Karen C.

Reply to anonymous who asked about my McDonald's incident

Inquiring minds wanna know? Okay, so I'll elaborate a little more.

Well, after the Mexican feast I ate for lunch that day (which I ate MUCH too soon in recovery from the yucky stomach virus I had, maybe I had the flu, but I couldn't resist the home cooked venison with homemade tortillas and sides and fresh ????), I thought I felt fine until I got on the road with my cement rig en route to a delivery site (I'm a cement delivery driver, currently the only woman in this department). My guts started rumbling and I was hoping to find a place with a bathroom to pull into which caters to large commercial trucks but no such luck, not a real truck stop on the horizon for at least another twenty miles--I needed to find a place really quick NOW so I settled for a McDonalds that looked like it wasn't busy judging from the low number of cars in the parking lot so I quickly pulled in and parked my rig as best I could in the RV parking area, then I ran inside and into the womensroom.

By this time I had a really bad headache with nausea and that's also when I noticed my ears were hot which was my fever getting worse. The first bout of the Big D wasn't too bad, drips and runs and some gas, started feeling queasy/pukish/spitty-mouthy/burpy and wishing I'd skipped lunch earlier, then I went out and ordered a small Sprite or maybe it was a 7-UP whatever owns McD's these days, and asked for two pieces of cheese on half a bun.

I sat at a booth and tried to get this down because Sprite and bread is good for a yurky stomach and cheese coagulates diarrhea so I forced it down, then I felt another attack of the bubble guts, far worse and more intense this time so I quickstepped it into the ladiesroom once again, dropped my pants and panties and blew it all out for all I was worth. Luckily I disrobed before the torrent hit--I saved my pants and undies which aren't exactly cheap; I tend to have expensive taste in clothing at least in pants, I often wear expensive pants and footwear with a cheap tee on top for my work attire. Never cheap out on the boots--you only get one pair of feet to last you, cheap shoes are no bargain if they ruin your feet! I was bending forward with my forarms over my knees and I was in sort of a semi squat position when the dam broke, just to illustrate.

It started coming out at high pressure before I could even sit down and so, yeah, I spray painted the wall behind the toilet with high pressure brown stuff as well as the toilet seat--at least at this point I still had the strength to "hover" above the toilet while I did my business so I didn't have to sit in it. Hope the poor cleaning boy has a fetish for nasty diarrhea from highly attractive late middle aged brunette gals like me, else a cast iron stomach, haha!

After that diarrhea episode I needed to get to the delivery site asap so I got back on the road still feeling crappy and sick, my mouth started tasting salty and getting watery and my head was killing me and my stomach started churning. At the jobsite I had more diarrhea and got sick to my stomach several times, see my previous post--let me tell ya, a big lunch heavy on the sour cream and cheese is NOT pretty when it hits the ground as it exits your mouth and needless to say it doesn't smell or taste very nice at all either, and furthermore spicy foods are really tough on the bum sphincter!!!!!. So, lessons learned, stay away from hot spicy foods when you're sick, unless you have a weird liking for that dreaded burning bum syndrome. TIP: Put Aloe Vera lotion on your TP when you have the runs, your bum will thank you!

It was all in all a really yucky, unpleasant experience. Maybe I should get the flu shot next year.

Love and kisses,
Karen C.


What comes in will come out

Hello everyone, feeling 10* a lot better. To Taylor for me that's how mine goes three times a day, healthy eating is wonderful though I will eat meat every now and then depending on what and where. Well time for a quick story, today I got home, before everyone and I went to the basement bathroom cause I had some clothes to wash so I stripped everything off and put it in the landury basket, then I went into the bathroom and sat on the toilet, produced some few good solid pieces fell out my butt, felt so amazing and satisfaction. I wiped few times back there. Flushed and washed my hands. Walked upstairs to my bedroom waited upstairs took a shower, came out air dry few minutes then waited for Marcus come home and when he did, it was so great having home, later on I made him dinner and the kids. That's all for right now


Morning Thoughts

Yesterday morning I was about 1/3 my way to work when I remembered an off-site meeting and realized my gas supply wouldn't hold me through the day. So despite my debit card being low, I left the freeway for gas at a 24/7 store. Its strange, I know, but with my heals on, while pumping I stumbled on the hose, fell against the side of my car, and out of my agility, I prevented a fall and fuel spill, but in doing so was reminded of my need to take a crap. I had decided to hold it until I got to the office because Diver was still asleep and the walls in our apartment are minimal at best. So after pumping, I went in and headed for the bathroom I use pretty frequently. A high school student was waiting, and when she saw me stand behind her, she turned and told me she only had to wee and it wouldn't be too long. To make conversation and I guess take her mind off her bladder, she told me the toilets at her school were gross and this "stop" would hold her over until at least lunch. The door to the sole unisex toilet opened, a guy who looked to be a trucker in jean overalls walked out and the girl ran for the opportunity quickly. I noticed two older ladies, one with a little girl had moved in behind me. They were talking about the ownership being too cheap to add a second toilet. One said they could add three toilets just on the profits they were making off tobacco and liquor. Then a guy in a college jacket behind them got in on the conversation, too.

The peeing girl was true to her word. So fast, I surmised she couldn't have taken the time to wash her hands. After latching the door (and checking it, due to an earlier mistake) I saw what she left: a bowl of golden pee, toilet paper on the right hand side of the seat and another long sheet now stuck to my left heal. I tossed them into the bowl, flushed and as I placed my butt on the warm seat, I got to thinking about my previous obsession with keeping paper between my butt and the seat. That ended when I switched high schools and the seat gaskets were no longer available in my new school. I could tell my first turd was hard and apparently irregular in size. It didn't slide out with ease and gave me some pain. The major part was much softer and although bigger, it didn't fight me. With a little more work I got a third turd, also on the softer side out, but surprisingly it splashed me you-know-where and I hate that. I might have been able to drop another, but the clock was ticking and with the others waiting, I stood, flushed, and then took the seat again to clean myself. After four wipes, I decided to do one more, and call it a day. That one was the cleanest and I reached back and flushed the paper. I washed my hands, dried them quickly on the roll-towel, opened the door and confidently called out "Next" as I approached the line that had gotten longer. On the rest of my trip, as I finished the large coffee I had purchased, I started to get a gassy feeling, plus I could feel my bladder filling. You can guess where I stopped when got out of the parking garage and entered our building.

Annie (Anny)

First thing in the morning diarrhea

Hi everyone. I'm sitting on the toilet right now with my jeans, leggings and underwear around my thighs and I am having diarrhea. This is after 2 bottles of water and when I was in the middle of having brunch. I'm very careful these days not to fart first thing in the morning to avoid filling my pants. Better to be safe than sorry.

Happy pooping everyone


To Taylor

Yes because your mindset is focused on pooping due to the urge being stronger, so you relieve yourself in that way first subconsciously. Every time I'm desperate to take a shit; it'll always be the first thing out when I'm eventually seated.

Hope this helps

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Monika great story.

To: Ally H first welcome to the site and great story it sounds like you had a really great poop and I look forward to reading your next story thanks.

To: Annie it sounds like you had a good cleanout first thing in the morning.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site

Thursday, January 26, 2017


Wilderness camp

Last summer I attended a wilderness camp (in Sweden). We camped outdoor without access to common facilities for over one week. Weather was nice and we had a really wonderful time. Most of us were not used to outdoor life and we had to adjust to a lot of new customs. To me getting used to going to toilet in nature was a real challenge. I had peed outdoor a couple of times before but I had never ever before pooped without a door to lock. But now it was unavoidable. Nobody talked about it but it was obvious that everyone did it. Usually I am a lunch time pooper but out there I found it most convenient to postpone it till the evening. Then I took some toilet paper in my pocked and went for a walk alone. When finding a suitable and hidden spot I pulled down, squatted and got it done. I did not get constipated and managed to keep normal almost habits all the time. Neither I think anyone spotted me. We were almost 40 persons together out there and perhaps somewhat surprising I do not think anyone made a problem out of it (as it was no topic for discussion). I went very well away from the tents and therefore I think I managed to keep it a private moment. But not everybody did that. Especially in the morning when I went out in the woods to pee I a coupře of times accidentally spotted others squatting. Even though a most normal activity it was a bit strange to observe others in that situation. In some way it was a bit amusing to see even grey haired adults who could have been my parents (men as well as women) with bums bare and shorts at the knees.

hello. I had an awesome weekend. I was at a press conference hearing curators talking and whilst they were talking, the auditorium was completely silent. This happened especially after lunch and so whilst it was silent, I can hear someones stomach growling. I bet it's the coffee. Some people can have laxative effect with the coffee and luckily no one realise it but me. So, I don't know who's stomach growling but plenty of stomach does that and one of them was holding his stomach rushing out to look for the bathroom. Boy, that was embarrassing.

Ally H

Pooping with Sister

Hi I'm Ally, I'm 22 years old I just got out of school till February and right now I'm staying at my stepdads and I've only been here since Friday and its been good so far. My mom married him in 2006 and they had a kid the same year. Meghan who is 11 didn't really like me at first but now I tink she's eased off. Although today my step dad was on a business trip in Missouri and my mom was working late until 11:30. So it was just me and Meghan at home. She needed to go to the bathroom and asked me if I wanted to come which she's never asked me but I needed to poop so I followed her to her bathroom in her room which she had a nice room and her bathroom was nice to. She needed to go so she ran in and pulled her jeans and pink undies to her ankles and started pushing but she said that she was constipated and I told her that usually I get in the tub when I'm constipated so she took off her jeans and undies and so did eye and we sat in the tub she watched me poop first I started pushing and it just started comingout of me it was 30 seconds of nonstop shit. So at this point my sis is still constipated so more stories on the way!

Canada Pooper

it runs in the family

i remember some years ago we were visiting family in another city cross country where we visit every few years my cousin was about 8 or 9 at the time my parents and aunt went out with a few friends one night but before they left i remember them talking about how bad my cousins toilet habits were and how she hadn't done any movement in nearly a week they soon left i don't remember exactly where they went but they were only gone a few hours my cousin was sitting in the living room on the couch she was kinda a brat to be honest but a super cute mixed race kid with a smile that would make your heart melt see my aunt was one of those irresponsible single mother not really ready type moms and my cousin ruled the house
anyway they left and my cousin continues to watch whatever she was until a few moments later she got up and looked out the door to see if they were gone once she was satisfied they were gone she sat back down she started to get a look of pure concentration on her face ill call her jess
jess started to grunt really hard i asked jess what you doing she said bluntly pooping in between pushing
i asked her why she wasn't using the toilet she just looked at me and shrugged when she was done she continued to sit there the room stinks at this point she starts to cry after seeing the shocked look on my face i promise her i won't tell i ended up staying the night in the guest room jess had hidden the rest of the night in her room and went to bed when my aunt and parents and aunt got back they went straight to bed maybe they poked their heads in to check on us i can't recall i do remember my aunt was furious with my cousin jess in the morning though when she found her still in her mess and forced her to take a bath needless to say we were a lot closer after breakfast she gave me a big kiss and hug and said thanks for not telling we had a few more events like this as the years went on


Dumb at 8

When I was 8, away from home and at places like school I was overly awkward at using the bathroom. Sometimes I didn't take enough time in dressing myself. I didn't make sure that I put my underwear on right. So I'd wait, sometimes getting bullied by the older boys, for a urinal and once I got up there, the hole I needed in front of my underwear was located in back. I didn't want to leave the line because I knew I was being watched, so the first few times this happened I would simply drop my jeans and shorts down to the level of my penis, and try to extend it up over the elastic so I could get my pee going. Of course, that didn't work too well and it got me more ridicule. Then I decided just to pause a bit at the urinal, then flush and turn around and leave. Still some of the guys made rude comments. A couple just shouted out for me to go into one of the stupid stalls. Still that wouldn't work too much better because backward is backward and I'd still be watched and humiliated. And all I wanted to do was drain my bladder. Then I tried by using the toilets by faking a crap. That meant sitting on the toilet and with my hand on my penis, pointing the piss into the bowl. Since so many of the toilet cubicles didn't have doors, that created problems too. I was still being watched and ridiculed. Only that now it wasn't that bad, because most of the guys' attention was to the urinals and with their backs to me. However, when a toilet was available, it meant there was a reason. Usually that was caused by one or two things. Some guys had sprayed the seat because they were in a super hurry and hadn't raised the seat. And I couldn't use toilet paper to wipe the seat dry because most of the time the cubicles had been vacant because the toilet paper was out. So my butt became a human sponge. There was just no other alternative. If I didn't use my limited bathroom options during our class' break time or after recess, I would likely have an accident in class.

To Karen C:

You said you destroyed a McDonalds bathroom after you got sick - was it just because of the smell, or did it turn out like the porta-potty did (no seat cover, so poo 'n' hover)? Hope you made a clean escape!

I remember a certain time where I had to pee really bad so I ran to the boys bathroom there I saw a freakan girl shitting and I was shocked she said opps and ran out with her pants still down . why she was in the men's room I don't know

Annie (Anny)

Diarrhea first thing in the morning

Hi everyone on The Toilet :) I hope everyone's doing well on this cold January day. I am. I woke up around 9:30 am and shortly after getting dressed and finishing a bottle of water, with a strong urge to have diarrhea. I was very careful to clench my muscles to avoid pooping my pants. I quickly got to the bathroom and pulled my jeans, leggings and underwear down and sat down on the toilet where I exploded everything out of my body. It came out in a massive cascade. It took me about 5 minutes to void everything out of my body. But I felt a lot better afterwards. When I was sure that I was finished, I reached beside me for the toilet paper and wiped well to avoid skidmarks in my underwear. When I was clean, I stood up and pulled up my underwear and pants and did up my zipper, button and belt and flushed.


What comes in will come out

Hi guys, hopefully everyone is feeling well, Sunday I felt horrible, that I told Marcus just buy me depends and I just go in those, So while football was going on I was puking and pooping one after another, vise versa . I don't remember eating anything, being afraid letting everything come out even more, yesterday I called let my vp take control, while I still recover and today is Tuesday I'm feeling some better but I still haven't been able to poop solid yet just smelling water coming out, well that's all I need Marcus help to wipe me.

Another Stranger

To Poopers Far and Wide

Ahoy there, folks of the toilets. I'm just another random person on planet internet who happens to have an odd interest in the act of pooping. I always have been for as long as I can remember. Pooping is enjoyable and relaxing, I can't necessarily explain why, I just know its cool and you do too. However, its quite heartbreaking not to know any other poop enthusiasts, so here I am.

Point is, I'd greatly cherish a person to discuss wild, weird, wacky, unfortunate or downright stellar stool stories (Gotta love alliteration with your poops). Albeit the chances of me encountering a person is incredibly slim, it wouldn't hurt to at least try.

Happy Pooping!


Toilet Artistry

Some time ago a senior high school girl presented as her major art work a photo of her sitting on the toilet and was judged very highly as being a very good the judges arrived at this conclusion I do not know.
It my locality we have a very well known art exhibition known as the Archibald Prize where a portrait or a picture is painted of subject who have to be well known persons .
An artist asked to paint a well known chef and she (the chef) described herself as an artist but said the difference between a painter is their art gets hung on a wall whereas a chef's art gets flushed down the toilet.
That then became the subject of the painting...the chef was depicted sitting on the toilet...a roll of toilet paper in her hand and by the expression on her face was doing a poo!
This picture was hung in the main exhibition.
How art has broadened!

Canada Pooper

Thank you to everyone

I just want to thank everyone who has shared their stories so far especially MikeyPee who really opened up its good to know im not alone please continue to share pants pooping experiences everyone if anyone wants to hear more of my stories let me know im happy to share


My order of relieving myself has completely changed.

This year I started a healthier diet and exercising more, and because of that I've been pooping larger amounts, and more frequently. I used to go once daily but now I go first thing in the morning and again in late afternoon / evening.

One thing I've noticed is I used to pee first and then poop but now it's the opposite. I always start pooping within seconds of sitting down and will pee after I'm done. Does anyone have an insight to why this happens? Maybe because of my new diet my poop is now just a stronger urge?


Tuesday, January 24, 2017


To Canada Pooper

To Canada Pooper -

I was very interested in your story about pooping yourself as a kid. It seems that we've had
similar experiences.

I've posted on this forum for many years but I've never shared this story. Let me say at the outset that I'm not proud of this and in many respects I'm glad to say that I have largely overcome what I am about to describe.

With apologies to those who are reading this intro for the umpteenth time, I am disabled by cerebral palsy and I have had a lifelong fascination with bathroom stuff. As a youngster
through high school, I attended a school exclusively for the disabled. Most of the kids
had cerebral palsy or polio (this was in the 50s and 60s), but there were also children with spina bifida. These children were incontinent and needed to wear diapers. My earliest childhood
friend had spina bifida and I was fascinated that he was still in diapers at a time when I was
toilet trained except for being a bed wetter until age seven. We started the same school together
and he was changed (and later changed himself) in the same bathrooms that everyone else used.
So at school, it was somewhat common to encounter someone with spina bifida being changed
in the bathroom. This exposure only increased my fascination. These children lacked both bladder and bowel control and sometimes these children had soiling accidents. I've posted about this a few times in the past.

By the time I was an adolescent (age 13), based upon things I had seen and heard at school,
I began wondering what it would be like to poop myself. Before long, I began acting on this
and started to soil myself on purpose. Fortunately, my situation at home really didn't allow me
to do this very often, and I think I only did it once before going to college. I was actually mortified the first time I did it, was very much afraid that my mother would find out, and of course it wasn't a pleasant experience. In college, in my early twenties, I had two semesters where I didn't have a roomate (I lived in a dorm), and the desire to poop myself returned (although the desire may have never been that far away). I used a wheelchair for mobility on campus and on a few occasions I'd be at some remote (from the dorm) location, have the need for a BM, and I would do it in my pants. I would then wheel back to my room, and deal with as much as I could in the dorm room before finishing up in the floor's bathroom. Again, I didn't do it very often (I can only think of two occasions), but the desire was never far away.

After college, as an adult, I probably did it at home every few years. Because I lived with my
parents for almost 30 years after graduating college, the opportunities were few and far between.
But, every so often they would travel for a few days, I'd be home alone, and this would provide
the opportunity to do it. Ironically, at home, I would always do it in the bathroom so I could get my "accident" into the toilet right away and begin cleaning-up right away before anyone realized what I had done. I wore boxer briefs and always had the fear of my poop falling out of my pants and down onto the floor, I'd rinse my undershorts out in the bathtub or toilet and leave them on to tub to dry. A few times my mother saw them and asked if I had an accident. I'd answer "Yes," but she never pursued the subject.

I got married in my late 40's and the opportunity to do this began to diminish. However, a little over 15 years ago I was a PhD candidate at a local university. I worked full-time but during this period I'd frequently use my vacation time to stay home and work on my dissertation. My wife
also worked full time, so I was home alone. and the opportunity to poop myself was certainly there. But, the desire began to disappear. I'd have days where I thought when the need came
I would poop myself and yet, when the time actually came, I ended-up on the toilet, "accident" free. I know it's nothing to brag about, but I haven't pooped myself on purpose in 17 years.

I'm only sharing this in the hope that Canada Pooper realizes he's not alone. It seems like we had similar experiences. I just wanted to share this with Canada Pooper as I think it good to know that you're not alone.


What comes in will come out

Hello everyone,
Just quick small story on Saturday morning, waking up 7 to get the house ready, put on some gym shorts and robe over put some house shoes on, so I started to clean the bathroom in the basement first then on first floor and second floor and started on the master bathroom before the kids ones being close to 9 I felt the need to take a stinky poop, I pull down the gym shorts take them off and the robe and jersey with my socks and house shoes. And sat on the toilet began to grunting some I forgot about the whole milk before I went to bed after I pooped last night. My stomach start sharply painful cramps grabbing my stomach, then my hole opens up spudding farts with liquid poop and mushy feeling so yucky my butt feeling all messy, Marcus came in cheek on me guess I was making the noise lol. I was sweeting a great deal and more mushy was coming out I was smelling aweful , feeling weak , start feeling light headed, Marcus helped me clean up my bottom and flushed toilet and picked me up and took me at the showers and cleaned my whole body got me dry off really good got me dress in my robe and carried me back to bed and called my doctor, she wants me off late night milk but I'm coming down with the flu also. So rest of the day I was on bed rested except to raise up to eat and Marcus carrying me to the bathroom. Today same way ok I'm done talking I need Marcus help now.

Optional Person

To Taylor.

Awesome story Taylor. I think it is awesome that you asked permission even though you didn't have to. I also like that you enjoyed the fact she could hear your poops. Did you like that she could smell them? Glad you had fun releasing your load. Thanks for the post. I farted when I read this.


Hi Again

Once after eating lunch, I had to go poo soon. It was several minutes after eating, and a mildly strong urge. I think I read somewhere that eating stimulates your bowels. This might explain why sometimes soon after a meal you have to go poop. Today I did a medium-sized semi sloppy stinky poop in our bathroom while waiting for another clothes dryer (our 3rd one). Our laundry area is by the bathroom which was also the case when I lived in a previous mobile home. The first dryer caught fire in the back, and Mom put it out with a towel, and the second unit wouldn't heat. Mom keeps towels, and washcloths in the bathroom btw. Boy that towel Mom used to put out that electrical fire sure had a weird plastic chemical odor! Anyway, another thing that happened was I noticed that our dog Diego pooped on the floor while I was emptying our new dryer (which by the way works great). The gross thing about the poop this time was that it made a fart noise as it came out. I thought he had diarrhea, so I finished what I was doing so I wouldn't step on it. Mom cleaned up the poop when she came home, and the smell went away. I sure love all the great surveys, keep them up!

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Abby C

Big Poop at Home

So yesterday was a good day. I had an interview and then a field trip although I was Feeling lightheaded and stayed at home. I was laying on the couch watching Netflix in my pink T-shirt and yoga pants with a headache and I was also coming down with a cold so I tried to lay down although about 2 minutes later I was getting cramps. So I walked to my ensuit in my room because I didn't want anybody to see the good thing was my room is on the 3rd floor. I walked into the bathroom made sure I locked the door (if you saw my old posts). I pulled down my yoga pants down to my ankles I was waiting and waiting then I realized I really had to start shaving my down below. Then I started pushing hard a big long poop started coming since I was home alone I took off all my clothes including my bra taking out my big ?????. And got up on my toes and started pushing and the log was about 2 feet long and then a bunch of diaherria. Then I sat back down and wiped. Thank you for reading and there will be more stories in the future.
Abby C

Karen C.

Diarrhea, stomach flu, and other problems

Karen C,
Hi readers. Sorry I havent' written, been busy. I'm sick with the stomach flu, been sick a couple of days, I'm out sick from work, I'm a delivery driver for a cement company; think I caught it from a waitress that was sick and coughing when I stopped for supper at a diner on the way home monday evening, couldn't resist the all u can eat pasta special. Yesterday, tuesday, I went in to work, felt okay but a little bit funny in the stomach, I started feeling a little nauseous but not too bad at around 10 a.m., thought I was just hungry so I stopped at a convenience store and got a peanut butter wafer bar and a carton of dutch chocolate milk and that made me feel a little better for a while,

later I got a headache and my ears felt hot like I was running a fever, around 4:15 had to pull the truck over and throw up on the side of the road. Ate some crackers and gingerale for dinner last night and felt crappy but well enough, sorta, to go to work this morning. At around 12:30 today I finished my third run of the day and after rinsing out my rig I went inside to find that one of our associates had brought in a south of the border feast which is one of my favorites, so even though I didn't really feel like eating, that whetted my appetite. I had a big soft taco with lettuce, tomato, sour cream, cheese, and a fajita made with grilled deer meat, melted cheese and lettuce and tomato and sour cream, and I also had some spanish rice and some flan for dessert, with a couple diet Pepsis.

Had to pull into a fast food restaurant at around 2pm to have diarrhea on the way to an afternoon run (sorry but I DESTROYED the womens room at McDonalds!) and later ended up puking four times at the site--I had a bad headache and felt feverish, mouth kept filling up with salty spit, my hands were shaky, my face was flushed and my lips were white, and my stomach started feeling really full suddenly out of nowhere (felt like I'd guzzled a couple gallons of warm water, yuck!) and in the end I had to run behind one of those blue plastic porta potties--I threw up a LOT, all of my mexican lunch just splashed all over the ground in big gushes and I tasted and recognized some things from my lasagna/rigatonni feast from the day before even!,

I guess I threw up everything I'd eaten in the last day or two --a few of the ironworkers were really nice, young guys in their mid to late 20s, they happened to see me vomiting and ran over to me and stuck around with me in case I needed anything and didn't seem bothered by the puke smell maybe they were married or just being polite, they brought me paper towels and clorox wipes to clean up with and helped me wipe off my face, hair, hands and shoes and pants, one of them brought me a bottle of water to rinse my mouth and another brought me a cold 7-UP to settle my stomach and held me by my hips while I sipped it as I was a little dizzy and unsteady, he walked me over to a beam and sat down next to me ;

my mouth kept filling up with salty saliva and I kept spitting it out, it stopped after a few minutes and my stomach felt a little more stable and I stopped retching. Haven't been this sick in over five years. Really woozy and weak, must be the fluF.

I asked one of the ironworker guys to bring me toilet paper or kleenex or at least something to wipe with because I felt another attack of diarrhea coming on and there was no t.p. in the porta potty, and he brought me more industrial rough paper towels and GoJo hand cleaner which was all that was available, gave me major butt rash but better than nothing. I sprayed explosive diarrhea all over that porta potty as I hovered my butt above it because I didn't have time to put rags down on that filthy seat to sit on, then I used the rough towels and GoJo hand cleaner to clean my bum. I threw up twice again after I got outta there.

Bouts of dry heaving overtook me every fifteen minutes. Couldn't stop dry heaving and my stomach felt like a wreck--I was trying to work and constantly burping/heaving up an orangeish colored slimey mucous-like substance from my stomach, it wasn't fun; wasn't even sure if I could drive my rig back to the shop safely, found a cardboard box to put in the cab in case I started throwing up again while driving back to the shop later. I radioed the office to let them know the situation and the boss said I could go home and take the next two days off sick leave as soon as I finished the delivery and brought my rig back in and rinsed it out (which is GREAT! after the two days off for sick leave I have three normal days off following so it's like a mini vacation!).
I finished the job, brought in the rig, and rinsed it while fighting back the dry heaves and concentrating to keep my sphincter tightly shut lest I create a big 'ol chocolate colored stain in the seat of my good khakis and ruin an expensive pair of Victoria Secret lace thongs my son sent me for Christmas, I checked the truck back in (the secretary said I looked flushed, that I looked like crap, pale and sick), I went to the bathroom (basically the only bathroom is a Men's bathroom, the facility was built before women entered this trade so guys come in freely and so you have to lock the toilet stall) and I had diarrhea for almost ten minutes then stood bent over the sink feeling like I was about to throw up but ended up only dry heaving, then I went home and took a nice long hot bubble bath, then later when I got bored I finished welding yet another propane cooker, I thought maybe being out in the fresh air and keeping my mind occupied might make me feel better (I've been fabricating a lot of these propane cookers and selling them lately as a side hustle making good money, they're really popular for some reason, customers say mine are very durable the way I make them, I only use the oxyacetylene fusion process, slow but makes a stronger and prettier joint), the guy was supposed to stop by and pick it up this evening but I guess he's not going to show today. Had to go out behind my workshop a couple of times when the nausea heaves and retching overtook me, felt like vomiting; stomach went crazy and I ended up just throwing up a little bit of bitter and sour slimey yellow water and I retched until I felt like my stomach was turning inside out, this happened about every hour, but now my stomach feels better than it did earlier, at least my fever's gone now and my headache is almost gone but I still feel like I'm about to have diarrhea but there simply isn't anything to come out; weird. I sit on the pot, fart, wipe, and the paper is clean, go figure. Maybe I'll take some enemas later, a warm soapy one and a few plain water ones. Maybe I'll feel better after I clean out my stomach.

Had a bout of explosive diarrhea and saw english peas in there which I could swear I hadn't eaten in over a week!

Took a nap and I feel a little better now, still a little queasy but at least I'm not so shaky and my headache and fever are gone but I haven't been able to keep anything in my stomach except crackers and gingerale and a little piece of parmesan cheese.

Mouth still keeps filling up with yucky salty spit but I don't think I'll vomit any more, I've just been sitting outside for fresh air and I keep spitting the salty spit out on the grass because swallowing it makes me feel more queasy. Wish this pukey nausea feeling would just go away, I constantly taste salt in my mouth and I constantly have to spit it out, my mouth is flowing like a faucet so I've been sitting outside and walking around the yard and around the block so I can spit. Fresh air helps.

Still come close to vomiting about every hour but I think it's over now. I go for walks around the block for fresh air every hour. I have diarrhea every two hours and saw corn in it which I haven't eaten since several days ago!

Maybe I'll take a nap and go browse around a 24 hour Walmart later and get a couple of movies, that always makes me feel better. TIP: A tampon up the bum is a handy little trick when you have diarrhea but you want to go out; I don't recommend this but sometimes when you live alone ya gotta do what ya gotta do. Diarrhea and khaki slacks isn't a good combination, wot?


University presentation relief

I was volunteering at my university on Thursday night, helping finish getting things ready for a presentation in a few hours time. Nothing too major so there was only six of us there not including a handful of staff who stayed behind. All the students had left so the whole campus was like a ghost town. I had been needing the bathroom all afternoon, both needs so once things slowed down a little I left the hall and headed to the toilets. It was about an hour after everyone left so I saw a couple of cleaners in the corridors.

When I walked into the bathroom I saw a cleaner mopping the floor. "I'm really sorry but is it okay if I use the bathroom?" She said it was fine and went back to mopping the floor. I'm so glad she said yes because there was no way I'd be able to wait until I got home, I had been needing to go for about 4 hours. I took the stall the furthest away from where she was cleaning, pulled down my jeans and thong to my ankles and sat on the toilet. It was spotless!

After a few seconds I sighed as my poo started slowly inching out of me, it was such a relief being able to just relax and let it out. The cleaner was still busy in the bathroom and I felt a little guilty about using a toilet she had just spent time cleaning, but on the opposite end of the spectrum I loved knowing she would be able to hear me. I twirled my hair around my finger as my poo slid out of me on it's own accord before falling into the bowl with a quiet splash. Moments later another piece started coming out just as easily and it felt lovely, I'm sure the wait made it even better.

It soon broke off with a "flumph" but I still felt like I had some more to go so I sat listening to the cleaner mopping the floor while I waited. By now it started to smell of poop a little but the cleaning products was doing a good job of masking it. Sure enough, after a couple of minutes I opened up again and another piece slowly made its way out of me before joining the other two in the toilet.

I finally felt empty so I gathered some toilet roll to wipe with, starting a long wee as I did so. The pepsi's I had consumed earlier were finally exiting my body. Once it slowed to drips I reached between my legs to wipe and then got some more toilet roll for my behind. It only took three wipes! I flushed while still seated and pulled up my clothes as I stood before leaving to wash my hands. The cleaner had only moved a couple of stalls further and must have heard every little drip and splash. I shyly thanked her as I washed my hands and left to return to the presentation, feeling a thousand times better.


End Stall Em's Public Bathroom Survey

Here are my answers to Em's survey

1. When was your last experience? What did you do? If a bathroom at work counts, about 15 minutes ago. I usually poop at work about mid morning so it a normal occurrence. I usually use the first or last of 5 stalls but today these were occupied so I used the middle one. I think both of the other girls were pooping too.

2. Did you have to wait for a toilet? How many toilets? Were there stalls with or without doors? As i said above 5 stalls all with doors. I chose the middle one because the end ones were busy.

3. How long did you have to sit before your body cooperated? While in the stall do you pay attention to noise from other stalls, those that peek into your stall, if there's adequate toilet paper, graffiti or vandalism, any other things? Do you sit longer than necessary? If so, why?
I usually wait until I really need to go, so it come quite easily usually. Pee then a small push and the log begins to move. I always pay attention to any other stall occupied - one was making audible plops but i think I only heard some pushing from the other stall. The design of our stalls makes peeking difficult! The was plenty of toilet paper on one of those giant locked rolls. I sat a little longer than needed and also waited at the sinks to see who the other two poopers were. I like to know who shares my mid morning pooing habit at work.

4. Was a seat-tissue available? Did you use it? Why or why not? What was the toilet paper like? Was it adequate? Did you flush? There are no seat tissues at work but the toilets are clean. Yes I did flush but left one bold skid mark in the bottom of the toilet. One day last year the water was switched off because of a mains problem. I pooped on top of 2 other poops and all the toilets had poop in. There must be many girls in my office that poop at work but many of us start early on shifts.

5. Did you wash your hands? What were the sinks like? Did the faucets works correctly? Was there adequate hot water and soap? Paper towels, linen towel roll or electric drier? Was there an opportunities for conversation with others next to you? Yes the sinks are nice with soap paper towels and electric dryer. I did talk to both girls when they came out. Sometimes I chat to friends while we poop in adjacent stalls.

6. When you returned from your bathroom experience, did family or friends ask you about anything you did? Did you volunteer the information?
No but there is one girls who always says she is going for a poo and not just to the toilet.

Hope you have enjoyed my answers. Happy to answer any other questions



Too Many Visitors

Last summer I stopped by our large mall in late afternoon to pick up a few things. I needed to urinate after work, came close to going in after I pumped my gas, but there were two in line for the one toilet. I headed directly to the lower level of the four-story mall because the bathroom was less used, I hadn't peed myself in some time, and I wanted to extend that streak. This was a five-staller. Four stalls had a privacy door. The middle stall didn't, but a girl probably about 11 or 12 actually cut in front of me, yanked her shorts down and dropped to the seat. I probably gave her a nasty look, but I decided not to say anything because I got the stall next to her almost immediately after it opened, the seat was pretty clean and in my two-minute sit, I drained my bladder. Just as I was standing up,there was a strange beep, a PA recording came on about a tornado warning, and that everyone should go right into the basement and to one of a group of designated rooms. Guess what? I was in it. Within a minute several women, several with children and a couple with young boys in tow, were shuttled in by security. They loaded the room from the far end, constantly told us to move closer together, and in doing so, here was this poor girl stunned and totally exposed on the toilet. A few were staring at her, but most weren't because tornadoes had struck a couple of weeks earlier and everyone was worried. Two security women stayed with us in the packed room, while others were directed to a large boiler room. A few took one of the toilets and did the natural thing. We were kept in there for probably a half hour. All that time the girl remained on the toilet. When I told my boyfriend the story that evening, he said something about mega-constipation and poetic justice. He might be right.

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Anna great story it sounds like you both had good poops and it sounds like Bebe was pretty desperate.

To: Miranda great story.

To: Abby C I bet you felt amazing after a huge poop like that.

To: Mina as always another great story about you and your friends it sounds like you all had pretty good poops and I look forward to your next post thanks.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site


Pull Ups, Continence & Shame

Do do bladder and bowel issues I wear pull ups and find them fabulous and would not be without them.
The dominant problem is that I am ashamed of my condition and ould not like to change in public dressing rooms.
The next subject is what do do when I have to change pull ups during the day when out?
Fortunately I have not had this problem often but being a male there is no discreet way of disposing of same.
Due to my medical condition I do not have the dexterity to change in a toilet cubicle , unless it is a large one.
What advice or stories have readers had in this subject?

On another subject I had to get out of bed early and drive a family member to a meeting...I was awoken and straight into the car...not even time for a wee...I went straight to work....nobody there today as it is Saturday and sat straight on the toilet was a very hard poo to push out and my hole is still tingling and sore and that was a few hours ago. Happily, whilst my poo was very hard it was long it extended from my bottom to the water in the bowl and more.
I have taken a dose of laxative now to hopefully soften the next poo.

Michael W.

The Worst Diarreha Ever?

Hi guys. I'm back. Happy New Year's to all of you, even though I'm a bit late. Before my story there is this. I've been kind of constipated lately. With me having a busy life I go poop whenever I can. Whenever I go, I get the usual feeling like I have to poo and when I'm pushing I can feel it but its not coming out. The other day I spent 50 minutes in the bathroom pushing really hard while I was reading my "Star Wars" book. As I read the sentences along with pages I pushed and grunted and felt a banana poop come out but when I looked in the toilet all I saw was poop sticks. For the rest of the time while sitting there as I pushed all I did was blow some loud farts. 3 days after each time I pooped it was the same thing just twigs and lil poop balls. I gave myself an enema to do a standard clean out. Which is no fun but I knew I was blocked. I felt better afterwards. Anyways on to my story.

I was 10 and in 5th Grade. It was January of 1999. Just after dinner I was playing my Play Station when I felt my stomach rumble with cramps and farting. So I paused the game and went straight to the bathroom where all hell broke loose. I ate so much that day. I had like 2 or 3 plates of mashed potatoes with vegetables and Salisbury Steak, with Vitamin D Milk. Earlier that day while at school I had a walking taco and I had Coco Wheats for breakfast. As a kid I ate ALOT for a skinny boy. So anyways I didn't shit myself which is a good thing. I pulled down my runner pants and boxer to my ankles and then I exploded on the toilet. I sighed in relief. Guacamole just poured out of my skinny butt for quite a while and I farted over and over and over again and stunk the hell out of the bathroom then my diarrhea stopped for a good minute. My stomach still felt full so I pushed and pushed until my face turned red and muddy sludge just came out of me like an ice cream machine. I relaxed and farted some more. I laughed and then continued pushing but wet poop chunks just came out slowly. After pushing those out I stayed seated for like 10 more minutes but all I did was fart. I wiped with numerous sheets of toilet paper and then I stood up. Just then my stomach felt full again and then I was like "Oh Shit!" And then I sat right back down on the toilet and exploded with more diarrhea. There was more guacamole pouring out of my butt and all I did was just rub my stomach and push while resting my forehead. I farted more and more. And then my poop slowed down coming out of me again so I had to keep pushing until my face turned red and my eyes teared up and more explosive loud PPPFFRTT! PPPFFRTT! PFFFRRTT! farts shot out of me like a machine gun. The bathroom was beginning to smell worse than I had imagined. I tucked my nose into my shirt and I was like "Wow! I just keep on pooping." I leaned forward to reach for the air freshner which was across from me in underneath the sink. While I did this I farted and it went Pfffrtt! I laughed. I sprayed around me and then I coughed cuz I accidently breathed it in a lil. I thought I'd do something about the smell. I rubbed my stomach again and then I pushed and chocolate cream drizzled out of me until all that was left was a short session of farting and butt spitting. When I felt like I was done I wiped with more toilet paper until my butt was clean. I stood and pulled up my boxers and runner pants and looked in the toilet bowl. I pooped so much that I nearly filled the toilet up. I flushed and then the toilet was clogged. I was like "Oh No!" So I took the plunger and to push it down after the water ran and then flushed again. A lil bit of it went down and then I flushed again and the rest of it was gone. All that was left was lots of skidmarks. I didn't know I could poop that much. I washed my hands and then left the bathroom. When I realized what time it had been, it was almost time for me to go to bed cuz I had school in the morning. All in all I was in there for 1 hour and a half. I never take that long to go poop but felt better when I was done. That is all for now. Will post again later, till then Happy Pooping for 2017.

Annie (Anny)

Runny poop after breakfast and black coffee

Hi all. I'm sitting on the toilet right now having diarrhea shortly after finishing breakfast (literally about 2 minutes ago) and I had to hurry to finish my second cup of black coffee to go to the toilet, I had to go so badly. I had to hurry to get my black underwear (on my period right now) and my Bazinga pajama pants down and sit down to absolutely explode in the toilet. My goodness. Such an explosion. Only took about 20 seconds, but I needed to go so badly. I just finished and the toilet was splattered. I wiped, flushed and washed my hands and that's that.

Happy pooping everyone!

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