Christmas shopping relief

I decided to go into town this weekend and do some Christmas shopping. I like to go early in the month so I can avoid most of the last minute rush from people who have forgotten to buy presents, an I like the personal aspect of shopping in stores instead of just clicking a button online. I started by going to a place called "The Range" if anyone from the UK is familiar with it. They sell everything! From toys, to DIY to furniture and everything in between. I literally spend hours there every time I visit just looking at all the things. When I was finally done I really needed the toilet, #1 and #2. They have toilets there so I decided to use them instead of being uncomfortable for the hour drive home.

I put my shopping in the car and went back inside to use the facilities. I immediately wish I hadn't but once i was in there I was committed. Out of the three toilet stalls, only the middle stall was available. The other two had "OUT OF ORDER sorry for any inconvenience" signs on them...great! To make things worse, it was the start of December but still really busy so there was at least five women in front of me, and more queueing behind me. The line was going rather quickly though so I assume most if not all were peeing.

After about five minutes I found myself at the front of the line, only waiting for the woman in the stall who was pooping. She had her jeans on top of her boots at her ankles and every few seconds I would hear a quiet splash. I looked behind me to see how long the line was and saw a girl about 13 years old stood behind me and looking VERY desperate. When I first joined the queue I had a middle aged woman behind me so she must have given up. I felt sorry for the girl and really didn't want her having an accident so I offered to swap places with her. Her eyes lit up and she was so thankful!

A couple more minutes passed when I heard the toilet flush and the door opened. A blonde woman in her late 20's came out looking very embarrassed and shyly smiled at me. The young girl ran in, slamming the door behind her and I heard the rustle of clothes as she pulled down her jeans. Moments later I heard water thundering into the bowl as she got her relief. I was impressed at the power of her stream! She had a short but much needed wee and within a minute she was out of the stall with a huge smile, thanking me again as she walked past. It was finally my turn.

I locked the door behind me and pulled my jeans and thong to my knees before sitting on the warm seat and lowering them to my ankles. Although there was a long line I was still going to take my time and not rush things. The idea of having such an audience really excited me too! I wanted to make the most of it. I started with a wee, my stream making a loud tinkle that everyone could hear and then I settled for the main event. After a few seconds I quietly farted and felt myself being stretched wide by my poo slowly making its way out of me. There was no turning back now. I simply relaxed, enjoying the wonderful feeling of my poo slowly and effortlessly coming our of me. Smiling at the fact that everyone in the room knew what I was doing. It soon broke off with a quiet "flumph" and seconds later the next piece started coming out. It too fell in the bowl with a little "flumph" shortly afterwards. I still didn't feel completely done so I took a deep breath and gave a small, but long push, pushing out four little pieces in a series of plops and a small amount of wee.

I had a quick peek between my legs and saw a piece about six inches long and an inch thick, one about half that size and a few small thin ones. The smell was awful! I gathered some toilet roll and wiped my front then got some more, wiping my behind a bunch. Luckily I wasn't too messy back there. I reached behind to flush and then pulled up my clothes as I stood, making sure everything went down okay before leaving the stall. I couldn't help but smile as I walked across to the sinks to wash my hands. I'll definitely try to have a situation like this again in the future!

John H

Smelly dump

Hi all.
I haven't posted in a long time.
Glad to see all the new posters and a big shout out to all the long time posters.
I have been busy so have been happy to read instead of posting.

I took a very smelly dump in work last week.
I was letting out strong smelling farts and felt a building pressure so I knew it was time to release the load.
I went to the two cubical bathroom on my floor and went into the second one.
The bathroom was empty and as soon as my ass hit the seat I began shitting up a storm.
There were several soft logs and lumps of poo between loud wet farts that echoed around the room.
I had drank some beers the night before so the farts were ripe and a strong smell quickly filled the room.
I sat for a few minutes in order to be sure I was empty.
I could hear some noise from outside the bathroom and guessed it was a cleaner.
I whipped up, flushed and washed my hands and was about to make my escape when the door opened and in walked the cleaning lady.
She said hi and I knew she could smell my creation.
She would have known it was me as I was the only person in the bathroom and she had been outside the door working and would have seen that nobody else had left the bathroom.
I left feeling prowd as what else could I do and I did feel better after tbhat clearout.
That's all for now.
Take care all
John H

Thunder it goes on!

Until about 15 or more years ago I only got constipated very occasionally. Constipation was one of the earliest symptoms of my neurological disease.
I do recall my first bout of constipation as a young least i think I was constipated?
We were out fishing and having a picnic on a rocky beach...I might have been 5, or 6, or 7 years old.
i remember getting cranky and irritable and my belly was hurting...Mum said she would take over to the toilets but I was scared of public toilets then. Next thing she wanted me to squat behind a rock and poo. She told me I really must try and poo! I would not be in that either as people might see me. there were people about but quite a distance away..another suggestion was that I position myself standing and could see people coming whilst I poo. I was not ken on that but Mum took off my swimming togs and took me over to a rocky outcrop where I was protected from view from shoulder down and she ask me to try and poo...Mum was right next to me rubbing my back and I submitted and started to push...Mum giving me lots of encouragement...I recall the log was really hard and painful but out it came followed by a rush of soft serve...there was a hill of shit at my feet. I felt so much better then...I while later I asked Mum to take me behind a rock for another poo... more relief.
Firstly pull ups are good for leakages..I need them for bladder and bowel.
Next thing are you doing your enema seems obvious that you are not cleaning out the stool causing the problem. You might need three enemas...just water is fine will know when you are cleaned out.
Next thing with laxatives...I know exactly what you mean...I use osmotic laxative like Osmolax or Movicol etc...Take a good dose and it will promote regular movements and persists with it. With hard poos have you tried suppositories...what I have done is put on pull ups (this is really gross but works) and have a couple of suppositories and then when the urge gets extreme try and keep holding and then push with one sudden will then have a bit of cleaning up to do.
Hope you have had a large comfortable movement.

Michael W.

Movie Theater Poop

Hi guys, I'm back to share another story. But first...

To Kyle. Sometimes when I'm peeing at the urinals I feel a fart coming and then an urge to poop. Sometimes I did wet farts and close my barn and then find a stall and I sit on the toilet and explode with a nasty poo. This usually happens when I eat Mexican food, Italian food, etc. And while I'm pooping I pee off and on during my pooping sessions.

To Jasmin K. Welcome back, I enjoyed your latest story. And I hope it comes out okay.

Onto my story, I was 10 years old and in 5th Grade and this was around December of 1998. One night, my dad decided to take me and my older bro Josh at Doc Pierce's. I had a Burger with French Fries and ketchup. Then we went to the movies. We went and saw "Enemy of the State." I had a good time watching the movie. I ate Spree candy drops, drank soda, and ate lots of popcorn. 1 hour into the movie I felt like I had to pee so I told my dad that I'll be back. So I excused myself from the theater and went to the lobby where the restrooms are. I walked into the Men's Room and went to the closest urinal. I stood there and did my thing and while pee was shooting out of me I felt some farts coming and then Pffrrtt! a mid-range fart with the feeling of poop ready to come out. So I stopped peeing and went to the nearest stall which was the middle stall right behind me. I closed the door and let down my khaki's and boxers to my ankle and sat there. I sat there and relaxed and let it come out on it's own. I released the rest of the pee out me and then I let loose with a couple of cucumber sized poops and did a soft fart. I sighed in relief and then relaxed again. Just then I felt some more to come out. I let that come out on it's own and then a banana sized poop slid out. I did a soft fart and felt relieved. I knew I wasn't done yet so I stayed seated. I relaxed for a long moment I did some breathing. I changed my sitting positions to help this poop come out. Ppl came in and out of the bathroom as I sat here. Nobody had to poop. They had to pee. And before I knew it I was alone in the Men's Room again. I rested my head on my knees with arm on my stomach and pushed out some sausauge like poops and relaxed again and rested my eyes for a long moment. Then another guy came in the bathroom. Like the others who came and went, he peed. I sat back up and put my hands on my knees and pushed out some 2 smaller sausauge like poops with a grunt. I did another mid-range fart. The guy in the bathroom with me heard me fart as he was washing his hands. I sighed in relief and then the man left. I was alone again. I rested my hand with my hand and relaxed for another moment. And then I pushed and grunted and out came some guacamole like and scoop sized poops. I think there was like no more than seven of them. And then I relaxed for another moment. I thought to myself how long have I been here? And then a school of people came into the Men's Room. Both stalls next me were taken. I sat there quietly and tried to ignore them. I wasn't done yet I still had more poop to come out. So as I sat there I tried to relax. I felt another coming and then I pushed out a tootsie roll poop. I grunted and then relaxed. The school of people left including the ones who occupied the stalls next me. I was alone again. I pushed and pushed until my face was read and then another tootsie roll poop come out of me with a Sppplllttt! fart. I was like "Wow! that felt good." Just them my older bro Josh came in the Men's Room. "Michael?" he called. "Umm, yes?" I said. "You're going poop aren't you?" he asked. I said "Yes, why? Are you gonna join me?" I was hoping for a buddy poop. "No" he said. "I just have to pee and just making sure you're still here." Then Josh finished peeing and then went to wash his hands and said "I'm going back into the theater. I said "Oookkaaayyy!" in a strained voice. I was alone again. I pushed out a long stringy like poop with 7 or 8 more tootsie roll poops and they took forever to push out. I farted after the last one came out. I sat there for another long moment to be sure if I still have more to push out but I realized I was done. So I stood up and looked at how much I poop. There was all kinds of poop within the toilet bowl. The big pieces were at the bottom and smaller pieces were caked on top. It looked like soft serve chocolate ice cream as usual. Then I sat back down and wiped with quite a bit of toilet paper and then I stood up and flushed the toilet as I pulled up my boxers and khaki's to my waist. I let myself out of the stall and washed my hands and left the bathroom to go back into the theater. All in all I was in there for no more than 45 minutes. That's all for now! I'll post again later. Till then, Happy Pooping!

Whenever you have to go poop do you pee or poop first?
How many times do you pee whilst pooping?


Brown Friday

Hey all! I've posted here once before but I'll redo my intro real quick. My name is Allison, I'm a college sophomore, and that's really all there is to know! I live on campus with two three roommates, but this past week I was home for Thanksgiving, which is not far from my university.

Like everyone else, I ate a lot on Thanksgiving. After living on a meal plan for the semester, this was a home cooked meal at its finest and I went all out. I definitely had a big poop to look forward to in the next few days! But anyway, while I was in town, I called some of my old high school friends to hang out and we decided to go Black Friday shopping. We live in one of the bigger cities in the south so Black Friday gets intense. We met up at about 8 a.m. and got coffee and breakfast and then moved on to start looking through the sales. The combination of the coffee and Thanksgiving was starting to make my stomach turn and I was looking forward to a nice poop when I got home. I started having some bad gas pain and I really needed to fart. My friends and I had collected a decent amount of clothes and decided to try them on, which was great! We went into separate fitting rooms lined up next to each other with mine on the end. The fitting rooms were crowded so I could fart without anyone knowing it came from me! I latched the door behind me and pushed out a loud juicy fart. The dressing rooms got a little quieter for a second from people pausing and then choosing to ignore it. I went ahead and farted again and that's when I KNEW I needed to poop right that second. I couldn't leave and go to the bathroom because my friends would want to come, and I've read horror stories of people pooping in fitting rooms for attendants to clean up and wasn't doing that either. I was definitely not going in my pants, so I frantically looked around thinking about what to to. My eyes landed on my purse (don't worry it was cheap, I think it came from target?) which wasn't huge, but not tiny either. With my two friends still trying on clothes, I took my wallet, keys and phone out of the purse. I could NOT believe what I was about to do, but I slipped my jeans and panties down to right under my butt, bent my knees a tiny bit, (the rooms were open to your feet so I didn't want to squat), and held up my brick shaped purse directly to my hole. I gave one small push and a thick, dark log started sliding out of me. The log was long and smooth about the size of a cucumber and I pinched it off into the purse. I decided to let out a little more because this could get worse, and another dark log started to make its way into my purse. The second one was firmer, and a little harder to get out, but I felt so relieved. There was definitely more in there but I could hold the rest until I went home. I farted one more time, which was probably a mistake. It was super wet and audibly spewd a tiny bit of diarrhea onto my two logs. I wiped, poorly, with a tissue and exited the fitting rooms with my purse closed at my side. I told my friends I was going to the bathroom and sure enough they insisted on coming. As we were walking, one of them mentioned that it sounded like someone crapped their pants in there and the other one agreed and said it smelled awful, I nervously laughed it off. Once in the bathroom, I quietly dumped the contents of my purse into the toilet and shoved it into the small trash can in the stall. I walked back out and 45 minutes later pretended to realize I lost it and acted really bummed! I pulled the whole thing off and my sense of panic was gone!
I went home that evening and had some nasty diarrhea in my bathroom. I sat down on the toilet and sharted out another spurt of diarrhea, and then let brown sludge ooze out of me. I came up with a couple of soft logs at the end but wow! I think it was the most I have ever pooped in one day, and I sure am THANKFUL!

Till next time!


Constipation & Bladder etc

I mentioned in an earlier post about having a large enema and drinking lots of water before hand and then not being able to poo and wee for a while despite trying. When the therapist rubbed my back and helped me relax the expulsion began and my bladder released.
Although constipation put pressure on the bladder causing more frequent and urgent urination.....if really full then in can stop the flow of urine...and the flow of urine is reduced if one is stressed.
When I drink a lot of fluids and I have the time I sit on the toilet to wee and it is such a relieving experience...the problems that I have is that my stream can be slow or faster or stop due to an obstruction I have...if I relax completely then I do get my best flows.
I have been drinking lots today and peeing lots too!

canada pooper

poop " accident" for convenience?

hi everyone i am new here but i have read many stories here about the devastation of accidents but has anyone ever let it out "just because" i did so well into my teenage years i'm physically disabilied so accidents happen often for me but there have been quite a few times where felt better just to go in my pants then to wait anyone else disabled or otherwise? i'd love to hear experiences

Karen C. from Cali

Diarrhea story from a Christmas Long Ago

This is an account of a diarrhea experience from a Christmas of long ago.

Hi everyone, just remembered a very special mother/son bonding experience from a Christmas that happened years ago when my youngest son was seven, in early December. This happened shortly after both the boys had gotten over a ???? virus that had been going around school, and as a matter of course, I got it, no escape from that when you have school aged kids. Of course you know, moms never get sick until after everyone else is well and healthy! It's true; it's a phenomenon.

Well, anyway, I started feeling sick/pukey after supper and like I was on the verge of having diarrhea with major stomach cramps during the wee hours, so I went outside to have a smoke and get some fresh air to maybe make me feel a little better, it was about midnight (I smoked way back then, most welders do you know), my mouth kept filling up with salty water and I kept spitting it out and felt pretty close to upchucking my supper, I think I had made fried pork chops, mashed potatoes and gravy, rolls, and cabbage and rice pudding IIRC and I also felt really gassy and knew the diarrhea was close at hand, and I guess the sound of the door roused my dear little one from sleep--he's always had trouble sleeping and he's a light sleeper anyways. Well, when I came back inside he was sitting on the couch waiting for me to come back inside and asked me how come I wasn't asleep so I told him I had a ????ache like he had earilier in the week. He tried his best to comfort me and tell me that I would be all better tomorrow, bless his little heart. I told him that he was going to have to be a big boy and help mommy because mommy isn't feeling very well and he was very proud to help take care of me.

I didn't want to traumatize him so I had to somehow make this experience fun for him; so I got an idea. As crappy as I felt, I did my best to put on my happy face and make this a positive experience for him --I was broken down and crying inside but I put on my very best "happy mom facade". I plucked one particular present from under the Christmas tree, a Radio Shack cassette recorder and handed it to him to unwrap before Christmas Eve, I assured him that if Santa had a problem with this then I would personally deal with it and get the matter straightened out, and he eagerly unwrapped it. After installing the batteries and cassette tape and giving him a crash course in the operation of this device, I told him that mommy was going to record some funny sounds on tape! I had him come into the bathroom with me when I had diarrhea and showed him how to hold the microphone next to the toilet bowl right next to my big butt to record the sounds, and we both broke into hilarious laughter during my diarrhea blowouts and the sounds I made when I would throw up--he was a little squeamish about being close to me when I was puking, but he got over it as I giggled and urged him to come a little closer to record the sounds I made while I yakked and heaved my guts up; he was a great little trooper; he even rubbed my ???? to help me feel better while I held the mic as I puked up my guts as I knelt in front of the toilet. He was very proud to bring me water and hold my hair back for me while I burped up my guts in the toilet, and giggled with glee especially when recording the loud noises I'd make when I had loud farty explosive diarrhea while sitting on the toidy. I forced myself to laugh along with him although I felt like absolute crap, for his sake. This went on throughout the wee hours until it was time for me to cook breakfast and send my older boy and hubby off for school/work.

I told this youngest boy of mine that this was a special day for both of us and how proud I was of him for being a very good big boy and taking care of me when I was sick. His reward for helping mommy feel better is to get a day off from school, and I called in sick to work and called him in to excuse him from school that day. We both played hookey together on this day and had a grand old time, mainly for him. After I took a nap and felt a little better, I took him grocery shopping with me and let him pick out special things to eat which I wouldn't normally buy, chips, twinkies, ect., then I took him to Coco's and gave him free run of the menu; I felt he deserved it after being with me and witnessing what I'd gone through, musta been pretty gross stuff to witness especially for a young boy--mommy blowing brown watery stuff out her butt and yellow stuffout of her mouth!!!. I just had coffee and an order of onion rings--Love those onion rings from Coco's--been eating there since the 1960s--had my first date with my first real boyfriend there (and I still eat there about once a month--LOVE their double cheeseburgers and onion rings, their onion rings are the BEST!); I got a cheeseburger to go to take home for when I felt like eating. We went home and he had a nice kiddy feast on basically junk. Each time I had diarrhea or felt like throwing up I'd let him know and he was quick to grab the tape recorder and come into the bathroom with me. Then later we got some popcorn and went to feed the pigeons in the park, and we had a bit of fun on the slides and swings. Then we went shopping and got new winter coats and other winter clothes and things for us and the rest of the guys. Got home and cut off a slice of parmesan cheese and offered a bite to my little guy, he took a whiff and said NO WAY! (He said it smelled like last night in the bathroom when I was vomiting! Heehee!). Parmesan cheese is what I eat when I'm sick to my stomach because it helps stop diarrhea and puts back the stomach enzymes and gets rid of that awful "pukey" feeling of needing to throw up. It works, but only if you like parmesan cheese.

Then it was time to start cooking supper, my little guy decided on tacos and burritos with beans and rice, and egg custard pie for dessert, so I fixed that for everyone else, but for me it was just cream of mushroom soup with parmesan cheese and a piece of bread, and then I watched tv a while and ate a couple bites of my cheeseburger then went to bed early. Next morning when I woke up I found my little guy sleeping on the floor on my side of the bed wrapped in a blanket, he said it was just in case I got sick again and needed him to take care of me some more. Bless little boys, they love taking care of their moms! I granted him another day off from school, then we had another fun day of mom/son fun and adventures.

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Abbie great story about you and your friends it sounds like you both had great poops that you both needed from thew sound of it.

To: Annie great story.

To: Pat thats good that Artiss is feeling better from that nasty virus

Well thats all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site


Babysitter Sharon and

I'm in my mid-20s now and a graduate student and a member of two coaching staffs. Since we had three days off from classes, I used the time to get some of my Christmas shopping done. At the mall I was on the toilet, urinating after about a ten minute wait for that toilet, which was toward the middle of a long line of toilets and probably three times the shoppers than could be accommodated. I remember watching the lady in the cubicle next to me come in and as she sat and did her thing, I was in envy of what nice new gold-colored shoes she was wearing. Then I could see she stepped forward, I heard a quick tug at the toilet paper roll, and she flushed. When she did she dropped her pink phone. It slid close to my left leg and I partially got off the seat to reach forward and slid it over to her. I heard her mumble something over all the noise.

At that point I decided to stay seated because I felt some bowel activity might be around the corner. It had been five days since my last crap. That was in the locker room at the arena before my team's last game. I don't know exactly why, but before pre-game warmups is the best time for my most productive craps. It comes right out and I'm off the toilet and relinquishing it to one of my players who also can't wait to get her task done before heading out for drills. As I was thinking about that, I heard a crash of noise in the cubicle to my right. Then some crying. I quickly got to my feet and because of my height I could easily see over the top of the cubicle. A grade school girl was sitting in the bowl. I figured she had fallen in because the seat had been raised. She had her left arm between her legs while she was pulling herself out with her right arm. That movement caused the flusher to go off. The disaster was becoming worse and she started to call for Sharon. As I was pulling my clothing up to go over and help her, I heard a pound on her stall door, somebody getting more frantic, and finally, when the girl didn't open the door, I saw a girl about 12 or 13 throw herself onto her back, and push herself under the door and into the stall.

This girl introduced herself has Sharon. She was the babysitter. She had been talking to other friends in the bathroom and had lost track of which cubicle the girl had gone into. I got out my phone, texted the mall emergency number, and asked security to bring some towels in. At first, they wanted to call a rescue unit, but I talked them out of that. The girl was probably bruised in a couple of places, obviously wet, but more than that embarrassed. Why add to it with a medic unit? Two and then three security guards came in to take over what I was trying to coordinate from my cubicle. Then a custodian brought in some hand and bath towels. The girl continued to cry as Sharon did a good job of trying to comfort her. As the girl calmed down, Sharon dropped the seat and after drying her off, the girl took her seat to do her thing. Unfortunately the auto-flush went off again and a security guard disabled it. We were all asked to go as a group to the mall office to give our statements for an Incident Report.

When I got back home that evening, my boyfriend already knew about the accident because an affidavit had been emailed to me at my official address. I know Sharon feels bad but I feel this was a learning experience for her. Early primary age children need the constant eye of supervision, but the mall's interest in going after Babysitter Sharon isn't the answer, I feel.

Jasmin K

update - still getting very constipated

Hi All

Its been quite some time since I posted - I was still in school last time. I am now working in retail in a high street store. For anyone who remembers my previous postings I get real bad constipation and often have problems having a poo,nothing has really changed there so as it is my day off and I was having a real difficult poo I thought I would post about it.Some days I dont have enough time to do a decent poo because it takes me quite a long time and it usually is little pebbles and the occasional lumpy log and even after that withing a few minutes i get the full feeling again. Quite often I have to wait untill i have time for a long sit. Its now been 3 days since I had a decent poo,just managing a few pebbles each day. I have a maximum of about 1/2 an hour toilet time on a morning before I leave for work during which if I strain really hard I might get a few hard pebbles or even some soft poo leaking round the hard mass in my bum.

After work yesterday I went for food with a couple of my collegues, we had pizza, went to see a film, had a large tub of popcorn each and coke to drink then had a burger before making our ways home. When I woke up I realised the bed was a bit wet which happens when i am badly constipated. When I got up I realised how swollen from constipation my belly was and I had that annoying ???? ache. I ate cerials for breakfast then went to the toilet. I sat down, got comfy and started to bear down and push making little phhutt sounds as I broke wind. I took a deep breath and strained and made a plip plip plip as little pebbles dropped.Then I strained again and a few more plips and a larger plop as a couple of larger chunks dropped. I pressed hard on my swollen belly and strained and strained and I could feel a real large hard log trying to squeeze through my bum. I took a pot of vaseline and got some on my finger and rubbed it in my bum. I strained down really hard and the tip of this log poked out, each strain this nobbly log came further out stretching my bum hole wide open and downwards. My bum was throbbing so I took a massive breath and strained as hard as I could makeing this log move slowly out. It dropped with a splash.I strained again and another hard log came out. I stood and checked in the bowl, the big log was sticking up from the water, 9 inches long and thick as a coke can and formed of lumps of poo, the second log was 4 inches thinner but still hard. My belly felt better I was now just a bit sore but the pain had gone. I wiped, one wipe with a pad of paper was enough, the joy of hard poo , no real mess to wipe. That lot had taken nearly 2 hours. I went and got dressed to go out, but as usually happens I get the full feeling in my bum so I went back on the toilet again and strained so hard I went dizzy. I strained as hard as I could for 1/2 hour and only got bum lube coming out. This always happens when I manage to poo after being constipated for a few days - its like there is a phantom poo there it feels like my bum is full again. A lot of times Ive stayed on the toilet straining untill some more poo comes out, straining so hard the inside of my bum comes out and its taken 3 - 4 hours to do any more poo yet bum lube jelly squirts out.

I know what you mean re skid marks - when I am constipated i have to change my knickers 3 or 4 times a day at work. Ive tried enemas and laxitives but i find that with enemas if I dont get it all out it can be like having diarrhoea later which is not good as i cant hold it,it leaks out and laxitives dont usually work and often when they do its when its not convienient. Ive not tried pullups but I do have some plastic lined knickers for when its real bad but they dont help much with liquid.
When I was younger I did see a specialist doctor who said i had chronic constipation and prescribed a special diet - my mum did encourage me to use the diet and provided the recommended items and removed the bad ones,I did try but didnt like it as I couldnt eat the things I really liked even though i knew they made me constipated like cheese and milk and pasta also chocolate and sweets,the last 2 which I loved to eat whilst on the toilet as I was made to go to the toilet and had to sit there straining untill I made myself do a poo whether i was constipated or not and whether I needed to poo or not. Eating sweets on the toilet helped to pass the time and as I was made to stay untill i performed the diet didnt make much difference anyway soI gave up on it after a couple of weeks since then it has pretty much always been straining to relieve constipation.

Oops I think i need to go again feeling full !!

Jasmin K

Everyone,I so sorry, I don't post long time. Actually I was not so well and take medicine. But now better little bit.

So we had big motion party again on beige loo in Kazuko's flat. Because Maho's birthday. we had big yakiniku party on 11 November, because Maho's birthday 10 November but it was Thursday, Friday is better. Maho like yakiniku very much. yakiniku is broiled meat, it is Korea speciality. I like too, and Kazuko and Hisae too. So we bought lots meat and also vegetable especially we like cabbage and onion and shiitake, it is big brown mushroom.

And we cooked and ate. And ate and ate and ate and ate. And drank beer and wine. Kazuko said, I think we have fun tomorrow morning. We said her, talk about that later. Now we eat!!

And we sang to Maho happy birthday, and we hug her a lots, many many times we hug.

And then sleep. bath was before party.

And next morning, of course breakfast. We eat more! Stomach not so full after good sleep, we digest all yakiniku.

And then .... time for LOO. We all laugh. we know, we are going to be there one hour, or more longer, but loo time is so nice time!!

Hisae first because she is quick. But recently, she is not so quick, about 5 or 6 minutes. She always smiling, she don't need to work so hard with bottom so motion fall out, it always come out easily. So we hear many plops quite soon. And big smell. it is so nice smell! I say to her, but she say, only you think such thing, Mina. Then Maho and Kazuko shout, we also think!!

I say Maho, "you next, it is your birthday," but Maho say, "I want to do last." So I sit on loo.

I have so good time. Motions come out slowly, not so difficult, but never actually stop, so Hisae flush while I still in middle of doing.

When I hear plop sound, next motion already moving inside my bottom. It is so good feeling!!

After about 10 minutes I say Kazuko, "Kazu can you wait bit more? I think my bottom still full." She say OK, so I start to do more. Kazuko and Maho and Hisae look at me very warm eyes. I want to cry! Why they love their bad Mina so much, even she keep them waiting so much with motion never stop??

But at last I empty and Hisae dry me after I wash bottom with washlet. She look inside and say, Wow. I look and I can't see water. Only motions.But with one flush, all go down.

Kazuko have good time too. She say, sit on this loo is paradise! She has biggest appetite in us so motions also biggest amount. She do and do and do, and so happy smile on her face. We look at her with a warm eyes. I love Kazuko!

Then Maho. She also smile, but very small smile. Warm eyes look at her. She is so lovely!

She like to do motion very slowly, so we know she will be long time, but she is very very long time! I flush after 5 plops, then she do five more, so I flush again, but after that she do only one. But 11 motions! usually she do only 7 or 8 full size, but this 11 are all full size. I begin cry when I wipe her after she wash. She has beautiful bottom, and she has beautiful heart. And Hisae and Kazuko are same. I am so happy Mina!!

Sorry, I tell you same thing every time. But we do same thing! I don't know, how we can make a variety, so story will be more interesting. I think you yawn and yawn and yawn. It's OK, but I enjoy to write.

Lots love to you all.

Kazuko, Hisae, Maho, Mina. (I remember I must write own name last. often I forget. Mina is bad girl.)

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Jennifer G

Nothing New

Hey everybody!

Sorry I haven't posted in a while but nothing is new with me. Like I said before, it's getting to be cold where I live so I'm probably going to give peeing in my car a break for awhile.

As for Megan, she never did stop texting me, and the other day she texted me with an idea that she had gotten. Megan doesn't have her own car, but she uses her mom's minivan. She always said that she was afraid to pee in it because it's her mom's and not hers, but recently she decided that she's going to pee in it anyway. She said that the seats are cloth, but they're dark in color, so no one will notice the pee. That's when she told me the rest of her idea. She said that she wants me to pee in the minivan with her. Well, of course I was surprised at the idea, but not too surprised since I know she has such a crush on me, and she had told me before that she wanted me to pee in something of hers. And so I'm not too surprised. I actually do like the idea, I would love to be able to pee in another car. And so it looks like Megan may have won me over. At least for awhile. It looks like the next warm day I might be peeing in a minivan.

Optional person: it looks like I might be answering your questions! Megan's car situation is similar to yours, so I'll let you know how it goes. Like I said, it will be the next warm day, so it might be a long time from now. As for peeing with someone else at the same time, it looks like I might be peeing at the same time with Megan, so I'll let you know how it goes.

Well, I guess that's it. Take care!

Michael W.

Two stories of horrible diarreha.

Hi guys, I'm back to share two stories today. My first story I would like to tell is when I graduated High School back in 2006. After my graduation, me and my family were moving from Indiana to South Carolina. It took us 2 days to get there. On the first night we stopped at a hotel in Tennessee. I woke up from a dream where I was a victim in a "Saw" movie. I put it aside and got up out of bed. I went downstairs and outside in my black socks and pajamas to smoke a cigarette. I relaxed for a long moment and then finished my cigarette. Then I felt an urge to poop. So I went back inside and headed for the Men's room in the lobby. I took the stall that was nearest to the handicapped stall which is to my right. Somebody was in that stall too. He was very quiet. I left him alone I just wanted to poop and then leave. So I let down my pajamas and sat there. I relaxed for a short minute when a banana sized poop slid out and plopped into the toilet. I sighed in relief and then I push out two or three mid sized poops and then I heard them splash into the water. I farted and then sighed in relief again. I pushed out one more small poop and then I started peeing. I cupped my face with my hand and relaxed until there was nothing left. Then I heard a loud nasty fart coming from the stall to my right. It was like PFFRRRRTTTT! "Holy shit that was loud" I whispered under my breath. I wiped with a couple of times with toilet paper and then I flushed. As I was leaving the stall to go wash my hands the farting in the stall continued with fast violent nasty liquidy sounds. It was like PFFFRRTT!PFFFRRTT! PFFFRRRRT! PFFFFRRRT! Over and over again. This guy was pooping like that one guy on "Van Wilder" who got tricked into drinking a shake. I laughed as I was hearing this but I couldn't help it. I just laugh at farting. I was like "Jesus Christ I have never heard anybody take a diarrhea dump like this unless I'm having an enema" I thought to myself as I dried off my hands. I was also beginning to smell his dump as I was leaving the bathroom. I did feel bad for this guy though and I did hope that he was okay after he was finished. And onto my second story.
It was March 2007 and it was not yet spring, still into the aftermath of Winter. I was living at my mom's house at the time and I remember I was watching "Family Guy" while I was having a few slices of toast with Peanut Butter and a glass of milk. After I was done with my snack I felt tired and then I went to bed at around 12 midnight. I woke up at around 4 o'clock in the morning with terrible stomach pains and I was having gas. It felt like somebody was stabbing me in the stomach. I tried to sleep it off but it just kept getting worse and worse. I did feel nauseous and I felt like I was going to throw up. I could hear my older sister Jeannea talking on the phone in the bathroom while she was she was pooping on the toilet. She does it all the time. Anyways the cramps in my stomach were going to the point of me feeling like I'm going to explode. Just then my sister had finished her business and left the bathroom. "Thank God, Thank you Jesus" I thought to myself. So I pulled myself out of bed and let myself into the bathroom. I was sweating so bad that I dressed down to my socks and then I sat on the toilet and exploded with the loudest and most incredible diarrhea I have ever had. My farts were heard all though the house and I forgot to turn the bathroom fan on to muffle the sound of my loud farts. PFFRRRT! PFFRRRTTT! PFFRRRTT! My stomach was hurting and I put my left hand on my ???? to soothe the cramping and I was moaning and groaning and I couldn't do anything about my diarrhea burning my butthole. I could hear my sister and Uncle Randy coming inside from smoking a cigarette. I know they could hear me pooping my guts out. But I was not feeling to well to care. I think I heard Jeannea say "I think Michael is dying," joking to my Uncle Randy but I ignored it. So I kept pooping for 1 hour and Oh Man! I kept exploding with those loud PFFRRRTT! PFFRRRRTTT! PFFFRRRTT! farts. The bathroom sure smelled like somebody just died. My diarreha was stinging my butthole so bad that it jerk tears in my eyes. When I was done I felt better. I wiped with toilet paper and then I flushed the toilet and put my clothes back on. After washing my hands and leaving the bathroom I went outside to smoke a cigarette. A minute or two later my sister Jeannea joined me. "Did you just have the shits?" Jeannea asked me. "Yes" I said kind of embarrassed. "Are you gonna be okay?" she asked. "I hope so" I said. "I haven't heard you poop like that for a long time" she said. Then Jeannea brought up the time when I had the shits when my mom lived in a different house when I was 10, I was like "Jeannea, please." Lol. That's another story and I'll share it later. Till then Happy Pooping for the Holidays Everyone!

Another Blind Guy

The Affects Of Childhood Experiences OnPost Title (optional)

Hi all,
I've been lurking on this site for about a year or so, and finally came up with an idea that I thought worth posting about, other than how much I enjoy pooping. When I was seven or eight, I had a virus with bad diarrhea, after which for some reason, I developed the belief that I couldn't control my bowels. So I had plenty of accidents, to the point where my parents and teachers had really had enough! About the only way they got me out of it was to scare the hell out of me if I were to poop my pants again. So gradually, I became comfortable with pooping at school. I guess that part of the problem was that I never felt comfortable pooping anywhere but at home before that, and so that just exacerbated the issue. Now, I love to poo! I can't wait to get up in the morning and have a good, long poop! The thing is, I love it so much that I usually don't wait long enough for a good one to build up! That's probably a healthy thing, but I love the feeling of it and I really want to hold on long enough so that I'm pooping for a good long time and so that it's big enough that I get the pleasure of it. I have just started wondering whether that's because of those experiences way back in my childhood which have subconsciously prevented me from holding it too long, because I'm scared of the possible consequences. My diet varies frankly, depending on whether I'm cooking myself or whether someone is cooking for me. I'm no angel when it comes to food, so I eat what I like and hope for the best because I'm a foody at heart. I just wondered if others feel as though their childhood experiences, good or bad, still shape their pooping habits today. If so, and the consequences are negative, what would you change? I just moved into a new apartment which has two-and-a-half bathrooms, meaning that I have a bathroom all to myself. Luxury for lovers of pooping! But I never spend long enough in it, doing big enough poops for my liking, though I'd say that all in all, my tendency to empty my bowels more often than I need to is probably a healthy thing. Looking forward to others' thoughts.


Me & Geri & Our Black Friday Shopping

Me and my friend Geri from school woke up at 4 a.m. Her dad dropped us off at the regional mall just before 5 a.m. on his way in to work. Although she really didn't want to, she had to bring Matthew, her 1st grade brother along because both of her parents work and she was the babysitter. He's not that bad, but really demanding. For example, there must have been 300 or 400 of us for a few minutes in the 30-degree weather until security opened the doors. Matthew gave us both a scare because as soon as her dad let us out of the car, he started to hold his crotch and say he had to pee bad. What could we have done? Even if we took him off the sidewalk and around the corner where there were some bushes, he would have had to pee with security lights on him. Not a good option. Luckily we kept in conversation and Geri's good at teasing him into playing with her. The wait went faster than expected.

Geri thought Matthew would have more privacy in the bathroom at one of the large department stores because the bathrooms in the mall tend to get more use and that there would probably be a line. I went along with it. She was happy I was along to take him to the mens room because she said she gets stares when she takes him into the ladies toilet with her. Luckily, we didn't have to walk too far to the first store bathroom. She was looking at jeans when I took Matthew in. We both got a surprise. There was a line of about 10 toilets. There were about that many urinals on the opposite wall, but all of them were too high for a young child to reach. No stall toilet had a door. While I was checking things out, I caught Matthew walking closer to the toilets and especially three sales guys, in white shirts and ties, trousers to the floor, taking their morning shits. As more guys were coming in, I almost lost track of Matthew. I finally nudged him along into an open toilet, he pulled down his underwear and grey sweats to knee level, and opened up into the toilet. Immediately when I saw he has spraying the seat I moved along side of him and told him to use both hands for his aim. Immediately he did better, but by the time I yanked the seat up the damage had been done. He had also splattered the sides of the bowl and gotten a little on the floor. Before long, I looked over my back and saw a crowd was forming. I think more guys had to shit and they were eyeing the current users pretty carefully. Since the jam near the sinks was so bad, I decided we weren't even going to try for that. A guy in a store janitor's uniform was next and as he was yanking his uniform pants down and ready to seat himself, he saw Matthew's splashes, looked me directly in the eye and pointed at Matthew in anger as we left and he took over the toilet. I saw it as being more important to get Matthew out of there rather than to try and apologize to the guy.

After shopping for a couple of hours, me and Geri decided to go to the main food court for breakfast. All three of us were hungry, although Matthew complained worse. All of the tables were taken so Geri suggested we get our food to go and then find a courtesy bench downstairs where she said we could eat our food. It turned out to be a good idea. Matthew ate really fast and he had to be reminded so slow down so he wouldn't get too much air in his stomach. When he has that problem he belches and farts like mad. It was too late! Geri asked him if he had to crap and he said yes. Even if he would have denied it, we could still smell what he needed to do. She questioned him more and we found that he had not crapped since on his lunch break at school on Tuesday. She told me to take him in. On our walk to the bathroom, Geri texted me to make sure that he wiped well and she said I may have to wipe him.

When I opened the door to the bathroom, Matthew ran ahead of me, found an open stool and he was pulling his clothing down in front of it, before he jumped up and placed himself on the toilet. I stopped him at that point because I saw there was unflushed pee in the toilet. He stood back up while I flushed it for him. I told him I didn't think it was good for him to get someone else's pee splashed onto himself. I had remembered that was something both my dad and mom had taught me at that age. So he got back onto the toilet. I urged him to push himself back a little more so he would be more comfortable. He used his hands to push himself too far back. I had him make an adjustment while I played the role of a door. This was more important when a father came in with what looked to be the size of a middle league team. With the exception of a couple, however, most of them took their place at the urinals and had their backs to us. Three or four of them started shoving one another while they peed and I was reminded why I, like 4 or 5 years ago, decided to piss sitting down. Too many of the guys at school were also looking over each others' junk as they stood at the urinals. I just found I just don't perform well under such a situation.

Matthew really didn't do any fooling around while on the toilet. I heard at least two splashes over all the noise the others were making. He stood up, turned around and look in the toilet and reseated himself for another five minutes or so. With his hands on his thighs I could see that he was pinching something something larger out. Without getting off the toilet, he was barely able to reach the toilet paper roll. He seemed like he pulled off enough for three or four wipes. Then he looked at each one before he dropped it into the water. I remembered Geri's text and told him to do one more. He protested, but I insisted. Then I asked to see it. There was a smear about an inch long on it. So I reached over, took some paper, had him stand and look sideways, while I gave it a try. Sure enough, Geri was right. I wiped her brother a second time. As he was getting off the toilet and pulling up his clothing, I got a text from Geri. She was on the stool in the ladies' room and she had both peed and crapped. She described her crap as a rather huge two-dayer. Immediately I asked her for evidence and told her we would meet her back at the bench. We didn't have to wait too long for her to come out. She handed me her phone and sure enough she had shot a shit bowl that looked a little bit exaggerated. I think it was because she had her phone so close to the black seat and the angle wasn't right.

Later that morning she and Matthew visited a huge toy store while I went to the mens room for my first piss of the day. I sat down as I normally do for the reasons I said earlier. When I finished, I stood, and removed the toilet paper liners from the seat. Then I shot my results in the bowl. She teases me about what she calls my "old person habit" of not wanting to place my butt directly on the seat. I guess I'm trying to break it. But I'm not working that hard at it.


To Evan: skidmarks

Do you have skid marks after every bowel movement or just now and then? I think every young person can get them once in a while; but if you get them most or all of the time, there are two possibilities: one, you may not be wiping carefully enough; or, two (rarely), you may actually have slight leakage from your anus. If the issue is wiping, it might be due to the toilet paper not taking away all the remaining poop from your anus. That can lead to itching back there, which of course leads to scratching between your butt-cheeks, thus leaving skid marks. If you poop at school, you have to use the t.p. that's there, which is often the cheapest they can buy, so it may not be sufficiently absorbent. If you can, you might try re-wiping at home with better paper; or you could try moistened wipes (with witch hazel on them) to clean your anus better. If better wiping doesn't solve the problem (which, by the way, is not a serious problem by itself, as underwear is easily cleaned), and if you think you may have slight anal leakage, it might be well to see your doctor. Either way, though, you are far from alone. Others on your swim team likely also have skid marks in their undies. Certainly they all have bowel movements! As a boy, I was on a swim team, and the toilet in the locker room was out in the open, not in a stall. My teammates and I used the toilet if we needed it, including to poop; no big deal. So I would suggest trying better wiping, with better paper or with the moistened wipes; but also, don't stress over what is likely a very minor matter.

Monday, November 28, 2016


Latest story

Imogen- great story about the trouble you had undoing your belt and nearly wetting yourself! I've had exactly the same problem as you in the past, which is one of the reasons I always wore a skirt to school so that if ever I was bursting for the loo I could just hike it up and get my pants down quickly. The other reason for wearing a skirt rather than trousers was because I didn't want to get VPL, like you said. I must admit that I rate comfort far above fashion or even practicality when it comes to choosing underwear and so I only ever wear normal cotton pants, to be honest I don't even own any thongs!
Anyway, I'm back from uni this weekend and thought I'd post a quick update. Yesterday evening Lucy and Katie slept over, we'd all agreed to come back on the same weekend to have a catch up. It was about 9 o'clock, we'd eaten dinner and were up in my bedroom, we were going to watch a film but decided to get ready for bed first. As I unzipped my jeans I realised I was wearing some yellow flowery pants which were really grim, I could feel myself blushing as I pulled my jeans down, I realised my bum would be showing as my pants were too small. However when Lucy and Katie took their trousers off I felt a bit less embarased, Lucy was wearing pink pants with yellow and blue stripes which were stuck up her bum really badly and Katie had orange spotty pants on which were too small for her as well and the top of her bum was showing too, so at least it wasn't just me! After we'd put our nighties on I had a few twinges in my belly, I made a face and rubbed my belly and Lucy said, "Are you OK, Abs?"
"Yeah, I've just got a bit of belly ache!" I said, and then Katie said, "Do you want a poo?"
"Actually I might do, I haven't been for a few days!" I replied. "Well it would probably be a good idea if you try to go then," Lucy said, "I haven't had a poo for three days so I was gonna try to go too in a bit, I don't really feel like I need it but I don't want to wait too long and then end up struggling with a massive hard one!!"
"Yeah, its been a couple of days since I went too," Katie said, "And last time I had a poo I had to really strain to get it out so I don't want to wait too much longer either, I wish I could have a normal poo for a change instead of a really fat hard one which keeps getting sucked back up my bum!"
"Yeah, I know what you mean, I just hate it when that happens" Lucy said. "To be honest I'm really constipated at the moment so my last couple of poos have been like that, they've been so wide I've really struggled to get more than the tip out, and last time I went it got stuck half way and I had to spend ages on the loo pushing it out!"
"Actually I think I'm gonna wait a bit longer, so if one of you want to go first that's fine," I said.
"Well, if your sure I'll go first," Lucy said, "I'm dying for a wee anyway!"
She went into my ensuite, hiked up her nightie and then pulled her pants down and sat on the toilet. I heard a strong stream of wee splashing down into the bowl and Lucy groaning with relief, as the stream dribbled to a stop I saw her starting to bear down and knew she was pushing to get her poo to come. She said, "Sorry about this, I'm gonna have to grunt it out!" and she started to push really hard and made some loud grunts.
"Hey don't worry, I'll be doing the same in a bit!" I said to her, all 3 of us are quite often constipated so we're used to hearing each other straining and grunting. Lucy kept on pushing and was starting to go red. "Its coming," she panted, and I could hear some crackling as her log was on the way out, after a few minutes of really hard pushing there was a loud plop as her log dropped, Lucy heaved a sigh of relief and said, "Thank god that's out, I still need to do some more though," and I noticed she was bearing down again. Luckily her second log was a lot easier to pass, once that had splashed down into the bowl she said "Right, I've finished, I just need to wipe my bum," and she ripped off some loo roll. When she'd finished wiping she pulled her pants up and flushed, by now I was starting to get desperate so I said, "Actually I really want a poo now!" and went over to the toilet, I lifted my nightie, pulled my pants down and sat on the warm seat, I had been clenching my bum as I didn't want my poo to poke out and get my pants dirty, I must admit I do sometimes get skidmarks in my pants but luckily I know Lucy and Katie sometimes have the same problem so at least that makes it slightly less embarrassing! As I relaxed my bum I felt a log starting to creep out, as usual when I'm a bit constipated it was really fat and hard and I knew I'd have to push for ages to get it to come. "I think I'm gonna have a really hard poo as well so sorry for all the grunting!" I said, and then started to do some big pushes, after a couple of minutes I could feel a rock hard poo stretching my bumhole, it felt absolutely huge!! As usual when I'm constipated I could feel it getting sucked back up when I stopped pushing so I knew I had no choice but to keep up the pressure, I couldn't help grunting loudly each time I pushed but luckily Lucy had had to do the same so it could have been worse! After about another 5 minutes of concentrated pushing I could feel the fattest part was through, I said "Well at least it isn't going back up my bum anymore, sorry, its been a really fat one!" After a few more pushes I could feel the log sliding out and shortly after it splooshed down into the bowl, I moaned with relief but could feel there was more to come so kept straining and eventually I passed another couple of logs before feeling empty. I wiped my bottom, pulled up my pants and flushed the loo, and then we watched the film, Katie just had a wee in the end and decided she would have a poo the next day as she didn't need to go that badly and Lucy and I had been on the toilet for about half an hour between us! I hope you enjoyed this story, I'll try to post again soon, bye for now!!


Skid Marks & Laxatives

To Evan...Assuming you wipe properly then are you constipated?
Constipation can cause skid marks...that is poop gets caught in the rectum etc.
I wear disposable pull ups but that would not be suitable for you!
The usual irritant the ones that contain senna do not work as advertised.
The advertisements depict a sluggish young woman...that night she takes a laxative and the next morning all bright and bubbly.
For me the laxatives do not comply with the advertisement.
The make work in the early hours of the morning...or may not work at all that day...or can send me running to the toilet, say 4 times in a little over an hour. They can work later in the afternoon...take your pick.
The osmotic laxatives that I now take daily, (almost) may or may not work in the morning after breakfast but come to life later in the morning or the afternoon. If I take a larger dose , which I do, say two sachets then I have less trips to the toilet than a lower dose.....
I have had some dramatic episodes with laxatives which I will post about in due course.



Hey guys haven't posted in a while but would just like to comment on peeing. Most girls will know that the Labia is unpredictable and pee can spray all over the place if the stream is a little slower. Like if you're sitting on the toilet on your thighs. Well I have a terrible story and I found it was better to start with a fast stream and trim carefully around the skin down there and to all well. This story is a perfect example of stray spray.

I was on a work travel trip with 4 other work mates and we travelled in business class and after a long flight of fun drinks and sleep we arrived and we got our bags Etc. I was really enjoying myself and happy about this trip on the whole. We got in a taxi (one of those shuttle van things) and drove to the hotel we would be staying in. It was an average hotel and we had rooms to ourselves which was great. I unloaded my bags and got into some nice freshly pressed clothes which was a woman's suit a comfy dressy blue tee shirt, my business case and some dark blue/black heels. We were all ready and we got in the taxi again and made our way to the meeting place. It was a 4 hour meeting with 2 quick breaks during it. I was feeling good and there wasn't a wheelchair toilet so all of us girls went into the same bathroom. We're all good mates and feel comfy pooping etc around each other and I really needed a poop so I got on the stall and 3 other workmates took the others and there was one free stall next to me. I squatted and dropped a few pieces of tp into the toilet to stop the splashes. And I slowly squeezed out the monster inside my butt but the slow squeezing caused a slow stream to come out of me and the pee angles towards my pants and panties. I started a fast stream and pushed harder and the per stayed angled wonky and I soaked my pants. The reality of what is done had sunk in and I was kicking myself for not sitting on the perfectly clean toilet seat. By now my workmates had all left the toilet and the meeting would start in 5 mins. I finished my business and dried my pants as much as possible with tp. I called one of my closet workmates and they said they'd
Kindly cover for me while I went to get something else to put on. I called a taxi covering my wet pants with my hands and raced to the hotel got into a nice dress and raced back. I was late but no one questioned why. Thanks guys

To everyone: thanks for the amazing advice on constipation, can anyone suggest any other products/remedies to me. Thanks again and Happy Thanksgiving

I had an adventure today when I was out with Artiss this afternoon on our usual Sunday drive in the country. We generally just pick a direction and go, getting off the main routes and as far onto the back roads as we can, never knowing what we might see. We will often stop at a restaurant in some small hamlet and enjoy the local fare and customs of the place. Which is what we did this afternoon.

We enjoyed a nice meal, I had roast beef with gravy, Artiss had a meatloaf. Well about as we expected, her bowels started sending her signals right after she'd finished her pecan pie dessert and my bladder was starting to call me, so we each went into our respective restrooms and took care of the business at hand. Naturally, I finished way ahead of her, so I just sat out on the bench at the restaurant entrance and waited for her to come out. She did, we got in the car and headed on our way.

Well, about 20 minutes later, we're travelling through a wooded area when my bowels started to send me signals. Artiss noticed my discomfort as I shifted around in my seat, squirming back and forth. I told her that i would need a toilet or an outhouse or something soon, but this was indeed a remote stretch of road and I was getting more desperate by the minute.

It was getting to be too late, I knew that if I didn't relieve myself in the next 5 minutes or so, we would have to cut our trip short and go home and Artiss would be scrubbing out my jeans and Fruit-of The Looms when we got there while I took a shower. So it was time to pull off and stop somewhere, pronto.

I found a little fire lane type of road off on our right, leading off into the woods. There was a cable with a gate, but it was open and laying off to the side of this road. So I pulled off into it, going far enough to be out of sight from the main road.

The pressure in my bowels was great, a movement of them was at hand. I stopped the car and got out and Artiss exited on her side with the roll of TP that we keep in our glove box for such emergencies. I was walking with my ass cheeks squeezed together at this point.

We had stopped in what would be a lovely area in the spring and summer, there was a regular sea of dead ferns on either side of the road with no ditch. I didn't wish to shit in the middle of the road for all to see, so I went off into the fern bank on my right, unbuckled my jeans, and pulled them all the way down to my ankles, contrary to my habit when I'm sitting on a toilet. And there stood Artiss next to me as I squatted low to the ground, my bare buttocks only a few inches above the leaves with my privates dangling out between.

I let out a deep breath and then pushed. I could feel my asshole opening up and the crackling sound of a solid log exiting it. Push again, it was very long and thick, but soft enough to curl up like a snake beneath my exposed bottom. Looking down, I could see it coming out, it was a very light brown and there were bits of seed mixed in with it form the flax bread I'd eaten yesterday.

The turd was a long one, but it finally broke off, and the next one started coming out right behind it. Again, this one was long but soft and easy to pass, it curled right up on top of the first one, I was starting to make a nice little pile of poop in the leaves.

And there was something about it that just felt so good and natural, pooping out in nature like that with my sweetheart right there beside me and nothing else but the sound of the birds chirping in the trees. The smell of my feces mixed with the earthy smell of the soil was actually quite pleasant and natural, as I said.

Turd number three, another long log, followed quickly by number four. My turds didn't seem to be diminishing in size at all. The pressure in my gut was much less, but there was still poop inside of me. Number five, about half the size of the first four, then number six, which was about half the size of that.

The last lap. Number seven and eight were much smaller, almost like little turdlets, number nine was a genuine turdlet and the final one, number ten was more like a loose paste of shit exiting my rectum. I was done and the Mt. Everest of turds was heaped up beneath me.

Artiss unravelled the TP and handed a long sheet to me, which I wrapped around my fingers like a glove and commenced wiping my greasy bottom. I remained squatting as I wiped as it's easier with the butt cheeks spread apart.

It took about five good wipe to get my ass clean and I made it six just to make sure. Then I pulled up my briefs first, followed by my jeans, buckled up and zipped, tucked in my shirt and my beloved held out her arm and we walked back to the car that way, arm in arm with the roll of TP in her other hand.

Getting in the car, she put the TP back in the glove box and pulled out the squirt bottle of sanitizer that we also keep handy for such emergencies. I held out my hand while she squirted them with solution, and while I was rubbing them together, she put the sanitizer back into the glove box and closed it, then pulled some tissues out of her purse for me to wipe my hands with. I finished, handed them back to her, she crumpled them up and put them back in her purse, and then I put the car in reverse, and soon we were heading back down the main road to continue our journey to wherever, her gray head resting on my shoulder and teh smell of her perfume wafting up into my nostrils.

Hi guys! I'm an eighth grader and for as long as I can remember I think I have gotten skid marks in my underwear. I wear usually white light blue or grey briefs so the stains show pretty easily. They are usually pretty small marks only one to two inches long but, sometimes when I'm in a hurry when I wipe they can be bigger. The skid marks have never been a big deal except now I'm doing swim team and I'm worried someone will see the inside of my underwear.

I'm wondering how common it is for guys to have skid marks at my age. Are there any parents whose kids get them. I know that my older brother gets them sometimes.

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