For Girls

Everytime you have to go poop and If so what comes out 1st then 2nd?
Have you ever pooped in front of somebody and If so what was there reaction when you did the pee part of the pooping process?
Have you ever pooped and pee'd yourself on accident

Mystery Pooper

To Carlie

Whoa! Holding both your pee and poop for so sounds like it can get pretty intense! Do you have any stories where you couldn't hold it any longer and ended up having an accident?

Jennifer G

In The Car

Hi everybody!
I think there may have been a misunderstanding in my previous post. It accidentally went under Krista's name but I'm not Krista, I'm Jennifer G. I'm not sure how that happened, I'm not using any other name on here. But no worries! What I had said was that I'm considering peeing in my car in the seat. I wouldn't be wearing a diaper or anything, nor do I plan on putting any kind of protection on the seat, like a towel or anything. I just want to sit there and let it go. This is after much thought and I've decided that it's something I would really like to try doing. I'm not really worried about the seat cushion, it's dark tan so I don't think it will show too much in the material. But it is a cloth seat not leather, so I know it will soak in. But I guess that's really the whole point. As I said this is something I've been thinking about doing for a long time now. I'll keep you posted if anyone is interested. I may even do it this weekend. As I had said in my previous post, I welcome any feedback.


Questions for Nick Tristan Steve A and all the other teens

It's pretty well known that people tend to get constipated while on vacation; and teens and younger kids are sure no exception.

From your experiences growing up and going on vacations with your families......just what efforts and methods did your parents use to keep track of whether all the kids were pooping ok?

Did your parents ask about it daily? Ask to see your poop in the motel?

And......did you ever go on a longer trip with a friend and his parents? Did your friends parents ever ask you about your bowel movements?

If you were in charge of kids on a longer trip....would you ask them if they were having daily bowel movements?

Thanks guys; actually anyone can answer if they like.



One Portaloo

I was at a festival recently and I ate a lot of unhealthy food. Later on, I was needing a poo so I went to find the bathrooms. Eventually, I found a portaloo (the plastic kind, with no water). But there was only one! And tgere was a long line behind it. I waited in line. Later, it was almost my turn and I was really bursting to go, and my stomach was hurting. I finally got my turn, and I rushed in. Tge lock was broken off, but I threw myself on the toilet. A stream of diarrhea rushed out of my bum. I felt very sick. A dew minutes later, the man in line behind me pounded on the door and said that I was holding up the line. I was too sick to care, so I just said ok. A few minutes later, he pounded again. I said just a monute. He ripped open the door, shoved me aside, causing me to hit my head and spraying diarrhea everywhere, and he stood at the urinal part and peed. He left and the lady ib line behind him started yellibg at him, saying he had no right to do that and he should have given 'the poor girl' more privacy. I did my best to hurry up and left the portaloo eventually. My head still hurt and I felt very sick. I went home and spent most of the night throwibg up...


Response to Doug's list

"She needs to have a bowel movement when..." offers an interesting list. My response is as follows:

1. She immediately flushes the toilet when entering the stall.

This is even more important today than a few years ago when I was in elementary school. Since I travel quite a bit with my teams and as a representative of my college, I'm finding more women are not flushing after they urinate. I might not flush before I urinate, but if I'm going to move my bowels, and with the frequent splashback I have, I don't want to get get splashed with another person's urine.

2. She goes to a bathroom farther away.

I disagree with this one. I always go to the closest bathroom as long as there is not a line stretching out into the hallway. Yesterday I was on the main floor of our school's library. Before starting my research assignment I went to the nearest bathroom. I don't have time to waste by going up to the third floor or down to a cubbyhole in the basement. And I told my male research partner that I might be a little longer because I was getting good benefit from my laxative. When we went out for a drink a few hours later he excused himself from the bar table by reminding me how his body drains his beer really fast.

3. She immediately shuts and locks the door.

Not always true. Sometimes, to save waiting time, I will take the cubicle with the door broken off. The latches do take a lot of abuse. I have no real problem moving my bowels without the privacy door. Anyway in many places the panels are so low anyway and at 6'5" even when seated I tower above the stall.

4. After eating, she quietly says to the person she has to go to the bathroom.

True. I might not be as tactful with me peers, but when I'm with a major athletic fund donor or vice-chancellor or sometimes the media, I'm much more formal and discreet.

5. She casually says all of a sudden I have to go to the bathroom.

Rarely. I do remember this happening however in airports when I'm having a conversation, our flights's boarding is announced and and I don't want to chance it. With my size, airplane bathrooms are not that friendly.

6. She says with some disgust in her voice "I have to go to the bathroom!"

This has happened to me only twice. Both times have been during warm-ups or during a time-out. I'm squatting down with a dry-erase board and a couple of marking pens diagramming a play, and my bowel movement's starting to knock at the door. The one time I had my assistant take over on the floor and I returned to the locker room. Wouldn't you know it, the seat of the toilet I selected was so loose, any physical movement on my part would have caused it to break off. We were down in the game but I had to remember to tell by team at the beginning of half-time to avoid an accident waiting to happen.

Random Reader

Backpack Camping

Last weekend my wife and I went on a backpacking camping trip. The spot that we picked ended up being pretty crowded and had no toilets. We ended up getting in a late afternoon and we set up our tents behind a few other campers, it was obvious that they were using areas around our tent as there bathroom. I was hanging out in the hammock that evening and I hear a rustle in the bushes nearby, I look over to see this cute blonde walking through with what appeared to be maybe her boyfriend. I didn't think much of it until I noticed that the blonde was carrying a small trowel and a roll of toilet paper, from that it was obvious of her need to poop. Unfortunately they saw us so I got no good shows out of it. I heard the boy she was with say to her that there is now a tent back here, she replied that was the spot that she had used before as she pointed behind a tree by our tent. She then said that she would just find a spot in the bushes near her own tent. She returned to her group and told them of her problems, and because we were so nearby I could hear most of their conversations. She said that there were people in her spot and that she was going to use the bushes near her tent and she exclaimed that she would let her group know how it went. That was about all I heard from her that night, I was in shock about how open she was with everyone, and not sure why she brought her boyfriend along, perhaps to keep guard or something. The next morning I heard them talking about privacy and the 2 guys in the group said that they could just face the other direction then the other girl from their campsite poked her head through the bushes and went back to her group saying that we were facing in their direction, as I was sitting in the hammock and it was positioned facing them. Some time had passed and I didn't hear anything further but maybe an hour later I heard her talking and saying that she needed privacy, then I heard some rustling in the bushes behind their tent and at one point she had called out to the other girl that the ground there was so hard, I assume she was in the process of digging her cat hole. A few minutes later her friend said something to her and she called back saying that she had already pooped, so I am guessing that maybe she was in the tent at this point. That was the extent of trip, after that we packed up and hiked back to our car. My wife didn't poop until we made it down to the portapotty at the trail head. She usually poops first thing in the morning but is usually shy about it, when we are at home she will sneak of the bathroom at the far end of the house when she wakes up to poop there. The morning when we were camping she got up and sat there for a few minutes then looked over towards my pack where the shovel and toilet paper were then started packing up her stuff and asked how long we planned on hanging out there. I am assuming that she had to poop but was too embarrassed to ask for the shovel and toilet paper and instead figured that we could head home. We hung out for a little while longer and the whole time she seemed a bit tense. The whole hike back to the car she was pretty quiet and was a bit slower than me which is unusual because usual she is quicker. As soon as we got back to the car she quickly put her pack in the car and handed me the keys and said that she was going to use the bathroom quickly before we left. We were parked pretty close to the portapotty, and after about 5 minutes I heard the door open and I figured my wife was done, but that was another girl coming out then my wife went in. When the other girl came out the boy she was with asked her how it went and she replied that it was great, so I am assuming that she probably just took a poop. My wife finished up in about 5 minutes or so and we headed home. Overall it was a great weekend and I can't wait to do it again sometime.

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Victoria B.

A few comments

It's been awhile! I went through a nasty breakup (my former boyfriend cheated) and took some time to make sure that the pain and bad feelings had all been properly flushed down the drain. Now I feel better and ready to write again!

I don't have a story today, just a few comments. Rest assured that my future pooping adventures will be written down as I have them!

To Mina: Sounds like the light green loo had a nice four-course breakfast! Your stories about going with your friends always make me smile; you all seem so warm and kind. I'm so happy that Kazuko and Hisae will be moving into your building and I'm looking forward to reading about the 'breakfasts' you'll be having with your new neighbors!

To Claudia: I loved your story about having a beer while sitting on the pot and pooping. Wish you could have had a little more privacy, but sometimes you just have to drop your pants and panties and go! I'm a fan of Mediterranean cooking and I must admit that your posts make me hungry. Good food is worth a few skid marks, even if it means you have to get the toilet brush out and clean the bowl! By the way, what part of Spain do you come from? I have a friend who studied in Oviedo last semester.

To Marieke: I've used that trick with the upside down trash can too. It works great!

Until next time!

Student (NL)
We have been camping around Northern Europe for 10 weeks now, and we were thinking of four weeks more. But it has been raining so heavy for a long period now that we are considering going back home soon. Perhaps this will be my last report from the wilderness then. I am really not convinced that there is anything new to report. My girl friend and I spontaneously began laughing when she on her way to find solitude in nature one evening said that it probably was her poop #100 au natural this summer. (Nobody of us really has counted!) Last week we were also staying on the same spot up in the mountains for the whole week (due to the weather). We were not the only ones doing that. There were at least 10 other tents and a handful of caravan cars also staying there for the whole week, in addition to those coming and leaving. We did not really make any closer contacts with any of the others, just smiling and some casual talk, or some company around the meal in the evening. But still we felt that we learnt to know many of them very well, when they went up, had their meals, their daily routines etc. And yes, also got an impression of their toilet habits! There was no toilet there and we all therefore had to take care of business somewhere in nature. What is quite certain is that, especially in the early morning or late evening (Nordic evenings are quite light!), when one can see a person walking alone away from the camp into the fields (with or without the roll of toilet paper visible) he or she is on the way to answer the serious call of nature. (Seems like most campers pee just behind the tent or the car, but go away to for #2.) Seeing people walking alone away is a "no go" sign for others to follow. Doing that will just lead into embarrassment because you are sure to encounter a person squatting with shorts at the knees. But at just that site in the mornings it was almost impossible not to spot others on distance when walking away to take care of own needs. It was so to say easy to pretend privacy but not possible to avoid seeing or be seen. There simply was no vegetation and the stones were too scattered to give any real shelter. I guess everybody saw, and everybody knew, but also realized that it was the only way to get it done for everybody. It was never mentioned or commented as I heard. Still it made me aware that different persons have different customs. Some scarcely pull their trousers below the bum, most seem to pull them to the knees, and some even lower. Most persons squat, but some (especially men?) more or less just bend forward supporting their elbows on the thighs. My girl friend thinks that is because squatting appears childish to brave men! (I squat, but I must admit that is not the position where I most like to be seen by my girl friend.) Remarkably few persons use a spade. Most just leave the poo on the ground and either burn the paper or push it away somewhere in the ground. (When camping in a nature park we asked at the information office how to do when going to toilet. The woman there said that one just should find a secluded place away from water and well away from the path/camp site and get it done. "The nature will take care of it. And there are so few persons out there that there really is no reason to bother. Squat and relax", she said with a smile.) My girl friend and I also have talked a bit about what persons that have to go in the outdoors. Campers certainly have to do it when wildcamping. But we have also seen other, such as car tourists, truckers and others, having to visit the nature to relieve themselves. Once we even saw a taxi driver (without passengers though) stop and go to squat in the bushes to take her morning dump. Another place my girl friend walked just in on a forest worker squatting behind his machine. Well that will be all for today.


Manda's mom

Me and my friend Manda were at the mall. My mom drove us down there. We stayed all day because there is a theater there it and they have really good daytime admission rates. Her mom is a very disciplined person and she expects Manda to be on time for everything. Manda had to crap at about 4 but we went down to like 2 sets of bathrooms and they had a line for each of the toilets. So we hurried outside to meet her mom. However, her mom was late. Her meeting at work ran overtime and she kept texting that she was like 5 minutes away. Manda didn't want to leave the bench because she was thinking she could hold it until we got back home. After a 45 minute wait, Manda's mom finally got there to get us. Manda took the front seat next to her mom and the traffic on the highway out of the mall was bad. After about 15 minutes it wasn't getting any better and Manda told her mom about the need to use the bathroom. Her mom didn't say some of the dumb things like mine does--"Take your mind off it and we'll be home before you know it!"-- but after about another 10 minutes and traffic that was hardly moving, Manda told her mom there was going to be an accident.

Manda noticed on the side of the highway there was a construction site with a couple of portable toilets really close by. She said she couldn't wait any longer because it was ready to come out. Mom swerved through 3 lanes to get off the highway and parked outside the toilets. Just as Manda started to get out and run for it, her mom shut off the engine and followed Manda in. I was surprised. Manda opened the door to the toilet and her mom shoved her aside, looked in the door, and called out to me to bring a roll of toilet paper they kept in the back of the SUV. I got out and was trying to get the back gate open. Manda's mom got angry and sent Manda back to help me get the gate open. Manda was mad too and she yanked the gate open and showed me where the toilet paper roll was. I thought it was kind of different for them to be carrying one around, but Manda grabbed the roll. She jumped back over a small trench to the construction site. I saw her mom grab the toilet paper from her, then open the toilet door. She had just laid the first sheet down over the toilet when Manda let off a big fart that even I heard. She grabbed the back of her blue shorts and I could see brown was starting to grow like a puddle against the cloth of her shorts. She yelled out to her mom who was still working on covering the toilet. Then I saw the mom turn Manda around. She saw that Manda had an accident and started to yell at her right there about being irresponsible and not having used the bathrooms at the theater or mall.

Manda was crying badly when mom brought her back to the car. There was a section of an old newspaper in the back of the SUV. Mom took it out and spread it over the seat. She told Manda to get in even though Manda said sitting right then would cause her to get more messed up. The ride home was completely silent. I could smell Manda's mess even though the air conditioner was on full blast. They dropped me off at my house and Manda's mom said Manda would be staying in for a couple of days. Manda texted me that her mom is really fussy about her using public bathrooms and not sitting directly on the equipment because that is unsanitary. I just don't think Manda has too many alternatives. But I feel sorry for her because of the way her mother treats her and how her mother acts.


A near disaster at church camp

Hi guys, my name is Alliana, or Alli for short. I'm 19, 5'7 and about 120 pounds. I'm a runner so there isn't much mass to me lol. This is something that just happened to me this morning. I found this site a couple of months ago but didn't post yet cause I wasn't sure if you guys wanted actual stories or if just posting about my regular pooping was ok too. I poop every day, sometimes twice a day depending on what I eat. So on to the story.

I am at a girl's retreat that was put on by my friend's church. Personally I'm not religious, but I wanted to go with my friend because we're like two chicks in an egg ;). Last night when we got up here, they checked us in and then had a big dinner for us. I was starving because I hadn't eaten all day. I don't care for fast food, and I forgot to grab something before leaving my apartment. I had two burgers, a hot dog, and a salad. They had a worship time afterwards, and then just free time until we went to bed. It was a nice way to start things off.

This morning as soon as I got up I felt like I had about 5 extra pounds in poop just sitting in my colon. Unfortunately I didn't have time for my morning ritual as me and my friend both got up late. My friend's name is Alexa. She's 5'8, about 130, and absolutely gorgeous. I'll admit on here that I had the hot's for her a few years ago when I was going through a phase. Anyways, we had to get down to the food hall because we didn't want to miss out on breakfast. So we got down there, and we had eggs, bacon, sausage, and some oatmeal. It was all so delicious. I wish I could make food like that. After breakfast, we had a morning worship time, and that's when things started sliding down a slippery slope (pun totally intended). I could feel my colon pushing the poop further and further, almost as if my stomach was telling it to make room. My stomach kept gurgling, and I would let out a silent fart here and there. I tried to hold it because I didn't want to walk out in the middle, but then I actually started to feel my butthole involuntarily open up haha, so I knew it was time.

I quickly walked over to the women's restroom, found a stall and sat down ready to absolutely explode. I must have wandered into the handicap stall though because the toilet was way higher off the ground. It was kind of inconvenient because my feet couldn't touch the ground, and I have a hard time pooping for some reason when my feet are just dangling. I went to go to the next stall, but just then, someone walked in. I'm a shy pooper, like I don't have any mental inhibitions about it, it's just a physical and natural thing. But my body won't let me poop when there is someone else in the room. I could feel the poop kind of move back up, and it was so uncomfortable. The door next to me shut, and being curious as I am I looked down to see the shoes of the person. It was Alexa. I waited, and waited for her, what seemed like an almost indefinite amount of time so I just started doing random stupid stuff. Swinging my feet, tapping drum beats on the toilet paper holder, and just thinking about random things. Finally she peed a bit and then started grunting. I heard a plops, silence, and then one loud ploop. She wiped about 5 times, and flushed. Washed her hands, and left... Finally.

At this point my poop was "accessible", but not sliding out like it was. I had to push, really hard. This will sound really stupid, but I always was glad that animal's that we eat die before we eat them. Like if for some reason they could still feel by the time they were turned into poop, (I know it's impossible), it would really hurt to be pooped. Like if it hurts me to squeeze out a few pieces, what would it feel like to be crushed harder and harder and squeezed out of someone, and then fall into a cold toilet bowl? Plus I always wipe myself really good. That poor animal would have to feel pieces of itself being ground against some toilet paper and my butt cheeks. I know that sounds really weird, I'm sorry, I just think about these things haha.

I pooped for a good 20 minutes. It just kept coming out, plop after plop. A few pieces were long and soft, but most were harder and plopped in. On the harder pieces I had to press my toes into the ground the best I could. I just couldn't get any torque with my feet dangling like that lol. I finally finished, peed a little bit, and then wiped. It took me almost 6 tries to get myself clean. I got off the toilet, pulled up my pants, and turned around to see my finished product (like we all do from time to time). It was kind of obscured from the toilet paper, but there was a few long pieces sticking out. I flushed the toilet, and went back into the worship room.

If you guys want, I'll keep you updated on the rest of my time here. Thanks for reading :)

-Hipster Allie

Hey everyone

Today I woke up feeling pretty full. I had just taken a huge poop the night before, but I felt like there was a good crap brewing in my stomach.

Throughout the day, I did yard work and exercised and I felt my poop building up. After I ate dinner, I started farting a lot. They were all dry and would last for about five seconds. Suddenly, they stopped and I kept playing the video game I was on. I heard the bathroom door close and figured someone was in there. Suddenly, a huge fart came out and I stood up. I felt a massive amount of poop about to come out into my pants. I clenched as hard as I could, but couldn't resist letting out more huge long farts. I heard the door open and I ran in with the poop trying to force its way out. I shoved my pants down and sat. My butthole was already open from the poop turtle heading and a soft, firm poop began to slowly slide out. Without me pushing, it started coming out faster and very softly crackling. It touched the bottom of the toilet but it kept just coming out of my butt. Suddenly it broke off, and I wiped and flushed it. Before I flushed, I looked at it and it was more than two feet long. I flushed it away.

Hope you enjoyed



Hi everyone in toilet stool, this is Jane again and today, I would like to post some comments.

Mina : I really like your posts which are stories about you and your friends Maho, Kazuko, and Hisae. I live in Korea, and you live in Japan, so we are living quite close together. I wish that I can meet you and your friends someday!

Anna : I loved your recent posts about your poops in public bathrooms, and I wish that I can read more stories from you. Reading your stories are always fun and a always look forward to your stories. Thanks a lot for such fun stories!

Romantic Dump : I really liked your story about your poop with other girls. It is true that it feels kind of awkward to let out when there are others right beside. It was a real fun story. Thank you!

To every posters : I like all the posts on toilet stool and really like the fact that we are honest about our stories, even if they can be embarrassing. Thank you everyone!

Well, I guess that I will post story 2 a little later. Have a nice day, everyone!


Hanging out

So my best friend Annie I've known since 8th grade just moved back to town after living out of town since weozt touch after high school, we came a in touch aND hung out got back together. She was staying at my place till getting a place of her own, she got home one day from work and I was outside in my yard.

Right now she stays down stairs and I'm upstairs. She said she hadn't used the bathroom all day so she'd be inside when I got finished,later I was cleaning up so we could have a date night and she came in saying she was gonna talk to me while i was shaving in my bathroom. She comes in amd while were talking she says "mind if I go?;I'm already here. " I said sure and she quickly undid her belt amd dropped her slacks amd pulled down white panties and sat down, she sat there talking and started to strain and then started farting uncontrollably then she bore down dropped loose poop for a short minute, she pulled her panties below her knees amd spread her legs and pushed and a big kaploomp then small dropping of poop then she fart a few times more amd I was finishing up amd she started to wipe 4 times as she stood up she farts again and pulls up her panties amd pants.

She felt better and we were off for our date.


She needs to have a bowel movement when:

1. she immediately flushes the toilet when entering the stall.
2. she goes to a bathroom further away.
3. she firmly shuts the door and immediately lock the door.
4. after eating she quietly says to a person that she has to go to the bathroom.
5. she casually says all of a sudden I have to go to the bathroom.
6. she says with some disgust on her voice "I have to go to the bathroom".

Optional Person

quick poop.

I felt like using the toilet backwards today. I lifted the toilet seat up and sat down. I tried to let nature push the poo out of me, but it didn't want to. So I pushed a little. a tiny crackle noise happened and then an explosive loud fart ( POP-rrrt) came out of my butt along with a pile a small brown squishy turds. The stench was incredible, I know it is weird, but I love my smell and wish it was stronger. I wiped my butt and sniffed the toilet paper and was surprised how a certain body part of mine reacted to that. I flushed the toilet. it was a nice poop, though I would love to sit backwards and have an ass spreader shoot out of me, I bet that would feel really good and because it would land mostly outside of the water it would really stink! :) lol, happy pooping everyone, and don't forget to enjoy your stench, it is a part of you.

I may have posted this story before, but one day my friend came over. she was a cute blonde girl with a nice butt. she was a tomboy. one day she had diarrhea on my toilet. I could hear the explosive farts. it was just a few seconds and it was nice and explosive. I walked in sometime after and was disappointed that there wasn't a stench left behind. but their was a poo flake floating on the water. I wish I had asked to go in with her... she probably would have let me, because she was open minded I think.


Perfect Poop

I think I just did the most perfect poop I've ever done and I had to report it lol

I have been going once a day lately which is pretty much normal for me, but I often I go a little less. Anyway, this time I had to go pretty badly--even though I had just gone what felt like not that long ago (it was the previous day, but not many hours ago), I had to go again which makes sense because I've been eating a lot lately and I can eat a lot without gaining any weight so it pretty much all just turns to poop lol. So I sat down on the toilet and immediately I could tell it felt like a big one. I pushed a bit and felt my butt hole open and then what seemed like a big turd come out. I leaned forward a bit on the toilet as it kept coming. It felt pretty thick and big but it wasn't too hard because I didn't have to push much.

Then it finally dropped. I looked in the toilet and saw one like foot long turd, uniform shape, perfectly brown (little on the greenish side I guess) and I felt SO relieved that I had goosebumps for a couple minutes afterward. When I wiped, there was NOTHING on the toilet paper at all!

If every poop could be like that one...

Monday, July 18, 2016

Hello. I am a 17 year old girl and I love the feeling of being desperate, both to pee and to poop. Whenever I can, I hold it until I'm absolutely bursting before I allow myself to go to the toilet. Every once in a while, I'll have an "accident" from holding too long, but I know my body well enough to know when I'm at my limit and need to give in. Anyway, I have a story from a few days ago.

I had last peed the night before, shortly before dinner, at around 7 o'clock. That morning, I woke up with an urge to pee, but it quickly went away as I ignored it. It was really hot that day (got up to 108F), so I was drinking a lot of water, and holding in my pee all day. It felt so great, to be getting more and more desperate. By 2 o'clock, the urge had gotten really strong. I kept holding and drinking enough to stay hydrated. Around that time, I started to feel stirrings that I needed to poop. I hadn't pooped in six days.

Holding got more and more difficult and my bladder was aching by 4:30. I'd been farting quite a bit, which I usually don't do much except in the hours leading up to a poop. By 6 o'clock, I was having to hold my crotch every few minutes to keep from peeing. But I knew I could hold it for a while longer. I'd mostly stopped farting by then too. I held on until a few minutes after 8, by which point my crotch and part of my lower stomach had started to feel almost numb, which I know is my sign that I'm going to wet myself any minute.

I hurried to the toilet and yanked down my pants and underwear and sat on the toilet. I released my hold and a waterfall of clear pee rushed out of me. I couldn't help but moan with pleasure as it came out. It felt soo good! I must have peed non-stop for over 2 minutes, a gushing waterfall. After I finished peeing, I wiped my front, and leaned forward to get ready to poop. A thick turd crowned. It was stretching my butthole a lot and it hurt a little bit when it first started coming out. The turd touched the bottom of the toilet bowl and met some resistance, but kept coming. More and more kept coming out of me, and the feeling of my muscles working to push it out was intense and wonderful.

Finally, the end came and it thudded into the bowl. I got up to see the behemoth I had just produced. One end of it was nestled in the hole at the back of the toilet, although it was too thick to actually fit down it. It stretched the whole length of the toilet, curled around and went back to the other end, then kept going, curling part of the way around the outside rim of the toilet. I'd say it was at least 2.5 inches thick and 30 inches long in total. I knew there was absolutely no way it would flush though.

I wiped, but it was a clean turd and I needed only one wipe. Then I got out the toilet brush and started to break up the beast of a turd. I first tried breaking it into several pieces, and flushed. The pieces all got sucked to the center of the bowl, but didn't go down the drain. I broke them into smaller pieces and flushed again when the bowl refilled. That worked, and all the pieces went down. Then I worked with the brush to clear the skidmarks and flushed one last time.

Michael W.

Stories of my sisters.

To Becky. I hope you enjoy these stories.

The first story that I'd like to tell was a month after my Saturday Night Runs. It was March, 2002. We moved into a diff house. It was a duplex across the street from the High School. I came home from school and my sisters wanted to watch "Scary Movie 2" but they were not allowed to do so until they finished their homework and I wanted to wait on them. So my sisters Beth (11 at the time) and Sam (10 at the time) came home from school around 3:25. Beth went to the dining room and got started on her homework. Sam took off her winter coat and kicked off her shoes and went upstairs to use our only bathroom. I was doing my homework in the living room while my older bro watched "Austin Powers." Anyways, I felt the need to pee so I went upstairs to use the bathroom and I forgot that Sam was in there. So I decided to hold it. I went back down to finish homework and when I was done I tried to use the bathroom again and Sam was still in there. I think she had been in there for a good 20 minutes and I kept feeling the need to pee more and more. I wanted to do something to help me forget about the urge to go so I can wait it out. So I walked around the house from room to room and sometimes I would stop in the living room to watch the funny parts of "Austin Powers." I think 20 more minutes have passed so I went back upstairs to check the bathroom again and Sam was still in there. I still felt like I had to pee and the feeling was getting heavier. I was wondering if Sam was okay bcz she has been in there for awhile. I felt a lil drip in my pants and I was like "I can't take this anymore." I peaked under the door to make sure she wasn't screwing around playing dress up bcz she used to do that back in the day and this time she wasn't. I saw her jeans and socks (on her feet) right by the toilet, indicating that she was sitting on the toilet. I stood up and knocked on the bathroom door. "Yes?" Sam said. "I just wanna know if you're almost done" I said. She said "I'm just about done." So I sat at the top of the stairs in the hallway for 5 minutes. I heard the toilet flush and Sam came out of the bathroom and went downstairs. Sam had been in the bathroom for a good 50 minutes. I went in the bathroom and closed the door. I undid my fly and let my horse out of the barn and let loose into the toilet. I thought about waterfalls the whole time I was pissing. It was the longest piss I had ever taken in my life. I would say it was 5 minutes. I felt better when I was done. Later on that day I asked her "What were you doing in the bathroom so long?" And she said "Um I was pooping." Lol.

My next story of me and my sisters happened later on in the same month. March of 2002. One Saturday Afternoon me and family all went to Hacienda. They have Mexican Food there. Anyways, I had chips and salsa, a chimichunga, with Mexican rice, and refried beans, and a chocolate mountain mudslide. My sisters Beth and Sam ate a lot that day too. On the next day, it was nice outside and me and my sisters all played outside that day. My stomach was kind of groaning that day but I tried to ignore it. I walked down to the video store to window shop for a while. After I left the video store I felt like I had to fart and I accidently shit myself. I was like "Son of a bitch." I did what I could not to draw attention to myself. I walked back home and when I arrived I headed straight for the bathroom upstairs. I closed and locked the door, kicked off my shoes, and pulled down my jeans and sat on the toilet. I was in the bathroom for almost a half an hour. Beth knocked on the bathroom door and asks who was in there. When I told her it was me she asked me to hurry up. She even said "Please." Right around that time I was done. I wiped with toilet paper, washed my hands and left the bathroom. Then Beth went into the bathroom and closed the door. I asked her if she was coming back outside and she said "yes." Then she asked me why I have my shoes in the bathroom. I said I took them off bcz its a habit. Then she said "You're weird." Beth was in the bathroom for 20 some minutes. I could hear her pushing and grunting. So anyways we played outside again. Around sunset Sam said she had to go to the bathroom while we were drawing chalk on sidewalk. A half an hour had passed and Beth and I were wondering where Sam was. Beth went inside the house to look for Sam and when Beth came back out she said "Sam said she's coming back outside, she's just having diarrhea, and I've been having diarrhea, too." And then I said "Me too." Then Beth said "Really? What is with us having diarrhea?" Sam came back outside and she said "I pooped and now I feel better." When it got dark we played volleyball in the backyard in our socks and Beth said "I have to go to the bathroom, I'm gonna have diarrhea again." Then me and Sam continued playing. Beth opened up the window and shouted to us "How are you two doing?" Sam said "Are you talking to us while you're on the toilet?" And Beth said "Yep." Then 30 minutes later I felt like a had to poop again so I went into the bathroom after Beth came out. I had diarrhea again and I spent like 20 minutes in the bathroom. When I was done Sam had to go to the bathroom. She had diarrhea again too. Me and my sisters had diarrhea that day. When Sam was done the toilet was clogged and my dad had to unclog it with the snake thingy. Then the next day I felt like I was going to have diarrhea again while I was a t school but I didn't poop until I got home. It was my last diarrhea episode. Later on that same day I told my sisters about it. They told me that they went in school. Sam told me she missed recess bcz she was having diarrhea. And Beth missed Math bcz of the same problem.

My third story is about my oldest sister Jeannea. She is 2 years older than me. It was November, 2003, I was 15 years old and I was expelled from school for fighting. I stayed at my mom's house for a week. Me and my older sister did everything together. Anyways, one day she said to her boyfriend she had to shit really bad. She said she hadn't pooped for almost a week. She did not want to use the bathroom in the hallway. She wanted to use the bathroom in the master bedroom while my mom and step dad weren't home. So she used their bathroom. And she took a magazine with her. "I'll see you in a while, Michael" she said. I said "Okay" and I went back to playing my Game Boy Advance. I was waiting for Jeannea to finish up bcz we were gonna go downtown and hang out. 40 Minutes have passed and Jeannea had left the bathroom. When I noticed I asked her she was ready and she said "No, I have to go to the bathroom some more." I said "Okay." This time she had a newspaper with her. Another 40 minutes have passed and Jeannea was finally done. She said that me and Dave can go to town. I figured she'd be too tired to go out bcz she had had two 40 minute pooping sessions. Lol.

Anyways that is all I can remember for now. I'll post again later, till then Happy Pooping.


My name is Nancy

Hi everyone!
I'm Nan or my friends call me "Nancy"
I'm Thai girl and 22 years old. I'm a call center agent. I'm slim ,small body, white skin and cute haha. I have more stories about pooping or using toilets. I read stories in this, I get it and like it very much , I may writing English not well ,but I will try I hope you understand me.

I usually poop 2-3 times a day. sometimes I had constipated but often had diarrhea. I have to poop after waking up 1 times at home and after I have breakfast again at work.
My home has type of "seat toilet" in the bathroom ,but my office has type of "Thai squat toilet, when you poop you have to clean your butt by bowl and water, it's weird I think you don't understand me haha.

I like seat toilet ,but if I need to poop so bad at work, I can use squat toilet. I think I like about poop stories due to I have often pooped myself ,but no one knew about it because I'm shameful and didn't say about poop elsewhere, I say it this only!

yesterday, I felt sleepy while working I talked my colleague(her name is Anya) she said she had two jars of tamarind, she said it could help she gave me a jar. I ate it a lot, it's tasty and made me stay awake until lunch break...

after I had my lunch I felt bad in my gut while I was on the phone with a customer. we talked a long time. I needed to go to toilet but I couldn't. I tried to hold in and needed to fart. And I did it! I farted silently "pfffrrrtt" Okayy I got better. and then my colleague asked me "Can you smell something?" I said "no no,I can't" and talked with a customer continuously. while I was talking on the phone I still hurt in my abdomen ,I needed to slient fart again "pfffrrrtt...pfffrrrrtt and pfffrrrrrtt" I think he(my colleague) knew I farted because he stood up and walked away from me. I shook my leg and farted sliently again pfffrrrrrrrtt.....pfttt Ohh! Oh!! no no!(I thought something was wrong in my panties) I said "Thank you" I hanged up the phone. I ran suddenly to the bathroom and went to stall, closed the door and stand on the thai squat toilet. I pull up my skirt, and pull my panties down ..OMG!..OMG! I had liquid poop in my panties. I squatted on the toilet and tried to remove my pant out my legs, I stood up again and then I felt my poop was coming out again, it urged so bad ,so I tried to squat but the liquid poop spread on my legs, flood and wall and flew on my panties. I cried
and squatted a long time ,I thougth what I should do and then I washed my butt and my legs with bowl and poured water down on the floor and the wall. stall have the gap and my poop flew out to the outside of toilet wtf!! I left my panties to the bin and went out quickly. I feel lucky that on one was in the bathroom.

Today, Anya said "Did you see in the bathroom yet?, I found panties! it's so nasty!, someone pooped on the floor yesterday."

I replied "what??! Really?! haha, Did you take a photo it?"
I think I will not eat a lot of tamarind anymore.

Thanks for read my story.
I will come back again!

Ok, I got a couple of things today. First, Jenny's survey:

1) do you ever lie about getting skidmarks, or hide the fact that you get them from a partner or someone who see your panties.
I wouldn't admit getting them to boys. With my girlfriends it has never come up. And I don't really try to hide anything from the girls I live with. I just throw my undies in the laundry. I'm sure they have seen my dirty underwear and I have seen theirs'. I don't find it that big a deal, it's what undies are for, after all.

2) what kind of activities give you the worst skidmarks?
Biking, hiking and running in the gym.

3) Have you ever gotten skidmarks when not wearing underpants in pants, skirts, bike shorts or yoga pants?
I always wear undies.

5) what underwear gives you the most skidmarks?
I mostly wear strings and thongs and they sometimes do get dirty. I wear bikini type undies during my days of the month and on long outdoor trips. I have never noticed any marks in them.

And a few comments.

to Mina: That's so great that your friends are moving in next door. That'll be so much fun! And, as always I enjoy reading your posts. Many hugs to you!

to Krista: Your story was so well written! Reading it I felt really bad for you at the end, it must have been so awful when the other girls teased you about your accident. I guess this was quite a while ago and you are over it, but I want to give you a big hug anyway! I also want to say that I am kinda in the same situation as you where I sometimes suddenly have to go number two super urgently and then I absolutely have to find a toilet and relieve myself or else. So ever since I was a teenager I have been ready to pretty much go anywhere, like squatting outside or on really gross toilets, in an emergency. Otherwise I know for sure that I would have had more than one accident in my panties.
Oh, and at my university there are also a couple of rumours about some of the kids having had accidents. One is about this super georgous and popular girl from one of the classes I used to be in. The story is that she had a huge diarreah accident in her pants on a bus trip to a volleyball tournament in her first year. I don't know if that's true, but she is still really popular and is dating a super hot guy, so I guess the stories didn't get to her.

I'm a little too busy at the moment to write more, so I'll share my other story from my trip later. Bye everybody!

Romantic Dump

Desperate holding part 2

Hey all, I did type up part 2 of this story the other day but I think I forgot to hit submit since then I have just been so busy. I don't want to keep you in suspense for any longer so I'll crack on with finishing this story.

So the situation that had unfolded was in my office you had 3 young women dressed in business attire perched on three toilets next to each other desperately holding back a shower of turds as no one was willing to give in and break the silence.
The pressure was building in my bowels and in my bum to start releasing this monster but I wanted to embrace the challenge plus the reason we were all holding it was due to awkwardness, anyway I love having to desperately hold my poo, I'm a pro at this and defeat was not on the cards.
By this point we had been sitting there for a good 3-4 mins it seemed like an eternity and looking at my watch I was aware that time was getting on.
However there was still no signs from the other two that they were in need of a dump other than we were all sitting there in silence.
The girl to my right the curvy one, repositioned her heels, whilst the girl to my left the tall one coughed. Were these tell tell signs both were struggling to hold back their poo as well now?

My imagination started to run wild thinking about the desperation that the other two ladies must have been going through, the clenching of their bums, plus what type of dump where they holding back? I could feel mine was going to be a big log but what type were the other two in need of?
How long had their been needing it? When was their last shit? All these thoughts were cut short by the pressing nature of my big turd that was knocking on the door to be released. I was starting to struggle to hold this dump and win the battle.

I was starting to sweat holding back this poo now, it was begging for release, I was even curling my toes inside my heels to help hold this back but it was no use the poo started pushing through my barrier. I was upset that I was going to lose the battle and could not out hold the other too but Sunday roast was knocking and it badly needed out, I defy any girl to hold in what I had eaten.

I held on for dear life but it was no use as this thick turd started to evacuate my bum dying to be dropped into the loo, it was coming out very slowly and the feelings it caused whilst it passed through i cant fully describe to do it justice, my ring was enjoying the stretching and exercise that it was receiving...maybe a little too much.

With this poo hanging out of my rear end I could smell already I was going to stink out the entire bathroom this was a much needed shit.
Sadly I had to concede defeat I just couldn't out hold these other two ladies, if I was waiting for just 1 cubicle behind these ladies I would have ended up shitting my knickers.

As I was about to drop this behemoth, the curvy girl to my right broke the silence! She did so with a massive fart! the fart was loud and lasted a few seconds sounding very desperate and it was at this point I realised how silly the situation was.
It was clear we were all dire need of a good shit so why aren't we relieving ourselves. With this I pushed and PLOP! my massive ring stretcher plunged into the sea below.
The feeling was eutrophic but I was far from done! This now triggered a release of the other two, they must have been soo happy!
The curvy girl farted another wet one followed by a PLIP! PLIP! PLIP! PLOP! and then a MASSIVE PLOP! and a huge sigh of relief.
It was at this time my ring was being stretched again by behemoth number 2 Im glad there was a full stock of paper because I was causing a right mess. PLOP! I dropped another!

The tall girl to my left still made no noise but just as I was to wipe MASSIVE PLOP! and then a fart followed by a MASSIVE PLOP!
Collectively we had smashed the place the smell was rather raunchy. i wiped up and came out feeling a little red faced so wash hands and ran away whilst the other two were wiping to avoid that social awkwardness but what a day!!!!

Looking forward to more stories from you all bye x


Holding Craps Until You Get Home

Answers to Skidmarked in Seattle (Jenny's) questions

1. Do you ever lie about getting skidmarks or hide the fact that you've gotten them? Yes. My mom's noted it when she does the wash. I give her a consistent reason. There's not always time to completely wipe during class passing periods at my school. And when I get a hall pass and go during class or study hall, the toilet paper is usually gone by noon. My mom seems more concerned about the guys having to sit in other's urine on the seats because there is no toilet paper to wipe it off first. I sometimes find the seat with most of the splashes to the back. I just sit over the very front.

2. What kind of activities give you the worst skidmarks? See above.

3. Have you ever gotten skidmarks when not wearing underwear? Yes. When swimming because the pool/beach bathrooms are usually as bad as what we have at school. With on privacy doors, we try to get on and done fast.

4. What underwear gives you the worst skidmarks? White boxers because they grip tight and are light in color. Mom buys them and I get them practically every year at Christmas in packages of 5 or 6.

5. Do wet wipes work for you? Have never used them.

6. If honestly you never get skidmarks less than once a month, why don't you? N/A.

Now my story:

Although I'm in high school now, my friend Jarrod and I became good friends back when we were 11 and in middle school. He has many of the same interests as me and we would go over to his house right after school to hang out. It was only about a three block walk. Their house is one of the oldest in our city. I think it was built in about 1900 and there are two bedrooms on the first floor. The bathroom is in between them. So the bathroom has two doors. His sister Shermaine is three years older than us. She has one bedroom and he has the other. His parents use the master bedroom upstairs.

Well one afternoon we had just gotten there after school. Jarrod unlocked the door and was getting drinks from the fridge while I went to his room to get some stuff out of my book bag. I had been holding my crap since about 1 o'clock so I figured I had better use the opportunity to take my crap before Shermaine got done with her cheerleading practice. Sitting on a normal toilet, with a full non-black seat that is dry and without a bowl clogged by multiple users is what I was waiting for. I grabbed the door, threw it open and there was Shermaine, pink underwear and jeans at floor level and she was punching out her crap. She had her thumb or one finger down in her pubic area and this was the first time I had ever seen a female, other than my mother, exposed. She had music in her ear so she was really surprised. The screamed so loud and with the bathroom window open, I'm sure they could hear it outside. She called me a F#####' moron and something about being a perv, but slurred her words. I immediately backed up and slammed the door, but not before I could see her jump at me with a log hanging out of her butt and then dropping to the blue seat. Then I heard her use the door latch that she had forgotten to use earlier.

Jarrod came running into this room, almost spilling some of the drinks. I explained what happened. He just burst out laughing and then did spill some of them. My Dr. Pepper was about 2/3 full and still splashing when I finally rescued it from his hand. He then told me what I already knew and that was that Shermaine was a drama queen and that her parents would probably take her side. I told him I had been holding my crap too and needed to get onto toilet. He lent me his bike to ride about two blocks up the street to a fast food place and he gave me the money to bring back a large bag of fries that we could share. So I took my crap at the restaurant, got the fries and me and Jarrod were enjoying them while playing games in his room. His mom got home from work, Shermaine put on a hysterical act and mom came in and told me that I should leave and stay away from their house for the rest of the week. Later that night Jarrod texted me to say he was sorry for what happened. He said Shermaine pisses at school but absolutely always holds her craps in until she gets home. He brought that up to his mom and dad but they continue to take Shermaine's side.

Isn't being able to crap in a public place suppose to become easier as you get older? Both Jarrod and I believe that since Shermaine is three years older than us, she should not be putting off her craps until she gets home. Also we feel that she should be checking for the latch to be down on the door.

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