Emergency Ulcerative Colitis flare up.

One day in August of 2009 i had the most horrible experience of my life. I woke up one day and felt like i had been poisoned. There is not an adequate way to describe just how bad i was feeling. I wanted to die. I got up out of my bed and stumbled to the bathroom and in the midst of stumbling to the bathroom a bout of nausea hit , and along with this nausea came the feeling of matches being lit in my stomach. As soon as i made it to the bathroom i began violently throwing up everywhere along with the most painful bowel movement ever. The left side of my abdomen and my rectum was hurting so bad i thought i was going to pass out. Once i felt like i could i got up and notified my Mom of what happened and she took me to the ER. After numerous tests and some blood work had been done it was revealed that at least 2 feet of my colon was infected and was on the verge of rupturing. I surely thought earlier that day that i was going to die. Luckily i was able to have the infected area removed some weeks later.

Jennifer G

Saturday Pee

Hi everybody!

Mr Clogs: Thank you again for liking my posts, and yes you have a good point about cars depreciating anyway, so yeah I plan on enjoying my pees for sure!

shyla: Thanks for enjoying my posts! My car is a 2010 Ford Focus, black on the outside, dark tan/charcoal on the inside. And definitely cloth seats. They have a design in the material

Well, yesterday I finally got a chance to have another pee in my car! This was my second pee in my car. Yesterday was Saturday. I purposely drank a lot of water right before I went to bed, and so when I woke up I was bursting to pee. I went out to the garage and got in my car and then I sat down on the back seat. Then I started to pee. First I let a little bit out, and then I started going at full force. It went right into the seat. After a while it started to make a little puddle in the seat, but then it slowly soaked its way in. Then after a while I was done. I wished it could have gone longer. But at least I was able to have a pee in my car.

Well, that's it! I'm still waiting for the seat to dry completely, it's almost dry but not completely yet. It definitely has a pee smell, but so far I like it. Like I said, if it's too strong I'll get some febreeze and spray the seat a little. That definitely won't be the last time I pee in my car.

Hope you enjoyed!

Jenny (Skidmarked in Seattle)

Responds and quick poop story

To Tlana and Curious in Canada:

I think pulling pants/underwear down to your knees or thighs is more adult, though pulling pants down to you ankles is not necessarily juvenile. That being said, my rationale:
1) when kids are being potty trained, often pants/ pull ups/ diapers are pulled down to the feet, if not taken off. I remember when my brothers and nephews were being potty trained, they pulled their pants down to their ankles to stand and pee. I have not spent much time ( that's another story ) in a men's restroom , but I'm pretty sure most men don't drop their pants to their knees, let alone their ankles to pee at a urinal. In my mind ( but not necessary in practice )this translates to taking as little clothes off to use the bathroom as possible as an adult. Though I will mention exceptions
2) adult clothes seems to be more absurd to completely take off. One usually doesn't take off a whole dress to sit on a toilet in a public place or even at home in the middle of the day. Maybe when coming home pre shower, but pants with belts, pencil skirts, suits and even athletic uniforms, seem like there should stay on as much as possible and maybe touch the floor as little as possible? That being said her are some adult exceptions I have observed :

Locker rooms:
When I was on the tennis team in high school, I would pull my tennis skirt and panties ( hides this post practice skidmarks) down to my ankles in a stall. Half the team I noticed when going to the bathroom should pull their panties visibly to their ankles, and half would keep their panties out of sight at their knees or even up mid to upper thigh. I noticed this was about the same for the cheerleading team, though no body from that squat brought the whole skirt to their ankles like I do?

I love Romatic Dump's stories, as she seems to have a " upper level" hi and dresses very profession like I do ( when I'm not wear scrubs ) yet still bring her thong down to her ankles when she poops at work . Not something you necessary picture easily when you meet with " important people" dressed to a T, bringing their underwear to their socks?

When bring panties to your ankles, knees or thighs, does it make a difference when you are peeing or pooping ? I pull my panties/thongs down to my ankles when I poop for some reason. Maybe because I am hanging out longer. When I pee, I pull them down to my mid thigh or knees, because I'm in and out sooner. I wonder if I wipe as well if my panties aren't as low. I suspect since I have less space, I am less meticulous when I wipe with the panties higher, which makes sense as there is more to clean up when I poop. Though I get skids, I really do spend a lot of time and paper trying to clean up.

Does anyone notice any difficulties or varying outcomes of clean underwear wiping when with you pants/underwear down to your ankles, compared to your knees or thighs? Guys can answer this question too.

Also maybe semi related to pooping , when you pull your panties down, do they match the quality of your outer where in cleanliness and quality? I have had situation where my panties were as dirty as if I went hiking or biking compared to my dresses. I do see people. Guys and girls biking to work, some bike in biking wear, some in their work clothes, but none of them shower where we work. Once in a blue moon regardless of the cleanliness of my panties, I will wear casual, sport or old panties with my nicer outfits, but usually I wear my nicer ( and sexier) thongs when I dress up for work

Jessica- when you and Louisa had to wipe with napkins, did they do as good a job as toilet paper

Vincene - when you had a black thong after non enough toilet paper, did you still feel kind of dirty even though your underwear did not look dirty.

Quick story.
I was at a wedding lay weekend and had to poop really quickly. I ran into the bathroom quickly and pulled my thong down to my ankles. They were white, but very clean. I dropped 5 good sized logs very quickly within seconds and I moaned out load. After moaning I looked though the stalls saw urinals. I missed have moved very quickly and missed the men's room sign and urinals. I heard a door open and I pulled my thong up to my knees. I usually wouldn't be self conscious about this if my thong was as clean as it was, but this was a offering situation. I did not want some random dude seeing my Lacey white thong, even if it was clean. And since I was wearing a dress and high heels, I doubt I could have hid that I was a woman at that point if someone looked, but I was just on damage control at that point and trying to to make eye contact with anyone, let alone identifying which silly lady went into the wrong restroom. And the place stunk, but that was not a worry for me. The guy went to a urinal, peed, washed his hands and left. I don't know if he even saw my shoes since he did not need to use a stall. I wiped quickly, pulled up my thong, and swiftly moved out of the restroom and into the women's restroom ( not using my hands to touch anything ) and washed my hand in the ladies room. I was nervous and sweating a little bit ( from nerves and dancing). And my thong was particularly dirty that night from possibly the swearing and the haste wiping job, which I may add was done with my thong around my knees

Have a great day all,

to Jess: I bet Louisa and Katya took the opportunity to do a number two while their boyfriends were out of the house! I have to admit that I am kinda the same, I don't like to poop with boys or even boyfriends around. A while ago, I posted a story about a trip I took with a boy and my friend Danielle and her then boyfriend. I think we both didn't want to use the toilet in our hotel rooms and then we both pooped in the washroom of a little cafe we all went to breakfast for first thing in the morning. It was kinda funny!
I'd love to hear your story about the hike!
Oh, and tell me about the library, I spent soo much time there! Naturally I use the bathroom there a lot, I have posted quite a few stories about going there.

to Lila P: I've only ever done a buddy dump once. It was on a hike with my friend Chloe. I posted a story about it on page 2494.

Ever since I have been reading this site I have become interested in this topic and I would really like to do another buddy dump. But I haven't had any opportunities since.

Retired Dad

Lucy's Bad Day

Hi there, I'm back with another story. This happened when Lucy was a little older, in 4th grade. I got a call from the school. They said Lucy messed her pants, can you pick her up?, the same stuff that's happened a few times before. I go to pick her up and she was crying hard. I asked her what happened that made her cry like that and she told me she couldn't hold it. She was scared to ask to go because the teacher wasn't very nice, apparently. She had an accident and the teacher was furious. She yelled at Lucy and took her into the girls' bathroom. She spanked her over and over (How Lucy told the story) and took her to the nurse, grabbing her by the ear.

After I heard all that, I dropped Lucy off at home, cleaned her up and went back to the school to complain. I walked in on Lucy's class and coldly told the teacher, outside that she wasn't allowed to touch my daughter, but it turned out she wasn't very scared of parents. So, I lodged a complaint to the principle instead.

So, in the end Lucy got a new teacher, a much "nicer" one and that old one probably got fired.



To Anna: Hey! Yes I am still very active and have enjoyed reading everyone's stories! I'm glad to know that people remember and appreciate me! I will make sure to post some more stories soon.

I have some really good poop stories from this summer but they are quite lengthy so I will post them later. Last week I had a sleepover with my friend Audrey. This was our first sleepover and we didn't know each other extremely well. However, she is really nice and we get along very well. We were sleeping over at her house, and I was in the bathroom brushing my teeth. While I was in there, Audrey walked in, lowered her sweatpants, sat on the toilet, and started to pee! She then continued to talk to me about her summer as if everything was normal. This wouldn't be weird with some of my closer friends like Taryn, but I barely knew Audrey. Oh well, some people open up more quickly than others. She quickly finished her pee, wiped and then stood. I finished brushing my teeth and we both went back into her room to watch TV. I had to pee a little bit, but I was afraid that she might try to go in there with me, and I would have felt awkward. I did pee later that night when Audrey was asleep, and I made sure to lock the door. Audrey is very sweet and she opened up to me very quickly, so I'm sure you'll hear more stories about her soon!

I'll be back!



To Cathrine

Thank you for the reply! I ask because I also tend to get a bit gassy and its actually one of the things I'm a bit embarrassed about when on a date or spending long periods of time with a new partner. I do enjoy when i'm alone though and can let loose. I'm sure you do too when you have the place to yourself lol. Have you been gassy lately?

Sonya Sue

Kicked Out of the Bathroom at Home

This past week I had a day off at the travel center. I texted my long-time friend Annie about using the day to go back-to-school shopping together. We left at 9 a.m. hoping to beat a lot of the crowds but that wasn't to be. The mall was hosting a local boy-band type competition and everything was crowded. We were just about ready to get into one of the lines at the food court when Annie said she needed to use the bathroom. I thought it was a good time for me to go too because we had both enjoyed double cups of the gourmet coffee offered earlier. We found two of the bathrooms with lines extending way out of the doors and down the hallway. We went downstairs because we knew there were less stores there, the lines were still required. The good thing was that we could see the entrance to the bathroom, the doors opening pretty regularly and people going into the facilities and out. With her eyes Annie followed one lady with a little girl from when she left the bathroom and until they walked by us and asked how long they had waited in line. The lady said 20 minutes and said it was a miracle her little girl hadn't had a accident.

Annie was kind of dancing around in place and blamed me kind of jokingly for not reminding her to go before we left the coffee shop. She said her PSB--pea size bladder--is a disability and she should not have to wait in such a long line. She said her mom a few years ago threatened to get her hospital underwear for such occasions. I tried to humor her a bit, but she is very impatient. I thought our best strategy was to keep good conversation going because that would help pass the time. Rolling through my mind were memories of the large number of times I would see Annie raise her hand for permission to leave class. That got me thinking about how smart my mom was when I was young and we would be ready to go out, and how she would always insist that I go in and try to go to the bathroom. I thought it was nagging at the time, but it sure worked. And I've never looked forward to moving my bowels in public toilets, although I have to four or five times a month. And that doesn't include school where I'm on campus sometimes 14 to 15 hours day.

So we continued to wait in line. Annie showed more and more discomfort. She was doing something on her phone when she dropped it. The phone hit the concrete tip-first and it did a little bounce. Annie thought it was busted and when she bent down to pick it up it was just in front of the feet of an old lady right behind us. The lady had heard Annie swear real bad and looked at her kind of funny. Then she told Annie she could be more successful in life if she would clean up her language. Annie seemed so sore that the lady called her out and she immediately texted me with some really vile words. My immediate response to her was to chill and I told her to keep the rest of our conversation in text. We were about five back in the line for the bathroom. Annie texted me that she now had to shit as bad as pee and she didn't know how long she was going to be able to hold it. I assured her she could have the toilet first. She replied with a barrage that could have gotten the cops called. Again, I told her to chill. Within five minutes she would be seated. Then she sent me back a massage that the apartment her mom and her moved into this summer has such small plumbing to save water that most of her morning shits have clogged up the toilet. Her mother has to use a plunger and sometimes works on her knees to get the ship unjammed. Last week the toilet overran and her mom blamed Annie for the mess. I guess Annie just dropped the lid and went back to her room. So when her mom came in and saw the wet floor, she talked about drastic action.

Mom wants Annie to take her shits at school beginning next week when classes start. Annie is really put out and says her mom selected the apartment and is therefore responsible. Annie has as much interest in taking her shits at school as I do, although she knows that sometimes I have to and its not that bad. Its just inconvenient and embarrassing to be blasting, popping and splashing with others nearby. Also, after 3rd hour on many days, the toilet paper is gone.

I told Annie her mom should talk to the building super. But she said they are a little behind on rent. I can't think of anything else really.
Once we got into the bathroom, Annie's eyes were out for the first door to open. When it did, she ran, slammed and latched the door. I could hear the thud as her butt hit the seat. I heard her piss immediately hit the water and she texted me that it might be an hour for her to release 100 gallons. I replied that I had needs to. I got an immediate FU from her. Then I heard three splashes on top of the pissing. She replied that something important was coming and she sent me a picture shit piece I've seen. It was like over two inches wide and almost stuck straight up even past the water level. While this was happening, I could still hear the piss going. I texted her that I was going to get into another line because there was no way hers was going to flush. The toilet to her right opened and I took it. It was so relieving to be sitting there relieving my bladder. I heard Annie's toilet flush and I looked between my legs and found a small drain between them. I worried that her water and everything else would come flooding my way. It didn't and she sent me a picture of the all-clean toilet as proof. I wasn't surprised that Annie was an a much better mood now.

I guess there must be a big difference between commercial public toilets and those in home bathrooms.


First post

Hey. This is my first post and i have been lurking for about a year. Let me tell you guys about me. Im 17 5'4 163 pounds. I have a story too. I was in 3rd grade. And tbh i wasnt potty trained yet and i have autism. So i always wet my pants in 3rd grade. Finally i was potty trained in the middle of 3rd grade. I wet my pants once in 4th grade and thats about it.

Monday, August 22, 2016


A can of beans a day keeps constipation away

On Monday, I decided to eat about a pound of chili beans with dinner, which consisted of stuffed bell peppers filled with meat and hot sauce, with a 24 ounce milkshake for dessert. I felt quite stuffed afterwards, and about six or seven hours later, I began to get the pre-poop farts which gave way to an urgent need to void my bowels! When I did, it was soft, came out in one push, smelled strong but not sickening. It was light brown and floated from the gas- a direct result of eating a large amount of beans.I didn't have toilet paper in the bathroom, so I just sucked it up and left without wiping! When I took a shower about two or three hours later, I made sure to clean that area well. I had moderate skid marks, but I didn't care, since we have a washing machine for that. Yesterday, I fixed about a pound of black beans for lunch, which I washed down with a 1.25 liter bottle of diet pepsi, ate outside, then walked the dog for exercise. This lead to another urgent yet easy to pass bowel movement later. I'm planning on eating chili or my last can of hot chili beans in hopes of another easy to pass bowel movement! In the meantime, I feel less bloated, since less poop is sitting inside of me fermenting and releasing gas! Even though I feel a bit bloated after, I get plenty of energy, and after pooping, feel less bloated! I guess I never thought I was constipated when I don't go this often! So remember, beans aren't just good for bringing on a case of the farts (a lot of that's been happening too), but also for keeping you regular! And since they taste good, they're easy to eat, as well as easy to make!


Porta Potty Poop

I was walking in the park when I felt the need to do a BM. I found a clean Porta potty and started my dump. I pushed out a soft 5" log and felt a lot more coming. I grunted and dropped 3 big 10" turds. I heard a girl take the Porta potty beside me and plop down she had a few loud plops and grunts. I still had some more to do so I pushed hard and plopped out 2 huge 14" monster logs. I wiped really good and than left,it was one of my greatest dumps. Later that week we were at the Sams Club and I had to do a number 2 very bad I went to the unisex stalls and had a big 3 foot dump beside a cute goth girl who was taking a loud poop


Struggling to poop under a watchful eye

I'm a private pooper, have been since childhood. I've read MANY stories on here of difficult poops shared with friends and I can't imagine it! All through college and beyond I would seek out the most private places to struggle with my bowels.
My earliest memories of the toilet are my Mother sitting with me and demanding that I "bear down harder", while I wished for her to go away so I could, without her hearing my grunts! A month ago I fell and broke my hip. After pain meds. and a hip replacement, I didn't have a bowel movement for six days. The morning of the seventh day I came out of the fog of drugs and felt like a brick was up me. I asked to use the toilet, hoping for some privacy to work out what was obviously stuck up me. "out of the question" my nurse explained. I could use a bedpan and be left alone for a time or a bedside commode under her watchful eye. I decided to try the bedpan, knowing I couldn't possibly do the work I had ahead of me while someone stood and watched!!
I struggled on my back, on that pan, for fifteen minutes and all I got for my efforts was a lump of poop the size of a marble and equally as hard. When the nurse returned to ask if I'd had any luck I asked for help, explaining that it was stuck at my anus and I could not move it! The nurse was kind and sympathetic and asked if she could examine me for an impaction. With a gloved hand and lubricated finger, she didn't get far in me. "You're badly constipated J" she pronounced, "Can I give you an enema?" I readily agreed, I wanted what was in me out!
I expected a long hose and bag of soapy water, like my Mother seemed in love with when I was a kid. Not so, she came back a few minutes later with a Fleet box. I'd had them in the past, they are harsh and didn't do much for me. When I objected and asked for something more substantial she said it was all the Doctor ordered. To her credit, she was gentle, she entered the tip with care and squeezed the contents slowly so there was no desire to bear down at all. She said she'd given many in the past and it showed. After holding it as long as I could she rolled me back on the bedpan and left me. I struggled. I pushed and strained and I GRUNTED with all I had in me to get out what was determined NOT to be moved, I couldn't even reject the enema solution. The nurse came in about another fifteen minutes and asked if the enema had helped. She offered another and advised that it might be easier if I sat on the commode. I asked if she had to watch and she said sorry but the rule is to prevent falls. I agreed, not sure I how I'd push or worse, grunt, while she stood watching.
She returned with the enema and assured me it would only be her and I in the room and to go ahead and do what I needed to. For some reason I blurted out what I was thinking. "What I really need to do is grunt hard." She laughed and said "Its okay we all need to, sometimes."
Once again the enema tip was slipped gently up me and the contents slowly squeezed into me. I soon felt its effects and was helped onto the bedside commode. Just concentrate on pushing and try to forget I'm here she advised. The nurse took up a position behind me and rested her hands gently on my shoulders, I was thankful to have her out of my line of sight.
Self consciously I started to push gently, not wanting to telegraph my straining to open my bowels. The urge to go nagged at me and demanded that I bear down. As I did so the mass of poop began to push against the inside of my anus and my bowels began to beg for relief. As I continued to put more and more effort into bearing down, my grunting started. I couldn't help myself, on one hand I was aware of the nurse's presents, hearing my struggle, and on the other the need to go was overwhelming.
Each time I made a maximum effort, ending in a forceful grunt, part of me was thinking: "She's watching and hearing this", and yet another part just screamed "PUSH". After I don't know how long, or how much grunting and straining, this monster Log, bigger than anything I ever remember passing was protruding half way from my bottom, and I could move it no further. I asked for help.
With the kindness of a good nurse and a gloved hand, she reached under me and pulled the offensives monster from my body. Nothing in my life has felt so exquisitely GOOD! It was as if my entire pelvic region fell in on itself. I was emptied, relieved, finished! I thanked her and something, however subtle had changed-- JW


A few comments and responses

To Tlana: Doorless stalls are quite gross and unpleasant to use. I hate pooping in public even with doors, but doorless stalls and toilet paper on the walls, gross! I remember using a doorless stall when I was little (before I worried about people seeing, hearing, or smelling me poop or fart. But I've never seen the toilet paper mounted on the walls! I'm glad that my school has stall doors and toilet paper in each stall, although the pool locker rooms sometimes run out of toilet paper and clog, as well as having broken locks, but no one really cares what you do since it's loud and smells bad, but I could imagine that in restrooms like you described, it would be pretty obvious if you're dropping a deuce!

To Mina: Being poo shy is a big problem in schools! I'm quite poo shy, and probably poop at school once or twice a year, usually when I have diarrhea and an upset stomach (haven't vomited at school in a long time but came quite close to once last year when I ate too much grape nuts cereat one night and felt like crap the whole day), or if I'm in significant discomfort, which is uncommon for me, since I can hold my poop and farts quite well (I once held back diarrhea for nearly an hour when I thought I was for sure going to have a MAJOR accident, yet still held it and managed to walk from the car to the upstairs bathroom), although I do get bloated from holding back pre-poop farts. But I agree that poo shyness is a problem. I don't know how common it is, since it seems like everyone else is fine pooping in the toilets at school, but I know that I'm not the only one who is poo shy. I've tried to convince myself that it's okay to poop at school, but for some reason, I can't seem to overcome it. I was once also pee shy, but I overcame that-was actually forced to when I decided to start drinking more water at school by carrying around a 1.5 liter bottle, but I was LONG over it by then. You can't force someone to overcome their poo shyness, but you can try. The decision is still theirs. Some kids also get traumatized from bad experiences, maybe a kid bullies them (not right) or a teacher yells at them for taking too long or being tardy (again, not right). I actually started developing mine because I once had to poop in class, but it was a big one, and took a long time to finish, and the teacher told me to be time efficient. I was embarrassed to say that I pooped, so I just said I went to the bathroom. It snowballed from there!

To Lindsey: Your bowel movement was painful but relieving. I like the feeling of relief after a long bout of constipation, and I also enjoy diarrhea (the kind you get from too much prune juice, not the stomach flu kind that is accompanied by chills, fever, nausea, and vomiting). I understand your poo shyness, and faking car sickness. I once told my swim coach I needed to throw up from eating something bad, when I actually had diarrhea from eating some sub-par cafeteria food during finals week (I noticed that the food is unusually poor in quality during finals). I didn't vomit, but I did have diarrhea in a bathroom down the hall so the swimmers wouldn't hear me if they went pee during practice. While it's not the healthiest practice, avoiding bowel movements and being poo shy is quite common, so don't feel ashamed of your poo shyness. It's normal to be shy about pooping around people your with, friends, dates, family members, whoever it may be. Just make sure you can actually hold it, because having an accident is 10,000 times more embarrassing than pooping in the toilet. You must've been uncomfortable during the ride home! I once held back what was probably close to a gallon of diarrhea and gas during a 50 minute car ride when the pressure was quite imtense, and your experience sounds quite similar, except for me being with my mom, and being completely unable to fart in fear of sharting (had that wonderful experience several times during a 24 hour flu I wrote about earlier, don't feel like looking up the page right now, sorry).

To Anna: It's always embarrassing when you try to flush but can't. I'm pretty sure my dad's had similar experiences, since he used to have big, THICK, logs that he had to unclog often and would sometimes give him hemorrhoids! I had a near miss at the beach house, and a fail at spring training when the hotel had to unclog the toilet. I'm pretty sure they were sick of us when my brother clogged the SHOWER with his poop twice! I once pooped, THOUGHT I flushed, left, came back two hours later to pee, saw my load, flushed again, this time with success! This was two weeks after my mom forgot to flush and I saw her poop while cleaning out the bathroom for fast food money. I'm sorry the toilet failed on you, especially when they knew it was you who dropped a deuce there. But I bet you did feel good after getting two days worth of poop out of you! I don't know about you, but I only flush once. I never worry about clogging, since I don't have that problem often, plus I like to see my finished masterpiece in one piece! But clogging a toilet is an EMBARRASSING and UNPLEASANT experience! Probably the biggest buzzkill in a nice bowel movement, even worse than no toilet paper and just as bad, if not worse than being walked in on! Better luck next time!

I have another question for y'all: A lot of people have posted stories about holding their bowels for long periods of time. I've seen two plus weeks, even three weeks without pooping. So, what's the longest you've ever gone without pooping?

My record is definitely four days at the beach house, but I might've gone longer after my kidney surgery, since I wasn't eating much, and I took an enema before surgery, but I can't remember for sure.

Also, what's the most times you've pooped in a day? This includes diarrhea bugs and laxative use.

I'm not exactly sure, but my 2014 stomach flu (thanksgiving story), I probably went at least 14-20 times, including five or six sharts in my pants, as well as numerous diarrhea explosions, on top of vomiting twice.

To Lindsey: I said I angry, but I am not angry to you. I am angry to people who said shame things to Bettie, so that even you say, "Bettie, Bettie, GO TO LOO!!" she don't go. Not your fault, Lindsey. You are good friend to her.

Sorry if you misunderstand things what I write. My English is very terrible.


Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Lindsey great story it sounds like you had a pretty good ppop and I look forward to your next post thanks.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site

Lisa B.

Post Title (optional)my first bathroom accident as an adult:

Hi, I guess I've wondered from time to time how common it is for an adult to have an accident..especially after an event last fall in which I was with my friend Jim. It was a Sunday in October & after a church function, we went to one of those pumpkin farms with the whole hay-ride/ corn maze/ petting zoo thing. Anyway, just before we were going to leave, Jim said he had to pee really bad & I figured, well, I might as well get in line too. They just had a one room bathroom for both sexes & a long line to boot. About half way though the line he informed me that he was concerned he may not make it in time, but I just told him to focus on something else & that he'd be fine. The couple ahead of us were talking with us when all of the sudden, the woman says "Sir, you're wetting your pants. I look at Jim & sure enough, he is wetting his pants. He knew it & motioned me.."Like let's leave" He completely peed his tan pants & he was so embarrassed. He said nothing like that had ever happened since he was a kid. I was so surprised.

Now, however we focus to the present. It was just two nights ago, we were at the Olive Garden & I felt like my stomach was acting up & like I might be developing a poop emergency. The restroom was temporarily closed for cleaning. I told our server that I needed to use the restroom & she said she would check on that & get back to me right away. Well, no more does she walk away from our table & it hit me! I really had to go right now & I told Jim that. Then, to my horror, I start going in my pants. I said to Jim: "My God, I'm having an accident & then, it was all too late. I'd completely messed my pants. I was crying & he just told me to be calm & he would let our waitress know what happened. She was real supportive & got to go boxes for our food. I asked her if we could leave through a side exit when we leave & she said that was only a fire exit. I didn't want more people to notice I'd had an accident. Jim told me.."Yes, a few people might notice but if you have an accident in public, some people are going to know. " & yes, he knew from experience because he'd also told me that one other time before the incident at the pumpkin farm, that he had to go real pee really bad & since there was not a nearby gas station, he stopped at a supermarket & was looking for the restrooms when he started peeing his pants. He said he asked an employee where the restrooms were & she practically escorted him to where they were..saying "Sir, I think it's a little late." Anyway, since then, he got that problem completely resolved by seeing an Urologist who had a simple solution. Well, although, I only had one accident, jim was helpful in knowing what I was experiencing in terms of embarrassment.


Cottage, round 2


Lindsey: Thank you for liking my story. I looks like you witnessed quite a few accidents while at school! I can't remember any such incident. I agree, writing an apology letter to James was a very good idea. I am glad you guys stayed good friends afterward.

Brandon: I am not new to this site at all, but I don't post very often. ;-) I have posted mostly about the incidents happening in my place while living with my flatmate Lena. But I am quite busy, and most of the time, my (and my friends') trips to the washroom are unspectacular.

Anna: Thank you for your kind comment. I also really like your stories. Most of the time, I really can identify to your experiences. Nice to have somebody to tell them! Yes, I did my best in order not to make her feel worse. We were in the same situation, after all. I go outside now and then, I'd also describe myself as outdoorsy, but sadly, I end up spending most of my time in the library (and there also ends up most of my waste). I like jogging a lot, but as I live in an urban environment, I have to either take care of my needs before leaving or hold it till I get back. You'll get another story soon about a hike we made, I promise you!

Well, there were quite a few toilet related incidents during our stay at the cottage, so here goes another one which happen in the middle of the week.

This afternoon, our men (well, Danny and Mark, Louisa's and Katya's men respectively, to be exact) went biking and none of us felt like joining them. I was reading in the hammock, Louisa was sunbathing and Katya working on her laptop. She's such a workaholic!

About 30 minutes after the boys had left, as I was reading, I heard Lousia and Katya meet in front of the entrance. Both had stood up at the same time. Katya asked Louisa:
"Are you going to the toilet as well?"
And Louisa answered:
"Yes, but you can go first, I don't have to go urgently."
"Hum, you know, I don't have to go urgently neither, plus I might be a while", poor Katya was forced to admit. I think she would have been embarrassed by Louisa waiting in front of the door as she was going, and by the smell she might leave behind.
Louisa replied "Ok, in this case, I go first, my urge is getting stronger." and she went to the bathroom.

From my position in the hammock, I had a good view on the entrance, but I was pretty far away from the small bathroom window. Katya sat down and I resumed reading. Five minutes later, Katya stood up again and started walking haphazardly around. I think she really had to go by then and was trying taking her mind off her urge. I think I heard her mumble something like "Oh my god oh my god oh my god!". But apparently, Louisa was enjoying a longer session.

However, a few minutes later, we heard a muffled flush, the water running and the eventually, Louisa emerged from the cottage. She exclaimed "Wow, that was needed! You might want to wait a while before using the washroom!".

But Katya didn't look at all as was she ready to wait two minutes more before disappearing into the loo. Ignoring Louisa's warning, she took her turn immediately. Once again, ten minutes passed before she exited the house.

As it was a warm day, I had been drinking a lot, so I had to pee by then. I was also intrigued, so I wanted to check on the toilet too, if you see what I mean. :-) I didn't have to go number two, as I already had done my business in the morning. I usually took care of it while the others where still asleep. I suppose I always stand up first and make coffee and so because I have nobody to cuddle with.

Ruminating those sad thoughts, I entered the toilet while the tank was still refiling. Honestly, I didn't care about politely waiting five minutes in order not to embarrass Katya. I know she had done nothing bad to me, but I was just being jealous. I was mad at her and her cool boyfriend (Mark), her job and her perfect little life. And I think we all should be way more open about our bathroom habits, actually there is nothing to be ashamed about, but I don't preach by example. So I passed the door, and Ewww, such a stench! And this although the window always was open. Pretty, clean, Miss-Perfect-Katya had bombed the toilet and apparently never learned how to use a toilet brush! The bowl was badly stained. There were light brown marks at the bottom, on the back and on the sides of the bowl. A small piece of mushy poop was still swirling in the water.

Both of them surely aren't comfortable pooping when Danny and Mark are around. Maybe they had been holding their number twos for a long time. I know Louisa went at least once (remember our jogging incident? ;-) ), but maybe it was the first poop for Katya this week. Anyway, I bet she was constipated!

I peed, it lasted for 20 seconds or so, wiped, flushed and made a thorough use of the brush, cleaning up after my friends. I don't like living in a dirty place. I then went to the kitchen and poured myself a large glass of bittersweet Campari, preparing the next pee. I then made a mean remark I instantly regretted, but well, then it was too late: I shouted
"Katya, nobody never taught you how to use a toilet brush!?"
Poor Katya blushed and didn't answer my rhetoric question, while Louisa put on an amused smile. This was just mean from me. I was sad and mad at myself afterward. Then I resumed reading. My anger and resentment quickly vanished and we spent a wonderful evening together after all. Sadly, some such moments are unavoidable when a handful people spend more than a week cut off from the outside world. I made sure to be extra nice to Katya this evening.

Ok, I know, this isn't really an "outdoor" story, but it felt quite outdoorsy because we were in the garden all the time. Next story will one of the other "real" outdoor experience I had. ;-)

Take care & lots of love,


girl with diarrhea at the gym

Today I was working out in the gym and I ran into this girl I know, Fab. She is Persian, very nice and pretty with long dark hair and quite a shapely body. She was wearing a canary yellow shirt and kinda stood out in the gym. We chatted twice, once when I came in and then one more time when I was done and went back to the locker room. I was sweaty and wanted a shower but I also needed to use the bathroom for a pee and a poo.

Luckily it was all empty. I chose the stall on the right, went in, locked the door and pulled my black yoga pants and black thong down over my sweaty bum. I sat down on the seat and started my pee. I also had a small fart and then when I was about done peeing I leaned forward and started pushing my poo out. It took a while until I dropped my first turd into the bowl. It was quite long but didn't feel that wide, so it was easy. I was also checking out some things on my phone and texting one of my girlfriends while I was sitting on the toilet and doing my business. After five minutes or so I had let out three long turds and was just about halfway done pushing out another poo when suddenly someone came into the bathroom quickly. She passed in front of my stall and through the cracks I could see it was Fab in her yellow shirt. She took the stall on the far left. I could hear her locking the door, rustling of clothes and then her bum hit the seat.

There was about ten seconds of no sounds at all from her stall and then poor Fab started to have what sounded like really bad diarrhea. She let out a bunch of loud, wet farts and in between there were the sounds of her spraying her toilet with watery poop. I had created a bit of a poop smell in my cubicle, but omg, the smell coming from her stall was really bad. Ewww, it really stunk! I had dropped my last poo in the meantime and started wiping. Meanwhile someone else entered the bathroom to use the sinks and she was immediately like "what the heck?", and clearly she was referring to the smell. I pulled up my pants, flushed and went out to wash my hands. The lady who had just come in gave me a smile and an eyeroll and said "what is she doing in there?" while shaking her head. I just did a little awkward smile and said nothing. I thought it was pretty rude of her to comment on what Fab was doing in her stall. It's a bathroom after all and she couldn't help it. Anyway, I saw Fab in the shower later and she looked fine, so I don't think she was seriously sick or anything. That's all for today!

to Natalie and Hipster Allie: If you are still reading here, it would be real nice to hear from you if you wanted to share some more stories!

to all: I hope you are all doing well!


Best excuse after an accident?

I think those of us who are accident prone know all to well that moment of panic when you lose control of yourself in the presence of others, trying to think of an escape plan or a cover up before everyone realizes you've had a bathroom accident... sometimes "oops i spilled my drink on my pants!" doesn't cut it.

I am no stranger to losing control of myself. Not just bladder mishaps but bowel control issues too. I have a very sensitive stomach and I get diarrhea a lot. Accidents aren't THAT common, just more than your average adult. I probably wet my pants (significantly, not talking about leaks) a couple times a year and I've had a handful of messy accidents in adulthood. Luckily those ones have mostly happened when i was alone. Three times it's happened in my car trying to make it home, that I can think of. But probably my most shocking accident was a BM that I did in my pants while I was at work... but here is how I (mostly) got away with it.

I'm a middle school guidance counselor for about 4 years now. At the end of last school year, I had been trying to meet with an 8th grader's parents for over 2 months and it was proving difficult to schedule. Their son was in danger of not advancing to high school with his class. We finally had a meeting scheduled at a time where there was still hope to get on the same page about how to help him succeed.

About 10 minutes before I was expecting them, my stomach was really starting to feel yucky. Something I ate was disagreeing with me and I felt like I was probably going to be having a loose BM in the near future. I debated going right then but I didn't know how long I'd be, and I still had to get some stuff together for the meeting and i didn't want to postpone it any longer either. So I decided to wait until after the meeting, since it wasn't feeling urgent yet. Big mistake.

About 15 minutes into the parent meeting, I felt a really uneasy rumble deep in my stomach, that was quickly followed by a sharp, strong pressure. It was so severe it sent shivers down my spine and I sort of broke out in a sweat. I had the need to poop IMMEDIATELY. I don't mean, i had to go really bad, I mean, I had to go RIGHT THEN. I sat frozen in my seat, clenching all my lower muscles, uncomfortably hunched slightly forward and trying to resist this extremely fierce pressure of poop wanting to explode out of me. I tried to keep looking at my computer screen without making a face as the dad continued talking to me, but in my head I was just screaming at myself "holdit holdit holdit holdit holdit oh my god i can't"...

By the grace of god, it was somehow quiet. I sat there in my office, two parents on the other side of my desk, as wet, loose poop just started pouring out of me full speed. I felt this hot rush of wetness immediately spread everywhere underneath me. It felt like a half gallon of diarrhea just spilled into my pants in less than 2 seconds. I sat completely frozen, silently panicking. I looked at the parents to assess if they noticed...they both seemed normal, not having noticed.... but i knew we were just seconds from the smell hitting full force.

It just kind of came to me... just as i smelled it (and it was bad...) i said "oh god not again! I apologize- they're doing work on our sewer line today making an emergency repair and every once in a while the smell comes in through here!" They noticed too and covered their noses, and the dad immediately validated my lie, saying "oh yeah i hate that, same thing happened by my store once". I nodded and said "well i think we're mainly on the same page now anyway, if you'd like I can just call you or email you our plan outline once I'm done" and from there we wrapped it up and they left. I imagine once they left my office and there was no more odor they probably assumed i had been gassy or worse, realized I had an accident, but at least I didn't have to admit to their faces that I had just had diarrhea in my pants...

After they left I had to finish relieiving myself a little more, making the mess worse, but there was still a lot of pressure making it hard to move so it couldn't be helped. Once my stomach started to feel better I was just stuck in my chair with this warm, quickly cooling off sloppy wet mess in my pants. There was no hiding it, so I had no choice but to call in my office administrator for help...she's a young woman about my age who I'm friends with, and she helped me 2 years ago after I had a wetting accident too. She came in and I lied and said I was waiting for the meeting to end but as soon as they left I couldn't hold it...figured it was less embarassing than telling her I pooped my pants during a parent conference... she took pity on me by setting my phone to busy so i couldn't get calls and it would look to other staff like I was busy on a call, then she snuck me in some towels from the locker room just to cover up with and try and help with any mess that ran down my legs when i got up. After that she just kept an eye out for me for the coast to be clear so I could make a break for my car.

After the ordeal we both thought it was pretty funny, and I wound up admitting to her that my accident happened mid-meeting and told her about the sewer line repair excuse, she thought it was genius. Fortunately I haven't had any other accidents quite as shocking as that one... as embarassing as peeing my pants is, I usually just laugh about it when it happens in front of people and we play it off like a funny mishap. The incident she helped me with 2 years ago was easy to sympethize with too- it was following a long assembly, and there was a bit of a line at the faculty bathroom, causing me to pee my pants really bad waiting for a stall, in front of that same admin who is my friend and two teachers. We all just laughed and they helped with getting me paper towels, and my friend covered me up on my way out to my car. Those are the only two times I've had accidents at work.

Any other brilliant or funny excuses to cover up an accident?

Lila P.
Hi wonderful people! Does anyone have any stories about buddy pooping or helping people poop?

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