I am a 28 year old female returning back to school. Today I was about to leave after studying in the student union when I felt a strong urge to go number 2. I usually go in the comfort of my own apartment but it was a really strong urge. I went in the medium sized public bathroom pulled my jeans down and sat on the toilet. I usually fart before I go poop but it was so urgent there was no room to fart. If you know what I mean. I knew it was gonna be soft, so when I pushed I tried to control it and hope I made no pooping noises even though no one was there. I didnt have to push hard and it seemed like an endless wave of soft poop came out. OMG the smell was so strong, it stunk up the whole bathroom and the bathroom was not really a small space. I looked in the bowl and there were about 20 small soft yellow turds and they were all floating.When I was wiping I heard another lady come in and she immediately left, she didnt even go and I know why cause it stunk. When I left the bathroom I saw this cute guy smile at me and I smiled back, if only he knew what I just did.


Answer to Adriene

You asked our ages. I'm 16 and Raelyn is 15. Yes, she gets bloating in her stomach when she needs to crap. By the end of the process, though, her stomach is flatter. Overall, she's in a much better attitude, too. Making that nest of paper for her to sit down on is not needed, in my opinion, but she doesn't seem to want to change and sit down normally on the toilet like I do.


Overdid it on laxatives, shit myself as a grown woman.

So, every once in awhile I get extremely constipated and will take a few dulcolax and within 12 hours I'm on the toilet blowing my guts out. Well this last week I've had severe stomach pain and notices that I hadn't pooped in over a week. I just happen to be visiting my boyfriend who lives in Baltimore (I drive to see him every weekend from VA beach ) when we went to a nice dinner and I felt so beyond uncomfortable and told him "babe I'm so damn constipated I'm nauseous.." he then says let's go to CVS and get you some laxatives .. and upon learning that it's been over a week since I've gone , and seeing the pain I'm in, he suggests getting suppostories instead. Now I'm a nurse , so I figured yes, before I have a bowel obstruction I better do something quick. Go to cvs , buy suppositories and dulcolax pills. Get to the hotel room , and my boyfriend is excited to give me this suppository. I let him do it because frankly I've given a million of them but it's hard to do it to yourself especially when you don't like things up your butt. He's giddy and so excited at this point, lays me down, skillfully inserts the suppository (which was not fun) and we lay in bed while I cry in agony as the stomach cramps hit. After about 35 minutes i couldn't take it anymore so I go to the bathroom, squeeze out two rocks and a squirt of water. That's it. I was miserable . By next day I decide to take two laxatives by mouth. 12 hours later I'm home , feeling bloated , stomach pain, and still haven't pooped. I take two more pills hoping I don't have to take myself to the ER soon. 14 hours later I'm awakened by sharp pains and I run to the bathroom and it's a waterfall coming out of my butt. I think to myself, thank god it's over. Now mind you this is the day before thanksgiving and I have tons of driving to do this week to see family. After that massive blow out I feel gassy but think nothing of it. First tiny fart I push out I'm thinking no ... I didn't just .. and I check my pants and sure enough I sharted. As a 28 year old grown woman. Get in the car to start my first leg of driving and I'm sharting left and right , so afraid to look down at my new beige leather seats in my Acura. I've stopped several times at this point, shoving napkins in my pants ... and I can't take Imodium because god forbid I end up constipated again. Ugh. I just wish I could poop like a normal person. I had to explain to my roomate why she couldn't throw laundry in with my load - she probably didn't want shart wash all over her clothes . I'm ready for this to end


Responses and Happy Thanksgiving!

Hi friends!!!

I hope that everyone is doing well and doo-ing well!!!

And, to friends in the United States, I wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving filled with good food, friends and family, and that wonderful post-Thanksgiving bowel movement (or two)!!!

I've been really busy, but staying regular in the process - two large, voluminous bowel movements daily! Alan and the girls are well and regular too!

I meant to comment on a few stories as I read them, but time just gets away.

Michelle: I loved your story about the huge poop in the office toilet. Sometimes we all have to go in inconvenient places and times. I'm glad that your co-workers didn't know it was you. But that is the kind of poop I would want to do in the privacy of my own home. But great story and I also appreciated your story about sharing the bathroom with your friend when you were teenagers! Also, I think that the going to the bathroom thing will come natural when you really feel comfortable with your boyfriend. I don't mean to discourage you, you will eventually have to have a bowel movement when you are with him or you will accidently fart. I had that happen with Alan only six months into our relationship and we are happily married. I wish you all the best! Welcome!

Anna from Austria: I really appreciate your posts and am glad you are well!

Vanessa: Welcome! I'm sorry you got diarrhea on the way back to college, but thankful you made it with no accidents. I hope that you are feeling better!

Pat: Welcome back! And, I hope that Artiss is feeling better!

T: Welcome!!!

Paramedic (Worst Smell): I really appreciated your story about Jenna! Wow! I am 6'1 and weigh around 190 lbs, and I think that there is a stereotype that would expect a bigger woman like me to blow up a bathroom, when, in reality, the petite women can do it just as well!

Anna: I am so sorry you stepped in your own poop! I love your stories and hope that you are well!

Brian and Brandy: Welcome!

Steve A: Thank you for commenting on my post!

Optional Person: Glad to hear from you!

And if Brianna and British Dumper and Mina are reading, I hope that you are well!

Love to all!



One pee in the executive suite

Some 20 years ago when I was 15 I got a summer job from a friend of my mom's who owned a cleaning business. They cleaned offices in large buildings after the employees left each evening and did more complete cleaning work on weekends. We worked in like teams of four and because of security and I guess some other reasons we had to work close to our other team members. My friend Cara's mom would take us into a room, tell us what to do and not do in each of the cubicles used by employees. My job was to dump each waste basket into a large rubber dumpster on wheels as well as throw out any coffee cups or paper drink containers next to people's keyboards. Other members of the team were responsible for dusting and other tasks that included bathroom and employee kitchen cleaning. I remember telling my mom that one 10-story office building had some 800 or 900 individual trash cans that I could dump in one building.

Frequently, I would work so fast that I would be ahead of the others on my team. I had been criticized once by Cara's mom for going too slow because I would stop and look at the pictures of adorable pets employees had on their desk. So one Sunday morning we were in the executive suite at the top of the office building overlooking our city. I had worked ahead, had forgotten to pee when I got up and dressed myself. I quickly dumped the trash from the two cans in this guys office. It was huge. It had artifacts on the wall, including pictures of him with I think Presidents Nixon and Ford. Other team members had not caught up with me and while I waited for them to vacuum and do their other tasks, I saw there was a bathroom right off the office, close to the desk. The door was open. I slipped in, locked the door from inside and was amazed that it appeared to be a gold door handle that just looked so expensive.

The toilet was beyond belief. Gold-colored flusher and pipe leading to the wall. A seat that was made of different types of blue marble and something that made it almost glitter. And the flusher was bigger than my hand. The toilet was considerably higher than what I had remembered using before. I pulled my faded blue jeans and underwear down to the floor level and seated myself. There was a blue hand towel hanging on the inside door and I scanned the room as I peed to study hand creams and shaving creams sitting on the pristine sink. My pee took more than a minute and I used toilet paper that was scented blue from a blue box built into the wall to wipe myself with. I was just in awe as I looked the bathroom over. It was easily twice as large as we had a home. I didn't want to reach behind me and flush. Rather I stood up, clothing on top of my tennis shoes, and turned toward the toilet because I wanted a better look at my flushing of this most luxurious toilet. The first two times I didn't put enough weight on the lever. The third time it created a flushing noise I had never heard before. It was much more muffled and faster than what I had used a home and at school.

I pulled up my clothing. Washed my hands using a couple of soaps and substances that looked and smelled pretty expensive. I wiped my hands on one of the largest hand towels that also was blue and had initials embossed on it, and then opened the door. Standing there was this guy who was about the age of my grandfather. He had a golfing outfit on, a carrying case in his hand, and he unloaded on me in a moderately loud, stern voice. He said I was in an unauthorized area and had no permission to be in that room. He asked my name, wrote it down on a piece of paper, and used quite a few words I didn't understand. I turned and ran out crying. Later when I told Cara's mom about it, she asked to see the office. Sure enough he was the CEO, owner of the company, and one very wealthy man who was upset because a 16-year-old had used his private bathroom.

Two days later he called her to complain and threaten to end the cleaning contract. She was told to fire me which she did. Now as a media salesperson, I'm in that building and most others in our city for meetings everyday. But I haven't forgotten that experience. Since I drink a lot of coffee, I have to pee and crap pretty frequently in such places. The only difference is now I always use the public bathrooms on the first floor. Lesson learned!

Bookworm Eve

Emergency at work, and a candid conversation

Hello! My name is Evelyn (Eve for short) and this is my first time posting here! I've been lurking this site for a few years now. When I found it, I thought it was some sort of joke at first! But the more I thought about it, I've always been sort of secretly fascinated with bodily functions. I guess a big part of that is I've had IBS since I was about 13, so it made me very aware of my own bathroom habits and I've spent a fair amount of time in public toilets. It's not usually too severe, but during a bad bout a while back I went researching ways to manage the symptoms, and wound up coming across this site.

I found a few good tips on diet and exercise (which have helped immensely) and started becoming fascinated with the stories and community here. It was pretty strange at first, but I found myself identifying with the common interest in...well, peeing and pooing.

Anyway, I'll describe myself a little, and then I've got an experience to share! I'm 28 and I currently work as a library technician at a local public library. I have a B.A. in English, and I took a few years off after getting it to work odd jobs as money was pretty tight after college. I've always been in love with reading and writing, so when I finally got a job doing something "literary" I was pretty stoked! I've been there for about a year now and I'm looking into furthering my education to become a full-fledged librarian.

As for my looks, I'm a little on the tall side, pretty skinny (a little bony, actually) and I have long, dirty-blonde hair that I keep in a messy bun most of the time. I also wear those glasses with the big, thick hipster frames, the Buddy Holly ones. Some people have described me as looking "matronly" before, and that makes me feel WAY older than I am! :(

So on to what happened a few days ago. I was sitting on the floor sorting some returns onto the low shelves when I could feel this bubble of gas forming in my bowels. It was cramping me up so I knew I'd have to let it go pretty soon. So I took a quick look around to make sure the coast was clear and let off one of the nastiest farts of my life! It was one of those hot, sticky ones, the kind that go "brrrt", and I swear it smelled exactly like fresh roadkill! The cramp subsided but I found myself fanning the air afterwards. I had to get up and walk away for a minute. The odor was making me nauseous!

Pretty soon another one was starting to build up inside me, but this time I was sure I felt something behind it. My bowels were raging at this point and the cramp was returning so I knew I'd better get to a toilet before it got any worse. I know from experience that when I have to go, I have to GO, and trying to stand up from such a low position would surely end in disaster if I waited too long.

So I got up and sort of quick-walked to the bathroom, accidentally letting off a few silent-but-deadly farts along the way. I'm sure the aroma I was putting off was going to linger and anyone nearby would be able to trace it back to me, but the urge was suddenly getting more intense so I didn't care at that point! I had to make one hell of a sacrifice to the porcelain god!

So I go into the small ladies' room and was discouraged to find the only two available stalls already in use. At this point, I was doubled over and trying to clench my butt as hard as I could. I was terrified that I would explode right there in my jeans! (Of course I'm no stranger to accidents, but that's for another day)

So I'm waiting for a stall to open up, and the women occupying them start to have a conversation. From their voices, I figure out that they're the two ladies (cousins or sisters I think) in their 40s or so who've been coming in to do genealogy research. One asked the other if she had found an obituary she had been looking for, and she replied that she hadn't yet. Right at the end of her reply, though, her voice became strained and I heard what sounded like someone roughly handling a wad of saran wrap echo in the bowl and then a series of violent splashes. Not even a full second passed before I was subjected to what I can only describe as an olfactory nightmare! It smelled like a compost heap had been dumped into the room!

The other woman laughed and said "good lord, what did you eat!?", sounding a bit more nasally. (I imagine she was pinching her nose. If I hadn't had one hand on my stomach and the other against my butt crack, I would have done the same!) The woman who had just blown up the toilet apologized and said she was adjusting to the "paleo diet". For those that don't know, it involves eating only organic, natural, and sometimes raw foods. That would explain the very strong, earthy smell; she had probably been eating a lot of raw vegetables.

By this point I was becoming so desperate that I was starting to eye the trash can in the corner by the sinks as a possible contingency plan to keep from crapping my pants. Fortunately, the other woman only needed to pee and was on her way out. Her stall door opened and she looked at me in mild terror for a moment before sheepishly mumbling a "hello" and stifling a giggle. She hadn't realized they had an audience!

Now I was thoroughly embarrassed, but way past the point of caring, so I dashed into the stall and quickly locked the door. As I was scrambling to get my jeans down, I heard a gigantic "FRRRAAT!" from next door, followed by more loose chunks splattering the bowl. The smell grew even more ripe, and I knew I was only going to make it worse in a second.

I got my belt and zipper undone and practically threw my pants down to my ankles and slammed myself down on the seat. Immediately this noxious wave of sloppy poop shot out of me, crackling and stinging the whole way. My eyes were watering just from the burning sensation! I must have been shitting for a straight minute.

My neighbor stayed silent through this and eventually wiped up and flushed. She washed her hands and made a quick exit. Between the two of us, the stench in the air was absolutely unbearable! I stayed on the toilet for what must have been ten minutes ejecting intermittent waves of toxic, chocolate mousse-like turds until I was finally satisfied that I was finished. I used what seemed like half a roll of TP cleaning up!

I stood up and surveyed the damage and found that I had FILLED the bowl! Before me sat a miniature mountain of crap, coming up out of the water, and the fumes it was letting off were making me light-headed. I seriously had to choke back my gag reflex! Then I flushed (remarkably, it went down easy. It was that loose and sloppy!) and went to wash my hands before leaving.

I went back to work and didn't see those women again that day (they were in an entirely different part of the library). I thought that was a strange little experience. I'm far too shy to be able to talk freely in a public restroom like that!

Anyway, that was my experience. I'm sure I'll be posting again soon!


T's survey



How many times a day do you poop?
Once or twice a day

How many times do you usually wipe?

Last time you pooped in a public bathroom?
Last Saturday. I was out shopping and needed to have my second poop of the day. I could have waited the 30 minute journey home but they were right there! Needless to say, I regretted it. The toilets were so busy I spent 5 minutes waiting in line.

Are you a regular pooper? If so what time of the day?
I am regular. I go every morning after breakfast and will often go again in the evening around 8pm.

Ever poop on a plane bathroom? Explain?

Anna from Austria

buddy dump with my boss

Yesterday i was attending a conference with my boss and some other coworkers. Shortly after lunch i felt that i was about time to go toilet to do my bm. I headed as fast as i could to the ladies room. Not because it was that urgent, but i was a bit worried to make it in time in break.

The conference was in a big hotel complex I have never been before.

The ladies room was very big with lots of stalls and it smelled quite fresh.

The toilet was almost empty. Only 2 stalls were in use. I took on stall far away from the used stalls. Looked the door, pulled down my pants and thong and sat on the toilet. After I sat on the toilet I could hear the door open and could hear a lady heading straight to the stall next to me.

I found this behavior a bit weird, there were so many free stalls and that person, took the stall right next to me.

As the stalls had small gaps on the ground i could see the shoes of the lady and as the lady was wearing similar shoes then my boss Renate wears, i thought it could be her.

Suddenly her smart phone rang, and she answered it. Said she will call back later because she was on the toilet. Then i knew it really was Renate.

I felt a bit embarrassed now, but couldn't wait any longer because the pressure became rather strong. So i started to push and a loud fart exploded into the toilet. Then i did firm log and then i peed rather long.

During peeing I could hear Renate grunt, and then some loud plops, a big fart and some more plops. A strong poop smell came from her stall, Combined with my own strong smell, the toilet was stinking bad now.

Then Renate wiped a few times then she flushed. I pretended not to be ready and waited with my own wiping and flushing till she left the ladies room after washing her hands.

Then I wiped myself 7 times, flushed and left the toilet myself.

I am not sure if Renate recognized me as well. But as I could recognize her it is possible that she recognized me too...

Hope you liked my story.

Greetings from Austria


Wednesday, November 23, 2016



I note Michelle`s post about not using public toilets.....I use them regularly because it is important for me to go when the need arises....I have no problems with public bathrooms.

To reiterate I have a constipation issue , and many years ago I had a series of colonic irrigations. I met with the therapist first...I had not done a poo for a few days and she started to talk about bowels and she seemed obsessive about BMs....I do not know how many times she said the word poo! Then she started to use the word shit...if I had a dollar for every time she said either word it would have paid for the colonic.
Anyway she examined my back passage and laid me on the table which was in the birthing position with my legs up high and then felt my belly and did it hurt! She knew just where to poke. Then the well lubricated tube was inserted (you know where) and the the water started to run...under my bottom was a basin like a toilet bowl...soon I was desperate to let it go and she said just relax and out it gushed...this went on for 40 minutes and then the water was turned off. Due to my condition I was very rigid by being in such a position for so long...she and another helper rolled me onto my side..she gave my bum a wipe and helped me onto the toilet to get rid of the last bit. I felt so much better after.
What I found was that between colonics I often would not move my bowels...I was attending a few times a week. One time I had not pooed since my last colonic 4 days ago. That morning I did have the urge but it was to big and hard to evacuate...I told the therapist before treatment and she said she would flush it out and flush it out it did!
The tube was put into me... the first squirt was a gush of clear water and then the next movement ejected the stool and the she reinserted the tube she looked at the stool and said "very chunky".;
My issues with colonics are they do clean you out but often my bowels cease acting after a treatment...they take a lot of time both there and traveling and cost a bit.
I find big doses pf an osmotic laxative is far better.
Hope my posts are helping someone.

Yesterday I was at the bookstore looking for some xmas presents for my family. I had a large coffee before and after a while I needed the toilet to do both things. I went to the bathroom in the back and when I got there one of the girls who works at the store just finished washing her hands and was leaving. One middle stall was taken, so I went to the one on the end, locked the door and pulled down my jeans and panties. I peed for quite a long time and meanwhile the other woman had wiped and was out washing her hands. I also farted, but it was pretty quiet and I don't think she heard it over the sound of my pee splashing into the water. Then the lady left which was nice because I had the bathroom for myself for my poo. I took out my phone and started texting some of my girlfriends while pushing out my first log. It was really long and wide and when it came out I let out quite a big sigh. As it dropped from my backdoor it made a huge plop and splash in the bowl. Then I spend another five minutes or so seated on the toilet pushing out three more turds and releasing a few wet farts. In the meanwhile I texted Danielle and also a boy I have been on a few dates with recently. Then I felt all empty and really relieved. I pulled off some paper and wiped my front and then my poopy bum. It was a bit of a mess and I think I needed more than 10 sheets. But anyway, I felt so much better! I pulled up my pants, flushed, washed my hands and went back out into the store. It was nice to have privacy for a big poo in a public bathroom! I hope you liked my story.

to Imogen: Most of the time I carry napkins in my bag and I have used them to wipe when there is no tp in the stall. I have also asked someone in another stall for paper. Once I just had to leave without wiping as none of the cubicles had anything.

to T: You're welcome! Feel free to ask me anything if you want to know something, haha.

Shout-out to the other Anna, so nice to see you!

Optional Person

expedient dump.

It was 9:43 this Saturday and I went to the toilet. I was wearing pants but no shirt. I closed the door, turned on the light and moved the trashcan to sit backwards on the toilet. I got comfortable and cupped my hands, poo slowly started coming out. then I heard the sound of sink in my parents room, and poured on the throttle and pushed the rest out very quickly. at the front of the bowl out the water was a dark brown mound of squishy poo, with a long skinny tail, sticking into the water. I quickly wiped myself, pushed the rest of the poo into the water, wiped myself and some of the massive skidmarks and flushed, quickly taking another piece of toilet paper, and wiping the rest of the massive skidmarks while the water was down, and then quickly left the bathroom.


To Carl

Hi, I'm glad you liked my story. I hate that I have that problem but I am so poop shy that I have tried but 99% of the time I am physically unable to poop in public restrooms or in front of others. I remember long and painful bus rides home from school, and then walking home from the bus stop for what seemed like an eternity, holding back several days worth of poop which would come out in a big huge relief of a log when I would get home. Now that I am working and dating, when I get close to a guy he seems to have no problem going in front of me, but I can never get used to going in front of him and I feel bad about that. At work I hold it in for hours a day, and I let it all go in the comfort and privacy of my own home. I had an episode when I was not able to make it home and I went in my pants in the car if you would like to hear about that one. I am hoping to be able to go in front of someone I am dating or even go in a public restroom sometime, when I want to go not when my stomach is upset, just to get the relief and not have to feel the pain of holding it in for long periods of time.


The explosion

Hey im Vanessa. Im 19 and currently go to college 6 hours away and come home on weekends. So basically I am always eating food I shouldn't on the trips home and usually end up having to poop at least once during those 6 hours. I thought I'd share my story from Friday.

So before getting on the highway I was hungry so I grabbed a fiber one bar from the center console ( my mom bought me a box, never had them before BIG MISTAKE!) So I munched on one and was like oh damn these are good so I had another, and another. So 3 bars later I'm really full and I kept driving for another few hours when all of a sudden I started feeling gassy, so I farted a few times and thought nothing of it as I passed the last reststop for 40 miles. Soon after I had the worst pain in my stomach and I could not stop farting. I knew I needed a bathroom asap or bad things were going to happen in my pants. I finally got to the next rest station (my whole car smelt like farts and my ass by that time) I ran to the ladies room found an open stall, ripped my sweatpants down and my little white thong. Sat down and exploded for what honestly felt like an hour (10min). Constant diarrhea and gas that smelt horrible. And naturally when I went to grab toilet paper there was maybe like 3 squares worth left in that stall. So I Waited til nobody was in there and waddled to the next stall and wiped up. I had to stop at the next one also and a burger King in my town. I couldn't stop pooping it was so bad lol. Well that's my story for now!


Constipation story

Hi everybody, haven't posted in a while. I thought since Thanksgiving was coming up, there might be some interesting poop stories. I'm sure I will have one, because my post-Thanksgiving poop is usually pretty massive, and I seem to be the only one in my family who clogs the toilet because of it lol

Anyway, I wanted to post because I've been a bit constipated lately! I saw your story Thunder and sorry that you have chronic constipation. My constipation is more on and off, but I understand the feeling of not even wanting to bother sitting on the toilet if you don't think you'll be able to go. That's sort of what's happened to me lately.

I think because I've been busy writing papers and everything that I've started to eat a little more irregularly and it's thrown everything off. I went without an urge for a couple days, or had a slight urge at one point but ignored it because I was busy. Then finally I go into the bathroom (this is in a dorm, so it's not very private!) and sit down. At first all I did was fart and nothing was happening. I tried pushing several times, but no success. There was another guy in there peeing at one point too, so I know he heard me grunting and pushing with nothing coming out, because if no one's in the shower, then the bathroom can be pretty quiet. But luckily I never seem to get too embarrassed, all I cared about was pooping. I must have sat there for almost 10 minutes with nothing happening until finally I pushed REALLY hard and I could feel a hard log of poop starting to come out. I pushed and grunted on and off for a while getting that one log out, it stretched my butt hole pretty badly. And when it was out I immediately got up and looked at a massive dark brown turd almost a foot long. It stunk up the bathroom too.

It was such a relief to get it out, but my hole was a bit sore after that. I was gentle with wiping and then flushed that monster (glad it did not clog!). I went back to my dorm room like nothing happened, but my roommate was like "geez Tristan, while you were shitting, I finished three assignments!" lol. I think he exaggerates, but he knows that I get constipated, so I'm sure he knew what I had been doing in there lol.

Brian (brandy's fiancÚ)

Saw her on the toilet

HI it's me Brian you all might of heard of me from my fiancÚ Brandy, and her various posts about her toilet adventures with me, well the other night she showed me this site and her posts and I have to say I find it awesome that a site like this exists. I have always found going to the bathroom fascinating especially watching someone on the toilet like my fiancÚ this brings me to my story.

So this past Friday was brandys and my 7 year anniversary as a couple and we decided we were going to spend the weekend up in Blackhawk Colorado doing some gambling and spending some quality time together as a couple. So we left early that morning and made the 2 hr drive up to blackhawk, when we arrived at the hotel me and Brandy decided to check in to our room really quick and than go get some lunch. So we decided we were going to eat at a steakhouse located in one of the casinos. Since this was a special occasion Brandy and I decided to each order a 16 Oz porterhouse with mashed potatoes and a salad. And of course lots of beer. Lunch was awesome and we spent an hour or so after we finished our meal drinking beers and just socializing with one another. Brandy than wanted to head on up to the room and do some unpacking before we hit the casinos. I agreed and we made our way up to the room. When we arrived up to the room I noticed Brandy was acting strange she was really quiet and looked disinterested in most of what was going on. I was really confused 10 minutes prior we were laughing and having a good time so wasn't sure why she was acting this way. I went up to Brandy grabbed her around the waist looked her in the eyes and asked her what was wrong she was very visibly upset at this point and said I am so upset I really overdid it at lunch and between the beer and the food I have made myself sick, she started crying cause she thought she ruined our weekend and saying she should have taken it easier. I gave her a kiss and said Brandy nothing you did ruined anything I am just happy to be here with you, I then asked if she needed anothing to help settle her stomach. She said some gingerale. I said ok let me run down to the lobby and I will grab you some. She smiled kissed me back and said thanks. I left the room and got her ginger ale. When I arrived back up at the room Brandy was laying in the bed so I handed her the drink and she took a few sips. I laid down on the bed next to her an assured her everything was going to be OK. 15 min or so later Brandy got up and said she was heading to the bathroom. I got up myself and made my way to the bathroom with her. I took my usual spot on the tub and Brandy sat herself down on the toilet with her usual potty posture. I got up from the tub and made my way over to her and began rubbing her back to help her relax she said thanks babe. After a few minutes of this Brandy relaxed and began tinkling I made my back to the tub so she could do her business, as I was sitting back down on the tub Brandy let out a bowl echoing fart pffft she sat in a few moments of silence which was broken by a crackling sound and plop of a turd dropping into the bowl. She looked at me and smiled. She than farted a few more times and dropped a few more turds in the bowl beneath her bum. I knew by this time she had to be about done based on the amount of poo I heard drop out of her but she remained seated. I asked her if she was OK she said no that her stomach still hurt from all the beer she drank earlier and that it would be a few minutes more. She than apologized again for ruining the weekend, I told her nonsense you know I like this stuff and seeing you on the toilet, she smiled and said yeah I know but that is not the point. I told her that she was fine and just relax so she could start feeling better. We set there for about ten minutes of so talking trying to get her to relax when all of a sudden she let out the biggest wettest sounding fart I have ever heard from her. She readjust her posture by placing her hands in fists and resting them on her hips. She than smiled and said sorry babe this is it she farted once more which was followed by a few minutes of non stop plopping and splashing things finished up with another tinkle and after a few moments of silence she said much better she wiped herself from a seated position got her self up from the toilet and flushed. As she was washing hers hands she said thank you Brian for not getting angry with me and helping me relax I feel much better now I said anytime. We made our way out of the bathroom and finished unpacking our luggage. Later that evening we hit the casinos and had a fun. When we got back to the room I made my way to the bathroom and with Brandy watching from the edge of the tub I had a dump of my own. The next few days Brandy went to the toilet a few times and every time I was there for her watching never getting upset and helping her with the stomach issues she was suffering from. All in all we had an awesome anniversary and Brandy said the next time we go up there she wouldn't drink so much beer cause it reeked havoc on her bowels.

Well that's my story hope to continue to share stories in the future with you guys and I know Brandy will be posting regularly as well let me know if you guys like this story or have went though something similar with your significant others. Me and Brandy look forward to hearing from you all


Wet Crapping

At my school, now about half the toilet cubicles in the guys' bathrooms have had the doors broken off or removed by the janitors. What we hear from our friends is that guys ditching class hang out there, some drugs are done, there is some smoking and there's the vandals. Too, there's the drawings of their girlfriend's crotch or artwork directed at the teachers they hate. So I don't see the problem getting any better. Say there are 9 toilets in a bathroom, only four have a privacy door. Those are almost always going to be occupied by guys taking a crap. So during passing periods and over lunch hour the guys running in for a fast piss will duck into the nearest non-door toilet, whip their organ out and let the piss fly. Then comes a guy like me a few minutes later needing to take a fast crap. Often there is already a guy or two waiting for each enclosed toilet so my choice is a fast sit for a crap on a seat dripping from urine and often with urine at the front of the toilet too. I don't even think some of the guys--even those who are juniors and seniors and more mature--try to aim.

So a guy like me comes in for a quick crap before 6th hour. If there is any toilet paper its those already cut 2"x2" squares you pull down. On a lucky day, there will be enough to totally dry off the seat plus enough to clean myself with. Most days I'm not so lucky. My butt being the mop for someone else's urine isn't my favorite thing, but twice last week that was the reality. When the two girls I'm working on my science project with asked me why I was late to the meeting. I told them the truth. Then they started teasing me. Mandy, who I kind of like, asked to see the bathroom as we were leaving school. She said that our bathroom isn't that different from the girls'. They have some open stalls also and she said some of the seats get wet. She also said I expect too much out of my fellow students.

What do the rest of you think? Am I expecting too much to have a clean, dry seat and some privacy?



Sometimes you just get constipated and like Bella there is nothing to prevent it.
Sometimes constipation is the forerunner of some serious diseases...apart from bowel cancer most people who develop Parkinsons Disease experience constipation as an early symptom....accordingly you need to see the doctor if constipated.
Last year and early this year I had to see the continence nurse at our local hospital for continence problems both bowel and bladder...constipation was causing bladder problems to be worse and I have to drink lots of fluids. The problem that i had was she wanted me to sit on the toilet every morning after breakfast which I always did but I felt a failure if I could not produce a satisfactory result.
What I now do is I take lots of magarol...the brand name is Movicol or anything else similar.
I take quite a large dose almost every is an osmotic laxative so it sucks water from the colon wall thus expanding and softening the stool for an easy and more productive time on the toilet.
Sometimes i go in the morning after breakfast and sometimes not...I may go later in the morning or afternoon but it rally does help and I feel a lot better....more experiences next time.


Answers to T's survey

How many times a day do you poop?

Generally once, unless I'm constipated. That hasn't been much of an issue since I cut back on dry fiber and started eating more fruit and ???? consistently.

How many times do you usually wipe?

About 5 to 6 times, small squares. I dab the first two or three times, and then wipe lengthwise across the anal area to clean up what's left. Softer tissue is a must. Sometimes I'll finish up with a wet wipe if I know that I'm going to have a little intimate time with my girlfriend on the same day.

Last time you pooped in a public bathroom?

Today, at the pool locker room. I really had to go by the time I got there, so I dropped my gear, chose the middle stall in a row of three, and squeezed off a long mushy turd as I was sitting down. No effort at all, just a light squeeze. That almost filled the industrial size bowl that I was sitting on. That was followed immediately by something larger that forced my hole a little wider and then stopped. I relaxed, caught my breath, and then tightened my abdominal muscles slightly, and with a long grunt pushed out another long, moist turd that broke apart in three or four pieces as it hit he water. I looked down into a bowl filled above the water line with poop. I wiped several times with not so absorbent toilet paper and then flushed it all down, feeling great. This afternoon, I will be farting like a bull, so a long, solo walk is in order.

Are you a regular pooper? If so what time of the day?

Yes, generally in the morning, about an hour after breakfast.

I'd have to agree with Catherine and others (like Mark Twain), that very few things beat a good dump when its big, thorough, and uncomplicated. Especially when you're sharing it with someone you trust.

Accidentally clogged toilet at work. What do I do?

First day on the job. I had to go, and bad. Two stalls in the men's room. One is being used so I jump into the other one. I do my doo-doo diligence. My mother always said if it's a big one flush once before you wipe to avoid a clog. So I do that courtesy flush. But to my surprise, it won't flush. O no. That water is coming on up. Luckily it doesn't overflow. I'm thinking "how did it clog?" Thank F*ck there's a plunger in the stall. I'm a skilled plunger. Or so I thought. I plunge and I plunge for about 20 mins. All the while trying to avoid squelching sounds when others come in and out of the bathroom. Wtf is wrong with this toilet? Also keep in mind that I haven't wiped yet. The clog happened on the courtesy flush. So here I am, 20 mins mysterious disappearance on my first day on the job, hiding in a bathroom stall with my still poopy butthole hanging out, plunging for my life. I gotta get back to work. I don't want them thinking I'm a slacker. So when I'm sure the bathroom is empty I sneak into the adjacent stall to wipe. I go to wash my hands coming to grips with the fact that I have to tell someone what the hell happened so someone can fix this toilet. I look up into the mirror. And in the reflection I see a sign on the door of the stall of terror: "out of order" ........

thats right. I was in such a hurry, I didn't look for, see, or read a sign. And so I shit in and clogged an out of order toilet. How do I tell my boss this was me?

I know what the right thing to do is. But I can't tell if confessing is going to make a bad impression. The circumstances are a bit ridiculous. I didn't read the sign! C'mon man! Furthermore there is always the anonymity factor. I could get away with it and spare myself the extreme embarassment. But that just doesn't feel right.


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