Karen C. of Cali

Orange Chicken blowout this morning and continuing

Hi readers! Is everyone geared up for the holiday season?

This morning I woke up earlier than planned due to what I thought was gas, but luckily even in my groggy state of mind I knew what was really about to happen and got to the bathroom to sit on the throne just in time.

Last night for dinner I ate a Marie Callender's orange chicken TV dinner with a large green caesar salad and a glass of milk and then a piece of brandied fruitcake for dessert. I took a couple of Dulcolax afterwards because this past week has been hectic for me so a steady diet of quick junk had left me constipated.

The first BM was solid followed by muddy consistency, but those that followed afterward were gassy and runny (when my two boys were little they used to say "Mom's bombing the toilet! Get the recorder!"). I saw some black olives and green pepper remnants in there from a sub sandwich which I can't remember exactly what day I'd eaten it earlier this week!

I've had five explosive bowel movements so far this morning since I woke up, the last two looked like clear water. Hot coffee seems to make my guts contract and set off the urge. I haven't even gotten dressed yet, I might just lie around the house all day or at least until this stops. Stomach feels a little queasy as well, I threw up twice but nothing but spit and a little bit of coffee came up. A side affect of laxatives for me is a pukey stomach sometimes. I ate a piece of toast.

I'm dissapointed because I had planned to spend this day doing a little shopping and hope to later if my stomach settles down because I HATE having BMs in public toilets. Maybe I'll just stick around the house today and catch up on my cleaning and do a little yard work. After I feel better I might go out tonight after the rush crowd dies down. Really need to get stuff to make peanut butter cookies to send my sons. Bye all.

Karen C. of Cali (not the other Karen)

Stomach virus, confirmed

Just got back from the doc; I have the stomach flu that's been going around. Not Noro thank goodness, just the good old fashioned run of the mill virus or "stomach cold" as the old folks used to call it. Doc just said take it easy, Pepto, bland foods, etc. Have a craving for a Whopper, maybe I'll get one for supper and just eat half and see how that goes.

Since this morning's five blowouts, I've had four more since. At Walmart I attempted to pass gas while getting sprite, crackers, cheese, soup, pepto, kaopectate and other things I'll need to get through this thing. Crapped in my sweatpants for lack of more delicate wording. Had to buy a newspaper to sit on for the ride home so I wouldnt' mess up my truck seat. Got home and showered and guess I'll have to do laundry today. Good thing I have lots of pairs of undies and sweatpants!

Feeling nauseous/sick to my stomach too, bleaghh! I took a Dramamine and it seems to help, I don't feel like throwing up now but I still feel blegh. I won't make the peanut butter cookies today I guess, wouldn't want to get my boys/grandchildren sick. Maybe I'll try a bowl of soup and crackers with a little parmesan cheese later and see if I can keep it down or in. Cheese is the best diarrhea remedy ever. Maybe I'll do a little gardening just to get some fresh air and take a nice hot bubble bath and turn in early.


Catherine's list, my mom & me

Items on Catherine's list that I can relate to.

#1. There were times when I was about 4 or 5 when mom took me into a public bathroom because she had to poo. Naturally I tried to go too but got frustrated sitting there with mom watching me when I knew she had to go much worse. But she always insisted that I take the seat first. Then she'd put a toilet cover down, seat herself and it was amazing how fast she would get done and start wiping. I was in awe.

#2. She would always lay huge logs and in only a few seconds. As for me, the best I could get out were 2 or 3 balls of crap. They were so light they would just float on top of the water.

#3. Privacy was not an issue when mom and me were together in places like stores or sometimes gas stations. However, if I was alone on the toilet and another person would push on the door or peek in on me that would be scary.

#4. I agree that being rushed doesn't make pooping enjoyable. At school, either my 1st or 2nd grade teacher had a timer around her neck and she would use it to police bathroom breaks, recess and such activities. Spending too long on the toilet would get the attention of my classmates who were waiting.

#5. The few times I had diahrrea when out with mom caused her to ask me a lot of questions out loud. Was I drinking too much pop? Was I eating my food too fast? I hated the way she made such a big deal out of it!

#6. Any shame that was dumped on me was when I moved around too much and got off the toilet paper mom had lined the seat with. Oh, also when I would put my hands on the seat to boost myself up or get off.

#7. The worst shame was twice that I remember. I pooped in my underwear while mom was stuck in traffic and couldn't get me to a toilet as fast as I needed one.

To KungPoo

Congrats to Judy on her having a much needed poop. Lucky she trusts you and you were able to see everything to it's outcome. She must have looked adorably relieved afterwards. I should suggest such a diet to my girlfriend.

Karen C. of Cali (not the other Karen)

Sick but feeling alot better

Uhhh, yuck! It's been a long day for me. I had diarrhea about 17 times today, way up from my last couple of posts. Stomach feels yurpy too, I threw up about five times today so I just stayed home today catching up on my cleaning and doing some light yard work, watching tv, etc. Good chance to catch up on my laundry as well.

Went to urgent care this morning and LSS it's just the common stomach virus--doc said just take it easy and get lots of rest and take Pepto; I ate dry toast at breakfast and lunch with apple juice and that seemed to stay down okay, and for dinner I had some more toast and apple juice with a bowl of cream of mushroom soup with parmesan cheese on top.

Didn't get much accomplished today except finishing up a project I was building--a gas cooker for a client who wants to use it as a turkey fryer for the upcoming holiday season, he dropped by and picked it up after work earlier this afternoon. I have a good start to a lucrative cottage industry in welding; not very many of us old timers still around who still use the oxyacetylene process, everybody thinks it's slow and tedious but it's my belief that gas welding produces a stronger and more reliable joint----lots of applications that can be done with acetylene that can't be done with electric methods or at least not as well, and my welds have never been known to fail, got certified in 1975. Slow, but precision matters sometimes and a gas welded joint always looks better, or at least when I do it. I might be showing my age here, mid 50s. I worked in a steel mill early in my working life when I was single and always had a passion for welding, I love it and it helps me relax.

Soaked in the tub for an hour just a while ago while listening to sky fm. Still feel a little yucky but lots better now.

Feeling relaxed and a little tired now, my stomach feels more stable--I still feel a little nauseated but lots better than earlier today; getting ready for bed, got on my comfy silky nightgown and furry slipppers. Maybe I'll sit outside for a while for fresh air and then have some more apple juice and soup and put on some Here's Lucy DVDs later to help me get to sleep.

If I feel better tomorrow maybe I'll get around to baking those cookies I promised. Hope I feel well enough to go shopping tomorrow!


To Shy Girl

Hey I posted on here around the late 2200s Shy Girl I totally know what you are going through pooping outside of the comfort of your own bathroom has always been something really embarrassing to me but at least you are able to poop at your best friend's house if you need to go, I'm not even able to do that, did you have any other experiences besides the one time you got diarrhea at school and in that instance did anyone make fun of you for it. I've been forced to poop in stalls without doors to unisex bathrooms and people have made fun of me a lot for it, but the best advice I can give you even though I'm a hypocrite myself being like you scared to poop in public is that first off EVERYONE poops which I'm sure you know so anyone who might hear smell, or for some reason see you pooping, poops too which is important to remember. The other thing is that it is which I tell myself it is always better to poop no matter what in order to feel better and not have an accident which would be far more humiliating than to stink up the bathroom at school, in public or at a friend's house. I would try finding an isolated bathroom in public to start with and getting used to that before working your way up to more crowded bathrooms and though you may never be fully comfortable with pooping in public the goal I think is to go when you need to, to feel better and increase your confidence if you have any specific stories or experiences please share them and keep us posted. Best of luck

Jennifer G
Hey everybody.

To John: Yeah, I can definitely see where you're coming from. To be honest, right before I ended my relationship with Megan, I did have second thoughts about doing it, and I actually did consider talking to her first and letting her know that I only wanted to see her occasionally. But I knew it couldn't go on like that. I could tell that she was ready to move to another level. And I just couldn't handle that. As I said in my last post, she did admit to having feelings for me, which weren't the kind of feelings that I wanted from her. Not because she's a girl, but because I'm just not into serious relationships. I don't want to be committed to anyone. Anyway, it's over now, and I don't think we'll ever go back. It's better that way. Megan was definitely cute, and I'm glad that her pee is soaked into my seat. But she was a little too immature and bubbly for me, and it seemed like she never stopped talking, even while she was peeing. So I definitely feel I did what I needed to do. One thing though, I am a little concerned that it may be a long time before I find another woman who will be willing to pee in my car. It is November, and soon I'm going to be giving my car a little break from peeing for awhile, so I'm really hoping I can find at least one more woman to pee in it before it gets too cold. Hopefully I will soon!

Take care!

Wednesday, November 09, 2016


Pain Strain

"How do you not strain when you go to the toilet?" Judy asked.

Judy had been suffering from chronic constipation and she was in danger of developing pile, the doctor warned. She has tried medication and enemas, and both times, she strained really hard to release the monster.

Thus, I worked out a plan for her. She's going to get a daily dose of a small amount of prune juice and a high fibre cereal for breakfast everyday. I woke up today seeing her eating her new diet at the breakfast table. She was in a tight T-shirt and white panties and black-framed glasses. She reading the news on her phone while eating. She looks ridiculously hot.

She has not had a good poo for the last week and she has been on this diet for 2 days. Today, she finally saw the result.

At 11am, she hurried towards my bedroom toilet. This toilet is an open one where I could see everything.

First, she lowered her white panties and sat down on the toilet. Then she whipped out her phone and proceeded to read whatever was on it. When Judy sits on the toilet, it's like a beautiful painting. Her Chinese legs are toned but not too skinny, so they are pressed very nicely against the toilet. Her bum is nicely shaped, not too big, but not too bony either. Her panties at her knees. She would also raise her heel, and rest her elbows on her raised knees.

"Just breath deeply. Don't push." I reminded her.

I could hear her breathing. She sucked in her breath hard, and let it out. I could hear "hoooooo" as she exhaled.

Hooooo. Hoooooo. Hooooo. Then her breath quicken. Hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo and then it progressed to an ahhhhhhh ahhhhhh ahhhhhhh.

I could hear the log very slowly emerging. It makes a crackling sound.

Crackle crackle crackle FLOMP.


Michael W.

After Work Morning Poop

Hi guys. Today I am sharing a story from this morning. Ok here it goes, I had just gotten off work from a 10 hour shift and I came home. After I changed out of my work clothes and into my street clothes I went outside real quick to take out trash. After I had finished I felt a queezy feeling in my stomach. I also felt a poop brewing along with some cramps. So I went down stairs into the bathroom by the kitchen. Before I entered I undid my belt. After I closed the door I unzipped and let down my jeans and boxers as I seated myself onto the toilet. I did a small push and then a soft Pfffrrtt fart came out of me. I felt a banana sized turd fall out and plop into the water. I felt a warm cramp on the right side of my stomach and I put my left elbow to the left side of my stomach to soothe my right side. I cupped my face with my right hand to rest my head bcz I kind of felt tired and I also felt like I was going to fall asleep while sitting on the toilet. I farted again with a buzzing sound. I sighed in relief. I kind of felt like I had butterflies in my stomach cuz I haven't pooped much these last couple of days, also I haven't been sleeping much and I felt kind of nauseous. I was moaning as gas was making it way out of my butt with soft farts off and on. I felt another poop coming out and I did a small push with a moan and some skinny rope poops come out and plopped into the water. I felt some more poop coming so I pushed again. I grunted twice with an "Mhhhhmmmm!" and "Ugghhhhh!" With this cramping in my stomach I was thinking "I hope I don't throw up. I hate throwing up." Anyways, more and more skinny rope poop kept coming out of my butt with some soft farts. I took a breather for a long moment. I sighed off and on to take some breathes as I was soothing my stomach cramps with both of my arms around my stomach for a long moment. And then rested my head with my hands and closed my eyes to relax and wait out my poop bcz I felt like I had no more energy to push anymore poop out. I nodded off almost falling asleep when I was waoken up with another soft Pffrrtt! fart. Along with it I felt a stinging in my butt. I wiped with some toilet paper and then I pulled up my jeans and boxers. I looked into the toilet and I saw a pile of poop chunks, sticks, twigs, and my banana sized poop at the very bottom of the bowl (just barely) cuz some was covered by toilet paper and then I flushed. I sighed in relief as I exited the bathroom to wash my hands in the kitchen sink. My stomach had felt better after I had finished pooping. I went back upstairs to my room to get ready for bed. All in all, my pooping session from this morning lasted for 20 minutes.

Jennifer G

Did it

Well, I did it. I told Megan that I don't want to see her anymore. It happened on Saturday. And yes, it went just as bad as I thought it would. I met up with her so she could have a pee in my car, just like all the other times she did. Of course that part went really well. But then after she was all finished, I told her that I had something I needed to talk to her about. And so that's when I told her that I needed to end our relationship. She took it really bad, probably worse than I thought she would. She yelled at me, she cried, she cussed me out, and she even kicked the side of my car a few times, which did make some little dents in it. I'm not mad at her though. One thing I was right about, Megan did see our relationship as much more than it was. She actually admitted it to me. And so that was that. It's all over now. I'm quite sure I'll never see Megan again. I am a little sad, she was a nice girl, and I really liked her peeing in my car. I also liked how she always had a tendency to let little farts while she peed. But this is how it has to be. And so at least now it's over with. And at least she left me with a nice pee-soaked seat.

Take care!


to Annie

Annie, I liked your post and am sorry that you had such a bad experience with pooping in your panties. I did the same thing when I was a little older than you (I think I was a ninth grader at the time), and I had kind of the same experience.

Like you, I was home alone. I went out in the back yard which was surrounded by big bushes so none of the neighbors could see me. I took off my pants so I was just in my panties, and leaned over and pushed. I then sat down on the step of my back door and the poop smushed up. I don't know why I did that, but I immediately felt guilty about it and went inside to clean up.

My experience was maybe not as bad as yours. For one thing, I did clean off in the shower and that was a lot easier. If you are ever tempted to try this again, I can tell you that poop goes down the shower drain pretty easily if you just push it down there. So you don't need to use tons of toilet paper to clean yourself off.

For another, I did not use a brand new pair of panties. I was intending to wash them but when I saw how totally stained they were I knew I had to throw them away. The problem was that my mom had written my name in them because I'd taken them to camp the previous summer. So I ended up cutting my name out of the waistband with some scissors, and throwing them away in a ditch near my house near some railroad tracks. I didn't want someone finding a pair of poopy panties on the ground with my name in them! I don't know why I didn't just throw them in the trash; I guess I was afraid that one of my parents might go through the trash for some reason and find them.

Anyway, it was pretty gross but also kind of interesting.

Just like you I also wanted to learn how to pee standing up. The first time I tried it was in the backyard too. I pulled down my pants and stood up but the pee all went straight down my legs into my pants and panties; I tried to stop peeing but I couldn't. I ended up having to pull my pants back up and go inside to change, and my mom saw me and asked what happened, and I lied and told her that I just couldn't hold it and had had an accident.

To Jennifer G

Personally, i dont think you should 'end' your relationship with Megan. Trust me, lol, i know a LOT of people that i dislike hanging around too long for one reason or another. I would just let her know that she needs to tone it down a bit, in a way she might understand without taking it personally.

Or you could just pick the times you might feel like tolerating her for a bit. Just put her on 'your' time.

But, i have a story. About 2 werks ago, my lil sis (who is 20 yrs old) was sitting in the living room with her bf, and i was sitting close by, all watching tv. I forgot the program (though i remember that it was something pretty funny) we were watching, but we were smoking some pot, and, after finishing, she went to get up at one point, and i later found out she had to head to the bathroom. When she returned, she stated to her bf;

"I just peed myself a little. Well....kinda a lot. I almost completely wet myself. I was leaking as i headed to the bathroom"

Those werent her exact words, but it was something to that effect. I stiffled a laugh and continued watching tv, knowing she has bladder issues, wetting the bed frequently....but, really, i wonder if she doesnt actually enjoy her accidents, as she didnt seem much too embarrassed by her accident, and stayed in her clothes throughout the program, or at least until i left to head to sleep, it being something like 1 or 2 in the morning.

Many times i would be aware of her wearing panties that she peed through in the bed (you could smell a heavy pee smell sometimes when walking past her room. She would apparently change clothes, but leave the panties on, which you could tell by the smell, as sometimes it was incredibly noticeable, sometimes faint. Sometimes the panyies would stain through her clothes, but usually, like today, she'd be wearing some dark jeans or black leggings, making any stains hard to notice.

Im sure she enjoys it, but has never admitted this, and rarely seems to smell of pee now (which is a good thing), but still has the occasional accident or dribbles from waiting too long.

Is it permissible to perform salah if stool comes out even after washing?

End Stall Em

My First Concert Alone

The first time I was allowed to go to a big music concert at our city arena without parent supervision came when I was 14. It was my birthday present. It was about a half hour before the first band and my friend Jana stayed to save our seats because we didn't have reserved ones. The crowd in the bathroom was huge. The bathroom was the biggest I'd seen there. There were like 30 toilets in the room in four rows. A few of the toilets had yellow tape X-ed over the doors because the toilets were clogged or otherwise broken. So I gave up on the crowd after being pushed aside several times by a couple of ladies who were really physical and aggressive. I went up to the second concourse, saw the line spilling out into the hallway and then ventured up to the third, where there were a couple open toilets. I saw the door open, a girl about my age came out, and I dodged a couple of girls who were tied up in conversation to take advantage of it. I latched the door, checked that the seat was down, and I dropped my underwear and jean shorts to seat myself with record speed.

The seat felt extremely comfortable. My poo, probably about two day's worth, had been both knocking and smelling 15 minutes earlier, but somehow now I couldn't feel it. Did it go back up into my colon? These were among the thoughts I had as the stall to my left got its new occupant. I saw her tennis shoes line up in front of the toilet, her feet widened, jeans dropped all the way to the floor, and butt hit the seat hard. Almost immediately, her torrential pee stream started. And I just sat there. Having the end stall meant that I had 50% more privacy, or so I reasoned, but I was very self-conscious of the time I was taking on the toilet because I could hear from the level that the room was quickly filling up. I think I had my head between my legs and I was progressively hiking my pushing while getting my frustrated. Suddenly, I was more than startled by three fist pounds right into the middle of my door? I had heard a squeaky cart being pushed in, but I was still alarmed.

She barked something about two rolls of toilet paper. I didn't understand her at first. Then she asked me to count them. I looked to the right. There was nothing on the concrete wall. Then to my right. I fumbled with my hand under the shiny metal container that was loose on the stall wall. I told her that one roll was missing. She asked me who was going to install it. Her or me? She apparently didn't want to hear that. I guess I didn't move fast enough again. She told me to open the god@@@@ door. I did and she came halfway in, unsnapped the front of the metal holder, and started a rant about paper being wasted as she slid the new roll onto the bar and clicked the thing shut. Luckily I didn't have seat liner under me or there wasn't toilet paper from the previous users on the floor, so she didn't say anything else other than thank me.
The I heard the pounds against the door next to me. The same routine continued. The girl there asked her why she hadn't waited until she was done. Again, the custodian's husky voice could be heard telling the occupant about rude people and too many complaints about the toilets not having supplies. Then I heard something about the city not allowing the bathrooms to be closed for cleaning during an event.

I just sat and became frustrated by my bowels not cooperating. However, after the concert I tried again. I was halfway successful, but both my toilet paper rolls were out. Jana handed me some from under the stall partition. She only peed, but she was nervous too about using a toilet in such a large building.


Post Title (optional) To Annie about peeing standing up

I read with great interest your beautifully written story about trying to pee standing up without doing a mess on your legs because I have long been wondering how girls felt having to partially disrobe themselves and sit to pee when boys have the convenience of just having to slide down their zipper and pull their penis out and pee in a stand-up position. I have never dared asking since the time...I must have been 7 or 8 ...when a baby-sitter told me in a snappy tone of voice that she was comfortable with her, your story feels the blanks.
I wonder whether the extent to which this anatomical difference - men peeing standing up and women peeing in a lowered position - sit - does account for the different social status between men and women in so many cultures - men are superior to women because they do not have to sit to pee like women do.
I view this as a discrimination that nature thrust upon women. As an illustration, Swedish culture is very the extent that with some couples, the wife insists on the husband sitting down to pee as a way to restore equality in at least that function.

I would love to get the opinion of ladies on this site about this issue.

About pee running down the legs of girls who attempt to pee sting up: there must be some electrical force at play here between the pee (liquid) and the skin. Why is it that - unless the stream is powerful - that pee has to run down the legs instead of going straight down as gravity would command? So, to avoid this, girls squat or sit...but even there, pee sometimes runs on the surface of the buttocks (does it tickle?) instead of doing straight down into the toilet or to the grass.

I once had a girlfriend who was able to pee standing up. Of course, she would sit if she had a toilet but stand if she had to pee by a roadside. This is because she was wearing a panty that opened at the place where the pee whole is and that shut with Velcro. All she had to do was to spread the opening of her panty with two fingers, bend her knees a bit and start peeing....I have seen her do it several times and never did pee run down her legs.

You can also find those...plastic cylinders for women - I do not know their commercial names. You bring one end of that cylinder to your pee hole...hold the cylinder in a horizontal position and the pee takes a forward trajectory regardless of the stream strength.

Try those two and tell me how it works.



Bins in Bathrooms

I wear Tena Men underwear because of occasional accidents, and today I wet them while shopping at the local mall. I went into the bathroom to change, and found there was no trash can for me to dispose of my old one. So, I headed to another bathroom, where there was just one trash can, right in the open part near the sinks, so I had to go into a cubicle to get changed and walk out holding my soiled diaper for all to see - and it was quite busy.

It was quite embarrassing and made me wonder why public toilets don't provide a bin within the cubicle to provide people with a bit of dignity? Surely there must be a number of men who have to change pads or pants?

To add to the embarrassment, the leg of my boxers had somehow got tucked up inside my tenas so they ended up soaked! Lol!

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