underwear. He looked at me suspiciously, and said: "young man, why do you need new underpants? Did you do a "nasty" in your underwear. I shamefully siad yes, and he turned me around and saw the bulge in my snow pants. He sighed and said " lets get you changed." So he took me to the nurses office. On the way there, Another teacher asked where we are going, and he said Kevin has done a big poop in his snow pants and needs to be changed like a baby. Then we walked away. i was so embarrassed that he said that. I went into the nurses office and she gave me new pants and underwear. When I got home, My dad confronted me. He said the principle called and told him what I had done. My dad was pretty mad, because he sensed I had done it on purpose. He pulled me right over his knee, pulled my pants down, and gave me five good swats right on my now clean bottom. It hurt, but I felt I kind of deserved it, because pooping your pants on purpose is kind of wrong! LOL


Toilet training my sun (Update) and comments

To Mina: Thanks for the hints on the squat toilets in japan and the thing about the hood. It is a pitty that we in germany don't really have the chance to try such facility. How do handycaped people deal with those toilets?

Today my son was in mode for provocation all the time. So it ended up that my wife left for some time to calm down and I was alone with hinm. Right after taking a bath he had to do a number two - he had farted badly all the time before. So I put him on his special seat and he enjoyed taking a nice and ling crap. It crazy that even kids with a few years just feel the pleasure of releave and stinking up the place. Whe he was done I wiped his ass as good as I could - the narrow space in the seat is not very helpful with this. At the end I was sure that every thing was gone, but somehow he managed to hit his underware nad pants. Later we found a poop nugget in front of the toilet.

Things will hoepfully be alot easier if he can sit on a normal toilet seat with a handle for support.

I mysewlf had to releaving poops at work.



My Tavern Bathroom Experience

A couple of times a month Diver and I go to a local tavern on Sunday afternoons to socialize and watch games on the big screen. Lots of beer is consumed and tavern has some of the best sandwiches in the area. So we were about two hours into our stay when Diver came back from the bathroom and a couple of his friends noticed he had his fly open. After they laughed it off (I felt sorry for him!) I realized I wasn't going to make it until halftime to get on the toilet. The game was close, but I knew that my bladder bursting would be bad so I made my walk across the room and into the aisle that led to the bathrooms.

The ladies door was open and I felt good about that. This building was put up in 1948 so its really old fashioned. There were two inside latches on the inside door that I had to secure. I've heard that drunks will go into the wrong bathroom. Sometimes they get hostile with a door even if its closed and give you a surprise. I pulled the chain to turn on the light on top of the toilet. I flickered. No problem, I figured, because there's a half window at head level above the person sitting on the toilet. Someone had opened the latch about 30 percent and it was a little cold, but I reasoned that the fresh air was probably covering up something I didn't want to smell. But there was some smoke coming into the room and I figured out there were some guys having a smoke right on the other side of the wall in the parking lot. There were a lot of playful insults being thrown around, some really gross language that would get them fired if they worked for my financial institution, and I wasted no time in pulling my jeans and black thong down to seat myself.

In doing so, I noticed from the natural light, that the stains in the toilet had not been cleaned since the last time I used the bathroom. The toilet seat is badly stained and cracked and the type my mom wouldn't have allowed me to sit on directly without toilet paper under me like 20 years ago. As I took my seat which was mid-cool due to the open window, I looked on each side of me. There was a filthy red plunger on each side of me. Really gross crap was caked onto each. I looked between my legs and saw three pubic hairs that weren't mine sitting on the front of the seat. I got to thinking about the advantages of many public seats that have that cut-out thing on the front. I took some toilet paper and wiped them into the bowl just about the time my pee started. Just about that time, it seemed like there was trouble right behind me. I heard a couple of crashes, like motorcycles falling over and then it seemed like a lot of insults being thrown, followed by a fight. In the two minutes or so it took me to empty my bladder, it seemed to be out of control behind me. I wiped, stood up and flushed, and by the time I got back to our table, about half the patrons in the tavern were just coming back in after the fight.

Those at one table had been kicked out and one of Diver's friends asked him to reach back and get their pitcher so that we could finish it off. The second half of the game was a lot more calm. But I was surprised when I had to go back in and pee again about 30 minutes later. I sat there draining my bladder thinking about how quiet it now was. All I could hear was the music going in a few cars going by on the highway. I noticed that one of the plungers had been used since my list trip in there. There was a clod of black crap hanging from it and imprinting on the concrete. For a moment I wanted to put my head between my legs and puke. About an hour later I had to have my crap. Diver was surprised, but I told him I was going to walk across the highway to a C-store. That was very unadventurous with one exception. They had a PA system going into the bathroom and they were paging from additional checkout help.

Yuki Y

awkward bathroom experience

Last week, I had a urgent business meeting in the office that I needed to attend. After the meeting ended, I excused myself to go to the women's toilet just down the corridor. I walked quickly to the toilet and ran to the nearest stall I found available.

I found an empty stall right close to the door, so I closed the cubicle door but I forgot to lock the door, feeling confident that nobody would come into my big cubicle.

Before I sat down, I lifted the toilet seat cover down, took of my skirt since I did not wear any panties and hung my skirt on the hook in front of me sat down onto the toilet seat.

As I sat on the toilet with my 2 legs close apart, I started straining and few large pieces smooth slimy poop came out until someone opened my big cubicle and I was in shocked.

I had no time to react and also cover up my vagina with my pubic hair, it was exposed to my lady boss, Miyu who was the one that opened the door and she also closed the door and locked the door shortly after. And she came to me and bended on her two knees telling me in a real soft tone that she wanted to vomit soon as she was feeling queasy.

I was sitting on the toilet bowl this time, with my 2 legs wide apart I tried covering my vagina with one hand and one hand trying to find toilet paper in the dispenser when there was no toilet paper left.

I tried standing up from the toilet but Ayuda told me to stay seated on the seat as she leaned her head forward and started to vomiting.

Ayuda's vomit covered my hands which was covering my vagina and now I could not get my skirt from the hook.

At this time, there was nobody was at the toilet. It was just Ayuda and I. So I unlocked the door and walked out the cubicle without a skirt. I washed my vagina and hands in the bidet with soap and water.

After walking back to the cubicle, I took and wore my skirt back and I found Ayuda was sitting on the toilet taking a pee.

She apologised to me saying she's sorry so I gave her a hug and we left the office half an hour later.

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Annie it sounds like you had a really great poop.

To: Abby C great story.

To: Poppy-Olivia welcome back I look forward to reading your stories.

To: Donna first welcome to the site and great story it sounds like you both had some tough poops hopefully you were able to get the rest of your poop out and I look forward to anymore stories you may have thanks.

To: Carin great story.

To: Imogen great story.

Well that's all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS I love this site

Annie (Anny)

Soft/messy poop this morning after getting up

Hi everyone. I hope everyone's having a good day and keeping nice and warm on this February day. Not to mention, hopefully pooping and peeing well! I'm doing well and my body is co-operating well too. No constipation in a long time. I had a soft and urgent poop first thing this morning literally seconds after I woke up. In fact, the urge woke me up at around 9 am this morning. Had to rush to the bathroom, pull down my pj pants, leggings and underwear and sit on the toilet to let it out, it was so urgent. It wasn't diarrhea (luckily), but just a soft poop. I'm super careful not to relax my muscles too much first thing in the morning, until after I go to the washroom and take care of business first.

Happy pooping!



Sister's Potty Troubles

So one day after school I was watching my sister Lillie and she wanted to go get ice cream, so I said yes. We walked into Town and stopped at the local ice cream shop. I told her she can do whatever she wanted and will she got a rainbow sherbet Cohen I got myself a mint chocolate chip sundae. We are our icecream and I started to feel like I had to go to the bathroom pretty soon. Since we were in a shop though the bathroom is in the back and so I told Lilly that I was just gonna go to the bathroom and that she had to come with me. So I go in and sit down, and immediately begin to pee. Once I'm done peeing I then push slightly and a nice and solid piece of poo comes out. I fart a few times and one more log comes out. I feel done, so I wipe and ask Lillie if she needs to go and she says no. So then we begin walking back home in about halfway there Lillie just stops and says that her stomach really hurts. I ask her again if she needs to go to the bathroom and she says she does but she wants to wait till we get home. I can tell she's in discomfort but she insist on waiting till we get home to go to the bathroom. As soon as we get home she runs upstairs to the bathroom and she pops her self down on the toilet without even bothering to shut the door. I I walking to see if she's OK and she sitting there on the toilet trying to go but she says that she can't. I tell her to try some more but she can't seem to get anything out so then I tell her that we'll try again later. She doesn't seem to like to go in public but then she gets herself constipated. Usually we give her a bowl oatmeal and that seems to do the trick, but we're still gonna have to work with her to try to get her to go to the bathroom in public. That's all for today but hopefully I'll push again soon, bye-bye!

I've Been Trying to Fart More

Nothing exceptional,but my stress GOES to my ???? and I guess sine it's been ongoing, it feels painful abit until i let go,which I just did. It
sounded....violent, for lack of audio. 3 poots and I know i have more inside. Have a Nice One Guys (I've lingered on here for at least 7 years, so I sortof know my way around)

Uncle Harry

Childhood Memories

Hello everyone. Old Uncle Harry is Back again. Most of you probably don't remember me. Just look on pages 1700 and earlier. I have been busy and overseas for a while. This story is about what I remember of my earliest views of women urinating. We were on vacation one summer annd we made a stop so everyone could pee. I was 3 years old. My mother and aunt took me into the ladies room and my mother took me into the stall, He pulled down her shorts and panties and exposed her pussy, which had never seen before. Then she lifted the toilet lid and squatted over it. Quickly, a stream of urine poured out of her pussy. I don't recall if I asked her about her lack of a "wee-wee" like mine. I just watched. Soon, her stream stopped. A few more squirts came ouout and then she grabbed a piece of toilt paper, wiped her opening, and pulled up her panties and shorts. My aunt came out of her stall and we went back to the car.


What a strange set-up

Beautiful day today, went for a hike at a county park. Before we left, my wife and I both decided to hit the restrooms. I swung open the MEN'S restroom door, and right in clear view for everybody outside was a bank of urinals. Odd thing, was they all had partitions between them....all except the first urinal, which was right by the front door, so whoever is using that urinal, his penis, and urine flow, is clearly visable to everybody outside, yet, there is privacy between all the other, his urinal neighbor cannot see his penis, but women waiting outside can.... very odd

Uncle Harry

Childhood Recallations 2

Back again. Its still summer and Im still 3 years old. My parents hired a Nanny for me. One time she put me inn the bathtub and then said she had to make wee-wee first. She dropped her shorts and panties and sat down on the toilet. The toilet was right across from the tub and she sat with her legs wide apart. She suddenly started urinating very heavily. Then she told me not to look. I asked why and she said boys and girls arent suppossed to watch each either make wee-wee. I asked why and she said that was the rule. I didn't argue. Then I asked why girls didn't have wee-wees like mind. Thats so you can tell boys from girls I learned a lot later.


Hi Guys

My cold is getting better, but interestingly, my poop still seems to be smelling mild when I swear it seemed stronger before the cold. Oh well, I love the sensation of pooing more than the odor anyway! I love fantasizing about the sensations people experience when a big one stretches their anal opening wide as it passes. Also, when mom made me breakfast tacos yesterday I couldn't smell the bacon like I used to either (strange). Sadly if I have lost a bit of my smell, I feel I can conccur it even if it takes a while (I continue hope things are just still mending themselves from the virus though). When I dream about pooping, I don't smell it at all in my dreams. They're all about the sensations of the urge, and the final passing of the stool.Last night, I had a strange dream. I dreamt that I was incontinent, and loved the feel of needing to change my diaper. I had leakage of stool (the kind of issue were it leaks occasionally throughout the day), and I also loved the reward of a clean diaper. My bed played music, and the only songs it played was whatever I wanted it to. I was a magical monster too, because as the music played while I laid in bed, I danced involuntarily, and growled in excitement. Sometimes my excitement was so strong that I leaked poop in my diaper, and really messed it! I was a lazy monster that couldn't feel the need to poop, and that everyone enjoyed carrying me around, and swaddling me since I was really small. The dancing while laying in bed was a good spell that would make items appear out of thin air. I guess I was a monster human baby that danced in their crib lol! Anyway, bye!

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Kung Poo

Prune Juice

Any constipated people here tried prune juice? I've been drinking it for years to great effect. My best experience was when I was constipated for a week. I could only manage a few pellets each time I went, so on that Saturday morning, I downed a huge glass of prune juice before breakfast and waited.

Two hours later, I felt an uncontrollable need to poop.You know what's worse that straining out a large painful turd? Having one blast out of you with no preparation. The large turd shot right out like a torpedo, shooting straight for the toilet water, causing a huge backsplash. That hurt a lot. Then before I could recover, a whole lot of poop rushed out, smashing into the water, causing the whole bowl to be splattered with poop water.

But the relief!!! The relief from constipation was pure bliss.

Because of my own experience, I have recommended prune juice to anyone suffering from constipation. However, for some, it doesn't work. Based on my own experiments and me trying the methods out on friends and wife, I have come upon the most effective way to use prune juice as a laxative.

1. Always drink prune juice BEFORE a meal. Don't eat anything straight after either.

2. Drink it warm if possible.

3. Drink one full glass, or the maximum amount you can down at one. Too little and you'll just end up gassy. Then drink another glass of warm water either immediately or in about half an hour.

4. Pick a day you can stay home. If you have to be outside, make sure you have access to a toilet. Home is still most ideal as the body is most relaxed for full release.

5. When you feel a strong urge to go, go immediately. The juice has a rather short effective window. Pass the peak and the poo dried up and you may not clean out fully.

6. Don't push. Just relax. Let the juice do it's work. Pushing could actually cause an incomplete release. Just relax, and let it go. Don't pinch halfway either. Just sit, breath deeply, and relax.

7. You might go a few times. That's all right. You have not been going successfully. Your body is simply clearing out.

8. Once you're done, flush. Lift the toilet seat and check for specks of poop water. Gross I know, but the force of impact can very often cause specks to fly. Wipe down with your favourite toilet cleaner.

9. Eat your meals as per normal. Don't skip. What you want is to get your bowels moving as regularly as possible. A major clearing out may cause you to not have any poop to release the next day, and a regular intake of food will help your bowels move.

My constipated riends swear by this. Of course, a balanced diet has to be maintained. The prune juice is a cure, and should ideally not be used if your bowels are moving normally with a good diet. I know of some who drink a little each day to regulate. I'm won't recommend that as one might become reliant on it.

Another pleasant side effect many reported is arousal. It might be the happiness from the release or the stimulation of the necessary muscles, I don't know, but hey, that's something to look forward to.

And if you do follow my steps to great success, please, post your experience. Include in the details your gender, severity of constipation, size of poop and how it felt.


No Magic Pill

I am with Taylor....I enjoy a good poo and a wee.
I am an enema fan and say three enema in a row...what a relief.
As to public toilets....I enjoy using them....I can just sit and push and grunt. I select toilets where there are no queues and just ake my sweet time.


Ally H - Helping her little brother

@Ally H

The things we do for our loved ones, eh? It was very good of you to help your little brother use the toilet - especially on a day where everything was going wrong. Spreading his cheeks is going beyond the call of duty.

Take care,
Canadian Dreamer

Anna from Austria

to Mina and Anna from Cananda

@ the other Anna I really liked your lasted Story. I can understand you well.

I am also always happy when i have privicy when doing Number 2 in a public toilet.

@Mina About toilets in Japan I had only postive experience with toilets in Japan. I was amazed how modern and clean they were. Your advice was really helpful. I am in a hurry now, so I write a more detailed Report next time. Sorry for Keep you waiting.

The only unpleasant experience I had, when I had to poop on plane. I do not like this narrow toilets, and as I am quite explosive most of the time, i was embarrased that somebody in the plan could hear my pooping noise, although it was unlikly. But the worst Thing was the big smell. In the narrow bad ventilated toilet, the poop smell. I really hoped that nobody came into the toilet after me.

greetings form Austria


Annie (Anny)

Pooping after black coffee

Hi everyone. I'm on the toilet right now having a soft poop after brunch, one small cup of black coffee and a bottle and a glass of water. It's doing a good job of cleaning me out. If you need help pooping, I recommend you try this.

Happy pooping everyone


Abby C

First Night and Chorus Poop

This week my grandparents are watching us because my parents were on Vacation. So usually before I go to bed. I go to the bathroom for about 10 minutes. Tonight my grandfather was asleep and my grand mother was awake. So it was probably 11 at night I had been on my phone and never went so I walked in to my bedroom and dropped my pajama pants and undies to my ankles and let out 2 long turds and a 20 second stream of wet farts and diaheria.

This happened on Saturday when we were practicing for our chorus concert in March and we finished up our 2nd song and I asked if I could go to the bathroom and I was allowed to go so I walked to one of the farthest bathrooms in the school because I didnt want anybody in my class seeing me poop. And unfourtunately there were no stalls so I walked in and there was this young girl I think about 5 in the night classes she took off all her clothes and was sitting on the toilet and letting out a lot of farts and another girl was doing the same but she was on her toes pooping. And the girl next to me was letting out a snake like turd and it landed on the floor. So I got up on my toes and did a slight pushand let out a big turd so I wiped and left and I heard a big scream down the hall and my principal took the girl with the snake poop nude back to her office nude. So..... yeh xoxoxo


Reply to Brian

I definitely wouldn't take a magic pill. For me the best part of the day is when I go to the toilet first thing in the morning. There's little I enjoy more than climbing out of bed, sitting on the toilet and just completely relaxing, letting my body do whatever it wants in it's own time.

I love slowly waking up from my sleepy state while feeling the relief and pleasure of pooping, and then the added relief of emptying my bladder. I love being able to just relax and not worrying about how long I take, feeling my body take care of everything for me.


Back and Better Than Ever!

Hi guys! I'm finally back, a few of you might recognize me but I posted back in like late 2015. If you want to read any of those posts just search my name because it is very unusual lol. Anyway sorry I've been gone because high school has been pretty stressful for me for the past few years and I am going to graduate this spring/summer. Also my dog Snoopy has been having a bit of a battle with cancer but luckily he did end up surviving and so I'm really happy about that. I still have IBS but it seems to have gotten a little less severe so I'm happy about that. I don't have really any good stories that I can think of off the top of my head but I'll be going on a road trip this next weekend so I should have plenty of stories to tell about that. I also have acquired a little sister named Lillie (She was adopted because my parents can't have children anymore, and she's 5 years old)since I've been gone and I have some stories with her that I can share soon.I hopefully will post soon!


Feeling full

Hi everyone. I have been looking at this site for a long time now and decided i would post. I often wait when i have to poop until i am home because i am very vocal. I have a hard time pooping and have to push and grunt. So anyways i have been pretty constipated the last few days. I had to run out earlier today to walmart. As i was in walmart i started to feel like i really needed to poop bad and wasn't able to hold it so I found the bathroom and went into the far left stall. No one was in there when I went in. I pulled my pants down and farted when I bent over. What felt like a huge turd started to emerge. I was glad no one was in there because I knew I would have to start pushing. I took a deep breath and started pushing and grunting. It was almost out when I heard the door open and someone came in. She was an older lady and she took the stall right next to me. I thought to myself, oh no what do I do now. I sat quietly for a moment with this turd still just hanging. She started to pee so I thought maybe she would leave soon and I could finish. I had to get it out. But her pee ended quickly and she just sat there farting a little. I knew she had to poop to. I thought to myself, well here goes nothing. I took a deep breath and started pushing and grunting. Between grunts I apologized to her for making noise. She didn't say anything at first but then she sighed a sigh of relief and said, oh honey that's ok i have to do a little pushing myself. Nothing more was said but we both just sat there grunting and pushing. After about ten minutes I couldn't push anything else out even though I still felt like I had to go but nothing more would come out. So I wiped a few times as she was still grunting and I flushed and walked out. She said have a good day. I said you too. And I left. I am home now and still haven't been able to push it all out. Feeling miserable now. Has anyone else ever had anyone else grunting beside you in the toilet?


Question for girls

I just have a quick question. When you girls wear like a romper or one piece swimsuit, do you have to completely remove it to poop?


Steve A's survey

Just seen this and thought I'd add my answers.

1. TP or wet wipes?
Toilet paper, I don't like the feeling of wet wipes.

2. TP Roll forwards or backwards?
Forwards, I have to change it if its backwards.

3. Automatic flush or handle?
Handle or push button, I've only used an automatic flush once and hated it (maybe a story for another time if anyone is interested)

4. Soap or hand sanitizer?

5. Fan or air freshener? Window in the bathroom?
I love an open window, especially in summer! Feeling a cool gentle breeze on my back as I'm going and listening to the birds.

6. Reading on the toilet or just sitting there?
I just sit there in the morning but enjoy reading one of my magazines in the afternoon. It's not often I read on my phone because I've dropped it in the toilet before.

7. Plunger or snake if there's a clog?
A plunger is good enough for everything I've done.


What me and Heather did Saturday

This past Saturday morning both me and my friend Heather were assigned Saturday Schools. That's a 4 hour detention in a study hall where you are forced to study. Both of us are honor students and I do a lot of volunteer tutoring. Our crime was having food or drink in an "unauthorized area", which for us was the bathroom. Every morning we stop at a store across the street where they sell coffee and we drink it as we go into school and in the commons area and cafeteria. That's fully allowed. However, in the 30 to 45 minutes before the 1st hour bell rings as we sit and talk and sometimes compare homework. Usually at some point, one of us has to use the bathroom. Both of us go in to keep the other company. The previous night Heather's family had Mexican food. That's something she brags unconstipates her. So we leave our table, go into one of the main bathrooms, and after waiting to get two toilets next to one another, there was the opening.

About half the toilets have had their doors removed. I told Heather since she was going to crap to take the one with the door and I would take the undoored toilet next to her. She had a dress on so after I pulled down my sweats and white undies, I looked down and to the right and saw two things under the panel. Yellow undies that I didn't know she owned and her coffee cup. I was sipping from my cup with two hands on it when an assistant principal walked through. She seemed kind of angry. She walked all the way to the back of the large room, broke up a group that was just hanging out by the sinks, and she was carrying a fast-food sack and some wrappers to throw away. I didn't like the way she looked at me when she walked by. I heard her toss the trash and a couple of seconds later she was standing there looking at me with my legs spread, pee streaming and the coffee cup in my hands. Heather's cup was close to her undies at floor level and easy to see. Now several of the others leaving the bathroom started to slow up and stare at me and what was going on as I was forced to take my student ID off from around my neck and hand it to the principal.

She was copying information down from my ID card when Heather dropped the bomb with a sigh and splash so loud I had trouble suppressing my laughter. Then the principal knocked on Heather's door, asked for her ID and told us both she was going to throw our coffees out. Then she started to go into a softer rant about a lot of schools closing their bathrooms until the actual start of the school day because of trash, students hanging out, smoking, pranks, and a couple of other things I didn't understand were happening in the bathrooms. Then as she was writing up our Saturday School slips she started on another rant about why we don't use the bathroom before leaving home and how she just hated going to the bathroom at her high school like years back.

Heather seemed to be more upset about the Saturday School then me. Most of us got out after 3.5 hours for staying on-task. As we were at our lockers putting books away, Heather said she had been holding her crap for a couple of hours. (If you leave for the restroom you have to serve the whole four hours). She had been planning to stoop over the stool and deliberately drop her crap onto the seat. She said it would be a payback to the a****** principal. But after she stooped for a couple of minutes, but was unable to produce anything, I talked her into taking a seat. She was sure holding a lot in. It pretty much filled the toilet. After she showed me her work, she seated herself again and did her wiping. I felt good about talking her out of what she was planning. But she refused to flush and I did too.

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Abby C great story it sounds like you had a pretty desperate poop and your momm had really good big poop as well.

To: Miranda great story.

To: Abbie as always another great story about you and your friends pooping adventures.

To: Karen C im good and its good your feeling better hopefully you dont get a bad stomach flu like that again anytime soon.

To: Anna great story.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site


toilet accident

Hi Abbie,
I've sort of half had a poo accident, if that makes sense! Once, probably about 7/8 years ago, I 'sharted' (I think that's the word!) in that I thought I was going to fart, but it turned out to be a bit of poo. It made a mess of my knickers but luckily I was at home to clean up. I sat down on the toilet after that and had a
I have to admit I do have minor wee accidents every so often. I've written about some of these in my posts before.
If I'm really desperate I will normally feel a tight cramping in my bladder as a sign of 'Stop what you're doing and go for a wee now!'. If I ignore that for longer than a few minutes, the next cramp comes and normally results in a small leak. Then I'll have another couple of cramps with small leaks, then start slowly dribbling, then have full on spurts. Also, I tend to find that going to the loo is dangerous in itself because for some reason I always feel more desperate and leak as I get there, maybe it's the anticipation.
I think a lot of people leak when desperate but don't like to talk about it.
I was in a coffee shop earlier and needed a wee, so I went to the back where there was a cubicle. I waited a while as the door was on red, but then one of the staff passed and told me that it was stuck on red regardless of whether it was locked or not! Oops! I went in, locked the door, then pulled my jeans and lilac knickers down. I had to wait a little while but then a loud hissing wee came out, I wiped and left.


Victoria did survey, so I decided I do too. (I like Victoria.)

1. TP or wet wipes? TP always, but after wash with washlet.
2. TP roll forwards or backwards? Sorry, I don't understand. Is it mean, TP with paper which hang down very near to wall is backwards? If it is, I think backwards look better, but forwards is more useful.

3. Automatic flush or handle? I don't care. My loo is handle, but in office is push button.

4. Soap or hand sanitizer? Soap.

5. Fan or air freshener? Window in the loo? (I don't say bathroom because bath tub is in different room.) We have fan and window. But we use spray inside loo to go away smell of motion. We don't mind, but we don't like that it stay too long.

6. Reading on the toilet or just siting there? Just sitting. When I was girl I read but not now. I like to just relax. Also I talk little bit with friend, because when I doing motions, Maho or Kazuko or Hisae is at washbasin to make up face, and I leave door open, I don't like door between me and them. I stay long long time so when it is pause between motions, I am talk. But I don't talk so much.

7. Plunger or snake if there's a clog? Answer is, what is snake? I don't want snake in my loo, snake is poison. We don't have plunger. Most time we flush after some motions and then do more motions so we are no clog.

I talk to friends about this survey, their answers like mine. Kazuko she is joker, she sit on loo and I am at washbasin, she say, "Mina can you look in loo and see if there is snake? I scare, I don't want cobra bite my bottom." I look in loo, Many little brown snakes they are production of Kazu's beautiful bottom, but they are all dead, so don't bite. I say her, "snake is only little snake which your bottom produce. They is dead, so don't bite." Then I flush, and then Kazu produce many more smelly snake, and I feel warm feeling and think, I love Kazu so much.

To Kermit: Hisae say, if you use squat loo and you do a diarrhoea, never flush while you do. She did once when she was teen. It is fashion in Japan. Then she saw dirty water on jeans, it had pieces of her diarrhoea. She was shock very much. She never do that again. When she flush, she hold back her diarrhoea, then when flush finish she open beautiful bottom again and pour diarrhoea into loo. She say, be careful.

Love to everyone.

Mina and H.M.K.


to needs help: poop hurts

First question: Do you see blood on the toilet paper when you wipe? If you do, you need to see your doctor. If not, seeing the doctor might still be a good idea.

Next question: How often do you poop? Every day? Twice a day? Twice a week? If it's less frequent than every other day, you may be constipated. Again, the doctor can tell you what to do about that, and he can prescribe medicine or diet that should fix it.

You don't say how old you are. If you are a teenager or a pre-teen, you are in a part of your life that often includes very large bowel movements. Up to now, you are at least getting your turds out, which is good.

Does it hurt when the poop is actually coming out, or afterwards when wiping, or both? I was just reminded to ask that question because I had to interrupt writing this post in order to go and poop, and the last few days I have had a bit of pain from an anal fissure, which is a little crack on the anus itself. It doesn't hurt when the poop is coming out (and I just had a big one!), but wiping can hurt. A fissure usually heals itself within a few days to a couple weeks, but you can also put gentle salves or other medicines on it that will help. I use a single dab of Noxzema or the like on the last wipe whenever I poop at home, and it cleans the anal region and makes it feel good.

Again, I suggest you see the doctor. Don't be embarrassed to do that: he knows you poop--indeed, everyone does--and he has seen people with your trouble before. If it needs fixing in some way, he will know. Good luck!

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

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