Today I was out mountain biking with my friend Amber. As we were getting ready in the parking lot I went to the outhouse to pee. While I was sitting on the toilet, someone entered the adjacent stall, pulled down there pants and started to pee. Then I heard a little grunt, which did not sound like a girl, and then the sound of poop dropping into the pit. I was just finishing up wiping and left, but I kept an eye on the outhouse and it turned out a really cute guy who was also a biker had used the other side and pooped. I thought that was kinda cool.

Anyway, by the end of the ride I needed the bathroom again, this time for both things. It wasn't too bad so I decided not to use the outhouse which smelled kinda gross. The ride home was fine, but by the time I got to my house and had put my bike away and such, I needed the toilet pretty badly. I went into the bathroom, quickly opened the window, just in case, and then took off my sweaty top, bike shorts and my thong. I threw them all into the hamper since I was gonna have a shower right away. Then I sat down on the toilet, just wearing my sports bra now. The moment my bum hit the seat, I let go with a hissing stream of pee and a sigh of relief. I peed for about half a minute, and half way through my bum blasted quite a loud, wet fart into the bowl. Oops! Then, with no pushing, my first turd started to slide out. I was soft but wide and stretched my hole a bit. It dropped off with a big splash and I actually got some water on my bumcheeks. Yuck! I grabbed one of the magazines we keep at the toilet, started reading and kept pushing my poo out. Over the next ten minutes or so I dropped three more turds and I had a few more farts, too. I guess I must have been kinda gassy. Then I felt empty and I wiped my front and back. I got up and had a look, the bowl was about a third full with my poo and used tp. Even though I had just let out a pretty big dump, there was no real stink in the room, just a little bit of a poop smell, nothing bad at all.

I flushed, used the brush and then flushed again. Then I took off my bra and jumped into the shower to get nice and clean. I spent another half hour or so in the bathroom, showering, drying my hair, putting on lotion and such. None of my roommates were home so I could really take my time. When I got out I plopped down on the couch to watch some tv and I felt pretty great! That's all for today!

to Kelvin: That was another story I really liked. Thanks for sharing.

to Nicole: We could be sisters from our looks! I'm also short and curvy but I am a blonde. I really liked your stories and I thought it was funny that you just posted that you wanted to have a peek at your neighbour's toilet when it happened to me that another girl saw my poop in the bowl. I guess you would have been lucky if you had been in that bathroom with me, haha.


To Cathrine

Just wanted to say I love your stories! Just curious do you usually fart a lot? Have you had any really gassy days around Alan yet?

Retired Dad

Lucy's Diarrhea

My first story is about my youngest daughter, who I'm calling Lucy. She was in, I believe 2nd grade, so this was around Christmas of '89. The night before the girls went to school, I noticed that Lucy's stomach was gurgling a lot. I heard it gurgling in the car on the way to school. I said goodbye to the girls and about 3 hours later, I remember I got a call from the school saying that Lucy had a bathroom accident and asked if I could pick her up. I came back to the school and Lucy told me on the way back home that she "farted and water came out". We got home, I cleaned her up and said that she should stay home the next day. She agreed.

Okay, that's it for today. I have a more interesting story for next time.

curious in canada

to Jenny

You say that having your pants halfway up your thighs is "more adult" than having them pulled down to your ankles. Why? Do you find having your pants around your ankles somehow juvenile?

What does everyone think?

Michael W.

I Clogged My Grandma's Toilet

Hi guys. I'm back for another story. But first...

To Tyler, I'm glad you enjoyed my story. When I was a kid I would get constipated from time to time. I get constipated every once in a while. Sometimes I would get constipated from holding it too long. Sometimes I would go poop in school depending on if school was out but I didn't poop in school unless it was an emergency. Also, sometimes I would sit and try to poop to make sure if I'm done or not. If I was constipated my mom would make me sit on the toilet and push until I pooped or sometimes give me an enema.

Onto my story. It was September of 1999, I was 11 years old and in Sixth Grade. Me, My dad, and older bro Josh had to do a Sunday or I think it was a Labor Day Dinner at my Grandma Sandy's house. My Great Grandma Esther was also there to help with the cooking and baking. I remember I had mashed potatoes, baked chicken, green breans with sliced bacon, rolls, a garden salad, milk, and a couple of slices of cherry pie. It was a really good meal. After we ate, I was outside in the front yard climbing a tree when I felt a poop brewing in my stomach. So I climbed down from the tree and went back inside. I used the downstairs bathroom by the kitchen. I closed and hooked the door locked and then let down my shorts and boxers down to my ankles and sat on the toilet. I did a small push and a lil fart. I relxed myself for a good minute and then a banana sized poop slid out of my butt. Then I felt some more coming along. Another banana sized poop only this time it was slightly smaller. I cupped my face with my hand and stared at the wall while I sat and waited for more poop to come out. I wasn't sure how long this was going to take. So I did some pushing and it seemed to help. Another poop slid out then another then another then another and so on and so on and so on. I did do some farting here and there. Some of my farts were loud and some were sqeaky which made me laugh and some were just meh. Each poop that came out of my butt got smaller and smaller and this poop seemed like it was never going to end. Each time I would push a poop out I thought I was done and then I wiped with toilet paper and stood up but then I would feel the urge to poop some more and then I would sit right back down on the toilet. I definatley pooped a lot and used quite a bit of toilet paper. When I was done wiping I stood up and pulled my shorts and boxers up and flushed the toilet. All in all I would say that my pooping session lasted for like 40 some minutes. So I flushed and my poop would not flush down. So I flushed it again and picked up the plunger to push it down. The problem is that little did I know I pushed my poop down too soon before the water in the toilet stopped running and the toilet started to overflow. The water in the toilet rised to the rim of the bowl and onto the floor. I was like "Oh Shit!" Not to mention that some of my poop came along with it. I was like "Grandma Sandy is gonna kill me." I did pick my poop up from the floor and dropped it back into the toilet. I was so worried that I would get in trouble for what I accidently did. So I calmed down and washed my hands. I took it like a man and told my Grandma Sandy "There's something wrong with the toilet." So my Grandma flushed the toilet again and pushed the mess down the toilet with the plunger and then mopped up the rest of the mess in the bathroom. I told my Grandma that I was really sorry and she said "It's Ok." I did tell one of my friend's Devon about it. He laughed and said that it was a great story. He told me that he clogged the toilet in school once. I was like "Oh Shit!" And I laughed. Well, that's all I have for now. I'll post again later till then Happy Pooping.

Monday, August 15, 2016

Some Questions for girls

1. When you last took a crap did you have to pee or poop worse?
2. What order do you usually poop and pee in?
3. Have you ever pee'd a little in a maxi pad on your way to the bathroom to go poop?
4. When you last took a crap in front of somebody what was there reaction when you went both pee and poop?
5. Do you pee in the shower?

Jennifer G

Reply to Mr. Clogs

Thank you and I'm so glad you enjoyed my post! In answer to your question, no I don't think I would ever pee in a bottle or a cup or anything else while I'm in my car. I'm just going to pee directly into the seat, just like last time. For me, that's the whole idea of peeing in the car. I don't want to put anything on the seat to protect it, no towel or cover or anything. I just want to sit there and let it go, like I would if I was sitting on the toilet. But of course it will be better than the toilet because it'll be the seat of my car! I know it will probably ruin the seat and make the value go down and all that stuff, but I'm okay with that. I'm actualy planning on doing it again this Saturday. I'm going to do it when I wake up because that's always when I have to pee the most. That's the only bad thing about peeing, it only lasts for a short time. But I figure it will be a little longer first thing in the morning, so that's when I'm going to do it. I'm also going to drink a lot of water before I go to bed Friday night. And so, that's my plan! I'll keep you all posted!



Team Project Story from 7th grade

Hi everyone~ I'm Lindsey, and today, I'll post a really fun story about a team project incident from 7th grade. Before the story, I need to tell you my height. In my first post, I said that I am 5feet 11inches, but it was a typo. Sorry! My real height is 5feet 5inches Well, this story is about an accident, so I have a quick question with some comments before this story
-I really liked your story about boy needing assistance! Please give me comments after reading my story!
The Dean
-I really liked your story too! We don't have unisex toilets in our college, but It'll be fun to have one! Please give me comments after reading my story!
To Everyone
-Well I Have a quick question about poop accidents. I really want to know what it feels like to poop in your pants, or have the feeling that you are really desperate that you'll go in your pants. Is there anything that I can eat (not rotten or raw foods) to have the really desperate feelings to poop? If I hold it for a long time, instead of getting the feeling to poop, I get constipated. I wish to have that feeling. Give me any advice!~
Well there was this girl named Bettie in 7th grade, and she was this type of girl who had a really strong personality and was really clean. So, there was this team project that we had to do, and it was a team project with two or three people in one team.I was in the same team with Bettie. We needed to make a report about animals, and we were searching for things about it.
During the project, she continued to fidget. I asked her if she needed to go to the bathroom, but she said no, and turned red. Since she had a really strong and stubborn personality, I was sure that she wouldn't go to the bathroom. She was holding her stomach, and was crossing her legs, and fidgeting a lot. I was sure that she needed to go to the bathroom, but she didn't go. As we did halfway through the project, she farted. It was not the fart with a big noise, but even though it didn't have much noise, the smell was eye watering. "If need to go the bathroom, just go" I said, but she said "I don't need to" in a really stubborn voice, and sat there fidgeting.
She was now sweating, and her hands were clammy. I couldn't understand why she didn't go. Well, going is better than having an accident. Isn't it? She was making a lot of farts, kind of wet with bubbles too, and was almost whimpering. Finally she decided to go to the bathroom, and I went together. However, as soon as she stood up, I heard a crackling noise, and she led out a piece of poo. She suddenly froze, and I think that she managed to hold the others, because I didn't hear any more noise.
She was walking quite fast to the closest bathroom, and I followed her, but unfortunately, the closest bathroom was locked. We went back to the library that we were working on, and she didn't say anything. Since it was June, she was wearing really short white pants, so the bulge was obvious. We asked the librarian where the closest bathroom was, and she told us. However, it was really far. We went there, and while we were going, she farted, and more poo came out with the noise of bubble and crackling. She turned really red, and I think that she lost control because she began just farting loudly, which sounded a little wet, and she lead out a chunky. mushy poo with a really long, shuddering fart. She kinda broke into a run, me following, and with letting out farts, and poops. We finally arrived to the bathroom, and she completely lost control, farting like crazy, letting out sloppy wet poo with long slimy poos. She also let out this chunky poo with was lot of crackling noises.
She looked at me and said "Look, I was constipated for three days, and this has to be a secret to everyone. okay? She was near tears, and while she was saying this, she was still pooping and farting. I felt sorry for her, so I said "Sure." Now the smell was quite awful, and I told her to finish her business inside the bathroom. She went inside, sat down slowly, and had bunch of more poops. What did she eat? After pooping straight for like 15 minutes, I heard the sound of toilet paper, and she cleaned herself the best. I think that she threw away the panties, and cleaned the pants. She flushed about 3 times, and came out. We finished the project, and we went home.
However, when I went to the bathroom that she was in, I saw a lot of things. I went on the same path, and on the path, I found five little drops o mushy poo, and about three medium sized slimy poo, and two big chunks of poo dropped. I felt sorry for the person who had to clean this. When I went to the stall she went, There were like a bunch of sloppy poo on the floor, and there were some on the wall! Also, there were some chunks of poo floating on the water, and in the trashcan, I saw her white panties turned brown. It was covered with poop! The awkward thing was that her poops were in all different color. There was light brown, dark brown, brown, almost black, nearly yellow, and more. I say my poops be on two or three different colors, but not as various as this! The hall smelled a lot, and there were poop everywhere in the stall, so I immediately went to another stall and peed. After that, I just went home. I hope nothing like this happened to me.
I really cannot understand why she didn't go to the bathroom. Then, she wouldn't have had this massive accident in her pants. Thanks for reading my story, and have a nice day!~

Retired Dad


Let me introduce myself. I'm 56 years old and a grandpa. Before that, I was a very caring dad. I have three kids. I won't say their names because they might be embarrassed to tell these stories themselves. I'll give them "undercover" names: Rosie, my oldest, Emily, my middle daughter and Lucy, my youngest.

The girls have all had their own accidents (Lucy being the most common) and I feel I would like to share them here. I first discovered this site many many years ago, thanks to Lucy. I haven't been to it in years. I suppose I'll post my first story soon. See ya!

West Coast Lurker

No choice

I'm sure I can't be the only person to experience this... I had a questionable stomach for about a week, and went to take a shower... my wife was on the toilet and while in the shower, I thought I had gas... to my dismay, I exploded diarrhea all over the wall of the shower and faucet... luckily, it was mostly liquid and a few chunks. I was able to rise it down the drain and my wife never knew that the sound that sounded like only gas was a diarrhea explosion... wow it felt good to let that go!!!!

for all the men (and women with penises), how far can you pee?


Hey everyone!

Hello! I've been reading thr forum for a while, this is my first time posting. Everyone's got such great stories!
I'm 19, in my first year at university. Yesterday my roommate was in the bathroom for an hour at least, flushing over and over. I thought she had clogged up the toilet, but it turns out she was flushing her course notes down the toilet. I remembered reading about someone else on here who was doing the same thing, has anyone else flushed anything unusual down the toilet beyond just pee and poo?

Jenny (skidmarked in Seattle)

8/12 poop number 2 ( pun intended)

8/12 poop number 2 ( pun intended)

About 5 patients and two more cups of coffee later, it was 1pm and I was ready for another poop. It was admin time for me, so I could take my time if i wanted too. But this was like eating slow if you are hungry, I was going to get this poop out as fast as I could gracefully. I was moving a bit quickly to the restroom at work, consciously looking like I was not rushing to drop a load. I had a few drop of sweat on my forehead which one could interpret or explain due to being busy and it being a hot summer Seattle day. However I knew ( and all of you) knew the truth. I was trying not to " prairie dog" into the relatively delicate fabric of my panties. Less visible was the one to two drops of sweat on my butt cheeks from clenching making my "juicy " bum literally juicy. I rushed in a stall in an empty restroom, and hastily pulled down my pants barely unbuckling and unzipping my pants to pull down. I managed to pull my pants initially down to my ankles and began to "turtlehead" safely into the bowel and not my Victoria secret thong and banana republic pants, when suddenly I froze. The parasympathetic relaxation I had been craving suddenly overrided by a cerebral yet irrational fear. I saw the skid marks from my morning poop and despite wiping with soft cottonelle toilet paper, a brown streak mixed with some sweat from running around, let along clenching my cheeks. My professional looking underpants ( as professional as a thong looks I guess.. My g string is for the weekends ) and pants now smelled like twice worn yoga pants.. Yet my prairie dogging turd was frozen, despite its urgency just seconds ago. My skid marked thing was likely visible to anyone checking for an empty stall. So I moved up my thong and pants to the more "adult" location of halfway up my thighs. It took me a few minutes of deep breathing combined with some desperation to finally drop 4 good sized logs . The feeling nearly matched my morning poop. I moaned and sighed out loud with an echo in the empty restroom.I cleaned as best as I could with the public restroom quality control knowing that I was going probably make bigger mess than I had then once I pulled my thong between by crack. I flushed before I wiped as I figured I would need a bit more toilet paper. Anyone else feel like they get less clean wiping in a public restroom compared to home? After 8 wipes, I figured it would be futile to feel cleaner, so I would just " steer into the skid." I was scheduled to run 6 miles that afternoon, and my work day was almost over. I imagined how dirty my thong would be in few hours ( and I was " right on the mark" when I peed before my run.), did one more wipe and pulled my pants up.

Epilogue : after my 6 mile run, my stain stick got some work before I put my green thong into the washer. Even though I uncharacteristic did not poop again before my run, I felt great, sticky buns be damned

Hi everyone
This is my first time posting here. So you can get an idea of what I look like I'm white, a bit chubby, have long black hair, big boobs, short, and wear glasses. I work at a bar and I'm known for my foul language. For my first post I'll answer a survey so you can know a bit about me. There's some stories mixed in too 😉

Male or Female- female
Age- 23

Do you poop in public bathrooms and if so what was your last experience like?
I have no problem using public bathrooms. My last experience was at a restaurant. My family and I went to a restaurant, I had been needing to take a dump the whole drive there. When we got there I scanned my eyes across the place trying to spot the bathrooms. I spotted them and saw a teen girl going in. I looked at her shoes and she had pink sneakers. We got seated and I decided to get the drink order in before I went. My stomach was really hurting so I knew I would need to go soon or I wouldn't be able to focus on the conversations. A few minutes later I ordered my drink, excused myself, and went to the bathroom. I could see the pink sneakers in the last stall. Based on how long she had been in there I knew she was probably taking a shit. I picked a stall that left one empty one between us. I pulled my pants and skull panties down and sat on the toilet. I released a decent fart and relaxed. I instantly noticed how loud the girl next to me was being. She was grunting and breathing heavily. I pushed hard and made some grunts. I never grunt when pushing out a load but I didn't want her to feel embarrassed being the only one. I could feel my hole open up and my crap start pushing out. It was hard and hurt but the relief was amazing. As mine was coming out I heard splash from her stall followed by a heavy sigh. Hoping that she might've clogged the toilet and I could take a peek I wanted to prolong myself in the bathroom. My poo was a few inches out and my rectum was having spasms edging it out. I stopped pushing and hoped for the best. It started sliding very slowly while she was wiping. A thick shit coming out so slowly felt extremely good. A few seconds after she flushed I pushed and the rest slid out and I uncontrollably sighed at the relief. I looked and my crap was dark brown and thick. It looked like it might've clogged but when I flushed it worked. I went to peek in the other stall and it looked like hers went down fine too.

Have you had to poop at work recently? Explain?
The bathroom at my work is either fun or awful depending on how drunk the people are. I work at a bar and we have to use the same bathroom that the patrons use. Early on the bathroom is just like any other public bathroom. But when people get shitfaced they get pee allover the toilets and throw up which isn't fun. I'm a poop only girl. When the girls are pretty drunk but not pass out level they tend to be less embarrassed about going number two and really let lose or forget to flush. My stomach was really hurting so I knew I needed to take a dump. It was busy but I was able to get someone to cover for me. The girls bathroom has only three stalls. The stalls and toilet seats are black. The last toilet is metal and the rest are porcelain, I have no idea why they're different. There were two blonde girls talking at the sinks fixing their makeup. All of the stalls were filled but within a few seconds a women left the last stall. I went in and saw the metal bowl with a pile of light brown crap in it. Maybe she thought it wouldn't flush? When we see a clogged toilet we're supposed to plunge it so it doesn't get worse when someone pukes in it. The poo covered a large area but it looked very soft. I worked! The toilet had the worst skids I had ever seen but I didn't care. I sat down and started peeing. The two toilets next to me flushed and the girls left while I was still peeing (they didn't wash their hands, gross!). One of the girls at the sinks took the stall farthest from me and had a pee. I pushed and my crap came out rather easy. I looked and it was long soft snake of poo making an "S". It didn't feel like that much so I was surprised. I wiped and flushed.

Have you ever pooped in a plane bathroom? What was it like?

What is the average amount of wipes for you?
I make sure I'm clean and I'm horrible at wiping. Its usually 12 to 15. I have clogged toilets just from the TP.

Are your poops very smelly?
They often don't smell like anything. But when they do, its really strong.

Have you ever gotten skid marks in your underwear?
I crowned once when I really needed to take a dump and almost crapped my panties. This was the only time. Rest of the time my panties look very clean.

Have you ever witness a person of the opposite sex poop before? Explain.

I've been needing to take a dump all day. A few hours ago I started getting serious urges and my stomach really hurts. I'm going to wait it out for fun though. I hope I get good sleep tonight despite the cramps 😉

Skidmarked in Seattle

2 poops today part I

Had two good poops today. I had a morning poop after my shower. I love the feeling of pooping (obviously haha) then showering. This usually happens to me at nights or weekends or after working out. But sometimes before work my coffeeoften doesn't kick in until after I've had my coffee, and in some case, I get the bittersweet feeling of after pooping right after a shower. I have heard and read bout the dislike of this phenomenon. I'm guessing many people don't feel so clean in contrast especially the feeling of a freshly clean bum after a shower. Ive heard wearing a thong adds fuel to the uncomfortable feeling . It's love/hate for me. These almost are the best of the best relieving poops, but as you know not only do I not feel clean, I'm hyper aware of the stains that will show up in my panties...

8/12 poop #1

I was doing my makeup today after drying my hair after a shower when I felt " a knock at the backdoor". I was pretty much in full dress professional mode and did not want to undress less let alone undress my freshly showered clean clothes to have a bowel movement. But however inconvenient, I feel these are also the best feeling poops, as because the fact that they are undesired and " inconvenient " yet the feeling I get afterward is usually that the benefits are well worth the " cost" of a sticky stinky bum and panties. I undid my dress pants, untucked my shirt and unbuckled my belt before lowering my green thing and pants to my ankles. I dropped 3 good turds and lost count after 3, as my estascy was almost... Well short of orgas*****. My husband even came in the grab something and teased me about not turning on the fan, l as he flipped the switch while I jokingly flipped him the bird, and kept coming back in several times in a minute, just to tease me. I gave him a hard time back, laughing as my thong was still clean , my embarrassment was subdued, even non existent. I wiped 6 times as best as I could , pulled up my string and pants . I definitely still felt a little sticky, but no time to shower again.... To be continued. I had to get going and provide healthcare, with most likely dirty underwear

A lot of ladies let it blow in the bathroom at my work. I work at a hospital/clinic, and many people are in a hurry to poop, or are milking out their " break time". I In my last story, I am usually not so blantent about making a loud stinky load, but this was almost a revenge poop as the lady with the strong perfume was not very nice, and her perfume smells awful to most people, so I was kind of giving her a taste of her own medicines. I remember a story easy back of you " pooping" with the enemy, but instead of being shy , I was almost "firing" back. So I'm not aware of anyone else being as blatant with "revenge" poop. Sometime I do that at home with my husband when is gets on my nerves. Only when my panties are clean though. He is not as welcome in the bathroom when I'm pooping if I have stains ..

Airplane poos

Abbie: thanks for the update, I'm sorry you and Katie suffered from constipation. As I remember you suffered from constipation while you were at school, did "student life" (drinking, not always sleeping lots etc.) have any impact on that?

Anna from Austria: safe travels to Japan! Never having been there myself, I'm curious to learn of your toilet adventures there.

I did take a long distant flight myself recently and had to do a poo on the plane. I noticed my turds - which are usually normal-sized and pretty thick - to be very thin. It was very odd!

Steve A

A rare yet embarrassing sight...

I saw a woman with wet pants the other day at my work. I'm not sure if she had an accident or if she might have spilled something. But, the wet spots were in the front and back. It was a rare sight for me because I never saw that before. I do feel sorry for her if she did have an accident because she must have felt embarrassed walking through the store with wet pants.


Anna's toilet fail at the library

Today I went to the university to do some work in the library. All morning I was sipping from a huge cup of coffee and after about two hours or so I started to feel the need to use the washroom. I kept working for a bit but eventually got pretty uncomfortable. So I gathered my stuff and headed off to the small bathroom in the back of the floor. When I got there it was all empty. I was happy about the added privacy, because I needed to do both things and I had not gone number two the day before so I figured I probably had a big load knocking on my backdoor. I took the stall on the left, locked the door and put down my bag. Then I pulled down my jeans and white thong and plopped my ???? bum on the seat. I started to pee and the moment I did so I let out quite a loud, wet fart that would have been a bit embarrassing had someone else been in the room. Anyway, my bladder was really full so I peed with a loud, hissing stream for quite a while. Then I took out my phone, started to text some of my girlfriends and pushed. My little backdoor opened and a biggish, soft and very long turd came sliding out. It took quite a while and it never made a splash because I think it was just curling up in the toilet bowl below my bum. I felt very relieved after that but knew I had some more to come. I kept playing with my phone and pushing until I dropped two more, smaller turds and then I knew I was empty. I pulled off some paper and wiped my front and then my back, only needing a few sheets to clean between my cheeks. Then I pulled up my thong and my jeans and flushed the toilet.

But here is the thing, I only tried to flush because it absolutely would not go! I pushed the handle a couple of times and nothing happened. I had a look in the bowl and there was a massive amount of poop in there. It was mostly my first turd that had curled up a couple of times. You couldn't even see any water or anything, wow! Not knowing what to do, I just simply closed the lid and went to wash my hands. While I was doing so, another girl came into the washroom. She smiled at me and then, of all things, took the stall I had just done my business in! I felt totally mortified that she was gonna see my turds in the toilet. Not only that, but because there was quite a bit of a smell in the room, for sure she would know that it was me who had just pooped. So as she was locking the stall I pretty much ran out of the bathroom as quickly as I could. I am sure she used another stall after she found out that the toilet didn't work, but not after getting a total eyeful of my poop when she opened the lid! Yuck! Out in the library I went to another floor to keep working and luckily I did not see the girl again. I also felt really bad for the person who had to fix the broken toilet. That's all for today, I hope you found this story interesting.

to Vincene: I loved your story about the adventure you had trying not to wake up your boyfriend. So many things came together! Do you think the biker noticed that you were on the toilet for a poo? I thought he made the situation more awkward than it had to be afterwards, if it had been me I would have wished he would just have quietly used the bathroom.

to Jessica: Your's was the other story I really liked. I totally feel for you and your friend, exercising also often makes me need to go number two. But how embarrassing for poor Louisa that she got caught right in the middle of a big poop. I guess it was good it was you, I think you were super nice about it and didn't make her feel worse at all! Do you go outside often? I am very outdoorsy, so I do. Mostly for pees, but sometimes I also have needed to take a dump outside.

1) How long do you go without having skidmarks in your underwear?
I used to always get skidmarks but now, I almost never have skidmarks. I like a clean rear end to the point of making it bleed from wiping so much. In fact, my average dump consists of 7+ wipes.

2. Do you skid marks wash off clean or do they stay stained even after being cleaned?
Always wash off clean.

3. Do you ever get skidmark when you don't poop?
No. I used to though.

Little Mandi
Hey all,
Havent been on here in forever.
I'm slowly starting to get over my poop shyness. I even pooped with my best friend on the phone last night. haha I mean I still get embarrassed. I always will cause i'm a naturally shy person but lately whenever I have to go if theres a bathroom available I just go. I just flush the toilet as soon as it starts coming out to mask sound and smell.
I have a little easier time when there are a good amount of people in a larger bathroom but if its too packed or there is someone next to my stall I won't be able to go. I can try all i want but it just wont come out.

Every since I used to have sight problems with constipation I dont like to hold it. A few times I've gotten constipated from holding it . I just cant stand the horrible feeling of being constipated so if I feel the need to go I just try and go I mean everyone poops after all right?


Responses and this Morning's Explosive Poop

Lindsey: Thank you for your response. I think you are right about the dream meaning that I am becoming more confident. I have never been unhealthily embarrassed about going #2. We all do it. I guess I have been more embarrassed by the fact that I really enjoy defecating from the urge to go, to the actual going, the clean up and the feeling of relief afterwards. I guess it meant that I am finally comfortable letting someone else - Alan - in on that part of my life.

Now, for your story, you showed a lot of compassion in a very awkward situation. It sounds like your friend channeled his emotions through his stomach. You can't date someone because you feel sorry for them so you did the right thing by breaking up, but you also demonstrated wonderful compassion by helping him through an embarrassing moment and by continuing to be friends afterward! I hope to hear more from you!

Dean: That is so cool that you had unisex bathrooms in college. Thank you for sharing your experience. I guess if there is no other alternative, then it would be something that we gradually get used to.

However, I do think public bathrooms, if we are going to have more unisex options, need to have stronger privacy regulations for the stalls themselves, and ways to monitor so that no one is abused or hurt in the bathrooms. Thank you for sharing your story!

Vincene: Thank you for your kind response. I really appreciate it. As I wrote to Lindsay, I think that my dream may have been about being comfortable with a significant other knowing that I enjoy going to the bathroom. I guess, like you suggested, I have been fearful to let someone know that, which is why I like to write on this forum. Thank you for your response and I always enjoy your posts!

Jessica: I loved your story!!!

This is not really an exciting story, but a little funny. As you know, I am married now. Alan and I have been married for over two months now, and we are settling into our routine and being comfortable with one another in many areas, including using the toilet when we have to in front of each other.

Now, I am not one who normally has noisy poops. I mean, I don't fart very often when I have to poop, especially during the poop. If I do, it is usually when I am sick with diarrhea or something.

This morning, around 8 AM, while I was cooking and Alan was up getting ready for the day, I came into the bathroom in a hurry with a strong urge to go to the bathroom. I knew this one was not going to be solid, and I had been having smelly gas all morning, which was also unusual. I sat on the toilet and exploded with a long, loud, bass sounding fart as I pooped. I lasted for what seemed like an eternity. I let out a lot of chunky, musshy type poop that piled up in the bottom of the bowl. The bathroom smelled worse than when I normally go.

When I looked up, Alan had stopped shaving and was staring at me in disbelief. "You really have a gift with farting," he said. Well, yes, I guess I do!



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