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Response to Jennifer G

Jennifer G: Hey thanks for liking my post. I figured you'd like the pee part because it soaked my driver's seat. Since that incident I haven't noticed any urine smell. When we had some warm fall days I let windows crack to air out the car. I emptied a laundry detergent container to use if I have to have a emergency bathroom break mainly to pee in. Keep the posts coming and thanks again for liking my posts.


Clog public loo

Hi there i was in town yesterday.Then i feel a need to use a toilet very soon so we stop at this garden center.Toilet are the first door when i come in the building ao i enter single toilet wash seat with a paper towel and drop in the toilet.then i dry the seat with another paper towel and this one i put in trash can. And i position myself on Toilet and explode diarrhea in for 2 min straight and then.i procede to wipe my ass .i wipe 6 times and raise my boxer and jeans buckle my belt and flush.and then it go wrong water level start to raises look around no plunger so i just exit and lock the door behind me and when in the store :-p

Miranda, I'm in the same boat as your friend, it's an ordeal to take a dump.. she's lucky to have your support. 2 hours on the toilet is nothing unusual for me either, least I can do mine at home though. I really feel sorry for her, and yes it does make you feel sick after you go. Don't be 2 harsh on the smoking, I need to too to relax my self to be able to go.

Does her stomach look so much flatter after she's been.. mine does. How old are you / her?

Monday, November 21, 2016

Old Observer
Hello, all, it's been awhile and I hope everyone is well. Pat, it's nice to hear from you again; you should have Artiss write in, weighing in on her experiences. To Joshthedude: Yes, you can definitely poop yourself during fear. i once tripped and slipped into a mud bog when I was younger while walking in the woods. Since I was startled, realizing that it could be deep, my rosebud turn to jelly and I let out a more than ample shart in my pants. Fortunately, I was able to get out, as it was only knee-deep.BUT, I kind of freaked out and as I was almost out, I finished releasing myself, filling my pants...And hello to Catherine--you had a bit of an epiphany when you pooped yourself. Nothing to cry about. You are very lucky and I think that incident will end up one of your pleasant memories in the years to come. Happy pooping, all!

Hi again,

Patrick: That sucks for your friend! I know there have definitely been some close calls! Luckily my room is close to the hall bathroom.

So here is my story for today. I had worked out this morning, had lunch (a wrap) and gone to my economics class. I have a math midterm tomorrow so I decided to go to the study session for that. When I was walking back to my dorm to do homework, I stopped to get a coffee. I got back to my room, sat down and started working while drinking it. Coffee seems to have a laxative effect on me at times. This was one of those times. I started to get a little gassy and I let a few silent ones go. My girlfriend texted me to see if she could come down to hang out while I did work. I said yes, and right as I sent the text, I got a strong urge to poop. I knew I had to wait to let her in, so for the next few minutes I sat on my chair and clenched and farted. It started to smell bad. Finally she arrived and I left to go to the bathroom. I took the stall furthest from the door and pulled my sweatpants and boxers down. I immediately pushed and a long, wide turd came out slowly. After I got that out, I sat on the toilet and read on my phone. Finally I decided that nothing else was coming, so I wiped a few times, pulled my pants up and went out to wash my hands. My girlfriend asked me how my poop was when I returned and sI made sure to give her the same story I just told you.

Thanks for reading, questions and comments welcome,

Anna from Austria
Sorry for beeing absent for such a long time, was rather busy with my job and other things.

This time I want to answer Ts survey



How many times a day do you poop?
Once or twice a day. Normaly twice.

How many times do you usually wipe?

7 to 10 times I guess.

Last time you pooped in a public bathroom?

Today early in the morning. i arrived at work, and after my morning coffee I had to go. It was nothing special. I sat on the toilet, then i peed first, and during peeing I did a long prffffft type fart, then my log started to come out. Then i did some more farts and and made some more very soft poop. After that wiped many times. Then I flushed washed my hands and left toilet.

Are you a regular pooper? If so what time of the day?
I am very regular. I need to do my bm almost every morning few hours after breakfast and my morning coffee and then again after lunch.

greetings from Austria


Optional Person

expedient dump.

It was 9:43 this Saturday and I went to the toilet. I was wearing pants but no shirt. I closed the door, turned on the light and moved the trashcan to sit backwards on the toilet. I got comfortable and cupped my hands, poo slowly started coming out. then I heard the sound of sink in my parents room, and poured on the throttle and pushed the rest out very quickly. at the front of the bowl out the water was a dark brown mound of squishy poo, with a long skinny tail, sticking into the water. I quickly wiped myself, pushed the rest of the poo into the water, wiped myself and some of the massive skidmarks and flushed, quickly taking another piece of toilet paper, and wiping the rest of the massive skidmarks while the water was down, and then quickly left the bathroom.

Brandon T

comments & stuf

To: Miranda great story.

To: Karen c thats good that you are feeling better.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site


Imogen's question: What if there is no wiping paper?

My family was going one state over to a family wedding. Mom and Dad in the front seat. I had to practically beg him to stop at a rest area so I could go to the bathroom. Mom was deep asleep in the front seat. So he reluctantly stopped, lecturing me about getting off schedule and rushing into the church at the last minute. I hurried fast as I could after he finally parked. Luckily there was no one else in the bathroom. I always took a middle stall in those days. I pulled my underwear down, hiked up my dress and dropped to the seat. Within seconds, my crap was in the toilet. Then I saw the problem that confronted me. I had a faint memory of seeing a sign hanging on the mirror and I walked out to the sinks, thinking how lucky I was to have worn my dress that day. Yep. There was this sign about reporting any criminal activity to the state patrol and a toll-free phone number. I quickly pulled it down and returned to the stall with it. I tore it in three or four places to get the paper. Then I did my wiping. I did make sure I used the back side because I didn't want the print ink to get where it shouldn't be. It worked just fine. When there's no one else in the bathroom, there's no toilet paper in any stall, there aren't too many other alternatives. Oh, I also remember that this was on my 10th birthday.

Saturday, November 19, 2016


A poop in the park and a suprise from the stall next door

My name is Ryan and I am a 14 years old. I was walking home from school and decided to walk through the park. It was around 4 pm and the after school activites were starting to take place in the park. While walking, I felt the urge to take a poo. I walked into a small old bathroom that had two stalls and one urinal. Just as I was about to walk in, a boy that was two years younger than me ran in. He looked like a soccer player, since he was wearing his shin pads and his cleats already. He took the stall that was closest to the sinks, so I took the stall that was right next to him. I hung my backpack and locked the door. The boy in the other stall placed his Adidas sports bag on the ground (even though he did this I could still see his feet). The stalls in the bathroom were so high that I could see the boy's legs in full view. I pulled down my jeans and red underwear and took my seat. To the left, I saw the boy pull down his high soccer socks and compression underwear and take a seat to my left.As the boy sat, I could see up to a bit of his bum. As I said before the bathroom was old, and there were holes in the stall dividers. The boy next to me was quiet, only straining and grunting. I was curious how he was doing, so I peered through the hole. He just sat there and read all the graffiti around him. I think that he was getting bored waiting for his poo to come out. I peered under the stall and, to my amazement, the boy took out a blue thick document folder. He then pulled out his math textbook and a pencil case. The boy was doing his homework!! I could not believe it. Ten minutes went by, I peered through the hole. The boy put
away his homework and stared down into the bowl. He started his stream and a small fart came out. "Opps" I heard him mumble it to himself. I just pushed out me poop and was beginning to wipe. THe boy next to me grunted hard, and I heard a loud splash. I peered into the hole, the boy was gathering toilet paper and stood up, wiping his front and his bum. I usually sit and do this but I was curious why he was standing up and doing it. I pulled up my underwear and jeans. I looked under the stall and saw the compression underwear and shorts go up. We both flushed at the same time and exitied the stalls to wash our hands. I asked him why he was doing his homework and pooping. He told me that when he gets home, he usually practices his soccer skills and finishes the homework in school. He told me his name. It was Jacob and he went to the middle school just down the road from my school. Jacob told me that before every soccer game, he would use the bathroom.He said that when during his first game, a kid on his team wet his pants. So his mom always tells him to use the bathroom before playing I asked him why he stands up to wipe. He said that it has become a habit to for him.I apologized that I was peeping at him through the hole while he was going poo. He said it was alright. According to Jacob, he and his team shower in communal showers and he is used to people seeing his front and his bum. He even said that during one game, he and his teammates when poo in a bathroom that had no stalls. He told me that I had nice legs, we both laughed and we exited the bathroom. I walked home, walking by the soccer field where Jacob's team welcomed him with open arms.

Optional Person

Jennifer G

1. I am glad I am not the only person that appreciates the smell of poo.
2. I would certainly like to let my firehose spray my warm yellow urine in my car, but I am afraid to. occasionally my parents still ride in it with me, as I live at home. I don't want the car to stink of my pee-pee.
3. What tips do you have, if I did decide I wanted to let my firehose spray in my car?
4. and again thank you for your lovely stories. have you ever thought of being in your car at the same time with a women, both empting your bladders at the same time?
I look forward to your response.
Thank you much Jennifer G,

Optional Person.

My beloved Artiss has been suffering from a very watery diarrhea since the afternoon of the day before yesterday. She had been at the Senior Center in our town doing volunteer work there, helping out with checking people in for free flu shots when she suddenly got a deep gurgling in her gut with horrible cramps that doubled her over right where she was sitting at her check-in table. She literally dropped the pen she was holding while speaking with a client and just told that person "excuse me but I need to use the restroom NOW" before getting up and hurrying in her high heels around the corner to the ladies room, where she just slammed the door open and rushed into a stall, pulling her skirt and half-slip up as he was going. She didn't even bother to close the stall door, she just rushed in, yanked down her girdle and undies and sat down just in time, emptying her bowels of a very foul-smelling watery liquid. She was in AGONY. At that point, another lady volunteer cam into the restroom to see if Artiss was OK and saw her sitting there. The stall she was in had a door on the side rather than in front and Artiss sitting on the seat was very visible out in the hallway every time some one opened the main restroom door. So this other lady just pulled the stall door shut for Artiss and she was able to get up from the seat long enough to lock it. Oh, she was in agony as I just said above. She sat in there for almost an hour while her friend kept coming in to check on her before she finally felt good enough to get up off the seat, get herself together and get in her car to come home. She made it OK but within a minute of being in the house she was on the toilet again. She was that way all night, I made sure that she dark plenty of fluids to replenish the one's she's lost through pooipng-or shall we say peeing through her butt, we went to the Urgent Care Clinic in our town yesterday-she had two or three watery bowel movements while waiting for the doctor-he gave her some prescription ant-diarrheal meds to hopefully help her until she can see our family physician, we're going to see him today. I've been off work helping her through this, getting her anything she needs, etc. I hope she's going to be all right and I'm sure she will, but she is up there in age now, so health issues are much more of a concern for her. What can I say,I love my sweetheart Artiss and want her to be OK.



I am a long time sufferer of constipation and have done quite a bit of work in this area so my objective is to share my experiences.
I have a neurological condition which makes me more predisposed to constipation and pain relief (coedine) makes the situation much worse.
What was happening to me was I ended up often loosing the urge to defecate or when the urge came it was brief and disappeared. I was out running one day and my belly swelled up and went to the doctor...had an x-ray and the report said a heavy faecal loading throughout the bowels.
My specialist said to me that whilst laxatives might not be great it is a much better alternative to constipation.
Medically, constipation , particularly in chronic situations does not get the mention it should.....In my case the constipation was worse that the actual neurological disease I had .
I also have a partial obstruction of the urinary tract caused by an enlarged prostate and when constipated I have to wee far more frequently and have had a few wetting accidents .
On thing is the psychological aspect where I got reluctant to sit on the toilet, unless I thought I would have success, for fear of being a failure.
In my next post I will tell more on the subject and my experiences.


What if there's no paper?

What do other girls do if there's no paper in the toilet? Normally, I check in public toilets before I sit down but sometimes there's no option. One day when I was in sixth form I was bursting for a wee, and almost ran into the cubicle, pulled my knickers down and sat on the loo before exploding and finally being able to breathe normally again! After relaxing completely and finishing what felt like the Niagra Falls, I reached for the loo roll- but there was none! I sat and waited but the bathroom was empty except for me. That day I wore a long flowy skirt and tights, so I pulled my knickers and tights up to halfway up my thigh, then let my skirt down. I thought that, at least if somebody saw me going into another cubicle, I wouldn't have my pants down in public! I quickly scooted to the cubicle next door, which didn't have any either, then the one at the end fortunately did. I sat down on that toilet to wipe and had to clear up dribbles from the inside of my thigh, and a bit had gone in my knickers. What would you have done?

Jennifer G


Hey everybody! Thanks to all who liked my posts!

Mr Clogs: Great post! As far as letting someone poop, I would probably let them if it didn't get in the seat itself, so a plastic bag would be the way to go. I don't dislike the smell of it, just the mess. I do actually enjoy it when a girl farts while she is peeing. If you'll recall, there was a woman who was just about to pee in my car, and she actually would have been the first person to pee in my car besides me. This was before Melissa even. But then she realized she had to poop and when she found out that I didn't want her to poop directly in the seat, she got all offended and changed her mind about the whole thing. I posted about it a while ago.

Optional Person: Thanks for liking my posts! Yes it's defintely unique, and I'm so glad I got the idea and that I found this site to share it with other people. I think you should also try letting it go in your car.

John: Thanks for understanding and replying. Yeah, poor Megan still texts me once in awhile, but I don't reply. She still has such a crush on me, and not just a girl crush like I get. She wants a real relationship. Poor thing, all I wanted was some pee from a cute girl. She'll be ok though. She has her whole life ahead of her.

So far no one else has been willing to pee in my car yet. It's supposed to get cold this weekend so I'm not sure if anyone will for awhile. I'm sad but I'm glad for all the pee that's already in my car now. I really enjoy driving more than I ever did before!

Take care!


Probably record time on the toilet

I wrote about my friend Raelyn on Page 2594. She's a year younger than me but we spend some time together in school and on weekends which are often the worst for her. See her parents divorced. One weekend a month she spends with her mom and step-dad. The other she spends with her biological father. There's a lot of disagreements. Since the divorce a couple of years ago, she's been dealing with constipation. Some of its because of her doings because she doesn't like to use the bathrooms at our high school. So she holds it, but when she gets home she can no longer go. Her dad gives her suppositories. Her mom gives her a laxative. Sometimes she goes like four or five days without a crap. She and I are usually together a part of Sunday and that is when she usually craps. And there is an additional problem, when she's with her father, he gets on her case about clogging the toilet in his apartment. He has belittled her about not crapping at school. He tells her that for him and his friends back in the 80s getting out of class for a good, satisfying crap was the highlight of the day.

Raelyn, who is very talented as an artist and an overall student, called me Sunday morning. We meet at a store for coffee, then walk about nine blocks to a large city park. There's a lagoon where we feed the ducks and sit and talk. She uses the really strange bathroom there to crap about an hour after we have our coffee. These are really large commercial toilets, somewhat higher than we have at home or at school, and she has yet to stop one of them up. But the bathroom is different in another strange way. It is about the size of a normal bedroom. No cubicles. Just two toilets against the opposite walls. Luckily, they are not visible from the doorway to those outside. Then there are two sinks. There is no smoke detector, something Raelyn likes, because she likes to smoke while she's waiting for her crap to drop. Her parents and father don't know she smokes so that is why she likes to spend so much time away from home.

So as soon as we arrived at the park, I needed the bathroom badly. Coffee or any hot drink goes right through my system. We cut over a hill to get to the bathroom faster because I was really feeling it. Raelyn was having a difficult time keeping up, something I give her a hard time about because she smokes. Then she insults me back because of my small bladder and mysteriously that can lead to some good conversation. Such was the conversation while I was seated on the toilet with my jeans at knee level and my thong just above them. She said it must be nice to wear black to cover up my bad wiping and another type of stain we won't mention here. She asked if I was freezing my butt on the cold seat just as I was finishing up, a dig because she nests the seat with toilet paper before using it. But the next user has toilet paper for wiping with my method. And that's something that usually shuts the debate down.

We spent about a half hour on a bench watching the ducks when Raelyn started moving around. I thought she might be reaching for her lighter, but she said her fivedayer was ready. We had been having a good conversation but I knew this was the priority. She always insists that I come into the bathroom with her whether we're at my house, hers, school (where she will only pee) or other places. She walked up to the toilet that I had used earlier and asked me to pull off paper for her. I pulled off a good number of sheets for her. I figured they would easily cover the seat. She even wanted one for across the back. What surprised me was that she used one to wipe the seat off with. Ok, so off with the cooties! Then like always she laid two layers of toilet paper over the whole seat. Luckily there was enough on the roll for that. Then she pulled down her black sweats, white underwear, and carefully placed her butt on the nest. She reached in her black leather jacket pocket for her lighter and she had her usual cigarette.

With my clothing up I sat on the toilet across from her to keep her company. She would take a drag, then lean forward, exhale and then lean forward more with reach and flick the ashes in the drain in the floor. She worried me a couple of weeks earlier at a football game at our city's field when a couple of ashes dropped onto the paper she was sitting on. Her pee was interrupted when the paper quickly caught fire. Later she joked that she didn't want to singe any of her pubic hairs. This crap this time came in spurts and I must have heard seven or eight splashes into the bowl. I wanted to keep the conversation going so as to take away her frustration about constipation and the size of her poops. I looked at my phone and she had been seated for just over an hour. I thought to myself how lucky we were because no one was coming in to interrupt us. Then Raelyn changed the conversation to say the best was to come.

She took a deep breath. She widened her legs so much that the toilet paper on the front of the seat ripped. Her face was getting redder as she gave a mighty push. She said it was about halfway out. I could see that she was getting pissed. She was in pain and pushing harder. I could tell that the progress was getting harder. But she was not going to allow it to stall. She started to cry a little and swear more than I had ever heard her do. It seemed like she was dropping her whole colon or whatever. Then there was a sigh and an expression on her face that it was over. As she sat for about five minutes to get the pain down, she started another cigarette. I could tell that helped put her at ease.

She stood with much of the nest stuck to her bottom. She had to turn toward me in order to see into the toilet. I burst out laughing at all the papers hanging from her butt and thighs. She looked into the bowl and seemed satisfied with her work. I was interested sure, but wanted to compliment her on what she did because I know she gets down on herself. The super turd was medium soft. It was as wide as a normal flashlight. It was laying from outside the water at the very top of the bowl and went all the way into the bowl where the flush would take place if it were a normal crap. Raelyn said it hurt like her dad had stuck his wood drill up her butt. Standing, she did two or three wipes. Then she said F###! and turned and threw her butt back onto the partially covered seat. She said she thought she was going to puke for a moment. Then there was a huge poof sound and the diarrhea shot out of her. That was obviously the result of the laxative she had taken the previous evening.

I brought Raelyn a hand load of toilet paper from my roll. It must have taken her ten minutes to wipe herself. She said there was no way that toilet could flush on its own so she continued cleaning herself and the papers were stacking up. Then they were above the level of the seat which she lifted. Toward the end, she said the wiping was making her butt as sore as it had ever been and that it was getting irritated to the point where there was a little blood.

The whole process took close to two hours. We walked back to our bench where we continued to feed the ducks. Then we got hungry and got our lunch from a food truck.



Jacob: I remember those common dorm bathrooms! First week, everyone was shy about using them. But, it didn't take too long for the campus food to make immediate access a necessity for most. Lol. I remember a few trips where down the hall seemed too far. Always made it though. My roommate, though, wasn't so fortunate once. He was lactose intolerant, but loved milk stuff ... Ice cream, cereal/milk, etc. He'd usually run everybody out with rank farts & that would be the extent of it. One day, he comes back in and just says "shut up" as soon as he sees me. He grabs a change of clothes & a towel and heads back out the door when I see the issue. This guy had tried to make it back to the dorm after class & had a total blow out on the way up the stairs. Classic story. He took it in good humor.

Karen C. of Cali (not the other Karen)

Been sick, but I'm fine now

Hi friends, thanks to all of you for wishing me well. I'm fine now. When I was sick I never even had a fever, just a pukey feeling in my stomach and for the most part lots of bubbleguts and diarrhea, I just threw up a few times and had lots of diarrhea--small potatoes really compared to having gone through two pregnancies, this was nothing. At first I thought it was side affects from laxatives which I had before but the Doc said it was just a simple stomach virus but nothing that some Pepto, Dramamine, and Immodium couldn't control--said it could have been avoided by washing my hands before putting anything in my mouth but I've never been obsessive about hand washing, maybe that's my downfall. Dry toast, soup, gingerale, and cheese and saltines helped. Ate parmesan on my soup to help stop feeling pukey (has to be REAL parmesan, not that grated abomination in the green can, that stuff won't work, only the real italian kind has the enzymes your stomach needs). Sickness didn't last long and it really didn't feel all that bad, and it didn't keep me from functioning; felt crappy but the worst thing is it kept me home but I still felt well enough to do things around the house.
My guts felt good and cleaned out afterwards though, relatively speaking, so thought it was a perfect time to restart my cyclic ketogenic diet/workout lifestyle--trying to put back the muscle on my bust, waist, hips, butt, and thighs, and cut some fat. Basically I work a body part each day and eat high fat, adequate protein and no carbs except ???? and it works great, then once a week I do a super hard workout and pig out on anything I want like fries, pizza, ice cream, burgers, pasta, ect. as much as I want and it turns into hard shapely muscle instead of fat. I recommend it. Most people guess I'm 35.

In reply to all who've written, as for seeing corn in poop, well, Optional Person, I suppose it's one way of knowing you're all cleaned out, it's like "hmm, when was the last time I ate corn?" It can be a good indicator. Glad you liked my posts!

Dear Steve A,
Yeah, I guess I do get sick more often than the average person I suppose; mostly my fault, I'm not the best hand washer, and never have been. I guess i'm just lazy about that or just don't much care. I'm the type of person who will handle things in the midst of flu season and shake hands with anybody and everybody and then pick up a sandwich and eat it without washing my hands. Kinda gross I know, guess I'd be better off if I were a germaphobe. My older brother Richard OTOH, is a huge germaphobe and he never gets sick because he's been known to immediately wash his hands after shaking hands with someone, I thought that was just silly and excessive but in retrospect, Rich had the right idea. You asked if I were prone to catching lots of illnesses as a kid? I guess a little more than average, again, I never was very anal about washing my hands, but then again, it was kinda an advantage to get sick often--you get to stay home from school and watch television all day, and you get to have chocolate milk and chicken pot pie and twinkies or sometimes even pizza or cheeseburgers and/or icecream or pancakes or waffles or anything you want for dinner, and later on in the evening after the news dad takes you out for a long late night ride after dinner (Christmas season was always the best because of all the pretty holiday lights everywhere during the ride especially when you're strung out on cough syrup, and dad being super nice. I'd often fall asleep before the end of my ride and dad would carry me inside and put me to bed) and during the first part of the ride dad buys you a milkshake and a burger and fries from McDonalds and an apple pie (if you weren't too nauseous to want it--I was RARELY too sick to eat a cheeseburger and fries from McDonalds, those always whetted my appetite and made me feel better epecially back when the fries tasted so much better than today crispier and browner and somehow just more tasty, and the apple pies were delish crispy fried to perfection! Often when I'd been throwing up all day and didn't want to eat, a McDonald's cheeseburger and fries was just what the doctor ordered) all this was to help you get to sleep, and during the ride/deluxe snack, you get to sit in the front seat of the car bundled up warm and cozy in your jammies, slippers, and a robe with a blanket wrapped around all of that and maybe a pillow, and then after the hour or two ride you get to stay up as late as you want watching television bundled up on the living room sofa, watching something like Perry Mason or an old war movie or black and white prison movie or something else boring yet interesting, and get to drink Coke and nosh on Mister Salty pretzels or Lay's potato chips (Lay's potato chips used to come in a twin pack, the outer pack bearing the labeling and the two inner packs being clear generic plastic bags, i miss those), knowing you get to stay home from school again next day! You'd wake up next morning to a Post Raisin Bran commercial on TV while Mom was having her coffee, then you'd eat some raisin bran and go to bed as everone else was having breakfast and leaving for the day, then you'd nap most of the day, wake up and have a regular supper with everyone else at suppertime, and next day everything would be back to normal, except playing catch up on school lessons for the past couple days when you were out sick. It was actually a great thing to be sick as a kid in the 60s!
You ask how often do I get sick in a month these days? I guess that all depends. Every couple of months on average in the winter and about twice during all the summer months, again, mostly due to not washing my hands as much as I should.

To Catherine,
Thanks for your best wishes, sweetie! I'm feeling one hundred percent now!
To Brandon T,
How ya' been? Yeah, I knew that first fart was more than just air, haha! Thanks for writing!

Thanks Anna for taking my survey. This is the first time I have ever really posted here. Long time lurker like most of you. I wish there was a way to direct message people. Oh well.
Maybe I should describe myself. I'm 5'11", 165Ibs. Mostly muscle and I'm in good shape. I go to college in the southern part of the US. I really enjoy talking about poop. I like being open and see it as a way of intimacy.
The other day I was in my college library. I had just had lunch and could feel a poop coming. I walked into the bathroom on the second floor. There were two stalls. I took the one next to the wall. Lowered my pants and sat. The poop immediately came out which sucks because I like to have big poops that just take their time. I played on my phone a little bit and then realized I was finished. I had three logs 1 7" and the other two 5". I wiped about 7 times. Flushed, pulled up my pants, washed my hands, and went back to my paper.

Thursday, November 17, 2016


Constipation problems I confess

'I find when I go to the toilet it's not a pleasant experience. I really don't feel like picking up the newspaper when I'm having to strain too much. It tends to get worse just before my period or when I'm on holiday which is why I always make sure I have laxatives on me as I know I will need them.'

'I think if you are suffering from constipation, there isn't always a logical explanation for it. I mean I eat a really healthy diet, I drink plenty of fluids, I exercise every day and I still get constipated regularly. Some people must just be more prone to getting constipated than others regardless of their diet and lifestyle.'

'It frustrates me because it makes me reconsider what I wear. It sounds crazy but if you go to the toilet it makes you feel better, so you think you look better. So I hate it when I'm feeling bloated as it stops me from wearing fitted clothes.'*

'I find it helps talking to my friends about it sometimes. It's actually quite surprising how many other women do suffer from constipation once you start talking about it.'

* Laxatives do not help with weight loss, however, relieving constipation may help relieve the associate bloating.

OS 10_0_2

Anatomy Student

To constipated girl

Sorry to hear you're having trouble. Best thing to do if you've tried a laxative is to see a doctor. It sounds like your bowels have become impacted (a large hard mass has accumulated and is plugging you up). If you want to try an alternative, get a glycerine enema (Fleet makes the best) and follow the directions. It's a small bottle full of glycerin that you squirt into your bum. Basically it softens and lubricates the blockage and it should pass. If that doesn't work go to the emergency room because you could have a twisted colon. If you feel poop in your butt but it won't come out you are just constipated. When you get relief take note of any black colors in your stool. Black indicates internal bleeding and that isn't a good thing. Red blood is normal if it's a big, hard poo. That comes from small tears to your anus called fissures.

Drink more water, maybe try psyllium husk capsules, and don't hold it in to prevent this. Get well soon and let us know you're ok.

Worst Smell

I am a paramedic and was doing a patient transfer with my EMT partner Jenna. We had to pick up a patient at a hospital that was about an hour and a half drive. A little over an hour into the drive Jenna said she needed a "Potty Break" which is basically code for "I need to shit." I was driving so I said we could stop as I needed to pee. She said she could probably wait. I said I didn't need to go real bad and I had been to this hospital once before and I remembered there is a bathroom right near the entrance that we use.

We kept going and I could tell she needed a toilet pretty bad as she was fidgeting and was real quiet. She let some gas that was really bad but rolled down her window a little after she did it. This was nothing out of the ordinary because almost of us co-workers fart in front of each other. When your in a vehicle and around someone for sometimes 12+ hours at a time farts happen and nobody ever makes a big deal about it.

We arrived and sure enough the bathroom was right where I remembered. We both went in and she went straight for the first stall. I saw her pants and hit the ground and almost instantly heard turds start hitting the water. I took a stall one away and went pee quick. I could here more of the same coming from two stalls away and there were some pauses where I would here her moan and kind of sigh in relief.

I was just getting up when the smell really started to hit me. I could smell it almost instantly but now it was really bad. I flushed and went to wash my hands. I had to put my arm and shirt sleeve up to my mouth and nose to keep from wanting to throw up. While I was washing my hands I saw another woman who appeared to be one of the nurses walk in. I saw her face in the mirror as soon as she walked in and her eyebrows went up and she wrinkled her nose. She paused for a moment and then went to one of the stalls. I dried my hands quickly, and I'm not going to lie, I was glad to get out of there. There was a bench across the hall from the bathroom door so I took a seat and waited for her.

After I had been there for a minute or two the woman who walked in as I was washing my hands came walking out. Just as she was walking out, another woman came down the hall and was about to go into the bathroom. I heard her say to her quietly, "I don't know who is in there, but you might want to use the the one by the front" The other woman smirked and said under her breath, "I'm just gonna make it worse" and walked in the bathroom.

Another couple minutes went by and Jenna walked out and said "You know where to go?" I did so we proceeded on. I didn't say anything but I was still in awe over the smell. She's a tiny girl, about 23 years old and it was a shock that she was able to make a bathroom un-occupiable.

I almost couldn't get the smell out of my nostrils, a few hours later I swear I could still smell it. I finally brought it up jokingly. She laughed about it as well and said she knew it was really bad. She said she hardly ever has trouble, but for whatever reason hadn't been able to go in 5 or 6 days. She said she took quite a bit of miralax earlier in the day and it sure did work.


T's survey



How many times a day do you poop?
Once or twice, usually.

How many times do you usually wipe?
6 to 10 times.

Last time you pooped in a public bathroom?
Early today in a gas station bathroom. I was on a road trip with my friends and when we stopped for a break I needed to do both things. The bathroom was empty but pretty dirty and gross. I needed to wipe down the seat. I peed a lot and dropped three turds into the toilet bowl. It took about five minutes or so. When I was washing my hands my friend Gracie came in and took the stall I had used. She peed and let out a pffft kind of fart. When I left the room, I could hear her poop plop into the toilet.

Are you a regular pooper? If so what time of the day?
I poop pretty much every day, but it can happen at all hours. Though I have noticed that I often need to go after my morning workout.

Ever poop on a plane bathroom? Explain?
When I visit my family I need to take fairly long flights and I have needed the bathroom for a poo quite a few times. It's uncomfortable and I avoid it when I can. I don't even like to use them for a pee!

to Brandy: I loved your story. It's so neat that you and your friend have such open relationships. I really liked how thoughtful you were and how you both did something nice for your boyfriends.


How long is that turd?

I've been having some unusually long turds lately--not every time, but every few days. I had one a week or so ago that was 22" long. How do I know? I used toilet paper to measure it. A single square of toilet paper is usually 4" across, so I held the paper over the poop and moved it in 4" increments: 4", 8", 12", 16", 20", and half the square again, for 22"! It seemed to be coming out for quite a distance, though it didn't take a long time. Other long ones in recent days were 21", 19", 16", and a couple 15" each. Usually there were other, shorter turds with each bowel movement. Of course, the turd needs to be entirely visible in the water to be measured, and that doesn't always happen. These really long ones are quite unusual for me; most of the time, my movements are several shorter pieces, maybe 4" to 8" or so. I have been enjoying my long ones, though. It's early morning, and I've had my early pills with a long glug of water, so I'm feeling the urge to have my next bowel movement . . . It was a nice movement, quick, easy, medium thick, smooth, longest piece 14" long and folded on itself like a paper clip, other pieces of 6", 4", and 3", with a 1" wad on the first pad of toilet paper [it stuck to me and didn't fall into the water], for a total length of 28", a large bm. I sit well forward on the seat to try to have the poop fall in front of the hole rather than disappearing down into it, though that doesn't always work. For some years now, at the suggestion of my doctor, I have been keeping a record of my movements, including time, place (mostly at home now that I'm retired), description, and any special circumstances such as a new medication or an anal fissure, which I get maybe a couple times a year.

To Jennifer G

I guess i can understand. There are people who i cant tolerate, i guess, especially, like in this case, people that talk too much about nothing important. Or just talking too much in general.

But, i havent told them that....i usually just say they are talking too much, or that im busy reading or something if i have my phone with me lol

I'd even get more than a little annoyed, especially at myself, if i anwsered them occasionally, which keeps them talking. But thwn i'd make up an excuse (perhaps im hungry, or

Sorry no real story today.....though i heard that, on my day off of work, i heard that someone had a poop accident, apparently, that lead from an isle (i work in a grocery store) to the store bathroom. A couple years ago, at the same store, i heard an almighty fart of what was unmistakably an accident, though i didnt see the culprit.



I remember when I went to the bathroom at Disney World a father was speaking to his son sternly to get him to poop on the toilet. I was washing my hands when the little boy opened the door an I saw his p***s. The father said I am going to leave here and if I dont see poop in the toilet in 5 minutes you will be punished. So this kid decided to proceed to poop on the floor! It was a lot of poop for a kid who was like, 4 or 5. Then he turned around and peed on the poop! NO LIE! When the father walked back in he yelled so loud that when I left the bathroom you could still hear him.

Have you ever experienced something like this? Probably not. This was a very strange event.

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