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To Krista E about accidents in the car

When you are accident prone and on high risk to have an accident in your car and you don't want to damage your seats, why aren't you wearing diapers? They are made for such situations and they aren't only for children and elderly, diapers are made for everyone who wants to use them. I find a straight forward that someone depends on diapers when they can't wait until the toilet. Wearing diapers you save your clothes, car seats and your own dignity. It should become more normal, because everyone poops and pees and a third of young female adults have got regular incontinence issues, it's normal! Try some different diapers and start living again.

Saturday, July 16, 2016

Brandon T

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To: Anna great story it sounds like you and those other women all had good poops.

To: Jemma as always another story about your desperate poops.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site

Krista E.


Jennifer G


I'm considering peeing in my car. I've had the idea for a while now, but this is the first place I have ever seen that has posts by other people who also share this interest. I have read a lot of those posts on here, and now that causes me to want to do this even more than before. Any feedback you could give me would be appreciated. I'm considering peeing in one of the seats, probably the back seat. I know it would damage the seat because I would be peeing right into the cushion, but I've thought about it for some time now, and so I'm beginning to really consider doing it. Again, any feedback would be helpful.

at College Growing up, for some reason, I seem to have had more than my share of panty-soiling accidents. I don't know what it was because I never had any medical problems related to it and I was never shy about going #2 in school like a lot of other girls were. It's not that I'd do it all the time, but all through my elementary school years, you could always count on me having soiled panties at least once every month or so. And it even happened a few times into my middle school years before I started being a lot more careful and stopped having accidents altogether.

Well, ALMOST altogether. The second semester of my freshman year at college, it was a cold, cold winter and I was miserable being stuck inside all the time. I also put on about 10 pounds being so inactive. I was a field hockey and softball player in high school and though I wasn't good enough to play in college, I still thought of myself as an athlete. Come spring, I was determined to shed the winter blahs, lose the weight, and get back into softball shape. So when the weather broke with a moderately warm day in early March, I headed to the big park located about a mile and a half from my dorm.

I jogged there and I was determined to really push myself with all the fitness activities they had at the park. During the course of my workout, though, I started to feel the need to move my bowels. I just put it off at first. I wasn't all that particular about public bathroom facilities -- as I said, I never had an issue with #2s at school -- but the facilities at this park were the absolute pits. Literally, "the pits" because that's all they were -- not regular toilets but just outhouses where you'd have to squat over a hole to do your business.

But, of course, ignoring my need to go didn't make the need go away. Pretty soon I had to go quite badly and not wanting to interrupt my workout, I decided I had no choice but to use one of those outhouses. I went to one and found it locked. Then I went to the other outhouse all the way on the other side of the park. After discovering that outhouse locked as well, it suddenly dawned on me that the park wasn't officially open yet (it was only early March) and that's why the bathrooms were locked. Of course, if I had realized that before, I wouldn't have waited as long as I did. By now I was pretty desperate to go (and now I had to pee, too) and I was pretty far from a toilet of any kind. I thought about just squatting in the bushes, but that just wasn't something I liked to do for #2. I had a bad experience with that at girl scout camp one summer. And besides, I didn't have anything to wipe myself with. As urgent as the need was by now, I was sure I could make it jogging back to the dorm.

The problem, though, was that I was now way over on the other side of the park and that only made it a longer trip back to the dorm. And my original plan to jog that was quickly put to rest as I was soon reduced to clenching my butt tightly shut in order to keep from messing myself. Well, to make a long story short, I didn't quite make it back to the dorm. I guess it was about halfway -- I'd made it out of the park by then, but just barely -- before the first bit of it hit my panties. And as my slow, tortured walk continued, more and more of it was coming out and soiling my panties. And by the time I finally reached my dorm, I had quite the load in my panties.

For some reason I decided it would be better to try to clean myself in the ladies' room in the dorm lobby rather than going up to my floor. In hindsight, going upstairs and just going into the shower would have been the wiser choice, but for some reason I just didn't decide to do that. I guess in my panic, I wasn't thinking all that clearly. I just headed for the lobby ladies' room and grabbed a stall. I started wadding up thick wads of toilet paper and just went about cleaning myself as best as I could. As you can imagine, it certainly wasn't the first time I'd ever had to clean up after an accident, but this time was worse than most. Looking back, at home I'd usually have a washcloth to clean up with, but this time, stuck in a bathroom stall, I only had toilet paper to use. Trust me when I tell you, cleaning up with toilet paper alone is a LOT more difficult. At first, it just seemed hopeless. But what choice did I have but to just keep wiping until I completely wiped myself clean. Somehow, I managed to get it done.

Now having finished cleaning myself, the smart thing to do would have been to just ditch my soiled panties, pull up my sweatpants (which were stained a bit in the seat but not too bad) and head upstairs to my room to change. But for some stupid reason, I decided that I had to clean out my soiled panties. Maybe I thought of it as my punishment for having the mess in the first place. I guess it was something my mother ingrained in my as I continued to have occasional accidents long past the age where that was supposed to happen. Starting at about school age, she always made me clean out my messy panties when I had an accident. I could still hear her say, "Panties don't get thrown away just because we've made a mess in them." "When we make a mess in our panties, we have to clean those panties," she'd lecture me, "Maybe then next time we think twice before we mess in our panties." She never said it was a punishment (grounding was the usual punishment), but it sure felt like punishment cleaning up the mess. So maybe that's what I was thinking cleaning out my panties in the ladies' room that day. Maybe I was punishing myself for doing the mess. Whatever the reason, I went about cleaning my panties -- first dunking and swirling them in the toilet to get the worst of the mess out and then scrubbing in the sink to finish the job. Thankfully, no one came into the bathroom while I was scrubbing my panties in the sink. Next, I rung out my panties as best as I could, put them back on, and pulled my sweatpants on over them. Of course, they were damp and uncomfortable, but I was thankful to have gotten the clean-up done and to finally be heading upstairs to my room.

When I got up to my room, my roommate was there with 2 of our friends and they all were laughing hysterically. They had heard that some girl "shit herself" and was downstairs in the bathroom cleaning herself up. The three of them obviously thought this was hysterically funny, but obviously didn't know that I was the girl. The news was apparently all over the dorm, but obviously the girl that saw me and started the rumor didn't know me. Of course, I wasn't about to tell them. But my roommate suddenly saw the stain in the seat of my sweatpants and perhaps that my sweatpants were a bit damp from my washed out panties leaking through. "Oh My God -- It was you!" she just screamed, pointing at my sweats and laughing hysterically. She wasn't trying to be mean or anything (we got along great) but she was just reacting to the shock not only of a college-aged girl "shitting herself" but that it was me. Then they all laughed all over again -- this time at my expense.

Then, of course, the news that I was the girl who "shit herself" got all over the dorm. I can't say that anyone was particularly mean about it. But they did think it was funny and they delighted in teasing me abut it. As the rest of the school year wound down, it was discovered that I wasn't the only girl in the dorm who had "shit herself" that year, but apparently I was indeed the only one who had done it while sober. Fortunately, by my sophomore year, the whole incident was pretty much forgotten about.


Bathroom traffic at the airport

In traveling alone to see my dad, our flight got diverted from one airport due to weather and we had to change planes after a long wait at another airport. We ended up stranded for like 4 hours in one of the terminals. We were told this happened with like 100 or so flights that afternoon so there was a lot of congestion. Things like the bathrooms got even more crowded real fast and the lines just to get into them were the longest I've ever seen.

I had been drinking a lot of soda after drinking a large coffee after I started my trip that morning. So after we got the text about our flight changes, I knew I had to get into the bathroom line because I needed to wee (sorry, urinate--Mom's trying to break me from using that word!). The nearest bathroom had about 30 stalls. Doors slamming, people bumping into one another, a couple of toilets overflowing were among the problems I saw waiting in line. Finally, the door opened rather fast and an older woman started to pull her luggage out, and then almost lost her balance and tripped over it. She asked me to give her some space, as if it was my fault. I was lucky my luggage had been checked. As soon as I closed the door I found an immediate problem. The latch was off. Of course, I didn't like losing some of my privacy, but at least the door was staying closed. I lowered my jeans and underwear to knee-level and took the already warm seat. Bored and frustrated because I couldn't get my urine to start, I looked to my left and saw two holders without toilet paper rolls. I felt some luck in that because I had taken my crap (bowel movement) at 5:45 a.m. after checking in at the first airport.

I don't know what caused it but the door opened on me and there were 3 or 4 sets of eyes on me. I know they didn't mean to intrude, but that upset me as I slid to the front of the stool and close the door. This time, however, it started to slowly open on me. So I was more abrupt in closing it because I hoped it would hold. It didn't help that the users on each side of me seemed to be fast in and fast out. That, also, frustrated me. Then the door was thrown open on me and a really mean older lady asked if I was still alive in there. Mom taught me to say ASAP in such a case. Then about 15 seconds later I started to cry when the door slowly started to open again. I reasoned that doors being slammed in the nearby stalls caused that. No matter how hard I tried I couldn't produce. I don't know how long is too long to sit, but since I had waited several minutes in line in the terminal hall before even starting in the line in the bathroom, I was just hoping for more time and definitely better results. After hearing someone starting to yell about missing a flight, I just got up, pulled up my clothing, let the door continue to open on me, and I just walked straight as I could while bumping into some on the crowd and not really caring. At the nearest gate, I got a seat, put my knees up in front of me to cover my emotions, and thought about the pain my urine stoppage was causing me. A little boy next to me dumped a Burger King cup. While his mother was cleaning it up (and she didn't blame it on me!) I got the idea to go to the BK just down the hall. I ordered a soda, asked where their bathroom was, and I'm happy to report that I urinated with ease. It was a two-staller. No one else was in there. The seat was a little splashed but while there was toilet paper, I didn't use any to wipe it down. I urinated for at least a couple of minutes. When I looked between my legs I was happy to see the bowl filled with dark yellow. I flushed, washed my hands and a much better attitude until take-off.


Accidents and Explosion

Accidents and Explosion
Hi everybody in toilet stool! This is Jane again and this is my second post. Yesterday was Wednesday and I went to my math academy where I told you about in the last post. Today, Janice didn't come because of an appointment. So I got to sit by myself and I was quite lonely before I had a slight urge to go to the bathroom to pee. In other normal days, I would have held it, but yesterday, I was lonely, so I just went anyways.

I went inside to the bathroom, but the bathroom was closed because it was a cleaning day. I thought of just going back, but then I thought that there would be nothing fun even if I went back, so I decided to go to a public bathroom near our math academy.

The public bathroom had four stalls and they were all occupied. There was a long line and I felt like things were going to get fun. There were six people in front of me. The woman in the first of line looked as if she was about 30 years old or so. She was wearing a shirt and a jean. She had this desperate look on her face and was holding her stomach while she was farting. She definitely looked as if she needed to poo badly.

The girl behind her looked as if she was a high school student and she was looking at her smart phone and didn't look so desperate so I guess that she just needed to pee. She was wearing a uniform. Behind her, there was a girl who looked about 23 years old and she was wearing tight blue jeans with a light shirt. She was moving her legs the who time and she was saying oh gosh while she was holding her front part. She looked really desperate.

Behind her there was a girl who looked as if she was about 27 years old and she was massaging her stomach and looked uncomfortable. She was wearing a cute skirt with a normal shirt. Behind her, there was this real attractive girl who had a high pony tail with a white dress. She looked like a college student. She didn't look that desperate but was letting out some farts so I guess that it was number two. Behind her, there was this girl who also looked like a college student with gym clothes which were light yellow and white. She looked super desperate in number two ; more than the woman in the first of the line. She was holding her stomach with her one hand and holding her back part with another. And then it was me.

Even if the people in the line looked this desperate, the people in the stalls didní»t seemed to be finished. The first stall had the sound of pooping. The girl, or the woman was just normally pooping. The second stall had the sound of wet plops and a little diarrhea. The third stall had the sound of violent pissing but number one doesn't take too long, so she will probably be finished soon. The last stall had the sound of grunting and some plops, so I guess that she was constipated.

Soon, the third stall opened and the woman in the first of the line came in as soon as she came in, she immediately exploded with loud wet farts and plops that sounded quite big, but those plops were coming out nonstop. While she was going on with her business, the first stall opened and the high school student went in. Just then, the girl with the tight blue jeans who was now in the front of the line, said oh my a lot of times, and when I looked at her, she had a little wet spot on the front of her jeans.

She was saying oh gosh and oh my about hundred times and was dancing all over, but the wet spot grew bigger and bigger. After about five seconds, the wet spot stopped growing (I guess that she had controlled herself). But she kept on saying oh my and wiggled her legs. I guess that her effort didní»t work because the wet spot started to grow bigger again and now, the leg part was partly wet, and there were drops dripping.

Good for her that the first stall opened and she went inside, but when she got in, she was saying oh god and oh my all over again so I think that she went I her jeans again. After a few seconds, there was the sound of a violent stream and it went on for about a minute! She must have been really desperate. When she came out, her jeans were soaked to the lowest part, and there were still drops dripping which was orangish yellow color. I knew because the floor was white. She was sobbing and walked uncomfortably.

The constipated girl went into the first stall where the accident girl went out.

I will tell the rest of the story soon. It is late now, so I need to go to bed. Please tell me if you want to know the next story. I will post the rest as soon as I can. Have a nice day everyone, and good night!


Kazuko's birthday, part 2

Dear Marieke: I think you can find in this site many places where people share loo to do motion. Mostly it is schoolgirls, I think. But once I found story of patient and nurse in a hospital, the patient went into the nurse's cubicle and wiped nurse's bottom.

I continue story of Kazu's birthday. After Hisae finish, Kazuko sit on loo, and Hisae sit beside her because it is Kazuko's birthday so Hisae give her massage while she empty bottom. Kazuko had really relax face! Because Hisae is expert massage. Kazuko began breathe deeply and we heard plop, plop, many times, suddenly Kazuko say, "paradise it is!" and next plop go into loo same time. Hisae flush before Kazuko give more plops. Hisae say, "Wow Kazu, how many days you wait to do this?" Kazu say, "2 days". She don't move, even she fill loo with contents of her bottom she still don't finish! Hisae massage more, than suddenly there is bururururu noise and brown water come out just same with Hisae. I say to Maho, " maybe our loo very happy to have such big breakfast," and Maho giggle. Kazuko is so nice girl, I'm sure my loo think her motion taste lovely.

Maho say, "loo is need big appetite because I also give her huge breakfast." Make me giggle. Kazuko finish, she have to flush twice because first time, water still brown.

Maho stay very long time. But her motion softer than usual, so she isn't need to push hard. I say her, "Maho don't hurry, I can wait, I'm not urgent." Maho smile. Even her motion is soft, it takes long time to come out because after she do one motion, next one takes time to reach hole of bottom. And she do about ten plops, big and heavy, that is Maho style. Kazu kneel beside her and they look each other warm eyes.

At last my turn. My bottom begin get angry because other girls take so long time and do so huge motion. But I am happy, because I love to see their relax face when they are on loo. Maho kneel next me and she caress me little bit.

When Kazuko say "paradise", I understand! Because it is so good feeling! My bottom open little bit first, then suddenly open much more before I make plop sound. I love such kind of sensation! And it happen many times! Maybe ten! I don't want to move, but anyway, my bottom say, more coming. So I can't move. I say, "I'm sorry, so long time but I can't move, my bottom say no." They all say, "Mina it is no hurry!" and Maho give me kiss. Not good to give me kiss because I am crying baby, soon I cry ....

No, I don't cry. Suddenly my bottom open very very wide and brown water pour out. burururururu, burururururu, bururururururu! Three times! Two minutes later, another little burururururu and then I feel it is empty. Finally! Maho wipe me and she do very slowly, I hear whimper noise from her. Of course my bottom already clean because of washlet, but Maho say, very small brown piece on paper, so she wipe me two papers.

More one hour for all of us to be on loo! But it is so nice time! We don't think it is waste of time. It is very important time. Of course, after all finish, we hug. We have very much hug habit now. I cry little bit. I didn't cry on loo, but when hug, I can't help .... I love and LOVE Kazu and Hisae and Maho ....

And now I tell you a big BIG news!! Neighbour on inside say to me and Maho, "we have problem in home town, husband's father ill, my husband decided retire and we move to home town in October." Of course we say, "how you sell?" She say, "we try to find agency which give priority your friends. They want move here, no?"

Of course they want!!! Hisae and Kazuko say "we buy!" So they become our neighbours! We live together!

Kazuko, she is joker, she say, "we all do brown water because we are excited this news!" But Hisae say, "I think we do same brown water because we eat same things." Hisae is right maybe. But Maho didn't do water, only hard plops, but more softer than usual. But Maho also excite very much, when she hear news, she cry, and me too, and Hisae and Kazuko too.

I hope, that everybody happy like us. Everybody this site is wonderful person!


Mina and friends

Not been posting for a while. Nothing much exciting happening.

Michael W. Got anymore stories of your sisters sounds like a good relationship between you all

I was at a running race on July 4th. It started at 8:00. Went to the rest rooms to pee. The rest room was old and had a big long urinal, but to get to the urinal you had to go past three block stalls with no doors. Man were there some shameless shitters there. The line stopped in front of the stalls and guys were just sitting there shitting and farting away. The line was only about 5 feet in front of them. an unusual experience. I usually poop after a race, the pounding stirs on up. But I usually go in the porta potties. Though if it was women, I would have no problem, for some reason it is sexy to me seeing women on the toilet pooping.

Some Guy

To Sammy

Sammy, I totally agree with you about having to poop with your pants and underwear around your ankles. That's the only way I can poop! Even though I know that's how I have to poop, I'll sometimes experiment to see if my preferences have changed. I've tried pulling down my pants and underwear just enough to go, or pulling down my pants to my ankles and leaving my underwear around my thighs. Another scenario is pulling down my pants and underwear to my knees, leaving my thighs exposed. I've tried in different bathrooms, too...but I just have to have everything pulled down to my ankles. Sometimes, I will sit up more and fold my arms across the very top of my thighs, above my penis and next to my belly. Other times, I'll lean forward more and still fold my arms on top of my thighs. Either way, I'm more comfortable with the feeling of my arms touching my thighs than my clothing. That feeling just helps me to go, too. Hope this all makes sense. Speaking of pooping positions, have you, Sammy, or anyone, tried a Squatty Potty? I've always wondered about how it would feel to use one of those when taking a really big poop.

Happy Pooping!
Some Guy


some more stories from my trip

So, I have been on a trip with my three roommates since last weekend and I thought I would share a couple more stories.

Until a little while ago, there were three girls in my house, Danielle, Nikki and I and then Gracie moved into our fourth bedroom. Her parents have a cabin right on the ocean on the west coast and she invited us all to come for a week which was super nice of her. On the weekend we all crammed into my car to drive out there. We were slow to leave town, stopping a couple of times at stores and such. When we finally got on the highway, we decided that we would drive for at least two hours without a stop now. A moment later, Danielle who sits in the passenger seat next to me pulls out this huge bottle of coke and starts drinking. I asked her if she was going to have the whole thing and she said yes and then I told her that she was going to have to pee and that we would not be stopping for her. She says; "I'm thirsty" and then turns around and both of the girls in the backseat are; "you'll have to pee!!" right at the same time and then all three of us laughed. Danielle just put her sunglasses on and started to ignore us while finishing her pop. Of course, an hour later she was like; "I have to pee" in a low voice. I said; "what?" and then she was like; "I really have to pee guys, can we please stop?". Everybody else in the car was smirking and we just ignored her. She kept asking us to take a break until she was like; "please stop! I'm gonna pee my pants, guys!" and she was clutching her hands between her legs. I think she was maybe playing it up a bit, but I'm sure she really needed to go. Anyway, we finally stopped at a pullout with some toilets and she opened the door and raced over while we were booing her from the car. Next to us was parked a rental RV with a family speaking, I think, Dutch and they looked very puzzled, which was hilarious.

Later we were kinda teasing other drivers for fun. Before you judge us, we were all having boy troubles recently and Danielle and Nikki both just got dumped a couple weeks ago. So, whenever there was a car with boys in it we would make sexy faces at them and sometimes Danielle would wiggle her boobs a bit and then when they'd all look we would stick our tongues out at them or Nikki would give them the finger or something. So one time we were doing this and all of a sudden one of the girls in the backseat farted really loudly. Danielle was like; "omg, gross!" and then after a moment the car started to smell very badly. She opened the window and was like; "gross, gross, gross!", but the girls in the back just giggled and we never found out which one if them did the stinky fart.

At the cabin there is only one bathroom and we have been eating a ton and partying quite a lot, so I think especially in the mornings our poor toilet has been getting quite the workout with hungover-girls poop. I had two, big and soft dumps on Monday and Tuesday morning and a couple of times I noticed a bit of a smell from the other girls taking care of their number twos as well, but nothing too bad.

Then last night we had a big BBQ with hot dogs and after that we were all hanging out in the hot tub in our bikinis drinking beer. Late at night when we were all pretty drunk already Gracie got out to go to the bathroom and a couple minutes later so did Nikki. After a while she came back and complained; "Gracie is having a big s*** and it's taking forever!" She then just squatted in the grass next to the hot tub, pulled her bikini bottoms to the side and started to pee. We all found that pretty hysterical. Gracie came back and then I needed to pee as well so I headed to the bathroom and I also wanted to see if Gracie really had pooped. There was definitely a smell, but as usual when she has to go it was pretty faint. I peed a few more times on the toilet that night and both Nikki and Danielle peed in the grass next to the hot tub squatting in their bikinis.

I also have a really cool story from today, but I will post that later. Someone was asking for more stories about Danielle, I forgot who, but this one is about her so hopefully they will like it.

to Adrian: sometimes when I go on a trip I get kinda constipated at first, same thing happened to me in Europe. Luckily, I was all back to normal about half way through. Heather still complained to me about being constipated on our last day. I don't know how long she had not been able to go, but from the skidmark and how she stunk it up, I am pretty sure she ended up with having to do a huge poop in the plane bathroom.

Skidmarked in Seattle ( Jenny)

skidmarks survey for ladies ( guys welcome too)

Annie- thanks for the nice response. Represent "juicy" butts!! I bet all the cycling and hiking keeps your bum juicy... And your thongs as well. I love biking and hiking too kindren butt soul!!!

My survey is aimed at gals , but guys can answer the questions if they want or what ever question apply. Pretty much every guy I know gets skidmarks and admits to them. I only have one gal friend who admits to them,

1) do you ever lie about getting skid marks, or hide the fact you get them from a partner or someone who see your panties.

Me: I used to , but my husband caught on after a few years, and undressing after hikes

2) what kind of activities gives you the worst skidmarks ?

Me: Biking definitely. I thought about forgoing the the thong and just wearing bike shorts

3) have you ever gotten skidmarks when not wearing underwear in pants, skirts, bike shorts or yoga pants?

Me have not tried yet, see above

4) what underwear gives you the most skidmarks?

Me honestly as self conscious I was about getting skids in my thongs, my boy shorts are worse really. They ride up my crack more. When I became sexually active, I stopped wearing white cotton panties and darker panties, so I really started paying attention to my skids when I started wearing light colored thongs and boy shorts Occasionally ( my husband actually loves me in boy shorts)
5) do wet wipes work for you?

Me: they help but they don't prevent. I only not get skidmarks if I'm constipated or dats where I only poop after I shower, which is rare because I gave pooped at least twice a day since I started running whe I was 16

6) if you honestly get skidmarks never or less than once a month, why do you think you don't

Me: n/a

I had a very relaxing poop this morning! I think my morning coffee had a role to play in that :P I let out a couple of farts to get things going, and then I pooped for a good 5 minutes. Nice soft poops with some gentle pushing. I tried keeping track of all the plops,but there was just too many! I managed to fill the hole right up with all that poop! I haven't had poops like that in a while. Once I was finished, I cleaned myself up and headed off to my doctor's appointment.

Thursday, July 14, 2016


Hi to Jemma

Wotcha JemJem (hope you don't mind me calling you that?)and glad things are improving for you.

When I reached 60 I participated in a national bowel cancer screening process, in which I had to send off samples from three consecutive motions. This was again repeated the following year and each time I got the all clear. This was due to be repeated three years hence at the age of 64. This has been duly done. The first sample contained traces of blood in the faeces so I had to undertake another. The second was all clear but because of the first result a third sample had to be undertaken. This one unfortunately has shown abnormalities so I have to attend hospital this coming Friday, 15th July, with a view to undergo a colonoscopy so that further investigation can take place.

I must admit to being a tad concerned but if there is anything untoward hopefully it's been detected early enough!

Take care JemJem and I look to you for inspiration as you've endured so much in your young life.

Regards, John B xx

End Stall Em

My Bad Weekend

Last weekend was a bad one for me. I had to work an extra shift at the customer service kiosk at my mall, my right knee was badly bruised when my boyfriend Spencer closed the truck door before my leg was in, my forehead got hit by a toilet door that the user practically kicked open into my face on Friday night at a concert, and on Sunday at the mall during an extended shift, I almost exploded my bladder and I was voyeured by two young boys.

I am often the lone employee at the kiosk so in order to leave, even for a short pee, I have to email my supervisor and wait for a security guard to arrive and cover for me. So I don't have the luxury of just signing out like years ago in my high school study hall and going to the bathroom. Those were the days....even though I thought some of the rules back then were oppressive. So about ten minutes after my request, I had a security guard come over to cover for me while I went down the hall for a quick pee. Even though I told him it wouldn't be long, he reminded me they were three guys short and that there were problems downstairs in the game room and a large number of youths gathering in one of the parking lots. I know its bad, but for a moment I just thought about squatting over, dropping my jeans and relieving my bladder on his shoes. How could anyone be so insensitive? I quickly jagged my way through the slow-walking crowd and bolted down the hall to one of the largest bathrooms. Before even arriving, I could see the lines extending into the hall and remembered the 16-theater complex near there had been getting capacity crowds. So I veered to the left, went up the escalator dodging around riders, and headed to the next nearest toilets. I was encouraged when there was no line to be seen, but once I rounded the wall, all doors were closed, legs could be seen under them and there must have been 20 near the sinks waiting their turn. I knew I was nearing five minutes and that it was a miracle that I hadn't burst my bladder. The next nearest bathroom was next to the food court and I walked even faster, even having to go out of my way because several feet of floor blocks had to be replaced and were taped off. When I finally navigated the crowd, and turned into the bathroom, I wasn't too hopeful as my eyes scanned the 20-some toilets each of which was in use. Surprisingly, I almost missed the first stall which was right to my left and partially hidden when I was scanning the others.

I noticed the stall had no door. I didn't care. There was nothing in the bowl that was offensive to me and my feet were not going to be in overflowing water. I dropped my jeans to mid-thigh level, pulled down my black thong, and probably because I was so frustrated, the planned draining of my bladder was painful and came ever so softly, reminding me of a slow dripping faucet. I dropped my clothing all the way to the floor and studied the bruise on my right knee; it looked like it was growing and part of it was very red and the other was much darker. I could also see two cuts that the metal on the truck door had made. Gradually, because of the diversion I had selected, my stream had started to increase when I heard some laughter and chasing of feet coming my way. I looked up and there were two young boys, probably about 4 or 5 standing there staring at me, asking me my name, whether I was doing "1 or 2" and they held up fingers and laughed. I asked them where their mother was and one of them held up two fingers. I asked where she was and they pointed down the line. I told them to go to her. Then one of them asked if I knew her. I pulled up my clothing to stool level and yelled at them to scram. I clapped my hands together and think I even swung a fist at them and I knew from the renewed pain in my right knee that I also tried to kick at them, although I now know that was dumb because I had raised my clothing.

My bladder was draining faster as they ran together down to the other end of the room. One woman at the sink who watched it in the mirror said they were very brazen for their age and that the fault rested with their mom. Another college student who was waiting for my stall said the boys deserved a spanking. Finally I felt like my bladder was drained. I looked between my legs and in addition to the yellow urine in the bowl I saw a pretty robust piece of crap that was about 1 1/2 inches long. I never felt it come out. I wiped and sure enough the paper showed nothing. The other girl took my toilet as I was washing my hands and a mother shoving the two little boys was moving fast toward me. Despite the fact that I was wearing a mall blouse and name tag she said I was very inexperienced with children and that I had overreacted. Because I was on the clock, I just looked at her and told her I was sorry she felt that way. When I got back to the kiosk, I found the guard was upset because I had been gone 28 minutes. He had entered that in finishing the report to my supervisor.

My supervisor hasn't said anything to me yet.


my poop at the mall

Hey everybody, I am just right now on an awesome roadtrip with my three roommates. We are staying at Gracie's parents cabin on the west coast and it is just so super gorgeous out here. I'm having a really kinda busy time, but at the moment everybody is out shopping so I thought I'd post last Saturday's story from the mall.

That morning I was still a bit jetlagged from my trip to Europe and was just hanging out on the couch doing nothing when Danielle suggested we should go to the mall. We did some shopping and then bought cinnamon buns and coffees and chatted in the food court. After a while I felt like I needed to use the toilet to do both things. I told Danielle that I was going to the washroom and she said she would come, too. On the way I said to her in a low voice; "I need to poop", and she answered that she would head over to Body Works and wait for me when she was done. The washroom in the food court is huge but most stalls were taken and there was a number of women and girls at the sinks. Only at the very end there were two empty cubicles which Danielle and I took. I locked the door and then pulled down my jeans and white string. The toilet looked all clean, so I plopped my bum on the seat. I heard Danielle do the same thing and then we both peed. Mine was more a trickle but her pee was hissing out noisly, she must have had a really full bladder. While I did my pee I let a little fart slip out and I was like "oh, excuse me". Then Danielle started to wipe, said; "see you later" and went to wash her hands. I took out my phone to look at some things and then leaned forward and started to push. My first turd dropped slowly from my backdoor and was still coming out when someone took Danielle's stall. She pulled down her pants and I could hear her bum hit the seat the same moment my poop made a big splash in the bowl. She shifted her weight around a bit which made her toilet seat creak and then she let out a small sigh and then there was the very audible sound of poo crackling out of her bum. I also had my second poop come out now, so we were both dropping turds into our toilets at the same time. Mine made a splash and then a moment later so did her's. I felt much lighter but knew I had some more to come out. I looked at my phone again and then peaked under the stall. My neighbour was wearing pink sneakers and bluegreen yoga pants. She had not pulled them down very far, so I couldn't see her undies or anything. I did hear a very small fart from her and then what sounded like a bunch of smaller turds plopping into the bowl of her toilet. Poop smell was coming from her stall by now, but it wasn't as bad as the stink I was creating in my cubicle. After a minute or so I released on more poo and a wet fart and then felt all done. The other woman also did one more poop and then we both started to wipe. I did my front and then my back, needing only a few sheets to get everything clean. I pulled up my string, snapped it into place and then pulled my jeans over my bum and buttoned up. I flushed and used the brush to get everything all clean and then left the stall to wash my hands. When I was done, my neighbour came out of her stall. She was a chubby blonde woman in her mid 30s with quite a big bum. She smiled and I smiled back and then I left to meet Danielle at the store. Later I saw the woman again and I noticed that she was there with her friend and that they both had young kids and were pushing around strollers. Good thing she her her friend to keep an eye on the kid while she needed to use the bathroom.

That's all for today, I hope you liked my story and that everybody is having a great summer!

to Natalie: Welcome back. It's so funny you went on a trip the same time I did. I went to Prague and Vienna and loved it. I hope you'll share some stories soon. As for the pool, omg!! I bet you were pretty drunk, haha.

Michael W.

Saturday Night Diarrhea With A Funny Ending

Hi guys. I have another story from my younger days that I would like to tell. Ok, I was 13 years old going on 14 and it was early February of 2002 and I was in 8th Grade. Me and my dad, older bro, and sisters Beth and Sam were gonna go to the mall. But before we went we all had to do dinner at Grandma's house which is where I was living at the time. We had mashed potatoes, green beans, baked beans, ham, a side salad, and apple pie. When I was done eating I knew I was full. So we went to the mall. When we arrived I started to feel a cramping in my stomach along with some rumbling. I also felt gassy. "I better visit the bathroom soon" I was saying inside my head. So we all got out of the van and headed into the food court area of the mall. I went straight for the bathroom before I wanted to shop. So I arrive in the bathroom and I take the one stall that is closer towards the wall. I closed and locked the door then let down my khaki pants and underwear then sat down. My stomach was cramping so bad. I knew I was overdue for a poop. I remember that I haven't pooped in six days. I let out a very loud fart with liquid and mushy poop firing out of me. This was really embarrassing for me bcz there were other ppl in the bathroom too. I remember thinking "This sucks ass." I was thinking it bcz I was having diarrhea in public bathroom. After 5 or 6 minutes of having explosive diarrhea my dad asks me "Are you almost done, Mike?" I said "Yes." I was so irritated bcz I had to poop really bad but my dad didn't want to wait for me. It seems like every time I have to poop I get interrupted and then I have to get up and poop again when I take care of something. It makes me think what if you are taking a crap and somebody yells "The house is on fire." and then you have to get up and find another toilet. Anyways back to my story, after I did my shopping via spending my allowance money my stomach started cramping really bad again, I went to my room to drop my bag off on the bed and then I kicked off my shoes and took off my winter coat. I went downstairs to the bathroom just outside the kitchen and closed and locked the door again and pulled down khaki pants and underwear and sat. This time I am gonna start what needs to be finished. I let loose with diarrhea again. I sighed in relief. It poured out of me like a faucet and it was smelling really bad. I was fanning the air the air with my hand and their was no air freshner. I also forgot to turn on the fan. I did have a watch on me. Anyways couldn't stop pooping. I was pooping like that guy on "Van Wilder." I did do some pushing to help it out. And after 20 minutes in I felt like I was done so I wiped and stood up and then I would feel another gurgle in my stomach and then I'd be sitting right back done and explode again. Then 15 minutes more after I checked the toilet and holy crap. The bowl was 3 quarts of the way full. I was like "Oh Shit!" I flushed and it did go down. I stayed seated bcz my stomach was still cramping and I still felt like I had to poop. I felt another gurgle and then I farted. I pushed and grunted again and then some more diarrhea and farts squirted out of me. I was thinking "What the hell did I eat?"
So I sat there for another 55 minutes with non stop pooping and farting and stinking up the downstairs bathroom. When I was done I stood up and looked in the toilet again. It was another mountain of poop within the toilet bowl and it looked like soft serve chocolate ice cream. Lol. So I wiped with quite a bit of toilet paper and flushed. Then I pulled up my underwear and khaki's and then I washed my hands. I could not find any air freshner so I was like "Screw it." I opened the bathroom door and turned off light. As I left my sister Beth found me in the kitchen. "There you are" she said. "I was looking all over for you I just didn't know you were in the bathroom." Then I said "Yeah well, I'm done." So she said "Good I have to pee." So I sat in the dining room waiting for my sister come out of the bathroom. I remember I heard her yell "Oh my god, it smells in here." I laughed. The she said "Michael, did you poop?" Then I said "Maybe." She flushed and then left the bathroom. Then Beth said "So you were the one hogging the bathroom." I said "Yeah, I've been having diarrhea." She said "Yeah, you were in there for a while." Believe me, I was in there for a while. I think was in there for like 1 hour and 45 minutes. That was a really long poop. That's all for now. I'll post again later till then Happy Pooping.


Bullies in High School Bathroom

Hey my name is Dean and I have been reading the site for a while and decided to finally post. This is a pretty embarrassing story so I figured I'd get it out of the way first.

I'm 30 years old now but this story is from high school. During the first week of freshman year I was kind of nervous. The high school I went to was kind of rough with fights and stuff breaking out all the time. As a kid and teenager I found it kind of embarrassing to take a dump at school and it was rare to usually see anyone taking one in the school bathroom. I have irritable bowel syndrome though so there were a few times in Junior High and elementary school where I had no choice. No one really bothered me then although some kids would bang on the stall door and laugh but that was about it.

Anyway it was the first week of my freshman year and I had managed to get to Thursday without having a take a dump at school. On that day though on the bus to school my stomach was really cramping with my IBS acting up. I held my butt cheeks tightly closed trying not to fart on the school bus because that would have been really embarrassing. Once I got to school I hurried to a small bathroom that I had noticed a few days before. It was near the back of the school so I figured it was less likely to get used. I had about thirty minutes before my first class so I hoped it would be a quick dump. The bathroom being small only had two stalls and I went for the second one in the corner and immediately sat down ready to explode. The built up held in gas came out ferociously as loud farts immediately started echoing into the toilet as logs came falling out of me in between every loud fart. I was glad no one was in there to hear them.

Unfortunately I quickly realized that I wasn't alone when I heard the sound of a door. It wasn't the main door to the bathroom but a door in the corner that was to the janitor's mop closet. I could see it open between the crack of the stall and saw three older guys come out smiling and looking at my stall. I got really nervous and didn't quite understand what was going on or what was going to happen. I was only 14 years old at the time and probably only about 5'4 and skinny. These guys looked quite a bit bigger and I found out later that they were sort of burnout juniors who skipped classes a lot and smoked in this bathroom. They also liked to play an embarrassing prank on freshman who didn't know any better.

One of them pounded on my stall door and said hope you don't need any toilet paper as they all laughed. I immediately looked at the toilet paper roll and realized that it was completely empty as my heart sank. I was still farting and dumping uncontrollably at this point as my face turned beat red. The three guys laughed and snickered after every time I farted. I was kind of afraid that they would try and beat me up once I got out of the stall. I thought about taking my socks off and wiping with those but I wasn't quite finished and still farting and dumping pretty loudly.

All of a sudden one of the guys picked the stall door lock and kicked it open. At that point my face got as red as possible and I tried to cover up my privates with my arms. I could see them clearly now and they all had at least four inches on me in height. They all laughed looking at me sitting on the toilet uncontrollably blasting farts and dumping while remarking about how much it smelled. I noticed that one of them was holding a roll of toilet paper and I was hoping he would hand it over but instead he made sure I saw him throw it in the sink and turn on the water over it. I then realized that they must have taken all the toilet paper out of the stall on purpose. I later heard that his was a common prank of theirs and they would hide and smoke in the janitor closet waiting for some younger kid to take a dump.

One of them lit a cigarette as they waited for my noisy bowels to finish. I finally finished and was at an awkward position. I had no toilet paper to wipe with and it was a pretty big dump. The three guys said there was a time limit and to get out of their bathroom. I was worried they would beat me up so I quickly flushed twice and pulled my gray boxer briefs up along with my pants and hoped the three guys would just let me walk out so I could find another bathroom and wipe there.

Instead of just letting me walk out though two of them grabbed me by the arms while smiling and I thought oh no here it comes. Instead of beating me up though the two of them pinned me face first against the wall while holding my arms while the third stood behind me. They said something about since the toilet paper was out they would help me out. I didn't understand what they meant until I felt a pair of hands creep down the back of my pants and grab the waist band of my boxer brief underwear. My underwear immediately shot up my butt crack and I was being given a big wedgie. They kept calling it a skid-mark wedgie and laughing. My butt cheeks tightened up but the underwear was already riding way up and was already firmly planted up my butt. After a few big painful tugs they took me off the wall and one of them went to the front of me and said how about a melvin. I said no but before I could say anything else he had already pulled the front of my underwear up painfully riding my underwear up into my balls while the other guy who had giving the wedgie in the back hung on. They started going back and forth taking turns pulling from the front and back. The third guy who had held my left arm grabbed the sides of my underwear and they all pulled up at the same time making my underwear waistband go up to my armpits. I held the back of my butt with one hand and my crotch with the other as they pulled up and my underwear just kept riding up painfully. They then carried me over to the stall where I had taken a dump and forced me down to my knees and I knew what they were about to do and would have fought back but I was just too small compared to all three of them. They grabbed the back of my head and shoulders and dunked my head into the toilet giving me a swirly and flushing my head. They dunked my head and flushed a total of three times. I noticed a skid-mark on the bottom of the bowl from my dump and just managed not to get any water in my mouth.

After that they stopped they picked me up and lead me by my underwear to the main bathroom door. They pushed me out into the hallway with my underwear still up to my armpits and my hair wet. It wouldn't have been too bad if the hallway was empty but more bad luck came as I saw two attractive older blond hair girl students see me get pushed out of the bathroom. They put their hands to their mouths and started giggling and watched as I hurried off to find another bathroom and pulling my underwear down back into my pants.

I found another bathroom that was luckily empty and undid the wedgie. My underwear was a mess with giant thick skid-marks which is obviously why the three bullies called it a skid-mark wedgie. I took them off and threw them away and cleaned up properly. I also had to grab some paper towels and dry off my wet hair from the swirly.

This was truly the most embarrassing bathroom experience I ever had. I found out later that these three guys did this exact same prank to a few more freshman that year. I didn't tell any teachers or anything because it was way too embarrassing and I would turn red every time I saw one of those two older blond girls I saw in the hallway. All things considered I guess I could look on the bright side knowing that all three of the guys eventually got expelled for skipping too much and getting into fights. None of the three guys ever messed with me again even though I saw them in the hallway alone a few times. I figured they got me so bad that first week that they figured it wasn't worth it. Overall I'm kind of glad they didn't beat me up although I may have preferred that to the embarrassing wedgie and swirly. I wouldn't let them do that to me today being older and a lot bigger at 5'11 and 170 pounds but back then I was just a short and shy skinny 14 year old.

I've never told anyone this story in person and it is at least nice to get off my chest even though it is really embarrassing. I figured this was the right place to post since I've read other posts where people suffer from IBS. It is tough when you get bullied for having IBS but I have a handle on it now.

I'll have some better stories to post later and figured I would get the bad one out of the way first. I have a few more embarrassing one due to my IBS but they aren't near as bad as this one.

After I got off from work this afternoon I felt the urge to use the bathroom. Haven't pooped since this morning before I work. I went to the ???? in Downtown Brooklyn to use the bathroom. Bathroom is very clean. I entered one of the last stalls since someone took the first stall. I unbuckled my belt and dropped my blue cargo pants and my gray boxers all the way down to have them around my ankles. The guy in the first stall had his pants and underwear around his ankles as well. I heard him let some farts from his stall. I started to pee and let go few drops. He left the stall few minutes later. Another guy took the same stall and he had his pants down as well. I started to feel my bowels move and I farted few times and let go some more poop. I been in the stall at least 45 minutes. Sometimes I take my time in the stall in public bathrooms since I just want to feel totally empty that I don't have to go back to the bathroom. This is my second live post. See you soon.


Some reactions

@ Natalie: That's naughty you just did that with other people around you. They were actually swimming in your piss haha. I guess it was not a yellow stream so nobody noticed it. Well i have to say i have done it once when i was around 20 years old, but it was in the outside pool where there were no people. I just liked the idea that people were swimming in my juice but normally i won't do it actually.

@ Anna: Thank you for your 2 nice stories. I can imagine the scent of you both were very present after you went right after each other. I can understand you both laughed when hearing the other woman having the diarrhea you described. I'm actually enjoying hearing the sound of a violent diarrhea.

@ Mina: Funny you can do these things with your friends, i can't imagine it in my reality.

@ Kelly: Excellent story! Unfortunate i don't visit airports that much but i recognize your thoughts about it. It would be so much better if this attitude you're talking about would be implemented everywhere on public toilets. I'm almost afraid to ask but did you get a bit agitated when you heard her having a violent diarrhea?

@ Jane the poop: I'm also glad to read that I am not the only woman with this 'thing'. How about you, are you just straight? It's not that i am a lesbian or something but this is something i just like and it turns me on actually. Most times i even like the scent of other women, because i think it smells like relieve.. I allow them there pleasure of feeling better after it and that's also why i enjoy it.. Like I can feel it myself or something. And that's maybe a bit weird to say but that's was going on and in normal life it's difficult to express that.

Well I searched for your posts but i find it difficult to find them because i get a lot of results. I seen you're not the Jane on this forum haha. I will post a nice recent public toilet story very soon.
To react on your 'squatting' thing; recently i discovered you can just put your feet on a little raising while sitting the normal way. I used a small trashcan for that and it ensures a easier way to empty your intestines because the exit is positioned in a straight way. I tried it a few times and it feels good! It's much easier and you almost don't have to push it out. And the advantage is you just can sit normally with your but on the toilet only with your legs a bit higher.

To react on your question about recording yourself; yes I did it once in the shower. I had my camera on the ground and was squatting down. I pushed out a really big turd and I watched it back to just see how it looks like when it comes out. It was strange to watch it but it looked pretty good actually! After that I just deleted it and never had need to do it again, I prefer watching it come out from somebody else..

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