Cheating Mom

Last week I had Quinn and her younger brother Zevon with me at the park. The city has just added a half million dollar improvement to the park. That includes an educational playground that is huge, additional ball
fields, an eco-garden and a small petting zoo. This was the first week it had been open so despite the crowds, I thought it would be a good activity for Quinn and Zevon since this was my last day with them. School starts sooner every year, I think. So after a couple of hours playing, I walked them over to the restroom building. From a distance I could see it had been painted and when we got in there I could see other improvements. There was a new toilet stool, with a bright white seat, the cubicle separating it from the wall was now bright red, and the two sinks were now very modern, clean, and I could almost guarantee they had hot water, soap and all the other things that had been lacking. And the far wall that had been filled with gang graffiti was now covered with a painted map of the whole park.

I had Quinn and her brother stand by the map and find where the petting zoo was while I took the lone stall. The toilet was really appealing. The light reflected from the white seat. No worry about sitting in someone else's urine or a piece of crap like the black seat I had used before. And the toilet paper dispenser on my left was about three times the size of the old one. Right after I had seated myself Quinn asked me why there was no door. I didn't want to scare her as my stream was hitting the water, but I told her some people do bad things behind the door so that the parks dept. probably wants to cut down on that. Quinn called for the toilet next. I had told her earlier when she drank most of the pitcher of Kool Aid that her pee would probably be red. And I noticed a few minutes before that that her tongue was red. So were the corners of her mouth. Just as I was wiping, I called for Quinn to use the toilet next. I flushed and just as I was pulling my shorts up, a mother came in, let out the worst obscenity when she saw the toilet taken and Quinn being next, and she said her daughter, who looked to be about 4 or 5, was about to have an accident.

I know Quinn felt sorry for the girl and said she could have her place. I put my hands on Quinn's shoulders and leaned down and whispered to her
that she was doing the right thing. We both walked over to the map. While Quinn and Zevon were arguing over what some of the symbols on the map were, I looked behind me. I was shocked. The little girl was in the stall doorway; it was the mom who was on the stool and she was taking one very long and noisy piss. Quinn turned around and tugged on me. She said the lady lied. I'm sure the lady probably heard Quinn's loud voice. Then Zevon started to get into it too. I told him the girl would probably go next. About a minute later that wasn't the case. The mom grabbed the girl's hand and quickly pulled the girl out of there. No flushing. No handwashing. They wouldn't even look at us. After they left and as Quinn flushed the toilet and seated herself, she kept talking about how that wasn't fair. I told Quinn she has a kind heart and that she should be proud of that. After she got done and flushed, it was Zevon's turn on the toilet. After a couple of minutes of seeing his legs and bare feet dangling from the front of the toilet, I heard two splashes in the bowl. He hasn't always cleaned himself well, so I told him this was going to be three-wiper. I told him I wanted to see the last one. Sure enough it was clean so I complimented him. Then I told him we had to go back to the sand playground and find the shoes he had taken off. I made him flush, although he needed some help with the big flusher. But he did a nice job washing his hands. As we walked away they still were asking me questions about the dishonest lady. At first, I tried to explain it to them. Then I just told them I don't have all the answers to their questions.

to Jess: I bet Louisa and Katya took the opportunity to do a number two while their boyfriends were out of the house! I have to admit that I am kinda the same, I don't like to poop with boys or even boyfriends around. A while ago, I posted a story about a trip I took with a boy and my friend Danielle and her then boyfriend. I think we both didn't want to use the toilet in our hotel rooms and then we both pooped in the washroom of a little cafe we all went to breakfast for first thing in the morning. It was kinda funny!
I'd love to hear your story about the hike!
Oh, and tell me about the library, I spent soo much time there! Naturally I use the bathroom there a lot, I have posted quite a few stories about going there.

to Lila P: I've only ever done a buddy dump once. It was on a hike with my friend Chloe. I posted a story about it on page 2494.

Ever since I have been reading this site I have become interested in this topic and I would really like to do another buddy dump. But I haven't had any opportunities since.

Random Girl :3

Old Story from 8th Grade

Back when I was in 8th Grade, and before I had met my boyfriend, there was a guy (let's call him Tyler) that used to like me. So that day we'd just had testing, so we had study hall, aka free period. So the 8th Grade Formal was coming up and I could tell he wanted to ask me. At lunch time I was walking and talking with my friends when one of them teased me about Tyler, and I ended up chasing her all over the school, laughing. We eventually ran into the back lot where the school had set up some hoops, and Tyler and the guys would usually eat there and then play basketball. I saw that Tyler had Takis, which I love because I love spicy foods, so i asked him for a couple, but then I saw that he wasn't eating his lunch and only the bag of spicy chips. I returned to the tables and read a book until lunch was over. In the class after lunch, Tyler had his hands wrapped around his stomach and his head down. After a while, he asked to use the bathroom, and the teacher said yes, so he went and came back 10 minutes later. He went to the nurse and came back after swallowing an indigestion pill. In the periods after, he only said he was dizzy, I think he was embarrassed to say he had a stomach problem. So during the free period at the end, I was working on homework when he tapped me on the shoulder, and my friends all squealed when they saw he was holding a rose. I took my earbuds out of my ears and asked, "What?" even though I knew what was coming, when he suddenly threw up on my skirt. He dropped the rose, and ran towards the bathroom, but it was too late, I could see the brown bulge forming in his pants. My friends were all like omg omg and helped me clean up in the bathroom, but I was still in shock. After I came out, I tried to find him, but he had already gone home. He was absent the next day, and when he came back, he was quiet the whole day and seemed embarrassed. He came up to me and apologized for throwing up on me, and then he left. I saw him crying as he walked down the hallway, and felt so bad for him. I ran up to him and put the rose back in his hand, and I told him it was okay. He asked me to the dance and I said yes, even though my friends teased me about it forever. I am still close friends with him, I guess.


Response to Sarah about Farting and other Responses!

To Sarah: You sound so sweet! Yes, when you have gas it's best to let it go when you feel the urge. I do like that, especially when I am alone and there is no one to hear or smell it!

Recently, I have not been extra gassy. My bowels have been predictable and consistent since getting back from the honeymoon and settling in with Alan. I can be more gassy than the average woman and that can be a little unsettling.

I did have a bit of an embarrassing moment on Friday as I was getting everyone off to school. Alan takes them, but I love to make breakfast. When we eat breakfast, though, I have already had yogurt and high-fiber cereal, I've been for a run and have had lots of water and a cup of coffee in addition to the breakfast we eat together as a family.

This was so embarrassing! While we were eating I let out this super loud fart! It was not a long one, but lasted a couple of seconds and had 4-5 bubbles. The kitchen table has wooden chairs, so the bubbles were loud. I was wearing a bathrobe and already had my hair done, but no make up.

Chloe, the oldest, just giggled while Zoe laughed hysterically. She loves potty humor! Alan laughed too! I was genuinely embarrassed because I can't remember if I have ever farted in front of the girls. I know I have never done it at the table. That's rude! I apologized, finished my breakfast and headed for the toilet, as my morning doodie needed unleashing!

Brian: I am so sorry to hear that you suffer from colitis. I hope that you are feeling well and that you have everything under control. It sounds as if you had a rough time!

Jenny: When I am at home I always bring my panties and pants to the floor. It seems that I can relax better, which results in a better bowel movement. When I am in public, especially if it is just for a pee, then I will lower pants and panties to my knees. I love your posts!!!

Jessica: I love your posts! Thank you for sharing when you have time!

Natalie: Glad you are posting again!

Lisa B: I am sorry about your accident! I hope you are OK. Lots of love!

Mina: It's always good to hear from you and I agree about your sentiments with "Bettie." It's better to poop in public than to have an accident in public. We need to tell others that it is OK!

JW: I am so sorry about the ordeal that you had in the hospital. It sounds as if you had a super awesome nurse. I have never been hospitalized. So, I don't know what that's like. I hope that you get over your fear of pooping in public. I think that it must be even more awkward for guys. We girls sit down for pee and poop, so no one knows why we are going in the stall until we start. But if a guy sits down, we know why. Hang in there!

And, if Brianna, British Dumper, Optional Person and MikeyPee are reading, I hope you are well and miss you! And always good to hear from Oldpoop and Brandon T!!!

Love to all!!!



Comments for Jenny (Skidmarked in Seattle)

With my black thong underwear, did I feel dirty even though I didn't look dirty after the incident?

Did I ever! I When I got back to the apartment, I immediately got another thong out of the drawer, threw the black one in the hamper, reshowered after just two hours, and I still felt a bit unclean. That afternoon Diver and I went to a major league game. The heat and humidity was horrendous. At about 4 p.m. I had to pee. The wait in line for toilet was about 10 minutes and I checked the door latch twice before I lowered my shorts and thong (which was blue this time) and took my seat. My stream was aggressive and as it subsided I decided to do quick wipe of my arse. There was a very minute tan streak on the paper. I had released some gas after finishing Diver's second beer. Could that have been responsible? I wonder.


No problems pooping anymore

Hi everyone. Sorry I haven't posted here in a long time. I've been busy with everything, moving houses and whatnot. My diet has changed quite a bit recently so my constipation is gone. I've been eating very healthy, drinking lots of water (in a biggish water bottle, filled up multiple times a day) and switched to black coffee instead of milk or cream and sugar. It's proven to be very helpful as I've been going 2-3 times a day instead of once a week. Especially in this hot weather you have to stay hydrated. It's helped me a lot and made me more comfortable. No laxatives needed.

Happy pooping to everyone (hopefully)


Unexpected diarrhea attack!

Today I was laying around in my room, when I began to get the pre-poop farts. I knew they were pre-poop because they smelled like rotten eggs and I hadn't pooped since Saturday afternoon. I didn't feel the urge to go yet, so I started mowing our backyard. While mowing, I began to feel loose poop (I couldn't yet tell it was diarrhea) knocking on my back door. I thought about pooping then but waited since the urge went away. After I finished mowing, I decided to take a shower, and a pre-shower dump. The urge wasn't that strong, but I figured that if I didn't go, I would eventually lose the urge entirely, so I went. I sat down, pushed, and a small but soft log came out. Then, the runs started! Wave after wave of loose poop came out with the consistency of puréed tomatoes! At one point, I got up to close the bathroom door, which had opened for some strange reason (no one opened it), and upon sitting back down, a large wave of purée-like diarrhea poured out! After five minutes or so, I decided it was safe to wipe, although I didn't really emphasize cleaning up perfectly, just reducing the damage and then finishing up with the shower. I flushed the toilet, and everything went down fine since it was quite runny.
I found a few things strange about this dump:
1. I had a very soft, tomato purée-consistency movement without any cramps or warning
2. I didn't have any nausea or appetite loss
3. While the first few waves smelled like rotten eggs, the last wave or two had a sweet smell to it only previously acquired by drinking large amounts of regular soda in a short period of time, and I hadn't consumed any sugary drinks, however I did eat some sugarfree jello, and chewed sugarfree gum, and drank diet lemonade, and a sweet smell in bowel movements is caused by a malabsorption of sugar, NOT diabetes mellitus, unlike sweet-smelling urine. Malabsorption of sugar usually occurs in lactose intolerant individuals when they consume lactose, or when excessive amounts of sugar are consumed in a short period of time, or, less commonly, artificial sweeteners, like the ones in the gum I like to chew by the pack. Artificial sweeteners don't usually cause me diarrhea, but the gum does contain sorbitol, so it could've been that, although I don't really mind since I felt pretty good after.


To Brian

Brian:Sounds like you went to hell on earth. Glad you are okay

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Jessica great story.

To: Anna great story it sounds like you had a pretty good poop and it sounds like Fab was pretty desperate at least made it to a toilet in time and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Abbie great story about you and your friends.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site


perfect poop

I just had as close as I ever come to the perfect poop. As usual, I was up early (4:25 a.m.). I had to refill my getting-up pills and then take today's dose, which took a couple of minutes; I also walked out my driveway to pick up the newspaper, blasting out a couple of ferocious farts as I went. It was cool, compared to recent days (64 DF), which I checked by the thermometer stuck to the outside of a window on the shady side of the house (no sun yet, of course). I felt a faint but growing pressure in my rectum, solid not gas, so I went and sat on the toilet. Another couple of soft farts, and I was ready. I leaned well forward and took the mirror from the countertop so I could watch my movement. A single medium push, and it started out--fairly thick, a bit lumpy, and solid. After a slow start, it came out quickly and easily, a nice, smooth glide out of me and into the water, what felt and looked like a single piece. I couldn't feel anything stuck to me, so I took only three squares of toilet paper, folded them, and wiped--a tiny greenish-brown stain on the paper, with dark-green veins from yesterday noon's spinach. I folded the paper, applied a dab of Noxzema to it, and made a second pass, cleansing my anus thoroughly and probing up into my rectum to feel if anything more was present, but it was clear.

Then I stood up to look. The movement that had felt so continuous had broken into two pieces, about 10" and 3" in length and an inch thick, the longer piece curved back on itself and mostly covering the shorter piece--a good-looking bowel movement that felt just as it was supposed to feel in its journey to the outside world. Most satisfying!


Taking a crap while talking to my buddy

I was visiting a buddy of mine a couple of months ago and we went out to grab a bite to eat across the street from his place just before I went to the airport. I had been feeling a bit "off" already, but we went and ate and had a nice time, we walked back to his place no I could feel a churning in my gut and knew I would have to take a dump before we left.

I could feel the uneasiness building up and we got back inside his apartment very quickly. As soon as we did, he said he had a question for me about something he got in the mail. I said ok and he grabbed an envelope and handed it to me. I looked it over quickly, and realized it wasn't going to be a quick response. He started talking to me about it, asking questions. I was responding, but really had to shit badly! He kept talking and asking me about it, so I finally start backing away from him, while still responding to him.

The bathroom is directly across from the dining area, next to the bedroom. He's sitting at the dining room table and I'm talking to him, backing away until I'm finally in the bathroom. I say, "keep talking, but I really gotta shit". I turn on the light, while responding to his question, and unbutton my shorts, letting them fall to the floor. I pull my briefs down and sit and squirt out a load of runny crap. It is a bit noisy, so we both kinda laugh for a second. We continue the discussion, with me making an occasional face as something squirts out of my butt. I expected him to stop the conversation and go to another part of the apartment, but he stayed there, just talking to me while I'm unloading my guts.

I finish up and grab paper off the roll and wipe once while seated. He's still at the table, talking to me. I stand up and turn towards him, (I'm sitting with my left side exposed to him) and reach down and get more paper. Fortunately, I'm decently endowed, so I don't have a problem with anyone seeing me exposed like that. He was quite the trooper and sat through the entire conversation while I'm pooping out diarrhea and then standing there wiping myself clean. He even saw that I wet the paper and wiped a few times. I flushed and then pulled up my briefs, adjusted myself, and then my shorts.

He has seen me on the toilet over the years when he brought me a roll of paper a few times. I also face timed with him once as a goof, while I was taking a crap. This is the first time he has watched me take a crap from start to finish. He's not into that, but apparently wasn't freaked out by it. Cool bud.


comments and two stories

Hi all,
to Brian: I know colitis from my wife and it is really painful and exhausting. So everybody seeing blood in is poop should contact a doctor. Removing infected parts seems a easy and simple solution for some doctors, but often change in live style and food can make a big difference. Girls have a advantage here since a pregnancy can reset the body and make such things as colitis go away.
Jennies saturday pee remembered me of something that happened some days ago. We have a bathroom that is only accessible through our bedroom. So when we have to pee or poop during the night we have a short way and listening the others business is usual for us. So one morning I was awakend by my wife and got to the toilet right away and took a long pee. She was getting desperate since she herself had to go very bad and hearing me pee didn't help. When it was her time she released a hard and long pee. Since our toilet has a kind of platform to poop on that is covered with very little water I could hear her stream whas that platform and from time to time her stream hit the drain in the front.

The story about the girl hitting the man's room for a poop reminds me of a similar story. I was in a pub or caffe for a pee. While I was flooding an urinal a woman ran in the toilet, took a stall and took a desperate pee.After she had had her loud and obviously releaving pee she flushed and noticed her mistake. She was sorry and got out of the toilet quickly. Well, I don't see while using the wrong toilet should be such a big deal - things flushed down get mixed any way and we all know other sex pee or even poop.

And a short update: I wrote about toilet training my son some weeks ago. Now he accepts the little toilet we built for him - basically a chair with good arm support and a little bucket beneath. He has to pee into a bottle because he would hit the place in fromt of the toilet since he is laying backwards a little. We have a special toilet seat (with a pee shield) for the regular toilet and he no longer is afraid to use it. But ofcourse he will still need help for some months or until he can get on the trone himself. We found a pee bottle for little boys but he will be able to stand to use that.
I feel quite sorry for those who cannot take care of their own pee and poop - I am usually not into feeling sorry for others disabilities, but needing help to do such intimate business feels bad for me. Maybe some of those needing help in this situations can post some stories?

Steve A

Toilet Clogging Survey, My Experiences, And An Extra Note

Toilet Clog Survey:

1. Have you ever clogged at a toilet before? Where did it happen?

2. Why did it clog? Too much TP, size of your load, or weak flush?

3. Did you feel embarrassed when you clogged it?

4. Does your house toilet have a stong, average, or weak flush?

5. What methods do you use to prevent toilet clogging?

6. Do you have a story about toilet clogging with yourself or other people?

My Experiences:

My house toilet has an average to weak flush. I can clog it with just a log and some extra crap along with it. Plus with some TP or flushable wipes. Sometimes, it goes down well and other times, the water rises but doesn't overflow. Just a few pushes with the plunger and it all goes down easily. I never had any problems with public toilets unless I walk in on toilets that were previously clogged with TP and poop.

On an extra note, Friday was the day that I moved into college. I'll be an incoming freshman living in a co-ed dorm. I'll see how people live with having to share a bathroom with strangers. I will most likely have some experiences with this.

Mr. Clogs


Jennifer G: You're welcome and I enjoyed your post about peeing in the 2nd time. The morning pee is usually strong and ripe. So it may ripen over time. As long as you enjoy it, have fun and keep us posted on you another adventure of peeing in the backseat of the car. Love your posts.

I do notice after the enema from the shower in the morning, the next day I have a more complete emptying of my bowels and solid logs that fill up the toilet. I noticed some extra weight dropped off too and a flatter stomach. The tea helps, but the colon cleans via an enema is good too. So I'll make it part of my daily regimen.

Enjoy your day and happy peeing and pooping.

Dear Nick: Thank you for the comment on poo shy. I agree, it is a problem for many people. I think it is maybe not so common here in Japan compare Europe or America. Sometimes I talked about it when I was with host family in Wales, because I am never poo shy, but my host brother and sister were little bit and they said, some of their school friends very poo shy, especially host brother's friends were because boys use different loo for wee and poo so everyone know what happen in loo. My host brother and sister said, they were poo shy little bit when primary school, but in secondary school they got over.

But their parents never said, bad to poo in school or other public place. But their friends' parents, were different kettle of fish. They said bad, bad, bad. Why they say?? Poo shy is because society say such thing. Society is cruel very much to shy children. So Bettie have tragedy. I am angry to such society. I never blame to children who are poo shy. I blame to people who create such kind of situation.

About your question, Maho sometimes don't poo for five days, she say. Me, sometimes three days, but usually two days. I think I have gone to loo for motion for times in one day when I was diarrhoea. But recently it is not. I don't go so often because when I go I stay long time and do huge heap. Hisae sometimes go six times one day when she is a diarrhoea. Like you, she enjoy diarrhoea when no stomachache, and me too. And Kazuko enjoy very much. She love loo!!

To Jenny: Me and my friends usually pull underwear to knees, but in my flat, for motion, I and Maho take off underwear and leave on shelf.

Somebody asked about age of people on this site. Maybe new person. I said before, but for new person I say, I and Maho are 25, Kazuko and Hisae are 26. We are same school year, but it is from April to March, so I am youngest because my birthday is February end. Hisae, she is oldest, she call me baby.

I hope everyone is well and no pain in stomach and everywhere.

Love, Mina


Stomach Flu at School and Food Poisoning on Vacation

Hi! My name's Karen, I've been a reader on this forum for quite a while now. I'm not usually into these kinds of sites (or posting on the internet in general) but I just have too many embarrassing bathroom stories to count. A little about me: I'm 22, kinda short, shoulder-length brown hair, pale skin, quite pretty by all accounts and I think I have a digestive problem or a bowel problem or something like that. Ever since I was a kid I can remember having large and spontaneous bouts of diarrhea out of nowhere. A doctor said I don't have IBS but just a more sensitive stomach then my peers, but I don't know. Listen, far be it for me to assume to know more then a doctor and I hate self-diagnosticians but my gut has always seemed more abnormal then that. I remember nonchalantly waking up in the night and casually wandering to the toilet, sitting down and having the squirts without warning. Oh! I do have lactose intolerance, but that doesn't really count as I avoid dairy at all costs anyway. Nevertheless, it has provided me with a ton of good stories. I have two for you all today.

Since I get the shits quite often, school could be tough now and again. I can't complain though, I had a pretty good go at it. I was one of the popular girls in high school because I took part in a bunch of different sports and I was a looker (plus I was on active duty to not be a bitch). But, yeah, this made me be extra careful with my trips to the bathroom as putrid, unrelenting diarrhea is sort of a turn off. My best friends in the whole wide world were and still are four girls called Emily, Kristen, Saffron and Laura! Emily is my fraternal twin sister. They'll be more important in the next story, though.

One school week when I was 16, I caught a serious stomach bug during flu season and spent all of the weekend running to and from the bathroom with the trots. Emily was fine. I was going to take Monday off but there was a few lessons I missed because we were on vacation and I knew I has to catch up if I was going to pass my tests. Plus the flu was really going around and I wagered half the kids would be off. Just about all my friends were off sick with diarrhea but it looked like I was getting better… That was until it was half way through history class and my stomach was really bothering me. I tried to shrug it off but it was churning and gurgling like crazy! I was squirming in my seat and starting to sweat a bit as there was pressure building up against my rear end. I asked if I could go to the bathroom. The teacher was hesitant as five students had asked to go and hadn't returned yet. But she could see I was desperate and that the flu had taken hold so she let me go.

I left the classroom and broke out into the fastest walk I could muster without it being a straight up sprint! I really couldn't hold it and I wasn't even going to fart until I was on the can! I had both hands on my stomach until they shot down to my butt cheeks stop anything from slipping out. I was whimpering like a wounded dog, it was awful! I burst into the room and was immediately greeted by the loud echoing fart of a girl in one of the stalls and her loud wail of pain. Three girls had left, I remembered seeing Abigail walking back to class and the other girl, Georgia, was washing her hands (going by the smell the girls room had been in rush hour mode all day). That left Alisha in the stall at the mercy of her own upset stomach. I was surprised no one else was in there, it was a fairly large school, but I guess they stayed home.

I just made it to the toilet in time! I was barely holding on, though. I didn't hesitate to rip my panties down, flip up my skirt and unload into the poor toilet. I let out a sigh of relief as a gallon of diarrhea poured out of me like a fountain. I was wailing, faring, moaning and doubling over in pain as explosive gunk blasted out from behind me! I had my hands on the stall walls to steady myself as the first wave was a nonstop flood of runny diarrhea. I was so sick that I started to sweat from every pour and shake uncontrollably. The first wave, though nightmarish, was over quite quickly and before I almost passed out from exhaustion. Alisha wasn't done yet either. I heard her say "Oh… God!" in a frail voice before a long echoing fart accompanied her pissing liquid diarrhea out of her butt! She must of just been hit with it today. That was what I sounded like on that Friday night before the weekends started, pure liquid. Now it was kinda chunky. Nowhere near a solid stool but it wasn't brown water.

Another wave hit me and I doubled over again. My aims were wrapped around my stomach and I had my legs crossed slightly. I started farting again and minor squirts of poop came out. I was weak at this point so I barely noticed that another girl had ran in with diarrhea. I heard Alisha start panicking and then start throwing up into her toilet and then sit back down again as it was coming out the other end. At least I wasn't that sick. There were only three stalls so the desperation of another girl who rushed it was recognized as she was in need of a toilet right now. It was a girl called Rose, a really sweet, really pretty girl. I hated leaving her out there but I couldn't get off the can. It would not stop. She was frantically knocking on the door of the middle girl much to her annoyance. I was about to say she could share mine but before I knew it she was off in search of somewhere else to go.

The class had finished before I got out and Emily was there to see if I was okay. Of course I told her I wasn't and that I needed to go home. She gave me a hug and we went to the nurses office where four other students were sitting, one in the bathroom. The nurse was on the phone with one of their parents so I took my seat. Em waited with me. I had the runs again that night after everyone had gone to bed. I was sitting on the toilet waiting for another round when I heard a frantic sprint from outside in the hall. Emily barged in in a blind hurry. She saw me sitting there and stopped in her place. Squirming and sweating, she said that she was going to shit herself and that she needed the toilet now. I quickly budged up and let her share the toilet with me. She exploded into the bowl, shrieking loudly. She was doubled over with her hands gripping her pajama bottoms. We comforted each other and, when I was done, I sat with her for a bit. She said it burned and she could not stop farting. We spent the week at home watching TV (with the frequent mad dash to the bathroom). Oh! An while I never found out what happened to Rose, it was the talk of the school that someone went into the disabled toilets near the lockers and really messed the place up. There was apparently diarrhea all across the wall behind the toilet and the toilet itself wouldn't flush. Eww…

The other story involves all of the friends I mentioned before, Emily, Kristen, Saffron and Laura. It was about a year ago now when we took a trip to Las Vegas on a girls only vacation. To describe the girl overall I'll say they're all beautiful and they've all been there for me and each other for as long as I can remember. Emily has an elegant look about her, almost like she's out of the 50's or something with shoulder length wavy black hair and flawless skin. Kristen's dad is Jamaican and her mom is English but she was raised in Wyoming like us, this gave her a lovely skin shade that's always attracted men. Laura has long blonde hair and deep blue eyes, she's short but, to compensate, she has the largest breast. We all agree that Saffron is the prettiest. She's tall, elegant and has dirty blonde hair that she often wares in a bun. She's got an hourglass figure that most women would kill for! She's always turning the heads of men she walks past.

I watched the movie Bridesmaids the other day and could not stop laughing at the food poisoning scene. Not just because it's a funny scene but because it was so similar to this event. It was your average girls vacation. We took group photos, went to exotic locations, saw some awesome shows. The third day there we went to this obscure little Taiwanese Restaurant for dinner. Looking back now, we should have realized it was run down and a little unsanitary but we were having too much fun goofing around and just being your typical girl on vacation. We all ended up ordering the same thing

We had all decided to invest in one large hotel room for us to say in. We were all like sisters so we're comfortable living in a tight knit space together. Anyway, that night we were all curled up in the lounge watching a movie. We were all dressed in our loungewear. I was in a grew tank top and blue patterned pajama bottoms. Emily was in a black T-shirt and stripped, gray pajama shorts. Kristen was wearing a yellow and orange tank top and red undies. Laura had one large white T-shirt on that worked as a nightgown. Saffron had a white tank top and panties one.

Half way through the movie I started to feel… Not right. My stomach was starting to churn a little and it was hurting. I saw Saffron was squirming a little with a worried face on. Laura was the same, kinda restless. Emily had one hand on her stomach. I was laying on Kristen and she asked me if I was okay. I said yeah and that it was probably just gas. I could hear her stomach growl a little was well. I knew exactly what was going on and I got a little selfish. I knew that if I didn't get to a toilet right now that I was going to have hold it or improvise. I said in a panicked tone that I had to go and ran to the toilet with my hands clutching my belly. Just as I got up, Saffron shot up as well. I started to sweat and I was about to loose control. I ripped my bottoms down and gripped the top of them as I unleashes uncontrollable diarrhea into the toilet below.

I knew it would hurt when it all shot out of me so I tried to hold it and slowly let it out, like vomiting out of my butthole, but it didn't work. I was too sick. Severe, uncontrollable liquid diarrhea had hit me and I couldn't hold it! It all came out. I gave out a loud fart as I filled the toiled with wave upon wave of explosive diarrhea! I sat frozen in shock, my legs shaking, my hands firmly griped onto the rim of my pants and my facial expression was unchanged until my wave subsided and I threw my head back in pain and sighed in pure relief.

Saffron had made it in just after I did. She was really panicked and really frantic. She threw up into the sink violently. She stood there for a second and then farted, her hand shot to her butt when she did! Her eyes darted around the room in a panic, panting and whimpering like she was in danger of a massive accident. She climbed into the bath and tore her panties down. A strained look was painted on her face as severe liquid diarrhea propelled its way out of her with overwhelming force. She started sobbing in pain before she vomited out the other end.

Kristen and Laura came in after that. Kristen had the runs too and asked me if we could share the toilet. I said yeah and moved up a little. She squeezed in it all burst out of her. She wasn't used to having the shits and was wailing, more and more diarrhea filling the bowl. Emily was loitering at the door pacing slightly and contemplating what end it was going to come out of and what she was going to do. Laura was throwing up into the sing profusely. She stopped for a second and reeled back. At that point I remember Emily's face displaced an immediate sense of urgency and she dashed into the bathroom. She said she was sorry to Laura, ripped down her shorts and leaped her butt into the sink. She gave out a pained moan and her legs began to hover in the air as she shit her brains out! I wanted to just give everyone a hug at that point and reassure them that it was going to be okay, but I was still having diarrhea. It just would not stop! Laura looked ill again. We were all worried she was going to hurl over all of us but instead she lowered her underwear, bunched up her shirt and exploded had diarrhea in the bath. It was the same end Saffron was shitting into so she barely even noticed.

Saffron got it the worst. She was exploding out of both ends like a busted fire hydrant (not my analogy). She seemed dazed and disorientated. Laura was vomiting the worst but Saffron had the worst diarrhea. I had the second worst. Her top was drenched in sweat so she took it off. Laura was the second worst. After again thirty seconds of nonstop diarrhea she took off into the lounge. We heard commotion coming from outside and we were worried she'd soiled herself. She later told us that she wanted to make her way to the sink in the kitchen when she fell over in her hurry. About to loose control of her bowels, she grabbed a trash can and crapped into that. She then apparently waddled to the kitchen and vomited into the sink. She emptied the can into the sink, hopped up onto it and spent the next hour vomiting into the can and shitting into the sink.

I don't know if it was the indescribable smell or the nausea but I couldn't take it and had to hurl. There was a trashcan to my right so I used that. Kristen wasn't throwing up at all. Emily wasn't for a while until she started to worm around and panic. She didn't ask but I quickly gave her my trashcan. She vomited into it pretty badly. When we were done, the place was a mess. The bath was putrid, all the sinks and toilets were full with brown water. We joked that whoever cleaned the bath could sleep in it. That encouraged Emily was polish it from top to bottom. Kristen cleaned the sink. Luckily everything we ate was liquefied so it was easy to wash away. I was still on the toilet having the worst diarrhea ever when it was starting to overflow! Emily grabbed a stationary bucket for me use to empty some of the diarrhea into the sink and then flush it. When I did I dropped back down and pooped some more. Emily gave me a hug and sat with me.

Saffron was curled up on the couch just in her panties and wrapped up in a towel, moaning and sobbing. Laura was still in the sink. We got back into the lounge and put another movie on. I was snuggled up with Emily on the couch, Kristen was laying down, Laura was cleaning up the kitchen and Saffron had moved to the chair. She groaned and started to fart again. She ran to the toilet with one hand on her butt and the other on her stomach. We realized once Saffron was done that we should all go down to the lobby's restrooms as they were pristine and open all night. We left Kristen in bed.

We made our way down, I thought Saffron and Laura were going to put some pants on but they didn't bother. Saffron was out the door whist still topless, with her fresh tank top in her hands that she slipped on mid sprint. I guess she was too desperate and out of it to consider decency. I don't blame her. She was running like a mad woman! We followed suit but Saffron's stomach was acting up again, so was Emily's. Mine was fine until it suddenly churned loudly and I didn't know if I was going to vomit or take a dump in my pants! Laura had both hands keeping her butt closed. Saffron was so unwell that she didn't make it and she started shitting diarrhea profusely. This was just outside the bathroom luckily so the mess wasn't as bad as it could have been but it was still really bad. I was just behind her when it happened she started to cry and run faster, liquid diarrhea running down her legs.

We made it in the end and all of us were desperate by then. Saffron took her panties off in the middle of the restroom and took the nearest stall and relieved herself there. We all took a stall instantly. Poor Emily didn't make it at the last second. I had projectile diarrhea that painted the tank brown before I could sit down. Laura mentioned how she was in so much agony that she lifted her legs up off the ground and practically started howling.

We spent the entire night down there. We were all switching ends constantly, especially poor Saffron and Laura. Me and Emily mainly just had diarrhea. I felt a little better so I went back up to the room to get some supplies. We needed some water, some clean clothes and something to fix the smell. Whilst I was up stairs I found Kristen asleep on the toilet with her panties in the trash. She soiled her self in her sleep and rushed to the toilet in a daze. I said we were downstairs and that she could have the room to herself. Instead, however, we decided that Saffron should take the room seeing how she was the most unwell. She was doing a lot better but she couldn't stop shitting. Before we went downstairs I had to go again and ended up going in the kitchen sink like Laura. It was so messy.

Saffron went upstairs and me and Kristen stayed in the lobby's restroom. I cleaned up the mess Saffron had made. It was four in the morning by the time we all decided to go back upstairs. The man at the desk was different and he was surprised to see four woman in loungewear come out of the bathroom. Saffron was curled up watching TV in another new pair of panties. She had felt strong enough to clean up the mess herself this time. Laura snuggled up with her on the couch and we spent the day in watching TV.

It got a lot better after that day. We all pretty much stopped throwing up and instead just had the runs every now and again. We'd be out at a club and take group trips to the bathroom much to the disgust of the other patrons. It didn't ruin the trip or anything. In fact it gave us something to joke about. Our friendship is already rock solid so it couldn't effect that. The only worth while thing I can mention is when I was hit with the bubble guts didn't make it to the bathroom in time. Luckily, recent events had led to me keeping a fresh pair of undies in my bag so I just cleaned myself up and then boom! Good as new.

That was one of the craziest stories, definitely. But I've got a ton more if you're interested. Speak to you guys soon!

Steve A

First Poop In College Dorm

Well, I'm already settled into college and I also had my first poop in the dorm.

Before I moved in, me, my parents, and my grandparents all went out for breakfast. I had 2 cups of coffee along with home fries, scrambled eggs, and a piece of steak. Plus some biscuits with sausage gravy. On the way, I developed a slight urge to crap. It started to increase as we got closer. When we got there, we unpacked all of my stuff and then I definitely had to go. I went to the communal bathrooms and no was in there. I picked a random stall and got to business. The log broke in half and there were some other pieces along with it. I then finished up, washed my hands, and left. I went back to the bathroom later to pee and I noticed that one of the toilets was unflushed. I guess we'll just have to deal with that unless it gets brought up in our meeting tonight.


Bowels behaving themselves. No more constipation

Hi everyone :) Hopefully you're all doing well, especially now that the weather is hot. I hope everyone is staying cool and hydrated and that their bodies are behaving themselves. I'm doing well and drinking plenty of water and exercising plenty since the weather is nice. Why not enjoy it?
As a result, my bowels are giving me no trouble. I'm drinking multiple (reusable) bottles of water to stay hydrated and staying as cool and protected as possible and it's helping. My bowel movements have been very soft and easy to pass and with how hot the weather can get, it could mean going 3 times a day or so. No straining, which I like. I like this; going multiple times a day, every day as opposed to before when I went more like once a week. Now it's soft and easy to pass.

Happy pooping everyone, and stay hydrated and cool! :)


Messy, easy to pass poops. No constipation

Hi everyone :) Hopefully everyone is keeping cool and hydrated as much as possible, especially since the weather has been so hot a lot. And as a result hopefully everyone is peeing and pooping with no problems.

Things are going well for me bowel and bladder wise. I've been drinking lots of water and exercising plenty and as a result I've been peeing a lot and my poops have been very soft. More along the diarrhea side. I'd still take that instead of constipation. I've been drinking lots of water and only black coffee which really helps get rid of a lot of BMs :) Been going multiple times a day as opposed to only once a week when I used to suffer from constipation.

Happy pooping!


Answer to some questions

I'm answering the "Questions for Girls" post made recently.

1. When you last took a crap did you have to pee or poop worse?
I had to poop worse, but sometimes it's about the same.

2. What order do you usually poop and pee in?
I usually pee first, unless I desperately have to crap, and the poop happens to start coming out first. When this happens, my pee usually starts while I'm still pooping. Also, if I'm having a big dump, even though I've already peed before it, I'll often keep peeing a little throughout the dump, and at the end.

3. Have you ever pee'd a little in a maxi pad on your way to the bathroom to go poop?
Doesn't happen often.

4. When you last took a crap in front of somebody what was there reaction when you went both pee and poop?
I haven't pooped in front of anyone in a long time, but I don't remember anyone ever thinking it strange that I both peed and pooped. I myself might find it odd if someone pooped and didn't pee as well.

5. Do you pee in the shower?
Sometimes, but not often.


Laxatives growing up

Does anyone remember the "old formulation" of ExLax? I believe that it was pulled from the market due to an association with colon cancer or something. Anyway, that 'original' chocolate formulation was insanely strong. My mom used to dose my brother & I at the first hint of constipation. This old formulation was strong & unpredictable. Often, my brother & I were dosed at the same time, usually on the weekend. In a house with one john, this led to some crazy incidents, usually meaning that my older brother had ruined another pair of briefs. The old formulation would tear you up in no time flat ... and keep working for a full day or so.

Friday, August 26, 2016

Hi everyone. It's been a long time since I was last here, almost 2 years now. I meant to post more, but I got busy and then I guess I completely forgot about this website. I suddenly remembered yesterday, no clue why.

Abbie: Good to see you're still posting, all this time later. Are you finding it easier to poo now, or are you still constipated? I also seem to remember one of the last posts I saw from you before I stopped posting you said you were planning to soon be heading off to uni yourself. Did your plans work out?

I'm still at uni, in my last year now. I still live with my two roommates, Emma and Jade, although we don't live in the same place as we did before. Some of you here might remember me from before, and know that I had been fighting constipation when I used to post here. Good news is that's not an issue for me anymore. Being at uni has been good for me in a lot of ways, including helping out my pooing habits. I feel like I'm eating healthier now and getting more exercise walking about the uni campus and around town too. I think I've done a poo every day for several weeks.

Most days I find myself needing to do a poo in the afternoon. This works well as both Emma and Jade are morning pooers. If all three of us needed a poo in the morning, it'd be even crazier. Most days I try to wake up early and go have a wee before the other two wake up and queue for the toilet. Sometimes this doesn't work, like a couple days ago when I went to the bathroom and Jade was already sitting on the toilet doing a poo and Emma was waiting, squirming a bit. Between the two of them doing their poos, I had to hold my wee for almost twenty minutes. Good job I wasn't too bursting that day.

I'll finish for today by sharing a story. On Saturday, some mates and I went for breakfast and then we walked around looking at the shops in the area. We spent hours just looking at everything and had a great time. I started to need a poo while we were out. I told the other girls I needed the toilet and one, Sophie, said she did as well, so we went off to the shop's toilets together. There were only two cubicles and both were open so we took both. I started to wee, then I heard Sophie do the same. She weed for a little bit but I was still going. As my wee started to finish, Sophie said to me, "Erm, I hope you don't mind, only I need a poo."

I answered "Oh, me too." and with good timing, I immediately let off a loud fart. Sophie replied "Oh good. I've been holding it in all morning." Very soon after, I could hear several quick plops from her cubicle and soon the air smelt heavily of poo. A long poo began coming out of me as Sophie continued to plop away. She was done and started to wipe before my first poo even finished coming out. It ended and I let out some smaller poos. The smell was even stronger now with my poo adding to it. Sophie wiped a lot and flushed then went to wash her hands. I finished with my last bit of poo as Sophie was leaving the toilets. I wiped but not nearly as much as Sophie had, then I flushed and washed my hands.

Alright, that's done. Hope you enjoyed, and sorry again for being gone so long. I'll try and post again soon. Bye!

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