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There have been some great stories here lately. I have one to share, but first a few comments:

Romantic Dump: What anticipation! I'm very excited to hear part 2. I just had a similar circumstance the other day. I went in to the work bathroom to take a dump, and I knew it would be a big one. As I approached the door I hoped it was empty. I opened the door and lo and behold, a lady that worked in the complex was just shutting one of the stall doors in the very small and quiet bathroom. For years now all we've ever said to each other is hi. She gave me the obligatory hi and I returned it and went in to the other stall. I really didn't even have to pee, I just had to poop. Bad. I had no pee to buy me a minute while she peed and left. And then there we were, both sitting on the toilets silently. Obviously she had to poop too. I was mentally preparing for what was about to happen. I started to push and felt my heart beat hard. I like pooping next to other women, it's kinda thrilling, but it also makes me nervous, especially if I know her. So I begin to feel a poop poking out when she gets up, unlocks her stall door and leaves. Just like that. A shy pooper, I can only assume. Surprised me! But I was also glad to poop in peace, even though then I didn't get to poop with someone. Anyways, I'm eager to hear if your story ended like mine... hopefully not!

Kelly: Great story about pooping in the airport bathroom. That poor girl next to you! I don't fly as often as you, but I've had the same thought about "I'll never see these people again" and taken some pretty comfortable dumps in airports. I would love to hear more stories. Do you wait to shit at the airport for that reason or do you just happen to go poop when you fly?

Marieke: Welcome to the forum. Glad to know there are other women who also enjoy detailed stories about women pooping next to other women. Or, I suppose yours could also be a man's name now that I think of it, but I thought it was a woman's name at first. Anyway, I have several pretty long stories posted in the archives about me having some pretty spectacular dumps next the other women. I don't know the pages but you could probably find them on the site's search feature. Do you have any stories about pooping in public restrooms?

Poopinggeek: It sounds like you all had some great dumps. You were lucky to hear all that and flush their toilets afterward. Has this ever happened to you before?

I haven't usually been an unusual pooper, but lately I've found that squatting really helps me poop better. I've tried squatting on my toilet rim but I find I worry I'll poop on the rim and can't relax it all out, so I've been pooping outside. I've been pooping on different types of terrain too. I tried pooping in grass at first, and I liked that the exit was soft and the color contrast of my pile with the green grass was nice, but I found I prefer bare earth or some dried up leaves. The logs can get a little longer while I can still see them and the pile collects all together in a nice concise way. I've tried recording these poops on my cell phone too, by propping my phone against a log. Better video without grass obstructions. Has anyone else ever tried pooping in different terrain? Opinions on squatting? Anyone recorded your poop?

Happy pooping! Xoxo

Dear Jessica: I'm not sure about the connection vegetable diet and fart before motion, sorry. Kazuko sometimes fart before motion. But friend who eats meat most is Maho. She love barbecued beef, we call yakiniku, it is speciality of Korea.

Friend who makes biggest smell is Kazuko. I thought, eat meat makes more smell, but it seems not true.

Kazuko is now 26! We had big party on Friday, and went back to Maho's and my flat after.

Saturday morning, after breakfast, we all laugh a lot even no one say anything. We are all thinking same thing! And Hisae stand up quickly, so we laugh more.

Then we decided who sit next to who on loo. Hisae sat on loo first, me next her. Of course she start at once, many plops quickly! After one minute, more plops, then she push washlet button. But I say to her, Hisae, stay bit more. Always you come back to loo after you finish! Maho and Kazuko, in front of washbasin, laugh loud voice. Hisae say, OK. I hold her hand. I love Hisae.

Suddenly she give sigh, then there is big noise under her beautiful bottom and it look like bucket of brown water pour into loo. Wow! Hisae is not so big, where she put all that?? Hisae gave sigh again. I said, "that is a diarrhoea." But Hisae said, "I feel good." Then she opened bottom and another bucket of brown water into loo, smaller one. Then she said, "I am empty, all in loo." So she wash her bottom and I wipe, I tremble little bit, I love her so much.

I tell you part 2 of this story later as I remember suddenly, I have to go to shop before close.

Love to all you.



Peanuts poop

Hello !
Last Friday, I nibbled too many peanuts. I shelled their shells and I nibbled them , endless.
On Saturday morning, I had to go for the number 2 twice. I make runs, any mushy poop.
On Saturday p.m., I had to run to the toilet twice again. Now, that was diarrhea. I call that phenomenon peanut-poop.
To-day, I couldn't pop, but I knew that my bowels were not empty, despite of the diarrhea, and I felt that my belly was bloated. I put a suppository to evacuate farts, but it makes a result in two minutes : i pushed a big log of 12 inches long. I feel now a good relief. I hope you will appreciate my story. See you later !



To Marieke : Glad you're enjoying this website and welcome to this forum.

To Kelly : Great story. Looks like the lady in the next toilet had a rough time.hope she felt better after and I guess you had a relieving poop.Looking forward to more posts from you.

That's all for now. Have a nice day and happy pooping everyone

Your friend

response to Romantic Dump

I think I speak for a lot of people when I say that I really enjoyed part 1 of your story and hope you don't forget to come back and finish it! We are waiting with bated breath...

Sunday, July 10, 2016

first constipation memory

the first time i ever remember being constipated i was about 3. i mustve been struggling for some time because my mother and i were the doctor's office waiting for the doctor. i remember standing by one of those kiddie coffee tables crying and shaking as i tried to push the log into my pull-up. my mom was sitting on the floor trying to comfort me, telling me to push it out, almost crying herself. i must have succeeded at some point (soon i mean) because i remember lying on the exam table and my mother briefly showing the contents of the diaper to the doctor.


Airport Ladies Room

I never used this site before and just google searched something that I seen happen recently. Im a 33 pharmd national territory rep for a major pharm company. I fly 2 to 3 days per week. Out of those days half the time I will need to have a #2 in the airport bathrooms. Im always dressed business professional, have long curly black hair, and keep shape yet have a toned to average body.

When it comes to using airport bathrooms, it seems the women there don't hold any embarrassing noises back. I am also victim to this as I just think to myself" I will never see these people again".

So here's what happened today. Flew into a large airport on my connection home. After about 25 mins of the urge to poop we finally landed. I quickly made my way to aisle, i sit first class so its fast for me to leave thank god. I walked quickly from the gate to the women's room which was directly opposing our gate. There were a handful of stalls, 3 people in line in front of me, and another woman on the plane with me who i noticed followed me to the bathroom. She was about 50, attractive, and thin with short hair and athletic wear on. She sighed when turning the corner into the bathroom because of the short wait. I could tell she was in need of a poop. I was slightly cramping but held my composure.

Two stalls opened at the same time. She rushed next to me to take the stall. I was making the seat with a disposable cover, but as soon as she shut the door she wasted no time an immediately sat on the toilet. Before I dropped my pencil skirt and panties I heard a very violent diarrhea for about 3 seconds followed by about 4 loud farts. She was moaning "finally thank god" under her voice.

I still needed to poop badly so I quickly released a long soft turd followed by 2 regular farts. I normally would try to mask the noises but airports seem to bring out the best in us females bathroom noises. Next to me for the next few minutes was a constant farts and plops in the toilet. There was one last 2 or 3 second diarrhea blast from her near the end of my toilet trip. I left and she was still sitting on the toilet.

This happens to me a lot in the airports. Im sure Ill have another story soon.



Hi, this is my first post and I just want to say I am really enjoying this website, especially the women who are talking about pooping on public toilets with company.

@ Maxime: Sounds you really pushed all the dirt out of your body. I try to imagine how it smelled in those toilets!

@ pooperlady: Nice little story about emptying your full bladder in the shower. It's nothing bad and it also saves a lot of water because you don't have to flush the toilet. I'm wondering if anybody had diarrhea in the shower? In theory it should flow away but maybe it won't.. Just a nasty idea..

@ Romantic Dump: I'm looking forward to part 2 of your story. I really like those detailed stories about other women on public toilets.


Reply to Jemma

Hi Jemma it's your cyber mate John B.

I really am so pleased that you've had a review of your meds and that your lavatorial exploits are perhaps not now as dramatic as in the past hopefully.

Take care JemJem and fingers crossed for the future.

Love to you and all contributors xx

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Maxine it sounds like the stomach virus hit you hard hopefully you didnt have any accident and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Allison great story.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site

Maxine. I'm sure there must be thousands of Maxines in the world. If that's your name I wouldn't have any hesitation about using. I was sorry to read about your diarrhea and stomach upset. Hopefully it's resolved itself okay. Getting worried when these things happen doesn't help because many of the body's nerves are in the gut and it's easy to make matters worse that way without intending to. Dehydration and loss of salts/minerals are common dangers connected with diarrhea. If you have any more episodes I think it would be a good idea to have some rehydration therapy and your chemist/pharmacist should be able to advise on that.

Hi Jemma. Like you I find my bowels can be unpredictable and I'm prone to mild IBS. I wear diapers occasionally if I'm not sure which way things are going to go or I'm setting out on the sort of journey where I know toilet access will be limited. However it's best to not make a habit of wearing them too frequently in case dependence sets in.

Ellison. Thanks for sharing your story. Thankfully I've never had to use a public toilet as bad as the one you describe. It sounds like an experience you're not in a hurry to repeat.

Friday, July 08, 2016

I find that when I'm sick it's usually with diarrhea. I throw up every once and a while but I can't remember the last time I solely threw up with out also have a case of uncontrollable diarrhea. It's extremely embarrassing, especially as a woman. I'm very close to my husband and my other friends and family but even with them I'm not comfortable disclosing whether or not I have the trots, I usually just use a blanket statement such as I'm "feeling a bit sick" or "have an upset stomach". I get diarrhea quite often too. Before I divulge, I'll say that I'm a 25 year old office worker with shoulder length brunette hair and a Caucasian skin tone. I'm quite short and slim and live in my home state of Massachusetts, USA with my husband, Barry. I've been described as being quite pretty (usually be my husband, some brief admirers or some family friends), so you can see why it would be embarrassing to be constantly in dire need of a toilet when feeling just slightly under the weather.

This story's an awkward one, I contemplated using an alias such as "Rhonda" or something, but it's not like I'm the only Maxine in MA. I get up at about half-past seven to get ready for my job. Barry's usually up and gone by then but, being the saint that he is, he often leaves a cup of coffee at my side for when I wake up. My stomach was unsettled. It wasn't incomplete agony or anything it just felt mildly upset. I went to the bathroom and let out a minor bout of diarrhea. I have an anxiety problem that tends to express itself through a case of the runs so I assumed it to be just that, it only mustered a tired sigh of annoyance from me. I felt like crap for the whole morning but, not to spoil anything, it got worse.

I was about to go before Barry came running in looking for his ID. He was searching semi-frantically until he noticed I looked a little uneasy. I told him I'd be fine, that it was probably just something I ate and not to worry about me. He gave me a kiss before continuing to search. He said he'd remember to lock up, meaning that me, in my delirious stupor, forgot my keys. I was feeling really nauseous and lightheaded. My stomach gave out a loud, audible churn. It was at this point I should of turned around and called in sick, but I didn't (because I'm an idiot).

I took the bus to work and was feeling slightly better, by that I mean I could remember my name. It was a normal day, nothing out of the ordinary to trigger my anxiety. I thought it must just be a stomach bug. I was working away, stopping every now and again in a daze. I was half way through evaluating a spreadsheet when I just stopped. It was like I finally stopped pretending or something because I was painfully more aware of the storm raging in my gut. I rested my hand on my ????, straightened my back and tried to gain a footing. Ten seconds later, my stomach churned in a way that jolted my entire body and I farted loudly. I shot up in a panic and let out a few moans under my breathe. "Oh no..." I thought. Not wanting to make a scene, I withdrew my jittery hand from my stomach and quietly walked from my cubicle to the toilets, appearing calm and collected. Although, in reality, their was several gallons of liquid diarrhea waiting to shoot out of my rear end, the sweat that dripped profusely from my hair was evidence of this. I had never gotten the shits at work before.

My walk broke out into a pace and the second I got through the bathroom door I broke out into a mad dash. I couldn't hold it, I needed the toilet right then and there! My desperation reached the point that I barely even acknowledged the woman doing her makeup at the sink and just ran to the nearest available stall. I would have taken the sink if there hadn't been on available. I was panicking and whispering swear words with distressed whimpers as I unbuckled my belt and ripped down my jeans. My butt wasn't even on the seat fully before explosive diarrhea shot out of me uncontrollably as I made it just in time. I gave out a loud exhale, almost reveling in my unadulterated relief as sickly, watery poop poured out from behind me with full force. I could hear the woman at the sink hurriedly gather all her things together and run out of the room. The other two woman in the stalls next to me hurried to finish as well before running away without washing their hands.

It was here I let out the longest and most painful fart of my entire life. I was in so much pain it was unreal. I didn't cry but I was heavily breathing, sweating and moaning. I eventually took off my shoes and cradled my legs as the diarrhea shot out of me into the toilet bellow. I was in there for about an hour. The first few seconds just would not stop. I would say it eased from there but it was just better in comparison. I had about three waves of severe runs before feeling well enough to get off the toilet. I then stumbled to the sink to wash my face. I then promptly threw up into the sink before I got that feeling again in my bowels. Now I was panicked! I didn't want to loose control of myself. I ran back into my stall and had more diarrhea. When I could force myself to stop I did and then instantly did a 180 and vomited into the putrid bowl. I farted and then climbed my butt back onto the toilet seat where I had two more rounds of shits. I could not stop farting.

I told my boss I needed to go home and begrudgingly explained my predicament. She could see I wasn't laying. I stopped into the bathroom again before I left just in case but there was nothing (the smell was cataclysmic though).

I didn't want to take the bus as I felt I'd be confined and might have an accident. Tons of places where open with toilets available shout I get and upset stomach again. As I was walking home, I got that feeling again and ran into a public bathroom. The smell of that place hit me before I even entered. It was like a dirty bomb went off. The local street kids had gotten to the place before I did and clogged the toilets. The sink actually did seem like a welcomed alternative this time around. My stomach groaned again and a violent fart forced me to put both hands on my ass to hold my butt cheeks together in an effort to contain myself. I decide ???? it and unbuttoned my jeans. I squatted over the toilet, making sure my rear didn't touch anything. A bout of diarrhea ran out of me again to my relief. All I could do now was stay crouched as brown water blasted out of my back.

I let out a particularly bad fart that sprayed the toilet and part of the wall brown. I gave out a moan of discussed. Ten minutes later I was done, it felt like and eternity. I wiped and ran out of there in a flash. I was feeling uneasy the entire way home but finally I was there. I was so thrilled to finally see house in the distance. I was going to have diarrhea again and one of my hands shot to stomach and the other to my butt. I frantically looked for my keys but I couldn't find them. I checked to see if the door was unlocked but it wasn't. I was about ready to give up when I remembered that the lock on the back gate was busted and I could relieve myself out back. I didn't want to but by now I was farting uncontrollably again. I had it in mind to ruin our lawn with my waste but then I saw a glimmering beacon, a trash can. Though it was shameless, I had no other choice. Without thinking, exploded into the can. I swear I must of lost weight as a fountain of diarrhea spewed out of my ass.

I called my mom and she came round with her spare key to let me in. I spent the rest of the week bed bound with a stomach virus. I'm just lucky Barry didn't catch it. Speaking of Barry, he was amazingly loving and attentive while I was sick. I never fully disclosed my ordeal in full. The only other note worthy moment from that week actually involved me breaking down one of my barriers. Barry was in the shower and I was in bed half covered by the sheets. The fever was killing me, I had already stripped down to my underwear. I quickly woke, jumped out of bed and dashed to the can. Barry had left the door unlocked for me. I rush in and piloted my butt into the seat. I was loudly sobbing and wailing. It would not stop, liquid runs yet again. I was practically vomiting out of my ass. Barry covered himself with a towel and came to my side. I'd never shit like that in front of anyone before.

I have other stories that I'd like to write about as well. Under the guise anonymity, I feel more open. Trust me, I have more then a few diarrhea stories, this one was probably the worst though.


Response to Tyler's questions

Here are my responses to Tyler's questions:
(1) Over those days at the often would you get an urge to go to the bathroom?
Not much. I'm back now, but I did go once more after eating homemade tacos that were quite spicy and drinking tons of gatorade because we didn't have a filter for the water. Before I went, I had maybe one small urge.

(2) How strong are your urges?
They weren't strong that trip, but I've had some strong urges, especially when I've had diarrhea. Only ever had an accident when I was throw up sick and suffering diarrhea.

(3) Do you enjoy the feeling of being full?
Sometimes. I enjoy feeling full when I feel better when I'm done.

(4) Have you been "constipated" ever in your life? How long have you gone with no bowel movement at all?
Sometimes. I often go up to 2 days, but rarely 3 or 4. Nothing compared to some of the people who have gone 2 weeks. I would probably stop eating and I might not even be able to keep anything down if I held it that long. I'm getting constipated right now. I've been drinking too much diet soda and eating garbage since coming back home. We don't have anything good in the house so I'm going to have mom take me shopping soon.

(5) If your answer to #4 is "yes"....what do you do to help you go?
I eat grape nuts cereal (high in fiber) and drink copious amounts of water or drink some prune juice. Although the prune juice one gives me the opposite problem within 90 minutes of consumption, without fail. I've heard that coffee can help, but I can drink a ton of coffee without any effect.


Update:- getting better.

Hi everyone

So for just over a month due to my sudden awkward
Change in bowel habits thanks to my IBS, i have been wearing
Nappies/diapers to help. Well having worn them for over a month my bowels
Are now getting back to normal, i no longer wear them, but for the time i did - they helped me very much.
In the meantime, my IBS medication was reviewed by medical professionals and changed and now I'm getting on a lot better with my new medication.

No stories today though i do have some. Maybe another day.
More soon, bye for now x

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Poopinggeek it sounds like those girls had great poops.

To: Morgan it sounds like you had a really rough day.

To: Romantic Dump great story.

To: Brammer great story it sounds like she had a couple good poops.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site


Saved some toilet paper

I read today that peeing in the shower saves toilet paper, so today I decided to save some toilet paper.
I'd had a lot of water and juice to drink before my shower, so I had quite a strong urge to pee. I turned on the water and got into the shower. I let myself get wet from the shower water, and then decided it was time to pee. I faced the front of the shower in order to aim for the drain, set my legs apart, leaned forward a little, and pushed down on my bladder with my abdominal muscles to get things off to a good start. I began to piss. A plentiful stream went right down into the drain. I peed and peed, sighing with relief - I'd really had to go!
Most of the pee went right down into the drain, though the last few spurts got on my legs a bit, but the shower water cleaned them off. I was then able to have the rest of my shower with an empty bladder.


Late Night Mistakes Multiplied

Earlier this summer I needed a comprehensive physical exam and while my doctor's physician assistant had me sitting on the examination table, she noted several scars on my butt, lower back and my rib cage area, so she asked me about some diseases she thought I made have had. I told her about a series of mistakes I made a decade ago while I was in college. She seemed very interested and asked me as many questions about what happened as my boyfriend at the time, Dion, and my mother had.

Dion and I had been at the first football game of the year and we were at a private party afterwards that went about 10 hours. There was only one small bathroom in the apartment and dozens and dozens of people inside and outside in the parking lot needing it. Since Dion had a larger bladder than me, he didn't need to stand in the long lines as many times as I did, but at about 3 a.m. when we left, we had about a mile walk back to campus. It was very hot and humid and with all the alcohol consumed, I was too tired and other things to go back inside and wait for the bathroom to open. So Dion and I began our walk back to his apartment. About four blocks into the walk, Dion wanted to slow down and walk into a back alley of the street we were on. He found a telephone line pole with a lot of weeds around it. He unzipped, opened up his organ and remarkably fast was moisturizing the weeds. When I complimented how robust his stream was, he said what I was seeing was only one of the six-packs he downed. I told him I had to go just as bad, but had never been successful in hovering. He shook his organ off and we resumed our walk.

A couple of blocks into our walk I told Dion my double need for a toilet was getting worse. He said if we were to go about a block out of our way, there was a park and he had previously found the bathrooms were open 24/7. I said I was going to go for it and I started walking ahead. Either peeing or pooping my shorts was a big threat and with the last cramp in my stomach, I even feared that both were inevitable. Dion kept assuring me that he was still following me with his voice in the hot, humid weather. I got to the building, despite the number of bugs flying around the entrance and into the bathroom where a couple of dim overhead lights illuminated four toilets. I made a quick glance of each. Each needed to be flushed. Each looked kind of gross. A open toilet with an uninviting black seat and half the insects in the county flying on, in or around it. I quickly dropped my shorts and thong and took my seat on the second one. It is somewhat rare for me but it seemed that my aching bladder and bowels opened at the same time. The splash into the water was immediately partially thrown onto me. But because of what was controlling my body, I didn't think about he sanitation issue or smacking at the large number of bugs flying and lighting onto me. I had been seated for a couple of minutes when Dion finally knocked at the entrance. He asked if I wanted him to come in, and I told him I thought he already was. As much as possible, he tried to shoo the insects away and he asked if I wanted to use the guys' room next door. I was still peeing and had a few more parts of my crap to come out. I just don't remember being surrounded by that many bugs. Dion looked around and found that the toilet paper roll behind each toilet on the wall was vacant. He went into the guys' room and said there was none there either. I remember just cursing the whole situation, standing up, raising my shorts and telling him I wanted out of there. Even as we started our walk again toward his apartment, I was still getting bit on my arms, thighs and legs.

When we arrived at his place, I took a long, satisfying shower but I could tell I had multiple bites. I especially wanted to clean myself of all the sweat and my dirty arse received attention. I took his couch and with the help of a sleep aid, I got a pretty good sleep. But when I woke up I had numerous blotches around the bites and some of the sores hurt quite bad. Later that afternoon Dion took me to student health, but they referred to the local emergency room. I ended up with a thorough examination of each bite, dressing, medication for an infection, and the need to have another examination the next day. I ended up putting more than $2,000 on my dad's emergency credit card. I've had very little desire to use an outside toilet since that time. A couple of my friends have helped me partially learn how to just hover over and go outside. I messed myself the first couple of times, but I've gotten better. At least I can't get any skin infections, abrasions or scars when hovering.



The other day I was at work peeing my brains out after drinking a big cup of coffee and lots of water. (my boss lets us drink the water bottles that get damaged out) It was a long pee that I was thoroughly enjoying when all of a sudden in the worst possible timing, my phone rang. Since I'm also job hunting I had no choice but to answer it. So much to my dismay, I cut off my stream and answered it. Only it's not a possible job interview or even a real person, it's a bs call! I was so mad....


Weird girl back in school

Hi I've been reading this site for a few weeks now. I'm 19 now but when I was younger I knew this girl in my class. I think all the way through elementary and she used to have #1 accidents all the time and less often #2 in the first few years and then I found at the beginning of grade 5 I think. I guess she was having too many so she began to have to wear diapers. I dont know if the school made her because of some health thing about doing it around other students or her parents. I don't know what was wrong with her. She kinda small she was fairly pretty. She was super shy so I never asked her and I guess thats why she wouldn't ask to go. But it was kind of weird she wouldn't really try too hard to hide it or get cleaned up. Just hold as hard as she could and try to make it through the day.

Well I noticed she wasn't having accidents anymore this year. Until she had a really big #1 and #2 accident one day, which is probably the most vivid memory because I was standing right there, that's how I found out about the diapers because I was working on some project with her in the library one day and she was really squirming which was pretty usual for her. This went on for a while and she looked really distracted. We were sitting on the floor working until we walked over to this bookshelf to get some books to help with this project. She looked really bad now and she was grabbing her stomach with her legs tight together. I asked if she was okay and she just nodded. But after about a minute she groaned and bent her legs a bit. I could hear grunting followed by a loud crackling and I wasn't surprised to she a lump start to stick out her seat. But then I did get surprised when she kept pushing and then the bulge suddenly grew really fast and kept going. Her jeans started growing with a lot of noise coming from them until they were ...more than full. Then she relaxed and I heard a trickling sound coming from them but I didn't see her pants getting wet. I knew she was peeing, so it took me a while to figure out she must be wearing a diaper. Then it occured to me later that day she was probably still peeing her pants regularly this whole new school year it just didn't show. She peed a lot too so it was probably a very big mess in there. She wasnt crying but her face was bright red and oviously embarrassed but she was probably kind of used to it by now. I felt bad because I watching that whole time. Some privacy mightve been nice for doing that. She turned to me and said "sorry my stomach hurt, I couldn't hold it." Then kinda slowly walked aimlessly down the aisle not wanting to go out in the open with the other kids I guess.

But this is the weird part I was talking about, I went and sat back by the project kind of weirded out leaving her some privacy. Then a few minutes later at the end of the class she comes walking by to return to class with everyone else but I don't think she made it back. I think the teacher brought her to the nurse on the way back. I bet that was a fun one to clean up.

Anyway it was pretty weird how she wouldn't try to hide or cried about it. Just kind of embarrassed about it. Like before the diapers she would maybe stand back at the pencil sharpener and pee her pants but then she would go back to her desk! I think the teachers started noticing because she would usually sit there and squirm in class until she peed her pants and then just sit there. So they'd have to notice first then take her to the bathroom. So I think they got tired of it and the diapers were a necessity. Anyway I don't know what was wrong with her. I hope she wasn't abused or anything but I don't think I ever saw her after grade 7.

Gene. Thanks for sharing the memory involving your GF forty years ago. I think some of the best memories are old ones, particularly those set in an age when the world was a much simpler place. I've recounted elsewhere here in much greater detail but one of my earliest memories is of my beloved Aunt Anne putting off going to the toilet until she was nearly pooing herself. That was around 1969 but I remember it as though it were the day before yesterday.

Romantic Dump. Thus far I've enjoyed your 'part one' of the dump at work story. I can well imagine the tension with you having your clients in adjacent stalls and I'm looking forward to the conclusion. I'm sure my customers know I shit but it's not something I'm overly keen on doing in their earshot.

Thursday, July 07, 2016


Hard poop

Hello, I'm Eugen, a french man, and I should tell you an accident which happened to my GF, forty years ago. We were in a wood with a group of tourists. Suddenly, I felt my stomach gurgling and I said to my GF it would be the time to look for a quiet bush to put the pants (a french locution meaning "to have a poop"). She answered that she felt a little urge to have a poop, too. We leaved the group and went deeply in the wood, but it was difficult to find the quiet bush we wished. She said : " I feel my urge is growing... We have to find quickly a good bush." Five minutes later, she stopped and she bent , holding his stomach in her hands. " I'm sorry, but I'm not able to hold in any longer my poop. I... I am pooping in my pants now... Oh, I'm so sorry , Honey... Anyway, we have to find a good bush... I can wait, because it was a long hard poop and my jeans can hold my poop in my pants. She had taken a curious way to walk, because of the big load she had done. Finally, we discovered a big bush, and she pulled her jeans down to her knees, then I help her to slide her pants down, caution to hold her stool in. We made his big turd to fall on the grass, and she squatted quickly, with her pants to her knees and she said : "O my God, it was the good time, I feel a diarrhea is coming..." And the diarrhea came , with many farts. I had not forgotten that I was desperate for a poop , too. And I pull ma jeans and my underwear down to my ankles and I took a massive dump n front of my GF. She asked : "How could you hold all that mess in your belly, while I couldn't hold my turd in ?" I answer that... may be..., the cheeks of my butt were stronger than her. We had both a little pee and we wiped ; then we pulled up our clothes. We feel quiet now.
I wish you appreciate my story. See you later !

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