Thanksgiving travel paruresis

Me and my dad got an early start (4 a.m.) on our Thanksgiving drive to my grandparents. My mom rented a car and left three days earlier on the 5 hour drive. Dad likes the Interstate in the dark because he can make better time, but I thought it was humorous at our first bathroom break (an hour into the trip)that the bathrooms were not heated at that hour and it was like 35 degrees out. We were the only car at the bathrooms. I could tell Dad had to crap because he let off a couple of large farts while driving. I don't think he thought I could hear them over my music, but I did. As for me, I used the stop as a pee break because I know he doesn't like to make repeated stops. He jokes that mom has a bladder of a peanut because she wants him to stop too many times. So I pretty much ran up the sidewalk to the bathroom building because I was too lazy to put my coat on. No one else was in there so I just picked the first open door, closed it, lowered my jeans and underwear, and seated myself. It seemed like I was sitting on an ice cube at first. Where was the heat? But my mid-yellow pee started and when I spread my legs and looked between them I could see bubbles on top of bubbles forming in the water. As soon as I stood up the auto-flush kicked in. Thank god, the hot water felt good on my hands. When I shut it off, I could hear Dad's toilet flushing on the other side of the wall. Back in the car, it was no surprise that the first words out of his mouth was the his butt was frozen like a log. He mumbled about filing a complaint with the DOT or withholding our tax money, but I knew he wouldn't follow through.

Our second stop came about an hour and a half later. My crap was knocking. I had only done about half of what I had expected the previous day at school, so I knew this was going to be a larger one. Dad teased me about another stop and that the seat was probably going to be just as cold. I told him at places like school since I am often replacing someone on the stool, the seats get warmed up pretty fast. (A couple of times a day the top windows are opened to let out the cigarette smoke and other smells). This time he parked next to a red pickup so I could tell there were visitors nearby. Sure enough there were. Upon entering another cold bathroom, I saw the second stall was taken. There were pajamas and bathroom slippers swinging about. They were about an inch off the floor so I knew it was a child. I wasn't about to check the eight or nine other toilets out with my crap starting to turtlehead. So I opened the first stall, seated myself (yes it was cold) and none too soon. I don't think I used 10 percent of my push power to get the well-formed piece to exit. Quickly a second and third exited. I looked at the toilet paper roll and was mad at myself for not looking sooner. Only the cardboard core remained. I had heard a couple of car honks, but knew from the sound it wasn't ours. Then a woman's voice was nearing as she called for Melissa to get the ******* hell out here so they wouldn't be any later. Now I could hear the girl crying out that it hurt bad but she still couldn't pee. I felt so bad for the girl, but instead of encouraging here, the mother was attacking her verbally and I felt, making the situation worse. The mom threw Melissa's door open, yanked her off the toilet, and was telling her to get her clothing up as she was dragged out to the truck. I wasn't about to ask for a couple of sheets of wiping paper.

Instead, I flushed and waddled next door, took the warm seat and cleaned myself. Dad knew there was a problem as the mom was yelling at the girl in the parking lot. They had driven off by the time I got to the car. I told Dad how sorry I felt for the girl and he explained Paruresis to me. He said that back in the 1970s when he was that age his pediatrician was helpful in getting him through Paruresis and that hopefully this girl would get the necessary help.

I sure hope so. Her mom wasn't doing anything positive to help her, though.

Mr. Clogs

Can't wait for the Black Friday posts

Can't wait to read about shoppers on Black Friday of any desperation, going to the bathroom other than the toilet. Having to call the plumber to unclog your toilet from all the poop and toilet paper stuffing your toilet.

I was reading a story from Megan awhile back. She was telling a porta potty story. I was wondering if any other girls here had a porta potty pooping story?

Annie (Anny)

Nearly pooped my pants after black coffee

Hi everyone. I hope everyone's keeping warm and safe as the weather is becoming cooler and November is going to end in a few days. Hopefully all is going well in life and toilet-wise.

I'm doing well. Been keeping busy since I just recently moved in with longtime (older) friends and my husband is now living in Taiwan. So I've been eating very healthy, drinking lots of water and drinking black coffee (which I used to hate but now enjoy). As a result my bowels are working fine and I no longer suffer from constipation. If anything, my bowels turned the other way-I now get diarrhea or very soft poop verging on diarrhea! I'm very careful not to fart unless I'm on the toilet. Last thing I need is diarrhea running down my legs (I wear boy shorts underwear so you can imagine that could be really messy since they're the female equivalent of boxers. And black coffee has a laxative effect, giving you diarrhea so you have to be careful).

I had lunch with a cup of black coffee about an hour and a half ago and the coffee just now decided to work, after finishing a (reusable) bottle of water. And oh boy did I have to go very badly! To the point I nearly pooped my pants if I relaxed even slightly! That's a mess I wouldn't have wanted to clean up.

I quickly got to the bathroom, shut the door, got my Aeropostale yoga pants and black boy shorts down and sat on the toilet just in time to completely explode liquid/mushy crap into the toilet. Wow! It only took about a minute to go, but I had to go that badly that I had to clench every muscle to make sure my clothes and the floor didn't end up with a mess. Insane. I feel better now, but wow. Was so close to a mess I wouldn't have wanted to clean up. If you need help pooping, drink some black coffee and lots of water. You'll get a massive clean out, but it's worth it.

Happy pooping! (Hopefully) :)



Ellsie: Welcome! I am so sorry about your accident at Thanksgiving last year! I hope that this one was better!

Nick: I hope that you feel better soon! I've been battling a cold since Wednesday evening, but fortunately no stomach symptoms!

Ryan: If you search the posts, there are plenty of Thanksgiving or Black Friday stories!

Katt: Welcome! What a dump!

CT: I hope you feel better soon!

I hope that everyone has had a good Thanksgiving and that you've had some good poops today!

Because of my cold, I did not eat as much as I would have liked to. So, my bowel movements were pretty normal yesterday and today. I've been working all day since it's Black Friday. So, I hope to be home soon resting and getting over this cold!

Love to all!



To Steve A / School Poop

Hey yeah I now realize one would do lol. Im not sure if i ever want to try one again after that painful experience. Im already very regular since I eat lots of fiber and exercise frequently.

Also thought id share my group poop I took with 2 other girls from class.

At the end of my morning class the two girls I mainly hang out with (Katie and Brittany) were talking and both said they needed to poop. So I was same here ive been holding it in all class. So we headed to the ladies room and we all took a seat. About 5min and 10 farts and plops later we were done. The odor was terrible, the whole washroom just smelt so bad (the fans in that washroom dont work). Some other girl walked in and was like "eww what died in here" and walked out lmao. It was pretty funny we were sitting there all quiet and I was just like "who wants to play battleshits" and then I farted. They didnt find it funny but i got a kick out of it lmao


STILL Sick from those devil wings

Although I'm getting better, I'm still suffering from diarrhea, which has been milder today (3 BM's today vs 10-15 yesterday). My diarrhea no longer burns but the overall strain, acidity, abrasion and wiping caused some bleeding, which I was able to control, by cleaning my rectal region in the shower with soap and warm water, then lubricating with vaseline and applying pressure. So far, this has proven to work, since I've been since, without problems. I think the stress from frequent spicy, acidic, wet bowel movements, combined with poor wiping (when it first started it burned too badly to really do much more than dab the area lightly). My cramps are decreasing in intensity, and although the farts are still going strong, I think I should be better within 24 hours. Even though this whole illness sucked, I don't think it'll curb my future spicy food cravings, but I will be more careful, for sure, since indulging in your favorite foods should NEVER result in a 2 day nightmare. If I didn't know any better, I might've confused my sickness with mild food poisoning or the "stomach flu," but I know better since I've read other people's horror stories and have had milder issues with spicy foods. As I've mentioned in my earlier posts, my cramps were so violent and radiated out from my colon that I actually felt nauseous, dizzy, and almost threw up (I have quite a strong stomach, so I was actually surprised that something effecting my bowels could actually provoke strong feelings of nausea). I really do hope that I get better soon, and that no one else on this forum has to get sick from overindulgence this holiday season.


Constipation & Enemas

I have posted with respect to colonics , however, I have had a few enema sessions in my time and they are my preference.
My first experience with an enema was at a health resort where the naturopath said I should have an enema to ease my constipation.....well I did> The nurse made me lay on my side ,drop my pants etc and inserted the felt strange as i filled up and then she said to hold it as long as I could before I sat on the toilet...I think I lasted for 15 minutes before releasing....just a flood of brown water. I still felt a bit clogged up afterwards but much better than nothing.
I would like to relay one wonderful session...I have quite a bit of pain so I decided to have a few or several days of pain relief. When on such medication my bowels move even slower and my poo gets bigger ans harder.
I had not been to the toilet for five days and went to an enema clinic. Before hand I had to drink a real lot of water. The nurse felt my belly and did a rectal exam and sat me on the toilet and asked me to
push which I did but it was too hard, I needed to wee but nothing would come out.....she then took me into an ajoining room and laid me down and inserted the enema....I have hand a few enema previously and can take a lot of water. Upon taking the whole lot I was totally full and needed the toilet so urgently for both a poo and wee. She sat me on the throne but nothing would come out despite my shear desperation!!!
She told me to stand up, walk around just near the toilet and sit...still nothing...I was so full of water both in my colon and bladder. She then asked me to bend over and spread my legs and with a gloved finger she inserted it and moved it around inside me and then sat me aon the pot again and rubbed my back and then a gush of water and a thundering plop and that stubborn turd was dropped and it all gushed out of bladder released too. I had two more enemas and it all just came out. At the conclusion I put my pants back on and they felt loose! I weighed myself before I left home and when I returned....I had lost nearly 5 pounds!

Annie (Anny)




How many times a day do you poop?
Once a day

How many times do you usually wipe?
Depends on how messy the poop is. The more messy, the more I wipe especially after 1-2 cups of black coffee which causes diarrhea

Last time you pooped in a public bathroom?
I don't remember

Are you a regular pooper? If so what time of the day?
Yes, now I am. I used to suffer from constipation but a healthy diet full of fruits, vegetables, plenty of water, fibre and black coffee makes my poop a lot softer and easier to pass.

Ever poop on a plane bathroom? Explain?
Yes, after taking a laxative the night before because I was constipated. Was not pleasant

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Elise it sounds like you had a pretty rough day.

To: Katt great story it sounds like you had a good poop.

To: Karen C I hope your friend feels better soon.

To: Bookworm Eve first welcome to the site and great story it sounds like you just made to the toilet in time and please post anymore stories you may have thanks.

To: Anna From Austria great story it sounds like you and your boss both had great poops and I look forward to your next post thanks.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site


Trust me, you feel so much better afterwards so no wonder her attitude is better..

I also put paper down before I sit, it makes me feel more comfortable than sitting directly on the seat that been used by loads of people.

Please support her as much as possible as its really not nice for us to have to poop, really painful and embarrassing.

I feel for her, keep us updated, hopefully she gets a bit better.

Hi everyone, just wanted to get back to everyone with an update on Artiss' watery diarrhea episode. She made it to our family physician, she took a sample of these liquid shits of hers and determined that it was a very aggressive virus causing this, she gave her meds that slowly caused it to go away by degrees. Her big concern was dehydration from loss of fluids, especially at Artiss' age, she said that I had done well to keep my wife hydrated like I did. She always smiles when she sees us together as an age-different couple, she always tells Artiss that she's jealous of her having such a handsome young guy as me.

So anyhow, her runs kept getting better slowly, she had to shit before leaving the clinic, I had to make an emergency stop on the way home at the Senior Center where she volunteers so that she could use their toilet-she prefers a public toilet that she knows over say one at a gas station but if she's about to dirty herself then she's not fussy. We got home and she shit again, then she was good for a while, although she kept shitting throughout the day, but it gradually kept getting more solider-first some small floating chunks of poop in the liquid, then more like a brownish-yellow mud, then about a day of loose cowpie consistency of shit and finally, two days ago, she got up in the middle of the night with crampy bowels and instead of an explosion from the bathroom, I heard her grunt just a little bit, then I heard the plop-plop of two solid stools hitting the toilet water followed by a loud fart with some looser stool. I was so elated that I got up and went to the bathroom. she was smiling and got up off the seat when I entered, revealing two giant but still very soft logs with a pile of looser poop on top of that. I was so pleased, she wiped herself and we were both in such high spirits that she was feeling better that we went back to bed but we didn't go back to sleep for a while (ahem). She always says that it's a good thing that she's too old to have children anymore.

So anyhow, life is back to normal for us. She can venture more than 5 steps from the toilet again, I'm back at work after taking some vacation time to take care of her. One of the things that she absolutely loves is catching me on the toilet when I'm wearing tight jeans and have them and my white Fruit of The Looms pulled down to my knees-I'm not an ankle guy. She always admires my muscular thighs and says that she still can't figure out what made a young man like me fall in love with a senior citizen like her. I tell her it's because she has a beauty and a grace that the younger ladies don't have. We often have long conversations while she's either in the kitchen and I'm sitting on the toilet with the folding bathroom door open or else she's in the bathroom doing something like brushing her teeth or doing up her hair or maybe taking a shower. We get more and more in love every day with a love that will not die-I really and truly do love my Artiss and she loves me.

Brandon-Thank you for your welcome back.

Old Observer-I don't think that Artiss would feel comfortable posting here in person, she is rather shy when it comes to communicating with others she doesn't know online. She knows that I post here and doesn't mind-she giggles about the whole thing, but I really don't think she'd feel comfortable posting here although I could ask her.

Saturday, November 27, 2016

Does anyone have any Thanksgiving shopping or black Friday retail stories? Does anyone have any stories about peeing or pooping in a fitting room or the like? I hear certain stores like Forever 21 have big problems with this? Anyone in retail?


Thanksgiving Accident

I think the title says it all... thanksgiving now jogs up an uncomfortable memory for me after what happened last year...

I was 29, married 2 years with a 20 month old and another on the way. We had thanksgiving dinner at my in laws. So me, hubby, baby, his parents, two sisters, one of their boyfriends, his brother, his brother's wife and two sons were all there for this flattering moment of mine. I needed to poop pretty early on. I didn't wanna go there because the house is small. One downstairs bathroom in the hallway right by the dining room, near a lot of people, or in the master bedroom en suite upstairs, which is awkward to use as a guest in the house. So i was intent on holding it until i went home after dinner.

I first became nervous while in the kitchen just before serving dinner. I was helping my MIL make the gravy, which needed a constant stir. As i was stirring i felt the dull, lingering need to poop give way to a pretty sharp cramp really low in my stomach. Soon i felt a faint tingling feeling run through my bowels and end with a strong urge to poop pushing on my ass. I actually felt like if I kept stirring I was gonna have an accident in my pants right there. I had to freeze completely still and clench my butt as tight as possible and squeeze my legs together. I broke out in a sweat as i stood there struggling not to poop my pants. Finally after a long battle the urge subsided for a moment and i felt calm and in control, but still crampy and with a serious need to go. I continued making the gravy while i thought about how i might have to just sneak up to the master bathroom quickly before dinner. So as i finished the gravy, i checked with my MIL who said we had about 10 mins until it was time to eat. I excused myself and hurried to the master bathroom. Going up the stairs aggravated the sharp cramps in my stomach and intensified my need... i had to stop near the top of the stairs to fight back another intense push. After a moment i was ok again and finished getting up there..only, to my horror, someone was using the master bath. I took a deep breath and just focused on holding it, and kept breathing steadily to try and ease my cramps. After a couple minutes i actually started to feel better, like the need wasn't as urgent. I actually felt pretty good actually, like I could wait a while. I gave it another minute for the person to come out, then heard people begin to go to the table so i headed down too. Going down the stairs wasnt as hard on my stomach as going up was. I made it to the dining room and quickly got my baby set up in her height chair near the table and i scooted up next to her and we got dinner started.

We were a good 10 minutes in, and I was really picking at my meal lightly. I was focusing more on feeding my daughter, who was loving the thanksgiving offerings! But i didn't wanna eat too much or too fast and reignite my urgent need to poop... unfortunately, it didn't matter. Just taking small, infrequent bites was enough. All the sudden my stomach gurgled really deeply and the sharp cramps came back. It almost made me jump up from my chair. I know i shifted weird in my seat and possibly made a wince face... i know i had to freeze again and ride out the wave of pressure to release... i remained frozen in my seat like that, fighting to hold it, and as i was holding back completely i could actually FEEL poop squishing between my butt cheeks. It didn't feel like i was pushing at all. It felt like i was fully retaining, but it was just slipping out on its own. I fought harder and harder to stop it and just felt a small bit of hot mush break off between my cheeks. It didn't feel like it got in my oanties at all but i knew i was at the end of the line. Sure enough another cramp immediately followed, and this time as i froze in my chair the pressure got so strong that my body just pushed. Like the only relief was gonna come from letting it go. And so i just pushed and warm, thick poop rapidly filled up my panties with a distinct crackling noise. It was like "bllllpppbllppblllpp" all in one big push, and just spread out under my butt in all directions, and it felt like I was sitting on a really soft, damp, cushion. My first reaction was relief. I just had this immense feeling of relief from pooping... but very quickly that gave way to "oh my god, i just pooped my pants at the dining room table on thanksgiving."

I remained frozen and in near panic, as i quickly glanced around the table to see who noticed that i just expelled a hot load in my panties, and it seemed like no one was wise to it yet. I realized the whole room was about to my struck by the smell of my accident so i quickly said "uh oh, someone needs a change" and started to get the baby out of her chair. Just then the smell hit in a big way and people were like "oh man no kidding!" and "she's making room for more!" about the baby. It made me blush really hard. I carefully stood up and felt the hot load slosh down my thighs as i did. It felt wet. I got worried because i was wearing gray, if it was wet it was gonna show. I carefully glanced back and to my horror noticed a big, wet brown stain on the dining room chair. My eyes immediately welled with tears because i knew this meant there was no hiding my accident... i just picked the baby up and hurried off to the bathroom, and heard the room fall to complete silence as I'm sure they could see the mess in the back of my pants. When i got in the bathroom i was not only overwhelmed by my accident, but my cover of saying the baby needed changing not only didn't work, but now meant i had the baby with me. I just stood in the bathroom and cried.. it was so pitiful lol. My husband came to the door and knocked asking me what was wrong, so i had to tell him that i pooped my pants. There wasn't really anything he could do other than get me my coat to cover up, and i just walked out of there in tears and messed pants in front of his whole family and went home...


Constipation & Undies

I do not wear the usual underpants...I wear pull ups that are disposable. I suppose it is not the best for the planet, however, it works well for me.
The reasons are:
When I get constipated I have a lot of skid marks.
I can fart how I like and not worry about sharting. Being more free about farting is quite a relief.
When I wee I have post wee dribble due to bladder and prostate problems
Sometimes I get a very sudden urge to wee and cannot make it to the toilet in time so pull ups work well here.
A few weeks ago I got a sudden urgency for a BM and could not quite make the toilet so the pull ups saved the day and protected my clothes.
When I started wearing pull ups I was very ashamed...I still am to an extent but can really see the value in makes life a little easier.

Steve A

To Vanessa

About the Fiber One Bars. When you ate 3 of them, you overloaded on fiber. Even one bar would still cause some gas and discomfort for some people. The best way to continue to eat them if you didn't give up on them yet is to eat one a day or every other day. Overtime, your body will get used to the fiber and you'll have a better time pooping. These bars are not meant to be eaten if you already had one during the day.

Some people may never eat them again if they had issues like this. I view them as a quick breakfast snack when your in a rush in the morning. I go to college too and I have some in my dorm room as well. They can be good for you if you eat only ONE a day.


Still sick

Hey all. I'm still experiencing diarrhea, mostly soft and chunky, that burns like crazy. In the past 24 hours, I've gone poo at least 10 times, and although I did not vomit, during one of my trips I started shaking violently and salivating, yet I was able to avoid vomiting. Also, bits of food, mostly ????, are appearing in my poop. I think this is from not chewing well, and everything is shooting right through me right now, but I am feeling somewhat better. I actually ate a full dinner, and I've been drinking a lot of seltzer to stay hydrated, since I've probably lost a good four to five pounds in water weight, from frequent diarrhea and urination (something I always do while pooing). I hope to be feeling better tomorrow. I still can't believe how badly the hot sauce upset my bowels. What I have now is quite similar to the gastroenteritis I had last year, just without the nausea or vomiting.


Might be getting a little sick

Hey all. I haven't been posting much, but I thought I might share what's taken place over the past 6 hours. Anyways, it all started when I ordered 12 Blazin' wings at Buffalo Wild Wings, with a side of fries and more Blazin' dipping sauce. Keep in mind, this was on a relatively empty stomach, and I followed it up with diet soda and seltzer water, which kinda forced everything down quickly. About 3 hours ago, I began to feel some bloating and an urge to go poop, so I went to the can and passed a couple soft logs, creating an average sized dump, but since I hadn't gone in the past 2 days, I expected more to come. I felt more that I couldn't pass, so I eventually gave up, flushed, washed my hands and left. About an hour and a half later, I felt a stronger urge, accompanied by a bit of nausea. I went to the john, pushed out a large quantity of soft, chunky crap that burned, felt more pressure, waited but nothing else came. I felt mildly queasy, so I kept the rubbish bin next to me in case I needed to heave ho, but fortunately, by drinking a little seltzer, I kept my wings down. I then flushed, left (after washing my hands) and went upstairs to chill until I was ready for bed. Less than an hour later, I felt another urge, this time I actually felt like vomiting since the cramps were quite strong, but I eventually overcame this, and released the pressure by passing more soft nuggets and a little liquid, which I couldn't see, but I know was there. After flushing, I nearly doubled over since it felt like there was a red hot poker up my butt. I then washed my hands and went upstairs. I'm going to try to sleep since I'm tired, but I have a feeling that there might be more to come. But I hope not, since the pain gets worse each time, and I have a feeling that if it gets much worse I might actually vomit. I will post again if I do. But for now, I'm out, but I might be back soon.

Thursday, November 24, 2016



At our school we had a choice of wearing skirts or trousers, and I would normally wear trousers on colder days. A few years ago I was in year 11 I think I bought some trousers which were ever so slightly too big, and would slip down a bit, so I put a belt on to keep them up.

One day I was in lessons all morning and had a steadily increasing need to do a wee for that time, by the end of the lesson I was crossing my legs. When break came I had to see the teacher about coursework which tied up most of my time (I was talking to her whilst being very fidgety) and the bell rang whilst I was still needing the loo. However, the teacher for the next lesson was notorious for being late so I knew I'd have time to nip for a wee.

I walked determinedly to the toilets which were now empty, and locked myself in a cubicle, by now busting to go. And I couldn't get the belt undone! I was quite frantic and dancing around in the cubicle, bending my knees and fidgeting around. I felt a small amount dribble out, and then managed to free the belt and pull my trousers and pants down, as some wee leaked out onto the floor (I was still standing up by this point), I then threw myself onto the toilet and let it go! Whilst the wee was fizzing out at a tremendous speed I checked my underwear - that day I had a purple thong on, normally I wear normal knickers but as I was wearing trousers I put a thong on to avoid vpl! There was a small spot at the front where I'd leaked before getting my trousers down, which I dried out with loo roll.

I made sure I left plenty of time when wearing belts in the future!

Karen C.

Now my friend Livvie is sick

Hi everyone again, thanks for everyone who replied when I was sick, you've all helped me feel better. I feel great now but my friend/shopping pal Livvie is sick, and it looks to be the same illness I had last week. In her case it started with throwing up and then diarrhea whereas my first symptom was diarrhea.

She was feeling great one minute, then boom it hit her all of a sudden in the parking lot.
This morning I picked her up and we did a little gift shopping at the mall. I happened upon a free sample of Irish Whiskey Cake, and it was so delish that I bought six, one as a gift to myself of course! My brother Rich is an absolute fiend for this kind of stuff so maybe I'll give him two because his wife will probably gobble up a whole one herself so they'll each have their own.

We bought lots of other miscellaneous gift items as well, mostly toys for the little ones and electronics for the teens in our families. We both bought the same cute navy blue suits and matching shoes to wear to the annual Christmas party next month. All said and done, we each spent about seven hundred dollars each, so not a bad haul for one day. Now to wrap the stuff, grrrrhhh! We'd planned to get our hair done today also but since Livvie is sick we'll have to wait til next week.

Anyways, as we were loading the stuff into the back of my SUV, I heard Livvie burp/cough followed by the sound of something big and liquidy splash onto the pavement a couple of times--it sounded like someone dumping a bucket of water. I looked and saw Livvie leaning over a huge disgusting yellowish puddle and gagging. "I feel sick" she said. She threw up several more times until her stomach calmed down--it looked like the beef stew she'd eaten for dinner last night mixed with the corn flakes and coffee she had for breakfast mere hours earlier. I almost gagged too when I caught a whiff of it, luckily I have a pretty strong stomach, although I wasn't hungry anymore after witnessing that, and my hands were a little shaky. We got her cleaned up with Kleenex and Purex and then we headed for home. Amazingly, she didn't get any on her shoes. Must have been pretty acidic puke because Livvie's nail polish was stripped from a couple of her fingers that came in contact with the vomit.

Livvie went from feeling fine and cheerful to sick as a dog in a matter of a few minutes. Her face was flushed and sweaty. She dry heaved several times. After Livvie felt like she was was finished throwing up I drove her to her house, breaking the speed limit because I knew she was about to need the potty; stopped once to let her throw up some more in a gas station parking lot, another big puddle. My suspicions about what was to unfold next were correct, as soon as I parked in her driveway she sprinted inside to the bathroom and began having massive explosive diarrhea! It sure was loud. I went in to check on her after a time and she was still sitting on the pot with her face in the wastebasket, throwing up. I went out to pick up a few things to help her feel better such as gingerale, mouthwash, saltines, extra toilet paper, and Immodium and when I returned she was still sitting on the potty, said her guts felt like a twisted pretzel. She took a shower as I brought her shopping bags inside for her, and told her to text me if she needed anything then I went home.

I'm making creamed spinach casserole, and crock pot homemade chili today from my dear mom's ancient recipe, great winter comfort foods that remind me of when I was a little girl back east in Connecticut, so tonite I'll fix her a bowl and bring it over for when she feels like eating she can just nuke it. I'm also expecting a package from Cheesecake Factory today, can't wait!


Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Anna great story about your poop at the bookstore.

To: Vanessa it sounds like you just found a bathroom just in time.

To: Brian great story it sounds like Brandy had a great poop and gave you pretty good show as well.

To: Pat I hope Artiss feels better soon.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site

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