Ashley O: I am so sorry about your accidents. I really feel bad for your poop accident. And, I really hated to learn than no one helped you out at work. If I had witnessed it, I would have at least offered to help and remove you from that situation. Again, I hope that this week has been a better week for you! Love, Catherine!

A Knight in Charmin Armor: What an "alias" for this forum! I love good puns along with Charmin toilet paper! Speaking of, carrying Charmin with me, along with using Charmin instead of cheap toilet paper, has kept my underwear clean for a long time. I highly recommend it! But what you wrote about this site, I agree. It has been helpful to me just to talk about pooping because I really think I have an abnormal obsession with it. I love everything about doing #2, but that is something you just cannot talk about! I am glad your "Honey" has found this site helpful!

And, again, I am grateful to the moderator for keeping this site a safe space! I love the stream-of-consciousness (though I have had to read it a few times to 'get it'!)

Ted: thank you for your kind words. Even though things were a little awkward, she seemed appreciative, even though it was difficult to convey through her humiliation. I advised her to see her doctor, because that was just not healthy. She confessed to not having a bowel movement for five days. She said that she did not want to take a laxative on the day of the trip, because she did not want to have to deal with diarrhea, and thought that one more day of constipation would be fine. I told her that her bowels could get severely impacted and then she would be in trouble.

Mr. P: I remember you! Thank you for your kind words! I hope that you are well!

Nicole: Dear, please tell someone you trust and get help! Two weeks is way too long!!! I hope that you are well! Definitely drink more water, eat more fruits, vegetables and cereals. But this needs medical attention! I hope that you are OK!

Love to all!



to Tyler + anonymous

Thanks for reading, anon! Yeah I've had a little get on my briefs before from holding it--a number of my pairs are stained in the back, I'm embarrassed to say. Luckily haven't actually full-blown gone in my pants, though, that would be pretty bad.

And Tyler, if I go four days without pooping I start to get a little worried! I start to take fiber supplements and contemplate a suppository at that point. Good luck, though. Hope it's a big one and not too painful. Even two days can be a huge one for me, so after four days it must get pretty compacted.


Problems peeing on a free day

I've been babysitting for just over 5 years. I've been pretty successful at it and my mom compliments me for having more college money in my bank account than she has in hers to work with each month. However, last weekend I had one of my biggest challenges. I had two sisters. Their mom had outpatient surgery on her foot and needed Saturday to sleep and recover without them at home. So I took Juliet and Jillian to our city's zoo. This was the last day open for the season. Admission was free. There was a huge turnout.

Jillian is in 2nd grade and when we got to the cat complex she said she had to wee. Actually I had to also but I was waiting for a time when perhaps all three of us could do it more efficiently. I knew the lines would be long and the place would be messy. OK, I was trying to put it off. What's wrong with that? We weren't far from one of those inflatable animal figures that was pointing us there. There were only about 6 or 7 cubicles. Of those, 3 had no doors and each was in use. One girl stood out because she was reading a book while on the toilet with her mom was standing in front of her to give her more privacy. We only had to wait about 2 or 3 minutes until a door opened. A boy about kindergarten age walked out. He was having a hard time tying up his sweats and I saw he had splashed himself on his left leg. I guess his mom was using another cubicle and he tried both directions, but couldn't find her. So I pointed Jillian into the doorway and stayed in front of it with her sister Juliet who is a year younger and has ADD. I could see that Jillian was just standing by the toilet. She hadn't pulled her clothing down. She hadn't latched the door. I nicely told her to to get going because both her both Juliet and me were waiting to use the toilet next. Then she told me to come in. She pointed at the seat. That boy had splashed all over. Looked like no aim at all was tried. I looked at the paper roll and there was none left to wipe down the seat. I told her to sit and make the best of it because I didn't think the other cubicles were in any better shape. She said it was icky and I agreed but there was no alternative. She was cooperative. She did her wee, but didn't stay on the seat one second longer than necessary. Then I told Juliet to go in and try to go. After I gave her a boost up on the seat, her energy level was such that she jumped down 3 or 4 times, but I decided to stay with her and that seemed to help. She weed some. It came in two spurts. Then she got down and I had her stand outside against the door with her sister, while I took the seat. It was obviously warm. I immediately weed and as my stream continued, I dropped 4 rabbit like pellets. Both of the girls laughed when they heard the splashing. Jillian started to try to hold onto Juliet who was restless and trying to roam away into the growing crowd. Since there was no toilet paper I just accepted that I was going to have a stain in my white underwear. I pulled up my jeans, reached back and flushed what the 3 of us had contributed to, and then took the girls to the line for the sinks.

While we were waiting and getting bumped, a grandmother was shouting at her crying granddaughter. I guess she wasn't letting the girl use the facilities because there was no toilet paper and the toilets were so dirty. In the end only one of the hand dryers worked. Juliet and Jillian and I enjoyed the next two hours. We ended up getting our hands stamped and I drove them to a McDonalds for lunch. They were much happier with the bathroom there. I was to because I finally got to wipe. But that was only after I had my usual soft-serve poo that the girls, like some of my friends, envy becomes it comes out of me with a burp-like ease.


Pooping with daughter

Hi all poopers!
This is my first post here. I am 40 years old married woman and mother of three kids. I try to keep my figures in good shape by jogging 2-3 times a week and going to gym or swimming at least once a week. Last weekend I went swimming with my oldest daughter (she is 13). As we were undressing in locker room a silent, hissing fart escaped out of my butt. My daughter wasn't so near so she could hear it. I felt pretty full feeling in my rear and I realized that I haven't done number two since yesterday morning. I took my swimming suit and told my daughter that I needed go to the potty before going to the pool. My daughter was also already naked and ready to go shower and pool but she said that she needed use toilet too and she followed me to the toilet. The first of three stalls was occupied. My daughter went to the end stall so I entered in middle stall. I locked the door and hung my swimming suit on stall door hook. A woman who was in next stall flushed and left. As I sat down I let out a tiny fart and that was followed by some peeing. My daughter was peeing too. I leaned back and relaxed for a while. After about a minute I strained a little and could feel and hear my poop crackle as it slowly opened my anus. My daughter has been sitting quietly since she finished peeing and I thought that she was waiting for me. I said that I was going to be awhile because I had to poop and told that she could go already to pool and didn't need to wait for me. "Mom, I need to poo as well", she replied quickly. "Oh, okay my dear, I thought that you was waiting for me". I started to moan softly as the poop was evacuating slowly. It was dangling out of my anus about 6-7 inches as it broke off and hit the water with loud plop. Just a few seconds later a big splashing sound came from my daughter's stall. I didn't hear any exit noises or my daughter pushing, just a sudden huge plop. Like mother, like daughter, I thought myself. "Oh, that must be a big one", I said and we both giggled. My daughter sighed with relief and started to wipe while I was still squeezing out rest of my poop that came out in two pieces. My daughter flushed and I started to wipe. "See you in the pool", she said before leaving.


No toilet

Here goes, So I was on holiday and after a 12 hour flight I needed a toilet. I used the airport ones and had a quick shower which felt good and re did my tampon etc. I came out all fresh and felt good as I was in my tramping gear. We were hiking around a waterfall. Me and my bf got a taxi to the place and my stomach was growling along the way. We got there and there was some toilets at the start of the track but I was constipated from not drinking enough on the plane and only got a few pebbles out. I pulled out my holiday 'first aid kit' with emergency tampons etc and unwrapped a laxative, guzzled it down with some water. I flushed, and washed my hands. And began the walk. After about 30 mins I told will (my bf) that I had to sit down and he did too. I soon realised what I had done. A 5 hour walk with toilets at the start middle and end and I took a laxative. The nearest toilet was the one 1/2 hour away. I told will what I had done and we went off the track a bit and I dug a little hole behind a bush. He stood facing the track to give me some privacy. I did a big meduim sloppy pooop and while it felt good to get out I was annoyed that I took that laxative. I covered the hole and wiped with some tissues and put them back in a plastic bag in my backpack. We walked for another's 45 mins and I thought I'd squeeze out a fart forgetting I had taken a laxative. I did it. I pooped my pants. It ran down my leg and the smell was horrendous. Me and will got about 50 feet from the track and hid behind a tree. I slowly pulled everything off and will was really nice handing me wet tissues that he wet from his water bottle. I tried to clean it up best I could but wept as I did. My tampon, everything was covered in terrible smelling poop, will handed me his cologne to cover some of the smell. It helped. I had no spare skirt with me and so was forced to walk back with poop covered skirt, I wrapped a sweater round my waist and that helped cover the stains. We got out of the track and I darted to the toilet, so did will he hadn't gone for ages. After 15 mins I felt fresh enough to call a taxi and we did. Wen we got back to the airport hotel I had a shower and changed my tampon etc. everything I wore was ruined. By now it was 7pm and will was in bed waiting for me. We settled down and cuddled for a while laughing about our day xxxxxx luv ya will

Jennifer G

At Last!

Hi everybody!

Mr P, thank you for liking my posts! I will keep posting as long as people keep liking them!

To the anonymous poster who posted about peeing in front of someone being not sexual but intimate and nice, I can also relate to that. With me, that's how I think of letting someone pee in my car. It's not sexual, but it is very intimate. It's a girl crush. It's not like how I feel when I'm with a guy. That's how it was with Melissa. I was deeply attracted to her. I hardly even got to know her as a person, but yet I felt so close to her because she peed in my car. I don't even know if she felt the same way about it. She was really just using my car out of convenience. I was just doing her a favor. But to me she was leaving a part of her in my car forever. So to me it was intimate for sure. But not sexual. Anyway, thanks for posting!

Well, I finally got lucky! I finally got a second person to pee in my car! I was at the same gas station where I had met Melissa, and I was waiting in my car after getting gas. As I sat there I was looking at the restroom door where I had seen Melissa that other day. That's when I saw another girl walking there. And so I decided to try my luck. I went over to her, and then I did my usual spiel about how the bathroom sucks and how I think it's better to use my car to pee in instead of using the bathroom. At that point, I can usually tell if there's any hope, because that's usually when the woman gives me a disgusted look. But this time was different. She actually smiled and told me about some times when she herself had to pee in other places besides a toilet. She then told me that she never peed in a car before, and that she liked the idea. And so that's when I told her she was welcome to pee in my car if she wanted, and she said she did.

And so this girl peed in my car. Her name was Megan, by the way. She was only 22 years old, so she was definitely younger than Melissa, who was in her 30s. She was also more bubbly and seemed more excited that she was peeing into the seat of a car. I was glad she was enjoying it, and that it wasn't just a convenience for her. But one thing about her, she definitely wasn't a shy person, and she talked a lot, even while she was peeing. I guess you could say she was one of those girls who never shuts up. I liked her a lot. Melissa acted a lot more mature than Megan did. I would say that Megan is the kind of person who's good in small doses. She actually told me I could watch her while she peed, and so I did. She actually peed a lot, and she was making a pretty good size puddle in the seat as she peed. I knew that my seat was getting a good soak from her. She also let out quite a few farts as she peed.

She really soaked the seat, more than Melissa did. I was so glad. And again, I think the smell in the car is now different than it was before Megan peed in it. To me, it's a really nice pee smell, and I like that it's not all from me. Megan actually asked me if it would be ok if she did it again sometime. I told her she could, and then she gave me her number. Who knows, I might use it sometime if I can't find anyone else for a while. Don't get me wrong, I like Megan, but as I said, she's good in small doses.

Well, that's it for me for now!


more thoughts about accidents & a Response

I remember one time when I was a teenager on our way to a wedding, we made a stop because I had to pee & all was fine & as we got back on the road, she told me: She said sometime at least once in your adult life & maybe more you will not make it in time & have an accident. She said it happens to us all & even though it's really unsettling, she said, it's important to try to not get too worked up about it & realize it happens. She said if you can make it so no one else know, that's good, but if you make a mess, you need to tell someone you had an accident & they'll probably understand.

To Ashley O : Don't worry too much about having a couple accidents as an adult. I too didn't really have that happen growing up, but I did wet in the third grade when my teacher wouldn't let me go to the restroom during a test. As an adult, I have had three accidents so yes, it happens to guys too & like you stated in your post, it's when you wait to long to go. That's the mistake. I posted the full story on those before & you could still find & read them. The most recent two accidents were wetting when I was with my nephew driving back to my place. I had to go pee before leaving my brother's place, but I was so busy doing stuff that i put it off & figured, I'd stop st the next town to use the restroom, but I did not make it. I really thought I could hold it, but real suddenly I started wetting like crazy & couldn't stop it. The other time was on a hour & 1/2 long boat tour. I didn't realize there were no restrooms on board & already had to pee at the beginning of the tour. That time, I knew I was going to have an accident & it was more embarrassing because it was a more public accident. everyone around me knew what happened & that time, it started out with a few dribbles & some light wetting & gradually evolved into that strong flow into my pants.

My first accident though was a poop accident which took place after a church event that I attended with a lady who was a friend of the family & that was like an hour & a half drive from my place. I was riding with her in her car & I kind of had to go, but figured I'd be ok until we got to the next town where I had left my car. She said we should stop, but I said no, I'll be alright for a while. That was a mistake. Well, long story short it got really urgent on the way to the next town, but I didn't tell her. I wasn't saying anything or talking because I was so worried & finally, we got to the next town & stopped at a gas station/ convenience store & I rushed in to use the restroom while she put fuel in her car, but there were a lot of people waiting for the restrooms so I had to wait & I had a small accident at first, but remained waiting because I thought I could clean it up pretty good once I got in the restroom, but still had to go really bad. I could not believe this was happening to me. Then I had the big accident & totally filled my pants. I was so upset. I went out to her car & waited for her to come out . I knew I had to tell her what happened & she was so supportive.

What I found with my accidents as an adult, people understand. My nephew was really understanding as was that lady who is a friend of the family. Even the woman sitting next to me on that boat tour was like "oh, that's too bad, but hey it happens!" I think my Mom gave me good advice when she got talking about the topic. There was one time though when I was a kid that I really had go go bad & was throwing a tantrum because there was not a restroom nearby that my parents told me to never do that. They said just go in your pants instead of throwing a fit & making a scene. I think maybe that's why in third grade that time that my teacher wouldn't let me go to the restroom, that I didn't ask again or plead with her, but just sat there in my desk & peed my pants & it was embarrassing because the other kids were laughing, some of them anyway. I had only asked here once & what if I couldn't hold it & my teacher said I'd just have to go in my pants, so I did.


Hey Tristan

I'm on my fourth day with no bowel movement. It's gonna be a trophy turd coming out of me....bigger than yours lol....

I had an urge last night after dinner but fell asleep full. Then this urge!

So....three breakfasts, three lunches, three dinners plus a ton of junk-crap all packed into my belly today's breakfast!

My next urge; I really gotta work on getting all this out of me :)


To Nicole

Hey Nicole; sorry it took being so badly plugged up for you to decide to post here. Two weeks without a bowel movement is no laughing matter; and the way this site is takes days for you to get a reply...and you need help NOW.

Hopefully you've had at least some small movements by now; constipation like you are experiencing typically needs a laxative or an enema or suppository to get "fixed"....although sometimes people just manage to work a finger up in there and break up the stool bit by bit and manage to get it out.

Lets talk abouyt how this happened; OK? Is this a one time thing for you...or have you had constipation issues all your life?


Bathroom Violations

Diver and I went to a concert by a national act that was hugely crowded. Afterwards, we debated whether to stand in the long lines at the arena to use the bathrooms or to wait until we got to a lounge where we often stop after such activities. We chose the latter. We got our drinks delivered immediately, then our food much sooner than usual, then another round of drinks and due to the intriguing conversation, I was getting a little wasted with the alcohol. I hadn't slept well the previous night because Diver had indigestion and was tossin' and turnin' so when Diver excused himself to the bathroom I came to the reality too about what I had needed too. The hallway outside the bathrooms was chaotic so with our conversation continuing, I accidentally followed Diver into a well-lit room. It took me a couple of seconds to recognize something was wrong because there were two guys sitting separated by a 3/4-high partition crapping and being a 5'9" blond in a provocative black outfit a few feet in front of them got their attention. One of the guys at the urinals to my left yelled out "woo babe". Diver immediately spun around and by shoving and shaking me brought me to the realization of my offense. I immediately turned and went to the back of the ladies line. A couple of the ladies in front of me said they were about ready to do the same thing because their line is always longer than the guys and they didn't think it was fair. Another asked me how I was going to explain it to my boyfriend, but I just shrugged my shoulders, said I didn't know and then I put my back to the hallway wall while I waited for toilets to open. A couple minutes later Diver was done and working his way through the crowd of ladies. As soon as he saw me I saw a smirk blossom on his face, but he momentarily held me and kissed me. Still I knew the matter wasn't going to be laid to rest.

Once I started to get up off the toilet, I fumbled with my thong a few times to get it just a few inches up. I don't remember flushing, but once I got the door unlatched and a couple of the women at the sinks saw me in their mirror, I could tell they were talking about me. I immediately turned and without washing my hands I high-tailed into the darkness. I told Diver no more drinks because she was driving. I found him to be very sympathetic and supportive. He said it could have happened to anyone. Trusting honesty, as I was eating my food I told him about an incident back when I was about five and shopping alone with my Dad. Mom worked strange hours and split shifts at her business so when Dad and I were out, he would always insist on taking me into the mens bathroom. However, once I started school I was vying for his confidence that I could go into the ladies on my own without making a mistake. But he wouldn't hear of it. The ritual was he would take me by the hand into the guys bathroom, determine which available toilet I was going to use, and then while I was almost crying because I was ready to burst my tiny bladder, I would have to stand while he meticulously tore off the toilet paper and placed it over the seat for me. At that point, he would exit the stall and wait for me just outside the main door. Well at this one store they had what Ted described on page 2594. Today it would be called a unisex bathroom. I had neglected to lock the stall door. Dad should have stayed in that bathroom with me and locked the main door from inside. I think he was looking around at the clothing displays when this guy came rushing in. Instead of going to the urinal (one of the grossest things my 4 or 5-year-old eyes had seen) but the barged into my stall, had his organ partially out, and even my dad said he was thankful that the guy hadn't peed on me. After that experience, Dad concluded that I was probably ready for the ladies room. And I didn't have any problems of that magnitude on my own until quite a few years later.


Birthday BMs- 1st part.

So first October week, Thursday, it was my birthday, which meant going some place to eat.
I started with my best friend, and my brother for late lunch at IHOP, I picked a large meal, 2 huge cheesecake pancakes, eggs, sausages and lots of hash browns, I wasn't able to finish, and ended so full and bloated.
I was full as ever, but an hour later I was invited for dinner, even though I was feeling kinda sick, couldn't say no. Had a burrito, large soda and some ice cream.
Got home feeling awful, rubbing my belly, but thinking by waiting some hours it would be enough, I was so wrong...
Hours later, midnight I felt so sick, like throwing up, but I had 2 exams, so waited I rested and then headed school.
After both tests, I was crying at the study hall, in so much pain, feeling like still throwing up, I said, "Can't stand it anymore" and went to the closer lonely toilets, hate being a shy pooper
Lucky me, nobody there, I got my stall, and thought it was maybe better trying a BM, to maybe release some gas, so I hardly unzip my tight skinny jeans, which was hard due my bloated belly.
I sat and lots of liquid diarrhoea came, with awful cramps and lots of noisy gas.
Suddenly someone took the stall next to me, but I was so in pain that ignore that girl, she left, and I still there, pushing REALLY hard, I felt like having a big poo mass or lots of more gas, I stayed there 15 minutes more. Realising that was all for now, I wiped lots of times, and left still rubbing my belly.
Time passed by and same scene repeated plenty times plus unstoppable cramps that followed me for 3 days.

Hope you liked my story, I didn't. Hahaha
Still, wait for 2nd part, up next.

Anna from Austria

just a comment

Sorry for not posting for a long time. But after my trip to Japan I was busy with my job so I did not have much time to post.

I have some stories i will tell another time.

greetings from Austria


It's funny how peeing in front of someone you love can feel so not even sexual, but just intimate and nice. You've reached the point in your relationship where you can just totally be you and that's pretty awesome. A few years ago, I was dating a guy with a tiny apartment with just one bathroom. It was my grandmother's birthday and we were getting ready to go to a dinner party for her. I had showered first and was ready while he was still in the bathroom shaving. While he was in there I had to pee so without thinking, I just went in and started going about my business. He didn't even say anything as I sat down and started peeing. For a few moments, we didn't talk, I just sat there comfortably tinkling away and he continued shaving like it was nothing. Then, as I was mid-stream he turned to me and commented on how intimate it felt. And strangely enough he was right. We were both there just being us and totally vulnerable, yet it felt comfortable and right. To date it was actually one of the nicest experiences of my life.

Mr P (in a wheelchair)

Hi everyone

Hi All

I'm a guy in a wheelchair who has posted on two or three occasions but always love to read others stories. I especially love to read the buddy dump stories and the ones where girls are in a public restroom with others pooping around them.

I also love the stories where people describe the feeling of needing a poop in great detail. With a disability I have no way of knowing when I need to poop but thankfully my bowels are fairly regular so i can go the same time each day. I always like to envision what it's like to need to poop and the feeling of it coming out so your stories help with that. I'd love to have just one day where i can feel the need to have a poop and the feeling of actually pooping. If anyone can describe it let me know! (I've asked that before on this site). If anyone wants to know about me and my bowels with a disability let me know :)

Special shout out to Catherine, the 2 Anna's, Victoria B, Abbie, Jennifer G and everyone else :)

Anyway just wanted to say hi and keep up the great stories :)

Mr P


Response to Survey

1) When you are going poo with your friends, do you talk to them?

I have, yes, but usually after someone starts the conversation. My late wife and I talked frequently while one or the other of us was pooping, just something nice that evolved over our 30+ years of conversation. At other times, I would (and will) talk with friends while pooping if we are continuing a conversation

2) For the men, do you ever pee sitting down?

Nearly always. I spend evenings at my girlfriend's place, and sitting down (as opposed to standing) eliminates splatter on and around the toilet. I pee sitting down at home as well, for the same reason. Plus, its more comfortable.

3) Does anyone text on the toilet?

Both my girlfriend and I will chat while one or both of us is on the toilet if we are talking to one another on the phone. I rarely text.

4) What goes on in your mind while you are peeing/pooping?

Not much. I just try to relax and enjoy the quiet time.

Catherine - thanks for your stories. As for your act of kindness with Jill, I would think that she will ultimately see it that way and be grateful for your friendship.

two weeks constipated

for nicole

Hi Nicole,

I have also gone two weeks without pooing. Here are some constipation relieving tips:

Sit on the toilet with a step stool under your feet. Elevating your legs like that mimics the squatting position which makes pooing easier. (Better yet, actually squat!)

Poo naked from the waist down. Pants inhibit your movements, you wanna be able to spread your legs really far.

There's a space between your legs between your bum and your genitals. Press on it with your fingers. I don't know why but that's always made me poo.

Sit on the toilet for a while every day whether or not you feel the urge to poo. It can surprise you, and you want to be on the toilet when that happens!

Drink a lot of water!!!

If nothing else works, laxatives, suppositories, and enemas can work. They should be your last resort.

Anatomy Student

Re Nicole

Two weeks is too long. There is a 2-3 day delay from when I post this to it showing up in this forum. You should go to a hospital to be disimpacted (having the stool broken up so it can be passed), but if you want another option, get a glycerine enema from the pharmacy and follow the instructions. Drink more water and eat more fiber (fruits and vegetables) to prevent this in the future. Your bowels can only hold so much and if you hold it too long you can get blood toxicity, rurpture your colon, or put pressure on your organs. Please post to let us know you're safe.


Rugby Team?

I was in the car with my mate on Saturday evening and we were behind this minibus as it stopped at a Level Crossing. The barriers were just going down as we got to it. As soon as the bus stopped at the crossing the back doors of the minibus opened and all these lads were jumping out - abut 15 of them. They were all wearing blue shirt and ties and brown chinos. I would guess they were a Rugby team. Anyway they all got out and headed to the side of the road. Once at the side of the road they all lined up and pulled their trousers and boxers right down to their ankles and all just stood there pissing into the verge with their asses on display! They must have had quite a lot to drink as they were pissing for quite some time. Due to the angle some of them were stood at we could see "everything". When guys finished their trousers would come back up. The last 3 guys to be pissing then had 2 guys each stand inside their trousers so they could not pull them back up. They were literally stood there with their asses hanging out! Then the train went past and the crossing opened and they all got back into the bus and it drove off!

A Knight in Charmin Armor

A Thought (hopefully!) On Sanity and the Bathroom

I've spent some time digesting the "Don't be these people." And I have to say it never happened upon me to be any of them. The level some disturbed people must sink to and the moderator(s) must wade through knee deep in the muck has got to be outrageous if it led to this rant- rightly so, it needed all to be said on part of the staff- but perhaps it is not the easiest document to read or understand. I honestly can't make sense of half of it. It is incomprehensibly frustrated and stream of conscious.

Having said that, my perspective is from anthropology. Humans have a distinct set of behaviors distinctly for the toilet and relieving ourselves. It is a separate set from sexual behaviors, though the disturbed mind does blur that line. Those of us- the good posters here who know where that line stands and give us insightful reports into the human condition- are doing humanity a big favor. We need to talk about this. All of it. We need to understand each other. I have heard personal stories from other real, live, human beings about how reading this forum has helped them for real in their lives. And, yes, I'll write about it in the most gentle and considerate way I can. That's really all it takes. Be a gentleperson. Tell your stories with an air of respect and a minimum of explicitness, save for frank descriptions of bathroom events.

My "Honey" is one of those ladies who is perpetually walking around with a dirty thong (or any other cut, she wears em all) between her cheeks. She was also perpetually flustered and thought there was something wrong with her. After reading some of the fine ladies' here tales about their own experience with all of this, she felt better. And now she has reversed her course and revels in the tales of women doing big poops and marking their underwear. Because that's her and her friends. (and, YES, after exercise classes is a prime time for her to poop!) Real women do indeed behave like the classy posters here. They give us insight. I know because I have tasteful insight too. Long live the curious amongst us!


School toilets vs uni toilets and other things

Natasha, your post made me think too about my own experiences.

In early secondary school I was generally not afraid to poo at school, if I needed to. I might hold it in if the need wasn't urgent, but I probably did one or two a week. Our toilets weren't exactly the nicest and I would try to get in and out quickly.

In year 9 I discovered a new set of toilets though, we had a school library and above it was a sixth form library, which you weren't allowed to go in if you were in a younger year, so I had never been up there. Anyway, one day I was in the library and said I needed to go to the loo, and the teacher suggested I use the ones upstairs. I didn't even know there were ones up there and assumed we weren't allowed, but she assured me we were. So I went up the stairs, nervously, and passed the door to the sixth form area and carried on down the corridor, this went along the length of the upstairs library and then there were various teachers offices etc. Then I saw a sign pointing to toilets, went around the corner which wound left then right, and up a few steps. You were now right at the end of the building and there was a fire escape door down to some outside steps which went down into the playground. On the left was a boys and on the right a girls toilet. Opening the door there was a spacious room with three cubicles inside and I could immediately smell it was a lot nicer than the usual toilets! I had my wee and left.
After that time, if I needed to poo I would try to head to those toilets. You really had to know that they were there, or you'd miss them - even when I went into the sixth form a few years later, nobody else seemed to know about them, and I was quite happy as it meant there were toilets I could use in peace!


Lon distance biker
Last summer I decided to go for a quite long bike ride, distance over 2500 km. It should take me about six weeks. Initially I was planning to bike alone. But my mother got an increasing interest in joining in as I went forward with my planning. And at last also my aunt decided to join in. We started our trip in beginning of July and finished mid August. Weather turned out to be quite nice and therefore we were able to spend all the nights camping in a tent in the wilderness along the route. We made our food on a tiny gas stove and we washed ourselves in lakes and creeks. Mostly we did not have any toilet to visit and we had to do number two as well as number one in the bushes. I cannot remember that we made this a topic for conversation during those six weeks. It was so obvious for all three of us that there was no other option than picking up the roll of toilet paper and stick away to find some shelter out there in the nature and get things done that it really was nothing to talk about. I guess that all three of us tried to maintain some privacy as well as avoiding intruding one another when going to toilet. But living so close and with no door to lock it was impossible not occasionally getting a glimpse or bumping into one another squatting with shorts at the knees. I must admit that I found it somewhat embarrassing when I knew that one of the others could seen me squatting, but I from time to time could see each of them too, so what then? I had to ask myself. Perhaps even more embarrassing was that it happened several times that one of us went to a spot where one of the others had been before. At least I learnt that the poo of different persons look quite similar. Sometimes we camped at sites where other bikers and campers also stayed. Then it was obvious that we were not the only campers going to toilet in the wilderness. Seems like all wilderness campers do. Perhaps nothing to be surprised of, but still a bit amusing to get it confirmed. Not only young persons, even quite old people (grandfathers and grandmothers I guess) could be seen hiding in the bushes with their bums bare. It is somewhat different seeing a mature woman with grey hair sitting there than seeing a fellow student squatting in the bushes at a festival! I think that all three of us were quite relaxed about going to toilet outdoor at the end of the trip even though we did not talk about it at all. One of my student colleagues asked me if we had been using nature's toilet paper (she had been doing that during a hike). No, we did not. We relied upon ordinary rolls of toilet paper. The only difference from home was the squatting and the lack of a door to lock. I also think that all three of us were able to maintain ordinary habits without experiencing any constipation. I have heard that quite a lot of hikers suffer from constipation when there is no access to a toilet. It seemed like we were able to avoid that. It should have been interesting to know what the two others thought and felt about the toilet situation, but I have not taken the chance to ask them.

Jennifer G
Hi everybody!

So does anyone have any possible answers to my question about different people's pee having slightly different smells? I'm still convinced that ever since I let that one girl Melissa pee in my car, there has been a slightly different pee smell in my car. As I said before, I don't mind in the least, in fact I'm actually hoping that's the case. I like the idea that it might possibly have a noticeably different scent to it. Especially since I'm still girl crushing on Melissa a little bit, so I like the idea very much. Anyway, I'm being dorky, but if anyone has any ideas on this, please let me know. Thanks!

Nothing else new for me yet. I myself peed in my car a few times, but no one else has since Melissa. I'm still hoping though!

Bye for now!

Monday, October 17, 2016

It's funny how peeing in front of someone you love can feel so not even sexual, but just intimate and nice. You've reached the point in your relationship where you can just totally be you and that's pretty awesome. A few years ago, I was dating a guy with a tiny apartment with just one bathroom. It was my grandmother's birthday and we were getting ready to go to a dinner party for her. I had showered first and was ready while he was still in the bathroom shaving. While he was in there I had to pee so without thinking, I just went in and started going about my business. He didn't even say anything as I sat down and started peeing. For a few moments, we didn't talk, I just sat there comfortably tinkling away and he continued shaving like it was nothing. Then, as I was mid-stream he turned to me and commented on how intimate it felt. And strangely enough he was right. We were both there just being us and totally vulnerable, yet it felt comfortable and right. To date it was actually one of the nicest experiences of my life.


Full Story

Hi guys4 I'd like to tell you the full story about being in hospital back in March so that way Blind Guy can read it easier (if he still reads toiletstool). Anyway, as far as bathrooms are concerned, the nurses helped me to it when I felt the urges to go. One thing I forgot to mention is that I had to bring my IV stand in the bathroom with me and use the toilet with a machine constantly dripping fluids into me. I also believe the plastic potty I used had arms on it. Taking in liquid foods causing stools to be watery was different, too. Blind Guy, I'd have to say to you that going unconcious for my first procedure was more blissful than using the toilet! I heard one of the doctors note that I seemed excited while awaiting my procedure. Eventually, a mask was snuggly placed upon my face, and I was told I was going to sleep. As I started relaxing into pure bliss, I felt as if I were sinking into the bed, my head and throat felt weird, my ears felt heavy, there was a slight high-pitched ring heard on the right side, and then nothing. Honestly, I look forward to that peace again! Anyway, needing to go to the toilet sometime after awakening I'd say was good, because that meant my bladder was awake with the rest of me. The other 2 times I went under, I didn't notice anything. Blind Guy, do you like to fart? When I fart, I say Ta Dah!. I hope you are still around, and plan to write toilet stuff again.

Ashley O.

Two accidents

I am 23 and never had an accident growing up, then all the sudden i have had two accidents this month. One of each... it's a little alarming! But it's probably just a freaky coincidence.

A few weeks ago I went with two of my friends and their kids on a hay ride after going pumpkin picking. I don't have kids but i babysit theirs a lot and I'm close with them. We were on the farm for a couple hours and at one point they took the kids to use portapotties but for some reason i didn't go. I needed to pee but figured I'd hold it in.

I felt pretty desperate as we were all lined up about to get on the truck for the hay ride. I decided I'd hit the portapotties after the ride. We got on, and with all the bumping of the dirt road and sitting on a hay bail with no seat belt, my bladder was getting bounced around like crazy and I was sooo tense trying to hold it. I actually became so worried that I was going to wet my pants that I couldn't even focus on how good of a time the kids were having seeing all the scarecrows and stuff on the farm. I was just quietly sitting there with my legs squeezed together, silently agonizing through every bump trying to contain my bursting bladder. Finally, it started to slowly trickle out. I held on as hard as I could but could just feel a slow, persistent trickle, and soon i could feel a warm damp patch growing between my legs. My heart started pounding and i squeezed my legs together harder. But when i did that, I started peeing faster and more forcefully, and i felt the hot tingling sensation quickly spread up to my lap. I gasped and glanced down to see a dark spot growing on the front of my pants, and i quickly covered it with my hands. I felt my face turn bright red and i was shaking. I realized squeezing my legs together was sending the pee to the front of my pants, and since i was already obviously wetting myself i just relaxed a bit and loosened my legs. I continued wetting my jeans at full force and felt the hot wetness sstart spreading under my butt as i peed into the hay bail. It was such an incredible feeling of relief, but such a horrifying and vulnerable feeling sitting there around all those people in wet pants and not being able to leave. I just sat there awkwardly, red in the face and holding my hands in my lap. I looked at my friends and they were too busy taking pics of their kids to notice that i was sitting there wetting my pants, thankfully. But i knew i would need help to make a discrete getaway once we got off the hay ride. I nudged my friend and motioned for her to come closer. She leaned in and i said "um, can i borrow your hoodie?" She looked at me confused and said "you need two hoodies? It's not even that cold out" i just stared back at her helplessly then said "i have to tie it around my waist..." i gave her a pitiful look and hoped she'd just get it, but she just kept staring at me confused. Finally i just smiled awkwardly and said "umm. I kinda just peed my pants.." she paused a second then whispered "...are you serious? Like, a lot?" I nodded yes then briefly moved my hands so she could see the wetness. Her jaw dropped and i quickly gave her a look to be cool. She had a scrunched up smile like she was trying not to laugh then frowned and mouthed "omg you poor thing" as she took her sweatshirt off and gave it to me. I casually leaned forward and tied it around my waist, so that when i got up it would hang over my butt and cover the wetness, and i tried to let the sleeves hang down on the front to cover the wetness that went up my front. We finally got off the ride and it seemed like the concealing hoodie was working but as soon as we left the crowd, my friend's 7 year old daughter just blurts out "aunt ashley did you pee in your pants?" with this accusatory tone like she was a parent. I just was stunned and mortified and both of my friends started telling her to be nice, so it was obvious my other friend knew too somehow. I just sighed and said "yep... aunt ashley had an accident. That's what happens when you don't go potty before the ride guys. Now you know.." the kids all got riled up and were amazed/delighted/shocked at seeing a grownup pee her pants. My friends then both were nice enough to let me know that they were pretty sure everyone on the ride knew i had wet my pants. Good times. They have both been teasing me about it for weeks.

As if that wasn't a jarring enough experience in adulthood... i one upped myself today. I had an even more embarassing accident.

I needed to poop at work. I was holding it in for a long time. Instinctively i try to wait as long as possible at work, and usually the feeling kind of subsides until i go home. I'm not opposed to going at work, i just am usually very busy so i keep putting it off.

I got to the point where i knew there was no waiting to get home with this one. I knew i was gonna have to go at work, and the pressure was getting strong enough that i knew it was gonna have to be soon. I didn't go right then, which was stupid. I tried to keep holding it in and kept getting things done, when something reeeeeally unfortunate happened. The fire alarm went off.

Its so sudden and loud and rare when the fire alarm goes off that the startling impact it had on me initially made me forget i even had to poop, but then a second later the feeling returned, even more urgently. I strongly considered just gambling on it being a drill and goinc straight to the bathroom...but i realized i would be unaccounted for outside and they'd send first responders inside to find me. I figured it wasn't a good idea. I continued outside, hoping it wouldn't be long.

We all gathered at our rally point in the parking lot, and as people chatted i just stood there thinking about how badly i had to poop. I actually started to sweat. The pressure was so intense i couldn't keep a straight face. I remember just thinking to myself "this is so uncomfortable i can't wait to get to the bathroom" and then gradually my mind started to entertain the thought "just go now and get the relief". I couldn't believe i was so desperate that i was actually having thoughts of relieving myself in my pants. I stood there struggling to hold on for another minute when a sharp cramp coursed through my bowels towards my butt. I felt a huge pressure to relieve some gas. It was so strong that despite trying to hold it back, i could feel in my body that it was passed the point of no return and needed out. I just tried to control it and let it out slow, and prayed it would be quiet.

Well, it was quiet. It was audible, but quiet. It was a soft, moist pattering "thhhhppplt". But something wasn't right... it felt like a fart coming out, but i didn't feel it "end", you know? Like, the warm feeling didn't go away. I just stood there frozen, thinking to myself "ok, why is my underwear warm...?" It was this very warm, slightly wet sensation right between my cheeks in the middle of my butt. I wasn't positive at first, but i was pretty sure that i had just "sharted". I stood there trying not to panic, and i carefully and slowly clenched my cheeks to see if that would "end" the fart and I'd realize it wasn't a shart after all and that it was ok. But doing that just confirmed the bad news. I felt a warm, squishy sensation and had to face the reality that i had just pooped my pants a little.

At that point i was standing there having that same feeling of overwhelming fear and panic, thinking 1- how bad is the damage so far, is it staining through my underwear and my leggings (they were light purple boy shorts and dark gray leggings) and 2- i have to poop 10 times worse now.

I literally just had to stand there totally helpless as i tried not to poop anymore. I felt my cheeks involuntarily trying to spread apart every few seconds as more would try to push it's way out, and i just kept fighting it back. But eventually i couldn't hold it anymore. I just hung my head in shame as my cheeks opened once more and i pushed beyond my control, and i felt a warm, soft blob start filling my underwear. It was a much mess offensive sensation than i ever imagined it would be, but very shocking none the less. It felt like warm peanut butter spreading up my butt cheeks towards my lower back. It just kept coming out as i felt a bulge grow in my pants and start to droop down. A strong odor filled the air around me. I just kept staring at my feet, hoping that at any second i would just vanish into thin air. I couldn't believe i was pooping my pants...

Once it was all over i just stood there completely afraid to move, hoping that somehow no one would notice. After a minute that felt like an eternity they called out that we could head back in and that it was all clear. I just stood there waiting for everyone around me to walk back towarsds the building. I glanced uo and noticed a handful of people staring back at me, who obviously knew what i had done. I quickly looked back down. I wanted to die!

After another minute i knew i had to deal with it. I couldn't just stand there in the parking lot with a mess in my pants and eventually it would just go away. I took a deep breath and slowly started to follow the crowd back in, feeling a horrific squishing sensation between my cheeks with each step. I was trembling from humiliation. I just went inside and got my things and left without looking at anyone or speaking to anyone. They definitely knew anyway.

I rode home sitting in my mess and finally cried. When i got home i looked in the mirror and it had stained through my pants badly but i wasn't sure if it did in the first place or just when i sat down. Either way, i cringed at the site. I carefully removed my soiled clothes and put them straight in a garbage bag and tied it shut, then washed myself in the shower for a long time...

I still haven't decided if I'm going to work tomorrow... might just take a 3 day weekend...

Anyway... so yeah. I'm 23 and in just 3 weeks i had my first experience with peeing my pants and then my first experience with pooping my pants. It's pretty embarrassing, but now i definitely know not to delay going to the bathroom.

-Ashley O.

Jennifer G
Hi everybody!

Erin and Adrian, thank you for the encouragement! Erin, that was a great post! And Adrian, I too hope I find someone else to pee in my car!

Nothing yet from me, but hopefully soon. Not that I havent been trying. And I've definitely seen some women who I would've loved it if they did their business in my car. I've actually been crushing on this one girl who works at the thrift store I go to, her name is Alyssa and she's probably around 25 or so. But so far I haven't had any opportunity to ask her. Wish me luck!

Bye for now!

Some Guy

Are Bathroom Manners a Thing of the Past?

Hi, everyone!

I haven't posted a lot recently, mostly because I haven't really had anything worth posting about! I wrote about a Target restroom back on Page 2562 - the one with a stick-like lock on the handicapped stall. Anyway, I have visited this particular Target and its restroom a few times lately. I know this is not exclusive to this particular Target, but are bathroom manners dead? The other day when I was pooping on the regular toilet, my neighbor's cell phone rang, and he proceeded to carry on a conversation while he was pooping on the handicapped toilet. I thought people tried to be quiet and discreet while in a public restroom. Not only could I hear his conversation, but wouldn't the person on the other end of the phone be able to figure out he was in a restroom, either by the echo or obvious restroom sounds? This evening, I visited this same restroom when I needed to poop. Again, I was in the regular stall, and someone entered the handicapped stall to my left. My neighbor this time proceeded to take out his phone and play a game with the volume turned up. I thought it was inconsiderate, as well as surprising that he would keep the volume turned up, knowing full well he wasn't alone in there.

Am I the only one with this experience? It's just struck me as odd behavior. Is this becoming more of the norm? I have used technology on the toilet, as I'm sure we all have -- but is there no longer respect or consideration for others?

Happy Pooping!
Some Guy



Sam K: It sounds like you ate some hearty meals, but you need to add more fiber and water to your diet - cereals, whole wheat bread, fruits and vegetables would help you to have larger, bulkier bowel movements.

Braidy: Always good to hear from you!

Victoria B: I am just about to post a story about a "big one" I took on Wednesday Morning! Thought about you!



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