Forgot a full kids potty.

Several years ago I was a babysitter for a family with an infant and a older child of potty training age. The mother took the older child with her shopping for the day, while I was in the apartment with the infant. The landlord's maintenance crew were working on replacing the window in the only bathroom. Eventually my large latte caught up with me and I was dying to pee, but I didn't want to bother the guys working in the bathroom. I didn't want to pack the baby up and try to go out to find a public bathroom. I thought about putting baby diaper on the floor and using it or using a formula can out of the recycle bin, but then remembered the child potty. I went to the bedroom and checked it over. The one piece potty was clean and empty, but smaller than I had remembered. Would it hold enough? Was my aim good enough? Enough thinking, it would do. I locked the door, quietly straddled the plastic potty, dropped my jeans and underwear, hovered in position and gently peed out the remnants of all that latte. The potty was totally full, but didn't overflow. My plan was to empty it after the workers left, but the mother came home first. I totally forgot the potty and left it full to the brim. I continued to babysit there for another 2 years and nobody said anything, but I still feel embarrassed to this day.


putting it off

Abbie, I know it can be so easy to put off needing to go to the loo! I am better these days but when I was still living at home I was awful for it, I used to go shopping in town with friends, but the bus home only ran every half-hour, so often even a quick wee would mean you're back half an hour later. It would therefore be very tempting to hold it in until you get home, which I did several times. Usually I was quite desperate by the time I got home! I have to admit to dribbling from time to time if I'm desperate, but I only had skid marks once, I will write about that time a bit later, bye for now!


Going to the Beach

Hi everyone, long time since I posted here.

I went to a beach Saturday. I am going with my group of friends of about four girls including me. We are going to have a beach-side picnic.

That morning I wear a white summer dress with a sun hat. I have a nice breakfast with coffee and toast in my house. After breakfast I realize I haven't gone since two days ago. I try to let it out before going with my friends but it doesn't come out that morning. I just hope I won't need to go at the beach.

I go to the beach and meet up with my friends. We decide to play in the water so I switch to my swimsuit. I have a lot of fun, so far so good. I feel some pressure in my stomach but I ignore it.

My friend says "Man I'm hungry, lets eat everyone!" We have sandwiches, salads, and fruits for lunch. I am stuffed, and eating that much food makes me need to go more.

After relaxing for a bit after lunch my friend suggests we should play volleyball. I actually want to rest more but my friend insists everybody to play. While playing I struggle to hold my poop in. Moving a lot makes me really need to go. I want to excuse myself but I'm too shy to tell I need to take a dump.

My volley partner, Anna, asks me what's wrong. I tell her I am fine. She seems unconvinced but we continue to play. Then it strikes me, I really have to go. Suddenly Anna tells everyone that I have sunstroke and she's going to bring me to the car. She holds me by the hand and escorts me.

While walking Anna says to me "You really need the bathroom right? Lets go to the cafe over there." I want to deny it but she is right, so I nod and go with her. We arrive at the cafe and Anna orders two espresso. She tells me where the bathroom is and I immediately go.

I go in and lock the door. After I sit I immediately let out a fart. A long turd quickly follows. I don't need to push and another chunk comes out. In the process I let out a lot of gas. I feel embarrassed because the door is made from wood and people outside can definitely hear me, but I can't hold it anymore. Some more softer poops come out and I finally feel relieved. I pulled some paper and wipe about five times until I am clean. I flush the toilet and head for the door.

Outside Anna is waiting, she tells me she also needs the toilet and where our table is. I head to the table and drink my espresso. I'm embarrassed because Anna was waiting outside and could hear all the noise I made. Anna returns to the table and takes a sip.

I thanked Anna for 'saving' me then ask her how did she know I needed the bathroom. She tells me she was observing me extra close since she was my partner and tells me not to worry about it. What a relief.

Then we go back to where our friends are. Feeling more relieved I have a lot of fun before we go home.


Danni & I & A Pee Emergency

Saturday morning my long-time friend Danni and I met to get take-out coffees and walk our dogs in the park. Since we hadn't gone to our favorite lounge after work the night before, we both wanted to catch up on our week. The temperature was about 40 and it was quite foggy. So bad at first that when Roscoe was at the end of his leash, I couldn't see him. After walking about 45 minutes and downing our coffee, Danni wanted to stop and rest and have a smoke. NO problem, except that the wooden benches which were nicely painted had a large amount of water on them. Luckily, Danni had a wad of Kleenex in her coat that could be used for that purpose. We must have talked for another 45 minutes or so and both of us needed to relieve ourselves of our coffee. We knew the small toilet hut with two toilets and a sink was about 5 minutes away. We just couldn't immediately see it in the fog. We started walking faster because both of our bladders were providing us pain.

When we entered the hut and flicked the light on, I heard Danni swear. She often does when she's surprised. What use to be two toilets against the same wall was now one. Where one had been, there was now a metal plate bolted over a hole in the concrete. Danni said I could go first, so I dropped my jeans, gave her the leash to Roscoe, and I dropped my butt onto the old-style black seat that I hadn't remembered being that cold before. I was uncomfortable, which was probably why my stream hadn't started and Danni started to get more excited. She told me to raise my feet and as I did she placed the leashes for the two dogs on my ankles. I knew it would make me uncomfortable even more to have two dogs tugging away and potentially pulling me off the toilet. Danni, then facing me, dropped her jeans and thong, and boosted herself up onto the basin. She swore a few more times about how uncomfortable it was, but her stream started and her bladder emptied fast. Then I heard a plop into the water and I knew she got splashed badly when her crap hit the water. She said that was the big turd she hadn't been able to get out at the Stevie Nicks concert she and her boyfriend attended the previous night. In the meantime, my pee had started slowly, but it seemed so strange to have the dogs tugging at the leashes and in the case of Roscoe, sniffing my inner thigh.

Danni jumped down and walked over to the side of me where the toilet paper roll was. She wiped three times, and I could tell the paper was messy, so when she asked me to spread my legs wider, so she could throw them into my toilet, I wasn't about to move. I lifted my legs to give her the leashes. I stood, looked at the deep yellow water, and flushed. Then I playfully told her she had a problem to address. The drain on her basis had clogged. She had a 2-inch black turd floating atop her pee. She just took an oh-well attitude toward it as we left to continue our walk.


to Oldpoop

Congrats on the perfect poop lol. To answer your question about keeping a record, yeah, I kinda do. For a while I was taking pictures of some of the better ones, not for any reason other than to remember the really good ones lol. I often have one big thick single log...those are the best. I've been on a streak with those lately. Some of them are borderline constipated but none of them have been bad. Then there's the ones that are messy, feel incomplete, and take like 10 wipes. Those are the WORST lol. Those only happen when I eat junk anyway.

Michael W.

Children see, Children do

Hi guys here is another story from back in the day. It was December of 1998 and it was a week or two after my long pooping session in the Men's room at the Movie Theater. Me and my older bro Josh went to our mom's house to spend a week there before Christmas. And one day I felt like I had to pee so I went to go use the only bathroom in the house which was right by the kitchen. Unfortunatly, the bathroom door was closed so I went back to my mom and step dad Ron's bedroom to play some more of "Mario" on the Super Nintendo. After I defeated the third boss my urge to pee was getting stronger. So I paused the game and check the bathroom again. The door was still closed. So I decided to wait a little bit longer. Then when I felt like I couldn't wait any longer I checked the bathroom again and knocked on the door. I thought my older bro was in the bathroom cuz he does take a long time when he has to poop. "Yeah?" said my step dad Ron. "I have to use the bathroom really bad," I said. "Hold on just a minute" said Ron. So next thing I knew, I heard the toilet flush with the sound of the sink running water and then my step dad Ron came out of the bathroom with a newspaper and he was smoking a cigarette. I remember thinking, "What's the newspaper for?" I held that thought and forgot about it and then let myself into the bathroom. I closed the door and lifted up the toilet seat and then unzipped my fly and let my horse out of the barn and peed like a fire hose into the toilet. When I was done I felt relieved. Later on that very same night, me and my older sister Jeannea were watching TV in her room and I told her about Ron, her dad, coming out of the bathroom with a newspaper. She laughed and she said "He probably wanted the newspaper to smell it." LOL! On the next day, I felt like I had to poop and I was not sure if it was going to be a long one but I didn't care. I decided to grab a newspaper to entertain myself while I sat there. So when I let myself into the bathroom I read the newspaper while I pooped and just relaxed. I was in there for no more than 10 minutes. When I was done I let myself out of the bathroom. My younger step bro Matt was like "Why do you have a newspaper with you to go to the bathroom?" I was like "I get bored while sitting there trying to poop." LOL! And then later on that day I saw Matt come out of the bathroom with an Arthur book. He said he wanted to read while he was going to poop. Anyways, That is all for today. Happy Holidays and Happy Pooping to everyone. And I will post again in 2017.

Thank you Brandon T and thank you Adrian for your understanding and kindness . A Very Happy Christmas and a Prosperous New Year to both of you AND to everyone else , of course . Eileen .

Lava-rrhea in School

This happened a short while back. I was at school, during IT class, when I felt an extremely painful sensation in my guts. I had been feeling funny all day, but now I thought I was going to explode. I doubled over in pain, which drew the attention of my best friend. He wondered what I was doing; I told him i needed to poo, desperately. Eventually, i couldn't take it anymore, so i asked the teacher if i could go. Luckily, he allowed me to go.

I ran to the nearest toilets, which were close to the science labs, and were notorious for having stalls which didn't lock. I entered the empty bathroom, and chose the third out of the total 12 stalls. I couldn't even close the stall door I was that desperate. Yanking my pants and underwear to my ankles, I plonked my butt on the seat and sprayed the bowl with yellow-brown poo. I moaned loudly, in pain and relief, as my guts cleared up. Luckily, no-one came in or they might have passed out!

Finally, after a short while, i finished pooping. I wiped, flushed and washed my hands, before returning to class. My friend asked if I was OK, and I said I was.

Monday, December 19, 2016


Latest story

Imogen- great story about you and Kayleigh being on the way home and Kayleigh desperately needing to have a wee, I'm glad you found an alley before she wet her pants!! I know having a wee outside is pretty embarrassing but as you said wetting yourself would be much worse!
Yesterday afternoon I was round my friend Katies house, I'd been feeling a slight urge for a poo since mid morning but it hadn't turned into a full blown need. Later on we had pizza and salad, I ate far too much and I think Katie did too! After we'd eaten we went upstairs to her bedroom, I rubbed my belly and felt my urge getting stronger, I hadn't had a poo for a few days so I knew I'd have to go before too long. As I looked around Katies room I saw several pairs of plain white pants drying on the radiator, she must have caught me looking as she said "Sorry about my knickers being on show, I had to do some washing this morning, I'd totally run out of clean ones!"
"Don't worry, I had to do the same myself the other day!" I said. "Mind you, I'm impressed you sorted the colours, I keep forgetting to wash my white pants separately so there nowhere near as white as yours!"
I could feel that my jeans were digging in me so I said "These jeans are too tight, I'm gonna have to take them off!" Katie said "Yeah, I know what you mean, I think I need to take mine off as well." I unbuttoned and unzipped my jeans and then eased them down, my pink flowery pants were stuck up my bum so I pulled them out and sat on the bed. Katie had been fiddling with her zip, she said "Oh great, my zips stuck, I'm gonna have to try to get them off somehow!" She grabbed hold of them and started to pull, they suddenly came down bringing her yellow pants with them!! She quickly pulled her pants back up and said "Sorry, I didn't mean to flash you!" and we both laughed. We sat and chatted for a few minutes, I suddenly started to get some cramps in my belly and could feel the tip of a log getting closer to my bum, so I said "I really want a poo, its starting to get urgent!" and got off the bed and went into her ensuite. Katie followed me and sat on the floor while I went over to the loo, I pulled down my pants and sat on the seat. I also needed a wee so I sent a strong stream fizzing down into the bowl. I noticed Katie squirming around a bit, she said "Actually I'm dying for a wee as well, is there any chance of me going before you start to have your poo?" "Yeah, sure," I said, as my stream died away, luckily my poo hadn't started to poke out of my bum, although it was pretty close! I quickly wiped my front and pulled up my pants, by now Katie was holding herself and she quickly dropped her pants and sat on the seat, almost at once a heavy stream gushed out of her and she moaned with relief. When she had finished she wiped her front and then flushed before pulling her pants back up and going back to sit on the floor. I pulled my pants down again and sat back on the loo, after a few seconds I could feel the tip of a log starting to make its way out of my bum, it felt like it was going to be a really fat one as usual. I took a deep breath and started to push, the log was really hard, dry and knobbly as well as being fat, so I knew I was going to have to strain really hard to get it to drop. "Sorry, I'm afraid I'm having another hard one, I'm still really constipated," I panted as I carried on straining, my poor bum felt as though it was stretched to its limit by this massive poo and I knew I hadn't even got to the fattest part yet! I carried on pushing and couldn't help grunting loudly, I could feel the log sliding out a tiny bit each time I bore down but as I thought it got fatter and fatter and soon it was stuck. I took a breather and pushed my hair out of my eyes, I realised my forehead was all sweaty and knew I must be bright red from all the pushing. "Are you OK?" asked Katie, and I said, "Yeah, its just got really fat and now its stuck, I just need a rest a minute though!"
"Poor you, its really grim when it gets stuck half way out, that's happening to me quite a lot at the moment as well," Katie sympathised. "I still only want a poo every 3 or 4 days though, so that's not exactly helping! How often do you need a poo, Abs?" she added.
"Yeah, it's the same for me, about every 3 or 4 days, I'm trying to go more often at the moment but nothing will come out!" I said, taking a deep breath so I could bear down again. I reached round behind myself and pulled my bum cheeks apart at the same time as doing a really hard push and finishing with an embarrassingly loud grunt, it was just as well I wasn't on the loo in public! After a few more pushes like that I could feel that I'd managed to push the widest part through and just then a piece of the log broke off and made a loud plop, before the rest of it slid out and splashed into the bowl a few seconds later. I could feel another log moving into position so I bore down again, another fat log started to come out and I knew this one would be a bit easier, but as it slid out slowly I still had to push quite hard to keep it coming. "Sorry about this, I'm having another fat one!" I panted as it continued to inch its way out of my widely stretched bumhole. I kept on pushing and grunting and after a few minutes I knew I'd worked the widest part through and it fell out of my bum. I finished with a few more smaller pieces and finally felt empty, I took some toilet paper and carefully wiped my front and bottom and then stood up to flush, luckily it all went away and didn't block the loo!! I pulled up my pants and washed my hands, and then went back into Katies room. I sat on the bed feeling rather exhausted and realised I'd been on the loo about 20 minutes! Hope you enjoyed this story, will post again soon, bye for now!


School Camping Trip Experience

Hello everyone my name is Alexander but people call me Xan. I'm 17 years old in second year of high school (year 11th). I have read this site for some time but this is my first time posting here.

A few months ago my school organized a camping trip. I was excited because I had never camped before. The camp was four days and three nights long. Around forty students attended the camp.

We went to the campsite by bus. It took three hours including the rest stops and we arrived at around 3 p.m. When we arrived I immediately went out of the bus to watch the scenery. There were a lake, a dense woods, and a wood cabin. I was mesmerized by the scenery.

We were assigned to eight groups to share a tent. What I couldn't believe is I was assigned in a same group with my crush, Amy. There were four boys and three girls in my group.

We were instructed to set up a tent. The groups took turn to prepare dinner for everybody. The first day was not our turn fortunately. So I decided to explore the woods.

I asked my friends if they would like to join me. My friend from my group and Amy joined me. We strolled through the woods. By the time we were walking I noticed Amy was kinda uncomfortable. I didn't ask her because I knew she was shy but I guessed she needed the bathroom. Just as I thought when we got back she immediately went to one of the outhouse.

We arrived just in time for dinner. We had mashed potato and grilled chicken. The meal was unexpectedly good, seeing it was made by other students.

The second day we went swimming in the lake. We went pretty early so the water was still cold. After playing in the water for a while I felt the need to pee. I didn't want to pee in the lake because I think it's gross.

I searched for an outhouse and found one in a rather secluded side of the lake. The outhouse was a joined two-seater. I tried the first door but it was occupied. While I was taking off my swimsuit it was silent in the next partition. After I did my business I waited because of my curiosity.

I heard a silent fart then a plopping sound. The wood separator between the partition was pretty run-down and there was a gap in the back. I peeked from the gap and saw one of my classmate sitting. Since I saw her from the back I didn't know who it was. There was a pretty large log exiting her anus. I think she was straining or holding it because of another person in the next partition.

I exited the outhouse because I didn't want to took to long. But after I exited I quietly waited outside to hear her. After a few second I heard a large fart and some thud of poop hitting the bottom. Then I heard a sigh of relief. I left the outhouse and returned to the lake.

A few moments later I noticed a girl coming back from the outhouse. It was my friend Felicia. She seemed more relaxed than before. I asked her where she was been. She blushed a little and said "Umm, I was just taking a walk in the woods." I just nodded and said alright.

We also had a lot for lunch and dinner that day. Before we went to sleep I headed to the outhouse for a pee before bed. On my way there my friend told me that the outhouse was clogged. No big deal so I went to the woods to take a piss.

The third day we were going to have a barbecue night. So in the morning we prepared to gather woods for the bonfire. After I was ready I headed to the tent where the girls were to call them.

Just outside the tent I overheard them talking. One girl in my group, Laura, who was rather outgoing asked if they had took a dump while in the camp. She said she had been trying to go but was unsuccessful. The other girl said she already took one in the cabin restroom. She said it was much better than the outhouse. Amy muttered that she hadn't had a number two since the camp started.

I called them to get going to the woods. Then I asked Laura what they were talking about. She just smiled and said "None of your business dummy!" Our group then went to the woods.

When I was gathering the woods I noticed Laura was talking with Amy. Laura then announced that she would have a bathroom break. Then they went together into the deeper part. I secretly followed them from a distance.

Laura stopped near a bush and lowered her jeans. She asked Amy to gather some leaves. Amy then went looking for plants with soft leaves. Laura squatted down and then let out a stream. A while later she was still squatting but not wiping. Then a hard rocky turd slowly exited Laura's anus. She seemed to be struggling. She stretched her butt with both of her hands. After what seems like a hard struggle a solid turd went out. She sighted in relief and let out some gas.

Amy returned but Laura told her to look away because she was not done yet. Laura then let out some softer logs. About three long soft poos went out of her, that must be a relief. She called Amy to hand her the leaves. She thanked her and started to wipe. It only took about three wipes till she was done.

After they left the area I went to see Laura's result. There were one large turd about the size of my forearm and three thinner logs. I was surprised that this thing could come out from Laura. I joined my group and returned after gathering enough woods.

At night we built a large bonfire. We were roasting all kind of stuffs such as marshmallows, corns, sausage, etc. I was having a great time then I noticed Amy barely ate anything. I guessed she needed to take a dump.

About an hour and a half later most of my friends already went to their camp to sleep. I am used to stay up late so I stayed at the bonfire, relaxing while enjoying the night time scenery.

Suddenly I saw someone getting out of my group tent. It was Amy, she looked pretty uncomfortable and holding her stomach. Then she walked towards me. I asked her what was wrong. She said she needed to go to the bathroom but she was scared to go alone. She told me the outhouse was still clogged and she would need to go in the woods. I told her not to worry and accompanied her.

We went to the woods and sought for a good spot. She lowered her skirt and squatted down. She asked me to look around for her. I couldn't help but sneak a peek at her.

She peed a long stream, while peeing she let out a 'pop' fart. She said "Sorry about that, I couldn't hold it any longer." She readjusted her position for a bit and began to push. A log started to crown out of her anus. She kept pushing and a long poop slowly exited her butt. Immediately after the log came out Amy let out a long fart. I could smell it even though I was about three meter. It reeked a strong smell of a healthy poop.

She kept pushing and another thinner log came out of her butt. I asked her if she was done yet. She responded "Sorry Xan, I think I got more to go. I haven't gone for about three days." I said it was okay and to took her time.

After a while she rapidly let out a lot of small poops. She let out some farts in between them, they sounded like "prrrfftttt-pfffttt-pttt". She apologized profusely for the smell. I told her not to worry and let it all out.

She ended her dump with a long airy fart. She asked me if I had any paper on me. I checked my pockets and luckily I had some tissues. I gave her the paper, she thanked me and started wiping. While she was wiping I observed her dump. It piled up with a height of about twelve centimeters. After about five wipes she pulled up her panties and readjusted her skirt.

She looked much relieved but she was all red from embarrassment. I said to her not to worry about it, we all need to poop. She sighted and said "Uhh, thanks for accompanying me Xan. But please don't tell anyone about it. I'm so embarrassed about it." I smiled at her and walked back to our tent. Both of us then went asleep.

The next day left the campsite really early, at about 4 a.m. We packed up our stuffs and our tents. Most of us still half asleep, including me. On the bus I tried to catch some sleep. About an hour in the road the bus stopped on a rest area for us to have breakfast. We had breakfast at a small roadside restaurant.

After breakfast I needed the bathroom. I checked the bathroom and it was a single stall unisex. I opened the door but there was a girl inside. I saw a poop dangling between her legs. I immediately closed the door and apologized. The girl said it was her fault for forgetting to lock the door. I listened outside and heard some more splash. After a while I heard a toilet paper being rolled. She flushed and went outside. She was still embarrassed from that incident. She apologized again telling me she was not used to locking the door at her house for her after breakfast poo. I went inside to do my business. There were some skidmarks on the bowl.

We got back on the bus and went to the school.

I would never forget this experience. Anyone else have any camping story? Feel free to share it here.

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Eileen great story about your big poop.

To: Lexi D great story it sounds like you had a rough day.

To: Annie great story.

Well that's all for now

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site


Christmas night out

Hi guys,

It's coming up to Christmas and I thought I'd share a story of a night out which happened around this time last year. I'd been out in the city I'm at uni in with my friend Kayleigh who was visiting from home. She's about the same height as me (5'8), but whilst I have brown hair to my shoulders she has long strawberry blonde hair and is quite freckly.

It was a Thursday night and we'd been to a few pubs and been drinking all evening. We both had on tight bodycon dresses which were a sort of maroon colour, and black tights. We decided to go home at 11pm when the pub we were in closed, but being a bit tipsy and hungry we stopped for a takeaway on the way. Kayleigh finished her chips and said she needed a wee, I actually needed one as well, but the sit-down part of the cafe was closed and with it the toilets. I shrugged my shoulders and said I'd wait till I got home.

I live around 20-30 minutes walk from the city centre and by the time you've waited for either a nightbus or queued for a taxi, it's not worth the hassle. So we set off walking home, it was almost midnight and December so pretty chilly! Kayleigh was complaining that she really needed a wee, I needed one too but I was comfortable holding on.

We were going along a main road and after a while needed to cross over, so I pressed the button at some traffic lights. I turned around and Kayleigh was now bobbing up and down with her knees together. "Are you alright?" I said, she turned and looked worried and said "I really need a wee, I'm really desperate now". "We're about 15 minutes from home, can you wait that long?" I said, she said she could but I began to be doubtful. I needed a wee myself but so far had assumed we'd get home, Kayleigh would have a wee and then I'd have one, and everything would be fine, but now I wasn't so sure.

We got to a side road and had to wait to cross, Kayleigh was in front of me and was fidgeting as she waited for the car to go past. "I can't stand still" she moaned and was crossing and uncrossing her legs. We crossed the road and carried on down the road. A bit further along, Kayleigh turned to me and looked worried, and said "I'm really, really desperate, I think I might have to have a wee down an alley or something.". I asked if she could wait until home and she said "No, I really can't, I'm absolutely bursting and I'm going to wet myself if I wait till we get home... I'm so sorry". I said that was fine and we'd look for somewhere to go.

We carried walking down the road and there was a building set back slightly from the road, with an empty space for about 4 cars to park in front. I suggested that this would be a good place to go, as it was secluded, and Kayleigh walked in. At this point a bright security light switched on and she turned around "No not here, I might be on camera or something... come on, let's keep going". We walked together quickly, Kayleigh stopped a bit further along and bent over with her hand in her crotch. "Are you alright?" I said, "I'll be ok, but I haven't got long left" she replied "I need to find somewhere, otherwise I WILL wet myself".

A little further along there was a set of steps which went down into an alleyway. "Quick, what about down here?" I said. Kayleigh nodded and followed me down the steps and a little further along the alley, where a bin provided a bit of modesty in something to hide behind. She looked around and put her hands up her dress to lift her knickers down, then noticed a man walking up and so tried to stand still and not look suspicious as he left. It must have been quite obvious what she was going to do, though, as she stood awkwardly and crossed/uncrossed her legs, all the while holding her hands to her sides and dancing desperately. The man walked past us and up the steps to the main road, and Kayleigh lifted up her dress as she made sure he was carrying on walking. Underneath she had tights and white knickers, and she maintained this position with her dress at her waist, bobbing up and down, with her hand jammed in her crotch, whilst the man continued to walk away. "Hurryuphurryuphurryup I need a wee I need a wee" she muttered to herself.

Once the coast was clear she quickly pulled her pants and tights down to her knees and stuck her bum out, at which point a massive waterfall erupted. "Aaaah, it's going down my legs" she said, I suggested she stick her bum out and squat more, which she did (whilst still weeing forcefully). "This is so not dignified, I'm really sorry" she said. She was facing the wall and the bin, and her bum was sticking out into the alleyway, so from where I stood guard I could see her bum with a huge torrent of wee splattering down onto the tarmac and swirling down towards the drain which ran down the middle. After a while it all died down, although she had a few further spurts left in her, then she sighed deeply and relaxed, whilst the last few dribbles and drips finished off.

I rummaged around in my handbag and found a packet of tissues, I gave Kayleigh a few to allow her to wipe herself. She wiped the back of her legs, where some had gone down, as well as her privates. She then inspected her knickers and said "Shit, there's a bit of a spot here, look" pointing it out to me. "Oh it's not that bad" I said. She pulled them and her tights up and let her dress down. She sighed again and said "I'm so sorry Imo, that was really not classy at all!". "Hey it's ok, it would have been even less classy if you'd have wet yourself" I pointed out "Anyway, I need to go, not quite as dramatically!".

I passed Kayleigh my handbag to hold and moved along to the other side of the bin, then lifted my own dress up and pulled down my tights and red knickers. I squatted with my knees apart quite low down, and let go to a loud hissing sound. I had needed to go for a while, but didn't think of myself as desperate - even so, there was an awful lot coming out and pooling down into the drain. As I finished up I realised that I'd given the last of my tissues to Kayleigh (which she was embarrassed and apologetic about!) so I stayed squatting and jiggled my bum about a bit to try and drip-dry as best I could, then lifted my knickers and tights up. It still felt a bit damp, but hey.

We both made ourselves look reasonable and went back up the allyway to rejoin the main road. It took us another 10 minutes or so to reach home, which wasn't too bad, "But if I'd have had to wait this long I would have had a complete accident!" said Kayleigh. Once we'd got back to my flat she went for another wee almost straight away, presumably she'd had some that she hadn't managed to do in the alleyway because of how desperate she was.


Eileen. It's no wonder you dropped a big load after not moving your bowels for three days. Although I'm rarely that constipated I can well imagine, on the basis of my own experience, that it would be a big event. Happy Christmas to you too.

Lexi D. Thanks for sharing your experience of having an accident at a parents' evening - as a parent. It can't have been very pleasant at the time but try not to beat yourself up about it. No one's ever to old to shit themselves and if you've made it to 38 without having any other accidents during adult life you've done pretty well. As with a lot of experiences in life I'd say the thing to do was to 'put it down to experience' and try to learn something positive from what happened. Maybe on a future occasion you could go for a poo before leaving work, make adjustments to your diet to make the need less likely, or simply get to a toilet without delay if you do start to feel the need instead of postponing going? Judging the nature of a bowel movement need isn't an exact science but with practice and experience I think most people can get to tell the difference between a need which is manageable and one where they can tell instinctively that if they don't get to a toilet soon they'll shit themselves.

Rochelle. Thanks for sharing your doorless stalls experience. It sounds very much as though both you and the other lady enjoyed taking care of business. And why not? Bodily functions are a natural part of life and I'm all in favour of people enjoying them if they can.

Annie. Glad to hear the constipation's gone and I hope you're free of it from now on.



Whose got it worse?

After a game, my boyfriend Adam and I went to a sports bar for a few drinks. After the first round, he excused himself to go to the bathroom. Since he was gone for at least 10 minutes, I knew he must be taking a crap. When he came back our pitcher had been refilled and he complained about having to crap in a toilet with no stall door. He said all 3 toilets had their doors removed since he was in there a week ago. And he also complained about some of the guys splashing the seats rather than using the urinals. He and I have known one another for more than 5 years. I know he is sensitive about his privacy. For example, when we were traveling our first year together I was surprised that he was sitting to pee. You see he had been bullied years before that at school because of his smaller organ and a couple of mistakes he made at the urinal. So I've tried to be very understanding with him but sometimes he just can't stop his complaints.

Then about 45 minutes later my bladder was bursting so I excused myself.
The ladies room had 3 stalls. Each of the panels was small enough to accommodate a grader schooler. The privacy doors did about half the job they should have. I could see over the door on the first toilet and the seat was badly splashed. Score another for the hover pissers who are drunk! I decided to take the middle one. I missed the hook for my purse the first two tries, but then I got it. From my 6'4" vantage point, I couldn't help but see a very young girl on the toilet to my left messing with her phone. Why she had been admitted I couldn't understand because she was obviously not of age. When I seated myself the seat seemed to move a couple of inches and I almost feared it would break off. While seated and doing my thing, I was exposed from mid-arm level and up to about a dozen women who quickly gathered for a half-time potty break. Of course I don't necessarily like it, but I accept it as a reality that larger women must endure in places like public bathrooms. Why privacy stalls can't be more private and accommodating to larger users I don't understand.


For those that like reading about accidents.

Hey guys. I've posted before. Not sure which page though. I'm an adult bedwetter, but this isn't going to be about that. I live in the Northeastern US and we got some snow today. I got all bundled up and went out to clean the driveway. I don't have a snowblower so I had to shovel it all. It was a bit heavy from some rain that was mixed with it. I must've been heaving pretty hard because towards the end I farted without warning. And all of sudden I felt something warm in my briefs. "Uh oh", I said. "I definitely just started." I finished up and went inside. It didn't stink at really since I was wearing layers. But I told my wife anyway and she just giggled and said to take a shower. I got undressed and it wasn't too bad. Blow out in my briefs but salvageable. So I showered and now i'm cozy on the couch writing this. I From several posts here, I know I'm not the only one this has happened too. I'll be sure to post more soon. Thanks for reading.

Saturday, December 17, 2016

Co-worker has IBS

My co-worker texted me this morning that she was going to be late to work. I didn't think very much of it and went on about my morning. When my co-worker arrived, she told me that the breakfast she ate messed with her IBS and she had an accident in the car and had to go home and shower and change and put her clothes in the laundry. She has told me that she has IBS and has to make frequent urgent trips to the restroom, even while we are at work. But I had never thought about her having accidents in the car. I was so turned on by that. She dismissed the incident and started talking to me about other stuff, but I couldn't even concentrate because all I could think about was picturing her having her accident. I was dying to ask her, does that happen frequently? Does she prepare by covering her seats in plastic or something similar? Does she even try to hold it or does she just let it happen when she feels it coming on? Maybe one day I will be brave enough to ask her.

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Steve A sounds like that girl was having a rough day.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site

Hi everyone,I've just got out my biggest poop ever only 10 minutes ago . I'd been constipated and hadn't had a BM for 3 days which is a long time for me . I got home from the bar earlier tonight and knew I had to use the bathroom to pee , also I could tell my poop was on the way at long last . I got my skirt up and panties down and sat on the toilet and peed and even though I knew it was on its way it still took half an hour for me to squeeze out 2 very big solid lumps of poop . The biggest piece was about 10 inches long and plopped into the toilet . God , I feel a lot better with that big poop out . Thank you , everyone and I wish a Happy Christmas to all.


Public Constipation

When you need a poo, just do it....does not matter if it is a public toilet. Grunt as much as you will not be sent to gaol.

Some years ago I was a t a music festival (camping) and was constipated before so I took Nulax the night before. I awoke in the morning and felt the need. I joined the queue and got a cubicle and sat...I wanted to go but just could not budge it.
I stayed there for quite a while...people came and went from adjoining cubicles...I stayed....i the end I gave up and left....very shortly the urge became quite powerful. Once again took a cubicle...I strained and grunted etc and lent right forward..even got down on the floor and squatted but not good. I was feeling desperate. Then two girls took the cubicle either side of me and decided to continue their said that since she ate the chicken roll she has been shitting non stop and the other said she really needed to shit but was too hung over from the night before and would just sit for a little while...a short time passed and she reported that she had just done a very big shit.
All this whilst I was struggling to no result...I left and had a cup of tea and another cup of tea and needed to wee urgently and needed still to have a poo...I raced to the next loos and dropped my bum on the go...pushed again and out it came...a very big hard log...then some real runny poo...and hour later back in the toilets for a moderate runny poo...felt so much better.

To the person who asked (no name given) it's possible your husband might secretly want to watch you pooping or not. You're probably the best judge of that. It is, however, not unusual or unnatural for people to have a certain curiosity about a spouse or partner answering a call of nature. It's not something to worry about if you have a fairly open, trusting relationship.

Catherine. Many thanks for your kind words. You will be much missed.

Mina. Happy Christmas to you! I think most of us will have a nice time in the loo after Christmas is plentiful quantities of traditional seasonal fare work their magic on our systems.

Abbie. Thanks for sharing your post-Christmas shopping experience with Lucy. It sounds as though you were both pretty bunged up. Controlling the need to poo once the "turtle's head" moves down can be tricky. It sounds as though you were "touching cloth" at one point to use a good old British saying which requires no explanation. I think that when you peed in the shopping centre you used muscles and nerve endings which, under the law of unintended consequences, gave encouragement to the other need. Although the bowels and bladder are quite separate, the muscles used to activate one can have a bearing on the other. Certainly when I poo I always end up weeing too.

John H. Hope you're keeping well. Yes I still post when I can but I'm so busy at the moment that it tends to be less often than I'd like.

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Winnie The Poo hopefully you constipation trouble will be over soon.

To: Abbie as always another great story about you and your friends.

To: Lori I bet you felt amazing a big poop like that.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site

Steve A

To Catherine

Congratulations on your pregnancy. I' glad that you were able to post here. Your stories and experiences came a long way in 7 years. From your high school story up until you got settled and then married Alan, it was nice hearing your stories.

Good luck on your future and I hope that you continue to live a happy, healthy, and long life.

Steve A


My friend's mom is so unbelievable

First of all these names are not real but the story is true. My friend David & I went to Chipotle, which is a Mexican inspired restaurant with his mom we call in this story Aileen & his stepdad Kurk. All four of us ordered, my friend David was so generous knowing that I didn't have any money paid for my meal. We chilled out a ton & got drunk. This was in 2013 during the summer. We were all walking and running through Lake Murray's bridge for exercise. I had gone to the loo, to pee & so did David. We were jogging mixed w/ walking back to his mom's van. I saw David's stepdad & mom. They were slow not because they were out of shape, it was because Aileen needed was trying to keep from pooping her shorts. I knew because she blurted it out. The two of us eventually after an hour went to the van. Another 45 minutes passed & those two joined the rest of us. I thought my friend's mom was really pretty partly having to do with her being 6 foot 4 inches tall, having curbs w/o carrying a lot of fat, and importantly she was funny because half the stuff she said was filthy despite the fact that she kept stressing to me to get saved by Jesus Christ! She got in the driver's seat, step dad in the passenger, Me & David in the middle side by side. She joked a bit asking me if I twerked. I said, " why yes I do". David said with a smile"it's because you have no talent" I started laughing & for a whole minute nobody could stop! Then I started being an idiot and asked Aileen" when you go to church do you twerk way up to the alter?" Aileen started laughing hard saying "When were singing & dancing we always twerk while praising The good Lord'. Everybody was laughing. Then I realized my friend put his shirt over his nose, in an instant I knew why. The van smelled like poop! Aileen was sort of embarrassed. She started accusing us of being the perpetrators. We all knew she sharted by the look on her face. I told her "the one who does no wrong may cast the first stone". Aileen drove us to her house let my friend out with the stepdad & on the way to my apartment I was in the passenger seat. We started a crazy conversation about Jesus, how much poop came out turns out to be a skid marks amount, and if I ever pooped myself while twerking. When I got home (my apartment) we went inside. She told me she needed to clean up in the loo. When Aileen came out there was less odor but still noticeable stain on her white jean shorts. I walked her back to the van, and my landlord which is a woman started looking at Aileen. As soon as Aileen left, my landlord approached me. My landlord asked if that was really poop on her shorts like she thought. I didn't answer. She stated "happened to me a month ago at the mall, no toilet paper and a wedgie". I told her the story & that it was because of laughing so hard she lost control.

Lexi D.

An accident at school...sort of

We all seem to have a story of wetting our pants at school in kindergarten or first grade, maybe a pants pooping story or two from those years or a little later too... those less fortunate suffered those ordeals in later years like high school, which is obviously an emotionally scarring event for a lot of people. But I think I have you all topped for the oldest to ever have an accident at school.

I'm 38 years old and my accident occurred last week. yeah. at my daughter's middle school art show. My daughter has a lot of pieces in the art show because art is her favorite subject, so it was important for me to move my work schedule around to make it to her school for the show in the evening. The personal dilemma i was facing though was that i'm *fairly* regular and I tend to always go poop in the evening shortly after i return home from work. so, sure enough, as I'm wandering the halls of the art show looking for my daughter's stuff and waiting for her to meet me, I started to realize there was some pressure building up and I was going to be needing the toilet pretty soon.

I wasn't at all concerned about it, I obviously just figured I would hold it in until I got home after the art show. I didn't anticipate being there that much longer. But for some reason, the urge was really persistent and gaining strength, and shortly i began to feel a little desperate. I first started to worry when my daughter was explaining to me and some other people about the meaning behind a piece she did, and I got such a strong cramp that I involuntarily pushed a little and actually felt my cheeks part a bit like I was actually just gonna dump right in my jeans right there. i felt a rush of terror wash over me and i broke out in a sweat as i hurried to stop the movement and clench my cheeks hard. i took a deep breath and just sort of scolded myself in my head "hey! get it together. it's not that bad. hold it." and then i sort of regained my composure. i felt ok for a minute and continued talking with my daughter and letting her show me around.

I had probably been at the school and been holding it for a good 50 minutes and we were still not done. this is because each time my daughter and i moved on some other teacher or parent would want to talk to her. I felt proud of her obviously, but at the same time it was making me very anxious due to my bathroom emergency... it finally reached a point where the urge was so strong that I began to very slightly push beyond my control every few seconds and would quickly have to reclench. I'm talking it got to a point where i was just standing there frozen doing nothing but pushing involuntarily then fighting to clench my cheeks, then pushing, then clenching, and just screaming at myself in my head "hold it in! hold it in!" after somehow making it through that desperate fight without making a mess in my pants, i finally caved and told my daughter that I would be right back, I was going to the bathroom. The first thing that doomed me was i began going the wrong way. It was only about 5 feet that it cost me before everyone redirected me, but every second and every inch counted with this...

The second thing that doomed me was, upon reaching the bathroom, it had only two stalls. both of which were occupied, and two women were waiting. The women in line didn't even matter. i had no time left, my only hope was an immediately available stall. My eyes welled up with tears of frustration and I just stood there stiffly, again slipping into a battle of pushing a clenching, when finally i couldn't fight one back anymore. My cheeks spread apart and my body gave a push, and i trembled as i tried to fight it back, but a firm, solid log crackled out slowly into my panties and jeans for what felt like forever before finally breaking off with a pop sound and forming a tight bulge on my butt that i could see in the reflection on the stainless steel trash can next to me. my jeans were pretty tight so it was a real squeeze, and i felt it smoosh up towards my back. it felt big. I just stood there in a crazy mixture of relief and horror. i couldn't believe i just pooped my pants... My face felt uncomfortably hot and red, and the other two women were just staring at me in disbelief. the sound made it very obvious what i just did, plus it immediately stunk up the bathroom. What also really sucked was that i still had to go really bad, but it was firm and my jeans were tight that no more could really come out, so i was just constantly stuck in that battle of pushing and clenching as the poop kept trying to come out, but there was no room. It was SUCH a helpless feeling.

I knew i had to just get the hell out of there so i didn't bother trying to clean up at all. i just apologized awkwardly to the other ladies, then turned and waddled back out to the hall way, bulge in my jeans and all. i went as far as i had to until i could see my daughter, and when she saw me i frantically waved her down to me. it was at about that time when suddenly the space issue in my pants no longer seemed to be a deterrent, and again i had another push that i couldn't fight back, and more slightly softer poop spread up the back of my pants...noisily.

it was pretty defeating to see the look on my teenage daughter's face when i had to tell her "i didn't make it to the bathroom, sweetie...i have to go home, i'm so sorry..." she looked more humiliated than i was. she just told me to go, go go. I turned and waddled out and rushed home as fast as i could to finish pooping, clean up and change my pants.

That's the story of how i pooped my pants at school at 38 years old.

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