Sonya Sue

Really Bad Choice (I Guess)

This past Saturday I was assigned a 4 hour Saturday School detention. It is a monitored study hall in the school cafeteria. I think there were about 125 in the room. Most were serving time for truancy, several tardies, profanity, or insubordination with teachers. As an honor student and student leader in many clubs, I know I stood out. When they called the roll, I remember one teacher smiling and looking at me when she saw me stand to show I was there.

What happened was I woke up at 6 a.m. like I do every morning. Mom and my sister were in the bathroom so I bypassed it. I had to pee, but I ate breakfast and then drove to school because I had to run an honor society meeting at 7. I got there just in time and would have been late if I stopped to use one of the two bathrooms I passed in getting to the lecture hall. So the meeting happened, it took about 45 minutes, and I hurried to the bathroom since my bladder was hurting. What I feared was actually worse. The largest bathroom near my 1st hour class was packed. Someone was in each of the 20 stalls. Even the 3 with no doors had someone on the stool. The aroma from crap was pretty thick. I remember that is pretty common at that time of the morning. Some of the my fellow students get pretty nasty when they stand in line waiting, waiting and not seeing anyone get off the toilet. Two girls right in front of me were reading their phone messages and I slithered around them because I saw legs move in the stall. The girl came out, still pulling up her underwear and jeans and asked me if the 5 minute warning bell had rung. It was very noisy and I told her I wasn't sure. I ran for the toilet door, had to work on shutting the very bent door so that the latch would work, saw some really profane carvings in the paint, and while I was still turned around, I yanked down my jeans and black thong, placing my butt on the faded black seat. As I sat I pulled out my phone, saw that I had about 3 minutes to drain my bladder and get up two flights of stairs to math class. I moved my legs. I was alarmed that I wasn't draining. I pushed myself back on the seat, squeaking a bit but I wasn't worried about drawing attention, because I desperately needed to pee.

From between my legs I smelled terrible stench. So much so that I stood and and almost puked when I saw the shit of several others stacked so high that it was above the water line in the bowl. I reseated myself above the stench and a trickle of pee started. I knew I was getting dangerous close to bell time. So I decided to hold it in, pull up my thong and jeans and as I was opening the door with one hand and buttoning my jeans with the other, I bumped right into an assistant principal who was yelling for the others to clear out and get to class. She also was yelling about some flushing rule. When she looked in my bowl, she didn't like what she saw. Since I was leaving and hadn't flushed, she asked for my ID card and told me I had a Saturday School. Just then the bell rang, to explain my situation with her would cause me more problems upstairs, I just kept my mouth shut and went to class. Luckily for me we had a substitute that seemed really inexperienced. She didn't even ask me for a pass.

I was burning between my legs for almost all of 1st hour. I knew there was a bathroom right across the hall from our room and 20 minutes into the lecture I lucked out when the fire alarm went off. It was a blessing. I don't think I could have held it much longer. I would have had an accident. Since our teacher was still in the room, I detoured across the hall to the bathroom. The burst from my bladder came about a half second before my butt hit the seat and my deluge went for at least 2 minutes. I was shaking because I knew I could be written up for leaving our class. Rather than stand out in walking into the parking lot alone, I decided to sit until I heard the others coming back in. I think it was about 10 minutes but luckily the toilet was pretty clean, had been regularly flushed and I wasn't being insulted by any drawings or markings on the door staring at me. Only my friend Carrie-Anne, who is in the class, noticed I wasn't outside. After school she asked me about it. I told her the whole story. She said I was treated unfairly and should have had my mom appeal my case. She suggested that after serving my time on Saturday that I get rid of my frustrations by doing a golden shower into a sink. She also suggested crapping into a container and then throwing it over a panel and onto an administrator's desk.

I wanted to, but didn't. Rather at noon when I was released I went to the travel center where I work and took my shit in the bathroom there. Then I did 6 hours of customer service and inventory work.

To constipeted girl:

9 days with no poo can be a fecal impaction. You might need an enema bag to get the poop out. You could do that on your own or go to the doctor.

You could also add a larger amount of fat, butter or olive oil to your diet. Oils can ease the passage of a large stool.

Prune juice may help as well. Drink a glass, warm preferbly, with a glass of water. This works for my wife and her sister very well. It has been known to not work for some as well.

Ovwr the counter constipation medication may work. You could try that.

If you have already tried the above, please, see a medical professional.

To Brandy:
Hot story. Lucky boyfriends you and Sam have.

Speaking of dressing up, I love to watch elegant women take a dump. The scene in Eyes Wide Shut, with Nicole Kidman dressed in a gown, on the toilet, is a great example. She peed, which does nothing for me, but the image's nice.


To Michelle.

Hi Michelle,
Oh your story was amazing to read about when you had to go so bad. I felt sorry for you when you descibed it. You defently had bad luck that day with your co-worker next stall.

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Mystery Poster it sounds like that mom and daughter both had good poops.

To: Anna it sounds like you had a rough day.

To: Michelle great story about your big poop at work it sounds like you made the right choice to not try and hold it until you got home.

To: Brandy great story.

To: Simmee it sounds like you both had good poops.

To: Pierre it sounds like you mother in law was desperate.

To: Kung Poo as always another great story.

To: Natasha great story.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site


Steve A's Survey

1. Have you ever seen or used a bathroom when the stall dividers and doors were missing? Toilets out in the open right next to each other?

I have used a stall without a door once when I was a kid. I had to poop bad, and I was pretty bored with using the first stall always. Also, I didn't care that much because my school was pretty chill about pooping. I literally used to poop in front of my friends when we were changing for PE.

2. What are your thoughts on letting guests use your bathroom? What if they accidently clog the toilet and they tried to fix it, but failed? They are too embarrassed to tell you and they leave right after using your bathroom.

I'm cool with that... When you gotta go, you gotta go. Think about it: If the guest didn't go, they would probably soil themselves. I'd rather have a stinky, clogged bathroom than a guest with a messy pair of pants. When I realize it is my guest's fault for clogging the toilet, I won't prod them or anything... But I might insert it in a private joke between us a few times.

3. Would you buy a porta potty for outside use?

Example: Your kids may use it if they're playing outside or it's an easier option when you're working outside like mowing the lawn and you don't have to go back inside your house just to use the bathroom.

I'm not going to spend money on something like that!

4. Do any sugar free candies like gum or mints affect your bowel habits?

I don't eat those sort of things...

5. Do you avoid to poop in certain places where the toilet paper isn't the best quality?

Yeah, but ONLY if the toilet paper is bad. I'm cool with pooping in public.

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

A Knight in Charmin Armor

A Funny Thought on the way Home

So.......I was driving home from work and had a jazz station on. A song came on that I won't name (and if you know what it is you win a prize but keep the title to yourself please) and I started singing some alternate lyrics to it. About my Honey, who this afternoon texted me saying she felt really uncomfortable because she hasn't pooped since Saturday and is contemplating a laxative this evening. So, in the tradition of a great comedian whose days on this earth were far too short and famously said: "who KNOWS where these thoughts come from?" I give you a poop song of sorts:

My honey regrets
She's unable to poop today.
She went out to brunch with her friends
And overdid it on mimosas, toast, steak, and eggs.
Now her bowels are bound like cement
She cried out the last time that she went.
My honey regrets
She's unable to poop today.......

I hope that made you all smile at least a little bit. That smiling is a huge part of the joy of what we do here, or at least I hope it is for you all!

Take care and see you soon.

so the other day i was at a local mall and there were 6 stalls, 5 regular and 1 handicapped. i went into the first stall for a quick pee. i was still peeing when a mom and her daughter came in. there were few people in the bathroom, one lady who was washing her hands, me, another lady who had just entered the handicap stall, and the mother and daughter. the mom said i need to go potty first, sweetie. and the girl said ok mommy r u going to go number 1 or number 2. the mom seemed embarrassed to speak in front of the people in the bathroom but quietly told her daughter that she was doing number 2. i could see the mothers high heeled sandals and the daughters sparkly light up sneakers under the stall. i heard a small trickle of pee for about 10 seconds as the mom emptied her bladder. then after about 30 seconds i heard the girl saying mommy y r u frowning? in a very strained voice the woman said shh be quiet honey, its just that i cant seem to get my poop out. i saw the womans toes under the stall curl up and her feet were spread out. mommy hurry up i gotta go said the little girl. okay honey just hold on said the mom obviously pushing. small grunts echoed from the bathroom and by this time it was only me and the mother and daughter left. neither mother nor daughter had bothered to look under the stall and didnt realize that i was there. the mom said honey mommy cant get her poo poo out because its too hard okay? mommy will get up and let you go potty and then try again. i could hear the rolling of toilet paper, then the rustling of clothes as the mom and daughter switched spaces. the mom gently lifted the girl up onto the toilet seat and asked her if it was pee or poo. her daughter said i dont know and she was laughing. but apparently the daughter has trouble with constipation cuz the mom asked seriously tell me is it pee or poo? the girl said poo as she peed for about 30 seconds. the mom said mommy knows you didnt go yesterday so you need to go today, okay? the daughter didnt answer cuz she was going UUUUUUUHHHHHH!!!!! the mom obviously thought they were alone because she didnt say anything. the daughter went hnnnnngh nnnnnnnnnnnnghhhh ummmmmmmm ummmmmmmm.... and then after about 5 minutes of pushing, she started to cry. mommy it hurts and it wont come out!!! her mom rolled the toilet paper and wiped her tears. okay baby im going to help you push okay? im going to rub your ???? really hard. even though it hurts you hafta push okay? the daughter tearfully replied okay and the mom said 3.. 2.. 1... PUUUUUUUUSHHHHH!!!! the daughter went UUUUUUUUUUUUHHHHHHHHH!!!! UUUUUUUUHHHHHHHHH!!!!! MMMMMNNNNGHHHH!!!! and i finally heard a plop. the mother made the girl get off the toilet so she could see the poop. baby its not big enough. does it hurt a lot? the girl didnt say anything so i assumed that she was nodding. the mom said let me take off your jacket. i could hear her hanging the jacket on the hook behind the door. okay sweet i need you to push real good. then you can tell daddy when we get home that you got new shoes and your not sick anymore and you got your poo poo out. i could hear the girl pushing as hard as she could. mmmmm ummmph ummmmph ummmmph uuuuuuuhhhhh uuuuuuhhhh UUUUUUUUUHHHHH!!!! mommy its not coming out... mommy my ???? hurts so so much... baby its okay do you think you can do it at home? the girl said yes. okay then bend over so i can wipe you. the mom wiped the daughter and the mom sat on the toilet again. she went nnn nnn nnnn nnnn plop brrrrrrrrr plop plop plop nnnnnnn plop... okay hun im done lets go home. they opened the door washed their hands and left.


Anna's accident

Today I had a small but pretty embarrassing accident! Ok, so this weekend was Remembrance Day, so my roommates and I headed out to the West Coast to spend a few days at Gracie's parents' cabin. On Saturday night we all had a lot to drink and a big dinner. Sunday morning I was the first to get up and I figured I'd better get out for a run to make up for all the food I had stuffed myself with the night before. Everyody else was still asleep so I took off by myself.

I was running a narrow trail through the rainforest and there was nobody else out there. Of course in the middle of my run it suddenly started to rain, lightly at first but then a lot and pretty soon I was soaking wet and splashing through muddy puddles everywhere. Not only that, but my stomach started to act up, too. I remembered that I hadn't had a number two since we got to the cabin and soon my need became more and more urgent. Finally I got to a little lookout above the ocean that I knew had an outhouse. I was determined to use it and quickly headed over only to realise that it was locked for whatever reason. Just then I had a big cramp and I knew I wouldn't be able to hold it much longer. I carefully walked around the outhouse where the overhanging roof had created a small, dry area. It was also protected from views really well by a bunch of huge ferns and shrubs and I decided it was as good a place to do my business as I would be able to find. I quickly pulled down my wet, black yoga pants and my black string and squatted down. Immediately a loud, wet fart slipped out and then I started to pee. A big, hissing stream quickly created a big puddle between my running shoes and about half way through my pee, my bumhole opened with another fart and my first turd started to crackled out. It felt big and was really long. I looked between my legs and saw it curl up on the ground under my rear end. All the while, I was still spraying the forest floor between my shoes with my pee. Then the poo dropped off and my bladder was all empty at last. I felt a big relief already but I knew I needed to get a lot more out of my backdoor. I carefully shuffled around a bit to get more comfortable and then pushed and another big poop started to slide out. That one ended in another fart and then I did a third one which wasn't much smaller either. After that I finally felt empty. I had a second look at the pile of poo between my legs and was surpised how big it was. Three big, long turds all curled up on top of each other. It was also stinking really bad! I quickly got the little package of napkins out of my pocket and started to wipe. I had to rip each napkin in half but I think I did a pretty good job getting my front and my bum clean, while throwing the dirty tp on my poo.

Then it happened! I was shuffling around in the little narrow space under the outhouse roof trying to pull my wet yoga pants up over my bum when I totally stepped into my poo!! My left running shoe had landed full on in the pile of turds and dirty tp! I immediately turned bright red, even though nobody was around and I felt like the biggest idiot ever! For a moment I was just frozen! Then I carefully lifted my foot and tried to scrape it on the ground to get it clean. That didn't work very well, but I did manage to get at least the dirty napkins off. I pulled my pants up and threw some leaves and dirt over my poo. I examined my poopy running shoes and it looked pretty bad but at least nothing had gotten on my socks. I took a minute to compose myself and then I started to run back. I made sure to step into as many puddles as I could because I figured that would clean off some of the poop and it woul also get me a good excuse to clean my shoes back at the cabin. When I got back I was totally soaked and muddy up to my knees. Luckily there was a hose outside and when I used it to wash and scrub my shoes they were now mostly muddy. So I did get away with this embarrassing accident and I didn't tell anybody except this forum. I hope you all enjoyed my story and that everybody is well!


Good memory of a friend

When I was about 12 years old, I had a neighbor the same age as me who lived down the street a bit. We had finished dinner in our own homes and then met up to ride bikes with friends. We had been riding bikes around the neighborhood and it got to a point where I could tell that my friend needed to take a poop. She always had to go a little while after dinner while we rode bikes and she used to hold it back as long as she could, probably because she didn't want to miss out on any fun. But she used to get this look on her face that told me she was holding it in. I could also smell farts coming out of her when I rode behind her, and she also seemed to be clenching her butt cheeks around the bike seat. Eventually she would begin talking in a strained voice and seemed to be too preoccupied with concentrating on holding the poop back so she was not as involved in the conversations. Eventually she pulled me aside and whispered, I have to go number 2 really bad! We were closer to my house so we told our friends we would be right back. She was riding really fast and I was trying to keep up with her. When we got to the door, she threw her bike down and raced inside. She did not mind me coming in with her when she went, so I followed close behind. We ran into the bathroom and slammed the door. She was in the process of pulling her pants down when I heard footsteps coming. It was my mom, she had heard the slamming of the bathroom door. I whispered, wait a minute before you start. I didn't want my mom to know I was in the bathroom while my friend pooped. My friend sat on the toilet with her cheeks clenched tightly together as my mom knocked on the door and called my name. I answered, yes mom? She said, what are you doing in there? I looked at my friend who was sweating and squirming and looking up at me with pleading eyes. I called out, my friend and I are brushing each other's hair. My mom said, ok. My friend whispered, can I please go now? I whispered, wait one more minute. My friend whispered, it's so hard to hold this back, it's starting to poke out of my hole. She was more desperate than I had ever seen her before. I listened at the door and waited for my mom to walk away. Finally I heard her footsteps as she walked away. I looked at my friend and gave a nod. Her eyes remain locked on mine and her face turned red as she started to give a push and let the monster turd go. She groaned in relief and all I heard was a long crackling noise as the log made it's way out of her hole. It started to smell so bad in the bathroom. I just watched and listened as she stayed seated and had a few more pushes and plops. When she was done, she looked in the bowl and gasped. I looked too, the log was humongous! And there were a few little pieces laying on top. I could not believe something that big could come out of someone. She said it was the worst she had to go ever, and it was the most relieving feeling she ever felt. It took several wipes and then she flushed the monster down. We snuck out of the bathroom past my mom and went out to continue bike riding, my friend feeling a lot better.


Stitches were it hurts

Hello everyone who is reading this! I'm a new poster but a long stalker on this site. Ima 19 year old light build woman. Today I'm gonna tell you a short story. :D

When I was 17 I was jumping on a trampoline and I fell of of it and landed on a empty beer bottle witch Shaded into glass pieces. On of the glass pieces went into my right butt check. I got rushed to the hospital and ended up getting stitches where the glass was. I was prescribed Tylenol 3 and motria.
Within that week the only thing I did was lay on my stomach. I couldn't sit because it hurt to much. I remember two day after I got the cut I felt the urge to poop so I told my dad. I rolled over onto my side and he put paper towel down were I was laying. I slipped of my panties and rolled back onto my stomach. As soon as I did liquid poop came out of my bottom and made my butt a mess. I started crying because it hurt so much. It's a good thing i did not have to push very hard. After 2 minutes of non stop liquid 5 soft nuggets came out. I thought I was done pooping. dad picked me up and put me in the bathtub and I showered myself down.Luckily the cut healed fast and after a week the stitches were removed.


To Carla

It sounds like your experience with pooping your panties on purpose was similar to mine. Only you were quite a bit smarter in putting on old panties before and then just throwing them away. You were also quite smart to remove your name tag before you throw them away. It would indeed be quite embarrassing if someone you knew found those pooped-in panties and saw your name in them.

That actually happened in 7th grade to a girl in my school. I never got the story of how she managed to have an accident at school, but somehow she did and somehow she managed to get the girls' room without anybody finding out. In the girls' room she apparently went about cleaning herself (which couldn't have been easy using the school's one-ply toilet paper) and ditched her soiled panties in the girls' room garbage can. Later that day, some girl was apparently smelled something awful in the garbage can and went to have a look. She, of course, then found the soiled panties with that poor girl's name stitched right in them. Of course, the news of this -- as well as numerous cell phone pictures -- quickly spread throughout the school.

That poor girl never lived down the humiliation of that experience. For months, even years, after that incident, every time she went to the bathroom at school someone would say something like "So you decided to use the toilet this time" or "congratulations on being toilet trained" or similar things. Of course, the teasing was the worst in the months immediately following her accident, she'd still get the occasional comment even throughout high school. During our sophomore year in high school for several months they had removed the individual stall doors from all the stalls in order to combat smoking in there. That was bad for all of us but a lot worse for her. In that, she was still know for her accident and was still getting teased about it, people would pay a lot more attention to her using the bathroom than the rest of us. And with no stall doors you could actually tell if a girl in there was only going #1 or whether it was #2, as well. And, of course, a #2 for her was the perfect occasion for "I'm glad you decided to use the toilet this time" or some other obnoxious comment. I really don't know how she managed to deal with that.

Anyway, it's good that you removed your name tag from your messy panties and thanks for responding to my post.


Fear accidents?

The other day my friend told me her dog pees when it gets scared. It got me wondering, does that ever happen to human too? I've heard of it but never seen. Could you actually get so scared you poop yourself as well? If anyone has any instances feel free to share

Optional Person

Hi guys.

Awesome detail Karen - I absolutely love it when I can see my corn in my poop. isn't it fun to see bits of food in our turds?

Jennifer awesome stories! I drink a lot of water at school and then sometimes go to get fast food, and end up hiding in the garage at home, and filling up my fast food drink cup with warm yellow pee and then toss it in the grass! I think it is cool you like to pee in your car, it is unique.


Response to Shy Girl

I know the problem of using public bathrooms pretty well. Being a couple of feet shorter than many of my peers didn't make the situation easier a few years ago when I had to deal with it.

1. Try pooping away from school first. That could be in a 2-stall toilet in a park or better yet a gas station. You'll have more privacy than in a huge bathroom. And chances are you won't know anyone else that sees you go in or is in there too. Unisex or family friendly bathrooms in stores or restaurants are also good places in which to get experience. They are small and not used that much.

2. Before going into the bathroom make sure your crap is ready to drop. that way you will be on the seat for the least amount of time and there is less chance of losing your privacy. Flush immediately after you know you are done. This will control the smell if another person walks in when you are leaving the stall and wonders what died in there. We have to accept the fact that all crap is going to smell.

3. Especially at places like the larger restrooms at school, wipe yourself quickly from the seat. Anyone looking in from the crack will have less to see that way.

4. On days you are constipated, have taken a laxative, or will be at school for longer hours, plan to wear a dress. That has saved me several times when I've had to save time by taking a toilet without a door in order to make it to class on time. Sometimes one of my friends will be in a line, see me in such a vulnerable position, and then stand as a shield in the doorway while I do my thing. Then she takes the toilet and I do the same thing for her.

5. Volunteer when a teacher needs someone to go to the office, get something out of her car, etc. That provides an opportunity for you to go to the bathroom too without raising your hand or making any notice of your need.

6. If your school is huge, like mine is, walk around the place to find smaller bathrooms that will offer more privacy. At my school there's a two-staller in the music and drama wing. It is used by fewer students than the main building ones, everything is cleaner and I have yet to see a toilet overflowing there. Oh yes, my butt doesn't stick to the seat like in some of the more heavily used bathrooms.


Urgent work dump

Hi all, I had an incident at work the other day that I thought I would share. I am extremely poop shy and will only go in public restrooms if it is a dire emergency. I was at work the other day and I think I ate something for lunch that didn't agree with me. To add to that, I had not pooped in several days so I was very backed up. I sat at my desk and felt this monster poop moving through my stomach. I was really hoping to hold it until I got home. I was clenching my cheeks hard and sitting on my heel at my desk. I was getting red in the face and my butt hurt from the effort of holding so much poop inside, and I knew I wasn't going to make it until I got home. I hesitantly got up from my desk and headed to the 2 stall bathroom at work and took the second stall. I was fumbling to undo my belt and zipper as the poop started slowly making its way out of my butt. Suddenly, I hear the main door to the restroom open and a co worker came in to use the first stall. I was starting to sit down but I quickly stood back up and clenched my cheeks back together. I pushed them together with my hands with all of my might, I did not want my co worker to hear me release this humongous poop. I was shaking and sweating and breathing hard, listening to my co worker pee, wipe and flush. My stomach was trying to push this poop out so hard, and I was doing everything in my power to stop it. My co worker washed her hands and I could feel my hole trying so hard to open. As soon as I heard her head out of the bathroom, I allowed myself to collapse on the toilet and this huge hard log started to rush through my anus. My hole was opened completely and I let out a loud grunting noise as several days worth of poop crackled out of my butt in a 2 foot long, 2 inch wide log. I sat there with a feeling of ecstasy as more little thin, soft pieces of poop effortlessly made their way out and I groaned in relief. It took a lot of wiping and when I was finally done and out of the bathroom, some of the co workers who have desks by the bathroom complained about the smell which is one of the reasons why I hate using public restrooms. I don't think they knew it was me, and at least they didn't hear me go because that is the most private intimate part in my opinion.


Poop and pee questions for other girls

1.Whenever you have had diarrhea have you also had to pee as well?

2. Whenever you have to go poop do you also have to go pee and if you do what do you usually do 1st then 2nd?

3. Do you pee in the shower?

4. Have you ever farted and pee'd a little bit?

5. Do you wear pads for bladder control reasons?


Halloween Party Poo

Hi it's me again I haven't posted a story on this sitem in awhile so today I thought I would share one from a few weeks ago that happened at my companies annual Halloween party.

So me and my fiance Brian had just arrived at my works Halloween party which theme for this year was characters in video games. So I dressed up as Cortana from halo and Brian was the Master Chief. The party was going extremely well seeing everyone in their costumes was exciting. About an hour or so after arriving the food was served. The party was catered by Dickeys Barbecue pit. The food was awesome and I admit that I probably ate way to much but was having tons of fun socializing with Brian and my co workers so I didn't think to much of it. Well an hour or so after we ate I started feeling discomfort in my bowels so I knew I needed to head to the ladies room for a good bowel movement. I found Brian taking to some of my co workers and let him know I was stepping away for a few and headed to the ladies room. When I had arrived at the ladies room there wasn't any wait it was a fairly large restroom with about 40 stalls 20 on each wall that faced each other. There were about 8 stalls being used so I picked the one on the end closest to the wall. I pulled down my Cortana costume and sat on the toilet. As I was sitting on the toilet waiting to poop my friend Samantha walked in and sat on the toilet in the stall next to me. Sam was dressed as Lora croft from tomb raider, she actually looked really cute in the costume. As we both sat there waiting Sam said Hi Brandy enjoying the party? I responded with of course it's awesome. There was a few moments of silence which was broken by a tinkling sound coming from Sam's stall, I relaxed and began tinkling myself. Sam let out a bowl echoing fart and with a crackle her turd emerged and hit the water with a plop. OH sorry she said, I ate to much didn't want to gross u out Brandy. I said it's okay and let out a fart as two plops hit the water. As the next turd started crackling out of me I began tinkling again and with a plop the next turd hit the water I finished tinkling and sat in silence. Sam then farted a few times pffft, pffft and I heard 3 loud plops splash in the bowl. She than began tinkling as the final turd crackled out of her. I dropped 2 final turds and as I was about to wipe from their seated position, Sam asked me hey Brandy after you wipe could you come take a picture of me sitting on the toilet, I want to send it to nate he loves Lora croft and I want to give him a special keepsake. I said sure that's an awesome idea, and asked if she could do the same for me for Brian. Two things Brian loves it's cortana and me sitting on the pot so this is the best of both. Of course she said, so I finish wiping and pull up my costuff and go over to Sam's stall she let's me in. So there Sam is sitting on the pot, brown shorts pulled down to her knees, white muscle shirt resting on her hips and her black hair in a pony tail. Sam is very attractive and is very curvy in the hip area so her pale white hips were hanging over the edge of the bowl. She poses with her fake pistol and I snap the pic with her phone. I tell her nate is going to enjoy that. She smiles wipes from a seated position flushes and switches places with me. I pull down my cortana costume to my knees and sit on the toilet with my pale hips hanging over the bowl. Sitting there I see Sam smile she said this looks awesome someone is going to enjoy their gift. I chuckle readjust my pose and Sam snaps the picture.

We head out of the ladies room and find our fiances and give them their gifts. Brian was very happy and when we got home I recreated the picture live, and the rest of the night was a fun one

Well that's my story hope you enjoyed


Responses and update on the Girls

JW: Thank you for your response! I do think I would be self-conscious if I were grunting and other people were in the restroom or overhearing outside the door!

Braidy: Great post! Always good to hear from you!

As you know, one of the things that Alan and I have been working on is our diet. The family has pretty much grown accustomed to eating like I do - with fiber-rich foods, including vegetables, fruits, beans, and whole grains. We do eat meat from time to time, but primarily chicken and fish. We eat lots of vegetarian recipes. Alan and the girls have noticed major changes in their bowel movements.

"Zoe," the youngest, tickles me because she has no shame. She is in the second grade and will fart and poop shamelessly. We were so worried about her that we even asked her teacher about her manners at school. The teacher said she was just fine. So far, Zoe has not pooped at school.

However, Chloe has. In fact, she pooped at school twice this past week. She came home crying Thursday, which was the last day of school since Friday was Veteran's Day because she took a really big poop at school. She said that she wanted to wait until she got home but had no choice but to ask the teacher to let her go. She said that when she got back, it was obvious from how long she was gone that she had a bowel movement. One of the guys blurted out, "Chloe, you must have taken a dump!" She said that she turned red and the teacher got on to the student. The other time was Monday and she said that she had to go after PE, but nobody laughed at her. But she was still embarrassed.

I asked if other girls pooped at school and she said she knew a few times when she was in the bathroom and someone was pooping or having diarrhea.

But she is regular, which is a blessing! And, she is getting over the awkwardness. I just told her that it was something that everyone does.

Oh the joys of parenthood!

Love to all!



please help advice

First of all, i really like thsi site. i need advice on something. i am 13 and have a brother named chris whose 12. chris sometimes does the bathroom in his pants (pee and poop) because he holds it too long and plays video games. i also had my share of accidents for the same reason, and also because i don't like using school toilets. i will hold my poop in and then do an accidents in my underwear. but i am better at hiding the evidence from my grandma, than chris is. She thinks i'm her good boy, who rarely messes or wets himself, but chris is the bad boy. so the other day, i was walking home from school. i had held a big poop in ally day. when I got close to my house, i just let go and a huge dump filled my underwear, and it stunk!i also peed a little. I got home and hid the underwear in a bag, and placed it behind the toilet while i got cleaned up. But my grandma came home and found the bag and was MAD! She blamed chris and is thretning to make chris wear pampers. I feel bad for him and want to tell the truth, but its too embarasing to admit to doing a big mess in my underwear. Plus, i think my grandma will get even more pissed at me since i'm older! What should i do?

Steve A


To Karen C (Cali) - You seem to get sick more often than I do, but I guess it just depends on how often you catch the the illness. I normally don't get sick too often. I haven't had a virus or the flu in a long time and I live in a communal dorm. I must be doing something right to clean myself healthy. I recently got over a cold with a sore throat along with it. I take supplements and vitamins and I notice that they seem to help me with my health.

Question: Growing up, were you prone to catching illnesses more than your friends or family? And how often do you get sick in a month?

Honestly, you probably go to places everyday where the illnesses 'go around'.

To Jennifer G - It's always hard to tell someone that. But, in some cases, enough is enough or the thought: 'I can't stand you anymore' goes through your head. Her maturity level didn't go well with you and there was no telling on if it would improve or not over a period of time. Nonetheless, it's over and you will most likely find other girls to do it.

Question: Would you only let girls pee in your car? Would you let guys pee in your car if they traveled with you and you both end up in the 'traffic pee problem'?

To Catherine: My answers to reasons you may not enjoy pooping:

1. The urge to go is not that strong when we decide to go, for whatever reason:

Now, I always hope that the urge builds up to a good point for me. It's faster for diarrhea, but slower for regular urges. The normal urges start slow, then build up slowly until there's a 100% need to go. I can most likely tell by my urge if the poop will be a good one or not. A good poop for me is a 1 foot long log or between 8-12 inches (which is normal for me). A struggle poop for me is when I push out balls or pieces and it takes a little more effort from me.

2. The amount of poop is small:

This happens when I usually eat too much of a food in a day that includes a lack of fiber and it may cause mild constipation. I have a struggle poop when this occurs. I always try to have a balance of breads, meat, and fruits/vegetables.

3. Lack of privacy:

The stall doors are missing or in rare cases, the stall dividers and doors are missing and the toilets are out in the open!

Also, unisex bathrooms may cause some people to feel uncomfortable, but I'm comfortable with using them.

4. Lack of time:

In school. The teacher may be strict on time or you just may have no time at all to go between classes. Also, the crowds in the hallway bathrooms affect this too.

5. Unpleasant symptoms such as cramping, chronic constipation or diarrhea, or conditions like Crohn's can make it unbearable:

Sometimes, we have difficult yet embarrassing moments. It's the thing that makes people feel hesitant to use a public bathroom when they struggle with these conditions in public. At home, we feel free and we just let it all out. Seeing a doctor is also a good idea if your condition is serious.

6. Being shamed about pooping:

Your family or yourself can be at blame for this. Your family may have told you again and again that you shouldn't use public bathrooms. (Wait until you get home). Also, you could be dealing with public restroom shyness. You may get over it overtime, but it's hard to get over what your family has told you when you were still living with them. Especially at a young age when you believe everything your family has told you.

7. Being ashamed of pooping:

This is stereotyped towards girls. Girls are taught to act ladylike and that pooping and farting is supposed to be done in private. Although this is true, some girls may believe this even when they live with their boyfriends or husbands. When your girlfriend never poops or farts around you, you may begin feel a sense of tension from her. From constantly excusing herself to go to the bathroom just to fart to when she has to cut some dates and visits short due to her need to poop. Some girls don't want guys to think of them as disgusting and unladylike when they poop and fart. They think that it'll be turn them off towards them.

Girls need to understand that pooping is natrual. On the outside, they want to act all nice and pretty but on the inside, they feel like that pooping and farting should be done in private at home. This leads to problems with going to the bathroom due to holding it in and an ashamed feeling of pooping in some cases.

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