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poop pants on purpose

hi folks i'm still wondering if anyone from childhood or teen years or even now has ever just been lazy and popped themselves on purpose ?

Anna from Austria

To MIna

Dear Mina, do not worry you gave me good advice about the toilets in Japan. My Time in Japan was really nice,and i will post a Story about it next time. Today I am in a hurry I am afraid and cannot write much.

Greetings from Austria


End Stall Em

Public Bathroom Survey

I've created a survey. Please answer it using your most recent experience in using a public bathroom. Thanks. I'll start.

1. When was your last experience? What did you do?
This afternoon. Spencer and I were having a drink at a small sports bar. I had too pee. I walked into the ladies room. One toilet and it was gross. I don't think it had been cleaned since Saturday night. I walked two doors over to Wal-Mart.

2. Did you have to wait for a toilet? How many toilets? Were there stalls with or without doors? How did you choose the one you did use?
There was a six staller near the entrance of the store. Five of the stalls had doors closed and someone in them. One was open, but I waited for one of the two end toilets to open. The first one did and I quickly seized the opportunity. A mother and daughter came in right after me and they took the other open one. I prefer using an end one. They give me more privacy and they are used less and I'm more comfortable sitting on them.

3. How long did you have to sit before your body cooperated? While in the stall do you pay attention to noise from other stalls, those that peek into your stall, if there's adequate toilet paper, graffiti or vandalism, any other things? Do you sit longer than necessary? If so, why?
Since I had been drinking, my pee was immediate and a little longer than usual. Yes, I was using the end stall, but I remember thinking that the person on the toilet next to mine was probably young. She had on tennis shoes which seemed to be a half inch off the floor, her jeans and underwear were all the way down to her shoes, and I could hear her using her phone as she sat. There were two or three political slurs in big, black and bold pen on my door. I was amused that it was uncommon that the words were spelled correctly.

4. Was a seat-tissue available? Did you use it? Why or why not? What was the toilet paper like? Was it adequate? Did you flush?
The seat tissues are usually available at Wal-Marts. I don't use them however because because if I move around too much on the toilet, they crunch up and tear. When I was really young and my dad took me into the bathrooms with him he could always cover the seat for me. I hated it. The toilet paper was OK for wiping. Yes, I flushed. After I finish wiping, reaching back and pushing the flusher isn't that hard. The only time I won't flush is after I've had a large crap, perhaps on top of a bowl of someone else's stuff that wasn't flushed. I'm not about to draw attention to my causing a flood, especially if the room is quite busy.

5. Did you wash your hands? What were the sinks like? Did the faucets works correctly? Was there adequate hot water and soap? Paper towels, linen towel roll or electric drier? Was there an opportunities for conversation with others next to you?
Yes. With the exception of one sink, the others were clean. I'm sometimes a klutz that has to figure out how to use the faucets because some are automatic and some are not. The soap came out a little too fast and I think I took too much. I had to punch the electric drier three or four times to finally get it to work. It was bent and a little loose on the wall. The mirror in front had someone's lipstick with a drawing on it. The art wasn't that good and I couldn't figure it out. I paid attention to my own business and not the couple of others using the sinks when I did.

6. When you returned from your bathroom experience, did family or friends ask you about anything you did? Did you volunteer the information?
Spencer told me I missed a great defensive series in the game. I told him my bladder was more important. He seemed to be taken aback by that but I gave him a quick kiss to soften the blow of reality.


What comes in will come out

Hey everybody hopefully everyone has a great weekend. Yesterday I went to my girlfriend house , so we could go shopping centers. I get to hear place and take off my flip flops in her place cause no shoes allowed to wear in the house, but before we go she tells me she needs her morning poop , so I said okay, she goes in the bathroom and pulls down her shorts and sits down, so we continue to talk and tell her that those guys thought we were she was like so let people stereotype us my sister, I said yeah you right, then she started farting one after another and splashing lol , so I told her about this site , she said she will join in , so about her is 5'5 and I let her tell the rest. Afterward she start wiping her front to back , side note I seen some ladies do it wrong. She gets up and flushes and pull up her shorts I say no underwear, she never cause they nice but if you have to go they are a restricting , True but only if going to bed On our way out she puts on her sandals, I put my flip flops back on. We head to the malls, so while shopping we take a break have food at the food court, after eating we put the bags in the car and go back shopping and so we get to the clothing section for spring and start buying up , get to the resigster cashier I never seen before asked do I need to open up a credit card to pay for this cause this way to exspenive that my kind may take a long time to pay off but will get it anyway, I laugh at her and told her silly girl pull out cash and then she said whoa did you or you know some one sell drugs, I said yeah I do for my company support your company and I said also where's your management came quickly cause I told her my name and afterward they scold the woman telling her she is way out of line they apologize and that I said I understand just sad so my girlfriend comes up and says I can only get a few I said just get what you need, so they offer us 75% off on all clothes. So we walked out the store with 15 bags . As we were leaving the store, the woman said sorry I said to her never judge a book by its cover . Back at the car I told her it's my bathroom time, so we head to the snack bar I told her I be back and enjoy the food . So I get in the bathroom 40 stalls 20 one way and 20 facing them,I enter a stall . Pull down my shorts to ankles and t string and sit down and start pooping after few seconds. No pushing this time, after 15 minutes I was done and I kept Marcus informed my situation, I really miss him so we end up leaving the malls early and I dropped her off and Marcus kept me off my feet rest of the day , happy wife happy life satisfaction . Church time


What comes in will come out

Hello everyone, I hope you all are well. I have a Sunday story to share, well yesterday before church I took a nice bath and got ready my hair a certain way the night before, so while getting ready to come out Marcus comes running in and hurry shuts the door and pulls down his dress pants and boxers and sits on toilet just blasting away and I start laughing and asked what's wrong he said he must drunk the wrong tea , I start tearing up with laughter and got out the tub took my towel start drying off and lotion my self up with some bath&body , put on my church underwear and dress and dress flats while Marcus holding his stomach with like everything was coming out, so I tell him I meet you at church and give him a kiss. So when I get at church our kids are with my step mother they run towards me and me hugging on them kissing on them. So closely we got to service began Marcus a no- show still and I began to worry and I excused myself from the the sanctuary and call him but no answer, I come back tell my step mother I be back with a worry look, I get to the car and low and behold here he comes, I take him by the hands and ask him if he was alright he said yes but sore and weak, after service he was in the bathroom again and when we got home, with that being said I did take time for myself to poop , but I just was more concerned about him.


What comes in will come out

Hello everyone, I will try not be to long well here to share a story with you really fast as I can, two years ago I was finally graduating college. So the night before Marcus threw me a big pool party at the hotel. At that time I just came off recovery 6 weeks , I was very excited being able to go so my godmother watch the baby cici and Jr for us. Around 7pm I left the office, Met up with Marcus and friends at the hotel, but I forgot bring my bathing suit and I had my business attire on. When I got there all sorts of food drinks balloons you name it he did it big, I was blown away that I had to take a major poop , so I excuse myself and went to the restroom like 5 stalls none taken I took the middle one, so I pull down my slacks after unbutton them and v-string and yes I have all sorts different kinds of strings, regular panties show way too much, so I sitting down and proceeds going into my pooping time. As I'm in mid- poop one my friends and his friend comes in start making out, hearing the wrestling of clothes and clothes flying off they say shhh I think some one taking a crap and then on accident my turd hits the water, they snickers like ouch that must have hurt. Which it did, so they go back making out , I was still going and I see his trunks hit the ground and I see my friend knees on the ground, I doing my best to hurry up after 15 minutes I was done , and wiped seated and when I was done I saw him standing up saying that's it do your thing, I looked away so he wouldn't catch me as the pooping one. I flush hurried got my clothes up and washed my hands got out of there. Later on that night I told Marcus what happened, he wasn't surprised, I ended up swimming after awhile just in a pair of boxers Marcus had on hand just in case I forgot which I did, and wore my bra as a top piece , before the night ended we was so wore out I ended up being late to the graduation but it was well worth it.

Hi, it's Anna from Canada, I am so sorry I haven't posted in a while but I was so busy. Anyway, I have a small story that happened today that I thought would be good to post here.

I was in class this morning and by the end I really needed to go to the bathroom. When we were all leaving I told my friends that I would be right back and headed to the small washroom at the end of the hall. Another girl from my class was right ahead of me. She is a tall redhead that everybody calls Bebe. Bebe was wearing an adorable white down jacket and purple yoga pants. I also noticed she had a bit of a visible panty line going on where her pants stretched over her bum. Bebe is not really a big girl, but she has quite a hefty rear end and I guess that made the panty thing worse. Anyway, I was a bit dissapointed that she went into the washroom as well, as I needed to do a number two and would have enjoyed some privacy. Just as I went in, I saw Bebe come out of the last stall. She smiled and was like, "no paper" and then took the middle stall. I said "thanks" and took the first of the three stalls. I locked the door, put down my bag and then pushed down my jeans and blue string. I plopped my bum on the seat and immediately started to pee. Bebe was peeing too, but her's was more of a trickled, while I did a hissing stream into my toilet. When I was done I decided to hold my poo for a bit to see if she would leave. There were no more peeing sounds from the other stall, but she didn't wipe or anything. Instead she was just shifting around a bit and that's it. I guessed that she was probably waiting for me to leave as well, and that she needed a poo and was embarrassed to do it on the school toilet with the neighbouring stall occupied. Anyway, I figured I would wait a bit just to see what would happen and I started to browse some stuff on my phone. Sure enough after about half a minute Bebe blasted a loud wet fart into her toilet and then the sound of sloppy poops crackling out of her bum and splashing into the bowl came from her stall. I don't know if she just got tired of waiting or if she really couldn't hold it any longer, but it sounded pretty urgent, so maybe it was the latter. Anyway, I started my poo as well, with a fart of my own and then I quickly dropped two big turds that made loud splashes in the bowl. I was hoping that maybe Bebe would feel better now that she knew I needed to poo, too. She kept pushing out what sounded like a number of soft turds while making little grunting noises. I had to wait a bit and then had a third poo come out. Then I felt all empty and I pulled off some paper to wipe. Oh, my number two didn't smell very bad, but Bebe's was pretty stinky! Anyway, I did my front and then cleaned up my bum. I pulled up my pants and flushed and when I left the stall, Bebe was wiping, too. I washed my hands and she was taking ages to clean up. She wasn't even done when I left. Later I saw her in my next class and she blushed a bit, so I guess she really was embarrassed by her poo.

Anyway, that's my story and I hope you all liked it.

Anna from Austria

Answer to Louisa

Hi Louisa, yes these typ of toilet you describe is quite common in Austria. But i am afraid I do not know the reason behind it.

I totally agree with the issues of these type of toilets.

Unfortunately my bio rythm is not very nice to me. I alomost have to poop in the morning, when I am work, or not home because of an other reason, so I poop most of the time on public toilets.

But as I am used to it, so I am also used to use the brush to remove my skid marks. Unfortunately not all women are the clean.

I have encounted toilets with skid marks quite often.

But although I am used to it, i still find it embarrassing when another leady useds to toilet right after me because of the smell.and also have to admit that it can be quite digusting to use the brush to remove the skidmarks.

Greetings from Austria


Monday, January 16, 2017


Skid marks after school

The toilet paper in my High School was very thin, often disintegrating in the hand with the use of just a little bit of force. This would mean that I would often get skid marks in my panties. My parents were aware of this problem and when I would get home my Mom or Dad would ask me and my siblings if we had dirty underwear. To begin with I would often lie and say I didn't, going to my room and not taking off the dirty panties until after I was undressing for a shower in the evening. Unfortunately, my panties were mostly white so any poop stains showed easily, meaning I couldn't get away forever from my parents finding out. My parents would check my panties themselves after school by lifting my skirt and pulling the back of my panties away from my waist and looking down. Incredibly embarrassing but what can a lying teenager expect?


night out

Hi everyone

Abbie - I totally sympathise with your predicament on the bus! So many times I had to make a decision to either miss the bus (and wait ages for the next, normally half an hour where I lived), or run for the bus and risk an uncomfortable journey holding my bladder. Lucky nobody saw you with wet pants either!

I went out on Saturday night in town with my flatmate Chloe, who's a tall skinny Australian blonde. We went over to our friend Samantha's flat and spent a good hour or so pre-drinking and chatting. I nipped to the loo whilst we were there.

We set off from Sam's flat to go into the city centre, which is about a 15 minute walk away. We were only a few minutes into the walk when Sam said she needed a wee, Chloe suggested she could turn back but Sam said she'd wait till she got into town. Only about 5 minutes later Sam asked me to hold her handbag cos, in her words, "I'll wet myself unless I go now". We were still on a main road so I suggested finding an alleyway, but she said "No, I really mean it". With that she stood between a phone box and a bin at the side of the road, pulled her coat and dress up, tights and knickers down, and squatted down to wee on the pavement. I was embarrased on her behalf as I wouldn't have done it there! She finished really quickly considering she said she was about to have an accident, and we carried on into town. I noticed she went for a wee again as soon as we got to the pub.

Anyway on our way home it was just me and Chloe walking back to our flat, both of us were quite tipsy and I needed a wee. I wasn't desperate though. I told Chloe and she suggested we just go for one anyway. I said I could see if I could wait a bit more, and Chloe replied "Pah, I'm going to go here anyway, you wait if you want to!". We were passing a large open parkland, and there are some bushes. Chloe went behind one of the rows of bushes and I followed her. I pulled my skirt up and purple thong down, and did a moderately-urgent wee onto the grass. Chloe meanwhile was wearing a full-body-suit which meant she was having to undo her top half as well, so she was squatting down with just her bra on her top half, pulled down her white knickers, and did a wee in front of me. She said she felt really exposed and hoped nobody came along!

We finished our walk home without any other incident. When I next saw Sam she was looking quite unwell and said she'd had a bladder infection which is presumably why she was suddenly desperate but then didn't need to do much.


Monster After-Vacation Crap

On my first day back at school after holiday break I knew I would probably need to crap sometime that morning. My grandpa once called it "sliding down the chute" so after I arrived at school I walked directly into the first bathroom. I always take the first cubicle that's open. I dropped my sweats and undies and seated myself. The cold of the toilet seat tore at my butt. It reminded me that the temperature had fallen like 25 degrees over the two weeks we had off. As I peed a little I tried to remember how many days it had been since I crapped. I remembered a portable potty and a pretty satisfying crap new years eve at our city's mall. As I sat I kind of figured out that it had been five days. So I doubled down to make this sit more productive. Girls were crapping on both sides of me. I could hear the splashes, the sighs of satisfaction and then the endless rolling of the toilet paper following. I found it somewhat amusing that the girl on my right had done a big one. I heard her make a frantic attempt at flushing. The stool clogged. Then I saw one foot leaving the floor, her shoulder hit the panel and she kicked at the flusher like killing an ant. It worked, although I could hear the near-clog blast air back at her.

After about five minutes, and a couple of attempts by girls to open my door, I pushed on my thighs, spread my legs and slid my butt forward as I put more pressure on squeezing my crap out. It was so intense that after about 20 or 30 seconds I could feel my pushing working--just not all the way. I had to let up and in doing so, I could tell that the giant banana-like log was stuck. No movement. Just tearing at me as if I had shoved a bottle up there. I pulled off some toilet paper, wrapped it around my hand, and I moved my hand in circular fashion. Very carefully, I tried to find it, then I touched it and that gave me a sense of how long it was. Because of the pain the clog in me was causing, I took my wrapped hand, moved it toward my hole and after a couple of swipes, I was able to break the monster off. I stood and looked at how big it was and the pain I was feeling was now understandable. However, the stub was still in me and not moving. If I was to leave and go to class, not only would I still have the pain, but it would be something I would have to be sitting on in class. I started to panic. I got to thinking about last year when I was changing the light bulb in my aunt's apartment and it broke off on me. At that point, my friend Heather texted me about where I was. I told her to come in right away. Luckily she had a can of soda that she had just gotten from one of the machines. I had an idea. I asked Heather for a couple of swigs. Actually, I took a few more and intentionally drank them faster than normal. That caused me to belch as I sat and I farted too. Before I knew it, I was pushing the remainder of my crap out with less effort than I expected. I stood and showed Heather what had been accomplished. She said she had never seen a piece that wide. I sat back down and the pain I was showing caused Heather to grab my hand and offer me a hug. I released another spurt of gas as I wiped from my seat. Both Heather and I agreed that it was not going to flush. Then we went to class. Toward the end of first period, Heather got a pass to pee. She came back and told me to no surprise that it was still in the toilet, but that it had been peed on a few times.

Lately, i`ve been seeing either accidents, or the results of those accidents, or those close to having an accident.

About a week ago, or a little less, coming home from work, at one of the last stations i come to, to get home, i notice a woman of 18-19 years, with reddish/pink pants, sitting on the side of the escalator, waiting for her train. I was leaning against the wall, waiting for the same train, with my 2 sisters (they work at the same job, one even in the same department as me), probably some 10-15 ft from the girl, noticing that she was starting the bounce up a down. At first, she bounced slowly, and then it quickened up, and i kept glancing at her.

She seemed a bit embarrassed as she saw me looking at one point, so i looked away, though kept peeking, furtively, here and there, at her. I thought she had to pee, but then her bounced stopped for a min or so, before she finally sat on her heels, so i figured she might actually have to shit. The train came about a min or 2 after, and i noticed she waited till most people were getting on the train before getting up herself to get on the train. I went into a different door than i did, so i had no idea if she had an accident, or not. No one seemed to react to her as she passed them, so i would guess she did not have one, though i wouldn`t mind seeing her have an accident, as it is a turn on for me, as i`m sure it is for many here.

A couple days ago, i noticed a nice sized puddle of liquid by the escalators where someone would sit at. Although i`m not sure, someone must have had an accident. With peeing accidents, i would guess it would be a woman that did it, as most men will simply pee anywhere that there isnt too many people around, if they have to go badly enough, me included. Thats all i have for today.........until next time

Hi - I have been reading this site for a long time but this is my first post.

I have a question for Anna from Austria. I have just been in Austria for a one week work trip. I was very bemused by the toilets. Most toilets seem to have a dry shelf on which your poo collects as a series of 'sausages'. When you flush it washes the poo off the shelf into the water and away. Whilst this solves any embarrassing plop or splash issues. It seems to post some problems. Firstly the poo just sits there out of the water and makes far more smell than it would do otherwise. Secondly when you finally flush it away it makes lots of skid marks that you need to use a brush to clean up. My poo isn't usually very smelly but there was no disguising what I had just done! One a plus side it allows you to study what you have just produced!

My question to Anna from Austria is are these toilets widespread and is there a particular reason for them? As someone who normally poos mid morning at work I thinks I would find the aftermath of my visit quite embarrassing. How do you cope?


Menopausal life

In my youth I had overactive bladder and got up once a night to pee. Now as I get older and am on diuretics for high blood pressure I sometimes get up up to four times a night. Last night it was five times but I used the empty plastic trash can to pee in. That way I did not have to turn the light on. I am thinking of just using adult overnight diapers until I retire so that I can get some decent sleep. I can't take a cat nap at work. I have used adult diapers for convenience and just pee in them while shopping or otherwise away from the home bathroom. I take the bus so this can be a problem unless wearing an adult brief. Traffic jams and slow bus routes are an issue. I have peed in adult briefs on the plane when the seatbelt sign was on during turbulence and nobody was permitted to use the bathroom. Later the line was horrendously long.


Peeing at the bus stop

I have peed discreetly at the bus stop before when bushes are available. When I know that I may be caught short and there are no public bushes available - I don't use people's private yards - I wear a pull up. This time the bus was delayed an hour and I peed in the pull-up three times. After the second time it leaked and urine was running down my leg onto the sidewalk. Luckily I was wearing a washable shoe so no problem. By the third pee the sidewalk was soaked. With black pants it was not obvious so when the bus came I got on, paid my fare and took a seat. There was some laundry to do. Usually I can pee on the sidewalk in pull-ups and it does not leak.

Hello I'm a new guy to this site , I'm 52 and I have a question or two for the ladies on this site . Do you ever have skid marks on your underwear after you dump a load ? How do you avoid the embarrassment of skid marks if you are wearing very short skirts or dresses ? Cheeky questions but maybe some lady might provide answers . Thank you .


Rec Center

Hey everyone! We're back at school this week and I just wanted to update you all really quick on what's been going on! I decided to start going to the campus rec center as my New Years resolution, same one EVERY YEAR. So this week I woke up early and headed on out. Not too many college students are keen on waking up early so the gym is usually pretty quiet. I get on the elliptical and next to me is another girl on a stationary bike with headphones in. I start "running" and everything is nice and quiet, when suddenly the girl next to me on the bike rips this super bubbly fart. A few people look up and around but she is totally unfazed. A few minutes later there's another one, and another, and another. The whole gym is silent except for the buzz of machines and these just booming bubbly farts. She clearly can't hear them through her headphones and thinks no one is noticing. She eventually stops her workout and leans forward relaxing onto the machine when she lifts her butt just the tiniest bit and lets out a big wet one. She gets up quickly and wipes down her machine and shuffles off awkwardly to the locker room. After finishing my workout, I went down to the locker room as well. In the back of the locker room, there is a wall blocking the view to the toilets and shower, the showers are right past the toilets in stalls but with no doors, so when you walk past them to get in one you can see whoever is in the shower. I walk down the aisle of showers and see a pile of clothes on the bench with a big wet, brown stain. I look up to the shower across from them and there is the girl from the bike. I take the next shower to do a quick rinse and hear her farting again in the shower, coughing after each one as if trying to cover it up. We get out at the same time and grab a towel to wear. As I'm drying off, she walks into one of the toilet stalls and pees into the bowl and then stops and sits silently waiting for me to leave. I was feeling ready to poop so I walk over and take the next stall, hang my towel on the hook, and sit down naked. We both sat quietly for a moment when I hear her accidentally let a fart slip and quickly cough over it. I decide to be nice and break the ice by letting a long hissing fart escape and then start to push out a very fat crackling log. If falls in the bowl with a loud splash and I clear my throat in what is now again silence. Finally, I hear her start letting loose the most gassy poop I have ever heard, the whole thing sounded like a long, choppy shart. I hear some thin wet longs crackling out of her accompanied by an ample amount of gas as the wet poop hits the water. I push out a second log and pinch off one more piece before I start peeing. The girl flushes and goes to wash her hands. I wrap up with a final bubbly fart and by the time I'm done wiping she is gone! I hope to bump into her again one morning in the gym to share a poop.
Happy New Year to everyone!


New Year's Post

Hi guys! I've had a great year so far. One of my favorite commercials is the Sharmin one. Sharmin is a brand of toilet paper. Someone in the add announces that it keeps your underwear clean. I also heard a comercial about wipes for your butt, but I can't remember what they're called right now. Concerning the toilet, there was this one time for about a week I was gassy. I felt a slight gas sensation in my abdomen when I went, and I sat on the loo for a bit sometimes. The abdominal sensations have past now btw. Here's something funny. Have any of you laughed, and farted at the same time? I did this before, and the smell was nasty. Another time, Mom farted, and I copied her lol! Today, I did some poop peices that were stinky after eating some salad. To end this post I'd like to say something that was different for me. I felt like I had an upset stomach while standing in front of the toilet yesterday, but then that feeling seemed to fade. While going for a pee, I ment to burp, but spit up my coolade, and had to clean the bathroom floor by the toilet, and tub.


What comes in will come out

Hey everyone, I'm back again, this year I'm going post a lot more so let's get started. Last night I went to dinner with a girlfriend, wore a skirt tube top and high heels, so we meet up, I order sampler meals before the main course and , really was hungry after dinner, we left and we went out to the movies and before we brought our tickets we both realized bathroom is what we needed, so we go to bathroom, like ten stalls in there six of them taken, so we took stalls next to each other, and I lift up my skirt and pull my c- string down to my ankles and sit down on toilet and I see my girlfriend pull down her pants to her ankles and sit on the toilet, so we continue to talk about what movie to watch then I began to fart some zippers felt some poop coming relaxing my whole body then I felt the opening of my hole and poo poo start easing it way out feeling so great falling into the bowl and hearing her enjoying herself, it starting stinks pretty bad in my stall but I didn't care about 15 minutes of pooping I was done but she was still going so I thought about pushing so I pushed and nothing but a giant fart we both laughed at that so I began to wipe sitted after 5 minutes I was done in 20 minutes but 23 minutes total washing my hands totaled, so I told her I wait for her outside, after 10 minutes she came out and smacked me on the butt like let's go mamacita and we made it to see the movie on time and couple guys was staring at us so they asked us if we were married we said yes they say cool we look at each other like yeah it is . But not realizing at the moment didn't occur to me he thought we was lovers till I came home to Marcus and kids and before I went to bed I went to bathroom lowered my pajama shorts to my ankles and pooped one last time that day and I didn't have to wipe cause Marcus sweet self came through


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Imogen- great story, its typical that there was a toilet right next to where you were to start with, I'm glad your knickers stayed dry! I think an accident is when you have fully weed yourself so your trousers or skirt are wet as well as your underwear.
Actually earlier today I nearly had an accident myself, I was out at the shops this morning buying some stationery and had been needing to have a wee for a while, but I wasn't too desperate so I went to catch the bus home. I arrived at the bus stop just in time to see a bus leaving, the display said there would be another one in 7 minutes so I knew I wouldn't have time to find a loo, I just stood there with my legs crossed with my need getting more and more urgent. When the bus finally came (a few minutes late, I might add), I shuffled on and sat down, squeezing my legs together, by now my swollen bladder was really suffering and every time we went over a bump in the road I thought I was going to leak in my knickers, but somehow I managed to hold it in. Typically every traffic light seemed to be red and the traffic was quite bad, so it took longer than normal to get to my stop. I knew there wasn't much chance of my knickers staying dry as I made the short walk to my house, I was absolutely bursting for a wee by this point, and as I thought when I reached the front door I couldn't help letting a spurt go! I got it back under control but I knew I was seconds away from totally weeing my knickers, so I opened the door and went up to my ensuite holding myself, luckily there was no-one else around to see! As soon as I got in my bedroom I leaked again, I felt my knickers getting warm and wet and knew that it was worse than just a little dribble, I quickly tugged my black leggings and white knickers down and crashed onto the loo and then started to wee like a horse!! As I thought my knickers were pretty wet and some of it had soaked through to my leggings, so I took them off and threw them towards the dirty washing pile. Eventually my wee stream stopped, I wiped my front, flushed and washed my hands, then went back into my room. My bedroom door was wide open and suddenly my mum came out of her room opposite and started to talk to me, luckily I'd been wearing a dress over my leggings so she was none the wiser that I didn't have any pants on, she didn't even seem to notice that I wasn't wearing any tights or leggings either! When she'd gone I shut the door and opened my pants drawer, I took out some clean pink flowery pants and pulled them on under my dress, it was quite warm so I decided to stay bare legged for the moment. I went downstairs and watched telly for a bit, I could feel my belly starting to get a bit tight and decided I should really go back to my ensuite and sit on the loo for a bit, I've been trying to make sure I do that every day just before lunch to try to help my constipation. So far since New Year I've managed to have a poo every other day and really hope that continues when I'm back at uni next week. I went back upstairs to my ensuite, lifted my dress and pulled down my pants before sitting on the loo and trying to relax, I hoped I'd be able to open my bowels as I knew I didn't do so yesterday. A few minutes later and after doing a dribble more wee the tight feeling shifted downwards and I realised I was starting to want a poo, I gave some gentle pushes and shortly after felt the tip of a smooth log emerging from my bum. It was coming really slowly and I was having to push a bit but not nearly as much as when I'm really constipated. I could feel it getting fatter and made a few harder pushes, luckily that did the trick and the log sped up as the widest part passed out, and dropped with a splash. I had another couple of poos which came out again with only some slight effort, and then I felt empty, so I took some toilet paper and wiped my bottom before pulling up my pants and letting down my dress. I flushed the loo, washed my hands and went back downstairs to have lunch. Hope you enjoyed this story, will try to post again soon, bye for now!!


Dear Anna (from Austria)

Hi Anna, I saw your post to answer survey.

But Anna, I always wonder, why you don't tell us about experience of loo in Japan. I and my friends interested very much. And I always worry, you say nothing because you are angry to me for give you bad advice. I always am worry and worry, was my advice to you helpful one? I really worry maybe I gave you bad advice.

I also decided I do survey, but my answers no good ones, I think.

1. How did you find Toiletstool? I don't remember...

2. How long dod you wait to type your first post? I created at once. but I worry my English, so I send sentences to my host family in wales and ask to correct. I change wording a bit so they don't know type of site. I only say "blog". I take about a week to correct English, so you can say, I waited one week.

3. What have you learned so far since you start following and posting this site? Many Many things!! Especially, that it is OK to do motions with loo door open and in front of person you love. If I don't see this site, I never do. And wiping bottom of friend. Now I love to do, but before I see site, I never think such kind of thing.

4. How long do you plan to stay this site? Until I die!

5. Would you share this site with anyone? Kazuko, Maho and Hisae ONLY. Other people, never never never never.

Love to everyone.



European pay public toilet experience.

In college I spent a summer touring Europe alone. As was common, a lot of cities had only pay public toilets especially for women. They were expensive, but clean and always had an attendant. One particular city, which shall remain nameless, had a nice pay public toilet near the public square and all of the merchants in the area directed customers to them instead of providing facilities in their shop. Being a frugal college student that possessed a health, and by my accounts large, bladder I decided to postpone my visit to the public facilities until I was in desperate need. I even had the exact coins counted out for payment and tip to prevent any delay. Late in the afternoon, my bladder could take no more - I hadn't urinated since leaving my hotel early in the morning and now the need was pressing. I headed to the public facilities only to find an older woman attendant (who didn't speak English or the local language denying people entrance. I was desperate and showed her the money and gestured to enter. She shook her head in refusal. I pointed to the Gents entrance to see if that was a possibility and she shook her head even more forcefully. She kept repeating 'later' in the local language. I wasn't gaining entry and my bladder wasn't waiting for later, so I waddled off desperate to find a place to pee. The first block or two were crowded, but a quick turn off the main street lead to an alley with a big rubbish bin against a building wall. The privacy was excellent so I chose that option. I slipped sideways in the extremely narrow gap, it was too narrow to squat or turn sideways. I could barely pull the front of my skirt up to keep it out of the way. I fought to pull my underwear to the side while holding my skirt clear. Finally I relaxed urinated forcefully without regard to the direction or if my legs/shoes were getting wet. I quickly left and hope nobody noticed. From then on, I planned my trips to the toilet a little more conservatively.

Saturday, January 14, 2017


unfamiliar place

Yesterday at uni I had to go to a building I didn't know for a student group meeting in the evening. It finished at around 8pm and I left to go back home. I really needed a wee by this point so thought I'd go to the loo in the building. There was a stairwell with two doors, I took the right one as it looked like the main corridor. I walked around for a bit in the semi dark corridors and found no toilets, I kept on walking around (by this time I was bursting) and still nothing to be found. I then saw in the distance, at the end of another corridor, a sign for toilets. I walked very determinedly down the corridor and went down some stairs to find a set of gents. Damn! Went back up the stairs and then up again to find the ladies. I went into the toilet and inside were two cubicles, I dumped my bag on the floor outside the cubicle and then went in and pushed the door shut, lifted up my skirt and purple lacey knickers down, then sat on the loo and relaxed, weeing for England! At this point my bag pushed the door open (I hadn't locked it properly in my desperation to go) and so I clenched tight, really tight, to stop weeing, so I could hobble forward and latch the door. Which I did, only I kept leaking and got wee on the seat. After I'd finished, which I was very relieved by, I wiped down the seat. I hadn't dribbled in my knickers though. It was probably a bit irrational to go back and lock the door given that there was not a soul else around!

After wiping and going back I got back to the original place and, going through the other doors, what was right the other side... the ladies!!

Abbie and others - what do you class as an accident? A little dribble in your underwear? A leak? Damp underwear in the crotch? Wet trousers?

Tech Guy

Caring for Kathy after her Christmas party

A middle-aged work colleague Kathy who works in the finance department at our company likes to do things in a big way. She wanted to have a large and memorable Christmas party so she booked a village hall in a nearby village. Kathy asked me if I could provide lights, a sound system and her favourite 1970s and 1980s music from my DJ music collection. Kathy had organised a hot buffet with her favourite curry and plenty of alcoholic drink. She had a bit too much to drink and she became rather talkative. She was telling everyone how wonderful Tech Guy was as he was doing all the lights and music free of charge. Near the end of the party, when most of the guests had left, Kathy became rather affectionate and she decided that I needed lots of hugs. We hadn't finished playing all 120 tracks on her play-list so Kathy asked me if I would drive her home and play the rest of her play-list on the car stereo.

Then Kathy sat on the floor and she was in no fit state to help with the clearing up so her friends did it all. Two other girls from the Accounts Department, Sharon and Tracey were in their 20s and they told me that they sometimes go out clubbing with Kathy. They said that although Kathy is old enough to be their mother, she certainly knows how to party and after a night out 'on the town' they take her home if she has had too much to drink. They said that they knew I hadn't been drinking and they could trust me to take good care of her and get her safely home and tucked up in bed (on her own).

I loaded the sound system and lights into the car while Sharon and Tracey looked after Kathy. They took her to the ladies toilet and when they came back, they told me that she had done a #4. #1 and #2 all at the same time. I asked her what #4 was and they said that she threw up on the floor while she was sitting on the toilet and they had to clear it up. I asked what #3 is and she said it's something that only women do once a month but Kathy doesn't do that any more. They said that she had eaten far too much of her favourite curry and it had made her bowels very loose and they had to wipe her bum for her. They said that she had also drunk far too much, so I should hold her by the arm at all times while she is standing, walking, going to the toilet or vomiting to make sure she doesn't fall over and hit her head. Tracey warned me that Kathy would probably throw up, pee and have 'the runs' again. Sharon said that when we get to Kathy's house I should take her to the toilet and make sure that she has finished being sick before she goes to bed. Then I should put her into the 'recovery position' in bed so that she won't choke if she vomits in her sleep.

It sounded like it might be an "interesting" evening. I told Kathy that I would drive her home as long as she didn't throw up and make a mess in the car. I put a large plastic bag on the seat and I told her it was in case she wet herself or had diarrhea. I also gave her a large plastic carrier bag as a 'sick bag' and I told her that if she throws up, to make sure it goes into the bag or better still ask me to stop the car if she feels sick. After about quarter of an hour, Kathy asked me to stop the car. She said that she was feeling very sick and she couldn't keep it down much longer. We were on a country road and we came to some woodland where there was a parking area. I opened the car door for Kathy and I helped her out. As soon as she stood up, Kathy leaned forward and she was violently sick on the ground.

I asked her how she was feeling and she said that she needed to pee and poo urgently. I took a flash-light from the car then I supported Kathy as I led her away from the road into the woods. She lifted her skirt, took her panties down and stepped out of them. She squatted down on the ground while hanging on to my arm and I saw her weeing onto the ground. Then she farted and did a big pile of loose poop. "I've really got 'the runs'!" she announced. Then she said that she needed some toilet paper so she got a pack of Kleenex out of her hand bag. She asked me to shine the flash-light so that she could see what she was doing. I told her that her poo had started to come out between her bum cheeks as she was walking so she was quite messy back there and she would need a lot of toilet paper to clean up. She said that she only had a small pack of Kleenex so she asked me if I could wipe her. Kathy said that it is important to wipe her backwards only to avoid introducing poo germs into her delicate area.

We got back into the car and I drove to Kathy's house. She asked me to come in and make sure she was OK so I took her straight to her toilet. Then she knelt down on the floor, embraced the toilet bowl and started throwing up. I supported her forehead in case she passed out and hit her head. Then she asked me to fetch a glass of water and a plastic washing-up bowl from the kitchen. She drank the water then she brought it all up again. Then Kathy sat on the toilet and leaned forward. I held the bowl in front of her face while she puked. Then she started to wee and I could also see her runny poo coming out at the back. She tore off some toilet roll and handed it to me and I wiped her bum gently.

Kathy asked me to get a tub of Andrews salts from the bathroom cabinet and mix a dose with water to help settle her stomach. The label said that it can help to relieve upset stomach, indigestion and symptoms of over-indulgence and a larger dose acts as a laxative. Kathy said that she normally takes a really good laxative dose as it helps to settle her stomach and it clears everything out of her system and makes her feel better. Kathy drank the fizzing mixture and managed to keep it down. Then she went to her bedroom and asked me to put her mattress on the floor so that she couldn't fall out of bed. Kathy lay down on the mattress without getting undressed, I put her in the 'recovery position' with her sick bowl and her antique porcelain potty both close at hand.

I asked her if I could go home now and she said that she would like me to stay with her and sleep on the floor. Kathy told me where to find a camping air mattress and I blew it up. She asked me to leave the bedside light on in case she needed to get up in the night. I lay down on the air mattress but couldn't get to sleep with the light on. I could also hear Kathy's stomach churning as the laxative salts were doing their job. In the middle of the night, Kathy woke up, grabbed the bowl and was violently sick. Then she sat on her chamber pot and did a noisy, runny and smelly poo. She said that the laxative was working really well and she felt better already. Then she asked me to go and fetch some toilet roll for her and do the necessary so I wiped her bum. She asked me to empty the potty down the toilet and clean it out as her poo was rather smelly.

The next morning, Kathy woke up and immediately sat on her potty and did more noisy, runny and smelly poo. She said that she couldn't wait and if she went to the bathroom she would do it in her panties. Then she grabbed the bowl and heaved but there wasn't much left to come up. I wiped her bum, emptied the potty and the bowl and washed them out. Then I washed my hands and made some breakfast for myself but Kathy didn't fancy anything to eat.

After breakfast, Sharon and Tracey called round to see if Kathy was okay. They were surprised to see me there and they asked me what happened last night. I said that Kathy was throwing up and having 'the shits' on her potty half the night. Kathy said that she couldn't remember much about what happened but Tech Guy looked after her well and he didn't try anything. She said that I was a very good chamber maid who emptied her potty and cleaned it out and I even wiped her bum for her. Sharon and Tracey thought this was hilariously funny and now whenever I go to the company's Finance Department, they tease me about it.


Work Dump

I was in work today and nature was calling. I was on the till so I had to wait until someone took me off. Anyway as I was heading into the staff room I saw another guy who I was on induction with was heading into the toilets. As I went into the toilets he was just closing a cubicle door. Luckily the other cubicle was empty so I went in there. Just as I was sitting down what I can only describe as an explosion took place in the other cubicle. It sounded very wet and very messy. Multiple farts splashes and plops happened. Then it stopped, he wiped his ass once only and left. How did he get away with wiping only once! I'd have needed to wipe loads if I had passed what he had!


That Time of Day

I have read some posts that we should all have a certain time for sitting on the toilet...say after breakfast. My continence nurse is very keen on the same idea.
My problem is that I do have a sit on the toilet but in the mornings I am so tired and slow and my body aches so much ...mostly the last thing I want to do is put in the effort to have a poo! I sit there and sometimes I do poo....often I do not and if I do poo it is a small splattering movement.
If I wake and am feeling fine (and that is not often) then I might have a big one.
Around mid morning my osmotic laxative starts to have an effect... by then I am generally feeling a bit better....I would have had a few cups of tea and maybe a can or two of coca cola and then I feel as though I am ready...I then have a sit on the throne and get relief...easily!


Mum's accident

My mum took me and my best friend Helen went to the late night shopping in our town just before Christmas. We were there about three hours until Mum suddenly realised that we had to hurry to the bus station to catch the last bus. We got there and my mother said that she really needed to go to the toilet before we got on the bus. In the end she decided there just wasn't enough time to go so we got on the bus. I sat next to Helen but kept looking at Mum. She was constantly fidgeting in her seat, her legs were pounding up and down and she even put her hand down between her legs a few times. Fortunately this was hidden from most by her shopping bag on her lap.
When we got off we had to walk Helen home, which didn't exactly help the situation, then finally we able to walk back to our house. She kept saying that she was absolutely dying for a wee until she stopped dead in her tracks and said 'Oh no'. It was obvious what had happened. She stood there for at least 30 seconds. A trickle of wee began to seep out next to one of her shoes - it must have been running down her leg. She had a long dark blue skirt on and was wearing tights as usual. Then she seemed to relax. 'Oh dear. I couldn't hold on - that's the first time I've weed my pants for a long time!'. The rest of the way home she was making light of it but asked me not to tell anyone, which of course I haven't - until now!
I couldn't resist looking in the linen bin in the morning to examine my mum's pants. I soon found them - plain white full knickers still rolled up inside the tights. Both the tights and the pants were very wet.


My friend Felicia's fears

When I was in 2nd grade there was this girl who lived on our block. She was a year older. Her parents didn't have much money. For a month or so I think their car was taken from them by their bank. So my mom had to drive Felicia to school and bring her home with me. Felicia was often late in getting to our house in the morning. We'd be in the car, engine running, and mom would have to call down to Felicia's mom. My mom is pretty patient, but the excuse she heard each time was that Felicia was just finishing up in the bathroom. And then it would be 10 minutes or so before she would come running to our driveway. I know my mom finally got so mad that she confronted Felicia's mom because we started getting tardy checks. What she learned was that Felicia would get ready for school, have her breakfast, and then sit on the toilet frantically trying to have her crap before school. She peed normally at school, but because she got hassled, she tried very hard to avoid crapping there. She later told me it was because she got hassled by others in using the school bathrooms to pee. Since a crap would take longer, she was scared of others making fun of her on the toilet.

Although she was 8, she didn't have much confidence. If she wanted to save time in the crowded bathroom and take an open toilet, she would get starred down by some of the others who didn't like her. I remember seeing her a couple of times even in a toilet with a door closed and others were remarking about how much she moved her legs while using the toilet. Being extremely skinny, they called them bird legs. And just sitting and going to the bathroom made her more nervous. And once, when we were coming in from recess right after lunch, the only toilet was without a door. I was talking with her and pretty much covered her in the doorway waiting, but a couple of mean girls shouted an insult in on her. You see she would release some crap, then stand, turn her butt to the front of the toilet, look at what she had put in the bowl, and then sit down again. That was repeated several times. Also, she wouldn't take more than a second to wipe, and then she'd toss the toilet paper toward the toilet. Often it would land on the seat or the floor. And she would almost never take the time to flush before she ran out of the room.

You can see that why my mom and I were concerned. But we were still happy when Felicia's parents got their car back.


New Year's Post

Hi guys! I've had a great year so far. One of my favorite commercials is the Sharmin one. Sharmin is a brand of toilet paper. Someone in the add announces that it keeps your underwear clean. I also heard a comercial about wipes for your butt, but I can't remember what they're called right now. Concerning the toilet, there was this one time for about a week I was gassy. I felt a slight gas sensation in my abdomen when I went, and I sat on the loo for a bit sometimes. The abdominal sensations have past now btw. Here's something funny. Have any of you laughed, and farted at the same time? I did this before, and the smell was nasty. Another time, Mom farted, and I copied her lol! Today, I did some poop peices that were stinky after eating some salad. To end this post I'd like to say something that was different for me. I felt like I had an upset stomach while standing in front of the toilet yesterday, but then that feeling seemed to fade. While going for a pee, I ment to burp, but spit up my coolade, and had to clean the bathroom floor by the toilet, and tub.

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Abbie as always another great story.

To: Mina great story as always.

To: Wendy G first welcome to the site and great story please post any more that you may have thanks.

To: Abby G welcome back I look forward to reading your new stories.

To: Natasha great story.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site

I'm mainly posting about this to make myself feel a little better. I'm so embarrassed it's crazy. Well today I got out of my class pretty early and decided to go eat lunch in the dining hall at my school. I had a fajita and I forgot they usually don't sit well in my stomach (I have a really weak stomach). Anyways, I started walking back to my dorm and my stomach felt really bad. I tried to hold off but I couldn't so when I got to my room I went to the bathroom and it honestly felt like my butt was throwing up. As I was wiping away the damage I realized I should flushed before adding toilet paper since there was so much. Well, I was right and the toilet paper made it worse. I couldn't flush it down! I tried 3 times, I also don't have a plunger. One fun fact, I don't talk to my roommates so I can't even try to make it funny without them getting all weird. I came to terms with the fact it wasn't going down and I didn't have time to fix it. I had to go to class. So I left a note saying the toilet was broken and I'd fix it later and I went to class. So it's still in there cooking. ????.


unfamiliar place

Yesterday at uni I had to go to a building I didn't know for a student group meeting in the evening. It finished at around 8pm and I left to go back home. I really needed a wee by this point so thought I'd go to the loo in the building. There was a stairwell with two doors, I took the right one as it looked like the main corridor. I walked around for a bit in the semi dark corridors and found no toilets, I kept on walking around (by this time I was bursting) and still nothing to be found. I then saw in the distance, at the end of another corridor, a sign for toilets. I walked very determinedly down the corridor and went down some stairs to find a set of gents. Damn! Went back up the stairs and then up again to find the ladies. I went into the toilet and inside were two cubicles, I dumped my bag on the floor outside the cubicle and then went in and pushed the door shut, lifted up my skirt and purple lacey knickers down, then sat on the loo and relaxed, weeing for England! At this point my bag pushed the door open (I hadn't locked it properly in my desperation to go) and so I clenched tight, really tight, to stop weeing, so I could hobble forward and latch the door. Which I did, only I kept leaking and got wee on the seat. After I'd finished, which I was very relieved by, I wiped down the seat. I hadn't dribbled in my knickers though. It was probably a bit irrational to go back and lock the door given that there was not a soul else around!

After wiping and going back I got back to the original place and, going through the other doors, what was right the other side... the ladies!!

Abbie and others - what do you class as an accident? A little dribble in your underwear? A leak? Damp underwear in the crotch? Wet trousers?


Osmotic Laxative

For some people with constipation diet exercise and hydration does not help. Due to my medical condition I am one of those persons....I take an osmotic laxative....very safe apparently....they suck water out of the bowel wall thus making the poo softer and larger.
I am using Osmolax at the moment and have to take a double dose very often but feel so much better!!!
The night before last I had to take pain relief which equates to constipation...had a double dose of Osmolax yesterday morning and in the early afternoon got the urge....sat on the loo and pushed...but not too hard and out came this great volume of poo...felt so much better.

Victoria B.

An accident


I'm writing today under less than ideal circumstances: I pooped my pants this afternoon!

It happened shortly after I got home from class. It had been a normal day to that point. Syllabi were traded for blank stares on the first day of the semester as always. My schedule is pretty easy and it should make for a nice send-off from undergrad. Anyway, I came home, sat down on my favorite chair, and started reading. A slight gurgle of my stomach was the first warning sign, but it seemed innocuous at first. Suddenly, though, I had to fart. Tending to be a trusting person, I let it fly and the magnitude of my error became immediately apparent. I had sharted and it was time to get my now dirty butt onto the nearest toilet before things got worse.

Undressing, I noticed that my undies (pink and green striped boyshorts) were as destroyed as my face was red. My slacks somehow came out relatively unscathed and I was grateful about that as I settled into one of the least-satisfying poops of my life. It was pure liquid and it stunk too! I'd had enough of it by the time it was over. Wiping was a mess and I went through five or six handfuls of paper before I felt clean again. It all went down in one flush. Disposing of my wrecked panties, I changed into some yoga pants, had a laugh, and carried on with the rest of my day. I'm still a bit peeved about my underwear though. That was a favorite pair!

To Mina: Good to hear from you again!
Love, Victoria

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

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