My Most Amazing Babysitter

On Page 2548 I wrote about my most amazing babysitter. Crystal, who was in junior high, was my babysitter for almost a week when my parents needed to fly out of town for a relative who had a medical emergency and then died. Looking back, Crystal was one of only a few babysitters I had because my family didn't have a lot of money so my parents didn't go out a lot. My uncle built me a large treehouse and that's where I spent much of my time. Looking back now, some 20 years later, my mom was very domineering and had these hang-ups about going to the bathroom being something you tried to regulate yourself for and do at home as much as possible. My experience then in using bathrooms away from home was somewhat limited and Crystal would sure open my eyes to something different.

When my parents were flying back home, their plane hit bad weather and they were stranded in another airport for a few hours. Crystal and I had taken a city bus to the airport and now we had to hang out there because we didn't know when the flight would arrive. Because Crystal was staying at my place, and had spent time in my treehouse and we had eaten a lot of junk food and pizza, she had gotten herself constipated. We had both drank a lot of soda so when the flight delay came across, she said her crap was knocking and that if like three knocks weren't answered, she might have an accident. We walked into the closest bathroom. It was a busy time and about 30 stall doors in two rows were closed, you could see legs under them and some with clothing all the way covering their shoes. She said those would likely be the crappers and something about them sitting for an extended stay. I noticed behind us that a door opened and a lady walked out. Crystal bolted in, kind of shoved me sideways in, and latched the door. Another lady had moved toward the tall, but Crystal was faster.

You'd have thought Crystal was at third knock when she dropped her sweats and white underwear and seated herself just as as a fart blast went off. Then there was thud into the water, she accidentally cussed when she said the water in the bowl tried to rinse her out. She pushed herself back on the black seat so she could see the size of the crap. She invited me to see too. I had seen behind her that there was a plastic holder of seat tissues, but she said she never uses them and something about them being dumb and probably for old ladies. Then she joked that at age 8 I didn't qualify yet. I started to tell her how my mom hated public bathrooms and Crystal said things like that just make them harder to use. She put her hands on her knees and opened them about 30 degrees. Then she rocked back and forth a couple of times, crunched up her face as she was doing a big push. Then she broke her stance and exhaled. Again, she pushed back on the toilet and showed me a piece about the size of an average banana. She said she was about halfway done. Then she said something about a good crap being multi-phased and requiring patience. She moved to the very front of the seat and I heard a couple of tinkles, then a steady wee stream. She tried to entertain me as that was happening by telling me about being a girl is better because her brothers have less privacy in peeing in the urinals. She said the boys on the other sides of her brother watch him as he pees at school and made fun of his junk. I later looked up what it meant and found that to be amusing. I told her he should use a toilet stall like the girls, but she said there are holes in the sides of some of the toilet partitions and that takes away from their privacy too. I was so surprised that she said a joke about bed-wetting looking better all the time. She was really open about things and she was gross, but I found it so so fascinating. She wiped from her seated position and held each one up for me to see before she tossed it in between her legs. She asked me to guess how many wipes she would need. I said six. She needed seven. She asked if I thought her full toilet would flush. I told her I didn't think it would. But it did. Then Crystal got up and turned it over to me for my wee. Our fascinating conversation continued.

Little Mandi
Hey all,
I havent been on here in a really long time.
Tonight I'm bored and have nothing to do. I mentioned several times that I have an iron stomach. I can eat or drink anything and i'll be totally fine. I can count on my 10 fingers the amount of times I actually had diarrhea that I can remember.
Tonight since I have nothing to do and dont mind having diarrhea I decided to drink prune juice and eat prunes at the same time see what happens. I already went poop today so I don't know how much i'll have in me but we shall see.

Its almost 8:30 I drank the prune juice at 6:30 and nothing is happening maybe a few stomach gurgles here and there but thats it not even a fart.

its now 11pm and i'm getting ready to go to sleep and nothing at all has happened. Not a cramp not a fart no more gurgles. Most people would be pooping their brains out by now. haha Night all

Saturday, August 13, 2016


Wild Camp

A few of my mates had some free time this week, so we loaded up two cars and headed off into Wales to cover a backpacking walking route my mate had planned across the Cambrian Mountains. We had planned a 3 day trip which included a short walk on day 1, a wild camp by a river, a full days walking and then another wild camp near a lake (with potential for skinny dipping/washing) before dropping back down to the cars on day 3.

The first days walk was good. We got to the location for the first wild camp. It had looked like a good location on the map, with a small area of woodland shown nearby where we could go for shelter when nature called, and nature was calling for all of us having stopped for a greasy spoon breakfast on the way in the car! In reality the wooded area was an area of recently felled and removed trees surrounded by a barbed wire fence. There was very little shelter or privacy available nearby thanks to the lie of the land with a rIver we could not cross. We were discussing the lack of privacy when one of my mates, Callum, said somthing like "we can stand here discussing this all night or we can make the best of a bad situaton and he grabbed the toilet roll and trowel and walked off.

He wasn't gone far past the barbed wire area and he turned round and was walking back towards us. I later learned this was because the ground turned boggy as you went away from the campsite. We were all stood around watching him with interest. He wasnt much more than 50 metres away from us when he shouted this will have to do and started digging a hole out in the open! We were all having a good laugh and then he put the troweL sticking into the ground, put the toilet roll over the handle and then stood up, shouted across "this won't be pretty" turned so his back towards us, dropped his trousers to his ankles, we were surprised to see he was wearing briefs not boxers (they were bright blue) and he then dropped these, shook his ass at us and squatted down over the hole. The length of the grass did give him a little privacy at low level, but we kept yelling him questions about how his shit was going, and he sort of answered them. After he had been squatting over the hole for about 5 minutes he wiped his ass (only twice), pulled his briefs up, shook his ass at us again then pulled his trousers up.

He then filled in the hole, went over to the river and washed his hands (wiping them dry on the back of his trousers) before carrying the trowel and paper back to the campsite. We were all stood around in group and someone said "how was your shit mate" to which he replied "it was great I feel a stone lighter - whose next" as he was holding out the trowel and paper....

I will be back soon to say what then happened...


Boy needing assistance

I was at the mall. I had a lot of back to school shopping to do. I texted my best friend Jarrod to see if he wanted to come join me later and do up a movie. It was about noon and I went to the food court, got my order at one of the 18 or 19 windows, but each table was taken. So I took my food outside the entrance and sat down on a bench. I don't particularly like to eat off my lap, but there was no alternative. As I was finishing my shake, grandma and a little boy came by. He was protesting having to sit down but she told him her legs were 70 years older than his and she needed to rest. I figured he was about 8. He seemed distressed even after they sat down. He belched, then farted and told his grandma he needed to use the bathroom. She seemed frustrated and asked him about what he needed to do. He said he had to crap. She told him both his mom and her agree he's too old to be taken into the ladies room, but she said the place was much too large for him to go in alone. He told her he didn't see it any different than him having to go at school. He told her he's starting 3rd grade, but she wouldn't listen to that. She said something about because of the way things are, he needed to be supervised. I finished my shake and tossed it into the trashcan next to where they were sitting.

Jarrod texted me that he was on his way so I just sat back and heard the boy continue to complain. He said he wasn't going to be able to hold it until they got home. He was complaining about how long the bus ride back home was going to be and it occurred to me that I could volunteer. I told her I needed to use the bathroom too and said he could go in with me. The boy seemed surprised that he wait was over. I took his hand and told her to have Jarrod sit and wait if he got there while we were gone. I walked Ethan down the hall to the nearest bathroom. I guess the movie had gotten out because when we got there all 5 toilets were occupied and there was a line 3 deep for the urinals. Finally, a boy about Ethan's age came out of a toilet. I kept Ethan back while I checked it. That was a good idea because the boy hadn't flushed has crap and had actually sat on one very peed upon seat. I flushed it and quickly wiped the seat down for Ethan. Then I told him it was his. It took him about a minute to latch the door correctly, then I saw his briefs and tennis shoes dangling about 1 inch off the floor. He sure wasn't exaggerating to his grandma. I heard a couple of plops, saw him spread his legs wider, and I could tell he was punching out a bigger one. Then he was on his feet and I heard the toilet paper roll being turned. It sounded like it was going fast so I figured he was taking off a lot for big wipe. I continued to be curious as the turning continued. I had lost count but I figured he was at least at 5 wipes, maybe more. I got to thinking about whether his mom or grandma had been on his case about skidmarks. Then he opened the door and I quickly caught it to look in. There was wipe paper crunched up and on each side of the seat. I told him to toss it into the bowl. I asked why he hadn't flushed. He didn't have an answer. I told him that it needed to be done. He looked a little surprised that I cared, but he turned around and pushed the flush lever. I could see part of what he had left in the bowl. It was pretty dark black and it was about 1 inch wide and 2 inches long. I moved him through the line and up to the sinks and showed him where the soap container was. He did a pretty good job but wiped his hands on his grey shorts. Once we got into the lobby, he thanked me real nicely for taking him in. He said he would have had an accident if he had to wait like grandma had wanted. He said the last few times his mom and grandma have taken him into a public toilet, ladies looked at him kind of strange. Jarrod was just arriving when I got back to the bench. Ethan's grandma was very appreciative of what I did and offered me a free soda. I turned it down nicely.

But I have a question. At what age is a child too old to be taken into the bathroom of the opposite sex?

Mr. Clogs

Shower Enema post

Hello everyone hope all is well with you. I something interesting to post is that I'm doing this shower enema now. It helps clean out my bowels in the morning. Since I have to be at a job site early and my bowels haven't kicked in and the place has no toilets only porta potties with no toilet paper, it's a trade off in relieving my bowels. These past few mornings that's what I've been doing to keep myself clean. If you have a hand held shower, unscrew it, then insert the end up the rear where you poop, relax and let the warm water flow in. Once you feel like you're about to poop, stop administering the enema and move your bowels into the toilet, bucket, tub or container. Then shower and your all set! I didn't think it'll work for me but it did!

Jennifer G: Thanks again for your reply I was about to ask if you carry Frabreeze on you? Also do keep a bottle or something else to pee in in your car instead of the backseat? Great post and take care.

Just wanted to share. Take care and have a good day!


A story from 8th grade (Love story!)

Hi~ this is Lindsey again, and today, I would like to tell you a sad love story from 8th grade. But I'm not the victim, so do not worry!~
First, comments
-I had fun reading your dream story! I had a simmilar dream once too, and asked my friend what it meant, and she said that I was willing to be more open and confident. I'm not sure though. Please give me a comment after mmy story this time too!~
-I like your outdoor poops story! Please give me a comment after reading my post too!~
So, to start my story, you'll need some background information. The character are Nick whose parents are close with my parents and so knows me well, Celine who is my best friend, James who is Nick's best friend and is the main character of this story, and me.We were in 8th grade. Also, here is the most important thing. One dait, Nick told me that James has a stramge body function and has a painful stomachache, has explosive diarrhea, and sometimes throws up when he is really depressed, sad, or upeset. I didn't think of ot that much until one day in late fall.
I was the mid of November, and since I usually come to school quite early, so I was at school quite eraly. I'm not bragging or anything, but I was one of these popular girls during school because of my looks and my bright personality I guess. So I had a lot of friends including Celine. When I went to my desk, I found a pink letter on my desk. I started readingit, and it was loveletter from James! Even though James was also one of these popular boys, he was a bit naughty to girls (except me) so I didn't like him that much. So, I started writing a rejection letter. I was kind of mean, so I wrote a harsh rejection letter using the words 'hate, bad, never' and words like that. THinking about it now, I feel really sorry to James. So, I gave it to him secretly, and started chatting with Celine. However, I couldn't concern about it especially after I remembered that James has a stramge body function.
At the first period, he was massaging his stomach, and he was really quiet with his head down, even though he was a really talkative student. I was sure that he read my letter. At the second period, I could see that his face was really pale, pale like a paper, and he was sweating. During recess, he disappeared, and instead, Nick asked me if I rejected him. Well, he knew! I didn't have anything to say, and Nick walked away in the coldest face I had ever seen.
During third, fourth, and fifth period, I tried not to look at him, but when I took a glimpse at him, he was breathing heavily holding his stomach. After lunch, I went to the bathroom with my friends to see the mirror or anything, and we heard the sound of explosive diarrhea from the boys bathroom. They giggled, but I couldn't giggle because I knew who it was. when I came out of the bathroom, I saw James coming out, and he had tears filled in his eyes. I pretended that I didn't see him even though I felt awful inside.
During the sixth period, a really strange thing happened. I saw James burping a few times, but then, he threw up in class! Everyone saw it, and I gasped. I was the class president during that time, so I needed to go to the nurse with him. It was really awkward walking with him. Suddenly, he cried. I didn't know what to do. It was the first time I saw a boy in my age cry in front of me because of me. He suddenly ran to a bathroom and had explosice diarrhea again. I heard the sound of throwing up again too. I felt so sorry for him the I cried too. I was sobbing when he came out."I'm sorry I didn't mean to hurt you that much. It was that I wanted to be mean. I'm an awful person I'm sorry." I said while crying. He seemed surprised. We walked to the nurse office in silence, and when he came out, he was back to normal. He pulled my hair and ran away "Catch me if you can!" he said, and smiled. I was glad that he was back to normal.
Fortunately, other classmates didn't say anything about what happened, and so did the teacher.
The next day, I gave a sorry letter to him, and we decided to be good friends (not a special relationship, just friends), but he said that he still liked me. After that, we didn't have a awkward relationship. Even though I don't meet James now, this memory is vivid in my head. I'm glad that it is a happy ending.
Thank you for reading this long story, and please give me comments about my story after reading. I look forwards to posting more, and have a nice day!~

The Dean

Unisex Bathrooms in College

Hey it's Dean and this is my second post. My first post from page 2573 was an embarrassing story about how I took a major dump my freshman year in high school and then got a wedgie and swirly from three bullies. My next story isn't as bad although it is quite embarrassing and this time it was in my freshman year of college.

By my freshman year in college I didn't have to worry about bullying anymore and even with my bad IBS I wasn't that shy to go to a public restroom. I got used to it in high school although when I started college I was in a co-ed dorm that happen to have unisex bathrooms. I guess unisex bathrooms became more common in mid-2000s when I was in college because I had hardly even heard of them before then.

Now taking a dump in a stall of a men's room is one thing but doing it in a unisex bathroom while girls could be in there brushing their teeth and stuff some how seems to be even more embarrassing and I totally have a few stories where it was.

These bathrooms were pretty normal. They only had stalls(no urinals) and they were about as private as most U.S. based toilet stalls are with the cracks between the doors and about a foot of space between the door and the floor. They also had showers in there and I heard rumors that people had sex in them although I was in the bathroom quite a bit due to my IBS and I never saw that happen so I'm guessing they were just rumors. The showers had pretty big curtains and were quite a bit more private than the toilet stalls.

I was very nervous at first about using these stalls. The worst part of these unisex bathrooms were that they were very quiet. Some public bathrooms will have big fans going but here they just had bathroom fresheners and made sure to stock the stalls with Lysol spray.

My first week there in 2004 of my freshman year was not that bad. I had used the bathrooms a few times during down times and only had one major IBS related explosion but that was luckily in the middle of the night when no one was in there. The second week I wasn't so lucky.

On a Tuesday night in the evening I was in my dorm room studying and really started to feel the urge to take a dump. I was going to try and wait till later when the bathroom was less crowded but I started getting cramps in my stomach. I decided to give in and walked down the hall to the bathroom. There was one bathroom per floor for the four floor building. Every other room was a male room and a female room. They didn't let females and males share a room together for obvious reasons. Each floor had about 30-40 people and the bathroom had eight stalls. I knew that woman's restrooms usually had lines and I soon realized that would be the case here and I first noticed this when I had to take a dump that Tuesday evening.

I got down the hall to the bathroom and was shocked to see the line for the bathroom going out the door. I had heard a couple days earlier that people were complaining about having sore stomachs. At the time I thought it was just the flu or something but I later found out this old rumor that cropped in several different colleges about how they put laxative in the food. Obviously that most likely isn't true and it was more likely just due to people moving out on their own and eating junk food but either way it made the bathrooms at my college more crowded which wasn't good for someone like me who regularly had to go due to IBS.

The line was three people out the door which meant there were probably at least five people already inside waiting in line. Most of the line were girls although there was one guy at the front of the line of the five people going outside the door. He was tall, skinny, and had dark hair. He looked pretty calm and not all that desperate. The girl behind him had long shiny blonde hair and was very attractive with a skinny frame like a model. She looked somewhat desperate and was holding her stomach with her right hand leaning slightly over. The girl I got behind in line also looked a little desperate but didn't show much sign other than leaning a bit. She had brown hair and was also kind of cute in a girl next door type of way. I already had my hand over my lower stomach when I got in line behind her. I didn't feel too desperate yet but I could feel the cramping in my stomach.

Of course right after I got in line two other girls got in line behind me. They both had blonde hair and seemed to know each other and both looked pretty desperate to get in holding their stomachs. The one that got right behind me was very skinny, really cute and short while the other girl was taller and fit. I wouldn't have been too embarrassed if it were two guys behind me but since it was two girls my face started to turn red because I knew before I got to the front of the line that I would have to relieve some gas pressure and fart a few times. I figured I'd tried to hold it as best as I could but when my IBS really acts up it can be hard because of the build up.

The line moved somewhat swiftly although not quite fast enough. By the time I was finally in the bathroom my gas was really making my lower stomach bloat. The tall skinny model looking blonde girl one person in front of me who had already looked desperate looked really desperate now. There was still that guy in front of her and she was now holding the back of her bum with both hands while biting her lip a little. Most of the people in the stalls were taking a dump and it was pretty loud. Every five or so seconds you could hear an occasional trumpet like fart sound come from the stalls. I held back from letting out any gas at first but some of the girls in front of me and behind me in line started to relieve a bit of pressure and farting every once in a while. The girl with brown hair in front of me was now a bit more desperate and holding her stomach now too. She turned to the side and leaned over a bit and let out pretty loud fart that lasted at least four seconds.

The gas in my stomach was really screaming now and I just couldn't hold it in anymore. I leaned down a bit holding my stomach and made sure to stand sideways to aim my butt away from the short cute blonde girl behind me trying to maintain at least some bit of politeness in such an embarrassing situation. The gas shot out with force and sounded like a high pitch loud trumpet and lasted at least a long ten seconds due to the build up of holding it in. To me it felt like it lasted half an hour. I could feel my face turn warm as it got even redder and started to fan my right hand behind my butt a little while still holding my stomach with my left hand. I glanced over at the short blonde girl behind me as if to say I was sorry and she gave me a quick smile as if to say it was okay. Her and her friend looked pretty desperate and were also farting quietly a little bit here and there. I think we all must have felt pretty embarrassed. At this point even with the bathroom fresheners the room didn't smell great and someone farting at least every two to five seconds in line wasn't helping.

At this point a stall door opened and it was the tall guy at the front of the line's turn. He got into the stall and sat down. Now the skinny blonde model looking girl still had both hands on pressed on each side of butt clenching while in the home stretch. Finally a stall opened for her and she practically ran to it. She slammed the door shut and almost immediately exploded gas and loose poop into the toilet. She had looked the most desperate in line so I was glad she made it without an accident but now I was worried about myself.

I leaned over and farted one more time to relieve some more pressure and it only last about four seconds this time and was a much lower trumpet like sound. The short blonde girl behind me was getting more desperate now and was holding both her stomach with her right hand and the back of her bum with her left hand sort of waddling a bit side to side. If I didn't need to go so bad myself I would have let her cut me but I knew in just a few more short minutes I'd be holding the back of my bum too trying to keep from exploding and avoid disaster pants.

A stall door opened and the brown hair girl in front of me went for it. She sounded like she farted every step she took to it and got in and slammed the door. Just a few seconds later another stall door opened and the tall guy with black hair from earlier exited it. I went for it and got in and the door shut. The stall was all the way to the left next to the blonde skinny model looking girl. She was still blasting away which made me nervous because I had to get my pants down fast as I was already starting to fart. I got my bum on the toilet and like a wine bottle that had been shaken up and uncorked I exploded with gas and soft long logs. After every three logs I did about one four to five second trumpet size loud fart. I was still feeling very embarrassed but I didn't care much at that point even with the hot blonde girl in the stall next to me who was almost farting as loud as I was.

I took about eight minutes and finally got out of there after I washed my hands. It was very embarrassing taking my first dump in the unisex bathroom in front of girls but it isn't that bad when you know they are just as desperate as you are so you can at least share in the red face of embarrassment.

That second week was pretty bad with the bathroom being crowded but eventually by the third week I think everyone's BMs became regular again as we most likely adapted to more healthier diets through trial and error. I think when most people go to college they get a little wild not just with alcohol but also with eating pizza and junk food every day.

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Jessica first welcome to the site and great set of stories it sounds like you and Louisa both had great poops outside and I look forward to anymore stories you have thanks.

To: Vincene great story.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site



I haven't posted for a while, but today, I'm just so constipated! I haven't gone for three days. I can feel it in my butt and it feels really big and hard. If I can't go after dinner tonight, it's going to be the women's little pink pill!

I had to do a client presentation today so I had to wear a dress and heels. My feet hurt, my butt hurts, and my ???? hurts! UGH!

Thinking about stopping at the drugstore on the way home and getting a Fleet Enema for fast relief. I think I will. Go home, get out of these heels, and have an enema and a good BM!


Thursday, August 11, 2016


Outdoor poops


First, I noticed some very cool guys pooping stories lately. Random Girl, Jane the Poop, Michael, thank you! Keep posting.
And to all other fellow poster, thanks to you too! I can't name everybody, but I read the last three pages entirely, and there are many great stories!

I have a few summertime stories for you guys. As we've been enjoying very good weather, I have been outside quite a lot, which of course resulted in some good outdoor poops. Here goes the first story.

I had holidays with some friends in a nice cottage we rented. There were five of us, two friends & their boyfriends. Needless to say I was pretty jealous sometimes, as I haven't had a boyfriend in a while. Anyway, we had a great time with some toilet related events I have nobody but you to share with.

On one of first days, I decided to go jogging early in the morning (before breakfast), because afterward it becomes much to hot. Louisa wanted to join me, so I woke her up with a coffee (I know, I'm so kind!). We changed, drank some coffee and ate some fruits. My belly felt heavy because of the large amounts of rich but healthy food we always treated ourselves with, and I started passing some farts, as usual for me at this time of the day. Just when we were about to leave, the feeling became clearer: I had to poop. So I told Louisa:
"Excuse me a minute please, I have to use the bathroom before we leave."
She replied:
"No problem, I'll wait for you outside."

So I went to the toilet, locked the door and seated myself on the toilet. As soon as I was seated, my butt released a long, airy fart. I was embarrassed somebody could hear me, especially through the small bathroom window which cannot be closed. Then, I started pushing. After three pushes, I relaxed a little and peed a few drops. I always have a big pee first thing in the morning, thus there wasn't much left. I push again, but nothing came. I cannot poop when I am stressed, for example when somebody is waiting for me. So after a five minutes of stressed, frustrated pushing, I gave up, wiped as usual and flushed the toilet, still feeling full.

We started jogging at a good pace. Everything was fine, but my belly and my butt. So twenty minutes into the workout, I started farting uncontrollably. If some of you are fellow runners, you surely know these very long farts, that last for 3-4 steps, making you think your butt is about to blow up. It was really uncomfortable. Turtleheading, you said? It became obvious to me I could not run any further. Louisa asked:
"Hey Jess, what's up? Don't stop!"
So I had to explain:
"I'm so sorry, I really have to go to the toilet, my belly is not feeling well. I cannot hold it." This was sooo embarrassing, but I couldn't help. She remained very cool:
"No problem, my dear, do you have napkins?"

I had napkins, so I jumped of the trail and hid behind the next thin bushes. I was hoping Louisa would not peek, but honestly, my urge was such that I didn't really care. I lowered my spandex, got down into a squat and "Pfffffffffffffffffffttt", a long fart immediately followed by some mushy nuggets. I was hit by a massive cramp. A small push later, a smooth log started emerging. It grew without any effort to a very long, ring-stretching snake. I thought it would never end. When it finally did, I farted some very nasty, ripe gas. Usually, my outdoor poops don't smell, but because of all the fried vegetables, shells and wine I had been eating, that was a terrible one. I was almost glad I didn't release this in the toilet!

My stomach was still hurting slightly and I was dizzy from the emergency, the pushing and the relief. Instead of standing up, I started massaging and caressing my belly. Soon enough, I was hit by another cramp and moaned "NNngghhhh!". I then pooped a long, thinner, mushy turd, you know, those with lots of little gas bubbles that crackle when they come out of your butt. I felt its warm contact against my butt checks, and from then on it was clear it a thorough wipe job would be needed. And that stench! After it broke off, I passed one small nugget more and two farts and I already felt better.

Suddenly, I became aware of the fact Louisa could be watching me. Panicked, I looked around, but she was not to be seen. I quickly grabbed the napkins in my pocket and started wiping my dirty butt. I needed like six napkins until I finally declared myself clean. Then I stood up, and looked at my creation.

Wow, I just had produced a huge pile! The smooth light brown turd was at least 25 cm long and quite thick, while the mushy one was like 30 cm long. Plus, there was also quite a bit of mushy stuff and nuggets. Think about it, that was really incredible! I amazed myself, if you see what I mean. :) No wonder my belly was complaining.

I then quickly went back to the path, because even though I had lost no time, I knew it could actually have taken a while. But back on the path, no Louisa...

It wasn't dark or anything, but still, that was very creepy. We had met nobody (which is quite normal due to the remote location of the cottage and the time of the day), thus I was suddenly left alone.I called "Louisa!". No answer. Looking in all directions, I saw no one. In my fear, I left the path, silently walking on my toes. Blood was rushing in my head, my eyes were scanning the surroundings. Where had she gone?

And then,barely hidden behind a stone, I recognized first Louisa's baseball cap, and then her tiny body squatting close to the ground. OMG, I just had walked into her while she was relieving herself! I shouted: "There you are!" and she was there like: "Aaahhh!", surely immensely embarrassed by being caught like this. I said: "Sorry, sorry, but I was so scared, I've been looking for you everywhere!". She calmed down but didn't stand up and told me that I had gone for a long time, and admitted that her bowels always wake up just after she stops working out, like after a gym session, and she was very sorry I have seen her pooping.

Under her butt was lying a big dump, little pebbles, and a big turd, the kind that starts with compacted pebbles before becoming smoother towards the end. She squirted a gush of pee and said: "I am almost done now, but I need one minute more, sorry.". She didn't even ask me to leave, I suppose she was already mortified (and so was I!), the rest didn't make any difference.

I tried looking away or finding something interesting to tell but my whole attention was focused on the turd which was making its way out of Louisa's bum. It was thin, very light brown, and its motion was seemingly effortless. it grew 15 cm long and dropped onto the big one.

Louisa then looked for something in her pocket, but didn't find it. She exclaimed "****, no napkins!". Luckily, I had two of them left, so I handed them over to her and she performed the best wiping job she could given the scarce means. She stood up and looked at her creation: "Eewww, this is disgusting!" I think it was mainly because she still couldn't admit to me she also regularly takes huge, nasty dumps. I just laughed.

I came closer to her and we hugged, I told her it is no big deal, I am also very embarrassed by my sudden urge to go during the workout and that we have to keep this secret, to which she agreed. We the resumed jogging and spent a great morning. All these emotions, form the frustration of not being able to go to the warm hug with a now close friend, through fear and intense relief, left my washed out but very happy.

Love and take care,

Jemma. Hope you enjoyed your holiday in Palma. From the situation you describe your bowels weren't wanting to be moved for a couple of days or so at a time and then they'd need to evacuate in a big way. I suspect that a change of environment and routine, together with changes in what you were eating and drinking, were probably responsible. When when I go away on holiday, even here in the UK, my bowels seem to know the fact and respond accordingly.

Catherine. I'm glad everyone's over the stomach upset and that it wasn't too bad. Hope you're keeping well. I'm fine.

Annie. I hope your bowels settled down and behaved themselves before church on Sunday okay.

Jennifer G


I'm so glad that some people enjoyed my post and my experience! That really lifted me up! I had a really stressful day today and I'm actually looking forward to the weekend and I might even have another pee in my car. Of course I'll let you know if I do.

Mr. Clogs and Adrian: Thank you both for the encouragement and in answer to your questions, I'm actually sort of hoping that there will be a little bit of a smell in the seat, but if it gets to be too much I'll just use febreeze. Then I can see how accurate their commercials really are!

toilet car: Yes, please give some ideas! But I will let you know that I personally don't want to do anything that has to do with poop. It's all good if you do, but it's just not my thing. Only pee, and so far, only my own pee. Not that I wouldn't enjoy someone else peeing in my car, preferably a woman, but it's just that I don't have the guts to ask anyone if they would do it. Definitely open to the idea though!

So far I haven't peed in my car again, only that one time. As I said, I might do it this weekend if nothing else comes up. It's definitely something I want to do again. I really liked doing it, even more than I thought I would. I also liked the idea of doing it. I like the idea of sitting in my car and just letting it go right there in the seat. I guess I've always thought of pee as being like a part of me. And so I like the idea of letting that part of me go into my seat. I know I'm a dork. But that's just how I think of it I guess. Anyway, I'll post again soon!



Taking my crap in the unisex

A couple of weeks ago my boyfriend Diver had a softball tournament that required us to travel 40 miles for a Friday night game and another 25 miles on Saturday for a double-header. Getting back to his apartment at 1 a.m. on Sunday morning, I knew he needed a really good sleep, but since I'm a light sleeper, I woke up about 9 on Sunday morning and I needed to take a two-day crap. I didn't want to risk waking him up because the toilet is right up against the wall of the bedroom and like so many apartment buildings the drywall is mega cheap. So I quickly jumped into my jeans, put on a top, and tip-toed out. I walked three blocks down to the nearest convenience store. I bought a large coffee and was at the snack bar drinking it. There is one bathroom, unisex, at the back of the store for customers and employees to use. Its not the cleanest or dirtiest, but its adequate. The coffee was plenty hot so I was sipping it slowly. I remembered back in college I had sores on the inside of my lower lip that campus health examined and felt were probably caused by eating and drinking extremely hot things too fast. I was prepared to take my coffee into the bathroom and just as I started to get down off the snack bar stool, an alarm rang and we were told to walk out the back door and wait in the alley. About 20 of us moved out quickly and when we got outside we could hear sirens. This excitement was what my bowels didn't need. What had happened was that some guy, who they thought was drunk, started pumping gas without the nozzle in the tank. After the fire department hosed the spill down and sprayed some kind of foam over it, the station could reopen.

I waited about a half hour. My crap was knocking harder and not willing to wait any longer, I crossed the highway and walked a block down a frontage road to 24-hour self serve car wash. I'd used that unisex bathroom once before after I had sampled too much wine at a party and needed to purge my bladder. Although we were only a few blocks from home, I cried out pretty bad and that convinced Diver that I was about to water log his co-pilot bucket seat. Since there were no cars in there, I yanked the door open, and I yanked my jeans and thong down with one hand and I dropped the oval seat with the other. The deluge began immediately. I knew I had splashed the front of the seat. It was very stuffy. I looked up and found the fan had been swiped. This time I knew the bathroom was bad but I knew it would save from crapping my pants. I yanked the door open just like before and since the seat was down this time, I used both hands to drop my clothing. My first deposit was long and hard as it splashed into the bowl. It scraped me to the point where there was some pain. Next came the soft supplement. I knew from the feel of it that it was going to require lots of wiping. Looking directly in front of me, I was reminded that the toilet paper roll was mounted on the door. I remembered telling Diver about that the first time. He thought that was a great idea because my knees were up against the door and my thighs were pushed against the sides of the cubicle. There was only about 4" of toilet paper left. I folded it over so I could use both sides. Even then, it was gone and I was considering my options. I glanced down at my black thong and remembered thinking that at least that was in my favor because there was going to be skid marks.

At that point the door was yanked open and here I was sitting exposed to all the traffic whizzing by the on highway. The competitive biker in a helmet quickly said he was sorry so I don't remember ever closing the door so fast. It took me a minute or so to compose myself. I snapped the toilet paper container open and slid the cardboard roll core off. I tore it with my hand and with extremely careful handling on my part, I achieved more cleaning. The flush readily worked and as I now unlatched the door, I found the rider was sitting on his bike waiting for me. He apologized twice and offered to buy me some coffee. He gave me his business card for my future reference. I politely refused to give him mine. In walking back home, Diver texted me and wondered where I was. I responded that I tried to save him sleep by taking my crap elsewhere. When I finally got home and heard my story, he felt sorry for me and took me into his arms. Later he made a joke about needing to teach me to latch a door. I gave him an extended tongue before he walked into the kitchen and helped make our lunch.


Your dream and that situation is very interesting to me. I'm wondering if things that make us uncomfortable or scare us cause us to have dreams based around them? A few times in my psychology classes in college I got to thinking about what causes such dreams. Your big room with open toilets sitting out and both sexes using them was somewhat like one I had a couple of times 10 years ago when I was 16 and in high school. My family had just moved from one part of the country to another. My old school was somewhat smaller and every toilet stall had a holder on the wall with those toilet seat cover papers. Mom had taught me the importance of using them as part of good hygiene. Then when my dad got a new job and we had to move to another part of the country, I was in a larger school, where the toilets were dirtier and there were no seat protectors. And the small cut-out sheets of toilet paper provided would not stay on the seat--no matter how hard I tried. So I had to sit butt-down at least once and frequently three or four times a day. A couple of times when I had diarrhea mom called me out from my last class. However, after I told mom about a couple of my dreams, she sent me to counseling and the doctor told her not to excuse me anymore so that I could develop a coping strategy. Since then I've learned to just use the toilet when I have to, wash my hands good afterwards, and I haven't had any of those types of dream. Sometimes, though, I do wake up in the middle of dreams about financial regulations and fears about my financial industry career.

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Jemma great story as always.

To: Abbie great story it sounds like you both had really good poops and pretty big ones as well from the sound of it and I bet you both felt good afterwards and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Mina I hope you feel better soon.

To: Lindsey first welcome to the site and great story I look forward to reading more of them thanks.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site


Re: Morgan and his Sandcastle Poop at the beach

Hey Morgan!

No poop for 5 days; eh? I can sure relate to that haha....

Had you gotten urges over those 5 days but decided to hold?

Were you feeling an urge at the beach or did you just decide to try since you knew you hadn't gone for so long?

Thanks man, Tyler

PS: Are you a teenager?


Michael W: I liked your "After School" Story.....

That's so typical of kids; eh? Feeling an urge in school but NO WAY are you gonna poop there. So; you hold it. Kids are TRAINED to hold.....and kids get copnstipated.

Were you constipated a lot as a kid?

How often did you go; typically?

Would you always wait for urges or did you have set times when you would sit and try?

Thanks for the story man; looking forward to the next one :)

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

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