Meat Loaf and Diet in General

I swim at a local pool for fitness. Generally, its early in the morning. A few days ago, my girlfriend fixed a dinner of meat loaf, mashed potatoes, and green beans. I had two slices of meat loaf, and awoke the next morning for breakfast and my drive to the pool. Along the ay, I could feel a bowel movement coming on. Once I arrived at the pool, I headed straight to the men's locker room to stash my gear and then head to the throne. The men's locker room has a three stall toilet area. I took the middle cubicle, closed the door, and dropped my shorts and pants to my ankles. Immediately, I could feel my bunghole expand. I pushed, grunted a little, and out crackled a long, loose, mushy turd that broke apart as it hit the water. As I was grunting and releasing, someone took the stall next to me and sat down. He let out a crackling load ending with a gurgly fart, which I followed with a second long turd of my own. With that, we both rested before jumping to the paperwork. I was pretty messy, so it took six or seven very careful pats and wipes to get clean. I then left the stall to dress down, shower, and hit the pool. Its nice to have a stall mate who is as comfortable with his or her own noises and smells as you are.

I joke with my significant other about the way her meat loaf seems to have a nice purging effect on me (she makes it with turkey burger and salsa), but, in truth, there are other foods that also effect me that way. I try to eat fish rich in omega 3 twice or three times a week; and, of course, oat meal is good for that too, along with fruit and ????. But I also think that the food must be accompanied by sufficient daily rest, regular exercise (aerobic and anaerobic), and adherence to a daily routine (as much as possible).

Shy Girl
I'm a teenage girl who hates going to the bathroom in public. I always hold it in until I get home, whether I'm at school or out with my friends. The only place I can poop outside of my house is at my best friend's house, and even then I try to hold it. Luckily I've never had any accidents from this, but I have a lot of really close calls. At my school, I've only gone once when I had really bad diarrhea from being sick. Do you guys know anything I could do to make myself more comfortable about going in public?


Pooping at School

Hi everyone,

Yesterday I pooped twice, which I don't usually do. The night before I was farting a lot and my stomach felt like there was a good crap brewing. All that morning I was farting, all really long ones. I made it through most of the morning okay, but in my fifth class of the day my poop really started to need to come out. I clenched my butt as hard as I could to try and keep it in. It kept trying to force its way out, but I was able to keep it in for the time being. After that class was lunch, and I needed to go to the locker room to drop some stuff off. I had to poop so bad at that point, and I let out a huge fart as I was walking down the hallway, thankfully no one was there. The bathroom was just at the end of the hallway. I eventually made it, and went into the first stall, pulled down my tight pants and underwear and sat down. I pushed lightly and my butthole opened up. The head of a soft log began to softly crackle out. It sped up and began to crackle out, touching the bottom of the toilet and curling around the side of the bowl. I pushed a little harder and pushed out the last six inches of my huge log. It broke off and I felt very relieved. I wiped and washed my hands, then went to lunch and had pizza

After school, I had practice. In the last quarter mile of the run we were doing, I felt my stomach move and a big rush of really soft poop went out to my butthole. I finished, barely, and went inside the school to go to the bathroom. I went to the same one I pooped in earlier, but the floor was soaking wet and both toilets were clogged with poop. I went to all of the other bathrooms and it was the same situation. I ran back near the all-gender bathroom, but I would be really embarrassed if someone saw me go in there. I decided to go down to the junior high section of the school and poop there, even though I wasn't supposed to. The urge to poop was unbearable. I went into the bathroom and sat in the first stall. My butt erupted, and I hunched over as I let out a massive fart and syrup-like poop poured out of me. The wave lasted for about 30 seconds, and I let out more huge wet farts afterward. Suddenly, my stomach convulsed and liquid poop began forcefully coming out of my butt with more farts. I had a few more waves with lots of gas, until finally I was finished. I wiped, washed my hands, and left.
Hope you enjoyed

Clogged Up

Six Day Accident

One time when I was a teenager I hadn't taken a dump for six days and I was sitting around at home with a bud playing video games. I was farting pretty much constantly because of how much old, rotten turd was festering inside me. Eventually the urge to poop became overwhelming, but I wanted to keep I let the tip of the log poke out just a little. It was super hard and solid, so I didn't think I had to worry about having an accident...big mistake! There was so much pressure on the log from the weight of six days (probably more...the last dump didn't completely empty me out) of poop...inch by inch the log moved out. I got up and waddled to the bathroom, my friend was laughing the whole time as the back of my pants tented out. I finally got to the toilet and grunted out a massive, knobby grogan that wouldn't flush. I had to eventually take it out of the toilet and bury it in the backyard.

Brandon T

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To: Abbie great story about you and Katies big poops.

To: Annie great story.

To: Anna great story about poop at the wedding.

well thats all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site


Toilet Seat Covering

I'm a little confused about what is being discussed concerning covering public toilets before sitting on them. For me, I just sit right down and don't think anything about it. It just seems like the normal thing to do and I know most of my friends at school do as I do. We don't have the seat protectors at my school, but sometimes I know a few of my classmates will spread a sheet of toilet paper over each side of the seat. Sometimes they will put one over the very back of the seat. I don't understand that because I don't think they are going to sit back that far. The problem is, as I see it, is that not only do they often not flush, but they leave the papers half on the seat or on the floor near the toilet. That just makes things more messy and sometimes it will stick to my shoe and I will drag it back to class. That happened once during my first week of middle school. I got back to science class and this group of really rude boys burst out laughing and caused so much trouble that the teacher had to stop the class for me. It really sucked. I wanted to cry but that would have made them even meaner.

I also wonder how many students will reach for the roll, find there is no toilet paper and then wonder about how much of it has been wasted. I know I do. I've had a few soft craps and the have been caught in that situation. I'm petrified about having to hop to another stall and hope that it has what I need to clean myself. And when the others are taken, there is a line, and the warning bell has rung, then I have to sacrifice my underwear. Then back in class I worry about how my lack of wiping is smelling to those around me.

This summer I had another thing happen. I was babysitting Amie. She's 8.
We were at the airport waiting for her mom to return from a one day sales trip. Amie had to poo. We want into the ladies room. It was huge. I was in the stall next to hers peeing. I guess Amie didn't remember to latch the door. Some lady threw the door open and was upset when she saw Amie bare butt on the stool. She pointed out a box of toilet seat tissues on the wall and said Amie should be using one. Amie got scared and immediately called over to me. Then the lady said I should be looking out for my sister (I didn't want to tell her she was wrong and make her madder) and that I should be showing more leadership. Although she used another word that meant the same thing. Luckily the lady turned around and went to another toilet. It took Amie longer because she was upset but she eventually had her crap. When her mom was waiting for the luggage she asked Amie if she had done her crap. Amie told her the story and her mom then took the other lady's side and said I wasn't being a good role model. She said I should have pulled the seat tissue off and made Amie use it.

Should the covering of toilet seats be that big of a deal REALLY? What do the rest of you guys think?


The unforgettable experience

One day I was at my friends house and I haven't pooped in about a whole week!! I was really constipated. So I decided to go at his house and sat on the toilet and pushed really hard but nothing came out. My friend asked if I was ok and I said that my poop was stuck in me. My friend offered to help me go so I let her in. She came in and she told me to squat on the floor to push. I strained so hard and I hurt my lil butthole and nothing still came out. She decided to get some lubed and wiggle her finger around in my butt to help it come out. After 5mins she decided to push my poop far up in me and I moaned and so I pushed so hard and I felt a gigantic turd sliding out of my butt. It was about 1 foot long and 2 inches wide. It hurt really bad coming out but was glad it was out. Honestly I'm glad to have a friend like her :)


Re: Abbie-- Latest News

I'm curious as to why you would choose to go at school when you were so constipated that you "need[ed] to spend ages on the loo straining to pass a rock hard log and wouldn't be able to stop myself from grunting as I would need to push really hard"??? If a poo was that hard to get out, surely you were not in any danger of pooping yourself, so why not wait until you got home?
Also when your poops are as hard as the one you described, have you ever tried lubricating your rectum before you start to bear down? When I was young (6-10) I'd have these really hard struggles on my potty sometimes, often my Mom used coco-butter to help make it easier to push out!-- JW


Lessons Learned

I really enjoyed the post back in the archives about how young boys are fascinated by their bodily functions and sometimes do strange things in that regard. Strange things like peeing and pooping in unusual ways or places. Boys aren't alone in that regard. Maybe boys do that more than girls do, but that's not to say that girls don't do it because they do. Well, at least I did and I know that one of my friends did, too.

I think that just about every young girl has thoughts of peeing standing up, and I'd be willing to be that more than a few of us have tried it. As for myself, I tried it more than a few times -- mostly around my later elementary school years and early middle school years. And like pretty much every girl, I suppose, I ended up peeing down my leg and pretty much making a mess of things. In concept it seemed so easy and with me, nobody was going to tell me that I couldn't do something that a boy could do. I kept trying but invariably I'd end up just dribbling it down my leg and onto the floor. The first few times I tried it, I ended up wetting my pants as well. After that, I was at least smart enough to take my bottom clothes off first. I wasn't any more successful at getting it into the toilet than before but at least I only had to mop up the floor rather than rinse out my panties and pants, too. Fortunately, I was smart enough not to try this anywhere but at home.

I know for a fact that I wasn't the only one amongst my friends who tried this. At one point, my friends and I were actually talking about this quite a bit. I think pretty much all of my group of friends at that time had tried it and all with a similar lack of success. There was one girl in my class in 6th grade, however, who insisted she could do it. In fact, she even insisted that she had used a urinal quite a few times. I don't recall any of us asking her how she'd so often end up in bathrooms that actually had urinals in them, but we certainly didn't let her claim that she could do it, go without challenge. And at this point, we weren't about to accept anything short of her actually doing it in a urinal. She had bragged about this so much that simply standing in front of a toilet doing it that way, just wasn't going to suffice.

So finally one day, she and a bunch of us waited around for a while after school. Again, this was in 6th grade. I remember her drinking a lot of water to ready herself. And when it seemed like the coast was clear, we all went into the boys' room. She rather bravely and confidently took her jeans and panties down to about knee level and stepped up to one of the urinals. I had always doubted her claims, but judging by how confident she seemed, I was beginning to think she could actually do it. Well, she didn't quite pee down her leg like I'd always done, but she was no better at actually getting it in the urinal as I'd been at getting it in the toilet. She was able to pee a straight stream -- that is, it came out as a stream rather than dribbling down her leg. But she wasn't getting any forward trajectory on the stream. Rather than go forward into the urinal, it was going straight down into her panties and jeans and eventually to the floor. Of course, she quickly cut off the flow as she saw where it was going, but not before she had soaked her pants and got pee all over the floor.

Of course, we were all laughing at her and I guess we created a bit of a commotion. One of the teachers apparently heard the noise and came to check it out. He caught us all in the boys' room. For punishment, we all had to write 200 times, "I will not go into the boys' room again." All of us except for the girls who actually tried to pee in the urinal. She had to write it 500 times. The thing was that she probably could pee standing up if she did it completely straddling a regular toilet and just peeing downward into it. But to do that, of course, she'd have to completely take her pants off and what would be point of that -- it would be way more of a hassle than just sitting down on the toilet on peeing the regular way. If you can't pee forward into a urinal or whatever -- and I've never known a girl who could -- it just didn't make any sense to pee standing up. I admit, though, that I did it try a few times after that by taking off my pants and panties and just straddling the toilet, but the pee always just went down my leg. Eventually, I just got tired of cleaning up pee and I accepted just sitting on the toilet to do it.

I also went through a period -- again, about the time of middle school -- where I'd sit on the toilet backwards. I'd take off my pants and underwear and then sit facing the toilet. Who know why I did that -- it's just one of those things that kids do sometimes. I never did it anyplace but home.

Probably the most daring -- and certainly the most disgusting and outright stupid -- thing I ever did toilet-wise, happened the summer between 7th and 8th grade. I don't know what caused me to start thinking about it, but I suddenly found myself wondering what it would be like to just poop in my panties. I found myself thinking about it for most of that summer and I guess I was gradually working up the nerve to actually try it. Both of my parents worked, but I had an older brother who was home. Then later in the summer he started with football practice and I was home alone for several hours every morning. It was then that I started seriously thinking about actually doing it.

One morning, I held in my usual morning bowel movement until everyone else cleared out of the house. Finally heading into the bathroom (I almost had a genuine accident waiting until everyone left), I took my pajama bottoms off but left my panties on. I tried it standing up at first but somehow I just couldn't let myself just let go and do it. Eventually, I decided to try it just sitting down on the toilet the regular way. The only difference, of course, was that this time my panties were still in place. I started just letting it out and I think being in the usual position for this made it a lot easier to do. Eventually, I just let go completely and a very big load came pushing out into my panties. I know realized why I had to go so urgently before. This was quite a big load and at that point, I remembered that I hadn't gone at all the day before. This wasn't just a little bit in my panties -- I had really messed myself big time.

Just as soon as I'd done it I realized that it was a mistake. It wasn't exciting or anything like that. It was just gross and disgusting and I wondered why I thought it was going to be anything other than that. I think, at least subconsciously, I was perhaps expecting just a solid piece in my underwear that I could easily just dump out into the toilet. But this was anything but that. This was more a soft, sticky mass that quickly spread and just enveloped my underwear. And obviously, it was now sticking all over my backside as well. In hindsight, it probably wasn't that much more than I usually did in the toilet every morning (maybe a little bit more since I hadn't gone the day before), but it being in my panties now made it seem a whole lot worse. It just seemed so much more accumulated in my panties like this rather than just sitting harmlessly in the toilet like it usually did. As I said, I realized immediately that this had been mistake because now I had a bad mess to deal with. I mean, it wasn't only the panties but the mess smeared all over me as well that I now had to clean up. I guess I should have expected this -- obviously, we learn as toddlers to do it in the toilet so we don't have to clean up messes like this -- but for whatever reason, I wasn't thinking of that.

I felt disgusting and ashamed and I seriously dreaded the prospect of having to clean myself up. But obviously I knew what that I had to do it. I felt so stupid having done this and especially so since I hadn't even before to change into an old pair of panties beforehand. I had messed in nice, new panties that I had just gotten as a gift. I got up from the toilet and careful took down my panties and put them aside to be dealt with later. Even being as careful as I was, I still managed to get some of the mess on my legs. I thought about just cleaning up in the shower, but I worried about the larger pieces of poop not being able to go down the drain and I didn't want to have to clean the shower later. In hindsight, I probably could have used a washcloth but I was afraid of ruining it with poop. Instead, I used 2 entire rolls in simply wiping myself clean. As I said, I felt disgusted and ashamed and obviously knew now that this had been a big mistake.

I especially wanted to kick myself for not even having the good sense to change into an old pair of panties. I wouldn't have felt bad about just throwing an old pair away. But this were new panties that I had just gotten and I really like them. Ironically enough, there were more a kind of grown-up woman's panties rather than little girl underwear. I probably still should have just thrown them away, but as I said, I really like them. And they were also part of a set and I worried that they'd be missed in my laundry and my mother would wonder what had happened to them. Still, it probably wouldn't have done much harm to just her wonder. As long as I'd just gotten rid of them, I doubt she'd have ever guess that I had actually messed in them. Anyway, I decided to clean them and let me tell you, that was another totally disgusting job. In case I needed another reason, this was another good reason why people learn to poop in the toilet instead of their pants.

I wasn't sure even how to begin at first. When I first contemplated going in my panties, I picture myself just dumping the load out in the toilet, so that's where I started. I tried turning the panties inside out over the toilet, but this mess was just too soft and sticky for that to work at all. Next, I tried dunking them up and down into the toilet, hoping to dislodge the mess that way. It took a while -- and several toilet flushes -- but I was finally able to get the worst of it out that way. But that's not to say that was good enough to get my panties even close to clean. I knew I only had to get them clean enough to be put in the washer, but they were still far from it. Of course, I also had to take them over the sink and start scrubbing them by hand. I scrubbed and scrubbed and scrubbed and scrubbed. I was indeed making progress but it was a long and tedious process. I just about scrubbed my fingers raw and as I continued scrubbing and scrubbing, I was genuinely sorry I had decided to poop in my panties.

I was still in the process of scrubbing the panties when I heard my brother downstairs. He was home from football practice already. I was then that I realized that I had been in the bathroom for well over 2 hours from when I first messed myself until now. I had wasted nearly my entire morning with this stupid idea. I quickly scurried out of the bathrooms to my room and put on clean panties and shorts. I found a plastic bag for my wet panties and hid them in my underwear drawer. I'd scrub them some more the next day before I finally felt I could put them in the washer. Out of the laundry, I still had to scrub them some more to get the last of the stains out. I really had messed them that bad.

But back to the day when it happened. My brother had brought a friend home with him -- a friend that was totally cute and that I had a major crush on. He went to use the bathroom and immediately started gagging from the smell. Being the only one home there was no way to blame it on anyone else. Of course, they both started teasing me about the smell I left in the bathroom. He joke that he shared a bathroom with 2 sisters and neither of them had ever stunk up a bathroom like that. And naturally, I couldn't very well tell him that I only stunk it that bad because I had pooped in my panties and was in there all morning cleaning it up. I don't know if I'd have otherwise had a chance with him -- after all, he was 3 years older than me and had never been interested before -- but that smell just about killed any chance I might have had.

A lesson learned, I guess. I've never pooped in my panties again.

Saturday, November 05, 2016


toilet facilities

Abbie - yes, it seems that that's at least three of us who had problems with our school toilets, and I'm sure there are many more! The ones at uni are light years ahead. The school ones seemed to get cleaned in the morning but then didn't get touched for the rest of the day, so if you had to go towards the end of the day you might have to check a few cubicles for paper first.

The ones at uni are often modern but even the older ones are kept in a good state of repair. I actually found about this from the other side when I worked in the student union in first-year. Normally I worked behind the bar, but over the summer I needed the money so I covered as the cleaner for 5 weeks. This meant cleaning the toilets, offices, cafe and bar areas first thing, then as they opened, emptying the bins and checking up on areas. One of the jobs was that every two hours I had to check the toilets, and I had a list of what had to be done - check for paper in each cubicle, fill up every soap dispenser, fill up hand towel dispenser, pour cleaning fluid down each toilet, then mop the whole floor. If I found anything broken, I would tell the office who would call a maintenance man. I was pretty nervous that it would be a nasty job but it actually wasn't bad at all, and it was interesting seeing it from the other side. I became grateful when going to the loo and finding them in good condition, as I knew that somebody had to keep them like that! When the normal lady came back in September I went back to just doing bar work, but I would cover again.

Abbie you mentioned getting constipated, I didn't tend to get constipated very much and there were only a few times I remember.

One of these was in year 11 when we were doing the last of our mock exams, I had actually had a stomach bug over the weekend and had taken some tablets to stop the diarrhea so that I could get in to school to sit the exams. These worked fine, actually they worked too well! So by Wednesday I had not been since the Sunday where as I normally go each day. That morning we had an exam and then could go to a revision session which the teachers were holding. I decided to skip this one and go to the loo instead. I headed for the quieter toilets and settled down after doing a long wee. It was really stuck and bunged up though, I was pushing for dear life and every time I pushed, only a dribble of wee came out! I gave up, pulled my knickers and trousers back up and went to wash my hands, but then had a twinge and went back into the cubicle. Trousers and knickers down and I sat back down on the loo, farted and it slowly started to come out. It was excruciatingly painful! I had to push hard, breathe deeply and concentrate but it came out. Then I poo'd quite a bit more as the rest came out. I flushed before wiping, so as not to block the loo. I felt much better when I got back.

Catherine - I liked your post on why people don't like pooing. I agree with a lot of them. For me, it's mainly having access to decent facilities which are clean, when I need them. If you're out and about, a lot of shops have small toilets and coffee shops etc usually have just one, so you may need to wait or hold people up to have a poo. I prefer the bigger toilet blocks in shopping centres or large department stores, as there are plenty of cubicles. Or there are pubs, but their toilets can often be in a bit of a state.

until next time!

Hi everyone,

Haven't posted here for a very long time. Am still with my lovely wife Artiss whom as some of you may remember is substantially older than me. She's almost 80 now and I'm pushing 40.

And with age, there have been a few issues I've been starting to have to deal with, most notably having to urinate more regularly as well as having to get up at night frequently to pee. I was stubborn at first, but after one night when I smashed my foot in the dark and bruised it up good losing control of my bladder and totally soaking my white Fruit-of The Loom briefs, I decided that it was time to keep a urinal bottle next to my bed after Artiss had suggested this many times. At first I thought it would be gross but after trying it, I found it's no big deal, in fact I love it, as does Artiss, it's so convenient for me to only have to sit up in bed and grab the bottle, which is hanging by it's long handle within easy reach, pop the lid open and swing it clear, insert my penis and let it go. I love the hissing sound of my urine splashing into the bottle in the darkness of the night, Artiss will often wake up and moan softly saying how it sounds so much like a flowing fountain from a magical dream. I will finish urinating, flip the cap back shut on the bottle, hang it up again and then crawl back under the covers where my gray-haired beloved will snuggle close to me and ask me if that felt good to which I will reply yes indeed, I feel much relieved now. Then we will both drop back off into a blissful sleep which will only be interrupted if I need to get up again in like manner or until the dawn's light comes to shine on our faces at which time she will usually need to get up and hurry to the toilet for an explosive morning bowel movement which I will hear loud and clear from the bedroom, like a bugle call waking me up.


Reasons You May Not Enjoy Pooping

Hello Toiletstool!

I hope that everyone is well, regular and having some really memorable doodies. Maybe for Halloween, we'll have some that will, quite literally, scare the crap out of us!

Anyway, nothing new to report, except that I am finally back to my two normal bowel movements per day. Though I have not finalized the deal to sell the business to "Jill" it seems that I have relieved some stress by finally making the decision to sell. Also, we finished the plans for our new home and hopefully will move in before next school year! So, I have been back to "normal" with my doodies!

I've been thinking about pooping a lot, as usual. If we are on this forum, I think that means that we find pooping enjoyable. Even those of us who report "accidents" of solid consistency say that, while we are certainly embarrassed, even humiliated, that the feeling is not bad, or even good. (I have to admit that pooping my pants in front of Alan after holding it for so long did feel pleasant, even though I was super embarrassed, even mortified!)

However, here are some reasons that we may not enjoy our bowel movements. I would love to hear your thoughts!

1. The urge to go is not that strong when we decide to go, for whatever reason. One thing that makes me look forward to going to the bathroom is the urge to go. When it is strong, it almost raises my energy levels and makes me feel more alive. However, I've even had a few that did not have a strong urge and the feeling is not the same.

Some suggestions: Add fiber and more water to your diet, and do not sit on the toilet until you feel the poop in your rectum.

2. The amount of poop is small. The best poops are those that have a substantial volume - whatever the consistency. Extra fiber and water, along with a good diet of whole grains, vegetables, beans, fruit, and other high-fiber foods makes the stool more bulky.

3. Lack of privacy. Let's face it, we all feel a little embarrassed to poop in public or around our family and friends. One the best things is to train your body to poop at regular times. Usually, I will have a bowel movement two to two and a half hours after waking up. By then I've gone for a run and I've had two breakfasts and a cup of coffee. But I have to get up early in the morning. I've always been an early riser, and am wide awake when I wake up. But that gives me time to do my routine before going to work. Usually Alan has left with the girls before I poop, but I've had to go while he's still there, and I feel comfortable to go in front of him. Also, when I need to, I can shut the door without being bothered.

4. Lack of time. Again, we have to plan to be regular. Being rushed does not make pooping enjoyable.

5. Unpleasant symptoms such as cramping, chronic constipation or diarrhea, or conditions like Crohn's can make it unbearable. See a doctor!

6. Being shamed about pooping. I have really had to work with Alan's oldest daughter to become comfortable with pooping. We've tried to make the bathroom a good environment at home, and we've tried to encourage her to go and we do not draw attention to the fact that she is going. Pooping is a normal function of the body. So is farting. It is healthy to do both regularly. And, it needs to be OK at home.

7. Being ashamed of pooping. Maybe it's not others. Maybe for whatever reason, you are ashamed of pooping. Healthy shame is a good thing. I prefer that as opposed to being gross. However, the only way to overcome shame is just to do it. If you are in public, go ahead and go. Don't hold it, unless you are trying to increase the pressure. Just go.

These are all that I can think of right now!

What has been your experience? Can you relate?

Love to all!


Jennifer G
Hey everybody!

Ok so in my last post I mentioned that I'm sort of getting a little tired of Megan. I'm getting annoyed by her personality. I mean, I like her peeing in my car, I really do, and I realize that she may be the only person I'll ever meet who would want to do it over and over like she does. But the problem is, she thinks that I like her as a best friend or something. She always wants to come and do it. And I don't mean to be mean or anything, but I just can't be a best friend for her. Or any other kind of relationship for that matter. I like Megan, and I like that she likes to pee in my car, but I just don't like her the same way she likes me. She's just too close, too clingy. And I just can't handle her being that way, or being such a big part of my life.

And so I made a decision. I'm going to tell her next time I see her that I need to end our relationship. I'm going to tell her that I need her to stop seeing me and to stop peeing in my car. I think I'm going to tell her this weekend. I actually made plans to meet with her already, and she is going to have a pee in my car. That's when I'm going to break the news to her, after she has her pee. It will end up being her last pee in my car. But it needs to be. Anyway I hope I'm not a bad person. But I think it will be the best thing. I'm glad my car is full of her pee though, I'll always have that.

One thing she did ask me is she wanted me to pee into something of hers, and also she told me that she wanted me to pee in her car when she someday gets one. I guess that will never happen now, but that's ok. If she had a car, I'd probably be tempted to pee in it before I end our relationship, so it's probably good that she doesn't have one. That might be too mean.

So that's what I think I'm going to do. Any advice is always welcome. I'm going to bring it up this weekend, but it doesn't look like I'll change my mind or anything. But you never know.

Take care! Sorry such a gloomy post!

Hi trying, and in need of a poop at a club. Im like drunk now and staying clean is not easy

Jennifer G
Ok so this morning I get a text, and it's Megan saying "Hi i cant wait til saturday and i cant wait to see YOU!!! Pee seat!!! Yaaaaaay!!!!" In my last post, I mentioned how I plan to end this so-called relationship with Megan. Her personality is just too much for me to handle. I like her peeing in my car, but I just can't take her anymore, she's too cute and bubbly for me. And anyway, I have enough of her pee in my car now, so it's time. This weekend I will be ending it. Of course I'll let you know how it goes. I'm pretty sure she won't take it well.



I'm back

Hi all love these stories and are back from holiday hanks for all the messages of support


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Imogen/ Natasha- Your comments about using the loo at school reminded me of my own experiences. Ever since I can remember I've always felt the urge to have a poo late morning, so for that reason pooing at school is something I had to do a lot. At my primary school the loos were really nice and so it was no problem, a couple of girls in my class must have had the same body clock as me and usually wanted a poo by lunchtime as well, and so we would all use the loo at the start of lunch which made it less awkward! When I started at my first secondary school though the girls loos were really gross and that's when I started to hold in my poo, to be honest I've been getting constipated on and off ever since, even though by Year 10 some of the toilets were refurbished so at least when I needed a poo at school I could use a decent toilet. As you say though Natasha, a lot of the time I did still end up holding it as it was often really hard to find the time to go for a poo. I would only ask to be excused from class if it was an emergency, I need to spend at least ten minutes on the toilet when I want a poo and it was embarrassing being out of class for that long. Morning break was just too short, and it was also really frustrating as quite often I would be on the loo having a wee and would feel like I needed a poo, but I knew I'd have to hold it as I just wouldn't get time to finish before the end of break. I changed schools for sixth form and once again the loos there were really nice on the whole, although our sixth form ones weren't as pleasant so we tended to use the English block ones which were the best. A lot of girls seemed happy to use the school toilets when they wanted a poo, if I was on the loo especially before lessons or at lunchtime it was quite normal to hear my neighbours in next door cubicles farting and plopping away. To be honest I would only ever get embarrassed about having a poo at school if I was badly constipated, as that meant I would need to spend ages on the loo straining to pass a rock hard log and wouldn't be able to stop myself from grunting as I would need to push really hard. Luckily there were sometimes other girls who must have been finding it hard to have a poo as well as I would hear them straining and grunting when they were on the loo, so at least it wasn't just me having constipation troubles!
Anyway, I'm back from uni at the moment and have a quick story to share so here goes. I stayed round my friend Katies house last night and had a lie in, by the time I woke up I was dying for a wee so I went into Katies ensuite and lifted my nightie, eased down my pale green pants and lowered myself onto the toilet, I started to wee a strong stream and couldn't help moaning with relief. When I was about half way through Katie came in rubbing her eyes, she was jiggling around and said, "Hurry up, I'm desperate for a wee!!" I was still sending a powerful stream splashing down into the bowl, I said "I'll be as fast as I can, I was bursting too!" After a few seconds my stream slowed to a dribble and then stopped. I quickly wiped my front and pulled up my pants, Katie had already got her pink pants down and she lifted her nightie and sat down heavily, she moaned as I heard her wee literally flooding out of her! Her stream went on for ages and eventually died away, she then wiped and flushed before pulling up her pants and going back into the bedroom. We went downstairs and made some toast which we brought back up to the room, after we'd eaten that we lazed around chatting. At about 11 I started to get a heavy feeling in my belly and knew that a poo was coming, it had been a couple of days since I'd last been for a poo so I knew putting off the urge would be a bad idea. I noticed Katie rubbing her belly as well, just then she said, "I really want a poo!"
I said, "Oh great, me too!" and Katie asked, "How desperate are you?"
"Well I can wait a bit, if you really need to go," I said. "Thanks, if I wait much longer I'm gonna have a log poking out in my knickers!" Katie said, getting up and walking back into her ensuite. I followed her in and sat on the floor as she once again lifted her nightie and dropped her pants to her knees. She sat on the loo and started to bear down, as she pushed I could hear some more wee trickling down into the toilet and I saw her starting to go pink as she was having to strain quite hard. She kept on pushing and after a while she said "Sorry its taking so long, I haven't had a poo in about three days, I think I'm a bit constipated!"
"Don't be embarrassed if you need to grunt," I said, and Katie nodded, bearing down with all her might and doing a loud grunt as she caught her breath. After a few more pushes like that I heard a loud plop as her log dropped, I squirmed about on the floor and Katie said, "Sorry, I'll be as fast as I can, I hope your knickers are still clean!"
"Only just!" I said, I was clenching my bum to stop a log from poking out and I knew I needed to get on the loo soon. Katie went on to pass another couple of logs, which needed a bit of pushing but not anywhere near as much! She said, "Right, I'm done, I'll wipe my bum standing up so you can get on the loo!"
"Thanks," I said, as Katie stood up and flushed and started to wipe her bottom. I got up, dropped my pants and sat down on the warm seat, I relaxed my bum and felt a log poke out almost straight away, I haven't been too badly constipated lately but this one felt like a huge fat poo so I hoped it wasn't going to be too hard to push out! I took a deep breath and did a big push, I could feel the poo move out a bit but when I stopped pushing it started to get sucked back up my bum, I really hate it when that happens and unfortunately it happens a lot. "Its going back up my bum when I stop pushing," I panted as Katie threw the last bit of paper between my legs.
"I know what you mean, my last few poos have been the same, I've been having really fat hard ones for some reason!" Katie said as she pulled up her pants. I bore down hard and kept up the pressure for as long as I could, and then took a quick breath and pushed again, I couldn't help doing a loud grunt as I stopped pushing! After a few more pushes like that I was able to relax a bit as I'd manage to get the log out far enough that it wasn't going back up my bum, thank god!
"Hows it going, Abs?" asked Katie. "Well, its not going back up my bum any more at least!" I said, taking a deep breath and pushing again, "But now its getting really fat and I'm really gonna struggle to get the widest part through!" I bore down again and felt the log slowly easing out, I just hoped it wouldn't get stuck, I sometimes get that problem as well which is also really annoying. Today wasn't my lucky day, after a couple more pushes the poo refused to budge and I had to reach round behind myself and pull my bum cheeks apart.
"Sorry, its got stuck!" I said, I would have blushed but my face was already bright red from all the pushing.
"Don't worry, Iast time I had a poo it got stuck as well, just push really hard and grunt it out!" Katie said. I nodded, I was just glad Katie often struggles to go for a poo as well so she understands what its like trying to get a huge fat log to come out! I did a few massive pushes and couldn't help grunting loudly after each one, luckily that seemed to make the difference and I felt the log starting to move again, it was really hard and knobbly and was stretching my bum hole to its limit.
"I wish I wanted a poo more often than once every 3 or 4 days, it might be easier to go then!" I said in between pushes. "How often do you usually need to go, Katie?
"Well to be honest I usually need to have a poo every 3 days or so on average, like you say I wish I could go more often though!"
Just then a bit of the log dangling out of my bum broke off and made a loud plop, and shortly after the rest of it splashed down into the bowl and I moaned with relief. "Thank god that's out!" I said, as I felt another smoother, smaller poo sliding out. After some gentle pushing it plopped into the toilet and then I felt empty, so I wiped my bottom and flushed before pulling up my pants and washing my hands. Katie and I went back into my room to get dressed. Hope you enjoyed this story, will try to post again soon, bye for now!!

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