I took two dumps

Last mont, I am in a hall where they sale rare books. After one hour to walk in the alleys, I feel the urge to have a big poop. My belly is bloated and it is squirming. I have not gone to my toilet on that Saturday morning. I'm afraid that I should have runs in my briefs. Fortunately, I found the public toilets in time. Six stalls and only a file of two men . One door opens : a young man goes in the stall. I feel my stomach gurgling. A new stal becomes free and the second man goes into it. I think I can't hold my poop in when a new stall becomes free. I quickly go in, I make half a tour, shut the clench, hike my coat, unbuckle my belt, and I pull down my trousers and my briefs and I quickly sit on the bowl. I just sit when the runs splashes in the bowl. I have to bend, holding my belly tightly in my hands. O My God, it's a big one ! What did I should have drunk which would be too cold ?before coming in the hall. I stay shitting about ten minutes, the diarrhea was coming in waves with pains in my rectum. I'm suffering. When I was done, I wipe, I flush and I leave my stall. I wash my hands and I return in the sale. I feel bad , so I decide to pay the books I have chosen and to come back home.
When I 'm driving, I feel another diarrhea is building in my stomach, but I may wait a moment in order to find a single public toilet in Paris (they call them "sanisette"). But I can't find any of them in the streets where I'm driving. I'm afraid one more time to shit myself. I drive about half an hour and I finally find a sanisette in my old district. After, two minutes, I may stop in a parking, I pay and I run towards the single toilet. My stomach is struggling against my rectum. I happen to the door of the sanisette which is free, Thanks To God, and I press the green button :the door opens, I run into the cubicle, unbuckling my belt and pushing the button to shut the door. I pull my trousers down, but when i bent to pull my briefs down, the runs fills my briefs. I'm so sorry for that mess . The diarrhea continues to flow in the bowl. I'm taking off my trousers then I take off my destroyed briefs, with caution not to put my mushy diarrhea on the ground. I wipe my bum and my thighs as I can do it. . Then I stand up and I throw my briefs in the waste integrated can. I pull up my trousers and I flush. I leave the cubicle ad I come to my car to come back home. hat a thrilling adventure !!!

Student (NL)
We are still wild camping and driving around North Europe. We have been on our vacation for two months now and have still one more month left. Not so much new to write about. Some days back we camped at the same place as as biking couple (middle aged people). They obviously were very relaxed about going in the woods because none of them tried to hide the roll of toilet paper when going off into the bushes. Another place we stayed together with a young female biker. We talked a lot in the evening, and of one or another reason we began speaking about going in the bushes. She commented that she had observed that we were using toilet paper (I do not know how she had noticed that, probably she had seen the roll in our car) and told that she mostly used material from nature when wiping (mosses, leaves and even smooth stones). But neither my girl friend nor I have dared to try such solutions. The next morning she had biked on before we went up, but when I went off to take my morning dump I accidentally saw where she had been for her morning duty and for sure, she had wiped with leaves! Sporty woman by the way, was going to bike over 2000 kilometers in about one month.


Pooping at the airport

2 stories today:

I was calmly watching One Piece (an anime) when I felt the urge. I walked to my home's bathroom and pulled down my shorts. I pushed and a log at least 10 inches came out. I also expelled some rabbit droppings. BTW a 10 inch turd is really big for me dumps. 10 minutes later, I felt the urge to go again. After pushing a little I felt the turds leave me. I thought it was a small dump, just the aftermath of th first one. It turns out that the first dump was a warning for the second one. I had filled 2/3 of the bowl with medium-small sized turds!

I have no problem pooping in public. I mean, we all do it! I was in the airport waiting for the gate to open when I felt the 'urge.' I went to the bathroom which happened to be around the corner. Inside, there were a few urinals and 3 stalls. The one to the left was already occupied, the one to the right was unoccupied but locked so I went to the middle stall. I pulled my pants down and sat. I had to push a little before waste started coming out of me. From the occupied stall next to me, I heard a bassy fart followed by a grunt. I continued to mind my own business. Under me, there were 2 medium sized turds that fell with a crackle-plop sound. I felt that I still had more in me so I pushed. For the next five minutes, I was pushing out soft rabbit droppings until I felt empty. As I was wiping, the person next to me (the same guy who farted) grunted and a diarrhea-like sound came from the toilet. After that, he sighed. I stifled a laugh. I flushed the toilet and left.

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Anna great set of stories it sounds like your friend Heather had a great poop and it sounds like that other girl was really deserate and just barely made it to the toilet in time.

To: Jane first welcome to the site and it sounds like your friend Janice was having a rough day at least she made it to the bathroom in time and avoided an accident and please share anymore stories you may have thanks.

To: Mina great story as always it sounds like Hisae made the right choice staying on the toilet other wise she couldve had an accident from the sound of it and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Kelly first weclome to the site and great story.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site


Desperate for a poo on long walk with hubby

Back as promised with stories.
This one was just this weekend gone,
Hubby and i decided to go on a long walk over lots of hills and see the lovely scenery.
We were 1hour in to it with fields all around us when i felt a strong urge for a poo, we carried on walking and the urge got stronger. So i told hubby i was really bursting for a poo, to which he replied 'ah baby, ok i know a pub not far away, another 20 minutes, that ok?' well, it had to be didn't it.
We walked the next 20 mins, my arm around his back and his arm firmly resting on my butt, and during this time of desperation i nearly let loose in to my knickers. Hubby felt me clench more than a few times, & when he did, he slapped my butt lightly in a loving way each time.
Thankfully the pub was in sight. 'Order me a lemonade please babe' i said to hubs as we got closer to the entrance and i bolted off to the ladies.
In the loo, was another lady having a wee which sounded like a waterfall.
I took a cubicle and pulled down my black tight fitting trousers, and red knickers to discover i had also started my monthly period, so i sat on the loo and as i popped a maxi pad in my plops just fell out. Very light brown. 17 in quick succession, then i pushed out a further 3 afterwards. I stood up and Looked in to the loo and it was just a sludgy mud mess and it absolutely stank!! I wiped my messy butt 9 times and flushed leaving skid marks, and sprayed my impulse that was in my bag, washed my hands and headed out to meet hubby who greeted me again with a loving gentle butt slap. Sat down next to him and he kept hold of my butt tapping it gently every few minutes. We stayed for that drink and then walked home.
10 minutes from home i needed my next poo so on arrival home i grabbed hubby and we headed to the loo where his face lit up as he joined me for my next desperate loose poo. He pulled down my trousers and knickers and changed my pad for me, (he's such a good man that way) and he was in his element as he watched me squat over the loo so he could see my plops coming out, as i got on a comfy squat position and unclenched. As soon as i did - i again had very light brown plops escaping from my butt... Plop!-plop!-plop!-plop!-plop!-plop!-plop!-plop!-plop.... I sighed relief as my next plops came...Plop!-plop!-plop!-plop!-plop!-plop!-plop!! We looked at my creation as hubby caressed my messy unwiped butt and commented on how light brown it was, again a sludgy mud mess. He wiped me 10 times and pulled my knickers and trousers back on for me with another loving butt slap. I cleaned the loo & I washed my hands and left the bathroom.
More stories soon Love J xx


Desperate for a poo on coach trip then going at services...

2 weeks ago,
Hubs and I went on a coach trip to Wales, booked months ago, and it was a 4.5hr journey.
I had a massive poo that morning before we left, but my bowels are so irregular.
We got on the coach and off we went.
An hour in to the journey i needed another massive desperate poo,
And the coach driver told us we wouldn't be stopping for another hour and a half, so i had no choice but to hold on to it.
Hubby soon realised i was in need of a poo with my fidgetting and
Soon, he rested his hand on my butt cheeks and felt me lean forward to let out airy smelly farts and clench but unfortunately i then felt a soft bit of poo escaping in to my knickers, i couldn't stop it as i raised off the seat to try and stop it but more escaped in to my knickers i was that desperate, thankfully i stopped it, and thankfully no one noticed except my husband as he felt my warm poo find it's way in to my knickers, & his hand never moved off my butt cheeks except to pat my butt cheeks lovingly for the journey until we got to the services. I got a lot of forehead kisses too which was lovely. I had such a ???? ache by now and i could not wait to expel all this poo, the poo i managed to keep in!
Eventually we made it to the services. Hubs went for a wee first then waited for me as i popped off to the busy ladies loos for my over urgent poo. Looking in a full length mirror i noticed you could see a bit of a bulge in my tight fitting trousers! Oops!!
In the cubicle i pulled down my trousers and red knickers and noticed the large bits of light brown messy poo i had let out in to my knickers as i sat my messy butt down to have this poo, i literally sat down and it was PLOP-PLOP-PLOP-PLOP-PLOP-PLOP-PLOP!... (Sigh of relief) ... PLOP-PLOP-PLOP-PLOP-PLOP-PLOP-PLOP-PLOP-PLOP-PLOP! i stood up with my messy knickers around my ankles and carefully stepped out of them and picked them up to get rid of the poo i'd let out in to my knickers, wiped my butt 8 times, & where my knickers were badly skidmarked i put some tissue inside my knickers to cover it. Flushed and sprayed my peachy impulse, washed hands and headed back to hubby where we ordered a burger king for lunch.
My next poo was at the hotel in Wales after dinner that evening where i treated hubby to watch me - which he did with delight, 16 light brown plops in rapid succession. He loved it - and bent me over to wipe my peachy butt 9 times. I still had my bit of tissue covering my poo stained knickers to which hubby then removed it and saw my stain, & bought me in for a cuddle and slapped my butt as we looked at my creation and flushed all my poo away.
Thankfully, We had a lovely long weekend in Wales. More stories from Wales if anyone wants to read them.
Bye for now, J x

Elc. I've never had diarrhea after eating roast beef but I expect different people react to different things. Cooked tomatoes are the thing I have to avoid if I don't want to spend all day on the loo.

Curious. The situation you describe isn't all that uncommon after prostate surgery. Personally I'd be more inclined to use pads or adult diapers than some kind of ultra violet torch to remove traces of urine.

Anna. Thanks for sharing your story about your poo on the plane and Heather's big load too. Did you find that European food and drink affected your toilet going at all? I couldn't help wondering whether it had stopped you up a bit.

Jemma. I'm glad to hear that things are going better for you and I hope the IBS is under better control now.

paige. All I can really say about diarrhea is that when I've had it it's tended to be wshen I leasr wanted it and found the experience rather unpleasant. It's usually left me feeling dehydrated and tired - certainly not my usual self.

Patrick. I can understand why you did what you did but I think with all medicines the safest policy is to stick to the stated dose. It sounds very much as though you found out about not overdoing it the hard way. Constipation is a nuisance when it happens but I think laxatives should only ever be a last resort as they interfere with the natural rythms of the digestive system. Hope you're feeling better now.

Jane the Poop. Thanks for sharing your work toilet story. It sounds as though your experience was very similar to Romantic Dump's.

Marieke. Glad you're enjoying the site. This is a great, friendly place and I've been pleased to be associated with for several. I look forward to hearing about your experience.

JOHN. Hi. Good to see you mate. Hope life's treating you well and you're keeping regular.

Tuesday, July 12, 2016


I'm back!!!

Hey!!! I've been back from Europe for a while now! Hopefully I will have time soon to type out some interesting stories that happened. My poops have been pretty quick so I haven't been spending that much time on the toilet. I'll try to get to you guy's questions soon. If you want to ask them again so they are easier to find I'd appreciate it. Anyways, here's a quick story.
I was at a pool party last night and it was extremely crowded. Probably over 100 people crammed into a medium sized pool. I had to pee very badly, but there were some kids smoking in the bathroom, so I didn't consider that an option. Although I usually never do this, I decided to pee in the pool. The he water was already kind of warm so no one around me seemed to notice. At least I didn't have to poop!


Liquid diarrhea

Today I had to use the bathroom after eating roast beef and it was pure liquid. I've been eating mostly clean so I think my body is no longer use to the rich fatty foods.


Finding the Urine

Thanks to surgeries from prostate cancer ... I'm leaky.
So sometimes I lose track of which bedding or clothing got some urine on them.
Also suspecting some plumbing failures.

So I've tried black lights from an "As Seen On TV" product called "Urine Gone!" that has a battery powered black light ...

And I pointed it at a known peed pair of pants and a towell. Nada, nothing zilch.

So I tried a regular blacklight. Same results. Didn't show diddly.

Want to check the floor around my toilet because I clean and clean and the bathroom still smells!

WHERE is it?

So I'm wondering if any of y'all have experience with getting black lights to work and what's the trick?

I see advertisements saying that you have to get the correct wavelength of 375nm (nanometers) because the cheaper more common ones that emit 390nm wavelength light is still largely purple and causes anything light blue or white to flouresce back at you and that masks the urea acid crystals flourescing.

What's y'all's experience?

Maxine. I'm sure there must be thousands of Maxines in the world. If that's your name I wouldn't have any hesitation about using. I was sorry to read about your diarrhea and stomach upset. Hopefully it's resolved itself okay. Getting worried when these things happen doesn't help because many of the body's nerves are in the gut and it's easy to make matters worse that way without intending to. Dehydration and loss of salts/minerals are common dangers connected with diarrhea. If you have any more episodes I think it would be a good idea to have some rehydration therapy and your chemist/pharmacist should be able to advise on that.

Hi Jemma. Like you I find my bowels can be unpredictable and I'm prone to mild IBS. I wear diapers occasionally if I'm not sure which way things are going to go or I'm setting out on the sort of journey where I know toilet access will be limited. However it's best to not make a habit of wearing them too frequently in case dependence sets in.

Ellison. Thanks for sharing your story. Thankfully I've never had to use a public toilet as bad as the one you describe. It sounds like an experience you're not in a hurry to repeat.


two stories and this and that

Hey everybody, it's Anna here. I am sorry, I haven't posted for a while, I was on an university field trip in Europe and it was just so busy but also the best trip of my life! I am still so excited. I have a couple of stories to tell, one from today at the mall here back home, but I may post that one a little later.

Anyway, on to my first story. As you can imagine, the flights on my trip were really long and I don't like to use plane bathrooms because they are so uncomfortable. On the way there I only had to pee once, which was great. But then on my flight home I couldn't help but having a big poo in the plane bathroom. And it turned out, so did the girl sitting right next to me, which was kinda funny. So, this girl is named Heather and we became really good friends on the trip. She is from another school in Canada, very tall with reddish blonde hair and quite a thick figure. One thing about her is that she was always wearing really short shorts with sneakers and footies. I heard that on the flight to Europe she had taken off her shoes and that her feet smelled really bad and so a couple of girls started calling her "stinky Heather" behind her back. They were so mean and she is actually super nice. Heather was sitting next to me on our flight home and about halfway through she asked me to let her out so she could go to the bathroom. I also felt really full; I had not gone number two in two days, and all of a sudden I had a huge load pushing on my backdoor. So after standing in the aisle for a minute, I decided that I needed to go on the plane after all and went down to the bathroom, too. I waited for about five minutes and then I heard Heather "flush" the toilet three times in a row. Then she came out and when she saw me she really blushed and quickly walked back to her seat. When I went into the little bathroom, eww it was stinking so bad. On top of that, there was a huge skidmark in the toilet which I am sure she tried to get rid of by flushing a couple of times, but couldn't. Poor Heather must have really destroyed the toilet with a massive dump.

I pulled down my jeans and thong and quickly sat down on the seat which was still warm from Heather's bum. I peed for a bit, had two small farts and then leaned forward and pushed. I felt so full, but was really struggling to get my poo out. It was so wide and stretched my hole and finally it started to slide out and I had a huge sigh of relief while the rest of my first turd crackled into the toilet. As it dropped off I blasted a loud, long fart into the bowl, too. Luckily it's so noisy on a plane that there is plenty of privacy for that. In the next few minutes I pushed out two more, smaller poos until I felt all empty. With Heather's poop smell still around and the stink coming from my turds in the bowl it was kinda hard to breathe by now. I quickly pulled off some paper and started to clean up. Wiping the back is so awkward on a plane toilet, especially with a ???? bum like mine! I finally felt pretty clean and pulled my thong and jeans back up. In the bowl, there was Heather's poo and then on top of that my first, long turd all coiled up and two smaller ones and then all the tp that I had used to clean up between my cheeks. I flushed and luckily it all went down pretty well leaving just one more small mark. Then I washed my hands and left the washroom. I was super happy to see that nobody was waiting to use it. It would have sucked for someone having to go in there after us two girls doing our big dumps and stinking it all out. Oh, and it would have been embarrassing for us! I went back to my seat and I think Heather still felt a bit bad about me having to use the bathroom right after her, but then she got over it quickly and we had a really good time chatting and goofing around for the rest of the trip. It's too bad that she lives in another town, because we are really good friends now and I miss her, but maybe she'll come visit some day soon.

to Maxine: That was such a good story you posted. Reading it I was really worried that you would end up having an accident, and I am so glad you did not. That must have been such a terrible day, and if I had been that sick in a public bathroom I would have cried for sure! I hope you'll post some more stories soon. Also, what you wrote reminded me of something that happened shortly before I left for my trip.

My second story is shorter. Last week my friend Danielle and I did some hiking in the mountains. We left town early and stopped at a 7 Eleven for some coffee. We also both had a quick pee. As we were washing our hands, we could hear high-heels clicking down the hallway really fast and then someone else came in to use the bathroom. The women looked like she was in her late twenties or so; slim with blonde curly hair. She was wearing cute glasses and was dressed really smartly with a gray blazer, a black pencil skirt and such. Maybe she was on her way to a business meeting or a job interview or something like that. She didn't even really look at us and immediately dashed into one of the stalls. We could hear the rustling of her clothes and then her bum hit the seat and at the very same moment she let out the longest, loudest fart ever and then exploded super noisy diarreah into the bowl. Danielle and I were looking at each other and she just had her mouth open in disbelieve and then we both broke out in silent laughter. The noises coming from the blonde woman's stall were like in one of those really stupid movies with toilet humour in it. We quickly left and then broke out in laugther and giggles in the car.

Later when I thought about it, I realized that the woman was probably on her way to something important and was having a really bad toilet emergency in a public bathroom. It was super mean of us to laugh about it and we were real b****** in the car. I felt so bad about myself and I really hope that the woman wasn't having any more trouble after she used the bathroom in the store.

to Romantic Dump: I really liked your story and I hope you will post the second part soon. What made me laugh was when I realized that they only girl making any noise at all was the curvy one. I have this theory that it is always us curvy girls who break down first and accidentally fart or have a turd come out because we cannot hold it any longer. Haha, I know that that's not true, but sometimes it feels like it.

to Kelly: I think it is so true that women are more worried about their toilet activites where there is people around they might know. At uni, I often notice that girls just sit on their toilet waiting for everybody else to leave, probably holding in a poo. I do it too, sometimes. But then when I am at the mall for example, everybody just seems to do whatever they have to right away. Funny.

Some Guy

Some Stories

Hi, everyone!

Braidy...if you remember any details of pooping out in the open at summer camp, please share.

Car Mom...if you're still out there, I know I'm not the only one who would enjoy hearing from you! I believe you've mentioned that Kaylee was getting bored with peeing in your car. Is this still true, or does she enjoy peeing in the center console?

Some Stories...

I was at the mall the other day when I needed to poop. (Not all of my pooping stories take place at Walmart. LOL!) I entered the bathroom and went into the second stall. I proceeded to pull down my pants and underwear and sit on the toilet. I started to pee and then let out a pretty loud fart. After I farted, I started to poop. As I was sitting on the toilet, I could tell that someone walked by my stall and entered the one to my right. I looked under the divider and could tell it was a boy who was about 8. He had his socks pulled up to his calves, so I'm sure he is a soccer player. Anyway, as I'm sitting there, I don't hear anything from my young neighbor. I look under the divider and see his feet pointing toward the stall door and his bright neon orange shorts at his ankles. I knew he was pooping, too. After a couple minutes of us both sitting on our respective toilets, I stood up to wipe. As I was pulling off some toilet paper, I glanced under the divider again. His feet and orange shorts hadn't moved, so I knew he was still going. With the way the overhead lights hit the stalls, I could also see the shadow of his young and thin left thigh on the floor. He contined to be very quiet as he was sitting there. After I finished wiping, I felt as though I needed to poop again, so I sat back down. Again, no movement or sound from my neighbor. I continued to sit for a couple more minutes, and it turned out to be just gas. Anyway, once I was confident that I was empty, I stood up again to wipe, and made sure to wipe well. As I was wiping, I heard my neighbor get some toilet paper and begin to wipe. He ended up wiping, flushing, and exiting his stall before I finished in mine. I saw him at the sinks washing his hands as I was walking up to wash mine. I was correct in my assessment of him and his build. He was also wearing a black T-Shirt in addition to the neon orange shorts and tall socks. As I was washing my hands, he dried his hands and left the bathroom.

A few days later, I was at a Sam's Club, when I felt the need to poop. So, I decided to go before starting my shopping. I entered the restroom, and to my surprise, there were four stalls! I was surprised because the most stalls I have ever seen in a Walmart bathroom is three. As I entered, the first stall was a handicapped stall, the second had a raised toilet (like a handicapped stall) and was a little bigger than a regular stall (but not a handicapped stall), and the third and fourth were regular stalls. I entered the third stall, which was a regular stall. After closing and locking the door, I pulled down my pants and underwear, and had a seat on the toilet. I immediately started to poop. As I was sitting there pooping, I heard someone enter the restroom and take the first stall (the handicapped one). A few minutes later, someone entered the restroom and took the stall to my left. The guy in the handicapped stall flushed and exited before I finished and exited my stall. The guy in the stall to my left was still sitting there after I finished in my stall, exited, and washed my hands. What sticks with me about this experience is that the bathroom was bigger than I expected. I rarely use the restrooms at Sam's Club, so I guess I didn't have an expecation going in. I guess I will have to use their restrooms more often to compare! LOL!

I think that's it for now.

Happy Pooping!
Some Guy


Reply to John B and Adrian...

Hi John B
So good to hear from you,
Hope you're keeping well?
Thanks for your concern,
Hopefully now i am on the up,
Things are certainly much better
Than they were. Cheers mate, take care,
Love J xx

Hi Adrian,
Thanks for your comment,
I will not become dependant
On them, i totally agree with you,
Getting on better with these new meds
Now, so hopefully it's onwards and upwards,
Pleased the doctors took it seriously and my
Case has been reviewed.
Best wishes to you. =)

Will post some stories soon, Jem.


Diarrhea survey

How often do you get diarrhea ?
I get it once every couple months
Describe the color and consistency?
Dark brown mush and light brown liquid
How do you know your going to have the shits?
I'm bloated excess gas ???? aches gurgling
Has someone ever seen you have diarrhea?
Have you ever seen someone with diarrhea?
No I have never seen someone with diarrhea on the toilet but I have cared for my bf while he was sick.
Other names?
???? foam the shits the runs the poops gurgles upset ????
How would you tell someone you have diarrhea
Tell them my ???? is upset my insides are liquified my butts about to blow chunks
Have you ever had diarrhea someone other than a toilet
Yes I was sick a few years ago and farted and shit myself
Story of someone else sick ?
My bf can't eat a ton of meat because it makes him really sick and something he ate had meat in it and it made him really sick to his stomach this was the last day of school during the talent show portion he curled up against me and was whimpering and the teachers yelled at us for cuddling but they wouldn't let him leave and go to the nurse. When we got out we went to the football field and cuddled till his parents came to pick him up. My poor baby started vomiting while we were sitting there. He texted me the next day saying that on top of him getting sick from the meat he got food poisoning too


Pooping in public bathroom

Hey all, haven't posted in a while and just wanted to post today. While on my way home from a baseball game I felt a slight urge to poop. I didn't wanted to wait until I get home so I went to Atlantic Terminal in Target to the Men's room. I had a feeling it might take a while so I decided to go to the stall. Went to the middle stall. Took out my Bible to read while I poop. I dropped my black jeans and my purple boxers down around my ankles and started reading few verses. As I type this post I still pooping. Been pooping in my stall for about 30 minutes. Anyway a guy next to my stall also been pooping as long as I have. He had his jeans down around his ankles as well. Anyway that's my first live pooping session post. Will make more posts soon.

Question: When you feel the urge to poop in a public bathroom, which makes you most comfortable position to poop & does it changes when you pee in public bathroom and/or use the bathroom at home?

For me, I feel more comfortable pooping with my pants and underwear around my ankles in public bathrooms or any bathrooms since I feel relaxed, comfortable and easier to poop with them down around my ankles rather than towards my knees since I spread my legs when I poop. Is anyone feel the same way?


Desperate times; desperate measures

After a surgery, I was given a prescription pain medication that caused my system to shut down. No movement at all & it was increasingly uncomfortable. A trip to the drug store was in order. I settled on buying a box of ex-lax, with the directions saying to take 1-2 tablets at bedtime. Being a guy & having that guy mentality, I took 3. The next morning, I woke in hopeful anticipation, but things were still like cement. I made it through a day at work, but the situation was becoming serious. I read online for some suggestions of foods to eat ... so, I bought some prune juice on the way home. I also read online that castor oil stimulates both the large & small intestines rather well in constipation caused by pain meds. So, I picked up a bottle of that too. After downing a glass of prune juice without puking, I re-read the internet article about the castor oil. The dosing in the article was a good bit larger than the dosing on the container. Again, I'm a guy. I settle on the larger dose ... with a heavy hand on the measurement. I should get a metal for getting that stuff down! I still feel nauseous just thinking about it. Anyway, I kicked off my shoes & settled in to watch some TV. Nothing. No rumblings. Just pressure & the silence of a rock wall. At dinner, I ate lightly, not wanting to worsen an already critical problem. By now, my wife was aware of what was going on & was freaking out about how many laxatives I had taken. We were discussing whether or not I needed to go to urgent care. I decided to go & make a focused effort once again. This time, I struggled to push out a very large & compacted 'stone' followed by a bit of more normal poop. There was blood in the toilet from the compacted piece ripping it's way through my poor butt. Finally, something had worked! The 3 exlax tablets, the prune juice, & the castor oil had done its job & this crisis was resolved ... or so I thought. I settled back into my recliner & settled in to watch TV with the family for the night. After awhile, I began to have a sharp gas pain in my stomach. I leaned to one side and proceeded to push out a fart that would surely remedy the pain. Unfortunately, I learned that all of the laxatives were really just starting to work. That compacted piece was just the piece holding back the dam. With this massive emission of gas came a very soft & liquid flow. I pinched my butt cheeks together as tightly as I could & jetted toward the john, with my wife wondering what was happening. Despite my best clenching efforts, the flow has begun & the oil from the bottle of castor oil wasn't helping my efforts to hold back the flood as I made my way to the toilet. Despite the male mentality, my butt muscles were no match for the triple dose of exlax, the bottle of castor oil, & the glass of prune juice. Each step that I took forced more of this oily runny poop out ... Over a week's backlog. By the time I got to the john, I was full out crapping myself. I yanked my khakis down and peeled my boxer briefs off to find them overflowing into the pants, which had already ran down my leg and onto one sock. As I plopped my ass on the can, I could feel the wet seat as my butt slid around on the seat. I proceeded to unload the rest of this load with an incredible sound like someone was pouring from a bucket into the toilet. As I stood to wipe up, I saw that the bathroom was an absolute disaster. I carefully peeled off the underwear & socks, spilling more poop onto the floor. Leaving the mess, I went to the shower ... Only to have to bolt out again for the john. Meanwhile, my wife wanders in to see what's taking so long. She sees the disaster & just says, "I told you that you were going to be sorry that you took all of that." The boxer briefs & socks went in the trash. The rest went into the washer. But, I felt relief that I hadn't felt in over a week! The rest of the night was spent with urgent trips to the can, but fortunately my underwear stayed clean throughout the night. So, the lesson, guys, is you don't necessarily need a bigger dose. I'm lucky to have been at home & come through the crisis with only the loss of a pair of boxer briefs & a pair of socks ... and a little bit of dignity from a 36 year old man who loaded his pants in front of the family during movie night.

One time I needed to poop and I took a explosion like the f bomb dropped to the toilet


Traveling & Bathroom Hassles

For much of the past ten days, my boyfriend Diver and I have been traveling separately. He has been on one side of the country playing with his team at an elite softball tournament and I just got back from a required seminar in financial products. I know this is a peak travel time and most people are pretty good at using public bathrooms. But I've witnessed some things that just don't make a lot of sense to me.

Really bad manners: I was in the second toilet of a row of stools at an airport. I was a bit constipated so I was taking my time. I think I had been seated for about 10 minutes and this woman about my age (26) was peaking in on me about every 3 or 4 minutes and finally I say her eyeball and told her nicely it would probably be a while. She said something mean about me telling that to her bladder. I told her the toilet to my right was available, remembering just then as I said it that there had been urine on the seat, but she cussed, slammed the door shut, threw her bag down with a thud, and she dropped her butt to the seat. So much for the spilled urine I guess. Her phone rang and she answered in an even more nasty tone. She told them she was at the airport, on the toilet, and about to pee. She asked if she had permission to shit a bit too if the opportunity came up. From the hostile conversation I heard, it seemed that she might have been talking to a DJ who was going to play for a party she was going to be at. In arguing about songs to be played, she was so nasty and profane in her language and I think the caller might have hung up on her or her phone cut out. She did have a lengthy and consistent urine stream and I heard a few louder splashes hit the bowl too. I gave up, went to the sink and washed my hands. Luckily I got out of the bathroom before she reached for the toilet paper and found none.

Toxic mothers: Although Diver and I aren't married yet and don't have kids, we love children and don't believe in parents verbally abusing them. Asking kids why you didn't go before you left grandma's, telling a little child she's in a nice dress and it is going to be hard for her to have a crap, telling them if they didn't drink as much liquid, they would't have to go to the bathroom as much, blaming them for all the toilets being dirty and the time they are taking to go to the bathroom serve no productive purpose. One little girl, probably about 4, was scared to get up on a stool on her own and having the stall door closed and latched. The mom's swearing at her, then giving her a three-count to get up on the stool is not positive reinforcement. I was in the stall next to them and felt so sorry for that girl. I feel she's going to have issues as she gets older, although I hope I'm wrong.

Bowl jammers: I've seen several examples of their work. One way would be to flush after each or a few pieces rather than waiting until they are fully done. Another thing would be to flush before wiping because if the crap is soft and there's a lot of cleaning to do, the amount of toilet paper in addition to the crap can clog the bowl. And once this week, I peed in a previously jammed-up bowl. I didn't want to try to get it to go down and create a flood. Out in the waiting area at the airport, I saw a custodian and she was very gracious in thanking me for telling her about it.

Diver has complained about the large amount of vandalism done in men's toilets. Bathrooms serving fields that are used 12 or more hours a day for games are kept in really poor shape by those using them. How can a toilet being broken off the wall be explained to a little child who needs to use the bathroom? Also, sometimes bathrooms are padlocked due to the misuse, but those needing them just do their thing against the side of the building or in isolated areas nearby.


First Post

First Post
Hi everyone in toilet stool, my name is Jane and I am a six grader who live in Seoul, Korea. To give a little description of me, I am a girl who is about 157cm tall (sorry I don¡¯t know how much it is in feet), has no glasses, and has straight black hair which is a little longer than my shoulders.

So, it was last Saturday when it was really hot. I went to my math academy. Well, students in Korea goes to a real lot of academies. They even go to three academies in Sunday! So I went to my math academy and met my friend named Janice. She is my best friend in this academy. She has dark brown hair with glasses and is about 159cm tall. We went to class and heard our teacher¡¯s lecture. After two hours of lecture, it was homework time.

We had to solve 30 really hard math problems and we went to the class where we do our work. We sat next to each other and started our work. About 30 minutes passed and I found out that Janice was kind of squirming. I noticed that she was holding her stomach and crossing her legs. So I thought that she needed to go to the bathroom. Well, we were very close friends, but we had never talked about those privacy stuff about toilets.

I asked her ¡°Are you alright?¡± and she answered, ¡°Yeah, I just have a little stomachache.¡± I tried to concentrate on my math problems, but she kept on squirming and I couldn¡¯t concentrate. Just then, she let out a silent wet fart which nobody but me had heard. She didn¡¯t know that I had heard it, and I also pretended that I hadn¡¯t heard it. The smell was a little bad, but not very very bad.

She kept on rubbing her stomach and squirmed trying find a comfortable position. She farted once more which was a similar fart that she has done before. Then, she stood up and walked towards the direction of the bathroom. While she was going I wondered what would she do and followed her secretly.

There were six cubicles and only one was occupied which was the one that Janice had went. It happened to be the second cubicle. I pretended to see the mirror in case another girls would come in. After about two seconds, I heard a loud fart which sounded really wet. then I heard sounds of chunky watery diarrhea blasting out for about 20 seconds. And there was a 3 second pause.

Then I heard two more loud, wet farts and a groan. After about 5 seconds, I heard sounds of four wet plops. Then there were more of those chunky wet diarrhea and the sound of a loud gurgling noise from her stomach. When three seconds passed, there was the sound of this really really big fart which was like a storm. It was almost as big as thunder. However, it sounded really really wet as well and it even bubbled at the end so I think that I must have sprayed watery diarrhea. By now, the bathroom was stinking pretty much.

But she seemed not to be done yet. I heard a wet crackling noise and some more plops. Then she began to do number one. It didn¡¯t last that long and it was disturbed by more farts which wasn¡¯t that loud but was really watery and wet. Then she dealed with chunky diarrhea for two minutes and there was 20 seconds of silence before she started squatting out water. Well, I knew that it was diarrhea because of the bubbles and farts and the grunts.

She was squatting out water (brown water I guess) and groaning and grunting. This went on for about one minute. After some more wet farts and chunky diarrhea, she seemed to be done. There was this sound of rolling the toilet paper and trying to clean up. I went back to the class where we were because I didn¡¯t want her to know that I was there of course.

When I sat in my seat for about 20 seconds, Janice came. Since her personality was very bright and optimistic, she acted as if nothing had happened. The only thing I noticed was that she was sweating pretty hard and her voice became a little weak. I felt sorry to her about the bathroom incident, but I was relieved that her face became brighter and that I didn¡¯t get caught.

After we finished solving those problems, we headed home. Our apartments were in the same direction so we always went together. While we were going, I saw Janice sweating and rubbing her stomach again. Then she suddenly told me to go to the stationary store together. I agreed and went to the stationary store with her.

We were looking at some pens and mechanical pencils. Then, Janice started squirming a lot suddenly. Her face turned desperate and she was holding her grumbling stomach. Then she told me to wait a little and that she will be in the bathroom for number one. I knew that she would be doing number two, but just said OK.

After five seconds she had went, I followed her into the bathroom. This bathroom only had three cubicles and Janice took the middle one. (I knew because it was the only one occupied.) As soon as I heard her sit, I heard series of wet farts and a sound of number one. Without pause, there were sounds of wet plops and chunky diarrhea.

The cycle was similar with the one in the academy. It went on about five minutes and she flushed. I pretended that I didn¡¯t know anything though. We bought some pens and she was sweating really really much. She walked weakly as if she would faint in any second, but remained smiling. We said bye and went to our houses.

This is the end of my story and feel free to leave comments and ask questions. I hope that I can post more on toilet stool and tell more stories. Have a nice day!

first constipation memory

the first time i ever remember being constipated i was about 3. i mustve been struggling for some time because my mother and i were the doctor's office waiting for the doctor. i remember standing by one of those kiddie coffee tables crying and shaking as i tried to push the log into my pull-up. my mom was sitting on the floor trying to comfort me, telling me to push it out, almost crying herself. i must have succeeded at some point (soon i mean) because i remember lying on the exam table and my mother briefly showing the contents of the diaper to the doctor.

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