Weak Toilet

Just here for a quick story :),

So today, I had stopped at Mcdonalds for a quick coffee before I had to go to class. It was the one near my university that I haven't visited before. Before I had gotten my coffee, I had a need for a wee, so I nipped into the toilet. When I had gotten in, I had smelt this strong scent of shit, so I headed to the only stall in the bathroom in curiosity. In the toilet was sitting a large turd with toilet paper next to it. When I tried to flush the toilet by waving my hand (it was automatic), it didn't work. I pushed the button and a weak flush came. I left the stall, having my pee, then leaving after I washed my hands.

It does surprise me how weak the toilets are in public bathrooms.

Dear Victoria: Your Japanese is correct! Actually when "atashi" is subject we usually say "wa" after, but in informal, we don't need to say. Also "watashi" is more standard than "atashi". But young woman say "atashi" sometimes.It was more common when I was girl.

We are sorry, you did a terrible diarrhoea in front of your friends. But very happy that they hugged and kissed you after you finish. And they never laugh. We are same. We hug after motion especially when it is painful one. Maybe you read, first time I did a diarrhoea with Maho in my flat, she wait outside long time, she say nothing about terrible smell, she only say "Mina I want to be your best friend" after I come out from loo.

My friends say yoroshiku to you, yoroshiku means best wishes. We love you. Maho say, she want to know about your appearance. Maybe you wrote before? but I can't find. Maho imagine you look like Beyonce.

Now we are live together. I'm sleepy now so next time I tell about first motion hour in new flat. Kazuko is so happy to stay on loo long time without someone come to door and say, "Kazu you are time out! 30 seconds maximum!!" with angry voice. But we don't do motion together every day, we decide special occasion only. On work days, too busy!! We sleep both flats. Tonight I sleep in Hisae's flat with Hisae. She has brand new double bed! Kazu sleep with Maho in my flat. So tomorrow, Kazu do motion my flat, light green loo, Maho too maybe, I do into new beige loo with Hisae, of course Hisae go first.

We hope your stomach is fine now.

Love to all you.



Wrong bathroom!

Hi,I have recently been vacationing in Mexico at a resort in Cabo San Lucas. I was at the pool at the resort, when I had to take a dump. I walked to the pool bathrooms and there were no signs visible. I went into the bathroom and took one of two stalls which were both open. I pulled down my bathing suit and sat on the toilet and had an explosive suit ( very common with Mexican food!) soon another person comes in and takes the other stall, sits down and I could hear peeing, then a fart and some ploppage, by that time I had wiped my messy butt clean, and pulled up my suit and left the stall. I washed my hands and walked out, I then noticed a sign on the door of the restroom that I didn't use that had the men sign. I realized that I had used the women's room! I got out and waited outside a little ways away and waited for the other person to come out and it was a beautiful brunette in a bikini! I wonder what she would have thought if she had known she took a dump next to me! The rest of the day every time I saw her I thought "There's dump girl!" Just thought you all might enjoy the story.

Today I was at a spinning class with my friend Claire and after we were done, I had to use the gym bathroom. I was reminded of a question that someone here asked about talking to our friends when we are on the toilet for a number two. Well, today I certainly did!

When I entered the washroom, Natasha my spin instructor was right ahead of me. She is a blonde lady in her 30s and she always wears her hair in pigtails. Today she was wearing purple yoga pants and she had one of those big sweat triangles on her butt that's kinda at the top in the middle and then goes right into the bumcrack. From how sweaty it was feeling, my rear end probably looked just the same, though! I was so exhausted from the biking! Anway, the last stall was taken and so Natasha took the middle stall and I took the first one. She noticed me as we entered our cubicles and started to chat with me. I locked the door and pulled my black yoga pants and black thong over my bum. Both were kinda wet from the exercise. I sat down on the seat and let go with a big stream of pee. Natasha was also peeing. Under the stall I noticed that she had pulled her yoga pants all the way down to her ankles. There were no panties and I think she wasn't wearing any, that's why. All the way through her pee she kept chatting about our class and some other classes she was teaching and so on. Then her pee died down to a dribble and she said "excuse me, Ann". There was silence for a moment and then she grunted a bit and then I could hear poop crackling out of her bottom. It dropped into the bowl with a big plop and then Natasha started to talk again. Immediatley there was a very strong, healthy poop smell coming from her cubicle. I also really needed to go number two, so I leaned forward and started to push out my poo as well. She kept telling me about her work at the gym and I heard two more pretty big splashes from her as she took care of her business. Then she started to wipe. I was just about to get my second piece out when she said bye and left her stall to wash her hands. Then I had the room to myself, which was all the better because I was having a really big poo on my toilet and ewww, was it ever stinking bad! I had dropped three big turds already and a fourth one was kinda half way out when my friend Claire came in the bathroom. She must have seen my shoes under the door, because she knocked and was like "hey Ann, I was looking for you everywhere". Then she asked me if I was taking a dump, and I said "yes, sorry I really had to poo after our class". She told me that she was heading off and where to meet me and I said "ok". After she left, my last turd dropped from my bottom and then I felt empty. I wiped, pulled up my thong and pants, flushed and left to wash my hands. Luckily nobody else was in the bathroom or came in. I hurried out and quickly took off my clothes to have a nice shower. After that I left the gym to meet up with Claire. That's my story about talking to two people while on the toilet for a poo! I hope you liked it.

to Victoria B: I Iiked your story about the food truck poop and how it had a good ending! I live with three other girls and each one of us has blown up the toilet more than once, complete with super loud farts and the most disgusting stinks you can imagine! My friend Danielle has IBS, so she is usually the worst, but I still love her a lot! I would have given you a big hug, too if I had been there!


Darn dog!

I have a new dog, Rosie, who's about 2 years old (she was a rescue so I don't really know how old she is, but the vet says probably 2 years) but she is not very well behaved -- basically acts like a big puppy. She's pretty large, about 40 pounds, and I am petite. If I leave her alone she'll tear up the house. Fortunately she is willing to go into a crate (cage); unfortunately as soon as I let her out she will go crazy, barking and jumping, and if I don't let her right out into the yard she may pee on the carpet.

Sooo, yesterday I had to go to a doctor's appointment and then to pick up some new glasses that had been on order. I put her in the crate and then I left. My appointment lasted about an hour and my optician is in another town. After that I decided to take a little drive to look at the autumn colors. I got a big cup of coffee at Starbucks and drove to a nearby state forest. So altogether I was gone for about 3 hours.

By the time I was approaching my house I really had to pee. I parked the car and went into the house. I should have just gone to the bathroom then, but I felt sorry for the dog so I went and let her out of her crate and then ran to the back door to open it. She was spinning and jumping and barking and nipping at my hands, absolutely frantic. I got her outside but although I don't have to put her on a leash, usually, I do need to stay there with her so she won't run off. But she wouldn't pee, she just sniffed around. "Rosie!" I shouted at her, "go pee!" I really really had to pee myself at this point, I was bending over and crossing my legs. But she kept sniffing around. I decided to call her into the house; I guessed she could wait, but I couldn't.

SO I whistled for her, but she came running and knocked me over, and as I fell on my butt in the grass I lost control of my bladder. All that pee flooded out into my panties and jeans; I tried to stop it but it just wouldn't stop and after about a half a minute I just gave up and fully finished wetting my pants, knowing that I was already wet beyond stopping anyway. I was cursing at her and struggled to my feet. My butt was sopping and there was enough pee in my cotton panties and jeans that it soaked halfway to my knees between my legs. What was even worse was that then Rosie came over and wanted to stick her nose in my crotch to sniff my pee and I had to fight her off.

But the worst was yet to come, because just as I got in the house, the doorbell rang, and Rosie started barking. Stupidly I went to the door and partway opened it to see who was there -- a deliveryman delivering a new wireless router to replace the one that had gone out, and he said he wouldn't leave it on the porch, he needed a signature. Um, I said, and tried to think what to do. I couldn't really ask him to wait while I changed but I didn't want him to see my wet pants. But Rosie forced the issue by jamming herself between me and the door and forcing her way out to jump up on the deliveryman! I had to come out and grab her and pull her back inside, and he stared openmouthed at my obviously pissed in pants! I'm sure I looked like a total weirdo pervert or something; I must have been the talk of the Fedex office that afternoon! I have never been so embarrassed in my life.


I can't make this up...

My son & I were talking in the car. He's 5 and I'm 26. I asked him how school was he said he was on the playground when he had to poop. I asked him if he told the teacher in time. He said "not really". I laughed so hard but tried to hide it. I told my son " when you need to go poop you don't sit there you do what it takes to go" He said "mom you wet your dress" I blushed in embarrassment and we went home. I jokingly told him "you made me do it" I did some laundry and noticed a poop stain on his undies and a "small pee stain on mine". Well that's the end of the story.

Steve A

To Pooping Geek (Question)

You and your friend's loads sound like they're pretty big. It's hard to believe that you go once a day, even if you eat a lot.

How often do you and your friends poop? Because, I couldn't imagine pooping that much everyday. You probably skip a couple of days before going.


very constipated

Hi everyone, my name is Nicole and this is my first post. I'm 17 and I haven't had a bowel movement in two weeks and my chest and bottom is killing me. Does anyone know what to do so I can have a bowel movement?

Does anyone have experience with this kind of constipation? Please, please help me!


Two Trips to the Bathroom

Last week I served my Saturday morning detention for the offense I wrote about on page 2588. I was caught using a handicapped toilet at school and that was my punishment. Well, on Monday, it seemed like my punishment was continuing. In Math class I realized I needed to piss. So I signed out and went to the nearest bathroom. We're required to use the closest one and we're being monitored more by teachers who turn us in for violations. So I got to the bathroom at about 10 a.m. and all 8 urinals were in use and there were a couple of guys waiting. It was obvious that I wasn't going to have any privacy there so I looked to the stalls. The far end one that a Do Not Use sign taped to the door. Two other stalls had doors which were closed and you could see legs and clothing at floor level. There was one older student who I recognized as a bully waiting for a urinal and he was shouting insults into one of the guys standing over the toilet and pissing. When the boy didn't answer one of his questions, the bully turned around walked into the stall, gave the user a shove as he was pissing, and the boy fell over the toilet, probably making a mess. Then the bully told him he had better not piss over the seat because the bully's friends were coming in to shit and they expected dry seats.

Momentarily I thought about leaving and going downstairs to another bathroom, but I remembered that could get me another detention. So I looked over my alternatives with the non-doored stalls. I looked at the closest and saw that multiple dumps had been done in the unflushed toilet. The smell was awfully offensive so I went next door. The seat was dry and down and that was good. I dropped my jeans and briefs to toilet level, pointed my organ into the bowl and luckily got an immediate piss going. It lasted about 45 seconds and hurt somewhat. I kept my eyes on my crotch because I didn't want the others to think I was making eye contact with them.I sat about an extra 2 minutes and did some pushing of my bowels because I hadn't crapped since Friday night. It wasn't to be so I went back to Math figuring I had been gone only about 5 minutes. Because of the others hanging out, I didn't want to chance it by stopping to wash my hands. After about a half hour, it was obvious my crap was starting to knock. I apologized to our teacher but told her I had to make a return trip. She seemed upset but handed me a pre-signed pass and motioned to the door. Same bathroom and again a good number of students using it. Now there was a huge football player on the toilet that I had previously used. He had his slacks and briefs all the way to the floor and was probably proud of his organ to show off. I went two stalls down from him, lowered my clothing, and placed myself on the seat. I moved a little to redistribute myself to make it more comfortable and in doing so the seat seemed like it was expanding under me. I looked behind me and found one of the two bolts holding it on was broken off and there was a growing crack in the black plastic. So I sat very still as I pushed out the first of three pieces. I grabbed some toilet paper, made two wipes from my seated position, and then stood and flushed as I pulled up my clothing. I felt a couple of my fingers slip off the toilet paper, looked and found evidence of crap on two of my fingertips. So I did spend time to wash my hands twice and I did check them, sight and smell, before making it back to class with only a minute left before the passing bell.


Buddy Dump with the Mayor, Jill!!!

Hi friends at Toiletstool!

I am out of town at a continuing education event, primarily for pharmacists who own their own business, to update on business practices and regulations and such.

And, I am sharing a hotel room with our Mayor, who I referred to as Jill, and shared on the forum about a year ago clogged our toilet at the pharmacy with a huge turd!!! Later, I helped her get regular with some fiber products and stool softeners.

Jill is interested in buying my business. I am interested in selling because I am so busy. We are working out a deal where I will remain as the lead pharmacist and will be in charge of the pharmacy, but will relinquish control over the restaurant, coffee shop, and gift shop. Jill is interested in making a change from being a banker, and sees this as an opportunity to make a living doing something that she loves.

So, she went with me to this continuing education event to find out more about everything that owning a pharmacy entails, and so that we could spend some time talking. I have been so busy and stressed and I have begun to become a little frustrated with life.

I love Alan and the girls, and I hope to get pregnant, and I just cannot do everything the way I want running a business. Plus, we could be set for life with the sale of the business. So, it's something I need to pray through and think about.

However, my bowel schedule got off a little bit. I only went once on Sunday. It was a big log that I did Sunday evening. Then, I did not go at all on Monday or Tuesday morning when Jill and I left together for the training event.

The training event did not begin until yesterday (Tuesday) evening, so Jill and I ate lunch together and went shopping at an upscale mall area. I was hungry, but bloated from missing three bowel movements. We both ate.

Let me remind you that Jill and I are both plus-size women. Jill is 48 years old, 5'11, and must weigh over 200 lbs. She told me that she was a size 18. She is a former beauty pageant contestant, but has not worried with her weight much, but still dresses stylish. I am 6'1 and weigh, well I've gotten up to 193, again I think due to extra stress. I wear a size 14. I wore a dress, with a cardigan, because I did not want to wear anything tight. Jill was wearing a designer suit. We got some looks from men who happened to be in area. That always makes me feel good, even though I am happily married!

Jill and I ate a heart lunch, enjoyed a glass of wine, and decided that we would shop at an upscale store. Now, I am very tight with money, but Alan told me recently that he really liked it when I wore jeans. So I thought I would try to find a pair or two that were comfortable, but accented my curves. Jill also tried on a few outfits.

By this time, it was about 2 PM and began to feel the need to do a really big doodie! If you have read some of my stories that I have shared about having a solid accident, or the poop that I took after Memorial Day in 2015, that's what this felt like. The urge was strong and heavy. And, it kept building.

I knew that I would need to go to the bathroom soon, and I was just about to tell Jill so that I could excuse myself when she said, "Catherine, I really need to use the bathroom. Could you watch my stuff?"

"Jill, I was about to say the same thing. I'm afraid I cannot wait any longer. Do you know if they have a bathroom here?"

"Yes, it's really clean. I, um, I need to really go. My stomach is hurting." I took this as her way of saying that she needed to do a major poop as well.

"Jill, I need to go as well. Are you OK with that?" My heart was pounding because this does not happen often - having a bowel movement next to someone I know. Then, my stomach reminded me of the impending doom should I not reach the toilet soon. Jill nodded and suggested that we find a store clerk to help with our clothing and asked the location of the women's restroom. She motioned the way. When we entered the restroom, it was very nice, with marble counter-tops for the sinks, stone tile for the floor. It smelled fresh and clean. There were three stalls, but one was a handicapped stall. So we both took stalls next to each other. I could tell Jill was a little uncomfortable. I was thrilled but also apprehensive.

As I lowered my panties and positioned myself on the toilet, I could hear Jill do the same. Interestingly enough, we both peed first. I guess the wine, along with the water we drank gave us both full bladders. Normally, I poop first. We did not talk to each other. As soon as my pee subsided, I just relaxed and let nature do its thing. I felt the turtle head of the poop begin to crown. It was really big, thick and firm. It stopped. Then, all at once my body began to push involuntarily. I stopped breathing, and the thick monster slowly slithered its way out of my anus and did a perfect ten dive into the toilet. As soon as it did, I sighed. I was not only relieved, but enjoying a little afterglow from the relief.

However, that's when I noticed that Jill was struggling a little. The bathroom smelled with my poop, which had a pretty healthy smell to it, but strong. Jill began grunting a little. "Catherine, I am so sorry. This is embarrassing, but I have not been to the bathroom in a few days, and this motion is really difficult. I am so embarrassed."

"Jill, it's OK. Everyone gets constipated now and then and it is just us in here." I sat there for a moment because my stomach still felt bloated. My poop was a big one, for sure. However, I still felt that I might need to go more. Plus, I really wanted to hear how this was going to turn out for Jill.

Jill began to push again, "Nnngggh!!" she said softly. She repeated. I began to hear a little crackling noise. "Nnnnggh!" she said again. The crackling got louder. "Oh, Catherine, this hurts," she said softly. "Jill, I am sorry."

"Catherine, I am so embarrassed, but I need to squeeze your hand. Its stopped moving, its really painful." I could not believe that this was happening. Apparantly, Jill's turd was so big that she was having trouble passing it. "I will be right there." I did a quick wipe of the back and then the front, and disposed of my toilet paper in the can for feminine products, and pulled up my panties and let my dress fall back into place. I did not flush. The turd was perfect!

Jill had already unlocked the door to her stall. I opened it. Jill was there, with her big butt plopped on the toilet, her skirt and panties pulled down to her thighs. Her face was red.

"Here are my hands. It's OK. Give it a good push and it will be over soon." Jill began to grunt again. "Nnnnnnnnnnnnggggggghhhhh!!!" I heard a crackling noise. "Nnnnnnnngggggggghhhhh!!!" Her grip on my hands tightened and her face was read, eyes closed and with a some crackling noise I finally heard a KERRPLUNK!!!! She sighed, visibly looking relieved. She began to breath deeply, like she had just lifted something heavy.

With me standing in front of her, she began to examine her product. "Catherine, is this normal?" I could not believe that she was about to show me her poop. She lifted her left hip and in the toilet was a turd that looked like a big Idaho Potato, you know, the kind that you use for baked potatoes.

"I think that you need some more fiber in your diet. It is not normal for it to be painful. Listen, I feel like I need to go a little more and I know that you need your privacy."

"Catherine, thank you. This was really embarrassing." "Jill, no one will ever know," I replied. (Well, except for you all at Toiletstool!)

I left the stall and I sat back down on the toilet. Just as I did, the girl that was helping us came into the bathroom. I heard her say, "Whew!!!" under her breath. She took the handicap stall and began to pee. Thankfully, she did not come in there while I was helping Jill. I hope no one heard her.

I heard Jill begin again. I heard two, kerplunks!!! They were similar to the first, but not as big. Jill did two more. My stomach still had an achy, crampy feeling and I pooped some softer stool. It landed in the front of the bowl. By this time, the girl finished peeing, washed her hands and left. The bathroom smelled like a lot of poop!

After she left, Jill said "Catherine, I just dropped four more smaller but similar poops. I had no idea how constipated I was. I've been so busy. Now my stomach is beginning to cramp..." No sooner did she say the word cramp that a ton of mushy, loose poop cascaded out of her into the toilet. It was loud and noisy. After that, she just farted a loud bassy fart.

She said, "I am so embarrassed. I was hoping this would wait until we arrived at the hotel. Thank you for being here with me. I don't think I could have passed that without you."

"Jill, think nothing of it." I finished cleaning myself with a combination of wet ones and charmin. "Jill, would you like some Charmin?" She said yes and I passed it under the door.

I have to admit something. I was a little turned on by the whole thing. I mean, this does not happen every day. And, strangely enough, I think Jill was too.

"Catherine, this is an odd question, but because you saw my poop, can I see yours?" She asked the question a little sheepishly. "Sure. I guess we need to be even, right?" I showed her the perfectly formed log, with the pile of "soft serve" at the front of the bowl. "WOW!" Jill said, "You really had to go too! And, it's so perfect!!! Just like you!" I was a little embarrassed at the comment. But I was not taken aback.

"Here's the rest of mine." I looked into her bowl and saw the big baking potato, surrounded by the smaller potatoes, with mushy poop splattered everywhere. She put her toilet paper to the front of the bowl.

We both decided that we should flush and wash up.

I have to say that it has been an interesting experience. After we left the restroom, we did not talk about it again, until last night, when she asked me about some of the things I did to stay regular.

I felt a little weird looking at her poop and allowing her to see mine. But nothing else happened. If we were attracted to each other, we did not mention it, much less act on it.

What do you think?

OK, I am overdue now for another big one! I will write later. If anything else happens, I will let you know!



To Tristan- Dang that was a close call, good thing your roommate got home when he did because that could have been a real disaster. I had something kind of similar happen to me except I didn't make it once I got into the bathroom. Some came out in my briefs before I could sit down. Thankfully my roommate and friends left going to dinner because I was taking too long or as I would like to put it panicking in the bathroom trying to figure out what I was going to do lol.

Oops, I accidentally signed my last post with Anne, but it was me, Anna!

Victoria B, I liked the story about you using your plunger. I had to use ours a couple days ago. I came home from uni and needed to go so bad. I dropped a really big load in our little bathroom and the turds totally blocked the toilet. But with the plunger, I fixed it no problem!


Another Public Poop

Hello everyone!

If you have not read my previous story, then please do so or this one might not make sense. I typed it on Wednesday morning in the lobby of the hotel where "Jill" (the mayor who is interested in buying my business) and I are staying for a continuing education opportunity for pharmacists who own their own business. While Jill was getting ready, I went to the lobby and enjoyed some alone time. Things were a little awkward after sharing our bathroom experience, but we pushed through it, and I think we are OK. But the introvert in me just needed some space. I worked out in the hotel exercise room, showered and got ready and came to the lobby where I typed yesterday's story (it's Thursday evening as I type this and am back home).

As I got toward the end of my story, I knew that I was going to have to make a really big doodie. I could tell by the way my stomach and rectum felt that this was going to be a big one, but softer than yesterday.

I was dressed in a pretty conservative looking navy business suit that accented my plus-size figure just right - showing off the curves! My hair was down and straight - no time to add a little curl on this trip!

When I gathered my laptop, purse and stood up, I felt a pretty intense need. I did not want to go in public, but I was worried that I might risk a long wait at the elevator. Nor did I want to get back to the room and find Jill getting ready and not be able to use the toilet.

So, I went into the Women's restroom in the hotel lobby. The lobby was pretty busy, so I knew that the chances that this would be private were slim. True enough, when I entered there were two women in their 40's (I think) talking at the sink. They were engaged in some serious conversation about their pharmacy techs at their businesses. They must have known each other, as they were engaged in serious conversation, as if each other were familiar with the story. They both had nasally, snotty sounding voices, as if they were pretty hifalutin.

I gave a slight grin as I walked past them. The bathroom was small and cramped, with the regular stall on the other side of the sinks and then the handicap stall beside it. Though I saw no one with a handicap in the lobby, I took the regular stall, hung my laptop bag on the hanger, pulled my skirt and panties down and took my seat on the toilet. It took me a second to get in the zone and relax. The two women were still talking. They weren't leaving anytime soon.

After a minute I was completely relaxed and the bowel movement began. It was thick and soft, and had a warm feeling to it. It came out with a little crackling noise, and slithered into the toilet. It was followed by a couple of plops. Now I could smell it as soon as it started and the smell only grew stronger. I began to pee.

Then I could hear the woman talking just stop in mid sentence and say quietly, "Oh...oh..." The other woman quietly whispered (but I could hear her), "Why could she not do that in her room?

I was a little embarrassed, but I grinned a little. I was hoping that there was more poop. One of the ladies said, "I will meet you outside...I am going to go." The other replied, "Ok, I will wait by the coffee bar."

I could hear the other woman enter the handicap stall. I inspected my poop and it looked like a very large banana with a couple of smaller pieces laying beside it. I began to clean with my own Charmin. By that time the other woman finished peeing and made her way to the sink. As I was standing and pulling my skirt a couple more ladies walked in.

"Ewwww." I heard and unfamiliar voice. Then, the lady who had just peed said, "I know..." and left.

I flushed and came out of the stall. I did not make eye contact with two new women and the other woman who just finished had just walked out the door.

I washed my hands and opened the door to find Jill there in the lobby. She began to ask me about the breakfast the hotel offered, when the two ladies walked by. I smirked at them, just to let them know that I heard them express disgust at my poop.

"Do you know them?" Jill asked. I replied, "No. They were in the bathroom when I was in there. I will tell you. It's a long story!"

And so I recalled to Jill what happened as we were leaving the conference. During the ride home Jill brought up how sorry she was for what happened in the bathroom (when she went at the upscale store) and I told her it was OK! She was definitely embarrassed. I told her that her secret was safe with me. I do feel bad about it because I have shared it on this forum. But I did not even tell Alan about this.

And, I pooped Wednesday night and this morning and just a while ago tonight, so I hope that I am back to going twice daily. I hope that if Jill wants my business that I can sell by the New Year and go back to doing what I love - being a pharmacist, a wife and a (step)mother!

I hope that you all are well!





Victoria B: Thanks so much for the greetings! It sounds like you have such good friends. Sometimes our bowel habits might give others a good laugh, but in the end our friends are our friends, regardless if we've destroyed the bathroom!

To answer your question about toilet paper, I always keep Charmin To Go in my purse - wet wipes and dry. I don't hike, but I guess you could keep a roll in your pack. I know that most people do not do this, but I have been in situations where there was little or no toilet paper, or the paper was so rough and thin that I would not be able to get clean.

I hate that your stomach was upset and hope that you are feeling better! I enjoy your posts! Keep pooping! BTW, that big one you want me to do for you - I feel it brewing!

Love, Catherine!

Ted: Thank you for your kind words. I hope to hear more from you! To answer your question, if the door to the outside has a lock on it, then I do not think that it is wrong to lock that outside door.

Mina: You are not a stupid girl!!! I love your posts and hope that you are well!

Thanks to the Moderator (again)! I hate that you have to worry with vulgar posts. Thank you for making this a safe space to talk about going to the bathroom!

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Victoria B it sounds like you had a pretty desperate poop at least you made it to the toilet in time and avoided an accident.

To: PoopingGeek great story it sounds like the 3 of you all had great poops and I bet you all felt great after as well.

To: KungPoo it sounds like Judy had a good poop and I bet she felt good after a big poop like that.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site

Hi all. I don't have a specific story to share today, but instead I'll talk generally about my experiences at school and at uni, and how they're different. First, though, a quick comment.

Imogen: Yeah, I've actually had a couple of times where I've fully weed my pants. I recently posted (on page 2589) about a time when I nearly made it to the loo but leaked a bit. I actually made it into the toilet block at uni but not into the cubicle before I started to wee. The other times were when I had to wee after school but held it in thinking I could make it for the ten minute walk home. On both those occasions I weed myself when I was nearly home, I could see my house. One of those times was when I pooed myself too, that was especially embarrassing. But luckily, as far as I know, no one ever saw my accidents.

So, as I said before, I'll talk about my experiences at school. I don't really remember much from before about Year Ten. After that is when I started paying more attention to going to the toilet, both myself and what others were doing. I noticed that not many girls would do a poo at school, preferring to hold it until they got home. Largely, this applied to me too, although I would poo at school if I really needed too. I've read stories on here about other girls making mean comments and teasing girls who did a poo, but I don't recall anything like that ever happening at my school.

Part of the reason why I think a lot of girls didn't poo at school was because at break times between lessons, all the toilet blocks were always packed. Every cubicle was taken and there was a line. There was barely enough time to have a wee, forget about taking more time to do a poo. Most of the times I heard another girl doing a poo were during lunch or on the rare occasion I asked to be excused during a lesson. Right after the last lesson let out, all the toilets were packed again. I lived so close, I always just held it until I got home, so I have no idea if any girls did a poo then, or if it was just weeing like at the breaks.

Now that I'm at uni, I notice a lot more girls doing a poo, at any time of day. I think being older and more grown up makes us realize that its not a big deal to do a poo, and no one else is probably going to even notice or even care. Another thing I notice is I can usually tell what a girl in the next cubicle over is doing just by looking at her knickers. If they're at her feet, she's most likely pooing. But there was no consistent pattern at secondary school.

The final thing I've noticed about uni is that the toilet blocks seem much better maintained here. At secondary school, many of the toilet blocks were always dirty and smelled (even when there wasn't anybody pooing). Some of the cubicle doors didn't lock properly either. I've heard of some schools were there were cubicles that didn't have doors at all, so I guess as bad as my school was, some people had it worse. But here at uni, I've never seen a cubicle door that didn't lock, and the toilet blocks get cleaned regularly. At secondary school it was frustratingly common to find a cubicle with no loo roll, but I've never had that happen so far at uni. And, excepting the time from my last story, I can't remember it happening to anyone I know either.

Anyway, that's all I have to talk about for now. Hope it was at least a little interesting to read. Bye!

Saturday, October 15, 2016

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