Crapping on the Ride

On Sunday me and Ravi, a friend and college student who I ride with, decided to take our bikes out for an extended ride before classes start. Since he's going away for college and a competitor for biking club meets this fall, he suggested a different route that would give him the training miles required by his coach. I rode over to his house at 4:30 a.m. just as the day was breaking because the heat and humidity gets too bad by noon. I knew my bowels were a little stopped up but didn't take a laxative because such rides tend to work for me. I also think its from the large amount of liquids we take in. As soon as I rang Ravi's doorbell, he told me to come in and wait because he wanted to visit the bathroom one more time. I asked him if he had been doing the college drinking thing in his last couple days in town, and he admitted he had. It was obvious what was coming out of him behind the door. So we started our trip a little slower because it is hard to see the road kill otherwise. Ravi wrecked up last December by hitting a dead cat at full speed. Luckily he only skinned up his arm and busted his glasses.

About two hours in, we came upon a construction site and he spied a portoloo. We stopped and walked our bikes up to it. Since there was no one around and the sun wasn't fully out, he didn't close the door. So I could watch the back of his riding shorts and brown t-shirt standing in front of the toilet. I swear I watched him for close to three minutes. Finally he turned around and said he was relieved. Even though he's eight years older than me, we like giving each other attitude. I asked him with all of his college education he remembered to lift the seat. He said he did. I went up to the toilet, thinking I would pee, and he lied. Still I closed the door, seated myself and did a partial pee. While I sat, I got to thinking how I was lucky it was a partial pee. I was getting so hot and the sweat was just rolling off me. Wouldn't you know it, but as I quickly stood up and was pulling up my clothing, I started to have feeling in the bowel department. So I took the seat back, did my usual push and could tell it was slowly sliding down the chute. Ravi knocked on the door, said we were falling behind schedule. I cut him off by saying I was trying to meet my 'schedule.' After another five minutes or so I gave up and we restarted our ride. Now it was bright daylight and we made good time because it was a Sunday morning and little traffic, but after about 45 minutes I told him I was going to need another pit stop.

Ravi took us on a bumpy trail that went under the interstate and that rough ride caused my bowels to act up. He asked if I wanted to crap under some large storm drain. I told him No! I've tried the hover, squat or whatever its called before and I'm no good at it. Finally, he said he knew of a park coming up and that's where we headed. I was wondering how my front tire was holding up on some of the small rocks. Finally we got to the park. There we could see a small block building and luckily we could ride a trail right up to it. I dismounted and hurried to the ladies door. As I got closer, I saw a shiny padlock on the door. I yelled out F###! Ravi checked and found the mens room was open. We've done it before so we decided to do it again. We both went in. There were two toilets. Each was sitting right out there. No stall. No door. The one on the right had its seat up and I told Ravi he could use that one. He stood before it, opened his shorts, and he started blasting out more of his beer. As for me, I seated myself on the black seat, widened the spread of my legs, and started pushing like mad because I was in pain, sweating twice as bad as earlier. Ravi was trying to not look at me, but he reported how good the 'good draining' feels. I've heard that before so I somewhat playfully flipped him the middle finger. Then he started to pay more attention to me. I told him I had like to boulder to unload.

My pee again had come easily, but no matter how hard I pushed. Reseated myself. Redistributed my weight. He asked if I had any suppositories in my pocket. Then I laid into him even worse and started to cry. My water bottle was dry but he offered to give me the remainder of his. I chugged it down as fast as I could. So much so that I burped. This had helped me before once last year. He went out to the drinking fountain and refilled it. Again I chugged it as fast as I could. He kneeled on the side of my toilet and messaged my gut. He had me do a deep breathing exercise. Then he moved in front of me and held my hands. He had me push harder and harder and although I was crying and starting to scream, the monster finally slid out. We were worried because it stopped for a moment, and it was only halfway out. Finally, there was a plop and it was out. I was hurting too much to get off the seat. But by pushing myself back and keeping my legs spread, both Ravi and I could see how incredibly wide it was. And there was blood on the last half of it and a little more of it in the water.

Ravi offered me two aspirins that I took while still seated. I apologized to him for being such as b####. He changed the subject and he suggested that we continue off route and find a fast food place for a break. We stopped at a McDonalds. The bathrooms were a lot cleaner and I was able to clean myself. The rest of our ride went great once the aspirins kicked in. And I'm going to miss my riding partner for the next five months until winter break.


Latest story

Hi everyone, I thought I'd post again, I've just come back from a few days away with my friends Lucy and Katie and have a story I'm going to share. We were staying in a cottage in the country owned by Lucys uncle, we love hiking so it was perfect for us as we were planning to do some long walks and just generally chill out. I was also hoping that more exercise might help me to be a bit less constipated!!
We ended up sharing the master bedroom as it was huge and had a telly, so we could spend the evening chilling and watching films in bed. The morning after we'd arrived I got up first as I was desperate for a wee, I was just in my pink flowery pants as it had been really hot overnight so I hadn't worn a nightie. I walked across to the bathroom and went in, not bothering to shut the door behind me. I pulled down my pants, sat on the loo and had a long gushing wee, I couldn't help moaning with relief! As my stream was dying away Lucy came into the bathroom, hopping from one foot to the other. "Are you nearly done Abs only I'm bursting for a wee!" she said. As I wiped my front she dropped her orange spotty pants to her knees so she could swap with me straight away, I stood up and she sat on the loo heavily and I heard her starting to wee loudly. I pulled my pants up and heard her moaning with relief as I had just done! I washed my hands and went back to the bedroom as Lucys stream continued to splash down into the bowl. When I got back to the bedroom Katie was rummaging in her bag, she took out some yellow flowery pants and then took off the pink and blue stripey ones she was wearing before putting on her clean ones.
"Morning Katie," I said as I took off my pants, I replaced them with a pale green pair from my bag. Just then Lucy came back in looking worried, she said "I can't flush the loo, its totally broken!"
"I'll come back and have a look with you," I said, going back to the bathroom. We were in there for quite a while trying to see if we could fix it, we must have looked quite a sight given that we were both just in our pants!!
"I think we'll have to ring your uncle," I said at last.
"He's away on holiday this week, that won't do any good!" Lucy replied. A few seconds later she said, "I've got it, theres a camping toilet in my boot, we can set that up!"
"Well, I think it's either that or squatting in the garden, I guess," I said.
"I'll go and get it now," Lucy said, going out of the bathroom towards the stairs.
"Er... Lucy..." I called after her.
"Yes?" she said, just about to go downstairs, apparently forgetting that she was naked apart from a pair of pants!
"I think you might want to get dressed first!" I said.
"Oh...yes... good point," said Lucy, blushing. We both went back to the bedroom, Lucy changed her pants too and then we both put our bras on and then shorts and tee-shirts. After we were dressed Lucy went to her car to retrieve the toilet, she also had some special bags to collect the waste. We decided to put the toilet in the bedroom as there was still loads of room even with three of us sleeping there, the bathroom was tiny in comparison!
"Oh well, at least we can keep watching the telly when we're on the loo!" said Lucy, giggling. We had breakfast and went out, Katie had a wee using the bathroom toilet before we left to go walking, and then we poured loads of water down it which made quite a good job of flushing it. We took a picnic with us and set off, while we were out we had to squat down a few times when we needed a wee, but none of us had wanted a poo so far.
We got back and had our tea, and then decided to go up to the bedroom and watch a film. Since eating I had a heavy feeling in my belly, and I realised I was starting to need a poo, I knew it would be a bad idea to put off the urge but I wasn't quite ready to go to the toilet just yet.
"Lets get ready for bed, these shorts are sticking in me, I think I ate too much for tea earlier," Lucy said, unzipping her denim shorts and pulling them down. She lay back on her bed in her tee-shirt and stretched back so her white pants were showing. Katie and I took our shorts off too and then we chose a film, I could see Lucy rubbing her belly and shortly after she said, "Right, I need a poo so I'm going to christen the camping toilet!" She got off the bed and walked over to it, dropping her pants and sitting on the seat. I heard some wee tricking down into the bag and then I realised Lucy was pushing, she strained for a while and said "Actually I don't think its quite ready to come yet, I'm a bit constipated to be honest, I haven't been for a poo for a few days."
I said, "I think I'm gonna want a poo fairly soon as well, so shall we put the film on for now and try to go a bit later?"
"Yeah, good idea!" said Lucy, she stood up, pulled her pants back up and then went to lie back on the bed. Katie was bending over the DVD player with her back to us, I could see the top of her bum showing above her pants. We watched the film for about half an hour then Lucy said, "Right, I'm going to try again now." She once again dropped her pants and sat on the loo, I could hear her grunting softly as she strained and saw that she was going a bit red.
"Its coming out now, its just a really fat one!" panted Lucy as she kept on pushing. A few minutes later she moaned with relief and there was a noise as a log dropped into the bag. By now I was starting to get desperate, I was clenching my bum muscles to stop a log from poking out into my pants.
"Are you nearly done Lucy, only I'm getting desperate for a poo as well," I said, squirming on the bed.
"Yeah, I just need to do a bit more, I shouldn't be much longer," panted Lucy, she was pushing again to get her next log to drop. It did a few minutes later and Lucy stood up to wipe her bottom. When she'd wiped and thrown the paper away she pulled up her pants and said, "Right, I'm done, you can go now!" I walked over to the loo, eased pants down to my thighs and sat on the warm seat. I unclenched my bum and felt a log starting to poke out, it felt so good to relax and let it come! After the tip was out though it started to get fatter so I took a deep breath and bore down hard, I could feel it coming out slowly as I pushed. As the fattest part was passing through I had to push harder and couldn't help making some grunts, luckily Lucy had had to grunt her poo out too so at least I wasn't the only one! Luckily my harder pushes did the trick and shortly after I felt a huge log drop into the bag. I could feel there was more to come so I stayed sitting and felt another log starting to come out. Katie was sitting on the bed and was clearly finding it hard to sit still, suddenly she said, "Abbie, I really need a wee, how much longer are you going to be?!" By now my second log was part way out, I said, "I think I'll need another few minutes yet, I'll try to be as quick as I can!" Katie nodded and bit her bottom lip. I did my best to get my poo out as fast as possible, I did some hard pushes and felt it speed up as it slid out of my bum. By now Katie was standing next to me with her thumbs in her pants ready to drop them and sit on the loo.
"Right, I'm done, I'll stand up to wipe so you can have a wee," I said, standing up and shuffling over to the side. Katie quickly dropped her pants to her thighs and sat on the loo, I heard her starting to have a massive wee.
"I'm gonna have to change these knickers, I've dribbled in them a bit," she said as she was weeing, I looked over and saw a dark patch in her pants. I finished wiping my bottom and threw the paper between Katies legs, I pulled up my pants and went back to lie on the bed. Katies stream was dying away and soon she finished with a few final dribbles, she wiped her front and then took her pants off and went over to her rucksack. She took out some white pants and put them on. Lucy got rid of the bag and then we carried on watching the film. Hope you enjoyed this story, will post again soon, bye for now!!

Anna j

Accident prone

Hi my name is Anna. I'm 18, 5'2. When i was younger, 10-14, I didn't like to poop anywhere but my own toilet. My first story takes place when I was about 12. I just moved from another state and met my friend Sam. Well I was at her house and got a need to poop. I tried to hold it. I held it for about an hour then it started to poke out. I sucked it back in but it was ready to come out.i knew I wasn't going to make it home to go so i leaned over the computer in her room and pushed it out into my pants. It didn't really smell too bad but if you got near me you could smell it. I did all I could to get away with it. But then I had an idea. I would go to the bathroom and dump the poop out and I would be fine. As I was going her mom was coming up the stairs and saw the bulge. She asked if I'd had an accident, I denied it And she pulled the back of my pants out to check them. Sure enough, she found a nice big solid piece of shit in them. She took me to the bathroom and had to clean it up. Her mom got me a pair of SAMs pants and underwear from her room. Her mother put mine in a plastic bag to bring home.

That's not my last accident either. I've had plenty of them in my early teens.


Comments for Lindsey

You asked about taking a dump in a public bathroom with no doors on the stall.

Yes, it is embarrassing the first few times at school. I remember signing out of study hall and walking a large part of the building looking for a bathroom that was decent. Ideally it would be a toilet at the far end of the room. No guys across from you at the urinals. No guys close by at the sinks. No guys waiting in lines and eyeing you over as you sit with your briefs down and your hand protecting your organ from laying on the front of the toilet bowl still dripping from the last guys' piss. Some of the guys will scout 2 or 3 bathrooms before making their decision to sit and make the best of it. With the help of some of my friends, a couple who are girls, I don't go into the bathroom until my dump is fully ready. If I can do a fast dump with only 2 minutes on the toilet there's a better chance I will attract attention. I learned the hard way that I'm better off keeping my jeans and underwear more than halfway up my thigh. Pretty much right up to the toilet. I like to guard my privacy. My actual dump starts immediately when my butt touches the seat. As it comes out, I have toilet paper in hand and wipe from my seat. I completely pull my clothing up before I turn around to flush the toilet. I learned a tough lesson by not doing that a couple of years ago! Then I give the flusher one yank. If it doesn't work I don't try a second time because I prefer not to be seen in a stall. And I always worry about being out of study hall or class for too long and being hassled by the teacher when I bring my pass back. The less embarrassing the better, I guess.


Wild Camp (continued)

Hello, I'm back to continue the story of what happened on our wild camps in the Cambrian Mountains. I told you the other day about our mate Callum who took a dump about 50 metres away from the campsite, in plain view of us as he was pretty desperate. Anyway he came back to the group and handed the bog roll and trowel to Josh who then went off to do his business.

Josh took a bit longer looking around to find somewhere to hide to do his business near the campsite but it was a real struggle. He was walking around for 15 minutes or so looking for somewhere to go. The lie of the land was hard to explain but where we were camped there was an area where we were camped and an open area surrounded by barbed wire, and elsewhere the ground was really boggy and wet underfoot, open and stoney or just open. Anyway Josh was wondering around with the trowel and bog roll, and some of my mates were yelling at him to hurry up and go as we all needed to go too and it wasn't far from getting dark.

Josh ended up digging a hole up on the hill. He was a bit further away than Callum had been but we could still see what was going on. He dug a hole then stood up facing away from us and went for a piss. Then he turned facing us and squatted down over his hole. He was squatted down for quite some time and some of us were yelling at him to hurry up and stuff. He stood up to wipe his ass and he wiped quite a few times (probably about 10 times). We were all yelling at him while he was doing this. He then came back and handed the bog roll over to someone else before going to wash his hands in the river.

The rest of us all went where Callum had been down by the boggy ground, but it was starting to turn dark so it was difficult to see what they were doing. I was last to go and had to take a torch. I laid the torch down on the ground while I did my business and I was suprised how much crap I produced. It was difficult to find space in the hole to put the used paper! I had stood up to wipe my ass and when I got back to the tents the others told me a massive silouette of me wiping my ass was beamed onto the hillside by the torch!

The next morning Josh needed to go again before we set off and we were all treated to an early morning view of him doing his business again!

I think as we get closer as mates we are getting less self conscious about our bodies in front of each other. When we piss we generally just take a couple of steps away and turn our backs to the others now, a year ago we would have hidden for that. This was the first time we had knowingly taken a crap in front of each other, and I am interested to know what happens next time we wild camp with limited privacy.

The next night there were some nearby mounds we could hide behind, although we all went skinny dipping to wash in a very cold lake, but we covered our private parts with our hands when we were getting in/out.

Bruce from Chicago
I used to commute daily through a very dangerous neighborhood with high crime rates. A few times I had to poop really bad while caught in slow moving traffic. Instead of risking stopping in the area, I'd just do it in my pants. I was alone and no one was at home. No one ever knew about it. i wonder if anyone else has done it in their pants while stuck in traffic.

Saturday, August 20, 2016


Just Some Comments

Hi~ This is Lindsey, and today, I'd make some comments.
-Thanks for your comments! I had never thought about a stall without a private door, even though I had heard boys speaking about it. Isn't it really embarrassing to take a dump with no doors? I kinda wish to try opening the door and taking a dump once when there is nobody in my house! I liked your recent story too! Thanks~
-Thanks for your comments! Yeah, I agree that holding your poops for a long time and having an accident in your pants is a bad idea. I'd rather go to the bathroom if I was that desperate. I don't usually go to public bathrooms to poop unless when I'm really desperate, but I had some travels to the public bathroom when I was kinda desperate. I pee in the public bathroom sometimes though. I liked your peeing story. Thanks~
Retired Dad
-I liked your story about Lucy's diarrhea! I have a older sister, but she is never open with her bowel movement. I wish to hear more from you. Thanks~


Edward Calling While I Was Pooping!

Hi everyone~ This is Lindsey, and I will share a short story!
Well today, a really strange thing happened. I didn't poop yesterday, so I felt kinda full today. I woke up, an went to the toilet peed, and drank coffee. After doing some work and reading a book, it was 2pm, and I started texting Edward. We promised to meet tomorrow to see a movie, and said bye. I suddenly had the urge to go to the bathroom, so I headed to the toilet. I sat down, peed a little, and I took my phone, and started texting my girlfriends. I pushed a little, but nothing came out besides farts, so I stopped texting, and kinda grunted. My poop was coming out, and it splashed into the water. I pushed again, and this poop was coming out slowly. When my poop was halfway out, my phone rang.
It was awkward to have a phone call while pooping, but I saw the phone to check who it was. It was Edward! He called me while I was pooping! I considered to answer or not. I thought that answering would be a better idea, and answered. ¡°Hi¡± he said. ¡°Hi¡± I said back. ¡°Why did you call?¡± I asked him holding in a fart. ¡°Just.. I was curious what you were doing.¡± he replied. My pooped that was halfway out broke apart, and fell in the toilet. ¡°I.. was just reading a book.¡± I said, and blushed because I was afraid that he might have heard the splashing sound. ¡°Oh, did something fall?¡± he asked. He heard that splashing sound! ¡°Umm, my eraser j..just fell into my coffee! weird?¡± I said. He laughed a little and said, ¡°What are you planning to wear tomorrow?¡± he asked me as a poop started heading out of my bum. ¡°Umm, I..I¡¯m not sure. How about a tennis skirt with a blouse?¡± I said while my poop was slowly coming out. I held in another fart. ¡°Oh, have a nice day, and see you tomorrow!¡± he said as my poop was almost out. ¡°Yeah, you too. Bye! See you tomorrow!~¡± I said sweetly. But my poop splashed with a loud splashing noise before I said the word ¡®bye¡¯. I blushed, and continued pooping.
As I finished the talk, enormous farts erupted out of my butt. Some more banana poops came out too, and I felt quite empty. I wiped, and before I flushed, I saw the toilet. It had five big logs and two small logs. There was also the broken log. It smelled a little, but it wasn't bad, so I washed my hands and went out. Our house has three bathrooms which one is upstairs, and two is downstairs. I went on the one which was the biggest one, and it was one of the downstairs bathroom. But one of the other bathrooms were locked. I knocked the door, and my sister said, ¡°It¡¯s me.¡± ¡°Oh, you were home?¡± I said. ¡°Yeah, and I¡¯m having diarrhea, so you won¡¯t want to smell this.¡± she said. So I said ¡°Of course.¡± But when I tried to go, I heard her phone¡¯s bell, and she was having diarrhea!
¡°Hi Paul.¡± she said. Well, lets say that her boyfriend¡¯s name is Paul. She was like ¡°Well Paul, I¡¯m having an upset stomach, so I¡¯m in the toilet.¡± she said. Well she just said that she was in the toilet! I didn't know that she was that open about her bowels to her boyfriend! She let out another explosive diarrhea, and said ¡°No, I¡¯m fine. Just a little gassy.¡± After some conversation about a movie or something, they began laughing! She was still having diarrhea, and she was laughing! She is my older sister (I have a younger sister too) and I was kind of surprised to know that she was really open with her boyfriend unlike me. I¡¯ll never have the courage to say that I am I the toilet to Edward! I don¡¯t even go to pee in front of him. I wish that I could be more confident too.
Thanks for reading, and please give me comments after you read!~

Sorry everyone, today Mina is angry. Angry angry angry!! I read post from Lindsey, about Bettie her friend. Poor poor Bettie. I agree, it is not nice for person has to clean poo all over floor. But I feel more sorry for Bettie.

Why parents can't tell their children - especially girl - that it is not wrong that do motion at school, or library or department store or MacDonald or anywhere, when you want to do? I can see, Bettie want to go to loo so much, but she can't go, because shame. She hope and hope and hope that her motion stay in her bottom until she get home, and then her hope doesn't come to true, and she is more shame , much more, because she doesn't know that it is better to go to loo at school? Poor Bettie!

I hate, hate, hate when people say, motion in public place is shame and bad. Because people around Bettie have so stupid idea, Bettie have tragedy. Lindsey, you say you don't know why Bettie didn't go to loo. I know why. Because shame! and hope she can do at home.

My friend Kazuko have mother who say same thing. She say, woman never go to loo except at home, and only do little one and finish quick. Kazuko is very stress because such idea. Kazuko's mother is not bad woman, but she has this bad bad habit. So I angry to her. Kazuko eat like elephant, so of course her motion is huge. But she rebel against mother so she expel her stress. She come my flat and go on loo and stay forever and do huge pile big like watermelon or 2 watermelons. And I never make her feel shame. It's OK! I hope one day Bettie feel OK about go to loo and do motion never end.

And Lindsey, you can help her, if she have that problem again you say, Bettie come with me to loo, if you don't go you be very ill, I want to go too, so we can go together! Maybe then Bettie not feel embarrass so much.

Maho and Kazuko and Hisae say same thing and they send love to Bettie and to you Lindsey. And to everyone. I too send my love.



To Sarah, Question about Farting


Thank you for your kind words! Yes, I fart a lot. I love farting! It feels good and sounds funny, even though it can be embarrassing.

I have posted some fart stories on the forum. Again, I know that people don't like the "she thinks her farts don't stink" kind of people, but mine do not usually have the pungent odor that most people's do. However, mine are the loud, bubbly, machine gun type farts that don't necessarily have a strong smell, but can be difficult to hold and control.

I wrote about the time that I accidently farted around Alan the first time on the 4th of July last year. I'm not certain of the page number. Then, I wrote about farting around him this winter, when I had a case of gas that did smell bad, but was loud and noisy.

Also, I shared a story about farting on purpose. One of my guilty pleasures is sitting on a hard surface and forcing a fart as hard and loud as I can. I did that in front of Alan. I can't remember when I wrote about it though.

Also, I farted around my office manager, "Melissa" a while back, one that was pretty loud but not smelly.

Yes, I love it and Alan likes it too. However, we are not doing this every day. I still excuse myself if I know it's coming. However, once in a while we may fart around each other in playful way. Or, we might have them happen by accident, which those are funny too!

I hope that's helpful. What about you? What made you ask the question? I would love to hear from you! It was fun to answer!



Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Lindsey great set of stories it sounds like you some pretty good poops and some pretty desperate ones as well and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Rose great story.

To: Anna great story as always.

To: Jenny great story it sounds like you had some great poops and I bet you felt amazing afterwards.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site


To Lindsey and Survey


I read your post and felt really bad for you! I'm glad that you made it home and had some privacy to have a long overdue bowel movement. I know that it felt good to get all of that out! I understand your reasoning for wanting to hold it. I really do! However, we all have to go and I know that Edward, if he was worth it, would be supportive of your needs. But I totally understand! Hang in there!

Thanks for reading that story! Not even six months into a relationship and he sees me explode with vomiting and diarrhea! I knew he was the one when he took care of me like he did!



1. When you last took a crap did you have to pee or poop worse? It was this morning and I had to poop worse. My urges come on pretty strong!

2. What order do you usually poop and pee in? I would say that unless I have to pee really bad, I will poop first. That's true with about 95-99% of my poops!

3. Have you ever pee'd a little in a maxi pad on your way to the bathroom to go poop? No. Fortunately I have a pretty strong bladder and urethra! I don't leak when I sneeze or have a strong urge to poop or pee.

4. When you last took a crap in front of somebody what was there reaction when you went both pee and poop? Yes. Alan laughed when I farted really loud on the toilet. I've peed in front of him many times, but I usually don't get a reaction to that.

5. Do you pee in the shower? No.




I also saw you asked the question "What does it feel like to poop your pants?"

I have had three "solid" accidents since becoming a teenager. I am 35 years old. I have also had some accidents with diarrhea and one large, mushy stool accident (I have not shared that one on the forum and probably won't.)

The diarrhea and mushy stools were an interesting feeling. Both have a nice sensation while they are happening, but afterwards is a mess.

The solid accidents were really a pleasant feeling. In all three instances the stool was large, bulky and firm. Also, in all three instances I had missed one or two of my normal trips to the bathroom, and so when the urge hit, it was pretty strong and never subsided. In fact, the urge got stronger. And, when it happened, it created a feeling of euphoria. Because the bowel movements were firm, it was a very positive sensation and experience. Fortunately, none of these happened in public or in front of anyone. I secretly want it to happen again, but will not ever do it intentionally. Too, I wish I could tell Alan about my experiences, but I wonder if it would be gross.

Unlike your friend, my poop came out all at once. Your friend seemed to be releasing small amounts at various intervals. As to what to eat, I would recommend a high-fiber diet with whole grains, cereal, beans, vegetables, fruits, lots of water and yogurt. I would avoid fast food, greasy food, and lots of sweets and sodas.

If you do that, your urges to go should be stronger and your stools should be larger. Also, it will help your bowel health. I wrote a post called a Christmas Recipe for a good Poop in which I shared my diet. I will submit and then try to find what page.

Let me know how it goes!




Recipe for a Good Poop - Page 2522


I posted my recipe for a good poop on 2522.




some comments

to Vincene: Oh, I hadn't thought off this, that he might have open the door on purpose. That really gives me the creeps. I'm sorry this happened to you.
I hear you about being totally exposed. I pretty much always pull my clothes all the way down when I need to do a number two and if I ever got walked in on, they would really get an eyeful. But then, I just expect to have my privacy on a toilet. And so far so good!

to Lindsey: Thanks for liking my story! Pretty much every time I have noticed an unflushed toilet it was because the flush didn't work. I have seen this quite a few times, mostly at my uni.
Your story was cool. I've had many similar experiences where I got myself into an uncomfortable situation because I didn't want to admit to a boyfriend or date that I had to go to the bathroom. A couple of times I think I was close to peeing my pants on a ride home and at least once I really needed to poop badly!



I gotten some new pills recently and all of a sudden have gone from being regular to downright constipated.
Despite my best efforts with diet etc am pooping about every 3 days (currently 4 days though since i last managed to poop)
I spend ages on the toilet trying to go to no avail ,tried about 3 times today but apart from a lot of grunting and straining luck.

Bruce in Chicago

No stalls in the Army barracks.

Lorenz. The old Army barracks had no stalls, just toilets around the wall of an open room. When i got out, It felt strange taking a dump with no one to chat with.

Anatomy Student


Don't eat plum pits! They contain cyanogenetic glucosides (which are made of cyanide). They are very toxic and can harm or kill you if your body breaks them down. Stone fruit pits (plums, cherries, nectarines, apricots, and peaches all contain cyanide. Please no body eat these pits.

To Bruce In Chicago

I'd love to hear more about your other accidents you had coming home from school.


School Tours

I'm a student council officer and I've given three tours in the past week to transfer students and incoming freshmen. About halfway through each tour in our huge building we hit one of the areas of the first floor that has two of our most heavily used bathrooms. At that point I offer to give them a break. Several take it, but before they go into their gender's bathroom, I hold them back for a short explanation. You see a year ago our principals took the toilet paper rolls out of each of the stalls and instead mounted each of the rolls next to one another on the outside of the first stall in the long row of stalls. They told us at the time there would be less vandalism and waste of the paper in each stall. And they said the toilet paper "wall" could be better supervised by custodians. When I explain this it always causes some students to be pretty surprised, and some laugh out. Several want to walk into their restroom and see what it looks like.

For those that come back and complain, sometimes they also bring up the large number of door latches broken off, and the number of toilets with no stall door. I tell them it gets better as the year goes on and that many of the teachers will allow them to leave class in emergencies to use the bathroom. I also tell them that the smaller bathrooms in each of the classroom wings, and especially on the upper floors, are sometimes underused. Still when the tour ends I see looks on their faces that our large school is scary. Its an urban school and I don't know how to change that view. After my last tour I had a girl ask me about the time schedule available between classes to use the bathroom. She has IBS and sometimes has to crap two or three times a day. One substitute at the junior high told her she wasn't going to get five-hours of credit for going to the bathroom. I just think that is so mean! She didn't seem like she had much confidence in herself.

For Curious in Canada:

I agree. Having your clothing at ankle level in school or in another public place is juvenile. At home where I have more privacy, I like my clothing at floor level.

For Bruce in Chicago:

How old are you? I don't know how long ago you were in school but smoking is still a problem in some of the bathrooms today. Interestingly, the use of smoke detectors and cameras at the entrance to some restrooms that show who is going in and at what time is a way that smoking can be reduced. Some of that equipment was discussed at our state student council association meeting.

For Lindsey:

Students afraid to use a school toilet, for whatever reasons, can end up like Bettie and have an accident. You shouldn't feel bad because you did everything you could to get her to go earlier.

Some questions for girls survey:
1. When you took your last crap did you have to poop or pee worse? Both. I was working on my computer and wanted to finish up first.

2. What order do you poop or pee in? Poop 1st, usually fast and soft, and then I pee. It is mostly the same if I'm home or out in public.

3. Have you ever peed a little in a maxi-pad while on the way to the toilet to poop? Yes. Especially if the lines are long to the public toilets.

4) When you last took a crap what was their reaction to you peeing too?
It happens quite a bit at school and places like the movies. They're surprised. But I'm a fast down, fast done person. Sometimes I'm wiping and flushing within a minute of being seated.

5) Do you pee in the shower? Yes, it sometimes depends on my mood. And if my sister is on the toilet waiting for a crap and I know other family members are lined up.

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Student (NL)
Our vacation is now about to come to an end. We have spent 97 nights sleeping in a tent in the woods and mountains. And for all those days we have not used an ordinary toilet! (The closest to that we come is a funny long drop toilet at an old building at the sea where the long drop ended onto the shore! Paper and poop ending up in the tidal zone waiting for the tid to flush it away.) My girl friend jokes that we just lack three nights from becoming elite members of the Field Squat Society. I was not at all used to going to toilet outside before, but I got into it very quickly. Picking up the roll of toilet paper, walking away, finding shelter behind a bush or a stone, pulling down, squatting and letting go soon became the most natural thing of our daily activities. My girl friend who has been a girl scout for years, was well acquainted with it from before, so she did not need any time for familiarizing with primitive bathroom access. It has been much easier than I could imagine in advance. Only three times I have been accidentally discovered on close distance. (I have told about all three previously - first a mature woman coming by, second my own mother and third a fellow camper (biker)). My girl friend has been discovered a couple of times more, but she also has been squatting a lot more times than me (peeing and even pooping often twice a day). Often we have been the only persons camping at a certain spot and then it has not been a challenge at all to find suitable spots both for pooping and peeing. But when camping where there are several others it may be a challenge to find places out of sight of others. We have seen, mostly on distance certainly, several others squatting with trousers at the knees. I think all wild campers do it, but even car tourists, truck drivers etc. One place (northern part of Norway) we saw several persons from a large group of seniors from a tourist bus (Russian?) trying to hide to get necessary things done. (Without success, I must say, white bums shining everywhere!) In the dense woods in the southern part of Sweden a few weeks back we spotted a group of uniformed youths and their leaders (German scouts??) There we saw even one of the leaders pulling up her skirt and squatting exposing her bum and thighs to the world. At resting areas in the country side we occasionally saw professional drivers going to pee or poop in the bushes. The last weeks we have met a lot of berry pickers around. For sure, berry pickers also have to go to toilet, and they have to do it "au natural". Nowadays berry pickers obviously tend to be mature people. It has been a surprise to be to observe the amount of seniors and mature persons going to toilet outdoor. Before I should have guessed that only young people had the courage to go to toilet in the wildniss, but now I know else. Obviously no difference with nationality, age and sex, the needs are identical. Now the primitive life has come to an end for this time. The ferry is about to leave and we have to get used to ordinary thrones again. My girl friend again jokes saying that the only fresh air she will experience in her bum now will be the gust from the toilets with the open outlet she uses to take her morning dump when going by train to the university!

Mr. Clogs


Jennifer G: Thanks for your reply and feedback! At least the seat can hold more than what a cup can handle. Hey cars depreciate over time so enjoy peeing in the back seat.

Just the enemas did help, I'll have to do it as needed. Too much would cause some irritable situations later. Could be from the water used when I take a shower. Some how it may be the body cleaning itself from the toxins in the colon. I didn't try it today so maybe tomorrow or another day I'll do the enema. I noticed I was able to poop without much effort. So an enema once in a while is good. I'll keep that in mind.


Comments for Lindsey

Your story is very descriptive. Bettie must have been quite frustrated with herself that she couldn't hold it until she got home. I feel sorry for her because when she changed her mind and decided to use the nearest bathroom, that bathroom was locked. At my high school there is another problem with waiting until the last minute to get on the stool. Some of the bathrooms have only 3 or 4 stalls and during passing periods there might be 7 or 8 guys standing in there ready to dump. Also many of the seats get splashed up by those who don't want to wait for a urinal to become available. So I know some of the guys will hold their dumps in hope of making it to the end of the day. Oh, another issue is that almost all of our stalls don't have privacy doors.


Conspitated then diarrhea (A Drive Story About Me!)

Hi everyone~ I am Lindsey, and today, I will tell you a story about a drive with Edward! Well first, I will post some comments to people.
- Thanks for the comment! I liked your story about your morning poop too! Also, I read your story about Alan helping you when you was sick from the old posts, and it was really fun! This time, my story is about myself, so please give comments after reading!~
- I really liked your story about your library poop! I had never met a toilet that wouldn't flush, but I'd be pretty embarrassed if I was in your situation! Please give me comments after reading my story!~
Well, to start my story, Edward and I met last Friday. I didn't have much work to do, and the weather was really hot, so we went shopping. In 10am, we met in a department store, and started shopping for some good clothes. However, I had the urge to poop because I was constipated for three days. I couldn't tell Edward that I had to poop because I still wanted to be a passionate girl to him. I had a little stomachache, and walking a lot didn't help. We bought a few clothes, and we went to a Italian restaurant inside the department store. I was happy to sit down, and I knew that eating a lot would upset my stomach, but I was quite hungry, so I ate quite a lot. I ate cream pasta, shared a steak with Edward, ate a bowl of tomato soup, and a dessert. It was quite a lot, and I felt full, and a little bloated. I didn't feel like super bad now, but my urge to poop was growing stronger and stronger.
We went to a cafe after wards. We each drank a cup of coffee, and we planned to go to the park. However, my stomach didn't feel good at that moment, and I didn't want to have an accident like Grace in my first post, so I asked him if we can go home, and meet again in Sunday. I had to make up a story about having a little more work to do left. He said ¡°If you have more work to do left, we should go home. Lets meet again in Sunday. I will take you home since it is really far from your house from here.¡± I said, ¡°Thanks¡±, and went to the parking lot. We went inside the car, and drove off. The thing I was concerned the most was that Edward was right. The department store was really far from my house. It took more than a hour to go to my house, and I was sure that the traffic won¡¯t be good because it was Friday. Also, my stomach was getting worse. Since I held in all the farts, the pain was getting worse, and I really had to go to the toilet now.
We drove about 5 minutes, and a strong cramp hit me. My face was pale, and my hands were clammy. As I had imagined, the traffic didn't help me. After about 10 minutes, Edward noticed me. ¡°You look kinda sick. Are you okay?¡± he asked me. ¡°I..I think that I¡¯m a little carsick.¡± I said. ¡°How about opening the windows?¡± he said. ¡°Sure. Thanks.¡± I said. Actually, I wasn't carsick, but I didn't want him to know that I had a sick stomach, so I just said that. After about 30 minutes, I had some farts slip out because it hurted so much, and the sound wasn't that big with the windows open. I was sure that Edward didn't notice. Well the smell, it didn't smell like flowers, but it didn't smell that bad. He had no way to notice that subtle smell. He gave me concerned looks, but seemed no to know my problem. I felt mega bloated, and since I was constipated for three days, my stomach was full of poop. Also, I had eaten too much at the restaurant, so it worsened my stomachache. I had to go to the toilet so bad, that I imagined a toilet in the car.
My facial expressions got worse and worse, so Edward became more concerned. He told me to close my eyes and lean against the chair. I did as he said, and pretended that I was really carsick, but I felt my stomach gurgle, and the pain became worse.
We finally arrived to my house, and he told me to be careful while I went to my house. I said bye, and his car went away. Farting every step I walked, I went inside my house, and kinda broke into a run while I went to the bathroom. My parents went to work, and my sister went out too, so there was nobody in the house. I quickly went inside the bathroom farting uncontrollably, and sat on the toilet. As soon as I sat on the toilet, I blasted out a wet fart which lasted about five seconds. I pushed a little, and a sloppy wet poo splattered to the toilet. Then, a strong pain hit me, and I had massive diarrhea for about 10 minutes. I think that something upset my stomach after being constipated. It cleaned out my bowls, but I had a hard time. I shotted out some more piles of slimy poo, and while I was pooping, I was letting out real gross farts continuously. I pushed more, and a smooth poop like a toothpaste came out, and it smelled awful in the bathroom. I didn't throw up of anything, but had some more mushy poops and chunky diarrhea for 20 minutes. Well, I had pooped for 30 minutes! I flushed, cleaned myself, washed my hands, and came out of the bathroom. I lied down, and fell asleep for a hour.
I woke up with a gassy feeling again, and I headed to the bathroom. This time, my poop was less watery. I was farting a super lot, but had some mushy poops and a gassy dump. It wasn't quite solid, but it wasn't diarrhea. I just pooped and pooped for 10 minutes. I came out after washing my hands and cleaning up, and I drank a cup of coffee. I read a book, and after three hours, I had the feeling to go again, but it was just normal poop that was gassy and the toothpaste poop. Also, I had some more wet poops that was kinda like a loose stool, and after that, my bowels became normal again. At dinner, Edward texted me if I was okay, and I told them that I felt much better.
Well, this is the end of my story, and thanks for reading! Please give me comments after reading my story, and have a nice day~


A few questions about spicy food

I love spicy food and eat it on a daily basis, and sometimes my stools sting or burn a little when they come out. If I eat something that is excessively spicy, my stools become very soft or mushy, and burn quite badly. It doesn't stop me from eating spicy foods since I crave that burning sensation (and surprisingly, enjoy the burning when it comes from the other end. I don't like stomach cramps and diarrhea, but it doesn't put me off). This is common, since capsaicin (chemical in hot peppers responsible for the burning sensation) can irritate the intestines (and stomach, which is protected by a mucus lining, in large enough doses), leading to loose stools and potentially full blown diarrhea, and can irritate the anus as well, making bowel movements burn when expelled.
Now for my questions:
Does anyone else here experience a stinging or burning sensation when they poop after eating spicy foods, and do spicy foods change the consistency of your stools?
Does this put you off from eating spicy foods, or do you still eat them?
Do you like the burning sensation, or do you dislike it?


Plum pits

Hey folks! Today I was eating some plums (the small kind), and i accidentally swallowed one of the pits, and it got me thinking that it was going to go right through my system and out the other end. So I decided to eat a bunch more pits on purpose, to see what it would look like. I ended up eating 7 of them. Later on in the day, I felt the consequences knockiing at my back door, so I went to the bathroom and plopped myself down on the toilet, ready to dispose of my waste. I pushed out a long, thin, soft log that splashed down in the water. I got up and had a peek, but it was obvious tha tthere weren't any of the pits in it. I sat back down and pushed, and a second turd slid out of my butt into the bowl. I took a peek, and there were the pits, all compressed into a single turd. They were held together by a tiny amount of poo. I wiped three times, and then I flushed the toilet. The first turd was sucked down right away, but the second one disintegrated, releasing the pits which floated to the surface. Only four of them spiralled down the toilet, the other four swirled around at the surfacce. I flushed again, and with a whoosh the pits were dragged down the drain.


Answers to questions

For Anna:

When the biker opened the door on me, I was fully exposed; my legs were open as wide as the stall's sides would allow. My clothing was at floor level. In his defense, I know that he was probably totally surprised to find me in there on the toilet because I had no car or bike parked out there. The offer to buy me coffee and giving me his business card and probably hopefully getting mine was surprising to both me and Diver. Diver thought the biker might have been watching we walk in, planned to open the door if it wasn't locked, and might have been aroused during the time from when he threw the door open on me and when I came out. That would have created the chance that he wanted to see me again.

For Lindsey:

That was a great story about Bettie. Remembering back like 15 years ago when I was in 7th grade, it can be a time of a lot of turmoil for girls.
Avoiding using the bathrooms at school, especially to crap, is one way of avoiding some of that conflict. Sure, as Bettie found, it can create even worse consequences and outcomes, but that comes with trial and error. My family was living in the Pacific Northwest at the time and I was the only person among my group of friends to cover the seat of the toilet before sitting down on it. Our junior high had those toilet ass gaskets, but most didn't bother with them. There were some snide comments made in front of me, 'Society Chick' and things like that. Then my dad lost his job and we moved to the other side of the country. The school was much larger, but didn't have the ass-gaskets. So I started to line the seat with toilet paper. That would be a problem because it would often fall off before I got seated. Now those waiting in line for my toilet would make rude remarks about me 'wasting' the remaining toilet paper that they needed to wipe with. At first, I tried the Bettie approach, but as I got involved in activities after school, holding it until 5:30 or 6 p.m. was no longer an option. I learned over a short period of time to sit bare-bottom on the toilet and I have never thought about going back to the seat papering routine. Bettie may very well come to the conclusion that holding it is not a viable option. Perhaps as your friendship with her grows, you can encourage her too. She's lucky to have a friend like you with sensitivity toward her needs.

Now to answer the question: how far guys can pee?

I believe it was the summer after 3rd grade. There were a couple of families on our block who were on vacation so I didn't have any of my usual playmates. So I was in my back yard early one evening and these two boys Anthon and Damon were walking up the alley behind our houses. They were kicking cans that probably fell out of the back of the garbage truck earlier that day. I recognized them as going to my school, but since they were two years older, I knew my parents probably wouldn't let me play with them. They asked me to come and asked me about when I knew their friends would be getting back in town. The sun was starting to go down and Anthon said he had to piss. Damon made some lame remark about whether he knew his way home, which was like two houses east, and Anthon punched Damon. I guess if either of them went home this close to curfew, their parents made them stay in. One of them motioned to go a few feet east to the back of my parent's garage and at first they lost me. They had come up with a contest. One can was in the far track of the alley and the nearest was in the other track closest to us. They were shoving one another coming up with rules and some names that I later would learn were bad epithets. The wind blew the farthest can over and Damon picked a small rock out of the alley lane to put in each can. Each of them had to stand butt against the gate to our back yard and depending how much piss each had in them, the goal was who would get the most into the front can and the back can. Once their stream ran out, they were done. I bet on Damon because I thought Anthon was kind of a jerk. If Damon won, I could choose the rules for the next round, otherwise, I would have to go to the bathroom in front of them for the next round. Damon must have had less in his bladder and he wasted much of it that never got into one of the two cans, but once he got control with his aim it was too late. Anthon called me to the other side of the garage where my dad had three unused foundation blocks stacked. It took both boys and some help from me too in order to get the top block off and into one of the lanes of the alley. The boys tossed out what was in both of the cans and placed one inside the block. Luckily for me it was getting dark and I was hoping they would hold off until another day. That wasn't to be. I remembered that I had last gone inside to pee about 3 p.m. and it was now more than 4 hours later. I slid my jean shorts and white underwear down to my knees. I dropped myself as if I were sitting on a toilet. A big mistake. The outside of the block was so irregular and the concrete was piercing my delicate tush! The boys walked up so close to watch and listen. That made me realize I was showing them too much. So I pulled my clothing up to block level. I was every bit as nervous as when I used the school toilet the first time all by myself in kindergarten. Both of the boys were now on their knees and listening for the steam to start. It did. It went for about 30 seconds and I more than half filled the Libby's green beans can. Each of the guys wanted to see it, but as they were looking I had already pulled up my clothing and told them my mom was about to call me in. The next year Anthon's older sister was my babysitter. I was curious as to whether she knew about our contest, but I sure wasn't about to ask her about it.


to Jennifer G

If you don't mind me asking what car do you drive the year and model? Ive read a rew of your stories and they sound really interesting!

Bruce in Chicago

Close call in school

When I was in the fourth grade, I had a crabby old teacher who wouldn't let me go to the bathroom. In those days, you had to obey your teacher.I had to take a poop so bad. It felt like it was going to force its way out. I gripped the sides of my seat to pull my butt down hard to keep it in. It got so uncomfortable that I really didn't care anymore. I raised my butt a little preparing to just "let it go" in my pants. Luckily, it receded. It was close to the end of the school day and I was able to wait until school was out. I had a 2 block walk home from school. It returned as I was halfway home and the other kids went their different ways. It blasted out in my pants, but it but the relief was so great and it felt so good. I was wearing undies that held it in place and could feel the load in my undies bumping against the back of my legs as I was walking. No one was home after school. I actually liked the feeling and went in my pants a few more times walking home. You didn't want to use the school bathrooms as the bigger kids used it as a smoking area

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