In response to Catherine,
I'll miss seeing your wonderful posts here. I must say that I've always felt much like you do about pooping in particular. I've always loved everything about my poops from the urge to go to the feeling of relief when I stand up and return to my daily routine. I especially like the sensations in my anus as my poop bulges it and slides through. When my logs are solid enough I like to let them eject as slowly as possible so I can savor the warm bulging feeling. It's a comforting feeling. I love it when my poop makes slithering and crackling sounds coming out.
My favorite way to poop is diarrhea. The only thing I don't like about diarrhea is if it burns my anus but often I don't have burning diarrhea much. I like gassy explosive diarrhea the best as opposed to pure liquid which tends to burn. It's fun to let loose with a fanfare of explosive poop and trumpet blasts that amplify in the toilet bowl beneath me. Once in a great while I don't make it to a toilet in time which I really don't enjoy but it doesn't happen very often.
I welcome the fact that we all have to poop. Besides the basic necessity of pooping, I'm very interested in the thought of people being open and understanding about each others activity on the toilet. I don't mean that in a weird way but for example when I hear another lady fart or splash in a toilet next to me in a public restroom, I'm kind of turned on by the though that when she's doing is not gross but really simply relieving and taking care of her body. As far as I'm concerned it's just what should be expected in a bathroom.
The same plays out in my home. When I welcome a guest into my house they are welcome to use my toilet whatever they need put in it. Some people get annoyed by such things but that seems really silly to me. I've heard guests poop in my toilet quite a few times and some of my normal friends have heard me poop so loud that they knocked and asked me if I was okay. I always say I'm feeling great now!
A while back I posted a story about having diarrhea in a large public restroom with all doorless stalls. That rest area is on my way to and from work. I stop there and poop on purpose sometimes just because it's a good place to satisfy the social pooper in me. About 3 years ago I went in to find the place empty and I could feel quite a load in me so I look the second stall and sat down. I let out a wet fart mixed with chunky liquid poop. Just after that a rather thin and tall 30 something woman burst into the door and ran to the first stall. From my toilet I could look ahead into the mirror above the sinks and see myself on the toilet as well as her in the next stall. I think she noticed me as she came in but she was so desperate that she was beyond worrying about seeing me or the lack of doors on the stalls. She franticly turned around, pushed her pants down and sat on the toilet. As soon as her butt was on that seat she started blowing trumpet blasts of gas and chunky liquid poop that put even me to shame! At first she breathed a huge sigh of relief and didn't notice the sight of us together in the mirror. Her blasts paused for a second and then I let out a fart with some chunky poop just to see what her reaction would be. She looked around and came to the full realization that she was in a doorless stall and could see me in the mirror. She said "I'm sorry for whatever you're about to witness but I've got the f---ing shits bad!" I decided to be a bit funny. I smiled and let out another explosion of diarrhea while looking at her in the mirror and said "welcome to the club". She laughed and kind of looked down as she let out another loud blast of chunky butt mud. She looked back up and I let loose as my own angry bowels demanded. We stared chuckling at each other in the mirror as we both continued to explode. We both knew it was a less than ideal situation but we both were beyond humiliation at this point. I personally loved the experience and we both shat to our heart's content for about 20 minutes, During that time we stank up that bathroom pretty well. We both finished and wiped during the same time which took a little while with our messy butts. We flushed and I looked in my toilet to see the bowl totally splattered with brown poop. we washed our hands and I commented my toilet was pretty well "loved" (splattered) after my turbo shit. She said "I can not tell you how much I was loving that toilet for the last 20 minutes"! Embarrassed or not I could tell she was so glad to have made it to that toilet even with no door and with all of my pooping sounds going on next to her. I love seeing people enjoy there poop like that!


Comfort on the Toilet

As I've gotten older, I think I've had a change in my thinking about how comfortable I am while sitting on the toilet. My main toilet at home is pretty standard. The seat is oval and the toilet is of normal size for a house. When I'm on it, my left leg is pretty close to a heat and air conditioning vent thing at floor level. The door is closed and I usually have music on as I sit.

At school, the mall, theater, and other places I find I'm much more conscious of the noise my pee or crap splashing into the water is causing. One thing most of the toilets have in common is that they are larger and higher than I have at home. Back when I was in like 1st and 2nd grade I would be afraid to sit farther back on the toilet because my feet would be off the floor. So my pee or crap would hit the porcelain. It would not make the noise it otherwise would by splashing into the water. Of course, it wasn't that comfortable for me when waiting for my crap to come out. So when I went to middle school and the toilets were higher and bigger, I convinced myself I should sit back farther. Now there was the trickle, and later the most noticeable noise as what I was relieving myself of was hitting the water. One day when I think I was 11 I took the middle toilet out of three in a row at school. The girls using the stools on both sides of me were talking to one another and they started to make rude comments about me. They laughed pretty hard when one said I was peeing as noisy as a camel. So I became more sensitive to what the others hear when I'm using the toilet.

Now at my school I use the bathroom at least twice a day. Often it is pretty crowded. The bathroom in the new wing is my favorite. The seats are white instead of black and the privacy doors match the panels so there is almost no peeking space. Because the toilets are so new they are much cleaner too. The seats are also kind of contoured and my butt is much more comfortable on them. Splashing into the water is not really an issue. But in the main building and the PE wing, the toilets are really old. Often cracked and broken. About half the lights are too dim or out all together. The water goes right up against the front of the toilet so splashes and thuds into the toilet can more easily be heard. Not too long ago, I counted 7 of 12 stalls didn't have a door. A couple of the others had doors but with no latches you can understand what can happen. I obviously hate using these toilets, but at lunch time and later in the afternoon this is my only option.

My friend Nikki refuses to crap there and will hold it until she gets home. But as for me, I force myself to take my crap there because my mom doesn't want me to screw my bodily functions up more (from time to time I've had some constipation). I reluctantly have my bowel movement but I don't sit one second longer than necessary. Its an experience I thoroughly hate.

Is this normal?

*I wonder if my husband secretly wants to watch me pooping..I've been constipated a lot because I'm embarrassed to go #2 when hes around for fear he will hear the poop noises and sometimes a really audible whimpering because of the large diameter of my bms. The size of a can of ???? mostly. It hurts my butthole so bad.*

1) It's probably just your embarrassment. So long as you're on a western toilet there's basically nothing for someone to see without the active cooperation of the person being watched. Thus, why watch?

2) Even if he does want to watch, it's harmless. Don't hold back because of his presence. We've been married 30 years--and whether the other is in the bathroom or not is of absolutely no concern to us other than if one of us urinates and the other is there we will ask them if they're next--no need to flush if that's the case.

3) If he truly does want to watch (and you don't have the evidence of that!) consider giving him a show. Some people have such a kink, it's harmless and doesn't mean they're somehow a bad person. It's just some quirk in how they are wired. Everyone has some such quirks, the only question is how unusual they are.

Hi everyone,I've just got out my biggest poop ever only 10 minutes ago . I'd been constipated and hadn't had a BM for 3 days which is a long time for me . I got home from the bar earlier tonight and knew I had to use the bathroom to pee , also I could tell my poop was on the way at long last . I got my skirt up and panties down and sat on the toilet and peed and even though I knew it was on its way it still took half an hour for me to squeeze out 2 very big solid lumps of poop . The biggest piece was about 10 inches long and plopped into the toilet . God , I feel a lot better with that big poop out . Thank you , everyone and I wish a Happy Christmas to all.


Post Title (optional)Michelle

I love accident stories and with Michelle's post on pg 2605 she had mentioned an accident in her car which she would describe in more detail if anyone was interested. Please give details Michelle as I'm interested

Annie (Anny)

Soft poops and diet change

Hi everyone :) Just wanted to let everyone know that I don't suffer from constipation anymore (which I'm really happy about!) due to a diet change, black coffee and lots of water. I eat lots of fruits and vegetables, enough meat and protein and drink lots of water. I don't overdo it on coffee either. Instead of having double doubles in giant mugs like before, I drink only black coffee in small mugs (1-2 a day). As a result, all of this combined makes it easy for me to poop with no straining or struggling. I have a soft poop each day, 2-3 times a day, usually after each meal and first thing when I wake up. I really like this new pattern and lifestyle. I've lost weight (the healthy way), I'm taking vitamins and I'm pooping regularly and slowly becoming healthier so I couldn't be happier :)

I had 2 soft BMs today. One right after lunch, which included green vegetables, a small amount of meat, a bottle of water (reusable) and a small cup of black coffee. It only took a couple of minutes and a gentle push before the entire load came out. It was soft and comfortable to go. No straining or struggling. And I think I had one this morning when I woke up, before I went downstairs. I don't fully remember though. Still, I'm happy with my current lifestyle and happy that I'm slowly becoming healthier. I couldn't be happier :) After both times, I washed my bum with soap, water and a cloth since I don't want skidmarks in my underwear.

Happy pooping!


Thursday, December 15, 2016

Steve A

Girl Had Diarrhea In Dorm

With finals week in full swing, it seems like some people are unfortunate when it comes to how their body deals with stress. For me, I'm feeling fine.

I came back to my dorm room to study after I took an exam around noon time and then ate lunch. While I was studying, I took some breaks to use the bathroom and to walk around. I can't study straight for hours without getting up for a couple of minutes to take a break. A few times when I used the bathroom or took a walk, I noticed that this girl ran to the bathroom a few times and she seemed in distress. She probably used the bathroom about 4-5 times in a span of a couple of hours. She might've been under some stress due to the finals or some food must've not agreed with her.

Ever since I started college, I've witnessed a little more bathroom related experiences than just from high school or work alone. But, when you're living in a communal dorm and you have to share a bathroom with the other people that live on your floor, the chances of you experiencing a memorable bathroom story from college that's worth sharing is high. Heck, it happens everywhere.

Steve A

To Catherine

Congratulations on your pregnancy. I' glad that you were able to post here. Your stories and experiences came a long way in 7 years. From your high school story up until you got settled and then married Alan, it was nice hearing your stories.

Good luck on your future and I hope that you continue to live a happy, healthy, and long life.

Steve A

To the person who asked (no name given) it's possible your husband might secretly want to watch you pooping or not. You're probably the best judge of that. It is, however, not unusual or unnatural for people to have a certain curiosity about a spouse or partner answering a call of nature. It's not something to worry about if you have a fairly open, trusting relationship.

Catherine. Many thanks for your kind words. You will be much missed.

Mina. Happy Christmas to you! I think most of us will have a nice time in the loo after Christmas is plentiful quantities of traditional seasonal fare work their magic on our systems.

Abbie. Thanks for sharing your post-Christmas shopping experience with Lucy. It sounds as though you were both pretty bunged up. Controlling the need to poo once the "turtle's head" moves down can be tricky. It sounds as though you were "touching cloth" at one point to use a good old British saying which requires no explanation. I think that when you peed in the shopping centre you used muscles and nerve endings which, under the law of unintended consequences, gave encouragement to the other need. Although the bowels and bladder are quite separate, the muscles used to activate one can have a bearing on the other. Certainly when I poo I always end up weeing too.

John H. Hope you're keeping well. Yes I still post when I can but I'm so busy at the moment that it tends to be less often than I'd like.

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Winnie The Poo hopefully you constipation trouble will be over soon.

To: Abbie as always another great story about you and your friends.

To: Lori I bet you felt amazing a big poop like that.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site


Pull Ups

I noticed Lucy's post....I find pull ups are essential but I too would like them more absorbent.
Apart from my bowels which have been given a good coverage my bladder is all over the place...last night I had 4 big pees in a little over an hour...I seem to have an irritable bladder....sometimes I get pain on urination flow can be reasonable to poor.
After urination I sometimes (often) get a dribble and this is where I wish my pull ups could, absorb more and faster.

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Winnie The Poo

Constipation problem and some comments

First, the comments. The end of the year and the holiday season seems like a good time to be thankful for life's many blessings. For me, this wonderful site is one of them. I want to thank all the posters on this site for sharing their toilet experiences. I don't post that often, but I read the site regularly and enjoy it very much.
To Catherine: You will always be one of my favorite posters. I wish you the best as you enjoy your family and your new baby. Congratulations and thank you for sharing your many experiences and insights. I hope to see your byline here from time to time.
To Mina (and friends): Another one (actually, three) of my favorite posters. I so look forward to hearing about the experiences you have together. And I hope you keep calling your facility a "loo"! The term seems to be more common in Britain than in the States, but it is still commonly used and I like it!
Now, the constipation story. About three months ago, I started having a problem with constipation. This really hadn't been a problem for me before, as I try to eat healthy food and drink plenty of water. I also have taken a fiber supplement (Psyllium husk) every night before bed for years. Anyway, it seemed like this approach was no longer working. I would go 2-3 days without a movement, then struggle to get it out. Once a week or so, I would have an attack of diarrhea and poop 4-5 times, always in the evening. Then for the next day or two, nothing would come out. I tried increasing my consumption of fruits and vegetables, as well as water. Nothing seemed to help. Finally, I decided to try the solution suggested recently by Thunder, which was Movicol. This is available locally as Miralax or one of the generic versions. This is polyethylene glycol, a polymer that attracts water and holds it in the gut, thus hydrating the stool and making it easier to pass. I started dissolving a scoop of it to my fiber supplement each night. It took two days to work, but for the last week, I have had daily stools that were easy to pass. So, so far, so good.
As long as I am posting for a change, I have a little story. I went to my bank recently. I got in line for my favorite teller, whom I will call "Adrienne". Adrienne is a young Hispanic girl about 22, long dark hair, brown eyes, a cute figure, nice smile and I'm sure the boys would call her attractive. Anyway, as I came up to the window, she called my name and asked how I was. I said, "Fine, and how are you today?" She: "I'm good, but I need to run to the ladies room in the worst way!" Me: "Oh, go ahead, I can wait!" She: "No, that's OK, you have a quick transaction." The transaction only took about 30 seconds, but then she was off to the ladies room. She must have really had to go, to mention it to a customer!

Lucy. Hi and welcome. I'm glad you've finally found the confidence to contribute after spending so long as a lurker. Thanks for sharing your experience in relation to accidents and the type of protection you use. If what the medics have told you is correct and there's only a 1-2% chance of surgery being successful, I suspect you're better off without it and continuing to manage your problems by wearing protection. Although 4-5 wettings and one or two poo accidents a week might sound a lot to people who rarely have mishaps, it's nothing to what people who are completely without bladder or bowel control go through. Although I don't strictly have any real continence problems as such, I've not got the strongest bladder in the world. Therefore if I'm going on a long journey or know I'm likely to be without much in the way of toilet access for several hours, I sometimes wear adult diapers. Different people have different views on the best brands to use but, speaking from personal experience, I've found the heavy duty Tena and Depends to be the best. I once tried the Boots own brand Staydry pants but I didn't find them very absorbent when put to the test.

Having been on the loose side for a couple of weeks, my bowels now seem to have gone the other way and, if anything, I'm slightly constipated. I've had a big poos over the weekend but the both took quite a bit of pushing out. Maybe I need to look to my diet!

I wonder if my husband secretly wants to watch me pooping..I've been constipated a lot because I'm embarrassed to go #2 when hes around for fear he will hear the poop noises and sometimes a really audible whimpering because of the large diameter of my bms. The size of a can of ???? mostly. It hurts my butthole so bad.


Farewell Responses

Even though we will never know each other outside this forum, your responses made me cry, and also got my bowels moving!

Yesterday, not long after I read these, I had a pretty productive and substantial bowel movement. I had not gone since Friday. I did go again this morning! Yea!!!

Lucy: Thank you for your kind words and saying that you enjoyed reading! I wish you the very best!

Optional Person: You were always so kind to respond! Thank you for your kind words and I wish you the best!

Adrian: Thank you for sharing your kind words with me. I've always valued your insights! I wish you the very best!

Brandon T: I will miss your responses to my stories and appreciate your encouragement to return. All I can say is, "We'll see." Thank you for your kind responses! I wish you the best!

JW: Thank you for your kind words. I'm really not enjoying this dramatic shift in my bowels. While I am not experiencing the severe nausea that some experience in the first trimester, there are just so many things that I normally eat that do not sound appetizing right now. My bowel movements are just hard, infrequent and not as pleasant. Thank you for your kind words and I wish you the best!

Rebekah: Impressive poop! I wish you and your husband the best!

To the Moderator: Thank you for making this a safe space to discuss this topic. Whoever you are, I wish you the best!

And to Brianna, Mina, Vincene, Braidy, British Dumper, Karen, Anna from Canada and Anna from Austria, I wish you all the best!

And to the many others who have conversed with me in the past seven years, you are appreciated!

Goodbye! Love you!



To Catherine

Love your stories! Sad to see you go :(

Dear Catherine: I am happy to hear your news! I hope it is all go well for your pregnant. I am sad you don't post any more. But when your baby born, please tell us! My friends and I send a love to you.

Dear Adrian: Thank you for information about word, loo. Person who said to me, old fashion, was from Australia. We talked about, and Hisae began laugh so five minutes later she was on loo and active very much.

Dear everyone: Me too, I don't post for little while. I am busy very much and I am not so well. Maybe in new year, I am not so busy, if I have good story, I post again. But my story always same, I'm sorry I don't have a variety. Brandon T, you always read my story before, but not this time.

When I stay in loo long time, I often cry. So Maho or Kazuko or Hisae run to me. They are so kind woman! I am lucky girl, so I try to get better soon, and take my medicine exactly way of doctor's order.

I need loo now, I feel funny my stomach. Maho is next me and caress my hair, so she say she go with me.

I love everyone this site. Happy Christmas to everyone, and have nice time in loo after Christmas. I think I read loo story of everyone.



Latest update

Hi everyone, I'm back from uni now for the Christmas hols so will try to post a bit more regularly!
Imogen- thanks for your reply, I look forward to hearing more of your stories.
Yesterday Lucy and I decided to go and do some Christmas shopping, we'd bought some stuff and were having lunch in the food court of the shopping centre when my belly cramped a bit and I realised I was starting to want a poo, whats more I was also getting desperate for a wee!!
"I'm gonna have to use the loo soon, I'm getting desperate!" I said to Lucy. "What do you need?" she asked. "Both, but I'm just going to have a wee here." I lowered my voice so the girls on the next table wouldn't hear. "I'm really constipated at the moment so I'll go and have a poo as soon as we get back, I can't face spending ages on the toilet here!"
"I'm constipated as well if it makes you feel any better," Lucy whispered. "At the moment I only seem to want a poo every 3 or 4 days and when I do go it's a real struggle, I have to sit there ages and push really hard!" We finished eating and went off to the ladies, as usual there was a queue. There were some teenage girls in front of us and a few minutes later I got a cubicle between one of them and Lucy. I hiked up my top, dropped my black leggings and pink pants and sat on the seat, on either side of me I heard Lucy and the other girl pulling down their trousers and pants and all three of us started weeing more or less at the same time. Just then I heard Lucy farting loudly, and shortly after the other girl farted too! I could feel the tip of my poo wanting to come out, as soon as I'd finished my wee I sucked it back up and clenched my bum, I hoped I'd manage to make it back home before it started poking out in my pants! I quickly wiped myself and heard Lucy doing the same, my neighbour on the other side must have needed a poo as well as I could hear some slight pants coming from her cubicle, and just before I flushed I heard a plop as her log dropped. I pulled up my pants and leggings and came out of the cubicle at the same time as Lucy, we washed our hands and then went to catch the bus home. On the way back my need for a poo got stronger and stronger, I sat on my heel and bit my bottom lip, as soon as I stood up I knew the log was going to poke out into my pants. When it was our stop I stood up carefully and walked out of the bus, luckily it was only a couple of minutes to get to my house. As I thought I could feel the hard tip of the log starting to poke out of my bum as we walked home, I was walking really stiffly and so Lucy said, "Are you OK Abs?" and I said "I can't keep it in much longer, its already starting to poke out of my bum!!"
By now we had got to my house, I couldn't help squirming around as I unlocked the door and went upstairs with Lucy following me. As I was walking over to my ensuite I was lifting my top and pulling down my leggings and pants, Lucy followed me in and sat on the floor. I sat down heavily on the loo and my bottom made a loud slapping noise but I was too desperate to care, I couldn't help moaning with relief as I relaxed my bum and felt the log starting to slide out. I looked down at my pants and felt embarrassed to see they were quite badly marked, not really surprising given how long the log was poking out! Luckily Lucy sometimes gets marks in her pants too so I guess it could have been worse.
"Sorry about these," I said, gesturing at my pants, "I'll change them when I've finished."
"Hey, don't worry, I ended up with dirty knickers a few days ago when I didn't get on the loo in time!" Lucy said. As usual when I'm constipated the log came out a few inches and then stopped as it was getting really fat, I took a deep breath and bore down hard and it started to move again really slowly. I did a long hard push and squirted some more wee out, I couldn't help grunting as I finished straining. I could feel the poo going back up my bum as I relaxed so I quickly started to push again, when I'm constipated I nearly always get that problem and its really annoying! After about 5 minutes of keeping up the pressure as constantly as I could and making some loud grunts I realised I'd pushed the fattest part through, and the log started to move a bit faster, shortly after it splashed down into the bowl. I moaned with relief again and could feel that I'd gone red in the face because I'd been pushing so hard!
"Sorry about all the grunting, you can see why I didn't want to go at the shops!" I said.
"Yeah, I know what you mean, I get embarrassed if I'm on the loo at uni or at the shops and I end up grunting," Lucy agreed. I felt another log starting to poke and I pushed again, luckily this log wasn't as fat so it didn't need as much straining, after a couple of minutes of pushing it fell from my bum and made a loud plop as it hit the water. I finished with a couple of smaller logs and then felt empty, so I took some toilet paper and wiped my bottom. When I was clean I flushed the loo and then took off my leggings and pants, I went back into my room naked from the waist down, luckily my long top was covering my bum! I opened my underwear drawer and took out some clean pants, they were pale blue with pink and yellow flowers. I pulled them on and then put my leggings back on. A few minutes later Lucy said, "I need a wee again and I might as well try to have a poo, I haven't been for a few days so I should really see if I can go."
She went into my ensuite and I followed her in and sat on the floor. Lucy unbuttoned and unzipped her jeans and pulled them down, she was wearing yellow spotty pants which she dropped to her knees before sitting on the loo. She started to wee a strong stream, and as it dribbled to a stop she did some loud farts. I saw her starting to bear down and quite soon she had gone red in the face, after a couple of minutes she farted again, then shook her head and said, "Its not ready to come yet, I'll try again later!" She quickly wiped her front, pulled up her pants and jeans and flushed. Hope you enjoyed this story, will try to post again soon, bye for now!!


Crapping at school with no privacy

Once last month I guess I drank too many fluids. I had coffee-to-go with me when I walked into school and I drained that just before homeroom. I had my crap during 3rd hour because we had a sub and we weren't really doing anything. Just before lunch I had to pee again and I was lucky to get a toilet because a minute later the big bathroom closest to our cafeteria fills up and all 20 stalls, about half of which have no privacy doors, are taken. So I ate my lunch with my friends. An hour later during class change I had to pee again. It might have been the large sodas that we had with our lunch. So I got into the bathroom with the hope of a couple of minutes on the toilet, including time to wash my hands, and a plan in my mind to get upstairs to my next class.

It all seemed like a good plan. The problem was that all the toilets with privacy doors were taken. So I scanned to my left and spotted this girl sitting, clothing all to the way to the floor and exposing a lot more of herself that she needed to. She seemed very frustrated and crying. I quickly asked her if she was OK. That seemed to make her more scared. She told me she was embarrassed. She was a new student. Taking her first crap at our school. Lost her opportunity to do it in a regular stall so she had no choice to the open stall. I told her I would stand as a privacy shield for her. She seemed very thankful. She kept apologizing for how long it was taking. I tried to get her to relax. Finally, when the warning and then the final bell rang, the other users made a run for it. Most didn't wait to wash their hands. Now the two of us were the only ones in the room. Quickly I heard a huge splash in the water. She said "finally" and a couple of swear words so I knew she was done. She flushed first. Then sat down again and did about three or four wipes. She continued to be upset about getting a detention period. I asked if I could hug her and she said yes. That calmed her down as she was pulling up her clothing. I told her if she would let me do my pee, I would tell her my plan. So as I seated myself and peed, I told her I would take her to the nurse. She was afraid the nurse would call her mother, who she said is pretty tough on her about school stuff. I did my pee while we talked. Then we quickly washed our hands and I took her to the nurse. I did the talking and my short explanation caused the nurse to give us both excused passes to class. And I made a new friend.


Au Revoir, Catherine

Congratulations on your pregnancy, Catherine. I'm sorry to know that you are signing off, but your reasons are what's clearly best. Raising a family and working a career simultaneously is demanding, and that's where your priorities reside. You will do well as a mother, wife, and professional, but most of all, I think that you will also be a blessing to everyone that you meet and deal with in your life to come -- as you have been to the people on this forum. As well, you are a fine writer, and I hope that you will continue to share your thoughts with others.

One of the tough realities of this site is that it all but precludes the possibility that any of us can get to meet or communicate offline with one another. That is as it should be, but, man, does it sting now! Good luck, and vaya siempre con la gracia de Dios, Katrina.

Hi all.
To Catherine, congradulations on your news I wish all the best to you, Alan the kids and the new child on the way. I always looked forward to your posts and enjoyed reading. You are a great writer and an amaising wife and mother and I will miss your posts for sure.
I hope you will return but understand if you don't.

To Lucy, welcome and look forward to reading more from you.

To Rebekah, hi I enjoyed your post work college poop story. I love a solid log like the one you described. I too like to relax and not push such logs out. It is so enjoyable and relaxing to let a thick long log make its way out slowly. Your story reminds me of a large poo I had recently, maybe I will share that story in my next post if people would like to read about it.

Hi to Adrian, Mr Klogs, Brandon T and George if you still visit.
Take care all
John H


Taking a dump in nature

Visiting Iceland I had to take a dump somewhere in nature. We were on an excursion. No toilet around. I had to go down a slope and pull down my trousers and squat and just do it. I was not the only one. I saw a woman squatting with the bum bare. Amusing sight. I think she must have been over 60 years old.

Sunday, December 11, 2016


My English prof's long sit

My freshman year in college I needed the signature of my English prof in order to register for a specialized honors-track class in the inter-session. There was a crowd in the lecture all as we packed up our books and I noticed Dr. K took the side exit. I tried my best to catch up with her but the doorways were crowded. Another student told me she had gone into the bathroom at the end of the hall. I felt good that I knew where she was and that she didn't get in her car and leave campus or something. This was my last day to get her signature. So I got into the bathroom. It was large but crowded. Looking under the stall doors, I quickly detected her. She carried all her materials in a large decorated knitting bag I recognized her green jeans and shoes. I must have waited about 10 minutes, other users asking to take my place when one of the toilets in front of me opened, but I was hopeful she would be coming out. Then when the cubicle next to Dr. K's opened I quickly took it. I lowered my jeans, slid down my thong, and took my seat.

As I peed, I noted that there was no movement or noise coming from Dr. K's cubicle. I thought about tapping on the cubicle wall to get her attention. I could ask her if it was OK for me to slide the card and a pen under the cubicle for her to sign. But I just couldn't get up the nerve as my short pee was ending. I was thinking whether I should continue to sit and wait or go outside in the hallway to wait there. I know I used up a few more minutes thinking about that. So I wiped, flushed. After washing my hands, I again looked for any activity in her cubicle. At that point, I saw her reach down and pick up a roll of purple yarn that I guessed dropped off her lap. That helped me figure out that she was crocheting. One part of me wanted to get up the courage to approach her; the other said let her have her privacy. I left the bathroom and took a bench out in the hallway to get some studying done.

I guess it was about ten minutes later when Dr. K came out. I guess it was obvious that I was waiting for her. She asked if I had been waiting long. I lied, of course. She still apologized and said her bowels hadn't been the same since she turned 30 the previous year. That statement caught me off guard, although I know it shouldn't have because she'd been very free flowing with comments about her life in class. I remember telling Diver about that and he said she had probably taken a suppository right after class and was waiting it out while crocheting. And I then remembered how she had told us in class that crocheting had helped her kick smoking. I just never had a teacher that was more open than Dr. K was with us.


Long Time Lurker and Bye to Catherine

Hi All,
My name is Lucy, I'm in my early 20s, around 6ft 1in (pretty tall for a girl, I know, awkward!), and have an average build with long light brown hair and blue eyes. I live and work in the south of the UK, however my work takes me across the country and, hopefully in the future, across the World.
I've been a real long time lurker on this site, probabily from around 2006-2007, and have read almost every post ever submitted to this community!
I love all of the people here, past, present, and hopefully future too, and I had to start writing now because of two things:
1. I had to say "hi" and "bye" to Catherine - You are just amazing, your stories are fabulous, your struggles are really interesting and not dissimilar to some of mine (e.g. pooping and other people hearing/seeing you around the bathroom) and you seem just like an awesome person who is a fab wife, a wonderful stepmom and will be an epic mom too. I wish you so well with the rest of your life and the birth of your baby! May you remain happy and contented with your wonderful family. Take care and may God grant you everything you deserve. :)
2. I throught, as I have been around for sooooooo long, I should really get to posting some of my experiences and talking with some of you guys on here too. :)
I won't mention others in this post today, but I will get around to this soon. My work is pretty all consuming, so it's hard to find the time to post, which is why I haven't posted before, however I really want to get into it now, so here's to the future!
A little bit about my toilet habbits:
I am shy when it comes to pooping in public - Others hearing my poop sounds, but I don't bother about the sound I make when I pee. I am also really prone to having accidents, mainly pee ones (big ones about 4-5 times per week), and poop, probabily on average around 3-4 times per month.
To deal with my accidents I wear pull-ups (Always Discrete Plus Medium Pants) 24/7 (as I still wet the bed most nights too). I have physical problems holding my pee and poop and it's something that an opperation, at the moment, just wouldn't fix (or there's like a 1-2% chance of an opp succeeding - It doesn't really bother me and I've had too many opps in my life to want any more).
The Always Plus Pants are brilliant and the best pull-ups on the market today - The only thing is I wish they were just a little more absorbant, but hey, you can't have everything in life can you! They are so thin, really breatheable, flexable (they don't constrict your movements at all) and so soft. I usually don't even remember I'm wearing protection until I come to change them.
My poops are usually semi-soft and quite small really - I go every day and it really depends on what I've eaten on how urgent my need to go is.
I'll be back soon with some stories of my life, accidents and toilet habbits, but now I've gotta dash to get some work done for Monday!
Have a great weekend all,
Lucy xx

Karen B.

A Speed Skater's Trip to the Bathroom

Hi! I've been reading this page for sometime now. I though I better contribute to it. As you may know, my name is Karen and I am 16 years old. I am a short track speed skater from Canada. Doing this sport for eleven years now. I have vivid memories of meets and competitions where I had to go to the bathroom before and after the race. One happened just yesterday. I just finished doing my 500M race, in which I came in 1st. I could feel that I had the urge to poop. After taking off my skates, I changed into my running shoes and carried my skates with me to the girl's bathroom, which was down a long hall with change rooms on each side. While I was walking down the hall, my friend Elaine came running up to me. She is 15 years old, and started skating six years ago. She is a bit lower than me and has blond hair and blue eyes. "Where are you going?" she asked. I told her that I was going to the bathroom. She said that she had to poop as well. Now, if you watch short track speed skating, the skaters year spandex suits call skin suits and under that we had to wear kevlar suit. Since this meet was the whole day, most skaters decide to wear the suit for the duration of the day, as it is a hastle to take it off and put two layers back on. The girls bathroom is the arena is dark. There is a row of sinks, showers and two stalls. I took the one of the left and Elaine took the one on the right. I noticed that Elaine was carrying a backpack with her. It was not her speed skating backpack, it was just a regular backpack. She explained why she had two backpacks. Later that day, she had to a piano recital, which was the reason why she only signed up for two races. I closed the door and latched it. I unzipped my skin suit and kevlar suit and pulled them down to my tighs. Then, I pulled down my panties Under Armour panties and sat on the cold toilet seat. Elaine did the same thing except she took everything off. I heard her sitting on the toilet seat. I peed for a bit, then, I leaned forwards and pushed my soft poo out of my butt. I could hear the splashes entering the bowl.I could hear Elaine, on the other hand, dropp a small splash into the bowl and a quiet stream. I wiped by vagina and butt, flushed, put back on my skin suit and kevlar, and began to wash me hands. Elaine stood up, wiped but stayed longer in the stall. I could see that she was putting on black skinny jeans and a grey turtleneck. Then she took out from a plastic bag animal print ballet flats and put them on. As she opened the stall door. She did not even look like the Elaine I knew. The skin suit may have outlined her body, but what she was wearing made her even more beautiful. She put on her make up , washed her hands and told me that she was running late for her recital. She ran out the door to her dad's car. The black jeans really outlined her butt, as I could see the thick pantie lines.

That's all for today! I hope to contribute more!


Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Catherine congrats on the pregnacy and I will miss reading your stories but always remember you will be welcome here at anytime if you choose to return someday.

To: Vanessa it sounds like the flu hit you hard hope you are feeling better or will be soon.

To: KungPoo great story it sounds like they both had really good poops.

To: Anna From Austria great story.

To: Rebekah great story about your huge poop.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site


Excellent b.m.

As I have mentioned in the past, I keep a record of my bowel movements, at the suggestion of a doctor I had close to a decade ago. I usually note the quality of the movement, ranging from very bad (quite rare) to very good (most of them), and even including a very few I label "excellent," such as the one I just had a few minutes ago: a single turd, medium thick, smooth, a foot long, very quick and easy, ending with a single clean wipe. It felt good, and it looked good; I enjoyed it.

Does anyone else out there keep a record of your movements? How often do you have a single piece, quick, easy, large and long?


Catherine Re: Some News

Congratulations put don't leave us now. We'd like to hear about your pregnancy poops. Some women have LOTS of problems with constipation while pregnant. Please stay and share some experiences-- JW

Optional Person


we'll miss you Catherine. You have always been one of my favorite posters. Happy pooping and congratulations on the pregnancy.


Massive shit after pain pills

Hi everyone. Earlier today, I took what was surely the biggest shit I've ever taken in my entire life, no exaggeration. I'll give you all some backstory first. About two weeks ago, I was in a car accident. I was lucky and didn't get hurt too bad, but my doctor prescribed some pain pills for me to take. As many people know, and now I also know from firsthand experience, pain pills have a habit of constipating people badly. Well, I didn't know this going in, and I had other stuff on my mind, so I didn't pay any attention to my bowels, or more specifically to the fact that I hadn't evacuated them in days.

So, fast forward to yesterday, when I finally realized I hadn't taken a shit in eleven days. By the time I realized, it was too late at night to go to the store, but I made myself a note to go first thing the next day (today). I bought some laxatives and stool softeners and went home and took them both. Nothing happened and I waited. After some hours of nothing happening, I took another dose of both. A little while ago, the urge hit me like a ton of bricks. I grabbed a book and headed off to the bathroom.

Once I got settled in, I realized that despite feeling an intense pressure to shit, I was still going to have to push to get it out. I pushed and grunted and eventually it started coming out. It was very thick and dry, even with the stool softeners. It hurt as it slowly worked its way out. Once the plug was broken, so to speak, the rest of the load came easier with almost no pushing needed, but the logs were still thick and dry and hurt a little. Not as much though, which was somewhat nice.

I flushed after pushing out five or so logs, and I kept on pooping. I sat on the toilet and pooped for probably at least half an hour, just log after log after log. I thought it'd never stop! I flushed after every few logs to avoid clogging the toilet. Altogether, I flushed five times mid-shit before I finally felt like I was done. I can't describe the relief I felt getting all of that shit (literally) out of me.

I then set to wiping my tender, aching hole, and when I was done I flushed one final time. I was tired after that effort and went to take a nap, which I've now woken up from. My stomach feels so much flatter and I don't feel bloated anymore. I genuinely don't know how I didn't notice this was becoming a problem in the first place. Although the relief once I finally emptied my bowels was nice, I never ever want to go twelve days without shitting again.

Saturday, December 10, 2016

Evan. I think skid marks are a fairly normal occurrence for most of us at some point in life. There may be reasons connected with your health or, more probably, wiping habits. If you're having to rush to do your business it could be that you're wiping less thoroughly than is necessary.

Catherine. Firstly, congratulations on your happy news! No doubt you're looking forward to becoming a proud mum. If fully understand and respect your reasons for wanting to cease posting, although it goes without saying that I'll miss your contributions as I'm sure will other people. You've certainly recounted some amazing dumps triggered by equally amazing food. Naturally I hope that perhaps at some point in the future you feel able to contribute again. In the meantime, all the very best wishes!

Vanessa. I was sorry to read about your gastric flu related accident and I hope you're now over it. Those sorts of experience can be very draining as I know from experience.

Anna from Austria. Thanks for sharing the account of your latest buddy dump with your boss. It sounds very much as though lunch had worked its magic on you both!

Mike. It sounds to me as though "The Range" is probably a North West chain. I'm in the Midlands so it's probably not got a branch in my locality.

A couple of weeks ago I changed my diet to cut out a lot of the carbohydrate on weekdays and focus instead on eating mainly white meat and a little fish with greens - especially sprouts as they're plentiful at this time of the year. Initially I didn't notice any effects but last week there were a number of occasions when I had to go to the toilet within an hour or so of eating my main meal and ended up doing some quite serious, explosive poos. Things seemed to have settled down this week following a slight reduction in portion sizes. I am, however, unsure as to whether the situation was caused by a change in my diet or a bit of a bug picked up from somewhere.


Passing a Boulder

Rebekah's post reminded me of long ago I was having some new medication and one morning needed a poo....sat on the loo and nothing would come seemed really big and hard...I got a hand held mirror and squatted and could see the poo crowning but it was just too big to push out. I squatted grunted and strained but no go!
Off to the chemist to get a suppository...I had not used them ever before...came home and inserted it...soon the urge to defecate became overwhelming...I placed my bum and the toilet and nothing would budge...
I then lent right forward . my chest on my right knee with my right arm hooked under my leg ( behind my knee) and pppuuussh and out it came hitting the back of the toilet seat and leaving a monster skid mark down the toilet bowl. It was the hardest poo I have ever done and my butt hole was so sore and tingling.
That was a good while ago and since then I have had many hard dramatic dumps!!!...but what a victory if an evacuation is achieved!



Hi Evan,
I personally would recommend you actually used wipes and give your behind some tender loving care, better still, be stubborn and take the time needed. I can relate to your troubles in a different way: I work with the ambulance service and there are times where I can't take the time actually needed for a good jobbie.

Yes, there are immediate options such a little toilet paper at the ready, but you will not get the same results as a thorough clean up. Not being clean down there will give you soreness, cracked skin, bleeding and more discomfort, not worth it.

I also would discourage you from holding it in. If you need to go, then go and do it as soon as you possibly can.

Withholding dumps for extended spells may cause constipation, hemorrhoids, gas and a whole load of other nuisances.

You can try and influence the time when you need to dump. Find yourself a good time and sit yourself on the toilet on a regular basis at that time, ideally about half an hour after a meal, when the likelyhood of things moving through is the greatest. If you do that consistently, you can get yourself adapted to dumping at that time.

You say no-one will notice, but there is someone who will notice, unless you do your own laundry, your parents. And trust me, it is not pleasant to be handling someone else's skidmarked briefs.

Try bearing that in mind, talk to your parents or someone you feel you can trust. It is no big deal, it can be easily remedied, you should however take action.

Si aka MedicWarrior

I posted this before and I don't think it went through so sorry if its up there twice. I really appreciate the responses to my first post. I don't think constipation is causing my skid marks because my poop is usually pretty soft, I actually think that is what might be causing the stains. I end up holding my poop pretty long because I only get the urge right before school. Then, I have to wait until lunch to go to the bathroom and by then I'm pretty desperate. I almost never have a skid mark when I go poop at lunch. Our lunch period is pretty short and half of it is spent outside so I only get a minute or two to poop most of the time. The staff is always trying to stop people from waiting in the bathroom during the time were supposed to be outside so that also makes me rush. I almost always shower before bed and when I take off my underwear there is a stain I think like 3 times a week. So I think if I hold it until after school I'll be less likely to get stains but I really don't want to almost have an accident at the end of the day. I've went back and read some of the other posts on skid marks and it seems like in school changing rooms people said around like a third of people have skid marks. I'm not sure if that's 100% true. I also read a post from a parent of a kid about my age saying that him and a lot of his friends have skid marks.

Do you guys think I should just try to hold it through out the day or just hope no one will notice the stains. I think if I carried wipes I would be more embarrassed if someone saw those than if they saw my underwear.


To taylor

Great story about your poo at the range store I live in the UK in North West which has a range about 10 miles away which I have visited although it doesn't have toilets like your local store look forward to another post from you sounded like you had a good poo as well as the other women using it got quite a lot of action the toilet talk soon

I took a huge crap in my softball pants my senior year fat. and long

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