Yesterday I had a conference at work my stomach wasn't feeling the best but I shook it off and drank a cup of chocolate milk. So as I was driving to work my stomach pain let up,which i was glad about.I finally arrived at work we were waiting for the boss to come in and guess what my stomach pain came back it felt really bad this time but I tried to ignore. I felt the urge as if i had to pee I excused myself to the bathrooms I sat in the middle stall the bathroom was empty I pulled my skirt and panties down to my ankles and starting a stream of pee ran into the toilet I felt a fart coming on I let it go and a wave of chunky diarrhea splashes into this toilet I felt more coming on I slightly pushed and waves of liquid and chunky diarrhea came out it was nasty but also made me 9 minutes late my boss wasn't too happy with me but we got on with the conference.


Mild Stomach Virus

On Wednesday, I wrote about waking up during the early hours of the morning with major explosive diarrhea. Well, during the night both the girls - I call them Chloe and Zoe on the forum, so not to give out their names - had major diarrhea during the night. They are 11 and 7. Chloe is a cotton-top blond and Zoe is a mess! She's outgoing, confident and has a head full of curly red hair!

Zoe got up in the.night first with it. She came in the bedroom and said that her stomach hurt. I got up and as soon as I did Zoe went to the hall bathroom and began to have major diarrhea.

Chloe got up while Zoe was sitting on the toilet and told me that she had to go to the bathroom. I asked her if she was sick and she shook her head and said that she needed to use the bathroom. As I have shared with you, Chloe is very self conscious and private about her bodily functions. She came and sat on the couch and looked very uncomfortable. She even said to Zoe to hurry.

"Chloe, you can use our bathroom. Do you have diarrhea?" She looked at me and kinda with a little attitude, "No, Catherine, I just need to go to the bathroom!" Of course, I don't ever take it personal and just said OK and offered our bathroom. I told her that Zoe was sick at her stomach and she might be a while. I heard her stomach really gurgle. It sounded like a rush of liquid moved. She stood up suddenly, and began to make her way to our bedroom. No sooner had she gotten to the threshold of our bedroom than she exploded in her panties and shorts. She was wearing gym shorts that she normally slept in and diarrhea was flooding down her legs. Alan woke up, grabbed a towel and wrapped around her and carried her to the master bathroom. He got most of the diarrhea off and I got the Clorox wipes and cleaned the floor. Thankfully, they are hard woods.

Alan helped Chloe get a shower and I checked on Zoe. Zoe went back to bed. She had diarrhea again this morning. Chloe had diarrhea throughout the night. Neither vomited. However, Chloe seemed to feel worse than Zoe.

I hope that they feel better soon.



Jane the Poop

Guy Pooping Story

The round of posts where the request showed up had some wonky formatting, but I believe the poster name was Dynasty and yes, I do have some stories about men pooping.

One of my favorites and most lasting memories is about the boyfriend I spent my college years with. He is the only one who has ever known about my interest in the toilet, and he was a big boy who would make me big poops while I sat on his lap. The most unforgettable load he pushed out for me was on a very average evening. He came and told me he wanted me to come with him, not explaining what he wanted to do in front of our roommates. We went into our bedroom and he brought me to the bathroom and smiled as he sat down. I knew then that he had a very loaded butt. He let loose an incredible booming fart, making me giggle, and then started looking concentrated. His poop emerged with a loud crackle, and it seemed to go on forever. Ten seconds, then fifteen, twenty, twenty five. And finally he caught his breath and looked up at me. He stood up to present his work to me.

I looked in the toilet to see the biggest single poop I have ever seen in my life. It was literally as thick as a football (tapered on the ends too) and came so far out of the water it was almost inside the rim. He was still catching his breath and I stared in amazement. "Oh I bet you feel so much better with that big poop out! This is incredible. You must have been so full." He looked a bit shaken and said, "Oh babe... I have to poop so bad." "What, now?" "Yes, I have a big, big load."

With that, he sat back down and more crackling began. One by one, poops splashed and fell out of his loaded butt and into the already full toilet below. He groaned and farted, then pushed another poop into the bowl. He stood again and showed me his creation. We both knew there was no flushing happening. I stared at his bowl in amazement, knowing no more poop would fit inside our poor toilet and wondering if he was done.

He took a breath and admired his poop too, then placed his butt on the ledge of the tub and said, "I'm sorry Jane, I hope this isn't too gross for you. I won't be upset if you leave, but I'm just not done going poop. I'll clean this all up," as ropes of poop began curling out of him and into the bit of bathwater I'd had plugged from cleaning my feet just before. It made a plop and I sat next to him for a better view. I reassured him I enjoyed it and he held his bum open so I could take a better look. One after another, poop after poop after poop squeezed out of his loaded butt. By the end, there was at least twice as much poop in the bath as the toilet, and he cleaned up his own mess after escorting me out. I probably don't have to say what we did next, right? ;)

That was a poop I've revisited many times, even after we broke up.


Responses to K, Adrian and Wiping Question


Thank you for writing! It is good to hear that you would like to be open about bodily functions in a relationship. I don't know what advice I would give you about finding a woman who is open about her bowel functions. However, I would not "try to hard" to make her comfortable, especially early on in the relationship. I think that the best thing that you could do is to be a gentleman, to make sure you don't plan your dates with such a tight schedule, and to keep your own bathroom clean, with air freshener, candles, soft toilet paper, and a plunger. You don't have to say anything, but your actions will show that you are sensitive to her needs.

Later on, Alan was honest enough to share with me that he was not bothered by my bodily functions, but actually felt close. Of course, what I write about is the exceptoion rather than the rule. We don't fart around each other very often. We don't see each other on the toilet very often.

But, lastly, we need to get over the stigma about women's bodily functions. Guys, please don't make comments when your girlfriend goes to the toilet. Girls, please don't hold it. I think we do this to ourselves by not going when we need to go. And if you fart, just say excuse me and not act like it's the end of the world.

Adrian: Whew! That sounds gross just reading it. I hope that you feel better! My diarrhea subsided yesterday after that fifth dump, and I had a regular bowel movement this morning.

Wiping Question: I wipe with my right hand, front to back. Going back to front can wipe feces into the vagina, and cause urinary tract infections.

Sunday, July 31, 2016

Romantic Dump

Steak Farts

Hey all!
Thank you sooo much for responses glad your enjoying the stories that I share, and on that front I have another one for you!

So last night me and my BF decided to go out for a meal, our choice of venue was an expensive steak restaurant, I hadn't had steak in ages! So we pigged out on some very rich food ribs, hot wings and of course the steak with all the trimmings, it was lovely.

Of course as with life, what goes in must eventually come out (we all love it hence why we're here). So the next morning, I wake up with some incredible gas. Now guilty we all love the smell of our own brew, but the stench of these farts were leaving me semi concussed. BF was still asleep at this point so I kept cutting them powering up a very strong dutch oven. The juices, meat, hot sauce, mustard, garlic butter, had created a foul smelling concoction the bedroom was starting to stink they were that bad.

When the BF did wake up and noticed the smell he started to cough and gag but he was very excited as he though thus was signaling for an epic dump! I went to the throne and got myself seated (I had nothing on) and my BF sat on the tub, I could feel a storm in my stomach and was pumping out this hot stinky gas but try as I might I just wasn't ready for a shit yet.

I got ready and left for work thinking about the impending dump that I was going to have to take at some point in the day.
The whole morning at work I could just feel the battle going on in my ???? and having to hold in these farts at work wasn't helping, though I would drop them where and when I could, however, they were now starting to become loud which wasn't helping either.

We were sooo busy all morning and as a result my boss took me out for lunch only to subway but I couldn't refuse though I could sense my poo factory was getting ready to send out its first shipment, all I wanted was to have a toilet under my arse!
My boss went up and ordered me a footlong, it was agony as I needed to release a footlong! We talked about the day my progression...etc... I was getting very desperate for a dump my butt was full of poo waiting to be released.
When we got back to the office I just had to tell my boss straight sorry I need the loo!

I made my way to the office toilets only to be confronted with a long queue as it was lunch time. I walked out thinking I could go to some other toilets in the town, however on my way out I noticed the disabled toilet, I had to use it I was on the verge of shitting myself which, simply wasn't an option.

I locked the door behind me and rushed over to the toilet, I dropped my trousers and pulled my pink thong down to my ankles and took my place on the throne! OMG the relief was out of this world, my dump started with a very warm smelly fart I then proceeded to release a cascade of turds into the abyss below, this wasnt a huge log like I love but loads of soft medium sized ones that made PLOP! PLOP! PLOP! PLOP! they we're still very satisfying though. I was sat there trousers and knickers round my ankles stinking up that place hard!
The poor toilet had shit marks all over the pan even after flushing, a sign a good desperate dump had taken place!

Anyways I've gone on too long must dash hope you enjoy the story!! x



Brandon T: Thank you for your kind words! Great to hear from you!

Adrian: Thank you! It's always good to hear from you!

Victoria B: I love your posts and I think that you raise an interesting question! Right now, I am enjoying the best of both worlds - two large poops per day. I know it can't last forever. When that day comes, I would rather go less frequent and have larger bowel movements. They feel so good and comfortable! Has something changed that you are starting to go more frequent? I would rather have the kind of poop that you described in the bar bathroom. That was awesome!

Jane the Poop and Romantic Dump: Love your stories!



Do most women and girls wipe their bottom from front to back or between
the legs?

Anna from Austria. Hi there. Glad to see you back. I hope the trip to Japan goes well and that you don't have any ???? problems. Unless you're used to travelling outside Europe and have a tough constitution to go with it, my advice would be to take some Imodium (or similar) with you. It's a standby I never like to be without.

JOHN B. Hope the colonoscopy went okay. Please let me know how you got on. I'm thinking about you.

Catherine. Welcome back. Thanks for sharing your first dump as a married lady with us. It sounds as though Alan enjoyed it too.

Today for my evening meal I had battered sausages, chips, baked beans and Diet Coke - all good healthy stuff you know! Immediately afterwards I heard a 'rumble in the jungle' (no my bowels actually) and got the distinct feeling that the sooner I got to a toilet the better. Needless to say I went straight up to the loo and was proved right. No sooner were my pants down and I'd got myself on the can than out came an explosive torrent of semi liquid poo. It smelt as though something had died! After I'd wiped and flushed I washed my hands and set about disinfecting the loo. I then used a liberal quantity of air freshener which at least masked the smell if it achieved little else.


That was an awesome thing you did with your husband! I'm single at the moment but when I find a woman I really want us both to learn to love each other even on the toilet because it seems very silly to be ashamed of your everyday bodily functions when you are committed to loving and supporting each other. I certainly will not be offended in the least if my wife sees me sit on the toilet and take a noisy poop. I would personally be turned onto my wife even more mostly by the fact that she is comfortable with me enough to take care of her pooping and peeing even if I'm in the bathroom. It's not a fetish but simply that we fully except each other everywhere, even on the toilet and the bathroom door is no barrier to our relationship.
On a further note I enjoy my time pooping and peeing very much. It's a simple comfort to me and I hope my wife and I can share even that together whenever we want to.


Afternoon surprise

I had a cold so I stayed back when several of my friends went to the beach. I knew I had a movie or two left on my gift card so I started my 9 block walk to the multiplex. A friend who was driving past the theater saw me and gave me a lift. I got there just as one show as getting out so I had about 30 minutes to kill. I bought a huge value soda and went into the theater showing the movie I wanted to see. I was first in. I went way towards the back and settled in the 2nd row next to the back. I have bad posture so I put my knees up against the seat in front of me and my head could almost not be seen from the back row. I was hoping to get a short nap in because my cold had kept me up most of the previous night.

Since there was no one else in the room yet there was a lot of noise as 3 junior high girls came in with popcorn and soda they were sharing. Two of them were really vulgar and they took their seats right behind me. After passing the popcorn bucket around the girl seated right behind me told her friends she had to pee and that they should have reminded her in the lobby. There were some insults exchanged and the girl who wanted to pee blamed her friends for not reminding her. One of them told her she didn't like to pee in that bathroom anyway because the last time she did he butt actually stuck on the seat. Another burst out laughing and insulted her friend with one of the most vulgar obscenities I have every heard. I guess they started playfully shoving one another and the girl that had to pee said she now had an emergency. Then she was dared to pull down her shorts and do it right there. One friend tried to talk her out of it. But the girl pulled her clothing down, seated herself on the edge of her seat so close that her knees were hitting against my seat.

They were exchanging more insults but then the peeing girl said "her it comes" and they all got quiet. One took her phone out and aimed it and the girl was told to put it away or it would get deliberately peed on. The flash went off and more insults were thrown. Finally there was a whosh and I could hear the pee hitting the cement seat step pretty intensely. Like with some rainstorms, it seemed to get heavier and I looked at my knees against the seat to make sure that my sandals were not going to get soaked. I was trying hard to suppress a cough and a sneeze because I knew that would surprise them because I knew they hadn't noticed me. Also sometimes when I have a fever I tend to fart more. So I restraining myself we ways. Finally, I had to let go a cough because it was feeling heavy on my chest. One of the girls threw a phone light down my way and you could tell they were surprised. Luckily the ads started and I didn't change my seating posture at all. I couldn't smell the pee because of the popcorn and my cold and I enjoyed the movie. I kept my soda on my lap for obvious reasons. The girls left just before the end of the movie. When the lights were turned on I turned around and saw the evidence they left on the floor. Then I went down to the bathroom and took pretty decent crap. I didn't stick to the seat because I put paper over the seat and sat on that. That's what I've been used to doing, although I am sometimes trying to break myself of the habit.

Steve A

To Anna (Age Question) Plus College

I'm 18 going to turn 19 in September. I'll be heading off to college near end of August. I'll be living in a dorm with communal bathrooms, so I'll have more stories and experiences to share on here. I'll also find out if certain people are toilet shy or not. It would be hard to imagine sharing a dorm bathroom if you're toilet shy. For myself, I'm not toilet shy.


To Carin:

Did you mean 4'1"? 3'1" would be the height of an average 3 y/o. I would talk to her mom/parents and see what their thoughts are. If you are correct about the height, there may seriously be some safety issues for her aside from kids picking on her or even bullying her, and her parents are probably on top of the situation. It's great that you're thinking about possible issues, but I think they would be very appreciative knowing of your concerns and knowing that you would like to help. Bailey might just surprise you with an ability to deal with others.

I don't have anything to tell today, but I am a bit bored, so I thought I'd post, haha.

to the person who asked about girls wiping: I wipe my bum from behind and usually I kinda lift one cheek to make it a bit easier. I always wipe front to back, doing the other way round is unhygienic, especially for girls.

to kmd: It's nice to see you are still around. Thanks for the shoutout. I thought you were gone!

to Victoria B: I'd rather have to go number two more and have smaller, more ladylike poops. But then again only if I didn't need to go urgently in awkward situations. This is a though choice!

Take care everybody!


Explosive Diarrhea at 3 AM


I hope that everyone is having a great day!

I once heard a speaker say at a youth Christian conference that one test of love is what you thought about diarrhea at 3:00 in the morning. I thought it was funny. I mean, we can all relate, right?

Well, I am new to marriage and living with someone. I'm an only child, and this is my first time married even though I am 35. In fact, I never lived with a boyfriend (not judging, but stating a fact.)

Well, it happened. Alan has already seen me have diarrhea, and has also seen me on the toilet several times, pooping and peeing, since we were married on June 4.

During the night, I woke up with my stomach cramping. I quickly realized that I better get to the bathroom quick. I pulled my panties down, lifted my night gown and exploded on the toilet with a loud fart that woke Alan up, and followed with a torrent of diarrhea. It was chunky and smelled really bad. It came in one huge wave and then I was done.

After cleaning myself up, I realized I was still pretty sleepy. I washed my hands and got a wash cloth to wipe the sweat off my face. I didn't feel bad, so I went back to bed.

Alan was awake and asked if I was OK. I said that I had some pretty urgent diarrhea, but that I felt OK, so it must have been something I ate. I looked at my phone and it said 3:06 AM. How ironic! Diarrhea at 3 AM.

I fell back asleep pretty quick. The next thing I knew I was awoken again with cramps, sweat, and the thought that I needed to get to the toilet. So I got up, hurried to our master suite bathroom, and this time had a flood of brown liquid pour from my butt. It came in one wave. It was relieving, just like the first one.

I cleaned up, washed my hands and went back to bed. Again, I did not feel bad, just tired. Alan was awake again. I told him that I would be OK, that it was just bad diarrhea but I did not feel sick. I looked at my phone and it said 3:48.

It happened a third time. This time the diarrhea was not as substantial, but I had some loud farts on the toilet. It was 4:30 and I decided to get a little water and go in the den, where it was cooler. I felt a little washed out. Alan came to check on me and I said that I would be OK.

And, I was. I ate my normal 5 AM breakfast - cereal and yogurt. I had diarrhea again, but not as substantial. I went for a mild walk/jog, came back, got my shower and got ready for the day,and made some vegetarian omelets. I had another round of diarrhea. This one was as substantial as the first and second, but after that, I have not gone again.

I'm a little tired, drained and ready to go to bed, but am OK. But, Alan was re-introduced to unconditional love during the night!

Love to all!


Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Jemma as always great story about your desperate poops.

To: Anna great story it sounds like both of you had great poops.

well thats all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site

Victoria B.
To answer your latest post, I prefer more frequent and loser dumps with some gas. I really like the feeling of soft mushy poop as it comes out my rectum and I like feeling gas and poop splattering out together. I like Diarrhea but it can be a little firmer and I still like it.

I liked you "coolest Bathroom" post too! It's funny you should mention that you like bathroom designs because I do too. I like to keep and eye out for used building materials of all kinds and a few years ago I found a nice fancy black toilet from a salvage yard for cheap. It had been a very high end model when new. I liked it so much I installed it in my bathroom.
The toilet tank is very low, only a few inches above the seat level and it flushes whisper quiet. It's so quiet that My sister used it once while I was in the next room. I heard the sound of the handle and the whoosh of the quiet flush. Just then I heard a loud fart that really echoed in the toilet bowl so she was definitely still on the toilet. I think she was expecting the flush to be louder like normal but my super cool toilet is so stealthy that you can't hid any poop sounds with a flush! It doesn't bother me cause I like to let lose when I use it anyway.
It also has an elongated French Curve toilet seat and I love it! It's funneled in shape so it kind of hugs your butt and adds such a welcome touch of comfort to my poops that I already really enjoy.
For me the bathroom is a room of comfort whether using the sink, shower and especially my toilet since it's the fixture that I use the most. I like a nice bathroom very much. I actually like to poop in public bathrooms too, but often I prefer the comfort of my own fancy toilet so sometimes I will hold my poop for short while until I get home.


Response to Steven A

I read your story about the unflushed toilet in the women's bathroom. Yes women poop and don't flush, just like us guys do. Catherine is right, sometimes there's a turd that you're proud of, but that doesn't happen very often when I see unflushed toilets around me. In most cases it's just pure laziness. At work I have never seen anything decent in an unflushed bowl here. A week ago, a toilet was full of soft diarrhea. Nothing interesting, I figured a kid really had to take a dump.

At my last job, the toilet was rarely not flushed, but there were always big skidmarks in the bowl. Of course I worked at a fast food place, so this is to be expected.

In college, I would see unflushed toilets fairly common. Whether it be pebbles, or a ton of soft diarrhea, on one occasion did I see a full toilet bowl. It was an afternoon after I finished class, and boy was the toilet full. It looked like someone had full out diarrhea with solid logs at the beginning at it. I found out by flushing that the toilet had a problem with it. Like my last job, there was often a bunch of toilets with very heavy skidmarks in them. I have even had a professor whom did this, I did not have him personally but for about a couple of days, he would go in the bathroom in the library, go into the same stall to have a poo. Heīd go then leave without washing his hands. He would usually leave one medium sized log, about eight inches long and about an inch thick with a lot of messy toilet paper. But after that week I didnīt see him again or his bathroom antics.

Personally, the only times I havenīt flushed in purpose were in high school, I was often constipated a lot, but I ate a lot of fiber, but it didnīt help too much. I ate a lot, and I pooped not that often, but when I did it was a lot. When I was in high school, I did multiple sports, mostly just track and running. Weīd only have 10 to 15 minutes to change, get our stuff put away, and after that the basketball team would come in and I just didnīt feel like being around those people. They werenīt bad and they didnīt hassle me, but I wanted to get out of there. Mainly because I didnīt trust them. I would often have a dump in the bigger handicap stall of the restroom very quickly, wiping, snapping a photo if it was worthy, then just leaving the restroom after putting my phone up. Everyone brought their phone with them into the bathroom, so I didnīt worry about anything honestly. Iīm sure the janitor hated me, but people abused the toilets more than just not flushing.

Infact I remember one day in highschool, someone shoved a milk carton I guess into the toilet because the water was very very low in the toilet. It was one of the days after I had taco bell, after a race, and we had practice again. Without caring, I sat on the toilet, letting loose a very large amount of soft, stinking, poo. It smelled very bad and looked like a cowpile. Very rarely, once or twice year, I have a very large bowel movement that looks like a cowpile and is a 4 or 5 in consistency. For me luckily, it usually happens in public.




I've been working a lot lately, full-weeks. However, I'm insanely thankful that I can go to school this semester. On and off this summer I have been road biking which is a lot of fun, but only when it's nice outside. However recently, my work schedule has been so erratic,

Yesterday was a good example of what's been happening. I had a good shit 3 days before, but I hadn't gone that day and wasn't expecting much as I hadn't been exercising but just been working. Suddenly, in the afternoon I felt my stomach cramp up fairly bad and I was farting a lot. It wasn't loud audible farts, it was quiet little spritzers that smelled very potent. I figured they smelled so bad since I was backed up. This was the 3rd day without pooing. I wasn't busy so I quickly took off my gear, (I work in a restaurant) and went to the menīs room located in the front. I walked in and a stall was taken. The smell was pretty strong, and something told me the dishwasher was having a shit. Usually he doesnīt go everyday, but when he does, the place stinks pretty bad, and his bowl is skidded up fairly bad. I took the last stall, leaving a stall between us, and I pulled down my pants. I squatted over the bowl, and farted a bunch of tiny farts before I felt a rock hard boulder emerge from my bum. I kept pushing very hard, and after a minute I felt a rock hard turd protruding. It made small crackling sounds, and it smelled pretty bad, even worse than the dishwasher adjacent to me. I had eventually pushed most of it out, and at one point I pushed so hard I felt a ripping feeling, like when you rip fabric, and a very dull but strong pain in my rear began to develop. I was in so much pain at the moment that I didnīt notice it. Eventually the large turd thudded in the toilet, and another smaller, but as thick piece splashed in too. I immediately pulled toilet paper and began to wipe my self. There was a ton of shit, and blood, on the toilet paper. It also stung heavily when I wiped, and my vision began to blur a little bit from the pain and discomfort I was feeling. When I was done wiping, despite there still being blood on the paper, I stood completely up to see quite a large turd in the toilet with a smaller chunk under it surrounded by a lot of used toilet paper. I flushed once and the turd or tp didnīt budge. I had to flush 2 more times before it got caught in the drain, then broke. There was heavy skidmarks when I flushed again.

When I finished I exited my stall, and looked at what the dishwasher had left. It was the usual, there were many skids, and the smell was strong. I went and washed my hands and left to go to work again relieved, but in pain.

Avec plaisir,

Thursday, July 28, 2016

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