Michael W.

Halloween Poop

Hey guys, Sorry I haven't posted in a while. I have been busy working and other things going on but I'm back with another story from my childhood. Ok, it was Halloween 1998, I was 10 years old. Me and my dad just finished carving my pumpkin into a jackolantern. Then me, my dad, and older bro Josh decided to go out for lunch at Ponderosa. We weren't gonna do a dinner bcz my dad thought it would be pointless since we were gonna be Trick or Treating. Anyways when we went to Ponderosa I ate a lot of food. I remember that I ate Chicken, Mashed Potatoes, Corn, Green Beans, Rolls, Speghetti, A salad, Cherry pie, and ice cream. I don't know how I put that much food in my stomach. I remember thinking if I ate this much I was going to puke sooner or later. I brushed the thought off trying not to worry about it. On the way back home from the resteraunt my stomach started cramping and the urge to poop started coming on. Then I was farting. When we made it home I had to head straight for the bathroom cuz I felt like I was going to explode. Into the bathroom I close the door, kicked off my shoes, pulled down my kakis, and boxers to my ankles as I sat on the toilet. Before I knew it diarrhea was exploding out of my butt like storm. I sighed in relief. I was farting a lot as more and more mushy poop continued to come out. I rested my hand with my hands and got comfortable cuz I take a while. Almost 20 minutes have past and I thought I was done so I wiped stood up and flushed the toilet. Then I felt another cramp in my stomach and then I sat back down on the toilet exploding with more diarrhea. "Just my luck" I thought to myself sitting there. So for 15 more minutes I finished my second wave of the poops and at the end I pushed out one last loud fart and then realized I was done. I wiped, pulled up my boxers and khaki's, flushed the toilet, and then washed my hands. All in all, I was in there for at least 35 minutes. And later on that same night after we were done Trick or Treating I was watching "Friday the 13th Part 3" and felt another cramp in stomach so I paused the tape on the VCR and headed straight to the bathroom. Once again it was the same thing as earlier that day. I exploded with diarrhea again. I had spent 10 minutes in the bathroom this time. When I was done I pulled up my boxers, flushed the toilet and left the bathroom. I was lucky I didn't poop myself. Lol. I will post again later. Till then, Happy Halloween and Happy Pooping.


Memories of mother/daughter poops

I have several memories of public toilet poops with my mom. Because we lived in a big city and the food court at the huge mall was where we ate at often, I think I was about 7 before mom gave me more independence when we were away from home. Much of the time it was me who had to go after eating at places. Mom's first question was 1? or 2? So when I would say 2 she would try and talk me into holding it until we got back home. She would say things to encourage me to hold it: "only 15 minutes until we get home," "the toilets are really filthy here hon," "you need to learn to regulate yourself", etc. But if I was persistent, she would give in. Interestingly, I found it would cause her, too, to use the toilet trip. So she would give in and take me to a toilet. But it wasn't often the closest one like the large restrooms on each floor of the mall. She liked to bypass those for what she said were the much cleaner toilets inside stores such as Penneys and Sears. The walk, and she was a fast walker, challenged me to hold my poop. I'd point out other bathrooms we were passing, but she'd hear none of it.

Eventually mom would identify an acceptable bathroom. She'd open the entry door for us, but if there were many vacant stalls she would inspect several options before making her final selection. I remember a couple of times a seat would be up. She would pull off a small amount of toilet paper to use in her hand as she dropped it. Often I would remind her that my need was urgent as she used that paper to then wipe the seat down. Then came the strip of toilet paper she tore off to put over each side of the seat. Then and only then I was allowed to lower my underwear and sit down on the papered seat. I know she meant well but she didn't seem surprised that I would start popping it out almost immediately. She'd hand me toilet paper to wipe with and I would use it. Then she'd always hand me one more and say it was for "just being sure" I was clean. Because she had been so tough on me, as I've gotten older and more experienced, I feel she tried to mitigate things next. When I got off the toilet, she took her turn. She would quickly seat herself directly on the seat. Then she would spread her legs wider and often drop a couple of pieces of poop. I especially liked it if her crap came slower because she would pull me over the front, seat me between her legs, and she would pull her handbag off the hook, pull out a hairbrush, and give my red curly hair attention. Sometimes, she would pee, tickle me and sometimes sneak in a kiss from behind and ask if I needed to pee because it was going to be a bit longer before we got home. She would then have me get up while she wiped. Then she would use her right foot on the flusher. It surprised me at first, but then I got use to it.

She was happier when she joined me at the sink and saw that I was washing correctly--she always wanted to see lots of soap suds as I "worked" my hands. The sensors on some of the sinks frustrated (actually still do today!) me and she showed me how to get them to work. In my developing mind, I found asking to go to the bathroom more volatile, but after I got on the toilet I actually appreciated how mom would mellow as we bonded. Now as a graduate student and part-time athletic coach, I'm nowhere as particular as mom in using public bathrooms. They are a necessity and both my boyfriend and I are nowhere near as neurotic as mom when the frequent need to use a toilet away from home arises.


Catherine: Re: Reasons You May Not Enjoy Pooping

Biggest reason for me has ALWAYS been, when I have to bear down REALLY hard and someone is listening. I grunt...there are times when I just can't stop myself! If I'm really struggling with a hard one I grunt. I HATE the thought of anyone hearing me.

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Chris C it sounds like that one woman was pretty desperate.

To: Holly G first welcome to the site and great story it sounds like you and that other woman both had really great poops.

To: Rochelle great story.

To: Krista E great set of stories.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site

Steve A

Green Poop Plus A Few Questions

Over the weekend at college, I went out Friday night and during the weekend. I must've caught a cold or something because I was starting to feel it Sunday into Monday. I'm feeling a little better, but I took some Dayquil and Nyquil to ease my symptoms. Recently today, I got an urge to go, so I went to the bathroom and after I was done, I noticed that it was grass green colored. I did some research when I finished up and I found out the Nyquil can make your poop a greenish color.

Has that ever happened to you before?

When do you normally have green colored poop when you eat certain green vegetables or medicine?

For me personally, it has been awhile since this has happened to me.


Toilet seat covers

Seeing the post made by Ellison has reminded me of something I used to do in secondary school and haven't done in quite a while now.The toilets always had seat covers and since they were there, I decided to use them. I'm not that fussy about toilet seats but I thought if I have them, I will use them.

Apparently there are different styles of seat covers, I've seen some that are pretty much just an outline of the toilet seat, but the ones at my school were a solid piece and you were supposed to punch out the perforated middle bit so part of the cover is caught when you flush and it takes the rest with it.

I never really did that, instead I left the middle in place and sat down anyway, my pee would always make a little patter followed by a tinkle as it quickly soaked through the thin tissue, and if I pooped first it would just break through immediately. Much more fun! When I had finished my business I just knocked the cover into the toilet with my hand and flushed.


to ChrisC

Hey, I really liked your post! The setup of the toilets reminds me of our outhouses here, lots of visual privacy but none in terms of sounds. I think it's good that you made sure the girls didn't know you had overheard them. They might have been embarrassed, I would have been for sure! Did you notice which one of them did the poo?


Bile Dumps

Hi everyone. I love to scour the net, and I've been reading a lot about one of the procedures I got in the hospital (cholecystectomy). One of the side effects that I'm currently still dealing with can be due to bile acid malabsorption. This makes the poop green, or yellow, and of course, watery. As a treatment, I found on the net that bile salt binding medication (which is prescribed to you) can be beneficial in helping you absorb the bile so you don't have the diarrhea. Also, to clear up some possible confusion. When I quoted in my previous post about looking forward to that peace again I was referring to when I die. I'd have to say that general anesthesia is one of the closest to actual death that I've come, because in the minds of atheists, you're unaware at death just like when being put to sleep. My birth was 4 months premature, and I had to be ventilated, and also had seizures, so it's possible I was unaware during the entirety of that time so I also compare my previous unconscious experiences to that. I couldn't fit in real diapers, so I ended up pooping, and peeing in doll diapers. I don't think anyone on hear has ever wrote about bile salt diarrhea, so this may be new to you. Bye!


Mushy poop explosion after breakfast

I just finished brunch a little while ago, finished off with 2 cups of black coffee. Soon afterwards, I felt the need for a poop as I always do. I went to the washroom, pulled down my yoga pants and boy shorts underwear and sat down. I gave a gentle push and mushy poop exploded out of me. It wasn't diarrhea, it was just very soft poop, and it was quite a bit. It only took me a couple of minutes to finish. After I was done, I wiped with some toilet paper. It was quite messy, and I wanted to do a good job to avoid skidmarks. After I was finished, I pulled up my pants and underwear and checked out what I did. There was a giant pile of mushy crap! Wow. I flushed the toilet and scrubbed the inside of the toilet since it was quite messy after my dump.

I find that black coffee and 1-2 cups of warm water along with a bottle of water helps a lot to help me poop. Plus it feels good to be able to go 1-3 times a day. It's nice to finally be able to poop regularly and not suffer from constipation anymore. I'm happy about it :)

Happy pooping, everyone!


To Tina, I can so empathize with you! Correctol is your friend, believe me. (It certainly is mine :)) Smiles, Tracy


Anna's wedding poo

This weekend I was one of the bridesmaids at a friend's wedding. All day I was super busy to help prepare the wedding and support the bride while she was get her hair and makeup done. So much, that in the end I only barely managed to put my outfit on and to make it to the ceremony in time! I was wearing a red neckholder gown, black stockings and creme coloured high heels. I think the dress was really flattering to my curves and I ended up getting a lot of compliments for my looks that evening. I was even wearing red lacy underwear and garters. I didn't have a date, so nobody was going to see my bra and panties, but I think all women here know that nice underwear can give a girl a bunch of extra confidence. Anyway, I really felt like a lady that night!

I was part of the ceremony, it was very romantic and I was pretty nervous, too. After that we all started drinking and a little later we had dinner. I hadn't eaten all day, so I was really hungry and I totally stuffed myself. So much for being a lady, haha!

After the dinner I was chatting with the bride and a few of the other bridesmaids when all of a sudden I noticed something knocking at my backdoor. Oops, I hadn't been to the bathroom all afternoon and now I needed a poo and pretty urgently, too! I left the table and headed to the washroom. The wedding was at a small restaurant which is in an old house, so I needed to go upstairs. I carefully climbed the stairs in my heels and then went into the bathroom. It was quite small with only two tiny stalls and a sink. One of the stalls was taken and I could see a pair or mint green heels and hear someone peeing noisily. Now, like I said I felt really confident that evening and I was kinda drunk a bit as well, so I decided right away I would just go into the other stall and do whatever business I needed to do and not care about the other woman at all. I went into the empty stall, locked the door and checked it out. It was very small but the toilet seemed clean and there was lots of paper. I put my purse on the hook, pulled my dress up and pushed my lacy thong down do my knees. Then I turned around carefully in the narrow space and plopped my bum on the black seat. I noticed it was kinda small and I needed to shift my ???? rear end around a bit to get into the right position so I wouldn't pee on the seat or worse. Meanwhile my neighbour was done with her pee and was silent. I wiggled around a bit more to get comfortable and also pushed my thong all the way down to my high heels. Then I relaxed and let got with a big, hissing stream of pee. Halfway through my pee I also blew a loud, wet fart into the bowl. I guess I had a lot that wanted out at the back, too. As it sometimes happens, I think my fart broke the ice for my neighbour. She farted too, more quietly, and then started to drop logs into her toilet. I could hear quite a lot of plops in rapid succession and immediately the little room smelled like poop. Meanwhile, I also pushed and started to take care of my number two. A very big turd came crackling out of my backdoor and slowly dropped into the bowl. It just kept coming out and I think it curled up at the bottom of the bowl because when it was finally all out it made no splash. And, eww was there ever coming a big stink from the toilet below me! It was much worse than my neighbour's and I was fanning my nose and whispering 'omg' under my breath.

I wasn't anywhere near done though and already had another log coming out. It was a bit smaller but also pretty long. It dropped off with a loud wet fart and then I just sat back and relaxed a bit. The woman in the other cubicle was also still pooping with a few more small farts and more turds crackling out of her bum. After sitting for about another minute or so, I did one more smaller poo and then I felt all empty and so relieved! Now that we had both pooped a bunch more, the smell in the bathroom was soo bad! I quickly pulled off some paper and wiped my front and then my very messy bum. There was poo in my crack and even somehow on one of my bumcheeks. I cleaned up very carefully and then stood up and pulled up my thong. The toilet bowl was almost completely filled, though there was a lot of dirty tp in there, too. I was fearing the worst when I flushed, but it all went down and there weren't even any skidmarks, wow! I straightened out my dress and went to wash my hands. When I left, the other woman was just starting to work the toilet roll. I was really glad to be out of the room.

After I went down I lingered by the stairs a bit to see who the other women had been. It turned out to be an Asian girl named Trish, another friend of the bride. She was very fun during the wedding and later, after we had used the bathroom together, got very drunk. In the end it was a really great wedding. I did totally bomb the toilet and stink up the bathroom but no one knew except maybe Trish and she was almost as bad as I was, haha. I felt very relieved after my trip upstairs and I stayed at the party late and had so much fun. Anyway, I hope you all liked my story.


Re: Constipated Tina

I don't understand why anyone would struggle like you did for an hour! You could have given yourself an enema and had it over with in no time. I've used them my whole life, they're not bad and struggling like you did seems much worse, MUCH MORE uncomfortable, and unnecessary.-- JW



Ted: Thank you always for your kind and affirming words! Also, I hate that you had to go during your race. I jog regularly, but have only had a couple of instances that led to the need to poop while running. Once I pooped a little in my panties, but not much. But I have heard that long-distance running can do a number on your bowels! Hope you are well! Love, Catherine!

Brandon T: Thanks!

Adrian: Well, I think he did kind of enjoy the accident. I do not plan on doing it on purpose though! I'm waiting for his day to have an accident!

Love to all!



Mom and son coffee dump

Hello everyone I hope everyone is having a great halloween. I posted a few years ago but here is what happend a few days ago. So me and my mom got up early to go shopping of thanksgiving supplies at like 6 AM and me and my mom where both kinda grogy so my mom made us some really strong black coffee and but it in our 20 oz coffee cups drink it along the way to Walmart and towards the end of our shopping spree I was feeling a big load knocking at my backdoor but I didn't want to shit at Walmart because the restrooms are disgusting so I held it in to our next store at Target and I told my mom I'm going to use the restroom and im going to be a while because I'm going to take a dump. And she said okay I will be over by the makeup and bodywash asle so I went into the mens restroom and sat down on the toilet I was literally 1 minute from going in my pants. And within seconds a small turd came out then a whole bunch of mushy and really foul smelling shit came rushing out of me for a few minutes. Then I wiped washed my hands and met back with my mom. And by the time we where almost done with target I could tell something was up with my mom she was like before we leave I'm going to use the restroom then two minutes later she said okay watch my stuff I gotta go right now! I figured the coffee effected her the same way it did me she was in there for almost 10 minutes and met up with me and said whooh I feel a hell of a lot better and I asked if she took a dump and she said yes I did and I had do go badly and laughed a little. Then I said it was probably the coffee that effected us huh and said yeah and we shared our stories about having to shit right after drinking coffee and joked about it. It was a really fun day shopping with my mom though. Coffee is super ???? but man does it make us shit badly lol

Anyways have a Happy Halloween everyone Hopefully I will have more stories to share

Wednesday, November 02, 2016

Nathan, It was due to lack of use.


Going It Alone

Over the years from when we played together in my tree house to now when we regularly use the happy hour at a local lounge to unwind after work, Danni has been my best friend. For more than 25 years we've been doing so many things together. This happened back about the last summer we were riding our bikes to many of the places we wanted to go. It was late summer, neither of us had any money, but we rode over to WalMart just to look at stuff for school that we hoped we could afford when we completed a few more babysitting jobs. So we were going from rack to rack looking at stuff and I noticed we were close to one of the bathrooms and I told Danni to come in with me. It was so unusual, but she told me she didn't have to go and she would continue shopping. I found out later there was a couple of hot guys she hoped to see there. So I pushed the door open. The bathroom was kind of eerie. All 6 toilets were vacant, but there was paper strown on the floor and the usual late morning smell that more than a few women had dumped there. I took one of the middle toilets because it had been flushed and looked pretty clean. I pulled down my underwear and shorts and seated myself. I must have been spacing because I noticed that I hadn't closed and latched the door. I stood to do it and then re-seated myself.

Just about that time, I heard the door swing open and somebody was entering the room. The door next to my stall was thrown back, immediately closed, and the lady wearing heels, took her place in front of the toilet, dropped her designer jeans and just before I expected to hear her butt drop to the seat, I heard her say Darn under her breath. The movement of her feet seemed to freeze. Then she rapped on the panel of my stall. Then she asked if I had any seat sheets for the seat. That surprised me a bit. Neither Danni or I or many of my friends use them. From my seat as I was peeing I looked behind me and sure enough there was a white plastic holder on the wall. I reached back without getting off my seat and used the back of my hand to pull one of them off. It was halfway out when I started to pull it in anger and it ripped. So I pulled it off, folded it up in my hand, and dropped it between my legs into the stool. By then my pee had stopped so I stood up, facing the holder, and with both hands, I pulled more carefully on the sheet and it didn't rip. I took my seat again, passed it under the panel to her. She was thankful, called me Honey and then put it on the seat. Then she seated herself. I guess she thought we bonded well or something because she almost immediately started talking at me. About how her husband had been hogging the bathroom at home that morning, she had been holding her crap for 2 hours in traffic, how she won't sit her butt directly on the seat to crap, but that she will for a quick pee, about the departments she most likes to shop, and some things about some of the people she works with in her job that she likes. All this was said as I was just sitting, waiting to get up, wash my hands and then getting back to Danni. It was so strange that even after I flushed and was washing my hands, this lady was continuing to talk. When I told Danni about it on our ride home, she too thought it was weird.


Inconvenient Poop

There have been some recent stories about untimely poop accidents in the most recent posts, something that we've probably all experienced.
My most inconvenient need occurred several years ago when I was running a very difficult and competitive 15K race in the upper Midwest. I had just topped the last of several hill climbs in that race, barely holding back a nasty cramp, when I had to find a place to squat. The only such place was off to the side of the trail, in full view of other runners who might pass by. So I grabbed a few leaves, found a flat spot, and lowered my drawers. I passed a gurgling fart and grunted out a pile of several mushy logs, followed by another mushy fart and a few thin turds. The whole mess rose to within an inch or two of my lowered butt, so I wiped very carefully with the semi-absorbent maple leaves--then pulled up my pants, and continued the race. I hadn't noticed any other runners passing by, so I felt fortunate to kick in the last half mile of the race to finish second overall. Sometime later, during the awards ceremony, the guy who finished first came up to me, smiled slyly, and said "I saw you just off the trail as I passed by. Too bad that nature called, because you would have beaten me by almost a minute."

I learned a few things that day about pre-race diet that served me well in subsequent years or racing and also coaching. A few of my male runners on high school teams suffered the same fate in critical races -- experiences that I was never reluctant to use as teaching moments.

On another subject:

Those of you have helped, or been helped by a significant other or spouse when "the need" is overwhelming, know that its just part of the relationship agreement that you signed to love and cherish one another. I found these to be very special moments in my marriage.

Enjoying all your stories. Its nice to have this forum.

@Kevin Tell your mother about Kegel exercises. You're describing stress incontinence, Kegels go a long way towards helping the situation.

I have a bit of a funny story today. Last week, I think it was Thursday, I was at class with my friend Danielle. After it was over, we went to Starbucks and got some lattes. I got a regular one and Danielle got pumpkin spice, which she loves. Then we took the train home and halfway through Danielle started to look very uncomfortable. I asked her what was wrong and she told me that the coffee she had bought hadn't agreed with her. I said "do you have a stomach ache?" and she said yes and that she also really needed the toilet. I felt so sorry for her. There wasn't much we could do, though so we just kept chatting and I told her some gossip about this boy I have been on a couple of dates with recently, so I think she was kinda distracted a bit. Anyway, we finally got home to our house and we both took off our coats and then started to undo our boots. I was reaching down and Danielle was bent over as well and for a second her yoga pants bum and two ???? cheeks were right in my face. I could even see her green undies and a bit of her bumcrack peeking out at the top. So I turned away and right then Danielle totally let this loud fart slip out! We were both silent for a second and then she was like "I'm so sorry!". She turned around and then she was like "omg, did I just fart in your face?". I told her "almost", and then we both broke into laughter. I don't think she was very embarrassed, we both thought it was hysterical. It did smell kinda bad a bit though and Danielle quickly took off to the bathroom. I was still putting away some of my stuff when she totally exploded on the toilet. There were a ton of wet farts and then what sounded like a bunch of wet turds blasting from her bottom into the bowl. Poor Danielle! I went into my room, so I don't really know how long she was in the bathroom. To be honest, I kinda fell asleep on my bed for a bit even though it was only the afternoon. When I got back up I went for a pee. The bathroom seemed fine, but when I was flushing I noticed a ton of brown specks around the top of the bowl. For sure Danielle used the brush, but she probably overlooked some spots. She must have totally sprayed the toilet with poop at some point after she got an upset stomach from the latte. Later we all had dinner together and she seemed fine and all upbeat again, luckily! Ok, that's the story how my friend almost literally farted in my face!

to Natasha: Loved you story, it reminds me of my own life, haha.

to BrianW: Not that I remember, but we already had a fair bit of snow! As for your other question, I have only travelled overseas once, this summer to Europe. We flew into Vienna and pretty much the first thing I did when we got to our hostel was to take a big dump in the ladies washroom! So, yes I have!

Anna from Canada. Glad you enjoyed the Starbucks poo. It sounds as though it was very satisfying.

Kevin. There are a variety of incontinence products on the market. Although I'm not incontinent as such I do occasionally wear Tena incontinence pants for comfort, especially if I'm going on a long journey or likely to be without toilet access for a long time. Depends are also pretty good. Based on experience I'd avoid the Boots Staydry own brand ones though.

Catherine. It sounds as though you had a birthday surprise and a half. I can't imagine how taking a dump in front of Alan could possibly ever ruin his day.



I have chronic constipation. I can sympathize with those of you who also struggle. I haven't been able to go for 3 days. Today I finally felt pressure!!! I sat on the toilet and started to push. It came out an inch and STOPPED. I spent nearly an hour straining and doing all I could to get it out. It's completely stuck and sooooooo uncomfortable. I am going to lay down and try again later.

Chris C
Im a 26 year old male who works for a catering company on the weekends. I had a job to do where I was the first of 2 setting up for a company picnic at a state park. We needed to be there at 8 and the park opens at 9, party starts at 10. I arrived on a Saturday morning to the grounds and needed to take my morning poop. There was not a soul at the park. I took an uber there and there wasnt a car in place. I thought to myself: this is perfect for using the bathroom in a public place. First thing in the morning no body is around.

So I sat down and was just sitting there since I had time to kill and if my coworker came, Id have to start earlier. 5 minutes in and to my surprise I hear 2 girls walk in the womens bathroom. The facility is concrete building with one stall and urinal and likely same size as womens. The upper blocks are designs with holes open to the atmosphere. I didnt want them to hear me so I stayed silent. I think they had the same idea as me as if they thought there was no one in the park this early.

They came in and one immediately says "I have to shit so bad". The other giggled and started to pee. The peeing girl flushed and left and I heard her wash her hands and say "Ill be outside waiting for you". 10 seconds after she left, the girl next to me makes a very runny, gassy poop sound for 5 or so seconds. She then sighs in relief and says "woo!". She sat there for around 2 minutes with soft grunts and farts. She wiped and flushed then I could hear her in there for a bit shuffling and getting her things ready.

After another minute or so I decided to wipe up and leave. I still wanted to be undetected.I left the bathroom and noticed two girls setting up and the truck coming in where I worked. I immediately went to parking area so they didnt notice me noticing them in the toilet. Turns out they were both there for the party and were setting up decorations. Both around 30. One was a little chunky with big boobs. When I heard her talk I recognized it from the bathroom.

Holly G

Huge poop toilet

Hi everyone it holly I''was walking back home from work and I felt the need to poop I not poop in four days and my ???? was sore anyway I went to the ladies bathroom lucky out of the three stall one was taken so I took the one far from the entrance locked i pulled up my black skirt and pulled my white thong and put my bum on the toilet and started to pee for about 42 seconds after that I started pushing the poo out my bum and my bum was sore as I keep pushing the first poop came out it was really big and I heard someone entering the stall next to me she locked the door and she started crying as lot of poops came out like a rocket and I keep pooping out another big poop I was rubbing my ???? and patting it is well pushing another three big poops out my bum the girl next to me let out a frat ad 14 more plops than I was still pooping and let out 10 more plops big ones while I was still patting and rubbing my ???? the girl next to me started to wipe while she was doing that I look at the inside of my toilet and saw the bottom was full of my poop I even let out another seven more lucky it was smaller ones I then farted and push out another seven plops felt much better followed by another fat and then another pee for about 15 seconds I started to wipe took about 7 wipes and sit for a few minutes with my legs up after that I got off the toilet pulled up my thong and pulled down my skirt and nd flushed I fought I clogged the toilet but most of it flushed down took about two flushes after wasting my hands I left the toilet and went home on the bus

John (Mike, Rob, Ken too)

Fall Festival 2016

John here. I enjoy this site, its a place to really be honest about our bathroom habits.... Our township is having our "Fall Festival" today at the high school... I have been here since 6:30 setting up tables, and helping with the food concessions, of course I've been eating lots of greasy doughnuts and drinking lots of coffee. A little while ago , it was "time" I raced for the closest boys restroom, and another dad (Mike) was darting for the door as I was opening the door. We both entered and there were 2 other dads, Rob & Kenny, heading for the toilets. The layout in there is 2 doorless toilet stalls facing each other, and only about 5 feet away from each side,, with very low cinder block dividers, and the toilet paper is mounted on the partition between the toilets, so you have to "share" with your neighbor. Rob & Kenny were getting settled on one side of the room, so Mike and myself got seats across the room. "Are we choosing teams?" Kenny said, we all laughed as we all sat with our jeans and briefs down to our ankles. Kenny ripped the first monster fart, which soon turned into a round robin, of all of us farting....Very shortly the crackling started, and all four of us were pissing and shitting enormous loads, THE ROOM STINK ! other guys came in to piss, but it was cool all of us crapping and bullshitting together, eventually we started wiping our asses. It took a while, since we had to take turns pulling toilet paper off the rolls... We all finished up lifted our briefs and jeans, and washed our hands. As we all stormed out of the bathroom, our "odors" simmered out into the hallway. LOL ...guys never outgrow bathroom humor. Happy Halloween to everybody !

It's been a while but I have a question.
Does anyone have any stories about being in a public toilet stall with a parent while they pooped when you were young?
My mother did it quite regularly up until I was about 5. She would normally let me use the toilet first. Then I would get up and she would sit and unload. She would let me flush everything down at the end. We both have very similar bowel movements which are typically soft and gassy.
I can recall a memorable time when she took me Christmas shopping (not for myself) and we wondered around the mall for half a day. We entered one of the department stores and Mother told me she needed to poop. She asked me if I needed to go and I told here that I could stand to take a pee. We went into the ladies room and there were two open stalls out of about 10. One was somewhere near the middle and the last stall was also open. She led me into the nearest stall in the middle and locked us in. She was acting a bit urgent so I sensed she was about to give me quite a show.
Mom turned her back the the toilet and dropped her pants and undies to her lower calves as she always does so she can spread her legs. I always do the same cause it naturally opens my anus and my poop slides out much easier. I kid you not, as soon as her ass cheeks touched the toilet seat a very powerful fart reverberated from the bowl with such a booming base. I don't know what it is but there's just something amazing (and funny) about those awesome bowl echoing farts!
She let out a sigh of relief with an "ahhh" at the same time. I could tell she was having diarrhea and I glanced out of the corner of my eye between her legs into the toilet water and it was already peppered with a brown spray of poop. About 5 seconds passed and another base filled blast of gas mixed with diarrhea splatter boomed from between her legs and the smell was wafting up. She spread her legs even wider to open her anus even more and I saw her poop shower out from under her and blast the bowl. She grunted and sighed a lot with waves of diarrhea coming every 10-20 seconds. Not too much changed in the rest of the bathroom while this was happening but I could hear a few ladies scramble to wipe and get out quickly.
It went on like this for about 10 minutes with a an explosion every 20 seconds or so. The last few blasts contained less gas and more more poop spraying the back of the toilet bowl. It ended with one final wave consisting of a gentle fizzy fart mixed with a thick stream of gloppy, stringy poop. She pushed a few times to make sure she was empty and then began the task of wiping her very messy ass. It took about 6 big wipes before she was comfortable pulling her drawers up and feeling like herself again. She dropped her last wad of TP in the bowl under her right butt cheek and looked at me and said "that was such a great poop honey" with smile. The smell of her poop was heavy over that toilet but I told her I still wanted to pee so we switched and I sat over her huge smelly mess and took a relatively quick pee. It was a black commercial style seat and was very warm. I finished and then did the honor of flushing away the spectacular poop that my lovely mother thoroughly enjoyed passing through her. She got a load of comfort out of that toilet that day!
Looking back at all the times I saw my mother poop at home or in public toilets, I could tell she enjoyed her poops a lot and she wasn't ashamed about letting loose full volume on the toilet. She actually encouraged me to do the same. She told me that I should take care of my body and part of that is finding a toilet when I need to go and letting it all out. That's a responsible thing to do as opposed to straining my muscles holding it in until I get home when I can relieve my self much quicker in a public toilet. I'm always thankful for public toilets! I get diarrhea sometimes in public restrooms too and I can tell some people get disgusted by it. You don't have to like it but I personally think it's perfectly human and frankly I enjoy relaxing and letting my guts loose.

Krista E.

Some Non-Accident Incidents

In prior posts, I've written about 2 soiling accidents I had back in 7th grade and 1 when I was a freshman in college. I noted that my accident in college was the first I'd had since 7th grade. But just because I never had an accident in that intervening time doesn't mean I didn't have any toileting experiences of note. As a little change of pace, I thought I'd write about some of those non-accident incidents.

This first one that I'm going to write about happened on my first day of high school. Actually, it wasn't even that but an orientation day for freshman and the day before the school started for real. I don't know if it was nerves at starting high school or something else, but whatever it was, I hadn't gone #2 for 3 days and I was really starting to feel it. But making that walk to school that morning, must have caused something to stimulate my bowels. By the time I was walking through the door, I had to go quite urgently.

I quickly found a door that said "Women" and I walked in. I knew we had some pretty nice bathrooms in middle school, but this was quite a bit nicer. I remember that my sister, when she was in high school, used to complain about the bathrooms all the time. I didn't know what she was talking about because this bathroom was just about perfect. I thought maybe they had fixed it up since my sister graduated or maybe it's just this clean and nice because the school year hadn't started yet. I picked a stall, locked the stall door, and sat down to do my business. It was a bit of a hard and difficult bowel movement and I was on the toilet awhile but it felt really good to get myself cleaned out. I flushed once just to get the bowel movement down and then went about wiping myself. While all this was going on, someone came in and used another stall for about the longest, loudest pee I'd ever heard.

By the time I had finished wiping myself and emerged from the stall, she was already at the sink washing her hands. I didn't know her but she was clearly a teacher rather than a student. "What are you doing in here," she then asked me. I was more than a little surprised at the question -- I couldn't imagine why she was asking me such a question. When I didn't answer, she asked me again. I was no less confused this time. I had no idea how I was supposed to answer that question. Did she really want me to tell her that I was here to use the toilet or worse yet, what specifically I had needed to do in the toilet. It was then that she apparently realized that I was completely confused. She then explained to me that this was a faculty/staff bathroom and was off-limits to students. Apparently, I was supposed to know that "Women" meant a faculty/staff bathroom while "Girls" designated a student facility. In middle school they just used signs that said "No Students Allowed" on the faculty/staff ones. Anyway, she pretty much realized that I had made an honest mistake and she didn't make a further issue of me using the wrong bathroom. She did warn me, though, that if I got caught in there again, I'd get written up and get detention.

I checked out a "Girls" bathroom later -- I went in there to pee before going home -- and that was more like I had expected. It was still perfectly fine as school bathrooms go -- they were basically the same as the middle school bathrooms -- but certainly not like the faculty ones.

Another time (this time it was my junior year) I was in French class and I really had to poop. I had been planning to go to the girls' room during study hall the next period -- we were always encouraged to go during a study hall period rather than during class time -- but as my urge to go got stronger, I realized that I really shouldn't wait that long. Waiting to go to the bathroom when I shouldn't wait was often the cause of accidents when I was younger and now that I was in high school I was making a concerted effort to avoid that. By high school had pretty much learned my lesson on that.

So I asked my French teacher for a pass to the girls' room and she gave me one. She was about the nicest teacher in the whole school and she never turned down a student in need. I took the pass and headed for the girls' room just down the hall from the French classroom. As I usually did when I had to poop, I headed for the far stall by the window. Girls would sometimes refer to that as "The Dumping Stall" because having the bathroom wall on one side, it had a little more privacy than the others. Consequently, a lot of girls liked to use that particular stall when they had to "take a dump." But when I took a step into that stall, I found a horrible mess. There was poop mess smeared on both sides of the toilet seat as well as down the front of the toilet itself. There were badly soiled panties sitting in the toilet (quite possibly clogging the toilet) along with a huge pile of well used toilet paper. There was so much toilet paper stuffed in the toilet that it was actually sticking out of the toilet. It wasn't clear if it was the panties that were clogging the toilet or the huge quantity of toilet paper (maybe a combination of both), but the toilet was definitely clogged. The water was NOT up the rim of the toilet, but there was some water on the floor at the base of the toilet, so I was thinking that it probably overflowed earlier. Looking at the mess in the stall, it seemed pretty clear that some poor girl had had an accident and tried to clean herself up in the stall. I knew from my own experience that that was no easy task, but I never had to deal with an accident as bad as all that.

Obviously I had to choose another stall and I chose the first one by the door. I got as far away from that awful mess as possible. Sitting down in the stall, I did my business, wiped myself, flushed the toilet and pulled up my pants. I washed my hands and went back to class. It was all pretty routine and I never gave that mess a second thought after that.

It wasn't until maybe 3 hours later (just before dismissal time) that I found myself called to the main office. Unbeknownst to me, teachers keep track of the kids they let go to the bathroom during class and that information gets turned in to the main office. Using that information I guess, they figured out that I was in that bathroom not too long before that mess was discovered. The next thing I knew I was being accused of having made that mess in the bathroom. I denied it, of course, but for some reason they were insistent it was me. I told them that the mess was already there when I went in there. Apparently, that only made it worse. That was an admission that at best, I knew about the mess and didn't tell anyone. The implication being that the only reason I wouldn't say anything about it was if I had done it. They wanted to know why, if I hadn't done it, didn't I tell anyone that the mess was there. "Because I'm not the bathroom monitor," I told them. In hindsight, sarcasm probably wasn't my best choice at the time. At one point, I was actually written up for doing it and was assigned 3 hours of "chores detention" -- with the chore, of course, being bathroom cleaning for the 3 hours.

Of course, I continued to argue my innocence, and after a while they started to believe me or at least came to realize that they didn't have enough proof to punish me for it. At one point, they even had the principal's secretary come in and take me into the bathroom. I had to show her that I was indeed wearing underwear. The point being that the girl who did do it, left her underwear clogged in the toilet. I don't think the fact that I was wearing underwear actually proved my innocence. The guilty party certainly could have had a spare pair to change into after trying to flush hers. But if I had NOT been wearing underwear at the time, that would surely be evidence of my guilt. I was, of course, wearing underwear at the time. So I didn't have to do the 3 hour bathroom cleaning, but they did give me one hour of regular detention instead. They said that I should have told someone about the mess in the bathroom. I didn't really think that was fair -- I certainly wasn't wrong when I said that I wasn't the bathroom monitor -- but considering the punishment I almost had, 1 hour of regular detention didn't seem so bad.

As far as I know, they never did find the girl who'd had the accident and left the mess in the bathroom.

Jennifer G

Be Careful What You Wish For!

Hi everybody!

Well, I have definitely have had a lot of pee in my car lately, and I know I should be happy about it, and I am. But the funny thing is, it's mostly from Megan. I'm sure you remember me posting about Megan. She's the one who I said was good in small doses. But unfortunately she seems to think she's good in very very large doses! She calls me more than once a day, asking if she can pee in my car again. I usually tell her no. I mean, she's already done it five times since the first time she did it. She barely gives the seat a chance to dry between pees. Don't get me wrong, I'm glad that she pees in my car, I'm very glad. But, wow! This girl just goes on and on about nothing, and she never shuts up. I'm not trying to be mean, she's a sweet girl, but she's just so annoying! I can't help how I feel. Another thing she did was she told me she wants me to pee in something of hers. She doesn't have a car of her own, but she wants me to pee in something. I told her I would probably do it, depending on what it is. I probably shouldn't have said that. She said she would let me know what she decides. I feel like she can't get enough of me, I like that she pees in my car though, I really do. But enough is enough.

Ok, I'm done ranting now. Anyway, other than Megan, no one else has peed in my car since that other girl Tara. I'm hoping I can find one more like her or like Melissa, someone who's in her 30s or early 40s, who's willing to pee in a car. Then after that, I think I'll give my car a break for awhile. Winter is almost here anyway, so I won't want to do it when it's cold. I'm hoping to meet one more woman though. Of course I'll let you know if I do!

Take care!


Reasons You May Not Enjoy Pooping

Hello Toiletstool!

I hope that everyone is well, regular and having some really memorable doodies. Maybe for Halloween, we'll have some that will, quite literally, scare the crap out of us!

Anyway, nothing new to report, except that I am finally back to my two normal bowel movements per day. Though I have not finalized the deal to sell the business to "Jill" it seems that I have relieved some stress by finally making the decision to sell. Also, we finished the plans for our new home and hopefully will move in before next school year! So, I have been back to "normal" with my doodies!

I've been thinking about pooping a lot, as usual. If we are on this forum, I think that means that we find pooping enjoyable. Even those of us who report "accidents" of solid consistency say that, while we are certainly embarrassed, even humiliated, that the feeling is not bad, or even good. (I have to admit that pooping my pants in front of Alan after holding it for so long did feel pleasant, even though I was super embarrassed, even mortified!)

However, here are some reasons that we may not enjoy our bowel movements. I would love to hear your thoughts!

1. The urge to go is not that strong when we decide to go, for whatever reason. One thing that makes me look forward to going to the bathroom is the urge to go. When it is strong, it almost raises my energy levels and makes me feel more alive. However, I've even had a few that did not have a strong urge and the feeling is not the same.

Some suggestions: Add fiber and more water to your diet, and do not sit on the toilet until you feel the poop in your rectum.

2. The amount of poop is small. The best poops are those that have a substantial volume - whatever the consistency. Extra fiber and water, along with a good diet of whole grains, vegetables, beans, fruit, and other high-fiber foods makes the stool more bulky.

3. Lack of privacy. Let's face it, we all feel a little embarrassed to poop in public or around our family and friends. One the best things is to train your body to poop at regular times. Usually, I will have a bowel movement two to two and a half hours after waking up. By then I've gone for a run and I've had two breakfasts and a cup of coffee. But I have to get up early in the morning. I've always been an early riser, and am wide awake when I wake up. But that gives me time to do my routine before going to work. Usually Alan has left with the girls before I poop, but I've had to go while he's still there, and I feel comfortable to go in front of him. Also, when I need to, I can shut the door without being bothered.

4. Lack of time. Again, we have to plan to be regular. Being rushed does not make pooping enjoyable.

5. Unpleasant symptoms such as cramping, chronic constipation or diarrhea, or conditions like Crohn's can make it unbearable. See a doctor!

6. Being shamed about pooping. I have really had to work with Alan's oldest daughter to become comfortable with pooping. We've tried to make the bathroom a good environment at home, and we've tried to encourage her to go and we do not draw attention to the fact that she is going. Pooping is a normal function of the body. So is farting. It is healthy to do both regularly. And, it needs to be OK at home.

7. Being ashamed of pooping. Maybe it's not others. Maybe for whatever reason, you are ashamed of pooping. Healthy shame is a good thing. I prefer that as opposed to being gross. However, the only way to overcome shame is just to do it. If you are in public, go ahead and go. Don't hold it, unless you are trying to increase the pressure. Just go.

These are all that I can think of right now!

What has been your experience? Can you relate?

Love to all!



Just about making it

As well as my post about a memorable accident in year 10, I have had a few other close calls. If I'm out drinking, I might end up weeing in a bush on the way home (I live not far from the city centre where I'm at uni, so it's not worth getting a taxi), but it'll be controlled.

One occasion where I almost had an accident was coming back from a shopping trip in town, I had met up with a friend for lunch and had a wee then, but spent the afternoon shopping and had a coffee mid afternoon which went right through me. When I got home I ran to the bathroom and the wee started just as I bolted the door, I tore down my pants and tights and sat down on the toilet as quickly as possible. There was a bit of a dribble in my pants, but I'm sure that if I'd been a bit later I'd have had a full blown accident.

I'm glad from reading posts on here that I'm not the only one.

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Anna great story about your big poop.

To: Catherine great story.

To: Carin great story it sounds like you both had great dumps and it sounds like you were both pretty desperate her even more from the sound of it.

To: Mina as always another great story about you and your friends it sounds like you all had great poops and it sounds like Hisae had a really good cleanout and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Natasha great story.

To: PoopingGeek great story it sounds like you and Kayla both had good poops.

To: Krutika first welcome to the site and great set of stories please post anymore you may have thanks.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site

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