Babysitting & Beach Bathrooms

I'm providing day care for two kids this summer. Quinn is 7 and her brother Zevon is 5. Depending on the weather, I'm taking them to the beach 2 or 3 days a week. They enjoy the sand, water and all the people, but the bathrooms are so different for them that it is somewhat scary. The bathroom buildings are located about a quarter mile apart and each is no larger than my room at home. Once you enter one of them there is like no privacy. Some of the lights are burned out so there is only the light from the entrance and some more from an open air space between the roof and each wall. On the left side of each entrance there are 3 toilets, 2 of them have seats 2 times as large as I'm use to. Those with big butts will probably feel comfortable on them, but they are awkward for me to sit on. Much of the time the seats are wet because of obvious reasons and there is sometimes a good amount of sand on them. Much of the time so far this summer there hasn't been any toilet paper available. There is no flusher on the toilet. Instead there is a chain coming from a pipe on the ceiling. You pull it and the toilet flushes. Zev doesn't have the muscle to pull it hard enough so I have to do it for him. The first time Quinn pulled it she was still seated on the toilet and it was wicked because the noise caused scared her big time and her underside also got splashed. Each of the 3 toilets is separated by a small wall of a couple 2 high concrete building blocks that gives you almost no privacy. When Quinn and I are seated next to another she can see me pick sand off my thighs and I can see her place her hands on her knees as she grips them to push her crap out. On the other side of the entrance there's an open room with 2 showers and a wooden bench which gave me a couple of slivers when I sat on it once when I was changing clothes. I seated Zev on it once to see how badly he had skinned his knee. There are 2 sinks at the opposite end of the room, but they are often out of order and the hand dryers sometimes have been stolen off the wall. We generally stay on the part of the beach which is close to the transit train we use. But when we'e taken walks a little farther down the beach there is a bathroom that Zev likes because he has to crap about the middle of each afternoon. One toilet is only half the size of the others and Zev finds it more easy to sit on. The seat is much smaller so his feet stay on the floor. As for me, I'm trying have my crap before we go the the bus stop for the beach. The beach toilets can get crowded. The heat and humidity also bring out the worst in some people.

Bella Jean

Poop with Boyfriend

I mentioned in a previous post that I have been having some pretty urgent loose poops. I've tried to make sure that my diet is as healthy as possible by eliminating dairy and super fatty meats. This has kind of helped the situation but I still get really sudden urges to poop. Luckily my boyfriend has been very supportive of me, and last night he got to see me poop for the first time.

After we ate dinner together, we were sitting on the sofa watching a movie when I got a really bad urge to go to the bathroom. I stood up and told him that I had to poop really badly. When he asked if he could join me, I said okay as I was desperately hurrying to the bathroom. He sat on the edge of the tub next to the toilet as I quickly pushed my pants and underwear to my ankles and blasted the toilet with diarrhea. It felt like forever as soupy poop just kept filling the toilet. By the time it stopped, I had started sweating because of the pain in my stomach and knew I had a lot more poop.

My boyfriend rubbed my back and told me to just push it all out as I had three more rounds of explosive poop. I then took a break and he asked me if I was feeling better, but I had to tell him that I was still feeling pretty sick. I was covered in sweat and holding my stomach and farting but he was still super supportive. He told me to point at the parts of my stomach that were hurting and then he rubbed them. While he was massaging my stomach, I occasionally let out wet farts and diarrhea for about 10 minutes until I felt a massive stomach cramp. I quickly pushed his hand away as I blasted out another long round of diarrhea. I couldn't help but moan as I was pushing out all of the disgusting mess and when I finished, my stomach finally felt better.

I was exhausted from all of the pooping and nervous that I had grossed him out but he didn't seem grossed out and just seemed concerned with helping me hydrate and rest. Hopefully he continues to be sweet and supportive and not scared away by my awful pooping.


The dump at the clothing store

hello, I am new here. originally from Spain. But now in the USA. I am pale white skin, tall, about 155 pounds, blonde hair, and pretty nice build. I workout often, wear makeup, and have colored finger and toenails. I am not young and in my 40s.

Ok, its very hot and sunny where I am. Its in 90s and I love the beach. been at the restaurants on the strip. Its not Spain and miss the Spanish cuisine and ethnic food. So I had to do an unrealistic diet change. I am eating a lot Italian food now. Today its been spaghetti and meatballs with moderate amount of garlic, white wine that's sparkling, and chocolate pudding with granola, strawberry, yellow cake, and some cherries. Its been ok and its been heavy. I have already gotten like 2500 calories today. Italian cuisine American style is no joke and can indeed fill you up fast. Of course, lots of cholesterol, saturated fat, sugar, salt that exceeds the daily value already. I still wont turn from Italian food. The weight gain has been deterred by fitness, workouts, herbal supplements, and vitamins. I really dont like going hungry and too poor in nutrients

This is my first post. The dump took place in big clotting and apparel in a big city. It had an upstairs and downstairs and was fairly busy. It was around 2:00 P.M and really need to go. I had a large log backed up. I had pooped in 2 days and it felt heavy after eating all that food especially before noon. I had on a white t shirt with Barcelona on it and beach, and short pants, and open toenail sandals. I had on moderate degree of pink makeup and I had on some pink sunglasses. i was by myself and was shopping for cheap lingerie. I was pretty sweaty from all the walking and being out in the heat. My butt was sweaty too. I did cool off some in the store. But really did indeed need to go and do business. The bathroom was upstairs and hard to find. I had taken the stairs to get up. Its was not easy to deal with such a urgent heavy poop. The bathroom had 8 stalls and 4 of them was taken. I took the fifth. It was not an easy pooing experience because as I came in, someone was doing baby diaper change and there was 2 more girls in there waiting for their parents. I really did not give this a second though due to the urgency. I entered and quickly looked for a stall. There was 2 kids waiting around. As soon as I was in, I heard loud pees and some loud farts. I did not hear any pooping from any of the others though.The kids saw me and glanced at me.

well, I was in the filth stall. I pull down shorts and pink panties. Immediately, a loud pee that lasted about 12 seconds. It was a little foamy, strong, and dark yellow. It was strong. Then, there was several soft farts that was very stinky. Then, one long turd cane out. very messy. No breaks and it came out slowly. It was stinky and moderate brown color. There was some corn in it too. It made no noise though as it hit the toilet water. It took about 14 seconds to come out. Well, I felt relieved. The 2 girls was not all that friendly. The did come up and knock on the door. They both asked rather loud are you ok. I said nothing the first time. Then they knocked again staring through the crack. Then I said yes. i did not get mad at them or nothing. I had to wipe 5 times and the tissue was very messy. It still felt more wipes were needed. SO I went into my handbag and got some of damp formulated tissue wipes. I used about several to wipe some more and still lots of poo residue on the tissue. I finally got done and was able to pull up my panties. But I did not flush immediately. I came out and asked the 2 girls, why so so curious. I am done pooping loud and asked both did they want to come and see the turd. They both said yes and both walked into to see. The laughed and said ewww. Then i asked the girls to flush. The did and first flush did not go down. they had to flush again. The toilet bowl was messy and tons of skids-marks left from a messy poop flush. Then I said, ok, we're done now. I was doing fine. The little girls laughed and said, what a messy flush. I went to wash my hands and did indeed come out.



To Catherine : Feel so sorry for you. I can understand how embarrassed you must have felt.

To Elena : Great story and i also agree shit really happens sometimes. Looking forward to your next post.

To Nick : My favourite type of bowel movement is the semi solid type of poop. My poops are normally huge and a lot too. Thats the common type of bowel movement i usually have.

To Emma : Glad no one knew you fell for the prank. Very interesting story

To Mina : Looks like you and your friend Ayumi had a really nice time. Can tell both of you felt relieved after doing big motions. Great story as always from you. Looking forward to reading a post from your friends too in your next post. Been a while your friends featured in your story. Miss them.

To Optional Person : Great story.

To Anna : That was a quick poop you and can bet you felt super relieved :). Very intersting story and i liked it. Always like your stories. Looking forward to another post from you featuring your friend Danielle.

Thats all for now lovely people have a great day and stay safe.

P.S Love

Your friend

Michael W.

I just pooped

Ok here is a story that I'd like to share. It's very new. Ok, I just got done seeing "Independence Day: Resurgence." While I was watching the movie my stomach was kind of cramping and I have not pooped in 3 days. So after the movie was over I headed straight for the bathroom which is right by my bedroom. I turned on the light and closed the door. Then I undid my belt and pulled down my jean shorts and boxers to my ankles. I did a little push with a soft grunt and a small poop slid out. I sighed in relief. I figured I'm gonna be here for a while so I relaxed my bottom. I massaged my stomach a little bit to soothe the cramping. I pushed again while massaging my stomach and another poop slid out of my butt. This time it was a normal sized one and I think it was about 6 or 7 inches long and 2 inches in diameter. I sighed again. Then I folded my red T-shirt up wards and then I massaged my stomach was both hands. I did some breathing out of my mouth very softly trying to relax myself. Then I felt another poop coming out so I pushed again and again with a grunt and then another poop came out. And then some poop balls came out along with it. I sighed in relief again. I relaxed for a moment. I leaned forward placing both palms of my hands to my forehead to take a breather for a minute. Then I went back to business. This time I leaned back on the toilet and brought my feet out to do another massage technique. I messaged my stomach starting on my right side and then made my way to my left side. I did some breathing while doing this. I continued to message to make sure if there was any poop stuck inside of me. Then I put myself in squatting position with my toes digging into the floor with my knees a little bit higher. I pushed and grunted and then a rope poop slid out. I sighed again. Then I put myself back in normal position to take another breather for a minute. I cupped my hand with my face and rubbed my ???? a little to see if I have more to push out. I was thinking "Damn, how long is this going to take?" I pushed again and small poop came out along with a couple of more poop balls. I sighed again. I stayed seated for a long moment and pushed again and again and again. I knew I wasn't done yet. So I messaged my stomach again and pushed again and a small poop came out. Then I felt like I had to piss so I stayed seated and let it loose. After I was done I wiped my butt with toilet paper and then I wiped my pee pee. Just then I felt the need to push another poop out so I did. I wiped it with toilet paper and there was nothing it was just some gross poop ooze. I flushed the toilet and washed my hands. I sighed in relief. It was a very good pooping session. All in all it took me 24 minutes. I'll post again later. Till then, Happy Pooping.

Hi , Haven't posted for a while , was on a date with my boyfriend on Saturday night . After having a meal , we moved on to a busy pub where we had a couple of drinks . Then we decided to go to a different pub but I needed to pee first . Aa I said , the place was busy so I had to wait my turn to use the toilet . When I did get to use the toilet I sighed with the relief of getting to pee . We moved to a much quieter pub and I had some more lager . So next thing I know is that I need to pee again and also now I have an urgent BM need . This pub is less busy than the other one so I don't have to wait for a toilet to become available , which is just as well . I lift my skirt , pull my undies down and sit on the toilet . The pee is plentiful , it's such a relief when it's all out . The poop comes out in just two solid lumps , a solid 3 inch piece and a solid 7 inch piece . It feels great to have that poop out of my body . To be honest , I was dizzy from the lagers I'd had and wanted to be sure I cleaned myself really well


My most recent dump

Yesterday, after not pooping in two days and loading up on fiber and water, I knew I would need to use the bathroom. The pre poop farts had been going on for several hours, getting more and more frequent and smelly. At noon, the urge became strong, so I made my way to the bathroom. As soon as I sat down, I let go, dropping a long, soft log, probably about a foot long and an inch wide! More quickly followed. Then I had a little rest. I still felt an urge, so I pushed, farted, and dropped some soft poop. I decided to stay on the toilet and keep surfing YouTube until my video ended. I then got up and looked. Several logs, each several inches long, and some soft, mushy poop covered the water. I'm quite positive that some poop was underwater, too. The smell was quite rank! I wiped four times, flushed, and washed my hands. Then I sprayed some air freshener and left the bathroom two pounds lighter!

To: Mina
I love all your posts! You are so sweet!

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Catherine it sounds like you had a pretty rough day.

To: Annie great story.

To: Mina as always another great story it sounds like you both had great poops and it sounds like she really had to go alot and I bet you both felt good afterwards and as always I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Anna great set of stories.

To: Alyssa great story about your poop at the beach.

To: Rebekah great story about your huge poop I bet you felt amazing afterwards.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site

Wednesday, June 29, 2016


6th grade

I am in high school now and wanted to write about the most embarrassing thing that has happened to me. So during gym class we used to run a mile every Friday outside. I had chili during lunch and my stomach was hurting but tried to ignore it. While I was running half way through I had this overwhelming urge to poop and running always makes me pee and felt it coming. I was far from the bathroom and knew I wouldn't make it and freaked out. A lot of kids were also running with me and were looking at me when they passed because I was standing. Out of no where I popped but it wasn't solid. I had diarrhea. My teacher saw me standing and when he was close he saw me peeing and pooping. I started crying and I had to walk past everyone to go back in the school. I refused to go back for a few days but I am still embarrassed that it happened.

I was out biking this morning when I felt a huge urge to go to toilet. I always bring toilet paper in my small bag when biking because it occasionally happens that I have to pee or poop when out there along the road. Usually it is quite simple. I mostly bike alone and it is in the country side with lots of places to hide and get it done. But today I did not succeed in getting it done as private as I should like it to be. I had stopped at a lay by and gone into the bushes. But just as I was sitting there, shorts at my knees, a man came up from behind. Oh, excuse he said and disappeared instantly. Immediately I felt extremely shameful but now I more tend to smile of it. Poor guy, I guess that he felt as shameful as me. Later today I told my boy friend. He just laughed and told that he also had been caught short once when out on his MC. He had to go to the bushes and when sitting there two female joggers passed just behind him. They smiled and he heard them say something like poor guy. Well, someone previously has written "shit happens", and for sure it does.


Black coffee and good diet=good poops :)

Hi all :) Annie from Toronto here. Haven't posted here in a long time since I've been busy with a lot of things and just recently moved with my husband into a long time friend's home. Haven't had any constipation in a long time since I've been eating a good diet with lots of fruit and vegetables, drinking lots of water, eating enough fibre and exercising enough. It's made it very easy to poop, especially since I've been drinking black coffee which I now enjoy and drink frequentl. A few years ago I wouldn't touch it . It's helped me a lot and made me more comfortable and regular.

Happy pooping!


Question, comments, and a few interesting pee stories

First, a question: WWhat is your favorite type of bowel movement (please mention size, texture, and consistently/density)
My favorite is a large soft load, although diarrhea is acceptable and firm (not hard) logs are acceptable, given that it is a large movement, but soft is always optimal, as well as one of the most common types that I have.

To Alyssa: I've never been in that situation, but my autistic brother has peed on the beach. And I don't mean in the water, but fully exposed up on the sand. Even worse, a little GIRL was sitting below him. I feel bad for the poor girl and her parents, I bet that girl is scarred for life.
To Catherine: Welcome back, first off, congratulations on your wedding, and good luck with your marriage. It sounds like you had a few good (routine) bowel movements, and I bet that Alan enjoyed your flash drive of your bathroom selfies.
To Red: Is it ok for you to take a laxative, or will it affect the antibiotics? Constipation is never fun, so I try to take laxatives when I get constipated. If you can't take a laxative, eat lots of fiber and drink a TON of water. That's what I do when I can't get immediate access to a laxative.
To Rebekah: The width of a coke can! I can't imagine having a log that wide! I hope I never have logs that wide, as I would probably go to the hospital if it got that bad, as I am pretty wimpy when it comes to constipation, as well as inexperienced with those kind of turds. I bet my dad has had those kind of logs, though.
To Cley: I try to avoid pooping in public restrooms, as I am quite poop shy, so I don't pay attention to what others are doing regarding phone use, but when at home I use my phone and iPad in the bathroom, but I only use it for surfing the web and watching YouTube.

Pee stories: I've peed in places other than the toilet or a urinal a few times
Showers: I pee in the shower to save time and for convenience
Sink: Sometimes my brother poops in the sink, so I don't see much problem in peeing in the bathroom sink, as long as you rinse the sink out immediately
Woods: I usually hold it if I don't want to be seen by others, but I have peed while hiking before once while in Flagstaff, AZ.
In a cup: I once peed in a 40 oz cup because I felt sick (gastrointestinal) and didn't feel like going to the bathroom, except for when I had diarrhea, so I used the cup until I felt better 3 hours later. This came because I drank WAY too much regular pepsi with a TON of cherry syrup, so the excess sugar gave me diarrhea but surprisingly, no vomiting.

One day i was swimming in a public pool and had the urge to poop i looked around but there was no bathroom so i got out of the pool so i can poop on the changing room floor but it was crowded so i got back in the pool then the urge got worse and i had diarrhea so i squated in the water and pooped the water was turned brown and everyone got out but me i finnished and everyone was watching me i got out and i checked my butt and the bulge was huge so i ran away and didnt comeback


Response to Matthew's question

I think the mom talking to her son in the airport about his bowel movements is a bit much. If he is in high school, he is probably mature enough to know that if his craps are large, an airplane toilet is probably not the best way to go. It was also said in a type of public setting that was overheard. I can sympathize with him because until just a few months ago my mom when we were out together would ask if my bowels were moving and if we were traveling, she would remind me to sit and try to go before we left our motel room or if we left a restaurant. I remember just last year being with two of my friends at an amusement park and mom asked me if I was going to do a Number 1 or Number 2 when I told her I was going to use the bathroom. I got upset and told her it didn't matter. My friends laughed at the time, but asked me about it later. Once a guy gets to junior high school he should be old enough not to answer personal questions from him mother about his craps.

To Alyssa : That was a really smart one. Glad you weren't caught by any of your friends. Great story. Looking forward to your next post.

To Nick : Looks like you had a relieving poop.

To Catherine : Welcome back from your honeymoon and i know you really enjoyed it. Everyone on this forum missed you especially me lol. Looks like you had a relieving bowel movement. Thats very good. Looking forward to your stories cant wait.

To Rebekah : Interesting story. Having huge bowel movements are really relieving and will i say enjoyable lol. I can relate to how you felt after that. Looking forward to your next post.

To Red : Great story.

To Michael W. : Great story.

Thats all for now guys. Have a nice day and stay safe.
Happy pooping to everyone

Your friend


Saran Wrap Prank

When I was a teenager I was in Girl Scouts. We’d go on camping trips, often staying at a campsite, with tents to sleep in a toilet block to cover those needs.

Being away from home often made my digestive system become less regular. Anyhow, one night I was getting ready for bed. I walked over to the wash block to clean my teeth and felt the need to poo. I was quite pleased as I hadn’t pooped for several days.

I found a cubicle, checked it has toilet paper, and went in. Now these toilets were dark and not very pleasant so I’d do my trick of hovering over the toilet seat without actually sitting on it.

I started to poo. I could feel the poo inside me actually working its way out as my arse hole opened wide.

But then I felt a strange, warm, sensation on my bottom. I carried on pushing poo out unaware what was happening. Then I looked down and realised that somebody had put Saran warp all over the toilet seat. I tried to stand up however the poo hanging out of me started to fly forwards. I tried to steady myself and ended up slipping and my bottom falling right into the mound of poo that had collected on the Saran wrap. It felt disgusting.

I stood up and decided that I might as well finish my poo, so carefully hovering my bottom over the toilet let the last bit out. I wasn’t sure what to do, so I just wiped my bottom with large wads of toilet paper, leaving all over the cubicle floor.

I snuck back to my tent and didn’t tell anyone. I was so embarrassed.
The next day everyone was talking about it. People had taken photos of the cubicle with poo everywhere and laughing about it. I just pretended to laugh along and kept quiet about the fact that I had been the victim of the prank. To this day, nobody knows that I was the one who fell the the Saran wrap prank!

Catherine, I and my friends are happy to know you are so happy!!

Brandon T, I am happy you found my story. It was difficult to find it because computer jumped maybe. My computer does same thing quite often. Perhaps all computers do. Now my story is page 2565.

Jess: I am happy to see you in forum. Me and my friends, we are not total vegetarian, but we like vegetables very much, so we eat them a lot. And if you read story from me, you will see that we are very very productive in loo. Many people say that Japanese do more motions than Europeans because of semi-vegetarian diet. That is reason of loo in Japan have very big flush. (I am Korean but live in Japan my all life, we call Japanese Korean.)

Few weeks ago, my friend Ayumi (not real name) from home town visit to my city because she have belly dance performance. Of course I went to see performance. Ayumi is friend from a primary school. I wrote before, when my classmate did very long huge diarrhoea at school in break time and other girls laughed her, I went into attack, hit and kick and punch all girls again and again, and I got into a trouble from teacher. Ayumi that time, she defend me, spoke to teacher very loud voice. So she is good friend.

Ayumi looks like Maho little bit, but her bottom look like Hisae's bottom, so when she do belly dance, she is sexy very very much! I enjoyed belly dance, I thought wonderful.

Because she came long way from hometown to city, I said to her, I take you hot spring, there is very nice hot spring only one hour from city by train. So I book hotel. After dance finish, we go to hot spring, we arrive early evening, went to hotel room and ate big dinner and drank beer. Then went to bath, big public bath, half is indoor and half is outdoor. (Actually we waited an hour after dinner, because not good to take bath too soon after big meal.) Of course bath is women only, but sometimes in hot spring there is mixed bath. Not in this hot spring.

After finish bath, we back to hotel room and more beer and talked and talked and had good time. Because lots of beer, we went to loo many times. I left door open just little bit, so Ayumi did same. I don't think it is need to close door when only Ayumi in hotel room. We were not period at that time.

We went to bed late, after talk lots.

But we woke up early next morning, about 6 am, and we went to bath again. Not so many women in bath because Monday morning, maybe. Then back to room and we enjoy nice Japanese breakfast, fish and rice and miso soup and salad and some vegetables.

Of course after big breakfast we think about same thing, and Ayumi said me in small voice, "Mina, is it OK I go to loo long time? If you like I can go to loo near hotel lobby."

I said her in strong voice, "Ayumi, go to loo this room, Why you go far away from me?"

She looked at me warm face, and went into loo, this time she close door, but didn't lock. I stayed in tatami room, I didn't feel it was need to listen her motion. Actually I couldn't hear anything.

After more 10 minutes, I began wonder, is she OK? She drank so much beer last night .... I went to loo door. "Ayumi are you OK?" There was smell, so I know motion come out.

Ayumi opened door little bit. "I'm OK. But not yet finish. I ate too much last night maybe." Then she said, "Come in, it's OK you come in because you are woman!"

So I go in, not much space but OK. I heard little bururururu noise. Not loud. Suddenly Ayumi get up and look at her motion. So I also saw. "wow," she say. "sugoi!" Sugoi means fantastic.

It was huge pile of dark yellow mushy , but a bit shape. I said her, Better you flush this before wipe.

So she flush, but then she sit down again. I said her, "You don't finish?"

She said, little bit more. And she said to me to stay with her. So I stay, and we talk a bit, and sometimes her face red, and smell get stronger again.

After more 10 minutes, she said, "finish". And she push washlet button. Then she stand up to look her new motion, and I saw, it was again pile of mushy, dark yellow, and same size with last one. Wow. But I say nothing, because quite often I do that size motion.

Then she wipe and flush.

She said, "Mina you want to do too?" I said, yes. To watch Ayumi do so much big motion, I felt my bottom angry more and more. I know I have to do soon. So Ayumi got up and pull up panties, and I pull down panties and sit on loo.

My bottom open very soon, I feel motion come out, not so fast, not hard but not soft. Of course it break because very long, and next bit also break, and next and next. Very good feeling.

Ayumi said, "Mina you have very relax face!"

I said, "I feel good." Then I open bottom again and feel motion come out. Again big one and it broke. Then I did big long fart, and smaller motion. Smell getting strong. But Ayumi didn't wrinkle nose.

I moved hand towards flush but Ayumi pull hand and say, "Show me first". So I lift bottom and she look, and she say, "wow, as big as mine!" I look and it was huge pile, same colour with Ayumi. I know there is more motion inside my bottom so after flush I sat down again. "More come out," I said Ayumi.

This time my motion more softer, it came out and again and again, same with Ayumi I was doing very very huge one and take same time, about 20 minutes. But I took long rest in middle, then more motion.

Finally I said "finish" and lift up bottom to show Ayumi. This time she say nothing. But she looked at me with warm eyes. Motion was huge pile like before, but bit bigger than first one.

Then I wash and wipe and flush, and we leave loo and make Japanese tea and sit at table and drink.

I said Ayumi, "of course I keep secret what we do just now."

She said, "no need to keep secret. I'm not shame!"

I said, I see.

But even this site is anonymous, I decided to change name. Of course my name is real name.

Ayumi is very very nice girl. I know she never angry if she see this site. But I don't tell her now.

We went back to city, and I took her to station, and she went back hometown after she gave me many many many warm hug.

Of course my friends ask me about hot spring and other things include loo. I tell them Ayumi is same style as me, she like to stay on loo long time. Kazuko and Maho nod head, Hisae give smile. But now she stay on loo longer than before little bit, maybe 5 or 6 minutes.

Thank you to person who invent loo. It is wonderful place!! When I sit at there I always want say grateful words to inventor. Thank you thank you!

And thank you everyone for wonderful posts. Now I can read little bit better than before.

Love from Mina

Optional Person.

chicago trip dump.

it was a beautiful sunny blue sky day, sun glasses on, the Illinois country side looked awesome. My parents and I were visiting Chicago for a weekend. I was afraid how my bathroom habits may act. I don't like going poop near my parents or in public bathrooms. I It wouldn't be until the next morning that I went to the bathroom. While my dad was in the shower and my mom was getting ready to go out that day in Chicago I went to the hotel men's room. No one was there! perfect. I went into the 3rd stall and pushed. I quickly pushed out a nice load. it was a nice turd that piled on itself. I looked at it for a bit and quickly wiped myself. Someone else came in, but they got settled quickly and then I ran out. Yes!! I pulled it off! Now I could be comfortable for the day. I have been taking fairly healthy shits these days since I have started eating a lot of fruit during breakfast. it really gives me a consistent log each morning from the pervious days fruit.

Thanks for the shout out Catherine, I love your stories.


story from the cafe, second story and replies

Today I went to a little breakfast cafe with Danielle and a couple of friends, one of whom is a boy I kinda have a little chrush on. After a few cups of coffee and having a ton of food I needed a number two. I didn't really want to go there with my friends around, so I tried to just ignore it at first.

But after only ten minutes or so I couldn't ignore it any longer and I really needed to go. Sometimes I'm not very good at holding in and when I need to go I need to go and find a toilet quickly. So I told the guys I would be right back and went to the little bathroom they have in the cafe. It's kind of an old building where everything is painted in really bright colours. The stalls for example are painted pink with big green dots on them, they look pretty neat! Anyway, both of them were emtpy. I took the right one, locked the door, pushed down my jeans and undies and plopped my bum on the toilet. It's one of those really old school ones with a black seat and it was really low so it was a little akward sitting on it. When I peed I noticed that there were huge gaps on either side of the door. You could really pretty much look outside and for sure anybody who came into the room would be able to see you sit on the toilet. I didn't really want to get caught like this and also I didn't want to let my friends know that I had needed a poo at the cafe by taking a ton of time. So while I peed I started to push and very quickly a long, large but pretty soft turd crackled out of my bum and splashed into the toilet. I pushed again and accidentally blasted quite a loud, wet fart into the bowl, but then my second poo started to come out and it didn't take very long to drop off. I had a third, smaller poop and then I felt like I was done. It had only taken a minute or so to pee and poop!

I pulled off some paper but then of course as I was wiping my bum someone came in! It was one if the waitresses, a skinny girl about my age with blue hair and lots of cool tattoos. She could definitely see me sit on the toilet through the gap! But then she dashed into the other stall quickly and I could hear her pull down her pants and the sound of her bum hitting the seat. When I was done wiping she was already peeing. I pulled up my pants, flushed and went to wash my hands. Meanwhile the girl was grunting and the sounds of poo plopping into the toilet came from her cubicle. When I left, I couldn't help but seeing her trough the gap. It was so weird to see the waitress who had just served us sitting on the toilet with her pants down and having a poo! But maybe she is used to it since she works at the place, oh well. I went back to our table and everyboy was goofing around and I don't think they even noticed me being gone much. Also I was in the bathroom for maybe two minutes at most and I was pretty proud of my quick poo. Later on we all went for a walk downtown and I was super glad that I didn't need to go any longer and we all had lots of fun. That's my story for today, hope you liked it.

Oh, and yesterday I was on a hike with Amber and two boys. When we were eating our lunch we all had to pee. The guys said "let's do it right here!" and then they just stood on the side of the trail, turned around opened their pants and started to pee. We yelled at them and told them they were gross idiots. Then we quickly went behind some shrubs and did our business. Boys can be so stupid sometimes, but they sure have it so easy peeing outside.

to the woman from Seattle with the skid marks question:
First off all, I love how you call a bigger bum 'jucier'! I will steal this and start using it to refer to my backside. Haha!

As for your question, yes I totally get skid marks on my thongs. I love wearing them because they are so comfortable. And to be honest, I also feel more girly and a little bit sexier when I wear them. I love them! But yes, I have spent many lectures at uni, trainrides or nights out with a kind of dirty thong between my bumcheeks. I think it's just the way it is and for sure every woman has done it. You shouldn't feel self conscious about it.

I really liked your post and what you said about the forum. I think it's such a cool and fun site!

to Mina: I love all your posts! Many hugs to you.

Monday, June 27, 2016



On the show The Loud House (which comes on the Nickelodion channel) someone clogged the toilet. Everyone was grounded while the mystery was being investigated. After ruling out just about all the children, it turned out that Lucy had flushed her Princess Pony book down the toilet when she was about to get caught with it in the bathroom. Lucy didn't want people to know she liked reading the book, because she thought people would laugh at her. Have fun pooping everyone! Bye!


Re: Phone use in bathrooms

I absolutely do not get using a phone in a public (or private for that matter) bathroom. If I'm sitting on a toilet, I'm there to do a poop. For MY bowels to move, I'm pushing, straining, and often grunting. I don't know haw you do that and concentrate on texting, or even more awkward, try to talk with someone.-- JW


Beach fun

The other day I was at the beach with some friends of mine, a few girlfriends and a guy I'm interested in and a few of his friends. We had been hanging out there, swimming and chilling for a few hours when nature called for me. There were no bathrooms at this beach so I asked one of my friends what she would do. She was like, we've all done it, u just need to pee in the water or dig a little hole when no ones looking and sit over it with a towel covering u, pee, and cover it wit sand.

At this point I really had to go so I told the group I was going to sunbathe and walked away toward a more secluded section of the beach. I dug a pretty deep hole with my hands, pulled my bikini bottoms down to my thighs and sat over it with a towel covering my legs and hips.

Some poop started coming out almost immediately, and just my luck the guy I was interested in started coming over. I froze with the piece of poop halfway in and half out. He sat next to me and started talking so i played it off like nothing was going on. He asked why I was away from the rest of the group and I told him i wanted some peaceful sunbathing time.

He said he understood. Just then all of our friends showed up with a vollyball saying they wanted to get a game started. They told me to get up and play. I was mortified, I was sitting there in a place I thought was safe with a turd halfway out my butt being peer pressured into standing up to play.

In one swift movement, I cut the poop off, pulled up my bikini bottoms, stood and kicked sand over the hole where my little piece of poop was. I don't think anyone noticed. I could tell my butt was dirty but I didn't care. Anyone else ever been in a similar situation?


Most recent trip to the toilet

I just got back from a wonderful trip to the bathroom. I sat down, and expecting a hard log, I got my favorite type of BM, a soft load. It was fairly noisy, came out quick, and I felt MUCH better! I stayed on the toilet for several minutes watching YouTube before looking at what I did. I saw a soft log, about an inch thick, broken off and coming out of the water at a couple points. It was probably a foot long on total, and left quite a smell. I wiped and flushed. It took two flushes, one for the poop, and the second took care of the remaining toilet paper. One thing I noticed is that the toilets whenever I go on vacation always seem to be weaker than the ones at my house. I've done a few larger loads at home that only require one flush, bit when I use a toilet at a hotel or a relatives house, larger loads (more common when I eat lots of fiber and drink plenty of fluids, specifically water, iced tea, and Diet Dr. Pepper in today's case) tend to require two or three flushes, and have even clogged toilets a couple of times. Let's just hope that I don't clog a toilet this trip, and that I don't get sick (had vomiting AND diarrhea in two of my last three trips to Charleston, SC, and I posted both of them). I might have another story later, considering I ate spicy wings for dinner and that I've been hydrating and trying to eat some fiber to keep things moving.


Almost there...

Still pretty freaking constipated from the meds, I take my last pill tonight thankfully. I'm sitting as I type, with a log stuck probably an inch or so sticking out of my backside. And it is too thick and hard to pinch off.

I got up this morning to walk our dog. We just got him this week, and even though he is housebroken, the new environment means he hasn't figured out not to go in our house yet, so I went out to walk him as soon as I woke up. This meant I didn't go pee before taking him, so I was hopping back and forth as I walked him, trying to wait for him to do his thing. Finally I felt the pressure of a bowel movement too strong to ignore, so we went back inside and I grabbed my phone, ran upstairs dropped my pj's and sat down.

I had a long pee and let out a few silent farts, then began carefully pushing. It didn't take much to get the big turd started, but I just couldn't push it all the way out. I heard a couple tiny plops as I guess some of those little knobbly bits broke off and fell in. I sat here for a good couple of minutes, alternating between gently pushing and trying to pinch off what I could, but as I said my anus wasn't strong enough to actually cut the turd. So instead it sort of went back in, which was a really weird sensation with such a big log.

Finally I pushed hard enough to get it going and it slid out of me and fell in the bowl with a big splash, I felt the water on my cheeks. It's light brown and smooth, but real thick. It hurt a little on the way out. That happened while I was typing up the second paragraph lol.

I'm still sitting here, I feel more in there, but I doubt I'm going to pass any more any time soon.


Checking In

Hi everyone!!!

Alan and I are back from our honeymoon! We had a beautiful time that I will cherish for the rest of my life!!!

As many of you know, there is so much work to be done when gone for two whole weeks! Yes, I have some stories to tell regarding the bathroom!!! Please stay tuned, as I will post as I have time!!!

First, I will tell you that I had a bittersweet moment on my wedding day, as I took the most amazing dump that morning. Like many of you, we had a special rehearsal dinner and then we each had a night out with our wedding party. I slept later that morning and got up and ran like I always do, ate like I normally do, and went through my routine.

And when I finally had to go, I had a very substantial, yet soft bowel movement. It was thick, but not uncomfortable. It felt so good!

And then I realized it would be the last bowel movement living alone (well, upstairs in my parents' house!). It teared up a little, and then regained composure and cleaned up. Of course I took a pic for Alan!

One of the things I gave Alan on our honeymoon was a flash drive of various toilet selfies that I took for him. He loved it!!!

I will tell you more later! Also, that Saturday AM bowel movement was the last one I would have until that Monday morning on our honeymoon!!! So, that one also was pretty special. Can you guess why???

Also, I want to say hello to everyone who is so kind to reply. I've tried to catch up on your stories. Too, love reading all of you who are new to the forum!!!

Mina, Anna from Canada, Anna from Austria, Brandon T, Gerald, Optional Person, Adrian, Mr P, Oldpoop, Karen C, Jessica (I remember you!), Red and others - good to hear fom you!!!

Also, welcome to Natalie, Tabitha, Trucker Girl and others!!!

Love to all!!!

Mrs. Catherine!!!

Brandon T

comments & stuff

To: Jessica great story it sounds like she had a major poop and it sounds like you had a good poop yourself and I look forward to your next post thanks.

To: Mina I think I saw it hard to say for sure I remember reading your story porbaly was the same one and your computer changed the name because her computer has auto correct and it picked the closest word it though you meant.

To: Jenny great story.

To: Trucker Girl great story it sounds like you all had great poops.

To: Maria great story.

To: Anna great as always.

Well thats all for now.

Sincerely Brandon T

PS. I love this site

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