Mr. Clogs

Pooped my undies and peed in my car!

Okay this is a two part story, I'll start with Monday morning getting ready to go to a job site. I was getting ready to take a shower I had the urge to poop. I just drank 2 cups of coffee to get things moving. I was getting a wash cloth from my dresser and I let out a fart than starting filling my red briefs. I stopped the flow after I got my wash cloth and waddled my way to the bathroom. I had more poop to crap out, I got into a squatting position and finished pooping in my pants. I removed my now sticky and stinky poop filled undies and dumped the poop in the toilet and rinsed the residue off my red briefs and took my shower. Now today I'm embarrassed to post this story because I peed in my car seat while filling a bottle. I know Jennifer G, Car Mom and toilet car would be proud of. I knew I should have used the bathroom before I left another job site and used the wide mouth bottles I keep for emergency pees. So I had to pee really bad, I had a bottle of water that I had taken with me to drink. Luckily it was dark outside and had some privacy. I tried to pee in the tiny mouth opening with my small manhood which made a mess! I end up peeing in my pants and soaking into the car seat! I kept some napkins in my glove compartment to soak up the pee and dry off with. So I turned the heat on since it was getting cold and help dry my pants faster. I had to drive and let alone changing gears "I drive a stick shift" was not fun. I got to Lowes and disposed of the urine soaked napkins and paper towels put it into the plastic grocery bag, and empty urine filled bottle and threw it away. I had a towel in the trunk of my car and sat on it to help dry off my bottom. I went to the liquor store to buy a beer and a lottery ticket. My pants felt a bit dry but still damp. So I got home and got undressed and put on my pajamas pants and t-shirt. My pants and undies smell like pee now, it'll come out during laundry day.

Jennifer G: Wow, that's crazy. Megan took it to heart. Hopefully you can find someone else to pee in your car. I know you don't do poop in your car, but would you give them something to poop in if they had the urge to? I enjoy your posts and keep the posts coming.




How many times a day do you poop?
Usually Once

How many times do you usually wipe?

Last time you pooped in a public bathroom?
Bathroom on college campus. I had to really poop in the afternoon and just couldn't hold it anymore. I usually like using my own toilet, but had no choice but to leave class and poop.

Are you a regular pooper? If so what time of the day?
Yes usually afternoon around 4ish.

Ever poop on a plane bathroom? Explain?

Annie (Anny)

No problems with constipation anymore

Hi everyone :) Hopefully everyone's doing well and keeping warm as the weather is becoming quite chilly. But that's November for you. To remind everyone, I'm Annie from Toronto. I'm 30 now, 5'11, 145 ish pounds and have brown hair and hazel (brown-green) eyes. Anyway, I've been having no problems pooping anymore. I haven't even needed to use my laxative anymore. I found the perfect alternative. A diet change to a much healthier diet, full of fibre, fruits, vegetables, etc, plenty of water (both warm and cold) and as much exercise as possible. It's proven to be much healthier and much more effective for my body which I'm very happy about.

I still drink coffee but I've switched to black coffee rather than double double and that gives my body a good clean-out. Right after meals, I get a strong urge to go and it usually produces a huge amount of soft poop. I'm very happy and feel much healthier now.

Happy pooping everyone!

Annie :)


To Annie

I thought that was incredibly brave for you to share your "experiment" on this forum. Without being too detailed, having had my fourth "solid" accident since my teen years (I'm 36), one of the reasons that I think it felt better than you described is because the poop was firm all four times.

Too, both times I was standing, which gave room for the poop to expand without smooshing everywhere.

For me, anyway, there is always a great feeling to poop when the load will be firm and large. And when the accidents happened, it was almost like a feeling of euphoria. It's weird, I know.

Anyway, I hated to hear about your embarrassment around your brother and his friend, but I don't think anyone should be ashamed about curiosity about how their body works. Hope you are well!





Vincene: Thank you for your responses about my post on why you may not enjoy pooping. It's ironic that bigger and bulkier poops are quicker and easier to pass, but I find it true. I hope that you have some enjoyable experiences though!

Imogen: I agree about clean and private facilities. I know that everyone's bowels function differently, but for me, having a bowel movement at home and in private is one of the most relaxing things. We are building a new home and we really worked to design a nice, relaxing master suite bathroom.

Carla: Thank you for sharing your experience! Welcome!

Karen C: I hope that you are feeling better!

Kamryn: Thankful you were able to poop and had a friend to help!

Love to all!



Reintroduction and story

Hi everyone, I'm Jacob. I posted a few times here a long time ago but I've been reading for a while and decided that I would try and get back into posting again. So here we go.

I'm a 19-year-old white guy. I am in my freshman year of college. I'm about 5'10" and slim/athletic build. I like reading stories on this site and I also enjoy going to the bathroom (pee and poop). I have a girlfriend who lets me be with her when she goes sometimes, so in addition to any of my stories that I hope to tell, I can provide some about her too.

So to start off, yesterday I was in my dorm in bed when I got the urge to poop. It had only been a day since I had last pooped but my schedule is kind of sporadic. Some days I go twice a day, others I go 3 or 4 days without pooping. Anwyway, I was planning on showering soon, as I was going out in about half an hour. I decided that I would try and poop before my shower, so I would be all fresh for the night. I put on my shower sandals and grabbed my towel and caddy with soap and shampoo and walked in my boxers to the hall bathroom. The way the bathroom on my floor is set up, there is a row of sinks, with two entrances on either side. To the right and left of the row of sinks are two urinals and 4 stalls each. Walking past the stalls and behind the sinks brings you to the row of 8 showers. So I walked in and went to the far stall. I was kind of pushing already just to make sure the urge wouldn't go away. I entered and put down all of my stuff on the ledge of the window (the stall is covering part of a large frosted window so there is a gap where you can put stuff), pulled down my boxers, and sat down. I took out my phone and was reading and texting. I farted once, and then began to slowly push out a large and soft log. It was probably about 10 inches long. I pushed it out and continued to sit. I kept doing stuff on my phone. I felt that there was more up there so I pushed again, this time getting a smaller log out (maybe 5 inches) and then I continued to sit and do small pieces for the next few minutes. The smell was certainly noticeable, but I usually don't mind my own smell. Finally I felt that I was done, and I started to wipe. I only wiped a couple of times, even though I was not by any means clean, because I knew that I was about to shower and could get clean in there. I also have a lot of hair back there, so it's very hard for me to ever get completely clean without a shower. I flushed and stood up, gathered my things, and washed my hands. I then took a shower and finished the cleaning in there.

I would like to say that I really enjoy reading everyone's stories here. I hope that you all continue to post. Also I hope any old posters who still read this site feel inclined to start up again. If anyone has any questions or story requests, I would be more than happy to answer, so I will keep an eye out in the coming days. I know this turned into kind of a lengthy read, but I promise that the following posts won't be so long.

Thank you all for having me again,

Steve A


1. Have you ever seen or used a bathroom when the stall dividers and doors were missing? Toilets out in the open right next to each other?

2. What are your thoughts on letting guests use your bathroom? What if they accidently clog the toilet and they tried to fix it, but failed? They are too embarrassed to tell you and they leave right after using your bathroom.

3. Would you buy a porta potty for outside use?

Example: Your kids may use it if they're playing outside or it's an easier option when you're working outside like mowing the lawn and you don't have to go back inside your house just to use the bathroom.

4. Do any sugar free candies like gum or mints affect your bowel habits?

5. Do you avoid to poop in certain places where the toilet paper isn't the best quality?

constipeted girl


I have constipated for 9 days and today is 10th day. I have tried all ways to poop but I can't make the solid and huge turds out. Do you have any advice for me? TT



I suffer from constipation and to relieve it I take lots of make the movements very comfortable but my bowels move at all different times which is a bit of a bother.


Story and response to Catherine's post

Hello again everyone! I haven't posted in a while since I've been quite busy but I have been reading and I found Catherine's post about why you may not enjoy pooping to be of interest to me.

1. The urge to go is not that strong when we decide to go, for whatever reason. One thing that makes me look forward to going to the bathroom is the urge to go. When it is strong, it almost raises my energy levels and makes me feel more alive. However, I've even had a few that did not have a strong urge and the feeling is not the same.

I agree that the best dumps occur when preceeded by a strong urge. Usually I can tell what kind of dump (hard, firm, big, small, loose, runny, etc.) based on the urge and how much pressure I feel. I have, however had some deceptive dumps, but generally, good, enjoyable dumps are preceeded by a strong urge.

Some suggestions: Add fiber and more water to your diet, and do not sit on the toilet until you feel the poop in your rectum.

2. The amount of poop is small. The best poops are those that have a substantial volume - whatever the consistency. Extra fiber and water, along with a good diet of whole grains, vegetables, beans, fruit, and other high-fiber foods makes the stool more bulky.

Similar to #1 on this list, the urge generally provides me of an idea of what kind of dump I'm going to have, and small dumps are usually preceeded by less urgency. I enjoy the relief of releasing a three pound load better than a couple small rabbit turds. My dumps vary greatly, probably due to my unhealthy diet and crazy, hectic schedule.

3. Lack of privacy. Let's face it, we all feel a little embarrassed to poop in public or around our family and friends. One the best things is to train your body to poop at regular times. Usually, I will have a bowel movement two to two and a half hours after waking up. By then I've gone for a run and I've had two breakfasts and a cup of coffee. But I have to get up early in the morning. I've always been an early riser, and am wide awake when I wake up. But that gives me time to do my routine before going to work. Usually Alan has left with the girls before I poop, but I've had to go while he's still there, and I feel comfortable to go in front of him. Also, when I need to, I can shut the door without being bothered.

I recently moved into an apartment with my mom and her boyfriend, and at first, I would try to poop while they were at work, but I've gradually became more comfortable going when he's around. I'm quite embarrassed about going in public, particularly because I often fart a lot while I poop, and when I use public restrooms, it's often when I have diarrhea, but when I need to go #2 in public, I try to find large restrooms in hope that others will have loud dumps, and I won't draw as much attention to myself.

4. Lack of time. Again, we have to plan to be regular. Being rushed does not make pooping enjoyable.

I like to take my time, oftentimes watching YouTube while dumping, which can help to take my mind off of any embarrassing noises, while sacrificing speed, since once I watch one video, it turns into a dozen videos, which can sometimes have me on the can so long that my legs go numb and I have to get up and then sit back down again to get the blood flowing again.

5. Unpleasant symptoms such as cramping, chronic constipation or diarrhea, or conditions like Crohn's can make it unbearable. See a doctor!

I absolutely hate constipation, while I don't really mind mild diarrhea. Severe diarrhea or diarrhea accompanied by belching, nausea, cramping or vomiting is unpleasant. I don't mind occasional wide and firm logs, but can't stand the huge, thick, rock hard logs that tear apart my butt. I don't get those often, but when I do, the waterworks really do flow!

6. Being shamed about pooping. I have really had to work with Alan's oldest daughter to become comfortable with pooping. We've tried to make the bathroom a good environment at home, and we've tried to encourage her to go and we do not draw attention to the fact that she is going. Pooping is a normal function of the body. So is farting. It is healthy to do both regularly. And, it needs to be OK at home.

I've never been shamed by anyone I know, but it doesn't make it any less embarrassing to use a public restroom and come out 15 minutes later. Actually, I take that back (I deliberately left the first part in to show how suddenly it went from shame-free to shamed).I was shamed by this mean Au Pair who I mentioned in a previous post. He would accuse me of mastrubating when I pooped and treated farting the way you would expect someone to treat murder or burglary. But none of this happened until I turned 13, by then I was fine with going with my parents around.

7. Being ashamed of pooping. Maybe it's not others. Maybe for whatever reason, you are ashamed of pooping. Healthy shame is a good thing. I prefer that as opposed to being gross. However, the only way to overcome shame is just to do it. If you are in public, go ahead and go. Don't hold it, unless you are trying to increase the pressure. Just go.

I'm sometimes ashamed of the noises and smells produced, but for some reason am oftentimes quite proud of my final product. Yes, I flush since I don't want to worry about the smell, plus it would be embarrassing to be caught by my parents forgetting to flush. I once caught mom forgetting to flush, and I called her out, and although we are pretty close, she would tease me about it (in a joking manner, of course).

I also have a story relating to this. Once, when we went to take my brother back to his school in Wisconsin (he goes to a school for special needs kids, and comes home most weekends), I began feeling the pressure. Although the urge subsided by the time we reached the gas station, when I went to pee in the bathroom, I decided I should go since the urge had been strong earlier. I found an empty stall, which was a bit dirty, but I didn't care (my brother I mentioned sometimes poops on the toilet seat, or more often, smears it there, so dirty toilets don't faze me, and no, I don't use seat covers), sat down, farted, and began my bowel movement. I tried to be quiet, but as I heard others farting (I even heard one guy with diarrhea come in), I began to grow less bashful about being loud. The pressure kicked in (I hadn't gone in 2 days), and without much effort, soft logs and farts just slipped out. After about 10-15 minutes, I decided to finish up since I still wanted to buy a drink and some gum for mom, so I just relaxed, pushed softly, and it rapidly came out. The smell was atrocious, as the poo was sticking out a good inch or so above the water line. I wiped, careful not to cover my pile (which was quite large), and left. If it wasn't for the auto flush, I wouldn't have flushed, since I was so proud, but the auto flush had to take it away, but only partially, since the toilet clogged, although since it was soft, I'm sure a second flush would've done the job. I then washed my hands, checked in with mom since I had been gone 20 minutes or so, and then got myself some food and drink, and left feeling a good 3 pounds lighter, with plenty of room for my food. That was also the first time I clogged a public toilet (other than the hotel story, which I don't really count since it was in my room) with my poop, rather than toilet paper (when I was young, I used to use at least half a roll of toilet paper, sometimes more, and then my poor mom would have to shove her hand in and fish out the excess toilet paper). Anyways, I'd better get to bed, but I'll post more later.

to Kamryn


Hey I really liked your story about a constipated poop at your friends house!:) Do you usually get constipated like this? Have you ever pooped with your friend? Have you ever had to help her to take a shit? Please share some stories:)

Love xD


Moving up in 4th grade

When I was in 4th grade a teacher thought I could fill a role for a little girl in our city's all-high school play that was being planned. With the help of my parents and my teacher I got the script, memorized my part, and got the role. That meant practice at a high school theater two times a week after school and on Saturdays. Between my mom and Mimi, this high school girl who was so encouraging to me, I got picked up at my grade school and driven to the high school where each practice lasted 3 to 4 hours. Some recent graduate had written the script and there were a lot of changes being made scene by scene. This also messed up my body routine, if you know what I mean. I would wee during a morning and afternoon break with our class, but most of my poos came at about 3:30 after I got home. Now that changed.

So one day when Mimi picked me up after school we found we had another thing in common in addition to acting. As soon as we got to her car, she said we were almost late to practice, she was so low on gas she didn't know if we could make to back to her school, and she had to shit. I told her I would probably have to too. She high-fived me. We made it to the parking lot. We knew we would be late to practice but Mimi said her 'dump' would come first. That was the first time I had heard that word and I remembered laughing out. Then she used a couple of much more refined words that were way over my head. She led me into a 1st floor bathroom. Both of the middle stalls had the doors off. I was going to pass them, but she said they were the best choices because there would be a lot of hateful graffiti on the inside doors. I'd seen that a couple of times in other public places, but I guess I hadn't understood a lot of it. So we had our stalls next to one another. I couldn't believe how fast Mimi was. Her jeans and pink underwear hit the floor and with a thud she dropped to the seat. Seconds later gas was blasting and almost at the same time there were splashes into the toilet. I could hear her express her relief and move her feet as she was continuing to push. Then I could hear another deposit. This time it was diarrhea. I could instantly smell it. She said I would understand in a few years.

So I seated myself. Luckily I had a dress on and felt safe that it would shield me if someone walked in on us. I did my wee. As we sat Mimi was complaining about a couple of teachers that wouldn't let her use the bathroom during class. I told her my teacher was really good about that. And there were a few times when she would slip of for a couple of minutes during a film and we were told to be on our 'best behavior'.
As I sat I started to push and my 'dump' came in one long banana-like piece. I felt like I was totally cleaned out. I pulled off toilet paper and cleaned myself while I sat waiting to her something from Mimi. Then I heard her pull on the toilet paper and the roll going round and round. I knew she was out. I pulled some off and handed it to her. When she reached under for it it seemed like she might have lost her balance and almost fallen off the toilet. There was a thud against the panel, but she was happy to get it. I had given her a little more because of the diarrhea. Both she and I washed our hands and then reported to the theater.

A couple of weeks later we had a dress rehearsal for the whole cast. Parents and friends were invited too. Our director reminded us to go to the bathroom before we started. With visitors in the school for our play plus some sport event the bathroom was pretty busy. One of the student directors came out of a stall and I immediately went in. The flush was still swirling. I was eager to latch the door but that was not to be. There was no latch bar. Just a rusted spot on the door where one could see that it had come off. So I pulled my jeans and underwear down and put myself up on the high seat. I was a little uncomfortable because of the height and my feet being off the floor. The door was thrown open twice before my wee started. Then when it started I could see the light between the door and panel gradually increase. I guess the door was slowly opening on its own. Then I guess somebody bumped it and it was opening more. I reached to push it shut, slipped off the toilet and fell to my knees. I got up. There was wee on the floor, my jeans, but luckily it had stopped before there was a bigger mess.

Later that evening I told Mimi about what happened. She was sympathetic, but said she prefers the doorless toilets for that reason and that most students are respectful of her privacy.


Long week end camp

Hi i post here a few time.
It is the remember day weekend and we left last night to the camp me and my gf familly.
That include me,gf,sister in law.mother in law and my dather in last night we get at the camp befor dark and make comfy i went to pick a big load of wood to make a big bomfire for last night and we drink quite a few drink
This morning we wake up at 8 i light up the wood stove to start boiling water for gf and i went to the out house its a double seater so she did her morning pee and i had my pee then sister in law show up at the same time banging on the door to hurry we open the door and i left dhe took my seat and no time to cclose the door she already have a wave of wet shit in the hole .so i went back to the camp to start making cofee and breakfast then my mother in law wake up she said i am going for a pee outside so her and father in law both went out for a pee and come back in 3 min so we hade bacon sausage egg and potato tie on the old star stove. After i had my cofee and break fast i left to go back to the outhouse my gf just finish her duty when i get there so she excuse herself for the smell.I pull my pant and boxer down and seat on the warm seat she had left me and i let out a big fart and my mother in law knock on the door and ask if she can use the poty because shes about to explode. So she enter seat on the other hole and drop a huge amount of poop as i did on my side i hurry up to wipe myself and leave her alone by respect. So i post later on for the reste of week end story



Hi guys. I went to the doctor with really bad stomach pains which had been on and off it wasn't my period and they could not diagnose anything but decided I should have a colonoscopy. So a week before it would commence I still had pains and bad stomach ache causing hard lumpy stools. It was a day before the colonoscopy and I made up their laxative mixture your supposed to drink and I guzzled it down along with some disgusting apple cider vinegar which they said would help. I would have the rest of this mixture tommorow. I went to bed. AT about midnight I woke and felt the urge to go to the toilet. I was warm in my bed and just thought about letting out a littlest fart. I ended up pooping the bed and my nice new panties. It hosed out of me. I rushed to the toilet and completelyunloaded my bowels which felt really good. I threw my panties in the bin and ran back to the toilet with poop on me and I took a shower which masked the smell and cleaned me up. I didn't feel like dealing with the bed and put a towel over and used the other side of my (queen) bed. I woke in the morning cleaned the bed took the rest of the liquids and after an hour of showering into the toilet I finished and felt empty. I took a relaxing bath and got out halfway thirougj letting out more. I then proceeded to my appointment and the camera probe hurt a little at first and I felt like I needed to poo with it in their but the pain relief helped. Nothing. Bad came up phew but they suggested a mixture which should help get things moving and less constipation. Thanks guys

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Karen c great story lucky you knew not to trust that fart.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site


Don't Know Squat

Hi Brandon, yes she felt much better after that relaxing poop.

Hi Tobias, yes, do let your girlfriend try that diet and maybe post the result here?

The internet recently has been abuzzed with 2 things, the shit that is Trump, and the proper way to shit. The latter would probably be a relevant topic here.

There has been a major push by the company Squatty Potty to get their products out there. If you don't know what that is, it's essentially a stool attachment for your toilet bowl for you to place your feet on, thus putting you in a squat position for a poo. It's supposed to be better to poop in a squatting position.

While I'm not sure how sound the science is, We live in a place where we still can find squat toilets and here, I'm gonna describe one rather exciting experience.

We were living in a small backpackers hotel in a backward part of town when. The toilet was very interesting - there were TWO toilet bowls, one sitting, one squatting. No divder, nothing. It was to give visitors a choice.

Eventually though, the choice was reduced to just the squat toilet when we realised the flush in the sitting one was unpredictable. Sometimes, there was a nice full flush, other times, it wouldn't flush at all. We decided to just use the squatting one.

I'm quite used to squatting toilets and this toilet, I particularly love. Except for the lousy sitting toilet, the toilet was clean and well ventilated. It really was a pleasant toilet.

It was about 9pm on the 3rd night when Judy suddenly said, "I feel a poop coming!"

Judy got up from her laptop and picked up her phone. She put on the bathroom slippers and flicked the lights on. It was a light orange light. Classy. She got into the toilet and closed the door. The door was particularly interesting. It offered almost no privacy. You see, the room was designed for poor pre war workers and was only recently converted into a hipster style hotel. They decided to leave some old world charm.

This door was short, reaching down to the knee level. The top, at the chin level. When Judy squatted over the toilet, I could see a 45 degree view of her bum and feet, and some of her waist, where her black short dress was hiked up. She had removed her panties totally for an easier squat.

I watched as pee flowed out. Then I heard a grunt which was all too familiar.

But this, I seldom see - her turd emerging.

I could see why the poor girl was often in pain on the toilet. Her turds are huge. It was so huge her anus had to dome out a whole lot before the opening would dilate and allow the head to appear.

I could hear the slight EEEEE Judy makes when straining. The turd pushed its way out mercilessly stretching her anus. It was quite a sight. When the head was out, she gave a loud "ow" and then "oh no oh no oh no!" Immediately I knocked on the door and asked if she's okay. "Noooo..." she replied. I tried the door. She didn't lock it. I entered to see her turd has reached a wide point but it could move no more. She was in tears.

"Owowowowowowo!" she cried. Immediately, I grabbed liquid soap, soaped my hands, dived to her butt and spread the soap at her anal area. The smell was bad but her screaming was worse.

"Okay try to push a little," I instructed.

She did, screaming.

But it was moving with the help of the soap.

"Push through the pain, you're fine!"

"Ahhhhhh she screamed!"

I pumped loads of soap and applied it liberally to her anus. The turd was speading up but it was getting fatter, but now she can't stop it. Ahe grabbed on to her own forearm and strained to get this over with.

The turd grew fatter and than tapered and that it reached a tail and PLOP, the whole thing landed in the water.

"AIIIIIIIiiiiiieeeeeee!!!" Judy sighed...

She proceeded to take a bath.

Hello everyone. Things have been very busy lately at uni, and I actually don't have much time today even. But I just wanted to share a quick story from Thursday. I've been doing a poo every day for quite a while now, but for whatever reason I didn't feel the need to poo on Wednesday. I woke up on Thursday and had my morning wee, and I felt like I might be able to poo but nothing was coming after I sat for a few minutes. I knew that Emma and Jade would both be awake soon and both in need of a poo, as they are every morning, so I decided to leave a bit early and try to go at school.

I went to the toilet block nearest my first class and all three cubicles were free. Not really unusual for that early in the morning. I took the cubicle closest to the door and sat and tried to get my poo moving. After a few minutes, a log started to come out. It was a bit dry and hard to push out. It brought back memories of before when I used to struggle with constipation. That log broke off and I followed it up with four or five more pieces that thankfully were easier to get out.

I wiped and flushed, then washed my hands and still had a few minutes before class started. I waited in the hall for the previous class to finish in the room before I went in. Anyway, that's my story. Hope you enjoyed it. Bye!

Sunday, November 13, 2016



Hi everyone! I heard a TV commercial about a bathroom spray called VI Poo. You spray it in the toilet, and it's supposed to cover up your stink. Today I had a nice sloppy poo some time after eating breakfast at McDonalds. Later today I did a fart that was loud, and smelled a bit. Back when I talked about dorm A at The School For The Blind in Austin, there was something I forgot to mention. The bathroom for the upstairs portion of the building had 3 shower heads in this shower inclosure, and about 3 or 4 stalls, and 1 bathtub. You walked into the upstairs dormitory, turned left down a long hallway, and after passing some rooms on the right, and living room on left, you came upon the bathroom. Here's something crazy. Once after taking a shower in our trailer, I found a razor under the vinyl floor.It was hidden beside the bathtub, and I had to be careful not to rip the floor as I dug under to pull the object out. In the kitchen, I dug out these flat round pieces of what felt like it could've been marble. Who know's, but floors hide strange things sometimes.

Brandon T

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To: KungPoo I bet she felt good after finally pooping.

To: End Stall Em great story about your big poop.

To: Annie great story.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site

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