Nick: re: Your cousin Matthew at the ER

Hey Nick,

I've been wanting to talk to you about this ever since you posted it....but I keep forgetting.

Back a bit on Page 2567 said "On Friday night, my cousin Matthew complained of nausea and chest pains. Because he has complained of this for two weeks, his parents took him to the ER. He was diagnosed with constipation, and was told to take a laxative. "

How old is Matthew anyway? He must have been SOOOOO backed up; eh? And....for him to have complained about it for two weeks before his parents got him looked at?

This sort of ties with what I was talking about here the other day....about how parents manage to be aware of their kid's bowel movements. Apparently Matthew was never asked if he was pooping....apparently his parents had no clue that he was constipated?

Do you think he was embarrassed to go to the ER and having his parents find out that he hadn't gone to the bathroom for so long?

Are you and Matthew close enough for you to talk to him about all this and find out if he's pooping OK now? Some kids just have never had it explained to them what "normal" is relating to their bowels.

I hope Matthew's parents are taking better care of him now; IMHO their "Parent of the Year" award got a bit tarnished that night in the ER. Poor kid.


Responses to Carly


Welcome to the forum! I hope that you've had time to read my latest post, because it relates to your questions!

Here you go!

Every time you have to go poop and If so what comes out 1st then 2nd?
For me, it is usually the poop. I've gone a few times when I peed first, but most of the time the urge to poop is stronger and so that's what starts first.

Have you ever pooped in front of somebody and If so what was there reaction when you did the pee part of the pooping process?

Please read my post from Saturday. It's about the first time that I pooped in front of my husband (intentionally). I also had diarrhea in front of him while we were dating last summer, when I came down with a ferocious 24-hour stomach bug.

Have you ever pooped and pee'd yourself on accident? Yes, that's what brought me to the forum. I believe my story is on page 1821. I've had three solid accidents in my teenage and adult years. I've had a few accidents with diarrhea - I imagine that if we are honest, we all have. However, it's the solid accidents that I find fascinating.

Hope you are well!



Victoria B.

Would you rather...?

I've had an odd pooping situation these past couple of days. Normally, my body gets rid of everything it turns into poop in large amounts every other day. My number twos have been big since I was a little girl and I've learned to deal with it. Lately, though, I've started to go more frequently, but in smaller amounts in each sitting. I enjoy virtually everything about pooping (bad toilet paper happens to good butts) and I somehow can't decide which way I'd rather do my number twos: less frequent and larger or more often and smaller. Which would you rather have?



holiday to Palma, Mallorca with the girls...

So today i just got home yesterday from a weeks hol to
Mallorca with the girls, got some great stories for
You of my poos at the airport, poo on the plane, & poos
So 5 friends and I who were all at school together flew out to
Palma last Saturday, there was me, Chloe, Kimberley, Stacey, Louisa and Jodie and we were booked on an early morning flight.
Arriving at the airport we checked in and then headed for a coffee, it was after my coffee i needed my first poo at the airport.
'Just off to the loo' i said
'Oh I'll come too' said Kim
So we headed off to the loos where we took cubicles next to each other.
Pulling my grey trackies down and white thong, i sat down and got comfy...
Then the first of my plops came rushing out. 6 initially followed by a wet fart and a further 6 on top of that.
I could hear Kim next to me also having a poo with a few loud plops coming from her stall. I Wiped 5 times and flushed pulled my thong and trackie up and headed to wash my hands and wait for Kim, who was still having her poo as i heard another 5 loud plops in quick succession coming from her stall.
Then silence and rustling as she was wiping herself then her flush went and out she came. 'Sorry Jem, coffee always gets me going!' she said as we laughed about it 'well i can hardly moan with my bowel problems can i?!' i said reassuringly.
We headed back to the girls, and soon we wete off to departures.
It was in departures i needed my next poo.
'Just going to the loo girls ok' i said
'Yeah i could do with going now too' said Jodie
So we both headed to the loo.
This time it was mega busy and we were in a short queue that thankfully went down quickly.
Desperate, i clenched.
Then a cubicle opened.
'Right, I'll see you at the sink Jo yeah' i said
'Yes babe' she replied.
In i went, & this one was more desperate than the first one.
Pulled my stuff down, and i sat on the loo my plops immediately erupted from my peachy butt before i could get comfy. 21 plops very rapidly fell out my butt 1 after the other. I sighed relief after they were all out, and i wiped 7 times and flushed. Hitching my stuff up and exitting to wash my hands, to which Jo was still standing there and took over my cubicle. 'Sorry about the smell babe!' i said
'Desperate were we?!' she said jokingly.
I washed my hands and waited for Jo who had a long wee, then i heard a few quick splashes after that so she must have had a little poo too.
She came out washed her hands and off we went.
30 mins later we boarded our plane.
Got our seats and read the mags we bought at the shop.
Soon i needed my 3rd poo of the day, which soon became desperate,
So i got up and used the plane loo.
I had 9 quick plops and wiped 4 times, leaving a horrid smell for the elderly man after me - Oops poor guy!!
We arrived in Mallorca and headed to our hotel.

Well toiletstoolers, my hand is aching from typing
So I'll give you stories of my poos in Palma and Magaluf
Another day this week, but i hope you enjoyed what i've put so far!
Until next time, Jem xx


hiking story and a question

Today was a beautiful day and my friend Amber and I drove out to the mountains to do a hike. I had a large coffee on the way and when we got to the parking lot I did a long pee in the outhouse and so did Amber. We hiked up this long wooded valley and a couple of kilometres in we noticed a girl wearing a turquoise top and black shorts sitting next to the trail. She was a pretty cute college-aged brunette, but she looked unhappy and maybe even like she had been crying a bit. She told us her name was Charlotte and that she was hiking all by herself and she had heard some noises in the trees, got really scared and now didn't know what to do.
There are always animals around here in the mountains, but mostly they are just deer or elk and they can make some unsettling noises sometimes and it didn't worry us. So we told Charlotte to come with us and she was really happy about that.

The three of us hiked up a ridge and had some lunch and then returned to the parking lot. By that time I needed to do both things and especially a poo. I didn't want to get cut short on the drive home, so I told the other girls I was gonna use the outhouse and Charlotte said she needed to go as well. This bathroom is a bit different than the ones I have described here, with one stall in the front and one in the back, but the walls are also super thin, so you can hear pretty much everything that goes on on the other side. I locked the door and pulled down my shorts and my pink thong. Then I had to open the toilet lid and there was a really horrible smell, as always with these pit toilets in summer. But I really needed to go and couldn't help it, so I plopped my bum on the stinky toilet and started to do a pee. In the meantime Charlotte was peeing as well. She also let out a big sigh of relief, so I think she was probably bursting for a pee when we got back to the parking lot. When I was done peeing I wanted to see if she was going to leave soon, but then she started to make little grunting noises and I knew that she also needed to take care of a number two in the outhouse. So I leaned forward, put my arms on my thighs and started to push. My first poop was kinda hard to get out, it was wide and streching my hole a bit. From Charlotte's side I could hear small grunts but nothing else, so I think she also had some trouble getting her poo out. Finally my poop dropped into the toilet. It was wide but short and right away I had another softer, much longer turd crackling out. Then all of a sudden Charlotte blasted a fart into the toilet, followed immediately by the sound of a big turd dropping off her bum and into the pit below. I didn't quite feel all done yet but Charlotte was already working the toilet roll. I noticed that she wiped a ton of times, then she pulled up her clothes, closed the lid of her toilet and left. I just kept sitting in the outhouse staring at the ceiling and waiting for more to come out.

The thing about these bathrooms is that there are always little scent trees hung up in there somewhere. So with my ???? bum on the seat trapping the stink from below, there was actually a really good smell in the outhouse. Finally, after another couple of minutes I pushed out two more smaller poos and then felt all done. I pulled off some paper and wiped my front and back, pulled up my string and shorts and left. At the car, Amber was laughing and was like, "did you two guys just take a dump in there?". I told her yes and she was like "eww! I think I'm gonna go at home" and she was rubbing her stomach. I guess she needed to poop, too but it wasn't too urgent. We strolled over to Charlotte's car and chatted with her some more and exchanged numbers, since she is new in town and doesn't have anybody yet to do outdoor stuff with. Then Amber and I drove home without anything else happening. That's all for today, I hope you liked my story.

To Anna from Austria: It's nice to see another post from you. Too bad you are so busy, but it must be very exciting with your upcoming trip. I am totally jealous.

Steve A's question:
I always flush both at home and in public toilets and I think it's kinda rude not to. I have had quite a few times where the toilet wouldn't flush both after I had a pee and a number two, so I guess I just had to leave it like that. I have also clogged up public toilets a few times. Last time I remember was at a mall and I think I did a really big turd and it wouldn't go down so there was nothing I could do.

I also have a question, I was wondering how old everybody is on here, if you want to say?
Me, I am 21 and I will turn 22 later this year!


Shoutout to Anna from Canada and Jemma

Hiya both - just thought I'd post a quick shoutout to say "hi" and let you both know I really enjoy your posts.

Jemma - hope you're okay (not just in relation to your belly but in general) and the IBS isn't playing up too much - if at all. Thanks for your updates a few weeks ago as well as your stories. It's good to hear from you and I always look forward to your posts.


Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Poopinggeek great story it sounds like you and Nicole both had really great poops and I look forward to your next story thanks.

To: Krista E it sounds like you had some rough times.

To: Kjell it sounds like you got a really great show and she had a great poop as well.

To: Catherine great story as always.

To: Mina great story it sounds like Maho had a great poop.

To: Abbie great set of stories.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site

Anna from Austria. Hi there. Glad to see you back. I hope the trip to Japan goes well and that you don't have any ???? problems. Unless you're used to travelling outside Europe and have a tough constitution to go with it, my advice would be to take some Imodium (or similar) with you. It's a standby I never like to be without.

JOHN B. Hope the colonoscopy went okay. Please let me know how you got on. I'm thinking about you.

Catherine. Welcome back. Thanks for sharing your first dump as a married lady with us. It sounds as though Alan enjoyed it too.

Today for my evening meal I had battered sausages, chips, baked beans and Diet Coke - all good healthy stuff you know! Immediately afterwards I heard a 'rumble in the jungle' (no my bowels actually) and got the distinct feeling that the sooner I got to a toilet the better. Needless to say I went straight up to the loo and was proved right. No sooner were my pants down and I'd got myself on the can than out came an explosive torrent of semi liquid poo. It smelt as though something had died! After I'd wiped and flushed I washed my hands and set about disinfecting the loo. I then used a liberal quantity of air freshener which at least masked the smell if it achieved little else.

Do most women and girls wipe their bottom from front to back or between
the legs?


Middle school bathrooms

The oldest of


To Jane The Poop

Hello Jane I was wondering if you had any stories of seeing guys poop..?

the several kids I'm caring for is Bailee. She's 10 and will turn 11 the week she starts middle school next month. She's very bright, loves school and activities, but she is physically underdeveloped. She is only 3'1" tall and several pounds underweight. Her mom asked me to take Bailee up to her new middle school and for us to go to the office and pick up a list of needed school supplies. She is in a different school district than me and I had never been in her school.

We walked up, got the list and some other materials from the office and I told Bailee I must have drank too much pop. She and I had downed a 2 liter bottle during our walk to the school and I needed to find a bathroom for my bursting bladder. Luckily the bathroom was pretty close by. It looked like there were about 15 stalls. The ones we could easily see from the entrance didn't have privacy doors, but on some of them we could see the hinges remaining after they had been taken off. I told Bailee I was going to take the first toilet, I ripped my shorts and underwear down. I sat on a large, black seat that was shaped somewhat different than the ones at my school. That made no difference. My drain was noisy as it hit the water. Bailee just stood there, like halfway watching me in surprise. I don't know what was different, but when got up and pulled up my clothing, she asked to see what I did. I stepped aside and showed her. She seemed surprised and asked why the whole bowl was filled with yellow bubbles. I told her that I didn't know for sure but it was probably because I had drained myself so fast. After a few seconds, I reached down and flushed.

Next Bailee walked in, dropped her shorts and underwear to her tennis shoes and found she was too short for the seat. So she spread her legs wider, placed her hands behind her on the seat, and got up that way. Her feet were about 2 inches off the floor and she used her arms and hands to push herself farther back on the toilet. I could tell she was not that comfortable. We were the only ones in there so it couldn't have been the lack of a door. We waited about 3 minutes until I could hear her drain starting. I could tell she was peeing, but she just didn't seem comfortable with the large seat and not having a privacy door. While she was finishing up I walked to the other end of the room where I found there were 2 cubicles with doors. One was the handicapped toilet.

I want to know what can be done to make her more comfortable using those bathrooms. She probably is one of the smallest students in the school. Her discomfort in going to the bathroom is going to stand out to the others. It may result in her being picked on.

What can I do to make it better for her?


To Krista


I am so sorry about your accident in detention. It's no wonder so many children hate school. To keep someone from using the bathroom because of the "rules" is just wrong. My husband is a high school teacher and coaches girls basketball. He has come home aggravated before when a few of his students would say that they have to use the bathroom during class or practice. When I asked him how he handled the situation he said, "I just tell them it's OK and I don't make a big deal of it."

That's why I love him so much! He puts compassion before the rules! I wish more teachers did that. I'm so sorry, dear...



Michael W.

Holding a poop too long.

Hi guys. I have another story that I would like to tell from back in the day. It was September 2001 and I was living in Arizona at the time. I was 13 years old, I had blonde spikey hair, and I was very energetic at the time. Anyways it was Friday after the attacks in NY and I was staying the night at my friend Josh's house. His brother David came over and we played Goldeneye on the Nintendo 64 and we had pizza from Papa John's and then we ate junk food and drank pop. After we ate I felt a poop brewing in my stomach and I knew it was gonna be a nasty one. I did not want to use my friend's bathroom bcz I was afraid that I was going to clog their toilet. So I thought I would hold it until tomorrow when I get back to my crib. Anyways, we watched "A Nightmare On Elm Street," which is one of my fav horror movies, and then we stayed up and played more video games. We didn't go to bed till like 4 o'clock in the morning. When the next day came the urge felt heavier and Josh's mom had to take a shower. I remember thinking 'Just hold it till you get home.' So me, Josh, and his bro David played video games until 2 in the afternoon. So I left Josh's house at 2 and thanked them for a good time. I went home on my razor scooter and with my backpack. On the way home I felt like I had to fart and I felt part the poop slightly come out of my butt but I pushed it back in. I was thinking in my head "I'm going to shit my pants." I had been 3 days since I pooped. When I finally came home I headed straight for the bathroom with my back pack. I closed and locked the door, I kicked off my shoes, undid my belt, let down my jean shorts and underwear to my ankles and sat on the toilet. I did a little push and then I did a small fart. Then I opened up my back pack and let out my homework to give myself something to do while I sat here cuz I knew I was going to take a while. While I was doing my homework while pooping on the toilet I did push to help it. I was letting loose with all kinds of poop. First it was bananas, then it was stringy like French fries. Then I pushed out some tootsie roll poops. My farts were mostly mid range and I only did one loud fart. When I felt like I was done I looked into the toilet and it was almost full. I was like "Damn." I sat back down and wiped with toilet paper and when I wiped I saw a little bit of blood. I think I pushed too hard. When I was done wiping I flushed the toilet. And it was clogged so I took out the plunger to push it down. Some of it did go down so I flushed it again and the rest of my poop went down. Once again, I did leave skid marks. I washed my hands and left the bathroom with my back pack but I left my shoes in the bathroom. My older bro was like "Dude, you been in there for a while, are you okay?" I was like "Yeah, I had to poop really bad." I went to my room to finish my homework. All in all this pooping session lasted for like 1 hour.

Victoria B.

The Coolest Bathroom


It didn't take long, but I already have my first story since coming back!

I was at work yesterday when a few of my co-workers decided to kick off the weekend by paying a visit to a nearby bar. It felt like an eternity between lunch (when we decided to go out) and quitting time; my thoughts were focused more on beer than on work for most of the afternoon! The time finally arrived and we packed it in for the week before heading out.

This bar was conveniently located on the same block as our office and so it didn't take long to get there. We (me and my coworkers Caroline and Brendan) got to the bar and decided what we wanted. I opted for a hefeweizen, Brendan got a dunkel, and Caroline decided to try the hefeweizen too. I also noticed that this bar sold pretzels, fitting for its German décor and name. I already had the beer and figured I might as well use it to wash one down.

We sat down at a table and talked about work, about the beer (Brendan gave me a sip of his and it was a bit too strong for my taste), and about our plans for the weekend. We were having a great time just sitting and talking when Caroline excused herself. I had needed a number two earlier that day and reluctantly held it off rather than taking the chance on the toilet more or less ready for the ceramic afterlife that haunted our office. The pretzel got things moving towards the rear exit and I retraced Caroline's path to the ladies' room as soon as she returned. I walked into the bathroom and was blown away by what I saw.

I'm somewhat of a critic of bathroom design. One of my favorite having-a-poop activities is mentally designing my dream bathroom. I don't know what that says about me, but I'd rather have a nice bathroom than all the closet space in the world (nah, I'd keep some of it. This one provided me with several ideas. The floor was black-and-white checked tile and the walls followed the monochrome theme: the bottom half was white and the top was black. Even the fixtures followed the theme, with a white sink and a black toilet. Non-white toilets are so cool-looking!

I gave this bathroom an involuntary fart of approval that reminded me of why I was there in the first place: to empty a full butt! I took my dark green shorts and pink underwear down to my calves and sat on what turned out to be a French curve seat (one of the seats that slope downwards towards the middle). Impressed by yet another nice touch, I got to work with a nice beer-fueled pee. It was punctuated on both ends by farts that echoed nicely and gave notice to the bowl below to be expecting something! A couple of pushes were needed to wake things up before the first piece began its aquatic journey. It felt huge, but in a manageable way and reminded me of Hipster Allie's comments in her last post about how it would suck to be pooped. It was over too quickly and crashed into the porcelain with a dull thud. Must've been a big one.

I stood up to take a look and it was indeed a monster! The thing had to have been at least ten inches (25 cm) long and it was at least an inch (2 1/2 cm) in diameter. Poop looks so different in a non-white toilet bowl! I let this one go, impressed with the toilet's quick, quiet flush, and then sat back down. The huge log was a 'plug,' because three smaller pieces, one right after the other, came to splash landings: ploop, ka-plop, sploosh! I sat back and caught my breath, almost overwhelmed by how good I felt. When I came to, I found out I had another log. I farted, pooped it, and slid forward on the seat. I grabbed some paper from the standing, chrome paper holder and took care of my front before starting on my backside. It took four or five handfuls of paper before I felt properly wiped-what a mess! I got up, got redressed, and pushed the flush down. Everything went down as smoothly as before and I washed my hands and headed back to join my friends and co-workers.

One shout-out before I go: Adrian, you're a sweetheart. I try to keep things in perspective despite the occasional bad day. In the end, I know I'm better without him!

To everyone else, keep it real and keep them coming!



Great Unisex Dump

I was at Sam's Club with my friend Nicole she's very attractive with long red hair. Me and her decided to do a number 2 together like we had done many times before.I took the first stall and she took the second out of 5. I sat and started working on my BM. I pushed out a 16 inch turd that landed in the bowl with a loud plop. Nicole farted and let out a big wet mushy poop. I pushed one more time and dropped a few more 7 inch turds and started to wipe,Nicole grunted and pushed out some nice long logs. We were both wiping when another guy ran into a stall and pushed out a long turd. We both left and said we really stunk it up. I have plenty more stories about huge dumps I'll share later goodbye.

Krista E.

In Detention 7th Grade

Last time I wrote about a soiling accident that I had my freshman year of college. Though I had more than my share of soiling accidents growing up, that accident in college was the first I'd done since 7th grade. This time I'd like to tell you about that one in 7th grade. This one happened in detention when the teacher in charge -- my English teacher who hated me -- wouldn't let me go to the girls' room. Fortunately, this one wasn't as bad as the one I wrote about last time and nobody at school found out about it.

At my school, there were 3 different lengths of detention. Regular Detention was 1 hour, Double Detention was 2 hours, and Extended Detention was 3 hours. I was by no means a bad kid, but I was no angel, either. My school was also very strict so I'd had my share of regular detentions before. But on this particular day, I got my first double detention.

I kind of had to go before detention that day -- it was by no means urgent, but I definitely did need to go -- and I had every intention of using the girls' room. I fully realized that there was no way I was going to hold it in until I got home or anything like that. And I usually didn't try to do that anyway when I had to go at school. Like I wrote in my last post, I was never shy about bathroom stuff and never had any problems with pooping at school when I needed to. So I had every intention of going at school that day but for some stupid reason I just kept putting it off and didn't go before reporting for detention. I figured I'd use the bathroom break we got halfway through the detention. Or so I thought. True, there was a bathroom break allowed during the 3 hour extended detention but NOT during the 2 hour detention. I guess I just assumed that like the 3 hour detention, there was a bathroom during the 2 hour detention. But I wrong. The 2 hour was like the 1 hour which had no bathroom break.

Obviously, I could have avoided all this if I had just gone to the girls' room and taken care of it before detention, but hindsight is 20-20. I just never contemplated that it would be a problem until I found myself stuck in a 2 hour detention without a bathroom break. I think that if it had been any other teacher, she probably would have let me go in spite of the rules -- maybe just making me stay in detention for another 10 minutes or so to make up for the bathroom break. But like I said, it was my English teacher in charge of detention that day and she really hated me. No matter how much I begged and pleaded and no matter how much I said it was an emergency and I couldn't wait, she stuck by the rules and wouldn't let me go during detention. Yes, she was just following the rules for double detention and yes, it was my fault for not going ahead of time. But still, under the circumstances, she could have let me go. I don't think making me have an accident was an appropriate consequence for my being stupid and not going to the girls' room beforehand. I supposed I could have just gotten up and gone to the girls' room anyway (that's something I actually did twice in high school when the teacher wouldn't let me go when I needed to), but as a 7th grader, that takes a lot of nerve and self-confidence to do.

With about half an hour left in my 2 hours, I was still hanging on but I knew I was in trouble -- I knew I couldn't hold it in much longer. Of course, this was the halfway point for those in 3-hour detention. Accordingly, those kids got to go to the bathroom. Oh how I envied them at that point. I thought about maybe doing something to get an hour tacked on to my detention so perhaps I'd get the bathroom break with them, but I wasn't sure if that was going to work. I was worried that I'd just get another tacked on without getting the bathroom break and that would surely mean disaster. The worst part of this was that the bathrooms were right across the hall from the school auditorium where detention was held. While the kids in extended detention were getting their bathroom break, I could hear the toilets flushing from across the hall. When you gotta go to the bathroom as bad as I did at the time, the last thing you want to hear is a toilet flushing and thinking about someone ELSE getting relief instead of you.

It was like hearing those toilets flushing that broke my will to hold it in. I suddenly felt another big push from my bowels and this time I just couldn't stop it. This one was a really thick, solid log that actually hurt a bit coming out. As it hit my panties with butt pressed hard against the auditorium seat, it seemed to push back up into my butt crack as much as it spread into my panties. It wasn't soft and messy like the one I wrote about last time. That was good, I guess. But this one was just as uncomfortable because it was hard. Sitting there I could tell that I was done with my bowel movement -- I definitely did not need to go anymore -- but the bowel movement was like half in my panties and half somehow trapped in my butt between my butt cheeks. I was extremely uncomfortable sitting there like that. I guess it would have been more comfortable at this point to just push it all out into my panties, but that wasn't something I dared do while sitting there in the school auditorium serving detention.

I toughed it out and made it to the end of detention. If anyone smelled it, they didn't say anything. Of course, I desperately wanted to keep this a secret from my classmates. Pooping your pants in school just seemed like the worst embarrassment any girl could endure. I don't think even an accident from a girl's period would be as bad as that. Unlike a period, a bowel movement is supposed to be something that a girl can control. Wearing tight jeans as I was, I worried not only about it staining through but given the type of load it was, I worried about it causing a bulge back there. When dismissal time arrived, I knew I had to plan my exit carefully. I couldn't just wait until everyone else left because there were still kids that had to stay for another hour of detention. I somehow made it out of there and across the hall to the girls' room without anyone seeming to notice. Locking myself into a stall, I started carefully taking down my jeans. The poop was still in the form of a thick, solid log and with my jeans pulled down, my panties were really tenting out. Carefully pulling down my panties, the log suddenly broke apart with about half in my panties and half still stuck in the crack of my behind. Plopping my butt onto the toilet seat just in time, I deposited the rest of that log into the toilet. That felt good but I knew I just couldn't sit there for long and enjoy the feeling. Grabbing a thick wad of toilet paper, I was actually able to pick up the poop out of my panties and deposit it in the toilet. Disgusting I know, but what else could I have done. That was the worst of it, but having already been in my panties so long, my panties were still pretty soiled. Making several more thick wads, I then cleaned the worst of it out of my butt crack.

Now I had a decision to make. I had already cleaned myself enough where I could just pull up my soiled panties as they were, pull up jeans, and just go home like this. I'd surely be able to make it home like this but I'd still likely have to face my mom. Or I could keep going and try to clean myself fully right there in the girls' room at school. I'd take my soiled panties and then ditch them either in the in the girls' room or someplace on my way home and not even my mom would know I was going commando. But that was taking a big risk. I had already been in the girls' room a while and I had already flushed the toilet 4 times to get rid of the poop and all that toilet paper. I'd have to wipe myself quite a bit more to get fully cleaned up and I was worried that all that flushing would attract attention and I get caught there at school. I decided it was best to just get out of there now with my dignity still intact. I was used to getting yelled at by my mom and I could deal with that. Having my friends at school find out about this was another thing entirely.

Heading home with my messy panties still on, I held out hope that my mother wouldn't be home or would otherwise be occupied and I could make it undetected to my bathroom upstairs. No such luck. Mom was already waiting for me to yell at me for getting the detention. Of course, she quickly realized that I'd had yet another accident and, of course, I got yelled at for that as well. As had happened many times before, I got marched upstairs to the bathroom and made to finish cleaning myself up. It was never pleasant, of course, to be cleaning up one of my messes -- especially as I got older, with my mom standing there shaming me. But as mess clean-ups go, this one wasn't as bad as most. I mean, I had already partially cleaned up at school and the mess itself was of a more solid consistency, Cleaning with a washcloth (which is, or course, much easier than toilet paper), it was only 3 wipes to get done. And scrubbing out the rest of the mess from my panties wasn't that bad, either. Seeing that the mess in my panties was so bad this time, my mom assumed that I had only messed a little bit on my way to the girls' room. Of course, I just went with that -- I wasn't about to tell her that I'd done quite a bit in my panties but had already cleaned out the worst of it. Still I got grounded 2 weeks -- 1 week for getting the detention and the second week for doing the panty-soiling accident.

The thing was that even though my punishment wasn't so bad, it did cause me to miss a big sleepover at a friend's house. That kind of made start thinking that I really needed to stop having these accidents. That, and the feeling that I was quite lucky not to get discovered with my mess at school and sooner or later, if I kept having accidents, my classmates were going to find out. I couldn't stand to even think of the humiliation that would cause me. So after this, I started to be a lot more careful. I went through all of 8th grade and all of high school without ever having an accident. This was my last one until the one I had at college that I wrote about last time.


My girlfriends's turds are enorm

Hey everyone, i'm kjell from holland and i'm going to tell you a story about the huge turds my girlfriend produces.
I still know very well the first time I had experience with it. I was joking about that girls don't poop, but she said that she was the poopingqueen. I didn't understand but she said that we should go to the bathroom. She said that she had to poop already for a long time and wanted to show it. (She almost never shames about anything by me).She called Romy btw, she was 16 when this happened, she's not verry tall and skinny but a large butt and boobs.
She sat down on the point of the toilet and started to pee, i was standing by the door but she said come closer and look. I was looking in the toilet at her well formed booty. She started to push and two loud farts came out. Then i saw a wide turd about 3 inch growing out of her butt, she was pushing very hard and the turd continoud growing, it was about 7 inches long already, i asked if she was almost done but she said she was still 'full'. About 2 minutes later te turd hitted the toilet and the turd fell with a loud splash. It was about 12 inch long and very straight. Then a lot of stinky farts came out and a few turds from about 3 inch came out. She wiped her ass and looked at her turds. I said that they were huge and i knew she was a poopingqueen, Romy said that this was just normal and that she had pooped yesterday and that she could do bigger. After this happening we were a few times in a situation in the middle of the woods and that she had to poo, i have seen her produce some 15 inch turds after this. But my big story is coming in my next post when we were on holiday.


Replies and a story

I'm back again with another story and some replies.

To Carlie: Loved your story about your poop. Must have been a pretty big one if it was over two feet long.
To Hipster Allie: I liked your story about your dump at church.

Today I hadn't felt any urges to go to the bathroom. I had practice and ate dinner, and it wasn't until after that that the itch to poop hit me like a ton of bricks. I tried holding it for a while, but ten minutes later it came back even stronger. I let out a fart, and the poop felt really soft inside my butt. I quickly got up but I was just too late. To my dismay, the beginning of my poop started to inch out. It felt like cake batter as it crackled into my underwear. I knew it was going to make a huge mess. I knew that it wouldn't be a good idea to try and run to the bathroom, and I couldn't resist squatting down slightly. Without having to push, the poop suddenly began coming out a lot faster, piling up and spreading out in my underwear. I couldn't even think about trying to stop it, my stomach hurt so bad as it just forced its way out. The poop kept pouring out and crackling, with muffled popping noises in between. I felt horrible, but the feeling of relief that it gave me is too much to describe. It felt like I had a stack of pancakes smooshed in my pants, and the poop wasn't stopping. After a few more seconds of forceful crackling, the flow tapered down, and I pushed slightly as more came in. My underwear was not doing a good job of holding it. The mushy bulge sagged and there was nothing l could do about it. I pushed the last bit of my poop out and carefully made my way to the bathroom. I pulled my pants down and was amazed, the bulge was thick and the size of a potato and it was all disgusting mushy poop. I eventually got myself cleaned up and threw the underwear away.

Until next time,

Anna from Austria
Sorry for not posting for quite a while. I am really busy now with work and preparing for my vacation to Japan in the middle of August.

Answer to question of Steve A

I would never leave a public toilet unflushed on purpose. If the flush is working i will flush everytime.

But it happend my allready a few times that the flush was not working anymore so I had to leave the toilet unflushed.

3 times when I had to go Number 2, the other times where just for a wee.

Greetings from Austria



Response to Steve A

Steve A,

I found your questions amusing and since I have left a toilet unflushed a few times in a public restroom, I will tell you why!

1. I wrote on the forum about the time Alan, the girls and I went to see Star Wars around Christmas. Since he has two girls, who had to go and since I also had to have a bowel movement, I had to keep the youngest in the stall with me as I went, which was pretty embarrassing to me, even being a 35-year old woman. Because I was distracted and trying to make sure the girls were safe, and because the youngest was making comments about other women's bowel noises, I completely forgot to flush when I got off the toilet. I shared this story on the forum

2. I also shared about the time at church a couple of years ago when I had a poop that would not go down. The toilets were not the super strong toilets you would expect in a public restroom. The next week, the custodian equipped every stall with a plunger!!! I shared that on this forum as well!

3. I shared about a time that I had to defecate at a friend's condo while at a Labor Day cookout in 2010. That bathroom also did not have a plunger, and I tried to let Jason's sister know so that we could take care of the situation. (Jason was an ex-boyfriend, who asked me out after this episode.) However, an obnoxious guy headed straight to the bathroom to find my huge, toilet-clogging poop still in the toilet.

4. I clogged the toilet a friend's house during my senior year in high school. I believe that was the first story I shared on the forum on page 1817 or thereabouts.

5. I've done it a couple of times just to be naughty. I mean, haven't you ever taken a dump that you were so proud of that you hated to flush???



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