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pooping myself as a kid

hi guys so i will introduce myself i'm male 27 have a physical disability i'm very lucky as i can do a lot of things on my own and things myself the only thing really affected is my legs anyway growing up i was not in special education or anything but i knew a few kids that were but when i was about 7 i met a girl who developmentally just could not be potty trained even though she was the same age my mom trained me very early i was maybe 1 so i never really got to be self aware of diapers or accidents till then so for me here i had a girl who was the same age who never ever used a toilet for me being physically disabled it was always a bigger production than most one day i saw her and was kinda hideing away in the hallway the small wall space next to the library as i got closer i wondered what she was doing turns out she was pooping she looked at me said hi then went back to what she was doing she was squatting and obviously had some body functions awareness because she pushed and strained till she was done she stood up found a teacher who took her to get changed i could not stop thinking about it how it must be nice to just "go" like that do when class started again after recess it was computer lab and i felt the need to go poop when i was young i was often constipated and would take 30 45 minutes for a poop i hated the thought of missing computer lab because we played games so i kept thinking about what i saw that girl do so i started pushing hard but quitely and in 30 minutes i was finished i was quickly discovered by my teacher who tried to call my parents who were not at home so i actually had no choice but to sit in it the rest of the day when i rode home on the bus and mom smelled my mess she was very mad but i have to admit i didn't really mind pooping myself or sitting in it from then on to about 16 i would often poop myself
i hope you guys like my first poop story and don't find it or me strange? i have never shared it with anyone before
i apologize for the length i would love to share more with you if you guys like ?
also please continue to share with me your poop stories i know i can't be the only person who pooped theirselves on purpose atlest i hope not i feel wierd enough :)

goodnight guys


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The first time I pooped my pants (about 10 years ago) on purpose and have done it several times since for medical reasons.
At the time I was suffering a bout of constipation and only get the urge to evacuate occasionally and often at a time that I could not get to a toilet in time...the urge would go and so the constipation continued.
I was having an abdominal X-ray to review my bothersome colon and had not had a movement for a few days despite heaps of laxatives. I had to arrive at the hospital an hour early and drink a large jug of strange tasting water for the x-ray and then put on the table and given a contrast injection....I then felt extremely hot and then the overwhelming urge to poo....I would have loved to sit on the toilet or to have a bed pan under me...I was about to call for help but the urge suddenly stopped and I felt OK....after the X-ray I was driving and almost home and needed to fart...lifted my bottom off the seat a little to let out a fart and I got more than expected...some runny poo spurted out into my undies....and then the urge hit....would I have time to make it to the toilet whilst the urge was still there? Having felt so frustrated that I could not have had a poo during the x-ray I answered the call of nature in the drivers seat of the car with a big push and my undies, the crotch, filled up with mushy shit...I arrived home a minute later and waddled to the door ...pushing more shit out as I walked...into the bathroom...stepped into the shower and undressed....sat on the toilet getting poo over the seat as there was so much on my bum and did even the conclusion the undies were put in the garbage and the trousers benefited from the garden hose.. I felt just so much was unbelievable to have such a big poo after so much constipation!!!!
I now wear pull-ups and still get constipated....if I have a situation where there is a stubborn turd in my rectum I use two micro enemas and very quickly I get the urge and uncontrollable leakage...but i make use of that overbearing urge and push like no tomorrow and eject that offending stool in my pull ups...the actual enema dominant part of the reaction only lasts several second so to get the best benefit pushing has to begin right there and I am not is a medical necessity.

Friday, January 20, 2017

Reading your stories has helped me to not feel as bad about what happened to me last weekend.

I’ve always been embarrassed about pooping. I know it’s something everybody does, however I’ve always been a naturally shy person and worried if my habits are normal.

Last weekend we were staying with my boyfriend’s parents. I hadn’t had a poo for several days " the thought of going away from home tends to bung me up. As we were packing our bags to leave I could feel one coming on however thought I could hold it in until we were home.
The urge went, only to come back again just as we were saying our goodbyes. Trying to relieve the pressure I did what I thought was going to be a silent fart. It wasn’t. Everyone looked at me and then the hall filled up with a really unpleasant smell. I could feel my heart starting to beat fast and the embarrassment take over.

My boyfriend’s mum casually asked if I needed to use the loo before I went. I never needed to poo so badly, so felt like I had no choice.
Their toilet was under the stairs " there was literally a thin wall between me and everyone else. I sat down and instantly felt this gigantic poo working its way out of my bottom. There was a loud splash. I could feel that there was more to come so pushed with my whole body. I let out a massive fart followed by the plopping of some smaller bits of poo.

I looked in the toilet and had never seen so much poo. I wiped as quickly as I could and when I came out everyone was giving me an odd look.

Afterwards, in the car, my boyfriends asked me if I was ok. I asked him to never mention it again.

Is it normal for your body to store poo up like this? Do you think my boyfriend's family now think I have some crazy digestive system? How can I feel more comfortable having a poo away from home?


In reply to Chloe

Hey Chloe,

did your parents find it out eventually?

And yes, you did the wrong thing. You could have just told them the reason.

But honestly, are backmarks really a big deal? I am 19, male, and my shit is usually a bit mushy, and I rarely manage to get myself wiped up often.

So I also tend to leave backmarks in my underwear. My mom saw it, but she never asked for me. (And yes, it be really emberassing if my mom pulled down my pants everyday)

I think backmarks are normal.

Lee from Europe

Hi, it's Anna from Canada, I am so sorry I haven't posted in a while but I was so busy. Anyway, I have a small story that happened today that I thought would be good to post here.

I was in class this morning and by the end I really needed to go to the bathroom. When we were all leaving I told my friends that I would be right back and headed to the small washroom at the end of the hall. Another girl from my class was right ahead of me. She is a tall redhead that everybody calls Bebe. Bebe was wearing an adorable white down jacket and purple yoga pants. I also noticed she had a bit of a visible panty line going on where her pants stretched over her bum. Bebe is not really a big girl, but she has quite a hefty rear end and I guess that made the panty thing worse. Anyway, I was a bit dissapointed that she went into the washroom as well, as I needed to do a number two and would have enjoyed some privacy. Just as I went in, I saw Bebe come out of the last stall. She smiled and was like, "no paper" and then took the middle stall. I said "thanks" and took the first of the three stalls. I locked the door, put down my bag and then pushed down my jeans and blue string. I plopped my bum on the seat and immediately started to pee. Bebe was peeing too, but her's was more of a trickled, while I did a hissing stream into my toilet. When I was done I decided to hold my poo for a bit to see if she would leave. There were no more peeing sounds from the other stall, but she didn't wipe or anything. Instead she was just shifting around a bit and that's it. I guessed that she was probably waiting for me to leave as well, and that she needed a poo and was embarrassed to do it on the school toilet with the neighbouring stall occupied. Anyway, I figured I would wait a bit just to see what would happen and I started to browse some stuff on my phone. Sure enough after about half a minute Bebe blasted a loud wet fart into her toilet and then the sound of sloppy poops crackling out of her bum and splashing into the bowl came from her stall. I don't know if she just got tired of waiting or if she really couldn't hold it any longer, but it sounded pretty urgent, so maybe it was the latter. Anyway, I started my poo as well, with a fart of my own and then I quickly dropped two big turds that made loud splashes in the bowl. I was hoping that maybe Bebe would feel better now that she knew I needed to poo, too. She kept pushing out what sounded like a number of soft turds while making little grunting noises. I had to wait a bit and then had a third poo come out. Then I felt all empty and I pulled off some paper to wipe. Oh, my number two didn't smell very bad, but Bebe's was pretty stinky! Anyway, I did my front and then cleaned up my bum. I pulled up my pants and flushed and when I left the stall, Bebe was wiping, too. I washed my hands and she was taking ages to clean up. She wasn't even done when I left. Later I saw her in my next class and she blushed a bit, so I guess she really was embarrassed by her poo.

Anyway, that's my story and I hope you all liked it.


Out-of-routine peeing problems

There was a time, I think during the winter of my 2nd grade year, when my mother had to leave town for a few days. She hadn't paid for the school bus that year because she was driving me to school. So now for a few days Dad had to do it. Only problem was that he had to be downtown and at his work about an hour earlier than Mom would take me. I knew I didn't like the change of routine, but Dad pretty much came in my room, woke me up, had my breakfast ready and went to my room and put my clothes out on my bed while I was eating. Right after I dressed, he was shoving me toward the back door. Only problem was that Mom always made me do a bathroom stop. This was part of the routine. I preferred having my first wee of the day at home. Sometimes, I would poo a bit too. You see some of the toilets at school were running over, had wee splashed on the seat, and some would be out of toilet paper. But on this day Dad hustled me to the car. Dropped me off at the main entrance to the building with my bag, and then tore off as soon as my feet hit the sidewalk.

It was a bit chilly out there, even with my coat. I think it was sometime in October. There were lights on in the building. But I became scared because each of the six or eight doors I tried wouldn't open. Then I saw this large sign hanging from one of the doors. Out! I remembered our teacher had told us about that and what it meant. That meant the weather was good and we had to stay outside until like 15 minutes before the bell rang and the teachers opened the door for us. It was probably about an hours or 45 minute wait, but to me it was a lot, lot longer. A few others started to assemble after a few minutes. As I sat on the step, the pain between my legs became apparent. I knew I was going to have to wee. I was hopeful I could hold it. The pain became more intense. So I got up and walked around to the other side of the school. I had a dress on and I thought about just sitting on a small stair there, pulling my underwear down, and relieving myself. I thought I was lucky because I had a dress on and that made what I was about to do easier. And no one would see it. The bushes on both sides of me were huge. So I slowly pulled my underwear down. My underside was frozen by the cold concrete. There was some sand or cinders under me too that stung me. I felt a trickle come. I felt good for a moment. Then when I looked down I saw that I was sitting too far back on the stair and a puddle was forming right under me. I had to think about how to get it to go down onto the next stair. I quickly used my hands to slide myself forward. That hurt me even worse. I was convinced a couple knives were cutting into my skin. For some reason now, my drain was plugged and I couldn't get it going again. If anything, the pain got more intense.

More cars were coming around the corner so I knew the school bell should be ringing. So I pulled my underwear up, looked at the small amount of liquid on the step, and went back to the front door. Within a couple of minutes the bell rang, and I moved up the stairs as fast as I could. I went right to the bathroom. So fast that I bumped into a lady who I think was a substitute teacher. She was carrying a coffee mug, grabbed at my coat to slow me down, and then was continuing to say something mean about not having used the bathroom at home as I quickly ran for the first available stall. I threw my bag aside, yanked my underwear down, upped my skirt, and dropped myself onto the seat. I could still feel the cinders and sand cut at my skin, but the ability to do my wee normally was more important. That substitute lady walked in and since the stall door gave me only half privacy, she started on me again about me getting to my class on time. While I sat, she got on another girl down the line about not flushing and not washing her hands. Thinking about it now, ten years later, is seems a bit inconsistent because we were both going to be late to class.

I remember standing and cleaning myself of the cinders and sand. And, of course, I had some extra wiping to do. On each side of the black seat there were souvenirs of that step. The small pre-cut pieces of toilet paper made my task harder. I was getting frustrated as the next bell rang. I knew it meant I was late. But I knew I should wipe the sand off the seat before I flushed the toilet. I didn't want that substitute lady to go off on me again. I lucked out because she had left. So I grabbed my bag and ran off to class without washing my hands. Everyone looked at me as I yanked the door open to our classroom. And that substitute lady was our teacher and she looked at me in a really horrible way. I couldn't walk down the aisle and get into my seat fast enough. At about 11:30 as our class was walking together to lunch, I had to ask her permission because I had been holding my crap for about an hour. If looks could kill, I would have been dead. She told me to hurry and with the notice of my whole class, I went back to the bathroom. Only one of the doorless stalls was available at this time. I gladly took it, threw myself onto the toilet with just enough time to yank my underwear down, and my soft poo exited fast. Even then, and this was four hours later, my butt cheeks were still sore. I knew I had to worry about getting back ASAP so I only did one wipe. It wasn't enough, I knew, but I hurried to the sink to fastly wash my hands for lunch. I quickly dried them and noticed that an older girl was standing over my toilet, turned and gave me a mean look, but then she reached down and did my flush.

Now, about 10 years later, I'm a lot more confident. Probably more adaptable too. But when I'm trying hard and someone gives me attitude, I just think to myself "F### Y##" but I smile, keep it to myself, and don't let it ruin my day. By the way, that substitute lady was hired as a regular teacher when I was in middle school. I was lucky I wasn't assigned to her class.


In the Eye of the Storm

Hurricane Sandy made landfall in New York. Meanwhile, those of us on the North Shore in Massachusetts still had to work, in spite of the freezing rain and the forty mile an hour winds.

I suppose I got off light, since I was working the opening shift and the worst of the rain hadn't begun to fall. I'm not sure how lucky you think I am considering I had to walk in that nasty rain, all the way home. (No, the bus was not an option at this time.)

But, oddly enough, there was a bright side. As a result of drinking hot beverages all morning to cope with the wind and the rain I had to chase shopping carts in, I had a very desperate urge to pee. In true fashion, the weather was not helping that urge.

I have peed my pants before. Sometimes I just do it because I can, but the claminess and having to walk home in wet, smelly pants is never worth it.
This was one of those moments when I thought, well, I'm already wet as is, this can't make things worse. So I stopped and let it go.

I don't remember how cold it was, only that as I was seeing, it felt like I was see standing in a hot tub. It was the first time I wet myself on purpose and actually enjoyed the result.

For the record, I don't recommend going out into disaster weather just to recreate this experience, even if you think it's relatively safe.


Shelf toilets - Louisa

Hi Louisa,
The purpose of the shelf design is exactly what you suggest as a plus side!
It allows you to check your own productions so that you can keep yourself in good health and make a visit to your doctor if you see blood etc.
That's not so easy once they've landed in water.



To Canada Pooper

Hey I have pooped my pants on purpose before. I did it after I had an accident walking home from the bus stop when I was 12. Here is the story

My start in pooping my pants, started when I was 12. I was at school and had to go bad, but I didnt want to go at school so I held it, for 4 hours. It was bad but I made it, then came the bus ride home. All that bouncing was just too much and by the time I made it to my stop, I was touching cloth. So I got up out of my seat to get off the bus and hurriedly left it, hoping no one smelt my situation, which thankfully they didnt, at least that I know of. So I had a 2 block walk then, but I was already in a situation, so I tried to make it, and I almost did. But at 5 houses away I got a game over cramp, and a huge load filled my then tighty whities. I then waddled the last 5 houses, thankful that no one was home. But after doing it I got this rush, that felt so good. So a week later I had the house to myself and I had to go, so I went into the bathroom, took my pants off but not my tighties and sat on the toilet and pushed. That was 10 years ago, and even to this day I do it occasionally on purpose.


Reply to Canada Pooper

I've only really had an accident on purpose once when I was sixteen. I had come home to an empty house after a long day at college, and having spent the whole day without going to the toilet I went straight upstairs to the bathroom. My relief was only seconds away and that meant my body decided to let go early, sending little dribbles into my underwear.

I spent about a minute struggling with the zip on my jeans when I just lost it and started to pee properly and uncontrollably. Not wanting to make a mess I sat on the toilet anyway and let it out, completely soaking the back of my jeans. The relief was unreal and totally worth the wet clothes.

As I was finishing I felt another urge back there and my curious side took over. I had been lurking this site for years and read lots of stories about accidents, but never had one myself. I wanted to know what it was like. I hated the knickers I was wearing because they were too small, my jeans needed washing anyway and I had the place to myself so I decided to try it !

I relaxed and tried to pretend I was undressed on the toilet and not about to go in my underwear, waiting for it to happen. I quickly realized that wasn't going to work so I gave a little push to get things going and was amazed at how fast things progressed. Once I started I didn't need to push anymore. I felt resistance and then my knickers getting tight at the back as a soft load pushed its way into them. I reached behind and could clearly feel a bulge back there. I couldn't believe what I had just done.

I still wasn't done so I didn't fight it and just let it happen, that was a mistake. My body pushed a second load into my knickers, it spreading outwards and filling them to capacity. It just seemed to keep going and going. I let out a few seconds of wee and slowly stood up , and spent the next five minutes wrestling with my jeans.

I carefully pulled down my jeans and was hit with the smell of a healthy poop, it smells so much worse when not in the water. I took them off and slowly pulled down my underwear, amazed at how much was in there. The back was completely filled and if I went any more they would have leaked. I left them on the floor to deal with later and finished undressing before having a shower. I tied my underwear in a bag, washed my jeans and carried on with my day like normal. Nobody suspected a thing!


Back to College

I've been back at school for a week and have had some interesting shits to say the least. I'll talk about the one I had today, I hadn't gone for 2 days before and this morning when I got up and when I got to school, I heard my stomach rumbling. It took me an hour to drive to school. I had a math class in the morning, so I had to wait till it was over, luckily the professor let us go early. I went to the building of my next class, it was Biology, so I went to the big science building on campus. The toilets there are known for being weak. I walked into the bathroom on the first floor, and I could smell someone was taking a shit. I didn't feel like company today, so I sat outside on one of the benches, looking over notes. Eventually he came out, he looked kinda rough, like a skate I could say, that thin build. After he left, and was in the clear, I went into the bathroom and into the stall on the edge of the bathroom.
It didn't smell bad, but there were a few dark skidmarks on the toilet. I hurridely shut the door and pulled down my pants, I pulled out my phone and began to text as I pushed the shit out. Two thick logs exited my ass, as well as some mushy shit I could hear hissing and thudding on top of my existing load. By this time I was hit by a horrible stink from the toilet, apparently I was stinking out the bathroom. It took me about ten minutes to wipe and clean myself because I had not brought my baby wipes to the bathroom this day. I flushed once, but it didn't go down, there was my logs and pile of soft shit in the middle of the toilet, and several wads of thick bunches of TP by the drain. I had to flush 3 more times for it to go down, and I had to hold the lever down. The way this toilet works is the fact that, is you have to hold the lever down in order for it to flush.

Later that day, I've began to have some rumbling in my guts. I went to the library after my science class and went in one of their more private bathrooms. I went to the second floor and went into a stall there. I sat down and felt my stomach. At that moment a bigger guy went into the stall next to me. I felt like breaking the ice, so I began to fart loudly as quite a bit of soft shit splattered into the bowl, the guy next to me did the same, it sounded like he really needed to shit. It began to smell really bad, but mostly from me. It was about ten more minutes and I began to wipe my bum. It took me about five minutes to get clean, and this time there was blood on the toilet paper, because my college has cheap TP, and I often rub myself raw, thus why I bring baby wipes. I stood up and saw a bowl full of soft shit. I flushed and left the bathroom.

Abby C

Big Poop at Home

So yesterday was a good day. I had an interview and then a field trip although I was Feeling lightheaded and stayed at home. I was laying on the couch watching Netflix in my pink T-shirt and yoga pants with a headache and I was also coming down with a cold so I tried to lay down although about 2 minutes later I was getting cramps. So I walked to my ensuit in my room because I didn't want anybody to see the good thing was my room is on the 3rd floor. I walked into the bathroom made sure I locked the door (if you saw my old posts). I pulled down my yoga pants down to my ankles I was waiting and waiting then I realized I really had to start shaving my down below. Then I started pushing hard a big long poop started coming since I was home alone I took off all my clothes including my bra taking out my big ?????. And got up on my toes and started pushing and the log was about 2 feet long and then a bunch of diaherria. Then I sat back down and wiped. Thank you for reading and there will be more stories in the future.
Abby C

Did anyone else get in trouble growing up over pooping? My older brother seemed to have the runs quite a bit & our dad was convinced that he was pooping his pants on purpose. He was in the 2nd grade. He used to tear my brother's ass up with a belt after an incident. I remember seeing my brother crying, standing at the bathroom sink, washing out his tighty whiteys. We laugh about it now, but that was a hell of a way to learn body control. Having gotten the belt for other infractions (usually mouthing off), I know that dad did not play around. Most of my friends grew up the same way back in the 70's & 80's. It was a different world back then.

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Maria great set of stories it sounds like you had some good poops.

To: Anna it sounds like you and Bebe both had really good poops and I bet you both felt good afterwards.

To: Carin great story I bet you felt amazing after getting that monster poop out.

To: Allison great story it sounds like that woman was really desperate and had to go alot and it sounds like you had a good poop as well.

To: Abbie great story as always.

To: Tech Guy great story you were a big help to Kathy when was in need.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site

Hi everyone, I have new story, I try to keep short, but maybe it will be long, if I think you yawn I try to cut into 2 parts.

Last Saturday Maho got mail from her friend Shinri ( I change name) she want to see Maho to get help a bit with document. I don't tell detail, it is not this site material.

So Maho say, come round. Shinri came. Maho very happy to see her, she shout hisashiburi, it means long time no see. And she introduce Hisae and me. Shinri is pretty girl, even she look a bit like me and I am not pretty. Her features more rounded than me, especially nose and eyes more rounded, but basic head shape and face expression are same. And she is more slimmer than me. She wear white jeans, they show very well her pretty slim bottom.

Maho and Shinri go into beige flat, they can have quiet there, I and Hisae stay green flat and think about dinner, we want to make nabe, it is Japanese hotpot. We have many vegetables in fridge, Chinese cabbage and leek and mushroom and carrot and many more, so we mail Kazuko, please bring meat and fish we say. Kazuko always buy too big quantity, but she eat all so it's OK. Kazuko's stomach has no bottom, so food go in more and more and more and she never full. And she keep beautiful body, she never get fat.

Kazuko come home with huge bag full of meat and fish and many food. And Maho and Shinri come back to green flat after work finish. Maho say Shinri, look all this food, please stay with us for dinner. Shinri stop and think. I can see in her face, she want to have dinner with us. But she think she have to say no to be polite. Maho read thought. "You don't need polite," she say. "If you are free you stay!! I don't see you long time, why you want to go away so quickly? Look at Mina and Hisae and Kazu, they all hope you stay, you can see in their eyes."

So Shinri say, OK I stay, and all four of us we say, Yiiiiii! It is happy sound. So we prepare nabe. Shinri help. We put hotpot soup made from soy bean milk, it is our favourite one, and vegetables, Shinri say, we eat all that?? Kazu say, of course. You think it is too big, but when you start eat, you forget, and it all go down. Of course you are hungry! Shinri say, little bit hungry, but at same time her stomach make big noise. We all laugh.

We put dishes and chopsticks and sit down at table and start eat and drink. Like Kazu say, after a while all gone, so more vegetables out of fridge and into hotpot. And we drink lot of beer and then wine. Shinri is very good drinker. Actually we are all strong drinker, we drink lots, but we never drunk. So after party we can take bath, hot bath is not good if you drunk, but we are not drunk.

We put on TV and first thing we see, train stopped! Because it is snow! We look out from window, and all white! Snow fall very heavy. Maho say to Shinri, you can stay this flat if you like. We have futon. Shinri think a bit and say OK and thanks. Maho find for her pyjamas and toothbrush. And she take bath while we clear away table and make tea. Then we all take bath one after other and we talk and talk and talk. Shinri is friendly very much, difficult to think we see her first time, except for Maho.

Of course finally we are sleepy, so we go to bed. Maho and me in green flat with Shinri. Kazuko and Hisae go to beige flat.

Next day Sunday so we sleep bit late, and we wake up about same time because when we got out of bed or futon, Kazuko and Hisae come in from beige flat. So we sit at table again and have big breakfast.

After breakfast Shinri look uncomfortable little bit, and she say to Maho in little voice, it is OK I go to loo?

Actually I am thinking same thing, and I think Hisae and Kazuko too. But Shinri is guest, so it is OK she go first. Maho say, of course. Take your time. Shinri go into loo.

Two minutes later, she come out. But almost same time, she show pain on face. Maho say, "what's the matter Shinri?" Shinri's face go very red. She say in little voice, "I need loo again...." Maho shout, "why you come out so soon! Go to loo and stay there until you finish!! You don't need embarrass! We all go to loo and we take long time."

So Shinri go into loo with red face and close door and lock. Kazuko and Hisae also get up, they say to us, "is it OK we go to beige loo?" Maho say, OK, how about you Mina?" I say, I can wait. I don't want Maho be alone.

We can hear bururururu noise from loo. And again and again. Not so long ones, but many many. Sometimes quite long pause, then burururururu - bururururururu - bururururururu. And sometimes sigh from Shinri. Soon smell come under door. But her bottom still busy, we hear more noise. She flush once, then more burururururu.

After nearly 15 minutes she flush again and then she come out. "Sorry sorry," she say. Maho say, "you quite finish? Do you have a diarrhoea?" Shinri say, not diarrhoea because now I feel good, but I did very soft one. Where is Kazuko and Hisae?" Maho say, "they are in loo in other flat." And I get up from chair and move towards loo. I look at Maho, she give small nod, mean she don't go yet so I can go.

Of course I want to sit down long long time. My bottom feel very very full. But I think, that is good thing, because if I do huge motion like Shinri, she don't embarrass so much. So when I feel first motion coming, I raise bottom little bit so plop noise will be bigger and Shinri don't embarrass. I made six plop noises, Happy!! Of course I have to close door, if Shinri see we do motions together and wipe bottom each other, she very shocked I think! But I am sure Kazuko and Hisae wipe bottom each other in beige flat.

After flush I make more plop noise, then I make burururururu noise. Happy! Now Shinri don't embarrass. I can't hear so well conversation but I think Shinri and Maho talking about motions. I also hear Hisae and Kazuko come back from own motions in beige flat.

But I have to stay on loo little bit more, my bottom say, not finish yet. I am happy I need to take long time. So it is not only Shinri who stay there forever.

Finally I finish and sit down at table with others. We talk many things especially we talk about snow. But it seems, trains are running. After little while Maho stand up. We all look at her. She say in big voice, Yes I Do! and go into loo and close door. So we laugh. From inside loo, Maho shout, "You don't need laugh!!" Then her bottom became to be busy, we hear plop sounds many and many.

Shinri seems not embarrass any more. Maho is in loo long time of course. Kazuko tell Shinri about her mother, that story break ice completely.

After long time Maho come out. So we all did motions to content of heart even Shinri. I am so glad Shinri not embarrass any more. It is sad that people can't enjoy healthy motion because of embarrass. If Shinri come to stay here again, I hope she do motion long time and big volume without embarrass.

Shinri have to go home in afternoon. She is teacher and she have to prepare class. Maho go with her to station. Still snowing, but trains begin run. Shinri put on coat and hood, and shake hands Kazuko and Hisae, but when she come to me, she hesitate, and then suddenly she give me hug. Why me? And she has big power her arms. Then she hug Hisae and Kazuko too and go out into snow with Maho.

She send mail in evening, she say "I had wonderful time!!". We are happy she get home safe.

Anna from Austria, I am happy my advice useful. I am look forward to your story!

Love to everyone. Enjoy in loo and everywhere!


Wednesday, January 18, 2017


Bathroom Experience

In response to survey by End Stall Em
1. My last public toilet experience was last week..had to do both and was on way home....I have used these public toilets many times and I use public toilets often, generally.
The toilets are in a very lovely local park and are unisex, which I prefer because I think the men might be a bit cleaner if women are to use the same toilets.
The toilets are not that flash...made of metal but cleaned often.
2. Did not have to wait...there was nobody there and that is mostly the case....there a 4 toilets and a trough.
Once I was at a shopping center and had not done a poo for 4 days and took a laxative the night before...the urge hit viciously...I walked towards the gents and there was a fella who walked in ahead of me with real purpose. Unusually there was a queue for a cubicle...he clapped loudly and yelled out..."come on boys...push!"....I gave up and thought I would try my luck at the disabled toilet next door..the poo was pushing out of my hole so I did not have the luxury of waiting. The disabled toilet was vacant but to close it you have to press a green button and the door slowly closes...I pressed the said button and jumped onto the throne..even though the door was not yet fully closed and dropped one very large turd in double quick time...I was wearing pads at that stage and there was a bit of poo on them which I rubbed off good enough...felt so great after that.
3. Back to the bowels are not delayed by public pooing...I pushed it out right away.
4. The toilet paper is the cheapest seat covers..they are very rare in my country...why bother. There are more germs on the computer key board than a toilet seat...I do give it a rub down with toilet paper though.
5. There was a sink to wash hands in but no soap of course. Not a great problem..a good wash with water and keep hands away from mouth or food for a little while.
6. There was nobody to question me on my toilet experience....using public what!
Thanks and respectfully submitted.

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