First Post : My Story

Hi everyone in toilet stool, my name is Lindsey who is 19 years old. I go to college, and I live in Seoul, Korea. Well, I have been a lurker since and today is my first post. For a quick introduction of myself, I have brown, straight hair that is quite long, and I am 5feet 5inch and is quite slim. I got some compliments for being attractive, so maybe I am. Also, I have a boyfriend named Edward who is also 19 years old and we go to the same school. He is really handsome and he is 5feet 11inch.
Tuesday was the 50th day with Edward. So we went to a fancy restaurant and ate steak and pasta. It was so delicious. It was about 6pm when we entered a cafe after our meal. We ordered a coffee for each and talked to each other for about 30 minutes. Then, he had to go because of another appointment, and I needed to do some work too, so he went, and I started working in the cafe.
After about 40 minutes, I felt the need to go to the bathroom. I knew that it was poo, and quite a big one. I ignored it at first, but the pain grew, and I felt diarrhea coming. I think that the pasta and steak didn't go well. My stomach gurgled a few times and I finally decided to go to the bathroom. Inside the bathroom, there were three stalls and they were all empty. I took the middle one. I was wearing a short black skirt with a white blouse. I took of my dress, and sat down. Pee started tinkling down followed by a few wet farts. Then, wet chunky poo started coming out. I didn't have to push that much to let it out, but I was sweating because of the pain and heat in the bathroom. I had a few waves of diarrhea, and more chunky poo. I was farting the whole time. However, I didn't feel done. I started to have some slimy poo that just came out without any pushing and effort. After about 15 minutes of this pattern, I finally felt quite done, so I wiped and went back to the cafe to do my work.
When I came back, I found out that there was a new girl in the next table who looked about my age, had black short hair with a white shirt and short jeans. She had also came with her boyfriend and they were talking to each other. However, she seemed to feel uncomfortable. She was fidgeting all the time and she was holding her stomach. I'll say that her name is Grace, and her boyfriend's name is Ryan. I think that Ryan also thought that Grace was a little uncomfortable, so he asked. "Grace, are you feeling fine?" Well, I don't usually hear everything people around me says, but I was sure that Grace needed the toilet, and I really like these kinds of stories, so I decided to listen to them.
Grace answered, "Yeah, I'm feeling fine". They chatted for about 5 more minutes while Grace was squirming more and more. Finally, she farted. It was quite a loud fart that I had heard, and I was sure that Ryan had heard it too. The fart was pretty wet and she suddenly blushed. Ryan stopped talking and they didn't say anything for about 5 seconds until Ryan said, "Do... do.. you.. need.." and I could see that Grace was crying. She answered, "S..sorry.." Then Ryan wiped her tears and told her that it was fine, and that it could happen to everyone. Also, he asked her if she has to go to the bathroom. She said no, but seemed really desperate and embarrassed. After a few seconds, Grace farted again, this time a really wet and quite loud fart, and I heard a crackling noise with a bunch of wet farts. Also, I heard this sound of a diarrhea wave, and chunks of poop. Ryan and Grace was both speechless, and Grace broke into tears again, and the smell was quite awful. Also, when she stood up, brown chunks and brown water fell from her shorts, and she went out of the cafe. Ryan soon went out too, and some waiters cleaned the poo.
I finished my work, went out too, and called Edward. He said that he missed me, and to see tomorrow. I considered telling the story, but I just didn't. Well, this is the end of my stroy and I wish to post more.
Also, please give me comments if you read my story. Thank you, have a nice day!~
-Catherine, I love your posts! They are so fun! Please give me some comments if you read my story. Thanks~
-I like your posts about you, Maho, Kazuko, and Hisae. Thanks~

Sammy F. If Mrs Mitchell was as disagreeable as you say, it could probably be argued that her accident was a little bit of poetic justice, although I'm sure the experience was unpleasant for her. People who lack the social graces irritate me, if only because being being pleasant is easy enough, and I'm sorry to say that during a long life I've met too many of them both in the teaching profession and elsewhere.

Gemma. Thanks for your story about clogging the disabled toilet at the motorway service station. I don't envy the cleaner who had to deal with it though!

JOHN B. Thanks for the update. I hope the polyps don't denote anything too serious and that if there is anything untoward it can be dealt with easily. Diverticular disease isn't to my knowledge serious or life threatening in any way but I know it can be uncomfortable and require careful management if flare ups/discomfort are to be avoided. I have a female friend who suffers from it so I know a little about the condition.

Anna. For what it's worth I think Jae was just trying to be friendly. For historical reasons which I won't go into but, which most adults here will understand, women tend on the whole to be much more sociable with one another in public toilets than most men would ever be. I know it doesn't apply in your case but whenever I go to pee in a public toilet - which is quite often - I always observe the convention of leaving one urinal space between myself and the next guy if it's possible to do so.

Catherine. I'm sorry to hear Alan went down with the stomach bug and I hope everyone's now feeling much better. Hopefully you managed to avoid it.

Saturday, August 06, 2016


Repy to Adrian

Hi it's John B.

Just to let you know Adrian that I've haf the the results from my recent colonoscopy where I had two polyps removed. As I said they were sent for biopsy and I am pleased to report that the results showed that there is nothing untoward and that I do not have colorectal cancer!.

To say that I am so relieved is a massive understatement.

Take care Adrian and thanks for your concern.

Shout out too forJemma xx

Best wishes to you all.

John B xx


Pooping again in my yard

Dom here with another story. I read the posts every day but have only posted a couple of times. Today my mom went to get a haircut and I stayed home alone. I enjoy pooping outdoors but I don't want to get caught by my parents doing it so I waited for mom to leave before I did my bowel movement. First, I grabbed some toilet paper from my bathroom and went outside into the yard. I dug a hole in the garden and squatted. I had a fairly loose poop that splattered into the hole. I wiped with the toilet paper I brought and wiped my booty and tossed the used paper in the hole. I covered the hole with dirt and went back inside. This is the third time I have pooped in my yard this summer.



Hey! I was at the beach yesterday and it was raining. The beach was empty, and I got an idea. I hadn't had a poo in 5 days, so I built a toilet out of sand (kinda like a sandcastle). I pulled down my swimsuit and sat on my toilet. I pushed out a huge log that would have clogged any toilet, and then some small pieces. I felt done for the moment, but later I needed to go again. I sat down and pushed. My hole stretched really wide and a HUGE turd came out of my bym. It was about 3" wide and 17" long! I wonder what people would think when they saw that!

Sammy F.
One time I saw my 7th grade English teacher pee herself. So my English teacher is who we all fear. Even Satan would be afraid of her. So I was at a football game for our team and I was getting bored, so I went to hang out with my friends. They were just hanging out outside the bathroom because they were "cool". 20 minutes later I try to go into the bathroom and it stuck. By this time my friends had all moved to a new location cause they were "cool." No one was in the bathroom it was just stuck. My English teacher came up and was looking upset. I told her the door was stuck and she said "Damn it". She said it without caring that I there. Me and her tried to get it open but she stopped. "Mrs. Mitchell what's wrong?" I look down to see her WHITE pants getting soaked. She was peeing herself. "Mrs. Mitchell I-" before I could get even say another word tears were going down her face. She just walked off. "I'm sorry." I said. She wasn't walking back to the game but to her car. Monday she didn't even thank me for helping her but made me promise not to tell anyone. Guess I broke it.

Storm Jackson. If your aunt was on a long journey and she'd not been to the toilet for hours the accident you describe wasn't altogether surprising. She sounds like one in a million.

Catherine. Many thanks for your kind words. My explosive poo probably sounded worse than it was and I'm pleased to report that my bowels seem to have returned to some sort of normality - or rather what passes for normality in my case.

Romantic Dump. Thanks for your steak farts story. As an unreconstructed carnivore I know exactly what you're referring to. When it's been 'processed' the smell of that steak mixed in with mustard, merlot and possibly onion rings as well as other vegetables can be pretty ripe! As I get older the more I realise the futility of getting my bowels to 'perform' when I want and I often have to resign myself to the fact that I'm going to have to poo during the day at work instead of first thing which is my preference. Usually I manage to do it before lunch and make room for whatever I'm going to eat but there are occasions when for whatever reason that's not possible. I tend to drink two large mugs of coffee during the morning and that tends to get things moving if nothing else does!


Me & Chelsey at the pool

Me and my friend Chelsey had planned to go swimming so she came over to my house about 11 Sunday morning. Not finding me in my room she immediately went across the hall and opened the door as I was just finishing my crap. She was an hour early, already in her swim suit, but I noticed she was bare foot. I told her I would lend her some flip flops because it was a 5 block walk to the pool. I was worried she would step on glass or something that would cut up her feet. But she said that wasn't necessary. As I stood to wipe, she looked at the 8 inch log I had laid and then I flushed. She used the toilet for a piss while I put my swim suit on. Our walk to the pool was uneventful, although she complained that she needed to piss more. When we got to the pool it was not open yet because we were way early, but Chelsey still needed to piss. She saw a sign directing people over to the baseball diamonds and I told her there would probably be a public toilet there. So we took about a 10 minute walk over there. When we arrived, we saw a small bathroom building and Chelsey ran ahead. I was probably 2 minutes behind her. So I went into the ladies room door and was surprised. The toilet that Chelsey looked so uncomfortable sitting on was like I've seen in a couple of prison movies. Stainless steel, higher than normal and mounted on a wall. Next to it was a steel sink bolted 4 ways into the floor. It had one lever to be pushed for the water. The toilet paper would have been mounted on the side of the sink, but roll was missing. Chelsey showed me that there was no seat, she was seated on the edge of the steel bowl. There was no water in it and no flusher. Her peeing seemed really loud like hail hitting a tin roof. When we got back to the pool, Chelsey was complaining that she needed to crap. As we walked I joked to her that there could be no mess in her swimsuit because it was yellow and would obviously show. But after we paid and we went into the locker room, she headed right to a toilet. While I waited for her, I could hear about 4 or 5 splashes. I called into her to remember to wipe well, because I new she's had trouble in the past and that her mom has been on her about cleaning herself better. She came out looking relieved and said she did. However, about an hour later I was behind her on the stairs exiting the pool and she had about a 3 inch skidmark showing. She went in and tried to get some of it out in the showers. Meanwhile, I enjoyed lounging aside of the pool.


Reply to Adrian and others

Hello John B.

Hello Adrian. Well i had the colonoscopy and it was discovered that I had diverticular of the lower Sigmund colon, quite common in males of 55+ so I was told. In addition I had two polyps removed and these have been sent off for biopsy. As soon as I get the results it goes without saying that I will let you know the results.

Jemma just love the poopalogue of your hols both infotmative and entertaining xx

Abbie good to see you posting again during your summer break, enjoy the time off!

Take care each and every one of you and enjoy life xx

Today I was treating myself to a day all alone since I have been spending a ton of time with my girlfriends recently. I went to the mall and did some shopping and then bought the new Harry Potter book and got some coffee and started reading it in the food court. Two tables down and across from me was sitting a black girl with long curly hair and, I couldn't help noticing, a really large chest, probably as big as mine. I often try to hide my boobs a bit, but she was wearing a super tight top that said "Jugo Juice" on it. There is a store right in the foodcourt so I figured that she was probably on her break or maybe her shift had ended. Her top was a little too small so the writing on it was stretched out and warped by the size of her boobs which I found kinda funny. She was also still wearing a nametag which said "Jae" on it. After a while I noticed that was was reading the same book as me and then she noticed it too and smiled and she seemed really friendly.

Anyway, I had also needed a poo for a while and eventually I got pretty uncomfortable and decided that I better go to the washroom and use the toilet. I put my book away, gathered my bags and headed over to the foodcourt bathroom. When I went in I noticed that Jae was following me. There are tons of stalls in there and it wasn't super busy so I took the first one on the right. When I was locking the door and putting down my bags I noticed that Jae had gone into the cubicle right next to mine. I found that a bit wierd since there were many other empty stalls, but maybe she was just too lazy to walk down the isle any futher. I pushed up my grey summer dress and pulled down my white thong and plopped my bum on the seat. From the other stall I could hear what sounded like my neighbour struggling with her tight jeans and then she sat down as well and started to pee. I was peeing too, I needed to go quite a bit because of all the coffee I had that morning. After a short while we both finished and then there was silence for a few moments. Then a wet fart came from Jae's cubicle followed by the sound of poo crackling out of her bum and then a big plop. I started to push as well and quickly a big turd dropped from my bottom and splashed into the bowl. I also had a small fart and then I could feel another poop coming. I pushed it out and then over the next two or three minutes both Jae and I each had a few more turds dropping from our bums into our toilets as we were taking care of our number twos. Mine weren't that big but I ended up making my stall stink quite badly. I didn't notice any smell from my neighbour, though. Finally I felt empty and pulled off some paper and wiped my front and then my bum. My backdoor was messy and I used up quite a few sheets. Halfway through my cleanup, Jae started wiping, too. When I was done I pulled up my thong, flushed the toilet, got my bags and left the stall.

When I was washing my hands Jae came out of her stall and was standing at the sinks, too. She smiled and asked my how I liked the book. I was a little embarrassed that she was striking up a conversation right after we both had big poos in our stalls, but I think she was really laid back about and it didn't bother her. We chatted a bit and she was super friendly and totally did not seem to care about where we were at all. I want to be more like that and I really need to learn and be less uptight about going number two in public bathrooms! Ok, that's all for today, I hope you liked my story.

to Victoria B: Thanks so much! I really liked the story from the bar that you posted recently. I was wondering if you waited on pupose for your friend Caroline to come back so that she wouldn't be in the bathrom when you needed to poop? I would have waited for sure, since I find it a bit embarrassing having to go number two in public with my friends around.
Oh, and we are almost the same age, I am just a few weeks younger!


Re: Harry, Term

I'm no expert on words or word origins, but my mother grew-up in the Midwest (U.S.) and our "baby talk" word for a bowel movement was "doo-doo." My parents actually moved to the mid Atlantic region in the late 1940's and my siblings and I were all toilet trained between the early
1950's and early 1960s. Although my father had roots in the upper South, he probably had little or no involvement in our toilet training, so the choice of words for urination ("wee-wee") and a BM ("doo-doo") were most likely my mothers's. Her roots were solidly in the Midwest.

I probably persisted in using the term "doo-doo" until I approached adolescence by which time
I probably began using the terms "Number 2" and "BM" when I needed to verbalize about my bathroom needs. Because of my disability (cerebral palsy from birth), there were times when I
needed help in the bathroom with wiping (I wrote about this on page 1733) and I would call my
mother from the upstairs bathroom and say, "Mom, I need help, I made doo-doo." Of course, she
knew that I needed her to wipe me because I was especially messy.

I'm now a senior citizen and I have two BM's a day, one very first thing in the morning when I wake-up (usually around 7 AM) and a second BM usually between mid morning and mid afternoon. But I still think of it as "doo-doo."


Quick Update and Responses

Thanks to all for your kind replies!

Alan eventually caught the bug as well, but may have had diarrhea twice and was fine. He has a strong stomach, and does not get sick often.

The girls are feeling better. We both had a talk with Chloe, the oldest, that it is okay for her to tell us if she is sick or feels like she has an urgent need for the bathroom. She is really self-conscious about pooping, because her mother never talked about it, would hide her toilet needs from the family, and would scold the girls if they had to poop in public. We are trying to undo the damage that has done to Chloe, but it's not easy.

Brandon T: Yes, I'm glad I made it too!

Mina: Great to hear from you! Yes, diarrhea during the day would be much better than at night! Hope you are doing well!

Victoria B: As long as you are comfortable with your bowel habits. Thank you for your kind words and stay well!



Have you ever been walked in when you was on a toilet going #2 or #1

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Carin great story it sounds like that mom really had to poop.

To: Kaylee it sounds like you had a bit of a rough day at least you made it to the toilet in time.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site

Tuesday, August 02, 2016



Hey! I was at the beach yesterday and it was raining. The beach was empty, and I got an idea. I hadn't had a poo in 5 days, so I built a toilet out of sand (kinda like a sandcastle). I pulled down my swimsuit and sat on my toilet. I pushed out a huge log that would have clogged any toilet, and then some small pieces. I felt done for the moment, but later I needed to go again. I sat down and pushed. My hole stretched really wide and a HUGE turd came out of my bym. It was about 3" wide and 17" long! I wonder what people would think when they saw that!

Storm Jackson

Time that my aunt peed herself.

Hi, I am going to tell you about the time my aunt peed herself. We were on the way to Florida and it was a pretty long drive. My Aunt hadn't gone to the bathroom since we left. I started to notice her acting weird, it took me a few minutes but I found out she had to pee. I asked if she was ok and she says she has to go really bad. A few minutes pass and by the look on her face I could tell she wasn't gonna make it. She was trying everything to keep her mind off of her bladder such as smoking, music, crossing her legs. We got to a bridge and we got stuck in traffic. Less than a minute later she says she can't hold it anymore and starts peeing. I couldn't believe what was happening. I was watching my aunt pee herself in her own car. By the time she has finished her pants were 100% wet and her seat was ruined. She started to cry but I told her accidents happen and that J still have them. She hugs me and the traffic moves.

I have many more accidents stories to share.

For the person who asked if most girls wipe front to back or back to front. I say front to back because if you do back to front fecal matter will get inside the vagina and may cause infection. Hope this helped!



Is the term Doo Doo used primarily in the southern United States? Would like to hear stories of people that doo doo at night. Do the majority of the people doo doo in the morning?


Huge dump, improvised squat arrangement

Sorry for not posting for about a year, but i have had a lot of things on my mind and, in general, my bathroom routine has been pretty uneventful because i went nearly every day. But now, here's my comeback. Last week i managed to successfully hold back a load for five days. After reading something about squatting vs sitting down, i decided to try something new to make stuff as comfortable as possible. After five days had passed, i went to the bathroom, grabbed a wooden box that was put here by my family to hold stuff such as detergents, soap and other things, lifted it off the ground and placed it right in front of the toilet. The box is slightly higher than my toilet, which is in turn of the comfort height kind. I then prepared, sat on the toilet and
put my legs on the box and relaxed. Everything went out into the toilet without straining, without pushing and without a noise (if i hold dumps for long periods of time i tend to not have any gas to let out when i finally go, unlike many old posters here; i can't detail what i let out because my toilet is European, but the small pit where everything is conveyed in an European toilet was really FULL), slow but not too much at first, fast then, and when i flushed it obviously clogged the toilet! (but it immediately unclogged by itself because it's a wash down toilet, with a large trapway, and not a siphonic one)
Then, another day after that, i was somewhat gassy. Sat on the toilet like that another time and, again, everything got out with no effort, although the farts resonated (and tended to be pretty drawn out in
comparison to when i sit regularly, so i guess it also helps in that aspect).
I wonder whether what i've done is a proper squat or not, anyway it's pretty different to what you get by buying a proper squat stool (the one that you put underneath the toilet) because, even if everything is brought to the optimal angle, legs are relaxed because they rest up and not down. I wonder if it's even better than that, and if anyone else has tried, even to some extent, the same in the past.

Dear Victoria B: I answer to your question. I like to go to loo for motions not so often, stay long time and do lot and lot of motions. That is my style since when I am little girl so I accustomed. Maho say same thing. Kazuko too. Hisae is different, she like to go more often and do little at a time, but she says, no connection with ladylike. We don't interested in ladylike so much because Kazuko suffer so much with it in her home. And Hisae often do a diarrhoea, so she angry when anyone say diarrhoea is only for man.

And I and my friends love and love and love your stories. We will be happy when next one come.

To Catherine: I am happy you enjoy motion with Alan. Motion is lovely thing! We have to do. We can't live without do motion, so I don't like when someone says gross. But I hope that next time you do a diarrhoea, it is in daytime. And I hope you are better now.

Person with no name asked, do girls wipe from back or between legs. I always wipe going my hand round back of my body, because it is dangerous to do between legs. And I tell my friends to do same way, they agree. We don't want infection of girl part.

To Anna from Austria: I think impossible to meet because this site anonymous, but I hope you have good time in Japan!

To Kjell: Kazuko ask, what is good Indian food which make Romy do so much motion? Kazuko want to eat. She is very envy to Romy and Indian girl in jungle. (I don't know reason why, because Kazuko's bottom is very very productive bottom.) I think Indian girl is very brave. If I do motion long time in Indian jungle, I am worry very much that big cobra come and bite my bottom.

Love from Mina

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Catherine it sounds like you had a rough night at least you made it to the toilet each time.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site

Victoria B.

A few responses

My last poop was pretty uneventful (in public, but in an empty bathroom) and I've decided to reply instead.

To Catherine: I think it might have something to do with the additional exercise I've been getting. I ran track in high school and I've lately been getting back into running. They say that exercise tends to speed things up in the number two department and now I'm inclined to believe them. Glad to hear things are going well in your new family!

To Anna from Canada: I've kind of ended up with the same perspective. I love your stories and thought the way you and Danielle welcomed Charlotte into your hike was really sweet. By the way, I'm also 21. I turn 22 in October!

To Rochelle: It sounds like you managed to find a throne fit for a queen. I'm so jealous! The part where you talked about liking to let loose on it brought a familiar smile to my face. May it hug your butt for years to come! One question though: is such a quiet flush up to the challenge of a big load?



Back to school observations

Last Sunday, because I didn't have any child care kids, I decided to walk to the big area-wide mall because it has like 200 stores. Because I know some short cuts through a park and under the interstate, I got there sooner for my back to school shopping. Unfortunately, there were hundreds of others with the same shopping plans. I had downed a large bottle of pop on my way and I was feeling bloated. So once I walked through the crowds to the main bathrooms right inside the entrance, I knew I was going to need to both pee and crap. I had had my normal pee right after waking up, but what goes in comes out, I guess.

Once inside, because of the crowd, I decided to take the escalator two floors up to the top level. Two reasons. The bathrooms are cleaner. Less people use them because there are several vacant stores up there. I walked around the entry wall. The end stall was the handicapped one, and I had learned my lesson when an elderly lady yelled at me and my mom for using that one a few years ago. The next one had its door locked and a Do Not Use sign up. The first stall was in use. The mother using it had a really young but reassuring voice when she told her daughter on the toilet next to her to "Hang on in there, babe." I could hear the mom dropping splat-splat into the bowl while the girl was moving her legs around a lot and her feet were off the floor and out of her sandals. I heard the girl ask her mom three times for permission to come in and go with her. Each time the answer was No, but each time it was less convincing. Finally the girl got down off the toilet, and told her mom she needed to come in. I just knew the mom was going to give in. The girl had a darling red polka dot dress, and she opened the door and in her bare feet ran to mom's door which was quickly opened.

I took the sandals and slid them under the stall panel for the mom who mumbled something to me. I dropped my shorts and underwear and placed myself on the warm seat. While I sat I saw the mom re-seat herself farther back on the seat. I could hear the mom pull her daughter onto the front of the seat and put her arms around her and hug her. The girl's pee started immediately and I could tell the mom was reaching into her bag and pulling out something. The she was telling the girl she had pretty hair, but it needed to be combed out regularly. My strong pee stream followed a two loud crap plops plus a blast of gas caused the girl to laugh and say something to her mother. The mother told her "that wasn't nice." Then the mother told her that it was "absolutely the last time" they were going to the "buddy" thing. It reminded me when I was that age and looked forward to sharing the toilet with mom when we were away from home. I heard them wipe, flush (the mom insisted that her daughter do it) and it took her several times to push the flusher button on the wall hard enough to get it to work. I was surprised, though, that neither of them stopped to wash their hands.

to Slice:

That was no typo about Bailee's height. It will help maybe because that middle school is for 5th, 6th, 7th & 8th graders so that there might be a few more underdeveloped 11 year olds there. However, she will probably be the shortest. I remember giving her mom a copy of American Disabilities Act policy that the administrator gave us. I'll talk to her mom next week. Mom works two jobs and her father lives far away.




I've been working a lot lately, full-weeks. However, I'm insanely thankful that I can go to school this semester. On and off this summer I have been road biking which is a lot of fun, but only when it's nice outside. However recently, my work schedule has been so erratic,

Yesterday was a good example of what's been happening. I had a good shit 3 days before, but I hadn't gone that day and wasn't expecting much as I hadn't been exercising but just been working. Suddenly, in the afternoon I felt my stomach cramp up fairly bad and I was farting a lot. It wasn't loud audible farts, it was quiet little spritzers that smelled very potent. I figured they smelled so bad since I was backed up. This was the 3rd day without pooing. I wasn't busy so I quickly took off my gear, (I work in a restaurant) and went to the menīs room located in the front. I walked in and a stall was taken. The smell was pretty strong, and something told me the dishwasher was having a shit. Usually he doesnīt go everyday, but when he does, the place stinks pretty bad, and his bowl is skidded up fairly bad. I took the last stall, leaving a stall between us, and I pulled down my pants. I squatted over the bowl, and farted a bunch of tiny farts before I felt a rock hard boulder emerge from my bum. I kept pushing very hard, and after a minute I felt a rock hard turd protruding. It made small crackling sounds, and it smelled pretty bad, even worse than the dishwasher adjacent to me. I had eventually pushed most of it out, and at one point I pushed so hard I felt a ripping feeling, like when you rip fabric, and a very dull but strong pain in my rear began to develop. I was in so much pain at the moment that I didnīt notice it. Eventually the large turd thudded in the toilet, and another smaller, but as thick piece splashed in too. I immediately pulled toilet paper and began to wipe my self. There was a ton of shit, and blood, on the toilet paper. It also stung heavily when I wiped, and my vision began to blur a little bit from the pain and discomfort I was feeling. When I was done wiping, despite there still being blood on the paper, I stood completely up to see quite a large turd in the toilet with a smaller chunk under it surrounded by a lot of used toilet paper. I flushed once and the turd or tp didnīt budge. I had to flush 2 more times before it got caught in the drain, then broke. There was heavy skidmarks when I flushed again.

When I finished I exited my stall, and looked at what the dishwasher had left. It was the usual, there were many skids, and the smell was strong. I went and washed my hands and left to go to work again relieved, but in pain.

Avec plaisir,


Response to Tyler's questions about Matthew

Matthew is 12, almost 13, but I don't really know how backed up he was, and he claimed that he went to the bathroom that morning. I think he just wasn't going as much or as frequently as necessary, and it got bad enough to cause chest pains. Of course, he could've been faking or overexaggerating, since there was a day camp he'd been trying to get out of, or it could've been stress and anxiety related. And since he was still going to the bathroom, jus insufficienly, and he didn't want to go to camp, his parents might not have suspected constipation. I bet he was at the very least at least a little embarrassed, and he doesn't talk about his bowel movements with me, even though I've shared a couple stories. He isn't into that, whereas I find fascination in bathroom habits and gastrointestinal problems (i.e. diarrhea, vomiting, gastroenteritis, etc.). I don't know if he talks to his parents about that kind of stuff. I think his parents are keeping him more regular and keeping things moving alright.

Sorry I haven't posted in a while but I haven't had many stories plus our internet got cut off for a week and I've been busy and too tired to post. I hope to have more stories shortly.


RE:Tyler's Survey about Child and Teen Constipation

Hi Tyler, Interesting survey you got there, although not being a teen anymore, I still feel qualified to reply:

From your experiences growing up and going on vacations with your families......just what efforts and methods did your parents use to keep track of whether all the kids were pooping OK?

Post-potty training my parents only got involved occasionally, if I told them I had trouble.

Did your parents ask about it daily? Ask to see your poop in the motel?

And......did you ever go on a longer trip with a friend and his parents? Did your friends parents ever ask you about your bowel movements?
No, but funnily enough there is a story to it. Some 14 years ago I was friends with a kid from next town, his name was Phil and he had some trouble holding his bladder even at the age of 11, when he had to go, he had only a few minutes of warning before he had to be on the throne.
This point had been the focus of some discussions before he was allowed to go on longer trips with me, so I was told to keep an eye and make regular toilet breaks when we were out.

Later on I came to find out what his problem was, he was actually constipated, I gave him advice and it improved over time.

If you were in charge of kids on a longer trip....would you ask them if they were having daily bowel movements?

Having seen to summer camps in the past for our local church congregation and sports club I'd say it depends on the kids. If the kid has a history of being a picky eater and or constipation, I would certainly keep a close eye on them, however I do not feel the need to ask, unless explicitly agreed to do so by parents or an emergency.

I have sat in with some of the younger kids at times when they went for their poop. That was however at their request to feel safer (afraid of dark/flush etc).

I will post a story about this later on. For now the shopping needs to be done.


Response to Steven A

I read your story about the unflushed toilet in the women's bathroom. Yes women poop and don't flush, just like us guys do. Catherine is right, sometimes there's a turd that you're proud of, but that doesn't happen very often when I see unflushed toilets around me. In most cases it's just pure laziness. At work I have never seen anything decent in an unflushed bowl here. A week ago, a toilet was full of soft diarrhea. Nothing interesting, I figured a kid really had to take a dump.

At my last job, the toilet was rarely not flushed, but there were always big skidmarks in the bowl. Of course I worked at a fast food place, so this is to be expected.

In college, I would see unflushed toilets fairly common. Whether it be pebbles, or a ton of soft diarrhea, on one occasion did I see a full toilet bowl. It was an afternoon after I finished class, and boy was the toilet full. It looked like someone had full out diarrhea with solid logs at the beginning at it. I found out by flushing that the toilet had a problem with it. Like my last job, there was often a bunch of toilets with very heavy skidmarks in them. I have even had a professor whom did this, I did not have him personally but for about a couple of days, he would go in the bathroom in the library, go into the same stall to have a poo. Heīd go then leave without washing his hands. He would usually leave one medium sized log, about eight inches long and about an inch thick with a lot of messy toilet paper. But after that week I didnīt see him again or his bathroom antics.

Personally, the only times I havenīt flushed in purpose were in high school, I was often constipated a lot, but I ate a lot of fiber, but it didnīt help too much. I ate a lot, and I pooped not that often, but when I did it was a lot. When I was in high school, I did multiple sports, mostly just track and running. Weīd only have 10 to 15 minutes to change, get our stuff put away, and after that the basketball team would come in and I just didnīt feel like being around those people. They werenīt bad and they didnīt hassle me, but I wanted to get out of there. Mainly because I didnīt trust them. I would often have a dump in the bigger handicap stall of the restroom very quickly, wiping, snapping a photo if it was worthy, then just leaving the restroom after putting my phone up. Everyone brought their phone with them into the bathroom, so I didnīt worry about anything honestly. Iīm sure the janitor hated me, but people abused the toilets more than just not flushing.

Infact I remember one day in highschool, someone shoved a milk carton I guess into the toilet because the water was very very low in the toilet. It was one of the days after I had taco bell, after a race, and we had practice again. Without caring, I sat on the toilet, letting loose a very large amount of soft, stinking, poo. It smelled very bad and looked like a cowpile. Very rarely, once or twice year, I have a very large bowel movement that looks like a cowpile and is a 4 or 5 in consistency. For me luckily, it usually happens in public.


Another Boat Ride

Traveler's post reminded me of a similar incident that I saw about a year ago, while on a 90 minute boat ride. A woman boarding the boat in front of us asked the tour guide if there was a bathroom on board, and she was informed there was not. She then asked if she could use the public bathroom that was about a few hundred feet away, and was told no because they were departing right now and she would have to hold it.

Since we were among the last ones to board, we sat next to her, as they were the last seats left. We talked a little about her situation, and encouraged her to hold it, especially given that she was wearing tan shorts. Needless to say, it was a very uncomfortable ride for her, but somehow she managed to hold it and not pee her pants. Fortunately, since we all were the last ones to board, we were the first ones to get off. The woman made a beeline for the nearby bathroom.

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