Hello Everyone: I have been away for over a month on an extended business trip. It was great to come back to all of the new names and stories and to even be missed, thanks Carlos. It was great also to come back to the familiar names that made up this site when I first discovered it. Its funny how you can connect so quickly with a group of people. I thought I was alone in this interest and it is still a surprise to me to find so many others with the same interest. I am especially interested in the new young contributors, Aaron, Andy, Nicky, Diskputer, Fernando and others as they all remind me so much of me when I was that age. Guys, several of you mentioned that your Dad was constipated also. I would like to hear more about that. Do you talk about it? Listen at the door? Do you ever shit in front ot each other? etc. In my family when I was growing up we never talked about it. I did listen at door to my father and in fact he was constipated with a lot of straining resulting usually in the little" rabbit pellets" kind of dump. I shared in an earlier post that eventually my brother and I shared our constipation problems with each other and would buddy dump frequently, usually after school. He was the only family member that ever knew of the problem. I used to shit at school partly because I had to but also because I always hoped that someone would join me or at least talk to me while I strained to go. I went to a small rural highschool, no doors on the stalls, and most of the guys took a shit at school. I was always watching for an opportunity to see someone take a shit and saw a lot of guys on the toilet. I used to buddy dump with several friends and they all knew that I had major problems with constipation. They would joke about it and always made me go last if there was a line waiting for a stall as they said that it took me forever to go, which was usually the truth. Aaron, did you talk to your friend Chris yet? Might be interesting.( Aaron, also wanted to say that I was very touched by your share concerning letting people in your life know how you feel about them. I have had a couple of lessons recently in how quickly life and people can change or leave us. I agree wholeheartedly with what you wrote. Hope you are feeling more at peace now). I have a couple of high school era friends who still ask me about my constipation, one of them has problems now too. I wrote in an earlier post that I discovered suppositories and enemas while I was in high school. There were times when I really needed help as it had gone way beyond the grunting and straining it out stage. Again, we never talked about this in my family and I was on my own for taking care of the problem. Brent C. I really enjoy your posts. I have used suppositories since high school and I also used them all through college and use them now. When I first read all of the back posts I thought I happened into a Dulcolax stockholders meeting. It seems to be the popular brand. I used them once and suffered the burning and intense irritation so I never used them again. I use plain glycerine suppositories. They do not irritate me and seem effective and reliable. I seldom take any laxative by pill form. Had a couple of bad timing experiences with that and a lot of overall discomfort so don't do that at all. If my constipation is especially difficult or I feel the need for a good cleaning out I usually do an enema. I have talked to my doctor several times about my constipation, have had all of the tests, and do have a well balanced diet. He told me that sometimes after all the tests and diet questions have been addressed that there are some people who just plain have a tendency to be constipated. Its the way we are, just like some people are allergic to strawberries, or like someone who sneezes when a cat walks into the room. Its just part of our makeup. Its part of me anyway. Carlos I love your stories and experiences. Would like to hear more. Do you ever use any kind of laxative or do you just grunt and strain it out? I will post some stories about me and brother next time. I feel like I have written enough for now. Sorry about all the confusion concerning the Toms here. I am actually from southern California, grew up in the Northwest. Thomas is my middle name and that is where the Thom came from. More later, thanks for all the great shares!! Thom

Jeff A.
Steph: That was a truly wonderful story! thanks for sharing it. I guess that's one of the things that makes you one of the most interesting posters on here. I've often found that your stories are not only great, but they bring a smile to the heart as well, as they have a sort of sweetness and honesty that is somehow missing in everyday life. Movie Fan: I would have to agree with you on the "Twenty One" thing. She was a little too covered up for my tastes. I like to see the flesh make contact with the seat. Somebody else on this site, quite a few pages back, posted about a movie with 2 or 3 great female bathroom scenes called "Denise Calls Up" I haven't been able to find it myself, but it does float around like on Showtime, or The Movie Channel. Good luck in your pursuits. Happy Camper: Thanks for the support. I guess the reason I've been around the block so much, is that almost every female that I've ever come in contact with, I've tried to catch them in the bathroom, or talk them into doing it for me. I've been interested since I was young, so this gave me many, many opportunities. Some of the posts by our european friends, seem to reflect that it was perfectly normal for them to be going to the bathroom in the presence of sisters, aunts, cousins, etc. It wasn't that way in my house, and bathroom doors were usually shut and locked, which made these endeavors a little more difficult. When I was 13, there was a neighbor girl who would let me to watch her poop, if I returned the favor. This began my serious interests. One time, we were in this old abandoned house, and she dropped her pants and squatted for a poop while I watched. She didn't make a sound, until she exhaled through her nose, and I heard a soft little thud hit the floor. When she stood up, there was a huge turd that was so long, it coiled, and overlapped itself. This was the size turd a man would make, not a 13 year old girl! So, after that moment I guess I was hooked for life. Kyra was another girl who could take some really decent dumps. I looked forward to bathroom trips with eagerness, to a point where I started to figure out her schedule. She didn't seem to mind doing it in front of me, as long as I wasn't in there deliberately watching her. She didn't vew this sort of thing as a turn on like I do, so I had to be careful around her. I did spy on her whenever she left the door ajar, and got some incredible 2-flush performances out of that (which brought me to my original handle "Pooper-Snooper"). Plus, she was a very cute girl with a great athletic figure, which at the time, shocked me as to how much she could stink up a bathroom! but she smoked cigarettes which helped a little. I agree with you whole heartedly about the notches in the bedpost thing. I tend to enjoy sex more with someone that I'm truly in love with. The casual thing is just a simple case of getting off, and I guess I'm just not the type who likes to wake up with a stranger. The unisex toilets in the bars that I had mentioned are fantastic memories, as I got to witness some really glorious pooping sessions!!!! Anyway, my best to you, and good luck on the homefront.

Sunday, September 13, 1998

Happy Camper
More on the movies. I have two films to mention with toilet scenes that have not been previously mentioned here. The first is "Something Wild" with Melanie Griffith. There is a scene in a motel room with Melanie sitting on the john in full view. Her male friend enters the motel room and walks in on her, and then retreats. She calls him back into the bathroom while she finishes her business. If you look real fast, you can see Melanie wipe her backside, but you have to look fast, preferably in slow mo This movie is available on video. The second movie is "Jimmy Hollywood" starring Joe Pesci. In this movie Pesci plays the role of a wannabe actor, and then goes off the deep end. In one scene, Pesci is lying in bed when his girlfriend (Victoria Abril) comes home. She announces that she has to go to the bathroom. The scene shows her going into the bathroom leaving the door open. She sits down with dress over the bowl and panties showing. She is shown wiping the front under her dress, when she realized that there is someone passed out behind the curtain in the bathtub. I don't know if this movie is available on video, but it is shown every two or three months on both HBO and MAX. Last week I rented (and copied the tape) "Twenty-one" with Patty Kensit sitting on the john. As one reader mentioned this scene has a few flaws, but it is probably the best movie toilet scene I have seen of a woman, because it is long (about 70 seconds). At the end she wipes both the front and back with the same wad of paper, so she couldn't have done anything more than a wet fart to be able to do that. Also there use to be a nice web page that had a beautiful list of all the movies with bathroom scenes. It indicated whether is was woman, man, and what the sound effects, etc. were. I can't seem to find it anymore. It was the "" web page. If anyone knows where this page is, please share it here. I know "pooping girl" has mentioned this site before.

Hello! I am happy that I have found this site. The reading of the recent and old posts were a pleasure to me. I love to watch women when they are peeing and espacially pooping. Meanwhile I am aged in the forties and I have seen hundreds of women when they had relieved. I remember an incident when I was 14 years old. My 14 years old friend, his 17 years old sister Jean and I decided to spend a weekend on a camping ground in the near forest. As the weather was really bad - rain and thunderstorm - we had to stay nearly the whole time in our tent. It was the second day and as it was quite cold my friend was chosen to return home to get some warm jackets for himself, his sister and me. He had left for a quarter of a hour that I found his sister feeling incomfortable. Asking her for the reason she answered that she would miss a toilet for peeing and a good poop. As it was raining she did not want to do it outside. I encouraged her to do it in the tent although I was present and promised her that later on she could watch me too. As she really felt it coming she at least agreed but asked where to bring it down. There was only our cooking pot which could be used for. I convinced her to do it in there. She took her slip off, pulled up her skirt and! squatted above the pot. First came only a few drops of pee whee out of her vagina, but seconds later a real jet of piss streamed out. The pot was nearly filled. Totally disappointed she asked where to do the poop. I suggested to put some Kleenex on my hands to catch it when it was falling. She had no chance to discuss it as a big mess was starting to come out. It was very hard, dark brown and nearly 2 inches wide. So her asshole was totally widened and the huge jobbie moved very slowly out. A big view! I enjoyed to let it hang down at its full length without touching it my hands. Before it fell down th BM had a length of nearly 15 inches. I had to take both hands to catch it and I suceeded to keep it unbroken in the full length. After finishing Jean turned round to me and we both looked at the huge poop she had made. As she was embarrassed I encouraged her saying: " Look what a wonderful poop you have made!" She was laughing, but only a little bit. Carefully I layed it down o! n the table and begged her to let me wipe her ass clean. At least she agreed but only I would be very soft. I needed 3 sheets of Kleenex to clean her ass although the turd was quite hard. I was a great adventure for me at that time and I still remember each detail of it today. While she dressed up I looked at her poop with a certain kind of respect, touched it with my fingers, smelled on my shitted fingers and even licked a little bit from my fingers. This made her very ashamed, but I explained her that this was a really wonderful episode for me. Later on I tell you more.

Hi guys! I have settled into my dorm for my third (junior) year. I am sharing a suite (with a partitioned room) with two friends, Allison and Kara, both of whom have been mentioned before. This room has a private bathroom (toilet and shower) and I already have a couple of incidents to mention. I came back from classes on Wednesday afternoon and noticed the bathroom door was shut and the light was on. My bed is right outside the bathroom, and when I placed my backpack on the bed, I heard a "Hi Steph" coming from Kara, who was in the bathroom. I said "hi" back and then lied down to chill out. I'll admit I was trying to listen to what Kara was doing, but didn't hear anything until the toilet flushed, about 10 minutes later. (The bathroom has a loud fan that runs simultaneously with the light) She came out and quickly slammed the door (which doesn't shut automatically). "Whew! I hope you don't have to go, Steph. It really stinks in there!," volunteered Kara. I told her I didn't have to go and she then went over to her bed, about 20 feet away. Actually, I did have to pee, slightly, but it wasn't urgent. I decided to go in there about 10 minutes later because, one, my urge to pee became more noticeable, and two, I wanted to smell what Kara did (if there was still an odor after 10 minutes). I went in and, whew, the smell was rippin'. The best way to describe the smell was "sharp." There were a couple of slight poop marks on the toilet rim before I sat down and peed for about 15 seconds, wiped my vagina, flushed the toilet, washed my hands, and then left. I came out and Kara began talking to me from across the room. She apologized if she stank up the room too much and said "I usually don't make such a stink." I told her not to worry about it and we moved on to other topics. Some astute old-timers remember that Kara and I sat in adjacent stalls (last year) while doing our duty, and I don't remember Kara ever letting out a noticeable stink... About 2 hours later, my other friend and roommate, Allison, came in, said "hi," and immediately went into the bathroom. I was on my bed and tried to listen to what she was doing. I heard the slight sound of peeing over (or should that be under) the loud fan. After about 2 minutes or so, I didn't hear any grunting or anything, but I assumed she had to take a dump. She's the only one, besides my hometown friends, Alex and Jodi, whom I've seen go to the bathroom- I posted about 6 months ago how she broke her ankle and asked me to help her go to the bathroom. I offered to wipe her butt after she was done, much to her surprise and gratitude. This was only because I saw she was having difficulty wiping her butt while standing on crutches, so she balanced herself on the crutches while I wiped her. It was at that point that she "normally takes about 20 minutes to go," or something to that effect. I heard the toilet flush about 15 minutes later (I didn't time it exactly, but I did make cursury glances at my watch). I had to pee (really!) and wanted to smell what she did, so I went in and there was a noticeable poop smell, but not nearly as strong as Kara's. There were also some "feminine protection" wrappers in the waste basket next to the toilet that weren't there earlier, so she was also on her period. Ok, what about me? I dumped once between the time I moved in (on Monday) and the two incidents mentioned above. I had to go again on Friday, so I went into the toilet as soon as I got back to the dorm room. I dumped 5 jobbies of various sizes into the toilet, and I didn't even have to use my between-the-legs "position." They came out with relative ease. Wiped my vagina and then my butt, six times. There was a slight smell, but nothing too oppressive (I can take some VERY smelly shits, especially after eating hot foods). Nicky and Josh, it is so cool that you two are so open about going around each other, especially outside. I live in a suburban area, so it really isn't feasible to go outside (not that I'd really want to, but). Movie Fan, on the rare occasion that I wear a skirt (I'm a "jeans-and-t-shirt" kind of girl), I always let it fall to the floor when I have to go. Some people do pull up their dresses and wipe underneath the dress, but I'd worry about getting pee and/or poop on the dress as I'm wiping. Alex sent me an e-mail from France saying everything is going well, so far. Nothing to report about the toilets, though. I was just checking out some of the other forums and made my first posting to the "Race Relations" forum. Why don't you guys check out some of the other offerings on here? Peace and love, Steph

Any advice on how to help lessen the sting, so to speak, of a full bladder when you know you aren't going to get to the bathroom any time soon?

I cant agree with Nicky (or "Diarrhea Nick" as I now call him) that it is more of a problem to do a motion in in the view of a friend if you are constipated, anything but! On a number of occasions I have done a jobbie with another friend watching and have had no problems when it has been a nice solid formed turd whether sitting on the toilet or out in the countryside but would have been very embarrased indeed and ashamed if I had discharged a mess of watery loose shit with others watching. Thankfully that hasn't happened and any time I have had an attack of the dreaded runs it has been in private in a toilet. Im sorry, but I just cannot see how anyone can enjoy having the runs whether caused by germs in their food, eating foods which loosen the bowels or taking medicines such as laxatives. To me the ideal stool is a large, fat solid jobbie, in the firm to easy catagory, which comes out with a little straining to begin with and makes a good ""Kur-sploonk!" sound as it falls into the toilet pan, and the bigger and fatter the better! I dont like being really constipated and having to strain hard to pass loads of hard balls but would rather be like this than have the squits! To my way of thinking the human being has a large bowel or colon to absorb back the fluids secreted in digestion and render the stools solid, if nature had intened us to pass liquid stools like the cows it would not have given us this organ but a very long small intestine and extra stomachs to digest all the vegetable matter that we would then be eating. Im not a doctor, so any medical types out there please correct me, but this was my understanding from Biology lessons at school and medical books I have read. Still, as others have said, its Nicky's choice what he does and eats, I only hope I never have the misfortune to witness him passing one of his cow pats. He certainly wouldnt have liked the motion I passed this morning when I got out of bed. It consisted of two turds: the first a very firm, fat and nobbily carrot shaped jobbie of about 8 inches long which took a good bit of "OO! OO!" straining and made a loud "Ker-Sploonk!" sound followed after a short pause by a smooth fat curved jobbie of the same length shaped like a brown cucumber which made the "crackling" noise as it slid out of me and went "Floomp!" I certainly felt really good after passing them! On the wiping after a motion I have always been very careful in this respect since I was a kid. I now use Hakle Moists which are tissues impregnated with a cleaning fluid something like baby wipes. This soothes the area and lets one really clean into the ring and removes even soft sticky shit which usually defies the efforts of dry toilet paper to clean away. No "tagnuts" "winnits" or "dangleberries" stuck to your anal area if you use this type of moist wipe! There are various brands of these on the market and they are certainly helpful if one has piles (I dont but some friends do suffer from the "Grapes of Wrath"). I also use the shower head, (movable on a hose) to wash up the crack of doom having first used a flannel with shower jell to wash there and of course my genitalia especially under my foreskin every day as I am uncut. How anyone male or female can be unclean in this regard and not wash their personal areas every day beats me. Only those unfortunate people who ar! e homeless have any excuse and the powers that be ought to provide public washrooms etc for them to be able to wash and maintain their self respect and dignity, perhaps these should be built on to public toilets? This might interest Crimson but I heard on a radio program (BBC World Service), that it is a criminal offence in Singapore to leave a public toilet unflushed. I wonder how that would effect Moira, Nicola, Jill and especially Donna, who sometimes leave real pan busting whoppers behind, not to mention my own efforts from time to time? I have often seen tearful women on the TV being jailed in far off lands for drugs offences etc but I can just picture some sad ???? British Girl in handcuffs in Singapore for doing a 12 inch turd in a public toilet that wouldn't flush away.

BrentC, Thom, fernando... I would like too hear more about your constipation. I hhave posted some messages, but I guess you guys have disappeared. Carlos

I was reading a post from a couple of months ago from Jenn. It raised a question about girls with bigger boobs having bigger poops. I think there may be something to that. I'm 19 years old and I wear a DD cup. My BM's have been HUGE ever since I was 15 years old and I do mean HUGE, at one point my parents made me go in a garbage bag because I would always clog the toilet so badly. But my sister, who is now 17 has almost no breasts at all and she has never clogged the toilet. My mother also has very large breasts and her poops are also enormous. This question has been brought up between my sister and me before, and I just thoughgt it was interesting that other people were wondering about it too. Well BYE,

Hi! It's me again. I'm back after two months of techninal difficuties.(don't ask) For those who don't know me, I find it funny to open the door on people who are on the toilet. Here's a funny story that happened to me. I work 3rd shift and when I come in at 8:30 a.m., I head to the toilet to poop. Anyway, while I'm on the pot, my sister opens the door on me. I guess what goes around comes around. What made this funny was the fact that my sister was not fully awake yet and kept walking towards me until I said,"Beat'cha to it." I'm serious. I'm sitting there, I hear the door open, I look up, and dear old sis is walking towards me like a zombie. I didn't say anthing until she was 4 steps in front of me. I figured I'd better speak up or she might sit on me.

Thanks for your good wishes George and Moira. It's early days yet, but I'm probably going to take Chemistry, Biology, maybe Maths, and French for A-levels. I hope to study Biology - with a special interest in Genetics/Genetic Modification, which terrifies a lot of us at school. I suppose GM food has a special interest for all of us on this site too! Will it affect our excretory productions and perfomances??! Eat corn and shit a chicken??! >From Nicky. PS As my parents are always going on about 'how good it is that some things don't change!', I just though you might like to know that we call our Scout Leader "Skipper" too! N.

Happy Camper
Jeff A: It appears that we have another thing in common - i.e. our preference as to how the pants and panties should be when watching a woman poop. I never did thank you for your personal story to me about how you sister-in-law dropped a big load in front of you. We have so much in common, but there is one area where we have very little in common, and that is when it comes to experience in this subject matter. You have really been around the block several times. I am very envious of all your fabulous stories of women pooping and/or women watching you do the same. The stories about Kyra, the Grateful Dead concerts, and other ones will become classics many years hence. I knew I had an interest in this subject when I was in my dating prime, but it sure wasn't easy talking about it with girls. It still amazes me how a man can meet a woman in a bar or at a party, and two or three hours later you are in bed together. The woman has no hang ups about anything, until you ask her to leave the bathroom door open, and then she looks at you as if you are some sick pervert. I didn't have many girl friends that even peed in front of me, not to mention pooping. I had lots of notches on the bedpost, but if I had it to do all over again, I would much prefer counting notches on the toilet instead of notches on the bedpost. You said you are close to California. I also lived many years in Arizona, so maybe we have met. Keep up the great stories.

There is a bald spot in the back yard. It is hard and no grass grows on it. I am sick and tired of seeing the bald spot. As a consequence, I am running an experiment. When I go out for my nightly walks I will empty my bladder on that spot. Tonight earlier I just peed on the spot. Hopefully, the grass will be fertilized and grow. I will let you know about the results.Tata for now.

Randi P.
EV<< I clean myself in the shower this way. I wipe my anus with my fingers under the water then I back away from the water and insert my middle finger in my rectum as far as it will go to check to see if I'm close to having a BM. I can then gauge how my hours that I've got until I need to go. When I shave my legs I also shave around my anus.

Nicky...Josh...Andrew....Please read this post. This post is for everyone who comes here but it is especially for you guys 'cause you're my friends. Nicky...Josh and Andrew...each one of you guys hug each other tight and tell each other you love 'em. You've been friends since you were little kids and you know you love each other and you have to tell each other that NOW! What's going on? Well, in August one of my best friends' Mom died of cancer. She was 44 years old, and was the neatest mom I ever knew. She lived every day of her life totally for her kids and then didn't get to see them grow up. I'm so sad. For her last month she was so sick that she wouldn't let me come to see her. She said that she wanted us to remember the real her. I understand, but I never got to say good-bye. Then last week a cheerleader from my school got run down and killed by a hit-and-run driver. So like I said...there are people in your life that you love. Tell them so NOW. Please write back here and tell me that you did this. It will help me feel better

Saturday, September 12, 1998

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