My first time on this site . I accidentally peed myself tonight . It was so embarrassing .

Anna from Austria
To Cathrine I wish you all the best for your future.

Toilet stool survey

1. How did you find Toilet Stool?

It was last year. I was looking for information abut japanese squat toilets because i was about to go to Japan for vaction. I found some posts from Mina by cosindence.

2. How long did you wait to type your first post on here?

I startet posting the same day as I found the page.

3. What have you learned so far ever since you started following and posting on this site?

Lots of interesting bathroom stories and bathroom habbits
4. How long do you plan to stay on this site?

For as long as I can. I am a bit fascinated about this topic, so I will stay here as long as I can.

5. Would you share this site with anyone else?
No, wouldn't.

Would be a bit embarrasing for me, that some of friends and family now i post here.

greetings from Austria


Let me just start of with Mkayla isnt my real name, this happened 2 or 3 months ago, i'm an 11 yr old girl and I have BAD constipation.

I was at outdoor school and it was 1:30 in the morning. I had to go to the bathroom REALLY bad and, since I was 11, I couldn't hold it very well. No one would go with me so I decided to go to the bathrooms by myself even though I wasn't supposed to.
I went outside and tried to make it to the bathroom but u couldnt. I squated on the ground becausae the pain was unbearable. I saw my boyfriend come out of his cabin and he saw me. He came running to me since I was squating on the ground and i was right next to the bathroom. He put his arm on my shoulder and said "baby, are you okay?" And I was really embarrassed so I burst into tears. He didn't know that I have accidents really often and constipation so he didn't understood why I was on the ground. I told him everything and he told me it was okay. He took me to the girls bathroom and went in with me. I was also really constipated so I said "babe, I'm really constipated, can you come help me?" He said yes and came into my stall, rubbed my back. We were in there for a good hour and a half then I wiped and we left. I couldn't thank him enough. Then we went back to our cabin after he gave me a good night kiss and were still dating today :)


Sunday Morning Sitdown

So I woke up Sunday morning, ate breakfast, poured myself a cup of coffee, and sat down on the couch at my girlfriend's house to watch the morning news programs. Predictably, I felt steady pressure in my rectum as I took my first sip of coffee. So, I grabbed my coffee and a section of the newspaper, and climbed the stairs to the bathroom. After seating myself, I took another sip of coffee and bent forward. After passing a long air fart, I felt my anal opening dilate to accommodate a really fat turd. I passed it to the point where it started to hurt, relaxed, and took a deep breath before squeezing. As it slowly dropped, I grunted, heard a section break off and plop in the water below. After another push, the rest of the turd slowly fell to the water -- hard, really fat, and curling around the bowl as it filled the toilet. I sighed as I sat back on the toilet and sipped more coffee. I picked up the paper to scan the headlines, waiting for what I knew was slowly making its way down to my hole. A few seconds later, I squeezed several rope size turds, which settled above the water on top of the monster I'd already deposited. Before wiping, I decided to flush--pushing the lever and hearing a muffled gurgle of water fill the bowl, but no corresponding gurgle of my dump out of the toilet. I sat there for a few seconds, realizing that there was no plunger in the bathroom, and that I would have to call my girlfriend to fetch one for me. But I was spared that necessity by the sound of rushing water and the throaty splash of my dump departing the bowl. At that point, I started to dab and wipe my extremely mushy ass, about nine times in all. I then flushed a second time. Somehow, I left no skid marks in the bowl. Better yet, I didn't have to interrupt my girlfriend's morning crossword puzzle routine. Best of all, I felt great!

Welcome back, Mina.


To Lily

I was sad to read your story. Anyone who snicker when someone poo is bad person. Like someone said, one day they taste own medicine.

You are new so you don't know this but when I was ten, I saw many girls snicker outside loo door because a girl inside did a huge diarrhoea very noisy. I went into attack mode. I hit and hit and kicked and kicked and bang together many heads. About one minute I was virago and there was big silence except diarrhoea noise so I stopped, then I got into a big trouble from teacher but many friend were my side and said well done Mina. I told this story on this site before. I want to do in your school, but I think better you don't do. But I hope it help you if you know that some people maybe feel same way and will defend you if someone laugh. If you have good friend, tell her or him when other children not listening that you worry about laugh when you use loo, Maybe he or she comfort you.

And if you late for the class again, my advice is, don't say "I was in bathroom" but say "I was sick", I think whole class will not snicker.

I hope many people tell other people, it is not good to hurt person with snicker, we don't need hurt anybody. Everyone poo and sometimes get a diarrhoea. me too. But if someone snicker, I think, he is not person, he is animal.

Perhaps I better to tell you, I am Japanese Korean, nearly 26 years old. My English is bit crazy, I am sorry for that.

Love from Mina


V.I. Poo

Gave some V.I. Poo to the wife as a funny Christmas gift. It really works and she loves it! Uses it every day in preparation for her morning constitutional. Now I don't have to endure her pungent odor when I pass through our master bathroom on my way to the clothes closet. Just a lovely, ladylike lemon aroma.


Meghen's Choice

As I've written about before, I coach two college-level women's athletic teams as part of my graduate teaching contract while I earn my degree. A couple of times a month myself, another coach and sometimes a player will make a recruiting trip to one of the high school's we work over a three-state target area. We use a university vehicle for the trips that can take up to four hours each way. On one trip last month it was me, Coach Sue and one of our most talented freshmen, Meghen. Meghen is very sweet, extremely competitive on the court, but shy. My coaching colleague, who was driving announced that we were about halfway to our destination and that we were stopping at a rest stop, joking to me that she needed a double. That's code for both a pee and crap and probably a longer time in the toilet. I looked in the backseat at Meghen and told her since I didn't think she had been in this part of the state it was a probably her last chance to go because we would be getting off the interstate and using some county roads that didn't have bathrooms nearby. Coach Sue said that's why she had filled the gas tank before leaving campus.

So Coach Sue pulled into this rest area where most of the parking stalls were taken by several long trucks. As both she and I walked up the sidewalk to the bathroom building, we saw Meghen walk across the grass the opposite way into a wooded area that leads downhill to a creek, stream or something. It was about freezing out, plus there was cold wind from the north, so we were curious about what she was doing. Coach Sue and I took adjacent stalls. My seat was down and I dropped my butt right onto it. It was a bit cold and I asked Coach Sue, who had just dropped her seat, if she had gotten a warmer one. She's almost twice my age and said her butt has become more seasoned and tolerant. There was a big explosion of gas, followed almost immediately with splashes of crap, then followed what sounded like the big one. She sighed and said something about the bartender who had given her discounted drinks the night before. Then came the pee that was just more torrential than mine, and that's saying something because I'm almost 6'6" and my bladder empties fast and deliberate. Often the whole bowl is full of yellow bubbles when I got off the seat. Since I use bathrooms away from home 90% of the time, I have no trouble getting started.

As both of us sat, Coach Sue asked me about Meghen, who is on one of my teams. She asked if I had ever seen Meghen use the bathroom with the rest of the group. I said no. As I thought about it, I had never seen her use the toilets in the locker rooms either--where I usually have my craps before the start of warm-ups. Coach Sue asked it Meghen could be walking away a distance to smoke. I was pretty certain she wasn't that dumb. I said that unless she had a really stellar bladder, she would have had to use on of the rest area bathrooms on one of our team's road trips. Then as Coach Sue continued to sit, punching another piece or two out every minute or so, her experience kicked in. She said Meghen might be going to the bathroom outside. Dumb me, I hadn't considered that. I continued to sit as Coach Sue finished up. We debated asking Meghen about it because while she's a gifted athlete, she's so shy. Coach Sue there are some timid people who you could pay $l for each word they said and the payout would be inconsequential. Coach Sue said she would be delicate in bringing the subject up on the van. I told her that would probably be the best approach.

So as we were opening the doors to the van, we saw Meghen coming toward us up the hill. After we put our seat belts on, Coach Sue looked back at Meghen and asked her if she was sure she didn't need to use the bathroom because there wasn't going to be any opportunity to stop in the rural area we were entering off the interstate. I volunteered a story about how my dad would get mad at my mom and me who needed to stop when we were traveling because it would put our trip timetable off. Then Meghen said she had urinated by just doing a squat over in the woods. Problem was, that a raccoon ran though the leave behind her and that spooked her. But since Coach Sue and I took a little longer on the toilet this time, Meghen was able to get her composure back and complete the task.


Latest news

Imogen- great story about going to have a wee in the alleyway, as you say sometimes a pre-emptive wee is the best idea. I understand it must have felt really embarrassing when you fully wet yourself a few years back, but I'm glad you got to keep it a secret and you can laugh about it now! I must admit I leak/ dribble into my knickers too if I'm really desperate to have a wee, as I said in my last post that used to happen at school quite a lot as it was often hard to get enough time to use the loo, but it does still happen now from time to time. I know some of my friends have the same problem too, so your not the only one! I look forward to your next post.
Natasha- sounded like you and Keira both had big poos, especially Keira, it was good that you were able to take your time on the toilet rather than having to push and force your poo out. Keira must have been really constipated if she needed a laxative, it sounded like she was lucky she was near a loo when the urge finally came! I must admit I hate laxatives, I have used them a couple of times in the past when I've been really badly constipated (one time I couldn't have a poo for over a week) but I got really painful stomach cramps and then bad diarhea which went on forever, and that was actually worse than struggling to push out a massive poo!! I remember from your old posts that when you were at school you sometimes found it hard to have a poo, but I think you said in a more recent post you hadn't been constipated since starting at uni, so I really hope that continues for you in 2017, hope you can post again soon!
My New Year's resolution has been to try to improve my constipation by eating more healthy stuff and getting more exercise, and so far its going OK. I know that when I make a real effort to eat more fruit and veg, which I must admit isn't my favourite, and also try to do some exercise (which I haven't really done this Autumn and Winter) it does help my bowels to work better, although even when I'm not constipated I still seem to produce quite big, solid logs which take a while to come out. The big difference is that my poos don't tend to be quite as fat and they aren't anywhere near as hard and dry as when my constipations really bad, meaning they don't get sucked back up my bum when I'm trying to push them out and also there far less likely to get stuck on the way out, which is a bonus.
Since making an effort with my diet and going out jogging a few times over the last week, I've already started to notice a bit of a difference which is positive, I've now started to want a poo every other day rather than it being 3 or even 4 days without going or even getting the urge to go which is definitely an improvement. Early this morning I thought I'd go out for a jog, my last poo had been the day before yesterday so I hoped I'd get the urge at some point today and had resolved to make sure I sat on the loo when I got back even if I didn't feel like I needed to go. That's the other thing I've been trying to do, which I know also helps, making sure I go and sit on the toilet at more or less the same time every day even if I don't feel like I need a poo. Since I can remember my normal time for wanting a poo is late morning, as I have said in previous posts that was a major problem at school as morning break was so short and the girls loos were so busy that some days I didn't even get time to have a wee then, let alone a poo! The most annoying thing was that some days I would be on the loo at breaktime having a wee and would feel a poo starting to come, but I had no choice but to suck it up and go back on the toilet at lunchtime as I knew I just wouldn't have time to have a poo before break was over and I had to be in class. I would then be in lessons trying to stop a log from poking out in my knickers which isn't brilliant when your trying to concentrate on learning, and quite often by lunchtime when I went back on the loo I would have skidmarks in my pants. Unfortunately it isn't much better now I'm at uni, as I have a lot of lectures in the morning and a similar problem of not having much time to use the loo in between, so when I go back I guess I'll just have to do the best I can. The other problem I have when I'm constipated is that it usually takes me at least 15 minutes to have a poo, and when I was at school it was hard to find that amount of time, I certainly couldn't have asked to use the toilet in a lesson and have been gone that long! That's why it tends to be a vicious cycle, the more constipated you get the longer you need to spend on the loo and so the more you end up putting it off because you don't have time…. Anyway, while I was out jogging I started to feel my belly cramping a bit and then some pressure lower down, and realised a poo was on the way, luckily I wasn't too far from home! By the time I got back I was having to clench my bum as I could feel a log trying to come out, so I quickly took off my muddy shoes and went upstairs to my bedroom. I was going to have a shower after I'd used the loo so I quickly took off my tee-shirt and shorts and went into my ensuite just wearing my white sports bra and yellow spotty pants. I dropped my pants to my knees and sat on the loo, I could feel my poo had started to poke out as I was getting undressed so I could see a skidmark. I relaxed the muscles in my bum and straight away the log started to make its way out, I couldn't help moaning with relief as it felt so good! As it got wider I took a deep breath and started to push, luckily although it was quite fat and it was stretching my bumhole it was a smooth, fairly soft log so it kept coming as I pushed. As it got to its fattest point I did a couple of harder pushes and couldn't help grunting, but I then felt it moving faster and shortly after it broke off and splashed down into the bowl, and I felt another log coming which only needed a few gentle pushes before it too fell from my bum and plopped into the bowl. I did a few final small pieces and then felt empty, I realised I needed a wee as well so I took care of that before wiping my bottom, I looked at my watch and realised I'd been on the loo for 5 minutes whereas normally its more like at least 15! After I'd finished wiping I flushed the loo and then took off my bra and pants to get in the shower. I hope you enjoyed this, will post again soon, bye for now!!

Monday, January 09, 2017


Toilet Accidents

I continually note that people have accidents and I am no bladder problems cause me to sometimes have difficulty holding my urine. Sometimes, but not for quite a while I get a very painful urgency and as I wear pull ups if a do a small wee then it relieves the pain and urgency.
I have had several pooing accidents, however, the notable one occured some years ago. I had been constipated for quite some weeks....if i got the urge I had to go right away or the urge and BM was lost.
I had been taking laxatives and had to have a colon x-ray. This involved me drinking this strange tasting was like water but had a slight taste to it. There was quite an amount I had to drink...I was then put on the x-ray table and given a needle...I went very hot and then had the urgent need to poo...I would have given anything to have a bed pan under me whilst the procedure took place. The urge went as quickly as it came...I left and was driving home and near my destination I needed a I did and it was a big one that had some follow through thus filling my undies with watery poo. As I turned in the drive way I got the long awaited sudden and severe urge. I realized there was nobody at home so I just raised my bum off the car seat and pushed...out came days of shit...all runny and mushy...I waddled up inside the house and got some plastic bags...dropped my trousers and threw my undies in the plastic bag to end up in the rubbish bin.....I sat on the toilet and finished the job...cleaned the toilet seat as there was poo all over my bum ...the trousers were dealt with by the garden hose.
I felt so much better after that bowel movement.
Shitting ones pants i do not recommend but in this worthwhile.


A women had an accident at the gym

I had went to the gym the day after Christmas and found nobody there. I had started warming up then a little stretching. I heard the door open. Two women around 25 to27 came in. They were in leggings and some kind of tanks similar to each other. I had started squating as I tried to keep going. The two women stood at the squat rack of all places. I asked when I got done with my set if I could share the rack with them since they too had leg day hmmm... I was thinking I know that's not true but even if it's not I get to be Castinova. The two women started using the squat rack surprisingly they took no weights off I had put 360 pounds on it! The second one however was going up & down. On the 3rd rep I heard a squelching wet fart! She was embarrassed put the bar up &a the friend said "we're so sorry she wasn't feeling well" I didn't say anything back so that I wouldn't make the situation worse than it already was. I finished my training for the day. And noticed although I didn't poop myself like she did I had a faint skid mark in my undies.

Who here gets skid marks from exercise every now & then?
Who here has had an accident while doing exercise?

I have two accident stories. And they both involve hostels!

I was in Europe with some college friends and stayed on a few weeks after they went back. I got friendly with these German guys, drinking and playing cards in the evening. One night I got super drunk unexpectedly - I was fine, I was fine, and then a bottle of whiskey or something was passed around and I wasn't. I have a dim memory of walking through reception and of walking into the washroom, but my memory kicks back into action when I'm pulling down my pants, sitting on the toilet and looking down at my underwear...which is loaded with shit. A huge amount of largely solid shit. I was so fortunate that the washroom was a toilet-shower combo. I emptied my pants, showered, and then crept naked down the corridor back to my dorm. A lot of fortuitous events had to align to enable me to get away with that!

Also in Europe, but a year or two later, I was walking around the outskirts of a city when the minor urge that I'd had all day to use the toilet suddenly escalated drastically. I had to get to my hostel fast! The discomfort and apprehension were horrible. I had to clench continually for the thirty or so minutes it took to get back, anxious about the potential consequences of not making it. When I thought I'd reached the right building but realised my hostel was actually a little further, I was certain I would poop my pants right there, but I recovered and made it to the hostel. But I still had to check in! And it was here, standing in front of a guy taking my payment and asking me where I'm from, that I started to lose it in my pants. Slowly, gradually, the hard turd moved out of my ass. stopped there, not quite in my pants, but way farther out of my ass than I was comfortable with! But the discomfort was gone and I was able to finish the conversation, grab my things and head up to my room, albeit with a rock-hard turd between my cheeks. And here I got this crazy idea - what would it feel like to finish it in my pants; to actually experience the accident I'd had the year before?! So that's what I did. I put my bags in my room, and as I was leaving the room I restarted the glacial voyage of the shit toward my pants - I pushed and I pushed. And out it came, solid and hard. The feeling of having passed the point of no return is surreal! Here I was, in a communal hostel, with my pants full of shit. I patted my ass - Yep, you've just shit your pants. The showers were upstairs, so I went up, passing people as I went. Story ends there: I emptied my pants, showered and sheepishly went downstairs again!


Your very own Mina is back

Hi,everyone, happy new year. I had so busy time in December, sorry I was absent long time, I was also not well so much and take medicine, I still take only one.

And we all went back families for new year, for me that means go to countryside far away, Hisae too. Kazuko and Maho not so far.

Three of us came back to flat on 3rd January, Hisae one day later as she had reunion of school friends.

But actually Kazuko escaped from her family for short time every day, she came back to beige flat to do motions, because in her house, if she do and stay more than 10 seconds, her mother bang on door. So she say she go back to find something she forget, go to flat, sit on loo long time as she likes, empty bottom (Kazu's beautiful bottom always very full because she eat and eat), then go back her home. I can image Kazuko have very happy expression on her face when she is doing and doing and doing and never stop.

We love families, so we are happy to go their house, but it is nice to come back and be four of us again. We are so nice new family. Of course sometimes we fight, especially Maho she is okorimbo that means quick temper (and when she angry, it is very very big angry) but it never last so long time. At end of December, Maho and Hisae fight. It was Hisae's fault, but I don't tell you detail because not this site material. But soon they say sorry each other, and about 15 minutes later Hisae go to loo. When Maho see it is for motions, she follow Hisae, then Hisae wash her beautiful bottom, then Maho dry with very gentle hand, she dry long time, so it is her way to say sorry for angry, and Hisae pull Maho's head to her chest. Maho look in loo and say, "Wow, I'm sorry, I give you a diarrhoea." Hisae say, "no it's OK because after lot of motions I feel good!" So fight is over.

Nobody fight with me, I don't know reason. If I fight, maybe I go to loo very soon and do huge diarrhoea.

Now my Internet connection repair, so I read some writings of this site.

Love to you all

Mina and friends


Pesty boy

For a week of my Christmas break I used the ticket my biological father bought for me to fly down to his city for a visit. He manages an apartment community. He's a big sports fan and the highlight of the trip was us using the tickets he got to a pro basketball game. We both got food and the super-sized drinks he loves at the concession stand and about two minutes before the half-time break I excused myself for a potty break. I knew I wasn't going to be happy if I didn't get onto a toilet before the intermission because even the biggest of those bathrooms fill up fast. I was about to explode and I was held up on the stairs by moms with little kids with short legs and a couple of elderly taking one step at a time with the canes.

The bathroom when I finally got to it must have had at least 20 toilets. I felt lucky momentarily because most had doors and there wasn't the crowd congesting the room yet. While I slowly watched, I was getting worried because I heard the buzzer sound. I knew the crowd was coming. I looked to my right and about four stalls down. I couldn't believe the door was ajar and there was no one using it. I quickly dashed in. In doing my usual check for toilet paper, I wasn't alarmed that only the roller showed because I wasn't planning to crap. Often I will not wipe after a simple piss. So I quickly dropped my jeans and underwear and took the seat that was lukewarm. From my seat, I noticed that the door was slowly crawling open. I reached as far ahead as I could while my pee stream started, but was surprised that there was no security latch on the door. Not even any evidence that there had been one that had been busted off. I abruptly threw my head down between my legs as I was tightening the rubber band on my poni-tail. Then things seemed to get more light and the door was thrown open, hitting my knees.

There was the little boy, probably about 4 or 5. He was just standing there staring at me. He asked my name. He wanted to guess mine when I didn't answer. I told him to go back to his mother. He asked me why? I started to gently shove him out, but realized I was getting too far off the toilet. He continued to ask if I was pooing or peeing, and seemed like he wanted to continue to stand there and watch me. I stopped me pee twice and it was causing me pain. As I got madder at him and how persistent he was, I raised my left leg and partially caught him in the doorway. All the while he was continuing to ask me the same questions I was refusing to answer. "My mom's got that," he said looking to my small amount of pubic hair. Then he started to ask my name again. I got mad and to get him out of there, I yelled "Rae" (my middle name). He seemed surprised as I shouted and used the door and my leg to more aggressively shove him out.

I could tell by the noise that a line was forming and I didn't stay seated one second more than necessary. Actually I guess I got too rattled and during third quarter my urge built for another trip down there. This time it took me about 30 seconds to relieve myself. Luckily the boy wasn't in there. As a cleaning lady came in with her cart, I mentioned to her about what the boy was doing. She told me there has been a couple of little boys she has turned over to security. Then at the end of the game, I asked my dad to wait while I went in for a third piss. This one lasted about a minute and all the noise in there rattled me again. When I got back to the hallway, my dad was missing. I waited about five minutes. He came out of the mens room and said he felt better after taking his dump. He'd been holding it since 7 p.m. Just like me he tries to avoid crowds too. And while we were waiting for our turn to back out of the parking lot, I told him a little about what had happened to me. He said its a problem in the guys bathrooms, too. He said too many fathers bring their daughters in with them and don't supervise them. He said no child should be in the bathroom of the opposite sex after age 4. I agree!

Wendy G.

Accident at College Library

I'm a college student and I'll turn 20 years old in a few days. Right before Christmas I finished my 3rd semester at college and I'm proud to say that I've made the Dean's List all 3 semesters. But that doesn't mean that I'm not an idiot. I still can't believe the idiotic thing I did towards the end of last semester at college. Yes, I messed in my panties and I did it right there in the college library. No, I wasn't sick and I wasn't drunk. Nor am I into such things - In fact, I think it's really gross. It was just a really stupid thing that I did and I paid the price with a big messy load in my panties.

I was at the University library working hard trying to put the finishing touches on a paper for my Comparative Literature class. I was pretty close to being finished when I started feeling the need to have a bowel movement. It started slowly at first but, as it usually does, the need to go eventually got more urgent. Obviously, I should have used the ladies' room at the library but foolishly I decided to wait.

The dorms at my school are great. I share a 2-bedroom suite with 3 other girls and the suite has its own private bathroom. I can't tell you how great that is. Rather than having to share public bathroom down the hall with a whole floor of other girls, we have our own bathroom right there. But you can get spoiled that way, too. I'll usually pee in other bathrooms on campus for convenience sake, but it's nice to have your own private bathroom (well, private for the 4 of us anyway) to come back to when you need to do the other thing.

I don't want to give the impression that I'm ridiculous about this because I'm not. I played 2 sports in HS and consequently had long school days. I ended up having to do bowel movements at school on many, many occasions. Sometimes you just have no choice. But given the choice, I'd certainly rather wait and use my own bathroom than do it in a public one. And that's exactly what I was doing at the library that day. It seemed foolish to walk all the way back to my dorm, do the bowel movement there, and then go back to the library to finish the paper. Instead, I figured I'd just hold it in until I finished the paper and THEN I'd head back to my dorm room and do what I had to do. Of course, I considered the obvious - that is, just using the ladies' room in the library - but as I noted, given the choice, my own bathroom was always the preferred option. That was especially true now because the library was quite busy and consequently the ladies' room would also be busy and probably not very clean given the high volume of usage. Nope, holding it in until I finished my paper and got back to my dorm suite, was certainly the best option - or so I thought at the time.

Well, to make a long story short, I did finish my paper. But just as I was packing up my stuff to leave, I felt this tremendous surge in my bowels. At that point, I knew I wasn't going to be able to make it back to my dorm in time. But no sooner did I take a few steps toward the ladies' room in the library when it was too late for that, too. I suppose it was standing up that did it. Sitting down, it's actually pretty easy to hold it in. Sure it's uncomfortable, but when you can hold your butt cheeks against a hard surface like a chair, you can hold in even your urgent bowel movement.

But standing up and then trying to walk is a different story entirely. Standing there in the college library, I just completely lost control. My bowel movement just starting coming out and there was nothing I could do to stop it. It was probably only a few seconds that it happened, but standing there like that, it seemed to take forever. It seemed like a thick solid log as it was coming out and at first I was hopeful that maybe the mess wouldn't be so bad. But then when the first bit of it was actually meeting the fabric of my panties, I could feel it start to smoosh and spread. Then, as more and more kept coming out, it started to spread worse and I could feel it start to collect in the seat of my panties. And by the time it was all finished coming out, I had a whole lot in the seat of my panties. I just wanted to cry.

I guess I could have just headed for the ladies' room in the library there - better late than never, I suppose - but I really didn't want to deal with it there. And my worst fear was not only getting myself cleaned up but doing it without humiliating myself even worse. All I wanted now was to just get to the safety and security of my dorm and its private bathroom there. Somehow I did make it back to the dorm. I could feel the mess smearing worse with every step I took, but at least I made it back without anyone noticing what I'd done - at least, I don't think anyone noticed. At one point it felt like I messed in my panties some more but I wonder if that was merely poop that was previously caught between my butt cheeks now falling out into my panties. It was hard to imagine that I actually had to go anymore after what I'd already done while standing in the library. Either way, by the time I got back to my room, it was just a total disaster. Not only were my panties soiled beyond belief, but by now (after the long walk back to my dorm) my jeans were awfully soiled as well.

Of course, I couldn't be so lucky that roommates would be out when I got back. All 3 of them were there and once they got over their initial shock at what I'd done, there were quick to tease me about it. I guess I really can't blame them for that. I must have been quite a sight as I walked into our suite - a fully grown woman standing there in badly soiled jean and panties with no real explanation of how this could have happened. One of my roommates had had an accident of her own when she had some sort of stomach bug and another roommate messed herself a bit while she was drunk one time. As they teased me, I tried to remind them of that. But they quickly reminded me that they had an excuse. They wanted to know how I could do this while completely healthy and completely sober. I, of course, had no answer other than my own stupidity. My other roommate joked that she couldn't believe she was the only one amidst a group of college women who hadn't messed in her panties recently.

All teasing aside, though, I must say that my roommates were really great about the whole thing. They helped me into the shower and they were even brave enough to handle my soiled jeans and panties - putting them into a plastic garbage bad and taken them down the garbage dumpster to get rid of them. And then after I cleaned up in the shower, they even helped me scrub it down but good. They gave me a big hug and told me not to worry about it so much. They promised that they wouldn't tell anyone else about what I did. All in all, in spite of the teasing, they made me feel a whole lot better about the whole thing.

But, as I've had time to think about this now, I still can't believe how stupid I was to let this happen. I mean, I'm 19 years old and going on 20 and I messed myself right there in the college library - probably not more than 100 feet from a bathroom. But I guess stuff like this happens sometimes and it's not the end of the world. And though it's no excuse for what I did, I can honestly say it's the first time since 7th grade that something like this has happened to me. Maybe I can tell the story of that accident some other time.

Annie (Anny)

After lunch poop

Hi everyone on The Toilet :) I hope everyone's doing well on this cold January day. I am. I'm slowly but surely becoming healthier and feeling better, especially as my bowels have become regular. No constipation at all, especially with my healthy diet and lots of water. It helps a lot.

I just finished lunch a little while ago along with a cup of black coffee, and soon afterwards I felt the need for a poop. I immediately went to the bathroom, being careful not to fart or relax to avoid pooping my pants. I closed the door, pulled my jeans and boy short underwear down and sat on the toilet and relaxed. With a gentle push, soft poop came out with no problem. It wasn't diarrhea, just an easy BM and I was finished within a minute. I looked below me when I was finished and there was a pretty big, soft pile of soft crap. While still sitting, I reached over for the toilet paper and used enough to remove everything to avoid skidmarks in my underwear. Afterwards, while sitting I flushed the toilet then stood up and pulled up my jeans and underwear and washed my hands. I am very happy with my current diet and lifestyle and I stay hydrated with plenty of water, so my body is feeling better and I don't feel clogged, bloated and sick. I am very happy about that.

Happy pooping everyone!


Abby C

My Great Return

Hi everyone, I used to upload here in 2014, although I did forget about this site. Which sucks because I do really like this site. Although, Im back and today I have a great story for you. So this was at the mall with my friends. And we were trying out clothes. And I felt the urge to take a poop. So one of my friends came with me while the other one stayed and kept on trying clothes. So we walked into the large bathroom that had about 5 stalls so I walked into my stall pulled my tight jeans to my ankles and plop down on the toilet my friend in the next stall sounded like she was having trouble along with me. So I pushed really hard and poop just started coming and by the end theyre was a lot of poop so I was pretty much done. So there will definitley be more stories on the way.
Abby C.


Hi all. I hope everyone had a good Christmas and New Year's. I went back home on the break and spent time with my mum and dad, so that was nice. I also saw my friend Keira, who some of you might remember from my posts here a few years back. Actually, I have a story involving her that I'll share now.

We ended up going to different unis, but we still often chat online, although this was the first time I'd seen her in ages. I found out that we were both planning to go back to our hometown on Christmas break so we planned to have lunch together. After we finished eating, I was feeling a need to have a poo. I told Keira I needed to use the toilet before we left, and she said she had to go as well, quite badly. And she confessed she'd been holding it for a while as we were nearly finished eating when the need hit her.

We went to the toilets and there was two cubicles and both were available. I did a short wee and then waited for my poo to come. I knew I had to go, but I was letting it come on its own time rather than strain and force it. Keira weed a bit longer than I did and then it was silent, until I heard a loud crackling sound as Keira started to poo. I immediately smelled it too, it was quite strong. There were several plops, with crackling sounds between them.

It was about then I started to feel my own poo ready to come out. It was a big one and it came out slowly. Keira weed a little more and then continuing plopping up a storm. My poo broke off and then another similar one started coming out right after. After that I was finished and I started wiping. I didn't need to wipe much, and then I flushed. I washed my hands and told Keira I'd wait outside for her. I heard her say with a bit of a strained voice, "Okay."

It ended up being almost 15 more minutes before Keira came out, and she looked quite relieved. I made a remark about it sounding like she'd done a big poo. She said she had, and that she hadn't gone for 5 days before that. She'd taken a laxative the previous night but it didn't seem to be working. Then while we were eating, the need came on very strong. She told me she'd done so much poo she ended up almost blocking the toilet, but luckily it all went down with on the third flush.

Alright, well, that's all I have for now. Will post again soon. Hope you enjoyed the story. Bye for now!

Saturday, January 07, 2017

Annie (Anny)

Diarrhea after black coffee

Hi everyone. I'm sitting on the toilet right now having diarrhea shortly after drinking two bottles of water and 2 cups of black coffee (small ones). Water is the first thing I drink in the morning, then I have 1-2 cups of black coffee. I don't drink, smoke or do drugs, so coffee is an enjoyment for me and my go-to laxative. I stay hydrated with plenty of water, so I have no problem pooping. I make sure not to fart until after my bowels are empty. Better to be safe than sorry.

The toilet bowl is absolutely splattered right now. My goodness. Happy pooping everyone!


I never liked to share about this but I can't believe I have. I don't know what happened but it happened during vacation. 4 days vacation. We were all watching tv in the living room & I can't stop farting. Everyone was asking me, "hey do you have a stomachache or something? You should go poop?" Then I'm like "no my stomach is fine but I did feel rumbly." When I rush to the toilet, I pooped a lot. I think I'm just too embarrassed that I really do have a stomachache which is so embarrassing that I pooped cause the toilet smells. Its simple but yeah, the farting was hilarious.

Steve A

Phantom Poop & Toilet Stool Survey

Phantom Poop: I've had that happen to me before. Even though it felt like it, I saw nothing in the bowl.

1. How did you find Toilet Stool?

I was searching up some bathroom stories on Google.

2. How long did you wait to type your first post on here?

Maybe between 3 to 6 months, I can't remember for sure, but I started posting during my freshman year of high school.

3. What have you learned so far ever since you started following and posting on this site?

People's bathroom habits and stories that show me that accidents and bathroom related experiences can happen to anyone.

4. How long do you plan to stay on this site?

For as long as I can. It would be interesting to still be posting on here at my elderly age and remembering when I posted my first story on here.

5. Would you share this site with anyone else? (Friends, Family, etc.)

No, I wouldn't feel comfortable doing that. Maybe if I can get one of my friends to read the stories on here from a joke stand point or to lighten their mood if they had an accident in public, then maybe.

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