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Girl was pooping while I was fixing my bike (question)

I took my bike to work because I wanted to get back to my dorm faster rather than walking in the cold weather. I brought it in the lounge and I was trying to lock it a certain way on a chair because all of the bike locks were either taken or broken off of the wall. Before I entered the lounge with my bike, I saw a girl come downstairs to use the unisex bathrooms near the lounge. After I fixed my bike, I used the other unisex bathroom that she wasn't using to pee. The whole process of fixing my bike and using the bathroom took about 5 minutes. It must've been weird timing, but we both came out of the 2 separate bathrooms at the same time.

That girl probably doesn't like to poop around other people. It's the only good thing about our dorm because if some people are shy poopers, then they can just come downstairs and use the unisex bathrooms that are on the main floor of my dorm. They both have locks on them as well. I use both bathrooms on my floor and the unisex ones.

Does your college have unisex bathrooms and do you ever use them?


One More Post - What I Have Learned from Toiletstool

Hi friends! I felt like I needed to post one more time just to share some things that I have learned from this site. When I began to post here, I was worried about myself because I was so obsessed with pooping - everything about it. I mean, I love the urge to go, the actual ritual of going to the bathroom, the smell, the size, shape and consistency of the poop, wiping and cleaning up, and flushing. I even take pictures of my most memorable poops and kept a daily log.

More than that, I've always wondered and felt guilty, even ashamed, of not only having a "solid accident" but also why it felt so good when I did it.

As a mom to two step-daughters, a wife and a soon to be mom to my own child, I just don't have the time to keep this up. And, I would be afraid of what Alan, the girls and my child on the way would think of this behavior.

However, this site has helped me learn these lessons about how we all experience bowel movements.

1. Those of us who post on this site have had some reason that we think about pooping more than other people do. Some have witnessed someone that they were attracted to use the bathroom during a formative period in their life. Others have large bowel movements. Others struggle with constipation or diarrhea. Others have had "solid accidents." Some have had accidents in public or witnessed other people have accidents. And, some find it arousing to know that someone they are attracted to is pooping.

2. All humans poop, but everyone's "normal" poop is different. I imagine everyone has a "normal" poop, but that normal is different. I also think that some people aren't as interested in pooping because their normal is not intense, large, or whatever. They don't think much about it. For them, pooping is a mundane, normal experience that does not warrant much thought or reflection. Other people's poops may be large, have an intense urge, and then a noticeable feeling of relief. That's how I experience my bowel movements. They feel so good and I guess that's why I enjoy them so much.

3. All of us have experienced just about every type of bowel movement. All of us. Think about it. When you have that massive, long, thick perfect poop, someone else probably has, at least once, in their lifetime. Think about all the people you are attracted to. Think about famous people. Think about your worst enemy, your best friend, your spouse, your lover, whoever. And not just people alive today, but people throughout history. They have all had that kind of poop. Or, they have all had explosive diarrhea, even if it was just once. That's pretty cool to think about. They have all had an accident in their pants. This site has helped me realize that we all poop, and that's OK.

4. All of us have had the battle of needing to go when we are with friends, in public or in a situation where we have had to hold it. It's amazing how getting to a toilet just in the nick of time to relieve ourselves is a common human adventure that no one talks about!!! And, if we are honest, we've all pooped ourselves!

5. We all battle a healthy sense of shame that comes from pooping. It's not like peeing. There may be a few people who are ashamed of needing to pee, who get stage fright, but that's rare. All of us worry about what others think if we need to poop when we are not alone. And, it's OK. I'm glad I feel that little, healthy sense of shame. For me, it adds to the adventure.

And, each story that I've read, the kind responses, and the safety and confidentiality of this forum have all been a blessing to me!

Love you all!




Flu Accident

Hey everyone Vanessa here again. I thought id share probably the most embarassing thing that has ever happened to me in public the other day. The past few days i had a really really bad stomach virus that gave me pretty much uncontrollable diarrhea.

So I was sitting in class and started feeling really sick (stomach pain,gas, sweating). Felt a massive diarrhea attack coming but we were in the middle of a lesson and the teacher gets pissed if we go to the bathroom. So im sitting there profusely sweating and squeezing my little butt cheeks together praying that she lets the class out for a break soon and i dont release it my pants. 10 min passes and the professor kept talking so i couldnt wait any longer so i calmly walked out of class and started walking as fast as i could to the ladies room while keeping my butt cheeks tight together. I got half way there and all of a sudden i couldnt hold it anymore. I completely lost it and exploded in my pants in front of a group of guys and it was so loud that everyone heard it and stared at me.

Thankfully I was wearing briefs instead of the skimpy thongs i usually wear and they contained most of the sloppy explosion. When i finally made it to the washroom i went into the stall, took off my sweat pants and discovered only a few little traces of poop on the inside of the pants. So the next step was trying to remove my poo filled panties (filled front and back) without getting it everywhere. So after doing that i cleaned myself up and threw the panties in the garbage can and went back to my dorm to shower. Ended up pooping close to 10 times that day. It hurt so bad.


Fast Motion

There is a need to check out early from our hotel one morning before the bus arrives to the next destination. To miss the bus would be another 3hr wait. I was with my wife Judy, her sister, Cecil, and Cecil's 18 year old daughter, Sofie.

After breakfast, Judy was having a hard time on the toilet. I was brushing my teeth when she walked in, lifted her long skirt, pulled down her white panties to her knees, bunched up her skirt around her waist, and sat on the toilet. First she peed. Then I heard the pee spray more forcefully. I looked into the mirror and saw her reflection. She was wearing a white too and a white skirt. Almost angelic, she looked. Saved for the strained expression on her face. She strained and strained, trying to get this huge piece of poop out of her. Usually, she would relax, play a game on her phone, and let it naturally come. But today, we were rushing, and trying to rush a large turd was no fun.

I could see her neck and face turn red as she strained, and she was bending forward, her hands clasped together. Then her face changed to a look of pain. The turd must have emerged and she's stretched to her fullest. Then she looked like she was about to cry out but she made no sound. Then I heard a flomp. A loud one and she went aiiiiiiiiii.

She then pulled some paper and wiped, leaning to the side to inspect. "Wow! So big!" She exclaimed. I smiled.

She then went to look for her sister to run some errands. I was doing some packing when my doorbell rang. Thinking Judy's back, I was surprised to see Sofie. Sofie is a pretty younv girl - the type I think boys go crazy over. She's very petite, but it's normal for a Chinese girl. She said her mum is using the toilet and she wants to use mine. Judy was helping her sister pack.

Sofie went in and closed the frosted glass door. From where I was sitting, I could see Sofie lower her black shorts and light coloured panties. It was a blurred image, but clear enough. She had on a yellow T-shirt.

Sofie sat for a while, and then started to pee. Then she rolled off some paper. I thought she as done. She wasn't. I heard a tiny urgg and then a plop plop plop and then a little more pee. Then plop again. Long pause. I could her her breathing deeply, and then a loud PLOP and a loud sigh. Wow. She must have needed this. She then leaned to the side, wiped and checked about 3 times, dressed up, flushed, emerged from the toilet, thanked me, and left.

Anna from Austria
Yesterday I had another buddy dump with my Boss Renate.

Yesterday after Lunch at work I felt a light pressure on my backdoor which showed me that it would be a good idea to head to the Ladies Room . I went to the Ladies room. On the way there i met my Boss Renate again. I hold the door for her and we entered the bathroom at the same time.

Both stalls were free and we took them. I locked the door, lowered my pants and thong and sat on the toilet. I could hear Renate doing the same thing.

Under normal circumstances I would have waited till Renate left the bathroom and I was alone in the toilet, as pressure was not that strong and I could hold my poop comfortable for a while. But as i had an important meeting shortly after lunch i could not wait.

So i started to my "things". At first I peed rather loud, then I started to push. At first I did only a loud fart nothing else came out. Then i pushed harder and then some rather hard chunks of poo splashed into the toilet.

I was only focused on my poop, so I did not listend what Renate was doing, but suddenly a rather big poo smell came from her still. Combined with my one, it was really bad.

During cleaning my bottom I could hear Renate doing some loud plops, some farts and more plops splasingf into the toilet. After cleaning i flushed my toilet, washed hands and left to toilet.

Hope you liked my story.

Greetings from Austria


Thursday, December 08, 2016

End Stall Em

Always a New Complaint!

Saturday morning I was at my usual place in my customer service kiosk at our mall. There's a list of a myriad of problems shoppers bring to me. Most we can solve or at least put on our list for the weekly customer service index meeting. Our management company actually tracks complaints, suggestions and does make changes based on what comes in.

Two well-dressed ladies with jewelry to kill for asked me a question about extended holiday shopping hours and then brought up this--the temperature in the southwest bathroom on the 2nd floor was too cold. They felt uncomfortable sitting on the plastic seats which they said were too cold. My conflict training kicked in and I thanked them for their comment, told them the truth that HVAC is all controlled by technology and a number of inputs are factored into the program. I offered them a small mall discount coupon for the inconvenience. They thanked me and declined.

Twice on my shift I went to the bathroom. I used two different bathrooms, including the one they told me about. The place was much busier then and the seats were warm. But I also admit I'm kind of biased.


Reply to Abbie

Abbie, I'm glad I'm not the only one! Since then, I've always been a bit paranoid when wearing clothes with belts. It's a lot easier when busting for the loo to reach up and pull knickers/tights down, than mess around with belts and trouser buttons!


A massive dump at university

Hey everyone!

Hey everyone, it's been a long time since my last post. My husband and I have been extremely busy with grad school. We're both in our second year, and course work and teaching duties have kept us both swamped. Last Thursday evening, I was teaching a lab, which I was covering for someone else. It ended around 7pm, and as the last students left, I began to notice a definite heaviness in my rectum. I tried to recall the last time I pooped and realized it had been 6 days!! With the semester winding up, I guess I had been stressed and busy, and my poop schedule was off-kilter. I locked up the lab room and started walking back to my office to drop off my lab materials before leaving for the day. I was trying to decide whether I should just poop here in the chemistry building or wait to get home. Suddenly, a sharp pain shot through my abdomen, causing me to grimace. I knew it would be an unpleasant journey home if I waited. I locked up my office and briskly walked towards the women's restroom. The building was practically empty at this hour, so I knew I'd have my privacy. I walked into the closest stall, pulled down my jeans and thong, and sat down on the toilet. I spread my buttcheeks and got myself situated. I started texting my husband, telling him that I just got done with lab and that I'll be home shortly. Just then, another sharp pain shot through my belly. This time, it was a little more intense, causing me to grip my thighs, double over and go "NNNNNGGG". I knew this was going to be massive! I let out a silent fart and felt my hole open up. I tried not to push. I normally like to let logs like this slowly inch their way out. I really enjoy the sensation. My anus continued to dilate, but the tip of the log hadn't emerged yet. I leaned forward with my hands on my thigh and waited. I suddenly heard a plip plip - two small pebbles falling out of my gaping anus. I couldn't feel the bulk of the turd moving, so I gave a small push. It would have hurt to push too hard, so I had to be gentle. It still wouldn't move. "I'm going to be sitting here for a while," I thought. I do have to say, I was enjoying the sensation though. Sitting there with my anus stretched and a massive turd in my rectum was definitely giving me goosebumps. Then, the turd suddenly began to budge. It began to move and the tip finally poked out of my anus. My hole was stretched to the max, and I could feel my face turning red. I gently continued to push as the turd began to emerge. "Oh my God! This thing is a monster!!" I thought. I looked between my legs, and I saw a GIGANTIC pillar of poop hanging from my anus touching the water. It was as wide as a coke can! I gave another push NNNNNNGGG and the brown beast continued to inch out of me and finally landed in the toilet bowl with a quiet thwuck. Just as I dropped the turd, I let out a huge fart BRRRRAAAAAPPP! Finally, I felt like I was done! I stood up and looked into the toilet bowl. The log was as wide as a coke can throughout its entire 12 inch length! No taper! My anus was a little sore, and I gently patted it clean. I didn't want to risk flooding the bathroom, so I decided not to flush. I washed my hands and left the bathroom feeling 20 lbs lighter with a smile on my face! This is the longest I've gone without pooping in recent times. I do like the sensation of releasing a huge poop, but I wouldn't want this to happen every week! This is the most memorable dump I've had in the past few months, so I just thought I'd share with you guys. Hope everyone is doing well. I really wish I had more time to post on these forums, but I'm just too busy at the moment!

See you guys!


Some News!!!

Dear Toiletstool Friends,

I hope that this finds everyone doing well and doo-ing well!

This sight has been so helpful to me to write about my experiences with bowel movements. Each one of you who follow the guidelines make this site special. If each of us were honest, we all think about pooping more than we share to admit, because, it is something that we all have in common! So, thank you to each one of you who have shared stories, interacted with my stories, and have offered words of encouragement! I appreciate the moderator for keeping this website a safe space for this type of conversation.

With those words, I regretfully must say that this is my last post, I will read for a little while (in case anyone responds to this!)

However, I do want to leave you with a bit of news!

I'm pregnant!!!

Alan and I were encouraged to have a child sooner rather than later. We have been trying ever since I we got married since I am 36 years old.

With that said, I am really tired and dealing with mild nausea. Fortunately, I have not vomited yet. But I am very tired. Yes, my bowel habits have changed. In fact, I did not go yesterday and only went once today, and it was a very firm turd, about six inches long, and lumpy.

I'm doing all I can to keep up. But I feel that you have helped me tremendously! I wish everyone the best!!!

Love to all, now and forever!!!


Annie (Anny)

After lunch soft poop

I'm sitting on the toilet right now pooping after I just finished lunch a little while ago. With it I also had a warm cup of water with flaxseeds, a cup of black coffee and a bottle of water. Lunch was noodles with beef and vegetables so all of that combined is doing a good job of cleaning me out. I'm very happy with my current diet. It's giving me good, soft poops and a comfortable stomach.

Happy pooping (hopefully)

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Krista E great of stories it sounds like they were under some interesting circumstances and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Taylor great story it sounds like you had a pretty good poop.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site

Hi folks. Sorry I've not been around just lately. I've had a couple of very busy weeks when I've hardly known whether I've been coming or going!

Mina. I don't think the word 'loo' is particularly old fashioned, although I think it's met with more in here in the UK than in the US or Canada. In terms of its etymology, I understand it goes back to the days before flush toilets when people used chamber pots overnight and would empty them on to the street in the morning. As they did, they would shout "gardyloo" as a warning to passers by on the street below so that they could take cover and avoid getting covered by the contents.

Taylor. Thanks for your account of having a good poo whilst out Christmas shopping in the only available cubicle whilst everyone else waited. It sounds as though you really enjoyed it. I'm in the UK but I've not come across "The Range" personally - probably it's a regional thing and not known to my locality. You're right to get on top of the Christmas shopping early though. I don't like leaving things to the last minute and I made a good start on my cards tonight.

John. Good to see you mate. Hope all's well.

Last week my own bowels were a little bit loose. I'm not sure whether it was down to the cold weather, a mild infection or a change in diet. However I did notice that an hour or so after my main meal I'd get an urge to poo badly which couldn't be ignored. I've been trying to eat less carbohydrate and concentrate or more veg - especially sprouts which I adore - so maybe there's something in that. One thing I have noticed is that the colder weather has found my bladder and it makes me want to pee more. It always does.

Catherine. Hope you and Alan are okay.

Best wishes to everyone else.


Constipation & Pooping Outdoors

Sometimes with constipation diet exercise and water does not help. I have found that if constipation is chronic fiber only blocks you up more.
To this end laxatives, suppositories and enemas may be the only alternative.
One thing that is vital for those with constipation....when the urge hits...hit the toilet!
To PEE PEE POLLY...a good bush poo is great and liberating!
Think about why it is a problem and the logic to back it up.
I love to poo outdoors but have not done so for quite some time.
Try a practise run by having a suppository or a laxative so you have no choice but to poo outside when camping. Maybe you could go for a bush walk just by yourself and insert a suppository so you will have to go...if you did that you will realise it is not so daunting after all.
To TAYLOR...your attitude to bodily functions is great. We like eating..drinking so why should we not enjoy expelling same!!!

Tuesday, December 06, 2016

Krista E.

More Non-Accident Stories

Here are some more non-accident toilet experiences of mine.

My freshman year in high school, I played on the girls' basketball team. I didn't really like basketball that much but my best friend at the time did and she convinced me to go out for the team with her. We both became starters on the JV team, which was pretty good for freshmen. And as starters on the JV team, we also dressed for the Varsity game. Mostly we just sat on the bench for the varsity games, but it was still considered an honor to be part of the varsity team. My friend did consider it quite the honor, but I really didn't care much either way.

One Saturday, we were traveling with the varsity team to this showcase event. A "showcase" is where they take a few of the top teams from the area and match them up against other top teams with all the games together (one after another) at a particular game site. I think there were 4 games scheduled at that site that day. It being all girls' teams playing in these games, they ended up putting a few of the teams (half of them, I guess) in the boys' locker room. We were one of those teams in the boys' locker room.

It was mildly amusing to see urinals in the bathroom there but other than that (and no tampon machine, I guess), it was pretty much the same as a girls' locker room. Of course, there were toilets in the bathroom in addition to the urinals and once again, a toilet in a boys' locker room is pretty much the same as a toilet in a girls' locker room. But still, for whatever reason, most of us girls felt a bit squeamish at using them. I guess it logically didn't make any sense -- as I said, a toilet is a toilet -- but still, it was a boys' toilet and we were girls. For me, it was a particularly delicate issue because at the time I had to do more than just pee.

One of the assistant coaches then suggested that we could all go use the girls' room in the hallway instead. And, I should also note that she apparently felt the same way about using the "boys' room" because she was going with us out to the hall. But just as I was headed out with the group, my friend stopped me. She pointed over to the toilets where we were and said it was better to use the boys' toilets. The thing was that she was strangely adamant about it, too. I mean, it was one thing to not really care about which sort of toilets to use, but it's another thing entirely to insist that using the boys' locker room toilets was actually better than going to a girls' room. But my friend being so adamant about this was oddly intriguing. She said it was a matter of cleanliness and that it should be pretty obvious why.

She then explained that unlike in a girls' room, the toilets in a boys' room rarely get used. It was hardly something that I'd ever thought about before, but what she said made perfect sense. When boys have to pee (which you'd assume accounts for the overwhelming majority of their toilet visits in school) they use a urinal. Boys are only using an actual toilet on very rare occasions. Girls, however, always have to use the toilet no matter what they have to do. Is it any wonder then that the boys room toilets have to be cleaner than girls room toilets. Well, I wasn't sure if that was ALWAYS the case, but her logic did make sense. So the two of use went over and took the two toilet stalls in the boys' locker room. I just assumed that she only had to pee, but she, like me, also had to poop. So the two of use pooped side by side in the boys' locker room that afternoon.

We'd get another chance to use boys' toilets later that year when the varsity team was playing in the state tournament. This time there were 2 girls' games at this site (a different site than the showcase earlier in the season) so 2 of the 4 teams had to use the boys' locker room. I'm not sure how they decide these things but, for whatever reason, our team once again got sent to the boys' locker room. But this time, the toilets in there didn't have any doors on the stalls. Do boys really have to use toilets like that in school? GROSS! This time the two of us just went with everyone else and used the girls' room in the hallway. Fortunately, the toilets in the girls' room had doors on the stalls. I only had to pee that night (actually I peed twice -- once when we first got there and again before we left), but my friend, once again, had to go both ways. She was very relieved (so to speak) when she saw that they did have stall doors for privacy in the girls' room.

One of the other girls on the team -- a senior and a starter -- also had to poop that night. In doing so, she may or may not have clogged the clogged the toilet. I mean, the toilet she used was definitely clogged and it even overflowed when she flushed it, but she adamantly denied that she was the one who actually clogged it. She claimed that it must have already been clogged before she used it. Whether she was telling the truth or not, I can't say. But it was quite funny to see her come running out of her stall as the toilet was overflowing.

As to my basketball career, it was just my freshmen year. The coach said I had potential and wanted to work with me, but I didn't really like it enough to put in the work necessary to reach that potential. My friend, however, made the varsity team as a sophomore and late in the season actually became a starter when one of the other girls got injured. She then started both her junior and senior seasons. She went on to play in college.

I had an incident my senior year where I started to feel the need to have a bowel movement as I was changing for gym class. Actually the need to go started the period before in Art Class, but it wasn't very urgent so I waited. Art Class was held in the old section of the school building and the girls' room in that section of the building was seriously neglected and rundown. I always tried to avoid using it if I could. I had Physics the period after Gym Class and that was in the newly renovated section of the building with a newly renovated girls' room there. In the whole school that was absolutely my favorite girls' room to poop in. So the plan was to hold it in through Art and then Gym and then go take care of business during Physics class. But as I was changing for Gym class, it was beginning to feel a lot more urgent and I realized that holding it in much longer wasn't really a good idea. Once again, I was trying to be more careful and not risking an accident by holding it in too long. And especially since this was gym class, holding it in would be a greater challenge than it normally was.

But the thing was that I hated the toilets in the girls' locker room just as much as I hated the girls' room in the old section of the building. It wasn't so much that the girls' locker room toilets were neglected and rundown. The girls' locker room had just recently been renovated and that included the bathroom area. But I think the girls' locker room were the busiest toilets in the whole school. It just seemed like every girl in the whole school took the opportunity to go in there and pee either before gym class or afterwards. And consequently with so many girls using it, that bathroom always seemed quite dirty and smelly by the middle of the day. I hated the idea of using it -- especially to do more than just pee -- but, not wanted to risk an accident, I knew what I had to do. So when I finished dressing for gym, I headed over to the toilets to do what I had to do. As I often did, I headed for the last stall by the wall, so with the wall on one side I'd only have an adjacent stall on the other side. Looking over the condition of the toilet seat, however, I decided it was best NOT to actually sit down. Suffice to say, that it wasn't only the boys at my school who were guilty of bad aim when peeing.

The thing was that I normally wasn't a squatter. I've never really had a problem sitting down on toilet seats in public bathrooms. But this time really called for an exception. So I positioned myself squatting over the toilet and let her fly. And not being used to squatting, I guess I misjudged it rather badly. I sent a big plop of soft poop all over the back of the toilet seat. And then somehow I managed to get a whole bunch of it to slide down the side of the toilet and onto the floor. I ended up with just as much on the toilet seat and on the floor as in the toilet itself. Thankfully, it was on the side by wall rather than where someone in the stall next to me could see it. But it was really hard to believe that anyone could have aim that bad without literally trying to poop on the floor.

Of course, I just want to leave it there for someone else to clean up. But the thing was that other girls knew that I was in the stall pooping. If I didn't clean it up, there was really a good chance that it would get traced back to me. And not only would it be embarrassing to be known as the girl who shit on the floor, but I'd surely be made to clean it up anyway. And quite possibly that wouldn't have been my only punishment. It was entirely conceivable that I'd be accused of doing it on purpose because, as I said, it was hard to believe that anyone could get as much poop in places where you're not supposed to go poop unless she was actually trying to poop there. There would surely be a serious punishment for doing such a thing on purpose.

Unfortunately, I figured I had no choice but to clean it all up. All could do was take wads of toilet paper in hand and start cleaning up the poop -- first from the toilet seat and then from the floor. GROSS! Then, of course, I had to take more toilet paper and wipe myself. Foolishly, I didn't think of flushing the toilet in the meantime. Flushing all that toilet paper in one flush, well… guessed it -- I clogged the toilet. Fortunately, it didn't overflow and I was able to hightail it out of there without it being noticed. Of course, I worried once again about the clog being traced back to me, but there really wasn't much I could do about it at this point. And I figured that clogging toilet -- although certainly embarrassing and stupid enough to get punished for -- was not quite as serious as pooping on the toilet seat and floor. But I guess I got lucky no one bothered to investigate who clogged the toilet and no one figured out it was me.

So those are a few non-accident toilet stories.

Someone said me, loo is old-fashioned word now, is it true??


To Kyle

I usually pee before pooping unless I'm desperate, although I often pee at the same time .

I only pee once.

Pee pee polly

Question i guess?

Hello everyone,
Long time reader first time poster. I was just reading through all of your amazing posts here and began to think about something's I do in certain situations and wondered what you guys would do in similar scenarios.

1) when I'm playing video I always have to pee or sometime even poop, I personally have a chair that is foam lined so I just sit bare butt on it while I play and just pee all day long. But I was wondering what you guys do or would do in that situation.

2) I just love going camping but I hate having to poop outside I am yet to find a solution so maybe you guys could help me out.

3) one final query I want to tell my girlfriend (I'm lesbian by the way) about my love of peeing and seeing people pee and maybe even ask to see her pee, shes only ever let me once when we were camping but never since is there an easy way for me to do this?

Sonya Sue

Accidentally Clogging the Toilet At Work: What would you do?

A contributor here recently asked what he should do when, especially as a new employee, he clogs the toilet.

At the convenience store I work at this has happened several times. Our toilets are unisex and they are very heavily used since we serve travelers in what was called a truck stop. Myra is a friend of mine and I helped her get the job. Since we're still in high school we work odd hours in the evening and sometimes overnight on weekends. Everytime I'm ringing someone's purchase up I'm suppose to glance across mirrors on the ceiling which we use for security. Two our located near the bathroom. Customers will take an item or two with them into the bathroom, then put it in their underwear in the bathroom, and then steal it. Of course they know they can't be searched without probable cause. Well on her first shift with me, I had seen Myra duck in there, come out about 5 minutes later, and then go back to her stocking work. I asked her to cover for me while I took my bathroom break. She seemed hesitant to cover for me, and once I opened the bathroom door I saw wide rock hard crap and a lot of toilet paper in the toilet. It was larger than the water. I reasoned that the toilet paper was excessive because she had probably nested the seat. I don't think we have one of the best commercial-grade toilets and it is heavily used. Later when our general manager got in and Myra and I got our breaks, I brought the toilet subject up. It clogs several times a week and if our employees can't unclog it with a plunger and this thing on a pole they call a snake, our owner gets charged something like $350 a special plumber to make a priority run. Because of that, Myra admitted it was her and said she was sorry. I told her there's always a plunger in there and to try that first before telling our manager. Only our manager can use the snake pole.

Hi again! I've been posting here asking about skid marks and how common you guys think it is to get them. I have a story that's related to this. It was my brothers birthday and about an hour before the rest of our family was coming over I had what felt like a pretty wet fart. I made the mistake of ignoring the fart because an hour later when my aunts and grandparents came over I could sort of smell it. Apparently, my mom smelled it too because when I walked into the kitchen she fallowed me in and grabbed a pair of underwear out of my laundry basket and sort of just handed it to me saying something like "in case you want to change." when I pulled off my pants and underwear there was a pretty big skid mark in the back and it was still a little wet from the fart. I wiped quickly and changed underwear and as I went back for cake a put the stained underwear down our laundry shoot. That was about 2 years ago and my mom never mentioned the underwear.

Steve A

To Bella (Constipation Help)

I would say that medicines are helpful, but a good diet with fiber can prevent you from taking medication.

Here are some foods and drinks that may help you with your problem:

Fiber One Snack Products - Granola bars, Cereals, and other items from that company. Eat a bar or a bowl of cereal a day and that should help you stay regular. But, keep in mind that one bar or one snack item may contain 35% or 20% of your daily fiber intake. That's not including what you may eat for the rest of the day. So, it's important to eat only 1 bar a day.

Any fruits and vegetables can help as well. I also would drink any fruit juices or prune juice.

Just don't overeat or drink too much fiber. It can cause problems that include diarrhea and gas discomfort. Even too much fiber can cause constipation since it soaks up the water in your body causing constipated poops. Also, try to balance your diet with a mix or breads, fruits/vegetables, and meats. Drinking water most of the time can help you too.

The right amount of fiber will surely keep your bowels in line.

Sunday, December 04, 2016

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