First Bowel Movement as a Married Woman

Dear Friends,

I am so sorry it has taken me so long to write about my honeymoon! And, since there are so many new people to the forum, I thought I would re-introduce myself. I am 6'1 and weigh 190 lbs, Greek/Mediterranean ethnic heritage, curvy and athletic, 35 years old and the happiest wife and step-mother in the world!!! I've posted on this sight, on and off since page 1807, or around Thanksgiving of 2009. I work as a pharmacist and own my own pharmacy, complete with a gift shop and a restaurant that serves breakfast and lunch. For a woman, I am a heavy, hearty eater, and eat a high-fiber diet with vegetarian recipes, even though I am not a vegetarian. Also, I exercise regularly. I average two, large, thick, voluminous bowel movements a day, one in the morning and one in the evening. I might get off my schedule during my time of the month - usually adding a third movement, and then get backed up a little when I travel, resulting in a pretty solid, large, thick poop when I finally go. This story is about one of those times.

I married a guy named Alan, who I went to high school with, and began dating in February of last year. He was divorces, has two daughters and we hit it off quick. We were married on June 4 and took a two-week honeymoon. The first week we spent at my parents' condo, and the second week we spent on a Caribbean Island (I don't want to give away too much information!).

I defecated the morning of the wedding, but did not go again until Monday morning of our honeymoon, which would be missing three normal trips to the bathroom. Of course, we are both really in love and doing what couples do on their honeymoon. And I imagine the newness of it all got my bowels off track.

We are both introverts, so we do value our space. I went running on the beach that morning and ate my normal cereal and yogurt before the run. Alan made breakfast while I was gone and we enjoyed some vegetarian omelets. I took a shower and began to get ready for the day. During that time my bowels felt like things were moving. I could feel the pressure building in my abdomen. I farted a few times while I was drying my hair and new that a movement was coming soon. I pressed through my hair styling, which I wore in a pony-tail, and put on a white sun dress with a bit of a floral pattern. By now I knew that I was long overdue for a poop, and that I needed to get on the toilet, like now!

Instead, I took a risk and left the bedroom to find Alan watching Sportscenter. I said, "I have a surprise for you," and smiled provocatively as I said it.

"Really, what is it?" And I said, "I have to take a dump and I want you to come with me." Alan turned a little red, but smiled a little and said, "OK."

Alan has a little thing for me using the bathroom and farting. But we are not gross, but I can tell it turns him on a little instead of grossing me out. I don't really have a thing for his bowel habits, but they don't gross me out either, and I am always interested to hear what he has done in the bathroom. But I never really wanted to watch. However, Alan had to care for me last summer during a really debilitating stomach-virus in which he witnessed me have major diarrhea on the toilet. Plus, his first wife was very prudish and did not even want Alan to know when she used the toilet. I wanted to be different!

I tried to be a little romantic, but now I started to worry that I would not make it back to the toilet. My stomach was cramping and felt very full of pressure. The doodie was pressing my rectum pretty hard.

Alan took out his iPhone to take pictures, or so I thought at the time. I was trying not to be desperate as I slowly lowered my panties. I pulled up the dress so that my hips were exposed and slowly lowered myself onto the toilet.

Once I was seated, nature took over, which is the best feeling when you have to poop. My rectum expanded pretty wide as the turd crowned. Involuntarily, my stomach tightened and began to push this cucumber-shaped mass out. The first few inches felt pretty firm but it got softer pretty quick. The first turd made a thud sound as it entered the bowl and the remainder splashed the water three times. There were three additional softer, but still thick turds, in addition to the longer, firmer one at the beginning. The bathroom quickly filled with a very strong poop odor, much stronger than normal.

Then, I began to pee. I did not realize how much I had to pee because of how strong the urge to defecate happened to be. When I looked up at Alan, who had the cell phone out, I realized he was videoing the whole thing. So I said, while I was peeing, "I want you to love everything about me. There is not one inch of me that I want unexplored. Everything I am is yours." He said, "I love everything about you. Thank you for sharing everything with me!"

"Do you want to see it?" He said, "Of course!" I lifted my hips to reveal the huge log coming out of the hole and the three softer ones laying beside it. Nothing was floating. It was a more chocolate brown color, which it usually is when I've missed a trip or two to the bathroom. And, let me add, it really smelled in there.

I lowered my hips back on to the toilet and said, "Alan, keep recording, I think that there's more." I sat there for a minute. My stomach began to cramp and I let out a muffled, zipper like fart. I could feel my anus opening and beginning to push out some "soft-serve" as we like to say on the forum!

"Here, look at it now" In addition to what I already described, the soft serve formed a little pile of lighter brown, mousse-like consistency at the front of the toilet, outside the bowl. Now it really stunk in the bathroom. I farted again as I lowered my hips.

"I think that I better flush now. I hope that you enjoyed my first bowel movement as a married woman!"

We both took another peak at the poop and then I flushed. Thankfully, it all went down. He watched as I cleaned myself, and all the way until I stood up and watched the video again.

Later, we watched the video together. I told him "please do not let anyone see this." I felt a little embarrassed, proud, comfortable and close to him all at one time. He told me he really appreciated it!

Anyway, we may be strange, but we are in love. I hope that you enjoyed the story. I've missed sharing with you!




Response to Doug "She Needs to Have a Bowel Movement When"


I agree with Braidy, you can't always assume that these are reasons that indicate a woman needs to have a bowel movement.

I will admit, that I know women who are afraid for other men to know that they are having a poop. My senior prom date in high school was totally awkward after I had a bowel movement at the restaurant before we left for the prom. No big loss because I love the man I married who is totally comfortable with my bowel habits.

If you are dating or with a group of women, they will appreciate you for not calling attention to their toilet habits. Women poop. If we as a society can get past that, life would be so much better.



Thank you to Jane. Yes you are not far away!

Victoria, I'm sorry you had bad time. Boyfriend who cheat is bad boyfriend, I angry to him. I hope you find nice boyfriend soon, if you want. Hisae say hello to you. She broke with boyfriend with different reason, but she says she understand your feeling.

Maho is so crazy lovely woman. I don't know why, but when she was on loo Thursday in morning and I was before washbasin, I started cry. Mina is so stupid girl! Maho say, Mina, come sit next me. So I went on floor beside Maho on loo.

Maho caress my hair and say gentle words and call my name. But she never forget why she is on loo, and maybe every 90 seconds I hear Plop. And caress and gentle words and again Plop, and repeat many time. I flush once with crying, because plops are heavy, and I think loo is full, but I can't see because Maho's bottom cover loo 100 % .

Finally Maho say "finish" and I push washlet button for her. Then she move, I take paper and wipe her around beautiful hole. I can see in loo, huge pile and big smell. So nice smell! But when Maho's bottom cover loo, there was no smell.

Maho knows that Mina is unstable girl. So she is patient very much. And she love me, so her caress very very warm.

After I see and smell huge pile of Maho, I want to go to loo very suddenly. So I sit on loo. It is early still now so I have lots of time. So I do Hipster Allie style, just keep coming out plop after plop. Maho still caress, but I not crying now. Maho flush when it is need, and at end she wipe me after I use washlet, she wipe very gentle, very slow and long time, so I make moan noise. I love Maho and Kazuko and Hisae!!! Sorry that I say this thing so many time.

After long time on loo we still have time to do make up! I am happy that we are early bird!

Anna, thank you for many hugs. I also give to you, and Hisae and Maho and Kazuko say they also give, so you have lot and lot of hug from Japan! When my friends hear Japanese translation of your story of motion, they say, kimochi ii, it means good feeling. They can imagine how you feel satisfy your body after you have so nice time on loo! I am happy if you give more story.

Love to everyone.

Mina and friends

Steve A. Although I'm a guy I don't ever recall intentionally leaving a toilet unflushed. I have come across the occasional unflushed toilet - and seen blocked ones on trains. Trust me they're not fun and not something I'd knowingly want to inflict on another toilet user.

Anna. Thanks for your pooing at the gym story - another great one. Clearly you needed to do a lot. I don't imagine for one moment thought that Christine would have minded. My hunch is that she must have to push out big loads occasionally too.

Romantic Dump. I really enjoyed your biggest poo of 2016 story. Here in the UK we have had some fantastic weather if somewhat humid. It's been great for people to relax in but less great when working. It sounds as though you had some fantastic food over the weekend and plenty of it. No wonder you needed to poo as badly as you did on the Sunday morning. If I'd been as desperate as you described being though I don't think I'd have bothered about the lack of toilet paper. I think I'd just have 'taken care of business' and sorted myself out as soon as I got home with a shower and a change of clothes.

Jennifer G. If you're planning on peeing in the car I'd make sure the seat is protected with a plastic cover and, ideally, towels too.

Tyler. I think people's bowel habits do tend to change when they're on holiday because they're not constrained by the routines of school, college or work. When we're occupied I think we inevitably end up fitting our bowel movements into slots within the workday routine.

Morgan. I was appalled to hear about your horrific portaloo experience and I hope sincerely that you never have an experience like that again. Naturally I hope you're feeling better and over your ordeal.

Sonya Sue

Various responses

Steve A:

Would you ever leave a toilet unflushed in a public bathroom depending on the situation? Why?
Whether it is one of my large craps or someone else, why risk the toilet overflowing, the flood to clean up and the inconvenience to others by having to close the bathroom off. Situations can be avoided if the user sometimes flushes at mid-crap or immediately after they are done before all the toilet paper and sometimes brown paper hand towels are thrown in. And for the people who use them, the ass gasket seat papers can add to the problem. A clogging problem is reported to us almost every two days at the travel center I clerk at. Customers who try and flush and reflush clogged toilets are a real problem and they contribute to an even larger problem.

Everytime you poop, what comes out first?
Most of the time if its softer, its my poop. If it is larger and often it is or if its harder, I will pee first.
Have I ever pooped in front of someone and what was the reaction when the peeing started? Our drama group that works into late nights and on weekends at my school has "made" our nearest bathroom unisex it does surprise the boys. I remember one of our set painters who was at the sink trying to clean the paint off his hands and arms calling out to me in the nearby stall asking if the first plops he had heard had turned into diarrhea. He's a very naive freshman and I invited him into the stall to see what was in the toilet before I flushed. He took me up on it and asked a couple of questions that I didn't mind answering.
Have you ever peed or pooped yourself on accident? Yes and I've written about it previously.

What efforts or methods did your parents use to keep track of whether you were pooping when traveling? They encouraged me to drink more and Mom always carries laxatives in her luggage.
Did your parents ask about it daily? Not every day, but frequently remarks were made on how I should eat more roughage like a salad or other ????.
If you were traveling with friends and their parents did they ask about it? I took a weekend trip with my friend Annie and her parents and they were constantly coming through the partition into our motel room and reminding us to use the bathroom each time before we left. I know Annie hated the reminders and the sarcasm her dad used when she asked for a rest stop.
If you were in charge of kids on trips, would you ask if they were doing their daily bowel movements? Last year and again this year I will be volunteering at a day camp. I remember we've had some of the younger girls have trouble using the toilets provided. We've dealt with them individually about the importance of going when they need to and not waiting because that causes constipation.

Student (NL)
The weather has become better and we have decided to continue our outdoor vacation for a while. Yesterday evening we spent several hours eating and talking with two female bikers also camping here. When going up this morning, I thought that I was the first to wake up because I saw nobody else around. Probably that was the reason why I did not do an as good as usual observation in the bushes before I pulled down and squatted. Just as I was in the process I heard the sound of some movements at my right hand side and I saw the back of one of the bikers as she went away. Obviously she had spotted me. When I had finished I went over to the right side and just there behind the nearest bush there was three big turds and some toilet paper. I guess that she had been just in the middle of answering her morning call when I arrived and did not spot her. Very embarrassing to me to know that I had pulled down and begun pooping less than 10 meters away and that she must have seen almost every detail from behind. (I really hope that she did not perceive it as an offence.) I think she thought that I had not at all observed her out there because when we had breakfast together with them later none of us touched the issue. I wonder if she told her friend about the incident.

Steve A

To Hipster Allie, Morgan, Doug, and Tyler Plus A Question

To Hipster Allie: I've been on a few church retreats before. The classic guy stuff happens like fartig when its lights out or stinking up our cabin bathroom. I only have one experience that happened every year I went.

The one thing that I remember the most is when we ate a certain dinner. It was a Salisbury steak dinner with a few sides like corn and stuff. After each time we ate it, me and a group of guys would have to poop after we ate that certain meal. Since the dining hall bathrooms weren't big enough, we went back up to our cabins to poop. Other church groups ate with us, so the bathrooms in the dining halls would get crowded at times. I also was seen by another guy as he walked in on me while I was sitting on the toilet in the dining hall.

To Morgan: That was rude. He either had a problem with being patient or was desperate to go.

To Doug: If your last act on Earth was pooping, it would be an interesting yet unusual end to your life.

To Tyler:

What efforts and methods did your parents use to keep track of whether all the kids were pooping ok?

My parents didn't really care much unless we said something about it. I try to keep my bowel habits a secret. I also try to fix it if myself if I have a problem pooping.

Did your parents ask about it daily? Ask to see your poop in the motel?

No, it never happened to me. It was awhile ago when I went on vacation.

And......did you ever go on a longer trip with a friend and his parents? Did your friends parents ever ask you about your bowel movements?

No, I've only been on short trips with friends.

If you were in charge of kids on a longer trip....would you ask them if they were having daily bowel movements?

No, I wouldn't get into their personal habits. They'll say to me if they have to poop or not.

Question: Did you ever have a bedroom with a mini bathroom in it as a kid or teen? Would you like to have a mini bathroom connected to your room?


Recent toilet experiences

Hi everyone, I'm going to share a couple of recent stories. The first is from Monday, I was in the shopping centre in my local town when I started to need a wee, so I went to use the loos there. It was about 3.45 and when I got to the ladies there were a couple of schoolgirls just going in ahead of me, I heard the blonde girl saying to her dark haired friend "I want both so I might be a while," and her friend replied "Yeah me too!". They took cubicles next to each other and I went into the cubicle next to the blonde girl. I made sure the door was locked and then lifted my dress and eased down my white pants, I could hear the rustle of clothing as the other girls pulled down their pants and then the creak of the seat as they sat down. I started to wee a strong stream and heard the other two doing the same. When we'd all emptied our bladders everything went quiet. From the comment the blonde girl made and her friends reply I knew they both wanted a poo, no doubt they'd been holding it in to avoid having to go at school. I realised I had a small urge to have a poo as well, it had been a couple of days since I'd last been so I started to bear down in the hope that I might be able to produce something. I could definitely hear some heavy breathing and slight grunts from the girl next door so I could tell she was having to push, I felt sorry for them if they'd been having to hold it in as it always makes it more of a struggle when you do get the time to go! Luckily at my school the loos were really nice so I didn't mind using them whenever I wanted a poo, I was too embarrassed to ask to use the toilet during lessons though as it always takes me at least 10 minutes when I need a poo and it would have been pretty obvious what I was doing if I was gone that long! First thing in the morning was definitely the best time for having a poo at school, practically all the other girls who were on the loo at that time needed a poo as well, meaning it was never just me! I could feel the tip of a log poke out as I pushed but it got sucked back up when I stopped bearing down, I heard a plop coming from the dark haired girls cubicle but the girl next to me was still straining and making some grunts. It sounded like she was a bit constipated, its something I suffer with quite alot too so I felt sorry for her. As I gave another hard push I realised she wasn't the only one, I couldn't get any more than the tip of my log out as it felt really fat and hard. Next door my neighbours grunts were getting louder, she was obviously determined to go. Normally I'm completely relaxed about going for a poo in a public toilet, however the only exception to that is if my constipation's bad and I know its going to take a lot of pushing and straining. To be honest a few times at school (and its pretty much the same now I'm at uni!) I just had to go on the loo when I was constipated as I would be feeling really bloated and uncomfortable. Also I knew it would get even worse if I kept it in, but its really embarrassing as sometimes I had to spend ages on the toilet pushing and pushing to get a huge fat rock hard poo to come, not surprisingly the harder I push the louder my grunts tend to be!! Again luck was on my side when I was at school as there were a few other girls (early morning toilet users mostly) who seemed to be regularly constipated too, so like me they would be on the loo for some time and it wasn't unusual to hear them straining and grunting, I guess they wanted to do their best to have a poo before lessons started so they weren't uncomfy in class and didn't need to ask to use the toilet later and end up being gone a long time. At least that made it less awkward whenever I was struggling to have a poo though!
I decided to give up at that point as I knew it would take ages to get my poo out, so I wiped my front and pulled up my pants. Just before I flushed I heard a loud grunt and then a splash and a moan of relief, I was pleased that my neighbour had finally managed to relieve her constipation. I flushed and left the other two girls to finish off, I hoped they wouldn't need to spend too much longer on the loo.
I went straight back home, on the way I was getting desperate for a poo, I felt really bloated and had bad belly ache. I could feel my pants were stuck up my bum and typically I was wearing white ones, I hoped my poo wouldn't end up poking out as I didn't want to get skidmarks. Luckily my need didn't get any worse and so my pants stayed clean! In the past I haven't been so lucky, again when I was at school I quite often had to hold in my poo which meant it sometimes ended up poking out and getting my pants dirty. Fortunately I wasn't alone in having that problem, in my favourite loos at school there were big gaps under the cubicle partitions so whenever I was on the loo I could see other girls pants if they pulled them all the way down! The girls at my school all wore white or pale pastel coloured pants as well and so it was easy to spot any skidmarks, and especially if they were having a poo it was quite normal for them to have marks in their pants!! When I got home I went into my ensuite, lifting up my dress and dropping my pants as I walked over to the toilet, I sat down heavily and sighed with relief. I did a dribble more wee and then tried to relax and just let my poo come but after a while I realised nothing would happen unless I strained. I took a deep breath and bore down, after a while I could feel the tip poke out of my bum again and I knew I would have to do my best to keep up the pressure otherwise it would get sucked back up, that's a really annoying problem I always get when I'm constipated. I pushed for as long and as hard as I could, then really quickly took a deep breath (and grunted loudly!) and bore down again, I could feel my bumhole being stretched wide by a really fat, hard log. I kept on pushing like this for the next few minutes, until I could feel a few inches of the log had come out, and then I relaxed, luckily the poo was far enough out that it didn't start to go back into my bum. Just then I heard the doorbell ring, there I was, red in the face, pants round my thighs and with a rod of poo sticking out of my bum!! I suddenly remembered that my friend Katie had said she might come over, so I quickly took some toilet paper and broke the log off, throwing it down the loo, put some more paper in my pants and quickly pulled them up. As I ran downstairs the doorbell rang again, I opened the door and yes, it was Katie! She came in and said "Hi Abs!" and then, "Are you OK?" I guess she'd seen my rather red face! "Yeah, its just I was half way through having a poo, so do you mind if I go back and finish off?" I said.
"Oh sorry, yeah, no problem," said Katie, following me back upstairs. I went back into my ensuite and Katie followed me in, I once again lifted my dress and pulled down my pants and sat. "I'm a bit constipated so sorry, I could be a while!" I said. "No worries, my constipations bad too at the moment for some reason," Katie replied. "Actually I might try to go when your done, I don't think I've had a poo for three days myself!!"
"Oh God, that's not good," I panted, I had started pushing again and was really struggling with the rest of my log, I could feel it up there but it wasn't going to come. After a push which made me feel a bit dizzy Katie started to look concerned, I said "I think I'm gonna have to try again later, I broke it off to answer the door and now the rest just won't come!"
I wiped my bum and then pulled up my pants, let down my dress and flushed. "Do you want to have a try?" I asked Katie. She said, "Yeah, I'm starting to need it now, I'll wait a few minutes more though, lets go back into your room."
We went and sat on my bed. "I feel really guilty now for coming over, you would probably have been able to finish if you hadn't broken it off!"
"Actually it was quite good to have a rest!!" I replied.
"Well, I guess…." Katie replied. "All I know is whenever I've done that in the past, its been really hard to finish off too. One time at school I didn't get time to go for a poo until the last 10 minutes of lunch and by the time the bell went I'd only got half of it out, so I had no choice but to break it off, but I was on the loo forever when I got back home trying to get the rest out!"
We chatted for a while longer and Katie started squirming around on the bed a bit, her skirt rode up and I could see her yellow flowery pants.
"Right, I think I'd better go now, I'm starting to get desperate, its gonna poke out into my pants any second!" she said.
"Too much information!" I giggled, following her into the bathroom. Katie lifted her skirt, eased down her pants and sat on the loo. She weed for a bit and then I could see she was starting to push, she strained and grunted for some time and said "Sorry about all the grunting, I'm fed up of having really fat poos, I just wish they wouldn't be so huge!"
"I've got exactly the same problem, if it makes you feel any better," I said as Katie kept on pushing, she had gone really red by now. "To be honest my poos are always fat, but when I'm constipated they get rock hard too and that makes it a real pain to push them out. And I can't help grunting too, so don't worry about it!!"
Katie nodded as she bore down again. For the next couple of minutes she kept straining and grunting, and then said, "Its coming out faster now, the fattest part is through, thank God!!" Shortly after I heard a splash and a moan of relief from Katie. She passed another couple of logs which required a bit of straining but nowhere near as much as the first, and then wiped her front and bottom. She flushed the loo and pulled up her pants, smoothing down her skirt as we both went back into my room. About half an hour later I tried again and managed to get the rest of my poo out after another 10 minutes of straining and grunting!
I hope you enjoyed this story, I'll post again at some point, hopefully soon.

Brandon T

comments & stuf

To: Anna great story it sounds like you had a really good poop.A

To: Bianca it sounds like you had a bit of a cleanout.

To; Romantic Dump great story.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site


Constipation on trips

Hey Tyler, great question.

Yeah, as you might have guessed, I did get constipated on vacations a lot. Sometimes it could be pretty bad. Me not wanting to use public bathrooms coupled with being busy all day and eating irregularly meant that I often didn't poop regularly at all.

When I was younger my parents definitely would concern themselves with it. They would ask me if I had gone poop, and if I said no, they would tell me to try and go when we got a chance at a bathroom (that could mean a gas station bathroom or a motel/hotel one or whatever). They have me sit on the toilet for a certain time to see if anything would come out.

And yep sometimes they even asked to see my poop if they suspected I was constipated or they suspected it was only a small amount. I was pretty embarrassed to show them, but I also kinda got used to it.

I didn't go on trips with just a friend and his parents until high school and by then I don't think anyone's parents I knew would've asked about my bowel movements. Of course MY parents would (since they still ask about them sometimes and I'm in college now!) There were times when I went on a combined vacation with another family, but my parents were there too. The only embarrassing thing was that they might ask about my pooping in front of my friend, so I hated that lol. But I was never asked by a friend's parents beyond them asking "do you have to go to the bathroom"?

Based on my upbringing and my tendency to get constipated, I think I would ask my kids about their bowel movements, especially if I knew they might be constipated.

Saturday, July 23, 2016


Holiday in India with big pooping girlfriend

Hey people, i'm back again with my big story. I do this in a new post because i thaught it would be to long if it was together with my first story.
My girlfriend Romy and I were preparing for a holiday in India the next morning, indian people are know to poop on average 3/4 times as much as people in the Netherlands because of the food they eat there. On the night for our flight Romy took a foot long log in the bushes when we were walking there.
When we arrived we took a taxi to our hotel about 50 miles outside of Bengaluru. We ate a lot of indian spicy food that day and Romy hadn't dropped a turd yet. The next day we went to a market to eat something and we made a walk into the jungle. We had a beautiful indian girl from about 17 with us who was well known with this jungle. After about one hour she said that she had to go to the toilet and she found a nice place behind a tree, romy and i were very coutinous about the indian feces. We heard a lot of loud farts coming from her. We spied her and we saw a 2 foot monster coming out of her ass. After this one she produced another 5 logs from about 7 inch long. The pile was touching her ass and she made a step forward and she continoud pooping, another 2 turds from about 8inch came out of her butt and she was finished after a good 15 minutes. She turned around and saw us looking, romy asked if this was normal for indian people to poop so much, she said that she was pooping big on average but not much more then normal. I took a picture of the pile and we walked furthur. The rest of the walk Romy asked the girl about the best food to produce that amount of shit, she gave us a short list of food. We went to a market and bought this food, my girlfriend ate a whole lot of this in the evening and the next day, she still hadn't pooped yet. But the next day in the evening when we were in our hotel room. Romy runned to the toilet and squatted over it. Indian toilets are jusy a whole in the ground with an big plate to poop on. A very thick monster started growing out of her ass, she grunted very loudly and dropped the 2 and half foot monster, then a lot of very loud farts came out of her booty and she started pooping again, a lot of turds around 8 inch dropped out of her ass and she was saying that this was jusy the beginning of all, after 10 minutes the pile of shit grew till her ass and was around 10 inches high, i couldn't realise what I was seeing. She tryed to flush but it didn't help, so she was walking to the shower to go further, another long log from about 2 feet dropped out of her round ass and she farted again, then the final turd went out of her ass and well said, she saved the best one for the last, an enormous turd came out of her ass, her anus was so wide open that the turd was abou 5 inch wide, she gruntrd very loudly and she said it feel like she was having a baby, the turd reached the floor a few minutes later but because it was so thick, she had to stand op straight to let it out, she asked me to till her in the air because it was still stuck in her butt, after 2 minutes the turd finally dropped out and reached an elephant likely length fro
About 4 foot long, she laughed at me after al this, but she said that she will never hold het poop so long for the next time because her anus hurted a lot after al this, later that night when she was weightinh her she seamed 8 pounds lighter then for her huge dump, the turds were still in the toilet and the shower because it wouldn't flush. I took a lot of pictures of al this when she was shitting. We left our room early that morning to prevent the awkwardness when the hotel people would see this. Romy made her name of poopinhqueen come true!


Reply to Adrian

Hi matey it's John B.

Saw the bowel cancer screening guys last Friday and I'm going to have a colonoscopy next Tuesday, 26th July. I will of course keep you up to speed on the findings, good or bad lol. Trust that you're keeping well and thanks for your good wishes.

A big hi too to Jemma (JemJem)and trust that all's well with you xx

Take care each and every one of you.


John B x

Steve A

Women Don't Flush Too & Question

Today at work, I was cleaning the restrooms. I encountered a toilet in the women's room on the main floor (the customer floor) of the store. The poop in the toilet was a combination between diarrhea and soft poop. I took care of it and continued to clean the restroom. Maybe the woman was desperate and in a rush to go, so she skipped flushing.

I've never seen this before while cleaning the women's restroom at my store.

My Question: Would you ever leave a toilet unflushed in a public bathroom depending on the situation? If yes, Why would you do it?


my poo before a date and a few comments

Today I was having breakfast at a cafe with a friend and it was really more like a date. I got up early and when I was looking in the mirror I felt bad about myself. I have not worked out much since I was on a trip with my friends and I thought it really showed. I was actually close to tears for a moment when I was looking at my body. Then I sort of caught myself and decided I better go and bust my butt at the gym. So I rushed out without going to the bathroom. Of course, halfway into my workout I needed a poo. I was doing some weights with a friend I ran into when I got to the gym, Christine, and when we did deadlifts I almost let a huge fart slip out. Oh, that would have been bad in the middle of the gym and right next to my friend. Luckily I could hold my poo in until we were done, but I had to stop and clench my bumcheeks a couple of times. Anyway, after my workout I went straight to the washroom. One stall on the right was taken, so I took the one on the far left. Just then I noticed that Christine had followed me and had taken the middle stall. She was wearing a pair of very blue yoga pants and pink sneakers, so I knew it was her. I pulled down my own yoga pants and black string and sat on the seat. I could hear Christine pee in her cubicle. I didn't really want to do my number two with her in the next stall, but when I tried to pee, not only did I let go with a big stream spraying into the water, I also couldn't help accidentally blasting out a loud bubbly fart into the toilet. The fart was immediately followed by a couple of soft poos that splashed into the bowl and then a big turd that quickly crackled out. It really stretched my bumhole and I think I did a pretty big moan, embarrasing myself for the second time. I was kinda frustrated at that point. Then luckily both Christine and the other woman finished up, washed their hands and left and I had the bathroom to myself. I took out my phone and started to text some of my girlfriends. Over the next five minutes or so, I pushed out two more poops and a few more farts, but they were smaller. I also stunk up my stall pretty badly. Finally I felt empty and pulled off some paper. I wiped my front and back and then flushed the toilet and left to wash my hands. I had a nice long shower and then went back to the washroom to put on some makeup. I felt a lot lighter and much better about myself after my workout. Looking in the mirror I thought I looked kinda pretty and I was more confident about my date. And then it was actually really fun and worked out great! I was still kinda gassy in the cafe and had to clench my bum a bit every once in a while, but no big deal at all. That's all for today, I hope you like my little story.

A few comments:

to Hipster_Allie: Your story was great, I really like your writing style. I thought it was funny what you told us about your thoughts when using the toilet. My mind always wanders and when I am in the bathroom it's no exception. I have all sorts of "weird" thoughts, haha. I hope you'll post more about your time at the camp.

to Jane: Thanks so much, I also really liked your posts. Are there any kinds of stories you like particularly?

to Kelvin: I simply loved your post! I also enjoy the outdoors so much. I have done quite a bit of backcountry camping, but only with girls so far, really.

Jane the Poop


Dean: Awesome story about your swirly, though I'm sorry that happened. I thought swirlys only happened in movies!

Romantic Dump: Thanks for finishing your story. Sounds like you all had pretty big dumps. It's good the ice got broken because holding in your poop is never comfortable... physically or socially.

Marieke: Yeah, it's a thing, weird or not. It turns me on too. I don't know how much we're allowed to talk about this because I think my last post got deleted or lost, but I'm curious how long you've known you had a thing and how old you are now. I remember being a little girl and being interested in poop, but I didn't think of it as being "turned on" for many years, though that was certainly what it was. It's weird talking about poop or bathroom habits in daily life at all... people just don't. I've had one lover who knew about it, when I was a teenager, but that was it.

And to answer your question, I am more of a lesbian than not, although it doesn't seem relevant to the thing. Watching men poop is also interesting to me. Do you do anything to encourage the situation, like taking a leisurely long time in a public bathroom hoping for company? I don't normally even though I am tempted, because the strength of social norms and my own nervousness typically drives me in and out of the bathroom quickly in public. It's an internal battle.




Hi.I had 3 poops yesterday.They were all noisy, and were a little runny.The farts were loud, and one of them was long.During one of the episodes I was a little gassy, but otherwise ok.

P>Romantic Dump

Biggest Dump of 2016

SO I have to tell you about a story that happened over the weekend!
I had by far the BIGGEST dump I've had this year!!

So me and the BF went out Saturday shopping, the last time I had a shit was the night before. Whilst out we had a Wagamamas for lunch I had the katsu curry :)
We got back home and I was trying on a few things that I had brought when we were invited to a BBQ and to stay over at a friends due to the lovely weather!
I gorged on burgers, sausages ribs and beer no problem. The next morning when we woke up we were treated to a full cooked breakfast and coffee whilst eating breakfast I could feel a tremendous poo brewing!

The BBQ the alcohol and the morning coffee and breakfast bundle had caused the hosts and my BF to go pinch a loaf. By the tie we were getting ready to leave and go home I had a poo banging on my back door to be released, the bathroom hadn't had a visitor for half an hour it was safe to go in but upon closing the door and sitting down I then faced my horror an empty loo roll holder! The others had beaten me to it :(
I had turds pushing ready to be released this was so painful to suffer I had already prepped mentally that I was going to relieve myself and now this wasn't going to happen.
I managed to force a piss so that my bladder was relieved at least but it was so difficult holding back the poo I was in dire need of having.

The drive home was a 35min drive and worst of all my BF was too hungover to drive so I had to.
On the way back I was having to release some seriously hot and stinky farts in the car my BF loved them because he knew what they were signalling but I was absolutely bursting and so upset I could have taken the shit I needed before leaving. I drove like a woman possessed and we made it back to our within the half hour mark. I ran to the front door and unlocked it sprinting to the bathroom with BF not far behind.

I barged open the bathroom door to expose the delightful sight of my toilet stocked with rolls aplenty.
I then did a major poo dance having to wrestle my jeans over my thighs and bum. The poo started to come out at this point I rushed my jeans and knickers down to my ankles just in time as I sat my round exposed arse down on the seat filling it completely.
And then was the involuntary contraction which caused my hole to stretch as a massive PLOP! PLOP! PLOP! dropped.
The relief was extraordinary! My BF was standing their wided eyed "Wow you really were desperate for a shit weren't you!"
I continued to sit there a turds passed. The smell filled the air, after releasing a few more tiny turds I looked into the pot below that I destroyed!

In the pot were 3 MASSIVE logs surrounded by shit I really couldn't believe my eyes I was so proud!
Just a shame all dumps cant be that big...the occasion had caused a lot of excitement for both of us and with that we enjoyed the rest of our sunday afternoon.

Till next time peeps keep the stories coming!!! x


Pee emergency during a boat ride

Last fall, I decided to go on a tour boat ride in the WI Dells. I had just had a coupe beers at a bar just before. Upon leaving the port, I realized I really needed to pee. I asked a woman sitting next to me if she knew if they had a restroom because I wasn't seeing one. She said " oh no, I don't think they do, but you could ask that lady attendant. So I did. She said "No, sorry, we don't. Is it an emergency?" I said yes. She said "You'll just have to try to hold it!, sorry, hope you'll be ok." So I sat back in my seat & the woman asked me what I found out. I said "No, they don't." I just said I shouldn't have had beers before getting on the boat. She laughed & said, "No, probably not.

So I didn't say anything more for a while, but I was really in bad shape & getting worried. Then the woman next to me said "You look really uncomfortable! I said "Oh yes I am!" Then she said "are you going to have an accident & do you have a change of clothes if you do?" I said I was staying at a hotel & I did have spare clothes, but that I didn't want to have an accident. She then explained that she worked in a clinic in the urology dept. She said to me "It's not good to hold it too long, you're better off to just go ahead & wet your pants, it's ok, sometimes we have accidents." So about 5 minutes later, I peed my pants. People around me noticed right away & there was laughter & shock, but the woman next to me told everyone that this can happen to anyone. She said "accidents can happen to any of us." It was embarrassing though. I felt like the kid who couldn't hold it in class. Anyway, this really nice woman just kept telling me it was ok & not to worry about it. She said to me "I told you that you'd be better off to just wet than trying to hold it, but I didn't tell you wet, sorry if you might have been able to hold it." I said I took it that she was telling me to go. She said "Do you think you might have been able to hold it" I said, "I don't know." she said "sorry about that, but you can't call it back now, you wet yourself & it's Ok".


A question

As pretty as Reeva Steenkamp was; was she moving her bowels when Oscar Pistorius shot her; if this is true, she will have to go through eternity knowing her last act on Earth was having a bowel movement.


College Meeting

Hi guys,

I had to go to a meeting in college this morning which we were called in for. I thought we were only going to be in there for a few minutes. 2 hours later we were still there while various forms were discussed and filled in and stuff. Anyway after the meeting I needed a dump (as it appeared did a few other guys). Everyone was walking down the corridor to get out and a few guys turned left in front of me into the mens. When
I got in there all 4 cubicles were already taken and a couple of guys were using the urinals. They left and there was me and another lad (who I know but am not really mates with) was waiting too. Anyway there was quite a bit of shitting going on between the 4 cubicles. Then there was silence and you could hear some texting going on with me and this other lad outside making awkward eye contact. Someone had created quite an aroma which was gassing out the toilets. After what seemed like ages but was probably like 5 minutes some wiping could be heard happening. A guy came out of one of the middle cubicles. Again I know him but don't really talk to him. He was wearing like football shorts and top. I went in the vacated cubicle. It was really hot today and the toilet sest seemed sweatty and clammy. The guy waiting and the guy who had just finished were talking and the guy who was waiting was moaning he really had to shit.

The cubicle to my left then became free and I couldn't tell quite what was happening but I think the guy who came out of there directed the guy waiting to get in there. Everyone then left including the guys in the other two cubicles so it was just the two of us in there. The guy to my left then let rip. First there was a massive fart. Then shortly after a massive splash. Then a mixture of farts and splashes lasting about a minute. Then he paused for a few minutes. Then I heard his voice. Something like "erm Kelvin is that you in there? Can you put some paper under? That bellend has pushed the paper back inside the dispenser so I can't get it out". I said sure pulled about 10 sheets and shoved them under and told him to let me know if he needed more. I started wiping then as well. He did ask for a little more so I shoved about 5 more sheets under. I left the cubicle at the same time as him, he said thanks while washing his hands and then left. As he left I herd someone outside saying "how was your shit mate" as the door was shutting - sun's like they got him with a prank!

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Simmee great story.

To: Hipster Allie first welcome to the site and great story it sounds like you had a really great poop and I bet you felt great after and please post anymore stories you may have thanks.

To: Ty great catch it sounds like she had a great poop.

To: Carlie first welcome to the site and great story it sounds like you had a really great poop and I look forward to anymore stories you have thanks.

To: Michael W great story.

To: Nancy first welcome to the site and great story it sounds like you had a pretty desperate poop and I bet you felt better after and I look forward to anymore stories you may have thanks.

To: Flipyap it sounds like your girlfriend was pretty desperate lucky she had you there to help her out.

To: Sophia W great story.

To: Tim great catch.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site

Hey Allie. I loved your story and would love to hear more of your adventures.

Victoria B. I'm soory to hear about your break up. That sort of stuff is never pleasant when it happens. In many ways it's like a bereavement because we grieve for the death - of a relationship. Anyhow it's good to see you back now.

Hipster_Allie. Thanks for sharing your experience of that 'near miss' at church camp and I hope you'll post some more. I too enjoy the occasional hot dog or hamburger (especially on trips to the coast) and, although I don't dfo it during the week, a full English breakfast as it's known this side of the pond, is one of my weekend treats. Unfortunately I also know from rather longer experience of life that food of that type (I won't call it junk food) tends to trigger the need to poo. Put it this way, I find it keeps me regular!

Carlie. Thanks for sharing your story. You're obviously better practised in the arts of holding it than many much older people, myself included. Often when a single big jobbie comes out wiping tends to be easier. At least that's what I've found when it's happened.

John B. I was very sorry to hear that the results of your bowel cancer test showed grounds for concern and I hope all goes well mate. One of the good things about bowel cancer, if there's anything good to be said about it, is that it usually responds very well to treatment if picked up at an early stage which is what I suspect's happened in your case. Usually the big problems are when people fail to notice Anyhow you're very much in my thoughts at the moment. Please let me know how you get on.

Romantic Dump. Thanks for sharing part 2 of your big number 2! I'm glad you were the first to let go and realise it wasn't worth holding it in on account of the other two ladies. Of course we'll never no certain but I suspect the lady who followed you in pushing one out felt that your first move had somehow given her permission. That bathroom must have stunk pretty badly if you were letting out a Sunday roast. Decomposed roast meat, Yorkshire puddings, vegetables and a glass or two of wine make a bit of a stink. I know from my experience of offloading on a Monday.

Anna. Thanks for sharing your poo stories. I enjoy reading about your adventures. Keep them coming.

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