My Girlfriends bad case of the runs.


It was basically 3 aclock when it happened, my Girlfriend was staying over for a day, which I thought was nice. Of course we were messing around (Not over sexually), until she pounced on me and started locking lips with me, I decided to join in, about 2 minutes in, my Girlfriends stomach growls, I looked up at her and said: "You hungry..?", and she replied with: "No I just need to use the restroom.." after she said that, she got up off of me with her legs crossed as she braced to the bathroom. She slammed the door as I sat there in confusion, I did not know she had an upset stomach. That's when she started having extreme farting and ploping on the toilet,I know this because my room and the bathroom were 2 inches away. 4 minutes in, she came out blushing heavily because she knew I heard the whole thing. I told her it was alright if she had a little sickness. Soon we both were sitting on my bed, my Girlfriend still blushing heavily, I soon started to stroke her cheek to calm her down, when her stomach growled again, she insisted me to go with her to help her out thru it, I sighed and nodded, not wanting her to get pissed off. She grabbed my hand and ran into the bathroom with me, I closed the door and locked it for her, while I turned around to see my Girlfriend pulling her shorts and panties down to her thighs and sat her giant ass onto the toilet as she let loose. I heard the whole thing, from every single fart, splash, and moan she let out. I soon saw her tearing up from the diarrhea attack, I walked over to her while she was still sitting and I stroked her cheek, telling her it was gonna be alright. After 3 minutes of my Girlfriend letting loose, she took the toilet paper and started wiping in front of me, I blushed a sharp bit when I saw her genitals, but she soon got up, showing her 5 to 6 inch ass, pulled up her panties and shorts, and flushed the toilet.

Hope you like my story!


Duke of Edinburghs Expedition - Lake District

Hi guys

I'm just back from Duke of Edinburgh's Gold Expedition in Cumbria. I told you about our practice expedition last summer, and this was much the same. 7 of us, 90km, 4 days, a few mountains covered, self sufficient, camping wild so no showers or toilets!

A guy called Callum was responsible for carrying toilet rolls and a trowel, and when you needed to go them you would have to ask him to get them out his bag, and go and dig a hole. So you don't keep everyone waiting, we tended to try and time it so that we answered natures call in the evening when we were at the campsite. Generally from setting up camp in the evening, someone would get the paper and trowel off Callum, go off somewhere discreet, then when they got back someone else would grab the paper off them and head into the hills!

Anyway on the second night we were camping on the edge of a lake. There was another group also camped nearby also all guys who we didn't know, and we didn't know they were staying there until we turned up and they were there. We had to camp near them as we wanted to be near the lake and there was only a small area of flat ground near the Lake, with hills and cliffs, dropping into the Lake around most of it. We were a bit disappointed to see the other group there, as some of us had been planning to do a bit of skinny dipping there for a freshen up.

Anyway when it came to toilet time, there was a random tree near our tents which was utilized as a urinal for the night, but the layout of the land meant that for adequate privacy when it was trowel time we had to walk up past the other group of lads and utilize an out of sight ravine which was up past their tents. Anyway we had dinner at the campsite and a couple of guys had been up the ravine to answer natures call. It was a bit of a slow process that evening as there was another group there and a few of them would be spotted darting up there with their paper and trowel, so people had to hang around waiting for someone from the other group to leave the valley before they went up there. Anyway my mate Jamie was up the ravine and it was going to be my turn next when it started to rain. So we all got in our tents. It was initially light but quickly became heavy rain just after Jamie (who I was sharing a tent with) came back. For obvious reasons I had to wait for it to stop raining to take my turn with the trowel, and I really needed to go. Not helped by Jamie telling me how much lighter he was feeling!

Anyway after what seemed like ages it stopped raining and once I was sure the rain had stopped for good I headed for the ravine with the trowel and paper which was luckily kept in a waterproof bag. I saw a massive boulder just a short way away and thought it looked like an ideal private spot. Just as I was walking up to the boulder this lad from the other group emerged from behind the boulder clutching a toilet roll. As he walked towards me on the path we had a brief conversation (led by him) where he said we had similar ideas about what a private spot looks like, that he wished his team had thought of putting the toilet roll in a zip Lock bag as the paper had got a bit wet when he put it down on the ground, then he asked me something about our route, when he walked off he said "happy shitting".

Anyway I went up to the boulder, and it was evident that a few holes had been dug there that evening. I didn't feel that I wanted to did a hole there so I paused for a much needed piss, then walked about 50 metres further up the ravine where I found a random dip in the ground. It was evident someone had dug a hole there that evening too, but only one hole, and with about 15 guys needing to use a small ravine to drop the kids off that evening it was clear I would not find virgin territory. The dip was ideal in that I could dig a hole and not be visible, whilst being able to view the area and some of the lake whilst I was doing my business.

Anyway I dug the hole, and squatted over it and just started dropping the bombs when to my horror a lad from the other group was running up the ravine with toilet roll in his hand. I suddenly realized my proximity to the path left me very vulnerable, and as the world was falling out my ass at the time there was very little I could do about it. Luckily he stopped at the large boulder. He put the toilet roll down on top of the boulder and started digging a hole. I stayed squatting over my hole relieved that he wasn't going to catch me, and interested to realize that he was unaware of my presence, and I had a full view of the hole he was digging. He was quite a muscular build as if he played rugby but still quite slim, he had thick blonde hair and was wearing a long sleeved white top and grey shorts. Anyway he then put the trowel down on top of the rock next to the paper and climbed on top of the boulder. He stood on the edge of it overlooking the valley and pissed off the edge of the rock, I think he was probably seeing how far his piss could go - answer quite a long way! I finished and started tidying up at this point, but stayed in the dip out of sight.

Anyway the guy then jumped off the rock and returned to his hole. Rather quickly his belt was unbuckled and shorts at his ankles. He did not squat over the hole in the position I would have expected him to. He was almost facing me with his back to the rock. He was squatted over the hole, arms wrapped around his legs, completely unaware he had an audience. He was there for a couple of minutes then he had a bit of a disaster. He reached up to the rock behind him for the paper. I don't think he could see it. He was sort of reaching around with his hand behind him and some how knocked it so it rolled away across the boulder and off the other side. He realised this and then sort of stood up and went round the other side of the boulder. He sort of shuffled round there with his shorts still at his ankles, and his knees bent with his arse hanging out behind him. I was aware that the other side of the boulder as per most of the valley was surrounded by dense ferns and he may never find the paper so I thought I had better go down and embarass him/offer him some paper.

He was out of sight as I walked down the valley but just as I was approaching the boulder he reappeared. Upon seeing me he stood upright and his hands (one of which was holding the recovered toilet roll) shot down to cover his private parts. I said "good thing you found the paper" and he told me it was so wet it was going to be nearly useless and asked if he could use some of mine. I handed him the roll and he told me if I waited on the other side of the boulder I could have it back.

He then squatted down back over his hole I think and I went round the corner. I could hear him ripping the paper off the roll. He then stood up and asked me if I wanted him to lay some paper on top so I didn't have to dig my own hole and I said no as I had already been. He was then like "why are you coming up here with a bog roll then" and I said I had just been further up the ravine. His shorts were up by this point and he was walking towards me to hand back the paper and it was clearly only at this point he realised I had seen the whole show! I told him I had run into someone else from his group when they were leaving and I thought they would have warned him I was up here - and he apparently had told him to hurry as it would be dark soon!

Anyway I left him to it and went back to the campsite. I didn't tell the others. I don't know if he told the others in this team. He didn't seem to be too emotionally scarred by it, he was one of at least 5 guys in his group who went skinny dipping in the Lake the next morning at about 7am! Our group chickened out as it was a bit cold!

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Krista E great story.

To: Jane great story it sounds like that lady was beyond desperate.

To: Mina as always another great story about you and friends.

To: Claudia great story it sounds like alot of women had some good poops and pees.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site

Mr. Clogs

2 trips to the bathroom using my bathroom cup

Hello everyone! It's been a while since I post, nothing much going on but the rent but have a post to share to you.

Last night I had to get up twice to use the bathroom, I was too lazy to just pee in the toilet, so I grabbed my green 32 oz cup I pee in at night and filled it up. I must of peed about 28 oz of urine into the cup. I poured it out in the bathroom sink and rinsed the cup out. Got some water to drink and went back to bed. Around 3:55 AM I had to pee again. So I reached for that same cup and peed again into the cup. While I was peeing, the urine was getting close to the brim, luckily it had stopped otherwise it would overflowed onto the floor! I poured the cup and rinsed it out and went back to sleep. Usually on warm summer nights I pee less, but last night was the exception. Well I hope you enjoyed and happy peeing and pooping everyone.

Sophia W.

Today at School

Hey everyone, I kno that I'm not that often poster but I still like this site and you people here.
Today I had less school hours than normaly, because of the upcoming school holidays and I think there was a teachers conferance about the grades, so normal procedure.
I did need to go to toilet before the lessons in morning what I normaly do. But I wasn't lucky because the caretaker forgot to open the main toilets for both girls and boys. This happend the last time when I was in grade five or six, I'm the last weeks in nine. I felt kind of great need for a pee and I stood there with other girls infront of the door. They looked all desperate. We waited the 20 minutes before the first lesson started, but no one came to open the door. I went with horror in minde to the first lesson because I knew I would not be able to hold my pee for the hour. To my luck a lot of girls and boys complainde to our teacher, but she first would not belive it. She quickly changed her minde as a anouncement was made from the sekretary over the speakers that the toilets where now open and that the caretaker apolagize for the situation. Our teacher was so nice and let us all go to use the bathroom. I was one of the first out of our classroom. On the way to the barthroom I saw that we were not the only one. I hurried, but i was not the first in the toilets, but at least first in line. It was very noisy with a lot of loud pee and pooping. I heard the first flush and and a girls from grade 5 went out of a far cubicle. I went in and closed the door. I ripped my shorts and pink blue stripped panties down and had a very releafing pee. It was long nearly a minute, I also farted but i did not need to poop. After I flushed and went out, I nearly was pushed back in the stall by a girl from my class because she was in such a need.
Later that day I also needed to poop. This was after my last lesson, but I neede to wait for my bus and I did not want to walk home because it started to rain, so I went to the nearest toilets. I was in the new part of my school, wich is also four years old. There is only a set of two stalls and it established as a unisex toilet. one girl my age went before me in and the other stall was alredy in use. She opend her black pants and I heard a very forcefull pee. She peed for half a minute or a bit more. After she used some toilet paper and she flushed she went out, but did not looked at me. It was a bit dark in that toilet, the seat looked clean and I sat down. I pushed and a soft log moved out of me. Then I felt it wet on my legs. The girl must have hoverd as peed and she must have peed a lot on the seat because both my legs felt wet. She could have a least wipe the seat. I pushed out a other smal log. I needed more paper to dry my legs as to wipe my butt. As soon as I was at home I took a shower, because I do not like to sit in the pee of others. Still I like that set of toilets, but I'm not often in that part of school.
Do others use or have unisex toilets at school or university?
I promise I will no when I have holiday I will tell some other stories from the last months.

Victoria B.

A few comments

It's been awhile! I went through a nasty breakup (my former boyfriend cheated) and took some time to make sure that the pain and bad feelings had all been properly flushed down the drain. Now I feel better and ready to write again!

I don't have a story today, just a few comments. Rest assured that my future pooping adventures will be written down as I have them!

To Mina: Sounds like the light green loo had a nice four-course breakfast! Your stories about going with your friends always make me smile; you all seem so warm and kind. I'm so happy that Kazuko and Hisae will be moving into your building and I'm looking forward to reading about the 'breakfasts' you'll be having with your new neighbors!

To Claudia: I loved your story about having a beer while sitting on the pot and pooping. Wish you could have had a little more privacy, but sometimes you just have to drop your pants and panties and go! I'm a fan of Mediterranean cooking and I must admit that your posts make me hungry. Good food is worth a few skid marks, even if it means you have to get the toilet brush out and clean the bowl! By the way, what part of Spain do you come from? I have a friend who studied in Oviedo last semester.

To Marieke: I've used that trick with the upside down trash can too. It works great!

Until next time!

Was hiking in Scotland last week. Had to poop outdoor several times. Just squat behind a bush or a stone fence. A bit embarrassing but still also a bit amusing. I think I was not observed but once I saw another hiker squatting to take a dump. A middle aged woman squatting with shorts at the knees down a slope. I came in from behind just when she was about to wipe. Her white bum just ahead and her poop on the ground. I went away immediately and luckily she did not notice me. Would have been a very embarrassing situation for both of us I think.

Dear all,
Having read on this site for quite some time, I have now decided to be brave enough to share a story here and make a short introduction.

I am 28 years old, live in the North of Germany, but spent a good deal of time in the UK, so I daresay I have a reasonable grasp of the King's English *lol*

For the last two years I have now worked as an advanced EMT in Germany, thus naturally getting very up close and personal with bodily functions. There are stories of long inter-hospital transfers which had a few close calls to avoiding stench in the back of my ambulance etc, but that's by the by.

Bowel habits or rather change of them has been an interest with me for the past 15 or 16 years.

My bowels were pretty well behaved up to when I first joined school, in spite of Mediterranean cuisine in Israel at the time, a love for toast earned me my first bout of constipation, at that time I was still unsure how to handle it, by now I am pretty relaxed with it, and my dumps are regular, they are not too soft, but nothing that couldn't be done by sitting and relaxing.

Anyway here goes the first story
After the bout of constipation had ceased I was out playing with two playmates in Israel, Fred and Henry (names slightly changed).

"Good to see you again around, what was wrong with you?" was their first question.

"I had ???? aches and my poo was like stone, mummy said I was constipated" i replied.

"Oh that, I know that, thought you were actually ill, but that's nothing then" Fred laughed and walked over to a bush unfastening his pants. "I need a leak, what about you two?" he inquired. Following his cue Henry and me walked over and unzipped. We all had plenty to drink that day, so our bladders were quite full for our age, resulting in rather impressively long peeing durations.

We retired to our tree house, as it was getting hot to catch some shade and a snooze.
Henry had been fidgety all afternoon and let rip on a couple of occasions. The smell soon became more and more obvious and noxious at the same time.

Eventually my ???? rumbled too and I knew I had to get inside to do the afternoon constitutional.

The urge was not very strong at that point, and I probably could have waited, but an idea struck me, We had always been very open to each other on that and on one occasion even kept another company, but this was different,

But I digress, here we go....

Another fart, I looked over to Henry, but this time it wasn't him, the smell definitely came from Fred. I knew something was brewing with him too.

"Lets go play a game, lets do a toilet contest" i suggested.

"Toilet contest?" they asked

"Yeah, unannounced, everyone sits on the toilet in turn, and say, most crap drops after 12 minutes wins?"

They looked puzzled

"the idea is to sit and push out only a little bit at a time, we keep a count and most after 12 minutes gets my day's sweets"

Henry didn't look convinced, but Fred, his older brother looked eager said "Yeah, nice one, speaking of crap, i might be ready for one anyway"

So we headed down the tree house and over to our bathroom.

No one would disturb us for the next hour or so, so I went to the kitchen, filled up some glasses to drink before as we were thirsty. After drinking, the fun began.

"What's the rules?"

"Simple 12 minutes sit or until you can't do any more, whichever happens first. It pays to be honest, if you're done call it, you will get a point for calling it. Any drops after 12 minutes will not count, every time you drop is a point and most points wins"

"who is to start?" asked Henry

"who asks dumb questions" i replied.

Henry still didn't look as if he quite had grasped the contest, but moved forward.

In order to prevent any cheating, we sat in on each other. Henry slipped down his shorts and undies and perched himself on the toilet, while Fred and i grabbed our spots on the edge of the bathtub.

I set my timer to 12 minutes and, with one check of Henry, started the timer.

for about 15 seconds Henry just sat there, a few drops of pee exited him, but he did not show any sign of effort. Then there was a hiss of a fart, which drew on for a moment, then quiet again.

Henry shot a glimpse and a flicker of a shy smile to us. He grimaced for a moment, produced another toot "Not quite there yet".... "Bullcrap Henry" Fred cut him off "you haven't had a poo for 3 days, that fart was so stinky already you must be plugged"

"Keep trying" I encouraged him. He seemed to realize that there was no point in shirking it and pushed again. Again there was a toot, but this time it was almost strangled and I could tell that the first turd was about to come out. Another heave and he was moaning.. "oh crap, its so big" and beckoned me over....his butthole was stretched to enormous size by a hard turd ball, it hardly seemed to move forward, but in turn it was stretching. Henry had to catch his breath before bearing down again, it reacted, reaching just shy of 2 inches before it started to move and grow in length to an inch and a half before it broke twice, scoring his first two plops.

A bit of a smell had emitted so far, not totally sickening, but certainly not anything alive, all of the odor suggested that Henry indeed not been for a dump for quite some time.

I checked the time, 3 minutes had elapsed. Henry looked somewhere between relief and new pain. "You OK?" I inquired. "I think so, but this feels really weird not to push now" Henry admitted. "Are you holding it back?" I asked but Henry shook is head. "I am just not pushing at the minute. I'll wait a moment" he said. Another rasping fart issued,which sounded from rather deep down, he chuckled and said "Excuse me"."Sounds like there is plenty more where that came from". I checked the time "4 minutes down, 8 you still have, remember anything after 12 minutes will not count" Fred reminded his brother. Henry nodded and gave a small push, before putting on a cramped face and relaxing again. He tried again but nothing happened. "I am trying to do only a little one, but its very hard and slippery". He beckoned over again and I could see his butt-hole.

He started pushing and another turtle head started to poke out, he paused and it slid right back. He pushed again, it poked out a little more, he relaxed and it just seemed to sit there without movement,he tried to clamp shut but it was no use, that one was properly stuck."Push just a little, what do you feel?" I asked. "It really won't budge" Henry wailed. "Push anyway, it may well only be a marble." I encouraged him. Henry just sat there for a moment contemplating, then he pushed again. The turd started moving,growing to 2 inches, he paused and tried to break it off again, but it was no use, as it was rock solid.
"Look, if you can't get it split, never mind, just push now, no use of hurting yourself. We'll give the big one two extra points?" I suggested. I looked at Fred who thought about it and then nodded. "One more try, I can feel this will be it if it goes." Henry requested. He spread his legs a little more and tried, as it seemed, the tiniest amount of pushing as he could, the turd edged out a little more, growing another inch. He slammed his rectum shut and bingo, the first bit of the turd dropped with a resounding PLOP.

I looked at the watch, 8 minutes had elapsed, leaving Henry 4 to do whatever he still could. He now however was in luck, the second part of the turd seemed to be much softer, he got a smile on his face as he commentated, "ooh, here it comes". In short succession there was, plop-plop-plop-plopitty-plop as 6 smaller bits dropped into the toilet.

"What am I on?" he asked. I checked the tick-sheet which i had made out.
"That's two from the first one, one from the affair now, 6 small ones, 2 bonus ones for the hard stick, brings you up to ten" I said. Henry looked astonished. "And how much have I got left?"

"Just over a minute"


He tried to push a bit, frowned, pushed harder and then smiled. "This is a little one I play with, look" He leaned forward again and sure enough it slid out, went back in, back out, back in. As the seconds ticked away he paused for a moment, and, when I gave the 30 seconds warning he faked an almighty groan, pushed, and the little turd dropped.
Done!" he said triumphantly. I stopped the timer 15 seconds short, noted the tick for calling it early. He made to get up, but sat straight back down for he had to pee quite badly. There was a long stream, which lasted about a minute and a half. "Quite normal, such a turd will compress the bladder and exit so that you end up peeing after".

Henry finished peeing, checked one last time if he was empty, one last fart issued but nothing else, so he wiped, got up and flushed.

Fred shifted a little: "Do you mind if I go next? I feel rather urgent"

"Be my guest" I said smiling, prepping the table for Fred.

Fred moved over to the seat, dropped trou and sat down. "Ready!"

"12 minutes, starting, NOW" I said, punching the timer.

For a few moments, not a lot was heard except a few breaths, then there was a loud long fart. Fred looked rather surprised. "Oh, that was all the urgency, nothing left."
"We'll see what happens." I said. Fred pushed, another fart, that also sounded a little strangled. Fred smiled "Yep, there is something there". He took a deep breath and started pushing hard. He soon had something to show for his efforts, well, apart from his red face. but he did manage the first plop before Henry.

He relaxed a little and said. "This feels like rather a drag. Sometimes I can spend ages on the toilet to get it done, its not hard, but it comes in little bits, I can either sit for an hour or go 4 times a day on those days.

He gave another push, and had almost instant success, as it plopped again. So far 3 minutes had gone and Fred seemed fairly content and relaxed. He bent forward and motioned to show his efforts. He showed two solitary marbles at the bottom of the toilet and another one just slowly coming into view at his butt hole. He pushed, then slammed shut and, same as Henry it slid back up. This became a little art as he seemed to dare push it out a little more each time, on the fourth time it dropped. I had counted 4 drops so far as he was approaching the half way mark.

He dropped four more pebbles happily when his expression changed. He got a stern look on his face. "Ooh, I think this will be big" he said strained as he pushed hard and gave him a deeper shade of red. He relaxed briefly, then strained again, but to no avail. Expecting a huge turd to poke out, I was surprised, A medium-ish marble was dangling on what looked like a piece of string hanging our of his butt-hole.

"Did you eat threads?" I asked him "I had a long piece of string with candy on it a few days. I wasn't meant to and I got caught, In shock I swallowed the lot..." Fred said. "Why, what's happened?" "the candy string is just dangling out of your butt with a little turd on the end."

"you're having me on, right?" Fred laughed....

"Look down, and wobble your butt if you don't believe it" I insisted.

Fred bent over and lo and behold his eyes went wide.

"Oops, never had that before" he said thought fully. For a moment or so he pondered what to do. Then a resolution seemed to enter his mind. He started to vigorously pump his butt, i.e. push and clamp in rapid succession. After a moment or so he bent over and looked down. The string was still there but had dropped a bit further down. Fred pushed and now another turd still dangling on the string came into view. It exited his butt-hole and dropped about a quarter inch before also dangling down. Fred pushed again and said through clenched teeth..."I think I am almost done, this is the last bit and that always is a fight, usually I end up going a few times". "But you can't get up now" Henry laughed, "so it looks like you need to be staying on the toilet longer"
The time was almost up, perhaps a few seconds left.
I checked the notepad, even with the two drops missing Fred had accumulated 10 turds.

Fred manically pushed but the timer bleeped

"Okay, 12 minutes are up" I announced "you have 10 turds, no time bonus but you still need to finish"

"I think he gets 1 point, because he wasn't to know he'd get a string, eh?" Henry chuckled

Fred was looking anxious by now

"Never mind the point, what do I do? I can still feel a turd in me on the end of that string and it won't budge" he snapped

"You could try and pull it and then focus on finishing" Henry suggested

"No! I won't touch that" Fred protested.

"Doesn't matter" I said. "Just sit still for a moment" I went out to retrieve a towel and a foot stool.

I carefully rolled the towel up, pressed it against Fred's lower ???? and beckoned him to mount the footstool to assume a squatting position over the potty.
"Bit lower down, lower" "That's it! In that angle you can push much more easily"

"On the count of three you bring your upper body forward, push the towel in on your ???? and push as hard as you can"
Fred pushed the towel hard into his ????

Fred took a deep breath

Fred edged forward with his chest, strained and there was a crackle and a staggered plop-plop-PLOP!

he fell back onto the toilet seat panting. I got him to lean forward, there it was, 2 smaller and one larger turd connected and in the toilet

He looked very relieved

"Make that 3 points, eh Henry?" I asked

Henry looked at it with wide eyes

"I know I will lose this competition, but yes, go on" Henry sighed.

"You don't know that yet, I don't know what my butt will make of the turd yet" I reminded him.

Fred wiped, got up off the toilet and flushed.

"That was funny, but that could end up worse, don't you do that again" I said sternly, and he nodded.

So, Henry has a total of 10, out of that 1 was for calling it early, 2 for the log

Fred has a total of 13, 10 normal and 3 on the string.

By now I realized it was my turn. My urge had all but vanished, but there was no chance of delaying.

I hopped over, dropped trou sat down and started the timer. The first thing that happened, was that my bladder took its toll and emptied itself, while I was peeing, I emitted a small hissing fart. I pushed slightly and the fart went on and stopped again when I stopped pushing. I pushed again and it started again. I managed another 2 hisses while I finished peeing.

I wasted no time and started to push in earnest. The turd, which had been on the brink of making its own way out had been forced back a good deal so it proved a tough nut.

After 3 minutes I took a short breather, Henry and Fred looked at me expectantly

"Your face is like a tomato, Simon, I think you need to take it easy"

"If I do that, I'll still be sat tomorrow" I replied. On the next push I could feel my butt-hole start to stretch, but not much. From my feeling the Turd was about the width of a walnut and I invited Fred and Henry to see. Once it was poking out I took another break to catch my breath. It felt dry and hard, but not unbreakable. I slowly and carefully edged it out, but when I tried to pinch it just slid right back in. Oh well, new attempt. this time I pushed it out further, still no luck, a little further, just a little more....I pinched and felt it slide...Damn...that was the length of it. An almighty flumph announced its landing.

"Woah, Simon, that was at least 8 inches long, that was" Henry and Fred said in awe.

I felt a little stupid for not being able to produce a plop, besides I feared that that may have been it, but I wasn't quite convinced. I had only used 6 minutes so far, I could feel there was something, but I had to wait for it. the Feeling of movement edged down to my butt. When I pushed slightly a strangled fart came out.

I took the time again to feel deeply, yes, there it was, the hiding dump. I pushed. The first two pushes again were futile but I felt the something move downwards. On the third push, all of a sudden, I felt something soft at my butt, It was soft enough to split so off I went
plip-plip-plop-plop, 4 blobs were separated off easily, another slight plop with a little difficulty

My butt still reported material there, but there was something sticky about it. I knew that feeling too well. This was the last bit which is always hard to get out.

With that there are 3 options

1. drag it back in and leave as hardening turtle-head for the next dump
2. push and risk to only get it out partial, resulting in a messy wipe
3. sit it out, which could easily take an hour.

2 Minutes left.

I pondered my options

"I'm calling it done" I said, stopping the timer, counting off 6 drops plus one bonus point of my sheet.

"I still need to go tho, but that piece won't come easily. I have an idea, I will squat outside for the last bit and use our tree house latrine" I said. "we all could squat and see if there are any stragglers" Fred said.

I wiped myself, which was already messy enough

Fred whooped as he received a bar of Ritter Sport best chocolate from me and out we went to our little dug latrine.

We dropped trou in unison and squatted, ending up leaning against each other. It was fun.
Henry was the first to produce anything. He farted proudly a few times and, from what I could see a 2 inch piece that he had deliberately saved up (in case of a tie as he told us later). Fred Pushed and produced the second bit of string poop of the day, it didn't trouble him as much as the first one tho, as it was much easier in a squat. I managed to get my last bit up. We got up and looked into the dug hole, a proud little production. While we washed up and shoveled over our droppings we chuckled, compared sizes and discussed what might happen with the extra portion of maize and popcorn, which Fred and Henry had for lunch that day.

More interesting studies no doubt, as we headed off home.

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